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Heat of the Night (Charlotte McKinney)
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Heat of the Night
Starring: Charlotte McKinney

Codes: MF, Cons, Oral, Tit Fuck, Anal

Disclaimer: This story is purely fictional. This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal. Please do not copy this story to any site without my permission.

Miami Beach, Florida

Hot air faded from the sky on a bright summer afternoon over the beach city. This was Miami, typical hot as hell weather pouring down from the sky. The beaches were full of people enjoying the sunshine while bars nearby offered shelter from the sun and fresh cold drinks for thirsty visitors to relinquish themselves. Definitely Miami, the usual for anyone that had lived here and grew up used to the city. South Beach was always a playground for fun if one could afford the booming nightclubs, hot sun at the beach and the luxurious Art Deco hotels.

Dean found himself on this day driving down the road in his white Ferrari Testarossa to meet with his friend Jon. The two of them had dropped out of college just three years ago as of this summer, trading their scholarships in film work for a crash course into some serious money with fashion photography. Like many successes in history, the two men found themselves at the right place at the right time involving the right person. If it weren't for James Mack, the two would still be wasting their lives chasing degrees hoping to get rich in a career.

James Mack was a business man in Miami who owned and ran several fashion studios, one of the biggest in Miami. Dean and Jon got the foot in the door from knowing Mack's own son; Carl. A product of nepotism had proven to blow his way through college with major gambling problems and partying, always one step closer to disaster. Dean and Jon had met Carl's father at a party after approaching him about the gambling issues with his son. James had admired the young men for their honesty and offered them a spot within his business after he realized they both had come from poor backgrounds. The proposition had proven to pay off within three years of hard work, as now the business was about to expand due to high profile models coming about in the business.

Nevertheless, none of this was on Dean's mind about now as he pulled the car up on the side of the road parking near the sidewalk. He stepped out of the fancy car and took a moment to feel the heat of the sun high above fall over his face. Girls in bikinis walked by, while a man around his age was rollerskating on the pavement next to the park. He sighed as he began to walk, his long brown hair bouncing a bit while his casual wear of a pink shirt and white pants gave him some comfort. He reached down and put on his black sunglasses, as he began to walk near the palm trees.

"Hey partner, over here!"

A bright smile on Jon's face lit up in the distance while the wind blew through his short wavy blonde hair, while he was sitting at a bench by himself. Dean walked on over to join his friend sitting down next to him and crossing his legs and speaking up.

"What's the scoop with the old man?"

Jon sighed and laughed at his friend while shaking his head.

"You're quick to get to the point as usual, huh? OK then, Mr. Mack wants us to attend some party at that mansion he has on Star Island. You know the one, right?"

Dean nodded, his eyes watching the long line of hotels in front of them with the bikini clad girls and men in swim-trunks walk by on the sidewalk.

"Yeah, I know the one. Guess I'll have to go, got nothing better to do anyway."

"Not me man, I have better things to do for once."

Dean looked over at his friend with a shocked expression.

"Like what?"

Jon cut up with a short laugh while leaning back on the bench.

"Like seeing Maria, that's what."

"Oh that chick? Can't say I blame you, but I will go alone since you don't want to go. Who knows, the last party was pretty interesting."

"That it was."

From the right side of the sidewalk came walking the figure of a girl in casual wear. Stonewashed blue jeans and a T-shirt top. Dean's eyes traced up her figure starting with her white tennis shoes and up those legs of her curvy body. He began to take his sunglasses off to make sure he was really witnessing what was right there in front of him, true beauty that struck a lightning bolt to his heart. A gust of wind blew their her golden hair and from her epic cleavage of the white top Dean caught her eyes just as she turned to see him. The girl smiled before walking off leaving the final view to a lovely rear end. To Dean, this was the most beautiful woman he ever seen in his life.

"Hey man! What's with you?"

The voice of his friend had snapped him out of the trance he had as the girl walked off. Dean smiled over his face before replying back to him.

"Some things in life, you just never know how amazing it is until you see it up close."

Jon rolled his eyes. He could tell that he was mesmerized by that one girl that had walked by, but she was gone by now. Such a blonde bimbo with an amazing body he thought to himself.

"This is Miami, a girl like that is a dime a dozen."

A sigh blew past Dean's lips as he just shook his head at Jon who was smirking. It was innocent little talk and perhaps he'd forget the whole thing later tonight. Jon had to remind him the time, before it escaped his mind.

"Don't forget 10 PM tonight, be there."

"Yeah, I'll be thinking about it. Come on man, you wanna go get some food?"

"Sure, I didn't have lunch anyway so I could use a bite to eat about now."

The two friends got up from the bench and proceeded to walk back to the Testarossa parked and take the drive. Lucky for Jon he took the bus anytime he had to go around South Beach like a day such as this. Dean's mind had been hit with the lightning bolt of that nameless blonde that walked on past, but he was sure he would forget about that while enjoying a night of leisure fun. It was close to 3 on the clock right now, so that gave him plenty time to think about the party and get ready before the night washed away the shiny day.



The black of the night had faded over the sky while Dean drove the white car on route to the mansion for the party. He had gotten himself ready an hour ago, taking a nice shower and combing his long brown hair, as well as shaving. He had something of a slight tan over his body, all the result of too much fun out in the sun. Instead of wearing the casual white suits, he went with a grey striped jacket with a black shirt underneath. The nice dress clothes had hugged over his fit body, but dressing the part was only half of the game.

As the Ferrari pulled into the gated entrance to the old man's mansion, Dean parked the speed demon off to the side next to what looked like some Mercedes cars. He watched the lights sink back into the sockets as he shut the car off and then stepped out, shoving the keys into his pockets. Security was always tight around the Mack mansion, far more security guards than anything at the fashion studios. Dean walked his way to the front door and nodded at the guard who just returned the nod and opened the door for him.

Inside the foyer of the mansion, a shuffle of people were walking around while a waiter in a tuxedo offered drinks. Dean quietly invited himself walking about the mansion. Off to the right, was the bar where he was positive people would be seated. There had been so many of these parties at the Mack mansion, he had become grown a liking to the accustomed layout of the mansion. From behind him a voice called out.

"Dean! You made it!"

Turning around, the older face of Trina greeted him with a delightful smile.

"Hey there, I had to come. Jon didn't want to go but I wasn't gonna pass this night up."

"Of course you weren't, this was his party to lose anyway. I got someone I want you to meet later but why don't you go ahead and enjoy yourself with some drinks. I'll be around the back."

"That sounds nice, is the old man here tonight?"

"Nope, you know he rarely attends a party at his own house."

Trina walked off giving Dean a view of her aging red hair. How typical it was of John to rarely attend a party at his house, for all Dean knew the old man was probably in L.A. right now or New York. Something he didn't want have to worry about, he just made his way into the bar and order a shot of 'Black Jack', otherwise known as straight Jack Daniels in a shot glass. A few shots was enough to wake him up for some serious enjoyment at this party. Now he made his way into the back room where more guests were and music could be heard playing.

"Dean! Over here!"

The older woman walked forward to him in the room while a tall blonde in a black dress was behind her. She turned to the side and spoke again.

"Dean, I'd like you to meet Charlotte."

The voluptuous blonde stepped forward revealing herself in a black dress with her golden hair down the sides. Dean looked up at her and smiled at her pretty blue eyes. The dress hugged over a massive set of breasts while the straps of the dress crossed over her neck. She was absolutely gorgeous.

"My my, hello to you Charlotte."

"My pleasure, Dean. How are you tonight?"

"Just fine from this view."

A soft chuckle could be heard before Trina just walked off leaving the two together. Dean couldn't help but the shake the feeling that he had seen her before, maybe earlier. She had that same angel face of the blonde he seen this afternoon, was this a coincidence? Charlotte smirked at him and offered her hand to walk him back from the room, her high heels could be heard stomping.

"I've heard a lot about you Dean, you're the photographer with the brains."

"Oh, you have heard of me?"

"Yes, Miss. Trina told me that you would be helping me with my photo shoot next week."

The thought of a photo shoot with this gorgeous babe ran through his mind while they walked. He turned and smiled at her.

"I would love that, I'll go ahead and be totally honest here. You are absolutely beautiful."

Charlotte laughed at his advance.

"Why thank you, couldn't think of something more original?"

"Nope! Just had to blurt that out."

"Well come on, let's have some drinks by ourselves."

The two walked hand in hand back to the bar room of the mansion. A waiter overseen them, already knowing what the usual would be for Dean, he looked over at the gorgeous blonde model before taking her order of a mango martini. For the next few minutes Charlotte and Dean would find themselves starring into their eyes as windows to the soul while drinking. She had found the party boring but she liked to get to know her photographers well when handling deals for modelling.

"So what's the deal with you, Dean? Trina told me all about you, Mr. Hot Shot fancy photographer at 25."

"Well, I dropped out of college a few years ago and got a chance with John Mack. Worked hard, the rest is history."

"Sound like me, I dropped out of high school and worked for my modelling career. Like to like a private life and enjoy the fancy ride."

Looking back into Charlotte's eyes from her response, Dean couldn't help but think that he remembered her from somewhere. The two were sitting at a table by themselves, and she couldn't help but notice his eyes wandered down to view that epic cleavage of hers teasing him. She grinned.

"You like what you see?"

"Yes, I would be a liar if I didn't flat out say it. You are probably the most beautiful girl I have ever seen in my life. I feel like I seen you earlier today."

"Oh trust me, you haven't seen anything yet Dean..."

She smirked while sipping on her straw, toying with his little mind. Since he didn't say anything only blushing on his red cheeks, Charlotte decided it was the best time to push him further.

"Did you see me early? Maybe...I think I seen you some place before."

"I thought I seen the most beautiful thing in the world this afternoon. Was sitting on a bench near the beach, and this creature walked on by...tall legs, big tits, and a beautiful face."

A grin went over her face. She wasn't even bothered how blunt he was with the words, at least he was honest about it unlike a lot of men. Charlotte began to get up from the table now and looked back in his eyes.

"That was me, handsome."

Leaning back down, she kissed his cheek to watch him blush even more and then began to walk off. Dean's mind had been slammed with a wrecking ball over this girl. Logical thinking was completely out of the window now, there was something about her that put him over overdrive to chase after her. Dean quickly got up and chased her back into the foyer room.

"Wait, don't just leave me like that!"

Charlotte turned around with a smirk on her face. She wanted to see how far she could drive him to chase after her. That was the only way she could prove his desire for her was real.

"What's wrong Dean, you don't want me to go?"

She giggled with her reply seeing him light up with a soft small and shake his head.

"No, sorry if I am acting a little foolish over you. I just want to spend some more time with you, there is something about you."

"Are you lonely Dean?"

"To be absolutely honest with you, yeah."

"That's the impression I get from you. A man like you shouldn't have to go far to get a girlfriend with your good looks."

"And I could say the same thing about you, men should be down on their knees worshiping your beauty Charlotte!"

Blushing, the blonde model bust out laughing.

"Stop, you!"

"No, I'm serious! Most beautiful woman in the world right here, and I'm the only man giving her any admiration at this stupid party!"

"Well Dean, this party sucks anyway. How about we split and go have some fun tonight?"

"That sounds fun to me, let's go ride in my Ferrari."

"You have a Ferrari?"

The two of them began to walk out the front door of the mansion going past the bodyguards there at the door. Dean smirked hearing her soft voice before responding.

"Yep! I like a sexy fast car as much as I do a beautiful woman like you."

As they walked out the door together, Charlotte's clicked loudly over the stoned walkway before she stopped at the sight of his Testarossa. The white paint and exact model of the car reminded her of something familiar. She smirked when he turned around to look at her.

"Haven't I seen this thing somewhere?"

"Maybe, this one is mine though."

"So you drive around in a Ferrari in Miami, what else comes with it? Do you dress up and pretend you're Don Johnson and going to bust bad guys?"

Dean laughed hard at that comment before nodding at her. Charlotte returned the laugh before walking over to the passenger side.

"I guess you could say I like style similar to that. Well, you wanna take a ride?"

"Sure handsome, why not? Never took a ride in one of these things before."

Together, they made their way to the car as Dean went for the driver's side and Charlotte at the passenger side. Whatever their plan was to leave this party, he had no idea but he could cross his fingers on some real fun if it was possible. Before they knew it, the Ferrari's engine was running and they drove out of the gated entrance to the Mack mansion and hit the streets of Miami again.


Bright lights passed through the window view of the car racing the bridge that connected Miami back to South Beach. They had been riding for 30 minutes together and now Charlotte felt the need to push Dean again, to see how far he would go from her words.

"It's a lovely car Dean, but are you the kind of man that can put your foot to the floor and play risky with speed?"

The man looked over at her looking in her eyes as she gave him a small smile. That was it, she wanted speed then she was going to get it. Dean put his foot down and slammed down as the car raced over the bridge faster. Charlotte giggled taken back at how fast the thing began to fly. The light poles fading past her eyes in quick glares.

"Yeah! That's what I'm talking about baby!"

Excitement uttered from her voice while Dean's remained on the empty roads. Coming to a close from the bridge, he shifted gears and made a hard left turn. Still racing the car a high speed as they bolted up Ocean Drive of South Beach. Charlotte squealed excitedly as they continued racing the car through the streets.

"Oh my god! This is so much fun Dean!"

Turning the car again, he let the wheels roll moving through some slow traffic before driving the fast speed back up a lane. South Beach was slow tonight with not much traffic offering a nice area to let the car show off what it was built to withstand. Taking another turn, Charlotte lit up in excitement once more laughing.

"You might wanna slow down big boy, we will have the cops pulling us over."

"Yeah maybe, but you wanted to see how fast it would go!"

"Indeed I did, and you showed yourself off. How about you drive me back to my hotel?"

"Sure, didn't know you were staying in town."

"It's down Ocean Drive, turn back and I'll tell you when to stop."

Charlotte giggled like a school girl on an exciting date even though in the mind of Dean this was more of his dream of landing a beautiful girl so quickly. He quickly turned the car back and began to drive down Ocean drive once again only this time coming from the north side of the compass. Slowly he drove down the road for a bit and then Charlotte put her hand up pointing through the windshield.

"It's right here!"

The car came to a halt by her commanding voice as he stopped it near the front of the hotel. Charlotte sighed and then leaned over to him as they met eyes.

"Last time I gave you a kiss on the cheek, but this time..."

Leaning in, she pushed her lips to his and cupped the back of his head to give him a full kiss mouth to mouth. Dancing their tongues over one another, just the kind of sensual attention he had wanted from her all night. Breaking the kiss, they looked back into each other's eyes and Dean softly spoke.

"Wow, that was incredible. I wish I could ask for more."

"Well....you can. How about you come to my room with me?"

"You know I would never say no to that after that kiss."

"Go park this speed demon car around the back and meet me in room 107, I'll be waiting."

Charlotte opened the passenger car door and then stepped out. Before shutting it, she brought her hands up to her lips and blew him a kiss and winked before closing the door. Off she went, stomping her heels up to the entrance door of the Art Deco themed hotel and now Dean pulled the Ferrari around back and went to quickly parking in a free open space. His mind was racing over the thought of spending the night with her, it was more than just the lustful temptations of her glorious looks but there was a feeling she gave to him that he rarely felt in connection with other women in his life.

With the car parked, he stepped out and then walked up the steps to enter the hotel from the back door. Room 107 was etched in his mind over her words but he wanted to take this slow and not rush in for her. All the while upstairs, Charlotte stood in her room looking over the bed while she grabbed a bottle of wine she had saved. It had been a lonesome couple months for her. Breaking up could be so hard at times with a long term relationship but hers had been strained from months of long distance, tonight she hoped to wash away those memories with Dean in shameless passion. She could hear him coming up to the door from behind and went on and opened it greeting him with a smile.

"About time, come on in."

As soon as he stepped into the room, Charlotte wrapped her arms around him and pushed her busty body onto him. Dean stepped back to embrace her grip and kiss her passionately. He moaned into her mouth before she pulled back breaking the kiss forcing him to instantly push his lips to her neck and begin kissing his way down. Charlotte moaned to him, raising her head to allow him greater range to kiss up and down her neck.

"Close the door baby, mmmmmmm."

Reaching out his hand, Dean fumbled for the door slamming it shut once he pushed it. He took his tongue and ran it down her neck causing her to cry out to him louder while his hands ran up the black dress covering her body, squeezing her hips softly.

"Oh yes, that's just what I want!"

Charlotte pulled back from him, stomping her heels over the floor as she began to step back into the bedroom. The dim light was already on from the nightstand by the bed, she looked into his eyes.

"You ready to see what you said was the most beautiful woman in the world, naked?"

"Oh yeah, I'm ready for that reveal baby."

She didn't have to reply to his words. She just stepped back and went to unstrapping the piece up on her neck holding her dress together, with a strong tug the dress fell down from her body over her waist and revealed her naked body. She had no undergarments whatsoever hiding her busty voluptuous body before him. Dean's eyes nearly bulged out as he studied her strong built legs up to her shaven entrance that was dripping wet. Words could not describe her abs and those beautiful epic breasts. This was indeed, the most beautiful creature he ever laid eyes on. Charlotte smirked at him as she could tell he had his breath taken away in her beauty.

"You are an angel, better than an angel a goddess....the most beautiful thing I ever laid eyes on."

"Awwww, you're so sweet Dean."

Approaching her, he ran his hands up to those glorious huge breasts and pressed his palms against them. Squeezing them, he could feel her nipples harden up against his hand. She looked back at with her eyes as he leaned in and kissed her lips softly. With a soft kiss finished, he lowered his view to those epic tits and buried his face between then. Charlotte moaned as she squeezed her hands over them to hold them up and smother his face with them. He eventually found her left nipple and licked it over before sucking it in his mouth and then alternated to the right one to slobber over it's hardness. Once he was done giving her mouthy love to her mountains, she smirked ready for some real naughty play.

"I'm the only one naked here, let's get these clothes off of you and have some real fun."

Charlotte lowered herself down on her knees with a goofy smile while Dean was all excited. She had seen his erection facing her from poking out of his pants and now it was time to get a tasty treat. He threw his jacket off to the floor and began to take his shirt off, while she kicked his loafer shoes off and began to unbutton his pants. Thankfully he didn't have a belt on so this made it much easier when she unzipped and pushed his pants and underwear down simultaneously. His cock sprung from its cell and she eyed it while wrapping her hand around it.

"Oh my, nice and hard already."

He laughed at her comment, running his hand through her golden locks of hair as she stroked his cock and leaned in to place a kiss over the head and look back up into his eyes.

"Big hard cock, just the way I like it."

Her voice snarled with a sinister laugh as her eyes looked up at him while parting her mouth. Charlotte enveloped her lips around his cock sucking the head into her mouth while her hand slid down to the base within his ball hair and she began to go to town on him. Moaning against the shaft, she sucked her way down before slowly bobbing her head up and down on him. Dean was in heaven right now.

"Ohhhh god, yes baby more."

Charlotte took her sweet time, sucking him down and savoring the taste. Dean's cock was long, nice and hard just the way she had preferred it. She let go of her hand at the base to cup her magnificent breasts below while her mouth continued to suck him. She came up with a loud pop sound and then wrapped her hand back around the shaft.

"Yeah, you like that? Your big hard cock jammed down my throat?"

"Yes I do baby."

Dean starred deeply into her beautiful blue eyes while Charlotte moved the head of his cock up her lips and lightly grazed her teeth over it to tease him. Taking both hands, she pushed onto his legs and now it was time to get serious about sucking his dick. Charlotte sucked it back between her lips and now began to rapidly bob her head up and down, taking him deeper to the point the head of his cock began to slam to the back of her throat. Dean cried out in an ecstasy of pleasure.

"Oh fuck!"

The only sound heard down below was her mouth creating a string of sucking sounds Her hair waved around wildly as she concentrated sucking his cock harder and faster each time her mouth slid back to her throat. She expected him to put his hand down into her hair and push her to the limit like most men would do, but Dean didn't. Charlotte placed her hands back down on her great big breasts and then suddenly an idea popped in her dirty mind. Holding her tits up, she let her mouth slide up to the head of his cock and then pop off of it audibly. Long strings of saliva flowed from her mouth back down to his cock as she pulled apart her breasts and then leaned up to shove his rod between them.

"Ohhhhh man, holy shit."

She ignored his words, the man was taken back at the sight of seeing his cock pushed in between her huge breasts. Charlotte looked down at the head poking up as she squeezed her glorious tits together and then spit on the shaft between. Holding her breasts together, she began to softly move up and down, fucking him with her huge tits.

"How do you like these big tits now with your hard dick between them?"

"I fucking love your titties, the best I ever seen!"

"Mmmmmmm, that's what I like to hear, handsome boy!"

Her face was a big smile at him while her tits did their work. Dean couldn't concentrate on her beautiful blue eyes or seeing his cock disappear and then moderately reappear between her breasts. They were massive and though his cock may have been big, she completely made it disappear between her enormous breasts. Charlotte closed her eyes and moaned out to him.

"Mmmmmmmmmm, feels so good."

'How do you go on living after reaching this height?' Dean thought to himself. Nothing in his life ever topped this moment, being trapped within Charlotte's amazing breasts. He placed his hand up on her shoulder to hold her there in place and then she got the hint and figured it was time to get aggressive with her tits. Charlotte knew her breasts were made to be fucked and she did not disappoint when it came to those skills. Faster she moved, picking up the pace as she opened her eyes to tease him once more with dirty language.

"Oh yeah, just like that Dean? My tits too much for you, gonna make you cum?"

"Yes! Yes!"

"I want you to cum all over my tits, give me that hot sticky load!"

"I fucking will!"

"Mmmmmm, I know you want to!"

Over and over, she pounded his cock with her huge breasts knowing that she could push him over the edge soon. Charlotte wanted it, the first strike of their love making tonight to get a glazing of cum on her tits. Dean grunted and knew that his time was short but he never wanted this pleasure to end. His orgasm was imminent at this very moment as he yelled out to her.

"Charlotte, I'm going to cum!"

"Yeah! That's it, cum all over my big breasts!"

She came to a sudden stop, giving him perfect timing to grab his meat stick from between her big breasts. Dean went to stroking hard and fast, while Charlotte sat up on her knees and held her tits out begging for him to load them down.

"Yes come on Dean! Cum all over them!"

"I'm going to-"

"Yeah! Drench them!"


With one final stroke of his cock, he burst an explosion shooting a thick string of his seed up her left tit. Charlotte raised her neck and moaned as another wad of cum painted up on her right breast equally, and then another one shooting in the middle to give her a pearl necklace. Dean grunted as his orgasm began to weak and he ran his cock to the middle of her canvas of flesh and shot the final remaining that filled more space of her vast chest. Charlotte moaned and opened her eyes at him to see the exhausted expression on his face.

"Mmmmm, feels so good. Hot loads all over my big beautiful tits."

She looked down at the mess he made and then gasped before playfully responded.

"You made a huge mess, didn't you?"

"Yeah, but you're the one that asked for it."

They both laughed at that comment. She took her hand and swiped up a long line of cum from her breast and then fed it to her mouth, giving him eye contact while she ate up the sticky substance. That sight was just enough to begin making Dean hard again for a second round. Charlotte grabbed his cock and held the head up to her mouth as she squeezed it, milking the final drops over her tongue and then swallowing to deposit down her throat.

"Tastes so good baby."

While he needed some time to recover from the excitement, she scooped up more cum from her tits and sucked it off her fingers giving him a show as she devoured his cum. There would be more to this, she hoped.

"God that was so fucking amazing, those tits are like the stuff dreams are made of. I loved that."

"Oh yeah, you did say something about them back at the party. You haven't even got to fuck me yet and already blew a huge load."

"Yeah, well that's next."

Sucking up the last bits of his semen from her finger tips, she began to rise up from her knees and stood on her high heels stomping into the floor as she looked him in the eyes. Dean's eyes wandered down to her pussy, shaven and wet just begging for attention. He nodded at her knowing what she wanted.

"Well Dean, how do you want me?"

"On the bed baby, just lay down on your back. I'm going to fuck you like it's no tomorrow!"

"Ohhhh are you, bad boy? Going to fuck me like you drive that fast car, be a maniac on me?"

"You know it!"

Charlotte sat on the bed before falling her back on it and letting him watch her body fall with those big breasts bouncing. Dean moved on the edge of the bed now, true to his word that he wanted to pound at her. Licking her lips, she moved her heels over his chest teasing him as he gently ran his hands over them as she mounted her left foot up on his shoulder and the right one spread out to wrap around his waist. Dean placed his hand over her wet mound, teasing her with his first two fingers jamming into that sweet entrance.

"Ohhhh fuck me, Dean! I need it!"

"What's that babe, you need it?"


"Need what?"


The man laughed over the fact he could get her to scream out to him in such a demanding voice of authority. Just as she wanted it, he pressed the head of his shaft up to her entrance and then she gasped as he sunk it in slowly. Bucking his hips forward as he watched his cock disappear into the pretty pink folds of her lovely pussy.

"Oh yes, mmmmmm fuck me Dean!"

He began slow at first, getting used to the tightness of her sweet lovely entrance before he rammed his cock in all the way. Charlotte wrapped her leg around him while her right was still arched up on his shoulder. Dean began to pump into her now, nice and steady while her breasts began to bounce on the bed. She looked up into his eyes.

"Oh yeah, that's it! God this pussy is so fucking tight! This body is heaven!"

"Mmmmmm, harder Dean! Fuck me!"

Ramming into her, pounding that cock in her sweet hole Dean began to fuck her at a fast pace. Charlotte gritted her teeth as she looked back at him, crying out in loud moans while her body was shaking wildly, her breasts bouncing all over the place giving him a great visual show for busty bouncing tits. Dean had a better idea for pounding that pussy with a better position. He leaned up and let his cock escape from her entrance.

"Move up baby! On all fours!"

Charlotte growled at him as she moved her leg off his shoulder and went to climbing over the bed. How dare he just leave her dripping wet hole without forcing her to reach her climax, she knew that she was getting close. Quickly she climbed up on the bed showing her nice ass to him as she looked over her shoulder.

"What are you waiting for! Fuck me, dammit!"

Such demand in her words, Dean placed his hand up on her left cheek of her ass and spanked it hard causing her to whimper a bit before he edged his cock back into that tight pussy. He wanted this position for when he could easily switch holes, planning all along to fuck that ass once he got the opportunity. Slowly sinking back into her sweet hole, he rocked forward and slapped her right ass cheek equally as he began to pound into her.


Those epic breasts began to shake and bounce around attached to her chest. Charlotte's body was driven into a fury of pleasure. Over and over his cock rammed into her, she dug her nails into the sheets of the bed just as she felt herself tighten up and soon she cried out loudly to him.


Her climax had approached and now she had hit it. Dean moaned loudly feeling the tight orgasm within her. He slowed down, knowing that if he didn't stop that he would end up busting a nut within her too. Softly he slithered his cock out from her opening giving her some time to recover.

"That was hard babe, you having some fun?"

"Oh yeah, but you didn't cum with me so I have to take it there is some kinky idea up your sleeve."

Dean chuckled, taking his rod as he poked it up against her ass. Charlotte moaned and threw her head back to look at him with her teeth a little gritted.


"Yeah, you want it baby?"

Catching her breath, she swallowed and then looked him in the eyes before answering the request of her dark hole.

"Just go for it! You wanna fuck my ass, go for it!"

That was all it took to push him back into overdrive. Parting her beautiful cheeks with his hands, Dean slipped his rod into the dark hole of her ass. She moaned loud at the feeling of his cock stretching into her rear end.

"Oh my god...this is so tight!"

"Mmmmm, get it in there!"

Slowly he thrust into her thick ass, bucking his hips forward as her hair began to swing back and forth and Charlotte moaned out to him.

"OH! Fuck my ass!"

Pound after pound, Dean began to ram her amazing buttocks fucking the back door of her luxurious as he knew his time was short for his second orgasm of the night. His balls loudly slapped against her cheeks as he quickly pumped into her ass. If he was going to explode soon, he wanted to fill that ass until it dripped of his seed.

"Oh! Oh! Oh! Yes!"

"Yes! This ass feels fucking amazing baby!"

Raising a hand, Dean smacked one of her cheeks as hard as he could. Without thinking a second time, he raised his hand again and spanked it once more. Slowing down the steam of his drive, he pounded her a couple times before breathing in heavy knowing that now he couldn't hold back.

"I'm gonna cum..."

"Oh yeah? You going to fill my ass up with that hot load?"

"Yeah! Fuck yeah, I am!"

He made one last push into her rear, and then used both of his hands to clap her ass cheeks in double spanks as he cried out and shot his load deep within her.

"Fuck! There it is!"

"Mmmmmmmm, that's what you wanted! Wasn't it?"

"You know it babe, you fucking know it."

They shared a laugh, one of many so far tonight. Charlotte couldn't help but laugh at how men took to her body and Dean was no exception of worshiping to her. He pulled his rod from her tight hole and then took a deep breath before falling to his side on the bed and rolling over on his back. She took advantage of his exhaustion to climb over him and look down into his eyes while leaning over and pressing her big tits into his chest before locking a passionate kiss between their lips. Softly breaking the kiss, she quietly whispered into his ear.

"Think you can handle one more round with me?"

"Yeah, I know can for you baby."

"Just what I wanted to hear, what would you like next big boy? Wanna fuck my tits again?"

"Yeah, that's exactly what I was gonna say!"

Charlotte rolled off of him and laid on her back.

"Get over here and fuck them, Dean! Fuck them and cum all over my face this time!"

The dirty angel was ready to finish this night off and get some well earned sleep but not before completely draining all of his balls. Dean got straight up and sat down on her stomach while Charlotte licked her lips and held her tits up ready to build the passage for his pole. He began by rubbing the head of his cock up against her left nipple and then the right just as she created an opening in which he pushed his rod between. Charlotte squeezed her tits together and then the fun began for one last ride. His cock began to slowly thrust in the middle of those huge mounds of flesh once more.

"Mmmmmm, is that what you wanted for one last go, Dean? Your cock between my big tits? Fucking them to a pulp!?"

"Fuck yes! This is beyond my wildest dreams Charlotte, baby!"

Charlotte smirked at him but Dean's eyes were focused on the action with her chest. His rod completely disappeared in the folds of those impressive breasts, over and over he pumped forward. Charlotte could see the head pop up every so often in which she teased by lashing her tongue up against it each time it pressed up.

"God these tits are fucking amazing."

"Mmmmmm, fuck them you handsome stud!"

Little encouragement was all he needed as his cock began to pound up the middle of those vast breasts. Dean kept his fingers down at the base of his cock watching it drive in and out, over and over while her grip on her tits made sure that she fucked it to a pulp just as she intended to.

"Mmmmm, that's it Dean! Fuck those titties! And cum for me, I want it all over my face this time!"

"Ask and you shall receive baby!"

Loud moans blew last his lips as he knew that if he kept on pumping between those ever so impressive tits, that soon she would get the splash of a surprise she was begging for at this time. Dean didn't want any of this pleasure to end but just as she had spoke of him cumming, he could feel it rushing through his veins at a frantic pace. Not wanting to stop just yet, he pumped harder between her breasts for a bit more until he finally knew that he couldn't take it anymore and whipped his cock free of her tits and stroked it as fast as he could. She held her tits up for him to create yet another canvas for a dirty painting.

"Fuck! Oh! Here it is, OH!"

Charlotte closed her eyes just in time as a powerful wad of cum shot directly into her right eye, drenching over her eyebrow. The initial wave was so powerful, she licked her lips and then felt the second load spray over her right tit. Dean leaned up and shot again getting her nose and the left cheek since she had demanded it on her face. This being his third round of busting a nut, it wasn't as powerful as earlier in the evening but he still got her face good enough to make her moan. Slowing down, he moved his cock over her right boob and let the final wad of cum splash over her hardened nipple.

"Oh man....oh fuck, Charlotte baby...."

"Mmmmmmm, you made me all filthy. Smear that cum over my nipples, Dean!"

One last request before they both would fall into slumber, she brought her finger up to her eye to scoop up the cum to the point she could reopen her eyes. Bringing her hands down to her glorious and glazed breasts she held them up and then Dean followed her instructions; first the left, he smeared his seed over it into a shiny coat and then the right smearing it equally. Charlotte opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out hinting to him, Dean followed her lead by feeding the head to her mouth. She sucked it loudly before he pulled it make a loud pop sound and then she looked up at him giggling while she brought her finger to her mouth.

"You're so fucking beautiful baby."

"Yeah, I know with your cum all over my face and my tits."

She couldn't help but laugh at him, a goofy little grin washed over his face before she sighed.

"I better get cleaned up, this has been a lot of fun tonight. You mind sharing the bed with me so I don't wake up lonely in the morning?"

"No problem, I don't feel like driving after this."

"Good, sleep tight with me like a real lover man would. Let me go wash my face and then I'll sleep right next to you in the covers."



A busy day had proceeded back at the fashion studio with Jon and Dean. The phones had been a constant nuisance setting up business appointments left and right with their main boss Trina, all the while a very important photo shoot was taking place across town in South Beach. Charlotte and Dean had grown close from the night of their encounter that led to a one night stand. Constantly talking on the phone and going out for a private dinner one night, Charlotte had figured she had grown close to a friend who she could use for benefits. Dean had his mind blown over and over, just for the fact that he could worship her beauty and give her the admiration she deserved.

A couple hours after work hours were coming to a close with evening sky fading orange, Charlotte found herself walking down the side of the street in a tank top and blue jeans. She was waiting on her new friend to arrive in that slick throwback Ferrari car to drive her off to an evening night at the club he had promised. She expected Dean any time, while a man off to the side whistled at her from a bench.

"Hey sexy lady, you got style. Wanna come share a seat with me?"

Charlotte smirked, the poor bastard was sweaty from jogging and hitting on her. She didn't have the nerve to rudely tell him off so she just crossed her arms and played along.

"No thanks, I'm waiting on someone out here."

"Oh, you are? Who ever you're waiting on must be someone late. You been standing here for a couple minutes, haven't you?"

Turning her head to look up the street, just on time as the bright sun beamed down on the white fancy car pulling up. Charlotte gleamed in a smile as it pulled up next to the sidewalk and she waved at Dean in joy to see her good friend. She turned to the man on the bench as she began to walk towards the door of the Testarossa.

"You're right, I do have style. This is how I like to sit next to someone."

Her eye winked and laughed at the man just as she stepped into the car and closed the door. One last sight of the gorgeous blonde before the engine revved up loudly and sped off into the young night.

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Re: Heat of the Night (Charlotte McKinney)
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Miss fucking McKinney! A very beautiful book complete all this story. A big thank you Cade, it was downright horny and sexy from start to finish. Good chemistry, this bomb deserves so much ...
Florida I would like to be there and have this same kind of meeting (in my dreams)!
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Re: Heat of the Night (Charlotte McKinney)
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Miss fucking McKinney! A very beautiful book complete all this story. A big thank you Cade, it was downright horny and sexy from start to finish. Good chemistry, this bomb deserves so much ...
Florida I would like to be there and have this same kind of meeting (in my dreams)!

I miss her as well! I was happy to at least get two stories with her before she fell of the face of the earth. Many thanks for this comment!
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Re: Heat of the Night (Charlotte McKinney)
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Likewise. Thought of Charlotte who remains in our hearts and balls despite the loss of her selling point.


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