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Caught In The Act Starring Lucy Pinder
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Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction, any resemblance to any real people is coincidental and unintentional. This did not happen in real life. Fantasy is legal. Please do not copy without permission.

Codes: MMF, Interracial, Oral, Anal, Double Penetration, Ass licking, Public, Exhibitionist, Slut, Facial, Rough sex

Los Angeles, California.
It was a bright Monday morning as the gleaming sunlight penetrated through the window panes of the lavish executive office on the 14th floor of the renowned Lombard towers situated in the heart of the bustling city of Los Angeles. Lombard entertainment was one of the premiere production houses of Hollywood with a plethora of big budget movies and the highest rated TV shows under the belt.
Ever since Lucy’s agent told her about the call that he received from the offices of Lombard entertainment, she was excited in anticipation about the kind of opportunity that was about to be presented to her. She was in Los Angeles now for quite some time now, building contacts and doing some small budget horror movies, so it was about time that a big production house would final take notice and provides her the opportunity to take her acting career to the next level. Mr. Eric Lombard, the CEO of the company had the reputation of a shrewd opportunistic businessman and ever since he’d taken over from her father as the chief, he had taken the company to new heights, producing some very popular TV shows and collaborating with online portals like Jetflix taking their shows to newer audiences around the world leaving behind other popular production houses of the yester years.
Lucy sat nervously in the gigantic waiting area of Lombard’s office waiting for the tycoon to meet her. It was rare for Lombard to invite actors to his office but every now and then he had himself auditioned people for certain key roles that had seen there acting careers skyrocket to new heights. He had the knack of judging people and their talents very quickly and more often than not he had been right.
Lucy sat there with her legs crossed, dressed meticulously to impress the big daddy of the entertainment industry. She was wearing a white satin shirt that covered her ample bosoms well only slightly exposing her tasteful cleavage. She wore a black skirt that covered her shapely legs to the knees and some high heels to go along with it. She wanted to make sure the impression she left on the boss was one that of a serious actress and not a glamour model.
From the hall, the receptionist on the other side of the desk simply smiled back at Lucy and spoke.

"Mr. Lombard will see you now. His office is down the hall, you'll know it from the sign on the door."

"Thank you."

"Just invite yourself in, he's waiting on you."

Lucy smiled back at the receptionist before she began to walk down the hall. Her high heels clicking and clacking over the floor loudly. Her long brown hair hung from her head, softly moving as she made her way into the hall and reached the door that said in bold letters “MR. ERIC LOMBARD” . Reaching for the door knob, Lucy opened it and stepped into the room.

“Hello there! May I come inside Mr. Lombard”

“Yes miss! I see you have an appointment, What’s your name again?”
“Hi! I am Lucy Pinder from England. I was told by my agent that you wanted to see me sir”

“She’s the girl told you about sir”. A man half seated at the edge of Mr. Lombard’s large marble top desk spoke

“Oh that’s the girl you wanted as Lara’s replacement, I see”

“Can you please turn around walk back to the door and then walk back to my chair darling” Lombard spoke assertively in a stern tone almost commanding her while the other man watched. Lucy looked a little startled as she was expecting to be auditioned for a serious role but instantly obeyed him and started to walk back to the door doing a little catwalk she had learned during her early modeling days.”

“Come closer over here darling!” Lombard had now turned his chair sideways away from his desk as he ordered Lucy who had nervously stopped a little away from him.

“Do a swirl for me now” he ordered Lucy who almost stood between Lombard’s parted legs now as she turned around 360 degrees for Lombard.

“Are you sure she’s cut out for this job Jake?” Lombard asked unsure of himself.

“I think she is sir, you should see her modeling pictures, and she’s just not dressed for her part today. Besides we need to find an urgent replacement to Lara. We have to shoot an episode tomorrow.”

“Okay Jake I leave the final decision to you. Take her to your office and explain her, the details.”

“Thank you sir. I’ll do that.”

Jake said as he got off Mr. Lombard’s desk to walk towards Lucy. She was still a little disappointed as she thought her audition would be more than just a catwalk and her showing off her great body. But she would dare not speak up to the big daddy of the entertainment industry. Just the fact that she was standing in his office right now was something a lot of aspiring actors would kill for.

“Thank you Mr. Lombard for your time” Lucy said gleefully smiling at him.

“You’re welcome darling” The man replied.

“Hello Lucy I am Jake, assistant director for Mr. Lombard’s television show division. Can you please accompany me to my office so I can explain you why we requested your presence here today?”

“Hello Mr Jake, glad to meet you. Sure I’ll come along”

“Please this way Miss Lucy” Lucy walked behind Jake as he showed her the way inside his own office.

“Come, please have a seat” He said as Lucy sat down.

“So Lucy here’s the deal. I have been directing a show for Mr. Lombard that’s pretty popular on both our online platforms and TV telecasts and one of our lead models for the show just signed a movie with us so she cannot be available for the show now. We need a new face for the show and that is why you have been called here today”

“So you want me to be the presenter for this show?”

“Not quite. Actually I am the presenter for the show, you are supposed to be like our on the field correspondent doing some field work for us”

“So I will not be in the studio either?”

“Yeah, look this part may not sound like much , but it’s quite an important position, it’s almost like you will be the star of the show once it airs, how do you wonder our last girl landed a movie contract with us? She was so popular on the show, people loved her.”

“Okay tell me more about it”

“Lucy, the name of the show is TO CATCH A CHEATER. It is one of our highest viewership shows .Each episode we do an undercover sting operation on a man/woman who is involved in a serious relationship on the request of their girlfriends or boyfriends or spouses. This week we have been approached by a woman named Leticia who wants to do a loyalty test on her fiancé.”

“Alright , I’m listening”

“So Leticia is about to marry Trevor in a month and she wants to make sure he’s completely honest to her”

“Fair enough”

“So we want you to go as an undercover model for us and try and lure Trevor into some kind of romantic relationship so we can confirm whether he is serious about Leticia or not”

“Okay so I go and meet this man and then what?”

“Well on your behalf you have to try and flirt with Trevor once you meet him and see if he responds to your advances.”

“What if he does?”

“Here’s the trick Lucy, if you do figure he is into you, you have to try and collect as much evidence as you can to prove he is actually cheating on her with you and not just being friendly with you”

Okay,  and how do I do it, I mean collect evidence?

“You will be wired with a microphone and followed by a live camera, you should definitely push to try and see if he gets intimate with you, a kiss maybe, see if he exchanges phone numbers, and once he does get comfortable with you, try and ask him if he’s single. I won’t say much, here’s where I leave it to you, you can use your imagination and just do whatever you need to convincingly prove that he’s actually a cheater.”

“Okay for Leticia’s sake I hope he is not”

“Well I would hope the same too, Lucy but you see that is where we have a problem”

“What do you mean by that Jake”

“Actually I have been directing and hosting this show for a couple of years now and we have noticed our live viewership drops drastically if the guy or the girl turns down the cheating offer we give to them. As soon they show any signs they are honest to their partners, the show starts getting boring and people start logging out. The negative online reviews also negatively affect the viewership for the tv telecast which happens a day later”

“I understand that, I shall try my level best but I can’t quite guarantee anything”

“You will have to try harder than that Lucy, I think it’s about time I show you the contact we drafted for this episode, it states that Mr. Lombard is going to sign your already ascertained huge check for the show only if you succeed to lure Trevor and prove that he is a cheater. If he turns you down and proves his loyalty for his girl, you will not be paid anything by the production house. But more than that I want you to keep in mind that Mr. Lombard had many options for this place in his mind and it was only because of my insistence that you have been given a chance. If you fail, I’m not sure if Mr. Lombard will try you again. I am sorry, but I just wanted to make everything completely clear before we get started”

“That’s alright Jake, I understand and I agree to Mr. Lombard’s terms”

“Okay then come with me to the studio, I left the papers there, once you sign you need to get prepared for tomorrow. I think Leticia is ready for her pre show interview, I’ll just finish the interview and come back to you with the papers”

As Jake walked along with Lucy, a makeup artist brushed up his face while another put on a leather jacket and put a small microphone on it as he entered a small door leading to the studio. Lucy stayed outside and peeped in to the studio which was heavily lit with bright blazing lights with a small set with a desk and a few chairs beside, the end of the desk was where Jake went and sat up.

Lucy saw a young skinny black woman sitting on the other end and she figured her for Leticia. The woman had a not so attractive face that was covered in bold makeup and wore a distinctive wig on her head. She was dressed in a bright red halter top and her tattoos could be easily seen over her body. She wore some ill-fitting ripped jeans and carried a fake Luis Vuitton bag in her lap. As she said hi to Jake, Lucy could not help but notice the bright red lipstick she had smacked on her lips as she sat on the guest chair right next to Jake with an abominable air of superiority about her.

“Wow, she certainly has a strong personality!” Lucy thought to herself as the cameraman shouted “And live now!!” and the interview started off.

“Hello Miss Leticia! Welcome to “ To catch a cheater” live from our studios in Los Angeles. How are you doing today?”

“Well hello Mr. Jake !Thanks a lot I’m doing very well myself”

“So Miss Leticia coming straight to the point, why is it that you want to put your boyfriend to the loyalty test?”

”We’ve been dating for a couple of years and he just proposed me for marriage. Our marriage date is fixed for the next month and I just want to be hundred percent sure he’s serious about me before taking this relationship to marriage”

“Does that mean you don’t trust him?”

“Oh hell naw I trust my Trevor one hundred percent. He is a lovely man who loves me more than anything in the world. He never ever looks at any woman ever when I’m around him. I’m actually pretty sure he’ll come clean”

“Okay miss Leticia, so you know how this goes, We have headphones here so you can hear what’s going around all the time and we got cameramen outside the house so they can capture what goes around in there and I hope you know our show is telecasted live on our app so we get a live feed of whatever is happening there.”

“I sure have no problems with that, I’m sure he’s not going to cheat but if he does let the whole world see his cheating ass”

“So we can go ahead with this?”

“Just one last thing, I wanna meet the girl they sending out for him, I wanna see what she’s like for myself first”

“Okay let me invite her in, she’s just backstage signing up some papers for us as we speak”

Jake looked back at the door where he had left Lucy and caught her peeping through the door. Jake signaled her to come inside. Lucy shyly entered the door as she nervously tip toed in the bright studio and gave Leticia a huge smile before walking up to her.

“Hello Miss Leticia! My name is Lucy Pinder! How are you doing today?”

Leticia didn’t smile back at Lucy instead stared back at her, looking at her from head to toe with an expression of disgust on her face before she spoke up to Jake.

“You sending your office secretary for this? Where’s that old girl Lara?” she snarled at him. Lucy put her head down trying to hide her embarrassment she felt at her cold remark.

“What do you mean? Lara doesn’t work for the show anymore” Jake too look surprised.

“I just mean to say ain’t no way this dumb big tits brunette bimbo getting my Trevor’s attention. He’s into classy sistas like me and not these stupid Beckys with good hair.” Leticia declared as she glanced slightly at Lucy before she waved her hand where Lucy was standing dismissing her.

“Her name is Lucy Pinder and she’s a well-known glamour model from Britain.”

“Then those British people got real bad taste I say! I know my Trevor! He ain’t never gonna give her any attention even if she lays down her big  titties open in front of him out there, let alone flirt with her .” Leticia said in a stern tone as she got up from her chair with the attitude of a spoilt brat before she looked again at Lucy from head to toe, snarling at her.

“Well see about that Miss Leticia” Lucy muttered angrily as she had never been insulted like this by anyone before and that too in front of a camera. She had nothing but sweet and polite to the lady but instead she was disrespectful and rude to her. In the past Lucy had been jealously judged by quite a few women for being a seductress but she was dressed modestly today and there was no reason, why Leticia should have offended her the way she did. She was deeply hurt by her remarks and could not help but hate her for it despite always being magnanimous to everyone.
“She needs to be taught a lesson” she thought to herself before leaving the stage to prepare for her act the next day.


24 hours later.
WATTS, South central Los Angeles, “THE GHETTO”.
Lucy was sitting in Jake’s car ready to start her work at the neighborhood where he lived. Jake had parked his car at a little distance from his house so he would not notice them, while the camera van was already slyly parked next to his home for hours now. Lucy could now see his house and two men outside.
“Are you nervous” Jake asked Lucy as she got ready to get going.

“A little maybe, but I’ll handle it” Lucy replied as she took a deep breath and calmed herself

“Okay then Lucy, best of luck!!” Jake said as he bid her goodbye

“Thanks Jake, see you on the other side hopefully, Bye!”

As she walked outside, she looked at a strong black man doing push-ups while the other stood there and counted, she got a glimpse of him and could easily identify him as Trevor whose many pictures had earlier been shown to her. She stepped towards the dirty alley that led to the house and looked behind her at the cameraman in the van who flicked the lights on once signaling to her that she was live now. Trevor was a well built and muscular black man, already shirtless giving her quite the visual of his hot body ripped with big muscles and his cute face with trimmed beard with a slick haircut. The other guy with him was also bulky with his big muscles, clearly visible with the outlines of his black shirt and jeans.

As she walked towards the men she noticed the eyes of everyone around slowly turning towards her. Lucy was dressed to kill indeed. She wore her latest seductive fashion nova black dress. The dress had a low neck slit right at the center that went down almost to her navel, exposing Lucy’s luscious breasts almost completely and the tiny bra that she wore underneath, barely kept them from popping out of the dress. The rear of the little dress was zipped up so tight that every time she walked her ass swayed from left to right pulling the dress upwards exposing the bottom of her ass cheeks. She had to pull it down each time she walked a couple of steps. Lucy's face had heavy makeup, dark eyeliner and pink lipstick. Her hair was beautifully curled up in a lovely hairstyle and she had big gold hoop ear rings. Her long gold necklace jumped up and down as it touched her exposed cleavage and she sported a lovely golden bracelet on her right wrist. As Lucy stomped on the dirty alleyway in her matching black stilettoes, her heavenly boobs jiggled and her ass bounced through every step she took. It was definitely a sight to behold for those who stood on the street that day, as such a gorgeous, heavenly woman rarely stepped a foot in the dirty neighborhood. No doubts all eyes were now focused on Lucy as she made her way through them.

“One, two, three, four, five” the men doing pushups noticed an unbelievably hot busty brunette walking towards them from a distance and immediately got up to speak.

“Hey!! Hey!! How are you doing!” One of the men spoke up.

“Hi! Do you know???I was..umm… I don’t know it’s supposed to be like at the end of that street!” Lucy muttered in confusion to herself.

“What are you doing in this neighborhood?” the other man spoke

“What are you guys doing?” Lucy asked them smilingly in her strong British accent.

“What’s going on ? What’s your name?” They asked

“Hey I’m Lucy!” She said as she smiled at them.

“Lucy! Nice to meet you!! I’m Trevor.” One of the men spoke as he waved towards her.

“Hey Lucy! Nice to meet you! You can call me Rico!” the other one said.

“What are you guys doing? Where are you from?” Lucy asked sheepishly.

“What brings you to this side of the town?” Trevor asked Lucy

“I’m just out meeting a friend but you know I don’t really have to meet her. I mean it’s not that important.” Lucy said as Rico in the background stooped notoriously behind Lucy’s ass trying to get a closer inspection.

“Well you met a friend. You met me!”  Trevor instantly replied while he gave Rico a stern look trying to tell him to stop.

“Okay!! Are you my friend?” Lucy asked smiling flirtatiously at him.

“Yeah absolutely! You know you need to go somewhere, I can take you in the car!” Trevor said trying hard to control his laughter as Rico now stood behind Lucy pretending to dry hump her from behind while she was lost in the conversation.

“Oh no I can! I have time! I can stay here!” Her English accent was very pronounced despite her trying to hide it.

“Okay, Okay, Imma show you around real quick. Show you how we get down in this area!” As Trevor spoke, Rico in the background frantically signaled his friend to try and take her inside the house.

“Oh you live here?” Lucy asked curiously.

“Yeah I do, I can take you up and let you see everything right now, you want to?”

“I’m fine for now, thank you” Lucy smiled but declined his offer.

“Fine, how about you come here and have a seat. Let me grab this forty out of the way real quick, ya know” Trevor tried to signal her to sit beside him on the stairs to his house.

“No, I’m fine with standing” Lucy reluctantly refused desperately trying to not look overfriendly to avoid any suspicion.

“You know you should come we got another big forty in the back” Trevor wasn’t giving up on trying to get Lucy inside either.

“I don’t know, I don’t go into the houses of the people I just met. But you are, you are, cute so!” Lucy blushed as she brushed her hands through her hair trying to hide her nervousness.

“I’m cute?” Trevor giggled as he asked for a reconfirmation.

“You are” Lucy maintained eye contact with him and replied.

“I’m a grown ass man, girl. Little babies are cute” Lucy burst out in laughter as she just couldn’t look into his eyes now without feeling somewhat naked. It was like his flirtatious piercing gaze was ripping through her clothes.

“Okay ,okay, you are hot!” Lucy reluctantly gave him the compliment she felt like giving him since the moment she laid her eyes on him.

“Oh, thank you very much” Trevor was satisfied he heard, what he so badly wanted to hear from her.

“Are you single?” Lucy popped the important question now nervously waiting at what his response would be.

“Im very much single. What about you?” Lucy giggled in excitement, she knew her job was half done now as she answered.

“I’m single too, well.. kind of single”

“Kinda single? Ya know? This aint got nothing to do with this. Tell me can I have your number please?” Trevor asked handing his phone to her.

“Yeah, alright, look I put like three hearts beside my name. Ooh that’s cute!  I say cute a lot!” Lucy giggled nervously again as she returned his phone after saving her number on it.

“Ow I like it too I’d say cute then. Let me take you up there to my home so I can show you everything!”

“Uuuuuum… fine, its fine” Lucy tilted her head shyly in affirmation

“Wanna go?” Trevor asked her as he gently showed her the way with his hand gently guiding her ass.

“Okay I will…is your friend coming too?” Lucy asked nervously looking at Rico as she climbed upstairs.

“I don’t know? Are you coming homie?” Trevor asked winking at his friend.

“Yeah sure, why not?” Rico answered.

Upstairs? Inside? Lucy asked  walking ahead of them inside the house as the two friends gave themselves a high five slyly behind her back for accomplishing the task successfully

“Yeaah! Ya know that’s ma bedroom” Trevor said as they walked inside the tiny room full of crap and empty liquor bottles. Lucy looked around the room and all she saw was a bed, some posters of bikini clad models on the wall, empty glass bottles and a small TV, until her eyes caught a glimpse of something interesting.

“You have the new nintendo?” Lucy asked with the excitement of a 10 year old in her voice.

“Hey I thought we could play together” Travis replied

“Both of us? Both of you and me ? Okay” Lucy was a little surprised at the entry of Rico in the scene between her and Trevor but she was determined to win anyhow.

“Yeah I mean you only live once, don’t you?” Rico pulled out some chairs and they sat on them and asked Lucy to sit in the chair between them.

“YOLO? Yeah YOLO, sure, why not?” Lucy muttered nervously as she sat on the chair between them.

“I’ll even let you beat me if show me those huge knockers of yours”

“You want to see my boobs?” Lucy giggled looking a little surprised.

“Hell yeah babe I wanna see that huge rack of yours what do you say Rico”

“Damn right homie I aint seen them that big in my life. Hell I wanna see some pink nipples!”

“So I flash them once and you let me win the game right?”

“That’s right girl now take your top off and show me some titties”

“Okay can you help me unzip my dress?”

“Hell yeah let me unzip the fuck out of you” Lucy pulled her hair to the side as Trevor unzipped her dress to her waist from behind making a startling discovery on his way.

Whats up with the wire? You the police aint you?

“Relax! It’s just a device for listening to music like Spotify. A new Apple thing” Lucy pulled the wire and the small microphone and tossed it under the chair.

“Okay for a moment you were the police tryna bust some brothers for nothing you know what I mean. Now quit talking and take that bra off real quick”

“Take the bra off?? I thought you just wanted me to do a quick flash!”

“Nah I wanna see them for good you got too many clothes on you anyways, gurl! “

Lucy undid her bra and slowly revealed her huge breasts to the ogling guys. Her huge breasts were now free from the clothed prison, they flopped downward before she pushed her hands over them and smashed her palms over her nipples.

“Holy Lord Jesus! Look at those big fucking titties!!They’re so fucking huge homie!! No ways they are real!!”

“They are one hundred percent home grown and real!” Lucy protested.

“Hell naw I can’t tell them until I feel them up for myself for real girl”

“Yeah homie, touch and tell man there ain’t no other way. You won’t mind that now, would you? Just tryna keep it real with you”

“Go ahead feel them up” Lucy gave in with a sigh as she was bent on proving that they were indeed real.

“Okay come up to my chair and sit on my lap then” Lucy got up from her chair and sat up on Trevor’s lap facing him while she removed her hands that she had covered her breasts up with.

Trevor didn't waste a single second before placing his tanned hands over her white flesh. He squeezed at her breasts, causing Lucy to throw her head back and moan. He pinched over her left nipple first and then the right nipple as he playfully used his fingers to pull both of them towards himself softly.

“Holy shit them titties be soft as fuck my homie and look at how they bounce when I tap em”

“Can I get to feel em too?” Rico asked

 "You want these tits? Go ahead, they're yours now."

Lucy ran her hands up her breasts, holding them up close so he could see them. Rico leaned up in his chair, stretching his hands out. She leaned forward and held them up for his grasping hands. Rico softly caressed them before he slowly squeezed his hands over her tits. She closed her eyes and moaned while he felt her nipples harden up under the palms of his hands.

“Holy moly that feels better than anything I ever laid my hands on and them nipples too look at how soft they are?”

“They won’t be soft for too long if we on go along like this.”

“Do I really have to stop, I mean I really don’t wanna”

“Weren’t we going to play a game?”

“Hell we already playing the game bitch! It’s called suck the white chick’s nipples”

“You want to suck on them?”

“If you let me to, hell yeah I’ma lick them off”

“Go ahead knock yourself off”

Trevor immediately planted his lips on her left boobs as Lucy moaned and bit her lips in arousal, licking over her left nipple, he moved to the right and playfully used his teeth to bite it softly.

“Damn those are the best boobies I’ve ever seen in my life man” The quick complement was immediately followed by him devouring her boobs in his mouth again as he licked both of them repeatedly giving them a generous saliva bath.

“Thanks a lot! I get that quite often”

“Hell I feel like I died and landed in heaven when I’m sucking on these. Mmmmmmmmm”

“Where you from babe?” Trevor asked

“Im from England , I came here for some work”

“Hell I knew it they don’t make these big hooker titties here in America. Knew this some foreign shit we was sucking on”

“Hey tell you what I got some old English forty right there. You might like it”

“Naah I’m not drinking today”

“Hell that’s a bummer you mind if I drink some off you?”

“Drink it off me??”

“Hell yeah I wanna like pour it on your boobies and me and my homie here lick it all up”

“Okay! As long as you clean up well”

“Hell yeah I knew you would be up for that babe! Hey bring that bottle up homie!” Rico got up from the chair to fetch the liquor bottle from the other room.

“Yeah I’m up for it you little gangster” Lucy said flirtatiously excited at what was about to happen.

“Hell yeah I like that Ima gangster and you my lil hoe right bitch? Ima pimp you to my homie right here. You gotta pay for this shit Rico”

“I aint paying for shit man I helped you these Eiffel tower titties myself” Rico answered

“Guys that’s in France”

“Hell I don’t care where you from, I just know those titties be the best in the world man, no sistas aint never competing with that. Bring that 40 here already Rico”

“That’s a sweet complement, thanks”

“Thank you bitch” Trevor said as he poured the liquor on Lucy’s breasts and her neck and slowly moved in to quench his thirst.

Slapping his tongue over the side of her neck, Lucy raised her neck and closed her eyes. She moaned at feeling him inch his tongue downward, collecting the line of liquor until he got down to her right boob and finished licking it all up. With the invitation of his mouth, he didn't hesitate to use both of his hands and feel her breasts up.

“Come and get yourself some of these sweet alcohol tits Rico”

Lucy got up from Trevor’s lap and sat down on Rico’s lap now. He enthusiastically poured the liquor on her neck and gulped down the stream that reached down her breasts alternating between them. Lucy moaned in pleasure enjoying his tongue play with her nipples.

“Damn that forty never so tasted so good before! Wait take some in your mouth too. I gotta kiss your lips and drink it off your tongue”

Rico poured some liquor into her mouth and as she lowered her head he smashed his big black lips into her pink lips. Lucy pulled herself to his body and smashed her epic breasts to him as her lips connected with his and she kissed him passionately feeding him a cocktail of the liquor and their oral fluids. Rico wrapped his arm around the British goddess, feeling her curves.

“Yeah and don’t drink it all yourself though, we just have this one bottle here, and this motherfucker already spilled half on your fucking hooker tits.” Rico muttered angrily, jealous to see Rico kiss her like that.

“Hey Trevor! do you want me to spit some back into her mouth so you can get some to drink b’cos you don’t wanna waste any drink!Right??” Rico said looking at Trevor as they kissed passionately again.

“Quit playing you idiot send her over here so I can get some too Rico” Rico tapped on Lucy’s ass signaling her to switch laps now and she went up to sit in Trevor’s lap as she felt her strong arms with her hands

“You are so strong and muscular? Do you workout all the time?”

“I don’t know bitch but us homies might just get a hell of a workout right now” Trevor responded

“What do you mean”

“Feel that dick swell up in my pants bitch that’s what I mean. Come on and get up let’s sit on the bed instead”

“Homie already taking his clothes off wait for me man, what you already got your dick out Rico?”

“Wow that’s even bigger than I thought” Lucy gasped as he laid her eyes on Rico’s big black dick.

“Yeah bitch I bet no English guys measure up to this. Here have a look at mine.”

“Damn that’s even bigger and fat too” Lucy just couldn’t get her eyes off Trevor’s humongous black cock.

“That’s why I’m Trevor the wrecker here in the projects bitch. So you just gonna sit here watching us get naked? You said we were gonna play together, now you gonna have all them clothes on you and shit??” Trevor asked her angrily

“Not fair bitch you gotta show us that English ass so we can get it red for you” Rico supported his friend’s plea.

“You want me to take it all off?”

“Hell yeah don’t be a bummer, we just friends here now we just showed you our ass about time you show us yours”

“Well if you insist help yourself boys, help me pull this tight dress off me”

“Oh yes we gonna help you my lady, we gonna take this fucking tight dress of your sexy ass my bitch” Trevor instantly got busy as he pushed her on the bed and started pulling on her black dress unless she was freed of it.

“And the thongs too?” Lucy asked nervously.

“Oh yeah, you don’t even say, Ima take these fucking panties off and fly em off to England to hang them  on those Eiffel towers so you don’t see them again” Trevor pulled her thongs first with his teeth and then pulled them over with his hands before flicking them off far away into the corner of the room.

“Guys that’s in France, I just told you and those were my thongs that just went flying!”

“Alright we gonna send them to the queen so she can sniff on it. Now get on your knees bitch, my dick aint gonna suck itself”

“I can’t wait to taste that big black dick in my mouth”

“Then take it”

Lucy got down from the bed instantly. Lucy dropped to her knees as he sat on the bed. She reached out wrapped her hand around his hard black cock. Over and over she stroked his length until she felt it hard into her hands. Finally, she couldn't take it anymore. She had to have a taste of his hard black meat, leaning down Lucy looked in his eyes as she opened her mouth and placed the head over her tongue. Swirling her tongue around, she closes her mouth and eyes and begins to bob her head up and down on his shaft slowly. While she proved her oral skills, Rico stroked his hard cock while watching Lucy suck Trevor. Walking over to the bed, he leaned down and swatted a pat on her ass.

“Hey take this, jerk off mine while you suck him”

 Rico sat next to his brother on the right side and Lucy came off Trevor’s cock with a loud pop noise. She looked at Rico to answer him.

“Wow two black dicks at one time! That probably is what sweet dreams are made of!!”

“Yeah that’s what you English girls want, now quit talking and go to work”

Rico answered her back while she used her right hand to find his cock. Flicking her tongue back, she spit all over Rico's rod and then began to stroke them nicely at the same time. Together in unison, she worked their cocks in her hands. Lucy grits her teeth and looks over at both of them before talking in filthy smut.

"You both like this? Stroking these hard, meaty...fucking black cocks."

"Ohhhhh yes, yes.we do girl"

"Getting them nice and ready for my slutty mouth."

It was Rico moaning and his cock was next to grace her oral hole. Lucy leaned over to her right and opened her mouth before lowering her head and taking his hard shaft into her mouth. She bobbed her head up and down on it, sucking it while she used her left hand to wank Trevor’s rod at the same time. After a good bit of sucking, she came up for air, once more making a loud pop noise as she came up. She flicks her tongue and spits on Rico’s shaft, and then moves her attention back to the left side to Trevor’s cock. Wrapping both of her hands around their dicks simultaneously, Trevor looked down at her with a new command.

“That’s it babe. Suck my balls and lick my asshole too! I know you nasty!”

“Mmm I love your big black balls so much , it tastes so good”

Trevor pushed her head further downside into his asshole as he raised his right leg to clear her way. He locked her head in that positioned as he pushed her head further deep

“Fuck I’ve never done that before but I guess I love licking your asshole”

“Yeah it loves your mouth too. Go back and get some more”

“UMMMMMMMMMMMMM! Lucy gasped as she pulled out short of air licking his dark asspit”

“Yeah suck my cock now”


“Yeah slap it on your titties bitch slap it on your big fucking hooker tits”

“Oh !!mmmm!mmm! SMACK! SMACK!!”

“Wait don’t stop bitch! Take it deeper”


"You handle yourself well with sucking dick bitch, but I think I'm ready for those big tits of yours. Bring 'em up for me, babe."

"Oh yeah, I knew you wouldn't be able to resist them."

Already, Trevor wanted to fuck her tits. Lucy knew that her body was built for titty fucking. Never did she waste the opportunity to use them with men. She let go of both their cocks and brought her hands to grip her magnificent pair of breasts. Pulling them apart, she watched Trevor use his hand to hold his rod up and allow her to trap it between her glorious mounds of flesh. Lucy moaned feeling his meat stick between them. When she closed her tits together, his rod completely disappeared in the folds. She leaned her head down to spit at the head pointing up between her tits, and then she began. Pumping up and down, her tits fucked Trevor’s rod to a pulp.

"Mmmmm, God that feels so good! Yeaaaahhh!"

While Lucy titty fucked Trevor, this left Rico lonely from the attention of her lovely body. He brought his hand down and stroked his cock while watching those epic boobs bounce up and down, fucking his friend's cock. Soon it would be his turn and he anticipated every moment of it while he observed the action. She used her right hand to cup the underside of her breast, while using her left to hold them up and make it easier to pump them up and down. Breathing in hard between the two men moaning, Lucy cried out in pleasure herself before letting go of her tits to free Trevor’s hard dick. She then turned her attention to Rico, looking him in the eyes as she moved and held her tits up.

"You ready?"

"Fuck yeah, I'm ready! Fuck me with those big titties!"

This time around, Lucy was not going to leave a cock unattended. She pushed her tits together for Rico to slide his dick between them and then she wrapped her right hand forward and closed her tits together with one hand. Lucy positioned her hand perfectly to the point that her left nipple smashed into her palm, and her right nipple was between her finger tips. Using her free left hand, she wrapped her hand back around Trevor’s cock and then began to pump her breasts down simultaneously while stroking the other man's cock together in unison. Both of them were surprised at her skills of multi-tasking.

"Holy shit, just look at that bitch homie!!"

Rico spoke and she turned her head to look in his eyes. Over and over, she pumped her breasts, pounding Rico’s cock while also stroking Trevor's meat up and down with her grip. Both men moaned loudly, she turned and looked back at Rico. Dropping her lip, Lucy moaned and called out to him.

"Yeah, just like that huh? My tits working that big meaty fucking cock of yours!?"

"Oh yeah, just like that baby!"

Lucy pounded her tits a couple more times for a few seconds. She realized that she had to play fair between the two men, letting go of her tits to free Rico’s meat pole from between then, she moved to the middle of them. With both hands wrapped around their cocks, she moved the heads of their dicks over her hard nipples. Slowly rubbing them as the men moaned, this teasing was just enough to put Trevor into overdrive for what he really wanted to do. She would be screaming loudly in her British voice very soon, the man spoke up to her.

“Come on bitch lemme eat your pussy and your asshole now ! Come on man I wanna fuck this bitch now!”

“Yeah man I’m gonna cum if she keep fucking me with her hooker titties anyways” Rico replied

"Why don't you lay down on the bed for me? You sucked me off pretty damn good, it’s about time you get a good licking."

"Awww, that's thoughtful of you."

“We playing together babe, time to make you lil white ass squeal”

She laughed at him while she lay down on the bed. Lucy backed herself into the left side corner of the bed and took Rico’s cock in her right hand. She raised her legs and Trevor planted his mouth down to her clit and began to dance his tongue around the pink opening folds. Lucy ran her hands down to her giant breasts, squeezing them as she moaned loudly at feeling his mouth.

"Ohhhhh, god yes."

You love that don’t you babe?

While slithering his tongue inside of her, he made a deep thrust and then heard Lucy gasp.


It didn't take long for her to raise her voice. Lucy squeezed Trevor’s palms over her nipples,  as he played with her large tits and jerked Rico’s cock off with her right hand as she felt Trevor’s  tongue begin to thrust forward and back from her sweet clit. Just like she was worked to devour Rico’s thick pole, his friend was now venturing his tongue deep into her pussy to return the favor.

God damn that pink pussy good!!


She didn't know what to say, only that she was screaming in pleasure already. She squirmed around in the bed for a moment while he continued to slither his tongue back and forth into her juicy pussy.  Lucy squeezed her breasts harder while crying out to him.


Trevor could force her into an early orgasm, but that wasn't what he had planned. He was determined to fuck her hard and make her cum with his cock inside of her. He wanted her just on the edge before he was to fuck her. Raising his head back up, he looked into her eyes with a grin as he began to climb up from his knees. Lucy was already in a perfect position for a good fucking. More than anything, he wanted to watch her large boobs bounce while he fucked her.

"Come on bitch, get in the middle of the bed, babe."

She looked down to see him holding his cock with his right hand. Lucy knew exactly what Trevor wanted to do. She moved to the middle of the bed, pushing her hands down as he moved between both of her legs in the proper position. Trevor grinned.

"Yeah, just like that! I want to see them big titties bouncing up and down bitch!"

He raised his left hand and playfully slapped her right breast, just to watch it shake back and forth against the other one. Lucy moaned at the touch of his hand. Her eyes glanced down at her clit as she watched him rubbing the head against the pink lips of her entrance. As she moaned, Trevor gently pushed his shaft into her. He planted his right hand down to grip her hip as he made the first thrust forward and moaned feeling inside of her. Lucy looked into his eyes and gritted her teeth, giving him one of her classic 'fuck me face' looks as she was famous for in her glamour photo sessions.

“Oh yeah! Ima fuck this foreign pussy like no fucking yellow teeth Englishman ever did before!”

He looked into her big brown eyes while he began to thrust into her back and forth. Lucy moaned, keeping her hands planted down . Her large tits were bouncing back and forth as Trevor was fucking her.

"Oh my god, you're so fucking tight ! You like that, babe?"

"Mmmmm, yeah! Come on, fuck me! FUCK ME!!"

The thought of getting caught fucking by Jake’s crew anytime now was ripe on her mind as the act was in motion now. Lucy looked into his eyes as her hair moved a bit. Trevor continued to buck his hips, thrusting into her. He couldn't focus his eyes on hers, as he looked down and watched her amazing breasts move back and forth. Lucy had one of the greatest pairs of tits he had ever seen in person, it was a pure joy to watch them bounce back and forth as he fucked this beautiful woman. As Lucy's English accent moaned, Trevor spoke back up.

"God, you are one sexy fucking bitch!!"

“That’s it man I wanna fuck this bitch’s tits now” Lucy looked up to see Rico nodding down at her and then snapping his fingers to get her attention.

"Hands, get your hands on your tits and get them ready."

His voice spoke in full command. Lucy didn't hesitate to obey him, placing both of her hands on her breasts and pushing them apart. Rico climbed on the right end of the bed and sunk his knee down into the mattress, like a mirror reflection of his friend across from him. He moved forward so his cock could slide between her epic breasts in a reverse position. Lucy looked up to see his bare black ass and his balls hanging downward while she could feel his rod sliding between her tits. Once it was there, she closed them together. Trevor had became distracted with the seconds of waiting. Looking at her big toe in front of his face, he opened his mouth and licked it. He began to suck on her big toe as if it was a sucker, Rico had to get his friend's attention.

"She's ready man, what’s up with you homie?  Let's fuck this bitch again!"

"Yeah, OH! Fuck me!!"

Lucy cried out to them just as she felt the pressure of Trevor’s long cock sliding into her pussy.  He was no longer distracted by her sexy foot, plopping it out of his mouth so he could focus on fucking her pussy instead. Rico began to buck his hips at the same time, watching his cock slide between her tits in the backwards position. Lucy moaned at the feeling of both of them, calling out to them in her thick slutty British accent.

"Yeah, that's it! Fuck me!"

Rico answered her.

"God, this snow bunny’s tits are like the best tits ever!"

"Mmmmm, fuck 'em Rico! Fuck me like-"

"What a body on this whore, she is fucking stacked!"

"Yeah! Fuck me like a whore! One of your whores!"

Lucy just couldn't help herself, she was loving these big black men and playing as their whore. Right now a battle was being waged over her climax, trying her best to hold it off from Trevor’s powerful pumps into her pussy. In unison, Rico thrust his cock over and over between her lovely breasts.


After yelling at him, she cried out and ran her tongue to her upper lip. Lucy's eyes glanced down, watching his cock disappear with each thrust that went into her pussy. When she glanced back into his eyes, he raised his left hand and snatched her hair up hard from behind.

“Aaaaah aaaaah!!! I think I’m gonna cum inside this bitch. Move over Rico I got get this biiiatch for good this time!!”

Rico moved over from Lucy’s tits. Lucy felt Trevor smash his lips to hers, kissing her as he continued to buck his hips and thrust his cock into her. He squeezed his hand in her hair as he kissed her passionately. Lucy knew that Trevor was about to cum inside her, she had finally succeeded in her mission to impress Mr. Lombard, she had succeeded in her mission to prove Leticia wrong, BUT HAD SHE REALLY????

“What if the microphone didn’t record our voices? He didn’t even kiss me outside in front of the camera! Leticia wont believe a word I tell her! Neither will Mr. Lombard ”

 The thought of all her efforts still resulting in possible failure completely occupied Lucy’ mind as Trevor’s kissed her intensely and his motions became stronger and faster as he drew towards his climax. She knew she had to do something and she had to do it fast.  Breaking the kiss, Lucy pulled his cock out and stepped back. He couldn't believe her, for he was so close to reaching his climax before she pulled him out.

“Whaaaat!!!Bitch I was about to cum so hard inside your pink pussy!”

“Hold it in you gangster boy, I’m not done with you yet!”

“Ohhhh you love this black dick so much babe? You wanna do this all over again?”

“Yes I want some more of you but this time can we  take this outside please? I wanna do something exciting!!”

“Whaaaaaaat? You wanna fuck outside with everybody watchin?”

“Yeah why not, it’s not like I’ll be afraid or something. I’ll be safe there with my two gangsters, right?”

“Hell yeah! I knew this bitch was nasty! Will you let me fuck your ass though if we go outside?”

“Yeah you can have my ass just take me outside now PLEASEEEE!!!”

“Okay! Okay! Let’s take it outside I got a couch laid outside I fool around my niggas with. Let’s show you off to the whole neighborhood now bitch!”

Trevor pulled Lucy by her hair as he brought her outside. The people on the streets were shocked to see a completely naked gorgeous white woman dressed in nothing but her gold jewelry and high heels being pulled out of the house by the two black men by her hair.

“Come bitch! Come on now ! Walk outside and meet the neighborhood we roll in!”

 As Trevor pulled on Lucy’s hair, Rico walked behind them stroking his cock with one hand while spanking Lucy’s tight butt with the other hand repetitively as she walked to the couch.

“Nothing to worry my homies, just trying to put on a show with this bitch !! Yall feel free to watch and enjoy !!”

Trevor said to the men standing outside as he pulled Lucy from behind him and pushed her on the couch. As Lucy fell to the couch she finally saw that the cameraman in his van could get a clear shot of her and Trevor fucking each other in front of the whole neighborhood.

“Aye!! Aye!! Aye yo!! Look at this naked white bitch about to get fucked by these two brothers in front of everyone!!!!”

One of the guys standing there hastily shouted out at the top of the voice and soon a whole crowd collected outside to watch what was going on.

“ Come on! I want you to fuck me with those big tits again!"

"Mmmm,you love those big boobs, don't you?"

"Fuck yeah! Now get over here, I want those big titties wrapped around my dick again!"

Licking her lips, Lucy crawled forward on her knees and move to the edge of the couch. As she sat there, she ran her hands down to grip her large breasts, holding them up while Trevor grabbed his cock that was dripping in her pussy juices. He let go of it as Lucy leaned forward. She rotated her fingers around her hard nipples before holding her breasts up and trapping his large cock between it.

“OOOOOO! Look  at that my homie! Look at this all this ghetto people watching us man!
Aye we aint one of you now, we fuck foreign white pussy now, no ugly ratchet hoes for us no more!”

Trevor laughed off at the people watching as Lucy began to pump her breasts up and down, fucking his cock with them. She dropped her lower lip and gasped a moan before gazing up into his eyes. Meanwhile Rico sat beside Lucy on the couch as he jerked his cock with one hand and fingered her pussy with the other while smiling and grinning at his friends from the neighborhood watching all the action as they all collected around Lucy, Trevor and Rico in almost a semi-circle leaving the street open. Any passerby’s from the street would immediately halt their cars and join the audience as the crowd kept growing.

"Ohhhh, yes. That's it, fuck me with those tits bitch!"

She glanced back up into his eyes, still pumping her breasts down and up. Over and over, Lucy moved her large tits, fucking his cock between them. She went slow this time, allowing him to enjoy every second of pleasuring this naughty man. After another minute, Lucy let go of her breasts and grabbed his cock with her right hand. Using her left hand, she held her breasts up and then moved to spank his cock up against her left nipple. Smack. Smack. Smack. The sound echoed in the neighborhood through the ambiance of the traffic. She alternated his cock to slap it up against her right nipple after a moment.

“Okay I want to take your ass now!”

"Are you going to fuck my ass now, Trevor?"

"Yes! You are one sexy bitch, you want it, don't you?"

Biting her lower lip once more, Lucy nodded to him.

"Mmmmm, yeah. Give it to me, go on and do it!"

Trevor laid Lucy down on her back on the couch then he held her by the waist and picked her while twisting her ass sideways while Rico positioned himself on his knees at the end of the couch. Trevor snuck up between Lucy and the backrest of the couch. Lucy now lay sideways with her ass facing Trevor and arched her back and neck to reach out for Rico’s cock.

“ Are you ready for this bitch?” Trevor said as he raised Lucy’s right leg with his hand.

“You bet I am, take my ass this time you gangster. Fuck me like I’m your fucking whore”

Trevor slowly inserted his pulsatile cock into her tight ass as he raised his head skywards to moan at the tight grip her ass made at her cock. He had fucked a few ghetto girls in the past but nothing could compare to the tingling sensations of pleasure his cock felt entering Lucy’s tight asshole.

"Damn! This is one tight fucking ass!"

The thought of jakes camera crew crashing on them any moment now raced through Lucy's mind. She saw that the camera van was now straight ahead of them with its headlights on signaling her she was being captured and she was excited over this thrill of fucking in what was a public place in front of a cheering audience as she was being filmed constantly.

“Oh yeah give it to me baby! Pound that tight ass like you own it.”

“Yeah you bet I will bitch, I love that pink asshole.”



“You love to get dirty don’t you lil bitch.”

Rico said as he gently slapped Lucy’s sweaty face and she smiled back at him reaching out for his cock with both her hand. He slapped her again little harder this time and was turned on by how happy she was laying on the bed with her ass fucked by Trevor and getting her face slapped by Rico.


“Come on open your mouth wide you nasty bitch”

Lucy immediately obliged, Rico bent downwards to bring himself closer to her open mouth.


He spit a big wad of his spit into her mouth and Lucy swallowed it all as she moaned heavily getting her ass destroyed by Trevor’s big black cock. Rico now bought his dick closer to her and Lucy happily devoured his huge cock in her mouth as he held her by her hair, thrusting his dick in and out of her mouth.


Lucy moaned in pleasure spit roasted by the black men


Rico pumped her mouth hard before shouting out

“Shit I wanna fuck her too now”

“Come inside baby, lay down here with us. I want both of you inside me now”

Rico now moved in to the small couch where Lucy and Trevor were already crammed and they shifted a little to make way for him. He lay sideways facing her as Trevor raised her legs to accommodate his friend into Lucy’s pussy now. He slowly pushed his cock completely inside the heavenly folds of her pink pussy as he moaned in pleasure.

 “Do me boys, fucking pound me” "FUCK....FUCK ME! HARDER! YES!!!!"

"You hear that!? She wants us to give it to this fucking bitch!! Come on Rico now! What ya


Trevor couldn't even finish his sentence without the British bombshell goddess drowning his voice out in her screams. He bucked his hips while squeezing his hands into her breasts, right on pace with his brother pumping into her pussy. Lucy had become lost in a heavenly pleasure of ecstasy.


She gasped, pinned between both men. Both thick black shafts now pistoned her hard, dicks pumping furiously as she bucked and shook between them.  Lucy  was so close to a orgasm as they stuffed her hard.


Rico kept thrusting, harder and harder as Lucy screamed in pleasure.  Her legs trembled furiously as her body screamed in pleasure. Lucy was in ecstasy as she was about to climax so hard, the 2 cocks driving her to overload her senses.   

“YESSSS!!! YESSSSSS!!!” She howled her body quivering.

Trevor grabbed her hair, he was so turned on, his more animalistic side was starting to appear.  Pulling it hard she whined, her back arched and Rico grabbed her breasts.  Squeezing them tight he drew one nipple then the other to his mouth, sucking them.

   “YEASSS!!!! YEAAAASSSS!! YESSSSSSSSS!!!” she screamed.

“Oh shit I’ma lose it now, heck I’m about to cum now” Rico screamed in joyous ecstasy.

 “Do it Rico, cover this pretty girl face in cum!” she begged

Rico knew he wouldn’t last long, the naked busty brunette looking up at him, hand in her hair holding it away from her face, mouth open tongue out.

 Rico moved closer his cock nearly touching her forehead, a huge blast spurting out as he growled in pleasure.  Milking his black dick the thick white seed clang to her face, a long strand dripping from her right eyebrow. His huge load literally coating her forehead, she shrieked in delight as his cum drowned her.  Spluttering as a big thick wad splashed onto her tongue Lucy reveled in her shower.

  “Yes that’s it, more! More!!” she urged him.

Rico was drained and stood back, amazed at his own volume.  He was still spurting, as thick and heavy as when he first came, a white ooze now rolling down her face. He gasped and stretched up on his toes, milking every last drop from his shaft and balls, finally stepping back to admire his work.

“Oh shit I think I’m about to cum too!!! Hell I wanna cum inside her ass!!” Trevor screamed at the top of his voice.

“OOOOHH MYYY GAAAAAWD !!!! OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHH  HEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!”                    Lucy screamed nearly at the same time together with Trevor as they both were finally about to climax together.

Lucy’s body exploded with passion as she felt the rush of hot salty cum inside her. An orgasm pounded round her curvy body as it bounced up and down, causing her to go almost limp, totally at the mercy of the two men. Trevor pumped his cum endlessly into her ass, moaning and cursing loudly as he somehow held her body, paralyzed with the ecstasy of the most enormous climax she had in ever life. He too lost control of his body and collapsed on top of her limp body yet somehow still holding on to her right boob with one hand, holding her ass cheek in another. Rico’s senselessly numb body lay on the other side of Lucy as he held on the couch with one hand to prevent himself from falling off and held Lucy’s waist with the other, while suckling on her left breast with his mouth.

A car stopped right in front of them now on the street and it was Jake and Leticia who got off the car. Jake’s camera crew that was hiding in the corner recording all of this from a van jumped out with their cameras and microphones and rushed to catch up to Leticia who ran up to confront the naked trio as she hollered at them.

“Hell naaw !! Hell naww!! What the fuck is happening here!!!Why has the whole neighborhood gathered here?? Run off you assholes to your homes or I’m gonna call the cops!”

“And what the fuck are you both doing lying around here naked, passed out with this white bitch and Rico why you not at work cousin! Im going to call your mama !!”

“Hey she’s not with me Leticia!!!! Rico brought this bitch here, they were laying down when I came here , I just laid down here with them to catch some sun!”

“Let go her titties and get off from on top of her Trevor!! I know Rico did not bring this bitch up”

“No he did, he knows this bitch, she’s his parole officer, right Rico??”

“Yeah….. Yeah she’s my parole officer!! She came here to check in on me but wanted to have a sun tan so I brought her here to Trevor’s pad to sunbathe”

“Stop lying the fuck off Rico, I know you did not bring this bitch, I sent her here, you idiot!! Now Trevor will you just stop feeling this white bitch up and get dressed for god’s sake!!”

“You sent us this bitch? Wow babe was that supposed to be one heck of early birthday present or what?”

“I sent this white bitch to check on you! You were not supposed to fuck her you son of a bitch.”

“And hey you!!Yes you!! You fucking naked big titty white bitch!!! Now get up from under my husband and cousin and get the fuck out of here!!” Leticia screamed furiously .

Lucy got up from the couch as she waved to the cheering crowd and  then walked off seductively right in front of a stunned Leticia who was left standing there with her jaw open, shocked at Lucy’s guts and gumption to be able to do this to her in her own neighborhood.

 Walking off completely naked with just her high heels tapping loudly on the dirty street, she swiped some cum of her forehead with her index finger and slowly teased it into a stunned Leticia’s mouth.

“Here’s some of your cousin’s cum for you! You know I would have given you some of your future husband’s too, but I have it inside of me now. Sorry”

She swiped the cum off  the rest of her face  with her finger again and gladly slurped it all off as she pranced off to Jake who was waiting for her looking proudl
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Re: Caught In The Act Starring Lucy Pinder
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She swiped the cum off  the rest of her face  with her finger again and gladly slurped it all off as she pranced off to Jake who was waiting for her looking proudly at her with his white blazer in his hand to offer her. Just as Lucy covered herself up with it and stooped to sit in the lavish sedan, Trevor shouted at the top of his voice.

“ Aye!! aye yo white bitch, you gave me your number, right?”

“Yes I did, baby! Call me once you’re done with her sweetheart!!” She said as she winked at him and blew him a goodbye kiss!!”

Jake began to drive off still stunned with what he had just witnessed and before he could even utter a word to her, she said

“I have some bad news for you Jake, I could not retrieve your wiretap along with my clothes that I left inside hope you don’t mind. And I hope I fulfilled your criteria for getting paid.”

“Obviously you did and I have some great news Lucy, your episode just streamed live on the internet and has broken all viewership ratings and records. No single episode in the history of the show has ever got so many viewers logging on at once all around the world. We still might have to do some censoring for the television telecast but channels are already lining up to air this. Mr. Lombard is very impressed with your efforts Lucy, he wants to sign a contract with you for the rest of the season. He wants to feature them in a pay per view format now on.”

“I’ll think about it and get back to you Jake. Today was real fun, I loved working for you, and had the time of my life, but for right now, to be really honest, I really need a cold shower, some clothes and some time to let it all sink in!!!


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Re: Caught In The Act Starring Lucy Pinder
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Hello guys, This is only the second story I've written in my life. First of all i wan to thank you all for you kind response on my first ever story. this story has been heavily inspired by the work of Cady sir who also happens to be the person who inspired me to write. i know it can never be as good as your work sir but i hope you like it. Thank you chlp sir for your help. Thank you aramax for encouraging me to write. thank you C ninja for your friendship. I want to thank all the people on this site and CSS discord server. Thank you all for being so nice to me. If you like some of this, please write some words of encouragement here will mean the world to me and please ignore my mistakes. THANK YOU ALL!!
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Re: Caught In The Act Starring Lucy Pinder
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Brilliant, loved it.  Lucy getting nastier, the DP, the spitting in her mouth was what I love.  Great second Story My friend, can't wait for number 3!
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Re: Caught In The Act Starring Lucy Pinder
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Hot as f man. Great improvement. Loved the detail.


Re: Caught In The Act Starring Lucy Pinder
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Great work, you did a fine job with the dialogue and I'm honored to see someone use the term 'big hooker tits', hehehe!   ;D
Check me out on Patreon if you like my work!
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Re: Caught In The Act Starring Lucy Pinder
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Nice work, the Cade influence is strong in this one. Maybe one day you and him, as well as CHLP could all write a big gang bang with Lucy. That would be epic. Without getting off subject, I really liked your story. You've got a nice craft here.
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Re: Caught In The Act Starring Lucy Pinder
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I liked this one even better than your last story. You come up with some interesting scenarios for Lucy.
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Re: Caught In The Act Starring Lucy Pinder
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Brilliant, loved it.  Lucy getting nastier, the DP, the spitting in her mouth was what I love.  Great second Story My friend, can't wait for number 3!

Thank you sir!Its your stories that inspire me!

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Re: Caught In The Act Starring Lucy Pinder
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Hot as f man. Great improvement. Loved the detail.

Thanks a lot for your encouragement and your ideas man!

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Re: Caught In The Act Starring Lucy Pinder
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Great work, you did a fine job with the dialogue and I'm honored to see someone use the term 'big hooker tits', hehehe!   ;D

As Viri sir said, it was heavily influenced by your stories, rightfully though, as you are my inspiration, the only reason i ever even wrote

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Re: Caught In The Act Starring Lucy Pinder
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Nice work, the Cade influence is strong in this one. Maybe one day you and him, as well as CHLP could all write a big gang bang with Lucy. That would be epic. Without getting off subject, I really liked your story. You've got a nice craft here.

Thank you sir, your encouragement means the world to me!

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Re: Caught In The Act Starring Lucy Pinder
« Reply #12 on: December 31, 2019, 04:11:04 AM »
I liked this one even better than your last story. You come up with some interesting scenarios for Lucy.

Thanks for supporting me sir!


Re: Caught In The Act Starring Lucy Pinder
« Reply #13 on: January 01, 2020, 02:59:31 AM »
Damn dude, that was a hell of a ride. Even better than your first story.  :Y:
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Magnum Opus

Re: Caught In The Act Starring Lucy Pinder
« Reply #14 on: January 04, 2020, 04:34:32 AM »
Damn dude, that was a hell of a ride. Even better than your first story.  :Y:
Thank you sir, means a lot to me. :Y:


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