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Author Topic: The Thrill is Gone (Featuring Melissa Debling)  (Read 6196 times)

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The Thrill is Gone (Featuring Melissa Debling)
« on: September 16, 2020, 04:08:09 PM »

This story is a work of fantasy, fiction, parody and satire. As such, no offence is meant to anyone who is mentioned within it as they would never act this way in real life. This is just a fictional erotic fantasy story to be read by those over 18 years of age.  All characters mentioned within this text are 18 years of age or older and are therefore considered to be consenting adults. I make no money from this story and do not know any of the characters mentioned within it. If piquantly described sex and harsh, colourful language offend you then really you shouldn’t read on, should you? You’ve ALL been warned

Hope you all enjoy it and if you've any constructive comments to make please email me at johnmconnors(at)protonmail(dot)com or PM me on the site.

“She took her tongue out her mouth, put it on top.
Like a cherry, started movin' it like a snake
and it was very irresistible”

She Swallowed It – NWA

The Thrill is Gone


Arriving back to cold, dreary London from sunny Portugal had been tough. The snow had started to fall a few days after Melissa had touched down at Heathrow to further compound it. A slight flurry here and there at first and then pretty steadily since early that afternoon, coating the city in a white powder that crunched underfoot. It was predicted to be the heaviest snowfall for over a decade. Judging from the pictures that her had mother had texted her, it was already beginning to drift in Kent.

Thankfully, the inclement weather would not interfere with her plans tonight. She was staying at one of her friend's apartments in Canary Wharf, so she didn't need to worry about being stranded and unable to get back to Kent. Emma was away in Spain for the week, and Melissa had asked her if she could stay there tonight. She'd told Emma she was meeting friends for dinner and drinks in Brick Lane that evening. It hadn't been a problem at all, and Emma had even left a bottle of Pinot for Melissa. A lovely thought from one of her besties.

Dinner and drinks were the last things on her mind as she stared out of the taxi window as it lurched and jolted down Blackheath Road. She watched the snowflakes twirl and dance in the air, illumined by the street lights sentried along the road. Traffic was sparse with just a few taxis and cars on the road at this hour on a Sunday evening.  Save for a few brave souls out in the cold, heads down as they endured the wintry weather, the footpaths were also pretty empty. She could see their breath hanging in the air as they shuffled morosely through the cold. A shiver ran up her spine when the taxi stopped at the traffic lights outside the Travelodge Hotel. After the lights, they would come to Deptford Bridge. They were close to New Cross Road, and closer still to Club 487. 

"I can't believe I'm actually gonna' do this." she thought to herself, and her feelings of excitement and anxiety increased. She picked up her phone and started fiddling with it, the light from the screen illuminating the back of the taxi.

As the traffic lights turned green and the cab trundled forward, Melissa's mind and tummy were in turmoil, and she was torn between wanting to go through with it and calling it a day. Heading back to Emma's and having a glass or two of Pinot while watching Netflix had its appeal, and she had spent the last few days since she'd gotten back from Albufeira second-guessing her decision. A fantasy was a fantasy after all, but did she really want to go through with this?

"You wouldn't be sat here in this cab if you didn't want to do it." She argued with herself. "It's literally all you've been thinking about for the last few months."

Truth be told, she'd been thinking about it for longer than a few months. It had been over a year since she'd seen the porn movie on Paul, her ex-boyfriends' iPad, and been enraptured by it. She had watched porn before, of course, but never this genre of film. The premise of this particular skin flick was pretty simple. A woman in a room with two gloryholes cut into the wall, sucking random cocks that were stuck through them. They couldn't see her, and she couldn't see them.

And that was what had turned Melissa on the most, the whole anonymity of it all. No-one knew who anyone was, but were getting off just the same. One particular video had captivated her more than any other. It was of a pretty black woman who brought ten men to orgasm in an hour using just her mouth, swallowing their loads as they came. She'd watched that one a few times, fantasising about doing the same. Kneeling down in a darkened room in front of a gloryhole, kissing, licking, and sucking on whatever penis was presented to her. Listening to the men moan as they climaxed, feeling their cocks twitch and jolt as they deposited their warm, sticky payload in her mouth.

Over the next few weeks, she'd become obsessed with it, spending hours online watching gloryhole movies and researching gloryholes in London. She'd learned that while they were primarily the preserve of the gay community, there were two straight ones in the city, one in an adult cinema in Soho and the other in an adult club on New Cross Road. That was the one she was headed to now, and as the cab passed under Deptford Bridge and drove along the Broadway, she knew they were getting closer.

She'd not been to this part of London before, and staring the taxi window, she saw how run-down the area was. The street was lined with old, decaying buildings; some were boarded up, some with broken windows. Discoloured, plastic signs adorned most of the buildings along the street, adding to its ramshackle appearance. In a way, though, the run-down, seedy nature of the location suited Club 487.

New Cross Road was not a lot better; the street lined with bookies, takeaways, and many random shops. The road was narrower, so Melissa was able to see buildings on both sides of it. She sat up in her seat and stared out the cab's right-hand side, trying to locate the Club. She saw it through the street lights and falling snow, a building with a broken sign overhead for a printing company that had long gone out of business. She noted that the adjoining building had been demolished since she had seen pictures of it, an empty space ringed with temporary wooden fencing plastered with promotional posters replacing it. As the cab rolled by, she looked back at the Club and felt her heart beat quicker in her chest.

"Royal Albert pub?"

Torn from her thoughts, she replied.

"Sorry? What?"

The cab driver looked at her through the rear-view mirror.

"You going to the Royal Albert pub?"

"Yeah. Sorry! The Royal Albert. That's right." She stammered as the cab started to slow down.

"OK. We are here."

Despite the cold, she saw a couple of people outside smoking, shuffling about, trying to keep warm. Looking up and down the street, she saw very few people out and about. 

"That'll be £25." The taxi driver intoned, and he switched on the cabs dome light so that Melissa could pay him. She fished out three tens from her purse and handed them across to the driver, telling him to keep the change. He flashed her a smile and thanked her. Smiling back, she put on her winter jacket, affixed her blue bobble-hat to her head, and opened the taxi door.

"You have a good night, Miss." the taxi driver called after her.

"Thank you! Same to you too." Melissa replied, and she stepped out of the cab, closing the door behind her.


The cold air assaulted her when she left the cab's warm confines and stepped out onto the snow-covered footpath. The wind chill factor made it seem even more arctic, and she shivered, quickly doing up her winter coat. She grimaced as a blast of wind cut through her, driving flakes of snow into her face. She looked around at the pub, and it did look very tempting. Warm and inviting and out of the elements. As the door opened, and another smoker stepped outside, laughing and general merriment wafted out at her from its confines. She turned around and looked across the road. About 200 yards away was Club 487, and she quivered a little, peering into the night.

"You want to do this, Mel." She thought to herself.

There was always the place in Soho? She dismissed that out of hand. No, that wasn't an option for her. Given the clientele likely to frequent it, she was too well known to do something like this in Soho. She'd be recognised either going into or out of that cinema, given how busy the place typically was. It had to be here in New Cross. Taking a deep breath, she carefully crossed the road, and once she was outside of the estate agents, she took one final lingering look at the Royal Albert, pushed up the lapels of her coat, and started walking towards Club 487.

Her heart skipped faster as she walked on through the wind and snow, looking left before crossing the street. Walking past the wooden fencing, she felt goosebumps erupt on her arms when she saw a wooden door marked 487A and embedded into the building was an ATM, its green light blinking like a beacon in the dark.

Then Melissa was outside it, a black metal door with a peep-hole at eye level and a bell just below it. She looked up and saw the cracked signage confirming what she knew already. Her heart was pounding, her mouth dry when she saw the sign on the door.

487. Private members only. Stiff door, push hard.

She looked up and down the street, but there was not another soul on it.

"Not too late to turn back, Mel." She heard herself say. "You can go home and forget about all this. Have a nice glass of wine or two in the bath. Watch some TV. Maybe even play with your wand for a little while."

She stood in front of the door for a minute, torn between staying or going. She walked a little way up the road away from the Club, past several shops before stopping at a wrought iron gate. She remembered the excitement that she had felt watching that first gloryhole video over a year ago, and how she had fantasised about doing the same thing. She thought about the excitement she had felt planning this visit, the thrill she had felt when she had decided in Albufeira that she would go through with it.

"Let's do it, Mel." She whispered to herself.

She turned around and retraced her steps back towards the black door and stood there for a few seconds. She took a deep breath and pressed the bell.


"Who the hell is this?" Claire Holding swore as the doorbell rang, interrupting the game of Candy Crush she had been engrossed in. She couldn't check the Club's CCTV cameras as neither were working at the moment and were unlikely to be replaced now that the Club was due to close. Pending an appeal, of course.

Setting down her phone, the handsome brunette 50-something sighed with irritation and climbed the wooden stairs to the main entrance. It was nearly 8 o'clock, and the Club closed at 9pm. All the regulars knew that. Who could this possibly be?

"This better not be the Met again," She muttered, peering out the lozenge-shaped peep-hole affixed to the black iron door. She did a double-take when she saw a very pretty young blonde girl standing outside, shivering in the cold.

"What did she want?" Claire shook her head and, sighing deeply, pressed the intercom.

"Listen, love, if you're looking to use the toilets, the Royal Albert is a couple of hundred yards down the road, to the right, and across the street. You can't miss it."
A sweet voice answered her back.

"Uh…hi. No, I'm not looking to use the toilets. Look, can I come in? I'm literally freezing out here."

Claire looked at the young woman, wrapped in her winter coat and pink bobbled-hat, and grunted to herself. The girl may be in trouble, and if she could help her, she should.

"OK, darling. You'll need to push the door hard as it is as stiff as a board."

The blonde nodded her head, and Claire pushed the door release. The girl initially struggled with its weight, and it took the two of them to open it so that she could squeeze inside. Once she was in, Claire closed the door and bolted it.

"God, it is freezing out there. I was literally turning to ice!" The girl spoke, her voice quivering, her eyes darting around Claire and down the Club's stairs.

Claire now got a better look at her. She wasn't just a pretty girl; she was beautiful. The girl had taken off her hat, and her long straight blonde hair rolled down past her shoulders. She was slightly shorter than Claire, with tanned skin that was pretty much perfect looking. She had a little mole on her right-hand cheek that only accentuated how flawless her skin was. She wasn't wearing much make-up, but she really didn't need to. Her blue eyes gleamed like jewels. She was a doll, alright.

"OK, darling. How can I help you? You looking to use the phone? You want me to call you a cab?"

The blonde shook her head and giggled nervously.

"Um, no. Ah… I've come here to…ah…have a look around."

Claire raised an eyebrow and stared at the girl.

"You do know what this place is, don't you, love?"

The girl nodded.

Claire looked at her appraisingly.

"Look, if you're a hack from one of the papers or magazines, I've nothing to say. The place is closing down in a few weeks anyway, and we've had lots of you journos here over the last few weeks."

The young woman shook her head profusely.

"No…No…No. I'm not a journalist. I'm literally the last person who would be a journalist!"

Irritated now, Claire sighed, pointing to her watch.

"Then what do you want, darling? The place closes in about an hour, and I have things to be doing."

The girl spoke in a low voice, hesitating a little, her voice shaking.

"I….I….I…..I …"

'C'mon, my love. Spit it out."

The girl gulped and blurted out.

"I want to use your gloryhole."

Claire took a step back, raising an eyebrow appraisingly at the young woman in front of her.

"Use the gloryhole? Really? Well, I certainly didn't expect you to say that, darling! OK, well, you'd better follow me. Watch the steps, my love. They are quite narrow."

Claire led the way, holding onto the bannisters, descending the stairs slowly, her heels clacking on the bare wooden steps.

"What's your name, darling." She asked the blonde who was following behind her.


Claire stopped and turned on the steps and smiled up at the girl.

"Well, it's nice to meet you, Melissa. My name is Claire. I run the front desk here. Gerry runs the operations, but he's upstairs most of the time. Counting the money and drinking scotch mostly."

The blonde smiled down at her, a sweet smile that lit up her face.

"Nice to meet you, Claire."

The sounds of female cries of pleasure grew louder as the two women reached the bottom of the stairs where there were two black doors, one in front of them and one to the left of them. Claire turned to Melissa and pointed in the direction of the door straight in front of them.

"That's the cinema in there. Well, cinema is probably not the right word for it. It's just a large HD TV with a bunch of seats in front of it. We were hoping that if we could have stayed here, we would have built a real cinema like the one we had in Islington. But that's not going to happen now. I'm guessing you don't want to go in there and have all the guys see you, right? Or do you?"

Melissa shook her head, and Claire nodded back.

"OK, we'll go in through the office, darling. The gloryhole is at the back of the building, and I can shoo anyone who is loitering around there so you can go in then. That OK for you, doll?"

Melissa smiled nervously.

"Thank you."

"OK, then." She looked at her watch and frowned. "That movie will be over soon. We'd better get a move on."


The first thing Melissa noticed when she had entered the Club was how dark it was. The entrance walls were painted jet black, and the one bare light bulb that dangled overhead, emitting just enough light to see. That the staircase was made of dark oak hardly helped the decor or atmosphere of the place.

She followed Claire as they descended the stairs, and as they entered the main office, she saw that it was not much better. It was sparsely furnished with a battered oak desk, ancient and torn leather chair, a phone, and a laptop. The room had the same seedy air about it as the rest of the building. The fact that it was lit with a single, bare light bulb didn't help the ambience. The only saving grace was how warm it was inside, a stark contrast to the miserable elements outside.

Claire stopped at the door on the other side of the office and turned to Melissa.

"You stay here, darling. I'll go check and see if the back area is free. I'll be back in a jiffy."

Before Melissa could even answer, Claire was gone out the door and had closed it behind her. 

Standing alone in this bare room, the sound of fucking playing at full volume on the TV next door was almost enough to make Melissa consider turning around and walking back up the stairs and out the door right then. The fact that she had let slip her real name, and not the one she had planned to use, compounded it. She could flag down a cab and get the hell out of New Cross and back to civilisation. She'd be back in Emma's in 25 minutes if she left now. What was she even thinking of doing this?

She knew the answer, of course.

"You know why you're doing it. You're doing it for the same reason you shagged Danny at Dover Castle and almost got caught by those tourists. For the same reason that you've shagged boyfriends in public places before. Why you've flashed your tits in public after a few drinks. You're an exhibitionist, Mel. You get off on the thrill. And when was the last time you had a thrill like this? When you brought Paul to the public toilet with that gloryhole in it. How long ago was that?"

She was snapped out of her thoughts by the door opening and Claire reappearing. She didn't say anything but put her finger to her lips and beckoned Melissa to her. Steeling herself, Melissa walked over to Claire and gingerly followed her out into the corridor, looking left and right, the sounds of the porn movie in the background amplified by the passage. Claire turned to her and pointed ahead.

"Just follow me, darling. It's right around the corner here on the left."

Melissa nodded and followed the older woman down the dark corridor, noting the strong smell in the air that reminded her of male cum and dirty socks. As they rounded the corner, she saw two small rooms nestled side by side, separated by a partition wall that ran from floor to ceiling. Claire pointed in at the second room and stepped aside to let her see it. As Melissa peered inside the space, Claire spoke to her.

"You'd better get in there, darling. Someone may come around the corner. The toilets are down this corridor." Claire pointed out. "I need to run back and get some stuff you're going to need. There is a lock on the door there, and I'll knock when I come back."

She smiled and placed her hand on Melissa's arm, stroking it gently.

"Would you like a drink, darling? Beer or maybe a soft drink? That's really all I can offer you at the moment."

Melissa shook her head and smiled.

"Just some water if you have it."

"Sure thing, my love. I'll be back in a couple of minutes."

She was gone, and Melissa stepped into the claustrophobic room and locked the door behind her.


It would have been generous to call the room poky. It was a dimly lit space with a single lightbulb that hung forlornly above. It radiated just enough light for Melissa to not trip over anything. The black décor of the room, walls, door, and partition matched the rest of the Club. They were not ones for expressive interior design here at Club 487, she thought to herself, and she familiarised herself with the sights, sounds, and smells of the place.

Of course, there was the gloryhole itself, a very wide, circular shape crudely cut into the wooden wall separating the two rooms. Melissa trembled when she saw it and, bending down, ran her fingers slowly around its circumference. A thick layer of masking tape had been applied around it.

"At least no-one will get splinters." She said to herself, giggling nervously.

Moving the chair over to the hole, she sat down on her haunches and looked through it into the adjoining room, the hairs standing up on the back of her neck. She felt fresh goosebumps erupt on her arms, and even though the place was warm and she was still wearing her coat and a thick woollen jumper, she shivered a little, and she thought to herself.

"This is why you're here, Mel."

There was a sharp rap on the door, and her heart leaped. She stood up quickly, almost falling over the chair.

"Open up, darling. It's just me."

Melissa unlocked the door and stood back, allowing the older woman through the doorway. Claire placed a large Tesco shopping bag on the floor and wrung out her hand, looking at Melissa with surprise.

"Oh, you're not ready yet? You better get a move on, my love. The movie will be finished in a few minutes."

Claire handed Melissa a large cushion and pointed at the hard granite floor.

"For your knees, darling. I don't think you want to kneel down on that bare floor. Of course, you could use the chair. It's up to you, but just in case."

Melissa placed the cushion on the chair, and Claire pointed to the bag, listing out its contents for her.

"You've got a couple of packets of wipes in there, a couple of bottles of lube and some baby oil as well. Oh, and a packet of condoms, in case you need them. I just took everything I could find upstairs. There wasn't a lot left. And I didn't forget your water. There is a large bottle in there and two smaller ones. And I put in a couple of cans of Diet Coke too. Careful now, darling. It is very heavy."

"Thank you, Claire" Melissa looked at the older woman and smiled.

"Now then, my love. Are you all ready? Anything you want to ask me." Claire inquired.

"How many…how many guys are out there?"

Claire put a hand on Melissa's shoulder and squeezed it gently.

"About five of our regular punters. There would usually be more on a Sunday, but this weather hasn't helped at all. Don't worry, darling. They are all decent blokes who have been coming to us for years. They know the rules of this place, so they won't step out of line. But here, take this."

Claire reached down into the Tesco bag and pulled out a notepad and pen. Opening it, she wrote on it, ripped a page off, and handed it to Melissa.

The model looked at it and saw it was a mobile phone number.

"If at any stage you want to stop, just text me on that number. I will come down and sort this lot out. You don't have to stay if you don't want to, darling. Don't feel like you have to, OK?"

She smiled at Melissa, who nodded, returning the older woman's smile.

"OK! I will head back to the cinema and let them know that you are here. If you need anything, just text me."

"Thanks, Claire."

"Remember to lock the door, my love. See you later."

She was gone, and Melissa was alone.

She stood for a moment, unsure of what to do first, her eyes moving between the door, the gloryhole, the chair, and the Tesco bag. She took off her coat and hung it on the back of the chair. Picking up the cushion, she caught a strong aroma of detergent from it. Despite its apparent age and the fact it was covered in numerous large white stains, it was thick. She placed it carefully on the floor in front of the gloryhole and sat down on the old chair. It reminded her of the seats she had sat on at school; grey in colour, plastic, and metal in composition. Just like those awful chairs in school, it was uncomfortable to sit on. She did not imagine that given a choice, she would be able to sit on it for that long.

She reached down into the Tesco bag, rummaging through its content. She was parched, and she searched for one of the bottles of water that Claire had put in there. Finding the small one, she unscrewed the lid and took a few sips, before placing it on the ground and returning her attention to the bag again. Melissa started to take out more of the items, the first of which were the two packets of Boots wet wipes. She placed them on the floor beside her and went back to the bag removing the large bottle of Evian water and the two cans of Diet Coke. She took out the two bottles of Durex lube and the bottle of Johnsons Baby Oil and mechanically placed them down beside the Wet Wipes. Finally, she took out the Durex condoms packet even though she didn't intend to have sex with any of the men tonight. She looked at the packaging, which assured her that they were ribbed for her pleasure, and smirked a little, tossing the box on the ground beside the gloryhole. 

She took another few sips of water from the bottle and closed her eyes for a moment, allowing the magnitude of what she was doing to sink in. No-one would ever know about it. No-one would even think she would do something like this. None of the men would know it was her. They would never realise that they had just received a blowjob from one of the UK's leading glamour models.

She tittered a little to herself and took another sip of water, before resting the bottle on the floor and taking off her grey, faux fur-lined boots. She peeled off her green winter jumper, placed it on the back of the chair, and started to unbutton her plaid shirt, her hands steady for the first time that night. She shuddered a little as the air hit her naked skin, her body taking time to adjust to the change in temperature. She draped her shirt on the chair's back and fixed her black, lace bra's shoulder straps. She unbuttoned her jeans and slid them partially down her legs, sitting down on the chair to remove them entirely before standing up and draping them over the chair.

Melissa stood there in her bra and panties, and when she heard the heavy footsteps coming down the corridor, her heart began to race.


Claire entered the cinema just as soon as the film had ended, ignoring the half-naked men and smell of fresh spunk that greeted her. She was used to it at this stage, and as they were club regulars here and at its predecessor, she knew them all well. So, there was no embarrassment, no scrambling to conceal their nudity when she had appeared.

Like the rest of the venue, the cinema was dark, gloomy, and devoid of much light and furniture. The walls had been a stained white colour when the Club had first moved in but had been painted black since then. The floor was covered in a moulding, threadbare carpet that had seen much better days, its pungent, musty odour melding with the smell of beer, cum, sweat, and poppers. There were a dozen fold-up chairs scattered around the room in front of a wide, flat-screen TV that had been crudely bolted into the wall. Not much of a cinematic experience for the punters, but better than nothing.

There were five of them there tonight, of all ages, sizes, and shapes. All had been regulars at the Club's previous incarnation in Islington and had followed it across to South London when it had moved a year ago. They would all follow it to wherever it ended up, such was their loyalty to it and, in a strange way, to their friendships. 

She knew them all, of course.

Dave, the short, balding, heavy-set, 60-year-old retired builder from Enfield who tended to drink too much Red Stripe when he came to the Club. He also had the habit of walking around the place buck naked, without a care in the world.

Allan, the tall and stocky cab driver with the shoulder-length brown-hair that was flecked with grey. He was in his late 30's, divorced with three kids, and living in Barnet. Carl, the muscular, black twenty-something accountant from Norwich who seemed to spend as much time on his phone in the Club as watching the movies or wanking.

Harinder was a tall, broad, good looking Indian IT consultant in his early-30's who lived in Harrow-on-the-Hill. Divorced from his first wife, he was back living with his parents.

Finally, Langdon, the tall, thin, impeccably polite and ravishingly good-looking American lawyer in his late thirties. He was well over six feet tall with light brown hair, perfectly manicured goatee, and chiselled cheekbones. He had only started coming to the Club in Islington a few months before it had closed but had migrated to New Cross as the others had. Langdon was a little more reserved than the others, tending to just sit and watch the movie, rather than join in the communal jack-off sessions. He was Claire's favourite, and her heart would skip whenever he would show up. They would flirt a little throughout the night, jokingly in his case, seriously in hers. Yes, she had a crush on him. But she didn't think she was the only one in London that did.

"Hey, Claire! Are you going to put another movie on or what? We still got another hour left." Dave slurred, and he took a swig from his can of beer, looking at her appraisingly.

"Give me a minute, Dave. Christ, I've only just come in the room." Exasperated, she looked at him and shook her head. "Anyway, instead of a movie, I think you'll prefer the little surprise I have for you lot."

She smirked as they stared at her quizzically.

"We have a special visitor tonight. A young lady that is visiting here for the first time and would like to meet you lot. In a manner of speaking anyway."

Excitedly, the men started bombarding Claire with questions all at the same time. Claire held her hands up for silence.

"One at a time! One at a time! C'mon, now gentlemen." She waited for them to stop.

"Is she going to be coming in here, Claire?" Harinder asked, looking at Claire hopefully.

"No, Harinder. She won't be coming to the cinema. She's sat in one of the gloryhole rooms down the corridor, waiting for you lot."

"What's she look like?" Carl asked, staring at her intently.

"She's young, blonde, blue-eyed, and very, very beautiful looking." Claire grinned. "A real Bobby Dazzler."

"What's her name, Claire?" Langdon asked in his deep American drawl.

"She didn't give me her name." Claire shrugged, "Does it really matter anyway?"

The men started chattering amongst themselves. It had been a long time since a woman, particularly a single, good-looking woman, had been in either this Club or the one in Islington. Women that did come here were usually accompanied by a spouse or partner. Or they were mad. So, the fact that this girl had come alone both intrigued and excited them.

"She's not a crazy, is she, Claire?" Allan asked, tying his hair back in a ponytail, before turning to the others. "Remember that mad cow that came to Islington just before we left?"

They all laughed out loud as they remembered that incident. It hadn't been that funny at the time, though, especially when the woman had gotten violent and police had to be called. The poor woman had been handcuffed and then sectioned.

"She seems pretty normal to me, Allan." Claire shrugged. "Just wants to have some fun with you lot."

Dave stood up and exclaimed drunkenly;

"So, who goes first?"

"We'll draw numbers. One to five in order." Claire said. "Any of you lot got a hat?"

"Yeah, I've got one here." Allan piped up, and he walked over to Claire and handed her his black baseball cap.

"Thank you, darling."

She ripped a page out of her notepad and tore it into five pieces, writing numbers on each one before folding them up and placing them in the cap.

"Alright, one at a time, come up and pick a number."

They did so promptly, each man fishing out a piece of paper from the cap and checking his number. Dave was the first up, and he drew number three. Carl was next, and he drew number two. Harinder drew number four. Langdon drew number five, and Allan, to his obvious delight, drew number one.

"OK, then, gents." said Claire, "You know the order you go in. Just a word of warning. Any monkey business and you're out of here. Not just out, but barred. You won't get back in either, you hear me?"

They all nodded in agreement, saying that they understood the rules, their excitement palpable.

"Good. Keep that in mind." She warned, "OK, Allan. Off you go, darling."

"Well, lads, I'm off." He grinned, opening the door, "I don't want to keep the young lady waiting."


Melissa's nerves jangled when she heard the footsteps grow steadily closer until they were right outside the adjoining room. Goosebumps erupted all over her body, and she sat down in the chair with a start, causing it to squeak a little. Her mouth was dry, but she didn't dare move a muscle. She listened intently, straining to hear the man outside and was startled a little as he loudly cleared his throat and entered the room next door, closing and locking the door behind him. She could sense he was just standing there looking around the room. She heard him moving the chair around, its legs scraping against the concrete floor.

A sharp rap on the wooden wall caused her to jump a little, followed by a deep masculine voice with a heavy London accent.

"Um, hello? Are you there, love?"

She didn't answer right away, and this caused the stranger to knock again.

"Hello? Is there anyone there?"

"Um, hi there." She stammered, and she ran her hands through her hair and bit her lip. She shifted nervously in her seat and played with the strap of her bra. She heard him unbuckle his belt and knew he was stripping off. Melissa reached down for her water bottle, struggling to open it because her hands were shaking again. She took a deep swig of water and then saw a tattooed arm appear in through the gloryhole.

"Can I feel your tits, darling?" he asked hopefully.

"Just give me a second." She replied and took another slug of water, screwing the cap and placing it beside the chair once she'd finished.

"Sure thing. Let me know when you are ready." He intoned, and his hand disappeared back through the hole.

She closed her eyes and took a deep breath, reaching around her back and unhooking her bra, freeing her large breasts. Her nipples were like hard pebbles with the combination of the cooler air and her own excitement. She stood up facing the partition wall and knelt down in front of the gloryhole, her face inches away. Her heart was beating quickly, and she knelt up a little so that her breasts were in line with the hole in the wall. Closing her eyes, she heard herself say.

"OK. I am ready."
She felt his large, calloused hand gently touch her left and then right breast, his fingers caressing her erect nipples. She shivered at his touch and let out a little sigh.

"Fuck, they are nice tits!" He exclaimed, continuing to fondle them, his hand moving from one to the other, barely able to contain his excitement. He brushed his thumb against her nipples and then pinched them gently, continuing to play with her tits for several minutes.

"Um, that's nice, babe." Melissa sighed a little.

"Can I suck on them, darling?" He asked, tweaking her nipples.

"Don't you have something you'd prefer me to suck on?" She replied coyly.

"I'm a gentleman, so ladies first." He replied, his hand still roving all over her chest.

"I insist." She replied, and she heard him chuckle a little, giving her breasts one final squeeze each.

His hand was replaced by an erect penis, a stiff pole of muscle that twitched in the air, its purple head peeking out from behind its foreskin. It was of average length and girth, with a large bulbous vein that ran along with it from root to its head. Melissa grimaced when she saw the thick, wiry black hair that sprouted around his pubic bone and coated his scrotum. She preferred her men to be a little better groomed.

She looked at his cock for a few seconds and then grabbed the wet wipes packet, ripping it open and taking two out. She wiped his cock with the two of them, pulling back his foreskin, making sure she cleaned every inch of his dick and balls. He grunted, and his body trembled a little as the cold wipe covered his nether regions. When she was satisfied, she discarded the wipes and kneeled a little closer to his cock, wetting her lips.

Tucking her hair behind her ears, she spoke to him.

"Just let me know when you're gonna' cum."

She heard him moan when she put her hand around his meat and gasp, his body jerking as she ran her tongue around his cock head, her tongue stud igniting the nerves and pleasure senses there. She flicked her tongue around the head of his cock and sucked on it, causing him to grunt.

"Oh, fuck!"

She took him into her mouth and started bobbing her head rhythmically, taking his meat in deep and then sucking on his head when she would slide back up. The sound of her slurping on him filled the room, and she heard him moan again.

"Oh, my God! This is fucking incredible!"

His cock was coated in her saliva as Melissa continued bobbing her head, rivulets of it rolling down his shaft, and coagulating on the hair around his balls. She took his cock out of her mouth and licked his shaft with her tongue stud, flicking it around his frenulum, causing him to gasp. Melissa took him back in her mouth, sucking hard and lashing his cock with her tongue. At this point, he was in ecstasy, barely able to do more than gurgle and groan his approval while she gobbled enthusiastically on his penis.

A few more minutes of sloppy fellatio, and she heard him pant at her.

"Oh, fuck! I'm gonna' cum, darling."

Melissa started to bob her head even faster, taking him deeper and deeper, more and more of his cock disappearing into her sensuous mouth. She felt his cock twitch in her mouth and knew he was finishing. He let out a strangled cry, and his cock enlarged and started spasming, spurting semen into her mouth. Melissa gagged a little swallowing some of it but continued to bob her head as he poured himself into her, the shaft of his penis becoming saturated in a mixture of sperm and saliva. It ran down his cock and dripped off his balls, pooling on the cushion she knelt on.

"Oh, my God. Fuck!" he roared as his cock continued to twitch and jerk in her mouth.

Melissa moaned herself, continuing to suck and slurp on his erupting cock, her tongue swirling around it, causing him to shudder in pleasure. She held it in her mouth even as his torrent abated, and his cock deflated, continuing to suck and lick it. Eventually, he pulled his cock back, leaving a strand of saliva and cum stuck to her lips. She knelt forward and took him in her mouth, swallowing the string and giving his cock one last suck, hearing him groan.

"That was fucking amazing, darling. Oh my God…." He trailed off.

She watched his cock disappear back through the hole, heard him gather his clothes, unlock the door, and he was gone.


Allan had gotten good head before, but nothing even remotely close to what he had just received. His knees were still shaking when he stumbled up the corridor and back into the cinema.
He was bombarded with questions from the other men. He ignored them and collapsed into a chair, placing his clothes on one of the chairs beside him.

The other men looked at him, waiting for him to say something. When he didn't, Dave asked;

"Well. What was it like?"

Slumped back in his chair, Allan rubbed his hands over his eyes and exhaled;

"It was like getting sucked off by vacuum-cleaner. She is fucking incredible! She didn't stop sucking even when I came. And that tongue-stud! And those tits! Oh, my God."

The men looked at each other and started chattering, their excitement, anticipation, and erections growing.

"Christ, my legs are still shaking! Fucking hell." He laughed, starting to rummage through his clothes. "Most incredible blowjob I've ever gotten. You boys are in for a treat."

Claire cleared her voice and spoke;

"Carl, you're next, my love."

"Yeah, get a move on, sunshine." Dave quipped, as the young accountant headed out the door and down the passage.


Melissa wiped the cum from her lips with the back of her hand and reached for the water bottle, swirling the liquid around her mouth before swallowing it. Still tasting sperm in her mouth, she retrieved one of the Diet Coke cans and, cracking open the top, took a drink. She smirked while she drank, hardly believing what had just happened. Any anxiety she'd had before was now gone. Truth be told, she'd found herself becoming turned on while she'd sucked that dick.

She heard fresh footsteps walk along the corridor, and a bolt of excitement surged through her body. The steps stopped outside, the door squeaking as it opened.

"Hello?" a young, nervous male voice called out.

"Hey there," Melissa replied chirpily, putting the can of Coke on the floor beside the gloryhole. She knelt down on the pillow, avoiding the saliva and cum soaked spot.

"Um, what's your name?" the man inquired.

"I'd prefer not to say hun, and I'd prefer you not to tell me yours." She replied.

She heard the man start to take off his clothes, and she readied herself.

"Can I feel your tits?" He asked.

"Of course you can." She moved closer to the hole and watched as a black hand reached in and began to grope her breasts. His skin was much softer than the first man had been, and she sighed a little when he touched her, enjoying his fingers playing with her nipples.

"Can I touch your pussy?" He asked as busied himself with her breasts.

"Sorry, babe. Not tonight." She replied and reached down for the wet wipes. "Besides, don't you have something you'd rather me play with?"

His hand was replaced by a large, erect muscular penis. It was much bigger than the previous man's, slightly curved, cut, and thick, with prominent veins that crisscrossed his girthy shaft like latticework. His large, mushroom-shaped cock-head oozed pre-cum. To her delight, he was shaved clean all over, even down to his sagging, egg-sized testicles.

"Mmm, you have a really nice cock." Melissa cooed, and she briskly wiped it down before landing a kiss on its tip. "I can't wait to make it cum in my mouth."

She cupped his large balls in her hand and licked his cock from root to tip, bathing it in her spittle. He groaned throatily when she did that, enjoying the feel of her tongue stud raking along on his meat. She slowly licked his scrotum, stopping to take his large balls in her mouth, sucking on them greedily, something he enjoyed given his grunts of pleasure. She moved from one ball to the next for several minutes before returning her focus to his shaft.

She licked up his shaft to his cockhead and drooled spit over it, before swallowing his cock and sucking hard. She bobbed her head, moving his cock in and out of her mouth at a fast pace, his meat quickly becoming soaked in her drool.

"Oh my God…." He groaned, experiencing oral pleasure he had never felt before.

For her part, Melissa felt her own desire grow as she sucked and licked his massive member. She felt herself getting wetter, and slipping a hand into her panties, began to play with herself.

"Mmmm, it's making me all wet to suck this big cock." She moaned, and she squeezed the man's egg-sized balls with her other hand, causing him to gasp.

Taking her mouth off his cock, she licked his shaft over and over before sucking and licking on his scrotum, playing with herself while she did.

"Oh, fuck!" He groaned as his body shuddered in pleasure.

Putting his cock back into her mouth, Melissa began humming, bobbing her head up and down, keeping up a relentless pace. The sounds of slurping and moaning reverberating around the room. After several minutes of this, she could sense he was close and sucking hard, she took him even deeper into her throat.

"Oh fuck, here it comes!" He warned, and he let out a strangled cry as his penis trembled in her mouth.

Melissa once again found her mouth awash with semen, and she gulped it down, gagging a little, all the while continuing to move her mouth up and down his swollen shaft. A mixture of drool and cum ran down his cock, splattering her breasts. She ignored this and continued to suck, lick, and swallow until he was spent.

"Jesus Christ, you are fucking amazing!" Gasping, he withdrew his flaccid penis from her mouth and back through the gloryhole.

"Thanks, babe." She said, and she wiped her mouth clean, taking another sip of Diet Coke to rid herself of his taste. She took out a fresh wet wipe and cleaned his drool and cum off of her breasts.

She heard him put his clothes back on, unlock the door, and disappear up the corridor.


When he staggered into the cinema, the look on Carl's face caused the other men to laugh heartily.

"See, I told you she was fucking amazing!" Allan guffawed, taking a swig from a can of Stella. "Looks like she sucked all the life out of this young lad."

"Amazing is not the word" Carl shook his head and smiled. "Out of this world is more like it."

"That good, huh?" Langdon asked as Carl sat down.

The young man just looked at him and smiled dreamily.

All the men laughed again as Carl just sat there, smiling dopily.

Claire looked at her watch and cleared her throat;

"C'mon, Dave. Time is ticking. Get a move on!"

"Right then! My turn next!" Dave slammed his half-empty can of lager down on the table and staggered towards the door.


Melissa heard the next man shuffle down the hallway, and she knelt on the pillow. She heard him stop outside the door, heard him cough, and then belch loudly. She grimaced at that and closed her eyes. He entered the room and called out his voice slurring.

"Alright, darling!"

"Hey." She called back.

She heard him take off his clothes, muttering under his breath as he struggled with them. Even through the wall, she could smell the fetid stench of cum, BO, and alcohol off him. She waited patiently for him to be ready and then heard him slur.

"Let me feel those tits, love."

His calloused hand came through the gloryhole, and he started to touch her breasts, squeezing them, and pinching her nipples. She squirmed a little from his touch, his rough hands groping her.

"Mmmm, they are fucking nice. Can I fuck them, darling?" He asked.

"Let me see your cock first." She replied

He removed his hand and replaced it with his small, hairy flaccid cock and reaching down, she grabbed a couple of wet wipes before cleaning his cock.

"Let me get you nice and hard, babe. Then you can fuck them." She crooned.

Shifting slightly on the pillow, she took his cock into her mouth and started sucking him off, taking him deep. Bobbing her head, she felt him stiffen and grunt in pleasure, stimulated by her mouth and tongue-stud. Melissa sucked and licked on his cock until he was fully erect, and she reached down to pick up the bottle of mint lube. Opening the bottle, she warned him.

"This is probably going to be cold. It's a little lube."

He gasped when she squeezed some onto his cock and moaned as she encircled it with her hand, rubbing the lube all over him. She squeezed a little in between her own breasts, and when she was ready, she positioned his cock in between her breasts and squeezed them together tightly.

"Oh, my God. That feels fucking amazing!" He groaned when she started to fuck his cock with her tits.

He started to thrust his cock in time with her movements, and his cock became a blur. Melissa would lick on the head of his cock when it would pop up through her cleavage, driving him wild with pleasure. This continued for several minutes until the man started to moan a little.

"Oh, you're gonna make me cum!"

She continued to tit-fuck him for another minute and then took his cock in her mouth, bobbing her head up and down, the taste of mint lube and pungent pre-cum filling her mouth. She felt his cock twitch in her mouth and heard him roar.

"Fucking hell!!!"

Thick ropes of spunk filled her mouth, and Melissa retched a little at its putrid taste. Rather than swallow it, she allowed most of it to roll down the man's penis and onto the pillow. She continued to move her head up and down his cock as it jerked and jolted in her mouth while he howled in pleasure. When he had finished cumming, she took him out of her mouth, gagging a little at his taste.

"He could definitely use a healthier diet." She thought to herself, and she reached down and grasped at the Diet Coke can, swigging deeply from it.

"You saucy little minx. You're just as good as the other lads said you were. Fucking hell. I hope you come back in here again soon, love!" He gasped and panted.

She heard him gather up his clothes and lumber up the corridor, emitting a loud belch as he went.
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Re: The Thrill is Gone (Featuring Melissa Debling)
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Dave spilled into the cinema, naked as the day he was born, a broad smile on his beetroot red face. The four others laughed at his comical entrance and the look of drunken satisfaction on his face.

"Good time, Dave?" Harinder chuckled, watching the portly older man reach for his can of beer.

Dave took a deep swig and, grinning like a Cheshire cat, turned and addressed the group.

"You better fucking believe it. That was fucking brilliant. Best I've ever had!"

"I told you she was amazing." Allan laughed, sitting back in his chair, a cigarette in one hand and a beer in the other.

"Too right, mate!" Dave exclaimed, plonking himself down in a chair. "She even let me fuck her tits! I hope she comes back in here soon."

"Damn, I should have asked her to do that." Allan moaned.

"No ask, no get, mate." Dave grinned, and he raised the can of Red Stripe to his lips.

Claire looked at her watch and exasperated, she gestured to Harinder.

"Get a move on Harinder. We've not got all day."

He nodded, stood up, and quickly made for the door.


Melissa grimaced and rubbed her jaw. It was aching a little from the workout it was getting this evening, a small price to pay for her living out this particular fantasy. She reached for the wet wipes and cleaned around her cleavage.

"Three down and two more to go." She thought to herself.

She heard footsteps striding down the corridor, heard him enter the room, close the door, and started to take his clothes off. She heard him drape them over the chair, his belt buckle cracking off the plastic.

"Hello there, Miss," a deep, resonant voice called out.

"Hey there!" Melissa replied gaily, "You ready to have some fun?"

"Most definitely," he replied, "Is it OK if I touch you?"

"You can touch my tits, hun." She said, and she knelt a little closer to the hole in the wall.

A smooth, brown hand reached through the gloryhole and caressed her chest, grazing her erect nipples. His skin was soft, his manner gentle, and Melissa bit her lip and sighed, enjoying the delicate way his fingers stroked her.

"These are spectacular!" He exclaimed, busying himself with her breasts, "I could stay just doing this all night!"

"Mmm, I love the way you touch them, hun." Melissa cooed, while he gently tweaked her bullet-hard nipples in turn. "But let me play with you now."

His hand disappeared through the gloryhole, to be replaced by a long, thick cock. It was uncut, the tip glistening with pre-cum. Unlike the previous guy, he was neatly trimmed around his nether regions, and she was glad of that. She cleaned him off with a wet-wipe and then began to lick his penis slowly, snaking her tongue around his glans, allowing her tongue stud to ignite the nerves around his frenulum.

"Mmm, you have a nice cock, babe." She said, licking his shaft from root to tip.

Melissa heard him gasp when she kissed and licked him, coating his cock-head with her saliva. She flicked her tongue around his penis's underside before taking him in her mouth and slowly bobbing her head up and down. His moaning intensified when she took more and more of him deep in her throat, her tongue swirling around his cock, lapping rhythmically against the underside of it. She felt herself getting wet again as she sucked and licked his penis, and she slipped a hand into her panties and began to play with her herself.

"Can I fuck your tits?" He enquired hopefully.

"Of course you can!" Melissa exclaimed, "Just let me put some lube on your cock."

She squeezed some lube onto his cock, letting it drip slowly down his shaft. She rubbed it around him, glazing his meat with it. She steered it between her tits and gave it a welcome suck, before squeezing her breasts around it. He began to fuck her breasts slowly at first and then with more vigour, delirious with pleasure. Melissa snaked her tongue around his tip when it would pop up through her cleavage.

"This is incredible!" She heard him gasp as he fucked her tits hard.

Within a matter of minutes, she heard him groan;

"You're going to make me cum!"

Melissa took him back into her mouth and started sucking hard on him, humming as she devoured him inch by inch. He began groaning louder, and she sucked him harder, bobbing and swirling her head around his meat more frenetically. She cupped his balls in one of her hands and began to squeeze them while she sucked him to ecstasy. It wasn't too long that the combination of sucking, licking, and squeezing saw his whole body start to quiver, and Melissa heard him gasp;

"I'm going to cum!"

He emitted a loud grunt when he came, filling her mouth with his warm, sticky seed. Melissa gagged a little at the taste, but swallowed some of it, allowing the rest to run down his shaft. He gasped when she continued to suck on him, muttering garbled endearments to her while she licked and kissed his sensitive cock.

When he had finished, he withdrew from her, his cock disappeared through the hole in the wall. He continued to groan as he sat down on the chair, its legs scraping across the concrete floor. She reached down and picked up the Coke can, taking deep pulls from it. 

"I have to say that you are amazing at that, dear." He said to her as he put on his clothes.

"Thanks, babe." She said and took another slug of Diet Coke.

He thanked her again before he left, and she heard him whistling up the corridor.

"Just one more left, Mel." She said to herself, and she put the Coke can down, readying herself.


Claire looked at her watch and frowned when she saw the time. It was 8.50 pm, just ten minutes before the Club closed, and there was still one more bloke to go. Harinder had walked into the cinema with a slightly dazed grin plastered on his face, causing the other men to laugh. He walked over to a chair and sat down, groaning loudly.

"That was the most incredible experience I have ever had in my life!" He said dreamily, closing his eyes, lying back in the chair.

"Too right, mate," Allan said, lighting another cigarette and taking a deep pull from it. "I hope this girl comes back here again. I would love to take that mouth for another spin."

"You and me both, mate. And I'd love to fuck her tits again too. Maybe she'd even let us shag her the next time too!" Dave chimed in and raised his can of lager to Allan. "Claire, can you ask this bird if she's gonna' come back here again?"

"I will as soon as we're done, Dave." She turned her attention to Langdon and spoke, "You better get moving, my love. It's almost 9 pm."

The tall American nodded and stood up, walking resolutely to the door. When he walked by her, she squeezed his arm and whispered to him;

"If it takes a little longer to finish, don't worry. I'll get this lot shifted out of here, so no need to rush."

"Thank you, Claire" He nodded and smiled at her, causing her heart to flutter a little.


Melissa gasped when she saw the enormous, blood-gorged pole of muscle slide through the gloryhole, mere inches from her face. It was the largest penis that she had ever seen up close, and a little thrill ran down her spine as she stared at it with awe. It was huge in both length and girth, curved upwards slightly and uncut. His shaft was as smooth as marble, and he was shaved neatly. His scrotum dangled low, his massive balls weighing it down like an anchor. Just looking at it was enough to turn her on, and she quickly cleaned it with a wet wipe before leaning in closer.

"Let me know when you're going to cum, hun." She said to the man, before she licked his penis' tip, causing him to shudder a little.

Melissa licked his swollen shaft from root to tip and back again, slathering it in her saliva while she tickled his balls with her fingertips. She licked up to the head of his penis and sucked hard on the head, lashing it with her tongue stud, drawing grunts of pleasure from the American. She licked down his shaft to his scrotum, sucked and licked his balls, and rolled them around in her mouth, slurping on them hard. 

She spent several minutes doing this before she licked up his shaft and took him into her mouth. Or at least tried to; he was so thick that she struggled to get much in.

"Fuck, you're big!" She exclaimed, and she opened her aching jaws as wide, feeding herself as much of his cock as she was capable of taking.

She moved her head up and down his cock slowly, trying to take more and more of him into her mouth. His shaft became saturated in her drool, and she slowly bobbed her head up and down. It was a struggle, given how girthy he was, but she managed to take a few more inches inside her.

"Imagine how good it would feel to have this cock in your pussy, Mel." She thought to herself, and she felt a hot flash of excitement at the prospect.

She imagined how it would feel to be filled with his pulsing meat, how it would stretch her pussy out. How she would moan when he fucked her hard, how good it would feel to have him explode inside her, filling her with his seed. Slipping a hand inside her panties, she began to play with herself, sliding a finger into her sopping, aching snatch, continuing to suck on him.

"You want him to shag you, don't you, Mel. You haven't had a good fuck in months. Go for it! No-one is going to know anyway." She thought to herself, and she moaned while she continuing sucking and licking his penis, while at the same time fingering herself. "Think how good it will feel, Mel. How good this big dick will feel as it fills you up."

She continued to suck his cock, licking its underside with her tongue while fantasising about it fucking her. She continued to finger herself while pleasuring him, and then couldn't stand it any longer. She let his cock escape from her mouth with an audible pop and heard herself say;

"Fuck, I need this dick in my pussy, babe. You want to shag me?"

There was a pause, and then he replied, surprise tinging his American drawl;

"You serious?"

"Mmm, yeah. I really need you to fuck me." Melissa cooed, and she stood up, and slipping her panties off her hips, took them off.

"Well, I'm not the kinda' guy to disappoint a lady, so…sure thing." He chuckled amiably.

"Good answer, hun." Melissa giggled and reached for the packet of condoms.

Tearing open the pack, she took one out, tore open the wrapper, and started to roll it onto the man's giant member. He was so thick that before she knew what had happened, it had split. He seemed to sense what had happened and spoke;

"It broke, right?"

"Yeah, I don't think these are going to work. You're literally way too big for them." She sighed, disappointment inflecting her voice.

"That's OK. I'm used to it. Next time you're here, I'll bring some larger ones." He said matter-of-factly.

Melissa bit her lip and sized up the situation. She knew she wouldn't be back here, and really wanted to fuck him. Needed to fuck him, in fact. What harm would it be as a one-off?

"Are you clean?" She asked

"As a whistle." He replied, "What are you thinking?"

She looked down at his drooping cock and knelt down again.

"Let me get you nice and hard again, and then we can fuck." She licked her lips and took him into her mouth again, sucking him as hard as possible.

He was rock hard again in the matter of a minute, and once he was, Melissa stood up and moved the chair in front of her. She took his cock in her hand and slid her hand up and down it.

"You ready, babe?" She asked, jerking his cock slowly.

"You want to go bare?" He asked, and she noted the excitement in his voice.

"Yes, hun. If you're clean." She replied, "I prefer it that way, don't you? It feels so much better."

"Well, if that's what the lady wants." Stammering a little, he cleared his throat.

Melissa turned around and bent down, holding onto the chair's back, moving her ass and pussy closer to the gloryhole. She felt his cock slide up one of her cheeks, and she shivered a little at the sensation. She reached around to guide it into her when she felt it slip out of her hand. She was about to say something when he spoke;

"Back up a little bit." the man said.

She did so and gasped a little when she felt his tongue invade her pussy, beginning to lap at it. She gripped the back of the chair harder and closed her eyes, biting her lip as the man's tongue swirled around her sex. Melissa shivered when she felt him blowing gently against her clitoris, and then gasp in pleasure when he rhythmically flicked his tongue around it, stopping every few seconds to suck on or sloppily lick it. Alternating the rhythm and cadence of his ministrations, he slipped one and then two digits inside her.

Melissa whimpered when she felt him rock his fingers in motion against her G-Spot, all the while licking and sucking on her clitoris. She fondled her breasts and moaned, her body overwhelmed with electric sensations. Her breathing became shallower, and her body started trembling, the beginnings of an orgasm approaching. She sighed and groaned in pleasure as a tidal wave of pleasure began to overwhelm her. And when it hit her, she screamed aloud in ecstasy, her whole body shaking and jerking as one of the most incredible orgasms she had ever had overwhelmed her.

Barely able to stand, Melissa, gripped the chair like a life preserver, her legs unsteady. She giggled a little as waves of pleasure still coursed through her, her pleasure senses wholly overloaded. She heard the man chuckle a little through the wall.

"You OK in there?" He asked

"Oh my God, that was incredible, babe." She sighed contently, "Mmmm, just what I needed."

"Well, I'm glad to be of some service." He laughed softly, "So, are you ready to shag, as you Brits say?"

Just the way he said it caused Melissa to laugh, and in turn, he laughed as well.

"I made you laugh and made you cum. Not a bad day's work so far." He chortled.

"Yeah, you did." She snickered. "Now, I want you to shag me with that big dick."

She leaned back a little bit and felt the tip of his penis at her glistening entrance. He started to rub it around her saturated pussy lips, coating his cockhead in her juices. And then he pushed forward, causing Melissa to sigh as his cock penetrated her.

"God, you're huge!" She exclaimed as the man slowly inched himself into her, his girth stretching her tight hole.

She heard him groan once he'd slid himself into her, something about her being tight. She was so wet that gaining access to her vagina was not that difficult, his size notwithstanding. She bit her lip, and a little sob escaped as she felt another inch or so sink deep inside her. She then felt him begin to move inside her, sliding himself in and out, slow and deep. She groaned when he did, panting when he pushed more of himself into her. He built up a steady, methodical rhythm, teasing her with his length, rotating his hips so that she could really feel his girth working inside her.

Her body skahing with each deep thrust of his, Melissa began to propel herself along his shaft, fucking him back, moaning as their frenzy for each other grew. The two rooms were filled with panting and groaning as both of them fucked each other with vigour. His dick plumbed her sodden depths over and over, stroking her closer and closer to orgasm. Melissa's body reacted by fucking him back even harder, her lust for this man heightened by her need to cum. She was close now, brought to the brink of climax by the skillful, energetic thrusts of this magnificent stranger.

"Oh, fuck me! Fill me, babe!" She sobbed, grinding into him, her ass bouncing off the partition wall, causing it to shake and creak with each of his strokes.

Taking this as his cue, the American began to shove himself into her with renewed vigour. She could hear his breathing becoming ragged as he fucked her with reckless abandon. Her own breathing was fast and heavy, her head hanging down, perspiration coating her body, as it began to quake.

"Fuck me! Fuck me hard! I'm so close! So close!" She urged him, and he lunged forward into her again and again.

On the verge of orgasm, closer to the edge, Melissa moved a finger down to her clit and manipulated it. Her whole body was on fire, on the precipice of ecstasy, and within seconds, an ocean of pleasure washed over her. She cried out when she came, gripping the chair until her fingers turned white, her body convulsing. She heard him gasp when her pussy clamped down on his cock like a vice.

"I'm gonna cum! So close." He rasped, "Where do you want me to finish?"

"Fill my pussy with cum." She moaned when she felt his thrusts become more ragged, his cock starting to tremble inside her.
"Are you ready?" He moaned.

"I'm ready! I'm ready!" Melissa whimpered.

Seconds later, she felt him explode inside her, his strangled cries of pleasure filling both rooms. She felt him shudder inside her, and she sighed as they both quivered from aftershocks. When he was finished, she felt him withdraw himself from her. On trembling legs, she stood up, feeling his cum trickling down her thighs.

She had to sit down before her legs gave out, and she collapsed onto the chair. She heard the man next door sigh and pant, the chair scraping on the concrete floor as he moved it. They chatted cordially for a few minutes, as they caught their breath and cleaned themselves up before they were interrupted by a sharp rap on the door.

It was Claire.

"Alright, you two. Sounds like you had a lot of fun down here. But, it's well past closing time. I'll give you a couple of minutes to get ready, and then I'll be down to let you out."

"Sure thing, Claire. I'll be out in a few." the American drawled.

Melissa saw a piece of paper being pushed underneath her door and reached down to pick it up. It was a note from Claire.

"Take your time, darling. I will make sure everyone is gone before I come down to get you."

He spoke to her before he left, asking her if she would be back at the Club. She gave a suitably vague answer, and she could tell he was disappointed by that. She had been tempted to give him her number but had stopped herself. As great as the sex had been, and it had been great, part of the reason why she had enjoyed it so much was because she didn't know him at all. Meeting him outside of the Club may have shattered the fantasy.

 "Well, if we don't meet each other again, thank you for a great time." He sighed, "I sure won't forget it."

"Neither will I, babe." She replied.

They said their goodbyes, and then he exited the adjoining room.


By the time Claire had managed to get all the men out of the Club, it was almost 10pm. She wearily walked down the corridor to where the gloryhole was and rapped on the door again.

"It's just me again, darling."

The door opened, and the young women stood there, fully dressed.

"Well, did you have a good time tonight?" Claire asked with a knowing smirk on her face.

"I had a really great time actually. It was literally everything I was hoping for." Melissa blushed and nodded, tucking her hair behind her ears.

"Well, I can tell you one thing, you made quite an impression tonight, my love. You will be the talk of this place for years to come." Claire snickered. "So how did you get here tonight? Did you drive?"

"Um, I got a taxi from home, actually."

"OK, well, there are no ranks around here, so we'll have to order you one." Claire mused, "Probably best to have you go out the back entrance too. Just in case any of the lads are hanging around, hoping to catch you leaving. Not that they probably would in this weather, but better to be safe than sorry."

"I have Hailo, so I can order a cab to pick me up." Melissa took out her phone and scrolled to the app. "Where should I have it go to?"

"Speedwell Street, my love." Claire said, "That's the street just behind the club."

Melissa keyed in the details and waited for a response from the app. There was one five minutes away, and the two women walked up to the office where Claire grabbed her coat. They proceeded to the back entrance of the Club, and Claire unlatched the Fire Exit and opened the door.

"Careful now, darling." She warned, "The steps are narrow and bound to be slippery due to the weather."

The snow fell relentlessly as the two women emerged from the Club and out onto the pedestrianised street. All the houses around them were quiet at this hour, their blinds were drawn, and not a soul stirred within them. The two women trembled in the cold as they waited under the street light for the taxi to arrive.

"So, my love. Do you have far to go?" Claire asked.

"Canary Wharf. I'm staying at a friend's tonight." Melissa replied, keeping an eye on her phone, watching the cab get closer on the real-time map.

"Nice part of the world out there." Claire shivered, pulling the lapels of her coat up.

As she observed the older woman shaking, Melissa said, "You don't have to wait with me, Claire. The cab is literally around the corner."

"It's no problem, darling." The older woman smiled. "So, do you think that'll you be back to see us again? Wherever we end up."

The approaching cab's lights lit up the street's gloom, shining directly into the women's face. Melissa flagged it down and turned to Claire.

""Thanks for everything tonight, Claire." She smiled, ignoring Claire's question completely.

"My pleasure, darling. You take care of yourself and safe home."

She watched Melissa get into the cab and waved to her from the back seat. Claire returned her wave before she turned around, returned to the Club.


Her jaw may have been aching, her body exhausted, but Melissa sat in the back of the cab, smiling. Even in her wildest fantasies, she had never expected the evening to be as incredible as it had been. As the taxi pulled out onto New Cross Road, she looked out as they passed Club 487. Claire had asked her whether or not she would return to the club, and as the cab rolled on through the night, and she settled back into the leather seats and closed her eyes, she thought to herself.

“Maybe I just will.”
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Re: The Thrill is Gone (Featuring Melissa Debling)
« Reply #2 on: September 17, 2020, 01:25:23 AM »
I never heard of the woman before, nonetheless this is a fine piece of writing. I like the descriptive style and real locations included. 10 out of 10.
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Re: The Thrill is Gone (Featuring Melissa Debling)
« Reply #3 on: September 21, 2020, 12:50:03 PM »
Loved it, that was some exquisite filth my friend.  &|  :Y:
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Re: The Thrill is Gone (Featuring Melissa Debling)
« Reply #4 on: December 18, 2020, 07:44:51 PM »
Someone we both know would be very proud at the freaky, sleazy and perverted use of glory holes in this story.
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Re: The Thrill is Gone (Featuring Melissa Debling)
« Reply #5 on: January 09, 2021, 02:08:24 PM »
How dirty it was .. And good God I love it! Fucking epic story! I salute the writing work, all well and good.
I really loved it, Melissa was so damn helpful and fucked so much from start to finish !!
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