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Author Topic: Rematch starring Madelaine Petsch  (Read 802 times)

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Rematch starring Madelaine Petsch
« on: April 22, 2021, 10:03:44 PM »
All of the following is complete and total fiction. Not a word of it occurred nor would it

Rematch starring Madelaine Petsch
(MF, Oral, Anal, ATM, Cons)
By MaxwellLord

Author's note. This is a sequel to another story on this site I wrote called Firehouse. If you want to read it, it's located here: https://celebritystorysite.com/index.php?topic=1586.msg14296#msg14296

Not required, but it's more Madelaine goodness.

Cabin fever was messing with Madelaine's head. Well, not exactly cabin fever. Due to her gig on Riverdale she wasn't exactly cut off from society or socializing. But that was on a purely platonic basis. She hadn't had any real, mind-blowing fun in months. It also didn't help matters that the few times she had she always compared it to an event that happened pre-quarantine.

She still remembered his name...Sam. She remembered so much about that night being fucked out in the open, in the parking lot of a bar. She would play with herself in the shower thinking about being bent over that car, lit only by the neon lights of the building, and how her lover of the night rained his hot seed down on her face at the end of it.

Madelaine also kicked herself as she remembered how she didn't get any contact information from him. She was dating someone back then and Sam was meant to just be a one night stand. Now the ex was gone and Madelaine had a craving that wouldn't be sated.

Being single made it more intense. The redhead had tried filling up her time, but the need for another taste always crept back in. Magazine cover shoots, designing for and modeling a clothing line, her YouTube channel, Riverdale...not a one were able to completely wipe the desire for another night of passion like that.

Madelaine just accepted it. What else she could do? She didn't even know Sam's last name, let alone have any way of finding out. She just accepted it. These things happened and life went on. It was something she had pushed to the back of her head except for those days where she treated herself to a nice long shower or bubblebath.

Which meant thoughts of that night were the last things on her mind if she had anything to say about it. So when it all came crashing back in a grocery store of all places. IF she hadn't needed a certain brand of vegan mozzarella she never would have been in the store that day.

If it wasn't for a store exclusive, irresistible dairy substitute Madelaine wouldn't have literally backed in to a memory.

Though she had just come in for the faux-cheese, she decided to peruse the vegan selection at the store. Mads picked up a box of couscous and began to scan the nutrition facts. As she did this, she unconsciously began to step backwards, which was when she bumped into somebody.

They were both startled, yelping a bit before turning around. Madelaine had bumped into a man, but in his mask and baseball cap she didn't recognize him. He however, just looking at her eyes, recognized her.

"I'm sorry," Madelaine said. "You drop anything?"

"Madelaine?" the man asked, and upon hearing that voice Madelaine's ears perked up.

"Sam?" she asked, almost not believing it. Though when he temporarily pulled his mask down to show his face there was no mistaking that's exactly who it was. "Sam!" She surprised him with a big hug. "I can't believe it! It's been...it's been way too long."

"It's good to see you too Mads," Sam. "A bit unexpected though."

"You're telling me," she said with a laugh. "I didn't even think you lived in Canada."

"I don't. I mean not technically. I've been up here for a couple months for work. Company even got me a hotel room. Of course that also meant two weeks of quarantine before entering the country. I would have called but...never got your number."

"Oh I know." Madelaine replied. "I was rather insistent on that...much to my chagrin."


"Well, yeah. Not to inflate your ego too much but let's just say that night has been on my mind a lot. I really would have liked to call you and catch up. Hindsight, 20/20 and all."

Sam nodded, a smile visible through his mask. He looked Madelaine up and down, admiring the workout gear that hugged her body so deliciously. And Madelaine noticed.

"You know, my hotel isn't too far from here," Sam said. "If you wanted to catch up. Unless you're on your way to the gym or something."

"Just got done with my personal trainer," she said. "So my afternoon is free."

An agreement was made with a single look between them and they were off. The pair was discreet about it at first, buying their groceries before getting in their cars and driving to the hotel in question. The veneer of respectability began to fade the closer they got to his room. The first major crack in the armor was on the elevator

They were trying to be good, hold in their mutual desire until they were in the safety of Sam's room. Madelaine however couldn't take it. Fortunately for her the elevator's security cameras wouldn't catch anything she was about to do the amazing coincidence of how Sam was holding his plastic bag of groceries.

When Sam felt her hand at zipper and begin to pull down he gave the ravishing redhead a look which was parried right back at him. He then let out a soft moan as Sam felt her delicate hand reach in and grasp his cock. It was a quick little hand job, just enough for a taste of how much Madelaine needed this but it was more than enough to make Sam just as ravenous as she.

Once the elevator opened the two almost dashed out to his room. The seconds it took to reach it seemed an eternity. Fortunately when they arrived there was no fumbling of the key; Sam was laser focused on the prize that was Madelaine Petsch.

The door opened. They rushed in. The door shut just as Sam pressed Madelaine against the wall, a savage kiss between them, tongues wrestling with each other before it broke. Sam stepped back for a moment, looking at Madelaine. Masks were off and that smile of hers was on full display, radiating like a neon sign in the red light district.

Madelaine moved her shoulders back, letting the light green hoodie she wore slide down to the ground. She sighed softly when she felt the skin of his hands make contact with her waist. He moved up, cupping her breasts through the matching light green sports bra she wore. Their locked gaze continued as Sam's hands went down Madelaine's body, squeezing her out-of-the-world ass. She licked her pink tongue around her full lips, a sexy grin on her face that screamed silently at Sam to take it a bit further.

It was a signal heard loud and clear. Sam took hold of the sports bra and pulled it up and off of Madelaine's chest. It was slow, almost peeling it from her. The wait was worth the moment those perfect, pale orbs came into view. His desire broke the needle. He needed to taste her tits, especially those candy-pink nipples, aroused and ready for him. Though Madelaine's eyes were brown, they almost seemed to have a slight glow of green, a traffic light clearly tell him "go".

"Mmmm fuck yes," Madelaine sighed, wide grin on her face. Sam's touch felt as good as as memory, if not better. His firm and gentle grip as he fondled her tits, the sweet and tender hunger of his mouth as he suckled on them, the soft sweet pain as his teeth carefully bit down on those strawberry pink nipples and pulled was all so intoxicating. She let him steer the ship. Madelaine knew he was more than capable.

The redheaded vixen gasped in surprised as she was flipped around, facing the wall. She pressed her arms against the standard beige wallpaper of the hotel room, arching her back and jutting her ass out. Madelaine licked her lips as Sam pulled down her grey gym pants, getting a full view of that luscious rump. The pants were bunched up around her ankles. She didn't step out of them though. Madelaine was too focused on Sam's touch.

"Ooh I like that," cooed Mads. She bit down on her lower lip, savoring the way his fingers glided and and danced on her calves, the trail her was creating with his tongue as Sam began to kiss her thighs until he got to the prize, the big, peachy rump. She really liked it, moaning as kisses began to be panted all over her ass, spiced with the occasional spank. That's when Sam made his intentions even more clear, prying her ass cheeks apart and bringing his tongue to her starfish.

"Ohhh fuck," Madelaine said. It was far from the first time her booty had gotten that kind of attention but it never unwelcome. She knew what she had and didn't mind admiration of her caboose.

Admiration might have been putting lightly. Sam wrapped his arms around her shapely legs and pulled her close, burying his face in Madelaine's ass.

Her nails scraped against the wall, desperate to grip something as Sam's tongue probed her ass. It was heavenly and it was only beginning. Madelaine sighed, slight disappointment in her tone when Sam pulled his face away. That disappoint faded when she felt Sam's hands at her feet, untying her shoes and removing them. Now it was Madelaine who got the green light, finally stepping out of her pants.

Her clothes completely shed, Madelaine turned around to face Sam. Though he was still on his knees, his view was still very appealing. Madelaine's pal, perfect body, every curve, the wonderful strip of red pubic hair. Every inch so appetizing even a few seconds was an agonizing wait for him to get more of a taste of Madelaine than he had before.

"Fuck yes!" Madelaine hiss. Just as he had with her peach Sam planted his face in her pussy, hungrily eating her cunt. Mads' body tensed up at the sensation of his twisting tongue and dancing digits. He lifted her leg on his shoulder, sucking her clit with a mix of sweet savagery that made the redhead rage to go further. She'd dreamt about this for months and she was stuck between wanting to savor every moment and jump head first into the pleasure.

Sam found himself in that same position. he could easily spend all day with his face planted in between Madelaine's legs, tasting her pussy and driving the pale ginger beauty wild. However he also ached to get reacquainted with the rest of her body, the urge to merge getting strong. His throbbing member straining against his pants, telling him it was time to get just as bare as Madelaine was.

The desire eventually won out. Sam got to his feet and picked Madelaine up only to drop her down on the bed, the impact bringing a lustful giggle to rise from the redhead. She sat on the edge of the bed, legs open and slit glistening. She was a breath away from licking her chops, a starving tigress ready for her meal. And as Sam started removing his clothes that hunger did nothing but grow.

Sam took care of the top half first, discarding the jacket and shirt. However he didn't have to take care of the pants. He had walked close enough to the edge of the bed for Madelaine to take the wheel in that regard. Like a well practiced thief cracking a safe Madelaine dealt with the belt in short order, unbuckling and pulling it from the loop. The zipper was even less of a barrier, having already been taken care of in the elevator. Soon gravity took over, allowing the pants to drop. Since Sam had gone commando, that meant the moments the pants hit the floor his cock was out and Madelaine was more ready than ever.

Madelaine reached out, grasping his hard rod in her hand and guided him towards her. She looked up at him, a cocked eyebrow before bringing her eyes back to his cock, her full, plump lips soon followed.

"Oh yeah Mads," Sam growled while Madelaine reacquainted herself with his rod. Last time they were on a ticking clock. They were out in the open, fucking on the razor's edge. Now, in the privacy of Sam's hotel room there was no time limit. Madelaine could take her time.

That was exactly what she did, slowly taking his meat in her mouth. Madelaine went hands free as well, her hands grabbing his hips as her mouth slowly slurped on his cock. Up and down, her cheeks billowing. Her tongue delicately licked and slithered, lighting his nerves on fire. Madelaine's grip on his hips tightened as she forced her mouth down completely taking his dick all the way into the root, holding him there and making Sam's eye roll in the back of his head as he growled out a pleasured groan.

Madelaine pulled back, releasing his cock and gasping for air. Then repeated the process again, slow and sweet blowjob before taking him into the root. She had him on the edge, his groans desperate and his cock throbbing. She could make him cum right now with one swipe of her tongue. Madelaine however had so much more in mind. He'd cum...but not just yet.

Madelaine pulled her mouth from Sam's dick one more time, sealing the end of the suckjob with a delicate swirl of her tongue around his dick. She then looked up at him as she scooted up on the bed, waving him towards her with her index finger. Sam stepped out of his shoes and pants then crawled on the bed with Madelaine, taking position between her legs as their lips met again.

Madelaine leaned back on her arms, the smile on her face and look in her eyes screaming at Sam to fuck her. The moment she felt his hands move to her back and grab her ass she knew that was just on the horizon. Sam gripped her and had Madelaine straddle him as he sat down.

"Oh fuck yes...." Madelaine moaned as she lowered herself on his dick. "Fuck..mmmmmissed this cock." Madelaine slowly slid down his pole until Sam was in to the hilt. This was another moment to savor for them both, Madelaine almost trying to memorize every bit of his cock and Sam was doing the same for her perfect pussy.

His hands were doing the same on the outside, roaming her fit body, gliding over every curve before always returning to the home base that was her booty. Of course, Sam also used his mouth for that, circling his tongue around her nipples one a time before sucking them into her mouth.

"Ohhh baby," Madelaine sighed, smiling as the gates were opened. He began to thrust up into her and Madelaine wrapped her arms and legs around him, holding Sam tight as he began to fuck her. Sam returned the favor, squeezing her plump ass as he drove into her.

"Oh...oh Sam," she said. "Oh my GOD I've needed this for so long. Needed..mmm...needed another round with this cock.

"Feeling is very mutual Maddie," he said with a grin, spanking her ass with one hand while the other pulled her face to his for a kiss. Their tongues once more met in a collision of passion, wrestling with each other like two pythons.

Sam's embrace on Madelaine loosened enough to let the fire-haired beauty lean back, letting him driving into her harder and deeper. Madelaine's howls of approval only spurred him on, maneuvering them both until Madelaine was on her back, her calves hanging over his shoulder and thighs against Sam's chest.

"So deep...oh my GOD!" Madelaine said, delicious desperation in her voice. "More...fuck me harder...oh my god Sam please fuck me harder!"

"No problem he said, licking her lips before kissing them. "You just need to say my name...let me hear you say my name when I fuck you."

He thrust slow and deep inside her, mining for his desired reaction. He got it.

"Fuck me Sam!" Madelaine cried, her voice just as full of desire as her eyes. "Make me cum on that cock...every...oh fuck...inch of it...make me cum just for you...only you..." Madelaine's pale face was flushed pink and sweaty, licking her lips as she called Sam's name out and pleaded for his cock.

"You want to cum for me, huh?" he asked. "Know...oh know what I remember from when we fucked in the parking lot baby? You...mmm...your perfect ass. So how about...I make you cum...I...nnng I get your ass?"

The question made her grin. That was something she could easily go for.

"Make me cum and you can have whatever you want. Just....fuck me...and fuck me hard...make me cum..."

Once more those brown eyes gave him a green light and he rose once more, kneeling with Madelaine's legs now wrapped around his waist. Sam's hands once more went her hips, gripping tight as he prepared to give Madelaine every last inch of everything she told him she wanted.

"YES!" cried Madelaine. Sam was jackhammering her now, fucking her with months of pent up desire being burned up by them both. She writhed, throwing her head side to side as her long thirst was quenched by the dick of her dreams. Her tits bounced and jiggled like there were in an earthquake.

The best part of it all was it wasn't just power fucking. He got depth in all those stroke and he had motion on his side as well. Same wasn't just plowing her pussy, her was hitting all the sweet spots and making Madelaine see living colors as the sizzling heat of an orgasm was getting ready to hit her...and Sam saw it written all over her face.

Before he could say a word to urge her on Madelaine beat him to the punch, the moan that escaped her lips seeming more like a raw sonic eruption. It almost cut itself off into a croak before she regained the tune, crying out his name was her body was rocked to the core with a pleasure that was both familiar and indescribable at the same time.

And Sam didn't stop fucking her. No, his cock continued to fuck her through her orgasm, extended her superb sensations until she body went limp as a noodle. He almost was ready to let the anal agreement Madelaine had made pass...but Madelaine wasn't having any of that.

The redhead pulled off his rock hard member and got on wobbly knees, shaking her rump in front of him.

"Take what you've been dreaming of Sam," she said, her dick drunk smile having a wonderfully devilish tint to it. "I want it too...fuck my ass....let me taste your cum too...I want it again...I want to swallow your cum one more time...but only after my ass makes you cum."

Madelaine winked at him over her shoulder and opened her ass cheeks with her hands, giving Sam a full view of the target.

"Don't leave me waiting Sam."

Madelaine wouldn't be waiting to long.. Soon Sam had indeed crawled behind her and pulled her up, her back to his chest. One his his hands roamed up Madelaine's body, squeezing her her tits before gently grabbing her chin and guiding her lips to his for a kiss.

While that hand was busy, the other one was guiding Sam's prick up against Madelaine's asshole. He pushed forward, Madelaine moaning in surprise into Sam's mouth as her asshole was entered by his cock, well lubed by her own orgasm.

"Oh my god...." she softly moaned, licking her lips breathlessly as her backdoor was filled with Sam's cock. "Yes...oh god put it all in...fuck...fuck my ass."

As enthusiastic as Madelaine was, Sam started slow. They may have been off the charts hot for each other, but that didn't give him a ticket to pummel her ass with wild abandon. Slowly but surely he worked more of his dick into Madelaine's ass, planting kisses on her neck, shoulder and lips while he used his hand to slowly work her clit.

All the while Madelaine was still swimming in the haze of her previous orgasm while feeling a second one just on the horizon as she got more and more used to the backdoor intrusion. She was no stranger to anal sex but she also found it rare when a guy would do it to her satisfaction. Sam however was connecting all the dots. His pace slowly building up, giving every bit of her body tender attention. The soft caresses of his hand and kisses felt wonderful, like little drops of rain on her pleasure-heated body. The sweetly gentle way he played with her clit was amazing as well. And it all worked so well with the building pace of his cocking thrusting into her ass.

"I'm...I'm gonna cum with your cock in my ass," Madelaine declared. "Oh god it's going to feel so good Sam....I can't wait to taste your cum again...oh my god...."

The redhead leaned forward now, face down on the bed and that beautiful bottom up. The wheel was now totally Sam's. Her hand darted between her legs joining his at her clit while Sam's pace began to increase. He was getting close, very close and Madelaine, to his delight, wasn't remotely interested in helping him maintain that stamina."

"Wanna taste your cum," she repeated, almost like a mantra. Each time it got more urgent. It was a race to see who was going to get that release first. Every thrust in her drove them both crazier. Sam sped up, and so did Madelaine, pushing her ass against him, squeezing her ass and making the path that much tighter. "Wanna taste your cum....wanna taste your cum..."

"Oh god Mads...oh Madelaine...." He was going hard now, his pelvis full on slapping into her ass, making her cheeks ripple with every deep and hard thrust.

"Yes...yes..." she said, breaking up the chant. "Make me cum one more...yessssss!!!" Madelaine said in a soft shout, still delirious from the first orgasm. He ass clamped down hard on Sam's dick and it was over for him as well.

"Gonna fucking cum!" he yelled as her pulled out of Madelaine's heavenly bum. The redhead spryly flipped over, leaning back on her arms, her mouth open and waiting for his cock.

The moment the head of Sam's dick was in her mouth and Madelaine's lips closed around it his cock erupted, the first few jets hitting the roof of her mouth like a volcanic eruption. Madelaine turned up the heat on Sam's meat, giving him a full on blowjob as he filled her mouth with cum, almost making him black out from the white hot pleasure as Madelaine swallowed and sucked him for everything he was worth until the well ran dry and he fell down next to her, the pair a tangled sweaty heap of satisfied flesh.

Sam put his arm around her and Madelaine scooted closer. The only sounds filling the hotel room was the happy, satisfied but very labored breathing of the pair. Still, Madelaine had something to say.

"So," Madelaine said as she gulped for air. "I'm thinking this time we should exchange contact information."

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Re: Rematch starring Madelaine Petsch
« Reply #1 on: April 23, 2021, 01:24:53 AM »
That was incredible, you (as usual) did an incredible job with the story!
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Re: Rematch starring Madelaine Petsch
« Reply #2 on: April 23, 2021, 04:30:54 PM »
Great story! Simple but oh so sweet.  Who could resist that booty?

Image Made By MaxwellLord
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