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Author Topic: Lucy Pinder and Rhian Sugden are the Starfuckers  (Read 12208 times)


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Lucy Pinder and Rhian Sugden are the Starfuckers
« on: June 13, 2020, 12:27:33 PM »

Prologue, London, 2010.


"Is it your proposal that we become prostitutes?"

Rhian huffed loudly at the mere suggestion that she and Lucy have sex for money.

"Not prostitutes, no. Escorts to the stars more like."

Lady Sonia Kensington was not her real name but it sounded better to the upper echelons of society. No, her Ladyship was born plain Deidre Birchwood in Lewisham back in 1970 and had since become the sole director of the renamed Lady Sonia's Glamour Girls Services.

In direct rivalry with the Samantha Bond Agency, the same people who represented many of the famous Sun Page Three girls, she had famously stolen several of the most popular topless glamour models of the time.


Her Ladyship thanked a passing waiter for the light and blew smoke from taking a long puff on her Djarum black cigarette.
She looked at the two ravishing models across the table and took a healthy gulp of Chardonnay.

Lucy Pinder had been born in December 1983 and had enjoyed a long career modeling since her debut in 2003. The curvy brunette was noted for her large and natural breasts which measured a stunning 32GG.
She had brushed her lush mane of chestnut hair in a side parting that showed off her high right cheekbone.

Rhian Sugden in contrast was a tall and brown eyed blonde with equally spectacular 32F breasts.

They had been sharing a flat for the past year and had grown close, hitting clubs and dating various men, separate and together.

They love to shop during their spare time when not on modeling projects and assignments.

On this occassion both wore classic black dresses which displayed ample bosoms, textured by the stretchy tightness of their chosen attire.

"Plenty of visitors come to England every day including movie stars, directors, sport personalities, wealthy business men, you name it. Some are here for a duration of time which they find tedious and even lonesome. You two can provide some, shall we say, diversions."

"Right. You mean fuck 'em." Scoffed Lucy.

"I leave that entirely to your discretion. But let me just say there will be an added bonus if either of you, you know."

"How much are we talking?" Said Rhian who folded her arms and leaned back in her seat waiting to be impressed.

"Try this?"

Sonia slid a piece of folded paper across the table and Rhian picked it up and took a look.

"Bloody hell!"

The surprised blonde glamour puss handed it to the equally stunned Lucy.

"Well, I can't deny the fact that I love sex, and I do love money."

Lucy turned the note over and over as she digested the welcome numbers on the paper.

"For that much I'd fuck Prince Andrew!"

"Hmm, you never know." Replied Her Ladyship with a sly grin and a faraway look. "We all know he can't keep his pants on for too long. But I'm talking more of your Hollywood stars in general."

"I wouldn't mind jumping Brad Pitt's bones, I can tell you that much."

"You know that Tom Cruise was in England for ten months filming 'Eyes Wide Shut' a few years ago." Sonia told them both.

"Tom Cruise!" Cried Rhian and clapped her hands excitedly.

"Sugs, do me a favour. He's a bloody midget!"

"For this much I fuck midgets."

Rhian waved the slip of paper in Lucy's face and shrugged.

"Look, girls. I've been in your shoes and have 'entertained' for money in my younger days. It's not all bad, believe me."

Sonia reflected on her own history of modeling.
Not so attractive facial wise as the girls she did however possess a generous bust measuring a mouth watering 34F bra size.

She had featured heavily in fetish magazines and bondage video's and had quickly gained a reputation in those circles of admirers.
She still made the odd appearance on her webcam show featuring as an elegant and wealthy MILF, stripping, masturbating and fucking.

"It's only sex, darlings. You could clean up quite quickly."

"Yeah, think of it as a business transaction, babes."

Rhian shrugged as she looked into Lucy's smiling face.

'Yeah, like we're prostitutes."

As she spoke the idea started to turn her on, despite her reservations.
Maybe Brad Pitt WOULD turn up one day, who knew.
The more Lady Sonia spoke, the more convincing she became.

"Alright. We'll do a one off and see how it goes. Agreed?"

Lucy clapped her hands and mouthed the word yes.

"Super. Well, my loves. I'll keep in touch. Cheers."

They all clinked glasses and swallowed their drinks.

to be continued?

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Re: Lucy Pinder and Rhian Sugden are the Starfuckers
« Reply #1 on: June 13, 2020, 12:31:25 PM »

Another idea of mine for a series that just came to me. I have a stack of ideas for the girls as escorts to the stars if I decide to continue. For instance.
Celebrity number 1 who likes two women at the same time.
Celebrity number 2 who likes sex in public.
Another who likes to cuff his date to the bed.
Then, a visiting rock band on tour in England, an NFL team playing a game at Wembley Stadium, Rhian as a personal secretary to a star. Lucy as an hotel maid inadvertently interrupting a celeb by accident on purpose. The list goes on.
Only thing is I'm a bit stuck on which male celebs to kick it off. Bear in mind I set it in 2010. Thanks, 123z.
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Re: Lucy Pinder and Rhian Sugden are the Starfuckers
« Reply #2 on: June 13, 2020, 12:48:41 PM »
Cool idea here, I'd love to read Lucy in all of those scenarios! This got me quite excited after a very rough week.  ;D
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Re: Lucy Pinder and Rhian Sugden are the Starfuckers
« Reply #3 on: June 14, 2020, 03:27:39 AM »
Brilliant Idea! Would love to read all of those ideas plus plenty more
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Re: Lucy Pinder and Rhian Sugden are the Starfuckers
« Reply #4 on: June 14, 2020, 07:32:59 AM »
I love this idea and would gladly read chapters of it.

You could pair them with male celebs that are kinda fitting to glamour models. Maybe some pro athletes and movie stars. Chris Evans did date Lucy Pinder supposedly. They had one date together.


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Re: Lucy Pinder and Rhian Sugden are the Starfuckers
« Reply #5 on: June 14, 2020, 07:38:22 AM »
I love this idea and would gladly read chapters of it.

You could pair them with male celebs that are kinda fitting to glamour models. Maybe some pro athletes and movie stars. Chris Evans did date Lucy Pinder supposedly. They had one date together.

I have the usual in mind I guess, Brad, Cruise, Jude Law. Then maybe some sport stars, a movie producer, director, or just plain backroom staff. A female?
Were Brad and Jennifer together in 2010?       


Re: Lucy Pinder and Rhian Sugden are the Starfuckers
« Reply #6 on: June 14, 2020, 07:52:44 AM »
I love this idea and would gladly read chapters of it.

You could pair them with male celebs that are kinda fitting to glamour models. Maybe some pro athletes and movie stars. Chris Evans did date Lucy Pinder supposedly. They had one date together.

I have the usual in mind I guess, Brad, Cruise, Jude Law. Then maybe some sport stars, a movie producer, director, or just plain backroom staff. A female?
Were Brad and Jennifer together in 2010?     

Brad Pitt I think was married to Angelina Jolie by 2010. They were together a while.


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Re: Lucy Pinder and Rhian Sugden are the Starfuckers
« Reply #7 on: June 14, 2020, 07:55:33 AM »
I love this idea and would gladly read chapters of it.

You could pair them with male celebs that are kinda fitting to glamour models. Maybe some pro athletes and movie stars. Chris Evans did date Lucy Pinder supposedly. They had one date together.

I have the usual in mind I guess, Brad, Cruise, Jude Law. Then maybe some sport stars, a movie producer, director, or just plain backroom staff. A female?
Were Brad and Jennifer together in 2010?     

Brad Pitt I think was married to Angelina Jolie by 2010. They were together a while.

She will do, fits in nice with an idea I have. I'm still engossed in my Harry Potter series at the moment as I'm on a roll with that.
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Re: Lucy Pinder and Rhian Sugden are the Starfuckers
« Reply #8 on: June 14, 2020, 07:58:18 AM »
Whatever you come up with, I'll read. You have some great ideas and you do comedy pretty well too. That's refreshing with erotica stories.


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Re: Lucy Pinder and Rhian Sugden are the Starfuckers
« Reply #9 on: June 14, 2020, 08:02:16 AM »
Whatever you come up with, I'll read. You have some great ideas and you do comedy pretty well too. That's refreshing with erotica stories.

It's my English humour that comes out, even my Potter series is a hoot. Check it out. I have Hermione fucking 4 Harry clones. Her and a female Ron in a lesbian scene ( you got to read it to believe it) Her with Harry and another Hermione! Ron with 2 dicks!


Re: Lucy Pinder and Rhian Sugden are the Starfuckers
« Reply #10 on: June 17, 2020, 11:49:02 AM »
Count me in. I love Lucy as well as other UK glamour models like Rhian, Michelle, Rosie Jones and Keeley Hazell.
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Re: Lucy Pinder and Rhian Sugden are the Starfuckers
« Reply #11 on: June 17, 2020, 12:12:43 PM »
Chapter One. Featuring Robert Downey Jr, and Jude Law.


"Don't force it, just glide."

"It's amazing. I love these tits. Spectacular."

Robert Downey Jr could not believe his eyes the first time he saw Rhian Sugden naked.
At a tall five seven she was like a six page foldout of a magazine centrefold with the staples removed.
Silky blonde hair framed her beautiful face and tumbled down to the tops of her stupendous breasts.
Her waist was almost non existent, her stomach flat, and her hip bones were noticeably prominent to the point that the eye was naturally drawn to her bald pussy mound.

"Go on then."

Rhian went onto her haunches and placed her hands behind her head, thrusting her hefty tits out for the third time in as many days. Downey shoved his erection into the ample cleavage and sighed heavily at the welcome warmth of her pronounced bosom.

And when the fair babe pushed them together to form a deep furrow the famed actor thrilled to the indescribable effect on his spike.

She dipped her head and let a line of spittle dampen his cock head and run down the centre of her soft tissue.
The American celebrity leaned back to get some better leverage and proceeded to pump his cock in an upward motion.
Sweat prickled Downey's brow as he humped up and down in her home made channel and moaned accordingly.

"It's like fucking two big pillows."

Rhian tilted her head back as he slid in and out and engulfed his dick with alternate jiggles of her left and right boobs.
His cock throbbed as first one side of his shaft was rubbed in an upward direction, just as the other side was rubbed the opposite way.

She quickened her rate of bumping on his rigid dick and both tits shook like jelly on a plate.
Rhian stifled a giggle as his fat knob emerged like a turtle head rising to the surface, before submerging again.
She leaned forward and poked out her tongue to lap at the proffered glans.

"Oh lord!"

Downey had never had such a hard on as he fucked her huge jugs that somehow appeared to be suspended in mid air.
So deep was the valley between her mountains of flesh that he actually lost sight of his cock!

He FELT it though as he received sublime vibrations that sent a shiver up his spine.
Faster and faster he thrust up between her boobs, groaning with and panting with the exertion.

Then he backed up as the semen surged through his pulsing shaft and he splattered both of her boobs with equal bursts of cum.
Downey staggered back to the sofa, flushed and spent and gazed at Rhian's dripping globes with a lecherous grin.

Rhian shrugged and stood up to go use the bathroom.


"Hi babes. How is it going?"

Rhian picked up her Nokia N8 smart phone and saw that it was Lucy.

"Great." She scoffed. "The man's a fucking weirdo!"

"How so?"

'Well, for one thing we don't have sex. He just wants a tit job all the time."

"Not so odd, a lot of men are tit lovers. He hasn't fucked you yet?"

"No, nor is he likely to. He suffers from premature ejaculation. One second he's in my boobs and the next he's coming all over. AND he says funny things."


"Oh, mama, mama, let me have those titties. Mommy, love Daddy!"

"Yeah, that is a bit odd."

"How about Jude?"

"Sugs, he's the best. My feet haven't touched the ground, or shall I say my bum hasn't left the mattress! He's a fuck bunny!"

"You lucky thing. Guess I got the short straw on this one. Are all the Americans gonna be like this?"

"Possibly, they're different to us. Anyway, tonight Lady Sonia has got me a stripping gig at the Triple X Revuebar in Soho. Jude will be there to watch so bring mommy's boy along with you, and we'll have a foursome."

"Probably more like a threesome and one spectator. See ya."


Robert and Jude Law had both happily signed up for the Sherlock Holmes sequel to be directed once more by Guy Ritchie.
Downey had landed in London for pre-production prior to Jude and had settled into the

He had gotten Rhian's name from the Lady Sonia Glamour Girl's Services soon after.

The previous shoot had been thoroughly boring for Downey, and this time he was going to make sure he had some quality female company.

Rhian had gripped him when he saw her profile and within three days of his arrival he had the blonde glamour model ensconced in his five star hotel.
He could not get enough of her fabulous tits and had fucked them with an almost primal fever.

Now he was all set to meet up with Rhian's equally hot friend, Lucy Pinder.
At nine, he and Rhian took a black taxi to the established theatre and strip club known as the Triple X Revuebar, situated at number 19, Walker's court.

Gaudy neon lights flashed on and off in front of the fairly nondescript old building and when the couple took the stairs they stepped into darkness.

Rhian took Robert's hand and saw that the place was quite tiny inside.
All the tables were pointed at a long stage that had a red drape pulled down to the grubby floor.
A large mirror ball hung from the ceiling and more neon lights permeated the smoky room.

"Robert, over here!"

Jude Law waved at them and they joined the actor at the table at the front, dead centre.
Robert gave the English actor a slap in the back and gave his buddy a big smile.
It was clearly evident that the pair got along tremendously and enjoyed each others company.

A waitress, dressed in a tiara, high heels, a smile, and nothing else waltzed straight over and placed three glasses on the round table. Jude nodded and she poured three neat measures of scotch. She waited and stood hovering for a tip.
Jude handed her a note and then slapped her bare backside to send her on her way.

"Wow! Your date is stunning!" Said Jude Law with a gaping mouth as he paid Rhian some attention.

Rhian was indeed stunning in a ridiculously racy black dress with a lace up side and a dangerously low cut neckline that displayed some serious cleavage. It was clear to anyone who eyed her up that the alluring blonde had ditched her underwear, and a mouth watering glimpse of her bikini line could be had if you looked the correct way.

Her blonde locks were in loose waves and she had chosen to give her already dark brown eyes a smoky eye liner.
Her pink lip gloss that gave her a definite 'come get me' look.

"Yeah, tell me about it. This is Rhian. Rhian, say hi to Jude Law."

"Hello, pleased to meet you." She said in her thick Mancunian accent and offered her hand.

Jude took it in his and held it for a good thirty seconds.
Her eyes met his and lingered on then until he let her go. He unbuttoned his casual jacket and threw it on the back of his seat.

"How has your stay been?" Asked Downey.

"A knockout. Wait until you see Lucy. She should be on any minute."

Just then loud music began to boom out of the loudspeakers and the curtain was raised.
Lucy bounced onto the stage in a black motorcycle hat, tight leather corset and knee high black boots with killer heels.
Her body was well proportioned and curvy and her straining bosom threatened to spill out of the front of her outfit any second.
She had been forced into the low cut bodice which despite accentuating her breasts showed off her slender waist and swell of her hips.


The glamour model began to gyrate and wiggle to the song called 'Gangbang' by the Sensational Alex Harvey Band, a classic stripper number in England.

She moved like a gazelle with twists and turns that showed off her huge chest.
Now and then she dropped onto the stage and spread out her legs and her skimpy thong, easily a size too small, drew tightly about her bald gash.
Both men focused on the non stop moves that Lucy made in front of them, pushing out her belly and rotating her hips seductively.

"Get 'em off!" Yelled a punter from the rear of the room and Lucy turned her back to the tables and unlaced her corset.

As she turned to face her audience 'Nutbush City Limits' started up and the smoking hot brunette shook her shoulders and made her milky white breasts bounce energetically.

Rhian herself was highly impressed by her friends dancing and clapped in time with the loud music.
Again the topless brunette went down on the stage and lifted her booted leg straight up in the air and Jude and Robert were able to make out the shape and defined folds of her labia.

"Fuck the ass off that!" Exclaimed Downey with a gaping mouth.

"Oh, I have, brother!" Quipped Jude.

Rhian yelped when Lucy cheekily threw her biker hat into her lap and did several spins across the stage.
Then she stopped in the middle of the stage and bent forwards to touch the toes of her boots.
With her back to the main table she slowly dragged the thong down to her feet and stepped out of them.

"Bravo!" Cried Robert who then stood up to catch the thong as Lucy tossed it into the air.

Naked save for her boots, Lucy began a bump and grind to the pulsating throb of a Fatboy Slim number and ran her right hand between her glistening muff, before collapsing in a feigned orgasmic triumph.

She stood proud and raised her hands up to let the lucky audience drink in her fantastic naked form before she skipped off to the side wing.

Ten minutes later Lucy joined the others who were all ecstatic about her electric performance.
Rhian grabbed her arm and spoke into her ear over the music.

"Care to go to the ladies?"

The men nodded and ordered more scotch as the two models got up to go to the rest room.
Once there they saw that they were alone and Rhian toyed with her fine hair.

"So, what's the plan?" She asked as she wet her brows with a finger.

"Well, her Ladyship promised us a bonus if we happen to get a foursome together. So let's go back to Downey's room."

"Alright. But I get to fuck Jude Law tonight. I'm gagging for a good shag."

"Fine. And trust me, you will DEFINITELY get a good shag. He'd great in bed."

Rhian felt a spasm in her pussy and smiled at her reflection.


Claridge's is a five star luxury hotel situated in the heart of Mayfair.
Since the 1850's the art deco icon was a byword for timeless elegance and the finer things on life.
Robert had always loved this hotel in particular and always chose the best suite on the top floor.

Rhian and Robert led Lucy and Jude inside the spacious suite and waited for a response.
Restored turn of the century furnishings paired with tucked away high tech, and a king sized bed sat elegantly under an original fireplace.

"What a room!" Cried a stunned Lucy as she checked out the marble bathroom excitedly.

Jude picked up the chilled bottle of Dom Perignon Rose and filled four expensive champagne flutes.

"Make yourselves at home, ladies."

Rhian quickly snuggled up to Jude and Lucy had to settle beside a very attentive Robert.
He planted his hand on her left thigh and squeezed it tightly.

"Great show tonight, my dear. What do you do for an encore?"

Lucy looked at Rhian who took a healthy swig of the delicious bubbly.

"Shall we show them the thing?"

The two women stood in front of the actors who leaned back to watch proceedings.
Face to face the models joined at the hip and began to sway together with sensuous wriggles of their backsides.

Jude nudged his buddy as the women kissed passionately and slathered each others wet lips with pink tongues.
The women undulated slowly and came tit to tit in a mind boggling mashing of titanic chests.

Lucy was still wearing her leather top from before and Rhian reached behind her back to loosen the hook.
Lucy took a step back and the black corset fell off her arms and her full breasts were unleashed.

"Nice rack," observed the tit mad Robert who crossed his legs as the front of his trousers tented.

Rhian had unlaced the left side of her racy dress and that side of her body was bared for all to see.
Lucy helped her out of the tight fitting attire and both stood topless and breath takingly alluring.

Lucy came behind Rhian and pushed the blonde with her body in an erotic motion.
Her hands came up and she cupped the hefty boobs as she pushed hard at the blonde's bottom with sharp pelvic thrusts.

The resulting bump and grind had both men drooling down their chins, and when they both bent at the hip, Lucy banged at Rhian in an imitation of fucking.

"Fuck me, babe." Rhian moaned as if receiving an imaginary cock and ran her hand across her flushed cheek.

Lucy dug the toes of her thigh high boots into the lush carpet as she gripped Rhian by her hips and quickened her pace.
She gently nibbled on the blonde's earlobe and Rhian arched her back onto Lucy.

"Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh!" They both chanted for their paying audience of two as they shook their huge tits in exaggerated shimmies.

By now the men had responded.
Jude had shed his clothing and stood up to display his generously proportioned erection, something that did not go unnoticed by Rhian who was very impressed.

He came to Rhian's front and kissed her full on the lips, kneading her globes with greedy hands.
Lucy broke away and went to the unclothed Downey who was wanking his dick in a sweaty palm.

"Allow me."

Lucy sat on his left side and tugged her thong off and placed it on Robert's head like a cap.
She gripped his hard on at the base and gave his hit shaft a series of anti clock wise twists.

"Oh, mommy! Mommy!"

Lucy kept an eye on the other two who had flopped into each others arms on the large bed.
Then she shrieked when the palm of her hand was bathed in Downey's cum.

"Sorry about that, honey. That's the way it goes. You go have fun now."

Lucy wiped her hand with a Kleenex and clambered up beside her friend who was busy searching for Jude's tonsils with her tongue.
His thick log was resting on his belly and Lucy took it and licked up from the root to his flared tip.
He moaned into Rhian's mouth and humped his lower body up from the bed as his arousal increased.

"Fuck me! Two gorgeous babes!"

Jude rose up on his elbows and looked at the two naked beauties completely exposed side by side.
Long legs, toned stomachs, great expanses of swelling busts, and two shaven cunts.

"Robert, you don't know what you're missing, old buddy."

Fuck off, thought Downey who swigged another glass of the bubbly and pouted jealously.
Jude shook his head as Rhian palmed his taut butt and Lucy jerked his nine incher.
He reached out and pawed at their heaving boobs and looked on transfixed as they licked up his erect cock together.
With the blonde on his left and the brunette on his right they treated his shaft as if it were a popsicle.


Fingernails clawed his back and he clenched both buttocks as they shared his dick, each taking a diving suck before handing it to the other eager girl.
He was at maximum hardness as two pouty pairs of lips engulfed him alternately.
In particular he was amazed by Rhian whose mouth descended on his entire length and her stupendous breasts slapped against his thigh.

"Fuck!" Sighed Downey as the two stunners brushed lips as they double teamed and bathed Jude's tall column in copious amounts of spit.

His cock head was as if it were a carousel when the giggling models swirled their tongues around just that engorged top in a never ending circle of slobbering.
Lucy finished off by peppering one side of his shaft with dozens of butterfly kisses as Rhian held his bell end firmly between pursed lips. Then they fell apart in belly laughs and hugs.

'That is fantastic. You must let me repay you." Said a panting Jude.

"Alright. Sugs, let's show him the car wash."

"Yeah! Do me, do me!"

Jude looked vague as Rhian laid on her back and splayed her slim pins.
Lucy buried her face in her friend's snatch and began to lap away at the moist pussy in front of her.
Rhian closed her eyes and squirmed back and forth as Lucy expertly teased her soft folds.

"Join in, lover." Moaned Rhian and gestured with a beckoning finger.

Jude came to the side of the busy Lucy and bent low, inhaling the intoxicating scent of Rhian's pussy juices.
Now she had not one but two wriggling tongues splashing saliva on her heated mons.
Lucy nibbled on her prominent labia while Jude criss crossed with his tongue to create a stimulation overload for the writhing blonde.


Rhian's cunt and inner thighs were awash with her own fluids and two drooling mouths that virtually saturated her loins.
She felt close, real close, as her hard nub was given rapid licks from Jude and Lucy simultaneously.
Upwards, sideways, in the same direction, and opposite, her clit was sucked and nibbled beyond her wildest dreams.
To her it seemed as if TEN tongues were pleasuring her rather than just the two.

"Oh, fuck!"

Rhian howled in pleasure as her pussy contracted and she came with a noticeable squirt.
Lucy nudged Jude and he copied how she blasted warm breath on Rhian's sopping muff and dried it. Jude joined in with amusement as they finished off what they called the car wash.

"Hah! Brilliant! I can't believe we just did that."

Lucy laid back and opened her legs in blatant invitation.
Jude slid inside her for the fourth time in three days and the muscles in her thighs quivered as he moved in and out with his considerable length.
Rhian looked on fascinated by Jude Law's almost vicious thrusts that saw his groin slam into her up to his balls.

"So good, babes. So good!" Whimpered Lucy as she curved her spine and hung onto his shoulders.

Jude bent to suck on her left boob as he started to pound into her harder and harder, fucking her with a ferocity she had not known since her teenage years.

"Yesss!" She moaned as her pussy contracted in delicious spasms around his throbbing cock.

The audible slaps of his hips against her upturned ass made Rhian frig herself as she waited patiently for her turn.
The busty brunette crossed her ankles on the top of Jude's butt and the leather of her expensive boots rubbed on his flanks.

Lucy looked at her with glassy eyes as she was hammered into the soft bed and Rhian noted how her juices wetted her inner thighs.
Jude slowed up a tad as he eyed up the ravishing blonde with the dark brown eyes.

"Your turn?"

Jude pulled out of Lucy with a glazed dick and went onto his back.
Rhian climbed onto his lap and he involuntarily shunted up with his hips.
He gazed at her massive tits which lowered onto his face and virtually smothered him.
His knob nudged her wet entrance and he heard her gasp as she accepted the tapered tip.
The rabid blonde sank down onto half of his length and sighed at the size of him as she stretched out down below.

"Wow! That IS big!"

Jude made a muffled reply as Rhian's bountiful breasts shook in his face.
She rocked to and fro, grinding on his rod with a series of rapid pelvic shunts.
Soft mewls of bliss came from her together with her quickening breaths as she attempted to accommodate the full length and girth of his hot cock.

"Like that, babe?"

"Uh, huh!" Groaned Rhian as she sought to build up to a faster rhythm.

The stacked blonde felt the animal inside of her take her with a primal energy as she slammed onto the desirable celebrity with a dripping pussy.
Lucy laid beside them on the bed with her legs wide and the heels of her boots dug in. She frantically strummed her clit as she watched her friend fucking the famed actor.

"So fucking hot!"

Rhian revelled in the welcome rut seeing as how she hadn't gotten any lately.
On top of that his dick filled her so much that the sublime friction was giving her mini orgasms.

"Almost done."

Jude had his hands on the back of her hips as he felt the tension in his balls.
Rhian's pace lessened on his juiced up pole as he in turn thrust up with urgent lunges.
She lifted off abruptly as he buckled beneath her and shot out explosive spurts of cum up her tail bone and up her back.

"That was awesome, ladies. Thank you."

Lucy and Rhian ran off to the marble bathroom and the pair of them got into the large shower and cleaned up.

"That went well then."

Said Lucy as she helped Rhian soap up.

"Better than I expected. Especially as Mister Holmes couldn't get it up."

They both laughed as they massaged and soaped each other up under the hot needles of running water.

"I wonder who we shall get together with next time?" Wondered Rhian as she got out and dried off.

"So, there will be a next time then?"

"Yeah, why not? We deserve the money. Let's call Lady Sonia."


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Re: Lucy Pinder and Rhian Sugden are the Starfuckers
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That was fucking awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!  =P~ =P~ =P~ =P~
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Re: Lucy Pinder and Rhian Sugden are the Starfuckers
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Nice work, I really enjoyed that!
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Re: Lucy Pinder and Rhian Sugden are the Starfuckers
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Chapter Two, featuring George Clooney.

London, 2010.


"For heaven sake, Lady Sonia. Are all the Yanks going to be funny? Don't they just want a good honest shag?"

Rhian Sugden held up a very fetching pair of pink lace briefs in her fingers as she addressed Lady Sonia Kensington.
She and Lucy Pinder were shopping in London's exclusive Harvey Nichols Store in Knightsbridge, and had been joined by their new agent who had news of their latest engagement.

"Have neither of you indulged in some kinky sex ever?" Quipped Her Ladyship in a typical moment of self effacing understatement. "I've seen you both modeling some raunchy outfits in the magazines, haven't I?"

"Yeah, but neither of us have done, you know, it, in public."

"Well, actually I have," deadpanned Lucy, much to Rhian's indignation.

"Look, George Clooney will pay you top dollar if you just humour him a bit. He's not ALL bad."

The renowned 49 year old movie star was in Europe where he was filming his latest thriller 'The American.' Most of the work had been completed in Sweden during the last month, and he was now busy with overdubbing sessions to be undertaken in a recording studio in West London.
He had contacted the Lady Sonia Glamour Girls Services as he fancied some female company for the duration of his stay.

"And he loves his food, so you'll get a decent meal out of it."

"And he gets his jollies by doing it in the street?" Said Rhian in a mocking tone.

"He's not that mad! No, he just likes the thrill of nearly, but not quite, getting caught."

"He needs therapy, is what he needs, not a date."

"Come on, Sugs. After all, we do pose in the nude in the magazines and The Sun newspaper."

Lucy made some sense and both women readily agreed to go along with Clooney's fetish.


Lucy was up first and duly turned up at nine at what must be one of the best kept secrets in London, namely Fiddie's Italian Kitchen on Finchley Road.
George was already outside the restaurant and greeted the gorgeous glamour model warmly.
The hot brunette was instantly impressed by the debonair six footer with the suave evening suit and immaculate greyish hair.
He smelled wonderful and she found his smile hypnotising.

"Evening, Miss Pinder, is it? Charmed, I'm sure."

"Pleased to meet you."

George took Lucy by the hand and kissed the back of it lightly.

"You look stunning by the way."

"Thank you, Mister Clooney."

"Tut. George, if you would be so kind. We won't stand on ceremony tonight."

I'm pretty sure we won't, thought she as she was ushered inside on his arm. Lucy was like an icon of elegance herself in a plain white cocktail dress reminiscent of the famed Marilyn Monroe classic.
Sleeveless and with a scoop neck, the top heavy brunette looked dressed to kill, as was her very intention.

"You're going to love this place. I come here all the time."

George was heartily welcomed by the owner who steered the couple to the quietest part of the room.
Lucy noted the place was fairly small with only nine tables, all with crisp white cloths and designed to seat two. Quite the intimate setting to be sure.
Various Italian themed pictures adorned the white walls, some in black and white and some in vibrant colour.

"Very funny. Nice."

George humoured the owner who cracked jokes and hovered around the table. Lucy saw the owner's eyes light up as he peered down her low cut dress furtively to ogle her superb 32GG breasts.

"Bring us two glassed of Chianti. Then, we'll start off with calamari and salad, followed by two Tuscan style rib eye steaks, rare, with green beans and roasted potatoes."

"Excellent choice, Signore Clooney. Enzo! Chianti!"

A young waiter brought the bottle of red wine and poured two generous glasses before retreating with the owner.



Clooney took a healthy swig and inched nearer to Lucy's chair.

"So is Lady Sonia a real lady?" He asked as he took her hand in his.

"No, not really."

"I thought not. Whereas you are a Princess."

"Thank you."

"Her Ladyship showed me some very fetching pictures of you and Rhian. Fantastic, the pair of you. Tell me, did she make things clear to you?"

"To a degree. You want to do it in the open. Right?"

"Not necessarily. We could do it right here."

Lucy looked around the small confines of the diner. Two other couples were eating, and another couple were drinking at the bar.

"In here? How?"

Lucy looked into the actor's dark eyes which seemed to be boring into hers.
Her pulse raced as he there was little doubt in her mind that he was undressing her.

"What are you thinking?"

"Right now I'm thinking that you should remove your underwear."

Clooney edged even closer to her right side as Enzo brought them their calamari and salad.
As the Italian waiter set the plates down Lucy felt her hand in Clooney's and placed firmly on his stiff erection that tented the front of his trousers.

"Anything else, Signore Clooney?"

Lucy blushed as he squeezed her hand under the table on his sizeable bulge. She felt a flush in her loins and her panties instantly become moist.
The position of their seats meant that no one could really get a proper look at their laps.

"Just a moment."

George Clooney milked the moment as he moved his hand to her soft inner thigh and under her white dress.

The waiter was oblivious as Lucy sighed to the brush of two fingers on her increasing dampness.

"I was forgetting where the bathroom was."

As the waiter gestured to one corner Clooney took his chance to slide his hand beneath her thin panties for a really good feel of her bald cunt.
He nodded in approval as he dismissed the waiter.
Lucy was smitten by the older Casanova and she felt her pussy throb with the need for further attention.

"Lucy. I want you to use the ladies and take them off."


She stood up and she felt his gaze burn into her behind as she stepped over to the corner of the restaurant.
Once inside she quickly removed her panties and slipped them into her clutch.

Despite being one of the top nude models around she felt a distinct self consciousness as the other diners turned their heads her way.
When she sat back down Clooney held out his hand and she dropped her panties into his palm.

"Well done." He said as he pocketed his prize.

He felt her under the table once more and smiled back at her.

"You're positively dripping."

Lucy was quite pleased at her own response and widened her legs for him. A man passed their table and she instinctively shut her thighs thereby trapping Clooney's fingers in her pussy.

"Hey, buddy. How do you like the food?"

Clooney deliberately delayed the diner who lingered with a bemused look on his face.

"Say, aren't you George Clooney?"

"Yes I am. And this is my date, Lucy. Say hi, dear."

George flashed her his enigmatic smile and Lucy bit her lip as her muff was flicked and fingered beneath her dress.

"Uh! H...hello. How...oh! How are you?"

Clooney knew exactly what he wanted and the more Lucy became flustered, the more turned on he became.
She tensed her thighs and bottom as the light, but sensuous finger action continued.

"Good girl, now come over to the bar."

Lucy tottered on trembling pins the few feet to stand at the bar and Clooney joined her.
The barman acknowledged them as Clooney leaned over the counter and pointed to a bottle on the lower shelf.

As they conversed Lucy felt the back of her dress lifted up and her pussy cupped from behind.
The American expertly hid her exposed rump from the others as he began to rub her clit.

"What say you, my dear. Fancy a nice prosecco?" He asked with some amusement.

Lucy was at a loss for words as her clit was teased and her heels felt so high she felt she might very well topple over. She was unable to stop the moan of pleasure that came from her lips as she looked at the bar tender.
Wonderful sensations snaked their way through her sex as more pressure was added on her hard clit.
His middle digit dipped inside her aching cunt and he used her lubrication to wet her clit.

"Thanks. We'll think it over."

George steered the dizzy brunette back to their table where she took a welcome swig of wine. Her head was spinning and her throat was dry.
Now it was known that George Clooney was in the house Lucy noted increasing glances from the others.

"Open your legs wide."

Lucy looked at Clooney and obeyed, feeling the cool air of the room on her freshly shaven mons, and the thrill of the exposure.
In a state of bravado she raised the hem of her skirt to display the tops of her white hold ups.
Her seat warmed up from the heat that emanated from her aroused sex and it was a severe task to stop from fringing herself.

"Now you're getting it."

They finished their starter and welcomed the superb steaks.
Clooney tucked in and whispered to Lucy as he took a bite.

"Now, take my cock out and jerk me off."


"Do it."

He took a sip of wine and looked directly into her large eyes without blinking.
Lucy reached out to his groin under the tablecloth and unzipped his fly.
As she looked around she slowly let his fat dick out into the open and gripped it in her right fist.

"Oh my word!"

Lucy toyed with her steak as she toyed with a totally different kind of meat under the table.
His organ seemed to grow as she rubbed the thick shaft.

Clooney sighed and automatically humped up out of the seat to literally fuck her fist.
The distinguished grey had to hold himself back as he desperately wanted to ram his boner up into her ample cleavage which jiggled enticingly in her plunging neckline.
Lucy understood now the sheer sense of adventure and sexual exhilaration of it all as they played together in secret.

"And how is everything, Signore Clooney?"

The owner returned and Clooney gripped Lucy's hand on his erection and together they wanked his throbbing dick.
She didn't think he could get any harder as his cock felt like a bar of steel.

"We'll take one dessert, the mousse di choccolato. And a double expresso for me."

"Un minuto."

Left alone again Lucy relinquished his dick and sat back and fanned herself.

"This is great. You like chocolate? Stupid question, of course you do. This is a fine mousse with pear and toffee sauce."

"Sounds yummy."

Within a minute they were served and Lucy looked at the gooey dessert piled up on a small plate.
George looked at her with devilish eyes and leaned forwards.

"There's something I want you to do for me."

Lucy raised an inquisitive brow as he held her by the hand.

"I want you to dip under the table and suck me off. AND, use the mousse."


"Use your imagination."

Boy, this guy sure likes to play games! Right! She would show him.
Only one couple remained as the hour was almost midnight.
Lucy slipped under the cloth with the dish of mousse and smashed it onto Clooney's knob.
He gasped as the soft chocolate began to run down his upstanding pole and start to pool on his exposed balls.


Lucy kissed his bell end and tasted the sweetness on his twitching cock.
In the murky confines under the table, Lucy used her lips and tongue to guide her.
The horny model focused on the tip of his dick and swirled around it, sucking in tempting bits of pear as she went.


Clooney sank into his seat when she took his sticky log into her mouth and silently suck on him.
She wiped away some of the mousse from the corner of her mouth and smeared it down the underside of his quivering shaft.
Then she moved up in a straight line from his root to his glans, piling up the warmed chocolate on top of his generous length.

"You little tease! I think you may very well earn a bonus tonight."

Lucy paused and let the melting mess run down his cock before she started all over again and repeated her game.

"Your date, Signore Clooney?"

George looked up at the owner and blinked hard.

"She won't be long. Something came UP!"

At that, Lucy dived down and proceeded to suck him off like crazy, swallowing the rich mousse down her throat.
Once nice and slick, Lucy deep throated him, gurgling and slobbering on his now discoloured column, made dark by the chocolate.

Harder and harder, faster and faster, Lucy sucked on George until he inevitably erupted and pumped his load into Lucy's mouth.
She greedily swallowed the heady combination of dessert and his cum, dribbling the mess down her chin and cleavage.

She emerged from under the table and signalled for Enzo to come over.
As Clooney zipped himself up he watched the English model and was highly impressed by her attitude to the whole thing.
With her face a mess she whispered to the waiter.

"Would you be a darling and fetch me another napkin? I managed to spill my mousse."


When Lucy got back to her shared flat at one in the morning she was surprised to see Rhian still up.

"Tell me, tell me everything!" She asked deliriously.

Lucy sat beside the bubbly blonde and cuddled up.



Rhian received the short text message the next day. To the point and somewhat intriguing.

"Be outside the London Eye at nine. Wear a plain raincoat, thigh high boots and NOTHING ELSE. G.C."

"What on earth is he up to?"

The blonde stunner found an old Burberry trench coat with narrow shoulders and a nipped in waist. She had several pairs of boots and chose to contrast the white coat with the shiny pair in black with the four inch heels. She tied her hair back in a severe ponytail and drew the coat about her naked form. At 7.45 she took a black taxi to the Southbank and paid off the driver.

Scores of people. local and tourists ambled along by one of London's newest and most captivating attractions.
Elegantly rotating over the River Thames the slow moving wheel had 32 capsules that offered a mesmerising 360 degree view of the capital, and up to 40 miles across the city.

"Now what?"

Rhian stood waiting as the sun went down in the west and tightened the waist belt of her coat.
After hearing about Lucy's experience the stacked blonde was ready for almost anything.
The young glamour model felt a mix of anticipation, intrigue, and a hint of sexual arousal as she looked this way and that.


She jumped as she was tapped on the shoulder by a tall man in an LA Dodgers cap and dark glasses.

"Mister Clooney?"

"GC. Call me GC. This way."

The bundled up actor looked fairly inconspicuous in his long coat as they strolled over to the stone wall that looked out onto the inky black water.

"So, you know Lucy?"

"Oh, sure. We're best friends."

"That's nice. I like that."

Clooney came behind the slim brunette and unbuckled her belt.

"Ever done it in public?"

"No." Sighed Rhian as he slid his hands over her shoulders. Then her coat was opened from behind and her huge globes were freed.

"I discovered the thrill of doing it in the open years ago. I love the idea of possibly getting caught. Gives me the biggest hard on."

His fingers roamed over her spectacular tits, sizing them up and teasing the nipples.
She felt the cool night air on her bared flesh and they instantly became erect.

"You want to do it here?" Purred Rhian as waves of her arousal travelled to her loins.

"Perhaps. Any objections?"

Rhian looked here and there as Clooney moved his right hand up her long leg at the point where the top of her boot ended and met her bare skin.
He moved inside to her mound and stroked the bald cleft of her moist slit.
She sighed and closed her dark brown eyes as she was lightly fingered under her coat.
Then he picked up speed and probed her wetness with rapid sawing of his middle finger.
Her excitement soared and she responded in audible groans of approval.

"Nice and wet. Good."

Rhian felt the tell tale sensation of his upright cock move up and down the crevice of her lifted buttocks.
As he dry humped the dizzy blonde he palmed her cunt and together they started a simulation of fucking without penetration.
She felt her vulva swell and pulse against his welcome palm and despite the situation would have gladly taken him right there and then.

"Lovely view, darling."

A middle aged couple looked out at the River and bridge that spanned it merely four feet from the two making out.
Clooney nuzzled Rhian's left ear and shushed her as he concealed his movements with his back.

The podgy man looked over at the wide eyed blonde and smiled, just as Clooney rubbed her clit hard until she came with a shudder and a prolonged moan of ecstasy.

"It is a bit on the chilly side." Observed the man as he saw Rhian jerk and shiver.

"He's right, my dear. Let's go for a ride on the wheel."

Clooney expertly moved the pair of then toward the paying entrance of the popular attraction as they both buttoned up their coats.
Rhian was surprised by her own actions and her excitement only intensified when she surmised that they were going to do IT on the wheel!

Of all the suspended egg shaped pods, only ten were occupied on this rotation.
The wheel started to move at it's leisurely ten inches a second and Clooney and Rhian settled down on the long bench.
They both got close and Clooney stroked her cheek as he looked into her eyes.

"Suck it."

Clooney made sure that he shielded her from the eyes of the people in the other pods as she went down on her haunches.
He unzipped his fly and she held his erect dick up and popped him between her lips.
He swelled inside her mouth as she began to glide up and down on his hit shaft. His balls tightened as he looked down on the top of her head which was crammed against his groin.
He felt the back if her throat with his cock head and he took in a sharp intake of breath and stopped her.

"We have a half hour before we have to get off. Let's do it."

In for a penny, in for a pound, she thought as she watched the famous actor drop his pants and reveal his bobbing cock which poked up at full mast.


Rhian was spun around at a right angle so that she was pressed up against the clear glass.

She felt his the intrusion of his stiff cock align with her soft pussy and push on in all the way.
A squeak of surprise left her scarlet lips as she adjusted to his thick length.
He withdrew nearly all the way before sliding back in to the hilt.
Each inward stroke lifted Rhian up on the toes of her boots and she placed the palms of her hands on the glass.
Her head was roughly yanked back by her ponytail as she was fucked harder.

"You like that? Like it rough?"

Rhian moaned in reply as he pistoned in and out at a fair pace.
Her arousal had increased ten fold and her pussy was sopping wet as he gave her deep and searching thrusts.
His exposed groin smacked against her bottom which rippled from the firm strokes.

"Oh! GC!"

Clooney let go of her hair and instead cupped her huge tits.
Rhian whimpered breathlessly as she was slammed into and she willingly ground back at him, eager to savour every second of the lewd rut.

The sound of her soaked cunt being fucked filled the air of the unique pod.
Clooney also began to groan and chant in time with his assured pelvic thrusts.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!"

He drew her coat down her body so that her superb frame was bared from the waist up.
As the sun set they passed over the iconic clock tower of Big Ben and Rhian gave an ironic smile as Clooney hammered her with his stiff column.

"Lovely, lovely."

Ten minutes to go as they looked out on the Royal residence of Buckingham Palace that looked majestic in the soft rays of the setting sun.
George slowed his pace and snorted as he made huge lunges up inside the alluring blonde.
Rhian's head dipped as her pussy exploded and she reached her second climax.
She rode out her quivering orgasm, still impaled on Clooney's log, until he roared and pulled out quickly and turned her to face him.
He jammed his cock between her bouncing jugs and rubbed his boner in the tunnel of hot flesh.
Thick ribbons of cum splashed her big boobs as he came, and long trails of the white stuff trickled down her ample cleavage.

"That was fantastic." He panted as his dick softened and he sat back on one of the benches.

Rhian pulled her coat about her naked body just as the slow ride ended.
As they exited the capsule she went one way and George Clooney went the other. The date was over.


Two weeks later.

Rhian trudged into the small rented office of Lady Sonia and sat by her best friend, Lucy Pinder.

"Bloody hell!" The busty blonde groaned. "I just read the text you sent. Honestly, the mind boggles with these American's! Are they all kinky?"

"Beggars can't be choosers, love. We only have the one client booked, and he's wiling to pay through the nose to fulfil his desires."

Lucy bent sideways in her chair to address her friend, and sometime lover.

"He's been on a European shagging tour and he's compiling a list of the best countries in order."

"List?" Wondered Lucy.

"Tightest asshole,' quipped Her Ladyship. "Totally confidential by the way which is why he contacted us. And he's offering a bonus for the winning lady. Typically the Germans are in front, followed by the French. Always knew the French were tightwads."

Rhian looked momentarily stunned as she digested the latest. Anal sex!

"And unfortunately, I have a tummy bug. So the onus is on you."

As Lucy gave her the news the colour drained from Rhian's face.

"I won't lie, I did consider stepping up myself. I like a bit of anal actually. But he has a penchant for skinny blondes."

Lady Sonia lit another cigarette and gestured with a nod of her head.

"And, Lucy is willing to let you take all the cash for this assignment. Isn't that nice?"

"What's his name?"

"Casey Affleck."

"Oh, really? I do like him actually. Saw him in 'Daredevil ' and I thought he was rather sexy. Nice tight body."

"No, babes. That's BEN Affleck. This is his brother. He's, different."

"I don't wish to pour cold water on your idea, but I haven't had it up the poop chute in years."

"Oh, there's nothing to it. You just bend over, lube up and..."

"Yes, quite!" Interrupted the blonde glamour model."

'I suggest practising at home for a couple of days. Get yourself loosened up. You'll soon get to the bottom of things!"

"Thank you VERY much." Said Rhian with a glare.

"I know, it's a real bummer," sniggered Lucy.

"It's still not too late to back out, my lovely." Laughed Lady Sonia joining in.

"Do shut up, the pair of you."

"Cheeky!" Snapped Lucy as Rhian gave her the finger. "It'll be alright Sugs. In the end!"

Lucy and Sonia dissolved into belly laughs as Rhian slammed the door behind her.

to be continued.

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