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Author Topic: Bree Olson, American Puma, part Two  (Read 910 times)


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Bree Olson, American Puma, part Two
« on: February 28, 2020, 12:12:14 AM »

Bree Olson peered around the darkened bedroom door and saw the happy couple asleep in the big bed. Hours earlier her niece Elsa had married Eddie at the West Hollywood home of the former porn star, now turned web star, and had turned in after a long day.

Still mad at her aunt for seducing her groom only an hour before the ceremony, Elsa had brooded and seethed all afternoon. The guests had no idea of what had occurred and the reception had been a success.

Elsa had removed her wedding dress at the first opportunity and Eddie was left in no doubt his marriage would not be consummated this night. The pair was due to fly to Hawaii the next evening and this would be the final night they would stay in the home of Bree.

The bombshell blonde had enjoyed her little tryst with Eddie, her first full on fuck in a while, and wanted a second slice of him. She gazed at the whippet lean man as he laid on his back under a thin sheet.

As he shifted in his sleep Bree caught a tantalising glimpse of his naked body as the sheet slipped off him. Beside him, on her right side, Elsa flicked the sheet from her shoulder, she had a simple plain tee and skimpy white panties. One hand rested on her belly while the other was raised over her head.

Bree herself wore an exotic black baby doll nightie that was about an inch decent, her shapely butt virtually exposed due to the high cut of the hem. Her full 34D breasts were only just shrouded in the lace.

She entered on tip toe, her cute bare feet cut a line in the thick carpet as she put a hand to the mans naked form. He was semi hard and Bree touched his cock and stroked him. Eddie woke with a start and she gave him her high wattage smile.

"What the? Bree, the hell you doing?"

"Hush now, I just want to suck your cock one more time." She whispered.

She took hold of his semi erect prick in her left fist and squeezed. He spread his right hand to his slumbering bride of six hours and shrugged. Bree straddled the surprised man and drew her satin front and lace nightie off over her body by opening the front clasp.


Her mouth watering natural tits popped out and Eddie felt a rush of blood to his knob. With her infectious grin on her lips she leaned forward as he looked into her dark brown eyes and wrapped his strong arms around her slender waist. Their mouths met as he pulled her to him and the kiss grew ever passionate as they gave in to their lustful desires.

"Wait, just wait, surely we can't do it here, are you crazy?" He said in hushed tones.

As if in answer Elsa moved in her sleep and the pair of them froze. Bree took the opportunity to shift his hands to her rump as she reached between them and grabbed his hard on.

The former porn star turned web personality crawled down and opened her moist lips and his cock disappeared inside her hot mouth. As he hardened so she tightened her lips and he moaned into his palm as he smothered his face.

Bree cupped his balls as she began to take him in deeper, feeling him slide all the way to her tonsils. Eddie writhed under her, barely inches from the sleeping bride, as he was slowly fucked by the blondes mouth.

He wasn't idle and caressed her shapely ass, then he felt her respond and she parted her legs for him. Gently he fingered her pussy with the already freely flowing juices and their combined stifled moans were the only thing to be heard in the cool bedroom.

Bree continued to suck his huge cock as she pumped his shaft at the same time pausing only once when Eddie slid one finger up her anus. She squeaked and pushed back as her excitement built then sucked on the thick member more urgently. Eddie gave a wicked smile as he inserted a second finger into her asshole and she cried out as softly as she could.

Together they pleasured each other, his fingers deep in her ass, his organ deep in her throat. Then, unable to wait any longer Bree Olson leaned back and lowered her pink and wet pussy onto his lap.

She rocked her hips a few times then drove herself down onto his rigid pole sweeping her golden locks either side of her face. Without further ado she bounced up and down with her back arched, her tits up. Eddie cupped the perfect boobs and the hard nipples poked between his fingers, his hips thrust up and he pushed inside of her deeper.

Bree panted and moaned between pursed lips as Eddie looked to his right to check on Elsa. This is what she wanted, his hot meat deep inside, pounding her, fucking her cunt. Their breathing became shorter and faster and their bodies became hotter and hotter as Bree rode him like a crazy woman.

Elsa stirred and rolled over to face the rutting couple. Eddie put a finger to his lips and Bree rolled off and hid on the floor beside the bed.

"Alright honey? He asked the slim blonde.

She looked at him with half lidded eyes and saw her new groom on top of the sheet with his boner pointing to the ceiling erect and twitching.

"Idiot! I'm not fucking you tonight."

Elsa turned her back and began to snore lightly straight away.

Bree poked her face over the edge of the bed and grinned, her cute nose wrinkled, as she got back on the bed. She laid on her back and spread her meaty legs for him, anxious to feel his tongue down there. His fingers stroked the damp slit a few times and then put one finger inside.

Her head came up and she watched as he covered her pussy with his warm mouth and she felt his tongue split her outer lips and enter her. With his other hand he reached beneath her ass and lifted her to his face. She threaded her fingers in his hair and bucked up as he went to work on her dripping pussy.

Her body pulsed and she loved the warm breath on her flesh. Bree released his hair and started to pull the sheet off the mattress.

"That is amazing," she babbled, desperate to keep the noise down.

Bree sighed and curled her toes as he climbed over her and put his bobbing prick against her wetness, the labia so smooth and so swollen. His body fitted perfectly between her legs as she tilted her lower region for him and then with a pelvic push he was in, her arms came around his neck as he gave her little strokes.

Each move made him enter a bit more than before, then a little more until he was halfway in. Then he shoved hard and buried his pole right up until his balls were against her asshole.

Her legs came up and he grabbed her ankles and lifted them high, bending them back to her head. Bree's pussy opened right up and Eddie plunged in and fucked her fast, her body lifted almost all the way off the bed.

As he supported her with one arm he buried his full length deep in her quim and pounded her with a wanton force. The night light in the hallway just outside the open bedroom door played out a shadowy haze on their heaving bodies as the grateful man fucked the blonde beauty hard. He lost focus of everything except shoving his hard cock in the beautiful puma.

"Oh baby, Elsa doesn't know what she's missing, hee hee."

Bree dropped her legs and kicked them out, her right very nearly connected with Elsa. Eddie held the sheet under her sexy body in bunched fists as his slick cock plunged in and out.

The combined perspiration made Bree slip and slide under him as he filled her with every concerted stroke of his rod, and the vixen welcomed every glorious inch, her tunnel milking him greedily.
Her arms came up to his neck and with a heady moan dug her nails into his flesh.

"Turn me over babe." She said as she looked up.

Eddie pulled her curvy body up and dragged his fingertips across her buttocks. He was filled with a overwhelming desire to smack her ass, but dare not due to Elsa right beside.

Positioned directly behind Bree as she assumed a doggy position he inhaled deeply at the sight of her cunt peeping out from her plump cheeks. With eyes shut he pushed on in.

Bree squealed and pressed her upper body into the pillows and moaned into the fluffy fabric as he drove his groin against the perfect curve of her ass. Eddie pressed on her back which raised her butt up even more and when he ran a finger down the entire length of her spine she experienced a mini orgasm.

Her big butt jiggled as he gripped her hips and fucked her fast, his groin slapped against her with soft sounds. Eddie rammed into her easily, pumping her pussy with hard thrusts with an almost vicious manner, his balls hit her pussy lips with each thrust up.

"Oh, damn you, it's so good."

Eddie was delirious with lust and spurred on by her moans lifted her right leg up in a strong grip level with his hip. Bree bent her leg at the knee and curled her tiny foot around the back of his neck as she balanced on her elbows.

"Yes, yes, oh yes you devil!" She whispered.

With an effort Eddie held her upper thigh in his right hand and his left came around her right hip. Raised up on his feet his balls slapped on her upturned pussy which sent waves of pleasure through the dizzy blonde.

She looked back at him and gave a short sharp cry and covered her mouth barely a second later. They froze once more and observed Elsa still asleep.

"Don't stop now, I need cock!"

He sped up with steady deep thrusts, his pelvis like a blur. He gripped her by the waist as he fucked her and watched fascinated by her big butt that jiggled erotically. Both her hands held on tightly to the headboard as he fucked her with total aggression knowing that this would be their final time in bed.

Bree knew she was near her peak, just a few more lunges, just a few more would get her off. He felt her body tense and Bree felt a strong tingling in her cunt that spread up her spine and then all over.

Bree Olson was a screamer in bed, don't forget.

This time was no exception and her orgasm caused the hot blonde to wail and yell, driven crazy with pleasure, as Eddie continued to fuck her hard, then he too came and his hot seed splashed inside her.

They both pushed on each other until his balls were empty. A mixture of her honey and his semen flowed out down her left thigh as the spent man pulled out.

"What! The! Fuck!"

Elsa loomed over them as the glowing pair wilted and laid out side by side.

"Oh, hi Elsa, did we wake you?" Said Bree sheepishly.

"You are both disgusting! Look at you!"

Elsa got to her feet and went to the bedroom door.

"That's it, I'm done. Eddie? You can stick this marriage right up your ass!"

She stormed off, slamming the door behind her.

"Gee, is she always this grouchy in the morning?" Bree asked Eddie as she put her nightie back on.


Bree sat by the pool in a skimpy black bikini and sipped on a long cool drink.

The adorable five foot three beauty with the summer blonde hair had her dreamy pale legs crossed as she fanned herself from the midday heat.

Her tiny bottoms with the side ties sat on her hips and emphasized her ass perfectly. The top was clingy, thin and low cut and her natural firm breasts spread either side of her upper body, her wide brown eyes were covered by large frame sunglasses.

Beside her on a long deck chair under the big canopy was her niece, Elsa, in a one piece black and olive swimsuit.

The petite long haired eighteen year old girl had flown to Hawaii, a trip that was meant to be her honeymoon with her new groom, with whom she had broken up with only hours after the wedding ceremony. Bree had joined her, firstly to keep her company, and secondly to apologise for her behaviour in recent days.

The pair of them were staying in the Hapuna Beach Prince Hotel overlooking the ocean. They had a suite with bright sunlight that came through the large window, a balcony that overlooked the pool plus flat screen tv and wet bar. Downstairs was a spa, gym, hot tub and three restaurants.

"Mmm, it looks so nice here, I love it." Said Bree.

"Yeah, it's beautiful."

"So, how are you, are we cool Elsa?"

"I guess I should have seen it coming, things were not exciting in bed anymore, he wasn't turning me on, and I presume it was the same for him." Elsa sighed.

"So you don't blame me for seducing him?" Wondered Bree who had fucked Eddie twice in the twenty four hours before the ceremony.

"No, I don't blame you, I know you had it rough with Charlie, that bastard!"

Elsa put her face in her hands.

"Fuck! My sex life is awful!" She began to sob.

"Hush babe, trust me I can make you feel better."

Bree had been off men for a considerable time and has just gotten interested in cock again only recently.

As she commiserated with her niece a waiter came over and refreshed their drinks. The buxom blonde lowered her shades and gave the black man her farm girl smile which made her apple blossom cheeks blush. He was over six feet tall, burly and fit with a boy next door look.

"Thank you Justin."

Elsa dried her eyes as she glanced at the man too, who nodded and walked off.

"Hey listen, you see that black guy who just served us? Well last night I gave him a quick blowjob, hee hee."

"No way!" Said the brown haired girl.

"Sure did, black guys always did turn me on. There's just something about them."

"Wait, me too! It's always been a fantasy of mine to sleep with a black man. Was, was he big down there?"

Elsa pointed downwards with a finger.

"Huge! I could hardly fit him in my mouth!"

Elsa laughed, her mood had lightened somewhat.

"I'll tell you what, I was planning on fucking him tonight, why don't you join us?"

"I don't know about that Bree, I'm so tiny."

Elsa was indeed a petite girl blessed with a slender frame, tinkerbelle tits and oh so perfect nipples. Her porcelain white skin gave her a wholesome and fresh look.

"Come on. You need some fun, besides you can just watch if you like."

Elsa pondered and drank her drink as she crossed her bare legs and watched the guests swimming.


Later in the suite, Bree held Justin in a tight embrace as they necked. He was still in his waiter outfit of white shirt under a grey vest and grey slacks, she still in her bikini. The lamps were on low, and the big room was cool and airy with the window open.

"This is Elsa, who is just gonna watch us fuck. She hasn't decided if she is ready to join us yet, lets convince her."

They kissed some more as the tall man let his hands settle on her wide hips. Bree caressed his solid wall of a chest as their tongues wriggled around each others. His larger lips smothered hers as they stood right in front the mesmerised Elsa.

"Mmm, I like the way you kiss, just like I loved your big cock in my mouth last night. I want more. Why don't we show Elsa how big it is?"

The brunette sat on the three seat sofa and licked her lips as Bree rubbed the mans crotch with her left hand. It felt like a blackjack under his pants and Bree couldn't help herself as she pressed her hips forward and rubbed her burning loins against his groin.

She peered into his face with her smoky brown eyes as she pushed hard on him.

"You know I frigged my pussy so hard in bed this morning thinking about all that cum you shot in my mouth last night, and I want more."

She bent down onto her knees and undid his trouser belt, then quickly unzipped his fly and released the massive ebony python.

"Wow, it's fucking enormous!" Whispered Elsa with wide eyes.

She stared intently at his magnificent erection that seemed gigantic against his slim hips. Bree grinned and inhaled deeply as she closed her mouth over the tapered head, then she licked all up the underside as she held it upright and wetted it to her satisfaction. Her lips drew back and five inches of his rampant cock entered her open mouth.

Justin let his slacks drop to his shoes and then he shed his vest and shirt to reveal a fine muscled torso and washboard stomach. Elsa was highly impressed, not to mention highly turned on, and started to rub her pussy.

The hungry blond honey ran her tongue all around the purple head and licked the heavily veined shaft again all the way down to the ball sack.

His bony fingers flicked her fine hair from her pretty face as she moved up and down his erect prick.

Just like the previous night he was amazed at how she could suck him and smile at the same time. She gurgled and slobbered until the man groaned when her teeth scraped his sensitive tip.

Bree stood and brought the triangle bikini top from over her neck and freed up her rounded tits, and his dark hands brushed them as they popped out. The nipples were already hard with excitement.

Then she undid the side ties of her scrunch bottoms and pulled them off, her plump pussy mound protruded from between her upper thighs. The woman just oozed sex appeal.

"Come on honey, come on, over here and try this." She beckoned to her niece who slowly strolled over.

Bree stood naked behind Elsa who got to her knees and brought her face level with the black mans groin. The big monster stood out straight as a poker, thick, smooth and twitchy. She could feel the heat radiate from him.

"Go on touch it, feel how hard it is."

Elsa took hold of the giant prick in both hands and rubbed from the base to halfway up on the shaft.

"Squeeze it tight, yeah, feel that girth in your fingers. Now stick out your tongue."

The teenager hesitated as Bree stroked her shiny long hair.

"Just lick the tip sweetie."

Elsa flattened her tongue and gave the mushroom sized crown a long swipe.

"Good work! That's one, try another."

Elsa repeated her lick and then boldly put the fat head past her pursed lips. With her hands still wrapped around the nine inch shaft she bobbed her head and sucked on the knob end several times with undisguised yummy sounds. It tasted rich and salty at the same time as she took in as much as was humanly possible.

Bree placed her left hand over Elsa's and together they rubbed faster and faster on the black bone as dribble seeped out of Elsa's mouth and down her chin.

"Look Justin, isn't that fun?"

"Sure is from where I'm standing." He laughed, hands on his narrow hips.

Elsa warmed up and sucked on the cock harder, moaning loudly as her mouth took in two more inches of hot meat. Bree rubbed her shaven cunt with her right hand, very aroused, as Elsa came up for air and coughed.

"Here Justin, lie on the bed."

He did so and settled on his back on the king sized bed, his hands behind his head, his cock pointing up to the ceiling. The bright electric lights from outside shone their light through the open window and onto the walls.

Elsa pulled on the left spaghetti strap of her swimsuit and slid her arm out, then did the same to the right and peeled the polyester costume off her tight little figure. She didn't have wide hips but her ass curved nicely.

The two women laid on their bellies and Bree was first to place her mouth on the end of his dark meat. Her head worked back and forth on the first three inches, inhaling and sucking with great concentration.

She gave her jaw a rest after a while and Elsa took over, locking eyes with Justin as she attempted to take his tool in deeper. Bree started to lick his balls and tickle his scrotum which made him squirm on his butt.

"That tickles." He said.

Elsa gave out a big drool of spit that left her lips and fell onto his bell end and then the little minx smeared the drool all over his cock.

She rubbed it with her slender fist as Bree came close and gave the tip a tiny kiss. With alternative attention both girls blew him, and on occasion they kissed each other and shared their mutual spit.

They separated from each other and a string of saliva joined their lips together until it broke and wet the cleavage of Bree.

"He's hung like a big bar of chocolate!" Elsa giggled.

"Except his cock doesn't melt in your mouth!" Bree moved back onto the bed, her twat positively dripping.

"Come on Justin, I want you to bury that fucking cock in my pussy."

The blonde bombshell settled on her back, hips raised and legs up and wide, her succulent snatch given up like a winning prize.

"You ready to watch that big cock inside me babe?" Elsa nodded enthralled.

Justin ran his fingers over the puffy lips and her billowing folds, then he poked two digits into the moist quim.

"Yesssss!" She hissed.

Bree moved her hips and pressed up, then gasped as his thumb drew her hard clit out and dragged it to and fro. The breathless blonde put her forefinger to her lip and bit down as she shivered in delight.

"Fuck me puppy, fuck me." She begged.

The tall man settled between her upper thighs and sank his stiff cock inside with ease. He paused a third of the way in and shifted his weight then gave mini thrusts that brought desperate moans from the ex porn star.

"Deeper, deeper."

He dropped lower and took her big pillows in both hands and squeezed them. Justin moved with more haste, working his prick in deeper with each stroke. Her feet came up on the small of his back and tried to pull him in further.

"Oh it's big inside of me, oh fuck!"

Elsa leaned over Bree and traced a finger down her neck as she studied the face of the stuffed woman.

"Kiss me." Breathed Bree.

The two women planted their lips on each others as Justin plunged on in with steady, even strokes. His hands were on the bed either side of Bree, her legs held up by his forearms.

Elsa went down and began to lick the exposed clit of Bree as she was fucked with long strokes, he, withdrawing all the way to the head before plunging up with force. As he slid back and forth he felt her roll her hips, matching his grinds with moves of her own.

Bree tightened her grip around his back as he increased the speed of his thrusts into her hot, slippery pussy.

"Fuck...harder...faster." Bree babbled lost in the intimacy of the sex.

Justin stopped and laid on top of the lustful blonde and relished the feel of her cunt around his pole, then he slowly pulled out and set his black snake on her belly, the full erection almost went past her navel.

"Lick my pussy darlin'."

He nodded and brought his face down to her juicy cunt and kissed up and down the bald labia lightly.

"Oh you devil!" She moaned.

He opened her already gaping lips and pushed his long tongue inside and lapped away. He was amazed at how sweet she tasted, even after having his meaty pole right up her.

Elsa pawed at her milk balloons as Bree squirmed on her cute ass, her clit licked and flicked without pause.

Then when a big middle finger joined the assault an overwhelming pleasure rushed through her body. Her head came up as he hit her g-spot and she clenched on him with her pussy muscles, humping his finger as he massaged the front wall of her cunt.

Well known for being a screamer in bed Bree yelled at the top of her lungs as she was brought to orgasm. Justin kept on fingering her as her pussy exploded as she came really hard. then she relaxed and her body went limp.

"That was incredible!" She panted.

"Elsa, come on, I wanna see him fuck you. You've already had him in your mouth so you may as well."

Justin drew back and Bree rolled away and left the indented spot on the bed for her niece. Elsa giggled like a little girl as she assumed the exact same position as her aunt.

"That's it honey, spread those legs." Justin's cock bounced up and down in front of him.

The limber young brunette bent her left leg at the knee and brought it up to her shoulder as the hard black man pointed his pecker at her brown pubes.

"Just tease me a minute, I've never had such a big prick inside of me."

"Aaah bless, your first BBC, don't worry, I'll help you."

Bree held his thick girth and placed it right at her pink pussy wallet and let the tip push in just a little.

"Oh my goodness, I'm stretched already!" She exclaimed.

Bree let out a long spit ball from her lips and let it fall onto the mans bell end as he rubbed the fat head along the outer lips.

Then she looked into the dark and brooding eyes of the horny man and winked at him. Justin pushed forward with his hips and sent an inch inside Elsa, quickly followed by another.

"Bree, I can't take any more!" Her eyes were wide, her breath ragged.

"Sure you can, it's natural, relax and let Justin take over."

Bree rubbed the girls clit as he moved back and forth, his arms behind him, his chest out. He began to slide in easier, oiled up by her natural juices that flowed freely. Her pussy felt impossibly tight, soft, smooth and hot too.

"That feels so, gooooood!"

"Like it sweetie?"

"So, THICK!" Elsa sobbed as her pussy walls parted to accommodate the massive rod.

The girl leaned back and supported herself on both elbows, her pointy tits raised skyward.

Her black lover pumped her slowly, laying on her with only his pelvis moving. Each time he entered her she took a deep intake of breath and grabbed bunches of sheet in her balled fists.

Justin pulled out and smacked the ebony club on her mound a couple of times as Elsa watched with her big green eyes. Then he surprised her as he rammed back in and gave her a taste of his full length.

"Son of a bitch! This cock is unreal!" She yelled as he began to fuck her fast.

"Way to go boy, fuck that pussy!"

Justin held her right leg up and placed it on his left shoulder.

"Oh Bree, I can't believe I can take it all in!"

Elsa arched her back as the incredible friction of his large weapon created the most heavenly throbbing inside her.

"How about try it from behind?"

Elsa chuckled, "Bree, you are so wicked!"

Justin let her leg down and Elsa spun around and bent over onto all fours.

"Let me lick that fucking cock a little."

Bree Olson swallowed the shiny prick and sucked on it with frantic bobs of her head as it rested on the ass crack of the brunette girl. The blonde had her chin on the upturned butt as she deep throated him.

Justin was extremely excited by now and began to face fuck Bree with hard pelvic thrusts. Bree salivated strongly and the drool dripped down the butt cleavage of the younger woman.

"Ooooh, I like that!" She squealed.

"If you like that, get a load of this!"

Bree fed the quivering pole into Elsa's pink vertical smile and she yelped at the intrusion.

Justin held onto the hips of Elsa and pulled her back as he hammered into her. She couldn't believe how long his thrusts were, his length was so big.

Despite the fact he was the biggest cock she ever had she pushed back on him as hard as she was able. Elsa had always enjoyed being fucked from behind, but this was something else.

Bree came around to her face and stared intently into her eyes as the petite beauty bucked to and fro, her brow prickled by perspiration.

"Oh my word, he's giving it ALL to me Bree!"

"Is it good?"

"Uh huh, it's so good, it's so good, it's so good!"

Justin rocked her like she was his personal sex toy as he filled her slick cunt with his twitching cock.

His hands gripped a pert buttock in each hand as he plunged further inside. Elsa licked her lips and then her breath was stuck in her throat when she felt a finger start to rub her clitoris.

The combined stimulation of finger and prick was too great and the young brunette came hard.

"He fucking made me cum Bree! I need to lie down!"

Bree looked up at the face of the rampant man as Elsa rolled away and left the stiff cocked man still on his knees.

"Don't cum yet, I want to get fucked some more." Said Bree.

"I'd be happy to oblige." He grinned and rubbed his cock in his right fist.

Bree knelt down and he entered her hurriedly. His hands wound around her waist and he began to pull her to him and then push her away as he moved in and out at a fast pace. The more forceful he became, the more his nails dug into her pale flesh.

"That cock fill you up baby?"

"You bet!" Whimpered Bree.

Justin pulled out and left her hanging. She pouted and looked around, her cunt dripping fluid.

"Don't be a tease, fuck that pussy!"

The black stud drove back in all the way and drew an enormous gasp from deep within her. She cast a glance behind her, eyes narrowed, lips parted, then he pushed down on her shoulders and Bree held onto the headboard as she was pounded with pure aggression.

"That's it, yes! Treat me like the slut I am."

Bree flexed her thigh muscles and pulled herself forward to let his cock slide in deep, and the angle they of entry meant Justin felt his prick scrape even stronger against her pussy walls.

He marvelled at the erotic ripple of her fleshy buttocks with every one of his power slams. Her hair was perfect, her skin was perfect, not to mention her wonderfully rounded ass.

"Ooh, yeah, fuck!"

Justin kept going, every inch of him buried inside the wanton slut, his big balls brushing her pussy. Bree felt a finger slide down the cleft of her buttocks and tease her asshole, all the time his cock pumped her. She purred and another of her special smiles spread across her face. Elsa crawled beside them and played with herself.

"Wanna see me ride him?" Bree said between deep breaths.

"Can you take him all in?" Wondered her niece.

Justin sat back on his haunches and Bree backed up to his glistening frame and straddled his lap. She reached under herself and pointed his pole at her parted slit.

With great skill the blonde bombshell let some saliva escape and run down his length, then very slowly she eased down, his dark hands cupped her soft globes of flesh as she hovered over him.

Together they lowered the blonde until his upright cock sank inside her with an obscene slurping sound.

"Delightful." She cooed as she started to bounce up and down with her head cocked to the right.

Bree's hot, wet cunt sent a rush of indescribable pleasure along the whole length of his shaft as the bouncing blonde pushed down on him with small movements.

Her hips jerked to and fro in his inserted prick, her wetness lubricating his stiff cock along with her spit. She dropped her head forwards, her milky white thighs slapping on his dark legs.

"Don't stop baby."

"What was that?" Bree paused with him still embedded in her honey pot.

"Keep going." He pleaded.

"Tell me louder."

"DON'T STOP!" He cried and gripped her about the waist.

"Alright, hee, hee." She giggled in that sexy, flirty way of hers.

Bree felt like a naughty schoolgirl as she ground her butt on him, her movements ever more frantic.

"I love it, I love it, I love it, you have no idea!"

She swept her long hair over her right shoulder and milked him for all she was worth, eyes closed, breathing laboured, the sound of her sopping pussy made erotic slurping sounds.

The experienced blonde puma had incredible control of her body and bore down on him with each gyration of her lower body, never allowing his stiff cock to slip out more than an inch or two.

"Oh Elsa, I'm gonna cum."

The young brunette saw the small muscles in her back tense as Bree half shouted, half moaned as she pushed down as hard as she could. A spectacular shiver went down her spine and she trembled and twitched with a smooth roll of her hips. She recovered quickly and turned her head.

"Please baby, cum inside of me, please, please."

"You want it in your hot pussy?"

"Oh yes, deep inside of me."

Justin cheekily grabbed her silky hair and pulled her head back and jolted. His thick creamy seed spewed out of his pulsing hose and drenched her cunt. Stream after stream of his hot release rose up from his big balls.

The pair of them held still for a very long second then collapsed side by side on the bed. Elsa jumped up and joined them laughing as the three of them hugged close.

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