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Author Topic: Erotic Adventures of Samantha Fox and Linda Lusardi  (Read 3741 times)


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Erotic Adventures of Samantha Fox and Linda Lusardi
« on: February 09, 2020, 07:02:48 AM »
Note- My new, proposed series with legendary English glamour models from the eighties, Samantha Fox and Linda Lusardi.

Samantha was born in London in 1966 and first appeared topless on the Sun newspaper page 3 at the tender age of sixteen in 1983.
She was voted page 3 model of the year in 1984, 1985 and 1986.
Blessed with an extraordinary 36D bosom she retired from topless modeling in 1986 to become a pop singer.

Linda was born in North London in September, 1958 and was seen topless on page 3 first in 1977.
Voted the best EVER page 3 model in 2005, she narrowly beat Sam.
In 1984 she was aged 26 when my tale begins.

p.s. Samantha was notorious for swearing like a sailor.

p.p.s. Samantha calls EVERYBODY babe, sorry!


Chapter One, London, May 1984.

"Come on Linda, you lazy cow! Get a fucking shift on!"

Linda Lusardi rolled her eyes yet again at the notoriously coarse language from the bubbly eighteen year old Samantha Fox.
The hot brunette had just arrived at the photographer's studio in West London for an all day fashion shoot and costume fitting.

The effervescent blonde was a relatively new kid on the block but due to her fantastic rack and exposure to the public by posing topless on page three of the Sun newspaper, Samantha had gained confidence double quick.

Linda saw that she had already changed into an American Indian outfit and was being snapped by someone Linda did not recognise.
The man with the Canon F-1 SLR camera looked cute with jet black hair and blue eyes.
He must have been in his mid twenties and was about six feet tall.

"This is Eddie. Say hi to Linda."

"Afternoon, you found the place okay?"

Linda liked the resonate tone of his voice as she turned to face her.

"A little trouble, but here I am."

Linda looked casual and yet stunning in tight blue jeans and a clean white Frankie Goes to Hollywood tee shirt.
It was plain to see that she wore no bra beneath the shirt as her boobs bounced and jiggled as she walked.

"New to the game, are we Eddie?" Asked Linda as she eyed the young man's swollen bulge in his tight jeans.

"My first time solo, yeah. Could you tell?"

"Oh, something came up."

Linda winked at Samantha.
The two glamour models had only known each other a year but had teamed up several times in their personal lives in order to have some fun and some hot sex.

In fact they shared a flat in North London which had been the setting for quite a few raunchy nights.

"The dressing room is just that way, babe."

Sam pointed past the door and Linda tottered off.

The studio was comprised of three compact sets. An indoor scene, an outdoor scene and a bedroom with a large prop bed sided by three flat screens.

Samantha was being shot on the indoor set in a big Indian headdress of red, white and yellow feathers.
Covering her big tits was a makeshift bra of dyed cardboard meant to imitate cow hide, and she had the most skimpy pair of black panties.

Linda returned about fifteen minutes later in a long dressing gown and both Sam and Eddie looked in her direction.
She had a pretty white rose in her luxuriant chestnut locks and a pair of
drop earrings.

"Where do you want me?" She asked as she removed the gown and stood in just a pair of panties and a royal blue boa that wound around her shoulders and down her back.

The boa just covered her boobs, leaving just a hint of the bottom of her spectacular tits below the teasing feathers.

Where did Eddie want her? Sitting on his dick is where, thought the rookie cameraman mesmerised.

"If you could join Samantha I'll reel off a roll of film or two."

Acting in a totally professional manner the two models posed.
Separately, side by side, and with their arms around each other.
All the while the two girls teased and tantalised Eddie by almost revealing their boobs but not quite.

"Right, got that. If you could go change again I'll set up for the next session."

As Eddie checked the lighting and lenses, Sam and Linda went to the back and returned momentarily in Santa tops and stockings and suspenders.
Sam in a black pair and Linda in white.

This session moved on for twenty minutes and Eddie moved in close for some portraits and facial shots, shutter clicking and flash gun wheezing.
Samantha giggled as she leaned forward and put her arm out to balance herself on Eddie.

"Sorry, darling'. Slipped."

Accidentally on purpose the blonde minx had managed to misplace her hand on the front of the guy's jeans to cup his semi hard cock.
Eddie visibly panicked as his shrank back and turned his back to hide his embarrassment.

He walked stiff legged to the table where he changed cameras and lenses.

"So far, so good. Now the, ahem. Topless session."

Eddie gulped as he looked from one to the other. Did he have the nerve to snap them with their tits out?

"Ooh, topless. I don't know. What do you think, babe?"

Linda put her index finger to her scarlet lips in an almost demure fashion.

"We're a bit shy, you see," she uttered, barely hiding a grin.

Shy? These two were the most popular topless models of 1984!

"It's just that, well, you're new and so good looking. We feel a bit nervous."

Understandable he supposed. I mean, even HE was feeling a bit awkward himself and had been experiencing severe cramping in his pants.

"What can I do to make you more comfortable?"

"Well." Linda whispered in Samantha's ear and then they both faced Eddie.

"Well, if you could strip off as well, that might help us relax more."

The girl removed their bras and Eddie gawped at the two best bosoms in the country.
The regular page three photographer, Beverley Goodway had warned him of this vision and seeing them in the flesh was out of this world.
He very nearly dropped the Canon as he became rather distracted by the four heaving mammaries.

Samantha had the most curvaceous boobs imaginable.
Her 36D cups sat rather large on her diminutive five foot one frame.
The slim and leggy brunette, Linda, had a more rounded pair that were firm and lifted despite their impressive size.

The girls moved to the bedroom set as Eddie demurred.

"Whenever you're ready, hon." Said Sam, joining Linda on the edge of the bed.

Eddie dragged his tee off over his head and then hesitantly drew his jeans down his legs.
Left in a pair of tight white briefs the outline of his boner was instantly visible.

"There, now isn't that better?" Said Sam with that winning smile of hers.

Eddie resumed picture taking and Samantha and Linda practically made love to the lens, or was it to him?
Their posing was of the utmost perfection, just what Joe Public pandered for.
He constantly snapped off photos from all angles, along with some superb close ups.

He realised that he was just there to click the shutter as they stood up side on, frontal, and even bent over the one metal chair.
Sam sat on the floor and looked up into the lens and pouted provocatively, her chin on the palm of her hand, and her outstanding cleavage admirably displayed.

"I don't know about you Linda, but I'm really hot." Said Samantha out of the blue.

"Yeah, I feel a bit uncomfortable in these tight knickers. Must be these big lights Sam."

"I'm going to take these off."

Samantha leaned back on the bed, kicked her legs up and drew her panties up over her heels.
Eddie leered at her exposed muff in amazement.
She was even more stunning naked.
Her very large tits spread out over her ribcage and his eyes followed the enticing sweep of her open thighs to that triangle of surprisingly dark brown hair on her pubic mound.

"Me too."

Then Linda did the same and he found himself confronted by two moist beavers between their parted thighs.

The girls elbowed each other as they saw the expression on his face.
One of pure disbelief!
More giggling came from the misbehaving models as Eddie dropped his hands.

"Oh, sorry, darlin', I forgot you're new to all this. It's just something we do to cool off our pussies."

Linda's pubic fleece looked soft and downy in comparison with just a hint of moistness.

They posed for him in a blatantly sexual way and his jaw dropped.
Sam splayed her legs right before his eyes and the glimpse of her hidden slit made his heart leap into his mouth.

Then Linda went onto her hands and knees on the bed, facing away from him, and he got the full view of her muff and puckered anus which she wiggled seductively.

Eddie's erection twitched in his pants and Samantha raised an eyebrow as if nothing was out of the ordinary.

"Well, we're both naked now. What the fuck you waiting for, a bus?"

Eddie was mortified. Did the best topless models in England want a good screwing?

"Yeah," agreed Linda. "Come here and give us a good screwing."

Question answered!

Fuck this for a game of soldiers, thought Eddie, and whipped of his underwear.
His stiff cock stood out at a jaunty angle and his loins tingled with sheer sexual excitement.
He wasn't very big, but his dick was hard and ramrod straight.

"Lick me out first, you devil."

Samantha turned to Linda and looked adoringly into her gorgeous green eyes with a look of utter sensuality.
She moved in between the stacked blonde's legs and pushed them open at the knees.
Eddie was transfixed at the way the eager brunette parted Sam's labia and dribbled saliva inside the pink petals.

"Oooh, fucking lovely!"

Cooed Samantha as her lover probed her vulva with a darting tongue.
The more Linda avidly sucked and licked, the more Samantha squirmed on her butt.

"Don't wait on ceremony, Eddie. Give her one!"

He shook his disbelieving head and knelt behind Linda and inhaled her feminine scent.
Her cunt was just like one big gaping bullseye in the middle of her brown thatch, and he had just the dart to stab it.

"Kiss it first," mumbled Linda with a mouthful of Samantha Fox pussy.

Eddie obeyed without question and began to plant tickling kisses on her hairy puss.
She purred into Sam as he tongued the pink lips open and the rapid flicking caused Linda to leak her love juices onto his tongue.

"Wow! This guy is a natural." Murmured Linda happily.

Then she shrieked from the feel of a hard rod of a pulsating organ thrust up inside her.
Eddie, now consumed by a wanton lust gripped her rounded hips and moved his rigid cock in and out in an almost brutal fashion.

"FUCK!" Groaned a stunned Linda as her head flailed from side to side.

Sam looked over her shoulder to see Eddie, whose loins undulated as he power fucked her mate.

"Is he that good, babe?"

"B...b...better!" Mumbled Linda with half lidded eyes.

"Me do, me do!" Cried Sam in a little girly voice.

Linda reluctantly rolled over and watched the blonde spread her legs in open invitation, waiting for the rampant Eddie to insert his massive boner.

Eddie wiped the sweat from his brow and peered into her muff and gazed into the inviting pinkness of her nether lips.

He slowly put his hands on her soft thighs and slid them gently up to her spit covered cunt.
The black stockings she wore led the eye to that mystical paradise that held untold pleasures for a man.

"Such a gentle touch," she sighed and closed her eyes.

Eddie began to push his stiff prick inside her wet sheath until his tip stretched her entrance open.

"Push it in me!" She whimpered as he fed her inch by sensational inch until he was fully embedded.

I am now inside Samantha Fox, he told himself as if to ascertain that this was no wet dream.

The rabid model was already beginning to move her hips back and forth on the bed as he fucked her.
He could not resist kneading those plump tittie's and her breathing grew heavier as he pulled on her nipples with his hard teeth.

"Oh, darlin', don't stop."

The horny Linda was then right beside the rutting couple and Samantha groaned in ecstasy as TWO hungry mouths clamped firmly to her award winning boobs.
The blonde made an appreciative moan as her nipples were sucked into their mouths in turn.

Eddie did not let up with his relentless pounding and was up to the hilt inside her slick pussy.
Her whole body trembled beneath his heated frame as they rocked in each others arms.
He turned to his right and saw Linda's nipples had become as hard as bullets.

His in strokes slowed up as she shoved her ample cleavage into his face and he swiveled his head from left to right in her generously sized pillows.
His head lolled and his mouth gaped as he pulled out of a pouting Samantha who stroked her damp thighs.

Eddie's hard on was fit to burst as he bent to her loins and gave her teasing kisses along the soft white flesh between her bush and the tops of her stockings.

Linda sighed heavily as he fingered her wetness before shoving his length up her slick tunnel in a swift motion.
He placed her long legs all the way back until her knees were alongside her ears and pumped and pumped her silly.

"Bloody hell! He's like a dog in heat!!" Said Samantha admirably.

She looked on from a close position and gazed at Eddie's fat dick gliding in and out of Linda's raised pussy.
Linda gripped him tightly and started to cum and Eddie had to hold her down as she writhed and screamed out her orgasm.

Eddie's mind was still on Samantha's 36D tits and he squeezed and massaged them with eyes out on stalks.

"Do you want to fuck my tits, you dirty man?"

"Very much so."

Samantha got to the edge of the prop bed and leaned forward to make a fantastic target for his quivering dick.
As she pushed them together he put his upright pole between them and she wrapped his length in a flesh sandwich.

His whole cock was super swollen by now as Sam applied pressure and literally fucked him with her tits.
She looked up at him with her mesmerising green eyes as she jerked his throbbing erection with her lovely soft flesh.

"Having a good time, are you? Lucky fucker!"

She had obviously done this type of thing before as she let his knob poke up the center of her yielding breasts and then kissing the bloated tip.
As he gasped in admiration Sam rubbed his length, back and forth, back and forth, back and forth.

"Do you want to cum on my tits?"

"Yes, oh yes!"

"Can't hear nuffin' do you want to cum on my tits?"

"Yes, yes, yes, oh fuck, yes!"

Samantha grinned at an equally naughty looking Linda Lusardi and cock slapped his prick rapidly with her mammoth rack.

"Holy shit!"

Eddie shot his load and his initial spurt actually missed her boobs and bathed her neck and chin.

"Lousy shot!" Booed Linda as if watching a game.

Samantha had to push her tits down on him and his explosion of cum splattered both big globes.
The white rain flowed out onto her generous expanse and ran down like a river into the enticing home made valley.

Linda bent over his gushing dick and licked up the reward of his ejaculation as Sam smeared the warm and wet stuff into her tit flesh.

Eddie sank back as his shrinking cock drooped and dripped.

"Well, don't know about you Sam, but I'm gagging for a nice cup of tea. Coming?"

"Great idea. Thanks, hon. Can't wait to see the proofs."

Eddie panted on his butt as two wiggling bottoms waved goodbye at him.


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Re: Erotic Adventures of Samantha Fox and Linda Lusardi
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Wow, this really made my Sunday.

First off, huge, huge thanks for writing something with these two legends. They are all time greats of Page 3 and before my generation, but I knew of Sam Fox and quite liked her. She was a pretty good singer too. Loved the titfuck with her, that was awesome!  :D You have no idea how grateful I am right now to have this story on here along with all the others of Page 3 UK glamour babes.
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Re: Erotic Adventures of Samantha Fox and Linda Lusardi
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Wow, this really made my Sunday.

First off, huge, huge thanks for writing something with these two legends. They are all time greats of Page 3 and before my generation, but I knew of Sam Fox and quite liked her. She was a pretty good singer too. Loved the titfuck with her, that was awesome!  :D You have no idea how grateful I am right now to have this story on here along with all the others of Page 3 UK glamour babes.
Many thanks for kudos, I think joining this site was a good idea. And I have a whole bunch of ideas for these two to come. If only there were 25 hours in a day!   
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Re: Erotic Adventures of Samantha Fox and Linda Lusardi
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Chapter Two.


"Don't rush me, I've still got sand up me snatch!"

Linda Lusardi sat perched on the edge of the small tub and looked on impatiently as her best friend, Samantha Fox, luxuriated in her bubble bath.

The twenty six year old glamour and topless model watched the bubbly blonde soap up her puffy tipped tits and plump pussy mound.
She kicked up her left leg and ran her fingers up the slippery surface of the inner thigh to her nether regions in a blatant show of exhibionism.

"You're not listening to a word I'm saying." Exclaimed Linda who stood up and tottered to the bathroom door on her four inch high heels.

The slim model had on her sexiest outfit. A tight fitting black dress with sparkling sequins and a plunging front that went all the way to her waist.
Perfect for showing off her award winning creamy cleavage.

"Oh, alright, keep your knickers on!"

"Not if I can help it!"

Both giggled as Sam climbed out of the tub, her diminutive naked figure foaming with suds and water.

The two models had met only a year before when the then seventeen year old blonde from East London had burst on the scene, and they had soon become firm friends.

And a little more.

Both liked men enormously, but both were constantly on the lookout for a good time even with the ladies, and the slightly older Linda had taken Sam under her wing.

"Look, I'll meet you in the club, you go on."

Linda sighed and nodded in agreement.
The pair had posed on the beach all day and had waited patiently to hit the thriving club scene in Ibiza Town and were ready to hit Siobhan's, a place highly recommended on the strip.

The horny women were in their prime and were game for anything.
Their sex life had gotten better and better and both loved to be adventurous about who and where they shagged.


Two days earlier, in their shared Islington flat, they were preparing for the weekend photo shoot on the Spanish Island of Ibiza, situated in the Balearics in the Mediterranean Sea.

"Oh this year we're off to sunny Spain, Y Viva Espana. Taking the Costa Brava plane..."

"Put a sock in it, Sam. You've sung that bloody song fifteen times!"

"Can't help it, I'm so excited. 'Eyebyezzah!' In the bollocks! I haven't had a holiday in years. The last one was in bleeding Clacton-On-Sea! Anyway, I'm going to be a famous pop singer one day, you wait."

"It's pronounced 'Ibbeetha' and it's in the Balearics, not the bollocks!"

Linda watched the dizzy blonde packing what appeared to be a very small sports bag.

"Is that all you're taking?"

"It's only two days, innit! I've got five different bikinis and five pairs of shoes. Oh, and ten packets of Durex."


"Yep. I plan on getting pissed and shagged rotten. Hee, hee!"

The two were going on the all expenses paid trip with Sun newspaper photographer Eddie, who Linda was secretly sleeping with behind Sam's back.

"I mean, I'm only eighteen. Need to sow my wild oats. Don't suppose you remember when you were that age."

"Cheeky cow! I do so remember."

"Well, I just want to have a good time."

"Yeah, me too."


On the first day of the shoot the sun was high in the sky and it was getting warmer by the minute, 76 degrees F and rising.
As Eddie set up his cameras and sunscreens Samantha and Linda fixed their eyes on the clean sand and opalescent sea.

The professional cameraman had chosen a fairly empty part of the beach as he didn't want any unnecessary onlookers when the girls posed nude.
He looked up and saw that they had both stripped off their tops and were basking in the hot sunshine.

"Feel that heat, babe."

Sam arched her back to the sun with her eyes closed and her long fair hair loose down her back.
Her nipples had stiffened to little points on her stupendous 36D boobs.
They looked rather disproportionately large on her tiny frame, but were no less spectacular.

Linda, in contrast, was an exotic looking brunette, slim and leggy with stunning green eyes and high cheekbones.
Her tits were firm and rounded and sat high up on her chest.
She stroked her tumbling hair from her face and smiled to herself.

"Are you girls ready yet?" Shouted Eddie as he flicked his cigarette onto the fine sand.

He closely studied the busty Linda, noting how perfect her boobs were and the way her bikini bottoms showed of her mouth watering pussy mound.
Ever the reliable professional she posed delightfully in the increasing heat and Eddie was highly impressed.

Samantha watched intently and waited for her turn.
She loved how Linda's smooth skin was slowly tanning and felt the thrill of her arousal begin to develop.

Linda was aware of the adoration from the younger model and looked across at the bubbly blonde's enticing pubic triangle that was just about covered by the bottom of her bikini.

Sam has her pictures done and Eddie looked up at the sizzling sun and called it a day.

"We'll pick up where we left off tomorrow, early."

"Okay, babe. Let's catch some rays, honey."

Both girls skipped off and found a nice secluded spot out of the sight of prying eyes.

After a few minutes relaxing in the sunshine Samantha pressed close to Linda and kissed her long and hard, using her tongue to slather all over the others lips.

Linda grabbed the blonde's bum and drew her between her legs, opening them to let Sam's great orbs to brush hers.
Nipple to nipple they writhed on the warm sand in each others arms, loving the fact that they were hundreds of miles from home.

Without a word Sam tugged Linda's bottoms off and the wiling brunette raised her hips to let them slide right off.
Sam eagerly ran her fingertips behind Linda's knees and moved up in a sensuous slide up the insides of her silky thighs.

"Oh, yes!"

Linda felt gorgeous shivers of anticipation on her sex and her clit throbbed as Sam let the palm of her hand rest against it.

"Like that, babe?"

"Mm, hmm."

The blushing brunette lubed up instantly as her friend and lover pushed her tongue directly inside Linda's slit.
Suddenly Samantha went wild with lust, teasing Linda's clit with rapid flicks, running her fingers through her downy fluff, and kissing the insides of her legs close to her cunt.

"You drive me nuts!"

Linda half opened her eyes, certain that surely someone would come along and discover them.
She looked up and then surprised Samantha and plonked her on her back onto the sand.

Before she could react Linda settled her dripping pussy onto her face and wriggled back and forth on Sam's protruding tongue.
The aromatic scent of Linda's pussy nearly made the tiny model cum as she rubbed her nose in the fine pubes.

Linda gasped and sweat oozed from every pore in her naked body as she literally bounced on Sam's face.
Then Linda convulsed as the intense licking and sucking brought about her climax.

"That was so good."

"Now me. I think one good turn deserves another, don't you?"

"I do."

Linda dived down and nudged Sam's legs apart and stared into the offered gaping pussy.
She began an up and down swipe of Sam's slit and alternated this with side to side motions.

"Oh, you know I LOVE that!"

Samantha's juices were dripping into Linda's mouth and soon her lips were coated with the stuff.
Linda added her middle finger to the mix and frigged in and out as she flattened her tongue for maximum contact.
Sam gripped Linda's head to ensure she did not miss even one tongue stroke and sure enough she let loose a mighty orgasm.

"You're coming all over my face, you dirty bitch!"

"I know, aren't we naughty!"

They sat up and snuggled up to each other, fully satisfied.

"Right, let's go and get some nice local cuisine. I'm starving."

They found a nice cantina not too far from the hotel and gorged on the salted sea cod, bacalao, and then took a well earned siesta.


"Who the fuck are you calling torpedo tits? You Scottish cunt!"

Linda was astonished to see the five foot one blonde manage to shove a very tall six footer onto his back on the dancefloor.
Surrounded by several baying Scotsmen the angry Samantha was clearly annoyed about something, most probably a remark about her big tits.

The club was already in full swing when Linda had arrived earlier and the heavy bass and flashing lights made her stomach flip.
The dancefloor moved as one to the dizzy music as she went to the bar for a G and T.

She drank her drink and danced happily for a while and waited for Samantha to join her.
That was when she heard the commotion above the loud thrum of the disco music.
Sam spotted her and sauntered over fuming over something.

She looked foxy in her black boob tube top that sat just above her belly button and micro mini skirt, over which she had her favourite black leather jacket.

"Bastards! They think just because I've got big tits they can cop a feel for nuffin'!"

"Chill out and have a drink."

"Ta, a Bacardi and Coke thanks."

They settled on two stools at the bar and peered into the murky interior of the club.

"Anyway, any talent about? I feel frisky."

'Sam, you're ALWAYS feeling frisky!" Answered Linda, who was actually up for anything and anyone tonight.

Sam tapped her left stiletto heel to the beat of the music as she scanned the club.
Her eyes lingered on two black men dressed in bright coloured shirts that were deliberately opened to the abdomen and royal blue shorts.

They were seated at a small table and nursed two tall glasses of wine.
Sam caught the gaze of one and she smiled and winked back.
He winked back and Sam nudged Linda in the ribs.

"Hey, see those two guys?"

Linda squinted and saw what her friend saw.

"The two black men?"

"Do you think they have like really big dicks?"

"Not necessarily, I've slept with a black man and he had a normal sized cock."

"Oh. I never had a black cock before. I was hoping that the myth was all true."

The hunky looking waiter sidled up next to them and handed over two tall glasses of Cava.

"With compliments from the two gentlemen seated yonder."

"Ooh, ta! What is it, babe?"

"Cava," said the Spaniard. "A fine sparkling wine from Catalonia. Two bubbly drinks for two bubbly girls."

"Watch it, Romeo! And thanks."

As he walked off with the empty tray Linda's eyes followed the roll of his hips and ass.
Samantha and Linda looked returned their gaze to the men and both lifted their drinks in gratitude.

"Shall we go over?"

"Is the Pope Catholic? Of course!"

Linda was left in the vivacious blonde's wake and hurried after her.
Oh well, in for a penny, in for a pound.

She looked at the two men and the closer she got closer the bigger they appeared to be.
Both were over six feet tall and had broad shoulders.

"Come on, Lin. This is Dave, and this is Leo. They play rugby back home."

Sam had already chosen her hunk it seemed as she got cosy with Leo.
Linda sat beside Dave who automatically squeezed her knee.

"Leo tells me that you look familiar to him. Are you models?"

He had to lean in close to be heard above the music, and Sam inhaled his masculine scent and felt a distinct spasm in her loins.

Sam winked at Linda and feigned surprise.

"Oh, yeah. We get that a lot, don't we darlin'. No, we're just typists back in London."

"How long are you here for? Tonight is our last."

'Just two days and nights. Bloody hell! Can't hear meself think above all this noise. Wanna come back to our hotel?"

"Good idea,' said Dave who took Linda by the elbow and steered her to the exit."

Sam and Leo followed giggling and the four of them walked the ten minutes to the Hotel Royale which was close by to the beach.
As soon as they crossed the threshold Samantha and Leo were ripping each others clothes off.
The anticipation of having a black cock for the first time had proven too much and their hands wandered all over each other.

"Whoa! What a pair of tits!" Said Leo as he gawped at Samantha's superb rack.

He buried his face in her cleavage and then proceeded to suck and paw at each big mammary in turn.
Her breasts DID resemble torpedo's and thrust up like no others.
The nipples were super sensitive and as Leo slobbered over the ample flesh, Sam pushed her thighs together to savour that first tingling of vaginal moistness.
She liked nothing more than to have her tits played with and Leo licked and pinched the hard tips and traced out wide circles around the large areolas.

Linda herself reeled back as Dave began to shove his tongue down her throat.
He inched up the front of her dress, exposing her panty free muff, and thrust two fingers right up inside her.
As she fought for air he used his thumb to massage her aching clit at the same time.
She went on tiptoe and squeezed his muscled biceps as he frigged her and she shut her eyes tight as her sex was plundered.

By now Sam had Leo's cock in his hand and her jaw dropped at the sheer size and weight.

"Fucking hell! He's as big as a horse, Lin!"

Linda was busy with Dave's erection and he was equally well hung as his friend.
She looked at Samantha, took a deep breath, and together they both dropped to their knees and started to suck on their men.

Samantha struggled to even get the vast top of Leo inside her mouth and her eyes began to water as she hummed on him.
Her mouth filled with saliva and it ran out past her lips onto her expansive cleavage.

Linda was faring less well as she resigned herself to running her tongue over and over the swollen head.
She gave up and gasped for breath and stood up again.

"Let's go to the bed." Said Sam in a slightly slurred voice.

The already naked blonde leaned over the edge and Leo moved between her legs from behind and smacked her bottom a couple of times to warm her up.
Then he lined up his big plum sized bell end and pushed in the palpating labia of her tight pussy.
The diminutive blonde stunner moaned from the insertion and sighed with relief when he paused halfway in.


"Oh, yeah!"

Amazingly she pushed back at him so that he found himself all the way in!
The tall black guy looked down on the tiny model and began to fuck her with slow strokes at first before stepping up a pace.
The contrast of his darkness against her pale flesh was stark.

They had been booked into a double room but had discovered that it was just two single beds pushed together.
Linda peeled her sparky dress off and laid out on her back, just six inches from the unbelieving Sam who was being fucked doggystyle.

She watched Dave strip and saw that his impressive torso was as black as ebony.
His big cock stuck up proudly and looked like it was better off hung between the back legs of a stallion!

Dave grabbed her by the calves and put her legs up onto his broad shoulders.
She yelped as he entered her, and pushed, and pushed, and pushed in.
Fuck! Was there no end to it?

She had never had such a big dick before but once she had gotten used to it she bumped her heels on his back and he started to shunt in and out.
little waves of sheer pleasure spread throughout her body as her pussy soon became hot and very wet.

She raised her head to see that thick back shaft disappear all the way inside her and thought it one of the most arousing things she had ever seen.
His boner had become shining wet and it even reflected the bedroom light.
His full lips clamped to her left boob and he sucked on it for all he was worth.

"I can't believe I'm stuffed with a massive black cock!"

Samantha was being slammed into the edge of the bed as Leo fucked her with half of his length, occasionally letting her have all of his eight inches without warning.

She shrieked aloud as the black stud bent his knees so that his prick brushed the most sensitive spot on her cunt.

She grabbed a pillow and buried her face in it to muffle her ear piercing screams as he fucked the shit out of her.
Samantha wailed as she came and panted hard as her hips were gripped firmly and Leo banged into her with a burst of staccato thrusts that lifted her up off of her dainty feet.

"Oh my god!"

He pumped his seed inside her with several enormous gushes until he groaned and relinquished his hold on her.
Sam fell forwards onto the bed, gasping and shuddering in the wake of her orgasm.
Her pussy was sopping and Leo's copious amounts of cum ran out onto the sheet under her.

"Linda? Lin. I think I'm going to be sick."

Linda Lusardi was in a world of her own as Samantha threw up her seafood supper and passed out.
The stuffed model had her pussy so stuffed with big black cock that she
really thought that he was going to come out of her throat!

"Fuck! I'm coming!"

Dave's balls slapped against her as he worked himself up to ejaculation and the rampant black guy pulled out quickly and sent streams of semen over her heaving stomach.

The guys bade farewell and left it to Linda to clean up the comatose blonde.


"Can she hear us?" Said the man in his thick Spanish accent.

"No, Mario. She's dead to the world."

Linda straddled the waiter from the club Siobhan's and in one movement sank down on as much of his enormous stiffie as possible.
He reached up and massaged her big tits as the horny glamour model threw her head back, arched her hips and rode him cowgirl.

Seriously aroused she rose up high, balanced by her hands flat on his hairy chest, until his dick was almost slipping out and then gliding back down hard.
Not to be outdone the husky twenty year old waiter lifted his hips up with such power that Linda had to stifle a yelp as she was raised up at least six inches off the bed.

"I see the waiter has made himself at home. Morning, darlin'."

"Oh! Sam! You're up at last."

"So is your mate, you saucy mare! Right up!"

Linda gyrated on Mario's fat knob and looked to her blonde girlfriend on the bed right next to hers.

"And by the way, it's afternoon. You slept all through morning."

"Bloody hell!" She sat bolt upright and her massive chest heaved up and down. "I missed today's shoot?"

"Actually, no. It's been raining all day. Then I bumped into Mario in the hotel lobby."

"Buenas tardes, la senorita."

"Oh, hi."

Sam now concentrated on watching the hunky waiter fuck her friend and she licked her lips at the erotic sight of his dusky prick shine wetly as it vanished up inside the panting Linda.

"Are we sharing?"

"Samantha, you're incorrigible!"

Linda peeled her slick pussy off of Mario's upright pole and let the grinning blonde to assume the same position.
She got right into the groove and rode the man like greased lightning.
Her heavy tits swung and rolled as she rammed her ass down progressively harder and harder.

"Fucking hell, he's brilliant!"

"Yeah, I know," agreed Linda who sat beside them.

Sam sighed softly and rolled off as Mario indicated that he was close to coming.

"Alright, Romeo. Come here."

Samantha knelt at his feet and made one big boob and enclosed his pulsating cock in between the massive pillows.

"Oh no, not another tit job!" Said Linda who went to sit in one of the easy chairs.

Sam chuckled as she kneaded the man's erection with her tits like they were a pussy.
Mario loved it and bucked up so that the tip of his knob burst up her cleavage and his balls bumped the underside of her globes.

'Ole!" He yelled as his jet of cum erupted into the deep channel of her cleavage as his cock head remained at the top.

Sam bent down and opened her mouth to swallow up as much of his cum before he softened and slid out.

"Lovely. Is it time for dinner, babe? I just had dessert."


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Re: Erotic Adventures of Samantha Fox and Linda Lusardi
« Reply #4 on: February 15, 2020, 07:27:12 PM »
Great stories, had a blast reading these.
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Re: Erotic Adventures of Samantha Fox and Linda Lusardi
« Reply #5 on: February 26, 2020, 06:22:40 AM »
Chapter Three

June 1984.

It was around six thirty when Samantha Fox stepped into the stark white living room of Sun newspaper photographer Eddie closely followed by her friend and glamour model Linda Lusardi.

The bubbly eighteen year old blonde had a short sleeved black leather jacket, open to show off her black boob tube top under it.
This top accentuated her stunning and voluptuous 36D breasts.
Her matching black mini skirt was cut short to show of lots of tantalising thigh.

Linda had her big chestnut hair piled up on top of her head and wore a white crop top and halter length white skirt to match.
Her radiant smile lit up the room as she and Sam sat on the white leather sofa.

The lively topless models had met only a couple of years before when the then seventeen year old blonde from East London had burst on the scene, and they had soon become firm friends.
Samantha had taken the country by storm and whenever she appeared in the Sun paper the edition would promptly sell out.

The plucky East Londoner took it all in her stride, aware of the stir she had caused, but never too much that she got carried away with success.
She bought nice clothes but retained her down to earth character.

"Hello, ladies. Welcome to my pad. New jacket, Sam?"

Eddie handed them both a cool drink and joined them.
The six feet tall novice cameraman with the jet black hair was eager to make a name for himself in the glamour business and had invited the two best models in England to his humble abode for a private session.

"Yeah, like it? Cost me a packet, let me tell ya. Nice place you have, never been here before."

"Oh, I have." Said Linda.

"I KNOW you have, you horny cow! Bet you see more of the bedroom though. eh? Or rather the bedroom ceiling, ha!"

"Alright, behave. Yes, me and Eddie sleep together. Got a problem with that?"

"Not me, sweetie. I'm shagging David Cassidy now, ain't I?"

The stacked model was indeed shagging the good looking American pop singer, although she wasn't strictly exclusive to just him.

"It's a bit, you know, white innit?"

Samantha spoke in her heavy East London accent as she looked around the main room.
The entire room was cluttered with various cameras and different size lenses and a stepladder for extra height.
The only colour being the giant poster of the Tottenham Hotspur football club on the largest wall, both his and Linda's favourite soccer team.

"It helps with the lighting when I take pictures. Anyway, thanks for coming. I want to try out my latest toy. Have either of you seen one of these before?"

Eddie produced a big clunky piece of equipment resembling a movie camera.

"Blimey! What the fuck is it?" Said Sam wide eyed.

"It's called a Camcorder. It records instant video and audio onto a video tape cassette. You can see what you did immediately, and even erase the tape and use it again."

"Wicked! What do you want us to do?"

Linda looked at Eddie, already given the heads up that he wanted to film her and Samantha in the nude.
And more?

"So, just some topless footage, and then maybe some more daring stuff.
Remember, we can erase tape later."

Linda stood, ever the professional and smiled.

"When you're ready then. Get naked."

"He's such a charmer." Said Sam with a jerk of her thumb. "And if we don't like it you erase the tape?"


Both girls stripped off, Samantha removed her jacket and top to expose those mouth watering tits.
Linda followed suit until they were down to their underwear, Sam in her lace black panties, and Linda her white pair.

"I'll take a few stills while you get nice and relaxed."

Eddie began to take some pictures with his professional Canon F-1 SLR of Sam and Linda separately and then as a couple.
They contrasted nicely, the one a blonde and the other darker.
Linda was a bit taller than the blonde and had an equally award winning figure.
They posed perfectly without direction and Eddie decided to raise the stakes.

"Alright, Sam. Bend over at the waist. Good, and stick out your bum a bit. Nice. Lin, if you could bend forward facing the sofa, just like that. And Sam, just stroke her bottom."

"Eh? Touch her bum?"

"Go on, Sam." Said Linda.

The girls started to get a bit more fruity and touchy touchy as they got into the mood.
Eddie came behind the sofa and looked down onto the sexy pair and reeled off more photos.

Then he scooted back so that he could snap their rear ends as they posed side by side on their hands and knees.

"If you both slip your knickers down a bit I could get some saucy shots of your bare bottoms."

Sam looked at Linda who nodded.

"Shall we?"

"Yeah, why not?"

Samantha Fox would be the first one to admit that being a glamour model and page three girl gave her the chance not only to act out her sex fantasies, but get paid as well.
And teaming up with her roommate and lover was an added thrill.

Eddie crouched down on the carpet behind their peachy bare bottoms and Sam gave Linda a quick kiss on the lips.

Linda took Sam by the hand and threw her down onto the sofa and dragged her undies clean off.
The giggling blonde opened her legs and watched as Linda ran her fingertips up the insides of her thighs.

"Fucking hell!"

Sam gulped as one finger, then two, teased her wet labia apart and slipped into her oozing insides.
Linda went in up to the second knuckle and Sam curled her toes in delight.
Then she purred with pleasure when a slippery pink tongue began to lap at her pared slit.

"You're an eager beaver!" Cried Sam, writhing on her bottom.

"Eager for this beaver, yeah."

The insatiable blonde clamped her legs tightly around Linda as the brunette thrust her wriggling tongue into Sam's hot box.
Linda virtually drowned in the sweet scent of Samantha's cunt and a trail of pussy juice dribbled down her chin.

Lapping away at the same time she probed deeply with her two fingers which proved too much for Eddie who unzipped his jeans to unleash his trapped stiffie.

Linda glanced at his pride and joy and knew there was quite an evening beginning to unfold.
She and Eddie were not a couple as such, just friends who went down to White Hart Lane now and then to cheer on Spurs.
And have occasional sex. He was a considerate lover and had a nice cock.

"Great, now for the camcorder."

With shaking hands he hoisted the large object onto his right shoulder and began to record the wanton scene as the two horny models went into overdrive.
Linda was sitting on the edge of the sofa with legs wide open as Sam knelt before her with her face buried in her friends hairy cunt.

The young blonde loved the feel of her pussy and found her friend fairly slippery and juicy.
Linda's knees shook as Sam let her tongue slide in deep as she used her thumb in her tight asshole.

"Oh you saucy mare! You know how I love that."

Linda wiggled her rump on the rigid thumb as Sam applied more pressure on her cunt with her tongue.
Sam made sure to lean back once in a while to let Eddie get the shot of Linda's saliva splattered pussy on tape.

"Careful, Eddie. You'll have my fucking eye out with that thing!"

"Sorry, love."

Eddie swiveled his hips so that his big boner pointed the other way.
He stopped recording and kicked his jeans off and stood naked from the waist down.
He left them to it as he went over to a small white cabinet.

Samantha was giving Linda's dripping pussy big swipes from the bottom up to the top where she ended the lick with a subtle flick on her clitoris hood.


Sam smiled into Linda's muff and pushed her tongue inside the warm slit and began to burrow deep into the desirable hole.
Linda let out a heavy sigh as Sam used her teeth to nibble on her clit.
Just when it seemed that she would climax in Samantha's mouth Eddie interrupted them.

"Ever seen one of these?"

Now Eddie had gone to his drawer and pulled out a very large and very thick double ended dildo.
Twelve inches in length it heavily veined with two identical bulbous heads shaped to resemble the male glans.

"Now what the fuck? Where did you get that!"

"In a sex shop in Soho. The guy serving gave me the most peculiar look.

"What do we do?" Asked Linda who took the thing and let it wobble back and forth in her fist."

"Both of you get on the sofa and kneel down facing away from each other, bum to bum."

"Like this?"

Eddie could not believe it as the two stunning models lined up, ass cheek to ass cheek.
With a throbbing dick he took one end of the dildo and placed it at Sam's pussy.
He inserted the head into her wetness and looked into her face.

Although she was ready for it Sam shuddered as Eddie pushed the plastic cock lengthwise inside her sopping wet pussy.
He pushed slowly but surely until Samantha had a good six inches up her quim.

Linda clambered up onto the sofa and then stuck her ass up in the air opposite Sam's quivering butt.
Eddie held the other end of the false cock up until Linda was close enough to accept the end of it.
She backed up by shifting on her knees and sighed as six glorious inches was embedded in her cunt.

"Okay you two. Fuck each other."

The horny sluts did not need any encouragement and Eddie moved in with the camcorder as the sofa rocked to their gyrations.
Sam was the most energetic and Eddie was quick on the scene to reinsert her end when it slipped out of her greasy muff.

They pushed back at each other and as their pussies devoured their ends of the dildo their bottoms bumped against the other.
At first Linda let Samantha control the gliding movements and the striking brunette gasped as the dildo slid in and out of her.

Linda lost it and furiously impaled herself on the generous false cock.
Sam reciprocated and rapidly slammed back so that the double dildo was buried all the way up her snatch.

Eddie was enthralled as he looked into Sam's half closed eyes.
Linda looked exquisitely sexy as she made a big O with her mouth and whipped her hair around in delight.

Both moaned and whimpered as they fucked each other with quicker thrusts back.
Their big tits bounced under them as their heavy slams into each other drove the double cock deep into their quivering cunts.
The big sex toy was by now drizzled in pussy sweat and glistened under Eddie's one studio spotlight.

"Oh, fuck! I think...I think, I'm gonna cum."

Samantha came first and her lust crazed scream filled Eddie's ears.
Her pussy made little farts as her labia foamed and bubbled around the plastic shaft.

"Me too!" Cried Linda as the dildo pushed her to her limit.

The simultaneous orgasm caused them both to collapse and the twelve inch monster fell onto the carpet by Eddie's feet as they smothered their convulsing cunts in their hands.

"That was amazing! Almost like the real thing."

For Eddie, hearing Samantha utter those words, made the sexual tension unbearable and he just had to fuck the both of them.
He lined them up, side by side on the carpet at the foot of the sofa, and paused to admire the provoking sight of two juicy pussies poking out between their upturned bottoms.

"You gonna fuck us, or what?" Asked the impatient Samantha Fox looking over her left shoulder.

Eddie made some sort of grunt in reply and chose the saucy cow first.
He shoved his engorged knob into her sodden pussy and gasped at the sensational feel of her love tunnel sucking in his entire length.

"Holy shit!" He said as he held her glorious tits in his mitts.

Linda bumped her friends hip as she watched Eddie slam his rampant dick in and out of the squealing blonde.
His balls slapped against her backside audibly as he pushed/pulled the diminutive model onto his boner.

"I was wrong, Lin. You can't beat a hot length of real cock."

Eddie thought himself blessed as he gazed at Sam's heart shaped ass with his rigid rod disappearing up into her pussy.
He glanced to his right to observe Linda's equally hot bod and he withdrew from a disappointed Sam to zip in behind his current lover.

He squeezed her buttocks and kissed her cheeks gently, one by one. Something that she loved.
Then he nibbled her pussy lips from behind before blowing a warm stream of air on her dark bush.

"Sweet mercy!" She hissed as her thighs trembled in delight.

Eddie used his bell end to stab at her hole and then her folds parted to accept him.
With an almighty thrust he was all inside her incredible cunt, and as she gasped and he panted they both rotated their hips in a hot fuck.

"Oh, my goodness!"

He held her plush bottom firmly as he pistoned in and out at a fast rate.
It was like fucking a warm tube of jelly as each push in made the brunette give a sharp yelp of pleasure.

Then he pulled out abruptly and moved back to a grateful Samantha who immediately pushed back at him as he drilled her hard and deep.
He was rougher with her as he mercilessly gave her his entire cock.

"Turn around, my darlings. I'm gonna hurl."

He pulled back and jerked his dick as both Samantha and Linda presented their massive tits up for a target.

Sam winked at Linda and made a deep valley of her torpedo jugs and caressed his dick with those natural wonders.
What a sight! His stiff pole stroking in and out as she flicked out her tongue to pass fleeting contact with his swollen tip.

Linda caught his eye and he shifted cleavage and pushed uo into her soft pillows of desire.
He and she kept eye contact as his cock was squeezed in her tunnel of flesh.

Eddie dug his toes into the carpet and simply thrust up over and over, marvelling at her juggling globes around his slick tool.
He grunted and threw his head back, keeping his cock still with the head poking up through her substantial pair.

Eddie was a gusher and his first spurt hit Linda on her neck and chin, dribbling down her chest bone.
His next ejaculation splattered both her boobs and left drops of white on her tanned skin.
He had time to turn to his left and sent a stream of cum across Samantha's held up boobs, coating them both in a thick layer of goo.

"Look at the mess he made of my fucking tits, Linda. Dirty bastard!"

Sam chuckled and bumped breasts with Linda like they were two pairs of battering rams!

"Boom, boom. Gotcha! Gotcha!"

Eddie scratched his head at the two of them tit ramming.

"'Ere! What about the tape then?" Wondered Samantha as she sat up.

"You know what? I could make a pretty penny by selling this to the News of the World Sunday newspaper."

Eddie laughed as he held up the cassette in the air and dodged the grabbing hands of the two models.
A picture of curvaceous tits bouncing and jiggling in his face.

Would he dare?

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Re: Erotic Adventures of Samantha Fox and Linda Lusardi
« Reply #6 on: March 24, 2020, 07:15:45 PM »
Wow, this really made my Sunday.

First off, huge, huge thanks for writing something with these two legends. They are all time greats of Page 3 and before my generation, but I knew of Sam Fox and quite liked her. She was a pretty good singer too. Loved the titfuck with her, that was awesome!  :D You have no idea how grateful I am right now to have this story on here along with all the others of Page 3 UK glamour babes.
Many thanks for kudos, I think joining this site was a good idea. And I have a whole bunch of ideas for these two to come. If only there were 25 hours in a day!

Fantastic stuff! Just my era of Page 3 as well :-) If you ever want to throw in a few more girls then Donna Ewin or Rachel Garley would be my picks! Hope you write some more.
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Re: Erotic Adventures of Samantha Fox and Linda Lusardi
« Reply #7 on: March 26, 2020, 03:49:12 PM »
Before I read the other chaters, I just wanted to say it's nice seeing and reading about throwback models. Never knew either of them existed until now. My favorite is absolutely Samantha Fox. The fact that she was 18 with big tits shaped like torpedoes is a huge turn on.

A really fantastic first chapter and I'm looking forward to reading about the rest of their naughty adventures.
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Re: Erotic Adventures of Samantha Fox and Linda Lusardi
« Reply #8 on: March 28, 2020, 03:31:58 AM »
The rest of the chapters were equally filthy and good as the first!  :))

You doing throwback models actually got me to thinking about some of my favorite models from back in the day. Never got to see them fuck on camera, so it would be a nice fantasy to write about it.
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Re: Erotic Adventures of Samantha Fox and Linda Lusardi
« Reply #9 on: March 28, 2020, 10:10:08 PM »
The rest of the chapters were equally filthy and good as the first!  :))

You doing throwback models actually got me to thinking about some of my favorite models from back in the day. Never got to see them fuck on camera, so it would be a nice fantasy to write about it.

So who were some of your favourites then?


Re: Erotic Adventures of Samantha Fox and Linda Lusardi
« Reply #10 on: March 29, 2020, 02:41:44 AM »
The rest of the chapters were equally filthy and good as the first!  :))

You doing throwback models actually got me to thinking about some of my favorite models from back in the day. Never got to see them fuck on camera, so it would be a nice fantasy to write about it.

So who were some of your favourites then?

The five I have in mind right now are Tundi Horvath, Mary Waters, Devon Daniels, Roberta Pedon, and Jeannine Oldfield. Samantha Fox made the list  :D


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