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Conquest: The Library (Lucy Pinder, Niki Minaj)
« on: August 20, 2019, 05:44:16 AM »

Dust shook and fell from the high beams of the library with the intermitent shuddering that plagued the city. Ever since Lord Phallus had taken the capital, there were disturbances and mass disruption in the already catastrophic lives of the citizens, as towers of worship were torn down in preparation for new constructs. Wherever the slave trains were instructed to move to, soon after there were sleepless nights as the poor souls set about their unrelenting tasks. Not that any of the people within the bounds of the Library of Light were likely to find any rest, as even days after the final victory, the forces of Lord Phallus found time and energy to celebrate their conquest.

Despite the continued furore of carnal madness outside the walls, there was still a tense silence within the library, though many of the women who tended to the shelves and books now found themselves enthralled in the ebb and flow of orgiastic insanity. Far apart from this madness, a singular figure sat nervously on marble steps, in a rare sanctuary of quiet. The steps rose sharply and then fanned out, leading to exclusive wings of the library records where powerful secrets were stored like fine wines, waiting to be savoured. Rich, dark oak wood and black iron railing lined the mottled stair way, presenting a serenity and order which seemed utterly at odds with the woman who sat huddled up, holding a book to her chest and fidgeting constantly with the long strands of her dark brown hair. Her breathing was staggered like the echo of a gun shot; a deep breath in, a long, shuttered exhale out between pursed lips. Her skin vibrated with her intense nervousness and she found a need to constantly arrange the flowing ivory gown that denoted her status as a member of the library.

It was a beautiful dress, and one facet of the reclusive lifestyle she had always treasured. The material was thick, sewn expertly and despite the constant natural light that bathed the halls of her home, her figure was never revealed beneath the clothing. This was indeed deliberate, as many noble persons would distract themselves from study and attempt to seduce a member of the library in order to claim a conquest to brag about later. The girl had been thankful for it many times before, although her Guardian, Niki, had often reminded her that no matter what the girl did, her 'unbelievable proportions' would bring her attention eventually. For the most part, the girl rejected it, she detested the idea of being dragged or distracted from her studies for physical pleasures or romantic ideals. Of course advances had been made to her before, but she barely knew how to talk to a man without offering to show them how best to access the stacks, an offer which seemed to draw laughter and confusion from the admirer. There were of course, quieter moments, when the days work was done and she had time to ponder over maps of the world she had never seen, where she hoped that perhaps a suitor would come looking for her. In those quiet times she could not resist the urge to visit the bath houses that were constantly warmed at the apex of the building by the almost endless days, and retrace the paths walked by Niki's fingers across her skin and within her warmth, when the Guardian taught her to 'relieve the stress of study'.

Niki! How could she be so selfish she thought to herself, scolding her mind for giving into distraction. When Lord Phallus forces had taken the library, many of the women had abandoned their garments and fallen to their knees, knowing that their lives as they knew it, were over. Carnal insanity was to be the cornerstone of their city now, and perhaps there were many among them who had longed for such a release from the chains of duty and repression. Niki however, did not fall or surrender, but took her charge and fled from the room, dispatching three lusting warriors who had scaled the high windows of the Libarary with brutal strikes of her weapons. The men had been stunned out of their rage and looked doe-eyed about them as they attempted to recover, by which time Niki had led them through corridors and secret passages to avoid the first plunge into ecstatic worship.

"Lucy, LUCY!" she had shouted, and followed with a stinging slap, "Lucy I need you to hide for just a short while. Let the weakest of us enjoy the first thrusts, let them soften them a little."

 Lucy was of course utterly shell-shocked by the presence of these blood soaked and muscle bound individuals. It had been less than an hour prior when the ear rending blasts of surrender resounded among the high houses, and Lucy could not believe that the war had been lost. More shocking still was the lack of continued resistance, her fellow civilians wanted this, they let their heads fall back and gave cries to gods that had abandoned them, and then, they laughed. Ecstatic smiles split their faces and they tore armour and cloth away from their bodies. Heavy breasts restricted by tight bands were now released and the women bared themselves to the onrushing horde, some kneeling, some tearing their dresses and trousers to allow access to whatever the warriors desired. Lucy had seen this from the windows and could do nothing but stand aghast.

"LUCY GOD DAMN GIRL!", another sharp slap, followed by a violent shake brought the librarian back to her senses and the present. She was now at the steps of the Grand Western, the left wing of the restricted section of the Library of Light. It was cold and quiet, but she could hear the chorus of pleasure filled moans coming from the entrance hall. 'How are they that loud, how many are there?' she thought bewilderedly as she retraced how far they must have ran from the Gate of Knowledge. Lucy focussed now as Niki dragged her to the base of the stair and held her face in both hands. Her Guardian was always powerful, always in command and perhaps it was due to the passive intensity of the orgiastic acts, or the clarity that comes with catastrophic change, but Lucy noted how thoroughly enthralling the woman was. She was not beautiful, she was more, she was sculpted, designed through training and hard craft to be a physical embodiment of a goddess. She exuded desire and knew that she was wanted, and used it as another weapon in her impressive arsenal. The stings of golden thread that formed her armour left little to the imagination,  and it left Lucy feeling as if she was only beginning to see her Guardian for the first time. Moments passed and Lucy realised Niki had been talking, the words slowly slipping past the haze of shock in the young book keepers mind.

"...they are strong, they have been fighting and they will want to enjoy us, and we have surrendered, so now, we get to enjoy this too. But girl, I need to blunt them a little first. They are gonna cam at'chu hard and fast and you ain't ready. So you wait here, and you come find me in an hour."

Now, that hour had passed. Lucy reflected on what her Guardian had said, how the war was lost and what Lord Phallus meant for her future. Time had not seemed to move, none of the warriors had found their way to her and she hated to admit it but curiosity was swiftly overtaking concern. Perhaps, she thought, if she could catch a glimpse of what was to be enjoyed, to watch in silence for a while, like stepping a toe into a cold pool before taking a plunge, she would know what to expect. Her mind raced and her chest heaved as she breathed harder and faster, urging her body to stand and start walking, but she could only manage to put the book down.

A sudden sound caught her attention, a long  cry came from outside somewhere and she finally managed to force herself up to investigate. Walking with trepidation over to the source of the sound, she padded to the high window that looked down upon the side alleyway below and across to the Theatre of Debate. At first she could see no reason for the loud expression, the warriors would have no cause to enter the Theatre as it was only used in the brief evenings and all the performers had been seconded to the protection of the rich family homes. She looked left and ride, turning her head and pressing her face and body to the glass to try and see more of the streets that intersected with the alley. In spite of her nervousness she became...frustrated, she wanted to catch this glimpse to see perhaps some carnality in action. Just as she pulled away the sound of someone falling and a surprised yelp of shock dragged her attention back to the alley. A woman had collapsed on the ground, naked and red roar as though someone had dragged finger nails down her skin. Her thighs had markings on them, hand prints perhaps? Lucy could not tell if she was experiencing pleasure or pain, but she did notice a smile, an eager nod and then the woman lolled her head back and spread her legs, arching her back so her exposed breasts were glinting in the sun. Even from two stories above Lucy could see that the woman was slathered in sweat, her hair bedraggled and something like milk ran from her mouth and down across her chin.

In the next moment Lucy instinctively flung herself back from the window as a scarred and muscular figure emerged from the blind spot beneath the window sill, marching aggressively towards the woman. Standing with her back pressed hard against the adjacent wall to the window, the librarian prayed that she could not be seen by the warrior and that she had not given up her position. A primal screech brought her head back to the window, she slid slowly back to her vantage point and saw what she could of the scene below. Her mouth dropped and she took in a sharp breath, her eyes grew wide in voyeuristic glee/ Lucy rolled herself round and this time came slowly to the glass, completely entranced with what she saw below. The warrior had walked around the woman, and now had a hand around the back her neck, bringing her up to her knees where she seemed to smile in a drug like bliss. He was tanned by the sun and his skin seemed harsh, his muscles bulged as he squatted down behind her, his thighs rock hard and his chest glistening in the sun. He slid an arm over her neck and towards...no, not an arm, Lucy realised.

A long member, twitching and slightly erect slid across the woman's neck and she rolled her eyes at his attentions. Lucy heard a softer moan escape now and was shocked to register that it was she who now voiced pleasurable tones, she closed her eyes and swallowed hard in an attempt to ignore the excitement that rippled through her. Two more warriors appeared in front of the woman now, their backs were turned to Lucy and so she ran her eyes down their impressive frames, noting the scars and injuries, and especially the nonchalant stance of complete control they exuded by merely existing. They stalked forward, moving to stand either side of the bound woman's kneeling form and turned slightly so she, like the naďve voyeur that now spied them, could enjoy the thick, turgid cocks that stood urgently erect. One of the men placed a blood stained hand around his shaft and began to violently stroke it back and forth, a sight that Lucy had heard described by her fellow librarians in hushed tones, but never seen. She was completely entranced and utterly taken by the sheer sexual revelry that she now witnessed. Somewhat unconsciously Lucy began to mimic the movements and the expressions of the woman below, her mouth opening, her head lolling back a little, wishing more so now that it was she was being used.


An explosion of sound from nearby made Lucy cry out in fright, she jumped back from the window and scrambled away from the entrance to the Grand Western where howls and cheers now echoed. All immersion in the acts she was about to witness was shattered and she suddenly grew afraid for Niki who had left to 'blunt' the need of the incoming invaders. Scolding herself once more for her selfishness, Lucy took in a deep breath and resolved to find out what had happened to her Guardian. She felt the thick fabric of her dress pull and stroke pleasurably against her chest, and she looked down to see her nipples had hardened and a familiar warmth had grown beneath her legs. Moving faster to avoid falling back into a voyeuristic trance, Lucy ran to the twin doors of the Grand Western and pulled them open, feeling the rush of warm air from the wall sconces and pausing to recognise the rush of sounds that met her. Heart racing, she walked with purpose down the slim corridor, slowed momentarily here and there by the long moan of a woman or the deep, staccato grunts of a warrior taking his prize. She turned right, and then left, and right again, somehow following the path that Niki had led her through and then stopped short. Natural light spilled into the slim enclosed walkway from an open door to the right, and Lucy soon realised that the explosion of sound emanated from here. Another heavy thud and slam caused her to yelp in shock and stop dead in her tracks, even as she was attempting to edge closer to the source of her curiosity.

Male voices could be made out clearly, laughing and moaning, grunting and shouting, letting deep roars shudder as they clearly thrusted and plunged into someone. Encouragement was given and whoops let out as they achieved something that Lucy could not understand, but as she crept closer with each moment of her courage returning, she could make out shadows that flickered against the floor. She counted maybe, five, six warriors? The dark patches became one as the shadows stretched outward, but still, that was a lot of warriors so surely there must be several librarians there as well, Lucy considered.

Finally, she reached the entrance way and desperately tried to enter but whilst she felt a burning need to be apart of the madness, there was still a reticence there, as though her pride meant she did not want to be noticed. Among the continued moans and jeers of victory from the men, she could hear a garbled, gagging noise, as though someone was struggling to swallow. It was accompanied by a consistent, wet slapping sound like a fast drum beat and a sound of someone being dragged across carpet. The librarian's mind raced to imagine what exactly was happening, were the men simply standing around a woman like those she had seen in the alley? Were they playing a game or were there so many present that the noises were just confusing?

"Why don't you go and look?"

Lucy started with a scream as a rasping voice whispered close to her ear, the breath left her body as she turned and collapsed against the door, the racket causing the men inside to stop and look at her, expecting a threat. Somehow, one of their number had snuck up behind her, perhaps having stalked the corridors looking for new enjoyments, and managed to surprise her despite his massive frame and heavy steps.

"We knew that the Guardian had to have a charge...and what a marvellous job she has done with you" he said with a grin. The man was tall, like all of them, but ebony skinned and lacking the amount of scars his fellows had. He was handsome, sculpted and chiselled in the extreme, and he grinned as his eyes ran over the obscured body of the librarian that stared at him like a deer in headlights. His building laughter was matched by the men in the room, and from the corner of her eye Lucy noted that three of them were approaching slowly, the slight bobbing of their rigid cocks sending chills of excitement and nervousness down her spine. Now, as he moved forward, she noted the swaying length of the one who spoke, it was soft and yet to grow but it was already thick, he was hung well. His frame was enormous despite the muscle, easily one of the largest of his ilk. Another laugh like the croak of a lurking monster hit Lucy like plunging into cold waters. She looked up at him as he squatted to meet her gaze, and then turned to the other three warriors who smiled down and took their time to admire her heavy breasts and long, thick legs that could not be hidden completely by the fabric she wore.

"It's alright, darlin', I'm going to take you first, how's that sound?" he said, reaching out to place his hand under her shuddering chin and forcing her head to tilt up. "You are going to love what I can do, I hear you are quite knew to the pleasures of life..." his thick velvety voice trailed off as he turned her head to look into the room. The warriors standing at the door laughed again then moved back to their own interest. A dark skinned woman was writhing and slamming herself between two men that were as bookends, one sliding into her gaping mouth until she gagged hard and the other pitoning his hips against her thick behind and turning his knuckles white as he gripped into her flesh.

"N-N-Niki!?" Lucy stammered, realising only as she was lifted to her feet by the dark warrior that her Guardian had not gone far from her at all when she left her an hour passed, and had clearly been working to...blunt the warriors, as she had put it. Lucy's eyes then grew wide in shock, a long, subtle moan escaping her mouth as the warrior slid behind her, grinding his taught muscles against her dress and letting the still flaccid member press against her rear. He ran surprisingly soft hands down and around her curves, teasing her hardened nipples without giving too much attention, continuing round and about her shapely hips and then paused, spreading his fingers until he could apply enough pressure to usher her legs. He walked her forward and she obeyed, taking small steps that would allow her to keep her thighs together whilst ensuring that she moved ever closer to her guardian who was completely lost in her orgy. The scene changed now and Lucy mouthed a prayer to the gods in disbelief and amazement as a third and fourth man now joined the sexual melee.

Niki was on all fours, skin glistening with sweat, her gorgeous thick body moving at a rhythm that she alone set. Her ass was forced up high, her back arching to extremes to accommodate the snarling man that rammed himself spasmically into her, whilst her elbows were angled so that her hands could grab the thighs of the warrior taking her mouth. He would pause momentarily and drive every inch of his cock into her throat, and she would oblige gladly, shaking her head back and forth until she gagged uncontrollably and then he would retreat, his member heavy with saliva and precum that strung back to the Guardians mouth. In turn she would shift slightly, working his erection with her hand in swirling motions, urging his head in-between her pouting lips. Her heavy breasts swung back and forth, and Lucy noted that it was particularly arousing to see the giggling ripples of her flesh as the warrior behind her spanked her again, and again and again. Every strike managed to  illicit a moan of approval, pleasure and a demand for more until Niki began to shake, her legs appearing to cramp and her motions becoming a juddering mess, a moan built inside her and then broke like a damn bursting. Her entire body reacted like a seismic earthquake until she recovered slightly and forced herself to grind and ride and gag.

Lucy suddenly felt her dress sticking to her, and looked down to see the strong dark hands gently caressing her thighs, and her white dressed slightly dampened as it pressed against her warmth. She shivered in anticipation and noticed that her dress grew tighter still due to the urgent need of the warrior that ground against her rear. She moaned and closed her eyes as she felt lips press against her neck, hands run up and down her thighs and a warm male body move and sway against hers.

"Just watch darlin', let it build, let it all, build..."

The man snatched Lucy's hands that went searching for his cock and bound them in his grip behind her back, tantalizingly close to him but still inches away. He slid his cock down beneath her ass and forced the dress to pinch forwards, letting his head rub gently against the backs of her thighs and smiling as he felt her moist warmth building with need. He gripped her tight and her face was taught in a stung out need to be taken, to feel what her Guardian was experiencing, to be one with the carnal lust that gripped her city and her future. Yet the warrior held her still, keeping her arms behind her back with one hand and gently holding her face with the other, making sure she watched what was about to happen. Niki had moved now, rolling onto her side as the man that had been enjoying her mouth now moved beneath her, dragging her back onto him and manipulating her rear to slide down against his cock. Rubbing and rolling his cock head against her warmth for a brief moment, he shifted suddenly and pressed against the opening of her ass, causing her to open her eyes and give a gasp.

He continued to press, grinning wildly until his cock delved into her and her face was permanently cast in a mask of shock and pleasure. Niki could only watch as a new warrior entered, his pale skin bereft of any markings, his taught body shaking with need. Before he could enter the Guardian she began to buck and shake again, matching the unending thrusts of the warrior beneath her who growled his pleasure out loud to the cheers of his fellows. Niki's thighs shook and trembled and her face was screwed up in response to the exquisite joy that wracked her body. The pale warrior chose this moment to enter her, pressing his weight against her shaking thighs and slowly working his length deeper and deeper. Part screaming, part begging for more, Niki began to rock back and forth, back and forth, whilst both men pressed themselves against her body and thrust relentlessly into her.

Moments later an older warrior with similar pale skin that was shredded with old wounds and the marks of hard travel, took a fistful of Niki's hair and turned her head to him. Instinctually she lolled her tongue out and looked up with a blank, needing stare as he began to fuck her mouth, the whole dance of sexual frenzy increasing in pace, intensity and volume. Two more warriors strode over now until Niki was surrounded, her hands snatched up to grip their cocks and she worked them at the same pace that she was being fucked, switching every now and again to work each man with her saliva slathered mouth. Her skin giggled and her hips ground her hips, her breasts shook and her moans became animalistic as she was overcome with insatiable need. In that moment she was nothing but a vessel for pleasure and a woman who served, who needed to be taken and demanded worship in the form of ecstasy.

All throughout, Lucy could feel her cunt growing unbearably warm and yearned to be allowed to touch herself as her Guardian had taught her, or better yet for this unusually kind and gentle man to fill her and make her thighs tremble like Niki's. Instead he had busied himself with running his tongue up her neck, removing the clasps that bound her hair and letting it flow free around her face, gripping her thighs and hips suddenly then releasing the pressure until, without realising, she was begging to be taken. She had been whispering the same phrase for what seemed like an eternity now, trying to move herself to let his cock slip between her legs but he always moved and teased her without forgiveness.

"Take me-Take me-Take me-Take me-TAKE ME!" she finally yelled to the raucous laughter of the warriors in the room, who Lucy noted had grown in number. She was desperate and in need and she realised that she had wanted nothing more in her entire life than to be used and punished in this most brilliant of ways. Hearing her charge yearning to be used, Niki turned to face Lucy and smiled through the layers of saliva, sweat and precum that drenched her face and chest. Lucy thought her Guardian was about to speak but then a loud and urgent groan filled the room. The pale, unblemished warrior who had been pounding and filling Niki's warmth now lost all semblance of control and began to hurl himself into her, forcing the Guardian to moan in high pitch squeals of ecstasy as the man smashed his cock in and out, in and out until after long moments of muscles and skin trembling he was only able to shudder against her. Lucy too moaned now, with need and desire and the opening of a world of experience she never thought possible that bloomed like a promised dream before her. She watched the man's muscles spasm, his hips buck and his hand dig deeper and deeper into Niki's sweat soaked skin as he exhaled an impossibly long roar that matched the last of his quick, pounding thrusts. Falling to her knees and dragging away from the ebony skinned warrior Lucy gaped in awe at the radiating pleasure that the man exuded as he slid his cum covered cock out of Niki and slumped to the floor.

Lucy dug her nails into her skin and dragged the heavy white dress up and up, exposing her soft white thighs and driving her hands into her needing warmth, completely lost in the perfection that was Niki's body, raw from use and now dripping seed from her cunt. Even as the liquid trailed out and down her thighs, the other men did not relent, though Lucy reckoned that perhaps the man using her Guardians ass was also near to completion. Barely seconds had passed however and already a new man entered the orgy, his skin was dark too but he was smaller than the velvet voiced torturer that had brought Lucy into the room. Cum still drained from Niki's cunt but regardless this new man entered her again, driving the warrior taking the ebony goddesses ass over the edge until he began to pound his way to completion.

Lucy turned her head and laid her face against the cold stone floor, ensuring that she could see the ever moving, grinding form of Niki. Her hands pulled and pulled against the resistance of her dress until she felt her rear exposed and tried to match the position that her Guardian first adopted. She still chanted the same mantra, begging to be taken and to be used until their desire had left them. The velvet voiced warrior was without question the most glorious adonis that she had ever seen, but she no longer cared who used her, only that someone did.

As she chanted and watched and grew more frustrated, she felt two hands slide beneath her arms, hurl her upwards until her legs splayed out behind her and she was propped up on her knees. The adonis moved to face her, his cock fully grown and sliding across her open mouth, sending a shiver down her entire form. He grinned and drew back, watching as Lucy endlessly chanted, "take me-take me-take me-take me-", noting her eyes never leaving his, her mouth drooling slightly at the prospect of what was to come. Lucy could still hear Niki as she wailed in pleasure, waves of orgasm turning her into a demonic harpy of lust and need...but it seemed, distant. Her heart was pounding too loud and she could not even hear herself speak. The noise of her heart grew as the ebony warrior stepped forward in a swift motion, reached down to her and tore her dress away in four quick shredding motions, exposing her massive breasts that drew a hushed hiss of lust from the men around her. They all turned as one and stepped towards her, admiring her perfect curves and stunning features as though she was a wonder of the world that had never been discovered. Even those that had spent themselves already were now drawn to her, all except those still spending themselves inside her Guardian. Lucy's tongue slid between her parted lips and she widened her eyes, just as Niki had tongue, every inch the perfect servant.

Smiling widely, the velvet voiced adonis stepped forwards again, taking her chin in one hand and widening her mouth, his other hand sliding in-between her thick locks of hair and gripping her head. His cock head pressed ever so lightly against her waiting mouth and she whined in her need to be used already, but still he let her desire build.

Then, mercifully, he did as she had begged.

(to be continued)


Re: Conquest: The Library (Lucy Pinder, Niki Minaj)
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Wow, some wonderful descriptions in this story. I like the whole fantasy theme and you have a good way of writing action scenes that build visualizations in the mind easily.

Thanks for writing Lucy!  ;D


Re: Conquest: The Library (Lucy Pinder, Niki Minaj)
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This was amazing. You write brilliantly with a completely different world than how most writers do. I can't wait to read the next part with Lucy.


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Re: Conquest: The Library (Lucy Pinder, Niki Minaj)
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Thank you guys the encouragement is appreciated!


Re: Conquest: The Library (Lucy Pinder, Niki Minaj)
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Nice writing of Lucy. Hope to see more of her myself.


Re: Conquest: The Library (Lucy Pinder, Niki Minaj)
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I really liked this. The fantasy element in your writing is unique from other authors on this site and Lucy is always a joy. Bang her hard!  ;D


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Re: Conquest: The Library (Lucy Pinder, Niki Minaj)
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Chapter Two: It has been a while, but I finally have found time to write. Discussions, feedback always welcome, message me any time

Colour’s spluttered and faded acros Lucy’s vision and she watched small spinning lights form and melt away. Nothing remained steady and all was in motion; she felt that she was adrift on a gently lilting ocean and was completely weightless. There was a deep resounding drum beat that seemed to grow within the ocean of bliss she found herself upon, and with every passing moment she was dragged back to reality. Her vision changed and shuddered as the drum beat grew louder and she could hear her own breathing again. Somewhere nearby there was a high pitch wail that faded out into an exasperated, moaning sigh. Light and colour faded and the mirage of heat playing over burning sconces came into view and Lucy realised that the moaning came from her.

Having been lost in the endless crashing waves of orgasm Lucy remembered where she was and was brought back to reality with the repetitive thrusts of the warrior that filled her. The young man’s face was twisted with the physical effort and the promise of almost reaching completion. His hands dug deep into Lucy’s creamy thighs and held them up and apart, thrusting his long member with ever increasing pace. This speed contrasted with the slow, slide and pulse of the grizzled veteran beneath Lucy, who stretched her ass with his bulging thickness, took her to something beyond pleasure. The man’s body was hard as iron and he had Lucy’s arms held back at her sides, and playfully bit at her shoulders and neck as her eyes rolled and her tongue lolled.

“Get it boy, get it!” shouted the warrior who held back Lucy’s hair, letting out a frenzied laugh as his semi flacid cock slapped against Lucy’s juddering face. Saliva and precum ran freely down her cheek, yet she instantly paused her pleasurable whimpers in order to try and drain more of the warrior's cock. Sensing her need, he turned her head to face him and slid his now engorging meat into her mouth, bulging out her cheek and enjoying the slightly shocked look on her face as she gagged.

Unable to hold himself any longer, the warrior that was reaching completion began to spasm and shake, a long undulating roar came from him and filled the room. It was matched by Lucy’s muffled moan as she took the long ebony member down her throat and bobbed her head back and forth. She turned her head and opened her mouth as much as possible, her tongue flicking and twisting around the head of the cock she served, while her eyes watched the young warrior at her hips hungrily. So intense was his need that he was swinging his hips forwards and slamming into her wildly, his cock beginning to pulse and grow to its extremes. Lucy’s eyes grew wide and her pupils rolled back in her head, the drool that ran from her mouth gliding between the valley’s of her jiggling breasts.

At last there was a cheer as the young warrior ceased bucking and collapsed atop Lucy. She felt his warm seed flow past his still twitching cock and down across the curve of her inner thighs. As the spent man rolled off of her, the older warrior beneath her let go of her arms and moved to spread Lucy’s legs even as he kept his rhythmic thrusting into her ass. She could hear a low guttural laugh emanate from the man who continued to fire his thrusts like a steady piston.

“Here comes your Guardian to clean you up…” he growled into Lucy’s ear, and turned her head to help her eyes focus. Shivering with a hedonistic fever of lust, fulfilment and orgasmic bliss, Nicki was drenched in sweat, saliva and cum coated her glossy lips. Several of the men had expended themselves both within her and without, and she had a mask of cum that streaked across her face like a veil. A pink tongue flicked out and tasted the warm liquid, and Nicki shivered intensely again and almost buckled to the ground as she almost lost herself in the furore of carnality.

The old warrior beneath Lucy has started to quicken his thrusts and jolted her body with every aggressive motion, his need appearing to surge as he saw Nicki’s depraved state. He was no longer speaking but simply making short, sharp grunts, and Lucy could feel the man's legs begin to very subtly tremble. Formerly long strokes now became fast frenetic movements and his moans grew louder and louder. Many of the other men that had already spent themselves had gathered around to watch, their cocks twitching occasionally as they watched their warrior brother near his own release.

So distracted by the adoring audience and the new faces drawn by the uninhibited expressions of pleasure was Lucy that she did not notice Nicki crawl towards her until she felt her thighs tickled with the threads of her Guardian’s long, high ponytail. After being the fuel for so many thorough and wild passions, the gentle tactile gliding upon her thigh drew a gasp from Lucy and she stared, unable to move as the warrior buried his face into the nape of her neck and scrunched his face tightly as his orgasm approached. Twisting her head slightly and leading with her cum drenched tongue, Nicki dove into the Librarian’s warmth like a starving woman at a feast. Like a serpent winding up to the peak of a sand dune, Nicki had Lucy out of breath, the Librarian’s eyes bulging and then rolling back and she was caught in a silent scream.

Seeing the Guardian suck and twirl her tongue around Lucy’s swollen clit, the warrior finally arched his head back and almost threw Lucy off himself as he erupted inside her. For her share, Lucy could not contain her orgasm, giving out a loud, sharp yelp as she felt the man’s cock pulse and swell along with the rolling completion brought by Nicki’s tongue. She was still cumming when the man slid out of her ass and lay beneath her breathing hard, the warrior seeming to almost pass out from exhaustion. All the while Nicki continued to suck and hum, driving Lucy to the point where colours swam in her vision once again.

Neither woman noticed that the room was starting to fill, it had not been a particularly enormous space but there were now no longer seven or eight satisfied warriors of Lord Phallus. Twenty or perhaps twenty five were edging closer and closer to the two women, some were simply enjoying the show having taken their need from others. Many however had yet to sate themselves and they were dumbfounded at the sight of the two beautiful women twined together on the floor, cum slick and still in need of more. Hard cocks were stroked furiously, those who were fresh shouted words of encouragement, laughing and cheering as Lucy wrapped her legs up and over Nicki’s shoulders, forcing her hips forward. Her Guardian obliged and simply threw her head from left to right without ever removing her tongue from Lucy’s clit.

Almost instinctively a circle started to form, first from those who had yet to enjoy the women and then towards the back, those who were preparing to enjoy them again. No moves were made to disturb the pair, all were content to stroke themselves and press in about the two women.

Lucy fell back against the floor, her long brunette hair pooling out across the cold stone floor, her lower back inches above it as she gave voice to a long, loud moan. Nicki had placed her arms beneath the small of Lucy’s back and allowed the Librarian to keep her legs in place. The Guardian was relentless in the pursuit of Lucy’s pleasure, her own pussy dripping wet with the cum of her audience and her own excitement. Some of the gathered crowd would take it in turns to spank the ebony ass that swung enticingly in the air and each strike was met with a roar of approval. Nicki herself was trembling, her legs cramped yet she refused to stop whilst Lucy’s orgasm crashed outwards again, and again, and again.

Bustling and shifting, the crowd of gathered men split temporarily as an enormous, pale and scarred figure made his way into the small circle where Lucy and Nicki had finally rolled apart. He grinned as best he could, his bulging cock stood proud despite its size, a bead of precum building and forming to run down the shaft. Nicki and Lucy were panting and unable to focus, Lucy still shook occasionally in the aftershock of her multiple orgasms and Nicki was staring idly at her Librarian and smiling victoriously.

“Looks like I found the right part of the city then eh? These two have been going at it like crazy, we could hear them from outside! But it looks like they are getting tired…” said the giant of a man with a sly grin.

“But some of us just got here and really should show our thanks for the fine work of these two cum-eager ladies!”

A cheer rose up at these words, some imitated wolf howls and stroked harder and faster. Lucy and Nicki looked around and found themselves drawn into the carnal need once more as they watched the men drive each other on. A chorus of grunts, moans, snarls and encouragement to pump hard and fast filled the small room, seemingly pleasing the speaker.

“Lets give these fine fucking whores every drop we have in us and let the city know that they have truly gone above and beyond for their new masters!”

Whoops, cries, cheering and vulgar accords met his statement and the men pressed in closer still. They were all gathered and pressed close, each eager to reach Lucy and Nicki as soon as possible, barely able to hold themselves off as the entire room became hyper focussed. Nicki drew herself up and took Lucy’s hand, showing her how to position herself to serve and receive.

It was a godly sight seeing the two of them waiting and begging for the wave of cum about to be unleashed. Nicki’s thick curves were accentuated as her ample ass and thighs plumped up as she kneeled down, bringing Lucy next to her and having the Librarian face the opposite direction. Following Nicki’s lead, Lucy stuck her tongue out and made eye contact with each man that came towards her, her clipped sweet accent sounding so utterly sinful as she repeated the words.

“Mmmm, thank you sir” she began quietly, her heart racing as she could no longer see anything other than tensed thighs, hard, leaking cocks and a flurry of movements as the horde urged each other on.

“Mark me, masters, give me your cum, give me you- oh!” she exclaimed pleasurably as the first long warm ropes of cum blasted out from a young warrior who was the first to finish. Lucy felt the liquid splatter across the side of her face, coating her right eye and sliding slowly down across her cheek.

“More!” she exclaimed, “I want more, more, more of your cum, fucking give it to me, please masters give me your cum!” she shouted louder, and the perfect jiggle of her heavy breasts drove another two warriors over the edge. They stumbled forwards, stroking all the way, one tilting her head up and the other pulling her hair sharply. One slathered her face again, this time smothering her chin and neck, whilst the other aimed lower, ejaculating more than any man yet over the gentle ridges of her bust. Lucy felt the languid flow of it and trembled, unable to keep her fingers from finding her engorged clit and furiously toying with it as the next group of men came towards  her.

With her immense experience, Nicki used her hands and mouth to better pleasure the men who chose her as the target of their orgasm. She stroked each cock at a quick pace, twisting her fingers gently beneath at the tip to send the men into orgasmic convulsions. Cum was strung between her fingers and she used it to ease her hands across each man that came after. Wave after wave of warriors lunged forwards eagerly and spent themselves, and to the women time became meaningless as they allowed themselves to become lost in the madness of it.

Eventually the furore in the room dulled down to the quiet exhaustion of the warriors that at last took their rest, propping themselves up against the walls or simply lying on any clear spot on the floor. One still remained, the pale, scarred warrior growling with every breath, the flushed purple of his cock head looming in front of the cum glazed women as he pumped himself with long, slick strokes.

“Sh-show m-me what e-else that tongue can do…” he growled at Nicki, a look of challenge in his gaze. After long moments and a look of confusion from Lucy, Nicki beckoned him forward and without a thought Lucy stretched her tongue out once more, though she could hardly see due to how many men had spent themselves on her. Then, slowly and awkwardly as her legs still shook, Nicki dug her talons into the rippling thighs of the warrior and scratched playfully up the back of them, running her tongue fast behind them.

Shaking with need the warrior placed his hand over the top of Lucy’s head and slid it back to grab a fistful of her hair. Lucy assumed he was about to take control but all of a sudden he buckled slightly and his face contorted and he rocked forward violently. Nicki had her head driven up into his ass and he was clearly not expecting her to be as skilled with her tongue as she was. Instinctively stroking hard at fast up and over the ridge of his cock head, the pale warrior’s mouth opened and he moaned and growled and moaned again, and Lucy took the opportunity to wrap her hands around his pulsing bulge. Jerking back and forth far more furiously than he could manage, Lucy said the words that drove him over the edge.

“Cover me, my lord…” she said and now after the final warrior was prepared to finish, her smile matched the one Nicki had flashed at her many times in the lead up to this moment. Her Guardian had led her into new experiences before but this one, this had changed Lucy’s life and opened her mind to new sexual horizons. She smiled throughout the warrior's orgasm, never slowing her grip on his cock and almost reaching orgasm again herself as she felt the thick meat pulsate in her hands.

Leaning forward ever so slightly, Lucy directed blast after blast of hot cum onto her breasts, the warrior becoming unsteady as he almost collapsed atop her. He stumbled to the side and Nicki fell back, at last allowing herself to truly rest. Remaining still, Lucy still didn’t lose her satisfied smile as she ran her tongue around her mouth to taste her reward.

“Guardian” she said, quietly and gently, “I would like to leave the Library now, I don’t want to hide myself away anymore”.
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Re: Conquest: The Library (Lucy Pinder, Niki Minaj)
« Reply #7 on: December 05, 2020, 05:01:17 PM »
Oh my god! I fucking LOVED this!!

You have a gift with your descriptive details. You are truly talented with your writing skills.

I love seeing Lucy and Nicki serving and calling these men 'master'. The fantasy setting works perfectly, I hope you continue to write more. Maybe bring Lucy some place else where she can serve and work? A collar around the neck and some chains would be fitting too  ;D


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Re: Conquest: The Library (Lucy Pinder, Niki Minaj)
« Reply #8 on: December 05, 2020, 06:22:01 PM »
Oh my god! I fucking LOVED this!!

You have a gift with your descriptive details. You are truly talented with your writing skills.

I love seeing Lucy and Nicki serving and calling these men 'master'. The fantasy setting works perfectly, I hope you continue to write more. Maybe bring Lucy some place else where she can serve and work? A collar around the neck and some chains would be fitting too  ;D

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it, there are definetly more plans for Lucy and others :)


Re: Conquest: The Library (Lucy Pinder, Niki Minaj)
« Reply #9 on: December 05, 2020, 06:49:07 PM »
Great new chapter, I'm so happy to see you writing again. I echo the sentiment, your skills at writing details are superb. I can envision all of the actions playing out in my head. Can't wait to see what more stuff you write in this world you're creating. This is one of the most unique pieces I've read in a long while. I'm very happy to see you continuing on with it.


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Re: Conquest: The Library (Lucy Pinder, Niki Minaj)
« Reply #10 on: December 06, 2020, 01:02:14 AM »
Great new chapter, I'm so happy to see you writing again. I echo the sentiment, your skills at writing details are superb. I can envision all of the actions playing out in my head. Can't wait to see what more stuff you write in this world you're creating. This is one of the most unique pieces I've read in a long while. I'm very happy to see you continuing on with it.

Really appreciate that man, cheers! I will write whenever I get time and hopefully bring some more of my favourite celebs in :)


Re: Conquest: The Library (Lucy Pinder, Niki Minaj)
« Reply #11 on: December 06, 2020, 04:11:15 PM »
That was epic and hot. Love to read about Lucy's epic tits getting covered in cum.  8#=D 8#=D


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Re: Conquest: The Library (Lucy Pinder, Niki Minaj)
« Reply #12 on: December 06, 2020, 09:43:24 PM »
That was epic and hot. Love to read about Lucy's epic tits getting covered in cum.  8#=D 8#=D

Glad you enjoyed it, writing and imagining her taking cum shots is easily my favourite part  8#=D
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