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Tennis With Anna Kournikova
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Disclaimer: Not to be read by anyone under 18 and is a work of fiction and not a reflection on the celeb in question. This story was originally published on September 29th 2007.

Tennis with Anna Kournikova

I had just moved in to the area and didn’t know anyone. I left my friends and family behind and moved out here to L.A because of work, a pay increase of about ten grand a year to be exact. Once I had enough time under my belt here I could move back home and use my experience from my time here
to get a high paying job like this one.

I had gone to bars to pick up girls and maybe make some friends I could hang out with out of work. Not that the guys at work didn’t want to hang out with me, just that I didn’t want to hang out with them. They were the kind of people that you knew got picked on in high school and you knew that you’d probably have bullied them too.

I noticed that there was a park nearby. I was feeling lazy, so I drove there. I don’t know if I’d actually call it a park though. It had a basketball court, tennis court. People were playing baseball on the grass. The place probably wasn’t designed as a sports place, but probably turned into one. I tried to play basketball, but I felt like the new kid at elementary school, where no one wants you joining their game.

I decided to forget about basketball and decided to go to the tennis courts. There was a wired fence all the way around the tennis court, separating it from the rest of the place. It helped to keep the tennis balls in and other loose balls from the other sports being played out.

I couldn’t find anyone to play with. Everyone came with their own partner and obviously, you can’t have three people in a tennis game. So again, I was left alone. I decided seeing as though I’m here, I might as well play a little tennis and keep in shape. I went up to the court with the machine. I don’t know what it was called, all I knew was that it shot balls out at you and you had to hit them back.

I turned the machine on and walked around to the other side of the court. It had already shot a couple of balls out. I moved out of the way for the one it just shot out and got in position as I waited for the next one to be shot out.

I had seen many times on TV when someone goes to practice on one of these and it goes too fast and ends up hitting them and they run away. I wasn’t a novice, so I set it to a higher pace. I was hitting the balls back quite easily. Half the balls were out, but I didn’t care. All I was aiming to do was hit them back.

Soon, I was getting a little out of breath and it was getting to be too fast. At times, I found myself holding the racket in front of my face to stop the ball from hitting me. I was trying my best to hit the balls back but I was only getting one out of four each time.

Soon I was running out of energy and I wasn’t able to hit the balls back. I found myself getting out of breath. I knew I was a little out of shape, but this was ridiculous. I was starting to turn into one of those idiots who gets assaulted by these machines. I gave up trying to hit the balls back and just lifted my leg to cover my nuts and held the racket in front of my face, waiting for the machine to run out of balls.

The balls stopped, I wasn’t sure if it was out of balls or if it was breaking down. Another ball came and hit me. It seemed like someone turned the speed down.

“You know. You should set it at a pace that you’re actually likely to hit back at.” I heard a woman’s voice say. I looked up and my jaw nearly dropped to the floor. I was pretty sure she was Anna Kournikova, but I couldn’t be too sure. She might just look like her.

“I… erm…” I thought for a second. “…Was meant to do that.” She loaded a bunch of balls into the machine.

“Have the balls hit you at a fast speed?” She asked, sniggering as she walked around to the side of the court I was.

“Yeah. I was letting the balls hit me to toughen me up. I’ve decided to try and get into boxing and figured this would be a good way to get my body use to taking hard shots.” I said casually, my voice not changing, doing my best to stay cool and try and make it sound like I was telling the truth.

“Really?” She asked hitting the ball back.

“No. I’m just kidding.” I laughed. She laughed as well.

“The way you said it, I almost believed you.”

“Almost?” I asked.

“OK! So I’m a little gullible.” She said hitting the next ball back.

“That’s pretty slow.” I said.

“Seeing how well you were doing before I came, I figured you deserved a break.” She smiled at me as she mocked me. I watched her hit the balls back a couple of times. I checked her out. She was wearing the typical tennis dress with white shorts underneath. Her hair was in a pony tail, platted.

“You wanna take over now?” She asked.

“Sure.” I said stepping forward as she stepped back. I hit the first ball back.

“There you go! Now you’re actually making contact with the ball.” She mocked me again.

“I was making contact with the ball before!” I protested. “The ball hit the racket when I was trying to get the ball from hitting me on the face.” I said lowering my voice. She laughed out loud at what I just said.

“So were you on your way out or were you just coming in when you saw that thug over there assaulting me?” I asked her pointing at the machine with my racket. She laughed at that joke.

“I was suppose to meet my old trainer here for a game but he cancelled on me.” She replied.

“Your old trainer?”

“Back when I use to be a pro.” That made me believe that she was Anna Kournikova.

“You win anything back when you were a pro.” I said hitting the next ball back.

“No. I won a couple of doubles but never any singles.”

“So what do you do now? I mean for a living.” I asked.

“Nothing.” She replied. “I made a lot of money from advertising, magazines and photo shoots.”

“Not from tennis?” I hit the next ball back.

“I know you know who I am.” She said. “So you must definitely know that I wasn’t the world’s greatest tennis player.”

“Just so I know that you are who I think you are and who you think I know that you are, who are you?” Anna looked at me a little confused, trying to follow what I just said.

“I’m Anna Kournikova.” I walked up to her.

“I’m Kash.” I said swapping the racket from my right hand to my left hand and extended my right hand. She swapped hands as well, as she had the racket in her right hand and she shook my hand.

“You want a game?” She asked, smiling.

“You saw how bad I was. I’m not gonna be much of a challenge.”

“Then that will just make me feel better about my failed tennis career.” She smiled as she started to walk to the next court which was empty. I followed her. I had to admit, she didn’t seem to bothered about her failed tennis career. I know she got a lot of criticism through out her career but it didn’t seem to have phased her and from the way she was talking, it seemed like she believed it was true.

“I’ll serve.” She said bouncing the ball up and down and hitting it at me before I was ready. I managed to get it back to her, I’ll be damned if I was gonna get aced. But through out the game she did ace me, a lot. Tennis wasn’t really my game and I definitely would’ve beaten her in something like basketball. But she was a pro tennis player and there was no way I was gonna win.

She beat me in two straight sets. The games weren’t even close. she beat me 6-2, 6-3.

“What happened?” She teased me. “You come out here on the machines like you’re a pro. Having every ball hit you on the head…” She laughed, mocking me.

“I let you win.” I cut her off, lying. “You know what? You give me a re-match and I’ll beat you.”

“OK!” Anna said. “Same time, same place, tomorrow?”

“I finish work at lunch time tomorrow, so about one?”

“You got it!” Anna answered. We both walked out and headed off to our cars as we went our separate ways.

It was another long day at work. I was quite looking forward to my re-match against Anna, even though I knew she was gonna kick my ass again. She was a pro and I couldn’t play tennis seriously for shit. I was alright when me and my mates would play back at home, just knocking the ball about.

Once work was finished I headed home to change into shorts and a t-shirt. It was way too hot to be playing in sweat pants again. I picked up my racket and headed off to the tennis courts once I had a wardrobe change. I decided to walk there this time, it was only a couple of blocks away and the walk would help me stretch the muscles a little.

As I approached the tennis courts, I saw that Anna was already there practicing on the machine. It was at a much faster pace than when we were on it yesterday, maybe even a little faster than the pace I originally set it at.

“Hey!” I called out to her. She looked at me and smiled as she continued to hit the ball back.

“You’re in shorts?” She said looking back at me for a split second.

“Yeah. It’s way too hot to be playing in sweat pants. You see, I didn’t expect to be playing a retired professional tennis player when I came here yesterday and I lost to you from being over heated and dehydrated.”

“Yeah right!” Anna laughed turning around to face me. She was about to say something when a tennis ball hit her on the back of her head. I laughed out loud pointing at her and over exaggerating on purpose. As Anna tried to turn around more balls came out and hit her. She lifted her racket to protect her face and one of her legs to protect her stomach and groin area.

“Look at that! You come out here on the machines like you’re a pro. Having every ball hit you on the head.” I started to quote her from yesterday when she mocked me after she had won. I walked around to the other side and turned the speed of the machine down.

“You know. You should set it at a pace that you’re actually likely to hit back at.”

“Ha ha! Very funny!” Anna said sarcastically. “Say everything I said to you yesterday back at me.” I loaded the machine with more tennis balls. I looked back to see her sniggering.

“Ah! You see! You do think it’s funny!” I said pointing at her as I walked around to the other side of the court where she was.

“OK! Maybe it’s a little funny.” Anna confessed laughing a little.

“You looked like you took quite a hard hit on the head.”

“Yeah! It kinda hurts.” She pouted, rubbing her head.

“Let me take a look. It might be bruised.” I offered. We moved to one side of the court out of the way the balls and Anna lowered her head. I tried to move her hair out the way, but her hair was platted. I tried to look at her head but I saw nothing.

“It looks fine.” I said and for some reason I leaned forward and kissed her on the spot the tennis ball hit her. I wasn’t sure if this was out of line or not, but I turned around and walked off to hit a couple of balls, acting like it was nothing. I looked back from the corner of my eye and saw Anna smiling.

We hit a couple of balls as we warmed up before jumping into our re-match. I tried my best to seem like I wasn’t interested in her when I was. But I knew that I had no chance. Women tend to really like Enrique Iglesias and I don’t think that Anna Kournikova, the Russian beauty was gonna pick me over him, even if it is just for a one time thing.

Throughout the game we trashed talked each other. Mine weren’t really insults, they were more sexual innuendos which she didn’t seem to mind, maybe she liked the attention I was giving her body.

I did slightly better this time, but not much. She still beat me 2-0, both games being 6-4 to her. For her being a bad tennis player which forced her to retire at such an early age, she was hard to beat.

“So did you let me win again?” Anna asked in a teasing tone, as she walked up to the net.

“Didn’t you see? I was staring at that fine ass of yours throughout both sets.” I asked, as I walked up to the net as well.

“I know that’s what you said every time I aced you.” Anna replied with a stinging blow. “But how do you stare at my ass when my back isn’t turned to you?”

“Well… I didn’t want to point it out to you, cause I know how embarrassed you’d be, but my eyes was permanently on your erect nipples.”

“What?!” Anna said, her mouth open in shock. She looked down to see they were still sticking out. “Why would I be embarrassed? It’s not the first time they’ve been sticking out during a game of tennis.” She tried to brush it off.

“I know that, usually you play women in tennis.” I said.

“What’s that suppose to mean?” Anna asked.

“You don’t have the erect nipples when you play women. Usually you have them during mixed doubles.” I said not knowing if there was an ounce of truth in what I just said. “You’re a nympho and they were sticking out ‘cos I turn you on. It doesn’t bother me.” I joked.

“Puh-lease! It’s cos it’s hot.”

“Whatever helps you to sleep at night.” I said in a teasing tone. “I felt your eyes all over my body. Undressing me, making me reach out for those wide balls so you could see my hunky body stretching.”

“No!” Anna laughed, pushing me with her hand.

“Don’t worry. I’ll beat you next time. I know that you’ll be mesmerised by my body and I’ll use that moment of weakness to capitalise.”

“Like I’m gonna give you a re-match.” Anna said.

“What?! Why not?”

“I’ve crushed you twice, what’s the point of doing it again? It’s just a waste of my time.” She said walking away from me. Was she being serious? Maybe I crossed the line.

“Hey!” She called out to some random passer by. “You see that guy over there?” She pointed me out with her racket. “I just beat him two sets to luv, both games six games to luv.” The guy laughed as he stared at me

“It wasn’t six games to luv!” I tried to protest. He just laughed some more and walked off. She called out to another passer by and said the same thing. Their reaction was the same as the guy before. Didn’t these people know who she was. She did it a couple more times before I started to get embarrassed. I tried to tell them she use to play professionally, but they weren’t having none of that. The way they saw it, I was a guy who just lost to a girl.

Anna called out to another guy.

“Stop?” I said looking at her, my voice sounding a little pissed off. She looked at me a little concerned. “That’s it! You’re ass is gonna get it now!” I said and I started to run towards her. The door to leave the court was behind me, so as I ran to her side of the court, she let out a yelp as she ran around to the side I was originally at and out the door. She held the door shut by pushing it, giggling and panting a little. I knew I could easily overpower her and barge the door open, but I decided not to.

“You win.” I said panting slightly.

“You’re not in the best of shape are you?” She teased me as we both continued to breath hard. “You wanna get a drink?” She offered.

“Sure.” I said. “What about your boyfriend, Enrique?” I asked.

“The thing about that.” Anna started. “We kind of broke up recently. We haven’t made it official yet, but we’re not together anymore.”

“I’m sorry.” I said not knowing what else to say.

“Don’t be.” Anna said. “The only problem with being single is that I’m always horny no matter how many times I masturbate. It doesn’t have the same effect as a dick.” I stood there in silence, I was just shocked at what she said. I felt like saying to her that I could take care of her little problem but no words came out of my mouth.

Anna opened the door and came back in, giving me a smile, knowing full well why I was all of a sudden speechless.

“No witty come back? Not even an attempt?” Anna giggled as she picked up her racket, putting it into her gym bag, the ones you always see tennis players come to the court with on TV. I shook my head as I came back to reality and picked my racket up. We both headed to the parking lot.

“You drive here?”

“No. I walked today. I only live a couple of blocks away.”

“Then we’ll take my car.“ Anna said leading me to her car and we got in.

“So where are we going for drinks?” I asked.

“Back to my place.” Anna replied.

“Nice. Getting me back to your place so you can get me drunk and have your way with me.” I joked, finally returning back to normal and Anna laughed.

“We’re not gonna have alcohol, it’s too early in the day for that.” Anna replied. She didn’t live too far away, we barely got through one track before we got to her place. I followed her in as she led me to the kitchen. We placed our rackets on the kitchen counter.

“What’ll you have?” Anna asked opening the fridge door.

“You got any OJ?”

“Yep!” She took a carton of orange juice out and got two glasses. She placed the glasses on the kitchen counter. She had stools around the counter so I sat on one opposite her. She poured the juice and handed me a glass.

“What do you normally do?” I said quickly downing the glass of juice.

“Nothing really. I feel more like a housewife.” She laughed.

“You must get really lonely then.”

“I have you to keep me entertained.” She gave me a sultry smile, taking a sip. Was she making a pass at me? I wasn’t too sure, but it felt like it and there was that huge confession she made before about masturbating. There was a moment of silence. I couldn’t get the image of Anna masturbating out of my head.

“Oops!” Anna said as a tennis ball fell out of her gym bag and onto the floor. “Can you get that?” She asked. I started to get up and stopped half way, realising that all that day dreaming of Anna masturbating has given me a hard on.

“You mind if I take a shower?” I asked, thinking that a cold shower might make my erection go away.

“Sure!” Anna replied. She turned her back to me and I quickly got the ball. “You can use my personal bathroom.” Anna said walking out of the kitchen. I quickly finished off the glass of OJ and followed her.

“What would I wear afterwards?” I asked. “I might have to pass.”

“You can wear something of Enrique’s. Once you’re done, he hasn’t moved his stuff out yet. We could pick something out for you to wear together.” She said, meaning her and me.

“OK.” I gave in. Anna led the way upstairs, into her bedroom and into her bathroom.

“There’s some dry towels over there.” She pointed at the towels.

“Cool.” I said as she exited the room and closed the door behind her. I looked around. She had a big bathroom. There was a massive round tub to the left and a big shower to the left. It was in a glass booth and could probably fit three people, maybe four. She had a cabinet and sink close to the shower, with the window on top of the tub. The walls were all white and tiled half way up the wall all around the room.

I got undressed and got in the shower, closing the glass door behind me. I turned on the cold water only, it wasn’t having much of an impact. It was such a hot day today that the water just felt cool against my sweaty body.

I found myself thinking about Anna and I started to imagine her pushing her fingers into her moist cunt. My hand started to travel lower done and I started to stroke my cock as I imagined Anna pulling her fingers out of her pussy and slowly licking her fingers. I started to jerk off, imagining Anna fingering herself, but I decided against it. I was a guest at someone else’s hose and in their personal bathroom.

“Are you finished yet?” I heard Anna’s voice ask. It sounded quite close.

“No!” I replied, looking back at the door to see that she was actually in the room. I jumped at the initial shock of seeing her in here. She was still in the tennis dress, but now she was bare foot. Her legs looked incredible, topped off with her pretty feet.

“Do you always play with yourself when you’re naked?” She asked giggling tilting her head to one side, her eyes trying to get a peak of my manhood, but having no luck as I had my back turned to her.

“N-No.” I replied. Shocked from the fact that Anna was in here watching me shower and clearly she didn’t think it was a big deal. I was starting to become convinced that she was looking to get laid, talking about masturbation and watching me bathe. This helped me to steady myself and get my nerves back.

“I only played with myself because I was thinking about you’re erect nipples and I was imagining you flicking them with your tongue while you masturbated.” Anna blushed a little and gave a little embarrassed smile and left the room. I think she was embarrassed cause she had told me that she masturbates a lot and I was using it against her.

I looked down to see that my cock was at it’s full length from the brief fondling I did. Without even realising, I had turned around to face Anna and she did have her eyes fixed on them just before she left, maybe she liked what she saw.

I got out of the shower, half expecting to see Anna in the room, but she wasn’t there. I went over and got one of the dry towels. I used the towel to dry myself and tied it around my waist.

I went out of the bathroom and into Anna’s bedroom. She was waiting there for me, sitting on the bed with her legs crossed. Her dress had riden up a bit, clearly showing her toned thighs. I could see all the way up to the top, which I thought was strange and couldn’t figure out why I haven’t seen this much of her thighs before.

I noticed her shorts on the floor and realised that she took them off and that’s why I could see so much of her thighs. I started to wonder if she had any underwear on or if the shorts served as underwear. She uncrossed her legs and got up.

“Let’s pick something out for you to wear.” She said walking into her walk in closet. She came out with a pair of white pants and a tight looking white shirt.

“I’ll wear the pants but not the shirt.”

“Why not?” Anna asked.

“I’d look pretty gay wearing it.”

“Enrique wears it.” Anna tried to defend the shirt. It didn’t sound like they broke up on bad terms.


“Are you trying to call him gay?” Anna asked. “Cause he fucked me every night when we together.” She had me there.

“I wouldn’t be able to do that.” I said.

“What? Fuck me every night?” Anna teased.

“If you were my girlfriend. I’d have to fuck you whenever I saw you. I wouldn’t be able to keep my hands off your smoking hot body.” Anna started to blush a little. “I guess that’s why you kicked his impotent ass to the curb.”

“Well… you have a good build to be able to wear something this tight.” She started to ignore what I just said and didn’t make any eye contact. “I think the shirt’s too small.” She said holding it in front of me. “Let me get you a bigger one.”

“Can I get a t-shirt?” I asked.

“Sure!” Anna said going back to her closet. She came out with a plain white t-shirt. “Does this look gay?” She chuckled.

“No. It looks fine.” I said feeling my towel getting a bit loose around my waist. I went to re-adjust it but Anna came up in front of me, standing quite close to me.

“I’m not sure if it’ll be small on you.” Anna said holding the t-shirt in front of me, the t-shirt on my bare chest. I felt my towel starting to slip and it slid down my legs, exposing my naked body to Anna. Anna looked down and I was just frozen, I didn’t know what to do.

“Looks like you dropped your towel.” Anna laughed. I went to pick it up and Anna quickly squatted down, saying “Let me get that for you.” Her face was inches away from my cock and she didn’t seem to care.

“I’ll put it back up for you.” She said as she stood up with the towel in her hand, my cock brushed against the side of her arm. She had her knees bent so she could get low enough to put the towel around my waist. She leaned forward, the side of her face pressed against my chest. My cock started to get a little hard and was pressing against the bottom of her tits and top of her stomach. Anna put the towel around me and she pushed my cock down as she did the towel up at the front.

She must know that I was getting turned on by her. She was starting to feel like she was a cock tease.

“I guess I should hit the shower too.” She said walking away from me. I watched her walk to the bathroom. The back of her dress had ridden up slightly and I could see the bottom half of her bare ass cheeks. She definitely had nothing on underneath.

I stared at her legs, my eyes travelling down lower, watching her feet as she slowly lifted them and arched her foot as she put her foot back down on the floor as she walked into the bathroom. The soles of her feet looked very dirty and were almost black looking.

She didn’t close the door, she left it half open and I found myself trying to get a peak. I looked in to see her let her dress fall to the floor, revealing her beautiful, naked body. Her tanned body looked flawless. She walked forward into the shower and out of my view. I walked to a different part of the room to get a better view.

Anna turned the water on and I watched her run her fingers through her hair and start to rub her body. I started to walk into the bathroom. I figured that she wouldn’t mind considering she watched me shower just moments ago.

I continued to watch the blonde beauty rub her body down. When her hands went in between her legs, she start to rub herself. I didn’t know what she was doing as she had her back turned to me. She was either fingering herself or she was rubbing her clitoris.

A part of me said to keep quiet and enjoy the show, but before I could process the thought, my mouth opened.

“Do you always play with yourself when you’re naked?” I asked her the same question she asked me. Anna turned her head around and smiled at me, she was still rubbing herself.

“Only when there’s a handsome stud in my house worth masturbating too.” She replied with an equally sharp response, as my response to the same question earlier on. I don’t know if she meant it or if she was trying to come up with something that’d make me go silent with shock.

Without even thinking, I started to walk towards the shower. I was now supporting a full erection, so all logical thinking was now out the window and my penis had taken over. I opened the glass door and looked in. Anna looked back at me and smiled.

“Come to give me a hand?” She asked, looking back with a cheeky smile. She had given me the invitation that I was waiting for.

I was now able to see that she was rubbing her clitoris. I wanted her so bad now that words didn’t even come out of my mouth. I dropped my towel on to the floor and walked into the shower, closing the glass door behind me. I stepped up behind her, my cock pressing against her firm butt cheeks. I started to move my hips around, working my cock in between her butt cheeks.

Anna spread her legs apart and reached in between them with her free hand and I felt her wet hand hold my cock head as she guided it into her wet pussy.

“Come to finish me off?” She moaned as my cock head went into her tight pussy. I leaned forward and kissed the side of her face. She turned her head and kissed me, opening her mouth, taking my tongue into her mouth, sucking on it hungrily. She started to thrust her hips back and fourth, working her tight pussy up and down my shaft. She still had one hand rubbing her clit. I started to thrust back and fourth, meeting her thrusts.

As we kissed, Anna started to move her hips back and fourth faster, and I started to go faster in order to keep up with her. I thrust forward whenever she thrust back so I could feel her tight pussy along my full length and get deeper inside her. She started to go at a feverishly fast pace moaning and breathing really fast.

Her orgasm was fast approaching and as it finally hit her whole body started to shake really fast. I stood still as her hips bucked back and fourth, working her moist hole up and down my shaft, getting slower as her orgasm started to die down.

Anna pulled herself off my cock, turned around and went down onto her knees. She quickly took my cock head into her mouth and started to work her lips up and down my shaft as fast as she could. She started to stroke the bottom half my cock while she sucked the top half.

She took in more every time she worked her lips down my shaft. She was now taking my cock to the back of her throat, gagging ever so slightly when my cock hit the back of her throat, indicating that’s as far back as she could take my cock into her mouth.

She started to get faster, when she worked her lips down my shaft, some times she’d do it so fast that she’d take her mouth off my cock when she worked her lips up my shaft. When she did this, she’d jerk my cock with her hand as fast as she could, opening her mouth and spreading her tongue out. Waiting for me to fill her mouth with my man milk. And when I didn’t cum, she’d suck my cock even faster.

I turned the water off as I felt my orgasm start to approach. I didn’t want any of my cum to get washed away by the water. Anna’s mouth came off my cock again and this time I was ready to cum.

“Keep going!” I moaned as she started to work both her hands up and down my thick shaft as fast as she could.

“You going to cum?” Anna asked, pouting her lips like she wanted to kiss my cock. “Cum in my mouth!” She said opening her mouth.

“Fuck!” I yelled as my first load of cum pumped out of my cock hard, totally missing her mouth and landing on the top of her fore head going down on to her eye. Anna closed her eyes and mouth, pouting her lips and rubbed my cock head against her cheek as my second load covered her cheek in my thick semen. She moved my cock to her other cheek, getting her face covered in my thick goo. She opened her mouth and started to suck my cock head as a couple of small loads shot out into her mouth.

I reached down with both hands and used my thumbs to wipe my cum off her eyes. Anna looked up at me with those beautiful blue eyes. She giggled with my cock head still in her mouth. She pulled my cock out of her mouth and laughed, my cum flowing out of her mouth and down her chin. She looked even more beautiful with her face covered in my cum.

I pushed my thumbs into her mouth and she sucked my cum off them, kissing my palms. I turned the water on and the water flowed down onto her face, washing my cum away. Anna opened her mouth, letting the water wash her mouth out as she spat the water out on to the floor.

“I’m glad you didn’t drive today.” Anna said stroking my cock. “I was so disappointed yesterday when you drove off. I was so horny, I was ready to jump you in the parking lot.”

“Really? It didn’t seem like it.”

“I was playing hard to get. But then you got in your car and drove off before I could say or do anything.” Anna said standing up.

“Anyway, what took you so long to finally make a move?” She asked.

“Make a move?”

“I told you I finger myself and it’s nothing compared to a dick, most guys would offer their cock at that point. I then watched you shower and I take your towel off and bend down, my face in front of your cock, breathing on your cock and you still did nothing! I even took my panties off and flashed you my ass!”

“I don’t know why I didn’t make a move.” I confessed. “I’ve never met a celebrity before. I was intimidated by you and…”

“You were waiting for me to make the first move.“ Anna cut me off, pushing her tongue in to my mouth. I put my hand on her waist, pushing her against the wall of the shower while the water still flowed down on to us.

Anna started to stroke my cock with her wet hands and to my surprise, my cock was half hard and still at full length.

“Looks like you weren’t lying when you said you’d fuck me when ever you’d see me.” Anna smiled, getting down to her knees again. She took my cock head into her mouth, sucking half way up and down my half hard cock.

I looked around and noticed one of those bathing sponges. It wasn’t a sponge, it was one of those things women used to scrub their bodies. I didn’t know what else to call it so I’m calling it a sponge. I stepped back, pulling my cock out of her mouth as I made my way over to the sponge. I picked it up along with the shower gel that was next to it. I walked back to Anna, she was now standing up.

“Why’d you get that for?” Anna asked. I got onto my knees in front of her.

“Put your foot on my thigh.” Anna did as I asked her. I tilted her foot on to its side to reveal her dirty soles. Anna knew straight away why I had picked up the sponge.

“OK. So they’re a little dirty.” Anna giggled.

I poured some shower gel on to her sole and I started to gently spread it around her sole with the sponge. Massaging the balls under her toes in a circular motion, getting the sponge in between her toes. She had long slender toes and her toe nails were neatly trimmed. I moved onto her heel, rubbing it with the sponge. Her heel was quite small, not very fleshy.

Anna turned the water on and it flowed down in between us, onto her foot and my thighs. She turned the water off, lowered her foot and placed her other foot onto my thigh. I once again poured shower gel onto her foot and used the sponge to spread it around. I used the sponge to quickly rub her foot down and then put it to one side and I started to rub her bare foot with my hands. Lathering her foot with the shower gel as well as massaging her foot. Anna watched me massage her foot and let out gentle moans.

“That feels so good.” Anna moaned as I started to rub the balls under her toes. “Yeah! Keep rubbing there!” She said closing her eyes. When you’re playing tennis you’re always on your toes, so I guess that’s why she enjoyed me massaging under her toes.

Anna reached over and turned the water on again, and it flowed down on to her foot and my thighs. She wriggled her toes around, getting the water to wash the foam from in between her toes. As she turned the water off I held on to her foot, keeping it on my thigh.

“There you go. All nice and clean.” I said and Anna giggled, leaning back against the shower wall. Her feet looked so pretty, I found myself leaning forward. I lifted her foot as I took her big toe into my mouth.

“That tickles!“ Anna giggled, wriggling her big toe around in my mouth. I started to circle her toe with my tongue while her toe was still in my mouth. Anna giggled some more and pulled her foot back enough to pull her toe out of my mouth. She tilted her foot slightly, enough to move her big toe away from my mouth and pressed all of her other toes against my mouth, the balls under her toes pressed against my chin.

I opened my mouth and kissed the balls under her toes and started to lick up, pushing my tongue through, in between her second and third toe, wrapping my tongue around her third toe, pulling it into my mouth. I started to suck her toe, making my way to her smallest toe and then back across to her second toe.

Anna giggled and pulled her foot away from my mouth, her body sliding down the shower wall behind her. She went down until she was squatting in front of me so that we were face to face. She put her hands to the back of my head and pulled me close to her, bringing my lips to hers. She pushed her tongue into my mouth and I sucked her tongue.

She quickly pulled her tongue back out of my mouth and sat down on the floor, straightening her legs, with me still in between them. She lifted her foot and placed it on my chest, rubbing her soft soles up and down my chest. I thought she was gonna lift her foot up to my mouth, but she started to push me back instead. I placed my hands on the floor as I leaned back and sat down on the floor in front of her, straightening my legs going under her legs and my feet were touching the shower walls. Anna was now in between my legs.

Anna rubbed the sole of her foot down my chest and onto my groin. Her other foot crept up my thigh until both of her feet were on my groin, one on either side of my cock. By now, I was hard again, my cock vertical once again.

Anna started to bring her feet together, with my cock in between them. She bought her feet together so that her heels and the balls under her toes were touching and my cock was in between the arch of her feet.

“Does this feel good?” Anna asked.

“Yeah!” I moaned, holding her feet together, moving them up and down my cock. I let go off her feet when I could feel Anna moving her feet on her own accord. I leaned back on my hands while I watched Anna work her little feet up and down my thick shaft.

Anna slowly rubbed the ball under her big toe of both feet along my shaft, getting faster very slowly. This feet foreplay was helping me to get as hard as I could.

I leaned forward and placed my hands on her feet, positioning her feet so that her warm soles was touching the sides of my cock. Anna giggled.

“You want to feel as much of my feet as possible on your cock?” Anna smiled.

“Yeah. Keep working your feet up and down, just like that.” I said as she went at a steady pace, the soles of her feet together with my cock in between, being pressed hard.

“Faster baby! Faster!” I moaned and Anna started to get faster with every stroke.

“Like that?” She asked with a pouting look on her face.

“Yeah! That’s it! Keep going.” I said closing my eyes as her feet stroked my cock at a fast pace now. Anna leaned against the shower wall as she continued to work her feet up and down.

All of a sudden Anna stopped. I still had my eyes closed and I felt the top of her feet rub my sides, one foot on either side. I opened my eyes to see her push herself close to me. So that we were sitting directly opposite each other. Her boobs pressed against my chest, her stomach against mine with my cock sandwiched in between our stomachs and her pussy was pressed against my balls. Anna had her hand around at the back of my neck to keep herself up, her hands locked together and her legs wrapped around my waist. I was leaning back on my hands to support the both of us.

She looked in to my eyes and kissed me, it was a long passionate kiss. She kissed me hungrily, trying to work her tongue deep in to my mouth. I kissed her back, sucking on her tongue. She started grind her pussy up and down my shaft.

The top side of my cock was pressed against my stomach and the underside had Anna’s pussy lips grinding up and down. Her pussy felt warm and wet. Anna broke the kiss.

“I want to feel you inside me.” She said, hugging me with one arm, holding herself close to me. She used her other hand to reach down and push my cock head into her wet opening.

“Ahhh!” She moaned as she slowly grinded her hips down, working her moist hole down my man hood. “That feels so good!” She moaned. She started to work her body up and down, her tits rubbing against my chest as she slowly worked her hips up and down my member.

Anna was finding this position a bit hard to work up any kind of descent pace and after a few minutes of trying to get faster without any success, she pushed me back so I was lying flat on my back and she re=positioned her legs so she was straddling me.

Anna started to get faster with every thrust. I tried to thrust up but being on my back on the wet floor with no kind of grip any where, I left Anna to do all the work, placing my hands on her waist.

As she got faster she started to lean back, just grinding her hips up and down my cock as fast as she could. Anna started to get louder and faster very rapidly. She was starting to come closer to her orgasm quickly. I wasn’t sure how she was coming close to her second orgasm so quickly, but I was guessing it was from being able to dictate the pace and go at a pace that would make her cum more quickly.

I could feel Anna’s pussy start to contract around my dick, indicating that she was gonna cum any second and as soon as she did she stopped and froze, her head thrown back.

I leaned back on my fore arms, pushing myself up to a sit position. I leaned forward and I started to kiss her chest. She had a big beauty spot on the centre of her neck, close to her collar bone, I kissed the beauty spot as I made my way down to her tits. I lowered my mouth, taking one of her boobs into my mouth and sucking on her nipple.

Anna was squirming around, moaning as her orgasm played out. Anna stopped and was still once her orgasm had finished. She pushed down on my shoulder with her hands as she pushed herself up and got up on to her feet.

“I just took a shower and I‘m already sweating!” Anna said. She turned around and turned the shower on. The water was cool, she probably had the hot water turned on really low.

“Damn this heat!” She said as the water flowed down on to her. Anna had her back turned to me, her ass was right in front of my face. I got on to my knees and stared at her ass. She had a nice round ass that looked really tight. I leaned forward and kissed her butt cheek. Anna laughed and tried to look back at me.

“You like my ass?” Anna giggled as she shook her ass in front of my face.

“Yeah! You have a really nice ass.” I said kissing her other butt cheek, sticking my tongue out and licking my way towards her butt crack. Anna stuck her ass out, her ass cheeks spreading slightly, water pouring down her back and down in between her butt crack.

I worked my tongue down her wet butt crack, pulling her ass cheeks apart with my hands. Anna pushed her butt out even more, pressing her tits and the side of her face against the shower wall. I pushed my tongue against her wet ass hole and the water that was flowing down her back worked as lubricant, allowing my tongue to slide into her ass hole more easily.

“Mmm.” Anna moaned. “Your tongue feels so good in there!” She moaned as I worked my tongue in and out of her ass hole, pushing the water into her ass with my tongue, getting her anal walls wet.

“You wanna put your dick in there?” Anna asked pushing her ass back even more, arching her back.

“Yeah!” I said getting up to my feet. The water was still flowing down her back, I put my cock in between her legs and let the water flow down on to my cock, getting it wet. I pressed my large cock head in between her butt cheeks, feeling her anal opening against the tip of my cock. I pushed my cock head forward, my large cock head straining to push past her tight sphincter.

“Mmmnnngh!” Anna moaned as I finally managed to get the head past her tight ring. The water was still flowing down her arched back and going in between her butt crack, on to my cock, keeping my cock wet at all times so that it never went dry.

I slowly thrust my hips forward, pushing more of my shaft into Anna’s rear. Anna moaned and took a step forward. I had nearly half my length in her ass and I held her hips, to stop her from pulling herself off my cock and to give her time to allow her sphincter to relax and adjust to my size.

As soon as I felt her tight ring loosen around my cock I thrust forward, getting my full length into her.

“Fuuccccckkkk!” Anna yelled, her hips thrusting forward instinctively, trying to pulling herself off my cock, but I still had a hold of her hips. I pulled her close to me. I placed kisses on her wet shoulder while she breathed hard.

She was probably starting to regret asking me if I wanted to put it in her ass. But she wasn’t asking for me to take it out and I wasn’t offering to take it out.

“God! That feels even bigger in my ass than it did in my pussy.” Anna said giving a little exhausted chuckle. She turned her head and kissed me on the side of my mouth, pushing her tongue out of her mouth, trying to lick my lips. I opened my mouth and I started to suck her tongue.

As we kissed, I started to slowly pull my hips back and gently thrust them forward. Only working a couple of inches in and out of her ass. Our lips was locked together as I started to work up some pace onto my thrusts.

“Mmmm….” Anna moaned as I worked my dick in and out of her ass faster, now working more of my length in to her rectum. “Shit!” She moaned, breaking the kiss.

“Fuck, that’s tight!” I said, holding her hips, watching my thick cock working in and out of her ass. I spread her ass cheeks apart, getting a better view of my cock penetrating her shit hole.

It was such a hot day and I was working up a sweat from fucking Anna’s ass. Luckily for me Anna still had the water running and I’d just lean forward for the water to go on my head and down my back, cooling me of, whenever I got too hot.

Now that Anna seemed more comfortable with my cock up her ass I started to build up to a faster pace, going as fast as I could. I had already given her two orgasms and my dick felt like it was gonna explode. So I stopped holding back and tried my best to get my orgasm to come.

Anna was moaning, not as loud as she was when I fucked her pussy, she had a mixture of pleasure and pain in her voice and was moaning through gritted teeth.

I pulled back too much, pulling out of her tight orifice, my dick rubbing up in between her butt crack and rubbed up her back as I thrust up, my cock throbbing hard from being so close to cumming. The cool water that flowed down her back flowed down on to my cock, cooling it down.

“Were you close?” Anna asked turning her head to face me, giving me a sweet smile.

“Yeah.” I moaned, wiping the sweat off my fore head. “How’d you guess?”

“It’s throbbing really hard on my back, just like when you came before.” She replied. The cool water was helping to calm my erection and my cock wasn’t throbbing that hard.

“It’s starting to calm down.” Anna said turning around, facing me. After just one orgasm from me, Anna already knew my cock’s sexual patterns.

“I know something that’ll help you get excited again.” She said bending right over, lowering her face to be level with my cock. She had her head side ways and she opened her mouth, taking my cock head in to her mouth, sucking the tip so hard that pre-cum oozed out of my cock.

“Mmm!” She moaned, looking up at me, her eyes half closed. She pushed her lips further down my cock, working her lips up and down my cock, taking my cock to the back of her throat. She was right. Seeing her do an ass to mouth was getting me really excited again and I wanted to fuck her some more.

I quickly grabbed the back of her head by her hair. Anna let out a little laugh as if to say I told you so, while I pulled her up and turned her around. She bent over straight away while I forced my cock head into her tight little butt hole, thrusting my full length in straight away.

“Fuck! That feels big!” Anna said reaching back, pulling her ass cheeks apart as I worked my cock in and out of her as fast as I could.

“Your cock feels so good! Throbbing so hard in my tight little shit hole.” Anna said, pressing the top of her head against the shower wall, looking back at me. “It feels like you’re about to cum. Are you gonna cum? Fill my ass hole with that thick white, creamy piss?”

“Yeah!” I moaned as I went at a feverishly fast pace, feeling my orgasm about to hit, my cock throbbing so hard that it felt like my dick was going to explode. I started to pull back further and thrust forward deeper, trying to feel ever millimetre of her ass on my cock.

“FUCK!” I yelled as I felt my cum get pushed out of my balls. I thrust into her even faster, giving her a couple of fast, deep thrusts, pulling my cock back, leaving only the tip of my cock in her ass.

“HERE IT COMES!” I yelled pulling back, leaving only the tip in and as I tried to thrust forward in to her ass hard, one last time, my cock slipped up her butt crack. My first load shooting high up her back.

“Oh God! That feels so warm!” Anna said. I pulled her to the side, out of the way of the water, so it wouldn’t wash my cum off her. I quickly started to stroke my cock, shooting my cum on to her ass cheeks, covering them evenly with my thick juice.

Once my initial big loads finished and small loads started to dribble out, I pressed my cock head against her ass hole, my cum dribbling out, working as a form of lubricant as I thrust my cock deep into her ass once again. I leant back so that I wouldn’t touch my cum that was on her ass cheek. My groin was about an inch away from Anna’s ass.

“Shit!“ I said my voice just loud enough for her to hear. Anna giggled as I pulled my cock out of her ass.

“Too tight for you?” Anna laughed.

“Yeah!” I replied. Anna reached back with one finger and scooped up some cum that was dribbling out of her ass hole and bought her finger to her mouth.

“If I was still a pro, I so would not be allowed to have any of this.” Anna said scooping up some more cum off her ass cheek and bringing her finger to her mouth again.

“Why not?” I asked.

“Too much salt.” She laughed, standing up straight. I chuckled at her joke as she washed my cum off her ass, with her back turned to me.

“You still got some up here.” I said, rubbing her back as the water flowed down.

“Damn! That went high. You got the stuff every where.” Anna said, throwing her head back as she rinsed her mouth out with water.

“Thanks.” She said to me, turning the water off and facing me.

“For what?” I asked.

“For giving me a good work out on and off the court.” She replied, kissing me. “But now. We’re gonna have to take a nap.”

“A nap?”

“Yeah. So we’ll be fully rested to do it again.”

“Which one? The one on or off the court?”

“Off.” She said walking away from me, swaying her ass side to side, looking back at me before exiting the bathroom. You don’t notice how much time goes by when you’re asleep, so I guess it’s the best thing to do while I wait for my cock to recover so I can fuck Anna Kournikova again.
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