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Author Topic: Chocolate Goddesses: Music Video Queens (Esther Baxter, Chessika)  (Read 1350 times)


Chocolate Goddesses: Music Video Queens by Dragon333
Celeb(s) – Esther Baxter, Chessika
Codes – FF, Lesbian
Originally posted on March 28th, 2006 at CSSA

Disclaimer: this story is pure fiction and made for entertainment purposes only. If you are under the age of 18, or offended by stories with sexual content, then read no further.

Chessika was in the shower in a hotel room she was sharing with Esther Baxter. They were both hot black music video girls. Chessika had left the door unlocked, and didn’t
care if Esther came in as they were both girls. Since they were girls, they had no problem being naked around each other. Most girls never have a problem with being naked in front of another girl, and that’s why its so easy for girls to become lesbians. They put themselves in spots and situations where it can turn them lesbian easily. They wouldn’t get naked in front of a guy unless they wanted to have sex with him, but they’d get naked in front of ANY girl. Therefore making it MUCH easier for a girl to score with her. Chessika was soaping her body up with some blue Irish springs soap, up and down her arms, and five times around her breasts. She got her humungous knockers nice and soapy. Then she let the shower water fall down to her face, and then on to her huge tits, rinsing away the soapiness from her gigantic jugs. She heard the door softly open and knew it was Esther Baxter.

“Hi, Esther.” Chessika said as she kept cleaning her tits. Chessika felt her presence behind her and stopped washing herself. “What are you doing behind me?”
Esther Baxter then cupped Chessika’s gigantic knockers from behind with both hands. Chessika let her of course.

“We are both blessed with not just BIG tits, but HUMUNGOUS tits! Most guys and girls think that a DD cup would be big ass tits, but we are MUCH bigger than that!” Esther told her as she scooted up closer to her still holding onto her tits, this time she was so close to her, that her gigantic tits were pressed deeply into Chessika’s back. “We have the bodies of Goddesses! It would be such a waste if we let this evening slip!” Esther then rubbed Chessika’s nipples with her hands in the same spot. Chessika let out a soft moan enjoying the softness of Esther’s black hands rubbing her big nipples. From her nipples, Esther moved her hands slowly up and down the middle of her tits, wiping the water from her massive jugs. Chessika continued to moan at the incredible sensation that Esther was giving her. Esther then began massaging her huge knockers while her own tits were pressed against her back. Esther started massaging her huge tits all over, with her hands never missing a spot on her tits.

“Oh yeah!” Chessika whispered softly as she felt her friend’s hands move and squeeze over her tits numerous times. Esther gave her tits one long last squeeze before she released her hands from her Goddess sized tits. Chessika then turned around, and while the shower water was spraying itself in-between their faces, Chessika slowly stuck her tongue in Esther’s mouth, giving her a slow, passionate lesbian kiss. Esther Baxter just loved the occasional feel of her own lips, press against the big luscious lips of Chessika while they French kissed. Before they knew it, their arms were wrapped around each other as they let the kiss grow deeper, and stuck each other’s tongues further down each other’s mouths. Their tits were pressed deeply against each other, making them feel even more horny. They were enjoying giving each other a quick suck on each other’s tongues while they made out, holding each other, and pressing their gigantic 36F+ chocolate boobs against each other. After what seemed to be a whole 5 minutes, Esther finally pulled away and ended the kiss. Then Esther turned the shower water off and they wiped themselves with a towel. Chessika took her friend Esther to the bed and she laid on her back, as she let Esther take a whole mouthful of her humungous chocolate tit in her mouth and began to suck. She sucked harder and harder on her goddess like nipples. “Suck harder, Esther!” Chessika moaned out. Esther then sucked harder and harder until finally she had enough.

“I’m not that much of a tit sucker. I’d rather do you from behind.” Esther said as she took a strap on pink dildo from one of the drawers in the hotel room, and lubricated it with her own mouth, sucking on it, twirling it while still inside her mouth. She then strapped it onto herself while Chessika got on all fours on the bed. Esther went back on the bed and held onto the sides of Chessika’s ass while she began to lick her black juicy cunt, making it nice and wet, ready for her strap on. The juices of Chessika’s pussy were so sweet, Esther had absolutely no problem swallowing all the juice from her pussy she had gotten in her mouth. Esther Baxter penetrated her pink strap on into Chessika’s tight love hole, and slowly rocked it in and out. Just the thought of being the one fucking her, and sticking herself in and out of her turned Esther on, causing her nipples to get extremely hard. Chessika felt Esther’s dildo stretch her beautiful pussy, and smiled happily as she let her slowly stick it in and out of her vagina. Esther then began going a bit faster, for a moment, then faster, and then even faster, as Esther felt her own humungous Goddess sized tits bounce up and down. Chessika’s heavy and huge, gigantic Goddess like tits were swaying back and fourth while Esther kept humping Chessika with her pink strap on. This time Chessika’s moans were uncontrollable, and couldn’t help but moan with excitement and pleasure, as her friend was now fucking her so fast that Chessika could feel the bottom of her own tits slap against her stomach, while she was on all fours getting fucked from behind in her tight twat. Just the thought of being the one to control the whole pace of this fuck, the one to control the speed of the sex they were having, was enough to have Esther Baxter climax and have an orgasm, as she felt the cum from her pussy drip down to the bed as she felt herself cumming so hard, even though she wasn’t the one getting it in her cunt. As she let her pussy finish cumming (she had much more than 1), she removed the strap on dildo from Chessika’s love hole, and shoved it in Chessika’s mouth. Chessika gladly took the strap on in her mouth sucking it off, tasting and swallowing the taste of her very own juices. And there was a lot of her own juices, as Esther fucked her so good that it made her pussy nice and wet. They ended the night with a short French kiss, put the blankets over their bodies and went to sleep.
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