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Kate Upton Item Girl Audition Ch. 2
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[Part 2]

“Hello Kate, welcome to Bollywood!” She was taken aback when he offered her hand like it was a normal, formal kind of meet. But she took his hand. It was warm, and large. She felt like she could feel his pulse through his palm and it quickened her own pulse.

“Thank you, Sir.”

With a gentle pull, he brought her closer. She went with his pull, feeling even more nervous as she could feel his tall, manly body towering over her. With his right hand he brushed away a few stray blonde strands from her cheek. In the process his fingertips touched her cheek and then moved lightly behind her ear. As he left her hand she put both hands behind her back again and stood still to let him examine her as he wanted.

He caressed her cheek, his palm cupping her soft cheek as his fingers slipped into her silken, blonde locks. She turned her head to press her cheek into his hand, following his hand.

She could feel his warmth as his fingers moved smoothly over her bare shoulders. She held still for his inspection and tried to control her excitement. His touch, and more than that his power, was making her heart beat faster. She was trying to control her breathing. She had not felt this excited and this nervous even in her first fashion show.

He stepped around her and moved behind her without taking his hands off her body. He gently unclasped her hands and pushed them away from her ass. She held them in front of her, leaving her backside for him to view and access. She felt more exposed than she had ever felt in front of TV cameras and thousands of people.

He continued exploring her, his hands moving down her bare back, caressing her soft, smooth skin gently downward. As his fingers moved around her sides, just below her breasts, an involuntary gasp escaped her lips. He caressed gently down her flat stomach, staying close to her from behind. She felt his hot breath on her neck as he spoke softly in her ear, “You seem to have a nice body, Kate.”

“Thank you, Sir.”, she replied softly, while trying to control her heavy breathing. She hadn’t intended to call him “Sir” but it slipped out before she realised it. Somehow it seemed right.

Suddenly she felt his fingers working the strap of her bikini top. In another second, he casually took the top off and dropped it on his desk. She could already feel her pussy filling with her juices, now it seemed to be on fire. She could feel a strong tingle generate between her legs, deep inside her pussy and travel upwards in her body.

Oh my God! I knew it. He’s going to fuck me! In a minute I am going to join my bikini on the desk and he’s going to pound me from behind! Even as she was thinking it, she realised that she didn’t mind. The way her pussy was itching she would actually welcome his big cock entering her.

Kate had this uncontrollable urge to grab her tits and knead them hard! She realised that Romeo was still behind her, and even though her magnificent tits were fully exposed, he had not looked at them, or even tried to touch them. His hands were still on her body, but they were caressing below her breasts, or on her back like he was exploring her slowly, taking his own time. After all, he knew she was not going anywhere. It was like he knew she was completely at his mercy!

He rubbed her neck softly, then let his right hand slide down her bare back, caressing very slowly. He made her feel like a delicate piece of art and a piece of meat at the same time the way he explored her.

Then suddenly his hand entered her panties. The bikini bottoms were thin and skimpy and offered no resistance as his fingered entered inside. His hand curled around her well-rounded, bare ass cheek and cupped it, squeezing it slowly! She knew now that her pussy was leaking with juices! She had no control over it!

Romeo squeezed her smooth, bare ass cheeks, first one, then the other. She let him inspect and examine as he wanted. She was ready to bend over on his command. In fact, she knew that was coming next. She was ready for it…

His left hand was rubbing her neck as he kneaded her ass cheek with the right hand. Her bikini bottoms were half off her ass with his big hand stuffed inside them and she felt like she was going to be made fully naked any moment now. Her eyes were closed as she enjoyed the strong, warm chills going through her body.

Kate’s heart was racing wild as she let Romeo check her out like an object. With his fingers massaging her soft neck, she felt completely in his power and submitted to his ministrations willingly.

His hand slipped out of her panties and travelled up on her bare back with a caressing motion as he stepped back around her, to stand in front of her again. She opened her eyes to see if he would suck her tits. But he was looking in her eyes.

Caressing gently with his right hand on her bare back he came in closer, and cupped her cheek with his other hand. She took a deep breath. Her nipples were hard and erect. She could feel them buzzing with electric current that was flowing through her body.

He kisses her cheek and his hot breath flowed over her ear as he whispered, “I know you are tired today from your travels.”

His hand slipped into her soft, blonde hair and taking a gentle but firm grip he lifted her head. She complied readily with his unspoken demands. His lips moved over her neck, kissing slowly as he spoke, “Why don’t you get some sleep tonight”, the kisses were wet, and hot, “you have a busy day tomorrow”, his kisses were driving her insane and yet she realised that he was dismissing her.

Her heart fell, she wanted to protest and ask him to fuck her. How could he dismiss her like that just when she was ready to be fucked, ready to beg for his huge cock to rip her apart? But she found that her throat was dry, no words came out. Instead she nodded agreement to his instructions. He handed her over to Amrita and she followed her out with a heavy heart, close to tears.

Amrita took her to her room, gave her instructions for the next day and bid her goodnight.

That night Kate masturbated in bed before sleeping. She thought about being on Romeo’s lap, skewered on his massive cock as she pumped her wet, hungry pussy with two long, manicured fingers. She climaxed 4-5 times before she could calm down enough to sleep.

“Good morning, miss”, Rakesh said as he opened the car door for Kate.

“Good morning.”, she replied, getting into the car.

Rakesh started some chit-chat but she was too distracted by her morning chore. Why was she told to go and get portfolio shots taken? She had a portfolio, she had given that to Romeo! She had even appeared in one film. Then why? And why Romeo’s own photographer? Well, that was obvious, because he was going to pay for it.

Her head was still filled with lots of unanswered questions when Rakesh dropped him off at the photo studio. She met the photographer, Tony, who was quite a funny guy and put her at her ease within two minutes and they proceeded with the photoshoot happily, until…

“You want me to do what?” Kate exclaimed.

“Look, Kate, honey…it’s nothing personal. I know you are Romeo’s actress, and I know the kind of portfolio he needs. And I am a professional. So, if you please, take off your clothes, I can continue with my work, and we’ll both be happy.”

“But ALL my clothes? Completely nude? I don’t believe Mr. Romeo would want me to do that!”

“Okay, listen, why don’t you call him and confirm with him?”, he suggested helpfully.

Kate knew better than to disturb Romeo on the set. But somehow she didn’t believe that Romeo would make all his candidates get naked in front of the photographer. Then she thought of the solution! She called Amrita.

“Oh yes, darling! Absolutely!”, Amrita was very clear on the subject, “That’s just routine. We all did that. All the new girls are required to do that. Get it done quickly, dear, and come meet us on the set. We are waiting for you.”


“Yes, I mean Sir. He’s asked about you already. Hurry up and come on over. Kiss, kiss!”

After that Kate didn’t object. She posed nude for Tony and he took lots of pictures from all angles. She hesitated only briefly when he asked her to pose on all fours, completely naked and lift her ass in the air while looking back so he could shoot her with her pussy in the frame as well as her face.

Some of the poses he put her in were downright degrading, but once the she started she found it easy to carry on than stop. What surprised her was when Tony handed her a tissue to wipe her pussy. She was dripping!

As she got back in the car, Rakesh noticed that she was flushed. He didn’t know what went on inside the studio, but he had noticed the same thing in the other girls he had driven there.

He started the car.

In the studios, he dropped her near the office block and went to park the car. Kate walked to the office buildings looking for Romeo’s own office.

Amrita came across her on the way. She seemed pleased to see her and hugged her cheerily.

“Oh my God, so good that you could make it before lunch! But what are you wearing? Surely, you are not going to see Sir like this?”

Kate was wearing a sleeveless crop top and skintight jeans that she had put on after the nude photosession. She was surprised by Amrita’s reaction.

“Why, don’t you like my jeans?”

“It’s not up to me, dearie. Didn’t you know the rules? No girl is ever allowed to wear pants of any kind in Sir’s presence!”

“I know. I got the rules in my room, but I am just coming from outside.”

Amrita stopped arguing, “Come, I’ll find you something to wear. Thank God I saw you before you went to see Sir.”

Mystified and a little chagrined, Kate followed her to the studio wardrobe section.

Kate entered the room to find Romeo in his chair behind a big desk, with several girls in the room. He was apparently in the middle of a working day. She didn’t know what to do, so she just walked in and stood in front of the desk. Today there was no girl on his lap impaled on his massive cock and she was sure he could see her easily.

He looked up and she could see his eyes go up and down her body. The dress Amrita had selected for her after several tries was a scoopneck halter minidress. The halter straps tapered in a way that they were less than two inches wide over her breasts. This meant that while her nipples were covered not a lot else was. Her firm, big breasts were more than half exposed from either side of each strap. And the material while being opaque was not very thick. It was some mix of silk and cotton, Amrita had tied it tight enough that every time Kate breathed she could feel her nipples rubbing on the underside of those straps causing a pleasant, exciting sensation. The overall result was that her nipples were hard and poking very clearly in this tight dress.

She blushed under his scrutiny and tried to pull them hem down. There wasn’t enough of it to pull. The cleavage was so deep that it bared her navel, and then some. The back was cut in a deep semi circle so that her ass was just barely covered. She thought her ass crack was not visible but she wasn’t sure.

The hem stopped just below her ass, if she stood carefully still. When she walked she could feel the hem of her tight dress ride up a little. She felt another thing when she walked! Following Romeo’s house rules, she was not wearing any panties. Not even in this ultra-short, super-skimpy dress. When she walked she could feel the cool air on her freshly shaved, fully bare pussy and ironically the cool air was making her pussy hotter with each step.

She was wearing 8 inch high stiletto shoes that matched perfectly with the pink minidress. As she saw Romeo’s eyes move down to the slutty heels, she suddenly remembered something Amrita had said about being inspected. She lifted her left foot and opened her legs, a little wider than shoulder width. Immediate a gust of cool air hit her bare pussy and she had to bite her lower lip in order to avoid moaning!

She was pretty sure she was wet by now. She could feel her juices flooding her pussy. She was afraid that if she were left standing there too long everybody would be able to see her juices trickling down her thighs. She had no panties on and the dress covered next to nothing. She felt extremely vulnerable and helpless. And extremely aroused!

Romeo smiled as she opened her legs for him and beckoned her closer with his finger. She carefully walked around the big desk and thought if this is why there was no girl on his lap today, because she was it! He was just going to tell her to spread her legs and pull her down to his lap, with that fat, hard beast of a cock stretching her as it entered her! Oh God! In front of all these people?

Kate kept her thoughts to herself as she walked close to Romeo and stood next to his chair. He slipped his arm around her waist, placing his hand on her bare skin, just above her waist line. He caressed lightly before guiding her gently on to his lap.

Oh God! This is it! The first time he fucks me and it’ll be in public in front of his whole staff!

But instead of bringing her ass down on his crotch he guided her to sit on his left thigh. She could feel his long, thick shaft outlined in his pants and rubbing on her right thigh, but it was not in her! Not yet, anyway!

He helped her get comfortable on his lap, gently caressing her bare back, his fingers moving expertly on her silken smooth skin. His gentle caresses comforted her to the point that she was not worried about being in presence of other people, but at the same time they made her more excited, she could feel her heart beating faster even though she was not so nervous any more!

With his left hand pressing gently on her bare back, he pulled her closer and kissed her cheek. She felt like his hot lips were burning against her skin.

“Nice dress. Good choice!”, he whispered in her ear, and she felt her stomach go all funny as she felt his warm breath on her neck.

“Th..thank you, Sir!” she managed to whisper with effort.

He smiled at her and cupped her cheek with his right hand. Again she felt the heat of his touch very arousing and exciting. His hand dropped slowly from her cheek to caress her shoulder and then followed the skimpy, tapering strap of her dress. She could feel her heart pounding louder as his hand moved slowly down towards her inadequately covered breast.

She closed her eyes as the feeling of anticipation got really intense. She hoped he would stop before he reached her breast. And she hoped he wouldn’t. He didn’t. A soft gasp escaped her lips as she felt him taking her full, firm breast in his large hand. In the skimpy dress, with that thin strap his fingers could grab her bare outside part of her breast while his thumb was grabbing and rubbing on the inside. His hot palm rubbed on her erect, excited nipple through the thin fabric as he softly fondled and kneaded her breast. She was fully in his grip to be explored!

Unable to bear it much longer, she rested her head on his shoulder and moaned softly while she let him explore her as he liked.

Then she heard him talking. He was talking to other girls and carrying on with work, while his hands continued to play with her warm, supple body! That made her feel like his toy, his fucktoy! The thought sent a shiver down her spine. At the same time she felt that her pussy was leaking. She could no longer contain the exquisite torture she was subjected to and her body was responding whether she liked it or not!

 She savoured every sensation as his hand moved down her body, caressing her lightly until his warm fingers came down to her thigh. As he started to rub her smooth, bare thigh, she opened her legs without thinking, submitting her body to be explored as he wanted. She could hear his words as he continued with work but mostly her mind was focused on his touch and the warm, erotic currents that were flowing into her body from his fingertips.

As his thumb touched her hot pussy slit, a moan escaped her lips. She opened her mouth and pressed her lips to his neck, sucking hard to avoid moaning further while his thumb opened her slit and touched inside. She was having a hard time trying to keep from squirming on his lap while he played with her hot, wet pussy. She was afraid if she moved, he might stop.

She opened her legs wider, as wide as she could while sitting on his lap, encouraging his fingers to probe further into her hungry pussy. As if reading her mind, his finger slid into her wet pussy hole, causing her to take in her breath quickly. She held her breath as she felt him open her small, tight pussy hole with his thick finger, pushing in deeper.

When the long, thick finger entered her fully, she exhaled slowly and continued sucking his neck. She could feel that he was enjoying playing with her. His thick cock was grinding against her thigh as she moved ever so slightly on his lap.

Kate didn’t know if she was allowed to but she moved her hips slightly when he started fingering her, helping him invade her cunt deeper with each stroke. He didn’t stop so she continued to help him fuck her cunt with his finger bucking her hips forward each time he pushed his finger into her soaking wet pussy.

She wished he would go in faster and harder. She could feel her orgasm building, deep in her loins. But his slow strokes were keeping her away from it, increasing the heat in such small increments that it was sheer torture! She pressed her firm tits into his chests and continued to try and fuck herself on his thrusting finger!

Suddenly without any warning, he pulled his finger out of her pussy! Kate groaned in pure agony. She was getting so close! With his left hand he grabbed her silken, blonde mane and kissed her hard on the lips. She opened her mouth and invited his tongue to explore her mouth.

Presently, she opened her eyes. When her eyes focused she noticed, his right hand. It was resting on the arm of the chair, and two girls, Brinda and Amrita, were taking turns licking his fingers, cleaning his hand of Kate’s pussy juices. She blushed red as she notices how her pussy had completely soaked his hand! She had fucked producers, directors before but never had a man played with her like this, and that too in front of everyone else!

She found that she didn’t care. She was just waiting for his command to bend over the desk, or sit on lap, or even lay on her back on the big desk. She didn’t know when she had made up her mind about it, but she was ready to spread her legs for him, no matter who was watching! Not just ready, but eager! She waited for the command.

Instead, he smoothly slid her off his lap. She was so disappointed she didn’t even care that he was telling her he had to work now and he would see her later that evening.

[End of part 2]
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Re: Kate Upton Item Girl Audition Ch. 2
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So much teasing! I love the slow build up.


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