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Celebrity Dreams - Emily Ratajkowski & Bella Thorne
« on: April 01, 2020, 03:00:25 PM »
Ok, this is my first story ever so please cut me some slack. ;D

If you enjoy Emily Ratajkowski, Bella Thorne, teasing, lesbian stuff, masturbation and a litte bit of submission, this is the story for you.

Please keep in mind I'm not a native English speaker, so excuse my inevitable wording mistakes. I hope the sexy story line makes up for it...

Celebrity Dreams

It is the year 2031. One year ago, a highly realistic VR adult game called “Celebrity Dreams” was released. In this game, you can have your wildest fantasies fulfilled with your dream female celebrities. Of course, it caused an outcry in the world of the entertainment industry, especially with the singers, models and actresses depicted in the game, and it has been banned officially almost instantly. That didn’t stop the internet of course. Soon the game was easily the most played adult game out there. Downloads were available all the time on different, somewhat shady internet sites, and for every link taken down, ten more spread up. Also the game could be modded by anyone with a new Deepfake software, and soon all sexy celebs you can think of could be used by anyone for anything their dirty minds could come up with.

No way that I would miss out on this of course. I went all out and got not only the standard desktop version, but also the newest VR set, complete with motion and touch sensors. I also got two hyper realistic sex dolls that could be connected with the game. Not cheap, but no amount of money would have kept me from finally fucking my favourite jerk off material.

Today, I was feeling I could try out one of the newest features of the game, a co-op version, where you can virtually meet up not only with your chosen celebs, but also with another real world player to have fun with your chosen celebs together. I chose a gameplay mode called “jerk off challenge”, which had a competitive factor to it; you would chose two celebs and have them tease  you long and hard while you jerk your cocks at a given minimum pace until one of you finally cums. The other one, who was lucky enough to outlast his rival, is then allowed to fuck his celebrities.

So I logged in and found myself a fellow jerker to play with. We agreed on two celebrity babes who, at least in my opinion, were perfect for the job of dominant cock teases; Emily Ratajkowski and Bella Thorne. I always fantasized about these two giving me a jerk off show, while they conversely enjoy the cock show I’d do for them. There’s just something so hot and naughty about being a little jerk puppet for these sexy goddesses while they tease and flaunt their bodies, enjoying the power they have over you.

I chose an avatar that I thought at least somewhat represented the real me quite good in the game; of course he is a little more fit and muscular then me in real life, but who wouldn’t want to look their physical best in a game like that. I also didn’t go all crazy on my virtual cock size; 15 cm should be good enough, because the feeling was supposed to be better with a somewhat realistic cock size. Also, since these ladies are in fact not real (even though they really look very convincing), there’s nobody to impress. Finally, it’s time to start. I’m kind of nervous, but also horny and hard as fuck.

 I spawn in a big, brightly lit, white room with little furniture. Soft lounge music plays from somwhere. Right in front I can see a big couch, set up for all kinds of sexy activities. Behind the couch are panorama windows, giving a fantastic view on an azure blue sea. On the left side the room leads  to a balcony, also with a great sea view. Not much more of interest is in the room, the developers mostly made sure that the main attraction, the girls, would be as detailed as possible. They hadn’t appeared yet, since my playing partner was apparently still fiddling with his avatar. As he finally appears to the right of me, I am presented with a muscular guy with short black hair, with a little darker skin colour than mine. Like me, he is only wearing a pair of jeans, sporting a proper six pack and no body hair. “God, this’ gonna be good…” he smirks. “You ready?” “Fuck yeah I am!” I say, rubbing my hand over my bulge in my pants, my cock already twitching in excitement.

“Hands off of your cocks, boys!” I suddenly hear a voice say to the left of me.  I look around and see Bella Thorne strut in from the left balcony. Instantly, my cock begins to twitch again, but I do as she tells me, even though I would have loved to start jerking like a maniac right then and there: Bella is wearing white hot pants, a small pink bikini top that reveals a lot of Bella’s famous underboob, and some golden high heels, clacking loudly on the floor as she makes her way to the middle of the room. Throwing back her blonde hair with black foundations, she stops about two meters in front of us, with the big couch behind her. She looks at us intensely with a sexy smirk. “You know the rules!”

“She’s right, don’t ruin it before you even started!” another sultry voice says coming from the right, and Emily Ratajkowski struts in from the other side of the room. “Fuuck me…” I hear my jerk off buddy say softly, as Emily walks over, wearing black, knee high boots with heels, a black short skirt that has a slit on each side all the way up and barely covers her absolutely perfect ass, as well as a white belly shirt, accentuating her perfectly flat and tight abs and of course her legendary tits, that are barely covered by it. If she’d raise her arms, she’d definitely expose her awesome breasts to us. Like Bella, she gives us a sexy smirk as she walks towards her.

“Okay Boys, welcome to your dream!” Bella says loudly as soon as Emily has joined her. “To remind you again; when we tell you to, you are going to take out your nice big cocks for us. Then, as soon as the timer starts, you will start jerking at least as fast as the beat of the music.” Bella points up a finger and soft lounge music starts playing, perfect for stroking nice and slow at the start. Emily continues: “Your goal is to outlast your buddy here before he cums. If you manage to do that… we are all yours to play with…” she purrs, running her hands over her perfect body. I’m rock hard at this point and just want this to start already. “The loser can choose to stay and watch… or leave. And no touching… that’s reserved for the winner!” Bella purrs and runs her hand down her tits and her perfectly flat abs.  “Alright boys, you ready to have some fun?” Emily asks and looks at us with her big sexy eyes. “Fuck yes!” we both say excitedly. Both of them giggle and look at each other briefly. “Good, then show us your cocks, boys!” Bella says, bites her lip and runs her hands through her hair.

Finally! I open and unzip my jeans, and my already fully erect cock falls out. My buddy next to me has a bigger cock than me, and he is only semi-erect right now. “Damn, advantage for him right now…” I think briefly, but my attention is immediately reverted back to the ladies in front of me, who are staring hungrily at our cocks. “Mmmmh nice… tasty!” they giggle, as they exchange a sexy smirk.
“Ok start stroking in three… two… one…”

The lounge music changes and drops with a deep bass tone and I’m finally allowed to touch my raging boner. The temptation is big to stroke fast and heavy for these sexy sluts in front of us, but I force myself to stroke only as fast as the music beat. My buddy to the right is doing the same and lets out a big “Aaahh…” as he starts stroking.

Both Bella and Emily smile and bite their lip as they watch us. “Mmmmmh, hi hi hi…” they giggle, exchanging an approving glare as they touch and hold each other by their arms, like girls often do when they watch something together.

“I must say, these are some very tasty looking cocks….” Emily purrs and bites her finger sexily as she looks up to us. “Don’t know who I would rather fuck, what do you think Bella?” “Hmm, I would fuck them both, definitely… and suck them too, of course…” she winks at us, making us both moan out loud. “Oh god, I’d fuck both of you so hard…” I moan. “Oh I bet you will…” Bella glares at me, walking over towards us slowly. “I bet you would fuck… every… inch… of my… body…so good… mmmh…” she moans, running her hands down from her head, over her tits, giving them a nice squeeze, towards her pussy. She’s now standing only inches away from me and my cock, making me pant and moan. As she runs her hands down her hot pants over her pussy and moans right in my face, I can’t help but give my cock some faster, harder strokes to that incredible site. “Oh look… I’m already wet…” she whispers, as she takes out her glistening hands out of her panties. “Mmmhh…” she moans while looking me right in the eyes, as she tastes herself on her fingers. “Wanna taste me?” she says, sticking a moist finger in our direction. I open my mouth, but inches before I can lick her fingers she goes “Ah!” and drags it away again. “Too early for that…” she says with a fake disappointed voice. Me and my buddy moan in disapproval. “Mmmhh I love making you twitch and moan for me… makes me feels so… commanding” she purrs, looking at me as she puts her hands under her bikini top, running her fingers up and down her nipples . “Look how my nipples are poking through my bikini top…” she moans. “Fuck, please show me your tits…” I whisper, adjusting my stand as I can’t help but stroke faster for her. “Oh, I will baby…” she squeezes and fondles her tits without removing her bikini top. “Just be a good boy and keep stroking… oh yeah… like that…” “Fuck baby you’re just too hot… aaahh” my jerk off partner groans as he struggles as well to get back to a slower stroking pace. She giggles and smiles at us with a finger in front of her mouth.

“You’re doing a good job baby, keep going like that… I think it’s time for your first little reward… wanna see my ass?” she says, turns around and lets her hands run over her hotpants, looking over her shoulder at me as she does so. “Hnnnghh please…” I moan. “Mmmh look baby…” she says, strutting over to the couch, bending over and giving us a side view of her tight body. She reaches out with her hand and gives her ass cheek a nice loud smack. She winks, then turns her back to us and undoes the buttons of her hotpants.  She process to pull them down very slowly while bending over in her hips, shaking her little ass as she does so. I moan out loudly as she uncovers her perfectly firm and smooth ass, framed with a black lace thong. She reaches with both her hands through her legs and pinches her ass cheeks, shakes them and lets them jiggle, before slowly bending back up. “You like my ass?” she smirks. “Fuck baby, your ass looks like heaven” I say, my stroking partner panting and moaning in agreement. At this point I don’t care about the recommended slow jerking speed and just have to yank it hard for her for a little while. Having Bella Thorne teasing with her perfect ass, especially for me, is just too much.

“Thanks baby… but I guess there’s another ass that I think you would like to edge to as well… You wanna jerk to Emily’s ass?” “Uh huh…” I moan out. “Oh my god yes…” my stroking partner says. “Good boys… don’t worry, I won’t be far” she blows each of us a kiss, wiggles her ass again and switches positions with Emily, who comes to the forefront now, twirling her hair and smirking at us.
“So… what do I do with you two stroke bunnies first?” She looks at each of us and our cocks. “Mmmh baby, I need your ass so bad…” my buddy moans out. “Really? Why’s that?” she teases him and walks over to him. “It’s just… so fucking perfect….” he moans.  “Huh. Not much more to say to my ass other than perfect? What about you?” She turns to me “Why would you want my ass?” “Baby… your ass is so round and shapely that I don’t know how it’s possible it even exists. It’s so firm but also jiggles so fucking nicely when you walk… I just wanna grab it, spank it, fuck it… if god is a woman, her ass looks like yours.” She looks at me amused, then laughs out loud. “Ha! That was so over the top…” she giggles. “But nice effort. Here’s your price!” she says, reaches under her skirt and pulls down her black thong. She dangles it in front of my face. Her outstretched arm makes her belly shirt hike up and I see she’s wearing a sexy see through bra underneath. “Say aaah!” she commands. I open up and she pushes it into my mouth. I’m not really a panties guy, but this is Emily’s thong! I can even taste some of her juices on my lips. I moan out loud and earn a jealous look from my jerk buddy.

“Ok, show me how much you want my ass… jerk your cocks for me…” Emily says. She bends over in front of us, running her hand up her leg, flinging up her skirt and letting us get a glimpse of her bare, heavenly ass. She then turns her back to us and leans down slowly, revealing everything of her bottom, inch by inch. Finally, after she is fully bent over, she reaches behind with her hand to fling up her little skirt, revealing everything of her bubble butt.  Glimpsing between her legs, I can even see her perfectly shaved little pussy lips. Both me and my buddy can’t help but jerk hard to that site in front of us, panting and moaning like crazy. Emily bends back up, placing her hands below her ass cheeks and gives them a little jiggle up and down. Then she places her hands behind her head and shakes her cheeks from left to right. She glances over her shoulder “How’s that boys?” “Oh my god… fuck me Emily… so fucking good…” we moan. Emily then proceeds to give some little seductive dance moves, moving her hips from side to side, arching her back, her hiked up skirt always giving a great view of her ass.

Bella had been watching from the couch, now she wants in on the fun again. “Hey Emily, come here honey, let me feel that ass of yours, that really looks phenomenal…” she says. “Sure!” Emily responds and walks over to her, carefully paying attention that her ass is in full glorious view for us jerkers all the time. She then bends over one side of the couch, giving us a side view of her body, like Bella did before. “Here, grab it!” she tells Bella. “What do you think?” Bella gives both her ass cheeks some hard, firm pinches, slaps them playfully and makes them jiggle all over. “Oooh fuck bitch, that is some fine ass indeed, damn!” “Let me feel yours now!” Emily demands and they switch positions. Bella arches her back hard and sticks out her equally fine backside, wiggling it before Emily’s face. “Mmmh, oh yeah honey…” Emily sighs, as she grabs Bella’s ass with both hands, making it jiggle really hard. She gives it a hard slap that makes Bella shriek and giggle. “Damn, don’t you just wanna bite that fine piece of ass here…” Emily murmurs, opens her mouth and gives it a gentle bite, followed by licking Bella’s ass cheeks with a long moan. “Aaaahhh…. Damn boys, don’t you just wanna destroy that ass?” she moans, looking at us as she licks Bella’s ass. “”Oh god…fuck…” we both moan. I’m getting closer and closer to the edge, even though I’m forcing myself really hard not to jerk too fast. They’re not even topless yet, but I already have to pace myself to not cum! I didn’t know this game was so difficult…

Bella and Emily have now dropped to her knees on the couch, while Bella is twerking her ass and gyrating her hips to the music. Emily makes approving “Mmmhh” sounds and slaps her ass in the process. “Hey boys, look at this…” Emily smirks suddenly, grabbing Bella’s thong and pulls it down slowly. Then she drags it up and down again, cutting deeply into Bella’s ass with the fabric of the thong. Bella closes her eyes and moans. “Mmhh yeah baby….” She bites her lip and grabs her tits, starting to play with her nipple through the fabric. “God your ass is so tight and firm…” Emily says.
“What do you guys think? Thong on or off?” Bella moans, looking at us over her shoulder, while her ass gets massaged by Emily. “Off please… aaahh…” my buddy next to me groans. I don’t have any objections of course. “You heard him, Emily…” Bella says. “Take it off, baby!” Emily watches us with a devilish smirk as she pulls down Bella’s thong completely one last time. “I bet somebody wants this, hm? Somebody who was a little jealous he didn’t get mine before?” she purrs, fixating my buddy next to me. “Oooh yes…” he sighs. “I made sure you get the full experience of that thong, you saw how I rubbed it into her…” she winks, as she comes strutting towards him. She pushes Bella’s thong into his mouth, he moans and closes his eyes. He definitely is more into that than me. I have put Emily’s thong down beside me already.

Bella meanwhile is sitting upright on the couch, her legs spread but her hands placed in front her pussy. “I don’t know about you, but I always feel strange going bottomless but not topless… It doesn’t quite fit me you know? I usually always get my tits out first.” She crosses her legs, arches her back and leans back on her hands, making her tits stick out really nicely. The outline of her big nipples can be clearly seen through her little bikini top. “You wanna see my tits guys?” she says, glaring at us while biting her lip and grabbing her lovely big udders. “Oh, yes please baby…” I moan. With her right hand she pulls her left bikini part to the side but covers her nipples with her hand. She then does the same on the other side. She bites her lip as she squeezes her tits again, then turns her back to us as she stand up. She puts her hands on her hips and shakes her lovely ass again for us. She proceeds to give us a seductive little dance, rotating her hips and winking over her shoulder, but except from the occasional sideboob she keeps her tits out of view from us. Finally she turns around but covers her tits with one arm and her pussy with the other hand. “You’re ready boys?” she moans and smirks at us. “Fuuck yes baby… aaahh…” we both moan, trying desperately to control our cocks. “Mmmh I love how you squirm…” Bella giggles. “Here they come boys… three… two… one…”
She lets out a fake gasp as she finally releases her titties for us. Her nipples are both pierced, hard and puffy. Her bikini top, which is pulled to each side, frames her tits and accentuates their roundness perfectly. Bella watches and smiles at us, clearly enjoying our moaning and panting as we struggle to keep our sanity.

“Mmmmh stroke your cocks for my tits…” she purrs and pinches both her nipples. In the process she releases her other hand from covering her pussy and we can finally see Bella in all her naked glory in front of us, completely naked except her heels, pinching her nipples with her eyes closed and her head tilted back. Her pussy is shaved completely clean, and looks absolutely amazing, just like the rest of her. She gives us another little dance, taking off her bikini top in the process and plays with her tits and nipples all the time.
“Ahhh… If only somebody could come and lick them…” she moans and gives Emily a wink, sticking out her tongue playfully. “With pleasure…” Emily says and makes her way up to her. Watching her walk bottomless but with her knee high boots still on is absolutely an incredible sight. As she comes up to her, Bella puts her hands behind her head and sticks out her tits as far as she can. “Mmmmh… very nice…” Emily says as she runs her hands over Bella’s tits. Then she leans down and gives Bella’s left nipple some flicks with her tongue, all while looking over at us stroking to that incredible scene. “Aaaahhh…” Bella moans, throwing her head back as Emily goes on to suck on her other nipple. She gets rougher and rougher at playing with Bella nipples, whose moans become louder and louder in the process, too. All the loud sucking noises and moaning makes me almost get to the edge and I have to use all my willpower to go back to stroking as slow as allowed.

“I love sucking your tits honey… but now it’s my turn!” Emily finally says, looking seductively at Bella. “What do you guys think? Should I suck on Emilys titties now?” Bella asks us, her tits shining from all the saliva Emily left on her nipples. “God yes… Emily’s perfect tits…. Aahhh…” I moan in anticipation. “Yes, get Emily naked and suck her…” my stroke buddy calls out next to me. “They seem excited…” Bella states and  they both giggle. “Ok Em, lift up your hands.“ Bella says to Emily who obliges.

As she lifts her hands, her belly top raises all the way over her tits and gives us a great view of her see-through lace bra, her nipples peeking through the fabric and looking as tasty as ever. Bella lifts Emily’s shirt over her head and looks at her titties. “Such a nice bra…” she runs her hands over it. “And such a nice pair of tits…” Bella squeezes and grabs Emily’s tits hard, making her moan in the process. Emily has her hands behind her back and moans out “Let them free baby…” “Who wants to see Emily’s tits here?” Bella asks and smirks in our direction, her hands still on Emily’s tits. “Uuuuh fuck, please…” we moan in unbearable anticipation; it’s impossible to just stroke at minimum pace at this point. Having an already naked Bella in heels playing with the perfect breasts of Emily Ratajkowski is just too much. I don’t know how long I can keep this up, but I haven’t cum yet and my stroking buddy seems to be on the same edging level as me.

“God, I wanna see them too…” Bella licks her lips. Instead of taking Emily’s bra off, she just drags down the fabric over her breasts, exposing her erect, perfectly round nipples, her titties pushed up and perfectly framed by the rest of her bra. Emily turns to us, her change in stands finally revealing her perfectly clean shaven little pussy to us as well in the process. Bella steps behind Emily, grabbing her tits in the process, while Emily swings her hips to the music. Finally, Bella unhooks Emily’s bra completely. Emily is now fully naked except her boots, girating her hips and grabbing her tits for us, all while smiling devilishly and watching us stroke, moan and whimper in front of her. It’s clear that she absolutely loves making us squirm and struggle with her incredible body. Emily lets Bella massage her tits from behind, let her fingers wander down her tight, toned stomach and back up, cupping and pushing up her tits and squeezing them. “They’re so soft and round…“ Bella says in admiration as she keeps playing with them. Emily throws her head back, rotates her hips and reaches back behind her head to get a hold of Bella’s face. She pulls her in and starts to kiss her. Both moan, make sloppy kissing and snogging sounds as they munch each other’s mouths harder and harder, Bella still squeezing Emily’s tits and pinching her nipples. Me and my stroking buddy are really struggling now, groaning and panting, not being able to stroke slow and controlled, but masturbate furiously in short bursts to this incredible sight in front of us.
And now the music changes, getting more upbeat and increasing the minimum stroking pace even more “Oh shit…” I think, “I’m gonna lose this…”

“Time to get to business!” Emily suddenly says. She grabs one of Bella’s hands and slowly leads her down towards her pussy. She watches us intently with wild eyes, biting her lip as she does so. “Not fair that you’re the only ones masturbating here… my pussy is so wet and needs some action too…” she purrs as Bella runs her hand up and down her slit slowly but firmly. Emily has her eyes closed, her hands behind her head as she leans back into Bella, her knees bend a little, giving out cute little bursts of moaning as she gets fondled. “Ok bitch, stop teasing me… finger my pussy!” she demands “You’re sure? I can be very… intense” Bella smirks from behind, looking at us “Guys, you think Emily can handle my fingers in her pussy?” “Uunnghh, do it already!” my buddy pants. “Hey, you’re not giving orders here! Say please!” Bella looks at him sternly while circulating her hand around Emily’s slit. “Pleeease, Bella, fuck Emily with your hand hard and fast…” “There we go, that’s better.” She grins and drives two fingers into Emily’s slit.

“Come nearer boys, you gotta see this up close” Bella says as she fingers Emily in a steady pace, making Emily breathe heavily and give out cute little bursts of moans. Hearing Emily make these, for her, unusually submissive sounds make it even hotter.

“Get on your knees in front of her and keep stroking. No touching though!” Bella tells us. We scurry towards them and get on our knees right in front of Emily. The change of position somehow makes me get back some of my stamina and I can fully enjoy having Emily’s perfect little pussy exactly on eye level in front of me. I can see her wetness running down Bella’s fingers as she goes in and out of Emily. “Mmmh… Enjoying the view…?” Emily breathes down at us “Oh god, fuck yes baby…” I moan, fighting the urge to leap forward and munch her cunt like a maniac. “It’s gonna get even better now…” Bella says from behind, taking out her fingers of Emily’s pussy and licking them clean, before placing three fingers now in front of her slit. “You’re ready?” she asks Emily, looking into her eyes with anticipation and wild lust. “Show me what you got, slut…” Emily looks back at her with the same wild gaze.
“Hold on tight…” Bella says, before driving three fingers into Emily’s pussy right in front of my face, starting to fingerfuck her as fast and hard as she can. “AAAAHHHH YEEES‼” Emily moans, struggling to stay upright. Bella fucks her pussy relentlessly. Wet, sloppy, slick sounds are coming from her cunt, her wetness running down her thighs. Bella doesn’t let off of the shrieking Emily, flinging out her juices. Some of the drops land on my face and body. “Aaahhh fuck her hard!” I cry out, trying to catch some drops in my mouth. “EEEEEEHHHH‼” Emily squeals, buckling and leaning back on Bella, pushing out her pussy towards us even more. With a last burst of effort, Bella gives it all and makes Emily’s juices fly out of her cunt, showering our faces with her hot squirt. I close my eyes and let it happen, fully embraced by the bliss of this situation. “Mmmhh… doesn’t she taste good?” Bella looks down at us, licking off her fingers again, as Emily pants and struggles to get back her composure. “Aaaahhh yes… more…” my buddy moans next to me and skids closer to Emily's pussy, trying to catch the drops coming out of her red, wet slit. “Stay where you are!“ Emily lifts one foot, places her boot on his head and pushes him back. “Not so greedy, you gotta earn my pussy first, you know that!” She apparently got back her composure pretty quickly.

“Ok slut, now it’s your turn!” she then smirks back at Bella, running one hand softly and tenderly over her cheek. “Mmmmmh yes…” Bella moans. Emily looks at her with her devilish smile before suddenly grabbing Bella’s pussy hard with her other hand. “EEEK! Hihihi!” Bella shrieks and giggles, before starting to make out with Emily again, moaning as Emily massages her clit slowly with her middle finger, while holding her tight between her legs. As she finally lets go of Bella’s lips again she commands: “Get over to the couch and bend over!” She turns her around, and Bella does as she’s told. Bella leans over one side of the couch, sticking out her ass and wiggling it towards us. “Come on, get over here!” she tells us and we lose no time in getting up and coming up as close as allowed towards Bella’s perfect ass, while giving Emily enough room to have her way with her. Emily kneels down before Bella’s ass and gives it a hard slap. “AH!” Bella shrieks. Emily slaps her hard again. “AHNG!” “You like that, huh? Getting your firm little ass spanked? “ Emily smirks and gives her some more hard spanks, making her ass jiggle a few more times. “Uh huh…” Bella moans sluttily, wiggling her perfect cheeks.

“God I’m gonna enjoy fingering you into oblivion… It’s payback time, bitch!” Emily calls out, licks her fingers and rams two of them right in Bella’s pussy. “Aaahhh yes, give it to me…” Bella moans and looks back at Emily. “Oh I will…” Emily smiles and starts running her fingers in and out of Bella’s cunt, her thumb rubbing heavily on Bella’s clit. Bella moans and throws her hips back into Emily’s fingers, encouraging her to go harder. Emily gets faster and faster, smacking Bella’s ass cheeks every now and then, too, leaving red marks on it. “AH! YES! FUCK ME! MMMNNGHH!” Bella cries like a slut, pinching her nipples hard as her pussy gets railed by Emily’s fingers. Emily smiles; having Bella’s pussy in front of her and two cocks stroking to each side of her, she clearly feels at home right now.

But apparently she wants more, as she places her middle finger of her other hand at Bella’s butthole and circles around it, still furiously fingerfucking Bella’s pussy in the process. “Should I?” she whispers to us, while Bella can’t hear her over her own loud moans. Me and my stroking buddy nod heavily. She winks up to us, while getting her finger ready for Bella’s little asshole. Then she just shoves it in. Bella throws her head back and squeaks, looking back at Emily with pure lust in her eyes. “I knew you’d like that!” Emily teases her, now fingering Bella’s asshole as well as her pussy. “AAHH YOU SLUT! MY POOR LITTLE ASS!” Bella cries out, but driving her hips even harder into Emily’s fingers. Emily proceeds to give Bella’s ass more and more attention with her finger, placing another one in her hole eventually. She is now fully committed to Bella’s backside and fucks her tight little hole almost as hard as she had fingered her pussy.
Bella reaches between her legs and flicks her clit, her moans and screams becoming higher and higher pitched. “AAAHNNNGHH YOU’RE GONNA MAKE ME CUM!” Bella cries out. Emily response to that is taking out her fingers of Bella’s pussy and replacing them with her tongue, as she spreads Bella’s ass and starts rimming and eating her ass. Bella inhales sharply and flicks her bean even faster, panting louder and faster all the time. “AHH… AAAHHH…. AAAAAAAHHHHHHH FUUUUUCK‼” she finally yells out, her legs shaking from her orgasm and her juices squirting out from her pussy. Emily quickly gets her tongue out of Bella’s ass and leaps up Bella’s pussy juices. “Mmmh baby you taste goooood…” she moans. “You want some, guys?” she asks up to us, plunging her fingers back into Bella’s pussy, getting some juice on her fingers and flings it up towards us. We greedily try to catch it in our mouths.

I now have Emily’s and Bella’s pussy taste in my mouth, and I am so close to burst. Just as I think I can’t hold it any longer, I see my buddy stumble towards Bella’s face. “Fuuuuckk nooo… I can’t hold it any longer…” he pants, forced to stroke his twitching cock at the minimum pace. “Aaaaahh take it, slut…” he groans out one last time, and sprays his load over Bella’s face, who is still on all fours trying to recover from her own orgasm. “AAH! What…” she calls out surprised, flinching as at least seven hot squirts of cum are landing on her, covering her pretty face thoroughly. “UUUUNGHHH!” I hear him groan out one last time. Bella sits up with a slightly shocked face, cum dripping from her face onto her tits, as I hear a victory jingle, signalling to me I can stop stroking and that I’ve won the game. I hold my twitching cock, trying to hold back the load that I feel coming up, desperately trying to keep myself from cumming, too.

It’s too late. I feel it coming. “SHIT!” I shout out loud. In the last second, I point my dick down on Emily’s face. “AAAH! FUCK!” I groan, as my cum shoots out. Five thick globs land on her; she closes her eyes quickly but takes it like a champ. Some of it lands in her hair and her eyes are pretty much shut with cum as I finish.

I pant and look at the sight in front of me. Bella Thorne and Emily Ratajkowski are kneeling in front of me, cum dripping from their faces. I had won the game already, was basically all set to fuck these two beautiful sluts in front of me, but I blew it. Literally. Even though the sight in front of me might be the best I’ve ever seen in my whole life, I’m angry at myself. I won and was allowed to plunge my cock deep into every hole of their bodies, but instead, I came instantly and didn’t even have the chance to touch one of them.
“Wow, so much cum…” Bella looks at Emily, and tastes some from her own face as well as Emily’s. “Mmmmh…” “Looks like we won this, actually!” she laughs. Emily giggles and wipes away some cum from her eyes to be able to see again. She licks the cum from her fingers and says: “Well, we certainly won a nice, tasty price!”
Both smile up at me. My buddy seems to have logged out, he is no longer there. “Congratulations! You won!” Emily finally says. “Damn, that was a close one! Good job to both of you actually; you persisted much longer than the average player! So now, let the victory celebrations begin! ”
“Huh? I came already, right? So it’s over?” I ask them, not sure if this is a game bug or something. “Aww, you don’t wanna fuck us now? I was looking forward to finally taking your tasty, big cock…” Bella and Emily look up to me with puppy eyes. “Am I… still allowed to fuck you, even though I came?” I ask carefully. Maybe there is still hope after all…? “But of course honey, you won! The rules say, you can fuck us until you blow your load. And since you haven’t even started fucking us yet….” Emily says, looks up to me with a cum-smeared, sexy smile and runs her hands through her hair. “What do you think? Still got a load in you for us?” Bella asks, arches her back and pinches her nipples, cum still running from her face. My cock twitches and starts to get hard again. I let out a big, relived sigh and say “Oh thank god, I thought I fucked it all up! God, I love this game… haha!”

I look down at both of them, still trying to get back my composure. Which is pretty difficult, considering Emily Ratajkowski and Bella Thorne are sitting in front of me, naked and covered in cum, waiting to get fucked now. “You two… are awesome…” I pant. “Get back to the couch; I think I’m ready again…”

To be continued
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Re: Celebrity Dreams - Emily Ratajkowski & Bella Thorne
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Damn, that was fun to read, sexy. I quite liked it and though English isn't your first language, you do an excellent job with it.
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Re: Celebrity Dreams - Emily Ratajkowski & Bella Thorne
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Great job!


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