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Victoria and Christy Team Up
« on: December 28, 2019, 05:35:57 AM »
Note- Not a true story but could easily have happened!


Back in the eighties adult movie actress Christy Canyon was one of the top five women in the business.
She had enjoyed a long career before she decided the time was right to step down.

Today she had joined an excited Victoria Paris in her friends new home two months after she had moved in.
The four bedroom, two bathroom house boasted an open kitchen plan, hardwood floors and an outside pool.
With money from her divorce the blonde AVN Hall of Famer had paid $800,000 for the Hollywood Hills property and now looked forward to starting her life over.
The two women stayed close and Victoria had even married in the Californian home of Christy.

Christy sat in the back room by the large window on a three seat sofa and watched Victoria bring in a tray of cold drinks.

"Here we go, thanks again for dropping by."

She handed the captivating brunette a chilled glass of juice and joined her on the seat.
The pair of them had been on a tour of the house and now settled down to relax.
Christy looked magnificent in a pink mini dress with a plunging neckline that showed off the tremendous cleavage of her natural 36E boobs.
Her tanned bare legs were tucked under her as she sipped her drink.

Vicky wore tight blue jeans and a lighter blue sleeveless boob tube top that just about held her heavy breasts in check.
Her long wavy blonde locks tumbled over her bare shoulders as she sank back in the soft seat and parked her high heeled shoes on the coffee table.

"Well, cheers to new beginnings."

They chinked glasses and smiled at each other.
Although she had appeared in the adult movie business some time before her, Christy Canyon had shot some homemade scenes together with Victoria at her own home, and felt very comfortable around her.

Victoria Paris had made her name mud wrestling before she took the leap into making feature length movies eventually retiring in the late nineties.
Both had kept fit and honed their figures on the erotic dance circuit and each of them looked quite stunning in their middle years.
And both of them still enjoyed a healthy sex life with men, the younger the better.

Christy looked out the window casually and saw a tall figure with a big net on a stick at the swimming pool.

"Oh, who is that, your pool guy?" She wondered.

"Yeah, he comes over once a week."

"Wow, he's really hot!"

"Who, him? That sixty year old man?"

"Sixty? He looks pretty good for a sixty year old."

"Christy, what are you talking about?"

Victoria raised herself up on her knees to peer out of the window.

"Oh my goodness, he is so cute!" She gushed.

Their eyes lingered on the six foot brown haired man with the athletic build. His tanned torso was bare and his short red trunk shorts, cut just below his ass, left his long legs on display.

As he dragged the pool of debris his large biceps rippled and the ladies stared with eyes on stalks. Then when he stopped and lifted his sunglasses to wipe his brow Christy licked her lips.

"Can we, can we get him to come in?" Said the long haired brunette with a twinkle in her eye.

"Christy, really? The pool boy? Not very original! Alright. Let me think of something."

Victoria got to her feet and went out the back door watched through the window by her horny friend. She tottered over on her heels and tapped the man on the shoulder, and he turned around in surprise.

"Hi, I'm Vicky, are you the new pool guy?"

"Oh, YOU live here? Yeah sorry, the regular man called in sick and asked me to come over."

The man looked her over and took in her hourglass figure, the large breasts and tiny waist and big hazel eyes.

"That is great. You're pretty tall, could you help my friend and me out? The light blew in the ceiling fixture, could you be a darling and change it please?"

The man took off his shades and blinked at the five foot five woman in the tight jeans. His eyes lingered on her peach of an ass that stuck out behind her.

"Sure, at least I can get out of this heat for a while."

They both headed to the house, Vicky made sure to linger a couple of steps behind the man to check out his tight butt as he walked. They walked into the cool room and Vicky spread her hands.

"This is my friend Christy."

"Hi Christy, I'm Pete."

The two shook hands and she offered him a glass.

"Drink? How old are you Pete?" She asked with her chin in her hands like a teenager.

The two looked at him in awe as he tilted his head back and drained the glass of juice. His body had no fatty tissue at all and his developed chest rose and fell as he swallowed. Then he swiped the back of his hand across his mouth to dry it.

"I'm nineteen next month."

Victoria pointed up to the ceiling as she shook herself out of her reverie.

"There is the light, and there is a step ladder. We really appreciate it."

"No problem, ladies."

The pair of cougars looked at each other and giggled. Christy mouthed the word wow silently as her friend mimed an imaginary blowjob with her right hand.

Pete climbed up and removed the bulb and as he looked down got a wonderful view of two pairs of massive tits. He paused and stared and then climbed back down.

"Well all done, guess I'm all finished at the pool too. Nice meeting you both."

"Oh, you're leaving? Wait!"

Both of them grabbed an arm and dragged the startled man onto the sofa.

"You're not done yet my friend, not by a long chalk."

"Hey, what gives!"

He landed on his back and the two ex porn stars began to caress and paw at his broad chest and Pete laid back into the soft seat.

"Oh what the fuck, lets do it." He grinned at the hot women.

He turned to his right and kissed Christy on her cherry red lips as her blonde friend ran a hand down his abs to cover his stiffening cock in his trunks.

"THIS is what we want." She said with a smile.

She leaned in and Pete kissed her hard as he gazed at her 38 DD tits in the boob tube.
With his right hand he released her right breast and sucked on the impressive globe.

Christy got onto her knees and hitched her dress up over her rump and joined them in a three way kiss, their tongues wiggled like snakes. Pete felt his prick reach its full length and make a big tent in his trunks and Vicky let it out.

"Fuck, Christy, check this big boy out!"

She held the generous tool at the base to make the thick eight incher seem even larger, and they both laughed aloud as it twitched left to right.

'Oh my, I wasn't expecting this when I came over today."

Christy felt for her pussy with her right hand as Vicky took a firm grip on the mans pole and stroked it slowly. Pete shuddered at the attention, and watched open mouthed as the blonde popped the tip past her lips.

Christy wasted no time and reached down and grabbed the hem of her dress and pulled it off and let it drop to the carpet.
She slipped her panties off and leaned back to let him have a look between her parted legs.
Pete gazed at her enormous and natural breasts as they spread out on either side of her ribcage.
Her left leg bent at the knee and he ogled her brown bush at the top of her open thighs.

His attention came back to the engaging fair haired woman who began suck on his boner. Her mouth felt soft and warm as she took him deeper inside. Christy grasped his balls at the same time and the two of them worked him into a state of utter excitement.

"Let me help you with that doll." Said the brunette, and they both shared his thick shaft.

Each chose one side and used their lips and tongues to slide up and down. Sometimes in sync, other times one would be at the base while the other paid attention to the top.
His prick soon became shiny and wet from their drooling mouths and he bucked his hips up wishing deep down he could shove up inside one of the hot women.

Victoria got up and tugged her top off and drew her tight jeans and panties off with a wiggle of her butt and stood naked in her heels.
She moved her left hand across her stomach and Pete looked at her golden tuft of pubic hair atop her shaven pussy lips.
Vicky climbed up and poised with her cunt over the mans head as she crouched low at the back of the sofa.

"Lick that fucking pussy boy, give me that hot tongue."

She dropped her pelvis and moved up and down as he poked his tongue straight up as if it was a mini cock.
The blonde closed her eyes and made little noises as she ground her damp cunt back and forth on his face.
Her arms reached behind to balance herself on the back of the seat and her heels dug deep into the seat cushions.

He swiped her smooth labia and made her groan out loud, then he delved into her and tasted her sweet nectar.
Vicky moved her right hand from her right boob to her hard clitoris and back again.
The stunning woman started to grind harder on his face and she grabbed a handful of his hair in her fist.
Pete met her pussy in rhythm with her moves, then she made a croak in her throat and clamped her thighs around his head.

Christy took over on blowjob duty and sucked the lucky pool guy into a frenzy with incredible swirls of her tongue around the big crown.
Then her head smashed down and his entire rod was swallowed up inside her mouth.
She rested with his knob at the back of her throat and her nose was tickled by his pubes, then she reared back up with a great intake of breath and her eyes streamed tears.

As his prick was pulled out, she saw it slick with her saliva, she took it in again and kept a seal around the top half. He bucked up and the remainder of his thick shaft slid on in. Dribble seeped from her sealed mouth as she breathed hard through her nostrils before he was released once more.

"Wow, that is a nice fucking tongue action you got there Pete, way to go!" Moaned Victoria as she let herself up.

"Me now, me, me!"

The jealous dark haired woman moved up and presented the man with her wet cunt as she straddled his chest and held onto the back of the seat behind his head.
Pete took a sharp intake of breath as his face was pushed against the wet pubes and his tongue darted into the hot slit. He put his hands on her plump ass and gripped the flesh.

Christy writhed on his face as his tongue slid in and out, then he opened his mouth all over her pussy, clit and all and sucked in.
Christy threw her head and her dark mane fell over her back as she gasped at the thrill of his oral technique.

Victoria moved to face him and straddled his lap and her hand stroked his rigid pole and placed the big head into the opening of her hot cunt.
Her right hand swept her golden locks over her shoulder as slowly, inch by inch, the blonde shifted her hips and took him deep inside.

She stayed motionless for a moment to enjoy the feel of her folds being stretched out and then began to rock back and forth.
He was fucked with long deep strokes as her thighs locked on his and her hazel eyes gazed into his as his cock was pumped.
Behind her Christy rubbed her hand over the smooth cheeks of her friend as she began to ride the mans big boner.

"Smack my ass, pool boy." Demanded Victoria and he slapped her hard on the right cheek.

Christy watched enthralled and rubbed her own aching pussy as Victoria bent forward and rose up and down faster on the mans rock hard cock.
Her buttocks split wide as she was impaled on the young man, then she leaned up into a ramrod straight position and undulated on him for deeper penetration.

"Oh fucking hell, that is so hot!" Mused the dark haired woman.

Vicky moaned loudly as she bounced on the mans lap harder and faster, her shallow thrusts ensured he stayed buried deep inside her cunt.
With her left hand desperately rubbing her sensitive clit she was consumed by utter pleasure.

"Oooo, fuck yeah!"

She bounced up and down even faster, her right hand thrust between her thighs, while her left massaged her big boobs.
Her cries of passion made Christy wetter and wetter as she watched the hugely erotic scene.
Victoria placed her left hand on the mans chest, and her right rested on his left upper thigh as she rocked her pelvis to and fro with his entire rod stuffed inside her.
Her pubic bone rubbed hard on his until with a great cry she came on him and her fingers found their way to her weeping pussy where she felt her rich juices.

"That was fucking intense," she whispered.

Pete grabbed her by the waist and drew her to him and kissed her hard. The lustful woman still rose and fell on his stiff prick with a very slow movement and her friend rubbed his ball sack gently.

"Me now, me, me!" Cried Christy and presented her ass as she assumed a doggy position lengthwise on the sofa.

Victoria popped off Pete who quickly came behind the chestnut haired woman and parted her buttocks. With his left hand he pushed inside the lush pussy and immediately began to ram his cock in and out.

She wanted this young man badly and cried out for him to fuck her. Vicky came to her front and the two kissed as Pete took a hold of the brunette by her wide hips and began to piston into her.

"Slap her pool boy!" Vicky kindly suggested.

Pete smacked the two plump cheeks as Christy yelped and put her left arm behind her to grab the mans chest. She leaned back and put her left foot up on the seat which raised her butt up a little more.

"There we go," said Pete as he rammed right up deep inside.

He grabbed her mammoth left tit in his hand as he hammered her without mercy.

"Fuck, its so big, so fucking big!" She howled.

"I know babe, I know," replied Vicky with a big grin.

Her rump was smacked several more times as he fucked her with long even strokes. His cock felt rock hard inside the older woman, she hadn't had such a cock quite like this one in a long while.
Her massive natural tits moved in unison with every thrust up. Pete was hugely impressed with her huge boobs, the size of them and how they swung back and forth as she twisted her upper body to caress her friend.

"Why you're sweaty Christy, go cool off while I have some quality Pete time."

The rutting pair rose up from the seat and Victoria laid on her back horizontally on the sofa and flung her right leg over the back.
She supported her left leg under the knee and kicked it straight up in the air. Pete adjusted her with a helping hand under her rump and slipped right in. With his right hand on her left upper thigh and his left on her right hip he power fucked the blonde cougar.

"That is so fucking nice," she cooed.

Christy came and kneaded both her friends huge boobs and got a nice close look at the hot pair.

"You like that pussy pool boy? Huh? You like it?" Said Victoria as she raised her head up from the cushion.

"Let me show you how much." He said confidently.

The young stud thrust into her even faster like a man possessed, his steel hard cock pounded her soft cunt relentlessly.

"YESSS!" Screamed the blonde.

Christy leaned in and kissed her friend as the mans massive prick hammered home with a savage fury. Victoria was nearly delirious and spoke garbage as he tore into her.

"Cock, cock, cock, fuck, cock, fuck, fuckity fuck, fuck, fuck."

Pete was consumed by lust, his face had an intense look as he draped her legs on his shoulders, his tight ass clenched and calves taut.
His own force made him collapse over her and as he laid on top they all engaged in a three way kiss.
Pete coiled his arm behind the back of Vicky and she threw her arms around his neck.

"Fucker! Keep fucking me pool boy!"

Pete moved his lower half of his body the best he could but his thrusting had slowed down, sweat poured from his entire body.
Victoria moved her hips along the seat in an attempt to speed things up.

"You all done? That all you got?"

The man breathed hard and withdrew from a frustrated Vicky. She kicked her legs free and sat on the edge of the seat.

"I, I just need a few moments. Too fucking hot."

Pete wiped his brow and poured a glass of juice and gulped it down. His red raw cock rested on his left upper thigh at half mast.

"I guess we got to give him a show Christy." The blonde pouted.

The brunette bombshell rolled from her stomach onto her back and her large tits flopped out over her chest.
Victoria reached to the drinks tray on the table and retrieved some of the ice cubes.
She popped one into her mouth in order to melt it a tad then moved to the sofa and let it drop onto her friends belly.

"Oooooh, chilly!" Squeaked Christy.

The blonde picked the cube up between her fingers and let it drip icy water onto the skin, from the navel up to the mammoth boobs.
The cool drizzle fell onto the hard nipples of Christy and she gasped at the exquisite feel.
She closed her eyes and squirmed as Vicky took a fresh cube and rolled it in her palm to aid the melting and held her hand over the exposed clitoris.

With great concentration the blonde let icy drops dribble all around the sensitive nub and down the ass crack as Christy raised her hips. She gasped and then let out a thankful moan as more cool water poured over her bush.

"That feel good honey?"

The chestnut haired beauty could only bite her lip and nod. Then she shivered with sheer delight as her friend ran her warm tongue up the length of the wet slit.
Christy couldn't help herself as she clamped her thighs around Victoria who laid on her belly with her face in her friends lap.
Vicky reached out blindly with her left hand and grabbed another cube and popped it in her warm mouth.
She widened her lovers legs and put her lips on the hard clit and let a cool drool of spit run over it.

Christy groaned and thrust the back of her head into the cushion under her. Victoria became ever more adventurous and rolled the cube along her tongue and held it against her clitoris.
The brunette screamed as the ice rested on her pussy.
Vicky sucked the cube back into her hot mouth and then repeated the action twice until the ice had melted.

"Did you cum babe?"

Christy smiled and Victoria recognised it as the one she had seen on several occasions like this.

"Let me return the favour."

"Please do."

Victoria laid on the same spot and Christy put an ice cube into her own mouth and pressed her lips against the others.
Their combined warm breath caused the cube to drip down their chins, then Christy trailed her tongue down until she took a nipple between her teeth. Victoria arched her back and let the ice cube topple from her mouth to her cleavage.
The brunette woman took it and traced the cold cube around one nipple and then the other.

"You watching this Pete?"

The young man was indeed as he wanked his rigid cock in his right fist.

Christy moved further down the body of Victoria and widened her thighs.

"Push your hips up for me darling."

Vicky did so and shuddered with a soft moan as an ice cube was slid past her smooth pussy lips and inside her hot cunt.
Christy smiled as she poked the cube in deeper with her middle finger and twirled it around inside.

"Now push sweetie."

The blonde quivered and then contracted her pussy muscles and the melted ice ran out and down her upturned crack.
Before she could even take a breath Victoria felt two fingers shoved up her and thrust in and out fast.
Her hips pushed back until she cried out and her body bucked. She sucked in air as she enjoyed her orgasm then went limp.
Both ladies hugged as they relaxed and then they turned to Pete who groaned in his chair.

"Gonna cum, can't hold back."

"NO, over here, cum on us!" Yelled Christy.

But the inexperienced man jerked his cock and shot his load over his own belly with a sigh of relief.

"Oh you fucking idiot!" Said Victoria with a scowl.

"Go easy honey, he's only a pup, he's on a learning curve."

Pete sulked and took a kleenex and cleaned himself.

"So sorry ladies, but that routine with the ice, well, WOW!"

Victoria didn't answer and looked away.

Pete went to leave and then turned back.

"Should I come back next week?"

Victoria dried herself off and tossed a towel to Christy Canyon.

"I think...not. Bye Pete, nice knowing you."

The legendary porn stars sat on the sofa naked and sipped juice as the pool guy left.


A week later Victoria woke on a fine morning in her big bedroom.
She opened her eyes, stretched and yawned.
With a wiggle of her wide hips the blonde stunner rose from the king size bed and padded naked to the bay window and looked out.
The view of the pool pleased her, she had taken to her new home quickly and planned a relaxing day sunbathing.

Once showered Vicky pulled on a pair of silver high heeled sling back shoes and slipped on her gold bikini top and then tied on the tassel tie bottoms.
In the big kitchen she made a cup of Earl Grey tea, took a bunch of grapes and made her way poolside.

A small table with towels, suntan lotion and sunglasses were already laid out, and she put her tea alongside as she paddled her long legs in the cool water. The sun was hot as it climbed higher in the clear blue sky and she donned the shades.

After a few moments Victoria saw a tall figure of a man approach from the far entrance to the pool area. He had short cropped hair and was bare chested, about six feet tall, the warm chocolate brown of his flesh rippled over developed muscles.

"Hi, Miss Paris? I'm Andre, the new pool guy, how are you?"

Vicky looked him all over and enjoyed his charming smile.

"You replacing the last boy?"

"Yeah Pete left, something about pressures of the job, I don't know."

"Well, nice to meet you, how old are you?"

"Why I just turned nineteen ma'am."

"Splendid, oh, could you do me a favour?"

"Sure, anything you want."

"Anything?" She answered with a twinkle in her eye.

She lowered her shades to the bridge of her nose and held up the bottle of lotion and waggled it.

"You want me to rub some on? No problem."

Victoria unhooked her top and laid on her stomach on the pink towel, her hand swept her hair from the back of her neck. Andre smeared a liberal amount of lotion in his large palms and began to apply it to her back.

"That feels great." She purred as she kicked her legs up at the knees.

He massaged her shoulders and she smiled with satisfaction as he kneaded the muscles of her back and down to the top of her butt. Her inner thighs quivered ever so slightly as the handsome man started on her legs.

"Mmmmm, what was your name again?"

"Andre ma'am."

"Yes, Andre, can you go to my bottom?"

The ebony skinned young man paused and gazed at her fine peach of an ass then began a slow and leisurely massage of both her fine cheeks. She felt his warm hands slide up and down her back and then jiggle her buttocks.

"Lovely, such a nice touch. Listen Andre, I feel like some lunch. You did say you would do anything right?"

"You, you want me to fix you something to eat?" He said with a puzzled look.

"Are YOU on the menu?" She said with a mischievous grin.


"Yes, I want you."

Victoria got to her knees and whipped the bikini top off and let the stunned man get a good look at her massive 38 DD tits.
Her brushed blonde hair fell about her shoulders as she rose and stood proudly before the stunned man with her hands on hips.

"Yeah, I think we can figure something out."

His cock started to stir in his shorts and the mature blonde hooked a finger in the waistband and led him to her bedroom.

Once inside Andre came behind the smaller woman and cupped her impressive boobs.

"I need this job, I don't wanna repeat what Pete did." He said nervously as he nuzzled her neck.

"You'll be just fine, just fine."

She picked her shades off and raised her right arm up behind her and ran her fingers in his wiry hair.
His hands wandered over her tits and thumbed the hardening nipples which made her shiver with delight.
She lifted her head up and back and kissed him on his full lips.
Her jaw opened and her tongue sought out his which slid across her lips.
She closed her eyes as their tongues flicked around each others then he spun her around and mashed his face into her chest.

"You like these titties, huh?"

"Uh, huh." He moaned as he licked each big globe back and forth then lifted them up and kissed lightly under the cleavage.

His hot soft lips sucked the entire nipple of each big boob, then he used his strong teeth to gently pull on the hard nubs.

Vicky pushed his head against her bosom as the two of them began to grope each others bare bodies with a hungry fervour, and when his left hand slid down the front of her bikini bottoms Victoria gasped with pleasure.
His hand stroked her little tuft of pubic hair followed by the insertion of his middle finger in her moist cunt.

The former porn star quickly untied the tassel ties and removed the bottoms and Andre held her curvy body close and walked her slowly backwards to the bed where she flopped onto her back, legs flung out wide.
He pinned her body under his and she moved her hands around and held onto his strong back muscles. His right thigh went between her legs and pressed against her mound.

"This pussy is ready for you to eat. Bon appetite!"

He tugged his shorts off and leaned in and traced his fingers lightly across her inner thighs.
She breathed in deeply as she felt his prick touch her right leg.
Every bit of eight inches and very thick she noted, and him not even fully hard yet.
His gentle touch sent little electric shocks through her and her legs quivered as the man brushed her shaven pussy lips.

As her heart raced he placed his face to her slit and with his tongue flattened lapped at her sweet tasting cunt. The golden pubes darkened with his saliva and her folds became moistened and puffy.

"I'm ready for that cock of yours!" She said in a sing song high voice.

Andre stood and wanked his cock till it was nice and stiff and looked at the vision of beauty laid out on the big bed.

"Are you hard yet? How long you gonna make this wet pussy wait you naughty boy."

Vicky rubbed her slit with her left hand with rapid strokes as she watched him grow in his fist, her lips tight as she pouted.

"Get over here now and fuck me. Come on, I should punish you for making me wait. Maybe a spanking." She raised her right eyebrow.

She gave a hearty laugh, then a yelp as she was dragged along the mattress by the ankles so her butt was right at the edge of the bed.
With both her legs spread out wide and high Andre drove his erection straight to her soft, damp cunt.
His big brown eyes burned into her hazel eyes as he gripped her under both knees and bent her legs back to her shoulders.
The man was quite impressed by how limber she was.

"Yeah pool boy, give me that big fucking cock you got there."

His right hand took hold of his pulsing cock and Vicky pushed up to impale herself on the head, just enough inside to spread her cunt open.
She was overcome with the yearning to feel his entire length inside her and pulled his body to hers.

"I want to...feel you inside." She whispered, her eyes wide with anticipation.

Andre obliged her and sank his considerable amount of dark meat all the way into her soft pussy.

It was incredible! Her eyes blinked as she felt the first slow pump of his cock, their mouths met and they began a steady fuck that found the both of them adjusting themselves on the bed. Immediately he started to thrust deep into her as her heels were pushed up beside her head. Her hands gripped his tight black ass as his hips crashed against her upturned butt.

"Fucking great cock babe!" She muttered.

Andre breathed hard and the slapping of their skin became louder the faster he pounded her. With her legs up high her clit rubbed on his abdomen and intense waves of pleasure washed over her.
Vicky thrashed her head on the bed from side to side and gripped the sheets. Andre gave her long and deep strokes as he buried his knob inside her, his body mashed on top of hers as he seemed to want to drive her through the bed.

"Yeah, fuck this white pussy!"

The fit young man picked up his pace and gave the happy woman deep and steady thrusts as he dug his toes in. He was fearful of coming and slowed up and then pulled his shiny prick out.

His strong grip pulled her to her high heels by her left hand and then he pushed her to her knees at the foot of the bed and fed her his cock.

Her right hand ran over the slick smooth skinned cock and she adored the size.

"Quite the big boy aren't you?"

The blonde stroked him gently from the base to the top then teased him with a single fingertip around and around the large head.
He rolled his hips in order to lead her on to suck on him, then he groaned as her mouth slid over his shaft and he was engulfed.
Her hand squeezed his balls as she worked his hard pecker with both mouth and tongue, sometimes fast and then slowing things down.

When she took him from her mouth her spit dripped out and coated her lips. Nicely lubricated she shoved her mouth back on the thick girth and gagged loudly as his crown hit her throat.

Then she leaned back and stood up and wiped a tear from her eye.

"On the bed, boy."

Victoria got up into a spoon position with her weight on her right side away from the window. Her left leg raised up into the air and the black youth came from behind and guided his generous tool into her with a smooth upwards movement.

"Right, shove it right in."

He brought his hand up held her leg up in a firm grip under her upper thigh, it felt supple to the touch.

Victoria yelled out as he pounded her cunt with youthful vigour and she pawed her own tits. From this angle she could see her cunt spread out over his long shaft as it drove on in as she rolled a nipple with her fingertips.

"I wanna ride this big fucking cock."

Andre laid on his back as the insatiable woman mounted him reverse cowgirl style.
She took a deep breath and lowered herself inch by inch and bit her lip as her pussy stretched out around the fat member.
Her left leg came up and her heel dug into the soft mattress as she rose and fell, first on the top couple inches a few times, then with a sudden movement she dropped down and took the whole thing.

"My word, that is big!"

Victoria began to buck her hips back and forth as she ground on his stiff cock. The ebony skinned young man reminded her of Ray Victory and Sean Michaels from her days making porn.

She arched her back and stuck her big tits out and felt his hands on her small waist and move her body up and down on his rigid prick. With her left hand she rubbed her clit with a frantic pace, and on occasion grabbed his big balls.

"Oh fuck, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me."

Victoria leaned back and planted her hands on the bed and sawed her pussy to and fro with his cock embedded deep inside her cunt.

"Now you just lay there and let me fuck you."

"Yes ma'am."

His cock popped out and sprang up on his belly and Victoria rubbed his pole with the crack of her ass. Her moans became louder as she mounted him once more and next thing her body shuddered through her orgasm.
Her body bucked wildly in the throes of sexual ecstasy and she had a slack jawed expression. They rested as he once again exited her pussy, a warm trickle ran out of her hole.

"Have I satisfied you Miss Paris? Did I do well?"

"Yes, now I'm gonna bend over and I want you to fuck me like a dog."

Andre flipped her off and Victoria laid face down on her stomach, her hefty boobs squashed and flattened under her body.
His huge cock entered her in a single shift motion, the entire length fully inserted.
Vicky gasped as she felt his wonderful black shaft press against her clit.
With a great effort the mature blonde rise up onto her elbows as he began to fuck her slowly.
Her left knee went forwards and he gripped her by the ankle, just above her high heeled shoe.
Both were sweating now and breathing hard.

"Ugggh yeah, feed me, feed me that lunch pool boy."

Victoria Paris closed her eyes tight and let out soft and prolonged moans as the strong man pushed up further and further into her sopping cunt.
His pelvic thrusts became more frenzied as he fucked the woman harder. Her whole body was rocked and her hair matted to her face as his hips crashed against her.

"Yeah, yeah, keep on doing that."

Victoria buried her face in the pillow and gritted her teeth as she was fucked senseless.

"Miss Paris, I, I gotta cum." He said with a low voice.

"Oh yeah, gonna blow your load huh? I wanna taste it."

"Where, where shall I put it?"

"I want it on my face and then on my tits."

Victoria leapt forward so that for a moment the young man was air fucking, then she quickly laid on her back as Andre bent over her and let rip his load.

Several large ribbons of cum splashed her mouth and heaving boobs as he groaned aloud. Great globs of white cream dappled her which she smeared into her flesh.

Andre collapsed on the bed huffing while Victoria leaned up and then rose to hit the shower.

"Guess I'll get going then." The man said as he looked for his shorts.

"Aren't you forgetting something?"

The five foot five blonde stood with the semen still sticky on her tits and she removed her heels one by one. Her big fake tits bounced as she bent at the waist and he could see her damp cunt gape from his huge cock.

"Er, what?"

"The pool dumbass, you need to clean the pool."

Victoria turned her back to the gobsmacked man and with a wiggle of her rump went into the bathroom.
Where DO they find these boys she wondered as she turned on the shower. Nice cock though, she smiled to herself and let the hot water hit her curvaceous figure.

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Re: Victoria and Christy Team Up
« Reply #1 on: December 29, 2019, 08:02:23 PM »
Fantastic. Two of my favorites from before.  :Y:
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Re: Victoria and Christy Team Up
« Reply #2 on: December 30, 2019, 07:48:22 AM »
Fantastic. Two of my favorites from before.  :Y:
\I'm quite fond of that big hair era of the late 80's. I have published several Victoria stories at Literotica. I plan to post a Tami Monroe and Racquel Darrian next.


Re: Victoria and Christy Team Up
« Reply #3 on: December 30, 2019, 06:57:43 PM »
Vintage babes don't get enough love, nice to see someone writing about them.


Re: Victoria and Christy Team Up
« Reply #4 on: January 01, 2020, 09:43:54 PM »
Fantastic. Two of my favorites from before.  :Y:
\I'm quite fond of that big hair era of the late 80's. I have published several Victoria stories at Literotica. I plan to post a Tami Monroe and Racquel Darrian next.

A Tracey Adams story and I am your biggest fan  ;D
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Re: Victoria and Christy Team Up
« Reply #5 on: January 02, 2020, 03:57:42 AM »
Fantastic. Two of my favorites from before.  :Y:
\I'm quite fond of that big hair era of the late 80's. I have published several Victoria stories at Literotica. I plan to post a Tami Monroe and Racquel Darrian next.

A Tracey Adams story and I am your biggest fan  ;D

I have some Victoria stories I could adapt to include Tracey. I am a bit disappointed my Darrian posts have only a dozen hits. She was totally stunning in her prime.
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Re: Victoria and Christy Team Up
« Reply #6 on: January 02, 2020, 09:19:40 PM »
Fantastic. Two of my favorites from before.  :Y:
\I'm quite fond of that big hair era of the late 80's. I have published several Victoria stories at Literotica. I plan to post a Tami Monroe and Racquel Darrian next.

A Tracey Adams story and I am your biggest fan  ;D

I have some Victoria stories I could adapt to include Tracey. I am a bit disappointed my Darrian posts have only a dozen hits. She was totally stunning in her prime.

Darrian was hot but I was not that big a fan of hers either lol. Tracey was my queen. I also liked Ashley Gere. She was hard core and could take a pounding.


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