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Author Topic: Lucy's Succubus Resort (Lucy Pinder)  (Read 13592 times)

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Re: Lucy's Succubus Resort (Lucy Pinder)
« Reply #15 on: May 03, 2021, 04:04:37 PM »
Really great story @Aarmax. Love the idea and the execution was great too.
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Re: Lucy's Succubus Resort (Lucy Pinder)
« Reply #16 on: May 04, 2021, 08:02:49 AM »

Great descriptions and details. I can feel Cade's influence strong in these stories, well done.
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Re: Lucy's Succubus Resort (Lucy Pinder)
« Reply #17 on: May 10, 2021, 09:06:46 PM »
Hot hot hot!, Lucy and Demi make a great read.


Re: Lucy's Succubus Resort (Lucy Pinder)
« Reply #18 on: June 03, 2021, 12:10:38 PM »

The daybreak sun came over the bed and it woke Demi; she didn’t even stretch when opened her eyes. Still nestled in John’s chest and holding Lucy’s hand she was content to lay like this. She hugged John closer and moaned. Lucy stirred a bit hugged John as well. Demi was impressed with how fit he was, not Adonis by no means but took care of himself. She caressed Lucy's free arm and that woke her. They whispered good morning to each other, blew air kisses and laid on John’s chest. They communicated psychically, “Mmm I still feel so good from last night Lucy.” Yes, John is amazing and so were you last night Demi.” “Aww thanks, I wanted to go more and so did John, but he looked exhausted.” “Yes, however we have to be careful, John wants to keep up with us, let’s try to bring him along slower.” They both shook their heads in agreement. They looked up at John and saw his eyes moving. “What’s he dreaming about?” “Let’s find out Lucy.” Demi let go of John and scooted up to touch his head, she formed a connection with him and held Lucy’s hand. They immediately saw what John was dreaming about. A big field surrounded them, a heard of horses stampede out of the horizon. A stallion chases a mare until the reach a pasture. The Philly turns into a goddess, Demi and Lucy see that the goddess is a mix of their faces and bodies. The stallion turns into a centaur type creature. John was the human half and the horse half had two legs and a horse penis. He took the goddess with animalistic instincts and they began to make love. She was in ecstasy at his skill and how he filled her. Lucy realized this is what took John over at the end of the night. Lucy and Demi held hands as they watched. They kissed and left John’s mind.

They returned moaning and kissed John’s chest and began to feed on his chi. The dark blue mist came from John and was sucked up by the ladies, Lucy moaned as she took her fill and looked down at John, “Oh my, Demi look.” Demi stopped feeding and looked down and smiled. His cock was twitching and growing to its new, enhanced size, his penile veins became visible as his full erection was achieved. John moaned as his penis came to rest on him rock hard. “Mmm, guess he took our stallion pet name seriously hehe.” Demi said and laughed with Lucy. “Mmm, yes definitely a wet dream, let’s wake John up so he can use it on us.” Demi smiled at the suggestion. The succubae sisters rubbed John’s chest and kissed his neck, he stirred awake and opened his eyes. “Mmm good morning ladies.” “Good morning John.” They said in unison. John kissed each of them and sat up a bit. Demi and Lucy rose with him and embraced him again. “Did you sleep well my love?” “Mmm Yes, was having a wonderful dream.” “A very sexual and almost wet dream" Demi added. John smiled, “Read my mind Demi?” “Yes, and your morning wood gave it away.” John laughed and kissed Demi. John rolled Demi on her back, Lucy quickly got behind John, “Let me return the favor, Demi.” She gripped John and inserted him in Demi. Demi began bucking as John thrust in her, his penis glided in and out with ease thanks to Demi’s wetness. He gripped her hip with his top and squeezed her bubble butt with his other. Demi bit her lip and moaned. John and Lucy moaned as well. “Oh John, our stallion, this feels so good.” “Demi, my Queen, my thoughts exactly, oh I love you.” Lucy moaned in John’s ear and pressed her tits against his back, “Lucy, my Queen your next.” That made Lucy smile. John stopped thrusting for a moment, Demi put her legs on John’s shoulders and swing on leg over so she could be on her side and John resumed thrusting. As her ass clapped on John, he moaned and lightly slapped it, Lucy moaned “Ooh that looks like fun.” Lucy said and gave Demi a light smack on the ass, making Demi giggle. John grunted and started cumming, Demi screamed as she was starting to be filled again. John withdrew as he shot, he shot on Demi’s butt cheek and hip first then Demi laid on her back so she could see him cum. He hit her stomach and all the way to her breasts. Demi was shocked and lifted her butt up to rub his cum in it. She was in complete ecstasy.
Lucy threw John down on the bed and mounted him.  “Oh yes, John you’re finally letting go!” “I am so happy Lucy, I love you.” Lucy rode him fast at first then went to a grind. John felt up her tits and stomach as Lucy went faster. Demi was still on her high and she saw Lucy and John. “Yes, yes, Lucy you go girl.” Lucy saw in his eyes he was going to cum, she quickly withdrew John and pressed his cock on the outside of her pussy. He moaned and started shooting again. Lucy felt his shots exit his shaft and hit her stomach, John willed two shots up to her tits and as Lucy rubbed the top of his cock with her hand and the bottom with her pussy lips. “Oh god, guess you two liked my dream.” John said smiling. “Some of it, loved you animalistic instinct John.” Lucy said rubbing his cum on her stomach. Demi came down from her seminal shower from John, “Mmmm you made a wonderful mess of us John.” “That’s what I wanted Demi.” John replied. “I can’t believe your wombs held all my cum.” “One of the many benefits of being a succubus, John.” Demi answered him.

Lucy unzipped the curtains and they exited. “We need a shower now thanks to our stallion, ha-ha.” They laughed. Lucy and Demi went out first and then John. He admired they butts as they swayed their hips. “Wow I really am becoming a stallion, I’m hard and twitching just watching them, they are so perfect.” He thought. They got to Lucy’s outdoor shower and she turned on the water. Demi stepped in with John and they made out under the shower head when Lucy came in. “Demi is he ever going to come down?” “Not for a while longer, and don’t worry Johnny, I’ll give you a boost of herbs for breakfast.” “Mmm ok, I want to be at my best for my girlfriends." John watched the water cascade on Demi and make her body glisten as his load was rinsed off. John’s erection was gaining back to full strength when Lucy came behind John. “Sit on the bench and watch us, John.” He did as he was instructed. Lucy got some soap out of the dispenser and began to wash herself, she looked at Demi and she knew what she had in mind. Demi came to Lucy and they kissed and felt each other’s tits. John moaned and his cock was back to full mass. The succubae began feeding on their own chi, purple haze exchanged between the both of them and they started to glisten. Demi turned around and Lucy began washing her back and her butt. John was beginning to jerk his cock to them, Lucy looked back at him and moaned. “Mmm John come here and join us.” He came to them; they both kissed his cheeks and took over jerking him. “Mmm John, our stallion stud, you’re the best.”  Lucy moaned. “Mmm let’s finish this shower right Lucy.” Demi said. They kissed John all the way down to his stomach. Demi began tit fucking John. Demi gave him a few strokes and then Lucy started. “Lucy, Demi your tits are so soft and firm.” “Mmm John, we feel your cock vibrating in our tits.” They kept going for a minute and John let out a powerful moan and came big. The ladies squeezed their tits together so he could cover them both. John covered their tits and got their checks and mouths. The water from the shower quickly rinsed it away. “Oh, John you’re still pulsing and throbbing, but let’s give you a rest stallion.” “Mmm ok Lucy.” Lucy and Demi got up and kissed John and left the shower to dry off. “Oh, and John, when you’re with succubae, cum doesn’t get wasted from jerking baby.” Demi winked at him.

John showered as the ladies prepped breakfast in comfy bath robes. They had fresh fruit and eggs delivered to the villa. They had it placed on the table as John came back from the shower in his own robe. John kissed them both and they sat to eat. “This is so amazing ladies; I love you both.” “And we love you, John.” Lucy said. Lucy rubbed John's leg and smile. “Demi what did you mean cum doesn’t get wasted with succubae?” “I meant John that jerking is unnecessary with us, why imagine when u can have.” “I guess you’re right.” Demi fed John a few strawberries and Lucy fed him a couple of slices of cantaloupe. They finished eating and a worker took the plates and brought them fruit smoothies. “So does this have that herb combo Demi.” “Oh yes John, we want you to keep your stallion status.” Demi said smiling. John drank it and they all left the outside for the inside. John was amazed how open Lucy’s bungalow was. A lot of windows on a single floor, partitioned into a living area, an office, kitchen and a master bathroom. “Wow Lucy this is amazing.” “Thank you, John.” “It’s simple but very elegant.” “You should see Demi’s residence.” Demi was surprised she brought it up. “Oh?” “Yeah, why don’t you two spend the night together. You two need to get to know each other anyway.” John was surprised at Lucy’s suggestion. “What about you, Lucy?” Lucy came up to John and caressed his face. “John, I know you love me and I love you. You love Demi as well and vice versa. You two need to get to know each other. There is no jealousy or greed. You consummated with us and we are both your girlfriends.” She kissed John on the lips. “Do you want to have me at your place Demi?” “Absolutely my stallion.” John chuckled and then they shared a passionate kiss. John got his clothes on and left the ladies. “Lucy why did you do that?” “Demi, I know you want what John and I had before I introduced you. He’s a great guy and you should have some alone time with him too.” Lucy smiled. Demi felt Lucy’s sincerity and the held hands. “OK, but I’m not holding back. He’s going to get drained, hehe.” “Do it girl, make our stallion John happy.” Lucy said and the both smiled.

John returned to his room and flopped on his bed and processed what happened and was going to happen. He had made the decision that he would move in with Lucy or Demi or hopefully find a place with both of them. He had never been so loved or in control in his whole life. If his dad needed him he could work for him remotely. He would start making plans later, but he needed a nap before going to Demi's. He awoke a few hours later to knocking. He opened the door and it was part of the wait staff. “Message and package from Ms. Rose for you sir.” John thanked the man and accepted the package and message. John opened the package; it was a container with a powder mix. He opened the message, “Hey John, here is the herb mix I used, season it on your dinner tonight and mix it with water, we are going to have an amazing night, see you tonight my stallion, Love Demi.” John got excited and ordered some dinner to mix with the powder. He also got an overnight bag ready.

Demi’s bungalow was off the beach. She had an indoor greenhouse for her garden, a workout room, a meditation room, living area, master bathroom and bedroom. Her bed was a queen size with 4 pillows and no curtains. Demi had incense going to keep the mood sexy. She was giddy, but confident. John got to Demi’s bungalow with his bag, and knocked. Demi opened the door; she was wearing a sheer full-length dress with high heels and no underwear. John lost his breath and started to get hard. “Oh god Demi, you’re gorgeous, glad I’m young cause I’d have a heart attack looking at you.” “Aww John thank you. You got my package?” “Yep, and I used all of the powder.” John said and winked. “Mmm good, then we can have fun all night.” John stepped in, “Uh where can I put my bag?” “Just leave it, someone will get your clothes out.” Demi took John by the hand and they stepped into her meditation room. The incense increased John’s desire for Demi. She undid the straps of her dress and it fell to the floor.
John was almost at his new full erection seeing Demi naked, so he started took of his clothes. Demi turned around as John was disrobing, she smiled at he undid his pants. When he got his pants and underwear down his cock plopped out. “Mmmm yes, my proud stallion is almost ready.” “Almost?” John asked. “Don’t worry you will like this.” Demi said and held out her hand. John walked to her and grabbed her hand. They sat Indian style and Demi held John’s head and her eyes glowed purple. John’s eyes glowed and he saw the same field in his dream earlier. “Hi John.” He heard Demi's voice echo. “Demi where are you?” “I’m still right next to you, we are in your mind. I wanted to communicate to you like this.” John saw images of his dream from earlier but it was Demi getting fucked. “Fuck Demi don’t tease me like this please.” “Hehe this isn’t torture John. I want you to see what you look like when you let go. You’re not a monster John, and we won’t break.” Demi appeared next to John and hugged him. “Look how much I’m enjoying it; you’re my stallion and I want my stallion at his best.” Demi kissed his cheek and they return. Demi kissed John and he unfolded his legs and pulled her to him. They locked hands and Demi ground on his cock. “Ahh John, it feels so good on my pussy, mmm now you’re ready.” Demi got up and John followed her to her bed. Demi bent over and John immediately went behind her and penetrated her, going balls deep. Demi's butt jiggled as he thrusted, she twerked and pushed into him so she could feel his cock as deep as she could. John instinctively held her shoulders before he started shooting so he’d be balls deep. “Ahh accept my load Demi, I love you." John said before he started shooting his first big load for Demi. “Of course, I accept my stallion, I love you.” They both moaned and he started shooting, his shots and cock pulsed in her pussy and she glowed with a luminescence unlike she had before. John brought Demi up to him and they kissed. She ground into his hips, making him moan and cum again. She felt his testicles as he shot and as they tightened, she felt them grow and smiled. “Mmm that was a wonderful start, my stallion John.” “Mmm expect more my queen.” John retorted, they kissed and Demi giggled. She withdrew from and sat on the bed edge to admire him.

“Mmm this suits you, John; this enhancement will be the new you soon. I’m so happy that I saw this in your mind.” “Mmm thanks.” Demi stroked him and let him know exactly what she felt, “This has always been you, just needed the right women to get it out. Mmm you’re so hard and hot Johnny. How do you feel?” “I feel like a new man, like I finally found something real with you and Lucy.” Demi brought some lotion to stroke John. “Don’t feel bad mentioning Lucy, we love you and it doesn’t diminish our relationship. Mmm, you have gotten bigger and stronger.” Demi said satisfactorily and kissed his cock head making him moan. “Did you mean it when you said you want to empty your balls for us?” “Yes Demi.” “Well let’s make that happen.” Demi winked and began to suck John off, her tongue wrapped his shaft as she did making him moan. John played with her silky hair as she sucked, he let out a light oh Demi as he shot a couple down her throat and on her tongue. Demi moaned and audibly swallowed. She let John’s cock out of her mouth, still at full erection. “Mmm Demi, that was so good, oh I need to empty in and on you.” “Good Johnny, a stallion does need to be broken in. Mmm look at you my proud man.” Demi stroked him and played with his balls more. She loved the fact John was still so hard for her and open to her.

John smiled and moaned as Demi stroked him. “I don’t want to be broken in, I want to be like this forever with you and Lucy.” Demi giggled. “My love I will never hurt you, it’s just a figure of speech.” He felt super hard and wanted Demi, he pushed her on the bed, and lifted her legs up and thrusted in. She let out a huge oh yes as her pussy gripped his cock again. Demi began to glow again and John smiled. She wrapped her legs around him and John kept thrusting, feeling her breasts and down to her hips. “Oh, you’re perfect Demi, mmm you’re still so tight.” “Mmm and you still a stud Johnny.” John felt his load building up, deciding to let it be a surprise he kept balls deep and held her hips. He let out a moan and she started to feel the big shots. Demi glowed brightly, “Oh fuck, John you naughty man, oh your load is filling, oh my I feel the pressure.” John’s load looked like a blue and purple lava lamp in Demi. “Demi I need you so bad, oh god I have so much more!” John kept going though getting demi on her side and groping her tits. Her butt was slapping on his stomach and made her moan. “Oh yes my stallion, take me, give me everything you have.” He let out another moan and unloaded in her again, Demi felt full and she came this time. “Oh, John that was amazing, see I didn’t break and I feel loved by you.” John withdrew from Demi and they kissed. Demi knew instinctively John was still in full stallion mode. “Would you like to be ridden my stallion?” Demi said biting her lip. “Yes, my queen." Demi and John kissed and switched places. She just got on. His cock filled her again, John was surprised still he felt none of his previous loads in Demi. She rode and bounced on him, he was entranced again by her perfection. She rode him hard and yet loving, he just let out a big grunt and came for her again. He never let go of her hips as he shot, she sat and felt every shot fill her. Demi glowed and John was a sweaty mess. “I think I’ve broken you in my stallion, come let’s shower off.” Demi took John by the hand and got off him. They got up and went to her bath room and rinsed off and returned to bed.
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Re: Lucy's Succubus Resort (Lucy Pinder)
« Reply #19 on: June 04, 2021, 08:41:30 AM »
Nice new chapter. I like your dialogue and can see where it improves chapter to chapter.
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Re: Lucy's Succubus Resort (Lucy Pinder)
« Reply #20 on: June 08, 2021, 07:16:33 AM »
Damn, that was fucking hot. Can't wait for the next part. Nice to see Demi getting some love.
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