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Big Bang Theory-Mrs. Wolowitz's Orgy
« on: December 26, 2018, 05:31:48 PM »
Big Bang Theory - Mrs. Wolowitz's Orgy
(A  fictional story about fictional characters.  A stand-alone story.  My version of S. 8, Ep. 18 "The Leftover Thermalization"  )
(orgy, dp, dpp, object)
    Debbie Wolowitz was dead, to begin with.  There was no doubt whatever about that; but even in death she continued to influence the lives of her dear son Howard, his adoring wife Bernadette, and all their friends.  She had expired a peaceful death, in her sleep while visiting relatives, but that was where the tranquility ended.  While retrieving her ashes, they had been misplaced by the airlines, thus causing Howard frustration and agitation even after her life ended.  Now, as Howard, Bernadette and Raj walked into the Wolowitz household, Stuart quickly informed them that a transformer had blown out overnight, leaving the entire neighborhood without electricity.  Stuart's comic-book store had burned down so Howard had hired him to be care-giver for his late mother.
    After letting that information sink in, Howard had run to the refrigerator and discovered that everything in the freezer was rapidly defrosting.  Bernadette suggested they take it to their apartment and refreeze it, but Raj correctly pointed out that refreezing food only invites the formation of potentially harmful, if not fatal, bacteria.  Howard was nearly frantic as he unloaded the freezer, stacking the Tupperware bowls on the counter.  It's only food Howie," Bernadette tried to console him.
    "No...it's not," Howard snapped back, "it's the last food my mother ever made.  Her last meatloaf; her last brisket; her last matzo-ball soup.  She always kept a bid container of it on hand in case I got sick.  She thought that her soup could cure anything; including food-poisoning caused by her food.  We are going to eat it."
    "Howie, there must be thirty pounds of food here," Bernadette stated, there is no way we can eat it all before it spoils.
    "I know," Howard answered, "we can invite all our friends over for a meal, just like normal.  It will be like Ma is feeding us all one last time."  He continued to pull containers out of the freezer: "here's the buttoneer from my high school prom, she never threw anything out...if I find my foreskin in here I'm screaming."
    Leonard Hofstadter and his fiancee Penny were in her apartment where he was grousing about the feud he was having with his roommate Sheldon Cooper.  They were both Doctors of Physics at CalTech and had recently collaborated on a technical paper which had been published by Scientific American.  Sheldon, as usual, had shown no consideration for anyone but himself and had gladly taken full credit for the research, even though the original idea had been solely Leonard's.  The publication had not even mentioned Leonard's name, and it was the last straw in dealing with Sheldon's thoughtlessness.  "He just always assumes the universe revolves around him," Leonard complained.
    "I know sweetie," Penny agreed, trying to soothe him, "my baby is hurting so I am going to take you shopping to ease the pain," she continued as she reached for her laptop.
    "I know shopping makes you feel better," he added, "but it's really not my thing."
     "Ooo, here's a helicopter you control with your I-pad," Penny suggested.
    "Your baby's listening...does it come with a camera," Leonard answered interestingly.
    "It does come with a camera," she informed him, tapping the screen.
    "Well, it might help me feel better," Leonard gave in, "I'll tell you one thing, that baby Sheldon isn't playing with my helicopter."
    Penny and Leonard arrived at the Wolowitz residence at the same time as Amy and Sheldon.  Penny asked if there was anything they could do to help with the meal and Bernadette told them to just make themselves comfortable while some of the food simmered.  "It's a good thing she had a propane powered stove," Stuart added as he emerged from the kitchen with Howard.  They all greeted Howard with sadness, knowing how much he loved his recently departed mother.
    He assured them, "this isn't a sad occasion, it's just a remembrance of how much Ma was a part of all our lives."
    They all sat around the living room discussing what was going on in their lives and when Stuart asked about the joint paper project, Sheldon of course volunteered, "I was the lead-scientist."
    "Look Sheldon," Leonard gave in, "we all know how much you need to constantly have your inflated ego stroked, so I'm done talking about the paper."
    "Well, what's new with you Raj," Amy quickly changed the subject.
    "Thank you for asking," Raj began, "you know the new Discovery missions that NASA had been working on.  They are trying to devise a delivery system to contain a message in case one of the probes is encountered by alien life.  They have asked me to do the design."
    Leonard acknowledged him, "congratulations Raj.  Just for the record, in my experience with alien life, the key is not to sit in his spot."
    As Sheldon glared at Leonard, Bernadette inquired, "Penny how did your audition go?"
    "The whole experience reminded me of everything I hated about that world: the anxiety, the disappointment, the negativity.  I don't want to go through those feelings...I want to sell drugs to people feeling those things...so after I stunk up the place with my audition, I walked out.  I'm through with acting...well, unless some big time director requests me."
    "I commend you Penny.  That took a lot of courage...almost as much courage as chopping off your hair," Sheldon proclaimed.
    "Thank you Sheldon...wait...what," Penny seemed confused, "I thought everybody liked my new short hair cut.  Bernadette, you like it...right?"
    "Well, I admire the courage it took to cut off all that beautiful blonde hair," Bernadette tried to console her.
    "Amy, you like it...right," Penny pleaded.
    "I admire the confidence it took that you would be able to pull off the new look," Amy assured her.
    "Leonard," Penny looked to her fiancee for encouragement.
    "Penny you know there is nothing you could do that would make you less attractive in my eyes," he reassured her.
    "Many attractive women have short hair," Stuart added.
    "Right, or are bald," Howard interjected, "like Ilia in Star Trek: The Motion Picture."
    "Ooo, the actress who played her was from Bombay, you know," Raj told them.
    "I think it's dinner time," Bernadette quickly suggested.
    Sitting around the large dining room table, the setting was very intimate, illuminated only by candlelight.  "Nothing sets the mood quite like a dozen menorahs," Stuart stated.
    There was plenty of wine to drink as Raj, Stuart, Leonard and Penny, and Amy and Sheldon had each brought a bottle; not knowing the other's intention.  Sheldon had questioned the purchase, but Amy had assured him that it was a non-optional social convention to bring wine when invited to dinner at someone's house.  Even Sheldon was partaking in the libation when Amy suggested that it was also non-optional.
    The brisket was smothered  with generous chunks of thawed mushrooms and Sheldon, of course, felt the need to share his knowledge of the growths. "You know, Shiitake mushrooms are a fine source of minerals, including zinc; are known to promote digestive tract health; and have actually been found to shrink tumors in mice.  These Maitake mushrooms are commonly thought to boost the immune system.  I hope these mushrooms were not frozen, because it is thought that ice crystals separating the cells can induce intoxication when mixed with alcohol...sometimes even hallucinations."
    Howard and Bernadette looked at each other and replied, "oh, no...they are fresh," not wanting Sheldon to launch into one of his psychotic rants.
    "And in my culture," Raj added, "they are known to be a powerful aphrodisiac."
    "Let's hope so," Amy mumbled, smiling at Bernadette and Penny.
    "Silly superstitions from uneducated buffoons," Sheldon scoffed, washing his mushroom-brisket down with a swallow of wine.
    "Thank you so much for disrespecting my whole country," Raj rebuffed Sheldon.
    "Now Raj," Sheldon answered, "I certainly didn't mean the entire population," and then he couldn't help but add: "just the vast majority."
    After the meal, everyone helped clean up the kitchen hoping the minimal exercise would help relieve the bloated feeling they all were experiencing from consuming so much food.  They retired as a group to the living room and collectively flopped down on the nearest chair or sofa. Leonard involuntarily groaned when he sat and Penny asked, "are you OK?"
    "Oh yeah, just trying to burp without throwing up," he answered.
    "That's traditional Jewish cooking for you," Howard informed them, "around midnight you will be visited by heartburn that will make you pray for death.  That's why my people walked the desert for forty years...that's how long it took to walk it off."
    Sheldon actually un-tucked his shirt and loosened his belt, giving him a sloppy appearance.  "Wow look at you," Penny observed, "you're usually so fastidious...yeah that's right; I said fastidious, Sheldon."
    "Congratulations," Sheldon sarcastically replied, "I'm glad to see that Word-of-the-Day calendar I gave you for Christmas hasn't gone to waste."  Penny replied by sticking out her tongue at him.  Since everyone was in the same condition, no one even noticed that their words were becoming slightly slurred as a result of the wine/mushroom combination.
    Bernadette admitted, "I would offer everyone a nice after-dinner glass of wine, but it seems we have already drained all five bottles."  Everyone just lay back, seemingly half-conscious, letting their digestive systems take control.  Without them even realizing it, the libido of everyone in the room was peaking, and Bernadette was the first to crack.  "I hope no one minds, but Howie and I are going to go relax in the hot-tub...please feel free to join us."  Some time ago Howard had hired a crew to install the hot-tub on the back deck for his mother, but due to her size, she had never actually taken advantage of it.  As they were leaving the room, Bernadette kicked off her shoes and threw her pink sweater over the back of the chair they had been sharing."
    After a few minutes, Penny winked at Leonard, took him by the hand and led him through the kitchen toward the back porch.  As they walked through the kitchen, they followed a trail of clothes on the floor consisting of Bernadette's dress, black panty hose, lacy bra and finally her panties.  Penny was wearing an oversize flowery-print peasant blouse and Leonard could tell by the way her breasts were wobbling beneath it that she had neglected to wear a bra that evening.  He was already aroused and became even more so wondering if she had gone completely commando.  Her black tights were so tight that he could clearly make out her prominent camel-toe and there was no visible panty line, but with the tiny thongs she sometimes wore, he often couldn't see any trace. "I don't know about you, but I'm horny as hell," she confided to her fiancee.
    "Oh my God, yes," he admitted, "I was beginning to think there was something wrong with me...you know, we're here to honor Howard's mother.  I'm wondering if there is some truth about the mushrooms being an aphrodisiac."
    "Ya think," Penny gasped as she pulled him through the kitchen, "but who cares...I need you...now."
    Going through the outside door, they could see Howard and Bernadette in the hot-tub embracing, and Howard's clothes strewn around the deck.   "Hope you were serious about the invitation," Penny spoke up.
    "Oh absolutely," Bernadette assured them as they both turned to see who had interrupted them.  Leonard and Penny could see Bernadette's huge naked breasts floating on the surface of the water like two water balloons and they were just as big as Penny had imagined them.  They must have been a full 38 D, with large brown areola and jellybean sized nipples.  "Just one thing," she added, "clothing is not optional in our hot-tub...it is forbidden."
    "Fine with us," Penny spoke for both of them as she hurriedly pulled her blouse over her head and tossed it aside.
    "Wow...nice," Howard complimented her when her absolutely perfect 35 C breasts were unveiled.  They were totally firm and jiggled when she moved.  Large pink areola circled prominent gumdrop sized nipples which were already hard.  Bernadette shot Howard a stern glance and he  volunteered, "just sayin'."  Penny nearly fell trying to tug her form-fitting tights over her feet, leaving her completely nude...she had gone commando.  She was a boys wet-dream come true, with her perfect thigh gap and totally bald mound in the front and perfectly round cheeks in the back.     
    Leonard was only a second behind her as he shoved his trousers and boxers down his legs together.  His penis was already erect; eight inches in length and as fat as a soda can.  Now it was Bernadette's turn to offer a compliment: "you are one lucky girl Penny.  I always told you that you can't judge a nerd by it's cover."
    "Yeah, and he loves foreplay," Penny blurted out, "I'd say that's a win-win."  She grasped Leonard's hard-on and led him to the hot-tub.  They couldn't see below the surface because the Jacuzzi jets were on, but they were certain Howard and Bernadette were just as naked as the were.
    Stepping down into the warm water and sitting opposite the Wolowitz's, Leonard remarked, "oh man that feels good...I mean the water, not just Penny's hand.  This hot-tub is huge, I bet you could swim laps in it."  It was made of fiberglass, of course, and had a molded bench all the way around (except for the steps).
    "Well, remember it was originally planned for Ma," Howard remarked, "we had to have the deck reinforced.  It was made to seat seven people...or Ma and two people...it weighs over two tons filled with water."
    "Ooo, those jets feel fantastic," Penny observed, "they must feel great after a long day at work."
    "Yes, Bernadette admitted, "and they can be a girl's best friend when Howard isn't home...or in the mood," and she winked at Penny.
    "Ooo, I see what you mean.  They're massaging my butt right now," Penny agreed, "I imagine if I were to turn around..."
    The heated water was dilating their capillaries, allowing the wine in their stomachs to be absorbed much faster, and no one in the Wolowitz house was feeling any pain.  Coupled with the, now proven, aphrodisiacal powers of the mushrooms, all inhibitions seemed to be disappearing.  Howard was openly kneading Bernadette's more than ample tits and leaned down to suckle on her hardened nipples.  They could see Bernadette's arm moving up and down below the surface of the turgid water, and before long she moved in front of her husband, between his legs. Facing them, with her back to Howard, she stood up and they finally got a good look at her incredible mammaries as they hung down on her chest.  they were truly impressive.
    As she smiled broadly at them, Bernadette slowly lowered her body onto Howard's lap, her eyes rolling back into her head.  Penny and Leonard could only assume that Howard had penetrated her body...they just didn't know which hole. A loud, "mmmmm," escaped Bernadette's lips and her body began to rock up and down in the water, creating significant waves as her huge breasts slapped against the surface. The mystery was solved when she moaned, "oh Howie...fuck my ass."
    Leonard and Penny were now aroused beyond control as they embraced and their tongues fought for space in each others mouths.  Penny admitted, "if that's what married life is like...I can't wait to marry you, my little nerd."
    "Hey, who you callin' little," Leonard chuckled as he grasped her waist, turned them around and lifted her up so she was sitting on the edge of the hot-tub with her feet on the bench.
    "Wow, you're pretty strong for a nerd," Penny whistled, impressed that he had lifted her so easily.
    "Well I have been working out since the first day I met you...you know just hoping to live up to your high standards," he joked, "of course the fact that your buoyant wonderful naked body actually weighs less underwater had nothing to do with it."
    "Don't ruin the illusion Mr. Scientist," Penny laughed, "now get to work and lick my pussy."
    "Your wish is my command," Leonard bowed and then kneeled between her legs, which she had spread very wide.  Howard was looking over Bernadette's shoulder and enjoying the scene as Penny splayed her wonderful legs, revealing her completely shaved pussy mound.  Leonard loved her mound, it was so prominent that when he cupped it, he actually got an entire handful of pussy. Kneeling between her legs, he used his thumbs to spread her fleshy cunt lips apart, exposing her vivid pink inner flesh.  He always thought that when he pulled her inner lips out and apart, they resembled a butterfly's wings...a very pink butterfly.
    He held her pussy open so that he could lean forward and blow warm air up into her hole.
"Oh shit baby," Penny moaned, "don't make me wait...lick my pussy."  Leonard slid his thumbs up into her wet pussy, spread her open even farther, and then shoved his tongue as far up her hole as it would reach.  Her body convulsed and she groaned, "oh my God baby...that is sooo good."
    Not giving her time to relax, Leonard proceeded to use his tongue as a scoop and lap her fluids into his mouth, "jeez you taste good...cum for me baby."  He never tired of tasting her pussy; hell he never thought he would get this far with any female, let alone one as gorgeous as Penny.  You could not convince Leonard that he was not the luckiest man on earth. He continued to lap at her slit like a dog at his water dish on a hot summer day, sliding his index finger up into her and wiggling it around.
    Howard and Bernadette were becoming increasingly aroused at the sight of their friends, and Bernadette was now raising herself up on her legs and allowing her tiny body to slam down on Howard's cock as he thrust upward into her ass.  She roughly grabbed her own tit bags and mauled them as Howard plugged her ass-hole.
    "I need you to fuck me now baby," Penny sighed, "I need to feel that beautiful cock inside me." Leonard again grasped her by the waist, turned them around and lowered her into the tub.  He sat down on the bench and Penny faced him and straddled his waist, putting her arms around his neck. He reached down under the water, took hold of his hard-on and rubbed it against her slit as she lowered her body.  Easily finding it's mark, as if by sonar, Penny bent her knees and felt his bulbous crown slip between her pussy lips. Slowly she bent her knees farther, allowing more of his cock to penetrate her juicy hole.  Finally she was sitting on his lap, impaled by his prick, "holy shit, I love the feel of your big fat cock inside me...I love you baby."
    "I never thought I would hear those words...either of those statements," Leonard admitted, "I love you too."
    "Now fuck me baby," she begged, "fuck your Penny's little cunt."  Leonard began to thrust up into her pussy, holding her tiny waist and jamming her down to meet his thrusts.  He loved the way her perfect tits jiggled against the water and leaned over to suck and nibble on her rock-hard gumdrops. She loved the way his fat cock felt sliding in and out of her hole,  leaned her head back, closed her eyes and moaned, "fuck me baby, fuck me hard."
    Between the two couples, they were creating large waves in the tub, sometimes splashing over the sides and they never even noticed that Raj and Stuart had wandered put onto the deck and were just standing there watching, their mouths hanging open.  Finally Bernadette opened her eyes, and rather than expressing shock; in her inebriated state she just inquired, "hey guys, what's up."  Howard  and Leonard never even lost rhythm.
    Raj volunteered, "oh Sheldon and Amy were playing "kissy-face" so we thought we would see what was going on out here.  There's just something unnatural about seeing Sheldon making out."
    'Yeah, I know what you mean," Penny agreed, taking a break from bouncing on Leonard's cock, and letting him do all the work, "I didn't think they did that on his planet."
    Everyone laughed and rather than let it be awkward, Bernadette invited, "well don't just stand there gawking, come join us in the hot-tub.  And in case you haven't guessed: clothing is forbidden."
    Staring at the two hottest females they knew, Raj and Stuart wasted no time in stripping off their clothes.  It was only natural for Bernadette and Penny to check out their equipment as Raj lowered his boxers and Stuart his tighty-whities.  Stuart's penis wasn't overly long, maybe six inches, but he made up for it in girth; probably as fat as Leonard's.  Their eyes widened as Raj turned around to expose the anaconda hanging between his legs.  "Holy shit Raj," Penny exclaimed, "they let you through customs with that?"  His cock, already semi-erect was nearly a foot long, fat as a kielbasa , with a purple crown the size of a tennis ball.
    Suddenly Howard shouted, "time for countdown Bernie."
    She looked exasperated and offered an explanation, "it's always about the astronaut thing," and then, "five-four-three-two-one...blastoff."  All the time Howard had been slamming up into her bountiful ass, and then they could see his skinny body twitching as he pumped his cum up into her anus.  After a few seconds, Bernadette stood up and then kneeled next to Howard with her elbows leaning against the top of the tub, and then beckoned to Raj, "come on over here."  He shyly walked over to the outside edge of the tub and allowed Bernadette to reach out with her dainty hands and grasp his prodigious pole.
    In the tiny hands of the diminutive blond, his cock looked even larger, as she began to stroke it's length. Almost immediately, his pole reached full erection and Bernadette flicked out her tongue and captured his first drops of pre-cum.  Her huge tits were resting on the wall of the hot-tub and Raj gingerly cupped them in his soft hands and began to knead then like bread dough.  Sighing in pleasure, Bernadette began to run her tongue up and down his incredible length, knowing she could not fit her lips around his huge head.
    Leonard's cock still inside her pussy, Penny leaned over his shoulder and crooked her finger at Stuart.  He obeyed like a puppy dog and took a similar stance as Raj, only he was in for a treat from Penny.  She knew he had always had a crush on her as she held his fat prick in one hand and cupped his scrotum with the other.  Opening her luscious mouth as wide as possible, Penny sucked on the tip of his cock, licking his soft head as he buried his hands in her short blonde locks and held her in place.
    Howard was now standing in the center of the tub stroking his penis but looking lost, yet not taking his eyes off Penny.  She could now see that his prick was like a long hot dog and she knew what he was thinking.  Momentarily separating from Stuart, she bent farther forward, obviously offering her ass to their host. Reading his dream-girl's mind and wanting her happy at all costs, Leonard stopped thrusting while Howard advanced between their legs.  Howard could not believe his luck as he fondled Penny's absolutely perfect ass cheeks and spread them apart to reveal her anus.
    Already slick with his own cum, Howard pushed forward past Penny's sphincter ring and just kept pushing until his balls rested against her ass.  "Holy shit," Penny sighed and resumed sucking on Stuart's crown.
    Howard leaned forward and whispered to Leonard, "you are one lucky bastard."
    "The luckiest bastard in the world," Leonard whispered back.
    Penny heard the exchange and shoved her pussy down on Leonard's cock; her way of thanking him.  They began to fuck her together, shoving their hard cocks into her holes at the same time; stretching her insides like never before.  Penny knew that Sheldon thought she was a slut, but the truth was very few of her many boyfriends had ever sampled her wares.  She had certainly never been double-penetrated before, but was finding the experience to be very enjoyable.  "Oh my God," she squealed as they fucked her holes, "jam those fucking cocks into me."
    She was having a difficult time concentrating on Stuart's prick while they plowed her pussy and ass-hole, but he didn't seem to mind. He had a huge grin on his face as he watched the most beautiful girl he had ever known licking his cock.  "I want you to cum in my mouth Stuart," she urged as he held the blond  goddess against his groin, "shoot your load right into my face."  She knew she was being selfish, but she wanted to enjoy being fucked, so she hoped he would finish quickly.  Squeezing his balls seemed to do the trick as Stuart's penis began to twitch in her hand and suddenly erupted in her mouth as she tried to form a vacuum with her lips around his crown.
    He gripped her blond head, holding her against his cock as he shot his load down her throat. Watching her pretty face sucking and swallowing his semen was like a dream come to life for Stuart as he emptied the contents of his balls between her ruby lips. Penny was up to the challenge as she managed to swallow every drop, and nothing dribbled on her chin when Stuart backed away.  She had been leaning on Leonard's shoulder and now placed both hands behind him on the rim of the tub as she relished in the sensation of having both her holes fucked simultaneously.  "That feels so fucking good," she sighed, "fuck me."
    Leonard would never have shared the love of his life with Howard if not for the combined effects of the wine and mushrooms, but he loved to see her so lost in pleasure.  All he ever wanted for her was to make her happy.  He and Howard were taking turns between thrusting up inside her together, and then alternating; one thrusting while the other withdrew. He glanced over Howard's shoulder and saw Raj climbing down into the tub to join Bernadette.  She quickly clambered up and sat on the rim of the tub with her feet on the bench, spreading her legs to allow Raj easy access. He noticed that her mound was also completely bare as she grasped her labia between her tiny fingers and spread them wide.
"Holy shit, Penny," he exclaimed, "take a look at Bernadette's lips."
    "Oh...thinking about another woman while you're fucking me...that's real nice," Penny teased and then let him know she was only kidding by leaning back and kissing him aggressively on the lips.
    "Yeah my hot wife," Howard interjected and slammed his hot-dog into Penny's ass, "but seriously, you should check out her lips...they are amazing."
    Penny turned her head to look at her friends crotch and immediately shouted, "holy shit Bernadette, can you tie those in knots?"  Bernadette's labia were incredibly long and she was stretching them wide for Raj as he lowered his head between her legs.  "Oh my God, you slut," Penny inquired, "is that a labia ring?"
    "A souvenir of a drunken night of partying in college," Bernadette admitted as she tugged on the tiny gold ring that was piercing her left cunt lip.  "Do you like it, Howie loves it."
    "I love it," Penny proclaimed, Leonard would you like me to get one?"
    "I'm not sure...I wouldn't want you to feel any pain," he told her.
    "I love you baby," she professed and kissed him again as he and Howard continued to jam their cocks into her.
    "Yeah, if you ever decide to get one, make sure you're completely shit-faced when you do it," Bernadette advised.  "Oh that's nice Raj," she exclaimed as he buried his face in her crotch, his nose rubbing against her large clit as he gave her slit a tongue bath.  He nibbled on the flesh of her lips, capturing one between his teeth and stretching it out nearly three inches.
    "Oooo, you are so wet, and I don't think it's chlorine water," Raj proudly proclaimed.
    Bernadette took his hand and led him out of the hot-tub, "I need to feel that big hunk of meat in my pussy and I don't want it underwater where I can't see it.  She retrieved one of the big, plush chaise-lounge cushions from a chair and threw it onto the deck, then directed Raj to lay flat on his back. When he lay down, his huge hard-on lay on his stomach extending nearly to his chest.  Penny watched as Bernadette straddled Raj's naked body, facing him, and wondered if it was a true incongruity of physics when she didn't fall over.  Her tits were so huge on her tiny body, and she was so top-heavy that it seemed impossible for her to keep her balance.
    Raj reached down, grasped his pole and pointed it at the sky while Bernadette pinched her pussy-flaps between her fingers and stretched them wide.  Howard's cum was drooling out of her ass-hole, down between her legs and coating Raj's crown as Bernadette lowered her petite body until she felt the bulbous head pressing against her slit. She slowly lowered her little body until Raj's crown pushed through her slit and penetrated her pussy.  "Holy crap that's big," she groaned as she began to lower herself; her pussy being stretched with every inch.
    Penny thought she looked like a midget lowering herself onto a fence post and everyone on the deck wondered how the hell all that cock was fitting inside her tiny body.  When she lowered herself about half way, Bernadette leaned forward, placed her hands on Raj's hairy chest and then just let herself free-fall onto his lap, fully impaling herself on his giant cock. "Aaaaaaaa," she squealed in her high-pitched voice, as she threw her head back and her entire body convulsed.  It really was an amazing sight, they half expected to see the tip of Raj's penis pop out of her mouth.  Leonard and Howard had stopped thrusting into Penny to watch Bernadette and Raj; Howard actually concerned for her safety.  Then as if stunned back to life, Bernadette began to bounce up and down on Raj's giant pole; riding him like a cowboy would ride a bucking bronco in a rodeo.  "Fuck me Raj, jam that fucking meat up into my little hole."
    She didn't have to request it twice, as Raj began to thrust his hips upward to meet her down strokes; slamming his massive tool up into her previously tiny cunt.  His cock rammed in and out of her pussy like a piston in a race car.  Raj was mesmerized by the sight of her huge tits flopping up and down, making slapping sounds as they flopped against her chest. He reached up and began to roughly squeeze them like oversized water balloons.  He was afraid he was fondling them too roughly, but Bernadette shouted out, "come on Raj, jam that fucking cock into me.  Don't be such a pussy; make me your fucking bitch."
    Her demands seemed to spur Leonard and Howard, as they began to slam their cocks into Penny's pussy and ass-hole. "Oh yessss," she moaned, "fuck me boys...cum in me...fill me up."  Leonard put his hands on Penny's wonderful tits and began to roll her gumdrop nipples between his fingers, pinching them and making them glow red.  Leaning forward, she kissed him almost violently, biting his tongue and proclaiming, "I love you baby...now cum in your Penny, let me feel your seed inside me."
    Leonard thrust up into her as hard as he could and then his cock began to twitch and jerk inside her pussy, flooding her tunnel with his jism.  Feeling Leonard's prick jerking in Penny's pussy, Howard followed suit and began to fill her rectum with his sperm.  "Holy shit," Penny screamed, "that's what I'm talking about...fill my holes."  She looked up to see Stuart standing there staring at her nude body, stroking his fat hard-on, but looking kinda sad, so he assured him,  "don't feel left out Stuart, I promise you get to fuck me next."  The immediate grin on his face could have lit up a city block and he went over to where Raj and Bernadette were copulating and began to roughly spank her ample ass cheeks.
    "Oh yeah, that's it," Bernadette wailed, "spank my ass...I've been a bad girl...punish me.  Come on Raj...drive that big fat cock into me."  Raj looked down between their bodies and marveled at the sight of his giant pole disappearing up into Bernadette's cunt.  He loved the way her fleshy lips hugged his prick when he withdrew and then were forced back up inside her when he thrust, her labia ring glistening with her juices.
    Meanwhile, back in the living room; Amy and Sheldon were also under the influence of the wine and mushrooms and Amy was sitting on Sheldon's lap, their tongues in each other's mouths.  Amy's hands were massaging Sheldon's back and Sheldon's hands were busy kneading Amy's breasts through her sweater. He was surprised at how supple and pliable they were and couldn't resist running his hands up underneath her sweater and blouse and even under her "granny" bra, to feel her bare flesh in his soft, girlish hands.  "Amy, your breasts are so warm and malleable...they are inexplicably pleasant to touch.  Your nipples seem to be extraordinarily hard."
    He noticed her breathing rate had increased and she almost breathlessly informed him, "what we are doing constitutes foreplay, with the expected result of sexual arousal."  Her hands found their way under his shirt and undershirt to caress his nearly hairless chest and she could feel a tingling between her legs.
    "May I see your breasts," Sheldon asked.
    "Of course you may," Amy agreed, swiftly withdrawing her hands and frantically removing her sweater, blouse, undershirt and finally her restricting bra. Her breasts were a slightly saggy 34 B and Sheldon immediately placed his soft hands under them to cup the bags of flesh.
    "Oh my Amy, they are surprisingly warm to the touch and pleasing to look at, and nearly symmetrical.  You may be interested to know that Penny's breasts are also not perfect.  I couldn't help but notice when she slipped and fell in her unsafe shower that time."
    "Not really pertinent at this time; but I must admit I rather enjoy having them fondled," she encouraged him.  "May I see your chest," she inquired.
    "It seems only fair, although I don't believe a man's chest has nearly the sexual significance of a woman's," he declared.
    "You would be surprised at what signals a woman's arousal," Amy answered as Sheldon removed his shirt and undershirt; stopping to fold them neatly and place them on the arm on the sofa. She slowly ran her hands through the sparse hair in the center of his bare chest as he resumed exploring her breasts.
    Amy's hands drifted down to his stomach and then she attempted to wiggle her fingers between his belt and his abdomen. She gazed hopefully into his eyes and suggested, "I'll show you mine if you show me yours."
    "All right," Sheldon surprisingly answered, "I must admit that ever since that day with Penny and the tub, I have been much more curious about the female genitalia."  Amy immediately; as if she was afraid he would change his mind; kicked off her shoes, stood up and hurriedly shed her skirt, slip, black stockings, and sensible white panties.  She stood before him completely naked before Sheldon even had his belt unbuckled.
    "Let me help you," she volunteered, reaching out to unzip his trousers. She dropped to her knees in front of him and gently tugged downward on his pants and tightly-whities.  "Oh my," she gasped when his flaccid penis flopped out in her face. With his pants bunched around his ankles, Amy reached gingerly out and grasped his prick in her hands.  It was a respectable seven inch pepperoni stick and Amy caressed it like she was worshipping an idol.
    "Now that's interesting," Sheldon exclaimed as his penis slowly became erect in her hands, "I thought it only did that at night while I was sleeping; you know nocturnal tumescence.  What you're doing feels surprisingly good...it never feels like that when I touch it."  Amy, risking rejection, stuck out her tongue and licked the tip of Sheldon's crown.  "Are you aware how many germs are there," Sheldon asked.
    "That's OK, I want to know what it feels like in my mouth," Amy admitted.
    "Oh, I didn't mean my penis, I shower twice a day...I meant all the bacteria that lingers inside the human mouth," Sheldon told her.
    "Let's be wild and chance it," Amy mumbled as her lips encompassed Sheldon's erection and she started to tickle the underside with her tongue, while fondling his scrotum.
    Almost immediately, his entire body began to twitch like someone having an epileptic seizure and his cock erupted in her mouth sending long streams of cum down her throat.  Amy did her best to swallow everything, but it had taken her by surprise and some of Sheldon's precious seed began to drool down her chin.  "Oh my goodness," he exclaimed, "I am so sorry...please excuse me."
    "It's alright Sheldon," Amy smiled while wiping her chin with the back of her hand, "it was actually very enjoyable."
    "I just hope you don't expect me to reciprocate," he added, "there is no way I could put my mouth down...there," and he gestured to her groin.  She helped him finish removing his clothes as he sat down on the sofa, then sat down beside him.  Turning to her, Sheldon admitted, "I would, however, be interested in manually exploring your vagina."
    "That's the sexiest thing you have ever said to me," Amy grinned as she turned to him and eagerly spread her legs.
    "You have much more pubic hair that I remember Penny having," Sheldon stated as he leaned in for a closer look.  Bernadette and Penny had long ago convinced her to trim the brunette jungle between her legs so that her hair was now closely cropped and shaved into a triangle.  Her slit and fleshy vulva were clearly visible and Sheldon reached into her crotch and cupped her pubic mound with his baby-soft hand.  Moisture was already seeping out of her slit and he seemed truly fascinated by it.  "That must be the signal of your arousal," he mumbled as he continued to fumble with her pussy lips.  Very gently, almost as if he were afraid, he parted her labia with his thumbs to look inside her tunnel.  His face was now so close to her pussy that Amy could feel his hot breath against her opening.
    He gingerly extended his long slender forefinger and slowly slid it inside Amy's pussy, stating, "it's very warm...and a much brighter shade of pink than I expected.  The scent is not unpleasant...rather musky."  They didn't know what was going on out on the deck, but they could tell from all the screaming that their friends weren't playing Twister.  "Just because all our friends have lost all self control," he began, "I hope you don't expect me to coitus you.  I don't want our first time to be part of a drunken orgy."
    Amy's body shivered as he slid his bony finger up inside her and she moaned, "I understand completely.  What you're doing now is nice."
    "You're not a virgin, I notice," Sheldon casually stated, "not that it matters...just an observation."
    "How nice of you to notice," Amy sarcastically replied, "actually I am a virgin in the respect that I have never been with a man...but I have practiced self-gratification."
    "I would  be interested, as a scientist you understand, to know more about that," Sheldon admitted.
    They sat next to each other on the sofa, both completely naked, but somehow not in the least bit self-conscious (probably the result of the wine and mushrooms).  Amy retrieved one of the empty wine bottles off the coffee table and began, "since I have become besties with Penny I have learned a lot about the subject of wine."  She held the bottle up in the air to look at, and continued, "this is the bottle of French wine that we brought to the dinner party.  Are you aware that you can tell exactly which region of France a wine is from merely by the shape of the bottle?"
    "Actually I was aware of that, but please continue with your discourse," Sheldon smugly replied.
    "This particular bottle is flute shaped; long and slender.  Now if the glass were amber in color it would be from the Rhine region, but since it is tinted green, it signifies that the wine is from the Alsace region and made from the Riesling grapes," Amy lectured an attentive Sheldon.  "This is the type of bottle I usually select for my own consumption because of it's phallic shape.  I find that after emptying the bottle, I can employ it to satiate myself...allow me to demonstrate."
    She reached around the end of the couch for her handbag and after rummaging around, produced a sleeve of prophylactic condoms.
    "Oh my goodness," Sheldon remarked, "that is about the last thing I would have expected to find in your bag."
    "A girl can dream," Amy explained, "this purse is my idea of a hope-chest."  She tore open one of the rubbers and proceeded to roll it down over the neck of the slim bottle.  Relaxing against the back of the sofa, Amy spread her legs wide, grasped the bottle in both hands and started to wedge it's tip between her fleshy labia.
    "Fascinating," Sheldon mumbled as he leaned down to get a closer look as the bottle began to part Amy's pussy lips and slip inside her slit.  Slowly, but steadily, she slid the glass dildo farther up her pussy until the entire neck and about half of the bottle was inside her. "And how does that feel," he asked.
    "Marvelous," Amy moaned as she spun the bottle with her hands. "I must admit that on more than one occasion I have pleasured myself in this way, imagining that the bottle was your penis.
    "It is amazing how your vagina expands to accommodate the intrusion...very pliable and elastic," Sheldon remarked.  "May I manipulate the bottle," he asked innocently.
    "Please, by all means...be my guest," Amy encouraged him and released the glass penis so Sheldon could take over.  He tenderly began to slide the bottle up inside Amy's pussy and then back out, fucking her with the penis-substitute.
    "That must be what coitus feels like," Sheldon stated as he thrust the bottle a little deeper up her cunt with each stroke.
    "Oh my God, I hope so," Amy groaned as Sheldon continued to manually fuck her.  He increased the pace of his thrusting and Amy blurted out, "fuck me Sheldon...shove it into my pussy."  Feeling Sheldon jam the hard bottle up inside her, Amy's body began to tremble with her orgasm and she helped it along by pinching her own nipples.
    Her fluids began to drool down the length of the bottle and Sheldon exclaimed, "interesting...interesting...the female orgasm produces a much more copious amount of fluid than I had expected."  He removed the bottle and watched as her juices seeped from her opening onto Howard's sofa cushion.  "Do you think we should tell Bernadette and Howard about this before it stains," Sheldon asked.
    "Let's let this be our little secret," Amy told him, breathing heavily.
    "Well, all right, but you know I'm not good at keeping secrets," he told her.  I really think we should get dressed before someone else wanders back into the living room.
   "Come on Stuart," Bernadette scolded, "what are you some kind of wimp...harder, slap my cheeks harder."  Stuart accepted the challenge and began to really smack his hands against her generous ass cheeks, until they were glowing red.  "Fuck me Raj...harder," she urged as she bounced violently up and down on his lap, driving his giant pole as far up her pussy as possible.
    He could feel her muscles clenching his cock as she climaxed and Raj could hold out no longer.  He grasped her tiny waist to hold her down against him and began to pump her pussy full of his seed. She reached up and pinched her own hard nipples until they turned blue, her entire body thrashing in his lap as she screamed, "holy shit, yesssss."
    Howard had slipped out of Penny's beautiful ass and climbed out of the hot-tub so he could be with Bernadette as she relaxed from being stretched by Raj.  Penny stood in the tub, allowing Leonard to regain circulation in his legs, and when he was able to stand they passionately embraced, "I love you, the future Mrs. Hofstadter," he whispered in her ear; then nibbled on her ear lobe.
    "Oh my God, I love you too," she cooed in his ear, "you know that drives me wild."  He grinned as they both left the hot-tub.  "I think we'd better get out for awhile before our skin gets all pruny."
    "Or burned," Leonard suggested.
    She saw Stuart sitting on a chaise lounge and reassured him, "don't worry sweetie, I haven't forgotten you."  She put the back down on the soft-cushioned chair  and asked him to lie back, his prick sticking up and resembling a beer can sitting on his groin.  The alcohol and wine were coursing through her veins causing her libido to peak and her inhibitions to disappear as the totally naked blond beauty straddled the chaise with her back to Stuart. He would have preferred to be looking at her angelic face, but let's face it, his main concern right now was burying his cock into her sweet pussy.  He had dreamed about this moment since the first time she had accompanied the four-nerds into his comic book store.  Penny was the most beautiful creature he had ever personally seen and he was a foot away from fucking her.
    Her crotch was centered over Stuart's prick, and cum was dripping out of her holes and
coating his fat crown...it looked like syrup on top of an ice cream cone.  Stuart's fat penis was about the same girth as Leonard's, and significantly shorter, so Penny knew she would have no trouble accommodating it.  She slowly bent her knees until Stuart's head was nudging against her slit, reached down and spread her fleshy lips until they were stretched around his purple crown.  then, without a moment's hesitation, she simply sat down on Stuart's lap, impaling herself on his pudgy pole. "Nice," was her only comment.
    "Holy shit," Stuart thought, "I'm fucking Penny...after all this time my cock is finally inside her beautiful pussy."
    Penny just sat there for a couple minutes, enjoying the snug fit of Stuart's prick.  Ordinarily she would have worried about premature ejaculation, but she had already swallowed his first load, so she was fairly certain he would be able to last longer the second time around.  Raj and Bernadette had separated and he was standing near Penny's chair, his giant cock still proudly erect, strings of cum drooling from the oversized crown.  Suddenly struck by an obscene idea, Penny crooked her finger at Raj and inquired, "how would you like to fuck me with that big beautiful brown hunk of meat.?"
    Raj could feel his cock grow even harder as he saw Penny staring between his legs.  He had dreamed of fucking her since the first day she had moved across the hall from Leonard and Sheldon.  They had once shared a bed together...naked...but nothing had happened.  They had both been too drunk to perform. He stood next to Penny's chair, staring at her incredible naked body; her pussy already full of penis. Her hands were drawn to his member like ants to a picnic and she attempted to wrap her Nebraska farm-girl mitts around his massive pole.  Penny's fingers didn't come close to touching as she leaned forward and slurped the strings of jism into her mouth like well-cooked spaghetti.
    She could tell Stuart was becoming impatient by the way he was squirming beneath her so she lay back on his chest, reached down and hooked her fingers into the lips of her pussy along side Stuart's meat.  Stretching her fleshy lips apart and revealing the vivid pink of her inner folds (made even more vivid by the effects of the hot water from the tub) she calmly stated, "I want you both in my pussy at the same time."
    Raj knew his eyes widened in surprise, and he truly didn't think it was physically possible, but here was the most beautiful girl he had ever known asking him to fuck her.  He had lusted after Penny for as long as Leonard had and he was not going to pass up this opportunity.  He kneeled on the chaise between her splayed legs (and Stuart's) and ran his baby-soft hands up and down her silky thighs.  Raj lay his enormous tool on her taut stomach, admiring the contrast between her pale white skin and his caramel tinted prick.
    Suddenly Howard dashed into the kitchen and emerged almost instantly holding aloft a bottle of olive oil, "extra virgin," he proclaimed, "no self respecting Jewish kitchen is ever without some.  This should help."  He proceeded to drizzle olive oil along the length of Raj's log as it lay on Penny's tummy.
    Raj rubbed his huge tennis-ball crown up and down Penny's slit, laying it atop Stuart's at her entrance. Pulling her lips apart, Penny actually gritted her teeth as she felt him push forward against her entrance with increasing pressure.  His crown was just so huge that she was having serious doubts as to wether she could accommodate his girth.  Raj grasped her firm waist and violent shoved forward, this time his head plowing through her slit and into her pussy along side Stuart's.  "Holy shit," Penny gasped a sigh of relief that the skin around her vagina hadn't split open. After giving her a minute to adjust, Raj began to forcefully shove forward, his monstrous cock sliding farther and farther up into her cunt on top of Stuart's.  It was actually uncomfortable for him at first because it was such a tight fit that his foreskin was being peeled back; but the discomfort was outweighed by the knowledge that he was going to fuck Penny.
    Penny's entire body squirmed as she felt her cunt being stretched, inch by inch, to it's absolute limit.  In her head she thanked Howard for the olive oil, which made the extreme penetration possible.  The sensation was incredible...indescribable, as she felt the entire length of her tunnel being stretched beyond it's limit. "Oh my fucking God," she breathlessly gritted her teeth, "you're splitting my cunt."  Her pussy felt like it was on fire, and finally after what seemed like an eternity, Raj's scrotum was resting against Stuart's. Her vagina was completely filled with hard cock; her pussy lips stretched around their two thick poles.
    Leonard had been standing next to the chaise, and he took her hand in his, leaned over, and whispered in her ear, "you know, you're breaking all the laws of physics..there is no way that much cock should be able to fit into your tiny hole.  You are the cock-queen."
    "Oh you sweet talking scientist," she smiled, barely able to concentrate on anything other than the incredible amount of meat inside her.  He kissed her as she lay against Stuart's nearly concave chest, her marvelous tits flattened out on her chest, and then backed away so as not to interfere.
    Raj paused to look down at Penny's flawless naked body under him, her slit being stretched into a huge hole. She was so perfect that he could feel his cock growing harder; if that was possible. Reaching out, he encompassed her wonderful tits in his soft hands, finding them irresistible.  Kneading them and squeezing her silky flesh, he rolled her rock-hard nipples between his fingers, making her shiver.  As if on some sort of psychic cue, both he and Stuart began to slowly withdraw their fat pricks, scraping every nerve ending inside her tunnel.  Feeling her pussy shrink as they withdrew, Penny's body trembled until they had almost completely retreated.
    Just as slowly, they pushed forward and upward, once again stretching Penny's cunt to it's limit. Her pussy was stretched so tight that Raj was scraping against her swollen clit as he penetrated her.  Gently at first, they began to fuck her hole; sliding their massive cocks deep into her pussy.  Leonard had for years agonized every time another man even looked at his dream-girl, and now against all expectations he was incredibly aroused while watching her being double-fucked.  It was so erotic watching these huge fat cocks sliding in and out of her completely bald pussy. She was so completely lost in ecstasy and she had never looked more beautiful.
    Stuart and Raj began to pick up the pace, their hard-ons acting like one gigantic cock as they fucked the beautiful blonde.  Her body had convulsed in climax more times than she could count; her clit being constantly stimulated. Raj loved watching her tits jiggling against her chest as they thrust into her.  "Oh my fucking God," she squealed, "fuck me...fuck me...jam those fucking cocks into me.  She looked down between her legs, watching Raj's monstrous brown log sliding in and out of her pussy, knowing there was another one under it. They began to fuck her harder; slamming their cocks into her stretched out pussy. Her arousal was evident by the creamy white froth that had formed at her entrance, coating her smooth mound.
    "Holy fucking shit," she screeched as they split her pussy, "fuck me...fuck me...fuck me...I love your fucking cocks...stretch my fucking cunt."
    Raj grasped her petite waist firmly, and Stuart took his place fondling her wonderful tits as they rammed her battered pussy; "squishy" sounds now clearly audible as her fluids leaked out. "Cum in me...fill my cunt," Penny begged as Stuart pinched her gumdrop nipples.
    Both Raj and Stuart had only one thought in their heads: they were finally fucking the girl of their dreams...the most beautiful naked body they had ever seen; and they had the same desire: to empty their balls deep inside her pussy.  They began to drive their cocks up into Penny's pussy as hard and as far as they could, her magnificent tits bouncing up and down against her perspiration covered chest.  Leonard was mesmerized by the sight of his fiancee being fucked by his two friends, her cunt stretched farther that it was meant to go.  All he wanted was for her to be happy, and judging by the dreamy look on her face, she was certainly that.
    "Fuck me...fuck me...fuck my pussy," Penny demanded, and then suddenly it felt like her cunt was on fire as their massive poles twitched and jerked in unison.   "Oh my fucking God," she screamed as they flooded her tunnel with their hot cum. Her body convulsed as she joined them in another climax.  Penny felt light-headed and actually lost consciousness for a few seconds as her eyes rolled up in her head. They ground their groins into her and she shoved right back, her clit trapped against Raj as she kept squealing, "ahhhhhhhhh."  Their combined juices were drooling out of her and soaking Stuart's groin as they continued to pump their seed deep up into her belly.
    When they were finally spent, Raj watched his shrinking snake slither out of Penny's cave and she lay back exhausted against Stuart declaring, "oh my God I love cock."
    Leonard helped her to sit on the side of the chaise, as Stuart struggled to stand; the feeling gone from his rubbery legs. "You have never looked lovelier," Leonard assured her as he kissed her passionately.  They both looked down between her legs and saw that a river of cum was running out of her stretched wide hole, and onto the deck.  "Clean-up in aisle 4," Leonard joked as he massaged her back.
    "You are so amazing...I love you," she chuckled, "and if I wasn't so tired, I would fuck you right now."
    She lay back in the lounger as Leonard adjusted the back, and said, "you rest for awhile and then we'll see how you feel."
    As Penny was kissing her man, they heard Bernadette call him, "Leonard, you come over here...I'm not too tired, and I have an idea.  Howie bring that bottle of oil; Penny has given me an idea...I want you and Leonard in my ass."  She replaced the cushion on her chaise and directed Leonard to lay on it while she straddled his groin, facing him. Howard had brought the bottle of olive oil and was busy dripping it on the length of his "hot dog."  Bernadette took the bottle from him and poured it generously onto Leonard's hard-on.   
     Leonard was fascinated by her pendulous breasts which were hanging in his face.  He wouldn't swap Penny's magnificent tits for anyone's, but he had never been with a girl with really huge tits before. She roughly grasped his fat slippery cock and with no trouble at all began to sit down as Howard spread her fleshy cheeks.  Leonard could feel his crown push against her sphincter ring, and then plow through into her rear tunnel.  He knew Howard had already fucked her ass, but was surprised by the lack of resistance. Never a real fan of anal sex, Leonard was quite inexperienced, and was happy that Penny really didn't care for it either.  As if psychic, Howard offered, "Bernie loves taking it up the ass...we do it all the time."
    Bernadette sat down on Leonard's lap, impaling herself on his fat eight inches. "Oh that feels good," she remarked, "now come on Howie...fuck your wife's ass."  She lay against Leonard's chest, her huge tits flattening out between then like a couple of air-bags; reached back and used her dainty hands to spread her ample cheeks as wide as she could.  Howard gripped his slender penis and lined it up to her ass-hole, on top of Leonard's.  As she held herself open, Howard pushed forward against her sphincter until his oily rod slipped inside.  He then shoved forward until his entire length was buried up her ass with Leonard. "Holy crap that's nice," Bernadette cooed, bracing her hands on the chair on either side of Leonard, "there is nothing like having your ass filled with something hard."  They stayed like that for a few se


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