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Author Topic: All Harlot's Eve: The Cat's Meow starring Taylor Swift  (Read 1549 times)

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All Harlot's Eve: The Cat's Meow starring Taylor Swift
« on: October 10, 2020, 09:50:50 PM »
All of the following is complete and total fiction. not a word of it occurred, nor would it.

All Harlot's Eve: The Cat's Meow
Starring Taylor Swift
(MMMMF, Blowbang)
By MaxwellLord

Nothing was going to stop Halloween if Taylor Swift had anything to say about it. She loved Halloween. The overall mood of the year and all the accoutrements that came with it were not going to die on her watch and especially within her own home. The costumes, the candy, the tricks and treats and it was all going to be in her own annual party.

Of course this year it was going to be scaled back. That was just the reality of the current situation. But the spirit wouldn't die. She still went all out. Baking cute, spooky little Halloween cookies, homemade candy apples, decorations somewhere between Halloween Town and Hellraiser. Her home looked exactly as she wanted. As did her costume.

Taylor's initial idea was one many would consider cliché. Even she did when it first popped in her mind. When she initially thought of it she tried to think of anything else, but that initial thought of Catwoman would not leave her mind. She kept trying to tell herself how cheesy the idea was. She was in that age range where everyone she knew, at least once, had dressed up as the fictional four-color femme fatale. It was usually always the same look too, the ne made famous by Michele Pfeifer. Joining that club wasn't something Taylor wanted, at least not in the traditional way.

So then the idea hit her. Who says it had to be THAT version of Catwoman? After all, the character wasn't strictly confined to celluloid. With that in mind Taylor did a quick google search and happened upon the perfect version. The costume was both sexy and classy. It was a lilac colored gown with two leg slits. It also had a green cape, but it was sewn into the low cut neck of the dress.

The boots of course really made her smile, just from the variety. Some of the artists she found who drew the costume gave her ankle-high heeled boots. Others gave her knee highs. And still more added thigh highs to the ensemble. IN Tay's eyes there was no wrong answer. She had many pairs of each kind of boot. For this though, she decided for the ankle length. They just seemed sexier for this. A little bit of spice to go along with the choker the costume demanded.

Then of course there was the hair. Taylor loved her blonde locks, but couldn't deny from the videos where she'd gone darker there was something very, very nice about it. She wouldn't dye her hair, but she would use a wonderful wig.

Of course, it was the cowl that was going to be the really fun part. It wasn't going to be hard to get a perfect one either, not for Taylor at least. She'd had her face molded for a music video shoot before. Using that as a basis, getting the cowl made to not only fit but fit comfortably came with relative ease.

She had settled on this costume design in July and had the whole outfit done by August. She couldn't wait to try it on so by the time October had rolled around, she knew she looked good and knew just how to put it all together with just the right shade of lavender lipstick and found black polish nails just fit the entire gothic mood of a Gotham City Cat.

By the time the day of her private party came around she could barely contain herself. It'd been far too long since she'd seen so many of her friends in person. Of course some couldn't make it. Selena Gomez did not want to travel that far during the pandemic for the safety of the people, like her grandparents, she was quarantining with. Still others, like Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds, were able to come.

Of course getting in was a stringent affair in itself. Clean tests and a more intense quarantine than any hospital would recommend. Taylor had people she wanted to protect too. The flipside of it was she was providing private jets for anyone too far away to make it by driving themselves.

From the beginning of October she was counting down the days. The sheer luck of Halloween falling on a Saturday this year was unbelievable. Of course it was tempered by the fact it was during a damn pandemic which put a hamper on everything. Still, it was something to look forward to, and when the day arrived to say Taylor was ready would be an understatement.

Her home was just as ready. Spooky stencils of ghosts and bats were stuck on the walls along side cotton cobwebs. Animatronic trick or treat candy holders held some of Taylor's homemade treats; zombies, vampires and Jason Voorhees himself held cookies and homemade candies.

The bar was stocked too. A punchbowl filled with a lovely tropical rum punch, chilled champagne and Taylor's favorite, nicely aged bourbon among other wonderful, inebriating treats.

Taylor made sure everything was perfect, from decorations to her own costume. One last look in the mirror, The gown fit like a charm and the boots were to die for, stopping just where her calves began. The way the slits on the gown showed off her bare thighs. Her breasts looking absolutely delicious pressed against the lowcut of the gown, the attached green cap almost making it look like her ladies were tucked in bed.

The wig also looked amazing, almost like the real thing. For her lips however, she decided on black over the lavender. It seemed to fit everything a lot more. The last piece to put in place was the cowl. Perfect fit. It was all ready.

Shortly after that last check the doorbell rang. It was game time. And after that first arrival it didn't take long for the rest of the guest list to arrive. Halloween at last! With a big green she greeted all the guests, making them feel at home with a big friendly hug for everyone.

Soon the party was at its peak in record time. Even Taylor was a bit taken aback. She knew she was a good host but this was something else. Being locked up for so long had made people stir crazy. That included herself.

At the party in addition to the usual suspects Taylor always liked to bring members of her tour crew to parties as a way to thank them. And since there was no tours to be had this year, she made extra sure to add a few more to that list. And also include the usual VIP among them from one to four.

The VIPs were people she felt deserved a bit more of a personal touch. Usually she saved such things for Christmas, but this year she doubted any kind of Christmas party would be in her future. So Halloween it was, and she selected four very loyal and very hardworking gentlemen as her VIP recipients.

First up was Norman Williams. He was her guitar tech and even customized a few for her on the side. Her own private collection. He was skilled with his hands and always greeted her with a friendly smile. He had a warmth about him and all of those positive attributes were about to get him a Halloween treat he wasn't going to forget. Plus she just really liked the name Norman. The fact he was dressed as Indiana Jones,, scruffy five o'clock shadow and all just made it that much sweeter.

The next VIP was Andre Talbot, a tall glass of hot chocolate. He headed up the audio/visual aspect of her shows. Not so much the design, but making sure those designs worked. He refined them and made sure everything came off with flawless timing. He was dressed dashingly as a very Johnny Depp inspired pirate. Not exactly Captain Jack as Andre's take on it was also a pirate who was a big fan of bathing. Clean yet rugged.

Lucky number three was Victor Thompson. He was a major player on the tour side of things. He seemed to cover a lot. Making sure the right amount of the right merch arrived at every venue, making sure her tour rider was followed to the T and every member of the crew got what they needed to get their job done and get it done safely. Taylor couldn't quite put her finger on what he was, though with a tuxedo and a martini in his hand the only thing she could piece together was James Bond.

Last but by no means least was Frank Denborough. He did it all but his main role was tour security. That required a different touch than the usual kind Taylor required.  A unique eye for detail in crowds as large as the ones Taylor drew. It was a unique talent and she was glad to have him on board. Of everyone there, that salt-and-pepper haired mountain of a man. Taylor really loved that he didn't even dye away that hair for his Terminator costume. It definitely flipped her switches. It also helped that he was the only one of the three to compliment her costume and mean it. Sure, there was flirtation there, and he was honest about it. How sexy and beautiful she already was, and how the dress just helped it. Taylor was like any woman, anyone really. She loved compliments. And when they came from the heart, or in this case Frank's heart and groin working in unison, she knew he had to get a special treat.

The four lucky gents had no real idea what they were in for. All they knew was in addition to their personally hand-sealed and signed invitations, they each got a playing card in the invite card. It was the King of Hearts for each of them. And on those cards, written in black marker as opposed to the elegant well pen ink of the invites was a time; 10:45.

That puzzled all four, as the party, while starting early, at 3:00, it was also listed on the invite as ending early at ten. It wasn't like any of them could check with each other as to what this meant. After all, they didn't know anyone else had been given that extra little tidbit.

The four men enjoyed the party, but kept stealing glances from Taylor, and she felt every single one of them. While Taylor had selected her costume to get those looks, from her four VIPs, it was a special thrill that rivaled anything in her wildest dreams. There was just something about being desired that gave her all the right feelings in all the right places.

Still, when she talked to the men, she didn't really leave any hints, not referencing the special playing cards they got. She spoke to them like they were anyone else at the party. When they were in groups at least. Taylor was able to speak with each of them, telling them the time no their card was when their party started. It was most of the necessary info. She left out that three other gentlemen were also invited. Still a private party, but not that private. She liked surprises, even more on the faces of others.

With this knowledge, the hours in the party seemed more like entire eras. They didn't know exactly what Taylor had in store for them. That desire in their eyes gave Taylor a thrill whenever she spoke to them that night. It was just gorgeous.

Soon enough though the party goers did begin to filter out, all with smiles on their faces which made Taylor feel elated. The lucky men who stayed behind started to figure out what Taylor's game was as more and more people left and just who was staying behind until it was down to just Norman, Andre, Victor and Frank. They all told the guests who were leaving that they were staying behind to help Taylor clean-up, which was what Taylor instructed them to do. Though now that it was the four of them plus their gracious host, it was very obvious that thing were far more likely to get dirty rather than clean.

When the last person left the four men went to find Taylor. She was sitting at the bar, her luscious legs crossed and on display, while she sipped at a glass of her favorite bourbon. From the looks on the men's face, the ankle high boots really did do the trick. Their eyes might have well have lasers with how obvious it was they were glaring at her stems. Of course that was just the beginning. Eyes went to her tits and to her black-tinted lips, especially with the pink of her tongue ran across them to get any few stray droplets of that good old Kentucky bourbon down the hatch.

"Gentlemen" she said as she finished the last of her bourbon off. "Welcome to the after party." She got off the bar stool and walked  past them to the center of her living room. Once more she could feel four sets of eyes roaming her, this time landing on her ass before she sat on the couch. "So, I'm guessing that you boys have a feeling of what's going to happen...but not exactly. I'm fairly sure though you know the why. But just in case that's up in the air, I like to give presents, especially to people who show loyalty and a good work ethic. I also like said present to be...unique. A one of a kind from no one else but Taylor. You gents have certainly earned that kind of present."

"Well, what is the present?" Norman asked, taking a spokesperson role among the men.

"Assertive, right to the point. I like that. This is going to be fun."  Taylor got to her feet and took off her cowl, setting it down on the coffee table to her side. Then she slide the cape, which was attached to the lilac-colored gown, off her shoulders. So went the cap, so went the rest of the gown. It slid down her womanly form, the skirt billowing before it fell to the ground.

The men's eyes went wide, licking their chops a the nude perfection of Taylor Swift's body. It made her so wet, and it was visible to their hungry eyes.

"Now, as for the present," she said, leading them to a more open area of her home. It was large, where most of the party goers chit-chatted and mingled. It was light on the furniture. There were a couple of couches and chairs against the walls and a piano near a big, beautiful window that had the most amazing view of the city below and the beautiful full moon above. ANd though it was all bulbs doing the lighting, the way they were set up gave off the illusion of candlelight. It gave the whole scene a feeling of romance and sin, as if Taylor Swift wearing nothing but a wig, black lipstick and ankle-high boots wasn't enough for that. "Would you boys rather I beat around the bush or just say it?"

"Um, I kind of just want to hear it," Victor said. The other men nodded in agreement.

"Excellent! Not that I would have minded being a little bit more dramatic about it. But, direct it is. Happy Halloween boys, I'm going to suck your cocks."

"P-pardon?" stuttered Frank. 

"You dicks. I'm going to suck them. One at a time or all at once. My way of saying thank you for the hard work you always put in when we tour and a bit of an incentive to come back and do it all again when all this craziness ends. Now, boys, which would you prefer? One on one or make it a group activity?"

"All at once." Andre answered. "I want to see you suck us all at once."

"Can't disagree with Andre." Norman agreed.

"You know what?" Taylor asked with grin. "Neither can I! I mean, and believe this isn't just a line to get you boys hard, I LOVE to suck cock and honestly the more the merrier. It's just...fun. Now...strip. If I'm naked, so are you."

The men looked at each other and shrugged. Taylor giggled as they tried to break the world record for undressing. It was a mad, uncoordinated scramble multiplied by four but soon enough Taylor saw all the gorgeous toys she was going to get to play with. Her mouth was watering and she couldn't wait to go trick or treating. She just had one last thing to ask them.

"Blonde or brunette?"

"What?" Victor asked.

"Keep the wig or lose it dear," Taylor clarified.

"Blonde," Frank said. "I...I kind of want you...no offense to Catwoman."

"You got it," Taylor said with a wink. She tossed the black wig aside and let her golden locks fall free, tussling them a bit with her hands to get it all out and flowing long. She then got to her knees and beckoned her boys over with her fingers. "Well guys, come on...are you ready for it?"

The men answered by getting up close and forming a semi circle around her. And in the middle of all for her men was Taylor, a smile on her face her blue eyes drank in the mouthwatering sight in front of her face.

Four hard, pulsing cocks ready to go and a very happy girl on her knees waiting to suck. But who to start with? She knew soon enough they'd all me sharing her mouth, most likely trying to stuff more in between her full raven lips than just one. First however, they'd each get their personal treatment. The moment she had her pick, Taylor got to work.

Her gaze went up to Frank's eyes. Lucky Frank, getting the first solo round. He'd earned it. Not only was he excellent at his job, she also knew he had a long-standing crush on her. Nothing school boy like, just a crush with a heavy helping of lust in the center. Never rude or lewd...which meant he got to the first of the men to get a go in the dirty version of Trick or Treat they were all about to take part in.

"Oh wow..." Frank gulped. She first licked the tip of his cock, running her tongue over it like an ice cream cone on a hot summer day. Taylor then wrapped her luscious lips around his bulbous bell-end. She sucked it sweetly like a lollipop, rolling her tongue over it to get every last bit of flavor the candy could give her.

Moment by moment, inch by inch Frank was taken into her mouth and inch by inch Taylor made him quiver and shake. She knew what a guy like Frank wanted. He wanted it sweet. The sucking had to be sensual and Taylor delivered. Lovingly running her tongue and she softly yet sensually bobbed up and down his pole. But the secret ingredient was eye contact. Her sexy blue eyes communicating to him she was enjoying it, showing him how much his cock was everything she wanted in that moment.

It wasn't a lie either. You couldn't fake the kind of passion Taylor's eyes were radiating. She was dripping wet between her legs and it took all her willpower to keep her hands away. Instead her hands were also part of Frank's treat, gently playing with his balls and raking his thighs with her nails.

"Fuck," he growled. "Kitty wants some milk doesn't she?"

"Mmmmyes," Taylor said, following it up with a purr. "I need it so much...are you going to give me some of your hot milk Frank?" Those blue eyes burned even hotter as she spoke. It was a dirty side to Frank she hadn't expected, but it was the sweet kind of dirty. It still fit her ideal of him.

Frank was in heaven but was brought back down to Earth when Taylor pulled her mouth off his cock with a pop. "I'll get back to you," she said with a wink. "Promise...but I have a few more stops to make."

"No problem," said Frank, wiping the sweat from his brow. Tay gave him one last smile before moving on to Victor. He was going to be a different beast. A little rougher around the edges, which wasn't an issue for Taylor. She looked up at him with fiendish grin.

"Well Victor...," she said. "Seems a formality but I am I stickler for manners so, ready?" Taylor left her mouth open, her pink tongue out like a runway for Victor's cock, and Victor brought that plane in for a landing, though not the softest of landings, as expected by Taylor.

Victor took grip on Taylor's head, his fingers buried in her golden locks and began to fuck her face, the obscene GLUK  GLUK GLUK filling the room. Taylor however, always with the musicians ear, felt this symphony was missing something. She tapped Victor on the hands and he got the message, releasing his grip and Taylor removed her mouth from his cock, but only temporarily.

"Gentlemen, I noticed a certain lack of a rhythm section. I want to hear and see you beating those cocks. Watch me suck your pals off and keep yourself ready. Okay?"

The men nodded, did as she said and began jacking themselves as Victor returned to Taylor's mouth, the FAP FAP FAP mixing wonderfully the with the GLUK GLUK GLUK of Taylor's face fucking.

"Ohhh fuck yes girl...all the way honey..." Victor growled. His hands held tight to her skull while Taylor's grip was tight on his hips. She braced her self as her gullet was taken by Victor's throbbing dick, her mascara running ever so slightly as did her lavender eye shadow.

It was exactly what Victor wanted, and once more Taylor pulled off and moved on. Victor had no issue. He knew something even better was destined to arrive.

Taylor then got to Andre, taking his stalk of chocolate in her hand and pumping it. It was time for a little cock worship time. It was something about the way he held himself that tipped her off to this being is style. Besides, she'd never met a man who didn't at least enjoy having their crotch being treated like an altar of worship.

She ran the cock over face, his bulbous head leaving a droplet of precum on her lips, the semi-transparent droplet more striking against her black painted lips. Taylor added a purr to it, making the erotic sound as she brushed his onyx sceptre against her cheek. Every inch of his delightful dick delicately graced her face before those elite lips wrapped around the mushroom cap.

Like Frank, Andre's round of cock-sucking started slow, Taylor lovingly lashing her tongue on his dick, her mouth slithering up and down his pole. She pulled off for a few moments to plant sweet kisses up and down the length of his pole before going in for another round of sensual sucking. She mixed in rubbing the throbbing prong against her soft cheeks again, then going back, though this time a little faster and dirtier. Moment by moment it went with Taylor turning it up, sending Andre to the gates of heaven while making a drooling mess out of her own mouth.

And just short of those curly gates being blown open by an explosion of pearly jizz, Taylor pulled off. One last stop before  it all got a little more frenzied. Taylor turned her attention to Norman, his cokc hard, hot and ready. On his face Taylor could read the hunger and so much more. She knew exactly what he wanted.

"Gimme that cock," she said flirty yet forcefully. She grasped his dick tightly in her hand and spit on it, the saliva splatting directing on the cockhead. Her hand moved up to the head, jacking just the bulbous mass in her hand and making him squirm. "I bet you want my mouth, huh?"

"Y-yes," Norman managed to get out.

"Y-yes what?" she said, mocking him.

"Yes Taylor!"

"Correct," she purred. She had him pegged too. The kinds of guys who were usually the take charge type as he had been usually liked to let that go when it came to cumming. Despite being on her knees right now with Norman, Taylor was the one in charge.

"Mmm you have a very nice cock Norman. I'd love to wrap these pretty little lips around it...but it's just not that simple....because I need to hear a certain word. A magic word. You know it...let me here it."

"Please Taylor..."

"Please what?"

"Please suck my cock!" he said, a shout in his tone when she began to run her thumb in circle on his glans.

"Mmmm, I love man who has good manners." The next thing Taylor did with her mouth made both her and Norman very happy campers. There was nothing slow about this one like there was with Frank and Andre, but no where near the face fucking Victor gave her. Rather, it was more like she was fucking Norman's cock with her mouth.

It was fast and sloppy, Taylor taking him balls deep into her mouth without flinching. Her blue eyes burned a hole through him, flames of passion scorching his soul. Taylor's hands were working almost as furiously, stroking his shaft as she sucked with one hand while roughly playing with his balls with the other.

Taylor's mouth was like a surgeon crossed with slamdancer. Her speed and sweet savageness on his cock seemed almost chaotic, like she was a frenzied beast hungry for cum. While not entirely true, their was an honesty in that assessment...it just also ignored her hitting every sweet spot Norman had with laser precision. Taylor would almost be willing to call him putty in her hands if not for the fact his cock was like a steel rod.

Just when Norman was about to get lost in the pleasure, tailor pull off of him as well. Her gaze expanded to the four men, jacking their cocks and awaiting their next shot at her multi-million dollar mouth.

"I bet you guys are wondering who's next. Well, I've absolutely delicious news: all of your are next. Or, in other words...have at it."

Not surprisingly, Victor was on her first, going for a second round of facefucking, slamming his shaft down down her gullet and the obscene GLUK GLUK GLUK once more filled the room.

Of course now it was share and share alike. Victor pulled out and Tay turned her attention to Andre, giving him a much sloppier version of the cock worship she'd provided to him earlier. The caresses of her cheek against his cock came full dickslaps before landing on her tongue, where she was like a venus fly trap, closing around sucking him once more.

Then Norman got her turn with Taylor's oral talents. While Taylor worked on him, adding the raking of her teeth just against the ridge of the bell-end, she got a surprise from Frank, and a very pleasant one at that.

He'd knelt down next to her and brought his hand to her pussy finger fucking her. The sensation gave a new heat to her actions, one that Norman was very happy for. Still, this wasn't all about Norman, and Frank deserved a special treat.

Taylor motioned for him to get to his feet. Frank did so and move her mouth over his cock like she was stuck in a tractor beam. She gave him all the eye contact in the world, making this quicker work of her mouth just as sensual. Those ocean blue eyes begged for his cum, pleaded with him. She wanted to make him feel so good and he didn't just see it, he could feel it with her mouth. despite an increased speed, she made sure to give every inch of his lock a lovingly detailed tongue lashing.

Soon though the men got more daring. Victor and Norman stuff both of their cocks in her mouth at the same time, Andre joining as a third. And every time his cock wasn't preoccupied, there was Frank, giving her a bit of manual pleasure.

Though even when Frank joined back in Taylor's frenzied face-fucking, the seductive songstress kept her pussy busy, working the sopping wet snatch. The closer her men got, the closer she got.

Soon Taylor lost count of who was in her mouth. The men had gone hog wild, as she had. Her nude form was soaked in sweat, her blonde hair matting down. The men weren't much different, all drenched in sweat and all aching for that final release only blonde sex kitten her knees could give them.

That was obvious for Taylor to see.  She'd given enough of these VIP goodies to be able to tell when a cock was ready to show her how good she'd made it feel. Taylor hoped she made them all feel extra good.

"You boys want to cum, huh?" she asked, playing with her pussy as she spoke to the chorus of horny men, all four on the verge. "I want it too. A lot. I know there are a lot girls that say they like sucking cock and lie about it. They do it because they think it's required. Not me. I fucking love it. I live for it. I think I proved that, didn't I?"

"Yes you did Tay," said Frank, desperate trying to hold on, but the vision of this living dream fingering herself and shimmering in sweat was making that very hard.

"Good to know," she said, sweetly smiling at him, though under the current circumstances that sweetness came with a bit of Kentucky bourbon heat. "So boys....I'm...I'm gonna cum....and I want you to cum for me...I want to feel your cum on me...fucking shower me so I can cum for you..."

"Taylor!" Frank said. Taylor smiled. She knew he'd cum first. She also knew because of that, he might get a little something in return for playing with her pussy while she sucked the other three. "Gonna give the kitten some milk!"

Taylor turned her face to an approaching Frank. "Yeah..yeah Frankie...feed this kitten...she really wants your milk...every hot yummy drop just for me" She held her tongue out, an appealing target for his jizz. With  a grunt he aimed and fired, a big rope of cum steaking into Taylor's mouth. Before the second shot came, Taylor's black lips wrapped around her head, softly sucking his tender head as she emptied his balls in her mouth, a smile at the corner of her lips. Frank's mouth was agape, watching as Taylor swallowed his load with gulp after happy gulp. Taylor added an exclamation point to to Frank's orgasm, kissing the tip of his softening prick as he back away. She gave him a wink before the other three closed in on her. Frank got the sweet, the other men wanted the heat.

"Fucking cover me...I already swallowed one hot load...cover me in more...come on! Cum on me! I want to feel it...I want it all on my skin when I cum!! Give the kitty her milk...give her your fucking milk!"

The sloshing of Taylor's fingers in her cunt mixed perfectly with the rushed fapping of the men's cocks. Soon vocals were added, but not Taylor's.

"FUCKING YES TAYLOOOORRRR!" Andre growled. His cock exploded on Taylor's face, make her giggle and moan as her dark lover painted a tropical map on her face.

Victor was next, seeing her face get covered making him fire off, getting as much on Taylor pink tongue before slapping his cock hard on it a few time before Norman finally lost it as well giving one last blast to Taylor coating her face and tits in his own baby batter.

That last load was the last straw, Taylor finally cumming herself, moaning, groaning and writhing on the ground, cumming and covered in cum; the best of both worlds. "Yes yes yess yesss YESSSSS!" she cried, her body rocking and rolling until finally the pleasure started to fade, the embers cooling as Taylor remained a sweaty, cum-covered wreck on the floor.

"Have a Happy Halloween boys?" Taylor asked, her voice still trembling.

"Like you wouldn't believe Taylor," Andre said, putting his clothes back on.

"There's one more treat before you go," she said. "The coffee table's top opens up if you lift it. One extra-good goodie bag for each of you. As for me...I need a shower. Although I could try a little self-cleaning." Taylor winked and began to pick up the cum from her face and chest with her fingers, licking it off her fingers and hands in a very feline fashion. "Still, there are some hard to reach places. So with that gentleman. Good night and Happy Halloween. You know the way out.

Taylor headed to the shower while the men, once dressed, when to the coffee table and did as she asked. Orange and black bags tied with ribbons and adorned with jack o'lanterns were hidden within. Four altogether, each with their names on the. The men grabbed the bags and exited.

Taylor got in the hot bubble bath she had just drawn for herself, after a quick shower rinse, and relaxed. She loved the orgasms she got from sucking cock. Sure they were pretty much self-inflicted, but the wetness and hunger for pleasure was a unique high she could only get from sucking a cock. She could cum other ways, sometimes even harder. She smile to herself knowing all the men she'd just sucked would know that soon enough.

She laughed a bit at the thought of them opening the bags when they were alone only to see, aside from the candies and novelties, there was a card in there with a date, time and location. For while Taylor's usual round of gift giving for Christmas was pretty much out in the rain this year, it didn't mean she couldn't show how thankful she was for all that people do for her. And these gentlemen would get that on a personal level from her, this time on a one on one party.

And those four now knew no one threw a party like Taylor Swift.

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Re: All Harlot's Eve: The Cat's Meow starring Taylor Swift
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The cat's meow indeed!  Once again, a great detailed costume setup.  The intermingling and weaving of different blowjob styles, coupled with some truly excellent costumed theme dirty talk makes this a remarkably hot Halloween story!

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