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Letting it go ((Anna Faith Carlson))
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Disclaimer: All right, this story is not real. NOT REAL! Not to be read by anyone under the age of 18/21 yadda yadda yadda! I’d love to hear some feedback as per usual. My e-Mail addresses are at: mean.blackjack(@)yahoo.co.uk If you remove the parenthesis from the @ symbol it’ll get through! You can also get me at mean.blackjack47(@)gmail.com. Again, remove the parenthesis. Also, don’t forget to thank and like the story if you do like it! Also feel free to post on the thread to voice your encouragement, lord knows my ego needs stroking!

Also, please don't post this on any other site without my explicit permission. I've had to bring the hammer down on two thieves right as of writing and don't want to bring it down again. Don't forget to add me on Discord too! My name on there is Swagatha Christie#2438.

Author's Note: So, I figured Anna Faith deserved her own story! Let me know if you want her dressed up in something else for the next chapter!

Codes: MF, Cons, Oral

The sound of my phone buzzing to life and playing one of the stock tunes loaded onto it filled my room and stirred me from my sleep. My eyes opened and I found myself staring up at my ceiling while briefly wondering if I could have the small mercy of at least five more minutes in bed. Closing my eyes and doing my best, I found that I was up and there wasn't much else I could do for it. So, I sat up, reached across my room and grabbed my phone and hit the cancel button on my phone's screen. Swinging my legs out from the bed and standing up, I moved over to the window and pulled the curtains open, looking over the city skyline as the sun had slowly begun to rise up and illuminate the city. I closed my eyes gently before opening them up and turning around to look inside my room.

Walking over to the small double door closet that sat built into the right hand side of my bedroom, I opened the closet up and grabbed one of the shirts that hung up there. Draping the shirt over my bed, I quickly straightened the duvet up and fluffed the pillow so it would look better  for when I came home. With the shirt to one side, I quickly went about my morning routine of some personal care with deodorant and a liberal amount of aftershave to my face as well, I quickly went about dressing myself. I made myself presentable and as soon as I had left my bedroom, I found that the reason for me being up so early was already there to greet me.

"Morning!" My little sister, Nancy, called out to me, sat down cross legged in front of my room with her DVD copy of Frozen in one hand and a plush doll of Elsa in the other. Looking down at her, I smiled and threw some of my dirty socks at her.

"Good morning." I said with a grin, walking into the kitchen unit of the small apartment we shared with our mother and I could already see the A4 piece of paper on the desk. "Mom's already gone out has she?"

"Yeah, her shift is another eighteen hour one but she's got two days off after this." Nancy informed me as I read the same details from the note left to me from our mother. She had also left a couple of dollar notes at the bottom of the note to let me know I had definitely gotten enough bus fare to get us to and from the mall where this signing was. Looking over at the fridge, I grabbed a yoghurt drink and also some snacks for Nancy before stuffing them into a bag and slipping my shoes on. Looking at my phone for the time, I turned around and almost tripped over my little sister who was staring up at me. "Time to go?"

"Time to go." I confirmed with a smile as she bounced in place with electricity for what was about to happen. See, Elsa was a cartoon character, of course, but there were a series of cosplayers who looked close enough to the female ice queen that they could plausibly go to children's hospitals or they could go to signings like this for kids and it would make their day just like what was happening with Nancy right now as we made a quick check of the room to ensure all necessary electric sockets were off and nothing would set the apartment on fire while we were gone. Making our way down towards the bottom of the stairwell, I could barely contain Nancy as she bounced with me all the way down to the bottom floor of our apartment complex. Walking with her, I made sure to keep a hold of at least her hand while we made our way down to the bus stop. Checking the time on my phone and then inspecting the bus timetable, I knew it was more often that the buses would be late but I had hoped today would be something different. The time seemed to keep rolling on and the bus did arrive, but it was at least five minutes later than it should have been.

Getting onto the bus, I paid for both of our fares with a return ticket and Nancy had soon found herself a seat with a window and one for me to take a seat next to her too. Closing my eyes and trying to take some sort of break, having come off of a near fifty hour work week, I was ready to just have some time to myself but babysitting my little sister was one of those things that I had to do no matter how much I hated it. Looking down to my sister, I could see how eager she was and it almost made it worth it. The bus came to a stop and we were both able to get off of the vehicle. Facing the mall, I walked with Nancy until we came to the store that was doing the signing. Looking at the line, we could already see that it was going to be a long, long wait. Even with us getting up earlier than usual and catching the very first bus outside of our apartment complex and we were still late! Nancy tugged at my jeans slightly.

"Don't worry, we're just going to be here a little longer than we thought." I reassured her, letting her know that everything was going to be okay. As we joined the line, there was a store member who came up behind us and sealed the line off. We had literally just made it! Standing in line, we started to move forward slowly, one person at a time and eventually it got to the point where we were within sight of the main autograph table. Looking over the parents and kids who were there, I could see sitting at the table was a busty blonde woman with long hair, braided exactly like the movie poster of Elsa. She was even in the bright blue gown that made her look like the cartoon come to life. She was busy signing an 'autograph' for the young girl in front of the table when her bright blue eyes floated up and looked to me. There was a brief moment before a smile creeped over her face and she went back to looking at the next little girl.

Finally getting around the side of the line and looking to the side of the table so I could actually see the profile of the woman who was dressed as the popular cartoon character. She really did look attractive and if I wasn't with Nancy I'd be half tempted to even try to flirt with her but performing big brother duties was enough for me to keep it in my pants no matter just how long it had been since the last time I got laid. Nancy however, didn't seem to care and she seemed to visibly start reacting to how close we were to her. Looking down at her, I couldn't help but smirk at how excited she was. It must be like getting up early to see Santa on Christmas morning. My eyes looked over one of the large hanging posters and saw that the woman who was playing Elsa was a famous cosplayer, Anna Faith who seemed to do with sort of thing quite often.

I, personally, had never heard of her but she did look the part and sometimes that was enough for the people in charge. She was still busy writing out autographs and taking photos with the various little girls who were in line to meet the fake Queen Elsa. It finally got to the point where we were next in line and soon, we were standing in front of her. Nancy eagerly thrust her DVD copy of Frozen in front of her and the Elsa, Anna Faith, reacted actually pretty appropriately.

"Oh my! A gift for me?" She asked, smiling down at my little sister who eagerly nodded her head. "I could certainly sign this for you, would you like that?" When Nancy smiled and nodded her head, I put my hand on her shoulder gently.

"Use your words Nancy."

"Yes please!"

"Atta girl."

"Oh thank you kind Prince." Anna said, looking up at me for once and shooting me a smile.

"He's not a Prince, he's my brother!" Nancy said with a grin, looking over at Anna and then back to me. "Tell her Nick!"

"Ah, yeah she's right. I'm not a Prince. I'm just her big brother."

Anna looked me up and down before shrugging her shoulders gently. "I only say what I see, a tall handsome man like you is definitely a Prince in my eyes." She looked down to Nancy and brought a hand up in a conspiratorial whisper. "Don't you think he looks like a Prince?"

"I mean? I guess? He hasn't really saved many Princesses though."

"Okay Nancy, that's enough."

“Well saving Princesses isn’t the only thing Princes can do!” Anna said, a warm smile on her face as she looked me up and down before turning back to Nancy. “I like your bow though! Did your brother do that for you?”

“He did! Our mom isn’t really around enough for her to do it for me.”

“Oh.” Anna said, looking up to me as I felt a sudden wave of shame rush over me.

“Yeah, she works a whole lot since Daddy left us.”

There was another puff of shame as Anna’s eyes moved from Nancy to me. Anna looked over to me before raising an eyebrow.

“Well, that certainly sounds like Prince-like behaviour to me!”

"I can't even remember the last time he even had a girlfriend! He's so busy working to make sure me and my Mom can stay in our apartment-"

Feeling red flush to my cheeks, I put my hand on Nancy's shoulder.

"Nancy, that's enough. You've got your autograph let's get the photo and then we can head home."

"Well that's okay," Anna said, looking to my sister and then over to me. "Does the Prince have something for me to sign?"

"Ah... No, not really. I just came to look after her."

"Oh my, how will I give the Prince my phone number then?"


"Oh never mind." She pulled her own cell phone out and unlocked her phone before passing it over to me. "If you just put your details in there, I'll see if I can arrange a carriage ride with you."

Taking the phone from her, I looked at the empty screen and then back down to my sister who was still staring at Anna. Shrugging my shoulders, I tapped out some details into the phone and then locked the screen before passing it back to her. She smiled to me, shot me a week before tucking her phone away in her handbag.

"So, do you want a photo?" Anna asked Nancy, smiling to her.

And that was that. I had given my phone number to some random woman who was far more attractive than anyone I had ever had a chance to be with. Nancy was bouncing in her seat at how excited she was to see Queen Elsa and she was staring at the DVD copy that had been signed as 'Elsa' by Anna Faith and Nancy seemed to be happy enough to know that while it wasn't actually Elsa, it was someone close enough to her.

And that was that. I had given my phone number to some random woman who was far more attractive than anyone I had ever had a chance to be with. Nancy was bouncing in her seat at how excited she was to see Queen Elsa and she was staring at the DVD copy that had been signed as 'Elsa' by Anna Faith and Nancy seemed to be happy enough to know that while it wasn't actually Elsa, it was someone close enough to her.

"Nick, that was so cool wasn't it?" She asked, looking over to me while she gripped her DVD copy so tightly I was almost concerned that she was going to break the shell of the DVD box. Smiling down to her, I had to grin and nod my head.

"Well worth getting up early over right?"

"Definitely!" She looked out of the window and then up to me. "Are you mad at me?"

"No! Nancy, why would you ask that?"

"When I was talking to the lady pretending to be Elsa, I told her about the apartment and you sorta shouted at me."

"I'm... I'm sorry Nancy, I didn't mean to upset you. No, I'm not mad at you. I just... I don't think we need to let people know how we live okay?"

Nancy nodded her head and went right back to looking at the DVD copy with a big smile on her face.

"So awesome..."

The bus ride came to a stop outside of the apartment block and we both got off in time to see our mother walking down the street with us carrying a couple of brown paper bags of groceries with her. Walking up to her, I grabbed a bag off of her and helped her walk into the apartment block and up to our place. As we made our way up the steps and Nancy filled our mother in on every little detail of us going over to see the woman who was playing as Elsa and then our trip back to where we eventually were. Nancy was speaking a mile a minute as both me and our mother nodded our heads. As we arrived on the top floor, I felt my phone buzz to life with a text message. That was something I'd have to get to once we got to our apartment.

Reaching our apartment, Nancy opened the door and we all walked inside with me placing the bag of groceries on the side of the kitchen bar. Walking to the side, I pulled my phone out of my pocket and looked down at the screen. My heart nearly skipped a beat when I saw the text message.

"Is this my Prince?"

"Do you want any help putting that stuff away?" I asked my mom who simply waved me off. Walking into my bedroom, I closed the door and took a seat on the side of my bed before unlocking the phone and finally taking a chance to respond. Lifting my phone up, I quickly typed out another message.

"It is yeah. Surprised to hear from you again though!"

There was a brief pause before my phone buzzed again.

"I need a Prince you know? It's been a long time since I've really been able to let it go ;)"

That made me pause in place. Looking down at my phone, I was almost trembling in place as I quickly opened up the phone to send her another message but was interrupted by a photo of Anna in her hotel bathroom, still in the Elsa costume only this time she was bent over at the waist and showing off her impressive cleavage that was on show. She had her lips pursed into a kiss and there was a bright red lipstick mark on her bathroom mirror as well.

"Come over?"

My heart was definitely pounding into my ribcage now and as I fumbled with my phone, I struggled to key out a response back to her.

"Would love to! Where are you?"

Anna sent over her hotel's details and with that information, I had decided that I was going to go and see Queen Elsa for another royal visit. Standing up, I made sure to smooth my clothing down, freshen myself up again before making my way out of the room and towards the front door.

"Nick? Where are you going?" My mom called out to me. Looking over my shoulder at her, I paused briefly.

"I... Met someone online. They're only going to be in town for a couple of days." Mom nodded and tossed me the keys to her car.

"Take the car. Have a good night." She said with a smile, before grabbing the bowl of popcorn and joining Nancy on the couch to watch Frozen for the hundredth time or whatever it was. I certainly wasn't envious and while I made my way downstairs, I keyed in the information for Anna's hotel and stuck it on my phone's GPS system to help guide me through the streets and towards the hotel where she was staying. Sitting in the car and looking up at the traffic lights, second thoughts started to dance in my mind. What if she was only kidding? What if she had some guy there waiting for me to kick the crap out of me for being such a creep and turning up to have sex with her. That knot in my stomach started to get bigger and wider as I got closer and closer to the hotel. Pulling into the parking lot of the hotel, I took a look around before grabbing my phone and locking the door to the car. Turning around and looking up at the hotel, I bit down on my bottom lip and did my best to focus my efforts on the task in front of me.

If she did want to kick my ass, she'd probably have given me a wrong number or even the door opposite hers so she could watch me embarrass myself in front of some random stranger all while she was in the comfort of her own hotel room. Riding the elevator up to the third floor where she was supposed to be staying, I walked up to the door and then knocked on the door. Taking a step back, I looked at the door and bit down on my bottom lip gently as I waited to see who would be opening the door to greet me.

The door opened up quickly and it was then that I saw Anna Faith on the other side of the door. Her long blonde hair was still in the stylishly long braid that looked like she was part of her character of Elsa. She was still clad in the long, flowing icy blue dress only this time she was wearing some matching elbow length gloves to go with it. She flashed me a smile as her hand came up and rested against the side of the door as she offered me a big, bright smile and she nodded her head over to me. She took a step back and invited me to step inside of her hotel room.

"My Prince has arrived then!" She said with a smile, obviously still in character as Elsa. She reached into the hallway and placed one of those 'Do not disturb' hanging signs on the doorknob before closing it and then locking the door. Turning around, she followed me into her bedroom while I took the chance to fully admire what was on show.

The room she had been put into, a suite, was large and spacious. It came with one of those fancy old fashioned drawer units with a vanity mirror on top of it, complete with a series of light bulbs that ran all around the edge of the mirror to show off how the woman would have looked in any sort of light with what I could assume was a wide selection of costumes. There was a large television in the corner and directly opposite the tall open door windows was a lounger that recoiled backwards slightly. In front of the lounger was a small coffee table that was littered with a selection of coffee table magazines, various gossipy looking headlines and pictures of celebrities who had been caught without makeup or whatever. The bed, was massive. It was a four corner post one with some of those fancy draping curtains that made it look as if it were something from a BBC costume drama.

Anna walked forward and took her place in front of me, standing close to me within an arms reach of me and it already looked like her cheeks were flushed with arousal. Looking at her picture perfect face, she took a step forward and quickly closed the gap. Her arms came up and the gloved hands linked behind my neck and kept me looking at her.

"You know, normally a Queen would ask her Prince for a kiss..." Elsa started, taking another step to me so that her generously sized chest was pushing up against my own chest. Her hands pulled at my neck and pulled me down so that she could whisper directly into my ear. "This Queen though? She wants a hard dick." That was that. My cock was already hard but with that confirmation of what she wanted was enough for me to get hard and stay rock hard too. Her teeth then sunk into my earlobe and she gave it a gentle nibble before her hands pressed against my chest and she quickly guided me towards the lounger so that I could take a seat. Collapsing on the lounger, I rearranged myself so that I wasn't lying down and sitting up to look at her. Anna took a couple of steps forward and reached to the side of her icy blue dress. Tugging at a couple of the buttons, the fabric became looser and then her fingers tugged on the zipper of the dress, she pulled it all the way down and when the zipper wouldn't go down any further, she simply lifted her hand up and the dress fell from her body.

Anna now stood in front of me in a icy blue pair of bra and panties, the materials looked similar to the dress she had worn and the long gloves came all the way up and connected to the bra like it was a slip for her to wear. She ran her fingers through her hair as best as she could do before she walked forward and slipped down to her hands and knees in front of me. Kneeling her way forward, Anna reached up and unzipped my own pants, tugging the zip apart so she could reach in to get at my dick.

"Time to see if I can pull this sword from the stone..." Anna said before rolling her eyes. "Whatever, I'm running out of things to say." She added, a playful giggle spilling from her mouth. Her fingers reached inside of my jeans and she pulled my boxers down so that my cock could slip out freely into the air. Her eyes looked down at it and she made an impressed noise. "I think we're going to have a lot of fun." Anna said with a smirk, her hand wrapping around the base of my dick and then she opened her mouth up. Taking the head of my cock inside of her warm, wet mouth, Anna pushed her tongue down to the head of my cock and she started to slowly bathe my dick in her wet spit. As soon as she did that, I could feel a familiar tinge take over me. I wasn't close to cumming already was I? Looking down at her, she didn't seem to notice as her lips pressed down around my dick's head and she started to suck on me. Her hands came down and she placed them on the inside of my thighs, keeping them apart so she had enough room to play with.

Her lips closed down around my prick and she started to push her mouth up and down, slowly sucking on me while her big eyes floated up to look at me as she started to take more of my dick into her mouth. My cock twitched again and I closed my eyes to try and think of anything remotely not sexy to try and stave off the oncoming orgasm. Anna's hand came down and cupped my balls gently, squeezing at the sack as her lips rolled up and down on my pole. She let out another moan and as her tongue ran all over my cock, painting it in her hot, wet spit. I could feel beads of her spit running down my shaft and towards the base of my pole. The saliva was tracing all over my cock and all the way down from the tip towards the bottom of my dick.

Anna pushed her lips down a little bit further and I could feel my cock pressing against her throat, prompting a cough from the woman before she pulled her head up off of my dick and then leant in to kiss against the sides of my dick, running her tongue along my prick as she tried to play it like it was a harmonica. She made sure to cover every little bit of my shaft with my prick with her lips and her tongue as well. Slipping her mouth up and down, her hands cupped against my balls and squeezed on them as she sucked all over my cock. As soon as her lips closed around under the head of my dick, I let out a quick warning groan and my dick started to twitch before I was firing ropes of my warm, hot cum into her mouth.

Anna certainly seemed surprised but she didn't care as she held my dick in her mouth and let me keep firing into her waiting mouth while I orgasmed rather embarrassingly quickly for my liking. Anna let out a moan before taking my head up off of my dick and pushed her tongue out, showing me the creamy load on her tongue and she then swallowed it all the way down. Wiping at her mouth with the back of her hand, she nodded her head before looking up at me.

"Huh. It was that good?" She asked, a flirty smirk on her face as she leaned back on her heels.

"It was... It's been..."

"Don't worry I get it. But since I don't get to really rock with my awesome blowjob skills, I think it's only fair you get to warm me up." She said with a shrug of her shoulders, she stood back up between my legs and slipped her fingers under the waistband of her panties. Sliding them down her long legs, she rolled them off of her legs and threw them to the side of the room. Walking over to sit down next to me, she spread her legs and showed off her hot entrance. I stood up and off of the lounger before undressing myself so that I was still clad in my shirt but my shoes, socks and bottoms were off of my body. Looking down at her, I smiled and got down between her legs. I could see the small strip of blonde hair just above her entrance and I could see just how hot and wet she was too.

"A Queen needs her throne right?" I asked, moving a little bit closer to her hot pussy. Leaning down, I pushed my tongue forward and tasted her lips for the first time.

I moved my face in between her legs and pushed my mouth up against her opening. Just the smell of her lower lips was enough to make me hard but the thought of being able to taste it made me salivate. I opened my mouth and slipped my tongue out to slowly lick against her. I pushed my tongue into her folds, reaching down towards the bottom of her slit and then slowly making my way up towards the top of her entrance. Feeling how hot she was, I made sure to keep a good hold of her legs as she lifted them up and laid them on my shoulders as if she wanted to keep me exactly where she wanted me. I made sure to run my hands up and down her long legs while my tongue dipped into every little bit of her folds. Running my tongue against her, I could feel Anna tense up and desperate little breaths escape her mouth as her hands came down to run through my hair.

Looking up at her, I continued to slip my tongue over her folds before pressing the flat of my tongue up against her entrance and tasting every bit of her juicy pussy. Rubbing my tongue up and down, I maneuvered my tongue to using just the tip of it and weaving it in and out of every little bit of her entrance before I pushed my tongue forward and into her. As soon as I speared my way into her entrance, I could feel Anna react to it and her body definitely showed how good it felt as she pushed her hips forward and managed to grind herself against my face as I rolled my tongue in and out of her while exploring every little bit of her folds.

Anna's thighs closed down around my head, almost clamping down in place as she started to roll her hips around, grinding against my face as I pushed my tongue in and out of her. My hands stroked against the outside of her thighs, running up and down her long legs before I slipped my hands into the band of her stockings, running against the bare fabric of her legs before I moved my hands up to her thighs, digging my fingers into her thighs gently as her thighs clamped down against my head and almost held me in place while I continued to lick against her pussy. Running my tongue in and out of her folds like I was using my tongue to fuck her, I could almost instantly feel Anna's walls squeezing on my tongue, trying to keep me inside of her while I ate at her folds.

Anna's hands came down and I could feel her gloved fingers weaving through my hair and tugging at it, her fingers threatening to yank my hair clean from my roots as I pushed my tongue inside of her and started to probe around inside of her.

"Oh fuck yeah... Eat that pussy... Give it to your Queen... Oh fuck!" Anna squealed as I could feel her thighs pressing against my cheeks while I buried my tongue into her, my own lips grinding against her pussy. I ran my hands up along her body and up towards her generously sized chest, squeezing at her breasts over the fabric of her bra and making sure to squeeze at both of them evenly while I slipped my tongue in and out of her hot folds. I could feel how wet she was and with every little lick inside of her, it seemed to pour more of her juices into my mouth. Something, I really wanted to get more of. Holding her legs against me, I continued to push my tongue inside of her, flicking my tongues tip up towards the top of her entrance and almost scraping against the roof of her pussy and positively drenching my tongue in her hot juices.

"You fucking bastard... Lick that pussy good!" Anna panted, her thighs squeezing against my cheeks a bit more as one of my hands slipped down from her breasts and between her legs, rubbing against her hard little clit as she slumped back into the lounger and just clamped her legs down around my head and held me in place as I started to rub against her clit and slip my tongue right inside of her folds. Rubbing against her clit and eating her hot pussy was eventually too much for the blonde cosplayer and her body bucked and arched up off of the lounger and bucking against my face as her head fell back and she started to cum.

"Oh fuck!" She yelled out, a string of obscenities joining it as her hot, wet juices flooded my mouth. Feeling her cum all over me, I continued to lick into her pussy and rub against her clit while she trembled and shook, her sweet juices just emptying into my mouth. "Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" Anna's body arched up off of the lounger before she slumped back down onto it with an almighty crash. As she did so, her legs slowly fell apart from my head and spread open slightly so I had room to come up to get my own fresh air. Looking up at her, I could only grin as her body had a light sheen of sweat to it and her cheeks were flushed red with arousal. She reached down between her legs and scooped up some of her own arousal off of her pussy lips and fed it to herself. "Fuck..." Anna punctuated her expletive rant with one more fuck before looking down at me. "How's that dick?"

I stood up from between her legs and she could see that I was now rock hard again. Anna licked her lips and patted the side next to her on the lounger.

"Sit down, your Queen wants that fat cock inside of her."

I couldn't really argue with that sort of logic and as my dick twitched to life, it was letting me know full well it agreed with her. So, I walked around the coffee table and took a seat next to her. As soon as I had done that though, Anna was up on her feet and reaching behind her body to unhook her bra and drop it in the same place that her panties had fallen to. The blonde cosplayer then made her way over to me and placed her hands on my shoulders. Rubbing against the skin, she lifted her hips up and reached beneath her, her hand took hold of my length and she slowly rubbed it up and down before holding it still and upright towards her own entrance. I could feel her wet aroused juices dripping down onto my member and as she pushed her hips down, my dick slid inside of her.

Time seemed to stand still as my dick split her folds open and she sank all the way down on top of me. Her ass cheeks clapped against my thighs and Anna's head was thrown backwards as her soaking wet pussy accepted my cock inside of her. When she slipped all the way down, Anna made sure to roll her hips around, grinding against me as my hands came up to stroke against her body. My hands ran along her waist and up to her breasts, squeezing them both fairly as she pushed her hands down on my shoulders and she started to lift herself up and then drop them down again. Groaning against her neck, I ran my hands up and down her sides, running along her back before going down to her ass and squeezing her cheeks while she rode me.

Anna shifted her legs, swinging them up so that she was essentially kneeling on my legs with her hands on my shoulders. Her hot, wet pussy was squeezing me tightly as she lifted her hips up and dropped them down again. Her ass slipped up and then dropped down again, clapping the skin together as she rode on top of me. My hands ran down her back, rubbing circles into the small of her back before coming down to settle on her ass, squeezing her cheeks and then slapping them both for good measure.

"I don't know where to put my hands!" I said, laughing as I touched every little bit of her bare skin.

"Put them... Fuck! Put them all over me baby!" Anna said, biting down on her bottom lip and putting more effort into riding me as she bounced up and down on my dick.

So, I did as I was told. One hand settled on her ass while the other came up and took hold of one of her generously sized breasts, squeezing at the tit and gently toying with the nipple while I had a hold of one of her ass cheeks.

"Oh fuck! That is good dick!" Anna moaned, her head falling back and letting out a long moan as she rode up and down on me. I had to admit, her pussy was utterly heavenly and as she rode up and down on me, I wanted to experience as much of it as I could do. As she started to slide her hips up, I made sure to pull mine down and when she pushed down, I pushed up. My dick slid inside of her just as she pushed herself down and the both of us let out long, erotic groans. Anna bit her lip and threw her head back, her long braided Elsa hair coming back and whipping against her skin as she bounced up and down.

The lounger we were on was already shaking backwards and forwards and with each hard fuck up into her entrance, I could tell Anna was getting closer to an orgasm. She was already moaning like she had done with her earlier orgasm and the pitch of her voice was rising with each of my hard pushes inside of her and with each of her eager drops down onto my lap with her ass cheeks slapping against my thighs. Anna made sure to keep bouncing up and down on me and as my hands came up to squeeze against her chest, I leaned in and wrapped my lips around her right nipple, sucking on it and gently grazing my teeth against it before moving over to the other one and sucking on it. Anna offered my lap one final grind before she threw her head back and came again.

Her pussy walls gripped me tightly and worked their magic squeezing at me and doing their absolute best to milk me dry as Anna had her head back and her mouth hanging wide open as she exploded all over me. Her lower lips were drenching my dick in her juices as loud squeaks and squeals left her mouth as she rammed her hips down on my lap and her head rocked forward, sinking against my shoulder as she did her best to recover from the orgasm. A smile rolled over her face as she managed to open her big eyes to look at me. Licking her lips, Anna pulled me forward so that we could kiss each other again while my dick remained buried inside of her. My hands roamed up along her body, squeezing against her breasts firmly as her hips rolled around on my lap. Her pussy was grinding against me all while I groped against her chest as our tongues wrapped together in each others mouths. My hands ran down her side and to her thighs, taking a hold of them both and lifting her up and rearranging her on my lap.

Anna let her head press against mine before she slowly pulled herself up off of my lap and managed to get to a standing position. Her legs were definitely wobbly, but she had managed to hobble over to the bed and she slowly crawled onto the bed, her pussy was on show to me with her arousal still leaking from her lips and onto her thighs. She slowly moved herself around so that she was facing me before she lifted a hand up and made a beckoning motion with her hand. Standing up off of the lounger, I crossed over the room and towards where she was kneeling. Anna licked her lips at my dick stood in front of her, glistening with her own arousal as she looked it over. Lifting her head up and opening her mouth, Anna guided my dick right back into her mouth and she gleefully swallowed me down.

Anna moaned around my cock as she took me inside of her mouth, her big eyes flicking open to look up at me all while she pushed her lips down on my prick. Her lips were closed down tight around my shaft and as she remained on her hands and knees, I started to help her with my dick and started to rock my hips backwards and forwards, feeding my length into her mouth and watching as her big eyes were left settled on mine as she hungrily accepted my dick inside of her and just let me use her mouth. Putting my hands on the sides of her head, I started to push my dick into her and then pull my hips back, sliding my cock into her mouth and then out again with each slide of my hips and push forward, it seemed to be enough for Anna to cough ever so slightly around my dick and make more spit drop down her chin from the sides of her mouth.

My cock was soon sliding all the way into her mouth and I could soon feel my balls slapping against her chin all while Anna coughed and ran her hands against my thighs, not intending to hurt me or anything by the looks of things, she just wanted to keep me in my place as I fucked her face. I could feel Anna's mouth getting wetter and wetter and more of her warm saliva was dripping down her chin from the corners of her mouth. Looking down at the long Elsa braid, I reached down to grab a hold of it as I pumped my hips forwards and backwards. Gripping her long blonde hair, I continued to fuck Anna's face as more and more of my cock slipped inside of her mouth and bumped against her throat with another hard push forward.

Anna's hands came down to the bedsheets again and her fingers dug into the sheets and not into my skin as she remained on her hands and knees in front of me. My balls continued to slap against her chin as I rocked my hips backwards and forwards, my cock was now slick with her own arousal and also her saliva. Slowly pulling my dick out of her mouth, I looked down at her as she managed to bring her big eyes to look up at me and she slowly ran her tongue over her bottom lip before using the back of her left hand to clean up some of the loose strands of her spit before nodding her head.

"Come and get it. Make me cum again and you can fuck my tits."

That was a decent enough challenge for me! So, I climbed onto the bed behind her and gripped my length at the base of my shaft and held it still before pushing my dick forward and sliding myself all the way inside of her. With my dick slipping inside of her and then bumping against her lips, I took hold of her sides and started to work myself backwards and forwards, brushing myself inside of her while angling my dick upwards towards the 'bottom' of her pussy and in the opposite of where the g-spot traditionally was, but with each pump inside of her, I did my best to alternate the strokes. With each slide inside of her, Anna's walls were squeezing down around me and her head rocked back as she took my dick all the way inside of her.

"Oh fuck yes!" She squealed, her fingers clawing at the duvet I was fucking her on top of.

With my hips smacking against Anna's ass, I could hear her cheeks colliding with my own waist and as I took hold of her by her waist, I wanted nothing more than to make the cosplayer and social media star explode all over my dick again. I bit down on my bottom lip and watched Anna's body shake as I pumped my hips backwards and forwards, forcing my cock inside of her and splitting her dripping wet folds open while I fucked her from behind. Taking my hands up off of her waist, I reached under her body and took hold of her breasts, squeezing both of them evenly while Anna kept herself upright with her forearms as they were left perched on the bed. Squeezing at her chest, my palms rubbed against her nipples before my actual fingers moved to grab at them both. My index fingers and thumbs caught her nipples and slowly rolled them from side to side all while my hips rocked backwards and forwards, feeding my dick inside of her.

Rubbing my fingers and thumbs against her nipples, I could hear Anna's breath catching in her mouth and as I continued to slide my dick in and out of her, I wanted to see her face as she came.  I pulled my dick backwards until only the head was left inside of her and with a long, hard stroke I pushed myself inside of her. As I did so, her whole body reacted to it as she was almost shoved forward by my cock and her head was rocked upwards as I did so. Having her head rock upwards, her naturally big eyes were even wider and as she managed to turn her head to look at me, I repeated the motion, pulling my cock back so that just my dick's head was left inside of her and then pushed my cock forward again with a long, full stroke.

"Oh fuck!" Anna screamed out, the cadence in her voice rising with every one of my strokes inside of her. Sliding my cock inside of her with these long strokes was doing its bit for keeping me from an orgasm but for everytime my dick stabbed inside her, it sent another shockwave to Anna's core and her body was already a trembling mess. Her thighs, and now my balls, were slick with her arousal dripping to the bedsheets as I rammed her hard from behind. My hands came down from her breasts and took hold of her by the waist, my hips continued to slowly beat against her cheeks and made the blonde cosplayer get rocked backwards and forwards with my hard thrusting. "Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Oh fuck!" Anna added, her eyes still wide and her mouth hanging open slightly as she was rocked backwards and forwards. Her breath was now coming out in short, ragged breaths and with each push inside of her, her breath seemed to be rising.

"Ready to cum Anna?" I whispered in her ear, my teeth sinking down into her earlobe as I continued to deliver slow, long strokes inside her.

"Fuck! Yes! Yes I'm going to cum!" Anna squealed, her right hand coming up to stroke through my hair as I sunk my teeth into her neck and lovingly sucked on her skin. Sliding my dick into her one final time, I used my free hand to reach between her legs and started to rub against her clit as I continued to give her the long, slow strokes. Pushing my cock inside of her, Anna's breath almost cracked as her walls closed tight around me and they pulsed with another amazing orgasm that ran through her body and took over as she drenched my cock in her hot juices. Her body was slick with sweat and the gap between her legs was dripping with her aroused juices and as I slipped out of her pussy, the blonde woman collapsed on the bed, her legs spread and her arms out flat as she was almost devastated by the fucking.

Weakly, she managed to roll herself over to her back and looked over at me, those big breasts standing out for me to play with. So, I moved forward and straddled her stomach, briefly parting her breasts before wrapping them around my dick and using them to help me get myself off. Anna lifted her head up meekly and stuck her tongue out to taste some of her cum on my dick as I rocked my dick backwards and forwards. Pressing her breasts down close around my cock, I made sure to keep them closed down around my dick all while her tongue rubbed against my head.

"Come on... Cum for your slutty little Queen." Anna encouraged, the only remnants of her Elsa persona in the blonde braid that was quickly becoming loose and the blue stockings that were still strapped to her lower half. Rolling my cock forward once more, I grunted and started to cum. Pushing my dick through the gap of her breasts, I started to shoot my cum from my dick's head and over towards her face. Firing a rope against Anna's face, I moved myself up and stroked my cock before Anna took over, both of her hands fisting my cock and firing more of my ropes against her face, nose and some on her chin. With a second wind though, I had more cum left inside of me and Anna was quick to aim the last of my load against her tits, giving them another coating as her left eye was glued shut with my load.

"Fuck... I feel like such a slut..." Anna said, a big grin on her face as she let go of my dick and laid back flat on the bed. "You fucking drenched me!" She said, a big smile on her face as my load dripped down towards her chest. "Fuck!"

Chuckling, I slipped off of the bed and made my way over to the bathroom, grabbing one of the towels for her to clean her face up with.

"Does Disney know you curse like that?" I asked, watching as she pressed the towel to her face to soak up some of the beads of cum that had been dropped on her face.

"Why does it upset you?" Anna asked, a smirk on her face as she threw the cum-soaked towel across the room.

"It upsets me that I didn't get that ass of yours."

"Oh, only special people get my ass."

"I made you cum how many times tonight?"

Anna grinned and put a playful expression on her face, her finger tip pressing against her chin before she shrugged her shoulders.

"Enough to get my ass."


"No, not tonight." Anna clarified, looking over to the side where her handbag sat, she pointed to it. "Get me that?"

I did as she asked, walking over to her handbag and bringing the full thing over. Anna reached in and grabbed her small tablet computer. Unlocking it and swiping at the screen, she smiled and looked up to me.

"I'm going to be here again in March. Get some practice before I do. I'm going to make sure you get a real, royal welcome."
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Re: Letting it go ((Anna Faith Carlson))
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Great story


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Great story

Thank you! I'm definitely thinking Anna will be getting a part two ;)


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