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Lucy's Succubus Resort (Lucy Pinder)
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John is a successful man. A banker at his dad’s company, making very well for himself. John is also very antisocial as he had bad experiences with people in high school and college. So, he overcompensates by working longer and harder. John’s father concerned he will burn out orders him on vacation, reluctantly he complies. 
John arrives at a private beach resort in Ibiza. He checks into the room and lays all his clothes out and puts them away. John goes out to sit by the pool and read. There aren’t many people at the resort, which was kind of the point. 
Extremely attractive women attending to the men at the resort. John is reading when a woman comes out of the pool. She is a voluptuous goddess, raven haired and toned wearing a white two-piece bikini that perfectly complimented her. John looks up and tries not to drool. They make eye contact and John quickly goes back to his book. The lady comes over to him with a mischievous smile on her face. 
She sits next to him, “Hello, you must have just checked in.” “Uh yes I have.” John says shyly. Lucy smiles and giggles. “My name is Lucy Pinder.”
"Um...John -----" he offers his right hand for a handshake, to which Lucy accepts and shakes. John's gaze so was focused on Lucy's face so much that he didn't notice a faint purple glow briefly illuminating his hand and travelling up his arm before disappearing.
Intense pleasure coursed through his body, but he forces it down less he makes a fool of himself. He didn't want to make a bad first impression. He closes his eyes and takes a few deep breathes to steady himself before opening his eyes.
"Is something wrong?" Lucy asks, looking slightly confused.
John smiles and shook his head, "It's nothing."

“What brings you here John?” “My dad thought I should go on vacation and so here I am.” John said flatly.
"We still have time; you want to get out of here and have some fun?" Lucy smiles teasingly.
John is a bit surprised at this, "I'm sorry Ms. Pinder but I'm not like that."
“Like what John?” Lucy asks a little shocked. 
“I don’t have sex on the first meeting.” 
“Oh silly, that’s not what I meant, I meant taking a walk out of the resort. You'll know when I want you Mr----.” Lucy traces a finger along the center of John’s stomach. Electricity goes out from her finger to John; he feels pleasure again but since the effect wasn't as intense or long as the first time.
John gathers his courage “Ms. Pinder, maybe not today. I still got jet lag, but could I take you out for dinner tomorrow?” 
“Call me Lucy and you can take me shopping too.” Lucy said and winked. 
John replied, “Call me John, tomorrow afternoon?” 
“It's a date John.” Lucy said. She kisses John on the cheek and walked away. John smells her pheromones exuding, Lucy is a succubus, but she hasn’t met a man who resisted her first moves or her Succubus touch before.
John was mesmerized by her butt and how her tits bounced in her bikini top. He excused himself from the pool area because he felt he was getting uncontrollably hard.
Lucy bit her lip as she watched him leave seeing the outline of an 8 in penis with nice girth. She knew he was hers.

     The next day John met Lucy at her presidential suite. She was dressed in a moderately conservative dress with high heels on. 
“Hello John.” 
“Uh hello Lucy.” John says looking down at Lucy. Lucy takes her hand to John’s chin and lifts his head up and the meet face to face. 
“John I am not going to bite.” Lucy’s eyes for a moment tint purple and then John’s eyes tint for a second. 
John blinks and feels less nervous now. “So, where do want to go Lucy.” 
“Let’s go in town and do some shopping I need some new stuff for my wardrobe.” 
Lucy takes John by the arm and leave for the mall. John and Lucy arrive at the clothing store and Lucy grabs a few dresses and bikinis. She leaves the dressing room door slightly open so John can see a hint of her undress and dress. She makes sure to stretch so John can see. 
John thankfully is wearing loose fitting pants so that he won't get embarrassed by his erection.  Lucy comes out with tight fitting dresses and bikinis; John keeps his composure like a gentleman and complements Lucy. Giving her honest opinions in which ones he thinks suits her. So far, his points were right on the money.
Lucy then comes out in just high heels and a thong bottom. With unnatural speed she pulls him in and closes the door. Before he could say or do anything, he's hit with a whiff of pheromones. Overwhelming his sense with pleasure and making him unable to think straight. Lucy walks towards him and puts his hands on her breasts. 
“Aren’t I soft John?” 
“Oh my god, yes Lucy you are.” Lucy breaths and purple mist comes out of her mouth, her pheromones are making john really turned on. “Go on John its ok, play with me.” John massages Lucy's breasts and looks into her eyes again. He sees the mist coming out of her mouth and her eyes hewn purple. 
He looks at her with love and affection. Lucy starts dry humping him and that snaps John out of it. “No Lucy I’m not like that I’m sorry.” Lucy gets up form him shocked again but curious now. That is twice now that he's been able to fight off the Succubus touch, his willpower is very strong for a human.
“John its ok I got my signals mixed up.” Lucy gets all her new clothes gathered and paid for them. 

  Lucy and John went to dinner and ate and talked. “John why wouldn’t you take me in the store?” 
“Lucy it's not that I didn’t want to, it's that I don’t want my first time to be a one-night stand or something impulsive.” 
Lucy looked shocked and even more curious, “You’re still a virgin? I mean a sexy man like you and rich and successful, how can that be?” 
“I didn't always look like this during my school and college days. I buried myself in my work and schoolwork because people treated me like crap and women, especially women like you, often ignored me.” 
“Women like me John?” John looked up at Lucy, “Oh I mean hot, fit women who are worthwhile.” 
“Good I thought you meant I was a whore” John took Lucy’s hand and look at her dead serious, 
“You are not a whore, you’re adventurous, outgoing and obviously smart.”, she's been complimented like that before, but John says it with such honesty that it made Lucy blush. They smiled at each other and had their meal. 
Over the next week Lucy and John had romantic dates on the beach, in town and at the hotel. As they grew closer John could feel his will being drained away by Lucy. Every time they kissed Lucy would drain some of his sexual energy from him but somehow it didn’t drain him as much as it would her other male conquests. 


As they were walking back to the hotel Lucy and John got caught in rainstorm and when they got back Lucy lost her key card. “Damn it, John could I clean off in your room till they get my key to work?” 
“Of course, Lucy.” John and Lucy got to his room, John opened the door, and they went in. 
John grabbed a set of towels for Lucy from the bathroom. “Why don’t you get out of those wet clothes and take a shower? I'll get ready some dry clothes for you.”
"Are you sure? You might catch a cold"
"I'll be fine Lucy."
When Lucy was done it was John's turn next. He closed the bathroom door before taking off his wet clothes. Too bad, she would like to see him nude.
Lucy could faintly hear the shower running as she sat at the edge of the bed. Making up her mind she rose from the bed, letting her damp towel drop to the floor and removing her dress, the cool air meeting her naked body and stretched her arms over her head until she heard a satisfying pop resonate from her back and shoulders.  She looked to her side; John gave her a fresh set of clothes since hers was still soaking wet from the sudden rain. They were his and a few sizes too big for her, but they were modest. 

She smiled to herself, he is such an old school gentleman. Her gaze went back to the bathroom door, she paused for a moment before deciding 'Why not?'. She liked him and he was sweet.  Lucy slowly made her way to the bathroom. Lucy quietly opened the door and peeked inside to see if John was almost done, she hoped he wasn't because she didn't mind sharing. She hungrily licked her lips, she was famished. 'You're mine tonight.' Lucy mused as she entered the steam filled bathroom and locked the door. She didn't want to risk anyone interrupting them. The luxury suite's walk-in shower didn't have a door, and the water came down from a large square shower head that made it seem like rain with a multitude of settings. The tiles were a dark marble color and there was a little caved in shelf for the shampoo's soaps and a multitude of other things.

Lucy stopped at the entrance of the shower and stared at John's wet nude form as he had his back to her, giving her a great view of his toned backside, scrubbing his hair. Lucy idly noticed how well built his body was, not too ripped but not an inch of fat either. It was just right for his stature. He turned and Lucy’s ducked out for so John wouldn’t see. She saw how erect he was, in all his glory and she knew it was time.  Lucy licked her lips at the sight of a wet and soap covered John in the shower before she quietly approached him and pressed her voluptuous breasts into his back and placed a kiss on the side of his neck. The warm water cascading down on to her form felt so good. John thought he was daydreaming jolted and looked over his shoulder to see Lucy.  "Lucy! What are you-" John said. "Shh, calm down.” Lucy said as her hands reached around to rub his toned chest that even now still felt cool to the touch and trailed down towards his waist. His heartbeat was pounding like mad though. "Relax, I'm not going to hurt you."

John turned around and got a full view of her. As much as he tried to focus on looking her in the eye, he couldn’t help himself and his trailed downwards, drinking in the sight. The water running down from her wet hair to the whole length of her body... he was awestruck by her and he couldn’t stop the red blush creeping on his face. Not to mention his erection was full on. Lucy smirked seductively at this, she folded her arms under her breasts and pushed them upwards making them look even more pronounced. "Do you like what you see?" He quickly looked away in embarrassment, "Of course I do, but I....I don't think we should be doing this."

She tilts her head slightly to the side, "John, I want you, I want to be your first, this isn’t going to be a fling" "I know Lucy, it's just...." She pressed herself to him while she brought up her hands to hold the sides of his head and gently turned him to look at her face. "You silly man, did you think I would have spent this whole time talking, walking or have a good time with you if I wasn't interested?"

His eyes slightly widen in shock "You mean?"

She smiles at him before kissing him on his right cheek, "You worry too much."

Hot steamy water continued to pour down, gathering in a pool between her tits as she just continued to look into his eyes for a while before leaning forwards and lightly pressing her lips into John's. The kiss was just a peek on the lips, barely a touch before it escalated to being deep, passionate, and lustful. He instinctively looped his arms around her waist, and she slipped her arms around his neck and grabbed the back of my head, digging her fingers through his short, thick brown hair as she held him in place, forcing her tongue through his lips with ease before he followed up by forcing it back, tangling their tongues together as she moaned into the kiss, while making him breathe in her succubus pheromones, slowly inundating his mind and body with pleasure. And took a taste of his Chi to see how he tasted.

Lucy moaned in pleasure at how good and pure his Chi tasted; he really is a virgin! She's going to have so much fun with him tonight.

John groaned and pulled Lucy against his wet body, his hardened cock pressing into her. Lucy pulled back from the deep kiss, she gave him a lustful smirk before she grinded against it, he tried not to show his reaction, but the muffled groan told her everything. 

She pushed her wet hair to the side before bringing John in for another heated kiss. One of John's hands gripped Lucy's hip while the other trailed up to her breast and began to massage it slightly, his thumb brushing against the erect nipple occasionally. He couldn’t see how she reacted to his ministrations but judging from the moans she's giving off he must have been doing it right. “Mmm I should’ve told you I love how you handle my breasts John.”

Lucy moaned into the kiss as one of her hands reached down to grip John's erection while the other rested on the nape of his neck, allowing her to keep John in their kiss. After several more moments they broke it. Lucy smirked as she continued to run her hand up and down John's erection while John raised his second hand to cup her other breasts and began massage it and occasionally gently pinch her nipple causing her to moan even more and deepen the kiss. 
Lucy knelt in the shower pressed his dick against her chest before forcing it up and then pressed her tits on either side of it, smothering his cock. “Oh, my fucking God Lucy! They really are soft.” John groaned and grunted.
“Yes, John take it in, oh your cock feels good in my cleavage.” Lucy continued mercilessly rubbing her tits up and down his penis, her own hands pressed into her tits as her hard erect nipples scratched against his dick and waist as the head became visible through her tits, she tit fucked John until he was ready to cum, Lucy squeezed her tits together and John came all over her tits. “AHHH LUCY” John roared as he came.

Lucy moaned and when John was done, Lucy looked down and say his impressive load on her tits and the glistening purple on the edges of cum puddles as her skin absorbed the chi from his load. 
Lucy looked up at John, still fully hard, “Oh my, you are definitely a man.” “
"Thank you, Lucy.” Lucy stayed down and stoked John making him moan. Lucy licked his cock head and started a proper blow job; John caressed her head. He was losing his mind; he still hasn't recovered from his sexual high of his first orgasm and now Lucy was taking him again. 
It didn’t take John long to reach orgasm again, this time moan “Oh Lucy!” as she sucked hard. 
Lucy loved the taste of his load and savored it. It was so thick and creamy; she gained more energy from it and in his chi. John opened his eyes as Lucy withdrew his penis from her mouth after licking and sucking every drop of his second orgasm. She breathed and stroked it so her pheromones, along with John’s own sexual energy would keep John hard.

John took Lucy by the hand and she got up and they kissed again. John lifted Lucy’s leg up and braced her on shower wall. Lucy was waiting for him to penetrate her and John did so slowly to savor her pussy. It was tight and hot. John moved from her leg to her tits and played with them as they kissed. Lucy deeply kissed, absorbing more chi from John while also loving his passion and feeling behind her kiss. 
They broke it and Lucy smiled, “Oh god you feel so good John.” John started pumping harder and Lucy jumped up and mounted him. His cock started twitching and pulsing and pulsing in her. 

John was going to tell her he was going to cum. But Lucy French Kissed him to absorb more and grinded into John to add to their pleasure. They both moaned as John came explosively inside Lucy. Lucy absorbed the energy from his cum, it made her a bit hotter to the touch and her skin glowed hew purple for a few seconds. John’s shots started to decrease, and he went to Lucy’s tits and sucked on her nipples. Lucy cradled his head like a baby, and they kissed again when he completed his deposit.   

John turned the shower off and they exited. Lucy used her body heat to dry herself off and then she turned her attention to John. She touched his chest and traced all around his pecs. This time John saw red glow travelling from her hands to his skin, coursing through them before disappearing. His mind too high on pleasure to care.
“You must really love my tits, I never had them so cared for and felt so much.” Lucy said playfully teasing John a bit. 
“I...I can't help it, you’re way too sexy and they are perfect.” Lucy smiles and continues to dry John off and touch him.   
Lucy became more comfortable with John and stopped using her Succubus Touch to let John clear his head.  She let her pheromones come out deliberately so John could see. “What is that you’re doing?” John asked. 
“I will explain everything later.” Lucy said, she leaned forward and whispered seductively to his ear “I felt your load inside me John; it was so warm, and the shots were powerful. I want more.” 
“I want more too Lucy.” 

They kissed and John took Lucy by the hand and led her back to the bedroom. He laid Lucy on the bed. They kissed again and Lucy gripped his penis making him moan. Lucy inserts his cock into her and exudes her pheromones again as she feels the pleasure from his cock being in her again. 
John pumped Lucy slow at first then sped up only a bit so to see how she moved. Her tits were mesmerizing, bouncing as she moaned, “Oh yes John. This feels so good.” They kissed again and Lucy started absorbing his chi from his kisses and from all the body contact. John griped her hands and Lucy used the opportunity to shift to being on top. 

“You’re mine tonight, and I want every last drop of cum from you John.” Lucy commands. “I will gladly give it all to you Lucy.” Lucy smiles and starts grinding on John. John feels all over Lucy’s body seeing lines of purple as he traces her skin. John got to her tits again and plays with them and twerks her nipples erect. Lucy moans in pleasure and her body responds by absorbing more chi from his hands. John sat up and they kissed, then John when to sucked on her nipples and her kissed her cleavage, he felt his balls twinge and knew he was close again. 

Lucy felt him reaching his limit again, “Fill me again, John.” John laid down and watched Lucy ride him. He kept his hands on her tits and then he started shooting again. John looked up and saw Lucy full of ecstasy. Then he looked down and saw her stomach and the outline of his load being shot in her. Lucy began to orgasm and started to glow. John looked at Lucy, back arched and glowing and could only shoot more. “Oh god John yes, this is so good.” “AHHH Lucy take it all.” When he was done Lucy collapsed on John and they kissed. She whispered to him “However this goes I have no regrets.”  She then rested her head into John’s chest and her and John went to sleep.

John woke up in the morning to the sun rising. He saw Lucy resting on his chest and still intertwined with his body. John kissed Lucy on the head and stirred her awake. 
“Morning beautiful.” John said. 
“Morning handsome.” Lucy said back. 
They kissed and Lucy snuggled with John. “So, what was all that last night Lucy, did you slip me some drugs?” “HAHA no silly, I’m a succubus.” 
John laughs, "Your kidding, right?"
Lucy smiles and then suddenly her eyes glowed purple.
Suddenly John couldn't move, no matter what he tried his body wouldn’t respond. Before he could panic Lucy kissed him deeply and another whiff of her pheromones calmed him down. She breaks the kiss before her eyes glowed again. This time he can move his body freely again.
"Do you believe me now?" Lucy asks
"I'm beginning too." John says, still trying to comprehend what just happened.
John looked at Lucy a bit shocked at her seriousness.  “You’re a demon then? Like from hell?” 
“No, John that’s only in the movies and tv. Succubae are special types of women that feed on the chi and the sexual energy of men. We release powerful pheromones and a little electricity to make it more pleasurable for our consorts.”

“And the purple glowing in your eyes and the red lines when you traced over my body last night?” 
“That was me sending pleasure to you and when my eyes glow it’s a kind of hypnosis. The only real difference with us succubus, our skin becomes luminous when we get turned on. I hadn’t felt like that in real long time John.” 

“That’s what happened when I came inside you?” “Yes, John and you saw your load spread out in my womb. I feed on cum too. It's pure chi and energy. “What about if I get you pregnant?” "You don't have to worry about that John. I'm safe, we don't get pregnant unless we want to." 

“Can this chi feeding kill?” “It could if we take too much at once or all of a consorts chi. We would only kill in self-defense.”

John looked inquisitively at Lucy, this goddess he knew for a week and came three times for was telling him she is a supernatural being. John wasn’t afraid but turned on and starting to fall in love with her. “I think it is amazing what you are Lucy.”
Lucy and John kissed again. “I felt your energy when we met John, I knew you’d be good, but I didn’t know you would be such a real man and last for so long.” 
“Thank you, Lucy, I’m glad I could please you.” John kissed Lucy again and then Lucy got up and opened the blinds to let some morning sun in. Lucy glowed with her purple and peach hewn as the sun hit her. 
John looked at Lucy with deep affection but was a bit sore from last night. Lucy got to the phone and ordered room service, “Yes this is Ms. Pinder, please have room service send up some breakfast for room 200 please.” “Ms. Pinder?” John inquired. “Oh yeah, I own this resort too.” Lucy and John laughed.

Lucy came back to John and sat next to him and looked into John’s eyes. “Whatever happens from here on John I want you to know that this isn’t a fling to me.” “I am glad Lucy.” Lucy and John kiss and John sees her feed on his chi. A blue mist coming from him and her breathing it in as her eyes glowed purple again.
“I’d rather have morning sex with you Lucy.” Lucy looked down and saw John semi hard already. “Oh, John that would be great. Let me help.” Lucy breathed on John and slowly jerked him. Her purple chi came out of her mouth and John breathed it in and felt rejuvenated and getting harder. “Take some of my chi to help you recover John”

“What about you Lucy?” 
“Oh, I will be fine honey. John giggled and scooted to Lucy, they kissed again, and Lucy absorbed some of his chi, John then brought his head to her tits and began to suck on her nipple. Making a tight seal with his lips and massaging her tit, John felt Lucy’s body heat increase.  Lucy looked on as John suckled.
He switched to Lucy’s other tit and did the same. Lucy coddled his head like a newborn and whispered, “Oh it's so good John. I love this.” John looked up to Lucy, “I’ve missed so much in my life and now I have a Queen, you Lucy.” Lucy blushed and put John back to her tit to continue. 

The room service servant knocked and announced the food had arrived. Lucy turned and looked at the door, John let go of her tit. They kissed and John got up and put his robe on and answered the door and got the food. The servant said the food was curtesy of Ms. Pinder. 
John said thank you and got the cart and closed the door. Lucy was leaning back. A goddess, naked and unashamed. John looked at her and knew the food could wait he needed to deposit another load in Lucy. He took off his robe and Lucy saw his raging morning wood enhanced with her chi. 
She got up and John kissed her. Lucy turned and bent over the dresser and John knew what to do. He slowly entered Lucy and grabbed her tits and began to pump vigorously. The dresser had a mirror so John could see the rest of Lucy. She already began to glow.
“Oh my god John yes, like this Oh god!” “Lucy you’re so hot and so tight and so soft.” John was vigorous but not rough, once he got through the initial horniness, he slowed, and this allowed Lucy to twerk and turn a bit so they could look at each other. Chi started to be taken by Lucy from John’s sweat and body contact. It wasn’t going to last but this time John could tell Lucy. 
“Oh god Lucy I’m going to cum.” “Fill me again John.” Lucy rose to kiss him and whisper “Remember don’t hold back.” John did as she commanded. This time bigger shots entered Lucy and John felt more pleasure as he shot. John could see his load enter her. The glow of the blob and the diffusion turned both on. John kissed Lucy’s neck and Lucy fed on his chi as he did. John felt it this time but didn’t get weakened by it. Lucy knew then this was her mate. “Oh, John that was so good.” “WOW it really was Lucy.” They kissed and John withdrew. Lucy noticed his cock glow purple and blue. Her chi had bonded to John somehow. Lucy quickly cleaned John’s cock off, and John came again. Lucy gave an audible moan. She kissed his cock head and let her eyes glow and John’s eyes glowed back. “I have to introduce you to my succubus sisters. This is going to be fun.” “I’m all in Lucy.” 
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Re: Lucy's Succubus Resort (Lucy Pinder)
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Nice work my friend!  :Y:
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Re: Lucy's Succubus Resort (Lucy Pinder)
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Hot story and a great read, nicely done!  8#=D
PM to discuss stories and erotica any time!

Lucy Pinder is my all time fav!
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Re: Lucy's Succubus Resort (Lucy Pinder)
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Great story @Aarmax. Really enjoyed it.
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Re: Lucy's Succubus Resort (Lucy Pinder)
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Interesting take on Lucy, I really liked it. Hope to see more from you in the future.
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Re: Lucy's Succubus Resort (Lucy Pinder)
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You seem to flit between past and present tense quite a lot. A little distracting but overall not bad.

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Re: Lucy's Succubus Resort (Lucy Pinder)
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Good story. I am just happy to see more people writing Lucy.


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