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Author Topic: Lucy Pinder and Rhian Sugden are the Starfuckers  (Read 10930 times)


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Re: Lucy Pinder and Rhian Sugden are the Starfuckers
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Chapter Three, featuring Casey Affleck and Rihanna.

London, 2010.

Rhian had a week to go before she was to expect the visit from Casey Affleck. He had apparently just finished work on some obscure film called 'I'm Still Here' and was due in London on business.

As time went on it had been noted that Affleck had some reputation amongst the female's in Hollywood as being very dominant and demanding where sex was concerned.
Not content with having whoever he wished, he expected to play all sorts of games and kinky stuff besides.

There was no doubt that the twenty six year old Rhian had a very healthy sexual appetite, but until meeting George Clooney had not considered herself THAT adventurous in the sex department. She did know what she liked and she knew how to please a man.

At least she thought she knew, but this latest request for anal was not really up her alley. Pun intended!

She had tried it once a long time ago with one of her first boyfriends and it had bloody well hurt when he had entered her back passage.
After that she had refused to let anyone near her bottom in that way ever again. Lady Sonia had offered sage advice. Lubrication, lubrication, and lubrication.

"Seems like you let your feller give it to you without a thought on making yourself slick enough up there. If a man forces himself inside your sphincter you instinctively will want to push him out. When you're oiled up and relaxed enough it should be fairly pleasant."

"I'll try."

"And by the way, Affleck wants you to dress up in a schoolgirl outfit."

He is a fucking pervert, thought Rhian as she hung up on Her Ladyship.
She could not even imagine what the night might have in store for her.


Alone in the flat, three days before the visit, she took a long and refreshing bubble bath and then pampered her slim body all over with moisturiser. She studied her reflection in the full length mirror and liked what she saw. Her 32G sized boobs were undoubtedly hug but her superb slender figure made them seem even bigger.

"Not bad."

She tingled all over and padded naked to stretch out on her soft bed.
She had been given a big black dildo, nine inches in length, thick as fuck, and made of a flexible soft plastic.

Each end had a tapered replica of a man's cock head so that the false cock could be used as a double ended sex toy. Lady Sonia never ceased to amaze her and Lucy, the dirty mare.

Rhian masturbated for ten minutes on her back and a pleasant warmth and moistness soon came to her loins.
She picked up the dildo and smeared half of the toy with a generous dollop of Ann Summers Liquid Satin multi lube, her particular favourite.
She spread her slender legs out wide and pressed the big top of the dildo against her wet pussy.

"That feels nice."

She pushed it in and inch by inch the slick cock vanished inside her aroused muff.
By a natural instinct the gorgeous glamour puss moved her pelvis as she slid the dildo in and out of her quivering cunt.
Her massive boobs heaved and her midriff undulated as she fucked herself faster.

After five minutes of fun, Rhian sighed and stopped.
She used more of the warm lubricant on the fingers of her right hand and tentatively lifted her legs up at the knees and explored her asshole.

"Queer feeling!"

She gently pushed her middle digit inside her anus and left it fully inserted as she attempted to control her breathing.
Then she tried with two fingers and plunged in and out of her wetted ass.
Again she played with herself for ten minutes before endeavouring to try the dildo.

"Here goes nothing."

She took the glistening black object and positioned it to enter her tight asshole.
With her knees right up Rhian popped the flared tip inside her.
Her heart pounded in her chest and her right hand trembled as her sphincter relented and the toy slipped in and out with some considerable ease.
As she humped herself more and more the dildo slid in deeper until she had most of the plastic thing inside.

"Oh, my!"

An audible slurping sound came from her nether hole as she pushed in and out, leaving her buttocks and thighs slippery with lubricant and fanny sweat.

Rhian turned onto her right side and diddled her asshole with a quicker pace and was amazed at how much her pussy dripped down her inner thighs.
Her tiny star had given in to the big black invader and she buried her face in a pillow as the muscles in he anal passage tightened on the plastic shaft.


Rhian released her grip on the dildo, leaving it inserted in her puckered asshole and then strummed her aching clit with the palm of her hand.
Her toes curled and her ass relinquished the dido as she climaxed with a shriek and a sublime shudder.

If it's this intense with a dildo up her bum, heaven knows what the real thing will be like!


Rhian spent the next two nights practising on her own and was fairly satisfied that she had stretched out her poop chute to some degree.
She avoided eating too much and felt in tip top condition.

Lady Sonia sent her a text with the address of the hotel she was to go to, and the proffered time of arrival.
She caught a cab and set out at the hour of nine in the evening and looked out of the window as the cab drove her to Heathrow Airport.

"Here?" She thought.

After paying off the driver she entered the rather seedy looking Hotel Contour, which was quite literally on the main flight path.
The lights of an arriving Boeing airplane flashed in the night sky and the roar of the engines shook the building.
She smiled at the man at the check in desk who did not even raise his head from the copy of The Sun newspaper he was reading.

"Sixteen," he said and jerked his thumb to the wooden stairs.

As requested, under her Burberry raincoat, she had decked herself out in a racy version of a schoolgirl uniform. That is a white blouse tied off under her jutting breasts, red and black check mini skirt, and knee high white socks.

Beneath her skirt was a very visible pair of squeaky clean white knickers. Her bright brown eyes had an intended smouldering look due to the dark eyeshadow, and the glossy red lipstick added an almost slutty image. She tied her hair off into two girly pigtails on each side of her head.


Rhian tapped lightly on the door of the room and stood outside with a considerable apprehension.

"The door is open!"

The voice of an American male spoke from the other side and Rhian pushed it open. Immediately she recognised the stink of damp and mold and the young blonde had to hold her nose.

She looked around the basic room. A single window, drapes closed, one table with two uneven chairs, and a twin bed.

On the bed was a tall man with dark hair and square jaw with legs crossed and feet bare. He drank from a whiskey tumbler and belched as he drained the glass.

"Mister Affleck?"

"Call me teacher. Take your coat off."

Rhian slowly unbuckled her waist belt and opened it to display her skimpy parody of a school outfit.
The rattle of straining water pipes came from the bathroom in the corner and the man chuckled.

"I just love cheesy hotels. Even the plumbing is shit."

Affleck eyed up the nervous looking Rhian who remained silent.

"You never know what type of guests would ever stay in a dump like this. I mean, take us two. An American movie star and an English model dressed for class. You look amazing. I'm pleased."

He moved to the edge of the bed and crooked a finger for her to approach. Rhian stood over him and her mid section came to his eye level.
He had quite nice hair, cut short around the back and sides blending into the wavy top layers.
His chin had a couple of days hair growth, the current trend for young men it seemed.

"I like your legs."

Affleck put his hands up Rhian's thighs, just at the hem of her short skirt, and then stroked them in an upward motion.
A shiver went up her spine and her pussy twitched as she tottered on her four inch heels.

"Do I make you feel uncomfortable?"

"No," she lied as he hiked up her skirt above her panty line.

He cupped her pert buttocks and then buried his face in her mound.
She looked down to see him inhale deeply and her quim moistened despite her reservations.

"I love the smell of pussy in the evening. Smells like...victory!"

He laughed at his own joke as he delicately dragged her underwear down to her shoes.
She duly stepped out of them and her face flushed as she stood exposed from the waist down.

"Shaven. Good."

The actor leered at that sublime V of her upper legs and licked his index finger until it was completely soaked in his saliva.
He then inserted it inside Rhian's bald muff and teased her outer labia open.

"And getting wetter by the minute."

Rhian licked her lips as his finger moved in and out of her pussy at the same time he used the palm of his hand firmly against her clit.
Her legs shook and she desperately wanted to sit but thought better of it.
His eyes lingered on her deep cleavage under the tied off top and noted the hard points of her aroused nipples.

"On the bed, face down if you please."

Rhian did a belly flop and laid face down. Her inner thighs were damp and her clit buzzed in her heated cunt. She felt rather than saw him step over her and grab her head back in a sudden yank. Her arms outstretched as her upper body was made to rear back.

"You've been a naughty girl, haven't you?"

Keeping in mind his game, Rhian played along.

"Yes, teacher. I've been ever so bad."

Little by little she realised he was becoming more assertive as he panted hard and he let go her head and placed her skirt up over the twin moons of her cute bottom.

"Because of that you need to be spanked."

Rhian half turned her head and then gasped as she was dragged along the sheet causing her skirt to ruck up to her stomach.
Made to kneel facing forwards her bared and upturned bum was met with four resounding smacks with an open hand.
Her cheeks turned from a pale white to a soft pink as he hit her squarely on the meat of her buttocks.
So the bastard likes a bit of the old S & M. Right.

"Oh, Sir!"

Affleck paused for a moment and ran his hands over her glowing rump.
Rhian chewed on her lower lip as he moved in on her pussy between her closed thighs.


More vigorous spanking followed and Rhian whimpered softly as she surrendered up her ass and raised it for a better target.


Affleck huffed and puffed behind her, exuding authority and dominance as he unleashed another barrage of blows across the bobbing blonde's backside.
She could feel her pussy get wetter and wetter, and her half bent body began to shine with perspiration as she tried to make sense of her undoubted arousal.

"Let me see those tits."

Rhian yelped as he tore open her top and her mammoth breasts tumbled free. He took both in his hand and weighed them up, squeezing and fondling them in no particular rush.

He thumbed her erect nipples and then bent down to bite each one in turn, keeping them between his teeth for several seconds.
Then he traced slow circles around each point, drawing outwards on both of her areolas.

"Like that?" He asked as he rose to his full height.

Rhian was in no doubt that HE was as she saw he had a bulge filling out the front of his trousers.

"You're doing fine. Now, I want to put this on you."

Rhian saw that he had a long, white silk scarf in his hand which he whipped into a makeshift blindfold.

Was he serious? As he tied it around her head and covered her eyes, the topless blonde experienced an instant arousal as she let him indulge in his warped desires.

"Now what?" She wondered as everything went black and she waited on the edge of the bed.


A hand brushed her left breast and hot breath blew on the nape of her neck. Vulnerable and deprived of sight Rhian felt her pulse race as ANOTHER pair of hands caressed the tops of her thighs.

With a pounding heart Affleck pulled on her pigtail and snapped her head back so that her full and heavy boobs thrust up and out.
Then she felt an indescribable excitement when two soft hands ran slowly up the inside of her legs towards her dripping pussy.

"I brought along a dear friend of mine."

Affleck cupped Rhian's breasts again as busy fingers found her juicy slit and teased her vulva open.

In her state of sightlessness Rhian moaned as her clit was rolled and flicked at the same time her nipples were pinched from behind.
Waves of pleasure made her writhe on her bottom as her clit was assailed with rapid swipes of a hot tongue, so quick that it seemed as if there might be two tongues in a sweet rhythm.
Her boobs bounced and her head lolled back and forth as she gasped inwardly. Then she lurched back as she was deprived of her climax, and the scarf was loosened.

"I have a surprise for you. Ready?"

"I suppose."

As the scarf was ripped from her blinking eyes she saw a breathtaking vision of loveliness.

"Say hello to my special guest, Rihanna."

Rihanna! One of the English models favourite singers ever!
And here she was, large as life and stark bollock naked.

Rihanna looked stunning with her sleek and straight fire truck red locks that settled perfectly on top of her shoulders.
Her fulsome lips matched her fiery hair and contrasted with her warm, olive skin tone.

Rhian lowered her gaze to her firm and rounded bosom that complemented the famed music artist's slim figure.
Rhian's eyes went even lower and grew large as she realised that Rihanna had a twelve inch, black dildo thrusting out of the strap on harness she wore on her shapely hips.

"Pleased to meet you, honey. We're gonna have a real good time."

"I thought that you..."

Rhian looked on as Casey Affleck stripped off and sat back in the single chair and jerked his quite small erection.

"You thought I like anal sex. I do. I like to watch. Rihanna is going to do the business for me. Alright?"

Rhian was speechless as she watched the dark skinned singer smear a liberal amount of Astroglide along the intimidating dildo.

"You might say that I like my sex on the adventurous side, always have."

Rihanna spoke as she lifted the hem of Rhian's skirt and applied some lube to her cleft so that her pussy and anus were super slick.
Extremely turned on the glamour model spread her slender legs to allow the naked singer better access.

"Lift up your bottom a bit more."

As Rhian settled right on the edge of the narrow bed her Rihanna used her long and sharp fingernails to run up and down her nether holes, lubricating most of her loins.
Then she reached out and slid a pillow under her pelvis.


As ready as I'll ever be, thought Rhian Sugden as the tapered of the lewd sex toy met the entrance of her puckered star.
Instead of pushing in for forcefully, Rihanna pressed the head to her asshole and Rhian did the rest.

It seemed that she sucked the big knob in instinctively and the false cock found the centre of her sphincter with a surprising ease.
Rihanna looked directly into the blonde's smoky brown eyes and shifted her hips to let the dildo sink in further.

"How is it?" Asked Casey as he wanked his hard dick in a sweaty fist.

"Wonderful." Answered Rihanna.

"Wonderful." Answered Rhian.

Rihanna pulled back and Rhian rubbed her aching pussy as the glorious friction of the dildo dragging on the inside of her asshole.
The grinning pop singer looked down through half lidded eyes as she began to move in and out at a leisurely pace.

She raised Rhian's long legs and held them apart by the ankles as she plunged up inside the quivering model who teetered on the bed.

"Good girl, good girl. You're making me so fucking wet."

Rihanna licked her lips as she drove in until only two inches of plastic were left out.
Rhian sighed with a look of pure lust in her eyes as all concerns of anal hurt vanished.

"Push it in, push it in!" She implored.

"Music to my ears. Fucking hell, Rihanna. Keep that up and I'll be coming soon."

Affleck shifted in his seat as he saw Rhian's dark back passage gape large from the imposing dildo.
She continued to rub her pussy as Rihanna's pelvis went into overdrive.
The bed creaked on the four rickety legs as the dildo made Rhian buck and twist on her rump.


Rhian grunted as she frigged herself to a tremendous orgasm and her juices spewed out of her soaking cunt.
She grabbed fistfuls of the sheet as the fullness of the black cock lodged in her ass.

Rihanna grabbed Rhian by the hips, wiggling her own as she power fucked the purring English girl.
Then the glistening black singer withdrew the dildo and undid the harness around her waist and joined Rhian on the bed and cuddled up.


Rhian was aware of Affleck removing her heels and dragging her knee high socks off.
She and Rihanna watched the actor lay beside them and stroke his miniscule erection with her the blonde's feet.

"Fuck me with your feet."

He put his hands behind his head and relished the sheer look of disgust on Rhian's face.

"I've dine this before, it's easy." Said Rihanna as she propped herself up on an elbow.

Rhian sighed and faced her knees outward and clamped the soles of her feet to his dick.
She began to move them up and down, beating his meat the best she could.
Rihanna bent over and let a stream of her spit run into the channel that Rhian's feet made for better lubrication.
Rhian felt the muscles in her calves strain as she foot fucked the perverted American, until he finally shot his load into her arches and toes.

"Right. I'm done."

Rhian sat up and made her way to the grubby bathroom to clean up.
The last thing Casey and Rihanna saw of Rhian was a clean pair of heels.


"That's the last time I entertain Americans, thank you very much."

Lady Sonia and Lucy Pinder looked at the indignant Rhian who threw her shoulders back and lifted her chin.

"I'm sorry to hear that, my lovely. Especially as Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are flying in and fancy a no holds barred steamy foursome next week."

"Really? Brad Pitt? I love him." Said Rhian with a pout.

"Oh well, guess I'll have to fill in and join Lucy. A bit of a chore, but I'll have to make do fucking Brad's brains out."

"Wait, maybe I was a bit hasty. Fuck, I'll shag Brad for nothing!"

"I thought you might say that."

More to cum...
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Re: Lucy Pinder and Rhian Sugden are the Starfuckers
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You are rolling with this series! Rihanna was a huge surprise and George Clooney, knew sooner or later a Batman would pop up  ;D
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Re: Lucy Pinder and Rhian Sugden are the Starfuckers
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You are rolling with this series! Rihanna was a huge surprise and George Clooney, knew sooner or later a Batman would pop up  ;D

HA! You got it!


Re: Lucy Pinder and Rhian Sugden are the Starfuckers
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George Clooney and the Pind, what a pairing!
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Re: Lucy Pinder and Rhian Sugden are the Starfuckers
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Chapter Four.

Summer of 2010. Featuring Richard Gere.



At the same time Rhian Sugden was playing hostess with Casey Affleck, Lucy Pinder had been given the enviable task by Lady Sonia of tending to the needs and desires of American actor and producer, Richard Gere.

A world famous sex symbol of the seventies and voted sexiest man alive ten years previously, he had matured gracefully and had also become something of an urban legend. The man was successful, smart, driven, and single.

Lucy was one of those like minded younger women who found the older man rather alluring, and Gere was certainly easy on the eye. Now a distinguished grey with a few lines on his face, he had nonetheless kept his winning smile and come to bed eyes.

There was something to be had thought Lucy to what Rhian Sugden had said several times about Americans and weird sex, and the thought nagged at the back of Lucy's mind.

The rumour had it that Gere had once been admitted to hospital with a 'foreign' object lodged in his rectum, the said object being that of a gerbil, alive or dead, nobody quite knew.

A sick joke? or merely an odd way to get your rocks off?

Anyway, he was in London trying to broker backing from British business men for a planned Anglo-American vehicle for himself.
He was in the city for just one weekend, alone, and had rented a sizeable office from Lady Sonia, who suggested Lucy to help out with things.

Her Ladyship had alerted Lucy to the fact that Gere liked busty females to provide secretarial duties as he worked, and that she should be hands on whenever he felt in the mood for easy sex.

Lady Sonia added that Gere was of the opinion that stress could be easily relieved by partaking in matters of a sexual nature. He swore by it apparently and so Lucy was left in no doubt what to expect.


0n the Saturday morning Lucy made her way to an eerily quiet Canary Wharf for her noon appointment, and the doorman let her into the fifty storey high Tower at Number One Canada Square.
The high rise building stood tall amid similar concrete and steel towers in what was rapidly becoming the new financial district of the Capital.

The usual hustle and bustle of office workers was absent on the weekend as the famed glamour model and well liked topless babe of The Sun newspaper's page three took the silent elevator to the fortieth floor where Richard Gere was expecting her.

Lucy looked business like, yet desirable, in a pin stripe jacket and matching mini skirt. The jacket has two front buttons which looked as if they may very well pop open as her massive boobs threatened to bust free. The skirt was made of a stretchy material that clung to the fantastic contours of her desirable bottom.

And so short was it that it didn't quite cover the tops of her sheer black translucent stockings covered her slender pins. As a final touch she had on her feet she had a tall pair of black stiletto's.

The effect was the perfect blend of professional and racy at the same time.

The hall was empty as expected, lit only by the sunlight that streamed through the windows.
She knocked on the plain wooden door of the office and a soft voice from within told her to enter.
The door opened in to a spacious office with a huge window looking out over the River Thames.

There was Gere, jacket off and seated at a long desk in a crisp white shirt and red and gold necktie. He did not look up from the PC on his desk and he was visibly upset as he read some email on the screen. She stood straight backed and waited on his call.

Richard Gere! Star of 'Pretty Woman' and 'Officer and a Gentleman' right here, right now!

In the flesh, Lucy thought that Gere seemed strikingly handsome with his full head of grey hair. He finally looked up through an expensive pair of gold rimmed glasses and gestured to Lucy to sit opposite him.

"Miss Pinder?"

"Yes, Mister Gere."

"You're here for the opening, right?"

The way he emphasised the word opening suggested a whole new meaning as his eyes lingered on her deep cleavage.
Well, it was pretty hard not to notice considering her choice of outfit.

"Yes, if you like. I can type, handle the phone, take letters."

"Fine. I need some assistance while I'm here in London. Apart from the usual, you will be required to perform other services in addition."

Services, that's a cute way of putting it.

"Fine." She answered demurely.

"It's going to be stressful. I don't handle stress all that well. I have two remedies that relieve me from my personal troubles. Meditation is one."

He paused for effect, closing his eyes as he swiveled in his plush black chair. Lucy remembered reading somewhere that the actor was a Buddhist.

"And the other is?"

"A good fuck. I want you to be readily available to give me a little, shall we say, diversion, when I need it."

Lucy caught him twice looking directly at her bosom under the front of her jacket which seemed to confirm that he was into tits.

"I might want to just grope you from time to time, makes me feel good. Give me a blowjob now and then, let me fuck your big tits, or just get right down to the nitty gritty. Understand?"

"Perfectly, Mister Gere."

"Good. I thought I could count on you. Let's get started. Do you have a notebook and pen?"


"Very well. Take this down, Miss Pinder."


"Your skirt."

"My, what?"

"Skirt. Take off your skirt for me."

"Oh, right."

Lucy stood up and reached behind her back and unzipped her mini skirt and let it slip to her heels. She stepped out of it and Gere looked lecherously at her thigh high hold ups and lace red panties.

"Nice legs.

Gere leaned forwards for a closer look and nodded approvingly.
He especially liked the way her thin underwear displayed that enticing pussy mound of hers in all it's glory. So thin were her panties in fact that the slit of her cunt was clearly visible.
He had chosen well. Lucy was undeniably sexy with lustrous long hair, generous bosom, and alluring legs.

"That's nice too. Well done. I feel quite relaxed. Help me out of my pants."

"At once, Mister Gere."

The busty glamour model stepped around the other side of the desk on her high heels as he stood too.
Lucy unbuckled his belt and then hooked her thumbs into the waistband of his trousers and yanked them down to his knees.
He leaned on her shoulders, leering down her ample cleavage as he stepped out of his pants.

"That feels much better."

The phone rang and Gere folded his arms and nodded to the desk.
Lucy sat in his seat and picked it up and answered.

"It's a Mister Phillips for you."

"Ask him for the latest figures."

Gere came behind Lucy and massaged her shoulders as she spoke.

"Can you get them? Yes, I'll hold."

Lucy closed her eyes as Gere's hands moved around her front and vanished down the inside of her pin stripe jacket.
Her huge globes of flesh were caressed and kneaded from behind as tried to focus on the phone call.
He thumbed her stiffening nipples and she clamped her thighs shut as the unmistakable tingle in her loins betrayed her true feelings.

"Any...any luck?" Gere rolled his index finger in a circle to let her know to continue. "Alright. Keep looking."

She could feel her body temperature rising as his hot breath blew on the nape of her neck. Her nipples could have cut glass as he pinched them hard. He had nice hands she thought and she was unable to hold back an appreciative moan.

"You have fantastic tits. I like a woman with an impressive rack."

"Thanks. Oh, Mister Phillips?" She asked, wondering if her voice could be heard down the line.

Lucy parted her legs then as the famed movie star removed his glasses and went under the desk and ran his hands along her stocking clad legs to that tantalising strip of bare thigh between the tops of her hold ups and her panties.

"Mister Phillips. Mm, hmm! You, you, you, you. Oh!"

Gere pressed his face to her hot snatch and kissed her pussy through her panties.
Then he inhaled deeply and drew her underwear out with his teeth.

"Ahh, ohh, oh...dear."

Lucy squirmed on the seat as her panties were moved to one side and a pair of eager lips lapped at her shaven cunt.

"MMM!" She stuffed her fist into her mouth to stifle a loud moan of pleasure as she was probed by a hungry tongue and her inner thighs werr tickled and teased.

"Yes, I'm, mmm, still here, Mmmister Phillips. Please, Mister Gere needs the vital information, for, for, for, OOH FUCK!"

Gere had her legs out wide as he found her clitoris and was busy licking the tiny nub with rapid left to right swipes.

"Sorry, no not you. No, no, no. Yes! Yes! Yes! You have! Oh, wow! Oh, shit! Send us the attachment, please. Oh, please, please, right there!"

Lucy slammed the phone down and looked down beneath her to see the grinning grey haired actor dragging her panties clear off and behind to trace an anti clockwise circle around her sensitive clit.
She rolled her hips and dragged her backside to and fro in her seat as fluttering pulses of delight washed over her.

"Mister Gere!"

He tongued her clit as he slid his middle finger inside her moistening pussy.
Her breath came in fits and starts as she tilted her head back and welcomed the increasing excitement.
Gere added a second finger which made Lucy groan even louder and her butt rocked up and down on the chair as she desperately tried to pull his digits in further.

"Oh, my!"

Gere curled his fingers up as he tried to find her g-spot. Her wetness flowed and wetted his fingers as he pressed hard on that elusive sensitive spot.
Lucy grabbed onto the arms of the chair as he doubled his efforts. She was so wet down there now that he had no problem getting inside her knuckle deep.

"So close, so...close," she whimpered as Gere moved his fingers in time with his hot tongue. "Oh, fuck! Just like that, you're making me cum!"

Lucy's whole body tensed and a little gush of warm fluid washed over Richard Gere's tongue.
With her eyes closed and her legs trembling she heard movement and saw Gere looking out of the window.

"Nice start. How about a cup of hot tea?"

"Yes, Mister Gere."

He turned to watch her totter out in her heels and he focused on her bared behind which rolled seductively as she click clacked on the bare floor. The whisper of her translucent nylons as her thighs rubbed on each other made his dick stand to absolute attention.

Lucy went to the ante room and found an electric kettle, coffee maker, and tea bags. After ten minutes she returned to the main office, still naked below the waist, with his tea.
Her orgasm had not abated and her muff was still hot from Gere's superb oral technique. Who would have thought he was terrific at eating pussy?

She saw him looking at the screen of his PC and shaking his head in obvious dismay.

"No, no, no. These are NOT the figures I wanted. Shit! Miss Pinder, take a

"Yes, Sir."

Gere turned to her, a mischievous grin on his face. He pushed his chair back from his desk and Lucy saw that he had removed his underpants and was stroking his hard cock.

"And suck me off at the same time."

"Alright." She agreed readily despite the quite impressive erection that swayed from side to side in his lap.

Lucy went down on her knees and placed her yellow legal pad on his bared chest as she took his hard length in her mouth.
She swept her mane of hair back over her shoulder as she wet his knob and began to bob on his shaft.

"Mister Phillips. I am most upset, no shocked, at the contemptable service you and your company have shown me."

Lucy reached up blindly and attempted to scribble notes on the pad as she sucked noisily on Gere's throbbing hose.
He leaned back and steepled his fingers as he savoured the model's hot mouth sliding up and down on his hard spike.

"Where was I? So, Mister Phillips. I expect a concerted effort by yourself and your team to make amends. And do speed things up, Miss Pinder."

Lucy murmured as she pushed further down on him, taking in his rigid dick until he reached the back of her throat. Her left hand held the base of his cock while she wrote on the pad with a shaking right.

"I didn't fly all the way across the Atlantic for shoddy business. Oh, there you go."

Gere humped up and looked on with some amusement as his cock head poked out of Lucy's right cheek as he pushed into her mouth harder.
Dribble coated her chin as she slobbered audibly on his stiff rod, still struggling to take his notes.

"You are capable of taking dick, Miss Pinder? Dictation, that is."

"Mm, hmm!"

"Read back what you have so far."

Lucy let his cock pop out and she took the opportunity to breathe in.
She stood up and composed herself.

"Mister Phillips, I am."

The hot brunette smiled sheepishly and shrugged.

"That's it? Did I distract you?"

"A little, sorry." Little? He was as big as a fucking horse!

"Most disappointing, my dear. Tell me, what size are those outstanding tits of yours?"


"Perfect for a tit fuck. Let me see."

The proud model unbuttoned her jacket and let her full rack loose in all it's stunning glory.

"Now that's a pair of tits. Wow! Put them together for me.

Lucy did so and lowered her head to spit into her deep cleavage.
Gere placed his hands on hers and together that enveloped his upright dick in the midst of her enormous boobs.
He shoved up from his seated position until his cock head protruded at the top of her homemade valley of flesh.

"That is so fucking erotic."

Gere began to slide in and out of her disproportionately huge boobs, teasing her with a long drive up, and then a fast withdrawal.
His iron hard rod became slick with saliva as he fucked Lucy's big wet tits.
His eyes were rigidly fixed on the incredible image of his cock wrapped up on his throbbing shaft.

"I can't see my dick!" Laughed Gere as his lenghty cock pretty much vanished from view in her fleshy orbs until his bell end popped up like a submerged turtle head.

He frantically tit fucked her ocean of succulent flesh as they held each others gaze and panted in sync.
Then the phone rang and Gere slipped out.

"Get that."

While Lucy spoke on the phone, Gere unbuttoned his shirt and stripped off completely. She hung up just as she was pulled to him. Now up close she was a little surprised at how short he really was.

Her head snapped back as the ravenous celebrity took the tip of her large left breast into his mouth.
He sucked and bit gently on the hard nipple while he caressed her right tit. He literally feasted on her ample flesh, kneading them, licking all around the massive globe and pushing them together and slobbering in the tight cleavage.

"Who was on the phone?"

"Oh, it was Lady Sonia, asking how things are going."

"A personal call? I won't have you making personal calls on my time. Now I'm getting stressed. Go over there."

Lucy walked to the front of the desk and she felt his eyes burn into her back as he ogled her tight heart shaped ass.
She stood at the edge of the desk with her back to the smooth wood and planted her heels out wide, displaying her bald pussy for him with the puffy labia moist with desire.

"Play with yourself." He told her as he jerked his boner in front of her. "And describe your feelings."

Lucy wet her lips and started to pull her pussy lips apart.
She inhaled deeply and played along.

"You like what you see, Mister Gere? This pussy all hot and wet for you?"

She put two fingers inside her damp quim and frigged herself, so quickly that the soft squishing of her fingers inside her could be easily heard.
She made her voice sound as husky and sensual as she was able to as she thrust her bountiful breasts up and out.

"Gosh, it's so tight, so wet. Ever so slippery. I'm sure I could accommodate a VERY big cock if needed."

"Go on." Said he, totally captivated and horny as hell.

"I'm such a slut, I'm just desperate for a man to fuck me, right in here."

Lucy raised her bottom up from the desk so that her inner folds were clearly exhibited. She fingered herself faster and made sure that her swollen labia glistened from her juices.

"Feels so nice, ooh, nice. I'm just aching to be stuffed with a stiff cock, sliding in and out of my tight box."

"So, you want my cock buried inside of your slutty cunt, am I right?"

Gere stepped forwards and stood between her open thighs.

"Yes," she whispered as her pussy dripped down her left thigh to the top of her stocking.

He placed the angry looking tip of his knob at her entrance and slowly eased himself into her very slick tunnel of love.


Lucy gripped the wood on the desk edge as she and he came nose to nose. Her cunt stretched to allow him in and her eyes remained glued to his hypnotising stare as he bottomed out.
He paused to let the popular Sun newspaper page three girl relish the moment, the fullness of him inside her.

"You really are tight down there."

Lucy mumbled gibberish as the wonderful feeling of him inside her made her quite dizzy with delight.
He began to move and his thighs pressed on her upturned bottom.
As he picked up speed he grunted through his flared nostrils and Lucy was lifted up a bit from the desk.
Thrilled at his prowess she watched his cock appearing and disappearing inside her bald cunt over and over again.


"Call me daddy."

The look on his face was priceless as he thrust up aggressively, deeper and deeper each time.
Her genuine moans of bliss mixed with his groans of lust as he fucked her faster still.

"Oh, oh yes. Daddy!"

Lucy felt her pussy spasm non stop as Gere rotated his hips as he went up onto his toes.
Then he growled, as if in pain, and pulled out of her leaving her pussy strangely empty and wanting.

"Go to the window." He said as he wiped his brow.

Lucy started to walk and Gere pressed against her from behind and scooted her to the wide window that had a panoramic view of the famous London river.
His erection was all pushy at the cleft of her firm ass cheeks when he quickly pulled her back onto him.

"Fucking hell!"

She felt him grasp her by the hips and roughly pull her back, impaling her on his full length at the same time he thrust up.
Her hands were flat on the pane of glass as she looked out at the stunning view below.
Gere put his hands to her trim waist and slammed in and out, so forcefully that his balls slapped at the back of her hard.

"Fuck me, daddy. Fuck me!"

At that moment Lucy had to do a double take as two men appeared directly outside the window. At the fortieth floor!
She noted the flat platform and realised it was what high rise window cleaners used.

"Bloody hell!"

Separated by one pane of glass Lucy was face to face with two middle aged workers in shabby overalls and each with a cleaning tool.
Their eyes were on stalks as they looked on in stunned surprise at Richard Gere fucking Lucy Pinder standing doggy style.
Her tits mashed to the inch thick glass and she playfully licked the inside in a lewd fashion.

"Look, daddy, an audience!"

The two cleaners, unable to contain their excitement, and with no shame, dropped their pants and began to jerk off at the astonishing sight of Lucy's award winning boobs. She tossed her long hair back as she was soundly fucked and flicked out her tongue at the man outside.


Richard Gere exploded and splattered Lucy's bare back with his cum.
Outsider the two men jerked off until they sprayed the window with their jizz. Lucy stood tall, blew kisses to the men and then put her pursed lips to the inside of the window and pretended to lick the dripping cum with her extended tongue.


Gere had returned to his desk just as he received a distressing email.

"No, no, no!"

Lucy tottered over to the desk and took some Kleenex to wipe her sticky behind.

"Get me Phillips on the phone, now."

Lucy hit the redial on the phone and her eyes widened as Gere retrieved a big black strap on device from a lower drawer of the desk.
He held up the harness with the life like dildo attached and handed it to the stunned model.

"Phillips, you son if a bitch! Are you trying to give me a stroke?"

Gere covered the mouth piece and spoke to a bemused and still naked Lucy.

"Put it on."

Lucy was momentarily speechless, but then obliged the actor and stepped into the black straps and secured them to her upper thighs and waist. As Gere berated his business associate he squirted some sort of lubricant
into his asshole. He bent across the desk and looked back at Lucy who stood with the big dildo poking out in front of her just above her pussy mound.

"Fuck me with it."

"Mister Gere?"

"Ass fuck me, you English bitch!"

Gere raised his ass and spread his legs out wide.
Lucy looked down at her own loins and noticed for the first time that the tip of the six inch dong had been customized to house a unique attachment. That of the cartoon mouse from 'Tom and Jerry.'

Richard Gere wanted to be sodomised by a toy rodent!!


"Yes, really!"

Lucy shrugged and lined up the fun end of the false cock to his asshole and eased the tip into his anus.
With sheer incredulity Lucy watched Gere willingly engulf the obscene thing with his back passage.
With a shift of her hips Lucy slowly fed the dildo into Gere's puckered star at the same time as he pushed back.

"No, Phillips. NO, Phillips. Fuck you! And you!" He turned to Lucy. "Fuck me harder!"

The topless brunette babe continued to deep stroke his ass with exaggerated twists that saw the toy mouse emerge covered in lube.


Gere put the phone on the desk he took the full brunt of the dildo up his poop chute.
The further Lucy got inside his anus, the more he jerked his cock in his fist.

"Oh, Phillips? Eat this!"

Gere ejaculated over the phone, coating it with his cum.
Lucy rammed the dildo home as his climax ebbed and then eased the dildo from his sticky ass.

"That was fucking hot! Thank you, my dear. Cup of tea?"

Lucy stepped out of the strap on harness and withdrew to the ante room.
As she boiled the kettle she heard Gere yell from the office.

"Oh, for fuck sake! Miss Pinder! Fetch me my belt. I need to be soundly spanked!"

Here we go again!

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Re: Lucy Pinder and Rhian Sugden are the Starfuckers
« Reply #20 on: July 11, 2020, 08:40:57 PM »
Richard Gere and Lucy Pinder, what a pair. Didn't see that coming in a hundred years.

I really enjoyed the dialogue in that one, gave me a good laugh and you used one of her best old outfits!  ;D
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Re: Lucy Pinder and Rhian Sugden are the Starfuckers
« Reply #21 on: July 12, 2020, 04:21:34 AM »
Richard Gere and Lucy Pinder, what a pair. Didn't see that coming in a hundred years.

I really enjoyed the dialogue in that one, gave me a good laugh and you used one of her best old outfits!  ;D

Which outfit do you refer to? Her business suit, or her birthday suit? Titter!


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Re: Lucy Pinder and Rhian Sugden are the Starfuckers
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Note- This is totally fiction, only inspired by those in celebrity.


Chapter Five, featuring Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, and Lady Sonia.


England, 2010.

Rhian Sugden, famous British glamour model and Sun newspaper page three babe, knocked on the door of the chocolate box cottage in rural Kent and was met by her booking agent Lady Sonia. The short haired middle aged Sonia was decked out in a horse riding outfit, consisting of light blouse, a pair of tight jodhpurs, and flat heeled black boots.

"About time. The natives are getting restless. Come in."

Rhian entered the picturesque rented holiday cottage of the American movie star Brad Pitt. A typical deep red brick building topped off by a thatched roof with easy access to the local river.

Rhian looked immaculate in a boob tube top with a suede jacket over it.
Her knee high skirt was of a stretchy material that hugged her thighs and hips.
She had her golden locks brushed over her left shoulder to finish just above her stunning cleavage.

"Gosh! Is he really here! Is he as gorgeous in real life as he is on screen?"

Brad Pitt! Rhian was just like any other female on the planet who had a thing for the American icon. Handsome and fit, boyish yet still exuding masculinity, muscular but not the rugged type. Rhian had not slept the night before just imagining seeing that scrumptious chest for real. And more besides?

Just a week before Sonia, owner and director of the Lady Sonia Glamour Girls Services had gushed about being approached by none other than Brad Pitt to provide some amusement and distraction from his limited stay in England.
He had been recording his voice over in a London sound studio for his role in computer animated film 'Megamind.'

He was accompanied by his lover and partner, Angelina Jolie, who was excited to be on her first visit to England. He had become smitten by the sultry beauty when they had first filmed on the movie 'Mister and Mrs Smith.'

People Magazine's sexiest man alive twice, Pitt had quickly ditched his wife, Jennifer Aniston, and had moved in with Jolie.
The couple enjoyed amazing sex, but almost as soon as they had become lovers, Pitt had been surprised by the unashamed admission that she had a kinky side.

Rhian and Lady Sonia stepped into the hallway, up the immediate staircase into the spacious open plan main room. Apart from the large windows one square sky light cut into the roof flooded the room with natural light. Curled up on a plush armchair was Angelina, poised and alert like a jungle cat.

Undoubtedly beautiful, the movie actress oozed sex appeal, with a soft and glowing complexion, heavily lidded grey eyes, and an almost feline figure. She pouted at the sight of the fair Rhian Sugden with already full on swollen lips.

"Welcome to the party," said Angelina in a semi whispered voice.

The imposing actress stood up from the deep seated chair and waved an index finger at the nervous blonde.

"You are precisely 35 minutes late. Do not fuck up again, are you won't get paid."

Angelina smoothed back her well groomed hair that had been drawn back into a severe ponytail and lifted her chin.
She appeared to be older than she was but was very slender and absolutely beautiful.

"Let's get down to it, I'm just in the mood."


"It's true!" Said Her Ladyship tipping her cigarette into an ashtray. "Brad Pitt is willing to pay $10 million for an alleged sex tape involving Angelina Jolie. He's petrified the video will be made public thereby ruining their new image as Hollywood's perfect couple."

"What's on it?" Asked Rhian.

"Apparently she's filmed having racy sex while strung out on booze or drugs. Sounds like her, actually. She's a bit of a wild one. Likes her sex on the kinky side. Sex isn't enough for her unless it involves a bit of bondage and the like."

"So, what are you suggesting here?"

"Take a look at this"

Lady Sonia held out her new toy. An Eastman Kodak digital flip camcorder, no bigger than the palm of her hand. Rhian took it and turned the lightweight object over and over.

"It only set me back two hundred knicker. Good, isn't it? Only four inches. I'm no expert about these things but it can film in low light, shoots in 1080p, whatever that is, and has auto focus. I'm going to set it up and film the session, then blackmail Pitt for a million quid."

"You're fucking nuts! Do you really think you can get away with it?"

"Believe me, babe, the things he wants us to do will guarantee he pays up."

"Like what?"

Rhian had already had sex in public with George Clooney, and had been spanked by Casey Affleck. Whatever next?

"It's more her than him really. Jolie is a bit of a pervert I'm led to understand. Look, don't worry because they want me involved. I've some experience in this sort if thing."

Her Ladyship lit another cigarette and looked out of the window of her office.
Thirteen years older than Rhian the busty agent had been born plain Deidre Birchwood in 1970, and at an early age had featured in bondage and fetish publications.

"So, Saturday then. Be prepared."


Angelina looked magnificent as she let her flowing robe slink down to her bare feet in one graceful motion and unveiled her naked body.

"Brad is in the bedroom waiting. I have some interesting outfits I would like us to wear. Take off your clothing."

Rhian looked at Lady Sonia who nodded in silence at the willowy blonde.
Angelina was already unfolding armpit length kidskin gloves along her arms as she indicated to a neatly spread out white costume for Rhian to don.

"Be quick, now."

It was obvious that Jolie loved leather as she slipped into glossy corset with alternating panels of fine lace and kidskin.
The upper half lifted her bosom superbly and only the lower half of her firm breasts were actually covered.

Both Rhian and Lady Sonia looked on agog as Jolie turned half on and presented her jutting ass, bared and bold.
The smoldering vixen fitted her pair of gossamer thin black stockings to the hanging garter straps and pulled on the laces tightly.

"I so think that one must make an effort to dress up on certain occasions. Gives things an edge. I like an edge."

"I agree totally, Miss Jolie." Said Sonia urging Rhian to strip off as Jolie slipped her feet into impossibly high heeled stiletto spiked pumps that made her closer to six feet.

Rhian slithered out off her tight top and skirt and presented her naked form to the pair of them.
She was a tall, astonishingly full figured female, with an extraordinary narrow waist that made her already large boobs seem even bigger than they were. Her captivating dark brown eyes were framed in dark mascara as requested.

Jolie looked Rhian up and down closely as the blonde placed the topless white satin waspie around her hourglass midriff.
She sat back in a chair and slipped into the pair of six inch high white leather shoes. She added the tight white choker around her neck and stood up for approval.

The American seemed satisfied and her eyes stayed focused on Rhian's enticing bald pussy mound that nestled between her upper thighs.
The blonde wondered if Jolie could make out the definite wetness on the inside of her upper thighs.

"I think you'll do quite nicely. Now, let's warm you up."

Angelina motioned to Rhian to join Her Ladyship and she walked gingerly on her thin spikes with swaying hips and bouncing bared boobs. The cool air of the large room teased her exposed muff and the thick sense of anticipation already generated her inner warmth and juicing up.

"Like this."

What sort of warm up is this?

"Like this?" Rhian's eyes widened in response.

Angelina sat thigh to thigh with Sonia, clapped on her legs, and Rhian bent forwards across both of their laps.
Jolie's right knee came up to meet Rhian's loins, who parted her legs behind her and stretched out to Sonia's left thigh.

Spread out flat down across the two laps Rhian had her bottom raised up and her tits hanging to the carpet.
Rhian sighed as the lotion spread down her inner thighs and her body squirmed as she squeezed her legs together tightly.


Rhian felt smooth lotion being rubbed into the peachy flesh of her lower cheeks and knowingly smeared into her center crevice.
She bit her lip as Angelina' s wet middle finger found her cunt hole and probed her increasing moistness.

"What...what's that for?"

"It'll keep your skin from bruising." Stated Jolie in a matter of fact way.

"Bruising? From what?"

"This, my lovely."

Lady Sonia held up a flat paddle to Rhian's face and twirled in by the handle.

"Bloody hell!"

Seven inches in length the diamond shaped spanking toy had one textured face with dozens of tiny studs. while the other side had a classic flat feel.

The ominous black thing was handed to Angelina Jolie who stroked Rhian's rounded nates with the flat face.
Just as the blonde model looked up into Sonia's face the first blow connected.

"Holy shit!"

The sound of leather on soft, succulent flesh echoed in Rhian's ears and the muscles in the backs of her thighs tensed as the paddle connected with her vulnerable buttocks, once, twice, and a third time.

Sonia stroked Rhian's face and hair as the American whacked her again and again. On each cheek separately and both at the same time.
Her skin tingled and burned and she could see in her mind's eye her rump streaked by red stripes.


Then there came blessed relief as the spanking suddenly ceased and Rhian exhaled loudly.
She then felt the thin end of the paddle draw up between her upper thighs and press against her dripping shaven slit.

Rhian bobbed and wriggled as the leather was ground into her sensitive pussy lips until the constant rubbing brought her close to climax. One thumb pushed inside her tight anus as her cunt was rubbed incessantly by the paddle.


Rhian's pleas were cut short as Jolie was spanked again.
Now there was zero restraint on Rhian's part as each relentless blow to her rump caused her to bob up and down in uncontrolled delight.

The vibrations of the constant smacks on her rippling bum caused Rhian's hips to rock on the two women's laps, and her legs kicked out behind her as she was sent over the edge.
She clenched up as a finger tested how wet her pussy was.


Again her snatch was teased and tormented by Jolie's probing digit until Rhian let out a long sigh as she was brought to an orgasm she could not fight even if she wanted to.

"Nice warm up. Get up."

Rhian lifted her body upright and immediately rubbed her raw feeling buttocks.
Her huge breasts heaved as she sucked in much needed air.
Lady Sonia gave the bemused blonde a coy look Rhian couldn't quite get.

"Sorry we had to spank you a bit," Sonia whispered in an aside. "But I didn't think you would mind. A bit of a turn, right?"

"And now what? Do I get to fuck Brad Pitt?"

"I have no idea. Expect it to be spicy. But I have the camera hidden by their bed so we're all set."

"I hope you know what you're doing."


Nothing could have prepared the two English women for the incredulous sight of the impossibly hunky Brad Pitt, on his back on a king sized bed stark bollock naked.

His body was ripped and smooth of hair as he struggled gainfully on his wrist straps that kept him tethered to the headboard.
His face was obscured by a black blindfold so he was unable to see the three women enter the bedroom.

"Brad Pitt!" Whispered Rhian in awe as Angelina Jolie took her hand and led the blonde assertively to the identical bed alongside Pitt's.

Rhian shivered in excitement yet looked at the leather clad brunette uncertainly.

"Look how innocent you look all in white, despite your big tits and cunt out on display. Lie down on your back."

All part of her game, supposed Rhian as she settled on her still tender backside.

"Brad and I have a satisfying sex life, but now and then we like it raunchy and daring. Keeps things fresh. We do like to indulge in threesomes, and he dies like a glossy blonde now and again."

Even Brad Pitt liked to fantasize? I guess he is just a red blooded make like the rest of them, thought Rhian as Jolie began to tie a long white scarf around her head in way of a blindfold.

Everything faded into darkness and Rhian felt her pulse race as warm breath hit her neck.
Both Jolie and Lady Sonia seized her arms and legs which were stretched out in opposite directions.
Soft scarves were tied off at her wrists and ankles so that she was unable to move an inch.

"Lady Sonia?"

The uncertainty of what was to come had Rhian squirming on her backside, and deprived of sight her mind went into overdrive.
With her legs spread out wide her pussy juiced up so much that she oozed down the crack of her ass.


Rhian felt the sensation of soft leather jamming her pendulous tits together as they sat just above the top of her white waspie.
She arched her back as her nipples were pinched and pulled, and the lower contours of her hefty globes were licked with big swipes of a hot tongue.

"What's happening, honey?" Asked an inquisitive and terribly horny Brad Pitt from the other bed.

Rhian had her voluptuous left breast cupped as her right nipple was sucked into Angelina's mouth hard, so hard it seemed that the woman was bent on sucking it right out of her tit.

"Nice tits,"

Angelina slid down Rhian's front, her leather corset squeaking audibly, until her face came level with the hot blonde's pink slash of a pussy.
Only a woman knows how to eat out another female and the American minx virtually sucked out Rhian's clitoris from the protective hood with her pursed and fulsome lips.

"My goodness!"

Rhian opened her mouth in a silent scream as the sensitive bud of her clit was nibbled on by hard teeth.
The gentle stimulation was amazing and Jolie's fervent humming against her clit made Rhian start to buck up her hips as waves of pleasure inflamed her to her core.

Rhian lifted her bottom up as much as possible as Jolie now slid her wriggling tongue up and down her dribbling snatch to the point where the little star of her asshole started.

"Too...good." Whimpered the stunning glamour model as the sublime pleasure of Jolie's tongue exploring both of her nether holes smacked of sheer depravity.

The way her slit was licked up and down, how Angelina pressed her pointed tongue a little deeper inside her was almost tormenting.

Then, much to Rhian's disbelief and frustration, the oral assault stopped.
At a loss as to what was happening, Rhian tried to gather her wits as she was left abandoned, her legs open and her cunt unshielded.

"Can you hear this, blondie? Lady Sonia and I are going to fuck Brad while you lie over there."

Rhian's ears pricked up she heard movement on the bed next to her.

"Angelina?" Brad's body tensed as a pair of hands caressed his heaving chest. "What are you doing?"

Lady Sonia used her riding crop to gently stroke the unseeing Pitt's face before tracing a line down his sternum with the small header. As she went the English dominatrix tapped his broad chest, firmly but not as to cause any undue pain.


Jolie joined Her Ladyship and lifted his erection up and stroked the stiff shaft with loving care.
His aching dick was pumped in Jolie's leather clad fist and having been restrained for some considerable time and teased by the erotic sounds of Rhian being pleasured directly in his earshot he was unable to contain his lust.
He pushed up and literally fucked Jolie's glove eager for any friction on his quivering organ.


Brad had a surprised lilt in his voice as he was wanked by one pair of hands, whilst the the thin end of the crop was pushed into his asshole.

"What the fuck! That is so intense!" He said as he tugged on his wrist straps.

"Hear that, blondie? If only you could see."

Rhian cocked her head, desperately trying to put pictures to the intriguing and erotic voices.

"You'll cum better if your prostate is rubbed, darling."

Jolie's long fingers in her glove wrapped around his cock which was as hard as it ever could be, and then ran her tongue up along the underside of his upright pole as Lady Sonia twisted the crop just inside his anus.
Pitt thrust up as his bell end was taken inside his partner's mouth and held there. He felt her spit wet his balls as she salivated freely.

"Oh, shit!" Cried he as Jolie slid down about halfway down his turgid cock.

Oh, shit! Thought Rhian as she felt her aching cunt leak fluids as she imagined the other two pleasuring the famed movie star.


Jolie now sucked him in until her nose nestled in his pubes.

"More, more."

She moved back and forth on his pole and her cheeks reddened as she gagged on his formidable length.


The ravishing brunette took a breath and lifted off to let Lady Sonia resume sucking duties.
The mature English woman relished the task and moved up and down gleefully, taking his cock to the back of her throat, surpassing her gag reflex.


Now both women toyed with his dick. Two tongues now slid up and down coating his member with copious amounts of saliva. One mouth clamped to his bulbous head while the other nibbled on his big blue vein.

Then two pairs of soft lips met at the top of his knob and Pitt was speechless as they slobbered and kissed his swollen glans.
Jolie sucked on him for three seconds at a time before handing the pulsating cock over to Sonia who did the same, driving the tied up hunk mad with lust.

"I just got to fuck somebody. now!"

"I think we can lift his blindfold."

As Angelina lifted his mask so Lady Sonia dragged her own sweater off and wriggled out of her tight jodhpurs.

"Which of you do I fuck, and who wants to sit on my face?"

Lady Sonia looked at Angelina very excited and watched the leather clad female swing her stocking covered legs over Brad's hips to straddle him.

Urged on, the English Lady smiled and positioned her cunt over the adorable man who lifted his chin up.
In this lewd position Pitt had full access to both of her holes and he began to lap her cunt and anus as though he was thirsty.

"That looks so yummy."

Angelina grabbed his rigid bar of a dick and pointed it up to meet her saturated pussy opening.
She pushed down and cried out as her pussy lips spread out to take him inside. Not stopping until he was all the way in she placed the palms of her hands on his stomach and shivered as he became completely buried in her cunt.

"Oh, that feels so good!" Moaned she as she started to buck her lower body on his groin.

To begin with her pace was slow as her pussy adjusted to his size. No matter how many times they had fucked his cock widened her like no other.

Brad moaned loudly into Sonia's grinding snatch and the middle aged woman groaned in reply.
She continued to grind her hips against his mouth and her juices ran out and down his chin.

Rhian squirmed on her back in her restraints, consumed by a blind lust, her sweat covered naked body simply craving attention.

Angelina was now in full flow, her arousal so strong that her body rode
up and down in a wanton frenzy.

Her pelvis moved wildly as she impaled herself on his thick rod, yet she was so wet that he was able to thrust up all the way to the hilt.

As his big balls smacked against her jutting ass she could feel an orgasm rising in her.
Faster and faster she fucked him, groaning and grunting with each downward thrust until she came with a whimper and a gasp.


Still she did not let up as she shunted back and forth with his cock embedded on her sopping quim.
Her stockings became torn and laddered as she started to feel another orgasm.
She stiffened up as her climax washed over her and she finally let his still hard cock slide out of her dripping pussy.

"Oh, my, goodness!"

Lady Sonia was told to undo the cuffs that restrained Pitt from moving.
As soon as he was free his blinking eyes focused on the quivering Angelina first, then the top heavy Lady Sonia, and finally on Rhian Sugden on the very next bed.

"You wanna fuck her big tits, Brad?" Asked his partner as she stood up and cupped her wet mound.

"I'm gonna fuck the shit out of them, honey."

Rhian felt his warm hands gather Rhian's big boobs together to make one big boob. She licked her lips in anticipation as the actor sheathed his rigid dick in her home made channel. Still deprived of sight she had only her hearing and sense of touch as Pitt began to fuck her ample cleavage. So big was he that his bell end burst out of the top of the great chasm of her tit furrow and bumped her parted lips.

"Fantastic tits."

Pitt was grunting and snorting through his nostrils as his body humped up and down on Rhian.
His sizeable log thrust in and out at a desperate pace and Rhian tilted her chin up so as to flick out her tongue at his cock in a blind lust.

Her ravishing long legs spread out wantonly, frantic to have the scrummy stud to slide inside her yawning pussy.

"It's happening!" Thought Rhian as Pitt shifted and she felt his long cock drag across her belly to her gaping loins.

Rhian heard her pulse throb as her heart beat madly in her bosom.
Brad Pitt settled on the young model's nubile body and nudged her delicate opening with his swollen knob.

"Flipping heck!"

Rhian felt rather than saw the sudden thrust of his cock enter her fully and her huge tits bounced up into him gladly.
As he followed through so she pushed up to draw him in. Beyond the need for any gentleness Pitt made strong pelvic thrusts that took Rhian's breath away.


Her nails clawed at his broad back as his gorgeous chest mashed her mammoth boobs.
He raised her bottom up, deepening the penetration and her legs splayed out wide, her spike heels dragging into the mattress as she neared another orgasm.

"Like that?"

"Yesss!" Hissed Rhian. Like it? What's not to like? Brad Pitt's throbbing boner was thrusting with some force inside of her.

"Does it feel good?"

"Ooooh, yes! Fuck me, Brad Pitt!"

Rhian screamed out his name as if to remind herself it was all real.
He bent his head as they moved together at the hip and he licked the hard nipple of her left breast that swayed out of the top of her lingerie.
She opened her mouth to suck in air when he moved his dreamy legs outside of hers and raised his tight ass up.


Rhian hung on for dear life as her pussy was pounded by his exquisite cock. The rhythmic sounds of his hips crashing into her and his dirty groans of delight made her cunt contract around his welcome shaft with delicious spasms.

The penetration was so deep and tight was enough to bring her off instantly.
Once her muff throbbed around his delicious knob Pitt stayed perfectly still.
Then he simply slid out of her slickness and shunted up her quaking body until his glistening dick settled on her parted mouth.


Rhian felt his initial heavy spurt slide down her throat as she sucked him in.
He continued to ejaculate and Rhian did her level best to swallow all of his cum, but he spewed out so much it trailed down her face to dribble down her deep cleavage.

Rhian laid on the bed, with delightful spasms in her pussy and butterflies in her belly.
She was dimly aware that Brad had withdrawn from her and when Lady Sonia lifted her blindfold off of her perspiring forehead both Americans were gone.

"Did Brad Pitt really fuck me?" Asked a questioning Rhian as the scarves around her wrists and ankles were undone.

Lady Sonia stood by the bed in the buff except for her riding boots.

"He most certainly did, AND we have the footage to prove it." She grinned excitedly at the thought of Brad and Angelina caught misbehaving on camera.


They quickly retrieved the tucked away camera and left the cottage.

"Hang on. Where is the memory card?" Wondered Rhian as she studied the camera.

"The what?"

"The SDHC Memory card. It goes in this little slot on the side. It collects all the footage of up to 4GB. All you recorded was a fifteen minute conversation."

"You mean there is no footage of the sex party at all?"



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Re: Lucy Pinder and Rhian Sugden are the Starfuckers
« Reply #23 on: July 22, 2020, 08:42:09 PM »
More great work, I love the pairing with Brad and Angelina. That's the first time I've read a story with them together.
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Re: Lucy Pinder and Rhian Sugden are the Starfuckers
« Reply #24 on: July 23, 2020, 01:47:21 AM »
More great work, I love the pairing with Brad and Angelina. That's the first time I've read a story with them together.

Thanks, I've been introducing new celebs here to boost up the index. I've been toying with another idea for a series where two famous celebs have to sit side by side on a long air flight and to pass the time they each swap juicy sex stories. Jennifer Lopez is calling out to me as the female, just need a male. 
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Re: Lucy Pinder and Rhian Sugden are the Starfuckers
« Reply #25 on: July 23, 2020, 10:48:56 PM »
More great work, I love the pairing with Brad and Angelina. That's the first time I've read a story with them together.

Thanks, I've been introducing new celebs here to boost up the index. I've been toying with another idea for a series where two famous celebs have to sit side by side on a long air flight and to pass the time they each swap juicy sex stories. Jennifer Lopez is calling out to me as the female, just need a male.

That sounds like a neat idea! I love Jennifer Lopez, will read anything with her in it.

You've indeed spiced up the index on here. So many celebs we never expected to see on here!  ;D


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