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Author Topic: Tami Monroe meets Racquel Darrian, part one.  (Read 1100 times)


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Tami Monroe meets Racquel Darrian, part one.
« on: December 31, 2019, 03:20:00 AM »
Note- This tale of retired adult movie actress Tami Monroe and featuring another AVN Hall of Famer, Racquel Darrian was first published  by myself at Literotica. I have re-edited it and added pictures.

1990 had been quite a big production for Tami Monroe, and she had been thrilled to be a part of it.

Just over a year into the business she was getting lots of attention from directors intrigued by her beauty and performances.

She had just finished a hit scene and Tami noticed a steaming hit babe wity long russet hair and spectacular tits.
It had been a lesbian scene and Racquel Darrian and her partner,  Derrick Lane made out together alongside.

By the end of the evening they were all done and Racquel had stormed over to Tami with a big pout. She was still in her outfit of a black stretchy micro skirt and boob tube. A long sleeved back leather jacket draped over her shoulders.

"Fucking bastard, he pisses me off so much sometimes!"

"You alright babe?"

Tami had just turned twenty and was still in awe of everything around her. She stood up from her chair and straightened her black mini skirt. The high heeled shoes and black stockings made her appear older than she was.

"Fuck it! Fuck him! I need some me time.Hey Tami, want to go to a party?"

"Sure, is it far?"

"No, come on, we'll take my car."

Tami had been taken by the hand and hurried outside. On the drive over to the San Fernando Valley Racquel raged about Derrick being a bore and her being tied to a ball and chain.

"This is gonna be so much fun, do you know Sean Michaels?"

"Well, I know OF him, never met the guy."

"Well, you my girl are in for a treat. The party is at his house in the valley."

They arrived and heard music from the house as they parked in the drive alongside several other cars.

The Californian sun had set long ago but the evening air was still warm. Although in five inch heels Tami just reached five feet tall alongside the taller titian haired figure. They were welcomed in and a man yelled across the crowded room to Sean who came over to see the latest guests.

"Well, well, look here. The Goddess of Porn herself. Good evening Racquel."

The six foot plus shaven haired black man had bowed and took the girls hand and kissed it. He stepped back to take in the leggy knockout and whistled. Then he turned to the petite blonde and grinned.

"And who might this be?"

"Say hello to Tami Monroe, she is gonna be big, I guarantee." Gushed Racquel.

Sean also kissed her hand and spread his hands, and Tami had blushed like a teenager.

"Welcome to my little gathering ladies. Hope you got lots of energy, this may go on for a while."

The two girls looked at each other and nodded excitedly.
They mingled with the crowd in the large downstairs room and each were handed a glass.

For a good hour the two danced and drank and began to feel the effect of the alcohol. About midnight the main throng began to thin out and Sean rejoined them after he had vanished for a while.

"Girls, you having fun? If you want even more, follow me to my special room."

"Whooo, the special room! Interested Tami?" Racquel laughed.

"Bring it on!" Said the blonde, "I'm up for anything."

The tall black man led the way to the downstairs guest room. There were two extra wide doors that opened outwards and inside the girls saw a bathroom, large sofa and in the center a big bed.
It was covered with aubergine coloured satin sheets and baby wipes and bottles of lube were scattered around.

"Hey, say hi to Ray girls."

Ray Victory, an up and coming black pornstar stood totally naked by the bed. His ebony skin seemed to glisten in the low light of the room as he stood with arms crossed.

Broad shoulders, small waist, over six feet and very well hung he looked a picture. A huge pipe of a cock drooped from his trimmed groin several inches in length and Tami mouthed the word wow under her breath.

She was very impressed with his extremely sculptered torso and tree trunk legs, but mainly her eyes remained focused on his great knob with the mushroom shaped crown.

"And right over there is Tom." Sean pointed to the seated man.

Racquel managed to tear her eyes from Ray and looked at the other naked black man as he rose from the sofa.

Almost as tall as Sean the man had muscular chest and arms and an impressive six pack. He had a tight and dimpled butt that gave the dark haired woman butterflies in her stomach. His flaccid chocolate hued member hung down between his thighs and looked to be near on nine inches. He was completely hairless, his pelvis narrow and the abs were well formed where they met his hips. She turned to Tami and whispered.

"You ever fucked a black guy honey?"

"Yeah, last year, in a movie with Heather Hunter, it was really hot. You?"

Racquel didn't answer but gave a big wink with her left eye.

Sean came back from the side of the room after he had turned up the air conditioning. He had stripped off and had started to rub his big prick with his fist.
The ladies gawked at the mans thick girth and the smooth dark skin over the very large vein that ran the whole line of his shaft.

"We weren't expecting you ladies, but we're always ready for anything, as you can see."

He waved his hand to the large bed with the soft and sensual sheets.

"My boys and myself would be obliged if you girls could OBLIGE us. What say you?"

Racquel reached up to her shoulders and shrugged the leather jacket down her arms and let it fall to the carpet.

All eyes were on her heavenly figure as she pulled the boob tube top off over her head, followed by the stretchy skirt. She kicked it away with her stiletto heels and stood naked with her hands on her hips.

Even Tami was gobsmacked as she took in the lean, toned and slender physique of the leggy brunette. The heels gave her five foot six frame extra height.

The woman was absolutely drop dead gorgeous and she soaked up the admiration of the group with pride. The long lustrous hair spread out over her shoulders and with the bangs framed her soft face.
Her perfect and perky 36C breasts jutted out with the enormous areolas from a small twenty two inch waist and narrow hips.

Her back tapered in and left her magnificent derriere to stick out behind. Racquel had honed her figure as a cheerleader for the Atlanta Hawks when younger and it showed. Her legs parted slightly to give everyone a view of her trimmed dark bush above shaven pussy lips.
A faint hint of her bikini bottoms showed white from her lightly tanned skin. She turned her gaze from one to the next with her sexy grey eyes and spoke.

"Lets fuck boys." She said simply.

By now all three men had gotten erections and each had used the handy lube to make their cocks nice and slick. Racquel sat on the edge of the bed with her legs out wide and her heels dug into the carpet, her delicious pink inner lips of her cunt in plain sight.

She crooked a long nailed finger to Sean who came over and let the goddess squeeze his monster of a prick. Her grip tightened on the massive erection and then she slid up and down the rigid shaft with both hands.

They stared into each others eyes as he was held, then she opened her red lips and snapped them around the big head.
Her hot tongue darted around the spongy tip before she pulled off and inhaled. She gave little kisses down the underside of his entire length, then her red lips parted once more and he was crammed inside her mouth again.

With a deep breath the alluring woman began to bob on his bell end quickly with loud slurps of her pursed lips.
Another man came alongside and put his cock in her left palm. She squeezed it and the man started to fuck her fist.

Sean moaned as the first three inches of his rock hard hose was sucked into the hot mouth of the pornstar. Then she turned to her left and paid some attention to Tom, making sure Sean was stroked with her right hand as she did so. Tom was wide eyed at the pale beauty as she swirled her tongue around his purple head.

"Get up on the bed babe." Sean said, and Racquel slithered up the satin sheets on her ass and laid there excited.

"Open those legs up, I wanna see that swollen cunt."

She slowly opened her thighs and the two men could easily make out the moisture that coated her bald labia. She was no match for the mans strength as his powerful arms spread her long legs out wider.
His head came between her thighs as he crawled up the bed and he held her left leg up in the air as his pink tongue glided back and forth across her pussy lips and made her squeal.

He was quite aggressive with his actions as he worked his tongue on the whole length of her damp slit and her body began to squirm on the bed. She hadn't been eaten this good in a while and a rush of excitement ran through her.

Tom moved to her head at the top of the bed and presented her with his hard on which she took eagerly into her mouth. Her left hand grabbed his balls and she sucked him hard, saliva dribbled down his fat shaft.
As Sean licked her into a frenzy she looked up at Tom.

"Fuck my mouth." She said in a low voice.

As she took a deep breath Tom held her mouth on his boner and pushed further down her throat. The muscled black man held her by the hair roughly and began to power fuck her face with extreme gusto.

Sean moved up more so he could suckle on her perfect tits. He pulled on the big nipples with his hard teeth and drew muffled moans from her as she was face fucked.

"Fuck my juicy cunt sweetie." Racquel managed to croak as she pulled her head back up to look at the bald headed man at her snatch.

Sean pushed her slender legs as wide as they could go and moved his strong body between them. He forced his lubed up cock against the woman's pussy and pushed up with a loud grunt.

"Oh my word, what a fucking huge cock!"

Racquel let out a howl and tightened her grip on Tom who grimaced as her nails dug into his flesh. She bucked her body up as it she had received an electric shock and her big tits were crushed against his broad chest. They were welded together, their hips rocked in rhythm and the bed shook under them.

Across from the bed Tami Monroe and Ray Victory were deeply engrossed in the erotic three way.
The tiny blonde had stripped off her top and skirt and sat naked on the sofa in her black stocking, her fingers stroked her clit.

Ray sported a massive hard on and Tami wrenched her eyes from the scene on the bed and flung her mane of golden curls over her left shoulder and went down on the man beside her.

With her slim fingers she had gripped the base of his manhood and began to suck on the chocolate coloured cock in an anti clockwise twist of her mouth. His hand came around her small body and he encouraged her to take more of his vast prick.

Tami managed to accept the first four inches inside her mouth and moved up and down in a steady groove as she used her right hand to tickle his big plums. Then with the huge tip between her lips she sucked it like a popsicle before using her tongue to lick up and down the underside of the shaft.

"Oh babe, you are good." He moaned.

"Yeah? You like that? Watch this."

Tami drooled spit out of her mouth and let it dribble down the thick girth, then dropped her head down and deep throated him. It felt so big in her mouth and when Ray moved up she moaned on him and salivated freely.

Her blonde tresses flew around on his belly as she treated him to a wonderful blowjob. Then when he started to finger her wet pussy with his right hand the lightweight reared up with a thrill in her voice.

"Fuck my pussy Ray." It was a demand rather than a request.

With the greatest of ease he had lifted the young girl up into the air and plonked her onto his upright pole.

"Oh yeah! Oh yeah!" She sobbed as his bone pierced her golden pubed cunt.

Her hefty boobies jiggled in his face as he raised her up and down with a firm grip on her hips. Her tight pussy took in about half of his hot member and she tried desperately to ride the monster cock.

"Wiggle your hips honey." He suggested.

Tami had begun to rotate and gyrate with a deep concerted effort as her big blue eyes locked on his.

"OH FUCK!" She cried out as she managed to slide down further and split her pussy lips wide open to accommodate his size.

Her hands gripped his waist as she leaned back and bounced up and down faster, the sound of her flesh on his lap became louder. Ray grabbed her cute ass and parted the cheeks and studied the hot girl. His dark skin against her creamy softness was profoundly erotic.

"Baby, you're so fucking huge, I never had anyone this big before."

"And you're so cute, like a little toy doll."

He continued to push and pull her along his pole and on occasion he slapped her butt hard which made her yelp. Tami was overcome with rapture as she was fucked by the handsome hunk.

She was taken aback when she had been lifted off his shiny cock and pushed onto her hands and knees on the sofa. Ray ran his hands along her stockinged thighs, then stuck a finger into her lush pussy. She was dripping wet.

He used the bell end of his knob and teased her cunt until she had begged him to plunder her. Her pretty face flushed and she grit her teeth as he slid on in.
She held her breath and stayed quite still until he was all the way in, she had never had a cock as big as he. When he moved in and out Tami breathed again, and her moans grew louder every time he hit home.

His muscles rippled and he began to perspire as he thrust on up the young blonde. Her ripe ass was split into two peaches as his glistening tool pressed into her engorged pussy.

Tami arched her back as Ray moved faster, pumping her with long but quick strokes. Screams of ecstasy came from her lips as his entire length went up inside her.

"Fuck me puppy, fuck me with that big black cock, come on puppy!"

Tami fell forward from the force of the man stuffed up her cunt and she began to gush cum as he carried on pounding her.
Spasm after spasm wracked her petite frame and Ray withdrew from her sweet pussy and rolled back. As she recovered from her orgasm Tami kissed her lover and sucked her own juices from his stiff cock.

"Honey, I got to have you on my next movie. We're gonna start shooting in two weeks. Its called Kiss my Grits."

Tami held the enormous erect cock up and kissed the big tip.

"As long as you get to fuck me with this black beauty you can count me in."

Over on the big bed Racquel was on all fours with Tom behind her, his mitts on her delectable bum as it poked up.
The lilywhite cheeks lifted and separated as her legs widened and the man shoved his massive cock into her with a hefty shove. The wetness of her pussy glistened off his bulging weapon as he plowed in and out deeper, and the enchanting woman bucked her hips back to meet his thrusts.

Racquel shuddered with the wonderful sensation and tossed her head back and sent waves of her glossy hair over her back. His eager body smacked against the adorable brunette, her cunt felt as if it was a tight fist around his rod of steel.

"Is this the best ass in porn, or what?" He said between fast pelvic thrusts.

"You crazy boy? That there is the best damn ass in California!" Laughed Sean who jerked his prick as he watched from the wings.

Racquel managed to lift her head and stated proudly amid the mans strong forward thrusts.

"Gentlemen, this here piece of ass you are so very lucky to be fucking is the best in the fucking WORLD!"

"Hey Ray, you wanna piece of the action man?"

Ray Victory leapt up from the sofa, his big bar of a cock thrust out in front of him and moved into the position vacated by Tom.
Her sticky out ass raised up as Racquel looked over her shoulder at the man with doe like eyes and red lips parted.

The muscled stud, dark and smoky against her whiteness, rested his fat log on her buttocks and moved his right thigh inside hers to widen her stance. She was teased as he ran his cock up and down the butt crack which was wet and juicy from the lube and sweat of Tom.

"Give me that big bone lover." She cooed.

Ray bent at the knees and his thick cock went straight inside her with a loud sucking sound. Racquel cried out at the welcome penetration and she felt totally embedded on him. He gripped her tiny waist and literally fucked himself with her body as he moved her back and forth on his member.

"Its incredible," she whimpered as she was lifted up off the bed by his strength and hammered into.

Her breath caught in her throat as her aching cunt dripped down her inner thighs. Each and every one of his controlled thrusts made her yelp as he buried his cock deep inside her saturated pussy.
Her perfect hooters bounced as they hung straight down from her beautiful body as she was ground into hard.
His big balls smacked at her splendid derriere and the woman began to droop forwards under the sheer force of the fuck.

She was pulled back up by her elbows and Ray leaned in close to kiss the nape of her neck. Racquel sighed and shut her eyes tight as his full lips left a trail of spit along her collarbone and he held her slender arms behind her narrow back.

"Girl, your ass is spectacular." He whispered in her ear.

"Th...thank you," she muttered, her cunt weeping fluid around his embedded cock.

Ray pushed down on her back and sent her forward onto her spread palms and eased his dripping prick out of her sodden pussy.

Sean had joined Tami on the sofa and the diminutive blonde was busy slobbering on the bulbous head of his fat girthed hose. His big left hand ran through her golden curls as the girl opened her jaw and took in half of the dark meat past her lips.

"Its too big." Said Tami.

"Just relax baby, try again."

With her eyes closed she gulped as the big veined tool slid down her throat and made her gag, her saliva dripped down along the underside to his balls. She came off again and a string of spit joined his big crown to her lips until it broke.

Racquel had left the bed and tottered over on her stiletto heels and joined the pair. With eyes on his she kicked her shoes off and the male pornstar leaned back so that his giant prick stood up like a flagpole.

Her right leg came up followed by the left and she clamped both her lithe thighs tight against his thick legs, her pussy poised above his lap.

Tami held the mans stiff cock and placed the moistened head at her cunt entrance. Racquel shivered with the thrill of the anticipation of what was to come and dropped her superb butt.
Twice she had to shift her hips to attempt penetration but the size was too great.

Finally Sean moved his pelvis up and the tip found its way inside her, the wet mouth of Tami had made him wet enough to enter and his cock vanished up inside with a sucking sound.


Racquel had never been this stretched before and the dazzling beauty stayed stock still and placed both hands on the ebony flesh of the mans upper thighs.

Sean grinned and watched patiently as the woman began to slowly, oh so slowly, sink down one inch at a time. The feel of the massive rod was amazing as she squeezed him with her vaginal muscles, hoping that would help acclimatise her.

With a sharp intake of breath her pretty face blushed scarlet as the intense sensation of his invading tool scraping her inner walls gave her an instant orgasm.

"Fuck Sean, I never came with only one stroke of a mans cock."

"Maybe you should fuck more black folk honey."

Racquel nodded as she rotated her hips and managed to lift up and down on the first four of his thick inches. Tami sat next to them enthralled at the lean and slender woman as she slowly rode on the big black snake.
Sean started to grow impatient and thrust up into her soft cunt and she groaned through gritted teeth.

"Tami, oh Tami, its...oh my...its so fucking huge."

The two of them couldn't believe so much cock could fit inside such a tight pussy.

"Do, do I please you?" Said the brunette as her cute ass rose and fell on him.

"You be fine sweetie."

He pawed at the stunning breasts as she tilted her head to the left and hummed in delight.

"Turn around for me darling, I wanna take in your prize winning ass."

Racquel lifted off and a line of her cum seeped out of her gaping cunt. She spun around and bent at the waist and spread her cheeks open so he could check out her bewitching posterior.
Then she flung her legs out wide and straddled his legs and lowered onto his cock. As her slit was touched by the head she went down hard and was speared by several inches of rigid cock.

"What a good little slut you are, now fuck that black bone."

Sean grabbed hold of her hips and started to piston in and out quicker than before.

"Fuck me baby, fuck me real good," she squeaked as his pace increased.

Tom approached the pair on the sofa and placed her slim left hand on his magnificent hard on, and she ran her hand up and down at the same time she rode on Sean.
Her big doe like grey eyes looked up into the dark brooding eyes of the man in her face.

"You want my big cock inside you, bitch?"

Racquel replied in a soft voice that had a hint of pleading.


The lust filled pornstar lifted up from Sean and laid on her back on the sofa. He was just as big as earlier and she mouthed a silent O as he shoved right in as far as he could into her molten cunt.
Her ankles were held and her legs were pulled out and up. The big enhanced tits spread out either side of her ribcage and she was rammed into over and over again, and her screams filled the air.

"Take that big motherfucking cock darling."

"So big, so big." She whimpered as her long legs were draped over his strong forearms.

Racquel squirmed on him and her head thrashed about at the back of the sofa as her pussy was pounded hard. Ray had ventured over and stuck his pecker into her face.

"Suck it!" He ordered.

Racquel took as much of him into her mouth as she could, and felt his cock grow in her mouth. Tom still fucked her hard and her boobs jerked back and forth across her divine body.
On the verge of a powerful orgasm she gave a muffled moan on the cock of Ray and experienced a thundering climax.
Tom pulled out of her worn cunt and exploded all across her abdomen in large spurts of white cream.

At the same time Ray came and shot several streams of his cum all over her beautiful face, the semen dripped from her features down to her generous cleavage.

Tami rubbed Sean hard with both her hands as they witnessed Racquel get creamed. Her grip was tight, he wanted release badly now.
Finally he grunted and moved close to the brunette who laid on her back with her mouth open. Tami aimed his hose up so he shot his load right down her throat in great arcs of sperm. She flinched as a gob of the thick cum hit her in the eye but greedily swallowed the rest as she was drenched in the great torrent.

"Man, you would sell a million videotapes if you chose to film interracial Racquel." Ray mused.

Tami and her kissed each other and hoovered up all the cum.

"Derrick would shit himself if he ever knew what just happened here, let alone film it."

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Re: Tami Monroe meets Racquel Darrian, part one.
« Reply #1 on: December 27, 2020, 10:58:04 PM »
Racquel Darrian screwing black guys is my all-time favorite sex fantasy!
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Re: Tami Monroe meets Racquel Darrian, part one.
« Reply #2 on: December 28, 2020, 05:34:15 AM »
Racquel Darrian screwing black guys is my all-time favorite sex fantasy!

She's admitted her own real life fantasy is getting blacked and she has dkne it many times in private, but not on film.


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Re: Tami Monroe meets Racquel Darrian, part one.
« Reply #3 on: December 28, 2020, 04:34:04 PM »
Yes, I've heard this many times over the years as far back as the late 90's. Her former husband enjoyed watching black men make love to her while he watched and took pictures. Quite a few fans paid to fuck her as well. That is a pretty well known fact


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