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The Pool Boy (Sabrina Carpenter)
« on: October 04, 2020, 03:27:05 PM »
The following is a work of fiction, none of the events have ever occurred. If you take offense to this story, you might be on the wrong site.

The Pool Boy

By The House of Weird

Staring Sabrina Carpenter.

Codes: Con, MF, anal.

Max was very lucky to be the pool boy for Sabrina Carpenter. He never thought that his dads business would ever land him this close to his greatest sex fantasy. Of course she was never home when Max was there, that was his luck but he didn't mind because he knew with this quarantine that Sabrina was home this time, meaning his luck had finally turned around. But he knew her coming out in a tiny bikini would be a long shot, or even leave the house to begin with on this scorching hot summer day. Again he was proved wrong. He was working in the open sun, sweat beating off his skin as he maneuvered his net across the water, he heard the glass sliding door open, out came Sabrina, she was bringing him a drink yet there was more to the eye than seen.

Max looked at Sabrina dropping his pole in the pool staring at Sabrina who had fishnet leggings stretched all the way up her legs, strutting towards him sexy as fuck red heels with a sexy black unitard. "Figured you could use a drink."

Sabrina turned and bent, over placing the drink on a nearby side table, back towards Max with her one piece dress riding up a little in the back flaunting her ass cheeks a little. "Uh… thanks."

"You know, you really do a good job at cleaning my pool." She told him admiring his work turning to face him.

"Thanks." He said again, suddenly nervous at the thought of talking to her.

Sabrina squats near the pool to grab Max's pole, lifting it up from the water. "You really know how to use your rod; don't you?" She glanced at him up and down whilst saying that last part.

Max was thankful he was wearing loose bathing shorts, otherwise his semi erect cock would be noticeable. "I-I try to be good at using it."

"You know, it's pretty hot out today," she standing back up, observing the blazing sun above. "You're well dressed for it in trunks, T-shirt and sandals, me I.. I'm a little over dressed with this black dress of sorts, wouldn't you agree? That this is a little too much?"

"Uh… yeah, it is pretty hot out."

"Well, I can fix that quite easily." Sabrina informed him, fiddling with the buttons to her top.

Max couldn't believe that Sabrina would strip in front of him but his eyes grow big watching her undo the belt and then unbutton the dress. She slid it off her shoulders with it falling to the ground. She wore no bra underneath and with her perky breasts now exposed she was making Max grow more erect, no way it wasn't noticeable. The singer smiled and took away the pool net from his hands, the hard metal hitting the ground with a smack. "I don't think you need these on anymore." Sabrina united Max's trunk, tugging them down until they fell freely around his ankles. She licked her lips upon discovery of his large 7 inch cock. "Oh my, is this big rod gonna clean me?" She said teasingly, as if a line from an old porno.

"More like make you dirty." He played along, flustered at how fast this was going.

She giggled at his reply, very much amused by him and his cock. "It's been so long since I've had a man to pleasure me." She referred to the stay at home orders. "But you..." Sabrina grabbed hold of his dick lurching him forward a inch or two. "You've been the only man I've really seen on a regular basis, boss paying you enough to risk your health?"

"Not enough I'm afraid." He admitted, while he loved his dad this wasn't the most financially stable job.

"You have a name?" She asked gently stroking his cock to keep it hard.

"Max." He spoke.

"Tell me Max." Sabrina leaned in to whisper in his ear. "Are you desperate to fuck too?"

Max nearly tripped over his shorts dashing over to the pool shed, putting away the net and returning to Sabrina with towels in hand, the singer scurrying to put two lounge chairs side by side, neither one caring much a perfectly fine bed was inside. The towels were laid across the chairs and Sabrina plopped down on them, she watched her pool boy finish undressing, exposing a toned chest from many summer days of work. Kicking her heels off her feet, she spread her legs and beckoned him over, displaying the new knowledge of that she wasn't wearing any underwear, just the fishnet stockings that went up to her waist. Max climbed onto the chairs, obeying the silent commands of his 'employer', she grabbed hold of the back of his neck and pulled him in for a heated kiss. "Do it." She hissed between kisses. "Fuck me." Max quickly found her slit, with a quick thrust he entered the tightest pussy he'd ever fucked. A soft growl admitted from Sabrina below, she wrapped her legs around his waist pulling him completely. "Don't pull out till you cum..." She whispered in his ear before nibbling on his neck.

Gripping the sides of the makeshift bed Max pivoted his hips to begin thrusting in and out of Sabrina. They grunted and moaned as they enjoyed the first sex they've had in months. Holding him in place she let him fuck her senseless, his entire length and girth thrusting itself in like a jackhammer, her hands clawing at his back to maintain a hold.

"Oooh, fuck yes!" She cried out in bliss, having felt empty down there for so long.

They continued onward, the chairs creaking and rocking against each thrust. Max feeling in heaven fucking his greatest fantasy, Sabrina in turn feeling satisfied finding a man to tend to a itch she couldn't scratch.

"Oh my God oh my god oh my god fuck yes!" She said high pitched, her pool boy making her achieve orgasm. She shaked and trembled and her pussy gripped his cock tighter than it did before, Max unable to move, felt his own orgasm rising, and in turn, shot a massive load of cum down her pussy. "Shit!" He looked at her apologetically, bursting sooner than expected. "Don't be." She kissed him once more. "We both have been out of practice for a while now."

They could both feel that his cock was still hard as a rock, their lips meeting yet again agreeing to another round. Lifting her legs up, Sabrina hooked them over his shoulders to allow deeper penetration of her pussy, Max felt the fabric of the stockings brush up against his shoulders and face, but focused more on this new angle to fuck her senseless. Sabrina now the one to grip onto the sides of the chairs, moaning in raw bliss at her lover for the day. The hard plastic of the pool chairs they fucked on was scraping at the concrete patio, a faint crack could be heard in between thrusts as noticed by Sabrina.

"Inside, now." She insisted, "we'll be alone enough to let me scream."

Max was pushed off her as they scurried off into the house, he followed right behind her watching her tushy jiggle with each quick step, he closed the door out while Sabrina let herself drop to the rugged floor of the living room, bending herself down on all fours in a downward facing dog position. Max knelt down before her, pulling away the top of her stockings down just below where her legs began, and was lining up for her pussy, only to find himself tempted by her visibly puckered asshole. Changing course, he tilted his dick up to press into her anus.

"Oh shit!" Sabrina cried out, her ass being stretched for the first time in months.

Her hands gripped the rug below her as he pushed onward, her rectum having returned to q normal state long ago now pushed back to its limits. Her tight ass felt amazing to Max, hands at her waist so he can hold her in place with every thrust. To calm her nerves going off she reached behind her and started to rub her pussy, a dual stimulation pleasing her exceptionally well. Her moans grew loud and rang throughout the house only to be heard by just the two of them.

"Fuck!" She cried out. "Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuuuck!" Her last words stretched and high pitched as she squirted all over the floor below.

"Oooh god, fuck I'm close again!" Grunted Max.

"Quick, cum on my face!" Sabrina told him quickly.

Max pushed her hips causing Sabrina to tumble forward as he pulled out of her ass with a very audible pop. She scurried to be on her knees in front of him while Max aggressively jerked his cock. Her hands cupped and placed an inch from her chin whilst she stuck her tongue out.

"Fuuuck!" Cried Max, the first shot of cum launching towards her eyes instinctively making her close them. Shot after shot he fired several ropes of cum across her face and partly in her hair, a few strands landing in her hands or her chin but her face was glazed with semen. Feeling tired, he stumbled back a little watching his work, Sabrina opening up her eyes and bringing back in her tongue with what bits for cum had landed there. She giggled openly, feeling like a dirty whore letting this stranger cum on her face like this. Max sat on the floor, back laid against the couch he could have chosen to sit on instead. Sabrina made her way to sit next to him, not caring for the mess on her face. They sat and caught their breath, Sabrina now feeling how sore her ass is and will be later. Max watching his cock finally start to shrink, only before Sabrina lowered her head and proceeded to suck it back to life momentarily. Her lips engulfed it all to enjoy the taste of her ass on his cock, balls depleted of sperm so he couldn't cum if he wanted to. A good cleaning of his dick later, she rose and sat next to him again.

"Fucking hell I needed that." Sabrina said satisfied with his work.

"Yeah...me too." He admitted.

"I'll have to reward you for that." She told him.

"Honestly? Just getting to have sex with you is enough of a reward as is." He admitted.

"Hehe." She laughed. "So..same time next week?"

"Yeah, absolutely!" He sounded more excited than he planned.

"Great, first things first." Sabrina rubbed off some of the cum on her face with her finger and licked it clean. "I'm in need for a shower."

Sabrina Carpenter stood up and walked out towards the stairway in the hall. She paused to turn her head to look at Max still on the floor.

"Care to join?"

The end.
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