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Jennifer Walcott-My Dream Girl
« on: December 31, 2019, 05:45:24 AM »
Note- I have never been to the Playboy Mansion, so please allow for any discrepancies. Nor have I ever met Jennifer Walcott in person, this is a fictional tale only inspired by the same.


For men, the Playboy Mansion in Los Angeles sounded like a paradise on Earth, a house of hedonism, set in glamorous grounds and filled with dozens of the most beautiful models in the world.

Legendary stories abounded of the wild parties, wilder girls, and the wildest of celebrity guests. Sex and drugs and rock and

The theme for this days lavish party was fancy dress and the playmates and guests were in the best costumes money could buy.
As the party gathered pace in the outside grounds, gorgeous women strutted around.

One tall blonde had a short mini dress in black and white horizontal stripes like a convict. Complete with a coordinating hat and handcuffs, she was together with another leggy blonde in a short blue dress.
A black police hat with a silver badge was plonked on her head.
Her long legs seemed to never want to quit in her fishnet stockings and six inch black heels. Others wore sexy nurse outfits, nuns habits, pirate costumes and skimpy school uniforms.

The guests and models mingled with peacocks that roamed around the front lawn freely. Servers made sure everybody had a drink as they carried silver trays of charged glasses.

An exotic model with shoulder length brown hair walked over to a fair haired man who stood gawping at the scantily dressed girls.
She had a Wonder Woman costume on, with the form fitting red satin bustier and gold eagle emblem.
The man took a big gulp of champagne and ogled her marvellous enhanced C cup tits that thrust up in the tight corset.

She had an inviting hourglass figure, flawless curves and a butt to die for in the blue satin shorts. Cut high up on the hipbone, her toned bare legs appeared even longer, and the knee high red boots helped finish off the look.

When she stood close, he noticed the gold tiara in her mane of wavy hair. She smiled and showed pearly white teeth behind her pouty lips that were simply made for kissing.

"So, if this is a fancy dress party, what did you come as?" The babe sipped her wine.

"I'm a roadie for Def Leppard."

"And what do you do for a living?"

"I'm a roadie for Def Leppard."

"So you came in your every day clothes."

"Yeah, guess so."

The six footer towered over the shorter girl, who didn't break her heart breaking smile.
He had turned up in jeans and a white tee shirt with the legend, 'Def Leppard USA tour 2002.'
She particularly noted his developed biceps. He removed his sunglasses, revealing baby blue eyes and sandy lashes, and blinked in the hot sunshine.

"And you're Wonder Woman."

She did a twirl like Linda Carter in the seventies tv show.

"So, you're English, huh?"

"From Sheffield, as are the guys in the band, except Campbell, he's Irish."

"Boy, I could listen to you all day, I just love an English accent."

"Yeah, you all do. I'm Sam."

"Jennifer Walcott. Say, are the band here now?"

"Right over there surrounded by about twenty of your girlfriends. We're on our 2002 US tour promoting their tenth album 'X.'"

"I LOVE Def Leppard. Wanna get rocked? Pour some sugar on me.
Hah! Hey, did you say you were from Sheffield? So is Luci Victoria, she's over there with Hef. She's new, should be a playmate this year the way she sucks Hefner's cock every fucking day. He loves stacked blonde bimbo's.
And over there is Tina Jordan, she screws him every night too."

Sam spied a tall blonde with massive DD tits on the arm of Hefner in a cheerleader outfit. Hefner was in his usual attire of silk pyjama's, pipe in mouth. Nice costume thought Sam, still it was his party.

Sam gazed into Jennifer's alluring dark eyes as she brushed a loose strand of her lustrous hair from her face.

"Say can't." She said. Standing with her left leg bent seductively at the knee.

"Cahhn't." He answered with the accent on a long A as in Wrath of KHAN.

Jennifer giggled like a girl.

"Now say bollocks."

"Bollocks!" He announced, an infectious grin on his face.

"That's so cool! What does that word even MEAN?"

They both laughed as a couple brushed by them arm in arm, and obviously in a hurry. Jennifer closed the gap between them and Sam prayed she did not notice his stiffening cock in his blue jeans.

"They're probably going to the grotto, it starts to get crazy around about now."

The young Englishman closed his eyes and attempted to slow his beating heart at the thought of an all out orgy.
The stunning beauty in front of him traced out a curve with her index finger from his throat down to the neck of his tee. He stood frozen as she touched his lips with the same finger, then replaced it with her open mouth.
Sam leaned forward and took her in his arms and gave her a long, deep kiss.

"You want to go to the grotto with me?" She whispered softly.

"I leave that sort of thing to the band. I'm more of a one on one kind of guy."

"Say, I know, we can go across the street to the new Bunny House. It's more cosy over there."

Sam took a nanosecond to decide, and the pair of them took off, arm in arm. The mock Tudor mansion sat on five and a half acres, and had been purchased for a cool million back in 1971.
Now in 2002 Hefner had acquired a smaller house opposite for the use of the playmates, naming it the Bunny House. As they left the mansion Jennifer tugged the Englishman closer.

"Say cock." She pronounced it cuk to his ears.

"Cock." Came his reply, sounding like kok to her which made her chuckle.


The pair entered the modest house, bypassing several and scantily clad tall models, and Jennifer steered the gobsmacked man to an empty room. Everything seemed to be in red in the cool room, red drapes, red quilt on the bed, red carpet. The fourth wall was completely mirrored, kinky thought Sam. Strewn about here and there were condoms and tubes of lubricant.

The August 2001 Playmate pushed him gently onto the Queen sized bed and he watched in fascination as the captivating young woman unzipped her bustier and let her huge hooters out of the confining top.

"Bloody hell! Your tits are fabulous!"

"Thank you, I believe you when you say that by the big bulge you got going on in your jeans."

True enough, Sam's cock was rock hard, and seriously uncomfortable in his pants.
She cupped her massive breasts that were way to large for her delicate fingers. Then she stood tall and slipped the blue shorts over her gorgeous rump and posed for him, naked in her red boots and hands on hips.
The girl was the most beautiful creature he had ever set his eyes on, barely five feet four, but perfectly formed.

Perfect symmetrical tits, slender waist and hips that led his eyes to her shaven Mound of Venus, from which her bewitching smooth labia nestled. Her thighs and calves were toned and shapely and her creamy skin seemed to glow with her even tan.

"You got a girlfriend Sam?"

His throat had become quite dry, and he had to gulp in order to answer her.

"Got no time for birds, we are on the road most of the time."

"When was the last time you got laid?"

Sam remembered the severely drunk woman he has screwed in Chicago on the tour, another reject of Joe Elliott passed his way. Nice fuck though.

"A while ago I guess, in Chicago. You American women are unlike any I ever met."

"And you are going to be my first Englishman."

The smouldering and buxom goddess straddled his lap and ground her bared loins along his trapped erection.
Her hands ran along the curves of his broad shoulders and down his beefy biceps, feeling the muscles ripple under the skin. Sam leaned back onto his elbows and let the babe wrench his shirt off over his head.

"I love a man with muscles."

Jennifer curled her fingers in his mop of fine hair as she bent to kiss him on the mouth. The aroused roadie slid both hands along her supple thighs and her butt moved to and fro on the zipper of his jeans, rubbing her exposed pussy on him.

"I want you, Def Leppard guy."

"I'm easy luv, take me."

They kissed again, tongues flicking at each others, both moaning with desire on each other.
Her hips rocked on his lap sending sparks of pleasure through her vivacious body.
Sam tipped his head back when the luscious babe worked his zip down his fly with tantalising slowness. Once undone his big cock was released and it wagged at her like a puppy tail, the foreskin sliding back from the top.

"Did you get a blowjob in Chicago, Sam?"

"Nah, she was too drunk."

The playmate circled his boner with slim fingers, and his thighs clenched as her grip tightened. She slipped down to his feet, pulling his jeans and boxers to his track shoes.

"Would you like me to suck your cock, Sam?"

"Do bears shit in the woods?" He quipped back.

This amused her as she bent her head and swiped his flared crown with her flattened tongue. He gasped audibly as her breath warmed his cock head, her long nailed fingertips dug into the base at the balls.

"Stone the crows, suck me darling."

His balls tightened as he was caressed down there by her light, but firm touch. Then her mouth came down, and down, and down his thick shaft, taking his full length past her lips.
She held him inside the hot cave of her mouth, then let his knob slide back out until only the tip remained enveloped.

Their eyes locked as he felt her exquisite tongue work wonders around the sensitive ridge. Her cheeks reddened with her exertion as once again she took his root to the back of her throat.

Sam held his right hand in her voluminous hair next to her tiara, and struggled to hold off spurting his wad down her throat.
Then, when he felt her scrape his testicles with her index finger he yelped aloud. She withdrew her mouth from his throbbing stalk slowly, her pursed lips vibrating along the length of hard meat with a soft humming sound.

"That was the best ever!" He exclaimed.

"Yeah? Good. Hey, you got a foreskin."

"Most Englishmen do, lass."

"How splendid, oh tosh, what twaddle." Sam grimaced at her lousy take on an English accent.

With a quick gulp Jennifer sucked him off with steady strokes of her mouth, causing Sam to grit his teeth.
The feeling of his cock in the playmate's beautiful mouth was unbelievable. He looked down and watched with acute fascination as she bobbed on her haunches, her outstanding tits swinging delightfully.
The superb American babe was having immense fun as she moved along his generous sized cock, the blood thundering through the veiny shaft.

"Princess, you gotta let up, let me lick your cunt now."

"Yay! Great!"

Jennifer eagerly leapt up onto the bed and laid back, legs akimbo.
Sam was on her in a flash, his hands all over her delectable body with a lustful abandon. She purred with delight as his mouth ran over her flat stomach, his tongue darting out against her soft flesh.

"Touch my pussy, babe."

The Englishman gleefully cupped her hot, smooth mound and rubbed the puffy labia as he settled alongside her.
He drove his middle digit inside her moistness, making the model cry out with desire. Sam was mesmerised by her quim as he stroked her swollen pussy lips, twisting and rotating with intense concentration.

"Oh baby, I love it." She groaned as her lower half shuddered involuntarily on the bed sheets.

He spread her thighs as wide apart as they could go and shrieked as his tongue found its way into her damp cunt, bathing the entire area of her bald mound with his saliva.
Then her cries of pleasure grew even louder when he swiped his face from left to right and chewed her quaking lips wantonly.

"You devil! I'm gonna cum!"

Jennifer mashed her cunt to his face as she reached boiling point and sent a squirt of her fluids into his mouth. He came up for air, spluttering and gasping for air.

"You sure can eat pussy boy. Are all Brits like you?"

He shook his head, and looked down at the desirable woman, her yearning thighs trembling with anticipation.

"Put it in me now, lover, I need that big cock of yours."

Sam needed her too, and picked up a Trojan and tore the wrapper off with his teeth. He sheathed his aching knob and lowered himself between her tanned legs and spread them.

The lucky man rubbed the swollen head of his cock up and down the cleft of her damp cunt and rocked his pelvis downwards, his weight on the palms of his hands.

"Yes, yes, push it in."

With a slight rotation of his hips Sam was in, sighing contently as he pressed on until he was balls deep.
Jennifer clung to his forearms as he began to drive in and out, stretching her outstanding hot tunnel. His strokes increased as he was overwhelmed by the glorious sight of the playmate quaking beneath him, her red boots sliding to and fro on the sheets, the heels rucking the material into a ball.

"Fuck me baby, fuck me!"

Sam slammed into her faster, her pussy clenching his hot prick as he powered into her.
As he settled his weight on her, their bellies slapped against each other, and his chest rolled around on her fake tits. The small room became heated with their passionate rutting, both consumed by an uncontrollable lust for each others sex.

His right hand pawed at her firm left boob and fed the pointy tip to his mouth. Jennifer cried out as his teeth scraped her nipple and a tingling rush of pleasure made her pussy spasm on his boner.
All the time he bucked in and out with assured stabs of his stiff cock. Her boots came up and around his waist, her hands on his tight butt, drawing him in deeper.

"So deep, so big."

Sam raged on, laving his mouth on her big tit, making the hot babe tighten her legs around his body.
Their combined groans filled their ears, their bodies glowing in each others arms. Then the playmate yelped in surprise as her lover flipped the pair of them so that she was on top of he.

"Ride me lass."

Without missing a beat, his cock still embedded in her soft pussy, the sultry beauty gripped his broad shoulders and pumped her butt up and down.

 Sam hissed with approval as she took him in all the way, her ass making lewd smacking noises on his upper thighs. He watched hypnotized at her absolutely perfect pair of bolted on jugs bounce up and down.

"Fucking best tits in the world, darling."

"Thank you, I like 'em."

She moved up a gear, banging on his lower body with a heated passion, her strong cunt muscles milking his prick greedily. Growing ever more slippery, each downward stroke bathed the condom with her juices.
Her body rolled and swayed on his love rod, her smooth buttocks rippling with her energetic effort.

"Oh baby, oh baby, I...I'm going to cum!"

Her long nails dug into the flesh of his chest and her smouldering eyes, ablaze with a lusty abandon, looked into his baby blue's as she made heart breaking sobs as she came.
A giant flood of exquisite sensations made her head spin as Sam thrust up, wet with perspiration, and melted her cunt with his throbbing cock. He groaned as she fell atop of him, her heavenly scent in his flared nostrils.

"I just gotta fuck those tits girl."

Jennifer hopped off his cock and knelt up, her boots under her, her pussy dribbling down her thigh.
Her bronzed skin was shiny and glistened in the low light of the room. Sam ripped the condom from his pulsating knob and pushed his cock between her closed boobs.
Her head tilted back, her rich mane tumbling down to the small of her back, as she used both hands to make a valley of flesh. The Englishman unceremoniously spat on his bell end and squeezed his slick organ into the narrowed space.

"Go for it, lover."

Sam complied, working his hips to rub up and down her firm, rounded breasts. The jutting knockers kneaded his cock, and he marvelled at the wonderful fleshy globes.

As he moved faster, the cock head emerged from the top of her cleavage and her tongue darted out to meet it every time. They both rocked on their knees as they moved ever faster, it was his turn to cum.

"Alright Princess, here we go."

Jennifer timed it just right, putting her open mouth to the head as he shot his cream down her throat.
His pulsing knob pumped and pumped a huge load into her welcome mouth which slid down her gullet. She drained every drop of semen as he continued to jerk in her mouth, then she let his dribbling cock slip from her wet lips.

"Fuck me, you sure like to swallow cum girl."

Jennifer giggled as she wiped her mouth with the back of her hand.

"I love it. Tastes great. Shall we get back to the mansion?"

"Why not, I could murder a burger right now."

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Re: Jennifer Walcott-My Dream Girl
« Reply #1 on: December 31, 2019, 03:19:30 PM »
I have loved Jennifer since I first seen her, cheers for this story.


Re: Jennifer Walcott-My Dream Girl
« Reply #2 on: December 31, 2019, 05:22:31 PM »
Thanks for posting this story. She don't get much love but she has fans out there, thanks again. I've always enjoyed reading this one.


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