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Kenyan Dream ( Lucy Pinder)
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Kenyan Dream

Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction, any resemblance to any real people is coincidental and unintentional. This did not happen in real life. Fantasy is legal. Please do not copy without permission.

Codes: Interracial, anal, blue balls

It all seemed like a dream now, as Lucy laid on the sweet smelling bed of her hotel room in Nairobi that she was actually here, a place she had only dreamt of besides seeing on the wildlife documentaries from BBC. Lucy had actually earned her place here, ever since she first started actively participating in wildlife conservation activities in her starting days of glamour modeling, she had worked with over 100 organizations to save the depleting wildlife in the world, from saving Asian elephants and tigers to African rhinoceros, orangutans and lions, Lucy’s charitable works had now earned her a place as one of the top ambassadors of wildlife conservation from the U.K. It was only quite normal that an international organization like WWF considered it to invite Lucy to Kenya to promote their Save The African Rhinoceros Program.Yet the speed with which it all happened was quite unbelievable, from receiving the letter in her mail, it had only been one week and Lucy hardly had the time to think about it, she always knew for sure this was an opportunity she had to take, she thought there would probably be a lot of other Hollywood celebrities who had earlier supported the cause and there were talks of Leonardo Di Caprio being there as well. Lucy couldn’t help but be enthralled.

She tried talking some of her friends to accompany her to her trip but nobody could respond positively in time and Lucy just couldn’t let this one by. She had been to many foreign places during her modeling days alone and had traveled around the world frequently for shoots but a distant exotic place like Africa gave her both the jitters and the butterflies, eventually she decided she would have to do it alone. Laid on her bed she had hardly slept the last night restlessly imagining the stuff in her itinerary for tomorrow and all the adventurous activities she was about to participate in the days to come. She had been informed that some local officials would be picking her up from her hotel in the morning  for a small program in a local village near Nairobi near the wildlife sanctuary to kick off a week of exciting social meet ups, wildlife excursions and gala dinners. The clock struck 10:00 am and Lucy realized she had to hurry up, she wouldn’t want to make the authorities wait on her first day itself. She was informed by the hotel staff that one of the prominent local politicians had offered to accompany Lucy to the program and wildlife trip as a token of courtesy to the English guest. Lucy rushed to the shower and took a warm bath to rid her of the tiredness of all the travel and a sleepless night and began to get ready for her program.
She opened her suitcase of clothes and took her fancy dresses out , she had decided to keep them for the evening programs and gala dinners. She wanted to wear something casual today so she pulled out her deep necked camouflage top to wear on top of a skimpy bra that barely covered half of her ample lovely bosoms. Her nipples were almost ready to pop out of her tiny bra any moment back into the spotlight they had gotten so used to over the years, then she searched for her jeans she’d packed underneath and looked with surprise.

“What are these doing here?”

In the midst of the hurried chaos of the excitement of leaving, Lucy had packed her low waist tight blue jeans she used to wear over her thongs in her teeny years in place of the normal comfortable baggy jeans she wore nowadays!

“What am I going to do? How on earth, am I going to wear this? I haven’t worn it in years” Lucy exasperated.

The clock ticked by and Lucy realized she had no options, she couldn’t wear a sequin skirt to a wildlife outing and she had no other jeans to go along. “I’d wear this today and probably buy some decent jeans on the way” she thought to herself as she searched the bag for her thongs .  As she continued to dig deeper all that she could find was bikinis and beachwear she’d packed for the beach parties she expected later.

“Okay, I’ll have to sport this with no undies I guess’” she sighed!

Lucy thought that the jeans would cover enough for her to need some coverage underneath. She did not take into consideration the massive outgrowth both her bosom and her booty had underwent since she was a school girl. Lucy put her feet in the girlie tight jeans and began to slide the tight fabric over her legs with much difficulty. The jeans were too tight for her legs and would barely go up her now bigger ass, She jumped and wiggled her wholesome ass while standing near the window of her room, inadvertently bouncing her huge boobs and in the process popping her nipples out of her bra and top, much to the delight of the perverts with binoculars in the adjacent building who were waiting for this moment since morning.

“This is going to be quite a challenge” she thought as she jumped and wiggled her all British bums and bouncy boobs once more to try and fit in the jeans. With much difficulty the jeans was now up and over her ass but would only cover a little more than two thirds of her well rounded booty. She couldn’t button it up as it was too tight either, so she thought she’d wear a belt, until she realized she packed none to as she was trying to put off the trend of leather belts, of course to save the poor animals. She did have a slender golden belly chain though decided to wear that over her jeans after she zipped up and up her ass so it would both serve as a belt and be fashion accessory. She pulled her boobs back inside her tight top on and she was good to go .She called the reception to find out that the authorities were already waiting in the lobby since 15 minutes but did not want to disturb her. She quickly put her make up on was already heading down the lift to the lobby.

The hotel lift opened and Lucy was overwhelmed at the number of people who had come to receive her. She saw at least 20 suited men in the lobby and a bunch of photographers along with dozens of bystanders all waiting for the British diva to arrive. Lucy took a step out of the lift and that’s when she realized her waist chain over the jeans was a “faux pas”.

Her golden waist chain gave in, to the pressure exerted by those huge gyrating ass cheeks as it quickly slid over her jeans which it was holding, causing her jeans to unzip a little and slide down much further  to almost expose her whole ass crack and her belly chain then slyly slid inside her ass crack. The low waist jeans she wore had now effectively been transformed into a “low ass jeans” exposing much of her voluptuous butt! The local authorities and the hotel staff were almost shook in disbelief as the lingerie model now walked through the alley with almost half her ass exposed and each time she took a step the little pendant on the waist chain bounced left and right on Lucy’s ass cheeks. Those standing in front got a peek of her ample boobs ready to pop out of her skimpy bra that could clearly be seen under her camouflage top that was of too transparent a fabric for the bright African mornings.

Lucy probably realized now that her attire was a little too inappropriate for the kind of program she was heading to but before she could turn back to head for a change, she heard a strong voice resonate from beside her.

“Hello Miss Lucy Pinder! We are so happy to welcome you to our country!”

Lucy looked beside her as she had almost overlooked the short, overweight, bald African man, someone who looked to be in his mid -fifties, wore a bright suit, and had actually walked up to her almost too close to comfort without her even noticing him.

“Miss Pinder , let me introduce myself , I am Mr. Odombo, Member of the state senate, Kenya  and the Chairmen of the national wildlife association.”

The man said in his distinctive African accent just as his eyes wandered to measure all of Lucy’s curves up from close quarters as he put his hand forward just millimeters from Lucy’s breasts almost touching her pointy nipples distinctly sticking out from her bra and top.

“Hello Mr. Odombo , so nice to finally be here and thanks for the hospitality“ Lucy replied in her thick British accent still a little startled as she gently put her soft hands into his hot rough palm sweating from excitement.

“Are all these people here for me?”

Lucy asked still a little surprised . Lucy was a renowned celebrity worldwide and was used to fans but this overwhelmed her.

“Yes Miss Lucy we are here to escort you to the local tribal program” The fat man said hyper-salivating in excitement almost spilling some over Lucy’s neck and her cleavage.

“Thank you so much, Mr. Odombo for your generosity and taking the time out to show me around. I’m much obliged.” Lucy replied in her hot British accent trying to be polite while she wiped his spit from over her bosom as he continued to stare down on her massive boobs he’d always been such a fan of!

The ugly fat politician then gently moved his hands behind Lucy’s back gently to the exposed  half of her ass as he showed her the way outside. Lucy made her way through the huge crowd brushing herself against random men as the politician’s bodyguards took them to their car. A pack of cars stood there in the waiting as photographers took pictures of the Royal beauty as she tip toed in her high heels past the crowd, her ass shaking from right to left, her ass crack and cheeks half exposed and her huge cleavage presenting a welcome sight to the hungry local paparazzi.
The fat politician opened his cars door for Lucy and as Lucy sat inside, she was surprised to see the politician entering inside along her and calmly sitting right next to her, as he shifted to get closer and then gently pass his arm around Lucy’s slender back to gently caress her soft waist and bare midriff.

The pack of cars swiftly moved on with police sirens blaring as Lucy’s eyes lit up in excitement for the adventure that was about to begin !!!!   
Mr. Odombo’s hands were hard to control as they moved freely on Lucy’s bare midriff and gyrated the curves on her waist slowly sliding back alongside her golden waist chain as he followed its path over her ass cheeks down to the lost pendant dangling into Lucy’s ass crack. His heavy breaths now touched the soft skin over Lucy’s neck strangely arousing her as she moaned a little and her perky nipples just got even more prominent under her shirt. Lucky Odombo was witnessing the utter magnificence of her plump breasts from closer than he could ever imagine even in his wildest dreams.

Lucy was a little startled at first by the Mr. Odombo’s advances but slowly she startad to enjoy herself, she had seduced many men of all ages and sizes before and was definitely more than aware of the enchanting effect she on men but it was the first time some VIP of Odombo’s power and prominence had shown such open uninhibited interest in Lucy. She was interested to know how far he would be adventurous enough to go, since she made it quite clear that she certainly wasn’t resisting his advances even though she wasn’t exactly encouraging them either. Odombo’s hands kept swaying from her juicy supple ass to her bare midriff and she could hear him starting to breathe faster with excitement as his eyes were firmly set on those giant gorgeous breasts he had been eyeing from since the moment he first saw lucy. There was an awkward silence in the car as the driver could see what the otherwise strict Odombe, somebody who was notorious in his area for his extracurricular interests was doing with his high profile British guest. The only noise that could be heard in the car was Odombo’s rapid panting and Lucy’s occasional giggles as Odombo continued to joyfully fondle Lucy. This continued for a while as the car screeched to a halt much to Odombo’s disappointment as the driver slowly whispered without looking back at his Boss, who seemed completely lost in lust to announce

“Sir, we have arrived.”

Lucy looked through the car’s window to see a banner down the dusty road that said.


As she turned around to look beyond the huge crowd of local people who had collected for the program, she could vaguely see a stage at the centre of the enormous pool of people, with a podium and several officials already seated on the stage waiting for their star attraction to arrive. It became clearer to her  that this was no mega event with many celebrities or international coverage and that probably she would be the only celebrity guest on the stage but seeing the crowd of people who had all collected to see her made her feel like a rock star she always secretly aspired to be . As Odombo’s  guards opened the cars door and made way for Lucy to walk out through the wild crowd that had amassed to see the bombshell see could hear whistles and roars from her African fans.
“Wow I never knew I would be so popular here in this distant part of Africa” she thought as she waved for the cheering crowds and blew kisses at them. Odombo’s bodyguards were certainly having a tough time escorting Lucy to the stage as people all around tried to click selfies with the gorgeous babe and click photos of her. The wild jeering crowd was driven mad as Lucy tip toed through them in high heels , her ass swaying from left to right as a little more of ass cheeks were now exposed through her unbuttoned jeans that  slipped downwards with each of her steps.

They watched in awe as her massive boobs bounced with each step waiting to pop out of her tiny top and even tinier bra. Lucy was surprised to see that the handy Odombo was now accompanying Lucy only from a safe distance and not showing the same lust for her as he was in the car. Perhaps he did not want the people and the local media there to notice him lusting for a foreign hottie despite him being a married man with family, she knew it could affect his reputation and so he maintained a distance despite being absolutely seduced by her. As Lucy reached the center stage she was greeted by many local Kenyan representatives who thanked her for coming. She was shown her chair amongst the dignitaries on the dice for the program just as Odombo took place on the podium to address the crowd.

“Ladies and gentlemen , we welcome you all to the program today, funded by the WWF to save African rhinoceros  and other wildlife and as you all know we have been blessed by the presence of a gorgeous British glamour model , to help us promote our cause , we are proud to  welcome to our beautiful country the lovely miss Lucy Pinder.”

Lucy stood up to address the huge roar of the crowd and walked towards the end of the stage as she blew kisses and waved at them. As Lucy seductively pranced back to her chair she noticed somebody on the chair next to hers. A peculiarly handsome tall slender Masai man with fine physical features sat next to her. His dress was wonderfully colorful. Clothes dyed in vivid shades of red and blue wrapped loosely over his slender yet stout muscular figure, his eyes gazed into the abyss unaffected by Lucy’s presence around him. Lucy noticed the red paint applied artfully to his body as shed now been gazing at the handsome man for minutes now before she was startled by the strong voice.

“Is there something wrong with me Miss?” the lanky Masai uttered in his strong African accent.

“No, of course not.” A startled Lucy replied back surprised by the fact that the Masai could speak perfect English.

“Um, it’s just nice to meet someone as scantily dressed as me” Lucy giggled as she responded back trying to hide her nervousness now, that she was caught staring at the handsome black man, with her wits.

“You’re not scantily dressed, you’re dressed beautifully and you look lovely, Lucy.” Taken by surprise that he knew her name while she couldn’t help but be impressed with the compliments she heard in his strong smooth voice.

“What can I call you then?” Lucy asked with innocence of a teenage school girl trying to hide her nervousness.

“Leboo, the Masai warrior, that’s what people called me but you can call me Leboo.” He replied with the confident demeanor of an African King.

“Do you live here in the village nearby Leebo?” Lucy asked as she sat there gazing at the Masai warrior’s deep mysterious eyes.

“No, my love. Our tribe lives far way into the distant beautiful land of the Amboseli park near the foothills of the giant  Tsavo mountains right beside the Tumi waterfalls, one of the largest here in Africa.

“Wow! That sounds like such a heavenly place!!” Lucy replied in awe.
“Yes my dear it is quite magnificent!” The Masai realized Lucy was impressed.

“Would you ever take me along for sightseeing, I’m here in Africa for a month.” Lucy asked nervously because, although she was always deeply intrigued by the Masai culture and tradition, she knew she was falling for him like she never had.

“Yeah sure, why not my sweet lady, I will take you there to see the beautiful waterfalls.” Leeboo replied.

“Will you take me to meet your tribe , perhaps teach me there ways of living help me learn a few of your words so I could show off back in Britain and can you let me click a few photos of me dressed in the traditional tribal attire. Oh, please Leeboo, pleeease!!!!”

Lucy was now almost begging the Masai as she almost stooped into his chair oblivious to the program and Odombo’s boring speech that went on alongside.

“Sure I can take you home to meet with my people, I’ll teach you my language, I’ll teach you how to hunt, you can definitely wear our traditional attires also but that would mean you would probably be wearing less than what you already are!!!”

Lucy blushed as Leeboo looked across to her beautiful blossomed body with ample interest, trying to picture in his mind how that steaming hot body would look dressed as a Masai cooking food for him!

“Less than this? Why that would qualify as being naked wouldn’t it?”

She nervously muttered in her lovely accent while giggling to the Masai who now had Lucy stooping on to his lap, giving him a clear view of her world renowned boobs!

“Are you ashamed of your own beautiful naked body?“ The Masai asked her as he put his hand on Lucy’s waist and he caressed her shoulder with the other.

Ever since the days of her early modeling career Lucy had issues with exposing her body, shed refused to go topless for the early magazines for a long time and then she never ever did complete frontal nudity. She was constantly slut-shamed and called names for exposing her body by most of her haters. She had unknowingly always harbored a deep complex inside her all this time, which the Masai was now slowly shattering to pieces.

“I'm not afraid of anything!!!“ Lucy declared firmly in her thick British accent before striking a gaze with the strong stare of the dominant Masai warrior as it slowly melted her heart like it was made of butter.

“But its just that its more socially acceptable and decent to be covered, don’t you think Leeboo?” Lucy murmured sheepishly.

“You probably need to visit my tribe and spend a few days with us, Lucy if you are afraid of your own beauty." Leeboo said.

“Because you have the most deeply mysterious and beautiful eyes I have ever seen and  you have the body of a nubile African queen, one that would put most African beauties to shame.” The Masai said as he slowly pulled her further toward himself as his long lanky hand were now under her arms ready to pull her in for an embrace.

Lucy felt the his strong arms against her legs and for a moment she was overcome with desire for his dark solid yet dreamy eyes as his compliments resonated in her mind driving her weak to her knees. The magnetism of the strong Masai was too much for Lucy to resist as she slowly got up from her chair and as Leboo gently pulled Lucy further into the embrace, she sat on his warm lap and as he leaned softly towards her, making his intentions all but clear to Lucy, she gently planted her heavenly delicate lips on his dark lips as she was filled with secret desires she never felt for anyone before.

The crowd stared in disbelief as Mr Odombo continued with his political propaganda on the mike his voice was overcome by the crowds cheers to the sight of a beautiful super hot celebrity passionately kissing a local Masai in plain sight for all of them to witness. Lucy couldn’t help herself, she had never experienced such a gush of emotions, she felt in his words such honesty, such gentleness of character and innocence that she never felt this way for any of the western men she had dated in the past who always had some ulterior motive to either get her laid or get paid when they were with her Lucy held the back of his frizzy haired head as them both kissed even more passionately without even breaking the kiss once. They had been kissing frantically for minutes now and the crowd loved every minute of it. Their tongues entwined into each other in a crazy union of burning desires and there was no stopping them.

Lucy took Leeboo’s hands and placed them over her sumptuous boobs to caress them as now she was gleefully laying into his lap with him leaning over to kiss all of her dreamy body before getting back to kissing her juicy lips again.

“No this is wrong“ Leboo pulled away from Lucy startling her completely.

“Everybody is watching, we shouldn’t be doing this.” Leeboo declared in a stern manner with the attitude of a celibate priest.

“Aren’t you the one who said we shouldn’t be ashamed of our naked bodies ? Why are you afraid now of our honest deepest desires? Aren’t our hearts and souls being guided to just where they always truly belonged by the honest expressions of our bodies?”

Lucy said with tremendous confidence while still burning with desire for the rustic Masai. Her logic had trumped Leeboo and forced him into a deep thought just when she pulled him onto herself and he eventually leaned to kiss her again this time more passionately, more aggressively as both their lips pursed each other in a slippery communion.

The conflicting thoughts in his mind were taken over by lust as Leeboos hand were now caressing her half naked ass cheeks, as lucy slowly felt herself getting more and more wet as he now kissed her deeper, harder and wrapped his arms all around the soft supple skin of her divine body. Lucy had never been an exhibitionist all her life, she wouldn’t even kiss in public ever, but she was driven crazy by lust now, something within her told her that this ws meant to be, that  wasting even a moment here would be a mistake,that all she ever dreamed of in a man was right here in the form of Leeboo.

“No Lucy leave me, this is wrong.” leeboo pulled away from Lucy with anger this time almost pushing her away and getting up from the chair to walk off stage not even looking towards a confused Lucy.

As he started to walk off the stage Lucy chased him back and leaped back in his arms, she knew she wanted Leeboo, that something in her soul would never be complete until she had him
Leeboo couldn’t resist Lucy either and as Lucy pulled him back in her arms he was overcome with intractable emotions and he jumped back at her and they both landed on the floor of the stage in a frenzied display of mad passion that would leave animals to shame. Leeboo kissed Lucy breathlessly, as he bit her lips and laid on top of her running his hands all over her now even more insanely hot body. All this in front of the cheering crowd, Mr Odombo was halted in his speech as he could not believe what his eyes were witnessing , the deity of his desire was being held down on the floor and loved passionately by a Masai.

“This is enough Lucy, I cant do this! I have a wife and 4 kids !This is completely wrong.”

Leeboo shouted as he finally pushed himself away from Lucy’s body forcefully,  leaving her wanting for more as she laid half naked on the floor of the stage thirsting for the Masai’s embrace and love. His shocking revelation had left her disappointed. Lucy was heart broken, not once in her life did any man, married or unmarried ever have the self-control to resist her faintest advance, men were always throwing themselves at her but Leeboo hurt her sensitivities by first flirting with her and then in the heat of the moment leaving her unsatisfied all by herself with no concern for her fragile heart  but more importantly broke her pride by pushing her away in front of thousands of people while she was a begging for his love . Lucy wasn’t going to let him get away with that. Lucy didn’t know how she would punish Leeboo for his unforgivable crimes but just that she would do anything to get payback.


”Mr Odombo shouted on the microphone burning with anger as he rushed towards Leeboo to punch him in the corner where his bodyguards held him by his hand and shoulders.
Odombo walked towards Lucy to see her crying to herself, still lying on the stage hot and bothered but unfulfilled, and seeing her barely covered hot body lying like that on the stage drove him crazy with passion himself. As Mr Odombo tried to help Lucy on her feet again and she saw the fat ugly politician holding her by her arms, smiling at her ,salivating  at her ginormous cleavage that was now on full display as she was ruffled and manhandled by Leeboo.  As Lucy held Odombos hands to slowly get up she instantly pulled the fat man’s body as she got up by the weird green tie of his suit and planted her soft juicy lips on his fat, dark lips in the wildest manner possible. Odombo wasn’t going to be tame this time, he knew he had his dream woman in his arms and nothing would stop him from taking advantage especially after all that had been going around with Leebo and her.

Odombo clobbered his dry, chapped lips over Lucy’s succulent tender lips in wild exhiliration as he held her by her hair and pulled her into a passionate kiss. He drooled excessively upon feeling her soft bosom crammed into his fat body and much to his fascination she intensely guzzled all his drool in one gulp. As they kissed intensely Lucy noticed Leeboo held by Odombo’s guards, jealously looking at her and Odombo’s bodies as they slowly merged into one, and she immediately leaned harder into Odombo, showing the ugly man the time of his life.  Odombo's tongue played incessantly and violently with Lucy’s tongue as he drooled more saliva into her mouth which she gladly swallowed again, still mad at Leeboo with whom maintained a constant gaze as Odombo kept kissing her frantically.

Odombo slid his unruly hands inside the back of Lucy's low ass jeans which until then, in the wild heat of the crazy moments with both Leeboo and Odombo had now slipped off her anyhow barely covered butt completely. The crowd was in a state of  uncontrolled hysteria at what they were witnessing with people trying to record everything with their phones amidst wild cheers and cries
Odombo put his sweaty hands on Lucy’s top slowly exposing more of her deep cleavage which glistened in the African sun.

“Take it off baby! Strip me naked!” She whispered in Odombo’s ears seductively , arousing him much further just as she smiled wryly at her former lover struggling to break free from the tight grasps of her new lover’s  guards but failing.


Odombo pulled onto her delicate top furiously raging with desire as he ripped her top off into two and Lucy;s sumptuous boobs were now left exposed with her bra barely covering them up.

“I love it baby you’re so strong!!!Rip them all off me!!!!"
 She softly muttered into his ears while staring at the shocked face of Leeboo still held back by Odombo’s guards.


Odombo howled like a hungry wolf that hadn’t eaten for days as he pulled her bra violently and incessantly with both hands raging with wild fury and ripped it off her body. Lucy’s voluptuous, massive double GG titties sprung to daylight finally freed from their prison, in front of a shell shocked crowd. Lucy was now completely topless, her magnificent juicy boobs and nipples now lay exposed in front of more people in real life now than her magazine ever did behind curtains, and as this mad rush of adrenaline drove Lucy crazy with desire for the otherwise dirty ugly man she would never let anyway near her in her daily life, she could not help but relish the look on Leeboo’s face, someone who learnt the hard way, the consequences of rejecting her tender love she offered her magnanimously.

“Suck my nipples baby!!! Suck on them real good!!!”

Lucy said freakishly as she stared intensely over the Masai’s face now red and his eyes seething with anger. Odombo certainly did not need directions, he opened his mouth wide and gobbled down her left boob, playing with the nipples with his tongue inside his mouth. After he finished devouring her left boob giving her left nipple a thick lathery saliva bath, he gorged down on her right tit slowly suckling while he drooled heavily on Lucy’s divine body. He bit on her right nipple with his tobacco stained incisors.

She moaned loudly in sweet pain as he wolfed around the rest of her body from her huge breasts to her neck, splattering down his smelly drool on Lucy’s already drenched body.
Before she could stop moaning he held her by her hair, pulled her head back and leaned on her and planted his fat lips on Lucys juicy tender lips again as they kissed passionately again for the third time. Lucy now had no control over herself as she enjoyed every moment she was loved intensely and madly by a man just moments after she was rejected by another, who now had to watch her in despair as Lucy meekly surrendered to each and every one of  Odombo’s  deeply depraved desires.

Odombo finished kissing Lucy and filling her mouth up again as he pulled her further into herself as he licked at her beautiful face, the only part of her body  untouched by his sticky lathery oral fluid. Lost in the moment and at the height of his uncontrolled mad passion for her, he yanked  her jeans down to the floor in one shot and much to everybody’s shock , Lucy was now buck naked in public!! Something she never ever did even for her magazine shoots where she might have been would paid her millions for this!!
But she was burning with desire and enjoyed seeing Leeboo’s shocked face who was aghast and appalled at how far the otherwise always prim and proper British model was willing to go to exact her revenge on him!

“Yeah baby get me naked, get me completely naked in front of everyone!!”

She said as she stood there completely naked in just her heels and her belly chain over her denuded body. Meanwhile she never bothered taking any clothes off Odombes otherwise disgusting fat body so he stood there fully clothed in his stupid shiny suit while Lucy was now stark naked in his arms as he salivated all over her unbelievably hot body.
Lucy moaned continuously as Odombo worshipped her disrobed body with his tongue as he squeezed her ass forcefully.

“Yeah baby, fuck me baby.” Lucy cried out in ecstasy still maintaining an intense unfazed stare at his restricted lover, Leeboo. Not once had she looked into Odombe while he ravaged her unclad body, her eyes were fixated on the dark eyes of Leebu  which had now turned red with anger as he seethed  with fury.

Odombo had tried to contain himself now but he knew if he didn’t react now he would just cum in his pants and miss out the opportunity of a lifetime. He pulled his hard dick out of his pants and rubbed it against Lucy’s luscious soft supple boobs ,in a mad fervor resembling a bull in heat.

“Yeah, fuck me with your big cock.” said Lucy still staring at Leeboo.

Odombe turned Lucy around ,holding her by her hair, bent her over and slid his hard cock into Lucy’s wet pussy and she moaned loudly just as Odombo spanked her butt so hard , it could be heard by the sweating people in the crowd.

"Yeah, fuck me harder baby!!! Spank me real good baby!!!"

Lucy moaned loudly in sweet ecstasy as she had never taken a cock as fat as Odombo’s into her pussy before, and as it ravaged violently in and out of her,  her moans were replaced by ecstatic cries so loud that they could even be heard amongst the loud frenzied cheering of the huge audience who were getting the show of a lifetime, and that too, all for free!
Certain hooligans tried to jump up on the stage to join in on the action, but the guards were able to control them somehow as their boss continued on his undisrupted pleasure alone with the bombshell that everybody desired! The overworked guards themselves shook their head in disbelief if the sheer madness they were witnessing. Odombo still held Lucy by her hair and leaned completely on her grabbing her boobs with his other hand as he fucked her like the savage he really was under the clandestine cover of the uber cool sophisticated politician he pretended to be.

"Yeah baby!!!! Come inside me!!! Give that sweet load to your fucking whore, baby!! I need it, baby!!"

Lucy shouted as her whole body trembled wildly with the unprecedented bashing the fat man’s oversized black cock was delivering to her delicate pussy.

"OOOOOH BITCH I’M GONNA CUM, I’M GONNA COME IN YOU, SLUT!!! Odombo declared in urgency.

He knew he couldn’t last in her too long, so he decided he would step up the game the last time before he came. He pulled Lucy by her hair towards him again, as he kissed her intensely again for the umpteenth time and Lucy obliged devouring loads of his drool gulping it in as some rolled over her already spit drenched body.


Lucy screamed in ecstasy as Odombo slobbered on her drenched tits again pulling on those beautiful heavenly, honey colored nipples with his dirt stained teeth. Lucy moaned in ecstasy, she had never been fucked so wildly by any man, anywhere and she could never even imagine being fucked in such a dirty, disrespectful manner, let alone in front of thousands of men. Her classy, well- mannered aura and polite reputation was being fucked hard by Odombo’s wild big black cock alongside her dripping pussy, and by the looks of it she was loving every minute. Her moans were the only time she closed her eyes in a blissful rapture of sexual energy otherwise maintaining continuous eye contact with her Masai love interest.


Odombo declared sweating like a pig now as he clenched his teeth trying to hold himself back from cumming somehow before he was done with his final fantasy. Lucy wasn’t completely sure as she hadn’t taken a big black cock up her ass ever and she didn’t know if she would like it. She sure loved the dirty sound of it though! Odombo held Lucy by her hair and tried to shove his enormous unwashed cock into Lucy’s asshole.


He said as he grappled with Lucy holding her down.He stretched his hands to pull on the last article of clothing Lucy had on her, that belly chain that hung around her ass all day. As he pulled down on it, it broke into two from the middle of the pendant, the same pendant that was lost into the crevice of Lucy’s ass all day, ever she walked outside the hotel lobby.It was a heart shaped pendant and Odombo split it into two right from the centre and threw it straight to Leebus face who seethed in anger.


Lucy saw the broken heart of her belly chain hit Leeboo's disappointed face and something  went off within her.


She just didn’t like Odombo’s cruel act, it was rude, it was disrespectful, it just wasn’t right. Lucy pushed him back forcefully, she didn’t like what he did to her lover, she didn’t like the way he was talking to him, probably she didn’t like him at all, maybe she now realized she had taken it a little too far. This was the first time in all this while her steadfast gaze wandered from Leeboo’s helpless face to the ugly Odombos spit drooling face. She pushed him away for good this time.

“Showtime's over, fat boy!!!”

She declared as she tiptoed away from the ugly man with the feline grace she was known for all these years as a glamour model. Odombo was furious as hell now, he wanted to fuck Lucy in the ass at any cost, it was his lifelong fantasy and he wasn’t going to let this chance go by after how close he had come to realizing it!! He tried to order his guards to stop her but before he could even raise a finger.

KAAPOOOOW !!!! Followed by a huge THHHUDDD!!!!

Leeboo, the warrior Masai had got rid of his guards and knocked Odombo out in one knock. Lucy was overcome with emotions as his hero had rescued him from Odombo finally. This is what she wanted to see all along. He ran to her and she ran back straight at him! Leeboo took his drape off and before covering her up in his clothes embraced her heavenly naked body with his own naked body in a passionate hug in front of a cheering crowd and kissed her breathlessly. The crowd too was happy to see the corrupt politician lying on his back and the Masai united with his love interest. As Odombo’s bodyguards collected around him some of Leeboo’s  Masai friends arranged for a car for him and Lucy to escape.

As Lucy sat safely in the backseat of the car in the warm embrace of her  Masai lover, she looked back at the stage once, reminiscing the mayhem that had ensued. Mr Odombo was still lying knocked out cold on the stage with his cock still rock hard pointing skywards in the hopeless desire of Lucy’s ass, while her ripped camouflage top, her ripped bra and her skimpy low waist jeans lay there as a testimony of the mad desires that thousands of  men around the world had for Lucy.

As she looked back Leeboo leaned into gentle kiss with her with a warm embrace, the sweetest kind of love Lucy ever experienced was there for her, the feeling of the warmth of a cozy fireplace got her toes curled and just as she would get lost into the heightened sensation of love, his touch slowly vanished, the warmth of the fireplace was gone as Lucy opened her eyes finally, finding herself alone in the cold bed of her house in her home in Hampshire, all by herself and alone and empty.


She swung her hands in the air, full of disappointment as it landed on the nightstand next to her bed and an envelope popped on her face.
Lucy picked it up to have a look in her despair, it said,




Lucy held the envelope to her heart and fell asleep smiling again.
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Re: Kenyan Dream ( Lucy Pinder)
« Reply #1 on: December 24, 2019, 03:23:36 PM »
Great first entry.
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Re: Kenyan Dream ( Lucy Pinder)
« Reply #2 on: December 24, 2019, 03:43:40 PM »
Very good first chapter, great to see more Lucy stories, looking fwd to next part :)
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Re: Kenyan Dream ( Lucy Pinder)
« Reply #3 on: December 24, 2019, 03:46:31 PM »
I was honored to edit this for you, it was a great story for a beginner. Hope you write more!  :Y:
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Re: Kenyan Dream ( Lucy Pinder)
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Great first story @Magnum Opus. Great to see more of The Pind on here.

Look forward to seeing what you write next.
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Re: Kenyan Dream ( Lucy Pinder)
« Reply #5 on: December 24, 2019, 07:55:20 PM »
Wow that was a crazy ride. I loved how at the end it was a twist and everything was a dream, that was a cool surprise.

You have a talent for writing an adventure, hope to read more works from you in the future.
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Re: Kenyan Dream ( Lucy Pinder)
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Thank you everyone for your appreciation. A week ago as i was scrolling twitter i found out about Cady and read his story for the first time on CSS. I was so impressed by his work that here i am a week later. this was my first story ever and i know it had its flaws in the storyline and also some grammar as English is not my first language. I hope i will get better with practice but I'm overwhelmed by the response everybody has given me. I thank you a lot and in the end i would like to dedicate my first story to Cady sir, who inspired me to write  :Y:


Re: Kenyan Dream ( Lucy Pinder)
« Reply #7 on: December 25, 2019, 08:19:38 AM »
This was a fun story. For English not being your first language, you have a good vocabulary. Like others, I thought the twist in the end that it was a dream was pretty cool.
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Re: Kenyan Dream ( Lucy Pinder)
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This was a fun story. For English not being your first language, you have a good vocabulary. Like others, I thought the twist in the end that it was a dream was pretty cool.
Thank you sir!

Magnum Opus

Re: Kenyan Dream ( Lucy Pinder)
« Reply #9 on: December 25, 2019, 09:05:06 AM »
Wow that was a crazy ride. I loved how at the end it was a twist and everything was a dream, that was a cool surprise.

You have a talent for writing an adventure, hope to read more works from you in the future.
Thank you sir :Y:


Re: Kenyan Dream ( Lucy Pinder)
« Reply #10 on: December 25, 2019, 02:28:00 PM »
That was a fantastic story, you're a fantastic writer.
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Re: Kenyan Dream ( Lucy Pinder)
« Reply #11 on: December 27, 2019, 04:45:44 AM »
That was a fantastic story, you're a fantastic writer.
thank you sir!


Re: Kenyan Dream ( Lucy Pinder)
« Reply #12 on: December 27, 2019, 12:28:39 PM »
Pretty interesting story. I'll read anything with Lucy on here.
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Re: Kenyan Dream ( Lucy Pinder)
« Reply #13 on: December 27, 2019, 02:34:10 PM »
Hope you write some more, you've got some good ideas and it translated well. I really liked the whole twist at the end that it was a dream and she didn't let the man cum. Funny reading a Lucy story without a titfuck, but I'm not complaining  :))

Magnum Opus

Re: Kenyan Dream ( Lucy Pinder)
« Reply #14 on: January 04, 2020, 04:36:21 AM »
Pretty interesting story. I'll read anything with Lucy on here.
Thank you sir, i hope you like my new story starring the lovely Lucy here!


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