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Re: Erotic Adventures of the Page Three girls
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Well, I have Ruth Gordon, Rachel Garley, Sandra Jones & Karen Brennan on my 80s'/90's list so if you have any ideas? I wish I had more time to write some stuff too but family and all that!


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Re: Erotic Adventures of the Page Three girls
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Some nice ladies you mentioned, I remember them all.  I might have an idea. Thanks for following my work.   
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Re: Erotic Adventures of the Page Three girls
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You've done a fantastic job with these stories, I have really enjoyed them. I stay busy all the time but finally have had a bit of free time to go back and read them.
Check me out on Patreon if you like my work!
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Re: Erotic Adventures of the Page Three girls
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You've done a fantastic job with these stories, I have really enjoyed them. I stay busy all the time but finally have had a bit of free time to go back and read them.
Glad to hear you enjoy this series. I have another chapter all set to publish.
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Re: Erotic Adventures of the Page Three girls
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Summer of 1989. With Jenny Blyth, Rachel Garley, Karen Brennan, and Frank McAvennie.


Jenny Blyth had not always been a lover of football until she met up with Frank McAvennie. When she was first introduced to him at a party she couldn't take her eyes off him.
His sandy fair hair, blue eyes and engaging smile swept her off her feet and she badly wanted to feel his cock in her. And naturally, her being a busty 'Sun Newspaper' topless model, the feeling was mutual.
The nineteen year old had a fiercely potent sexuality for a young lady and within a week they were a couple

In the beginning it was amazing. The pair of them went out every night, hitting the clubs and crashing parties. And later at night they would fuck themselves silly, in every position possible, in the bed or on the carpet.
The only drawback for Jenny was Frank's roving eye and his obsession to have the name of every page three girl notched up on his headboard.

In the eighties, with their high wages and high profiles, footballers had a reputation of being insatiable and horny and possessing one track minds.
Every Sunday newspaper would relate stores of highly sexed players having illicit affairs with whoever was newsworthy at the time.

Singers, actresses, socialites, you name it.
But it was that unique list of glamour models that were loved by the British public so much that every red blooded male craved.

And given that all football players were fit young and available, those like Frank wished to fuck their way through the page three backlog.

Jenny had to live with it. She loved the life, the money and the publicity, but knew if she and Frank were to have some sort of relationship, she would have to share him with other women.
This, she tolerated, providing it were she who chose for him.

So when the editors proposed a photoshoot with some of the girls posing in football kits for the upcoming new football season, Jenny suggested West Ham United as a good choice.
Seeing how this was the London team that Frank played for it was fairly easy to arrange a day out at the club's training ground in Essex.

The regular photographer, Beverley, chose two newer girls to accompany Jenny for the shoot.

Karen Brennan, a bubbly and slim brunette who had a wicked giggle and 38 inch tits.

And with her was Rachel Garley, a blue eyed babe with light brown hair and a 36C cup bust.

They duly arrived at the bleak and chilly ground on a breezy August afternoon where the girls dressed in football jerseys and shorts and had their pictures taken in provocative poses.

The young girls were hoping to meet up with some of the players but no such luck. The team were all at the Boleyn Stadium in East London for a team meeting.

After the session Jenny and the girls retreated to a small pub close to where she and Frank had a modest apartment.
Frank joined them after his training session and all four of them had a good laugh and a good drink.

Jenny was feeling decidedly merry as the evening wore on and snuggled up to her man and canoodled with him. She whispered in his ear and his eyes lit up. The blonde babe knew it was one of his fantasies to have a group fuck, and who better to invite but two hot and young glamour models from page three?

There were two things Frank loved more than anything.
Hearing the thunderous applause from 40,000 spectators when he scored a goal, and the feel of a page three topless model's tits crushed against his chest as he screwed them into the mattress.

"Let's finish this off at our place." Suggested Frank with a twinkle in his eyes.

They all piled into his Jaguar XJR-9 car and headed off into the night.
After managing to get there in one piece they all stumbled into the main room and sat around the table and drank more cheap German wine.
As thr girls embraced that late evening mellow feeling they sat back in their seats.Frank kicked his shoes off and made himself comfortable, and Jenny began to massage his neck and shoulders.

"Well, it's getting too late to leave now girls. And I've drunk too much to drive. May as well sleep over."

Jenny winked at Frank as he got up to get another bottle of plonk.
Karen and Rachel were a little reluctant at first, but after the heavy drinking decided it were for the best.

"Hey, who's for a game of cards?"

Frank had a fresh deck in his hands and was shuffling them like an expert.

"No, not just cards," said Jenny with a mischievous grin. "How about strip poker?"

"Great idea, doll. Are you in, girls?"

Karen looked at Rachel who nodded and said it might be fun. Karen shrugged and all four gathered around a square green covered card table with four sable type legs.

"We way we play this in Glasgow is we all cut the deck and the lowest card holder takes something off."

The next half hour passed quickly in bursts of giggles and cries of surprise as they began to lose their clothing.

Karen lost the first hand and took off her shoes. Then Frank removed his shoes and then his socks. Rachel lost three in a row and was down to just bra and panties. Jenny lost twice and happily exposed her big tits to a roar of approval from Frank. The fair haired Scot was bare chested and only had two chances left to remove his trousers and underpants.

Rachel was quite taken by the sight of his hairless torso and textured stomach and was getting very excited by the minute. Then Rachel lost again and had to choose between exposing her boobs or stripping off her panties.
She reached behind her back and unhooked her bra and Frank ogled her stunning rack and whistled loudly.

"Nice ones, doll."

Rachel fluttered her long lashes in thanks and the game continued.
By now it had not gone unnoticed that the front of Frank's pants had a huge tent at his groin level.

He lost the next hand and all three models began to slow clap and hoot in approval as he stood up and slipped his boxers off down his toned legs.
The room fell silent as Karen and Rachel sized him up.
His nine inch cock rose up as if in slow motion and was as hard as a rock as it stood out from his body like a flagpole.

'The winner!"

Jenny hugged Frank and they immediately began to snog.
As he held her in his arms she slid her panties down her shapely legs and showed off her trim pubes over her juicy muff.

"We're going to the bedroom," said Jenny as she took Frank by the hand. "You two coming?"

Obviously, Frank and Jenny had planned this, but nevertheless Karen and Rachel stepped into the bedroom.


Karen and Rachel looked at the pair by the bed, Jenny on her knees, and her lover sat on the edge.
Karen covered her mouth in stunned admiration as she watched the blonde lick and suck on Frank's generous length.

Jenny was beautiful in the buff. Her long fair curls, big blue eyes and toned body was captivating and she had been a big hit with the Sun readership.
She had big and perfect breasts with smallish nipples, and a trimmed darkish bush.

"Want a taste, girls?"

Jenny looked at them standing at the open door of the bedroom and slowly pumped Frank's thick shaft in her fist.
She had found a knack of stretching the skin of his shaft so that the meat of his dick could be clearly seen.

Karen giggled and quickly lost her inhibitions and tore her bra and panties off.
Frank studied her fantastic torpedo shaped boobs and he was amazed that she didn't topple forward from the hugeness of them.
Her mound was pouty and protruded from a fine pair of slender and shapely pins.

Rachel was equally stunning with her long, straight hair framing her outstanding tits.
Frank especially liked the way her belly dipped in before swelling out to her hips.

She was the first to react and loomed in to take a closer look at the awesome boner with the huge purple head, now soaked with Jenny's spit.
He pushed up from the bed and the spongy tip met her lips.
Her mouth opened and she took in just the tip and hummed on it, sending welcome vibrations through his throbbing shaft.

"Good girl."

Karen would not be left out and came cheek to cheek with the other two and eagerly slid her mouth down his huge manhood.
She moved her head and very smoothly sucked on the fat dick with perfect rhythm.

"Jenny, doll! The girl is a natural!"

Jenny murmured as she and Rachel joined in and soon all three stacked models were licking and sucking him in a clever synchronization.
As one sucked on him for a few seconds his shiny dick was handed to another drooling mouth and so on.

The best part was when Karen slid her pursed lips up the left side of his veiny stalk as Jenny slid down the right side.
At the same time Rachel licked his smooth scrotum and tickled his anus.
Frank could barely breathe as his slick knob was kissed by three, THREE, pairs of pouting lips.

"You three will be the death of me!"

They all jumped up as Frank panted and cupped his aching balls.
His blonde girlfriend gently pushed him onto his left side and took hold of his divine erection.

As Jenny sucked Frank to ensure he stayed hard he turned to Karen who had stretched out crossways on the bed.
His mouth clamped to the brunette's succulent muff and her sticky fluids soon began to seep out.
Rachel bent over the moaning Karen and her tongue delved between her trembling lips.
Jenny looked up at the erotic scene playing out and focused on the two girls kissing.


Frank flicked his tongue back and forth, up and down on Karen's moist pussy and the writhing beauty dragged her fingers through his fair mane of hair.
Frank separated from Jenny and pushed Karen's legs wide apart.
She looked up at him as he kissed the insides of her thighs and her pussy tingled like crazy.

Then he slid up her curvy frame and entered her.
The young model hissed as his huge dick filled her completely and she wrapped her slender legs around him to savour the sublime penetration.

As he started to move in and out Karen raked her nails down his back and gripped his shoulders.
Frank fell on top of the soft body of Karen and nibbled on her firm breasts as he fucked her.
Grateful whimpers came from her open mouth as the fit footballer slid in and out with long sweeping strokes of his hips.

Karen had never had her pussy opened by a man quite like this.
The plum like head stretched her out as he plunged in and out, and the more he fed her, the more her pussy juiced up.

Her lightweight frame moved under his body as he plundered her pussy with deep and penetrating strokes.
Her mouth was frozen in an O of pure pleasure, and her hot breath left her throat as she panted accordingly.

Rachel and Jenny were both transfixed by the man's clenching and contracting buttocks as he majestically drove in and out of Karen.

"Don't forget us lover."

Though reluctant to leave the tight pussy of Karen Brennan he withdrew and laid out on his back.
Rachel settled on Frank's lap in a reverse cowgirl position and he placed both hands under her boobs.
He cupped them and massaged them simultaneously as the glamour model fished beneath her for his rod.
Teasing him she rubbed the over sized head against her wet labia and she dripped juices down her left thigh.

"Och! Put it in!"

Rachel laughed as she sank down about halfway, only to lift off the invading pole immediately.
Then she shifted her hips and slid all the way down onto his full length.
She gasped as his hugeness throbbed inside her and she came with a muffled cry as her hand flew to her mouth.

"I just came!" She said stunned with her belly making tiny spasms over and over.

"No fucking way!" Said a surprised Jenny Blyth.

Jenny's agile tongue flicked against Rachel's parted lips and she lapped up Rachel's cum, coating her mouth greedily.
Karen dropped her backside on Frank's face and his mouth crammed on her pussy mound.

Karen ran her hands lightly up her back as Rachel ground back and forth on Frank.
Rachel's nipples were rock hard and Jenny pulled and teased them both as they remained locked in a French kiss.

As Rachel got used to Frank's size she began to ride him faster, revelling in the swollen head embedding itself in her cunt.
His balls slapped against her bottom as they move together in a lusty rut.

Karen bobbed up and down on Frank's face as he thrust out his tongue and probed her wet hole.
His hands held her cute ass cheeks and this enabled the moaning brunette to slide her clitoris along chin.
With her eyes closed and her head tossed back she did not see Rachel rise up off of Frank to let Jenny suck on him and taste the mutual fluids of the two lovers.

Jenny wanted in and straddled Frank and stroked his stiff tool against her inner thighs.
She groaned loudly as always whenever she impaled herself on his dreamy cock. He instinctively thrust his hips up as she dropped down and he was all the way in up to the hilt. He loved how she rose her bottom up high and then dropped again hard.

"Fuck me, gorgeous."

Jenny rhythmically shimmied up and down and her tits jiggled in his grinning face. No other women in Britain had tits like the page three girls, and he was totally hooked. Her peachy skin glistened now in the light of the bedroom lamps as her tempo reached her peak.

But Frank did not intend to finish off just yet.
He lifted the blonde off his perspiring body and proceeded to line up all three girls on the bed in the doggy position, side by side, cheek to cheek.
It was quite simply the most erotic thing erotic thing he had ever witnessed.

"You saucy git!" Cried Jenny as he went down the line and smacked all six rosy rumps.

On the left was Karen who wiggled her bottom in a lewd invitation.
Frank came up behind her and spread her legs out.
With his right hand on her hip he pulled her to him and mounted her with one single push in.

"He's so big!"

Frank was in his element and he pummeled the top heavy babe with lustful piston thrusts.
Karen was pushed to and fro as she recoiled from his strong strokes.
She was fucked with a wild abandon and she was finally pushed over the edge and she came on his dick.

After a couple of minutes he pulled out and shifted two inches to his right and plunged balls deep into Rachel Garley.
She panted loudly as his lunging cock took her breath away with each inward thrust. Her aching pussy was stretched to the max as the Scottish love machine banged her silly.

He switched places again and the virile Scot fucked the shit out of Jenny who whipped her hair around in sheer bliss.
All three were highly impressed by Frank's stamina as he fucked them solidly for a good twenty more minutes.
Frank was now making animal like grunts as he neared his climax.

He pulled backwards and his already big cock swelled as he furiously wanked his hose. The girls rallied around by his feet as he stood up and erupted with a growl. His cock sprayed cum in thick squirts as he first painted the face of Karen, and then a startled Rachel.

She spluttered and gurgled as she took one arc in her mouth which then seeped out down her chin.
Karen licked her cum coated lips which had been richly coated by the pistol like footballer.

After what seemed an age his cock finally drooped limp between his muscular thighs, wet with a mic of cum and female juices.

Although an established goal machine for West Ham and Scotland, nobody could say he didn't score OFF the field just as much!


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Re: Erotic Adventures of the Page Three girls
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Loving all of these stories, enjoyed the page three era of the late 80's and 90's so much
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Re: Erotic Adventures of the Page Three girls
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Loving all of these stories, enjoyed the page three era of the late 80's and 90's so much

Thanks. I'm trying to capture the mood of those times. Of course it helps as I actually lived them! I remember Frank quite well, although I always followed Tottenham. Still do.


Re: Erotic Adventures of the Page Three girls
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Loving all of these stories, enjoyed the page three era of the late 80's and 90's so much

Yep, thats my era too. I'm loving these stories 123z :-)
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Re: Erotic Adventures of the Page Three girls
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September of 1989. All aboard The Sun newspaper pleasure cruise. With Samantha Fox, Karen Brennan, Debee Ashby, Donna Ewin, Rachel Garley, Kirsten Imrie, Gail Mckenna, Tracey Neve, Lu Varley, Maria Whittaker.

Part One.


In order to celebrate the top ten chart entry of her latest single' I only want to be with you' Samantha Fox combined that good news with the fact that it had been twenty years since the first published topless page three picture in The Sun.

Since hanging up her bra in 1986, or was that keeping it on? Samantha had recorded three albums and had managed to get into the charts a number of times. Her biggest and best being 'Touch Me (I Want Your Body)' back in '86.

In a welcome collaboration she and the newspaper editors chartered the 'Lady Maria' a 105 metre mega yacht moored in the Mediterranean Sea.

She called several of the invited guests and gushed down the line excitedly.

"It's going to be so much fun, Maria. It's all about the four S's."

"What are they?" Wondered Maria Whittaker on the other end.

"Sun, sea, sand and of course sex. We all spend the day having out pictures taken, and the night time? Well..."

Built and owned by Russian born millionaire, Igor Suckemeoff, the striking luxury motor vessel was opulent, lengthy and boasted a maximum speed of 22 knots.

The top deck featured a swimming pool with a sliding roof and a centrally positioned staircase that led to the owner's luxury suite.
The lavish accommodation slept up tp twenty guests over ten suites.

Samantha and nine of the current page three girls all took the train from Waterloo Railway Station, across the Channel, and on down to the French yacht club in Port Camargue Marina.

The day earlier saw the photographer and his assistant travel to the Marina to join the hired English crew.

This consisted of the Captain, chef, deck crew of first officer and chief steward. One engineer completed the team and it was planned that the yacht would set out to sea for three days while all the girls were captured on film for a Christmas special edition of the Sunday supplement of the paper.

Once they were all bedded down and unpacked the serious business began.
By day the sixty year old photographer Derek and his aide Sid shot dozens of rolls of film on the yacht.
Sun and tits were the obvious theme and Derek had eighteen pairs of statuesque breasts to play with.

Derek and Sid were experts in their profession and dutifully captured every stiff nipple and gathering moisture in lots of ample cleavage.
They made sure to illuminate every boob in bright light, no shadows in The Sun newspaper.

As the sun dipped slowly in the sky the sessions would wind down and the young darlings were let off the leash.


x Gail.

The young chef Mark was besotted. He had been mesmerised by Gail McKenna who he thought was the most attractive out of all of the other models.
Since the group had come onboard two days ago he had thought of nothing else but Gail morning, noon and night.

As he fingered his crisp collar of his white uniform shirt he looked on her from a safe distance.

Gail was lying on her back on a lounger wearing a white bikini and sunglasses.
Well, the top was really just two strips of material that covered her nipples and only them. The bottoms also were so flimsy as to be just a triangle that cupped her plump mound.
She had chosen this side of the yacht to take a ten minute sunbathe under the Mediterranean azure sky.

Her perfect skin glistened from the sun and the Ambre Solaire suntan lotion she had liberally smeared into her soft flesh.
As the gentle sound of the sea lapping on the hull of the yacht Mark looked on in a state of excitement as he ogled the stunning girl's bosom rise and fall under her skimpy top.

Then, Dave showed up and Gail moved her glasses down her cute nose to take a long look at the sandy haired and tanned first officer.
Mark despised Dave, not least because his good looks and muscular frame always got him the girls. Lucky bastard.

"Hi," said Gail with a warm smile and fluttering lashes. "Could you do me a favour and rub some oil on my back?"

"It will be my pleasure." Dave spoke in his west country burr and took the yellow bottle from Gail.

She turned onto her front on the long seat and Dave rubbed his hands in the lotion and began to apply it to the sighing model.

"You have a nice touch."

"Yeah, I hear that a lot."

"Touch me."

Gail purred like a kitten as Dave massaged the warming lotion into the middle of Gail's back, slowly working his way down her spine to the top of her rump.

Mark looked on, seething with jealousy, as Gail allowed the bastard to cup her ass cheeks under the bikini bottoms while she arched her back in approval.

"Do my front."

Gail rolled over again as Dave smeared more of the Ambre Solaire into the palms of his hands.
They locked eyes as he radiant brunette loosened her top to let him paw at her outstanding 36DD cup tits.

The sight of her being fondled and oiled up gave Mark an instant boner How he longed to be in Dave's shoes and finger and pinch those hard nipples that now stood out proud from Gail's heaving breasts.

"Lower," ordered Gail, and Dave ran his hands in a trail along her midriff to her panty line.

Both Mark, from his hiding place and Dave, could not fail to note Gail's protruding mons that was barely covered by the sheer material of her costume.

Gail deliberately parted her legs wider and Dave took this as an invitation to move in. As he caressed the insides of her thighs he brushed her pussy causing Gail to visibly twitch with arousal.

Dave fingered the sides if her bikini bottoms and slid both of his thumbs inside to her exposed muff. Together they dragged her panties down her legs so that Gail was now in the buff.

Dave leaned back to drink in her superb naked body and began to unbuckle the belt of his trousers.
Gail drew her legs up and hugged her knees as she saw him take out his erection and hold it up for her benefit.

"Nice cock."

Gail went up to the purser and slipped his upright pole between her slippery tits.
The oil coated his thick organ as she pushed her huge mammaries together to make one big tit.
The ample furrow was now used to fuck his dick, and as it thrust up out of her deep cleavage Gail greedily flicked out her snake like tongue at it.

The tightness of the tit tunnel Gail had made rolled back Dave's foreskin and she took the opportunity to gobble up the denuded cock head as she sandwiched his adorable shaft.
She paused to admire the shimmering rod in her face and unleashed his beast from the confines of her glorious boobs.

"I need a good seeing to. Oblige me."

Dave stood behind her with his arms around her and nuzzle her neck.
Then Gail went up onto her hands and knees on the lounger as Dave kicked off his trousers and underpants.

He rubbed his chin mindfully as he took in the explicit sight of the young model's pussy lips, pushing out from the divine gap of her cheeks and thighs. Still in his white shirt he came up behind her and slapped his rock hard cock on her backside as if it were a club.

"Ooo, cheeky!"

Gail cooed and giggled as her greased up cunt opened easily to accept his long and hard prick.
Mark wanked his own erection furiously as he continued to watch Dave grip her by the hips and pump her hard and fast.
Gail made two fists as she was humped and shunted forwards by Dave's feverish thrusts.
He banged into her buttocks which rippled delightfully from the firm contact.

"Fuck me!"

For the next three minutes Dave gave it to her non stop and Gail shrieked out her joy as his large balls slapped against her cheeks and inner thighs.
His cock felt like a bar of iron and deliriously happy she bucked back against his deep thrusts.

"Hold my tits!"

Dave grunted and cupped her swaying tits and held them high up on her ribcage.
Gail quite liked to have sex in the sun.
Something about having the heat beating down on her naked form made her turn into a horny slut who couldn't get enough.

His hands tightened on her ripe tits as he thrust up with deep and probing lunges.
In, pause, back, and in again.
Gail was pushed and pulled on his prodigious length much to her delight.

Mark had tears in his eyes as he looked on to see Dave pull out of Gail's pussy and shoot his cum all over her peach of an ass.

"Lovely. Rub it in, babe. It's good for my tan."

Mark splashed his palm as he too came and he wished it were he as he watched Dave rub more sun oil on Gail, mixed in with his sperm.
Lucky git!


x Lu.

Lu Varley had her eye on the engineer from the minute she boarded the yacht.
The stacked twenty year old had rather fancied a young looking man in a one piece light blue overall.
The slender and tallish man had long hair down to his shoulders and a healthy tan.

She waited a day and then she made her move.
She had discovered the store room he kept his cleaning equipment in and waited outside the door as he rummaged around inside.

Lu had just come from a shoot and wore a string like bikini that was just about see through. As she waited she removed her costume and then made a light tap-tap-tap on the door.

Les appeared and Lu felt her heart skip a beat as she gazed into his dreamy green eyes. She put a hand on her left hip and thrust out her 42DD tits.

The curly haired blonde exuded sheer sexuality from every pore in her voluptuous body. His eyes nearly rolled out of his head as he glanced downwards from her feet up to her head and back down again in a carefully measured study of her desirable curves.

"What's up? Anything you want to do? Or are you just browsing? Touch me."

Les fixed his stare on her upper body and gulped hard.
He had never seen such a huge rack in the flesh. And what an expanse of flesh there was.

Lu wasted no time and grabbed his piece through his overalls.

"Well? I'm told this is the equipment room. Care to show me your rod?"

With her baby blue eyes flashing wickedly Les was bundled into the windowless eight by eight room amongst the paint tins, brushes and rollers.
He backed up, shuffling his shoes, until he made contact with the wall, and a tin of primer hit the floor.

"I want you. I want your cock. I want your cock right up inside my pussy."

Lu quickly unzipped the front of his overalls and pulled his grubby tee shirt up over his head.
With him stripped the lusty babe pressed her heavy chest to his and he gasped at the sensation of her mouth watering boobies against his body.
She clamped her hand to his stiffening cock and whispered in his ear.

"Want to suck my tits?"

Without waiting for an answer the busty beauty shoved her double fun bags into the fellow's face.
His unshaven chin made for a titillating friction on her sensitive tits as she jiggled them up and down, and his long hair dangled over the sides.

The engineer had no choice but to slather away else he thought he may well suffocate!
Even with his mouth wide open he had no chance of devouring such tits, simply dribbling spit all over.
His overalls were now at his feet as Lu stroked his hard on and ran her slender hands all over his tight ass.

"Let me be mother."

Lu went down as if taking an elevator and rocked on her haunches with the twitching member of Les in her mouth.
He groaned, she moaned, and the noise of the motor thrummed in their ears as Lu easily slid on his stiff boner with nodding motions of her head.
As his dick emerged it shone under the single naked light bulb above their heads.

Despite her young age she knew exactly what she was doing, licking the flared top with audible slathering noises, and then slowly running her tongue along the hot length to his balls.

"Fuck me, babe." She asked politely as she straightened up.

There was a distinct lack of room and so Les effortlessly lifted the squealing blonde precariously onto the paint stained sink.
He drove his rock hard length into her eager cunt and thrust up.

Her body glowed with her increasing desire and she rocked against his as he held her legs out wide by the ankles.
Les was as strong as an ox as he banged Lu like nobody's business.
Lu was up for a bit of rough and ready and uttered obscenities in his ear as his cock rammed up her to the hilt.

It was at that moment that the chef, Mark. passed the equipment room and heard the unmistakable sounds of two people in flagrante delicto.
He put his ear to the closed door and his cock shot up in his pants as he heard the shrill voice of one of The Sun girls being royally screwed.

"You're so good. babe. So good."

As fitting to his profession Les was like a well oiled piston, greased and hard, and relentless.
Lu reached up above her head as she teetered on the edge of the sink and tried to grip the wooden shelf.
In doing so a can of red paint toppled off and covered her breasts and belly.

Les eased up his strokes and smeared the paint into her tits leaving two great hand prints in his wake.
Lu giggled as she perceived her great tits in a new shade of crimson, the two erect nipples poking out from the slow trickle of paint.

Likewise Les was unaware that he had matching hand marks on his buttocks from Lu's hands as she drew him inside her more deeply.
A strong smell of paint, primer and white spirit filled Lu's nostrils and she thrilled to the animalistic aspect of the moment.

"Harder, I'm close."

Les whipped his long hair back and kneaded her paint splashed tits as he rammed in and out until the sweat ran down his back.
Lu screamed as her pussy started to pulsate with her orgasm which triggered Les to shoot his wad all over her belly.
Her panting body shone under the light bulb from the cum and paint and she licked her lips in total bliss.

Outside in the narrow corridor Mark was at end of his tether as he limped away with his boner cramping his walk.


x Debee and Samantha.

Debee Ashby was only sixteen when she first flashed her 37DD sized boobs for The Sun page three.
Within two short years the vivacious blonde bombshell had become a champagne swilling, night clubbing, low neckline swinging glamour puss.
She had grown up fast and had embraced the high life with enthusiasm and open legs.

In fact, her rapid rise to fame had only been eclipsed by those other iconic figures, the babacious Samantha Fox and Linda Lusardi.

So it was a dream come true when Debee was invited by Sam to be a part of the pleasure cruise in the Med.
It had been long rumoured that Sam Fox was about to come out. Either as bisexual or as a full on lesbian.
So it was not especially a surprise when she invited Debee to hang out in her sumptuous and spacious suite in the aft deck.

"Hello, love. Come in."

The door opened and the effervescent Samantha smiled broadly at Debee. Her hair was tied back and the iconic blonde was a vision of bangles, rings and boobs. Debee's eyes dropped to Sam's substantial bosom which moved freely under a loose white blouse.

"Isn't this brilliant!"

Sam pointed out the king size bed, flanked by magnolia and chrome finishing's. On the floor was a tufted beige carpet that contrasted with the modern style silk lined walls.

"There's no other suite on the yacht like this one."

Sam steered a wide eyed Debee to a sofa and they sat side by side with two glasses of freshly squeezed orange juice.

"You know I could have picked anyone of the other girls but I chose you. Do you want to know why?"

"Sure," said Debee as she took a swig of her cool drink.

"You remind me of myself when I started out. And I like your tits."

"I wish I had tits like yours," said Debee wistfully.

"Hey now. You have very nice boobs."

"Maybe, but not as dramatic as yours."

Sam put a consoling arm around Debee and drew her closer.
Then Sam slid her other hand into Debee's lap and was delighted to note she moved her knees wider apart.

"Do you like girls?" Asked Sam as she turned Debee's face towards hers.

Without waiting for an answer Sam pressed her wet mouth to the wilting blonde and kissed her.
As Debee slipped her tongue between Samantha's trembling lips she moaned softly as her pussy was cupped and fondled.

"I think the answer is yes."

Sam's hand burrowed inside Debee's panties and used her slim fingers to enter her slippery slit.
Debee felt weak at the knees and a great rush of wet heat dampened her muff.

"I like girls a lot." Murmured Samantha in Debee's ear. "Let's get on the bed."

Sam led the way, shedding her flouncy top and jumping onto the bed naked.
Debee followed suit and stripped off and laid beside the bubbly blonde.
Between them they fondled and squeezed each others titanic boobs as they writhed in a tangle of limbs.
Sam's torpedo like tits had what seemed enormous nipples, virtually the entire front half of her actual breast. Whereas, Debee had two tiny nipples that were as hard as a stone.

Debee cooed in pleasure as her nipples were taken in turn to be sucked into Samantha's mouth.
She pushed one big boob up in front of her face and nibbled rabidly on it with hard white teeth.

"Touch me, darlin'" Said an aroused Sam who opened her legs wide.

Debee obliged and her hand slid down Sam's belly to her heated quim.
Sam's muffled moans grew louder as her slit was teased open and a finger dipped inside.
The novice lesbian moved her finger around and Sam just opened her legs wider and sighed softly.
Then Debee used her thumb to create pressure on Sam's clit and the famed ex glamour model began to get the initial feelings of her orgasm.

Sam's hips humped up off the bed as a welcome spasm went through her loins. Debee kept up her frigging as Sam squealed on her tits.
Then Debee withdrew her finger and replaced it with her tongue.


Sam laid flat on her back with splayed legs as the blue eyed blonde lapped heartily at her slit.
The diminutive model come pop star bucked like mad as Debee quickened her perfect oral assault and alternated from cunt to anus.

Sam beat on the bed with her balled fists as she peered down her body to gaze at the incredible sight of a mane of golden curls between her thighs.
She had chosen well as she erupted in a superb orgasm that had been building for so long.

Although exhausted Samantha rose up in order to pleasure Debee.
As Sam placed a hand under each of Debee's buttocks she drove her tongue between her inner folds.

Debee was beside herself as she was licked into ecstasy by her idol.
Sam's head bobbed up and down and her permed hair brushed the insides of Debee's thighs with a delightful tickle.

"Don't stop, feels so nice."

Sam moved to her left side and kneaded Debee's tits as she dry humped her loins with vigorous pelvic grinds.

"Oh, oh, oh, oh!" They both moaned as their saturated cunts mashed together in their sensuous mime of fucking.

Sam's left thigh circled Debee's and her boobs bounced against the others massive flesh pillows as they squirmed and bucked.
In their lust crazed enthusiasm they got precariously close to the edge of the bed and as they climaxed together they tumbled onto the plush carpet in a fit of giggles.

"I don't know about you, babe. But that was fucking amazing!"


x Donna.

It may be hard to believe but the popular tall and buxom glamour model, Donna Ewin, had never played the field as many might choose to think.
Of course, she attracted no end of wandering eyes and flirtatious moments, but she had only really experienced any sexual activity with her boyfriend.

True enough the curvy brunette had loved every minute her lover had pumped her pussy with his big cock, but the couple had acrimoniously split three months earlier.

Now deprived of a regular sex life Donna thought about nothing but sex all the time.
On the second night of the sea voyage Donna was propping up the bar and pouring her heart out to Mark as he served drinks and snacks from the other side.

He was a good listener and he could have stayed the whole night with Donna as she downed one drink after another.
Mark had never seen such well developed young ladies in his life and he found it considerably difficult to tear his eyes from Donna's enormous 32DD tits.

As she sat upon a bar stool she swept her mane of chestnut curls out over her white vest top, and her short black skirt showed off plenty of bared thigh as she crossed her legs.
Mark struggled to maintain a good posture as his throbbing dick strained in his trousers.

"I mean, I give the guy a good year out of my life and he runs of with some Welsh tart he barely knows. Really, am I not attractive?"

Donna leaned forwards and Mark actually put out his hands as if to catch a ball as her mammoth boobs threatened to spill out of her top.

As they spoke the chief steward named Chris stepped up behind Mark.

"Alright, Jones. Take a break."


Mark was reluctant to part company with Donna, and he lingered close by as he watched things unfold.
Donna, now slightly tipsy, had seen Chris once or twice as she has been photographed on deck, and it was only now that she realised how gorgeous he was.

He smiled delightfully as he cleaned glasses and then stacked them on hooks behind the bar.
Donna kept her eyes on his visible bulge in his trousers and she felt her knickers become decidedly moist with all her excitement.
The cocktails had definitely warmed her cockles and she came to the realisation that she needed a good shagging.


Donna feigned a dizzy spell and Chris reached out to steady her with a firm grip.

"I think the waves have made me a little light headed. Could you help me to sit somewhere?"

"Here. Mark! Watch the bar, would you?"

As Mark returned he watched the thirty year old crewman Chris hold Donna by her elbow and bring her around to the small room behind the bar. It was a tight squeeze and they came face to face and instinctively kissed.

Like two wild animals they clawed at each other as they embraced and their tongues darted in and out of each others mouths as if their lives depended on it.

"Yes! Touch me!"

As Donne implored Chris to ravish her Mark could clearly make out every word and every moan.
He cursed Chris. Just a few moments later it might have been him and Donna making out.

Chris now had Donna's top up to her neck as he caressed her full breasts with both hands.
The horny brunette purred happily and tilted her head up to allow the chief steward to lick and kiss her neck and collarbones.
With his hands full of tit flesh Donna fished inside his pants for his desired cock.

"Come here you."

Donna knelt at his feet and took the throbbing organ deep inside her wet mouth.
If there was one thing she loved it was the way a man felt between her pursed lips.
She pulled his foreskin back and his spongy crown seemed to double in size.
As she sucked she also swallowed and this process made Chris grab her head in pure bliss.

Suck, glug, suck, glug. Incredible stuff.

Then Donna pulled back and his dick fucked air for a few moments.
As her juices dripped down the insides of her thighs Chris searched inside her knickers for her hot treasure.
His fingers found her damp pussy and Donna went up on tiptoe as he probed and prodded her softness.

"Fuck me, you devil!"

Chris dropped his strides and spun Donna around to face the door.
In a swift motion he bent the grateful model at the waist and dragged her underwear clean off.
Then he pushed her shirt skirt over her backside and mounted her with a single thrust.


Donna flattened the palms of her hands on the surface of the door as Chris let her have it hard and fast.
She let out deep groans as he sunk inside her hot slot and banged against her bottom with loud slaps.

On the other side of the door, separated by only two inches of wood, Mark put his head in his hands and also groaned.
Donna's heated and lusty cries of pleasure filled his ears as she presumably was getting her brains fucked out.

As her excitement mounted so did her breathing which rasped in her throat.

Thrust after vigorous thrust from the fit Chris made Donna cream on his shaft, and when he reached around to frig her clit all the pent up frustration of recent months led to her achieving the most earth shattering orgasm.


The door threatened to collapse on the hinges and Mark pressed his back to it in a feeble attempt to experience the physical coupling just on the other side.

Donna spun round quickly and as Chris began to twitch she took his cock and jerked his cum into her waiting mouth.
As he spurted, her lips and chin glistened with the white sticky stuff.

Mark hugged the wall as the spent two emerged and left the bar.
He saw Donna's discarded knickers on the floor and silently stuffed them into his pocket.

x Rachel.

"So, this is where you hang out."

Captain Philip stood at the front of the bridge gazing out to sea in his white suit and peaked cap.
He turned to see page three glamour puss Rachel Garley in a one piece bathing costume.

"Morning." He said curtly at the leggy model who stared into his eyes.

She casually put her hand on his shoulder as she sidled up beside him and pointed out to sea.

"Nice view, so blue don't you think?"

They both viewed the clear sea across the bow and Rachel pressed her side to the Captain's.
The bridge of the vessel was surprisingly small and offered precious little space as he showed off the array of radios, autopilot controls and various gauges.

"So the yacht is sailing by itself?" Rachel asked in all innocence.

"In a sense at this moment we're sailing hands free."

This was perfect for Rachel who had the hots for the skipper.
She had always had a thing for a man in uniform, and in particular a nautical type as he.
She took his hat and plonked it on her head playfully as he continued.

"There are basically three operations in the wheelhouse. Piloting, navigating, and boat handling."

"I'd love to handle your vessel, Captain."

Rachel went on tiptoe to kiss the straight backed fellow and cupped his considerable bulge in his neatly ironed trousers.

"I think we have full mast."

The Captain visibly shook as his fly was unzipped and his cock drawn out.
Rachel was hugely impressed as he held his erection aloft.

"Well, everything appears to be above board and shipshape."

Philip grimaced at her joke and then gasped as his foreskin was peeled back and his bell end was enveloped by two shiny lips.
In a fantastic display of cock sucking Rachel proceeded to lick around the huge glans a well as paint the entire rigid shaft with her wriggling tongue.

"Ahoy! All hands on dick!"

Rachel was having a ball as she passed his scrummy cock past her yielding lips and salivated lustfully.
Her head heaved to and fro as she engulfed his hose with groans and whimpers of delight.
Wonderful vibrations coursed through his shaft and he yearned to bury his boner in the desirable woman.

"Battle stations!" Cried she as her costume puddled around her bare feet. "Care to weigh anchor?"

Rachel raised the wide brimmed hat further back on he head and climbed onto the Captain's lap and straddled his pulsing knob.
Their eyes locked on each others as she slowly lowered herself down on his upstanding pole.

The Captain was highly impressed as he gazed down to see her cunt lips part and his white column gradually push up in.
Gripping his shoulders Rachel sighed as his cock swelled inside her thanks to her gradual impalation. As her pussy grew more and more lubed up so she accepted more and more of him onto her sodden twat.

"Touch me."

Philip grabbed hold of her pert ass and aided her strokes as she gyrated on his solid cock.
As they humped and humped Mark climbed the steep stairs with the Captain's afternoon cup of hot tea.
Half way up he heard the rather unexpected sounds of his skipper emanating lusty cries of pleasure.

He peered up the metal steps and was stunned to see a very naked Rachel Garley impaled on the Captain, her bottom rippling and her pussy dripping. Philip had his mouth wide open as if in a silent scream as his cock vanished up inside Rachel's love hole.
Rachel leaned forward which made the cap tip off and as she dug her toes in the skipper erupted into her foaming quim.

Mark quietly descended the steps in a filthy mood and swore under his breath.

End of part one. In part two we have the final night orgy, with a twist.

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Re: Erotic Adventures of the Page Three girls
« Reply #39 on: May 26, 2020, 11:26:34 AM »
Oh man.....so many little bitesize stories getting us ready for the main event!!! Love it!!
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Re: Erotic Adventures of the Page Three girls
« Reply #40 on: May 26, 2020, 12:46:42 PM »
Part Two, The orgy.


On the final evening Samantha arranged to have the whole main room cleared out except for a twenty foot long table. She had Tracey Neve in charge of the stereo system which would keep pumping out Samantha Fox music. The bountiful brunette with the gypsy curls and smouldering dark eyes was clad in a flowing robe beneath which she was as nature intended.

Sam was in a playful mood and her vivid imagination turned to thoughts of a wild sex orgy. Something really sloppy and dirty, with drinking and eating, and sucking and fucking.

She carefully planned what food would be on offer and she and chef Mark put a lot of thought into the preparation.

When the girls started to arrive they were presented to masses of savoury dips, lashings of yoghurt, frankfurter sausages, salad and fresh fruit, and bananas and cucumbers. As well as several mushy looking cream cakes.
Under the table were a dozen cases of Beaujolais.

Most of the models were scantily clad in bikinis, and when the rest of the crew showed up they were casually dressed.
Typically Maria Whittaker had just a white 'Sun' tee shirt which just covered her navel, white high heel shoes, and no underwear.

"A little daring perhaps, babe?" Quipped Samantha who herself looked resplendent in a back leather mini dress.

Maria spread her hands and sighed. She had spent the entire time in her suite with sea sickness and had just emerged for the last evening.

"I haven't had any fun the whole trip, nor have I got laid yet. Tonight that all changes. Ooh, this cheap shirt is rubbing on my nipples something chronic."

With that remark, Maria whipped her shirt off over her head and stood proudly naked in just her heels, her thick bush looking gorgeous against her white skin.

Once all the guests were assembled and the drink was flowing Samantha hushed them all and raised her hands.

"Now that we're all here I want to say just two things. Enjoy yourselves and don't worry about any mess."

Everybody began to hit the food table and start eating.
The music was loud and booming and Samantha's ears pricked up as the stereo belted out her biggest hit 'Touch Me' and she quickly got in the mood.

To the rapt audience of the crew the models all danced to the music, jutting put their mammoth boobs and gyrating their hips.
Sam came up behind Debee and laughed loudly as she poured a bottle of red wine all over mountainous boobs.
Her bikini top was torn away to great shouts of approval from the others and Sam sucked the booze straight from Debee's soaked tits.

Maria picked up a bottle and aimed it at Gail who received a fountain of wine on her breasts which cascaded down her front.
The two came tit to tit and their drenched top heavy bodies rubbed against each other in an erotic dance.

Every crew man and the Captain looked on with their manhood's getting big enough to burst through their pants as they surveyed all the tits and bums.
What followed next was a fervid sixty minutes of sucking, fucking, licking, and rutting.

They began to join in and Dave sprayed Rachel's tee shirt with another bottle and the material clung to her big tits showing off her erect nipples.

Karen was sitting in a chair and beckoned to Dave to join her as she let a trickle of wine run down her midriff to her bared pussy.
Dave knelt down and buried his face in her snatch and licked the wine from her moist pussy. With her legs wide apart he forced his tongue inside her as far as it would go and probed deeply as the wine dribbled onto his chin.

Donna pulled her top off and flung it onto the floor revealing her mouth watering bosom. She reached out to Philip and tore the shirt from his chest.
In a trice their hands were all over each other, she fumbling with his belt and yanking down his trousers, and he ripping off her bikini bottoms off to display her hairy love muffin.

She bent over and began to serve up some determined sucking on the Captain's throbbing dick.
Then she felt a nudge on her left as she was joined by Maria, who was eager for some loving.

He cocked his head as the brunette with the massive tits smeared his erection all over with strawberry yoghurt!

Philip groaned in ecstasy as four hands and two pairs of lips worked their magic on his log, sucking and licking the sticky sweet greedily. They traded back and forth, sucking on his length one by one, and then together, swallowing the fruity stuff down gulping throats.

The Captain stiffened as he shot his load over Donna's big globes in a series of arcs that ran down her front in slow motion rivulets. He looked on incredulously as the pair of ravers kissed and kicked each others faces and tits, giggling with sheer delight.

Karen was slightly shorter than Dave and her head nestled in his shoulder as they fucked each other in a nice, gentle rhythm.
She dug the heels of her feet into his butt as he slid in and out of her hot wetness.

She looked up with half lidded eyes as the busty Maria joined them with a wicked grin.
Dave slowed up and then let the brunette take his pulsating cock from Karen.
He looked slightly bemused as she let some more of Beaujolais drip onto the tip of his dick.

With a hearty chuckle she began to suck on his shiny boner.
Maria tasted a cocktail of wine, masculine sweat, and Karen's juices.
Karen wiggled on her seat until Maria let him go from her wet lips with a pop to feed his cock back inside her.

Kirsten was on all fours on the deck floor and welcomed Les tugging her bikini bottoms down over her raised rump.
She was excited as her buttocks were and her pussy was then stuffed with a stiff prick.

Les started to pound into her doggy style like a rampant bull.
He held onto her hips as she implored him to fuck her harder.
His hair fell across her back as he pushed right in her up to the hilt.

Kirsten was thrilled at his prowess as he fucked her hard and then deliberately slowed, using his length to thrust into her in a tantalising circular motion.

The sounds of lusty groans, grunts and expletives permeated the room as the orgy got heavy way. Maria knelt before the surprised Kirsten who looked on agog as she smeared a cream cake on her breasts.

Les looked over Kirsten's shoulder as she feasted on Maria's covered boobs.
Kirsten looked comical with cream dripping down her face, but not quite as comical as Maria who had a chest of sugary white cake.

Rachel Garley and Debee Ashby were in a 69 and were going at it in a pool of spilled wine.
Their thighs trembled against slick faces as they both burrowed into each others hot pussies.

It was an extraordinary sight as they probed deeper and deeper inside the other and their hips moved constantly from their heated arousal.
Then they rolled over and Debee was the one on top of Rachel who whipped her legs open and raked the blonde's back.
As they rocked back and forth Debee's enormous rack squeezed together on Rachel who pressed upward into the mountainous flesh.

With both women on the cusp of orgasm Mark appeared from the end of his shift. Mesmerised by the two models on top of each other he felt a red mist lower over him and he stripped off double quick. With his erection bobbing uncontrollably he mounted Debee and sheathed his rampant cock in her juicy cunt.

"Hello!" She remarked at the sudden intrusion.

"Hi, I'm Mark," said the sex starved chef over sordid squishing sounds of his cock on her flowing snatch.

Rachel writhed under them as Debee was shunted across her body with every vigorous thrust. Debee was ready and as Mark's throbbing shaft sank inside her she came hard with a yell.

Mark scooted in a trice to Rachel and slipped inside her sopping cunt with ease. He held her ankles in both hands and drove in and out in a lust crazed fuck. Within two minutes she was creaming down his shaft with clenching pussy muscles and a high pitched shriek.

Les had fucked Kirsten into a throbbing climax and had pulled out in time to ejaculate over Maria's cake covered rack.
His generous load mixed with the cream and Kirsten gobbled up all she could from Maria's sticky globes.

Dave had left Karen a quivering heap and had sat down in an easy chair.
Gail padded over to him with a salacious grin carrying three pineapple rings in her hand. She draped them over his flagpole of an erection, promptly sat in his lap and guided his upright pole into her dripping sex.

As she rode up and down wildly her bottom mashed into the juicy rings which gradually flattened as she wore them down.
The yellow juice ran down to his balls and onto the seat and made for a tacky fuck and Rachel's trim thatch of pubes glistened erotically.
Squealing like a little girl she ground herself onto his dick, squirting pineapple juice over her bottom and inner thighs.

Maria moved back to Karen Brennan with the biggest peeled banana of the bunch.


Karen raised a brow as Maria ran the banana across her cake spoiled tits and then parted her legs and pussy lips.
Maria pushed the banana all the way inside Karen until only the tiny tip of one end was visible.

"Hey, you!"

Mark ambled over with his erect cock sticking out at a jaunty angle and gazed on Karen's stuffed cunt.

"Help yourself."

Mark joined Maria on all fours and together they nibbled the piece of banana until there was nothing to bite on.
Maria pushed two fingers inside the groaning Karen and retrieved a sizeable lump of the fruity cock.


Mark gobbled up the offered piece and then another and then another.
Then Maria buried her face in Karen's snatch, grabbing her cheeks of her bum, and moved her tongue in and out of her mushy pussy until the fruit was mostly gone.

Mark entered Karen quite easily and with his unbridled passion fucked her sloppy cunt.
The curvy brunette humped up at him so that her quim completely engulfed his turgid cock.

He left her after three full minutes, eager to move onto the others, and Karen leaned back with a mix of bemusement and delight on her face, her pussy oozing her juices and bits of white banana.

Samantha and Tracey and Lu were in a three way girly clinch on the floor with Sam on her back and Lu lying on top of her on her stomach.
Tracey bent Sam's legs at right angles and propped her knees up so she had a clear view of two exposed pussies.

First Tracey lapped at Lu's plump upside down pussy as it protruded between her upper thighs.
Lu began to pant and she closed her mouth on Samantha who squirmed under her.

After two minutes of constant licking, Tracey lowered her head and her tongue darted inside Sam's dripping cunt.
She used the tip of her pointed tongue like a mini dick and fucked Sam with a regular drilling.
Sam purred and rotated her hips to grind herself against Tracey's mouth.

"Try this, babe."

Maria handed Tracey a medium sized cucumber that had dipped in salad dressing.
She pushed the thick vegetable into Lu who jerked her hips back and forwards as she was fucked with the false cock.

Tracey and Maria laughed as Lu moaned in ecstasy as the cucumber was shoved in and out of her gaping cunt.
She shook all over as her orgasm swept through her in delicious waves.
Maria took the slick cucumber and offered it to Samantha who bit of a large chunk and ate it.

The stacked blonde scooted over to Gail, still impaled on Dave and knelt before her and alternatively licked her running pussy and his fruit ladled scrotum.

As the orgy of food and sex continued Maria was on a roll (get it!-author.)

She came behind Samantha with a frankfurter doused in tomato ketchup.

"Something savoury, darlin'?"

She wormed the sausage into Sam's puckered anus and pushed it right in.

"Maria! You wicked cow!"

With hard teeth the busty brunette gripped one end and expertly slid it in and out as Sam wiggled in utter glee.
The ravenous Mark was making up for lost opportunities and crept up behind Maria who was busy ass fucking Samantha.
Having fucked Debee Ashby, Rachel Garley, and Karen Brennan, he was absolutely delighted to now have the ever popular Maria Whittaker.

He smoothed his palms over the half moons of her smooth cheeks and eyed up her nether holes.
With a twinkle in his eye he dripped some raspberry yoghurt on his pulsating shaft and then poised with his knob at her asshole. He mounted her doggy style and slid in her tight poopchute, smearing the dessert in a creamy ring around her winking star. He began to shunt in and out with relative ease and she panted deliriously with every relentless thrust.

Kirsten approached and witnessed one of the most sensational things she had ever seem.

Mark fucking Maria, who ate out of Samantha's ass, who lapped at Rachel's muff, who rode up and down on Dave.

She drizzled red wine on Gail's tits, stood over Sam, and mashed her own boobs to Gail's.

Dave jerked up inside Gail and came inside her, pumping her full of sperm. She lifted off and his knob smacked back onto his left thigh and Kirsten buried her face in her cum filled cunt, slobbering all over with an almost obscene fervour.

Tracey Neve had discovered the chief steward who had crashed out on a sofa after guzzling a bottle of wine. The smouldering beauty with the expressive eyes snapped him out of his stupor by sitting astride the head of Chris, facing his feet.

She clamped her thighs firmly against his head so that she could slide her moist muff over his startled face.
Her hips rocked to and fro across his open mouth as she bent forwards to snatch his bobbing half erection.

"Come to mama."

Tracey peeled his foreskin right back and pursed her lips full on the bloated top. She could feel her juices run out of her as Chris quickly sobered up and flicked at her clit.
Her body frantically rubbed on his body as her cunt gaped invitingly and she shook all over with unadulterated pleasure.

"Oh, fuck!"

Chris groaned as his quivering dick spurted a jet of milky cum into Tracey's face, splattering her nose and chin.

It had been an intense hour of fun and frolics and things finally wound down with a foursome that saw Tracey Neve getting shafted reverse cowgirl by the insatiable Mark, while Samantha Fox and Maria Whittaker alternatively licked and lapped at her clit.

Tracey screamed out loud as the ribald tonguing combined with Mark embedded deep inside her brought forth that wonderful orgasmic surge in her loins.

"Full steam ahead!"

Mark could feel his sperm rising up and as Tracey popped off he released a torrent of cum that shot twelve inches up into the air like a fountain.
Sam and Maria slurped and devoured his twitching pole which began to wilt finally.

"I fucking needed that!" Gurgled the chef as he panted in Tracey's ear."

"Wow! Samantha! This has been awesome! Must have set you back a bit."

Sam licked her fingers dry and shrugged her shoulders as she surveyed the room littered with upset cream cakes, fruit, and ice cream.

"Nah! It was a mere trifle!"

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Re: Erotic Adventures of the Page Three girls
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I never wanted to be on a boat more in my life!!! Fantastic stuff as always. I can tell you've enjoyed writing these  :Y:
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Re: Erotic Adventures of the Page Three girls
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You know. I've never been on a boat and I do have a fear of being on the water, but if the boat was loaded with these girls. Good chance I would overcome that fear of being on the water. They have plenty of big flotation devices  =P~ =P~
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Re: Erotic Adventures of the Page Three girls
« Reply #43 on: June 01, 2020, 04:04:25 AM »
You know. I've never been on a boat and I do have a fear of being on the water, but if the boat was loaded with these girls. Good chance I would overcome that fear of being on the water. They have plenty of big flotation devices  =P~ =P~

They used to call a life vest a 'Mae West' back in the 40's. They should update it to a Sam Fox or Lu Varley!
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Re: Erotic Adventures of the Page Three girls
« Reply #44 on: June 23, 2020, 09:12:32 AM »
Good god, Debree is amazing. Thank you for opening my eyes to a babe I had never heard of or seen before. The UK blesses us with such chesty babes.
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