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Author Topic: Erotic Adventures of the Page Three girls  (Read 9325 times)


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Re: Erotic Adventures of the Page Three girls
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Debee Ashby up next I fancy.
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Re: Erotic Adventures of the Page Three girls
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Wow  =P~ =P~ What a dream team of Lu and Samantha!

I wouldn't mind being the meat in their sandwich  ;D
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Re: Erotic Adventures of the Page Three girls
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Wait until you read my next, Debee Ashby with Tracey Neve.

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Re: Erotic Adventures of the Page Three girls
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London, 1985. Featuring Debee Ashby and Tracey Neve.

It wasn't all glamour and glitz being a page three topless model.
In fact, it wasn't just about exclusively appearing on page three for most of the ambitious young fillies, most has other jobs on the side to pay the bills.

Debee Ashby had discovered the harsh truth that it was bloody hard work trying to make it in the modeling game.
At age seventeen she had first been featured on the page three of The Sun newspaper and she had immediately been offered heaps of money to go full frontal for the so called top shelf glossy magazines.

She had resisted so far but had relented some by going from her natural dark hair to being a blonde. Didn't someone say that blondes had all the fun?

The past few months had been all go as Debee agreed to make the odd appearance as a kissogram girl.
Her agent had connections with a kissogram agency who specialised in hiring only the most busty of models.
It brought in much needed cash and kept the wolves from the door.

Debee had been hired to dress up in a saucy schoolgirl outfit complete with white shirt, necktie and short tartan skirt.
The five foot five stunner had chosen a pair of knee high white socks to complete the daring look.
Having a natural and very ample 37DD cup bust, it was a bit of a strain for her thin shirt to keep her tits in check.

The octogenarian gentleman who had paid for the service was named Sir Giles Streeb-Greebley, or was it Greeb-Streebley?
Anyway, Debee turned up at the stuffy and ancient St. James's Gentlemen's Club in South West London at the rather early hour of four in the afternoon.

Tucked away from the hustle and bustle of London's main attractions was this exclusive member's club, up and running for more than 250 years.
Here were the upper echelons of society enjoying sanctuary and the chance to unwind over a few drinks and like company.

Debs presumed most of the wily old chaps needed an afternoon nap in order to sleep off a half bottle of Port soon after lunch.
The doorman at the club entrance in West London read the printed card that Debee handed over and with his nose in the air admitted her to the men only club interior.

She had a grey mackintosh over her costume and none of the seemingly boring old farts batted an eyelid as she sought out Sir Giles.
She found him in a darkened corner with his nose buried in a copy of the Financial Times.

"Sir Giles?"


The elderly fellow with greying temples and thick spectacles raised his head slowly and peered over the top of the glasses.

"I'm Debee. From the agency."

"Ho, yes. Quite. What, what?"

"Who is it I need to visit?"

"Ha! Yes, the kissogram, what a lark! What, what?"

Sir Giles stood up and pointed a thumb over his shoulder.

"See those two chaps over yonder? Richards and Johnson. Thought it would be a jolly fun to play a joke on them. A bit of light relief, eh? What? What?"

Debee stifled a yawn as she listened to the tedious blathering of the old git. The sooner this is over the better, she thought.
She tottered over on her high heel shoes and stood in front of the pair of unknowing club members.

They were sitting in big leather chairs by a fireplace which was next to heaving bookshelves.
The walls all had a medium tone wood panelling and low lit table lamps.
They were in deep conversation about some stocks or shares or something as Debee loudly cleared her throat and interrupted them.

"Mister Johnson? And Mister Richards?"

"What of it? Bloody hell!" The chap called Richards nearly choked on his expensive cigar as Debee opened her raincoat and unveiled her outfit.

She put her straw hat on her head and stood back to let them take in her raunchy outfit. That of a rather mature looking student.

"Have a nice day!" She declared and flashed them her baby blue eyes.

Debee kissed one of the startled men on the cheek, and then the other on the nose.
Then she began a sexy roll of her hips as she started to slowly unbutton her blouse.

Sir Giles whooped loudly as he looked on close by and nearly choked when Debee revealed her titanic boobs and shook then energetically from side to side.
The gobsmacked gentlemen's eyes virtually popped out when she thrust the huge boobs into Mister Johnson's face and jiggled them fast.

"Splendid fun, what? What?" Applauded Sir Giles.

Debee went further and turned her back to Mister Richards, lifted her short skirt and pushed out her bottom at him, fanning him with the hem.
She wiggled to and fro, and slipped the waistband of her navy panties back over her curvy buns, just so much as to reveal a sliver of ass cleavage.

She turned back and pushed her tits together to make one big boob and blew the old codgers exaggerated kisses.
Figuring she was about done the lounge was suddenly quiet once more when all eyes were diverted to a glamorous looking brunette in a Russian Cossack fox fur hat and a faux mink fur coat.

"Mister Johnson, and Mister Richards? I'm your kissogram."

The female appeared to be attired to give the impression of a James Bond type of Soviet secret service spy, complete with fake Walther PPK gun.
The top heavy model parted her legs and dug her high heels into the lush carpet and opened her coat to show everybody her naked body.

"Bloody Tracey Neve!" Hang on, this is my gig!"

Debee fumed at being upstaged by her fellow page three model and figured there must have been a mix up at the agency.

Both busty babes glared at each other from a distance of three feet and a palpable tension hung in the air.

It transpired that after the pair of models had first met, they had gotten along, but it became more and more apparent that Debee was getting all the spotlight. Much to Tracey's annoyance, which she did not hide nor disguise.
An intense rivalry began between the two stacked babes which now threatened to get ugly.


Tracey Neve had been born in Surrey in 1965.
She had signed up by The Sun soon after she had turned eighteen and had impressed readers with her gypsy type looks, long and wavy hair and 36DD bust.

Only five feet four in bare feet, Tracey had been a singer with several bands before her page three modeling career, and had also moonlight as a stripper.

So it was little surprise that she had singed up with the same kissogram agency as Debee.
All of the Summer of 1985 their rivalry had simmered and now it was about to reach boiling point.

"You two know each other?" Asked Sir Giles, wondering if he might be billed for two kissogram girls.

"Unfortunately. I think you'd better leave now, Tracey."

Tracey summoned all of her courage and looked Debee directly in the eye.

"Why don't you make me, you fat bitch!"

"Who are you calling fat?"

With that Debee knocked Tracey's fur hat off and stamped on it.

"You cunt!"

Tracey grabbed Debee's schoolgirl hat and tossed it to one side.
Then she took hold of her white blouse by the sleeves and tugged hard, so hard that the shirt was left in torn tatters on Debee's arms.

The stunned club members looked on rivetted as Debee dragged Tracey's coat off, leaving her stark naked in her heels.
Debee took the opportunity to view Tracey's stunning rack and her tight trimmed pubic hair on her pussy mound.
With both of them seething with rage their massive boobs heaved and jiggled as they faced off.

Then, with both growling loudly, they sprang at each other.
Tracey immediately sank her long nails into Debee's blonde hair and yanked her head to the left with a vicious yank.
Debee screamed out as her head was twisted violently back to the right and she desperately tried to free herself from Tracey's pent up anger.

"I've been waiting for this a long time."

She managed to bring her right knee up into Tracey's cunt and they separated for the moment as Tracey doubled up in pain.
Then she yelled out and the two wild cats came together once more, tearing at hair, scratching at skin, and slamming knees into one another.

Debee felt her skirt rip down one side and it slid off, leaving her in dangling necktie and navy panties.

"Fucking cow!"

Both smacked and slapped each other as they grappled again.
Thighs interlocked, hair was pulled, and their combined fleshy bosoms mashed together with earthy sounds.

Locked in a ferocious double bear hug they came nose to nose, tit to tit, and they hissed at each other in vented rage.
With their vibrant bodies intertwined they tensed their muscles and their breath came in ragged gasps.

"Give up yet?"

"No chance, fatty!" Retorted Tracey.

Debee tried to trip Tracey by shoving her left leg inside hers but they stayed upright and locked.
Their bared bodies were by now slippery from their perspiration and Debee noted her pussy was curiously damp.

They both broke and all onlookers now saw that the women's naked bodies glistened with sweat and grime.
The fantastic sight of so much expanse of female flesh was almost too much for the old fellows who all chose to sit back down.
Tracey then shocked Debee by slapping her left boob which bounced from the hefty blow.

"Wanna play dirty, huh?"

Debee thrust her stupendous bosom out and launched herself at Tracey who shrieked in pain as the blonde bit into her erect right nipple!
Tracey lunged forwards with arms flailing and the vulnerable Debee took a tactical step back.

They inched toward each other until their hard nipples were but a hair breath apart.

"I'm going to crush your tits to your spine, slut"

"Go for it, trollop."

They leapt into action and bumped and humped at each other in a terrific tit tackle that astounded the rapt audience.
In a grotesque kind of Mexican stand off they held each other by the waist as four huge and milky white boobs rolled and squashed together.

In this close contact, and bearing in mind their distinct lack of clothing it was inevitable that they came cunt to cunt.

Debee felt oddly exhilarated and Tracey's whimpers in her ears struck a chord and her pussy leaked fluids.

Debee found herself with her back to the wall with Tracey's hands clutching her bared bottom.
Their lips connected and their mouths opened to allow the others tongue to dart in.
Tracey bumped her pelvis back and forth and their hips ground hard against into each others as the brunette sensuously banged into Debee's snatch.
The dominant model moaned at a sudden spasm that hit her loins and triggers a rush of her fluids to seep out of her hot muff.

Helplessly lost in a lust crazed delirium Debee flung her arms around Tracey's neck and humped back, squashing her titanic tits against Tracey's equally mammoth knockers.
Tracey used her hands to tug Debee's panties down and tore them from her heaving hips.

She managed to work her middle finger inside Debee's sodden twat and she began to frig her feverishly.
Debee gasped at the sudden intrusion into her sex and reciprocated by searching for Tracey's dampened quim.
Both now became absorbed in a frenzied struggle to please each other.

In a state of total arousal they both fell to the thick carpet with Tracey on top of Debee.
The brunette pushed her curvaceous body down onto the blonde and they clamped together as they writhed and wriggled in their passionate embrace.

"Kiss me!"

With their legs mutually wrapped around the others they melted into each others arms in an erotic clinch.

The gentlemen all strained their necks to see their pussy mounds rub against the others.
Tracey moved her body up and down on Debee so that clit rubbed on clit and they both leaked pussy juice.
Debee gave as good as she got and bucked up from the carpet and made a seductive circular motion with her pussy at Tracey's.

"Oh, you!" Purred Tracey as she used her thighs to open Debee's.

Now their pubic bones rubbed together and their hair down there shared pussy sweat as they humped.
Over and over they gyrated with heated pelvic thrusts until they both exploded into intense, mind blowing orgasms that drenched the others crotch.

As they gathered their wits they realised that they were still in the gentlemen's club, and stark naked to boot.

"We should go." Suggested Tracey.

"Right," agreed Debee who collected her raincoat and smiled sheepishly at the elderly old farts.


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Re: Erotic Adventures of the Page Three girls
« Reply #19 on: April 09, 2020, 05:34:31 PM »
Two big-tittied women catfighting until they cum! That's hot.

I was going to start a series involving women wrestling/catfighting. I still might once I'm done with my other projects.


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Re: Erotic Adventures of the Page Three girls
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London, 1987. With Tracey Neve and Maria Whittaker.

I considered myself one of the luckiest men in England on the occassion of my twenty first birthday.
For a long week I had been alone in my flat in East London waiting for my girlfriend to arrive back from a photoshoot in the Canary Islands.

I had kept busy at my job during the day, but at night had to flick the wrist as I lived the life of monk.
I had not felt so horny in my life, and I was climbing the walls as I awaited her return.
Being quite good looking and easy to get on with I had never had a problem getting women into my bed.
But since meeting my current girlfriend I had become loyal to just her. 

Tracey Neve was her name and she had become of the latest big boobed babes to become a regular topless model on page three of The Sun newspaper.   
Her stunning 36DD and smouldering gypsy looks had made her an instant success with the general public.     

We had met in the bar in the Grosvenor on Victoria railway station and we were both instantly attracted to each other.
She had dressed casually but even in just a pair of tight satin pants and a flouncy blouse she easily stood out from the crowd.

After we became a couple we promised to be faithful to each other and for four whole months we must have fucked each other every morning.
That's right. Every morning. Tracey always went to bed at ten and went straight to sleep. We only shagged when we first woke up.
We visited lots of clubs, danced and drank. Tracey was bubbly, friendly and laughed a lot.   
Now and then she had to travel for various photo sessions and this time had been the longest we had been apart.
It was tough for me as I needed sex constantly, but Tracey had promised me she would make it up to me on her return home.   

Tracey burst into the bedroom on that Saturday morning looking a million bucks in a tight sweater that accentuated her mammoth bosom, and a black leather mini skirt that was decent by about half an inch.

"Happy birthday!"
I had my dick in my fist when she dropped her luggage and jumped onto the bed beside me.

"Oh, Bobby. You poor thing. Have you missed me?"

She grinned as she pouted and pointed to my aching erection.

"How did you guess?"

I answered as we kissed hello. She caressed my forehead and I drank in her intoxicating scent.
Together we dragged her sweater off over her head and she crushed her full breasts to my smooth chest.

"Mmm, that feels nice," she purred huskily in my ear.

My cock was as stiff as a poker at the sight of those mouth watering tits and I pressed my face into her deep cleavage and became helplessly lost in her succulent globes.

Tracey in turn helped by placing each of her boobs in turn to my hungry lips and I kissed the rosy peaks that protruded from each.
As I held her back in my arms the horny brunette moaned softly as she became equally aroused in our initial foreplay.

I flipped the topless woman onto her back and reached under her skirt to feel for her skimpy panties.
I looked directly into her clear blue eyes as we both wriggled her out of her underwear.

I held them under my nose to sniff and then I catapulted them across the bedroom.

"You're mad, you are!" She laughed as I dived between her legs and put my mouth to her moist pussy.

Tracey shuddered immediately as I used my tongue to open her labia so that I could delve inside her hot box.
She held my head in her hands and dragged her bare backside along the sheet so that it bunched up in her bottom cleavage.

I used the tips of my fingers to trace lines up the insides of her thighs, something I knew she particularly liked, and her sweet juices flowed into my mouth.
Her hips rolled from side to side and she trembled on the bed as I probed the very depths of her desirable cunt.

"Oh, Bobby! How do you do that?"

With my face buried in her snatch it was a bit difficult to provide an answer, so I continued to swipe up and down on her wet slit until her hips rose up off the bed and her moans grew louder.

"Hey. I thought it was you who needed relief?"

Tracey sat up and flicked a long red nail at my aching erection.
I was pushed back as she bent over me and kissed my bell end.
She sucked in my pre-cum and then popped the flared knob inside her ruby lips.

I threw my head back into the pillow as Tracey drew her tongue up one side of my straining shaft, and then back down the other side.

Tracey was a natural at cock sucking and I raised my head up to enjoy the show.     
She hummed merrily as she sucked on my bloated glans several times and then she flicked out just on that sensitive flesh under the helmet.

Her lips swirled and circled my throbbing cock head which she then sucked on about ten times.
She held my cock at the root as she then held it up to admire in the bedside lamp.
Then she attacked the back of my glans again before devouring half of my length in the warm recesses of her mouth.

Her grip tightened on my shaft as Tracey closed her lips and glided all the way down my upright cock until the tip bumped at the back of her throat.
The drool seeped out as she held me still, deep inside her mouth, and then she gagged and drew back with a loud gasp for air. 

I groaned and bucked up with my hips as I attempted to get her to take my whole length but she teased me further by holding it back at arms length and wagging an admonishing index finger at me.     

"Now then. We have all day, lover. I can wait a while." 

"Oh? Tracey, you were faithful on your trip?"

The striking model unzipped her skirt and stood naked at the foot of the bed with her hands on her hips.

My dick slapped back onto my belly, glistening with her spit, and I waited for the reply.

"Funny you should ask that, because the answer is no. I did cheat on you while I was away. And, they are right outside now."

I jumped up in confusion. Had she brought another man home?
As she vanished from the bedroom my mind reeled as I pictured the hot babe beneath the heaving form of another with his dick embedded inside her.

But when she returned she brought in another woman.   

"This is Maria Whittaker. Your birthday gift from me."

Fuck me! Maria Whittaker. Another hot glamour model who had become a major hit on page three of The Sun.
Only eighteen years of age she had blossomed into a voluptuous looker with a trim body and massive 38 DD cup tits.

"We met on the Island and got on very well. Maria can really eat pussy. Right, babe?"

"Hi, Bobby. Happy birthday. We thought you might like to watch us make out."

Maria spoke with a sweet voice and her big brown eyes bored into mine.
She slowly shrugged her top off and her stupendous big breasts tumbled free.
Then she drew her blue jeans down over slim pins and she was naked as my girl. Tracey had told me of the stacked Londoner who had only just turned eighteen and who she thought was destined for great things.

The pair of outstanding and top heavy women then looked at each other and embraced, locking mouths and entwining tongues right in front of me.
As they came closer to each other their tits bumped together and I rubbed my cock furiously at the incredible sight of the mammaries colliding in mountains of jiggling flesh. 

As they writhed together and their hips undulated I caught tantalising flashes of their moist pussy mounds.
They teased me further by delving into the others wet slits with wriggling fingers.
Their bottoms quivered, as did my throbbing prick, and I feared I might very well explode before long.

Tracey grinned happily as she fell to the bed beside me, followed by Maria who dropped onto Tracey with a smacking together of plump tits.
As the young dark haired and buxom beauty began to suck on Tracey's hard nipples her delectable bum rose and fell as did her arousal.

Leaving her tits smeared with copious amounts of spit Maria slid down Tracey's body until she came face to cunt with her loins.
Tracey looked at me with half lidded eyes as Maria pressed her flattened tongue to her damp slit and made wide swipes up and down.

Tracey groaned and twitched and lifted her legs up until her ankles were around Maria's neck.
Both horny young models were bucking madly as their pussies leaked profusely.

Then Tracey flipped Maria onto her back, pushed her legs open and buried her face in her snatch.
Maria's lower body rose and fell on the bed as her muff was lovingly lapped and dribbled on by the energetic Tracey.

From where I was I could easily make out Maria's quite large clitoris, by now swollen and red, which Tracey held between pursed lips and was trying it seemed to me to suck it right out of the shrieking woman's cunt!

As Maria shook violently it was obvious that Tracey had brought her to a climax, and Maria rolled over into a ball and put her hands between her quaking legs.

"That was fucking amazing!" I blurted as Tracey came to me and kissed me.

I tasted the sweet juices of Maria and my cock ached with a Freudian rush of lust. I had to fuck one, if not both of these heavenly beauties.   

Alright, birthday boy. We didn't forget you."

Maria took hold of my rock hard cock and Tracey moved to one side so they could each take turns in sucking me off.
Maria was a dream as she took my dick fully into her mouth and practically sucked my cock head off.

My hips bounced off the bed as the top heavy babe slobbered and spluttered to her hearts content.
Then she handed me off as if my pole was a relay baton and Tracey move in.

I looked on wide eyed as the two of them traded my hose from one drooling mouth to the other.
They both caressed my thighs and scrotum, and when Tracey poked her middle finger into my asshole I arched up and rammed my knob down to the back of Maria's throat.

As I laid back Tracey was quick to sit on my face and I spluttered with her pussy flaps smothering my mouth.
I dragged my lips across her cunt and used my hands to grip her buns apart.

South of the border, Maria did not remain idle and I felt rather than saw her move up so that my dick met her gaping pussy.
She sank down all the way and my tongue shot up into Tracey's quim like a rocket taking off.

The two stacked babes bent to each other until their mammoth tits met at the nipples.
We all three writhed and rocked in unison as we were consumed by a sexual energy.

Tracey wriggled on my face as Maria rode on my rigid pole with some fervour.
I was pretty much pinned to the bed on my back as the pair of them used my body for their own personal pleasure.

Not a problem, by the by!

Maria was a rampant fuck bunny as she pushed down hard on my twitching cock, and the more she pounded my groin, the more my balls strained for release.
Her cunt was divine and had the narrowest fuck channel I had ever had the pleasure of plundering.
She had a clever way of cork screwing her hips so that she came down on my cock with a clockwise spiral twist and then rose up anti clockwise.
Hard to describe but it sent me nuts.

I was drenched in sweat when the girls switched and Tracey straddled me and my slippery cock slid up into her steaming pussy.
Maria crawled behind her and merrily licked my balls at the same time Tracey bounced up and down on my member.
The sensation of a tongue combined with a dripping pussy enveloping my rod was incredible and I felt my ass crack begin to collect a fair amount of moisture.

By now I was desperate to cum and I lunged up from the bed to pump into Tracey as hard as I could, lifting her up several inches.
This delighted her and she shrieked like a little girl.
The sight of her large boobs flopping up and down in my face was too much and I finally exploded.

My cum spilled out of Tracey and Maria was quick to lap up the juices that flowed out of my girlfriend.
They both sucked me clean and then amazed me by kissing each other and sharing my considerable load.

As I laid back in a pool of sweat I stared at their gleaming racks and I had to admit that this had been well worth the wait.

Happy birthday to me!

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Re: Erotic Adventures of the Page Three girls
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Very very awesome! You certainly know how to pick the right girls!
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Re: Erotic Adventures of the Page Three girls
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I think Gail McKenna up next, fucking a BBC in the Bahamas! 
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Re: Erotic Adventures of the Page Three girls
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Oh boy!!!! Lucky BBC :-)


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Re: Erotic Adventures of the Page Three girls
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The Bahamas, 1988. Featuring Gail McKenna, Maria Whittaker, and Donna 'the body' Ewin.


The minute young Gail McKenna clapped eyes on Ken emerging from the ocean she knew she had to have him.

The nineteen year old glamour model and topless page three girl for The Sun newspaper had grown up a littlle sheltered in Liverpool and had never even left England once.

Since her first appearance on page three at the age of seventeen in 1986 she had gone on to be chosen as Penthouse magazine 'Pet of the Month' in the December 1987 edition.

The bright and outgoing brunette had a slim figure with a very top heavy 36DD cup bosom that somehow defied gravity.
She had striking good looks and an infectious smile that drew men to her like a flame to a moth.
These attributes helped catch the attention of the more glamorous and glossy top shelf mag, famed for erotic and soft focus, diffused nudes.

Immediately after Christmas '87, Gail was flown to the Bahamas, at the expense of Penthouse for an exclusive and exotic photoshoot.
Extremely excited, Gail was truly living the dream and had never had such attention in all of her young life.

She had dated boys from an early age but she had not seen such a man as Ken in her life.
Ken stood on the white sand dripping wet from his morning swim and was completely naked.
Drops of water dappled his ebony flesh and the muscles in his honed body rippled in the morning sunlight.
Apart from this spectacular vision Gail had eyes only for the formidable club of a black dick that hung between his legs.

Gail had been in Nassau for three days now and had enjoyed the casual lifestyle. If 78 degree F was considered to be cold then January in the Bahamas was the 'coldest' month of the year.
The location was truly exotic and a paradise, the Bahamas being a member of the Commonwealth realms under the monarchy of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II.

During the day Gail would pose on the beaches and country side, sometimes topless, sometimes in the altogether. This was something new for her but the incentive of the big pay cheque helped her strip down to the buff.

She and the crew were staying at the Comfort Suites, located on Paradise Island,
It was surprisingly affordable with a complimentary hot American buffet breakfast and colour television.

Gail roomed alone and had a modest junior suite with a sundeck that overlooked the beautiful outdoor pool.
After a pleasant supper she would take a dip as the sun went down and then retire at the hour of ten.
One of the local tour guides by the name of Ken had joined the English visitors and had proven to be a friendly and congenial host to the neighbourhood.

Gail had never before laid eyes on such a fine specimen of manhood and she took to checking him out whenever she could.

She had noticed that he liked to take a dip in the ocean before breakfast and by the third day of the visit she was unable to sleep as she counted the time until sun up.
Besides that, Ken had taken a room in the same hotel, in the next suite to Gail by the by, and she had to endure the steamy and erotic make out sessions that stretched into the early hours.

It seemed that Ken liked the ladies a lot and had a different female in his bed every night.
The wall between their suites was decidedly thin, and as Ken and his latest lover fucked each other loudly, Gail laid on her bed, naked and perspiring freely with her fingers deep inside her dripping pussy.

In her minds eye it was she who laid beneath the ebony bulk of the man as he hammered into her gaping pussy with the stamina and strength of a raging bull.
The woman began to scream louder and louder, pleading for Ken to fuck her harder and the wall shook behind Gail's bed as the other hit it over and over. 
Gail came with her hand over her mouth to smother her scream of relief and she got up to take a refreshing shower.


By the fourth day Gail was climbing the walls, seriously frustrated and horny she was determined to get laid by Ken.
On this late afternoon she and the photo crew were shooting a beach scene with Gail in ragged denim and posing with a guitar.
No one really explained why but Gail was only the silent model.
On a scale of ten the hot young thing was an eleven as she struck poses and let the camera capture her sensuous body on film.

Ken was there as he was the one who had suggested the ideal spot.
They had all drove up the ocean highway in an open roof buggy for about a half hour, finally stopping by a secluded range of sand dunes.
There were no people to be seen as far as the eye could see, just sand, brushwood, and the gentle sound of the ocean waves.

Once the camera man, lighting man and assistant were all set up they got to work with Gail.
Despite her tender years she was an accomplished professional and provided superb results to wrap up an excellent weeks work.
The air had been somewhat damp and sticky and Gail was by now down to just her white shoes.

She deliberately strolled by Ken who was resting on the sand and looking out at the water, which was now calm and smooth.
The sun was dipping low and birds flew about the edge of the dunes in a last attempt of the day to catch something to eat.

Ken turned his head and noticed Gail looking at him with a smouldering gaze that made him sit up and take notice.
Her long and thick mane of hair brushed her shoulders and her superb tits jutted out full and perky.
He especially admired her tiny waist and curvy hips which rolled as she walked through the fine grains of sand.

Gail waved and the turned her back and headed for a small incline where she had spotted a clump of long grass to sit on.
Ken followed with an acute hard on as an unrestrained lust for the young English model consumed him.

As he stepped over the peak he saw Gail, on her back on the grass, and masturbating in the orange light of the sunset.
Her eyes were half closed to give an impression that she was half asleep, and her mouth opened and closed as she probed her pussy with two fingers.

Ken dropped his shorts and released his thick cock that had reached full erection at the sight of Gail frigging herself and moaning softly.
He gripped his shaft in his fist and began to pump himself hard.

"This is so nice," he heard her say. "But not as nice as a big cock. Care to join in?"

Ken was stunned and unsure if she meant it.
She sat up and her boobs jiggled and swayed as she looked in his direction.
The tips of her heaving jugs had pointed erect nipples that could easily take someone's eye out if she were not careful.

"I've been waiting for you."

Ken looked around and saw nobody around and skipped over the sand to the grass.
He removed his shorts and top and Gail's eyes lowered to the horse like cock that twitched in it's upright position.
He flopped next to the horny babe and they kissed hard, Ken's full lips left Gail with spit all over her chin.

She put her left leg up and over his body and shifted her lightweight frame on top of his solid form.
Her tits squashed on his smooth, dark chest as she searched for his tongue with hers.
Ken opened his mouth and welcomed the stroking flicks of her pink tongue on his.

Gail bumped her body on his in a lust filled desire for the sublime contact of his hot flesh on hers.
Her fingers danced all over him as her mound scraped his long boner.
His hard rod brushed her clit as she intended and she groaned in his mouth.

"So hard, so big." Said she as she dry humped his dick with her pubis.

Gail moved down his body until her mouth met his cock and the hungry brunette placed her wet lips to the huge purple head that flared over his chocolate pole.
With a sharp intake of breath Gail surrounded the bulbous organ and hummed on the flesh. Her saliva washed down his length to his balls and he tossed his head to one side as she hollowed her cheeks and inhaled.

"Holy shit!"

Gail looked up at the black skinned stud as she sucked him in and pumped his shaft at the same time, holding it at the base.
Ken could feel her breasts rub on his thighs as she gobbled him up and he made wide circles in the grass and sand with his hands.
Gail felt her pussy spit out a little squirt of fluid as she anticipated having such a big dick in her tight cunt.

She loved the way his large hands moved all over her soft flesh, squeezing her ass cheeks, kneading her huge tits and flicking at the hard nipples.
As she longed for him to fuck her so Ken felt his loins tingle and he had to plunge his aching dick in the young filly or burst.

Gail yelped as she was thrown onto her back on the long grass and had her legs spread out.
She looked over Ken's broad back and saw his ass cheeks tighten as he settled between her thighs and guided his black knob to her puffy muff.

"Oh, Ken!"

As he pushed in with his considerable length Gail gasped as each inch of his rigid hose forced her folds to open like the petals of a flower.
When it seemed that she could no longer take any more of his dick, Ken thrust up with a spiral twist and Gail screamed into his chest.

In an moment of lust crazed instinct the stacked young model pushed up from the grass as he slammed inside her further.
Her shoes came up around the backs of his thighs and grains of fine sand stuck to his skin.

With his weight on his elbows and knees he started to grind in and out of the breathless female.
He pressed his chest into her tits as Gail held on for dear life as her back and bottom flattened the grass under her, making a distinct in the sand beneath.

As the light faded fast they rutted and groaned as their bodies melded together in a grimy and sweaty heap.
The extremely aroused stud raised Gail's legs up as he launched himself into an all out power fuck that left her giddy and limp.

She moaned ever louder and dragged her nails in the sand as he held her in a tight embrace.
Ken's nostrils flared as he thrust in and out faster and his calves tensed as his efforts doubled.
Then he surprised Gail once more by holding her in a firm grip and rolling her on top of him.


Gail maintained a balance and looked down on his shining black torso under her.
She began to rise and fall on his formidable log and her quim leaked juices at the sight of his dark and sinful black form beneath her.
This was all she had imagined and more.

Despite her presumed position atop of him Gail was still dominated by the adorable hunk as Ken grabbed her hips and pulled her to and fro onto his cock.
The friction made by her mound on his groin was indescribable as her rosebud of a clit was stimulated by the constant rubbing.

Her orgasm was explosive and the euphoric bliss that accompanied her climax nearly made her faint.
Ken increased his thrusts up from the grass and her boobs bounced wildly as she was lifted up by inches.
Gail was amazed at how deep he was inside her now and her pussy seemed almost to be stretched to the limit by his generous girth.

Another orgasm hit her and Gail fell across Ken's chest exhausted.
He grunted and pulled out his cock to ejaculate over her cute bottom.
His cum splashed her ass and lower back and the hot and thick goo trickled down her crack and down her left thigh.

As the sun vanished over the horizon they laid in each others arms until the morning.


Any Londoner knows what it is like trying to catch a bus. You wait at the stop for thirty minutes and then three show up together.

This thought ran through Ken's mind when the next morning he saw two more top heavy English models arrive at the hotel.
Penthouse had been pleased with the first of the proofs of Gail on the beach and had quickly booked Maria Whittaker and Donna 'the body' Ewin as well.

The booked guide and part time member of the crew looked on at the amazing young women as they walked up to the check in desk dressed for hot weather.
Both had thin cotton tee shirts, the shortest mini skirts imaginable and flat shoes.

They each had long and wavy hair in tight curls that spread out like halo's around their head and shoulders.

Maria had fantastic 36DD breasts, bright eyes and a cheeky smile. 
Beside her was a slim brunette with brooding eyes that had a definite 'come to bed' air about them.
She had made the move to full frontal nudity for Playboy, and was now established with Penthouse magazine.

"Are you Ken?" Asked Maria as she offered her outstretched hand. "Gail has told us ALL about you, right Donna?"

Ken took her hand in his and shook the hand of Donna.

"Every detail," agreed Donna as she lowered her gaze to the front of Ken's shorts. "We'll see YOU later." 

Ken grinned as he watched the twin pairs of rolling hips and bobbing backsides and joined the camera crew to load up the vehicles.

The afternoon turned to all things professional as the three glamour models posed and were photographed on the glorious beach.
First they were all captured topless, and the Ken was delighted when they all stripped off completely.

What a sight for a virile young man! Huge, heaving boobs with nipples like bullets, and luxuriant dark bushes that hid succulent pussies.
Further rolls of film were exposed and as the sun dipped they all returned to Comfort Suites.


After supper the guests filtered out to the outdoor pool.
It was hot on the pool deck and everyone was in bikinis or trunks.
Then Ken saw the three cute and stacked English babes come out in bikini bottoms and scanty white sleeveless tee shirts.

Ken saw Trevor, the owner of the bar gather everyone in a group around the models.

"Everyone. The girls have graciously agreed to provide us with a little entertainment on their last night here. We're going to have a wet tee shirt competition!"

The girls cheered and jumped up and down and Ken drooled over their barely covered boobs.
Trevor grabbed the hose pipe and with a big grin turned the nozzle to spray the girls upper bodies.

They shrieked at the cold water and their shirts quickly became soaked through.
Gail had the stiffest nipples as hers thrust out through the thin cotton of her shirt.

Donna danced in tight circles and jiggled up and down so that her short top rode up to expose the bottom curves of her stunning 34DD breasts.

Maria's shirt was matted to her full breasts as she yelped at the directed hose on her chest, and ricochets of spray shot out over the watching crowd.

The audience shouted encouragement as Gail's shirt rose up over her tits, which became drenched with the cold water.

Now Trevor concentrated the hose on their bottoms and turned up the pressure.
To everyone's amazement and glee, Donna's bottoms took the full brunt of the hose and the force ripped away her lower bikini half so that her bared muff was on full display.

Maria was next and her string tied bottoms were easily stripped from her hips from the high pressure of the hose and she gasped as her pussy was utterly soaked.

Gail was always one of a joiner in and she stepped out of her bottoms and catapulted them right at the gobsmacked Ken.

"Ladies and gentlemen. I declare the contest a draw!"

The audience hooted and then dispersed as the hour grew late.
Ken left to pack away some of the camera gear and returned to the pool area for a late night swim.

Ken thought the next best thing to a cool and refreshing swimming pool at night was one with three of the best page three glamour models splashing about in it.
Gail, Maria, and Donna were playing together after a long day of shooting and Ken was enthralled at their big bare and wet bosoms.

Maria laughed merrily as her titanic tits broke the surface of the water like two torpedo's launched from a submerged submarine.
Donna floated on her back. The swell of her big tits pushed out of the surface of the pool, and her uncovered mons showed just below the water line. 

They shared a big yellow and red beach ball which they tossed to each other in turn.
Ripples of clear water ran in rivulets down their large globes of flesh and collected in their ample cleavage. 

"Oh, there's Ken!"

Gail climbed the steps of the shallow end with water running off the feminine curves of her naked body.
She hugged the ebony skinned man and gave him a warm kiss.
Maria swam the width of the pool in a sweep of arms and legs and joined them, her voluptuous figure forming a puddle under her feet. 

"SO glad you made it."

Donna was the last to emerge from the pool, all swaying hips and bouncing breasts which hung pendulously over her rib cage.

"We had our own little contest tonight. "Said Gail. "We all get to fuck your brains out!"

Without waiting on ceremony Maria undid the zip on his shorts and opened the front.
As the intrigued brunette bit her lip at the sight of such an appendage, the others knelt down by Ken's feet.
Now fully erect his black dick stood up at a hard angle above his toned abs and throbbed in their faces to the beat of his pulse.

"You were right, Gail. He's fucking hung like a horse!"

"He fucks like a stallion too."

Ken sighed as Maria's warm breath made his cock head moist.
She held onto his solid shaft and her red lips met the tip in a cute and loving kiss.
Gail then pursed hers and sank her mouth down onto the first two inches of dark meat.
The young model drew him in with firm sucking pressure that hollowed her cheeks and made a vacuum on his knob.     

Donna came up close and noted Gail's tiny spit bubbles dapple his midnight black dick and she joined in by licking his divine shaft.
Gail traced out little circles around his swollen glans while Donna's nails dragged on his boner.

Ken was delirious, not to mention as stiff as a poker, as all three babes licked and sucked him together.
Three pairs of wriggling hands stroked him and he pushed his mid section back and forth in bliss.

"Easy, girls. We gonna fuck, or just suck?"

All three took a step back to take in his fine physique, so lean and taut.
Ken laid Maria down on one of the loungers and brought her legs up, bending her knees over his shoulders until her feet bumped against her ears.
He gawped at her pink slit that peeked out of her soft brown curls and spanked her cunt with the big purple knob of his nine incher.

"Don't beat around the bush," she giggled at her own joke." Fill me up, big boy."

Before he even entered her Maria was dripping wet from the acute anticipation.

Ken kept her legs spread and her legs high as he shoved in as requested.
Maria's outer folds parted with ease as he pressed on in all the way.
With her quim stuffed, and her feet locked around his neck, Maria screamed as his groin met her loins.

"FUCK! I'm coming!"

The other two girls looked on in amazement as Maria Whittaker came the instant Ken penetrated her.
She had not expected her orgasm to arrive that fast, but her pussy was ripe for plucking at that moment.
Her body spasmed and her mouth made huge panting gasps for air as Ken continued to fuck her with intense thrusts that made his body slap against her upturned butt.

Raising his thighs and backside he upped his frantic pace and hammered into her so hard that his balls slapped on her flesh with resounding echoes.
As Maria blushed and perspired, thoroughly fucked, Ken pulled out his shiny prick and laid on the sun lounger next to them.

He signaled and a willing Donna Ewin climbed onto his lap.
He thought her to be perfect with firm and rounded tits and a flat, athletic belly.
With his eyes glued to her mammoth chest she straddled him and reached down to feed his love rocket to her wet pussy.
Donna expertly poised over him with her legs over the sides of the lounger as she plunged down on him to the hilt.

"Holy shit! That's the biggest cock ever!"         

Ken raised his lower body as Donna made instinctive gyrations of her hips as she came crashing down on his flagpole of a dick.
She was one hot fuck as the stacked model used her pelvic muscles to squeeze his throbbing cock and then release in a delicious tease.

"Baby! You're killing me!"

Donna dug her nails in his smooth black chest as she milked him superbly, fucking hard with fervent thrusts over his entire length.

Her eyes half closed as she gripped his erection like a vise and with jerking tits she came in a gigantic orgasm.

He grabbed her by the waist and turned her over and off. 
Gail had gone on all fours on the water splashed tiles and Ken had duly noted her.

"Take me, Ken. Come on, take me now."

He withdrew from a panting Donna and came behind Gail and mounted the lightweight stunner.
He thrust in with all of his length and began to fuck her, cupping her huge dangling tits in both hands.

Her head looked to the side and he saw her mouth opened slightly and her darting tongue licking her lips.
She felt so good, just like the day before on the beach.

He drew her back to him as he plunged into her slickness all the way.


Her every word was punctuated by his manly thrusting which took her breath away.

As he neared his end he dropped his forehead to the arch of her spine and groaned at that fantastic rush that made the veins in his cock stand out.

Gail yelled out wildly as Ken drove her toward her climax.     

Ken shook his head and a film of sweat flew out as he held his pulsing organ in his big fist and unleashed arcs of cum across Gail's back and bum.     
He spurted and spurted and spurted until he finally subsided and he wilted on the tiles.

The girls screamed and all leapt into the pool in a mass of jiggling tits and ass.   


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Re: Erotic Adventures of the Page Three girls
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Well, that was a HUGE surprise to have Maria and Donna involved! Fantastic as always :)
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Re: Erotic Adventures of the Page Three girls
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Paris, France 1982. Featuring Corinne Russell and Joanne Latham.


James Collier thought Christmas Day and his birthday had both arrived at once as he sat opposite two of the most beautiful Sun newspaper topless models of the year.
He was accompanying Corinne Russell and Joanne Latham on the train from St Pancras to the Gare du Nord in Paris.

Employed by Eon Productions, the twenty five year old cameraman had been chosen to take pre production photographs of the two young glamour models, and then choose one of them for the opening title sequence of the next James Bond picture, Octopussy.

The train tickets and hotel rooms had been paid for by the producers and at two in the afternoon all three checked into the Eiffel Seine Hotel.
Just a three minute walk from the iconic Tower, the three star hotel was the perfect to provide a stunning location for some pictures.

They each had a room on the same floor with a double bed, shower, air conditioning and mini bar.
As James flopped onto his bed he folded his arms behind his head and chuckled to himself as he glanced around the room.

He knew that the girls knew he had to choose one of them by the end of the trip.
And they knew that he knew that they would have to use all of the their womanly guiles as well as their looks to persuade him to make the right choice.

Corinne was a stunning nineteen year old from Birmingham who had studied gymnastics and dance as a young schoolgirl.
The slim blonde had a striking pair of 36C cup boobs and seductive pout.

Joanne had been born in 1961 and so was a little older than her rival.
She had already made sixteen appearances in the Sun newspaper and had built up a huge following as a Page Three girl.
Even catching the eye of none other than leading glamour photographer, Patrick Lichfield.
Her main assets were her 32E size breasts and her 'come to bed eyes.'

At this moment he had no preference for either of the girls. Either one would be ideal for the part and as he rested he had a feeling that the choice might not be his to make.


The next day was spent by James snapping both girls by the Eiffel Tower, separately and together.
After fifteen minutes the rain began to fall and they ventured down to the banks of the Seine until the wind proved to gusty for any decent photographs.

They returned to the hotel where James set up a white screen in his room and mounted his Pentax 35 mm SLR on a tripod.
Corinne was first to be captured on film and James found her to be utterly professional in front of the lens.

After they were done she left the room as she wanted a bite to eat, leaving Joanne and he alone.
Now she decided to act.

James fished out a bowler hat and large muslin shirt and told the busty babe to put them on.
She pinned her hair up and even improvised and added one of his neckties and she happily posed topless for him.

She teased and moved in front of him as he snapped away.
She fanned her generous mounds of flesh with the shirt tails, exposing her tits, them hiding them with just a hint of ample cleavage.
Her hands moved down the high curve of her wide hips and fluttered her lashes and widened her eyes.

James was highly pleased as he zoomed into her bosom and easily finished off four rolls of colour film, and two of black and white.

"You got a girlfriend, James?" She asked as she pouted and tilted her head.

"Not at this time, no."

"Really? You're quite good looking."

"Thanks, I think."

Joanne pushed her big tits together as she raised her chin and looked down her nose at him.

"But, you're not gay, are you?"

"No. I like girls."

James looked into the viewfinder and saw that the attractive model had removed her panties and her shirt.

"I didn't think you were by the huge hard on you have in your trousers."

Oh, shit! He DID have a stiffie and it swelled painfully as Joanne unpinned her hair and shook her head seductively.

"I think I would be an excellent Bond girl, don't you? All Bond girls have big tits."

James had eyes only for her massive boobs and he felt his cock throb in the tangle of underpants and trouser fly.

"Do you like my bottom?"

Joanne turned her back and bent at the waist to let him ogle her impressive behind.
Her trimmed pussy peeked out at him and he just had to sit down.

"Let me help," she said with a mischievous grin.

Joanne giggled and knelt at his feet as she undid his belt and tugged the zip of his fly down with a good yank.

"Corinne is lovely, but I just don't think she has that 'OO7 something.' Which I think I have."

James looked down his body as he perched on the edge of his bed and gawped open mouthed as Joanne wanked his boner in her right fist.

"Let me demonstrate."

She took his hard cock onto her mouth and moved her head down fast, placing her hands on his thighs to steady herself.
Her red lips tightened to form a seal and James held her head in both hands as his cock pulsed with a thousand exquisite tingles.

The low rumble of thunder sounded through the double doors that led to the small balcony and Joanne noticed the clouds and sky darken.

"Come on. Let's do it outside!"

Joanne jumped up in a state of excitement and he watched her bottom roll enticingly as she walked across the room.
James followed her onto the balcony and stood behind her
The stunning view of the famous tower loomed large in the near distance just as the first drops of rain began to fall.

James pawed at her mammoth tits and her nipples hardened to his touch.
Her head came back as he nuzzled the back of her neck and he used both hands to explore the region of her body closest to her pussy.

His right hand slid inwards to feel her damp mound and as a flash of lightning lit the night sky she shuddered, both from the bolt of light and him teasing open her hot box.

Joanne gripped the metal rail of the balcony and parted her legs as her muff was rubbed and invaded by two probing fingers.

Another roll of thunder cracked loudly as the rain became a torrent of water and wind.

Joanne felt goose bumps as her soft skin tingled even more.
He looked upon the wet crease of her slit that was revealed between the curves of her smooth ass. 
She looked over her shoulder as James pushed his length inside her tight cunt and spread her wide open.

"That feels nice." She said as they began to roll their hips together.

They faced forwards as he thrust into her hard and she pushed back into his groin in unison.
His hands lowered to her hips as he fucked her faster, forcing her to grip the rail more firmly.

The sound of the wind in their faces and hair threatened to drown out their mutual groans of pleasure.
James dug his toes in hard as he continued to slam into the top heavy babe with an increasing urgency.

Her cunt enveloped his shaft the more he sunk into her taut depths and he held her long hair which cascaded down the backs of her shoulders.

"I love fucking like this," she whispered as James slammed harder into the voluptuous model.

"Are you in here?"

"Shit! Corinne! Quick, act casual."

What the fuck! Casual? With his rod of steel jutting out of his groin at a jaunty angle? Fat chance!

Joanne threw her shirt on and James jumped into bed to hide his embarrassment.

"Alright? I'm having an early night. Anyone else?"

Joanne and James looked at each other in despair as they realised that their fun was over for the night.

After showering James had gone to bed at midnight when he heard a light knocking on the door of his room.
Wearing just a towel around his waist he opened the door to see Corinne in her night attire of a see through negligee and equally transparent thong.
Her permed hair flowed out and about her shoulders like a sort of golden curtain and framed her captivating face.
She walked past James and stood by the foot of his bed.

"James, would you be a darling and rub some lotion on me? I sleep better with my moisturising cream on my back."

"Sure, no problem."

The blonde honey turned her back to him and he swept her teased locks to one side and began to massage the sweet smelling lotion into the graceful dip of her spine.

Corinne sighed as he kneaded her shoulders and upper arms and he felt his heart leap when she accidently/deliberably moved so that his right hand brushed her boob.


Corinne turned to face him and smiled at him.

"Don't be sorry. In fact, you can do my front next."

Corinne slipped off the flimsy straps of her nightie and James stared at the sublime swell of her stunning tits.
He thought her breasts to be perfect, firm and high, with erect nipples that stood out from her light pink areolas.

Their eyes locked on each others as they drew closer.
James rubbed the palms of his oily hands together and then moved them to her warm and smooth stomach.
She reached out and placed her hands on his and lifted them up to her bosom which rose and fell as she inhaled deeply.

"Higher, right here."

James gulped and cupped her fine breasts while he gently thumbed the perky tips.
Corinne leaned forward until her face was merely an inch from his and he felt the hot moisture of her breath on his left cheek.

"Harder, rub them harder."

James increased the pressure of his massaging and made wide circles up and around the rounded globes of hot flesh.
They kissed, tenderly to begin with, then with more urgency as James velt his cock stiffen.

In a quick tug his towel was ripped from his body and his erection was held firmly in the models fist.
They moved together until they bumped against the edge of the bed, and then all of a sudden they were both lying down, side by side.

"Eat my pussy, please."

James used both hands to slide her thong down her creamy thighs and tossed them onto the carpet.
Corinne was now naked on her back looking very desirable, and very aroused.
Through the darker pubic hair that was delicately trimmed back to almost nothing James could easily see the pink and moist folds of her labia.

"Yes! Oh, yes!"

Corinne shifted on her behind as James slid his hands under each of her pert ass cheeks and buried his face in her twat.
The warm juices that had seeped out of her hidden depths wet his lips as he licked and kissed her mound.

The hot glamour model shuddered in bliss as James expertly explored her mons and began to tease her clitoris from it's protective little hood.
He took the swollen pearl between his front teeth and nibbled and sucked until the heady scent of her pussy filled his nostrils.
Corinne thrust her legs out as if kicking a football as James added his middle finger to his foreplay and opened her up.


James now had a iron hard boner as he frigged the blonde faster and swiped his tongue across her clit with side to side motions.

"Going to...going to..."

Corinne bumped her rump up and down on the bed as she experienced rolling waves of her imminent orgasm well up in her loins.
She cried out in a state of sexual delirium as her climax rushed through her.
A warm line of her fluids ran down in a tell tale line along the erotic crevice of her cheeks.

James leaned back, his face sugar coated from her climax and he settled between her splayed legs.
She purred delightfully as he nudged her opening with the flared tip of his aching dick.
Her hands moved down his back and only stopped when she cupped his taut buttocks which she squeezed firmly.

"Take me."

James rubbed her divine slit with his knob and then inhaled sharply as he sank inside her tight muff.
Her damp inner thighs clamped to his flanks as she welcomed the delicious penetration and tiny gasps escaped her lips.

Her full and thrusting tits pushed into his hairless chest as he started to bump and grind on top if her curvy form.
Seriously turned on the young cameraman fucked the soft blonde with a certain aggression as he buried his throbbing organ inside her to the root.

"James, oh James!"

Corinne swept her hands over his face as they kissed passionately and tasted each others saliva.
Corinne loved kissing while she was fucked and gave him eager little kisses that left his mouth positively dripping wet.

Their eager kissing was punctuated equally by their moans of delight and the lewd and vigorous smacking together of their nether regions.
James let his full weight down on Corinne as she arched her curvy body in response to the full contact.

With her pussy at the perfect angle James made long and powerful strokes that filled the young model's quim.
His stiff dick plunged in and out in his frenzied lust for her and Corinne panted in his ear as she was mashed into the mattress.

"You fucking bitch!"

Joanne entered the room in the buff and sauntered over to the bed.

"Trying to persuade him in the old fashioned way, huh?"

"Right, like you didn't try first. I heard you two on the balcony before."

"If not, it would have been you. I've seen the way you flash your tits at him all the time."

"Do not!"

"Do too!"

"Girls, girls. Why don't the pair of you make up and finish me off for god sake. I'm fit to burst!"

Joanne looked at Corinne and shrugged.

"Want to help me suck this thing?"

Joanne stroked James and held up his erection to Corinne for a better view.

Corinne stared hard at the big cock that was only just stuffed deep inside her pussy and nodded.
Joanne began proceedings and sucked on James knob with loud slobbering noises and humming
Corinne looked at James and massaged his heavy balls as he gazed at the two models with half lidded eyes.

Joanne pulled her mouth off of his upright pole and slid her hand up and down the by now saliva covered shaft.
Her eyes fixated on Corinne who held out her hand and she passed the man's cock over as if changing a baton in a relay race.

Corinne made heavenly yummy sounds as she bobbed her head back and forth on half of his length and James groaned in approval.
The two girls took turns, one after the other and he thought himself the luckiest man as not one but TWO page three sensations pleasured him orally.

Then they joined together, Joanne's lips on the left of his shaft and Corinne on the other side.
They both moved up and down together, kissing each other as they reached his engorged glans at the same time.
Copious amounts of spit ran down his dick to his balls.

James was ready to explode as Corinne squeezed his cock and Joanne tickled his anus.
With a heavy sigh he thrust forward once and began to spurt out in great arcs of cum.
Both models held up their big bosoms as he sprayed them with thick jets of the white cream.

Their boobs became streaked with his cum and James mopped his brow as he perspired freely.
He was highly amused when they kissed each other passionately and bumped into each other so that their tacky and sticky tits became glued together.

"Well? Have you chosen one of us?"

James looked out of the balcony window at the rain lashing down.
It would be another day spent indoors the next day.

"I think I might need a little more persuading." He said with a smug grin.

Who do you think won?


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Re: Erotic Adventures of the Page Three girls
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Wonderful stuff AGAIN! You're putting down many a teenage boys in the 80's fantasy in to words :)
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Re: Erotic Adventures of the Page Three girls
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Summer of 1989. Featuring, Maria Whittaker, Gaynor Goodman, Kirsten Imrie, Tracey Elvik, Jenny Blyth, and Frank McAvennie.

It was commonly said by all of those chosen Playboy Playmates that life in the Hugh Hefner mansion in California was great fun and that everyone behaved as if part of one happy family.

The same could be said of those glamour models who posed topless on page three of Britain's The Sun newspaper.
All were friends and never showed any jealousy or rivalry about each others appearances in the daily paper.
Similarly they respected each others personal relationships, never stepping over the mark where boyfriends were concerned.

Which is why the girls got angry with Jenny Blyth when it became clear that she was seeing and screwing Frank McAvennie behind their backs whenever he was dating any of them.

Frank was a successful professional footballer for West Ham United and Scotland. He was in top physical shape and had good looks with medium cut fair hair and piercing blue eyes. He had just returned to London on a transfer from Glasgow Celtic, and was on an exclusive contract where he earned an astonishing 2,200 a week!

He liked to party, enjoyed the occasional recreational drug, and had a hobby of screwing page three girls. He had boasted of sleeping with upwards of 500 women, but his passion for those topless models was legendary. Rumour had it that he was very well endowed and knew how to use it.

Despite the fact that all of the glamour models could probably have had the pick of any male in the country, Frank had a way with women that none of them could resist.
He was pictured at every showbiz party in London, he grinning like a Cheshire Cat with his current glamour babe on his arm, and she usually spilling out of a tiny dress and displaying their ample bosom.

The final straw for the girls came when it became known that while Frank was dating Maria Whittaker, Jenny was still fucking him behind her back.
The nineteen year old popular page three girl was furious that she of all people had been cheated on and she had related her concerns to three others.

Gaynor Goodman, Tracey Elvik, and Kirsten Imrie. They had all been seduced by Frank and then dumped whenever he returned to Jenny.
They got together one evening and plotted their revenge.

"The bastard just can't keep his pants up. The minute he sees another girl he's up them like a rat up a drain pipe."

"It's true," agreed Kirsten with Maria. "As I was walking out one door, Blyth was coming in through the back."

"Just who does the bastard think he is?"

"So, what's the plan?" Wondered Gaynor.

Revenge was obvious, but it was Maria who hammered out the details.

"We all show up at his place, and if Jenny is there we fuck the shit out of him right before her eyes. We'll leave him hanging and then we all dump HIM."

"Sounds like some plan. I wouldn't mind jumping his bones for one last time." Said Tracey with a faraway look in her dark brown eyes.

And so it was that all four rankled models termed up for some retribution on the pair of cheats.


During the summer break of the football season Frank was living in an exclusive apartment overlooking the River Thames.
The girls had chosen a quiet Sunday and had waited until the hour of ten and managed to gain entrance to the ten storey block of flats.
They took the elevator to the ninth floor and found their way to his rooms.

They were all familiar with apartment number 69, as all four of them had slept with Frank here at one time or another.

In fact he had given Maria, his current girlfriend a pass key of her own which she used to let themselves in.
The living room was nice and big with a large 24 inch TV, sofa and a baby grand piano. The curtains were open and the night lights reflected on the river threw rippling shadows on all four young women.
All of them were dressed in pull over sweaters, black jeans and black running shoes.

"Are we really going to do this?" Asked Gaynor from the end of the line.

"Absolutely. No backing out now."

Jenny Blyth waltzed into the living room in a state of nudity just as they were all gathered and waiting.

"Maria! Gaynor! What the fuck!"

Surprised and slightly nervous the twenty year old busty blonde stood open mouthed at the unexpected sight of the four page three girls in the room

"Shut it, you cow! Kirsten, get the tape."

Kirsten and Gaynor pushed Jenny back into an armchair and began to surround her naked body with gaffer tape. Then they pinned her arms to her sides and her ankles to the front legs of the chair.

"Get the fuck off me!" Cried Jenny as she squirmed on the chair.

"Tracey, call out to Frank."

"Oh, Frank! Are you done yet?"

A muffled voice answered from the other room and as the man grew closer Tracey and Maria hovered by the open bedroom door.
Frank emerged in just a white towel wrapped around his waist with his body still dripping from the shower and his fair hair slicked back.

For a long second the enamoured females ogled his well toned body which was glistening from the hot water.
Before he could gather his wits he had his wrists tied behind his back and taped together.

Maria whipped the towel from his body which left the soccer ace stark bollock naked. She drank in his desirable physique and his hairless torso.
His dreamy dick was at half mast and even only at half cock his above average length surpassed most men.

"Sit down."

Maria shoved Frank back onto the sofa where he sat bemused by the chain of events.

"Jenny? What's all this?" Asked Frank in his Scottish burr.

"No idea. They're all just jealous."

"Girls, this is not what you think." Muttered the sheepish looking Scot.

Maria and the others scoffed at the sight of both trussed up lovers in the all together.
The confidant Romeo looked quite helpless and looked from one to the other.

"Right, this is just your cards night, huh?"

Maria nodded and the four babes began to strip off.

"This is the deal. We're all sick and tired of your antics, we're all going to fuck you in front of her."

Maria jerked her thumb at Jenny who wriggled in her chair in vain.

"Then you're history. No more dating page three girls. You're stuck with just her. Enjoy."

In a trice the models were naked in front of the by now fully erect Frank.
Maria moved in first, placed her hand in his open legs and slid her fingers up from the base of his cock to his foreskin. She peeled the flesh back to unveil the flared head and then gave it a big kiss.

Gaynor joined in and massaged his heavy balls as Maria started to stroke his shaft.
Tracey rubbed her hands together and fondled his smooth stomach and chest.
Kirsten had her hand between her legs and watched as she felt her arousal moisten her pussy.
She clambered up onto his chest and thrust her boobs into his face.

"Suck 'em!"

Frank obliged and got her left tit in his mouth and sucked in as much of the soft flesh as he could fit,
Kirsten remembered the first time she and Frank had been together and how much he enjoyed licking and fondling her hefty rack.
She smiled happily as she felt his tongue flutter over her erect nipples and then gasped as he nibbled the hard nubs with hard teeth.


Down below Frank's body jolted and shifted in an upwards direction as he felt three wet mouths slobber all over his stiff prick.
One sucked his bell end as another licked the left side of his slippery shaft.
As one pair of lips left his swollen glans it was quickly replaced by another eager pair.

Tracey was the boldest of them all and she bobbed her head up and down as she took almost half of Frank's cock down her throat.
She made rasping sounds from deep down and drooled saliva down to his balls.

Gaynor was the quiet one but was in her element as she licked his milk white column, savouring every ridge and vein on his rock hard shaft.

"You like that, Frank? Four of us sucking your cock?" Asked Maria.

"Aye, it's grand."

"Want to fuck our tits?"

"Fuck yeah!"

"Frank! Try to resist, babe."

Jenny Blyth's pleads fell on deaf ears as Maria moved up his seated body and wrapped her 38DD tits around his pulsing dick.
Immensely turned on he offered no resistance as the lust crazed brunette began to wank his cock in her mammoth pillows of flesh.
As his shiny cock head emerged at the top of her slick home made furrow she painted his knob with her spit.

"No, Frank!"

"Sorry, Jenny doll. I can't stop."

Kirsten took over and shunted her huge tits along his rigid boner whilst dribbling saliva down into her cleavage.
She slowed up and made languid lunging motions up and down his rod, pausing as his glans popped up at the top where she sucked it into her mouth and hummed on it for a few seconds.
Frank looked on amazed as his cock vanished and then reemerged from her boob orifice. He was well and truly lodged in her plump tits and he loved it.

Below them, Tracey poked her tongue up between his parted legs and swept over his scrotum and asshole.
Frank felt his heart rate quicken and his breathing became laboured as he was pleasured by all four revengeful models.
Their sucking became harder and hungrier and he feared he might cum there and then.

"Let's fuck him."

Maria Whittaker nodded and stood in front of the incredulous looking football player.
At only five feet five in bare feet she was nevertheless stunning.
Her huge mammaries seemed to defy gravity as they stood out over a waspish waist.
Her legs were both shapely and toned as she clamped them to Frank's muscular thighs.
In this cowgirl position Maria lifted her bottom and then fed his erection to her damp pussy.
The pair of them sighed as she sank down and rested on his ball sack.

"Oh, yes!"

Maria recalled that first time she and he had fucked each other. Right on this very sofa in fact.
She leaned forward and planted the palms of her hands on his chest and proceeded to gyrate her lower body on his groin.
Her face came to within an inch of his and her breasts mashed to his chest.

"I hope she's worth it, Frank. Because this is the last time you'll have this pussy."

She then shoved her tongue into his mouth and at the same time began to move on him faster.
Maria looked at the others with half closed eyes and mouthed the words 'so big' silently.

She began to moan softly under her breath as she rode him with shallow strokes that made for the most wonderful friction on the walls of her tight muff.

Frank was temporarily hypnotised by her boobs that swung back and forth with her motions.
Frank was a tit man for sure as he scrutinised her wavering breasts in his face.

Determined to make him suffer Maria lifted off and left him with a twitching cock that fucked air for several seconds.
Kirsten was good to go and assumed the same position as the vacated Maria.
She had a mischievous look in her eye as she ran her wet cunt along Frank's generous length.
He gritted his teeth and rubbed his bound wrists together as she let her soft labia and trim pubes brush his aching dick.

"For gods sake, doll. Put it in."

Frank desperately sought Kirsten's hot slot as he tried to adjust himself by moving to and fro on his backside.
She grinned as he breathed hard and every time his cock head made contact with her slit she backed off.

"Fight them, Frank. Don't let them win."

Frank turned to a teary eyed Jenny just as Kirsten sank down onto his knob.
His world was rocked as the busty babe began to fuck the shit out of him, jiggling her tits in his face as she giggled.

"You go, girl!" Said the others as Kirsten's butt slapped audibly on Frank's groin.

The brunette model with the 38d tits wallowed in the sublime coupling as Frank's entire length impaled her on his lap.
Her juices flowed and liberally coated Frank's nine incher, and both had slick thighs as they moved together in a divine rut.
Kirsten threw her head back as she bounced excitedly on Frank's lap with his thick tool buried in her cunt.

Out of the corner of his eye he saw that Gaynor had clambered on top of Tracey and that they were both displaying their rumps one above the other.

Maria let his wrists loose and spread her hands.

"Up to you, Frank. Go for it."

Frank did not need to be told twice and came up behind the two wriggling page three stunners.
He smoothed his hands over Gaynor's pert cheeks and then parted them to view her nether holes.

With a sigh of resignation he shrugged at the still taped up Jenny and aimed his dick at the blonde and blue eyed Gaynor.
He thrust in all the way until his balls met the backside of Tracey Elvik.
With his hands firmly around the waist of Gaynor he banged in and out with rapid strokes.

"Give it to me, Frank. Give me all you got."

Frank obliged and roughly rammed into her with wide rotations of his hips.
Tracey waited her turn, enjoying the feel of Gaynor's front and her distended nipples along her back. Then she shivered as Frank left the blonde and lowered three inches to feed her his cock. As Gaynor kept still on top of Tracey she felt the girl vibrate beneath her as Frank dragged his boner along the crevice of her ass cheeks.

"Your pussy is so wet!" Said Frank as he started to pound into her with his butt juddering back and forth with energetic thrusts.

As Frank fucked Tracey he spanked Gaynor with firm blows on her rump.
The blonde squealed aloud and then shrieked as she was split open again by Frank's poker hard organ.

As he alternated between the two Maria and Kirsten were on the carpet in a 69 munching on each others pussies.
They moaned and writhed in mutual bliss as they rode each others stuck out tongues.

Gaynor lifted off of Tracey with a sloppy squelching sound and Maria straddled her and raised her bottom in the air.
Maria's wet pussy left a trail of her juices down the middle of Tracey's back as she slid along her spine.

"You better fuck me good, Frank. It's the last time remember."

Frank did not stand on ceremony and pushed into Maria all the way to the hilt.
He presumed correctly that this was all her idea and he showed no mercy as he rammed in and out at a fast pace.
Tracey's hand went down between her legs where she strummed her erect clit over and over.
Frank pistoned into Maria, never pausing as he humped the top heavy glamour model to heaven and back.
He forcefully held her hips that writhed wildly before him.

"Oh, shit!"

Maria moaned sadly as he pulled back out and slipped into Tracey with a pelvic thrust.
He gave it to her good for three minutes as he squeezed and spread Maria's buttocks that rose up to his face like two halves of the moon.

Then he became somewhat distracted by Kirsten who was stretched out on all fours at one end of the sofa and wagging her derriere in invitation.
Frank got the message and lined up behind her.

He groped her tits in both hands as he started to fuck the brunette with relentless strokes of his pulsating prick.
He looked on bemused as the others all lined up as if in a car assembly line.
Maria pushed her bottom into Kirsten's face, Gaynor lined up with her bottom in the face of Maria, and finally Tracey backed up to Gaynor's wet mouth.

Like a wild animal he leaned over Kirsten's back and slapped against her rump harder and faster.
Kirsten in turn draped her arms across Maria's jiggling juggs and crushed her body to hers.

Gaynor's hips squirmed into Maria's face as the brunette nibbled and kissed her labia delightfully.
At the same time the blue eyed honey raised her hands to Tracey's perfectly round ass and inhaled her feminine scent as she tongued her hot box.

As they stimulated each other they were all getting close, rhythmically humping and fucking in an overload of steamy lust.
In turn they all climaxed with howls of pleasure and pelvic spasms.

"Now it's your turn, Frank." Announced Maria.

Frank sat back as Tracey and Kirsten held his arms down by his sides.
He gulped hard as Maria milked his erection, stroking him with deft flicks of her wrist as she kept direct eye contact with the freely perspiring Scot.

Frank felt his cum surge up as she brought him to climax, only to release his cock at the precise second before he could ejaculate.
Frank poured sweat as the ticklish sensation running through his shaft subsided and his orgasm was ruined just as he was about to explode.

The four models began to gather their things as they laughed in his face, gloating over his ruined orgasm.

"Did you think we would let you cum, you cheating bastard! Come on, ladies. We're done here. He's all yours, Jenny."

Frank's head drooped as his cock dribbled on his thigh and the sound of laughter echoed in his ears.


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Re: Erotic Adventures of the Page Three girls
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Your imagination is a wonder! Picking the perfect girls for each story :)
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