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"THE URBAN MASSEUR" Starring Lucy Pinder
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Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction, any resemblance to any real people is coincidental and unintentional. This did not happen in real life. Fantasy is legal. Please do not copy without permission.

Codes: Cons, MMF, Interracial, Oral, Anal, Double Penetration, Slut, Facial, Rough sex


The sun set on a long boring day in the filthy streets of the fashion district area of Los Angeles. James just woke up after his long afternoon nap in his tank top and boxers. He had been working all day trying to fix the leaky pipes in his wife’s rented apartment. The house was a mess, the roof leaked during heavy downpours, termite infestation in the walls and the leaky gas pipes through the bedroom made it impossible for James to sleep. He spent his whole morning trying to fixing the damn thing while his wife was at work but to no avail.

 These were disappointing times for Jamie as he preferred to be called. After running away from home while still in school to try his luck in Hollywood, his entire life had been a saga of failures and disappointments. He met Dora fifteen years ago at the department store where they both worked and the romance soon blossomed into marriage. However, Jamie’s drinking problems blossomed alongside as he soon lost his job and since then had been hopping from one job to another for 10 years until he finally found a stable job at a popular local spa as a massage therapist. Jamie had done a course in massage therapy when he was still struggling to find work in Hollywood and soon after obtained his certificate of a licensed massage therapist, but only lately had he realized how good he really was at this. His customers were mostly satisfied and Jamie found the job better than a lot of physically demanding or mentally draining jobs he had tried his luck at earlier. He was finally somewhat settled in his life, but that was until he dropped at work, drunk one day and had a fist fight with one of the co- owners over a trivial matter and got fired again. His old drinking habits go worse as he was again struggling with his lost identity in the world. There were regular fights at home with Dora who was sick of Jamie’s shenanigans but they both held along somehow. As Jamie got out of his bed to walk into the creaking chair in the living room, he saw a table full of bills that were all due for payment. Money was hard to come by since he got fired two months ago and now Dora was the only one doing a full time job trying to support the both of them. James had recently enrolled into an online massage service app company but work was hard to come by and the payments were low as the company took hold of most of the profits. Slowly yet painstakingly somehow Jamie went through all the unpaid bills, one by one, trying to see what he could do to get them through another month of their drab life.

“Hey Dora! I feel like I am starving darling! What are you doing over there?” Jamie asked Dora holding his head in his hands stressed looking at all the long overdue bills as Dora stood before him in the small kitchen that was actually a part of their living room.

“I am curing cancer! I am cooking your fucking steak! What do you think I am doing?” Dora lashed back at him surprising Jamie with her rude response.

“What do I think you’re doing Dora? You really want to know? I think you are bleeding us dry, is what I think you’re doing. Look at this, look at this. $ 129 at Filene’s basement? What are you buying over there Dora? Gold bars?”

“I need clothes for work Jamie. All right?”

“What do you mean? You wear a smook, you’re a fucking cashier”

“Yeah at least I am not sitting at home fired from work, drinking all day!!” Dora mocked Jamie.

“I am working again all right so don’t you give me that again Dora! And I am not the one going out buying designer shit!” Jamie was now getting all worked up too.

“Oh no no no no! You’re not buying designer shit, you’re just buying weed! you’re just buying drugs ! You know what? You should fucking talk!” Dora was now literally howling at Jamie.

“I was talking, I was talking, just now until you interrupted me”

“Oh I have to interrupt or I never get to say anything!!” Dora threw her hands in the air and turned her back to Jamie.

“Are you gonna  let me finish talking? Are you gonna let me finish talking?”

“You’re the one always cutting me off. It’s important to look good at work. I am trying to climb the corporate fence here, Jamie!” Dora now turned to him and tried to explain

“Trying to climb the fucking corporate ladder? Nobody’s in there looking at your ugly fatass Dora” Jamie mocked her in frustration.

“You better top acting like an asshole Jamie!” Dora shouted.

“Oh what am I acting like Dora?”

“You’re acting like a fucking asshole”

“What am I acting like again?”

“Like an asshole! That’s what you’re acting like” Dora threw her hands in exasperation.

“Look all I’m saying is you don’t gotta dress like Elizabeth Taylor to put a yam in a plastic bag!” Jamie tried making sense.

“I am the face of the business! Okay? So get the fuck off my case” Dora turned away again.

“The face of the business? Jesus Christ! Listen to you you’re delusional” Jamie mocked Dora again.

“I should have married Robert dicicco. I really should’ve” Dora muttered in anger.

“Fine ! fine go torture that asshole”Jamie replied

“Oh he treated me good! And he had a huge, awesome huge dick” Jamie was shocked at his wife’s confession.

“Oh Newsflash! LA whore has seen Italian penis!! Bravo!” Jamie jumped up to declare in a loud voice clapping his hands simultaneously.

“What the fuck did you just call me, fucker? What did you fucking say? You wanna call me a whore?” Dora was now seething with anger, she picked up the cooking pan, the one in which she was cooking the steak and threw it straight at Jamie. He ducked quickly to save himself as the pan hit the wall with a loud noise.

“Jesus what the fuck! You wanna throw shit?” Jamie was shell shocked.

“Yeah I wanna throw shit”

“I’ll fucking throw shit oh wow there see! How do you like that?” Jamie pushed over the table and tossed it against the wall and his beer bottle crashed on the floor making a loud crackling sound.

“Oh I’m scared Jamie , I’m scared the fuck up of your fat lil ass” Dora made fun of her husband pretending to be scared.

“Oh shut the fuck up! Oh for Christ sake, I gotta work” Jamie got up and left the house, slamming the door hard on Dora and walked away to his car. Dora followed him, chasing him down to the door and shouted at him just as he sat in the car.

“Yeah go to work for 2 hours each week you asshole! Go to work and don’t come back to my house to sleep in all day! Go get drunk and sleep in your mama’s house you imbecile!!” Jamie put on some loud music to ignore his wife’s ranting and drove on, in his vehicle before his phone rang.

“Hey Lil B ! what’s up man” Jamie picked up the phone and replied

“Hey  Jamie! You coming over my man? I got some good shit over here dawg!”

“Hey no B, this not a good time man, I just got this appointment from the suburbs and I got to work”

“Hey it’s the weekend man, you working on the weekend man?”Lil B replied

“You know how rough the last few weeks been man, I got no appointments this whole week man and I got bills to pay. And Dora’s always busting my nuts as always”

“Hey then here’s what you gonna do, you drop to my home and we drive along to your appointment, you do your thing, I sit in the car, you make your money and then we leave together to chill tonight”

“Okay, I guess that might work” Jamie sighed.

“Alright dude! I am going get this weed along! We gonna have a wild night” Jamie disconnected the phone and drove off to pick his friend up. In a matter of fifteen minutes he reached there and found his friend waiting for him on the street.

“Hey dawg! What’s up my man ! Why you look so low man?” Lil B asked Jamie as he sat up in the car.

“Hey B, I don’t know man, I’ve had a long day mending the house all day man, it sucks!” Jamie replied sadly.

“Come on man, not again, why don’t you move out from that stinky dinky man”

“Move out where B, come to the projects with you my man?? I’d need to spray paint my white ass first!”

“Naw man, no kidding , get a better apartment man, or hell just buy a nice trailer man!”

“I can’t live in a trailer man! Dora won’t!”

“You already live in one dawg, it just don’t have no wheels is all”

“Quit fooling around B, Dora’s already busted my nuts today”

“Aye I don’t know what it is with you white folks fighting with your wives all day man”

“No!?  What would you have me do while she’s kicking my ass all day”

“Just go out with a brother man, hang out maybe fuck another chick’s brains out, let go of some frustrations man!” Lil B teased Jamie.

“You know that’s called cheating!” Jamie responded.

“Uh huh! And cheatings saved more ghetto relationships than white people’s couple counseling and shit, you bet about that”. Lil B spoke with utter seriousness pointing his fingers at Jamie just as he erupted in laughter.

“Quit playing b” Jamie shrug off his friend still smiling at his weird sense of humor.

“So where we going today? You got some rich sick granddad to massage in the suburbs or what?”

“More like some rich sick grand mom, the name says Lucy Snider” Jamie said.

“Aww hell naw! Good luck with pleasing Aunt Lucy my dawg! I hope you packing some wet cucumbers in with your lotions man! Don’t want to leave Aunt Lucy unsatisfied or she won’t leave you no tip my man!” Lil B giggled frantically.

“So you’re just gonna sit and wait in the car or what?”

“Yeah man! I’m in no mood to share Aunt Lucy with you tonight, Ima sit here in the car, maybe smoke some, till you back”

“Oh man, I wish I didn’t have to work tonight man, I hate this job”

“Okay man, I think we’re there, just wait , I’ll be back in thirty” Jamie stepped out of the car and walked towards the house. He noticed the beautiful garden area and the small pool besides the home in this posh neighborhood, just as he walked towards the door to ring the doorbell.

Jamie heard heels clacking on the floor before he heard the door open. Jamie's eyes became enlarged and his jaw dropped on the floor as he looked over at the woman who opened the door. He couldn’t believe his eyes for a moment as he surveyed her from heads to toe, blown away by the beauty that stood ahead of him. The woman was dressed as a glamorous sex doll wearing a seductive white dress with a very low cut that went down almost to her navel, exposing her firm huge luscious breasts almost completely. Jamie couldn’t take his eyes off her magnificent bosom noticing the imprints of her nipples clearly through her thin white dress indicating the absence of a bra underneath. As she opened the door and stepped back, her huge boobs jiggled within the skimpy dress barely kept them from popping out. The dress was short and her lovely shapely thighs and legs by themselves were a sight to behold to Jamie’s wandering eyes. Her face had heavy makeup, she wore dark winged eyeliner around her beautiful eyes and pink lipstick over her juicy plump lips. Her hair was beautifully curled up in a lovely hair bun and she had big gold hoop ear rings. Her long gold necklace touched her exposed cleavage and she sported a lovely golden bracelet on her right wrist.

“Can I help you Mister? “ She snapped her fingers to wake Jamie up from the hypnotism of her supple breasts. He slowly raised his head up from her cleavage to look at her face, slightly embarrassed at him being caught staring at her boobs and replied

“Hello Miss! I am Jamie your massage therapist from the Urban Masseuse app. Is your mom at home, I think I have an appointment for Lucy Snider”

“It’s not Lucy Snider, its Pinder, and it’s me who booked an appointment, not my mom!” she replied in a very strong British accent.

“Oh I am so sorry Miss Lucy Snider, I mean Pinder, I mean I normally get appointments from elderly people from the suburbs so I thought, okay forget it, can I come in now? I mean if your mom is not sleeping or something?” Jamie replied with slight nervousness

“I don’t have my mom here, I live here by myself!” She was slightly irritated by his stupid mumbling.

“Oh I am so sorry, I just had a long day and I am just confusing stuff up, so can I come in?”

“Yeah come in, but I don’t think I asked for you?” Lucy replied with a confused look on her face.

“What do you mean, you asked for a massage therapist, look here I got a message Miss Snider, Oh I am sorry Miss Sniper”

“Its Pinder , okay ?! and I don’t think I asked for a male therapist , I specified  a female masseuse” Now she was a little furious with Jamie for repeatedly getting her name wrong.

“Okay okay, I am sorry Miss Pinder! can we just sit before we talk?”

“Okay come inside and have a seat” She rolled her eyes at him before she invited him in.

“Look miss Lucy, you may have asked for a female masseuse but it’s the weekend, there’s nobody else available so I got a message from the app telling me about you and so I came here from quite far way only so that I can help you” Jamie tried to gently explain the situation to her.

“Yeah, I appreciate that a lot Jamie, but I already had a masseuse, unfortunately she’s out of town and I have an important meeting tomorrow and I was stressed out so I thought I should use the app, but I had no idea they would send me a male massage therapist down here”. Lucy was calm now but barely interested in Jamie’s offer.

“That’s what I am saying, if you have an important schedule tomorrow and you are stressed out, you should definitely avail my services, besides, believe me, I am the best in the business, I used to work in the most top notch Luxury Spa of Hollywood, and I had huge celebrities as my regular customers. I am sure if you get a massage by me once, you won’t ever call your regular masseuse again”

“I understand that Jamie, it’s just that…” She tried to talk him away before he interrupted her.

“Okay here’s the deal, because you are not my regular client, I’ll give you a fifty percent discount on my service, just because I want you to know how good I really am! Does that sound nice?” Lucy looked at him and wondered a little, still not sold.

“I don’t know Jamie, I have never got a massage from a male massage therapist before”

“Look Miss Lucy, it’s no big deal, I am a professional. And how about I give you a little demo up front first, no charges, only if you are impressed , we go ahead! Is that fine?”

“Okay that sounds alright” She agreed although reluctantly so.

“Okay so let’s start up, can you show me your bedroom so I can unpack my oils and essences to get started?” Lucy was shook and instantly intervened.

“Bedroom? No I thought you said you would give me a demo first, can’t we do it here?” She asked him

“Here? On your couch? You want a massage on your couch? I don’t know, if you don’t mind it being soaked up in oils and stuff?”

“No just give me small neck massage first, then we’ll see” She replied.

“Alright , that’s fair, let me drape up and unpack my stuff. Do you mind sitting here besides me?” Jamie squirted some massage oil in the palm of his right hand and slowly applied it to both his palms as Lucy came to sit right besides him on the couch and then turned to the other side facing away from him. She pulled her hair to the side as she lowered her head giving Jamie access to her slender neck. Her dress was backless and Jamie gently pushed his hands over her firm body as he touched the warm skin over her back. Lucy let out a small moan in response to his delicate touch and could feel him breathing over her skin. Starting from the bottom of the skull, he gradually massage down to the shoulders. Jamie applied some more warm scented oil to his hands and started rubbing her shoulders. His touch was light at first, but it got stronger as he slipped his hands inside of Lucy’s backless dress. “You’re very tense,” said Jamie. “Yes, I know,” answered Lucy. “Well, just relax and I will take care of those knots”. He massaged her shoulders for several minutes.

Lucy found herself becoming aroused by the feel of masculine hands on her body. “Stop it,” she told herself. It’s just a massage.

“Is it warm enough ?” asked Josh. “Oh yes,” answered Lucy. “A little too warm,” she thought to herself as she felt her face flush.

“Ummm that feels nice…”She moaned feeling much relaxed.

“What did I tell you? I haven’t even started yet! You do feel very tense though, it will be even better if you relax a little”

“Yeah I know , I have been quite stressed out for tomorrow”

“Yeah, it shows, I can feel a lot of knots up in your neck muscles. What are you so tensed about Lucy? I mean I hope you don’t mind me calling you by your name, its better and more relaxing if we are friendly”

“No that’s okay Jamie, actually I have an audition for a big production house tomorrow and I have rehearsed a hundred times for it but still can’t quite get my lines right!”

“Wow that sounds amazing. Maybe I can help you with that too”

“How would you ever help me with that?” She asked in her pronounced English accent.

“I used to work as an actor back in the day, took some acting classes, did a few stints before I had to quit to take care of my family”

“You’ve been to acting classes?” She was impressed.

“Yeah why do you think I came to Los Angeles. I came here to become an actor, I idolized Harrison Ford!”

“Okay Jamie, then can you help me rehearse my lines for tomorrow?” Lucy asked as she quickly handed a napkin over to Jamie to wipe his hands before handing over the bunch of papers kept on the couch to him, which were the script for the scene Lucy had to reenact the next day.

“Oh a scene between John F Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe?!  Now I understand why you are dressed in white like the icon! Okay I’ll keep the script with me while you rehearse your lines. Lucy took a deep breath as she readied herself waiting for his signal. ”Ready? Set? Action!” he said and Lucy was good to go!

“John why are you ignoring me like this?” Lucy said pragmatically.

“I don’t know what you talking about Marilyn?” Jamie replied

“I’ve…I’ve been,,, I’ve been trying to… Oh God I forgot the dialogues again!” She threw her hands in despair before she held her head in her hands looking depressed.

“Hey Lucy Lucy, relax, it’s okay!! even the best of actors forget their lines sometimes, you’re just nervous, you need to relax!”

“But I can’t, I just can’t. I don’t know why but I am totally stressed out” She replied holding her head in her hands as she just couldn’t help but be frustrated with herself. She had tried her luck in Hollywood for quite sometime but nothing big had really come her way. This audition was her one big make or break opportunity and she was stressed out.

“Oh wait , I have just the remedy for that, you mind if I call my friend? he’s in the car waiting for me”

“What for?”

“To rid you of this stress, trust me I know what I am doing, and he would also be able to help us rehearse maybe watch and give us some tips”

“Alright whatever! Go ahead!” At this point Lucy was just about ready to try anything to make her big day better tomorrow. ” Jamie pulled his phone from his pocket and called up his friend sitting in the car.

“Hey Lil B! come inside the house man, I need your help and bring that good stuff you brought along with you!”

“What the heck man, you wanna share my weed with Aunt Lucy? Hell naw, I ain’t coming dawg!”

“Just do what I am telling you too okay! Or you will regret yourself forever okay dawg!”Jamie raised his tone.

“Hey hey cool down man! I’m coming I’m coming okay, what’s the matter with this asshole?”Lil B was confused.

Lil B knocked on the door and Jamie told him to come in and Jamie introduced Lucy to his friend.

“Hey Lucy, this is my friend Lil B and he has something to help you out”

“Hello Lil B! I am Lucy, come have a seat” Lucy got up to shake hands with him as she gave him a friendly smile.

“Wait what the hell ! Did I smoke too much or whaaat? This? This is aunt lucy?” Lil B froze upon seeing her and replied in total shock.

“She’s Lucy my friend, and she needs your help” Jamie tried to explain.

“Hell no my friend, she ain’t Lucy, she’s Lucy Fucking Pinder my man! She’s that famous British model I showed you in those magazines” Lil B was completely freaked out now.

“Which magazines I don’t remember” Jamie was confused with his friend’s weird behavior towards Lucy.

“Those big… those biiig” Lil B said cupping his hands on his chest trying to signal to Jamie about those world famous boobs he had shown him a month back.

“Those biiig biig ahemm…. Magazines I showed you man” Lucy sensed the awkwardness in the air and decided to speak up.

“Yeah, he’s right you know, I did do a lot of glamour modeling back in Britain” She explained.

“Oh so I am right! Damn ! Where are my manners Miss Lucy Pinder, it is an absolute pleasure to meet you, I am Terrel and you can call me Lil B and oh did I tell you, I am like your biggest fan ever?” Lil B went on his knees to address her with a big smile

“Thanks Terrel, I mean Lil B , that’s very sweet of you” Lucy said with a graceful smile on her face.

“So B, Lucy here has to audition tomorrow for a big role and she’s stressed out so can you roll her a joint with the good stuff you have?” Jamie asked his friend

“Wait weed? Do you think that will help me! I am not too sure guys” Lucy was little paranoid now.

“Trust me with this Lucy, I know what I’m doing, I’ve helped many Hollywood actors before, just take a puff and then decide” Jamie tried to calm her. At this point however Lucy was willing to give anything a shot as long as it helped her with her big day.

“Alright ill just give it a try I guess. But only a small puff guys! Okay?”

“Yeah sure” Jamie replied as Lil B took the stuff out of the paper bag and started rolling a joint with the skill of an experienced stoner. He licked the paper as he sealed its contents and set it alight. He passed the lit joint to Lucy now.

Lucy took a small puff and had barely held it in for a couple of seconds before violently coughing up. She handed the joint back to B before she coughed a little more.

“Wow! That was quite something! But why don’t I feel anything yet?” she asked

“That’s because you just took a small hit and it takes time” Jamie replied who now took the joint from Lil B taking in a puff himself.

Fast forward a couple minutes and Lucy started feeling a little fuzzy. She hadn’t expected it but enjoyed the experience. The reaction was stronger than she could imagine and it intensified in waves. She felt a strange calm as she felt connected with another realm for a few minutes. Her head began feeling a bit light just as she looked around and saw Lil B who was smoking and smiling at her. His stupid smile made her erupt in laughter and Lil B Laughed back at her. Jamie looked at them and started laughing too. All three of them were laughing at each other for no reason and it didn’t even feel weird. Lucy laughed continuously for fifteen minutes at a stretch, before the effect started to wear down.

“Wow that was a funny experience for sure, I’m not sure I’ve laughed this hard for a long time, my jaws hurt!”

“And how do you feel now? I hope you are not dizzy”

“No strangely, I feel quite calm yet energetic, seems like all the stress got lifted off me”

“Really? How about we start our practise session now. Lil B can judge our performance”

“Yeah , I’ll just have a glass of water and we’ll start” Lucy walked a little weird initially to fetch herself water but reassumed her poise by the time she was back. “Wow that water did taste like champagne, looks like I am still a little high!” she laughed. Jamie and Lucy now stood in front of the couch as he held her hand in his, holding the script with the other. Lil B sat in front of them “Ready ? Action!” he said and they were ready to go.

“John why are you ignoring me like this?” Lucy asked with a deeply worried look on her face.

“I don’t know what you talking about Marilyn” Jamie shrugged her off and turned away.

“I have been trying to contact you since two days but you never answer back. I even told Bobby I had to talk to you”

“Look Marilyn I was busy with work and I haven’t talked to bobby since two days” Jamie replied disconcerned.

“But I wanted to see you so bad, I tried to come to your office through the underground doors but they were all locked up, I was so worried , I thought you didn’t want to see me” She said even more worried now.

“That wasn’t me darling, the FBI locked up all the secret doors to the white house because they had intelligence on some Russian spy attack” Jamie tried to explain.

“Are you sure it’s not because of Jackie? The press is really troubling me much since I sang for you on your birthday! When are you going to tell the world about us?” Lucy held Jamie’s hands again now before he spoke up.

“No its not because of Jacqueline, I told you it was because the FBI decided, it was too risky and you know,  I will soon tell the world about us, believe me. I want to marry you too but you know how complicated it is with the republicans already trying to badmouth me in any way they can. Just give me some time and ill figure things out okay?” Jamie spoke up with the attitude of an American president.

“Look into my eyes John, are you sure you still love me? Why do I feel so lonely these days! Why do I feel, like I am about to lose you?” She took Jamie’s face in her soft hands and looked at him with a deep pain in her eyes.

“Oh Marilyn don’t you ever say that again, you know how much I love you and I want to marry you too. Just give me some time”

“Are you sure about that Johnny? I hope you don’t end up hurting me, my love, you know it would destroy me!!” Lucy fell on her knees in exasperation.

“Do I look unsure my love?”

“You tell me?” She looked at him with mushy eyes as she begged him for an answer.

Jamie looked at the script in his hand at it said “yes of course I am sure” and the scene ends. The actor within him however was not convinced with the ending and he decided to improvise. He lifted her up from her knees and wrapped his arms around Lucy’s waist and pulled her into himself with a jerk and her luscious lips pressed against his as he kissed her passionately. Jamie moaned into her mouth, feeling her huge tits pressed up against his chest as he gentle caressed the curves on her body with his hands. Lucy could be heard moaning past Jamie’s lips while her tongue was still dancing along his. Upon breaking the kiss, she stepped back from him and took a deep breath before blushing with embarrassment.

“Bravo! Bravo! Belissima ! That was absolutely amazing you guys! Encore!” Lil B broke the awkward silence with his applause.

“Was it really?” Lucy asked him nervously.

“Oh my, my, Lucy!! You were flawless!! Absolutely awesome with my friend out there, if I were auditioning you, I would sign you for four movies straight up!”

“Thanks Lil B” She sighed finally content with herself.

“So now, that you feel so good and your confidence is sky high, should we get you physically relaxed for tomorrow by continuing with the massage?” Jamie asked her.

“Yeah I guess! I do feel so much better now about tomorrow finally! All thanks to you Jamie!” She answered gleefully.

“Oh please don’t thank me Lucy, it’s my job to help you in any way I can, besides we are friends now, Now if you don’t mind can I get table to place my stuff before we get started”

“Here in the living room? How about we take it inside in my bedroom, there’s enough space near the bed on the nightstand” Jamie was surprised but happy to hear that.

“Alright that sound nice” He picked his bag up as all three of them marched along to her bedroom with Lucy showing them the way. As they entered Jamie noticed a huge bed in the center of the room with walls decorated with Lucy’s pictures and Lil B quickly found himself a place to sit right in front of the bed as he immersed himself in the craft of rolling a perfect joint again.

“So Lucy I’ll place new sheets and covers on your bed and arrange my stuff here, now, in the meanwhile can you take your dress off and come back in the room while I get prepared” He asked her.

“Oh yeah, I must take this dress off, I wouldn’t want it to be soiled, since this is what I am going to be wearing for my audition tomorrow. She instantly turned and tip-toed away from the men.

Lucy stepped back and threw her brunette hair behind her back and went to tugging at her dress. She opened the knot on the back of the dress behind her neck and slid it downwards as she stripped herself facing away from the men. Both men were shocked as they had assumed she would take her clothes off in another room but she just turned away and started undoing her dress right in front of their ogling eyes.

“You know I just kept it on, so that I get used to wearing this during the scene”

 She turned partly towards the men to speak and saw their shocked faces as her huge ample breasts popped right out, revealing her torso in complete nudity. Her breasts free from the clothed cage, flopped downward before she pushed her hands over them to cover up her hardening nipples. Both of the men let their eyes go down to what rightfully could be called, the greatest breasts in the world. Like any other man before him, Jamie’s eyes enlarged and he watched them as they were now gloriously exposed, Lucy’s hands barely covered half of them. Lucy pushed her dress down further until she was standing in nothing but a black thong tucked between her ass crack.

"Oh my God!!  Look at your boobs! They are the best in the world, I knew it when I saw them in the magazines. Could have never dreamt of seeing them in real life!” Lil B jumped in excitement.

“Thanks Lil B, that’s very sweet of you” she muttered giggling to herself.

“Well if you don’t mind Lucy, I will need you to take ahemm ..the thong off as well unless you want it soaked in oil. And you can leave the heels on if you want” Jamie said nervously.

She nodded at him as she began to move her hands down to the thong, sliding them down before she stopped and raised her right leg to pull her thong off. Not a single piece of clothing covered her body now, as the only thing Lucy was wearing was a pair of high heels as she covered her breasts with one hand while hiding her crotch with the other. Jamie's eyes trailed up her long legs, back to her breasts and then to her beautiful face.

Jamie stepped back and asked her to position herself down on her belly on the bed. She lay down and her breasts pressed firmly against the bed. Her breasts were popping from the side of her body on both sides due to the way she positioned herself. Her naked body was so beautiful and her skin was so clear that it looked like waxed mirror. Her perfect looking ass was sticking up in a perfect round shape. She always had a nice round ass but for some reason it looked even more round today. Jamie took a towel sheet and covered her ass with it before Lucy could finally pull her hands from under her crotch to lay comfortably.

He started from her feet and worked her way up her legs using a blend of vanilla, jasmine and caramel scented argan oil. Every single inch of her naked body was to be worked upon but her lower legs were the focus right now, and she could already feel her body becoming more relaxed and slightly limp.

Jamie took the sheet and pulled it down until it was just covering her buttocks and concentrated on her lower back. As he rubbed her lower back in a circular motion, he occasionally touched the top of her butt cheeks. Lucy felt her pussy beginning to get wet.

“Oh God,” she thought. “Why am I getting so turned on by this man. He isn’t even good looking by the standards of all the men I reject on a daily basis? What is wrong with me?” She wondered.

“Um, could you do my legs again?” she asked. “They’ve been bothering me all day.” They weren’t bothering her, she just wanted to get him away from her ass. “Sure,” said Jamie.

He moved down and started rubbing the back of her legs. Mmmmmmmmm,”sighed Lucy. That was more like it. She felt her whole body relaxing.

Jamie massaged her legs, moving higher and higher. As he moved up her legs, he moved his hands down and started rubbing the insides of her thighs. Lucy sighed contently. This was wonderful. Maybe she should get a massage like this every day.

Then she felt the sheet being removed from her ass. She was now completely naked. Wait, was he supposed to do that? But before she could ask any questions, Jamie took it upon himself to move his hands over her thick ass cheeks and gently squeeze it “Oh God that feels good,” thought Lucy.“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm,” she said aloud as Jamie started kneading her ass cheeks. A muffled moan could be heard as Lucy felt herself lost in pleasure before the sound was interrupted by an audible spank.

SPAAAAAAANNNNNKKKKK!!!  He spanked her again, much harder this time trying to gauze her reaction but she did not resist and let out a soft moan instead in response. She had all but surrendered meekly to the touch of the strong man. She was slowly losing herself to his touch.

She snapped out of it when Jamie leaned forward with his chest to massage her back. It looked as if his move was not well calculated so his dick plunged forward toward Lucy’s pussy. Lucy raised her ass slightly as to confirm that his dick was piercing her hard. May be she was trying to make it easy for it to rest in a warmer more loving place. Lucy’s legs were totally closed and Jamie’s dick could not go anywhere and it seemed like the pressure disturbed him so he reached with his right hand and pulled out his hard cock and positioned it on Lucy’s back. Just when Jamie reached with his hand to free his cock from the tightness of Lucy’s thighs, she raised her body up as to make for an easier introduction to her pussy, but Jamie did not take advantage of that.

Jamie continued to give Lucy a firm and deep massage all over her back with his large chest and hands. Afterwards he started to develop a different interest in the area under her arms where her breasts were definitely pressed against the bed. He placed more oil on his hands and then reached around her upper back and started massaging her breast from the side. His dick was still very hard resting on Lucy’s back and ass cheeks. But then he could not help but to start a back and forth thrusting motion while he was decisively massaging the side of Lucy’s breasts, lying on top of her grinding his naked body against hers. His dick slowly went down her ass check as he was starting to angle it in a descending direction. His dick would go between Lucy’s ass and with a saw motion came up. It seemed as if his dick was getting stuck in the middle of the motion then he would have to push it harder to continue the up slide. The oil made his cock slide up and down with simplicity and the sight of a big cock between the two beautiful ass cheeks was unbelievable for Lil B who was quietly watching the show, smoking a joint alongside.

Jamie was making himself very horny and Lucy had her eyes closed with a precise smile on her face and all she could do was to moan during all of that action. He increased his rhythm of sliding his cock up and down and he pressed even harder on Lucy’s breast and her nipples popped out from the side. Jamie took his huge fingers and softly grabbed Lucy’s nipple between his thumb and index finger and started very gently to manipulate them in rolling motion. She was moaning harder and just when she thought Jamie might go for it, he stopped and got up with his legs still on each side of Lucy’s body.

“Oh God,” moaned Lucy. She should stop this. Really she should. But ………

Jamie slowly rubbed his thumbs across her pussy lips feeling the moisture that had already formed there. Unconsciously, Lucy spread her legs further apart, allowing him better access to her pussy.

Jamie moved his right hand down and slowly inserted one then two fingers into her wet pussy, sawing them in and out. “Oh Jesus,” groaned Lucy. She lifted her hips off of the bed and pushed back at his fingers.

Jamie now leaned down and kissed the side of her neck while lying on top of her, sending shivers all over her naked body. “Do you want me to stop?” he asked. “Noooooooooooo,” said Lucy. "Do you want more? 'Cause I want to give it to you..." She really did but could barely nod her head as she lifted her hips toward him. “Good,” replied Jamie. “Turn over.” Lucy rolled over on the bed. Jamie groaned at the sight of her laying there naked. “God, I love this job,” he said, grinning wickedly.

“Hey Lil B, you wanna lend me a helping hand? Do you mind if my friend there helps me out babe?” He asked

“No I don’t as long as he’s as good as you are, the more the merrier, besides he did share his good stuff with me, so I guess he deserves a little kiss from me, at least!” Lucy looked at Lil B and gave him a naughty smile”

“A kiss from Lucy Pinder? Hell yeah I’m coming in homie!” Lil B jumped up to rush in.

“Yeah come over and pass me the joint, I wanna smoke now!” Jamie told Lil B.

 Lil B quickly handed Jamie the cigarette and turned back to Lucy and smiled before leaning his head in. Lucy realized the hint and pushed her lips to meet his. His black lips smashed against her delicate rosy lips and they kissed passionately, her tongue danced along his while he put his hands over her shoulders. They moved their heads, still kissing as she pushed her hands over his shirt and pulled at it. He ran his hands down her shoulders and could not resist the urge to smash his hands over those amazing breasts. Lucy broke the kiss and leaned her neck back, closing her eyes. The feeling of his hands over her big tits was amazing. Lil B leaned in and began to kiss up her neck, a sensitive place that always turned her on. As his kisses trailed down her neck, Lucy moaned in a soothing voice.

"Ohhhhhhh, I like that B!"

She ran her fingers up, cupping the back of his neck as he moved from the right, to the left side of her neck and kissed up it again. Lucy just lay there, enjoying every second of his lips touching her smooth skin.

"Touch them, lick them...These boobs are yours tonight!"

Lil B's hands quickly pushed over her breasts while his eyes looked over at them. He gave her eye contact before he moved his mouth to her right tit and brought her nipple into his mouth. He playfully licked at her hard nipple, she gasped her breath.

"Mmmmmm, get them all wet with your tongue now!"

After licking on her right nipple, he moved to her left and began to slobber over her other nipple to coat it equally in his saliva. Lucy moaned while gently running her fingers through his scalp. His cock was growing hard under her, begging for her attention. She ignored it, only to place her hands on her large breasts and smother his face between them once again. Luke moaned, slobbering all over her breasts and leaving them dripping in his spit.


Lil B could not resist himself any longer. He unbuckled his belt and pants and then he pulled his pants down. He was still only few inches from Lucy when his big black dick just flopped out of his pants inches away from Lucy. It was a shiny black monster of a dick as it fell off his pants taking her completely by surprise. Her eyes grew big staring at it as she spoke up

“Wow ! That’s even bigger than I could have imagined! And look at the girth! I must say I love black cocks!” Lucy said looking at his humongous dick.

“That’s why I am known as Lil B babe, the B stands for Beast. I maybe short but my dick makes up for it!” Lil B boasted proudly.

“It sure does, my little beast!” She slipped his dark meat back between her lips right as she spoke. Lucy's big brown eyes gazed up into his face as she began to bob her lips up and down . Taking his pole deeper down her throat, she began to push her lips as far as they could reach, touching her fingers that remained wrapped around his cock. Lucy pushed herself all the way down as she closed her eyes. She slightly gagged before she came back up, releasing his dick with a pop sound. Taking in a deep breath, she spit on his cock, coating it in her shiny saliva. Her eyes glanced back into his as she used her tongue and licked the underside of his shaft. Lil B was so overwhelmed, all he could do was gaze down at the British goddess sucking him off.

"Ohhhhhh, fuck! Goddamn!!" Ohhhhhh, goddamn! Suck it, Lucy!!"

Lucy wasn't concerned with his words. She knew that men couldn't resist her once she was pushed into the heat of the moment. Still bobbing her lips up and down his shaft, she took every inch until the head was hitting the back of her throat. Nothing mattered for how long his shaft was, she proved that she had deepthroat talents and could take it all in. Her lips worked that big black cock back and forth, forcing Lil B to continue groaning in pleasure.

"Can I spit in your mouth just once? Please!” Lil B pulled away before asking her.

Lucy didn’t respond Lil B’s request. Instead she pulled herself a little from under Jamie’s legs and positioned her head on the edge of the bed balancing herself as she leaned her neck back and opened her mouth wide hanging upside down from the bed.

AAAK THOOOOO!!! Lil B leaned down her mouth and spit a wad of saliva down her throat which Lucy gulped gleefully before she opened her mouth wide again in anticipation. He ran his hands through her hair as he snatched her up by the hair and before spitting in her mouth again.

AAAAAAKKKTHUUUUUU!!. He spit another even bigger wad of spit down her mouth as he maintained his grip on his hair before he reinserted his big black cock in her mouth again. She hung her head upside down as she gripped his thighs with both her hands just as he began throat fucking her again. The sounds of slobbering and sucking became louder with each passing second. Both of them moaned, their voices mixing in to create a chorus as she began to choke herself down on it to create various sucking noises.


Saliva dripped from her mouth, dangling down her face. Lil B could be heard moaning before Lucy came to a halt and pushed on his thighs to release his thick shaft from her lips, gasping for air. She took a few deep breaths, moaning loudly before hanging her head back again and pulling on Lil B’s thighs to get back to his long dick, pushing it back between her lips as she began to force it down her throat yet again. Once more, her mouth made inaudible gagging and slobbering sounds.


She pushed Lil B and pulled herself back again gasping for air. The string of spit broke from Lucy’s chin , falling down to her breasts below .

“I can’t believe I just face fucked Lucy Fucking Pinder, I mean I couldn’t have imagined doing this in my wildest dreams!!” Lil B confessed.

“Tonight’s your lucky night I guess!” Lucy replied with a naughty smile on her face as she looked down on Jamie now who had finished smoking his weed now. He stroked his dick a few times to get it back to being rock solid as he pulled Lucy by her thighs back under himself and locked her between his legs again. Jamie was standing with his hard dick pointing down toward her pussy. He was looking at her beautiful large breast with Lil B’s saliva glistening on her nipples. She was looking back at him with a smile on her face. He then started looking at her pussy and perfect thighs. Lucy’s pussy had as much hair as a 5 clock shadow. She had shaved her pussy 4 or 5 days ago. Steve’s dick had so much precum that he started to drip.

He sat down again on his knees but this time since his dick was so hard, he held it with his right hand so it does not thrust in any wrong area. He sat on his knees with his ass on Lucy’s front thighs and he rested his balls right on top of the tip of Lucy’s pussy and his dick along the middle of her pussy. He leaned and grabbed more oil and poured it all over her breasts, belly and pussy. He then took his huge hands again and started to massage her breasts’ and nipples. Her nipples were shiny and rosy like two beautifully puffed-up sweet cherries from all the attention they were receiving from both the men. She was arching her back with pleasure and anticipation while Jamie’s breathing was getting heavier as if he is going to have a stroke. He could not fit her beautiful heavenly huge breasts in his large hands so he would clutch them from the bottom and move his hands in upward and circular motions and end up with the nipple only between his fingers. He leaned forward so his balls went backwards and now the shaft of his cock was resting on the opening of Lucy’s pussy. He restarted his thrusting motion and his cock was leaving trails of precum with his back and forth motion. He had started with slow motion and then increased the speed and could not help but to adjust his knees and push them backward.

Jamie persisted to massage Lucy’s breast and forgot all about the rest of her body. He was desperate to touch her pussy so he pushed himself backward and drove the oil with his hands toward her pussy. He placed his right large hand over her pussy and pressed gently. His hand covered all of Lucy’s shaved pussy. She bit her lower lip and moaned while she arched her back even more. He started to feel the pussy from the outside and his heavy breathing would not slow down. He then took his right thumb and placed it on her pussy gap and just massaged it up and down from her opening to her clitoris. His finger was slightly inside her vaginal lips and the pink color of her inside blended  with the color of his large thumb. She raised her legs and Jamie planted his mouth down to her clit and began to dance his tongue around the pink opening folds. Lucy ran her hands down to her giant breasts, squeezing them as she moaned loudly at feeling his mouth.

"Ohhhhh, God yes."

“You love that don’t you babe?”

While slithering his tongue inside of her, he made a deep thrust and then heard Lucy gasp.


It didn't take long for her to raise her voice. Lucy squeezed Jamie’s palms over her nipples, as he played with her large tits and jerked Lil B’s cock off with her right hand as she felt Jamie’s tongue begin to thrust forward and back from her sweet clit. Just like she was worked to devour Lil B’s thick pole, his friend was now venturing his tongue deep into her pussy to return the favor.

“God damn that pussy good!!”


She didn't know what to say, only that she was screaming in pleasure already. She squirmed around in the bed for a moment while he continued to slither his tongue back and forth into her juicy pussy.  Lucy squeezed her breasts harder while crying out to him.


Jamie could force her into an early orgasm, but that wasn't what he had planned. He was determined to fuck her hard and make her cum with his cock inside of her. He wanted her just on the edge before he was to fuck her. Raising his head back up, he looked into her eyes with a grin as he began to climb up from his knees. Lucy was already in a perfect position for a good fucking. More than anything, he wanted to watch her large boobs bounce while he fucked her.

"Come on bitch, get in the middle of the bed, babe."

She looked down to see him holding his cock with his right hand. Lucy knew exactly what Jamie wanted to do. She moved to the middle of the bed, pushing her hands down as he moved between both of her legs in the proper position. Jamie grinned.

"Yeah, just like that! I want to see them big titties bouncing up and down bitch!"

He raised his left hand and playfully slapped her right breast, just to watch it shake back and forth against the other one. Lucy moaned at the touch of his hand. Her eyes glanced down at her clit as she watched him rubbing the head against the pink lips of her entrance. As she moaned, Jamie gently pushed his shaft into her. He planted his right hand down to grip her hip as he made the first thrust forward and moaned feeling inside of her. Lucy looked into his eyes and gritted her teeth, giving him one of her classic 'fuck me face' looks as she was famous for in her glamour photo sessions.

“Oh yeah! I will fuck this pussy like no rich dude ever did before!”

He looked into her big brown eyes while he began to thrust into her back and forth. Lucy moaned, keeping her hands planted down. Her large tits were bouncing back and forth as Jamie was fucking her.

"Oh my god, you're so fucking tight! You like that, babe?"

"Mmmmm, yeah! Come on, fuck me! FUCK ME!!"

 Lucy looked into his eyes as her hair moved a bit. Jamie continued to buck his hips, thrusting into her. He couldn't focus his eyes on hers, as he looked down and watched her amazing breasts move back and forth. Lucy had one of the greatest pairs of boobs he had ever seen in person, it was a pure joy to watch them bounce back and forth as he fucked this beautiful woman. As Lucy's English accent moaned, Jamie spoke back up.

"God, you are one sexy fucking bitch!!"

“That’s it man I wanna fuck her tits now” Lucy looked up to see Lil B nodding down at her and then snapping his fingers to get her attention.

"Hands, get your hands on your boobies and get them ready."

His voice spoke in full command. Lucy didn't hesitate to obey him, placing both of her hands on her breasts and pushing them apart. Lil B climbed on the right end of the bed and sunk his knee down into the mattress, like a mirror reflection of his friend across from him. He moved forward so his cock could slide between her epic breasts in a reverse position. Lucy looked up to see his bare black ass and his balls hanging downward while she could feel his rod sliding between her tits. Once it was there, she closed them together. Jaime had become distracted with the seconds of waiting. Looking at her big toe in front of his face, he opened his mouth and licked it. He began to suck on her big toe as if it was a sucker, Lil B had to get his friend's attention.

"She's ready man, what’s up with you homie?  Let's fuck this bitch again!"

"Yeah, OH! Fuck me!!"

Lucy cried out to them just as she felt the pressure of Jamie’s long cock sliding into her pussy.  He was no longer distracted by her sexy foot, plopping it out of his mouth so he could focus on fucking her pussy instead. Lil B began to buck his hips at the same time, watching his cock slide between her tits in the backwards position. Lucy moaned at the feeling of both of them, calling out to them in her thick slutty British accent.

"Yeah, that's it! Fuck me!"

"God, this snow bunny’s tits are like the best tits ever!"

"Mmmmm, fuck 'em  Lil B! Fuck me like-"

"What a body on this whore, she is fucking stacked!"

"Yeah! Fuck me like a whore! One of your whores!"

Lucy just couldn't help herself, she was loving these big men and playing as their whore. Right now a battle was being waged over her climax, trying her best to hold it off from Jamie’s powerful pumps into her pussy. In unison, Lil B thrust his cock over and over between her lovely breasts.


After yelling at him, she cried out and ran her tongue to her upper lip. Lucy's eyes glanced down, watching his cock disappear with each thrust that went into her pussy. When she glanced back into his eyes, he raised his left hand and snatched her hair up hard from behind.

“Aaaaah aaaaah!!! I think I’m gonna cum inside this bitch. Move over B I got to kiss this bitch for good this time!!”

Lil B moved over from Lucy’s tits. Lucy felt Jamie smash his lips to hers, kissing her as he continued to buck his hips and thrust his cock into her. He squeezed his hand in her hair as he kissed her passionately. He struggled to hold his orgasm for a few seconds and then rose right up to command her.

“ Come on! I want you to fuck me with those big tits again!"

"Mmmm,you love those big boobs, don't you?"

"Fuck yeah! Now get over here, I want those big titties wrapped around my dick again!"

Licking her lips, Lucy crawled forward on her knees and move to the edge of the bed. As she sat there, she ran her hands down to grip her large breasts, holding them up while Jamie grabbed his cock that was dripping in her pussy juices. He let go of it as Lucy leaned forward. She rotated her fingers around her hard nipples before holding her breasts up and trapping his large cock between it.

Jamie laughed off as Lucy began to pump her breasts up and down, fucking his cock with them. She dropped her lower lip and gasped a moan before gazing up into his eyes. Meanwhile Lil B sat beside Lucy on the couch as he jerked his cock with one hand and fingered her pussy with the other while smiling and grinning at his friend.

"Ohhhh, yes. That's it, fuck me with those tits babe!"

She glanced back up into his eyes, still pumping her breasts down and up. Over and over, Lucy moved her large tits, fucking his cock between them. She went slow this time, allowing him to enjoy every second of pleasuring this naughty man. After another minute, Lucy let go of her breasts and grabbed his cock with her right hand. Using her left hand, she held her breasts up and then moved to spank his cock up against her left nipple. Smack. Smack. Smack. The sound echoed in the room. She alternated his cock to slap it up against her right nipple after a moment.

“Okay I want to take your ass now!” Lil B declared

"Are you going to fuck my ass now?" Lucy asked nervously.

"Yes! You are one sexy bitch, you want it, don't you?" Lil B replied.

Biting her lower lip once more, Lucy nodded to him.

"Mmmmm, yeah. Give it to me, go on and do it!" Jamie was already seated on the head end of the bed, just where he needed to be for the double penetrating position between them. Lucy straddled him, not uttering a single word. Silence had filled the room while they had shuffled their positions. Her knees sank down into the bed while Lucy looked into Jamie’s face. He used his right hand to grab his humongous cock and guide it towards her waiting pussy. Lil B was left on his knees on the bed from behind, considering the thought that he would be the first of the two men to experience fucking her firm ass.

Taking in a deep breath, Lil B had to mentally prepare himself for the approaching moment. Letting out a sigh, he pushed his hands over her firm cheeks, watching as his fingers sunk down into them before he pulled them apart. Lucy could be heard giggling, almost as if she couldn't stop herself from teasing the poor bastard who was almost hypnotized just from staring into her boobs and ass. Coming back to reality, Lil B took his cock into his right hand and then made the initial thrust between her thick ass cheeks. Lucy closed her eyes when she felt his humongous black cock pushing into her dark little hole. She bit down on her lower lip, knowing that soon enough both of them would have screaming loudly as they pumped her holes with their hard cocks. Raising her head, Lucy let out a loud moan before yelling to them.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh, god...Ohhhhhhhh, yeah. Come on, I want you both to fuck me! Fuck me hard!!"

Jamie grunted as he began to buck his hips hard, pumping his hard shaft into her tight pussy. Lil B let out a soft moan as he moved his hands to her tender waist and began to thrust his hips forwar
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Re: "THE URBAN MASSEUR" Starring Lucy Pinder
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Jamie grunted as he began to buck his hips hard, pumping his hard shaft into her tight pussy. Lil B let out a soft moan as he moved his hands to her tender waist and began to thrust his hips forward and drive his swollen black rod into her ass back and forth. Lucy's eyes became enlarged as her breasts began to bounce from them pounding her holes.


Both men had their eyes glued to Lucy's glorious body as she took both cocks. She became lost in a world of heavenly pleasure while feeling their cocks thrust into her. Lucy threw her head back, her long brown hair waving all around as she began to scream again.


Her voice echoed from all corners of the room as Lucy was fucked by their cocks in a perfect unison. Jamie watched her big titties bouncing back and forth as they shook all around. His hands reached beneath her, sliding to grip her ass cheeks and hold them up as he continued to buck his hips and drive his cock into her. From behind, Lil B rammed her ass with his long shaft at a fast pace, both men working together almost into a perfect sync. The sound of their balls hitting against her booty could be heard, but not over Lucy's loud moans calling out.


Sm-smack, Sm-smack, Sm-smack, Sm-smack. Jamie and Lil B's balls slapped over her ass repeatedly, creating a fast tempo rhythm of noises. Neither man spoke, all they could be heard uttering were grunts and slight moans. They couldn't stop, still pumping their cocks back and forth into her holes. Lucy had closed her eyes, moving her hands down to Jamie's shoulders as she gripped down. With one cock pumping into her thick ass and the other pounding her clit, Lucy was already thinking about the orgasm these two men were going to create.


The men continued, not stopping for a second as they both bucked their hips together. Jamie moved a bit faster than Lil B, mostly due to sitting down and having her atop of him. Their cocks continued to pump into her holes while Lucy knew that her climax was fast approaching from each thrust Jamie sent into her pussy. The time was coming to switch positions again, but Lucy wasn't the one to make the call this time. She trusted both of the men to know when they were to switch around. When Lil B slowed down from behind her, she knew he was about to come to a complete stop.

“Now it’s my turn to take your ass”

Jamie declared as he laid Lucy down on her back on the bed then he held her by the waist and picked her while twisting her ass sideways and Rico positioned himself on his knees at the end of the bed. Jamie got up to and laid behind Lucy . Lucy now lay sideways with her ass facing Jamie and arched her back and neck to reach out for Rico’s cock.

“ Are you ready for this bitch?” Jamie said as he raised Lucy’s right leg with his hand.

“You bet I am, take my ass this time . Fuck me like I’m your fucking whore”

Jamie slowly inserted his pulsatile cock into her tight ass as he raised his head skywards to moan at the tight grip her ass made at her cock. He had fucked a few girls in the past but nothing could compare to the tingling sensations of pleasure his cock felt entering Lucy’s tight asshole.

"Damn! This is one tight fucking ass!"

“Oh yeah give it to me baby! Pound that tight ass like you own it.”

“Yeah you bet I will bitch, I love that pink asshole.”



“You love to get dirty don’t you lil bitch.”

Lil B said as he gently slapped Lucy’s sweaty face and she smiled back at him reaching out for his cock with both her hand. He slapped her again little harder this time and was turned on by how happy she was laying on the bed with her ass fucked by Jamie and getting her face slapped by Lil B.


“Come on open your mouth wide you nasty bitch”

Lucy immediately obliged, Lil B bent downwards to bring himself closer to her open mouth.


He spit a big wad of his spit into her mouth and Lucy swallowed it all as she moaned heavily getting her ass destroyed by Jamie’s big  cock. Rico now bought his dick closer to her and Lucy happily devoured his huge black cock in her mouth as he held her by her hair, thrusting his dick in and out of her mouth.


Lucy moaned in pleasure spit roasted by the  men


Lil B pumped her mouth hard before shouting out

“Shit I wanna fuck her too now”

“Come inside baby, lay down here with us. I want both of you inside me now”

Lil B now moved in alongside Lucy and Jamie and they shifted a little to make way for him. He lay sideways facing her as Jamie raised her legs to accommodate his friend into Lucy’s pussy now. He slowly pushed his cock completely inside the heavenly folds of her pink pussy as he moaned in pleasure.

 “Do me boys, fucking pound me” "FUCK....FUCK ME! HARDER! YES!!!!"

"You hear that!? She wants us to give it to this fucking bitch!! Come on Lil B now! What ya


Jamie couldn't even finish his sentence without the British bombshell goddess drowning his voice out in her screams. He bucked his hips while squeezing his hands into her breasts, right on pace with his brother pumping into her pussy. Lucy had become lost in a heavenly pleasure of ecstasy.


She gasped, pinned between both men. Both thick shafts now pistoned her hard, dicks pumping furiously as she bucked and shook between them.  Lucy was so close to an orgasm as they stuffed her hard.


Lil B kept thrusting, harder and harder as Lucy screamed in pleasure.  Her legs trembled furiously as her body screamed in pleasure. Lucy was in ecstasy as she was about to climax so hard, the two cocks driving her to overload her senses.   

“YESSSS!!! YESSSSSS!!!” She howled her body quivering.

Jamie grabbed her hair, he was so turned on, his more animalistic side was starting to appear.  Pulling it hard she whined, her back arched and Lil B grabbed her breasts.  Squeezing them tight he drew one nipple then the other to his mouth, sucking them.

   “YEASSS!!!! YEAAAASSSS!! YESSSSSSSSS!!!” she screamed.

“Oh shit I’ma lose it now, heck I’m about to cum now” Lil B screamed in joyous ecstasy.

 “Do it B, cover this pretty girl face in cum!” she begged

Lil B knew he wouldn’t last long, the naked busty brunette looking up at him, hand in her hair holding it away from her face, mouth open tongue out.

 Lil B moved closer his black cock nearly touching her forehead, a huge blast spurting out as he growled in pleasure.  Milking his black dick the thick white seed clang to her face, a long strand dripping from her right eyebrow. His huge load literally coating her forehead, she shrieked in delight as his cum drowned her.  Spluttering as a big thick wad splashed onto her tongue Lucy reveled in her shower.

  “Yes that’s it, more! More!!” she urged him.

Lil B was drained and stood back, amazed at his own volume.  He was still spurting, as thick and heavy as when he first came, a white ooze now rolling down her face. He gasped and stretched up on his toes, milking every last drop from his shaft and balls, finally stepping back to admire his work.

“Oh shit I think I’m about to cum too!!! Hell I wanna cum inside her ass!!” Jamie screamed at the top of his voice.

“OOOOHH MYYY GAAAAAWD !!!! OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHH  HEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!”                    Lucy screamed nearly at the same time together with Jamie as they both were finally about to climax together.

Lucy’s body exploded with passion as she felt the rush of hot salty cum inside her. An orgasm pounded round her curvy body as it bounced up and down, causing her to go almost limp, totally at the mercy of the two men. Jamie pumped his cum endlessly into her ass, moaning and cursing loudly as he somehow held her body, paralyzed with the ecstasy of the most enormous climax she had in ever life. He too lost control of his body and collapsed on top of her limp body yet somehow still holding on to her right boob with one hand, holding her ass cheek in another. Lil B’s senselessly numb body lay on the other side of Lucy as he held onto the bed with one hand to prevent himself from falling off and held Lucy’s waist with the other, while suckling on her left breast with his mouth.

“WHOOOOOO!!Wow !! I just can’t believe this just happened!! We fucked the shit out of damn fucking LUCY PINDER!! Well am I glad I came along my homie tonight” Lil B exclaimed wildly as he slowly came to his senses after some heavy panting for a few minutes.

“And I sure had the wildest night of my life!! Along with definitely the best massage session of my entire life. Hell I even smoked some weed for the first time in my life!! Thanks to both of you” Lucy said giggling softly.

“Thanks to you Lucy, Thanks for letting us…” An overwhelmed Jamie was about to thank Lucy just as his phone rang. “Hello! Yeah Dora ! I am sorry darling, I cannot be back home tonight, Yeah I had a few late appointments tonight and can’t come home. No I just cannot be back home to pick your mom up from the airport!! I think I am going to crash in at Lil B’s home tonight. See you tomorrow darling. Goodnight! I Love you!!” Jamie had a wicked grin on his face as he put the phone down even before Dora could respond and leaned his head back to kiss Lucy passionately again. He pulled the blanket on top of their naked bodies as he clenched her hair and kept kissing Lucy endlessly pulling her naked body into his own. Lil B grabbed Lucy’s lovely breasts from behind as the trio cuddled up again before pulling the blanket up their heads to cover themselves up completely.


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Re: "THE URBAN MASSEUR" Starring Lucy Pinder
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Hello guys, I gladly present to you all my 3rd ever story I’ve ever written in my life and on this site. I cannot even begin to describe the love and support I have got from all of you here at celebritystorysite and our discord server. Ever since I read the first story here silverline express by the legendary Cade who also happens to be my inspiration to write, I have loved my time here.  A big thanks to all of you for that.  A special thanks to all senior members like JCONN,Cade, Chlp, Viri, Noj for helping and guiding me. Thanks to my friends Aaarmax and Coc ninja for encouraging me to write. Thank you Boxman and Blling bling warrior for your support on my earlier posts. I hope you all like this story. Please post your valuable feedback if you like it as it means the world to me and encourages me to write more. Kindly ignore my mistakes if any. Love you all!!!
The following users thanked this post: Cadeauxxx, Viri, Aarmax


Re: "THE URBAN MASSEUR" Starring Lucy Pinder
« Reply #3 on: January 20, 2020, 11:46:18 AM »
Definately your best yet,loved Lucy getting taken hard, she really acted the slut in this one.


Re: "THE URBAN MASSEUR" Starring Lucy Pinder
« Reply #4 on: January 20, 2020, 03:38:58 PM »
We have a new rising star on here. First off, I like the cover. You've done a great job and you are getting better with each passing story. This was your best yet, I agree with Chlp entirely. The dialogue exchanges and some of the details really build a great visualization in my mind. Thanks for another Lucy story.  :Y:


Re: "THE URBAN MASSEUR" Starring Lucy Pinder
« Reply #5 on: January 21, 2020, 07:58:19 AM »
I feel so honored that my writing has inspired you like this. It makes me proud and very happy! You've done an amazing job. I love the double penetration and MMF threesome, that's what Lucy is built for hehehe.


Re: "THE URBAN MASSEUR" Starring Lucy Pinder
« Reply #6 on: January 21, 2020, 08:22:26 AM »
Nice work.

The cover gave me a good chuckle looking at Jamie and Lil B  ;D


Re: "THE URBAN MASSEUR" Starring Lucy Pinder
« Reply #7 on: December 14, 2020, 09:06:33 PM »
Well done man


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