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Kate Upton Item Girl Audition Ch. 3
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[Part 3]

In the evening, Kate came back to the house with Amrita and other girls. Romeo was in the other car with some of the people from the unit. Her day had just flown by. She had spent the afternoon having lunch with the girls, listening to their gossip and trying to pick up as much info on Romeo and his household as she could. She was getting a picture but it was still fuzzy and she wasn’t sure of anything she heard. Because they didn’t make sense.

Then she watched Romeo on the set. He was a great director from what she could see. He was okay with her being on the set but didn’t do much else with her. Not that she wanted him to fuck her on the set in front of the whole unit, but her pussy was really hungry now. And he was not so focused that he had to ignore everybody else. He did have at least one girl next to him during all of this, either they were his  laptoy while he watched the shot or they ran errands for him, like feeding him a drink and so on. Only Kate was allowed to sit without any orders.

To Kate it was clear that the whole thing revolved around Romeo, everybody waited for his orders and jumped to do it at once. Romeo seemed to know his stuff too, once he took the hero aside, a young, attractive boy called Shahid, and give him notes on his performance. Kate could see that the next shot went much better and the boy was able to give a much better performance.

Kate was shocked when the heroine of the piece, a very slim, sexy girl called Kareena, fumbled her lines for the 5th time and Romeo told her to bend over on the bed on the set. Kate watched with wide eyes as Romeo hiked up her short skirt and spanked her, right in front of the whole unit!

What was more astounding for Kate than the whole unit avoiding to look at the girl getting spanked in the middle of the set was the girl herself. As soon as Romeo’s first stroke hit her bare ass, she said, “One, thank you, Sir!”

Kate watched as she counted each stroke and thanked Romeo. He stopped after 5, pulled her up by the hair and asked, “Are you ready?”

Kareena replied with a nod, “Yes, Sir.” Kate looked to see if she was crying or upset, but she seemed quite normal, like this was all part of a day’s work.

Romeo yelled, “Makeup!”

Kate’s next shock was from her own body as she felt a trickle of her pussy juices dripping down her thigh!

In the car ride home, Kate decided to ask what was on her mind.


“Yes, Kate?”

“Has..has, Sir..umm..that girl Kareena…has Sir, I mean, fucked her?” she blurted out with effort.

“Oh yes, many times. She’s very slim and tight. Sir likes to make her scream with his hard pounding. I helped him take her ass once. You should have heard her screams!”, Amrita smiled, “But she’s a good slut for Sir. Most times.”

“Umm, how come…he hasn’t taken me yet?”

“Oh…I don’t really know, Kate. But I can make a guess, if you want?”


“Well, you know Sir has a number of girls who want to star in his films. Even for a small role 1000’s of girls apply, most of them very attractive, and they are all ready to spread their legs for him. Actually, I suspect that a number of them don’t really want the role, or know they can’t act, they just want a fuck with the bigshot director.”

“Oh, really?”

“Oh, you’d be surprised, honey! Romeo Sir does enjoy it all. He auditions the girls himself and if a girl is on screen in his film you can be sure she won’t be ugly and she would in all probability have tasted Sir’s cum already.”

Kate was taking this all in seriously, “Yes, that’s why…does he not like me?”

Amrita smiled, “Sir definitely enjoys all this random pussy, but he likes to have a group of trusted, obedient and useful girls around him that he can rely on. We are not only his personal sluts, we also help him run the household and help him with the productions. He knows he can trust us and his secrets are safe with us. I have been his personal secretary for 3 years now, but sometimes Preity steps in as secretary and I drive the car, or sometimes it’s Katrina, or whoever is his flavour of the week.”

“But he does fuck his personal sluts, I saw Preity the other night…on his lap…”

“Yes, while he enjoys fucking all these hot slutty girls, he uses them as his fucktoys, use and discard. But if he thinks you have the potential to be his personal slut, he would not be in a hurry to fuck you.”

“Wow! Do you think that’s it?”

“It’s just my guess. He could easily be saving you for a weekend when he can use you thoroughly for a whole weekend before shooting your song and sending you back to Hollywood.”

Kate’s face fell, “Oh..what can I do to increase my chances to be his personal slut?”

Amrita smiled, “A lot of girls would like to know the answer to that! I guess…just follow his rules, and be the best slut you can be.” 

Amrita leaned in and kissed Kate softly, on the lips.

There was a knock at the door. Kate got up to answer it.

She had used the time wisely after she got home. She had taken a quick but thorough shower and changed into a short, see-through, blue nightie. It hung around her ass, not covering it fully and in front swishing around her upper thighs. She had carefully avoided wearing any panties and her smooth, shaved pussy could be seen easily through the flimsy material of the short nightie.

Her firm, proud breasts didn’t need any support anyway. Her big, full, shapely mounds could be seen easily through the material including her nipples which were erect and hard!

Even though she was dressed in night attire she had put on 7” high, matching, platform heels, fixed her make up and sprayed perfume in all the right places. And she was ready for Romeo’s call.

It was Brinda on the door. Romeo wanted her downstairs in the living room. She followed immediately.

When she entered the large living room, she immediately went to the couch where Romeo was sitting. In front of him on a low coffee-table was a tray of drinks. Even before she got close, Kate saw that kneeling between his legs was her friend Amrita Rao, apparently she was holding his big, erect dick in his hand and licking his balls.

As Kate approached, Amrita looked at her and winked while running her tongue flat on the underside of Romeo’s thick, hard shaft. Kate hesitated and thought about backing out of the room, but then realized that it was his call that had brought her here. Besides, Brinda had already taken a seat on the same couch on his right.

Kate walked closer and stood where he could see her. He looked her up and down like he had in his office and nodded his approval at her shameless, exhibitionist attire. He beckoned her and patted the seat with his left hand.

“Come, sit, Kate.”

She sat down beside him, avoiding hitting Amrita with her high heels.

He looked at her and smiled, “Get comfortable, darling.”, while continuing to stroke Amrita’s head.

Kate followed Brinda’s example and tucked her feet under her and moved closer to Romeo on the couch. He slipped his hand around her neck and rubbed gently before pulling her to him and kissing her on the lips. His kiss was gentle but also devoid of any formality. He acted like he had known her for long and kissing her was his birthright.

She kissed him back with the same willingness like she was only too happy to be kissed or fucked at his whim. She could feel her body responding immediately as he touched her. His kiss was brief but arousing.

Amrita took Romeo’s cockhead in her mouth and Kate saw his hand tightening his grip in her hair. Romeo’s left hand slid down Kate’s shoulder down to her breast. He talked to her while fondling her breasts in that thin, sheer nightie.

“So how was your first day in Bollywood, darling?”

“It was okay..mmm, not bad.” Kate replied. She was having trouble focusing as he played with her nipples. When his hand moved down her body to her thighs, she parted her legs giving him more access, simply offering herself to his exploring hand.

His hand moves lightly up and down her smooth thighs. She tried to keep her eyes open as he was still talking to her but his fingers so close to her bare pussy were too exciting. The whole situation was very arousing for her as she realized and accepted her place as one of Romeo’s three playtoys of the moment. She had given up trying to predict if he was going to fuck her now or not, but her pussy was hungry and wet and she was ready to be used any way he liked right now.

He asked her to tell him about her visit to the photographer. She didn’t know how much detail he expected so she talked generally about the photos and when they would be ready without going into details of the poses he had put her in. While she was speaking his fingers touched her pussy and started to caress the soft, bare pussy lips moving gently but boldly between her thighs.

When his fingertips started teasing her pussy slit she couldn’t control herself and rested her head on his shoulder. She didn’t know if she was taking liberties but was unable to control herself any more. She continued to speak about the photos but her voice was more of a whisper in his ear and much mixed with moans.

Kate opened her eyes as she heard a loud moaning sound from Brinda and saw that she was clinging to his right shoulder pressing her big boobs in his side while sucking his neck.

She followed his right hand down to where it was buried in Amrita’s raven tresses and saw that he was fucking her face with his massive cock. Amrita’s head moved as if she knew what she was doing and ….Romeo gripped Kate by her soft, blonde hair and pulled her roughly to him. She was too highly aroused to even think about resisting. Instead she let him play with her as he wanted.

Romeo’s teeth dug into Kate’s soft neck and she yelped, more from the sheer excitement than pain. She could feel her pussy dripping profusely and felt like she was just about to cum.

She closed her eyes while he sucked her neck, just below the jaw line, that one spot which drove her crazy when touched or kissed.

Kate looked down at the noises coming from Amrita and was in time to see Romeo pull her head back as his cock jerked and shot a thick load of his hot, white cum into her face.

Oh my God! Kate had seen this kind of thing only in porn films. She had never let a man cum on her face, and she never thought she would. But at this moment she was so jealous of Amrita Rao. And then she was jealous of Brinda as she climbed down and started licking his cock, cleaning it with big licks of her tongue.

Preity and another girl stepped in and started to help Amrita with the cum on her face. Kate could not decide if she was going to be turned on or disgusted by this site. Preity and the other girl whose name she learnt later was Katrina Kaif were licking Romeo’s cum off of Amrita face like it was butterscotch ice-cream! Before Kate could decide how to react to this strange sight she realized that Romeo was talking to her again.

“…are all going to a party tonight. I think you might enjoy some social life after the hard day you have had.”

Kate nodded and kept listening.

“We will leave about 11, that gives you time to take a short nap and then get ready. The  girls can help you dress for your first Bollywood party.”, he smiled and she nodded again.

Once inside her room, Kate got between the sheet and started fingering her dripping, hungry pussy like crazy. The pictures in her mind revolved around Romeo, she imagined herself in place of Amrita just now as she had seen, or in Preity’s place the other night, having Romeo’s fat cock jammed up her cunt while she faced her friends across the desk. She thought of herself bending over like Kareena and spanked in public…and fucked her hot, dripping cunt furiously.

She thought about his hand on her pussy, teasing and fingering her…and she exploded! But this did not dissipate the heat in her body. She continued to fuck her cunt hard with her long fingers even as her body  twitched and jerked in sweet agony of a massive orgasm!

She had to cum 4 more times before she could cool down enough to be able to sleep!


Kate filed in following the 3 girls into Romeo’s living room. Amrita, Katrina and Preity had come into her room and taken her to the “studio”. It was a really big room on the ground floor which was furnished and stacked with cosmetics like there was none left in the rest of the world. Kate picked up a few tubes and jars and examined the labels, it was all expensive stuff!

Other supplies were also on hand, built-in, walk-in wardrobes lines all walls of the large room. Shoes, beautiful, high-heeled, expensive shoes in all sizes! Kate was in heaven! The girls helped her pick items to wear while trying on things themselves.

The dresses were all really sexy, and mostly revealing in one way or another. Kate picked up a white one that would show off her legs but Amrita stopped her.

“That’s not a good idea for tonight, Kate, you need to be accessible.”

“What does that mean?”

Amrita pointed out the bottom part of the dress that closed between her legs like a one-piece swimsuit, “He should always be able to enter you with his fingers or his cock.”

Kate was astonished, “In a party?!”

Preity replied, “Of course! We’ve all been fucked in a party, more than once!”

Amrita teased Preity, “Yeah and you should know! Kate, Sir picked up Preity in a party. What was that famous dialogue of yours, Preity, Sir can I clean your cock?”

They all laughed.

Preity was unfazed, “Hey, it needed to be cleaned.” She said with a grin.

Amrita continued, “Admit it, you were such a whore, girl. To ask to lick his cum after he had just finished fucking Kareena.”

Kareena chimed in from in front of the other dresser, “Yeah, the bitch totally stole my thunder!” She threw a ball of cotton at Preity who ducked.

They had fun dressing up. Kate liked how old and daring these girls were in their conversation and how free with each other. They treated her as one of them while helping her learn the ways of the house. She hadn’t expected Indian girls to be so open about sex.

And now she was walking into the living room, dressed in a short yellow dress that fit skin-tight on her pert, shapely ass. It fit very snugly on her firm tits and had no straps over the shoulders or neck, it was only held up by her proud, firm, big breasts. In the back it tied in thin straps right between her shoulder blades but was cut out so her back was almost fully bare right up to the top of her ass crack.

A little more than an inch of her tight ass crack was visible and her ass cheeks could be seen pressed tight together. It was made of fine, see-through, silk mesh, showing her white skin nicely, except a 4-inch strip that covered her pussy and ass. The material was less see-through around her nipples but not fully opaque.

If Romeo wanted to fuck her in that dress he wouldn’t even have to hike it up. If she just bent over a little, she could be entered fully deep and with ease. The thought made her bare pussy tingle. She knew that she was not allowed panties and she had not needed to be reminded.

Following the example of other girls she had made sure her pussy was shaved smooth and had used cold cream to make it worth touching.

Her heels were 7” spike heels with a 3-inch clear platform containing small, yellow, heart-shaped inserts. There was a single diamond-studded strap that followed from her toes and rounded her ankle in spiralling pattern.

The other girls were dressed in equally daring and slutty dresses. Now, she knew, they were going to be inspected by Romeo and if he wanted any changes in their attire, they’d do them now before leaving the mansion.

Preity was the first in the line as the 4 girls stood side by side and Kate watched her for tips. Preity stood with her legs open and clasped her hands behind her neck as Romeo approached her.

Preity’s desk was a short, green, tight minidress made almost entirely of sheer fabric except her breasts and her ass. These were covered with opaque but still very thin material. There were no straps and there was a small amount of cleavage. Her 6” heels matched the dress and accentuated her small, firm ass nicely.

Romeo took her breasts in his hands and kneaded them softly, Preity’s closed her eyes and she moaned softly. As his hands moved down and around her waist to her ass, she let her body follow his movement and when he pulled her closer she moved readily.

As Romeo squeezed her ass, he leaned in and sucked her neck which made her moan louder. She unclasped her hands and put her arms around his neck.

Next was Amrita, she had chosen a short, plaid miniskirt. Her top was a white shirt that she had knotted loosely just below her beasts. As a result she was showing a generous amount of cleavage and almost half of each breast was visible. The shirt was also several sizes small for her which meant that it hugged her tits very tightly and her nipples constantly hard from rubbing on the silk material. The hard nipples protruded from the thin material and the overall effect was very provocative.

Romeo slipped his hand under Amrita’s little skirt and as he started rubbing her pantyless pussy, she started moaning. He dipped his head and kisses and licked between her tits causing her Amrita to bite her lip and moan louder.

Kate looked at Kareena who was wearing a sequin tank dress. It fitted her slim body nice and tight. There were two noddle-thin straps that left a lot of back bare plus helped create a deep cleavage in front. The hem of the dress finished about 2 inches below her ass and did not fully cover her upper thighs.

As Romeo stepped in front of Kareena, he signalled with one finger for her to turn around. She turned obediently and bent over slightly. Romeo took her long, raven hair in his left hand and pulled slowly. She followed the pull from his hand and lifted her head up. With his right hand, Romeo slapped her tight ass, with a loud, stinging slap that made Kareena jump slightly and yelp! Kate jumped with her in her place!

Romeo waited for her to settle back down in his grip, then slapped the other ass cheek with his backhand.

Kareena jumped again, “Ow!”

Romeo told her simply, “Your dress is too long, slut, go change it1” He left her hair.

“Yes, Sir.” She replied and went back to the dressing room.

Kate had followed each inspection carefully and waited with bated breath for her own turn. By now her pussy was filled with juices and after watching Kareena’s fate it had started leaking down her thighs. She hoped that Romeo would not notice. She assumed the display pose like other girls as he stepped closer to her.

He looked her slowly up and down and smiled. She felt a little better though her heart was still stuck in her throat and her stomach was filled with butterflies.

He lifted one finger and she recognised the signal to turn around. She turned and bent slightly like she had seen the other girls do and wondered if her dress was too long. She braced herself for his slap on her ass. Instead she felt his hand on her bare back, caressing softly down. It sent tingles down her spine and her pussy that was already hot, started to throb.

Romeo wrapped one arm around her waist and pulled her to him. She dropped her hands to her sides and surrendered herself to his hands. He kissed her smooth back, between the shoulder blades. His left hand was now cupping her breast while the right was on her bare thigh.

He pressed her back and she felt his thick, hard rod pressing on her ass through the clothes. His fingers were gentle as they brushed her blonde locks from her neck and his hot lips pressed to her soft neck. Kate moaned uncontrollably.  She wanted to be fucked, right now!

He kissed her back, his hot lips lingering on her skin making her squirm with hunger. She responded quickly as he started to grind his hard cock on her ass. He put his lips to her ear and said softly, “Good job, doll!”

Kate had to swallow twice before she could reply, “Thank you, Sir.”

[End of part 3]
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Thank you, Sir. She says. Now Kate is ready!  :D


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