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Vixen's New Angel (Madison Ivy)
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Thanks to DarkSwordsman for his help on this story.

Vixen’s New Angel
Written by Calibur009

Starring: Madison Ivy

Guest Starring: Abigail Mac

What if Madison Ivy left Brazzers and signed with the Vixen Media Group?

Chapter 1

It is a bright sunny Saturday morning in Los Angeles. Inside of her luxurious home is famous adult film star Madison Ivy. The auburn haired beauty sips on a glass of champagne while taking a relaxing soak in her bubble bath.

After a few minutes into her bath, Madison begins to rub and play with her incredible tits. She then starts pleasuring herself as well. Madison moans in pleasure as she fingers herself while in the tub.

Madison continues to pleasure herself until she cums. She smiles and says “Oh fuck! That felt so good!”

When she finishes her bath, Madison exits the tub and wraps a pink towel around her body and leaves the bathroom.


Madison is laying on her couch watching television. The beautiful pornstar is wearing a low cut red top that shows off her cleavage and white shorts.

Madison says “I think it’s time to let them know.” She smiles then grabs her red iPhone. The adult film star logs into her social media, types out then sends out the following message:

“As of yesterday I am no longer under contract to Brazzers. I would like to thank them for my many years there and I have enjoyed every minute of it. But I felt it was time for me to finally move on. I also would like to thank all of my amazing fans for their support. I truly appreciate it.”

“I am happy to announce that I have decided to accept an offer from Greg Lansky to become a Vixen Angel. Next week I will meet with him to finalize my deal to become the newest member of the Vixen Media Group family. I am excited for this new venture and I hope all of you will too. Love Madison.”

Madison then puts her phone away. She returns to watching her television program and begins to smoke her favorite brand of marijuana.


Madison is now getting ready for a night out. She is wearing a white designer dress and red open toe heels. While she is getting ready, Madison receives a phone call.

She picks up her phone and says “Hello?”

The voice on the other end is her friend and follow pornstar Abigail Mac. She is wearing a short black dress, matching heels and bright red lipstick.

Abigail says “Hi Madison! I just wanted to check in to see if you’re almost ready for our night out.”

Madison replies “Yes I am Abigail! Just give me a few more minutes. I will meet you at our usual spot to grab a bite to eat. Then we’ll have some hot and nasty fun later tonight.” She then giggles.

Abigail responds “Absolutely! I’ll see you there and once again congratulations on your new deal with Vixen. I have worked with them in the past and they are an amazing company. Bye Madison!”

Madison replies “Thank you Abigail. I’ll see you soon. Bye!”

She puts her phone away, brushes her hair and then leaves her home for a night out on the town with Abigail.


Madison & Abigail along with two men they met return to Abigail’s place for some sexy fun. Both women enter Abigail’s living room and take a seat on her large white couch.

Once seated, Abigail smiles and says “Well Madison are you ready to fuck these two handsome gentlemen we picked up tonight?”

Madison grins and replies “Of course I am Abigail. They may not be the porn studs that we are accustomed to but I’m confident that they are capable of getting the job done tonight.”

Abigail responds “I agree, Madison. Judging from the bulges in their pants I believe they will give us a satisfactory fucking too.”

Madison replies “I think so too. Well the anticipation is killing me. Do you want me to call for them or do you want to do it Abigail?”

Abigail smiles and replies “You’re my guest tonight Madison so the honor is all yours.”

Madison then says “Come on in boys! Abigail and I are ready for those big cocks of yours!”

The two muscular white men enter the room. The first man is Travis who has brown hair. The second man is Colt who has blonde hair. Both men are wearing polo shirts and dress pants.

Both Abigail & Madison give both Travis & Colt a seductive glance and begin rubbing their sexy thighs.

Madison smiles and says “Now before we get started, Abigail and I are going to get warmed up first.”

Abigail replies “That is a great idea Madison. Why don’t you two take a seat and enjoy the show. Pull those cocks out too.”

Travis & Colt do as Abigail suggests and take a seat in the two chairs that are facing the couch. They then pull out their big cocks.

Madison & Abigail look over at the two hung men and nod in approval. The two hot pornstars begin their very heated make out session. Lots of tongue kissing and neck kissing and licking as well.


Madison now has her tits out and Abigail begins to lick and suck on them. Afterwards Abigail pulls out her tits as well and Madison returns the favor. Both women moan in pleasure as they continue to make out on the couch.


Now completely nude on the couch, Madison is seated while Abigail is between her thighs rapidly licking and eating her pussy.

Madison screams out “Oh fuck Abigail! You're eating my pussy so damn good!”

Abigail smiles and replies “Of course I am! I have a lot of experience in eating pussy!” She then sticks her tongue even further into Madison’s twat.

Travis & Colt jerk their big cocks while watching Abigail dine on Madison’s twat.

Madison is now eating out Abigail while she is seated on the couch.

Abigail smiles and says “Oh my god! Madison please keep licking my pussy just like that!”

Madison smiles and says “Believe me I will!” She continues to eat Abigail’s pussy and even begins fingering her too.

Travis & Colt continue to stroke their big cocks even faster while enjoying the sight of Abigail & Madison going at it.


Abigail & Madison are in the 69 position rapidly tonguing each other's pussies. Madison is on top and Abigail is on the bottom. The two insanely hot adult film stars let out several loud sexual moans as they continue to orally pleasure each other.

Abigail says “Fuck! I’m ready for some cock now!” She then smiles and licks her lips.

Madison smiles and replies “I am too Abigail!” She then looks at Travis & Colt and says “Those cocks better be nice hard for us now boys!”

The two gorgeous pornstars crawl over towards the two men and begin to suck their cocks. Abigail is sucking Travis’ cock and Madison is blowing Colt. The gorgeous duo use their best oral techniques as their jerk, suck, lick and slurp on the two studs cocks.

Madison says “Oh my god! I love sucking on this fat cock!” She returns to sucking Colt’s cock.

Abigail says “I’m going to get cock so fucking wet!” She then laughs and begins to deepthroat Travis’ cock.

Madison then begins to deepthroat Colt’s cock as well. She says “Your cock is so hard and I’m going to make it really wet for you!”

Both Madison & Abigail are now deepthroating the cocks of their respective men. They do this several times as well as lick on their balls. Afterwards the two erotic performers begin tifucking Colt & Travis’ cocks. Abigail & Madison are expertly using their amazing sets of tits to pleasure each man’s throbbing dick.

Abigail says to Travis “I love how your hard cock feels between my tits!”

Madison says to Colt “Oh my god! It feels so good tifucking this dick of yours!” She then proceeds to suck Colt’s dick while titfucking him.


Madison & Abigail are bent over in front of Colt & Travis. The two men are eating the two pornstars pussies and even finger fuck them as well.

Madison moans in pleasure and says to Colt “Oh my god! You are eating my pussy so good!”

Abigail says to Travis “That’s it! Keep eating my fucking pussy just like that!”


Abigail is riding Colt’s cock, cowgirl on the left side on the couch. Meanwhile Madison is being fucked from behind by Travis on the right side of the couch.

Madison looks back at Travis and says “Keep fucking me with that big cock!” He does just that and even slaps her ass.

Abigail while riding Colt’s dick says “I love bouncing on this fat fucking cock!” She then rides him even faster.


Madison is now riding Colt’s cock and Travis is fucking Abigail from behind. Both women moan in pleasure from the fucking they are receiving.

Madison says “I love riding big cocks like yours Colt!” Shen then smiles and continues to ride him and even grind on his dick as well.

Abigail looks back at Travis and says “Travis fuck harder damn it!” He does just that and she smiles from the rough pounding she is receiving from him.


Abigail is now riding Travis, reverse cowgirl. Meanwhile Madison is between Colt’s legs sucking his cock again.

Madison while slurping away at Colt’s big dick says “You know sucking big hard cocks like this one really turns me on!” She then smiles and returns to blowing him.

Abigail has a huge grin on her face as she rides Travis. She says “I love bouncing on this big fucking dick!” She then rubs her pussy while continuing to ride him.

When Madison finishes orally pleasuring Colt she begins to ride him, reverse cowgirl as well.

Abigail is furiously sucking Travis’ cock and a river of saliva oozes from her mouth and covers it as she does.

Madison says “Oh fuck! I love riding big cocks!” She begins to ride Colt even faster.

Abigail is still sucking Travis’ cock and even slaps her face with it a few times. She says “Oh my god! Your cock is so fucking hard! I love it!”


Madison is titfucking Colt’s cock again. She even slaps her tits with it a few times. Madison then rubs her nipples with the head of Colt’s cock.

In her trademark sexy voice, Madison says “As you can see titfucking is one of my specialties!” She laughs and continues to titfuck Colt’s cock.

Travis is fucking Abigail rapidly as she is laid on her back. He even has left leg over his shoulder too.

Abigail moans in pleasure and says “That’s right! Keep fucking my pussy just like that!”


Both Colt & Travis are banging Abigail & Madison from behind in unison. Both women let out loud sexual moans as the hung men furiously pound their pussies.

Abigail screams out “Fuck me harder with that fat cock!” Colt does just that and even smacks her perfect ass a few times as well.

Madison says “Holy shit! That big dick of yours feels so fucking good!” Travis begins fucking the former Brazzers contract star even faster.


Abigail & Madison are both kneeled between the legs of Colt & Travis furiously jerking and sucking their big cocks again.

Madison jerks Travis’ cock and says “I know you’ve got a big load for me from just how big your balls are!” She then licks his balls and jerks his cock until it expels a huge amount of cum all over her beautiful face. Some of the cum even lands on Madison’s perfect tits as well.

She laughs and says “Oh fuck yes! I love how you just covered my face with all of that hot cum!” She then licks Travis’ cock.

Abigail looks over at Madison and laughs. She then says “He gave it to you, good Madison!” The brunette pornstar then turns her attention back to sucking Colt’s cock.

She says in her sexiest voice “I want all of your fucking cum right now! I’ve earned it!” Abigail then opens her mouth, sticks out her tongue and continues to jerk Colt’s cock.

Colt proceeds to blast a massive load of cum onto Abigail’s face and into her open mouth. She then looks at him with her brown eyes and swallows down the cum that’s inside of her mouth.

Abigail smiles and says “That was yummy!” She then sucks the head of Colt’s cock.

Both Madison & Abigail now cum glazed faces and share a passionate kiss. They then lick the cum from each other’s faces.

Madison says “That was incredible Abigail! This was such a wonderful way to celebrate my new deal with Vixen. Thank you!”

Abigail replies “You’re welcome Madison. Once again congrats on signing with Vixen.”

Madison then looks at Colt & Travis still erect cocks. She says “Wow! I have to say that tonight you two really proved that you can fuck like pornstars. Travis & Colt I believe you may have a future in the business.”

Abigail chuckles and replies “I agree with you Madison. But the only way to know for sure is to fuck them again!”

Madison with a sly smile responds “I think you’ve read my mind Abigail. Alright boys it’s time for round two!”

End of Chapter 1
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Re: Vixen's New Angel (Madison Ivy)
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Not bad at all. I love Vixen. Thank you so much for this story!
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Re: Vixen's New Angel (Madison Ivy)
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Starring: Madison Ivy

Guest Starring
Kira Noir

Elsa Jean

Ariana Marie

Also Starring
Alberto Blanco

Madison Ivy officially signs with Vixen and makes her debut.

Chapter 2

One week later at Vixen headquarters, Madison Ivy is at her meeting with the head of the Vixen Media Group and CEO, Greg Lansky. Madison is seated in a chair in front of Lansky’s huge desk. She is dressed in a leather jacket, blue top that shows off her cleavage, form fitting white jeans and black ankle boots.

The famous adult star finishes signing her paperwork to finalize her new deal with Vixen. Once she finishes, Madison hands the contract back to Lansky.

Madison says “All done!” *smiles*

Lansky looks over Madison’s contract then leaves his desk to shake the new contract star’s hand.

The Vixen CEO in an excited tone says “Well it is official! Welcome to the Vixen Family, Madison.”

Madison smiles then replies “Thank you Greg. So when will I begin filming my first scene for you?”

Lansky responds “I knew you would inquire about that Madison. How about this weekend? That way we can take advantage of the buzz surrounding you signing with us, Madison.”

Madison nods in agreement with Lansky. She replies “I agree that we should strike while the iron is hot. So which site will I be filming for first Greg?”’

Lansky responds “I’m glad that you agree. The plan is for you to film a scene for our main three sites: Vixen, Tushy & Blacked. Your debut will of course be for the Vixen site first.”

Madison replies “That makes sense. Who will I be working with for my Vixen debut?”

Lansky answers “I love your enthusiasm Madison. You will be working with Alberto Blanco for your first ever Vixen scene.”

Madison in her trademark sexy voice replies “That sounds great! Now I’m really excited. I’ve watched some of Alberto’s performances and he is very talented. It will be a pleasure to finally work with him.” *smiles*

Lansky responds “Madison you are a true professional! Well that concludes our business for today.” He then returns to his desk. The Vixen CEO adds “I almost forgot that I scheduled your Vixen photoshoot for today as well. Is that okay with you Madison?”

Madison replies “I love being photographed so I have no issue with doing a photoshoot today Greg.” *smiles*

Lansky responds “I love your attitude Madison. Our photo studio is located downstairs. Also Kira, Elsa & Ariana will be shooting with you. I’m sure you know them.”

Madison replies “Yes I do Greg. It will be nice to see them again. Well goodbye and I’ll see you again soon. I’m happy to be with Vixen now and I believe we’re going to have a very bright future together.”

The famous pornstar exits Lansky’s office and makes her way to the Vixen photo studio.


Madison is now inside the Vixen photo studio conversing with Kira Noir, Elsa Jean & Ariana Marie. All four pornstars are dressed in black bikinis with white trim that has the Vixen logo written on them.

Kira says “Welcome to the Vixen family, Madison.” *smiles*

Madison replies “Thank you Kira. I just felt I needed a chance of scenery after being with Brazzers for so long.”

Ariana says “Hi Madison! I can’t wait to work with you. I don’t believe we ever had a chance at Brazzers.”

Madison replies “No we didn’t Ariana. But we definitely will now.” *grins*

Elsa says “I have an idea for a scene that we could do together, Madison. It’ll be us fucking seveal old men with big cocks.” *laughs*

Madison smiles and replies “I’m not sure if you’re joking or not Elsa. But that actually sounds really hot.” *chuckles*


Madison, Kira, Ariana & Elsa have now finished their Vixen shoot. Once the photographer leaves the studio, Kira makes a suggestion to Madison.

Kira says “Since our photoshoot is over and you’re now a part of Vixen. What do you say to a little initiation, Madison?” The ebony adult film actress looks at Madison with a sly grin.

Madison replies “I know what kind of “initiation” you’re talking about Kira. I’m in so let’s get started.” *smiles*

Kira responds “I thought you would love that idea Madison. Elsa & Ariana let’s properly welcome Madison into the Vixen family!”

All four of the hot adult film stars strip down nude. Afterwards Madison & Kira begin to make out, complete with tongue kissing. Meanwhile Elsa & Ariana begin sucking on Madison’s huge tits. Elsa sucks on Madison’s right nipple and Ariana sucks on Madison’s left nipple. Kira then squats in front of Madison and begins licking her pussy.

Madison says “Oh my god! Keep eating my pussy Kira.” *moans*

Kira smiles then replies “I plan to Madison! It tastes so sweet.” *lick* *lick* *lick*

As Kira continues to eat her twat, Madison cries out in pleasure. While this is happening Madison begins making out with Ariana and then Elsa.

Elsa begins eating Madison’s pussy followed by Ariana. As the two Vixens pleasure Madison, Kira walks over to a big pink bag and pulls out a huge black dildo.

Madison moans then says “Is that for Kira?” *smiles*

Kira nods her head and replies “Yes it is Madison. Now how about you lay down for me.” *smiles*

Madison does as Kira requests. Kira begins licking and sucking on the head of dildo then inserts it into Madison’s twat and begins to fuck her with it.

Elsa watches on then says “Oh yes! Fuck Madison good with that big fucking dildo, Kira.” The blonde pornstar smiles as she begins pleasuring herself.

Ariana says “That’s right! Fuck her good Kira.” The dark haired film star starts to makeout with Elsa.

Kira continues to fuck Madison rapidly with the huge black dildo. Madison lets out several loud sexual moans and says “Oh fuck! That feels so good, Kira.” *moans*


Madison is now fucking Kira with the dildo as she is laid on the studio floor. The busty pornstar says “You like that don’t you Kira?” She speeds up fucking the brown skin beauty’s pussy with the dildo.

Kira cries out “Yes! That big fucking dildo feels so good in my pussy, Madison.” *moans*

Elsa & Ariana are now in the 69 position eating each other’s pussies. Elsa is on top and Ariana is on the bottom.

Elsa says “Yes! Keep licking my pussy just like that Ariana.” *moans*

Ariana replies “You’re pussy is so good Elsa.” She smiles and continues to lick Elsa’s twat.

Madison is now eating out Kira and even finger fucks her using her right hand. When they finish Madison & Kira begin to scissor each other.

Ariana is now fucking Elsa with the black dildo. She does this until the blonde pornstar cums. Afterwards both Elsa & Ariana lick Elsa’s juices clean off the dildo. They then watch on as Kira & Madison continue to scissor one another.

Both Madison & Kira let out several moans of ecstasy before they both orgasm. After they cum, Madison & Kira kiss each other then smile.

Madison says “That was incredible Kira.” *smiles*

Kira replies “You were too Madison. I’m going to enjoy working with you and once again welcome to Vixen.”

Elsa & Ariana in unison say “Welcome to Vixen, Madison!”

Madison replies “Thank you so much girls! I’m going to enjoy working with you all too.”

The four Vixen Angels collect their clothing then leave the photo studio.


Madison’s big day has arrived as she makes her debut for Vixen’s main website. The name of her debut scene is of course Vixen’s New Angel.

As with all scenes produced by Vixen the video begins with the Vixen.com logo in front of an all black background. The scene is also directed by Jake King, who is one of the studio’s main directors.

The video then transitions to a shot of a huge beach house located near the ocean. It then cuts to Madison who is sporting her trademark tan, an expensive necklace, a white designer bikini and matching heels. The auburn beauty is sitting in a pool chair while drinking a glass of champagne. Madison is also looking out into the ocean view as the sun is about to set.

A voice-over from Madison then begins.

I decided to spend the weekend with this handsome guy I met named Alberto. He is the owner of this exquisite home which has a very lovely view of the ocean. All of my girlfriends believe that I am only attracted to Alberto because of his wealth and this house. *chuckles* Well they’re not wrong! I’m also with Alberto because he has a big fat cock and knows how to satisfy me with it.

Madison drinks more of her champagne before placing the glass down. She then walks over to the huge white mattress that is also near the pool. After she sits down on the mattress, Alberto Blanco joins her. The Spanish stud is shirtless and only wearing sunglasses and dark blue shorts.

Alberto & Madison begin a heated make out session. While she kisses Alberto, Madison starts rubbing his crotch with her right hand. She then removes her bikini top and is now topless. Alberto begins sucking on her tits and Madison moans as he does so.

Madison says “Oh fuck! That feels so good Alberto. I really want your cock now. Please pull it out for me now!”

Alberto does as Madison requests, he drops his shorts and pulls out his huge cock for her. Her green eyes grow wide and she immediately begins stroking her Spanish lover’s big dick. Madison then removes her bikini bottom and sits back on the mattress. Afterwards Alberto buries head between her thighs and begins to lick her twat. Madison lets out several loud sexual moans as he pleasures orally too.

Alberto quickly laps at Madison’s pussy before he begins to finger fuck her. He does such a great job of orally pleasuring her that Madison’s eyes almost roll to the back of head.

Madison says “You really know how to eat my pussy Alberto. Fuck!” *moans*

Alberto continues to dine on Madison’s twat until she leans over the mattress and says “I want that big cock in my mouth now!” *smiles*

Madison inserts the Spanish stud’s big dick into her mouth and begins sucking away at it. She not only maintains eye contact with Alberto with her green eyes as she blows him, Madison also uses her trademark double handjob technique while sucking his cock too.

As she continues to blow Alberto, Madison says “I’m going to fucking suck all of the cum out of this big cock.” She begins blowing Alberto even faster.

When she finishes blowing Alberto, Madison gets on all fours on top of the mattress. Alberto then inserts his cock into her twat and begins to fuck her from behind. The Spanish stud fucks Madison rapidly and she has a huge smile on her face as he does.

Madison says “Keep fucking my pussy with that big dick, Alberto.” *moans*

Alberto continues to fuck Madison in the doggy position while holding on to her hips. He begins to fuck her faster much to her delight as well.

Madison looks back at Albert and says “Oh yes! Keep fucking me just like that.” *moans*

Alberto continues to fuck Madison from behind for some time.


Madison is once again sucking Alberto’s cock. This time she even titfucks him using her double d tits too. She looks at him with her green eyes and says “I love how your big cock feels between my tits.” *moans* Madison then begins sucking the head of Alberto’s cock while giving him a titjob.

While titfucking Alberto, Madison says “Do you love how my big tits feel wrapped around your cock?” *smiles*

Alberto in his Spanish accent replies “They feel fucking great, Madison.” He then lays back first on the bed so that Madison can mount him. Once she does, Madison rides Alberto’s dick rapidly.

Madison says “Oh my god! That big dick feels so good.” *moans*

Alberto continues to thrusts in and out of Madison’s pussy at a quick pace as she rides him cowgirl. Madison then begins to bounce even faster on Alberto’s dick while moaning in pleasure.

Madison says “Fuck! That dick feels so good.” *moans*

Alberto continues to fuck Madison in the cowgirl position for some time.


Now night time the video cuts to Alberto fucking Madison in the spoon position. The Spanish stud plows the beautiful porn star’s pussy rapidly as continue to let moans of sexual joy. As he fucks Madison, Alberto begins to rub her pussy using his left hand.

Madison says “That feels so fucking good. I’m cuming!” *moans*

Alberto continues to fuck Madison in the spoon position until she begins to give him another blowjob. Madison has her eyes locked on Alberto the entire time she is blowing him. In fact Madison is sucking Alberto’s cock so well that it is as if she wants to suck out his soul.

When Madison finishes blowing Alberto she mounts him again. This time she rides his big dick, reverse cowgirl. As the beautiful Vixen contract star rides Alberto, her huge tits and she has a huge smile on her face as well.

Madison says “I love riding this big fucking dick!” The hot porn star moans then begins bouncing on Alberto’s cock even faster.


One final video edit shows Madison displaying her great flexibility as she now has her legs behind her head as Alberto pounds away at her twat. Madison moans in pleasure as the stud fucks her relentlessly.

Madison says “That big dick is so good, Alberto!” *moans*

A few minutes later as Alberto continues to fuck Madison, he says “I’m about to cum Madison.” He then pulls out of Madison’s pussy.

Madison smiles and replies “I want that cum so bad. Give it to me Alberto!”

Alberto jerks his cock until he fires a sizable load of hot white cum onto Madison’s beautiful visage. She then grabs his cock and licks it one final time. Madison then looks at the screen and smiles before the video fades to black.

A few days later, Greg called to inform me that my debut scene was the most watched video on the Vixen website. I had no doubt in my mind that it wouldn’t be. I can’t wait to top that with my debuts for Tushy and Blacked.

End of Chapter 2
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