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Author Topic: Sierra Skye and Yovanna Ventura trial a big black cock  (Read 2861 times)


Sierra Skye and Yovanna Ventura trial a big black cock
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I originally posted this story on Literotica.  It is one of my favorites to write so I am also sharing it on this site.

Yovanna Ventura:

Sierra Skye:

My name is Thomas, Tom for short, and I am a professional photographer. I am 6'2", black and built like the Rock and it goes without saying, I have one of the biggest and thickest dicks on Earth. Most of you have never heard my name. Almost all of you have seen my work and probably at some point masturbated to it. That's right. I am the lead photographer of almost every sexy magazine or porn site. Playboy, Brazzers, Cosmo, Maxim, Sport's Illustrated, you name it. I am the best at my job. I can bring out the inner sexiness in anyone. This is my encounter with Sierra Skye, the model with the perfect body and Yovanna Ventura, the model with one of the best asses in the world.

I had just finished a photo session for Sports Illustrated's latest magazine. Taking pictures of some of the hottest athletes had given me blue balls for days. I planned to spend the rest of the week in Miami, hit up the bars and perhaps have a few one night stands. I headed to a little known pub I knew off, in downtown Miami. It was one of those exclusive ones, catering to the super rich or pretty. Thanks to my connections, I was able to gain access.

I headed to the bar and ordered a Virgin Long Island Iced tea. I know what you are thinking. In my defense, I wanted to scout the local talent with a clear head. The pub was surprisingly empty. I guess it was only 4 pm in the afternoon and a weekday. I couldn't help but overhear a conversation in a booth next to the bar.

"I am definitely better that you in bed."

"Girlfriend please, your body might be sexier but one look at my ass and guys jizz their pants."

Obviously I tried to catch a glimpse of the pair and boy was I amazed. Sierra Skye was sitting in the booth talking to Yovanna Ventura. If you don't know who these two are, you are missing out. Google them, you will not be disappointed. Let me try to describe them.

Sierra Skye had the perfect body. By perfect, I mean perfect. An hourglass figure. A mouth watering hip to waist ratio. If god made the hottest female body, it would be hers. Other women's bodies seemed like pale imitations. She had long brown hair with dirty blonde highlights along two-thirds of it. She was wearing it styled in loose curls over her right shoulder. She was dressed in a shiny sleeveless red dress. If you have encountered her Instagram, she's modelling it in one of her videos. It was obviously low cut, exposing a tantalizing amount of cleavage. It hugged her curves perfectly. The lower part had two slits, showing her sexy legs and highlighting her sexy hips.

Yovanna Ventura had the best ass on earth and I challenge anyone who says otherwise. She had a beautiful hourglass figure as well. But that booty, god damn, it was fine. She had long black hair. She had styled it parted more to one side than the other. Curling it a bit more than Sierra. Even curled it fell to the small of her back. She was dressed in a black dress with full sleeves and silver sequins. Again, if you have encountered her instagram, she's modelling it in one her pictures. It was low cut, although showing slightly less cleavage than Sierra. It hugged her body perfectly, especially around her ass. It stopped partway at her thighs.

I couldn't comprehend how these two sexy beauties were not surrounded by guys. I guess a lot of dudes might feel they are out of their leagues. Heck, I was feeling nervous. If it wasn't for the week of blue balls and hours spent jacking off to their pictures and videos, I would have chickened out. I walked over confidently and interrupted.

"You know ladies, there is only one way to find out.." I hinted giving a confident smile as I looked directly into their eyes. They seemed taken back. They recovered quickly. An unspoken agreement seemed to pass between them.

"You know most guys wouldn't have the courage to approach us." Sierra spoke.

"And they would start with offering us a drink first." Yovanna added.

I laughed. "Well ladies I am not most guys. Besides I want you two to decide if you will sleep with me without the influence of a substance." That got their attention.

Fifteen minutes and a short cab ride later we ended up in my hotel room. It was pretty fancy. The magazine had me roomed at the Four Seasons. It was a penthouse suite with a private elevator, rooftop hot tub and perfect view of the city.

I sat onto the bed, placed my hands on their asses and pulled them closer to me, one on each side. "Let's start with a kiss. Who can do it better?" I smirked. Sierra was a little confused. Yovanna wasted no time. She pushed Sierra away. Then she turned around, her perfect ass at my eye level. She started shaking her ass as she lowered herself onto my lap. Her ass pressing tightly against my crotch. Did I get an erection? No shit Sherlock. She turned around such that she was sitting on my lap sideways. She wrapped her hands around my neck and lowered my mouth onto her giving me a deep long kiss. After 5 pure minutes of heaven, she broke the kiss, I let her, regretfully. She stood up, smiling and sat onto a recliner facing the bed.

"All your's Sierra" she winked.

"With pleasure," Sierra responded. She walked to me, her hips swaying, her body mesmerizing me. She pushed me and I fell onto my back, face up. In one smooth motion she sat on me her perfect hips straddling me. She rubbed her pussy against my erection. The thin layers of clothing between us doing nothing to numb the sensation. She leaned forward giving me a beautiful view of her cleavage as she crawled up my chest. She placed her hands on my cheeks as she locked lips with me. Her probing tongue entered my mouth aggressively. She kissed me with desperation as if my lips were the only thing keeping her alive. As she ended the kiss, she bit my lower lip.

"Wow. You two are both amazing." Laughing Sierra walked to another recliner and sat down next to Yovanna facing the bed.

"Kiss each other"

This time Sierra reacted first. She roughly grabbed a hold of Yovanna long black hair with one hand and pulled back. The slight arch in her body emphasized her awesome figure even more. Sierra started kissing between Yovanna's cleavage, making her way up her neck, cheeks and then finally onto her lips. Yovanna grabbed Sierra's shoulder and leaned forward pushing her lips against her. They swayed back and forth, lips locked. After a few minutes they broke the kiss, both girls gasping for air.

"That was a good showing ladies, I think I should reward you too. Let's see who can last the longest when I go down on you." They both squealed excitedly. "Let's start with you Yovanna, give me a sexy pose." I had barely finished speaking when I was hit on the face with two panties. Of course, girls loved guys going down on them as much as dudes liked getting head.

Yovanna had slid down onto the recliner, her ass stopping right at the edge. She was doing a split, except, instead of her legs being straight, they were bent at the knees. She had wrapped her hands around her knees, pulling her legs apart. Her short black dress had slid up exposing her entire lower body. I knelt in front of her and started kissing along her right thigh slowly moving towards her pussy. I then moved down towards her ass kissing it across to the other cheek. I then moved up towards her pussy. I covered the area around her labia in kisses, brushing my lips against it. A moan escaped her mouth. I finally lived the dream of any guy that sees her, I placed my hands against her ass, and kissed her lower lips. It was gentle kiss. With my lips locked, I moved my tongue along her labia, occasionally flicking her clitoris. I teased entry into her pussy with my tongue multiple times before finally tongue fucking her. My hands started to knead her ass. She grasped onto the thin fabric of the recliner with her hands, her legs falling loosely onto the floor. If it weren't for my mouth and grip on her ass, she would have slid down.

"OH Fuckkkkkkkk I am cumming...." She yelled before collapsing from her orgasm. I didn't stop, my tongue continued to work in and out her pussy as I moved my lips along her labia. I made her cum two more times before I stopped. She lasted a total of 5 min. Yes, thank you, I am very good at going down on women. It turns me on as much it turns them on.

I looked over to Sierra. She had a pleasantly surprised look on her face. "I am guess it took you a lot longer to make her cum with your mouth." She only nodded mischievously.

"My turn" she wiggled her finger asking me to come closer to her. I left Yovanna on the recliner, her eyes were closed, her hand rubbing against her pussy, as I walked to Sierra.

As I kneeled in front of her, she placed her right leg against my left shoulder. She had tossed the fabric between her legs to one side. I slowly kissed along her toes, up her leg and onto her thigh. I moved my mouth close to her pussy, my breath falling directly on it. I pulled back and started kissing her other thigh. She had enough of the teasing, because she grabbed my short black hair and made me kiss her pussy. She then wrapped her muscular, sexy legs around my head. I could have taken control, but hey if this turns her on, so be it. Instead of a subtle approach I went aggressive. I kissed her directly onto her clitoris. Flicking it with my tongue and sucking on it. Some women are very sensitive and this is painful for them, but for Sierra it seemed to be a turn on. I started tongue fucking her, sticking my tongue as deep as I could in her pussy. Rapidly pumping it in and out while I sucked deeply with my mouth. She started to remove her legs, but I wrap my arms around her thighs stopping her.

"Aahhhhhhhhh .." she moaned as she came. I didn't stop. She tried desperately to push me off, her hands pushing against my shoulders futilely, the pleasure too much to bear. I made her cum two more times, just like her friend Yovanna. She lasted only 4 min and 45 secs. Yovanna had recovered in time to catch Sierra squirming as orgasm after orgasm raked her body. I gave the two ladies a few more moments to recover.

"That was impressive." Sierra spoke.

"I have never came like this from oral, ever" Yovanna added.

"Same" said Sierra.

"Let's see what you are packing" the two beauties spoke almost simultaneously.

I first took of my t-shirt and then my pants. I carefully folded them and placed them on a table, giving the beauties ample time to appreciate my body and the growing bulge in my pants. I stood in front of the bed facing them and dropped my pants.

"Is that.. Is that real???"

"Can they be that size..??"

I had, what was probably the biggest, thickest, black cock they had ever seen. The two were too shocked to move. I sat down on the bed and said, "I would appreciate it if you would get to work with your assets."

One second I could see my rock hard black cock, the next it disappeared between two perfect asses. Yovanna sat on my left leg, Sierra on my right. They pressed their asses tightly together, moving up and down, squeezing my cock between them. I almost came, almost. I leaned back, resting on my hands enjoying the heavenly view in front of me. My cock was hard and ready for some oral action.

"Let's see which sexy mouth can handle this black cock better." Yovanna sat on the bed, resting against the headboard, facing us. Sierra was lying on the bed, her head hanging off the bed, her dirty blonde/brown hair brushing the floor. I kneeled in front of her, my thick black cock brushing her lips. "Are you ready?"

"To get face fucked by a big black cock, I was born ready. Bring.."

I didn't let her finish the sentence. I gripped her hair roughly with one hand, aligned my cock with the other and shoved it in her mouth.

"Mmmhp mhh.." a muffling sound escaped her lips. I didn't stop, I kept pushing inches down her throat. She start gagging, trying to place her hands on my thighs to push me away, asking me to slow down, I didn't. I kept going till my huge black cock was in Sierra Skye's mouth balls deep. I gave her a few second to adjust and then I went to pound town in her mouth.

"Thwack Thwackk..." the sound of my body smacking against her lips as I face fucked Sierra. Her eyes were rolled up in pleasure. God, this girl loved getting face fucked. I guess with a body like her, most guys never paid attention to her mouth, at least not the attention it deserved. Yovanna Ventura had a perfect view of us and her eyes were glued on the action. She grasped the top of her dress, pulling it aside, exposing even more cleavage under her skimpy black laced push-up bra. She started playing with her breasts and occasionally rubbing her pussy. She was enjoying seeing her friend get face fucked.

I let go of Sierra's hair. I stopped thrusting leaving my entire cock buried in her mouth. I grabbed the edges of the slit exposing her cleavage and with a loud ripping sound ripped it apart. The white laced bra followed shortly after. The dress was probably pretty expensive, but I didn't care. I carefully removed the tattered dress from her body. My hands slowly caressed her legs, thighs, ass, her belly button and finally cupped her breasts. I grabbed onto them tightly and resumed thrusting. I pinched and squeezed her nipple occasionally biting onto them. She must have cum multiple times. Seems like her breasts were very sensitive. She started tapping rapidly onto the bed. Seems like she had reached her limit. I slowly pulled my cock out of her mouth. Dribbles of saliva and pre-cum dripped down her lips. She gasped for air desperately. I helped her sit up to catch her breath. "Holy fuck, no one has ever used my mouth like this, that was hot." I smiled and nodded. She had lasted a full 30 min. I was impressed.

I looked up at Yovanna and she quickly took the same position as Sierra. Her long gorgeous black hair curling on the carpet. I kneeled in front of her, my black cock brushing her lips. Instead of putting it in, I started with her dress. I ripped it off completely, then grabbed her bra and pulled it apart just as quickly. My hands started kneading onto her breasts as I covered the area in between and around them in kisses. She tried to lean up and swallow my cock. I let her take the head in her mouth, her tongue working wonders on it. She tried to swallow a bit more, but I pulled back. I continued teasing her. I latched onto her nipple, sucking it, as my hands squeezed her tits. I slowly started shoving my penis down her throat as she let out a satisfied moan. I was buried in her mouth balls deep. It was surprising, I guess she didn't have much of a gag reflex. My hands wandered to along her waist down onto her ass. I grabbed as much of her perfect ass as I could. She bent her knees giving me better access. I spanked her on the ass lightly a few times till they turned red.

Suddenly without warning, I tangled both my hands into her hair and went to pound town. She had handled my length but she could barely keep up with how roughly I was face fucking her. In a few minutes she tapped out. I pulled out of her mouth reluctantly and helped her sit up. She had started tearing and her black mascara was dripping down her eyes giving her a super sexy roughed up look. "I am sorry, I am not used to such rough sex." she mumbled. I reassured her that it was quite alright. She had lasted a full 25 min, pretty impressive for any girl.

"Tell me ladies, do you like to ride?" The two beauties looked at me, exchanged glances and responded.

"Hell yeah."

"Fuck yeah."

I lay on the bed. Sierra was seated on the recliners again as she wanted a good view. She was fingering herself intently. I guess all this teasing had made her pussy crave. Yovanna was standing above me. Her legs on either side of my ass. She turned around slowly, giving me an amazing view of her ass. She slowly lowered herself onto my cock, jiggling her ass as she straddled me reverse cowgirl. I guess she was a size queen, because she took my entire length in her pussy. I was usually too big for most girls. She leaned back, her hands resting on the bed, her long black hair brushing against my chest. She was biting her lips as she slowly wiggled her hips. She kept me buried in her balls deep, never pulling out. She basically made an infinity symbol with her hip movements. That sexy ass shaking.

I collected her hair in one hand, right at the end of their length and yanked. She was surprised as she fell onto my chest, her ass pressing tightly against my cock. I started kissing her neck. My one hand moved to stimulate her clitoris while with the other I reached across to the opposite breast. My forearm squeezed against her right breast, while my fingers grabbed her left breast tightly. I started thrusting into her, moving my hips up and down. Squeals and moans of pleasure loudly escaped her mouth before

"I am cummming......., fuck ...."

Her entire body was shaking, she tried to get me to stop rubbing her clit, I ignored her. I continued to fuck her till she came again and again before she finally collapsed onto me. I sat up, grabbed her waist and slowly lifted her off my cock. She got on her feet, stumbled for a few steps before finding balance. She was sore and could barely walk as she made her way to the recliner and collapsed onto them. Sierra instantly stood up and walked to me. I was ready for her in the same position, lying onto the bed, face up.

She stood on top of me, my waist sandwiched between her legs. She straddled me cow girl style. With one hand she grabbed my thick black cock, aligned her pussy and slammed down. She impaled herself in one quick stroke. Her eyes closed, she licked her lips, enjoying the sensation of a fully stuffed pussy. She started fucking me. Pulling out a bit and then taking it back in. Instead of up and down, she moved back and forth causing her clitoris to rub against my crotch turning her on even more. Her hands rested onto my abs as she leaned forward. The sight of her breasts moving back and forgot along with her perfect hourglass figure straddling me almost made me cum.

She changed tactics. She placed her hands on my shoulders and started thrusting up and down. She would move up till only my cock head was in her pussy and then slammed herself down hard and fast. I reached up to grasp her breasts. I was content to let her ride away but it was time I took charge. The second she slammed back down and before she could pull out, I flipped us around. I was lying on top of her, hands grasping her breasts, cock buried balls deep in her pussy and her legs around my waist.

I grabbed both her hands and locked them above her head holding them in place with one hand. I placed my other hand at her jaw line. Occasionally I would push down with my palm, mildly choking her for a few second. I picked up pace, she thought she could fuck hard and fast, well I fucked her harder and faster. She started squirming and moaning loudly before

"Oh god yes... Fuck me harder, fuck me...." and she came.

I obeyed, I didn't stop the onslaught till she had cummed herself to sleep. I pulled out and sat down onto the floor in front of the bed. I wasn't tired or short of breath, just wanted to give the girls some more time to recover. I saw movement in the peripheral and looked to see Yovanna Ventura make her way to her friend Sierra Skye.

Yovanna climbed on top of Sierra and started kissing her waking her up. "Hmm. I missed your lips" Sierra said.

"And I, yours" Yovanna responded. As they rubbed their pussies against each other, I couldn't help but notice the perfect ass of Yovanna bouncing back and forth. I couldn't help it. I stood up and kneeled on the bed behind the two beauties. Sierra looked at me, realized what I was about to do and gave me a thumbs up. I held onto Yovanna waist with my hands. She started to turn around to look at me as she felt pressure against her asshole.

"Wait.. I have never..Ahhhhhhhhhh!!! Fuck!!! It's too big!!! Slow down please!!!!" she squealed.

In one quick hard stroke I buried my penis in her ass balls deep. I gave her a few seconds to adjust.

"You are telling me, you have the best ass in the world and no one has fucked you in the ass?" I asked.

"You definitely had your ass pounded a few time Yovanna." Sierra teased.

"Yah, I love anal, but none were this big and they took it slow." Yovanna responded.

"I am sorry, I couldn't resist, it was too perfect." I said sheepishly.

I started fucking her ass slowly at first before picking up speed. Sierra wrapped her hands around Yovanna pulling her close to her. Their breasts pressed against each other, the nipples brushing. Moan after moan escaped Yovanna mouth. She occasionally asked me to stop or slow down and begged Sierra to let her go. She didn't use the safety word or tap so of course we didn't. Appropriately so, getting fucked in the ass turned Yovanna on even more. I made her cum a few times before pulling out. By the time I finished, her ass was raw red from all the pounding it received.

"You turn" I looked at Sierra.

"It's also my turn for revenge" Yovanna added. She stood up and sat onto Sierra's face. Yovanna grabbed Sierra hair with both hands as she rode her face. Her ass moving seductively. While Sierra had a super pretty face, she was more known for her perfect figure. For now that was the only thing visible to me, her head smothered by a gorgeous ass. I wasted no time. I placed Sierra's legs on my shoulders, my head between them and lifted her lower body up slightly. I entered her ass hole quickly. A loud muffled squeal escaped her lips but was buried by Yovanna's pussy.

I went to pound time for the umpteenth time. Each stroke was so forceful, her breasts would jiggle and lift her ass off the bed. I spanked her ass a few times loudly making sure it turned red. "I think I am going cum...." I yelled. I pulled out desperately trying to hold back the coming storm.

The two models instantly sprung to action. Seemed like that had done this a few times. I sat on the edge of the bed, the two hotties sandwiched between my legs. Two sets of perfect breasts were squeezing my penis, the tit job heavens are made off. They slide up and down, rubbing against my penis. This was too much for even me. Ropes of thick white cum spurt up plastering their face and breasts. Quickly the two got on the floor, face down ass up as I covered their asses in cum. They resumed sandwiching my penis between their tits. Then took turns kissing and sucking on my head.

Yovanna and Sierra then started kissing each other. My long black cock sandwiched between their mouth, the head of my penis between their lips as they licked it with their tongues. I fell back onto the bed ecstatic. I was in heaven. The two models cleaned up in the washroom and then lay down next to me. Yovanna on my right, Sierra on my left. I grasped onto their ass with a hand each and pulled them closer. Yovanna wrapped her leg around my right leg, as she nuzzled her nose onto my chest while Sierra did the same on my right. We fell asleep for a few hours, the perfect rest after a well fucked evening. It was no longer a competition. They were both goddesses in bed and I was going to use them well.

I woke up to sounds of shower, giggling and laughter. I walked to a second washroom emptied my bladder and quickly brushed my teeth. Then I made my way towards the giggling sound. I was greeted with an image hotter than the dreams of the most horny men. Sierra and Yovanna were kissing. Their wet hair clung to their heads, theirs breasts pressing against each other, their hands on each other's asses pulling each other closer. Warm water rained on them from the shower head. They broke the kiss when they saw me. They both raised their hand and wiggled their index finger asking me to join them.

I entered the shower, warm water splashing my body. I pulled them close. I kissed Yovanna on the lips and then locked lips with Sierra. My hand made it's way into Yovanna wet hair, as I grabbed it and pulled down bringing her to her knees. She knew what I wanted and obediently opened her mouth. I slowly buried my cock in her mouth, making it disappear down her throat. After a few minutes she started tapping against my thighs and I pulled out. I held onto her hair keeping her on her knees as she started kissing the head of my penis. I had not broken my kiss with Sierra yet. I let go of Yovanna's hair and grabbed hold of Sierra's hair and pulled back breaking the kiss.

I pushed Sierra against the shower door, her breasts squeezing against the glass. I placed my hands on her shoulder and quickly penetrated her ass. She squealed in surprise, expecting me to go for her pussy. I continued fucking her hard and fast, each stroke lifting her off her feet. Yovanna stood up and hugged me from behind, pressing her breasts against my back as she started kissing my neck and back. After a good 30 min of non stop pounding I stopped. I was impressed. Sierra Skye liked it rough. Yovanna Ventura was more of a sensual lover.

We got out of the shower. It was barely 9 am. I guess we slept for a shorter time than I expected. "On your hands and knees ladies" I commanded. The two Instagram models immediately obeyed. I leaned down, roughly grabbed a hold of their wet hairs and started walking them out of the bathroom. We walked across the entire penthouse to the rooftop hot tub outside. Along the way I would stop periodically. Sometimes to fuck their mouths, sometimes their pussies and sometimes their ass. I never let go of the grip on their hair. I probably spent more time fucking Yovanna's sexy ass than her other holes but can you blame me? And obviously, I fucked Sierra's pussy more, her perfect body squirming from orgasm was worth it.

I picked them both up and unceremoniously dumped them into the water. I climbed in shortly after. We spent the morning talking and stealing kisses. The kisses weren't always on their lips. You know what I mean.

We got out of the hot tub and the girls wanted to rest in the sun. They ask me to put some lotion on them. Only a mad man would refuse. I sat down on a pool chair. Sierra Skye sat on my lap facing the same direction as me. My thick black cock was between her legs pressing against her opening, but the angle prevented entry. I started applying lotion to her shoulders, moving down her arms and into her armpits and then covered the area underneath and between her breasts. I paid special attention to make sure her breasts were well covered before moving down onto her abs. I then moved outwards covering her waist and then went up her back and around her neck. She gathered her hair, letting it fall down her right shoulder. I leaned forward, forcing her to bend as well. This pushed her ass harder against me. I started applying the lotion to her legs and then moved to her thighs and finally between her legs. The entire time she was grinding her pussy against my cock, not penetrating, just teasing. She kissed me on the cheek when I finished and sat down on another chair making room for Yovanna.

Yovanna Ventura sat on my lap facing me. My cock was rubbing against her pussy and pressed between part of her ass. She leaned close to me and whispered in my ear, "Just cover my ass, nothing else." She then kissed me on the lips, probing with her tongue and started grinding against my body. I grabbed a handful of lotion and applied it to the small of her lower back. I pressed deeply with my fingers and slide my hands over her ass. I then changed angles, trying to grab as much ass tissue as I could and squeezing it. I continued massaging her ass, the lotion forgotten, my lips locked in a kiss, as she grinded against me.

Suddenly, we heard a loud phone ring. It was Sierra Skye's phone. We separated as and walked over to her to see who it was. "Oh shit... Is that your boyfriend??" Yovanna asked.

Sierra nodded. "Let me get it real quick, don't make any noise" Yovanna walked over to sit on a pool chair next to Sierra. I merely stood there and idea forming in my mind.

"Hey babe, what's up?" Sierra asked her boyfriend. They were face timing and he could see her completely naked.

"Where are you?" He asked.

"Me and Yovanna are just chilling in a hotel, we wanted some girl time" Sierra replied. "Why don't you say hi to Yovanna?" she turned her camera around.

Yovanna had wrapped one hand around her breasts making a hand bra and raised her right leg covering her pussy. She waved back and made small talk as Sierra showed him the view from the hotel. I took advantage of the opportunity. I grabbed hold of Sierra's legs and started kissing her pussy. She squealed loudly, looked down in shock.

"What's wrong honey?" he asked.

"It's nothing babe, a bird scared me." Sierra responded.

She had a hard time keeping a straight face. As you already know I am an oral god and this was my chance to get revenge for her teasing me. They continued to make small talk on face time. I stood up, aligned my cock with her dripping wet pussy and entered her fully. "Oh fuckkkkkkkkk....." and she dropped her phone. Yovanna quickly grabbed it and pointed the camera at Sierra. She angled the camera such that only the top half of her body was visible. Sierra's boyfriend had no idea I was fucking his girlfriend while he face timed her.

"Are you ok??" He asked.

"Yeah, I am fine let me call you back" and she quickly hung up.

She had to. I stopped being gentle and was fucking her pretty fast, making her breasts bounce. She could barely get a sentence out without moaning. She called him back on the phone this time. No video chat, made a lame excuse about hanging up and tried to talk with him the best she could. Sounded like he was out of town with his friends for a few days. Perfect for me. I wrapped my hands around her legs, grabbing her ass and picked her up. I had complete control over her body and I could fuck her even faster now. She couldn't get a word out and was forced to hang up. She wrapped her hands around my neck and held on as best as she could, my black cock pistoning in and out of her pussy.

The hotel room doorbell rang. "Can you please get it Yovanna, it's probably our lunch I ordered." She nodded and walked, butt naked to get the door. The bell boy was in for a time of his life. Me and Sierra both turned to watch her walk to the door, appreciating the view, before I resumed fucking her.

"Lunch as you ordered Mr T...." The bell boy froze. The sight of a completely naked sexy super model would do that to you. Yovanna Ventura smiled at him and asked him to put the food cart in the room. He started to follow her in the room when he saw her ass as she walked away. The poor 18 year old's pants turned color. It seemed like he jizzed his pants. He quickly yelped, tried to hopelessly cover his crotch and rushed out of the room. All three of us burst out laughing.

I walked over to the dinner table, cock still in Sierra and finally pulled her off me. We ate and joked for a bit. I ordered some clothes online for the ladies. After all, I was leaving tomorrow and I would be a crappy gentleman if I didn't take care of them. I pushed the cart out of the room and called reception to get it picked up. I felt bad for the bell boy. Just wanted him to have a good time, but instead I embarrassed him.

I walked back into the room and caught sight of Yovanna's sexy ass again. I had enough of the tease. I walked over to her, grabbed her hands and crossed them behind her back and quickly entered her ass hole. This time I didn't give her any time to get used to it. I started pounding away right away. I reached around and groped her breasts while I continued fucking her ass. Sierra kneeled in front of Yovanna and started kissing and licking her pussy.

"Fuckkkk yess, harder, I want that big black cock in me deeper..." Yovanna screamed. When a girl wants you to fuck her harder, you give it to her, you don't mess around. Sierra moved away, grabbing a seat on the couch enjoying the view of the fucking her friend was about to receive. I let go of Yovanna's breasts. I wrapped my hand in her long black hair, grabbed it firmly and pulled back arching her back. With my other hand I started spanking her ass while I picked up speed, fucking her at an almost inhuman speed. This went on for a while before the door bell rang again.

I didn't stop fucking her. I walked her to the door and positioned myself behind it, such that she could safely stick her head out without me being in view. It was a different bell boy, an older gentlemen, with the items I ordered for the two ladies. Yovanna opened the door and leaned over showing her face and breasts. "What is it?" She asked. She had a hard time keeping balance and her breasts continued to jiggle and I continued fucking her hard. I had let go of her hair, holding on to her waist instead.

"Delivery for Mr Thomas." The old man smiled knowingly. He had been around and his eyes told her he knew exactly what was happening. Yovanna quickly grabbed the bags and closed the door.

"You are mad...." she said and smiled. I wrapped my hands around her legs and lifted her up. I continued fucking her ass as I walked her to the bed and tossed her on it.

I felt a push and fell onto the bed face first. I turned around quickly to see both Sierra standing in front of me. "I think it's time we took charge." A look was exchanged between them.

"Me first" Yovanna said and didn't even wait for Sierra to nod in agreement before she jumped onto my face. She sat down as if riding my face reverse cowgirl, her ass over my face. Sierra mounted me in the Amazon position. You might have heard of it. It's like missionary, except the girl is doing the fucking, not the guy. She was not gentle. As I told you before, she liked it rough. Yovanna and Sierra started kissing each other, their hands caressing their breasts gently. I lost track of time. I am not sure how long they double teamed me until finally they switched.

Yovanna Ventura sat in kind of reverse cowgirl, except instead of straddling my waist, she was straddling my left leg. I had it bend at the knee, her arms wrapped around my thigh. This let her rub and stimulate her clitoris against my leg while fucking herself onto my black cock. Sierra Skye was above my face. Her legs cupping my head. I had a up close and personal view of her perfect goddess like figure. She leaned over, her breasts smothering my face. I started motor boating them and trying to kiss and suck her nipples every chance I got. She had pinned my hands under thighs, giving me perfect access to start fingering her. Yovanna continued to ride me into submission. I was surprised, as I said before, I thought she really liked sensual slow sex, but I guess every once in a while every girl liked to get her brains fucked out. Sierra leaned forward and started kissing Yovanna ass and lower back. I again lost track of time until the door bell rang again.

The two beauties stood up and this time answered the door by completely opening it. It was the same old bellboy this time with dinner. He wasn't fazed the last time, but seeing two completely naked super models made even him freeze. The perfect body and the perfect ass, a deadly combination. He slowly pushed the food cart into the room, never taking his eyes of the beauties before leaving. Once the word spreads, bell boys would probably be lining up to come to our room.

All three of us were famished. We wolfed down our food quickly. I excused myself to use the washroom and when I came out I was met with a lovely site.

Yovanna Ventura and Sierra Skye were on my bed, on their hands and knees, ass up. I didn't hesitate. I quickly walked over to Sierra Skye, entered her pussy quickly and started fucking her. I grabbed a hold of her long brown/dirty blonde hair in a ponytail, pulling roughly as I pounded into her pussy. Yovanna stayed in that position, turning her head to look at the ecstatic expression on her friend's face. I spanked both there asses occasionally until with a loud roar I came. I didn't pull out. Her pussy filled up quickly as specks of cum escaped. I pulled out and let go of her hair letting her fall onto the bed. I quickly entered Yovanna's pussy.

I was still rock hard. I gathered her long black hair in a rough bun, gripping it tightly as an occasional loose strand escaped. I didn't slow down till I came again. Obviously, i didn't pull out, feeling her pussy with my cum. I pulled out of her pussy and she fell onto the bed. I didn't let go of her hair yet. I wasn't finished with her. I quickly mounted her in prone bone, instead of her pussy, I fucked her ass. My grip on her hair forced her to arch her back, making her curves even sexier. She was expecting this and merely looked up at me and smiled. I must have fucked her anally for a solid hour before I emptied my seed into her ass. She had passed out from exhaustion and too much pleasure.

By the time I was finished with her, Sierra had recovered and was watching her friend get fucked, a satisfied smile on her face. I looked at her and she knew what I wanted. She immediately laid down on the bed face down. She lift her lower body and ass slightly into the air. "Good Girl" I said. I mounted her ass, grabbing hold of her breasts as I pummeled into her. I continued fucking her for over an hour before I came for the final time that night. I fell asleep between the two Instagram models, cum dripping from their ass and pussy.

Again I woke up after them. Unfortunately there was not a lot of time to fuck them in the morning. I had to pack and catch my flight. The two beauties were bathing in the hot tub. I sneaked a quick glance before heading in for a shower. They were waiting for me when I came out, to receive their last dose of black cock before I left.

I lay on the couch, my bottom body, ass and below off the couch. Yovanna squatted over me, in reverse cowgirl. I held onto her waist as I slowly lowered her ass onto my cock. If this was one of the last times in a bit that I got to fuck this ass, you are damn right I was going to give it to her up her ass. I was in no mood for gentle. I rapidly thrust into her ass, her breasts bouncing, the sexy sight of her ass bouncing with each stroke.

"Fuck, Fuck Fuckkkkkkkkkk!!!" she yelled as I came deep up her ass. I tossed her roughly onto the ground as Sierra jumped on me.

I had her positioned in a similar manner, except, instead of holding onto her waist, I wrapped my hands around her legs, under her knees and then locked my fingers behind her head. If it wasn't for her perfect figure and flexible body, this would not be possible. I quickly made her pussy ride my black cock as yet again, I was forced to finish quickly in her.

I dressed and packed my bags as the two Instagram models showered and dressed.

Sierra Skye was wearing a loose fitting white t-shirt and jeans hot shorts. Her perfect breasts were outlined against the t-shirt accentuating her sexiness. The hot shorts hugged her ass tightly. Her brown hair with dirty blonde highlights was in a messy tangled bun, much like her typical Instagram pictures. Yovanna Ventura was wearing a dark blue sports bra and pink yoga pants. Her ass perfectly highlighted by the tight fabric. Her long black hair fell loosely along her back.

They kissed me on the lips, each taking time to gradually break the kiss. We took the elevator and were met by the limo waiting to take me to the airport. I sat in the middle, the two models on either side of me.

"I have programmed my number into your phones. If you ever want to use this black cock again, call me. The next time I am in Miami, I will be sure to hit you up." I told them. They looked at each other.

"I think we have time for one last session before we see you again." Yovanna said.

"And we will see you again soon, believe us." Sierra nodded in agreement.

My thick black cock was out of my pants. I had one hand gripping Sierra's hair and the other Yovanna. The two started kissing each other, my shaft sandwiched between their lips. They moved up and down in sync, covering it completely in saliva. They then kissed the head, licking it with their tongue. I pulled Sierra off holding her close enough to get a good view. I slowly forced my black cock down Yovanna throat till she swallowed it completely. I then slowly pulled her off and made Sierra swallow it. I switched back and forth between them till I was ready to cum.

I made Sierra deep throat me first as I came down her throat. I pulled her off and quickly throated Yovanna unloading the last of my load down her throat. I let go of their hair and relaxed. The two continued to kiss, lick and suck my cock until we arrived at the airport. I reluctantly zipped up, bid them goodbye and walked away.

It was one of the best weekend I had ever had. We got in touch quite often after, but that is a tale for another time.
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Re: Sierra Skye and Yovanna Ventura trial a big black cock
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I enjoyed this story. It was one of the first of yours that I had previously read. Thank you for sharing it on here.


Re: Sierra Skye and Yovanna Ventura trial a big black cock
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That was pretty good. I love reading hot IR stories.


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