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Tami and Racquel meet Savannah
« on: January 03, 2020, 12:30:54 AM »
Note from author- My personal twist on the infamous NBA pool party incident from 1988 with Racquel Darrian. Featuring Tami Monroe and the late, and missed, Savannah.


"Shit! Another game over."

"Yeah and another season down the shitter!"

The Atlanta Hawks basketball team were in the main locker room about an hour after the last playoff game of the 1988 season.
The reporters had left and most of the hangers on as well and the team went about their clean up routine.
They had gathered to an area of lockers away from the main ones and chilled out after showering.

"What you got planned the rest of the evening bro'?" The tall six foot plus black man spoke to the man on his left.

"I'm gonna get me some fine piece of ass and fuck her all night." The team small forward answered.

"Er, you mean like that?"

The first man became distracted and pointed to the entrance of the room where stood three of the Hawk cheerleaders.
Dressed in the red crop tops with the word Hawks across the bosom and skin tight stretchy hot pants the girls stood side by side.

In the middle was a vision of beauty with her hands on her small twenty two inch waist, pom poms hanging down.

Her long back combed mane of brown hair spread out over her shoulders and down her back, the thick bangs stood out over her forehead.
A pair of large hooped earings could be seen under her mane.
The crop top barely contained her prominent breasts that poked up proud in front of her.
Her gorgeous ass stuck out behind her narrow tapered back, and her long slender legs looked toned and supple in knee high white socks.
At the front of the tight hot pants the outline of her pussy was clearly visible and her ass cheeks were lifted and separated.

"Hi guys, I'm Racquel, and these two babes are Tami and Savannah."

The seven men in the room looked with open mouths and eyes on stalks as they took in the dream team in front of them.

Savannah stood to the left of the brunette, her left leg thrust forward and slightly bent in at the knee.
She had a pretty face with clear blue eyes and very fine straight blonde hair that framed her features.
The bangs were cut just above the brows and the length came down to just about where her enhanced 34D boobs jutted out from her chest.
Her crop top lifted up from her body as it strained to keep them in check. She gave everyone a smile with her very kissable red lips.

To the right at just under five feet tall was Tami Monroe, a tiny blonde bombshell with a high mane of golden curls. Her big blue eyes sparkled as she shook her pom poms in her hands. The big boobed babe was in perfect proportion despite her lack of inches with a tiny waist and slim legs honed by her cheerleading.

"Hi girls, to what do we owe the pleasure?"

"Pleasure is right. Seeing how the season didn't go too well the girls and I want to see you have a fond farewell before next year.

You, and you, and you, and you over the back there are gonna fuck my brains out with your big fucking black cocks while my girls act as fluffer's. Any questions?"

Racquel Darrian raised an eyebrow quizzically and brushed some strands of hair from her face and waited. The two men closest stepped forward and dropped their towels to reveal their eager erections.

"Oh, you think we need a fluffer bitch? Look at this!"

The brunette lowered her gaze and peered at the two hard on's that poked out from the men's groins, both were rock hard and very veiny.
She licked her lips and her heart raced as she looked at the two biggest erect cocks she had ever seen. The two men were in perfect condition with lean muscular frames and long legs with sturdy calves. Both had pear shaped butts and firm stomachs.

Another naked black man close on six feet seven meandered over and Racquel went wide eyed as she focused on the object of her wildest fantasies. With trimmed pubic hair the mans thick organ rose up to the ceiling with one great throbbing vein along the top of the shaft.

The plum coloured dome itself was about two inches in length and his balls were tight up against his groin.

"Lets go to work." Said Racquel who peeled off her top and stepped out of her hot pants and stood naked in just socks and white sneakers.

With a slow saunter she moved to the center of the locker room, hips and breasts swaying, hair tumbling down the length of her back. She turned and proudly let the men leer at her heavenly figure.

The woman was fucking perfect.

At five feet six she stood, luxurious legs long and alluring, and looked around the room. Her perky tits with the large areolas jutted out and her thighs parted just a tad to show her shaven pussy lips under a tuft of dark brown pubic hair. Lightly tanned, her white skin showed where she wore her bikini bottoms in the sun.

Racquel stopped at a large chair with a high back and sat down and flung her right leg over the arm.
With the thought of all these stiff cocks she felt a welcome wetness between her thighs. Beside the chair was a long table with several bottles of champagne and beer meant for any last minute celebrations for the team.

Racquel took a glass of cool champagne and took a sip as a man with a shaven head bent down and began to place his face at her open thighs.
She kicked her left leg out and began to squirm on her delectable ass. Her eyes lowered to see her pussy lips opened and the man begin to rub her moist, pink cunt. As she moaned her fingers inserted into his and together they rubbed the inner walls slowly.
Then he bit down on her clitoris and pressed his tongue directly onto the little nub. Rapid flicks and swipes followed and a trail of spit splattered her mound.

"Mmmm, you are a greedy boy, aren't you?" She declared. "Next!"

She released the man from between her legs and brushed him aside while another black man with a brick top haircut took over the oral assault.
He spread out her legs with big hands then kissed her outer lips and tasted her sweet pussy juices.

 A long and throaty groan escaped the attractive brunette as he circled her clit over and over until her thighs came together and clamped against his wiry haired head.

Racquel looked down and drained her glass and lifted her ass up so that the man had to lean back. He stood up and stroked his rigid prick as he stared at the magnificent woman.

"Who's next?" She said without another glance at him.

Savannah and Tami approached two men who sat on the big bench, one huge white man and another darker. Both were naked with towels on their laps. The two blondes quickly stripped off their red tops and their full and rounded tits bounced free. They both whipped away the towels and each reached for the nearest erection and began to slobber over them with gusto.

"Lets get you boys nice and hard for Miss Racquel." Said Tami between generous licks.

She knelt on her knees, her skin tight hot pants stretched out over her cute rump, and dragged her tongue over the black mans growing erection.
The tiny blonde worked around the head and then sucked with extreme vigour until the big cock was awash with her saliva. The man gritted his teeth as Tami sucked in deeply until her nose almost rested at the base of his pecker.

Savannah smiled at the white team member and rubbed his prick between her firm, enhanced boobs. He had short reddish hair and baby blue eyes that fixed on her as she knelt. With both hands the captivating girl squeezed her two pillows together and moved them up and down several times.
Once she was assured he was stiff she let his boner nestle in her ample cleavage and swirled her tongue around and around the flared head. The girls looked at each other and gave the high five hand slap.

Back in the chair the next man to kneel before Racquel was the small forward. The six foot four man with the slender but muscular body buried his tongue into her slit and drove her crazy as she squirmed on the chair.

She edged forward some more as a fat thumb was inserted into her wet, wanting pussy. He paused to look at the swollen and puffy bald lips and peered into her pinkness. His hand caressed her inner thighs which made her shiver before he prodded his middle finger deep inside her damp passage.

As she enjoyed the moment with her eyes shut she felt a rough hand push her face to her left and a huge erection poked at her lips. She looked up to see the six foot and seven inch tall black man with an afro looming over her.
Her doe like grey eyes met his and she stroked him a couple of times and then popped the mushroom sized head between her red lips.

Her slender hand wrapped around the chocolate coloured shaft and moved it up and down at the same time. Then brick top came to her right side and she took hold of his cock as well. She turned her head to suck on his enormous ebony snake and concentrated hard so her mouth opened wide enough to take him in.

Another man with a moustache dropped to his feet and slid his flattened tongue up and down her slick pussy.
He was quite good and Racquel slid her ass right to the edge of the seat to meet his face, the hair on his upper lip tickled.
She gave an enormous moan on the cock of brick top man as she received great licks from her clit all the way round to her asshole. Her head went back as she wanked the two pricks in her fists and a sensuous wave of delight was sent up her body.

Hands were now everywhere, grabbing at her breasts, hands between her thighs, fingers slipping inside her. Any focus was lost as her entire body was pawed and assaulted, her cunt leaked fluids profusely.
Another full erect cock smacked on her right cheek and she turned and licked the tip with her moist tongue.

The man with the shaven head approached the bench where the two fair haired beauties were now totally nude aside from knee high socks and sneakers.
Both were fingering the other as their tongues were wrapped around each others. Tami looked up at the dark skinned man with his chiselled frame, every muscle taut and his pectorals popped out of his chest. His long thick cock hung down between his strong thighs.

"I need me some assistance ladies."

"Consider it done." She said in her sweet voice.

Little Tami took hold of his heavily veined tool and rolled it in her small fists. She could feel it grow in her hands and once it was semi erect placed the crown at her lips and gave it little butterfly kisses. His cock had a smooth and silky texture that felt nice against her lips.

Savannah moved close and the man could smell her captivating scent and he watched her jaw strain as she hungrily sucked the massive member. The grateful man reached out and put his hands at the backs of their heads and moaned loudly as his cock slid down the warm throat of Savannah. Satisfied with their work Tami yelled out.

"Another hard one coming over Kelly!"

"Fuck Tami, I'm Racquel now, remember?"

"Sorry sweetie, I forgot."

Racquel fumed for a moment, she had decided to rename herself from her real name of Kelly Jackson in order to make a move into the porn industry.

"Get her up."

One of the men said and two of the blacks picked her lightweight form up while two others got hold of a couple of bottles of the bubbly.

The men lifted her divine body and stood her up, her body glistened and glowed. Three of the team got hold of a bottle of champagne each and poured the wine over her big tits.

Racquel arched her narrow back and parted her legs and her labia peeked out seductively. The wine dribbled down her chest to her stomach and on to her pussy, where it drenched her outer lips. Behind her another poured an entire bottle over her bubble butt and it ran like a river down the crack of her pert ass.

"Lick me boys." Said the temptress.

The cool liquid spilled down her long legs to her sneakers and the next thing she knew was a warm wet tongue sucking the drink from her navel.
Kisses peppered her inner thighs and one finger twisted her triangle of pubes as she oozed fluids.
Fingers lingered on her body, hands rested on her soft and sensuous skin. A face smothered her derriere which left wet strings of champagne and spit glistening on both her bubble cheeks.

She stood and grinned as she was licked from cunt to tits and her entire being felt stimulated and teased. One man behind her lifted her right thigh and a fat digit eased inside her aching cunt. The folds were pulled apart and probed which made her bite her knuckles hard.

Brick top laid out some towels on the locker room floor and the hot brunette knelt down laughing. As two of them suckled on her huge tits one man laid on his back under her and moved himself where he could lick her pussy.
Her eyes watched the face between her thighs and felt his tongue tease her as the bubbly dripped down.

Racquel was overwhelmed and jerked and twisted as the warmth of the mans mouth aroused her hard nub. Her hips moved in steady thrusts to and fro and her pulse raced. Another took over and a long tongue was forced inside her cunt and lapped away. Racquel craved a cock to enter her aching pussy real bad now.

"You want some black cock now slut?" Said the small forward.

"Yes, I'm ready."

"Ready for what now? White bitch!"

"Ready for your big black cock in my fucking cunt. I want ALL of you in my fucking cunt."

A strong hand leaned flat on her lower back and she was pushed onto all fours on the towels where she placed her legs out wide. She waited with hesitation and then felt her buttocks parted and a huge knob placed at her damp pussy entrance. The man guided just the tip into her twat and her lips opened to accept the big invader. Then he pulled out and left her hanging.

Yes, she was ready for an unforgettable night. All season she had watched the Hawks on court and had lusted after all of them. She had fantasised over and over about being here with the gang of hunky black bulls.

"Tell me what you want?" He growled.

Racquel looked over her right shoulder with big pleading eyes.

"Please fuck me, please fuck me now."

He pushed his cock in and sent two inches inside then pulled almost all the way out. The hot babe whimpered and looked around again, her cunt was positively running. Her face was flushed, her nipples erect.

"Didn't quite hear that, should we go home?"

Now she screamed out.


He grinned and sent his entire length into her with an assured shove of his pelvis. She gasped and caught her breath.

"Its...too...big." She muttered.

"Your white pussy is too tight is all. We aim to stretch it out some, right boys?"

The team surrounded the pair and started to yell loudly.

"Fuck her man!"

"Shove it deep bro'!"

"Screw that pussy hard!"

The pair were surrounded by the naked men, all big. Big arms, big legs, big feet, big cocks. The man behind her began to fuck her, pumping her wildly with his fat prick. Every inward shove made her squeal as he filled her completely.

"You look hungry girl, taste this!"

The white team member rubbed the tip of his near eight inch boner back and forth across her lips, then she opened her mouth and pulled his throbbing cock in. She felt herself push forward onto him and began to gag as her body was thrust into by the hard man behind her.

Savannah and Tami watched enthralled as moustache took over behind her, gyrated his hips and pressed his erection deep into Racquel. He leaned forward and slid right up then out again, then spit on his dark shaft and fed her his length. His big hands held her by the hips and drove into her, slamming inside hard.

"Fuck her dude, fill that pussy!"

Racquel slurped loudly on the white cock, it had a curious slant to the left she noticed, then her head was pulled to her left by a hand in her thick hair and a big stiff cock was smacked against her cheek.

"Open wide slut."

Racquel sucked in several inches of dark meat and drooled over the fat head.

Moustache pushed and pulled her back and forth again and again as he tried to penetrate her tightness with more of his enormous organ. His dark skin on her pale body was a stark contrast and he watched his black bone enter her petite body. Her positively perfect posterior parted as she was fucked.

"Fuck, I'm so stuffed." She groaned.

Her mouth formed a perfect O and she let out a little sob, but then her mouth was sealed as the shaven headed man pulled her onto his hose.

Behind her Moustache pulled back and left her cunt gaping before it was soon stuffed again, this time by afro.

The very thick cock squeezed inside with some effort and then her tiny body was lifted and rocked to and fro as the tall man slammed as much of his immense pole inside. Tears flowed from her eyes as she desperately tried to relax her inner cunt. With patience he squirmed and pushed inch after inch of extremely thick prick into her. He grabbed her waist and grinned.

"Its party time."

The cock she sucked on slipped from her mouth as she was fucked from behind with fury, his long frame lunged in and slammed her on his pole, her body was bounced up and down like a ragdoll.

"Holy fuck!" She yelped as the floor vanished and Racquel was hoisted up into the air, still impaled on the incredible hard cock as he fucked her standing.

His long arms held her under the upper thighs and her lower legs dangled in the air as she was bobbed up and down fast.
Her tits jiggled on her chest and her long tresses flew around. Her pussy slid down the slick pole and then she was lifted up before being slam dunked again.

He dropped onto the towels and brought her down with him. Now in a spoon position he lifted her lithe right leg up high, his arm under her knee as she leaned on her left side. His body smacked against her back and butt as he hove in, impaling her with his horse cock.

"Fuck yeah man, way to go!"

The man was filled with lust as he hammered her as hard as he was able in this position and she whimpered with each bestial thrust into her sodden cunt. He yelled out as he filled her with hot cum and pulled back out with an audible pop.

"Now that gotta be three points man." Said one.

Racquel panted and before she could catch her breath, brick top hauled her over to him and plonked her onto his lap as he laid on his back.

"Here, sit on this if you want some black snake darlin'."

Without hesitation, consumed by a blind lust she reached back and fed his long black cock between her pouting and drenched pussy. He grabbed her hips and drove up and impaled her on his pulsating anaconda. It squelched as it slid into her cum filled cunt which oozed out and down her upturned crack.

"You got an ass to die for honey." He said as he bucked his hips up as she rode up and down.

Her head tossed from side to side as her butt came up and slammed back down onto his groin. Her rocking back and forth gave way to high bounces up and down. His hands found her perky tits and she dug her nails in the dark flesh of his thighs.

"What a beautiful cock, I fucking love it, give me all your black cocks."

Two of the team placed their stiff pricks in her slim hands and she wanked them as she bounced on brick top under her. She managed to bend her body to the left and swallowed one cock and sucked loudly.

After a few moments her head was grabbed by the hair and her drooling mouth was roughly fucked by the other man. Strings of saliva hung from her chin as she was face fucked then she cried out as the man came and sprayed her cheek with his cum. Then she spun to her left again in time to catch several spurts of thick, white cream in her open mouth.

Brick top turned the surprised titian haired beauty over onto her back and she kicked her legs out wide, her once white socks now grubby and dragged down to her ankles. She swiped a finger across her mouth and tasted the sticky semen.

"Your pussy gonna be worn out pretty soon bitch." He told her as he slowly pierced her cunt like a spear.

Racquel arched her back and moaned as he began to fuck her like a demon as two black guys laid either side of her and pawed her rounded breasts.

She lifted her head up, her make up streaked and down her face, and watched the figure of black perfection between her thighs.
His huge manhood plunged into her with long strokes that grew faster and harder until his big balls slapped against her ass.

"How you like my big black cock? Tell everyone."

Racquel bit her lip and turned to the small forward who was to her left.

"I love his cock inside me." She managed to croak.

"You want my seed in you, huh? Want me to cum in your ruined little cunt."

Brick top fucked her with full on hard strokes.


"Fill me up with your spunk!"

The man tensed and shoved in and held his cock inside, his butt clenched and he stared right into her doe grey eyes and pumped a big load of sperm into her cunt. They both sighed as he withdrew, his cum dribbled out and her pussy did not close up.

The small forward grabbed her by the legs and drew her around on the towels and put his cock into her all the way in one smooth move.
Her legs came up and locked behind his lower back as he began to fuck her slippery cunt.
With new found energy Racquel fucked him back, moaning and writhing as he filled her to the hilt.

She could feel her loose pussy tremble around the mans giant cock as he kept on his relentless fucking, deep inside her, probably deeper than anyone so far. Her whole body shuddered and she let out a guttural groan as she came.

"Fucking A!" She cried.

No sooner were her words out than the red haired white man pressed the tip of his prick to her lips. Greedily she sucked on him as she was pounded into the mess of towels under her back. Her pursed red lips were to much for the man and he began to spurt. He slid from her mouth and he sprayed her hair with white cum.

Small forward pulled out and her legs fell back, then once more her body was dragged across the floor to the left to be entered by moustache man.
As all the cum from her pussy seeped out and down her ass crack to drench the towels her legs were bent back to her shoulders so that her weight was on the small of her back.

His hips moved at a dizzy pace as each of his thrusts were powerful and fast. Her white skin collided with his black torso loudly, his rough thighs on the backs of her smooth supple legs.

As she was fucked like a machine Racquel squirmed under him as another incredible orgasm built up inside her. She bucked up and her cunt contracted around his monster prick.

He could not hold back either, he pulled out and fired a rapid stream of sperm onto her tits and stomach. With a howl he rolled off and panted hard. Racquel purred like a cat and rubbed the hot cum all over herself.


After what seemed an age, but was only a few minutes, Racquel leaned up on her elbows and looked around the locker room.
The smell of musky body odour, sperm and liniment filled her nostrils.

She had lost count of how many times she had been fucked, or how many different cocks. The men had been big, hard and forceful.
She remembered crying out as she came, crying out for more. She remembered the men calling her slut, bitch, whore, cunt.

The Hawks laid about exhausted and then her eyes were led to the central bench where she saw Tami and Savannah on their knees facing each other horizontally.
Behind them were two black bulls both with their stiff pricks up each of the moaning blondes. The men appeared enormous compared to the small girls who reached to kiss each other as they were pounded.

Their shiny and slick cocks glided into the pair of ravishing beauties as the men dug their feet in the hard floor. The face of Tami blushed as she was pushed into, her petite frame overwhelmed by the giant of a man behind her. Savannah held the edge of the bench tightly until her knuckles were white.

Racquel got to her feet and ripped off her socks and sneakers. There was a wicked smile on her face as she yelled out.

"Was that the best you boys can do?"

Small forward and shaven head whipped around at her voice, both startled.

"I came here for a good fucking."


The men withdrew their glistening cocks and turned to the defiant brunette, her hair dishevelled, her body sticky with semen and champagne.

"You want fucking, that's just what you gonna get!" He roared.

More towel were thrown to the floor and Racquel was hoisted onto her knees and taken from behind by shaven head. The other incensed man grabbed her hair and in a second his rigid prick was in her mouth.

Tami pouted as she sat back down and crossed her legs. Savannah stretched out on the bench and rubbed her aching quim.

"Fuck Kelly, no fair!"

"Its Racquel Tami!" Said the brunette in between sucking.

As she was fucked with hurried strokes the insatiable woman pushed back at the hard cock that was fully in her pussy.

"You want this bitch, you got it."

Her pushes back spurred him on, just as she desired.

"Go on motherfucker, take it!" She goaded.

Even more inflamed the black man slapped her buttocks and gripped her by the hips and thrust in fast. Then he pulled out and the two men switched and the small forward came behind and slammed his thick cock straight up her. Shaved took hold of her mane and began to pump his pelvis, thrusting his rod into her mouth as he held her head down.

"Damn bitch, taste this!"

His load of cum shot down her throat as his hips bucked. He continued to spurt as Racquel pulled her head back and he plastered her face with the creamy spunk.

"That is a lot of cum." She uttered as it dribbled out of her mouth and down her chin.

She was spun around suddenly and tossed onto her back, her legs wide open and up in the air. Small forward caressed the long slim legs and then put them up onto his forearms.
He shoved inside her cunt and started wildly pumping her. It filled her completely and she loved it, she was his little white fuck toy.

The smooth prick drove her insane as he stoked his cock into her wet pussy. She was helpless, all she could do was keep her legs bent as he sank in deep. He increased his pace, but shortened his strokes, then he swelled inside her.

"Gonna...gonna cum!" She moaned.

Racquel Darrian closed her eyes shut and held on tight as his rhythmic thrusts brought the both of them to a climactic finale. She screamed out as a massive stream splashed up her. He pounded her furiously as he came and she shivered in bliss as the storm passed.

Racquel gasped for air, she felt light headed and calm at the same time. The man rolled off and Tami and Savannah came over and hugged the fatigued woman, her pussy swollen and very red, thick trails of semen ran out.

They all laughed together and then Racquel spoke.

"Alright fellers, time out."

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