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Surface Seduction (Kate Upton, Heidi Klum)
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Surface Seduction
Starring: Kate Upton, Heidi Klum

Codes: MF, MFF, Cons, Oral, Tit Fuck, Anal, Facial, 69

Disclaimer: This story is purely fictional. This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal. Please do not copy this story to any site without my permission.

London, England

White lights repeatedly flashed, blinking from all directions while several voices could be heard among an audience of fans. In front of a wall sat two people as a line went by for signing autographs to a newly released book in hard cover edition. Voices were heard in the distance as people in the audience and line were chatting to themselves. From the distance, news cameras captured all the events recording them second by second. A man and woman were seated at the large table containing a stack of hard cover books. The event was an organized autograph signing in promotion for a new book released between a star photographer and a famous model.

John Varga sat next to Heidi Klum at the table. The two returned smiles to every individual that approached them. They went through a routine of taking a hard cover book from the stack and then opening it up before he used a black marker to sign his name. Heidi used a red marker and would sign under him, all after giving her signature trademark smile as the fans walked off. John couldn't have been more proud at this moment, as the event was something he had worked for in the past several years. He was an American photographer just at the age of fifty two who had spent the last several years working in various magazines and a modelling company. After a brief stint in Hollywood where he covered promotions for a few action films, he set out to make his own piece of art through picture books.

He had spent over twenty five years through out the modelling industry. The first book he produced sold poorly, packed with erotic artwork of no name models and bland settings. His experience since then had taught him many valuable lessons, as he did not attempt the second book until two years ago with his dear friend Heidi Klum. The German born super model had become a friend to John back around 1998 when he directed one of her famous photo sessions for Sports Illustrated magazine. From there on, they would develop a friendship that went beyond business and had become something personal behind closed doors away from the rest of the world. John valued his privacy in wealth and luxury, something Heidi greatly admired of him.

John was a man who didn't have much outside the fame and money he had accumulated from his years in the business. His family was based of Hungarian immigrants who had arrived in the U.S. over two generations before his birth. He grew up in northern Ohio, but soon left for college traveling out to California where he attended UCLA. That was all a long time ago at this point and none of it mattered. He didn't have any siblings, or a wife or children, nor did he have desire to settle down and enjoy a family. His work in photography with beautiful women is what he preferred to be married to. The job opened the door to enjoying a lifestyle of grandeur, all with a mansion in Miami where he resided and spent most of his time.

The latest book that had been a joint work together with Heidi Klum was simply entitled 'Heidi Klum by Varga'. Reviews had broke a week prior to it's release after a few photos leaked onto the internet, detailing the erotic book featured many nude shots page after page of Heidi's famous beautiful body. It wasn't the first time the model was bravely crossing into nude works. She was forty-four years old now, without a care of her age as Heidi wanted to spend as much time as she could as a top model as possible. So far, the book was predicted to be a success and John hoped to make another similar erotic book with a new model in the future, hopefully one that would command such power as Heidi Klum did as a name.

"Can I get a picture with both of you?"

A short man with a big grin over his face stood at the table, catching the attention of both John and Heidi.

"Yeah, sure!"

It was her strong voice speaking in English to reply back to the man. John smirked back at Heidi as he leaned forward and she lit up with her bright trademark smile. The man turned his back to them, quickly taking out his phone to take a 'selfie' picture with them. After the photo snapped, he turned around and both John and Heidi resumed to signing the books and passing them out to the next people who came to the table. The line continued to move in a busy form, as they were going to be here for the next few hours. It didn't matter to John how many signatures he signed, or the various times he would smile back at Heidi. Everything was worth it, as he felt the true success of his life's work was coming into full bloom now.

Some fans requested photos while even a few had brought their own photographs for Heidi to sign. It was amazing to sit next to her and witness such excitement and passion from fans. At one point, a fan requested John himself to sign a magazine that had an interview dated from 2004. Varga was his name, as he was known in the industry and among the households in modelling. Every signature signed was with a capital V in his cursive left handed writing. Once the autograph signings were done, Heidi and John left the stage to go behind closed doors for a few minutes. They would have an hour to prepare for some media interviews with a local news network based in London. All the focus was on Heidi who had proven to be a magnet for great publicity. Tonight was only the beginning for the release of the book, as John couldn't wait to enjoy the success that would soon come over.

"You look so happy tonight, John. This is probably the most happy I think I've ever seen you."

Heidi spoke while looking back at him. They sat in chairs neat a set with cameras, awaiting the interview to proceed. All he could do was smile back at her upon answering the beautiful German model.

"You don't know, Heidi. I couldn't be more proud right now. Not just for myself, but for you. This was our moment together and no one can ever take it away."

His smile brightened over his lips, almost as a smug grin. John wasn't going to tell her out in public before they would be on live TV screens, but he truly felt he was on top of the world at this point. Though he had worked with Heidi in the past decades, he was never able to share an interview with her like this. He was usually just a photographer in the background when it came to his portrait sessions with famous names. This was what he worked his entire life for, now being able to enjoy the spoils in his fifties without feeling that his age could slow him down at any point. Life was great when you felt that you were truly on top.



Miami, Florida

Lights cast through the shades, creating an illusion of a shadow back over a white wall. John's bedroom was decorated in white paint, the walls empty of anything as he lay in the bed gazing up into the ceiling. The clock sitting on the night stand clearly read out 1:48 PM, but John wasn't bothered about sleeping late into the afternoon hours. He usually worked late, knowing that soon the phone would be ringing within an hour from his assistant calling in about business. Months had went by since dropping his book with Heidi Klum and yet, he was still thinking about it almost everyday. 'Heidi Klum by Varga' had been a massive success so far with the book itself selling from initial printing and even digital download releases bringing in a fair share of revenue. The only shameful thing was that he and Heidi did not get to celebrate behind closed doors in the way they usually did with a steamy affair.

She was forced to leave London soon after the press release and head back to L.A. where she was filming her fashion based TV show. John was a bit disappointed, as he and Heidi had a history of sharing affairs together in the bedroom. As the months had went by though, he had other things to focus on. The success of his picture book had led to other models requesting photo sessions for him. He had just finished up with a photo session in Rolling Stone magazine back in June that featured Iman in a retrospective interview commemorating her late husband David Bowie and his legacy. The photo session itself featured Iman in various outfits similar to her husband's career. John was quite proud of the photography session, as he had the honor of meeting David several years back when he shot a session with him for another magazine that was interviewing him.

His mind was already focused on work, even before he had climbed out of bed and wandered to the bathroom. When John looked in the mirror, he had noticed some wrinkles appearing over his forehead. It was bound to happen with his age crossing into his fifties, but it didn't bother him so much. He examined his hair, making sure there wasn't a visible grey hair in place as he used black hair dye to fade them out. Before he was ready to jump in the shower, he shaved his face, always making sure to keep a clean face to go with his skinny body and hairy chest. Several minutes passed by the time he was finished in the bathroom after taking a shower. Sure enough, as he could've guessed, the phone was ringing from the bedroom with his assistant calling. The clock now clearly read 2:03 as John wrapped a towel around his naked body and answered his cellphone.

"Good afternoon Mr. Varga, how did you sleep?"

The subtle voice through the phone came from Larry, one of John's assistants who usually worked the office and made arrangements for meetings. Larry was a young man, working his way through college with a job during the summer. After letting a short sigh, John replied.

"I slept alright. Thanks for asking, Larry. I've been expecting some calls lately, you know, right?"

"Yes, sir. An agent representing Miss. Upton called and left a message for you. He said for you to get in touch with him when you can."

"Alright, I'll be right on my way soon."

He moved the phone away from his ear and clicked the button on the screen to hang up. John had to get dressed before he left the mansion and went out to his office. His mansion was located on Star Island, right on an island that connected via a bridge to South Beach and the main city on the west side. The office he used was in Miami Beach, keeping an image of glitz and glamour with his job. After he got dressed, it was time to head out and make the quick drive behind the wheel of his black Mercedes. John got dressed in the casual wear of jeans and a button up floral shirt. Due to the heat in southern Florida, he rarely ever wore suits since it wasn't worth sweating in.

Miss. Upton was none other than Kate Upton herself, the most popular household name of a model in America for the past few years. Some time back, John had shot a photo session with her that ended up in a fashion magazine modelling off swim wear and bikinis. It was back in 2014, but the memory was still fresh on his mind of working with her. Her agent had reached out to him last week, but they were unable to discuss any sort of deal. An hour later after he arrived at his office, John was looking forward to whatever was left for him from her representative. When he stepped through the building, Larry was sitting behind the desk as he expected. The young man looked up with a smile but didn't speak back. He knew John well enough that he wasn't a man for small talk when arriving to work.

Not wasting any time, John moved upstairs to go straight into his office. The building itself was located north in South Beach near a set of motels. The rent was cheap, which was the only true reason John bought it out some years back. Security was the most expensive bill when it came to maintaining the place, but the small office served a great purpose. Most of his photo shoots on his own were outside Miami, so he never had to worry about empty space in the building for a photo room that wouldn't be used. Once he sat down at his desk, he replayed the message left from Kate Upton's agent. A man named Adam spoke of nothing special, just that he needed to be called back. John picked up the phone and hit the redial button, sitting there and waiting only for a few seconds before the man picked up the phone.

"Hi, this is John Varga. I got your message and am calling you back."

"Oh, yes. Mr. Varga, I've been expecting you. Miss. Upton is in town right now and would like to meet with you personally."

"She's in Miami?"

"Yes, we're both here. She wants to speak to you herself, is it possible to schedule a meeting soon?"

John smirked while holding the phone up to his ear. An idea formed in his mind, one that he believed would be impossible for them to tell him no.

"How about in the next hour? I'm down in South Beach, I can take you both out for lunch. This is on me, I'll pay for you both."

"I believe Miss. Upton would enjoy that for our meeting, I'll inform her soon. Simply name the place and we will meet you there."

"Alright, it's Rico's Cuisine down by the docks. I'll be waiting on both of you to arrive."



Distant music and various voices faded in with the ambiance of the restaurant's atmosphere. John sat at a private table with Adam and Kate Upton who both had enjoyed an expensive meal all courtesy to John's tab and offering to pay for everything. Kate had come in dressed casually in a pair of tight black leather pants and a white low cut T-shirt exposing her epic cleavage under a blue denim jacket. It was obvious from her dress choice that she was trying to be low key and not attract the attention of paparazzi or fans. Adam on the other hand was an older man, much like John himself. He wore a suit, had faded blonde hair that was quickly turning white.

Over the course of the meeting, there was no discussion of business while they ate from their plates. John told both of them it was better to enjoy themselves before talking of important matters at hand. He got the impression that Kate wanted to push his boundaries with the price of the food. She went all out, picking deserts that would run up the tab bill without any care in the world. John wasn't annoyed by it whatsoever. This was how he liked to make deals, to spoil someone with generosity while they talked it out. For an hour, they chatted over small talk. John talked to Kate about various photo sessions he had been working on while Kate traded stories about her own career. The conversation turned however once she mentioned the picture book he produced with Heidi Klum.

"I saw your book with Heidi, very impressive work."

Kate grinned when she spoke to him. She starred back at him with her big piercing blue eyes while raising a glass to her lips to sip on her drink. Adam didn't say a word in response while John nodded and spoke back.

"Thank you, it was a joy to make a book like that. Especially with a high profile model like her."

"That's what I wanted to talk you about. Maybe we could work together, Heidi told me about the book. I'm thinking about doing something like that."

Her words were a startling revelation. John raised his eyebrow, as he expected her agent to say something but the other man remained in complete silence. Kate had clearly admitted her intentions now of going through nude photography. It was quite something that would make headlines, as her name alone could generate headlines. After a moment, John replied.

"You want to do something racy and nude like that, Kate?"

She didn't say a word back to him. Kate smirked and then nodded her head slowly. Now John knew the truth at hand. This was more than just a meeting to discuss an opportunity. Kate was ready to push boundaries as she revealed herself with a book like this. Yet again, John expected her agent to say something in response, but the man continued to remain quiet. It was Kate who spoke once more.

"What do you think? Kate Upton by Varga...It has quite a ring to it, doesn't it?"

John shook his head. It was no use in repeating a title that was already used. His mind was already turning with ideas for doing photo sessions with Kate for such a book. One idea in particular involved shooting in the islands, where he knew the book would generate a great deal of enthusiasm since she was famous for her Sports Illustrated shoots. The title popped up in his head just before he replied.

"No, I don't want you to be in the shadow of Heidi by simply replacing your name over hers in the title. How about something different?"

"You have something else in mind?"

"Yes. Kate Upton and Varga in Surface Seduction."

He grinned after answering her back. Kate took a moment to let the thought sink in while she knew he was studying her beautiful face. John was still curious if her agent Adam would say anything to interfere. So far, Kate was in complete control of everything, her agent having no say so when it came to her control for doing such a thing. She eventually smiled before responding back.

"I like it. Surface Seduction, huh? I think it sounds sexy."

Kate turned to her agent and then spoke once again.

"I want this gig, I hope you are ready to handle negotiations with him."

"Oh yes, I am. It won't be a problem at all, Miss. Upton."

She looked back at John and winked at him while a smug smile crossed over her lips. It came as he had suspected, Kate truly was in control of her career and the agent present with her was simply there to make arrangements after the fact. John sat back and let the thoughts run freely through his mind. He was about to be shooting another picture book, this time with a model in her prime and at the top of the industry. There were many photographers, let alone companies that would've done anything to get their hands on what he was about to have. The opportunity to shoot Kate Upton in the nude and reveal her voluptuous body to all. After she was done speaking with her agent, Adam turned to John and they had to speak for a bit. Documentation would be in order now for signing agreements as Kate and John would be working together soon.



The bright sun beamed down over the white beach, but not in the least bit to hinder the beautiful sight from beyond. A few palm trees rustled with the wind, shaking lightly while there was a clear blue sky with only a few clouds in the distance. Underneath the sand, small waves came brushing over the sand. The water's color was a light blue in crystal clear, revealing anything underneath as the small waves continued to knock up against the shore. A few men walked past the beach shore, carrying out photography equipment and camera stands. The island was just south in the Bahamas, a special place where John had inquired to begin his photography sessions with Kate. For the last two weeks, he spent the time preparing and working out contract details with her and the agent representing her.

A high budget was put in place for the book deal with Kate. John took out the money himself, spending over four hundred thousand dollars on production. Through negotiations in the previous weeks, Kate demanded a touch of artistic creativity. John agreed to her terms, as the book itself was to be published under the name 'Varga and Kate Upton' as co-authors. The high budget was John's way of reaffirming his promise to Kate that this photo book was going to be serious and nothing cheap. With the money to spend, John also arranged for a promotional video. It was Kate's idea to do a short video, arguing that it would generate heavy reactions on the internet to promote and hype up the release of the book.

Right now, the focus was taking place on the other side of the specific island. All eyes were situated on Kate as she situated herself in the water against the shore, rising up to the surface in a green bikini that was almost too small to contain her busty tits. It took a bit of time to situate the beach side for her body, everything had to be made at a specific angle to generate a perfect shot. The water was rising just over her stomach as she had her right leg underwater and lifting her left knee. Her whole arms remained under water, as her form in the water gave focus to her large breasts rising to the surface. She lowered her head, looking backwards into the lens of the camera as John was seated in a chair directing the shots in motion. A pair of sunglasses shielded his eyes from the sunlight while no flashes of the cameras could be seen.

"Very nice, just like that..."

He spoke as the cameras flashed, snapping several photos of Kate in the position. The water was murky on this side of the island. Sunlight from above shined down over her tanned skin, offering a bright line over her right leg that was lifted up. Kate's face almost looked like an upside down heart with her huge round boobs looking like mountains with a small passage right up the middle where the light shined into her skin. Her body appeared to be rising in the surface, though much of the shots were taken up with a focus on her large breasts. These specific photos were meant to be as a visual representation of the title 'Surface Seduction'. John nodded, motioning his hand as he spoke to her once more.

"Hands behind your head, close your eyes for this next shot."

Kate followed his instructions. She closed her eyes and then gently folded her hands under the water to rest behind her head.  As she leaned her head forward, John looked over at a few of his crew standing by holding pieces of boards that would be used with pole attachments to create a shade. He clapped his hands together and pointed in direction, motioning for them to approach the seen and use the boards to create a bit of shade for the sun. The next few shots needed to be darker, to illuminate the photos of Kate's body rising forward. He stepped up, getting behind the camera station himself to re-position it and then shooting the next several captures himself. He smiled after he was complete in a short amount of time.

"Excellent work, Kate. That will be all for now."

He stepped away from the camera station and watched as Kate climbed up from the waters. Her body dripped for a moment as she stood there and raised her head up to run her hands through her wet hair. An assistant approached her with a towel, but Kate waved the person off and decided to walk back through the sand on her own with the water still trickling down her voluptuous form. Her breasts shook as she stepped forward, her feet sticking in the sand. John watched her as she turned to look over her right shoulder, making eye contact with him to deliver a subtle smirk across her lips. It was a telling vision of desire and temptation while Kate was walking way. John stood there and smiled as she had moved past him, his eyes following her ass cheeks as he watched them rub against one another with the tiny bikini bottom piece unable to contain much of her rump.



With time passing by in a matter of days, the photo sessions were moving along quite splendidly. John and his crew departed from the Bahamas with Kate, heading back to Miami where he planned to finish off the photo shoots within his mansion. The photos taken at the island would most likely be used early in the book. John still had to come up with a plan for Kate's big nude reveal. He wanted to leave that up to her, since this was all her decision to go completely naked for the book. Back at the mansion, he had cleared out the floor space downstairs to provide an easy set location in one specific room for the next part of the book. John decided to go ahead and make the teaser video so it could be released online around the same time to break news of the book.

Downstairs, a room had been organized to shoot the video. John decided he was going to direct the video himself. After preparing his camera work station, he discussed with Kate various ideas. He wanted her to dance in front of the camera lens, so he could close in on all the features of her voluptuous body. An assistant brought out a box of props used for previous photo shoots at the mansion. Among the various things, Kate found a yellow hula hoop and then came up with an idea to dance with it. John found her plan to be brilliant. Throughout the room, the blinds had been raised over windows from both sides, allowing drastic rays of sunlight to pour down into the room, giving it a glow over the white walls and marble floor. Two cameras would be active for the recording session, as John was worried the lights may cause a bit of problem when it came time for editing. 

Kate stepped out, wearing a one piece bikini outfit. Below, her ass was tucked with long a small thong between her cheeks while she was teasing with an amazing view of her cleavage up front. Her long golden hair hung freely from her shoulders as she offered a seductive smile towards John. The older man patted her on the shoulder, unable to utter a word as he was completely mesmerized at her amazing beauty. She stepped by him and now it was time to get the filming process underway. Along with John in the room was two assistants, one of them was operating a camera from the distance. John decided from the beginning, he wanted to be in control of the close up camera. To zoom in over her beautiful skin was going to be his pleasure to enjoy.

Just before they were fully prepared to begin, Kate spoke to John asking if they could start with a close up on her face. He agreed to her wish, having her stand in the middle of the room before he yelled the magic words to his assistant to go ahead and start filming. Off to the side, Kate had pushed the hula hoop against the wall where she could easily grab it after the first close up to the camera. From her experience alone as a model, she knew how to carry on with herself when a camera was focused and rolling with her face starring directly into the lens. When John yelled 'action', she knew just what to do. Looking into the camera as she softly dropped her lower lip and raised her neck. From the middle of the room, John stood with an action camera attached to his shoulder, capturing every second of Kate's beauty while the light poured down from his back.

The art of seduction was the game Kate played in front of the camera. Her facial expressions offered a sense of a playful fire. All she had to do was curve her lips and give that inviting grin. Her blue eyes were the main focus, just before John shifted the camera to look down into her epic cleavage tucked between the tight bikini outfit. While the camera zoomed down over the immense size of her breasts, Kate smirked and placed her hands on her hips. A few minutes later, the act changed as it came time for a bit of play. Kate grabbed the hula hoop and held it behind herself. A few minutes later, she was given the go ahead signal that the camera behind her was rolling. John's assistant faced her to capture her facial expressions, while he himself was standing behind her and capturing the second by second action as she held the hula hoop behind her.

With a smile crossing her lips, Kate teased as she looked back into the camera. From behind, she made her first move by tucking the round edges of the hula hoop around her ass cheeks.

John starred into the camera as it captured every second, looking into her nicely shaped round ass while her ass cheeks began to flap and jiggle from the movements. Once she was done teasing from behind, Kate stepped forward to the camera in front of her and turned to her side. John was forced to back up a bit as she then took the hula hoop and threw it around her body and began to dance with it. Kate ran her right hand through her hair, tossing her golden locks over her back while she shook her hips. John's camera captured every second of her ass cheeks shoving together and moving back and forth while the hula hoop twirled around her voluptuous body.

Much attention was always brought to Kate's famous breasts, but John wanted to make sure they had footage of her ass too. Such a nice bottom often went overlooked as he found her ass to be quite special. She continued to dance, shaking her hips with the hula hoop whole the camera in front of her zoomed in to watch her tits bounce when she jumped up. Kate eventually came to a stop, allowing the hoop to fall to the floor loudly. John stood up, still focusing his camera for plenty of shots of her ass. Kate was trying her skills of improvisation to hold the attention of both cameras, focusing to the one in front of her face. She moved her hands through her hair, closing her eyes as she turned her head. When Kate re-opened her eyes, she glanced down to her cleavage, toying with the camera as she knew the focus had to be on her breasts.

Kate began to walk to the left side of the room, forcing the camera man in front of her to step backwards. He knew what to do, zooming out to capture a whole frame of her body as she began to walk towards the camera. John zoomed his lens out too, focusing on her long muscular legs, allowing the camera to capture the heel of her bare feet as she stepped forward. Kate managed to prove herself with great skills in front of the camera. It took a model with experience to keep going without any instructions, to remain radiant and full of energy in front of the camera. Three more minutes were shot between both cameras. John had stepped back, just to make sure that his body couldn't be captured by the other camera. After another minute, it was time to halt everything as he felt there was enough film to make the teaser video.

"Alright, that will be all for now. Let's take a break, you did terrific job, Kate."



After the filming session had ended, John called off the day for everyone on the set at his mansion. He granted them permission to leave so he could sit back and edit the film and photographs himself. It was a special thing to him, to be able to sit back alone during the evening hours and go over every little detail of his pictures. Once everyone had left has home, he went upstairs where he had a special room already fixed up with copy prints of photos from the time in the Bahamas. He wasn't really worried about the video film for now, as it could be edited later. In his private room, the walls were white just like the rest of the house. Two large boards stood across the room, holding up various pictures. John often came into the room and would sit for hours, going over each and every photo. Across the room sat a large white couch, sometimes he slept there when he was focused on his work in this one room.

The light above shined down brightly as he was studying the black and white and color photo copies side by side. There were numerous photos tacked on the board. Normally, he would take sticky notes and jot down any ideas or flaws with the pictures and tack them on whatever photo needed a bit of touching up to make it flawless. This had been an old habit that became an obsession with seeking perfection through his photography work. Standing tall on his bare feet, John had stripped down to a pair of purple shorts and wearing a white robe over his hairy chest. This was his home and he preferred to be relaxed when he was working alone away from any other soul. The room itself was entrenched in silence apart from a ceiling van spinning from above.

Hanging high on the left side board was two large photo prints from a specific shoot days ago. The pictures featured Kate Upton's bikini clad body, submerged with the water near the beach as her figure was surfacing in a special pose. It was the two special photos in the green bikini,the only ones that used very specific poses in the water. To the left was the second photo where her eyes were closed and resting her hand behind her head. To the right, the other photo was pinned on the board where her eyes were looking back into the camera with her head upside down.

Both photo prints were in color, radiating over the beauty with Kate's lovely body. John glanced at them a second time before moving on. There was something about how Kate could handle being in front of the camera that reminded him of another model. She was so experienced, never once having to be given instructions on how to look into the camera lens. John was thinking of how she reminded him of Heidi when suddenly, a voice spoke up catching his attention.

"I like that one...It's one of my favorites."

A strong female voice called out, capturing John's full attention. He turned his head as his heart began to race, witnessing Kate standing tall right next to him. Kate was wearing a short sleeved, button up shirt. The buttons were obviously undone, exposing her busty cleavage with a pink bra encasing them. Down below, a tight pink pair of booty shorts covered her ass. Her left hand was raised, pointing her index finger at one of the two photographs of her in the green bikini with her body surfacing through the water. John starred back into her big blue eyes, his mind racing to know how she was still in his home at this time. He could've sworn he had seen her leave with the rest of the crew. Her finger moved to the right photo and then she glared back into his eyes with a smile before speaking.

"I want this one for the cover. I think it's the best one that summarizes the title of Surface Seduction, don't you think so too, John?"

Her lips curved into a seductive smile as she pointed to the specific photo. John broke eye contact to look back at the photo, almost losing his train of thought completely. He had been so concentrated on reviewing the photos and now Kate's surprising presence had completely distracted him.

"What are you doing here, Kate? I could've sworn I seen you leave the house earlier."

She raised her eyebrows at him as she softly smiled. Kate watched as he moved a bit, John's eyes gazing down at her heavy cleavage before looking back into her eyes. Such actions was something Kate was used to from men, as they couldn't take their eyes off her tits.

"I never left. You have a big house, John. It wasn't too hard for me to sneak upstairs and get lost going through your bedroom and the other guest rooms."

Her lips curved into a mischievous grin. As Kate revealed where she had been for the last few hours, she wanted to see the expressions on his face. John looked back at her as he responded with a question of his own.

"You went through my bedroom, Kate?"

She nodded her head, still grinning to him.

"Yeah, it was quite empty. I was expecting to see more in your personal space, I guess you're a simple man."

Stepping aside, Kate broke eye contact as she turned her back to him and surveyed the room with her eyes. John glanced down at her ass, watching her cheeks push together in the tight booty shorts she was wearing. It was almost as if Kate had saved the shorts from the photo shoot to drive him crazy in desire later on. He did have a camera focused right on her buttocks earlier when shooting the teaser video. Kate was still bare foot, stepping across the room towards the white couch on the opposite side. She spoke up again, this time teasing him in her seductive voice.

"You know, Heidi has told me some things about you."

John raised his eyebrow at her words. It was quite a coincidence, as he had been thinking about his long friendship and affairs with Heidi Klum over the past hour. When Kate turned around, she witnessed the smile on his face.

"Oh yeah? I didn't know you were friends with her."

Placing her hands on her hips, Kate teased him with a smirk.

"I've known her for a few years now. When I was coming up in the business, Heidi gave me some hints and tips here and there. She spoke highly of you, including in the bedroom."

She raised her eyebrows, obviously teasing the man even further. John wasn't sure if Kate was being truthful with him or if this was a play in the act of seduction. Something told him that Kate was laying down the temptation over him and John absolutely did not want to refuse her at all, but he had to test her knowledge between himself and Heidi. Slowly approaching her, he smirked before they stood face to face and he was gazing back into those big beautiful blue eyes.

"What did Heidi tell you about the times in the bedroom?"

Kate giggled mischievously.

"All kinds of stuff. She once told me how you always said she was your favorite model to ever work with."

Still smirking, she spoke once more in a low voice this time.

"She liked fucking you too. You told her that she was a goddess, she was your favorite."

John couldn't help but nod his head. He still had his doubts about Heidi telling Kate such intimate things, but maybe she was right. Anyone could've guessed such truths and John knew that in one part of his recent book with Heidi, a page did call her a goddess in text. He had a different goddess standing face to face with him right now. Kate planted her left hand over his shoulder, raising her neck as she looked into his eyes. She felt in control of his desires, at least for now.

"Kiss me, John. I know you want to."

There was no need for him to reply to her words, only actions were speaking at this point. Kate ran both her hands to the back of his head, cupping his neck as their lips met and they began to kiss tenderly. After a moment of kissing, she stepped back to pull their lips apart and now it was time to take their clothes off. Kate made the first move, pulling her sleeved shirt to fall off her body and exposing him to the view of her large tits encased in the pink bra. Just as she could've guessed, his eyes went straight down to her cleavage. Taking the opportunity to tease him, Kate pushed her hands over her breasts and shook them while calling out.

"You ready to play with my big titties, John?"

He didn't answer her back. A smirk ran across Kate's lips but she knew very well a man wasn't going to stop looking at her huge boobs long enough to gaze back into her eyes. She undid the strings behind her back, loosening her bikini top before it fell to the floor and her large bare tits sagged down freely. Kate moved a bit, waggling her body to force her giant breasts to bounce back and forth. His hands ran up, squeezing her large tits as he finally did look back into her eyes. Kate smiled, moaning softly to him as her voice had become so seductive and tempting by now.

"Mmmmmm, squeeze my tits, John. You want 'em, don't deny it."

"I don't think you'd believe me if I did deny it, baby."

Older men like him often could arouse Kate without much effort. Kate dropped her lower lip, moaning as her nipples hardened up and pushed up against the palms of his hands. She brought both her hands down, playing with the front of his purple pants only to slip her fingers down into them and feel the fabric of his underwear. John didn't move his hands away from her breasts, still squeezing them before Kate pushed his shorts down. It didn't catch his attention at all until he felt them fall down to his ankles. When John finally removed his hands from her giant tits, Kate leaned up to kiss him again. This time however, she pushed her bare body up against his chest. John pulled his robe free, letting it fall to the floor while stepping his feet out of his underwear, as he locked lips with the most famous American model in the world.

Kate moaned into his mouth while her nipples pressed up against his hairy chest. Her hands pushed into his underwear, playing with his cock as she struggled to wrap her fingers around it at first. John had closed his eyes, thinking of all the dirty thoughts he had of Kate that were now about to become a reality. His mind was no longer filled with the memories of his affairs with Heidi Klum. Kate continued kissing him, twirling her tongue against his from within their mouths. His underwear had pushed down, falling to his ankles along with his pair of purple shorts as now she was using both hands to pump his fat shaft with all ten of her fingers wrapped around it. John broke the kiss, just in time to hear her moaning out to him.

"Mmmmmmm, this is such a big fucking cock. I want it so bad right now, John."

"Then what are you waiting for, Kate? I ain't gonna stop you from taking it."

She giggled and began to lower herself down to her knees. John stood there for a moment, looking into her big blue eyes as she was still gazing back at him. Kate moved her left hand away, keeping her right hand wrapped around his large dick while her knees fell firmly down to the floor. He was a man of few words when it came to bedroom pleasure, as John didn't say a word back as Kate broke eye contact and pushed her lips to the purple head of his shaft. He took a deep breath, watching as she used her left hand to brush her golden locks of hair behind her shoulders. Once Kate was ready, she parted her lips fully and slid the head and first few inches of his cock between her lips. John ran his right hand up, brushing it through her hair as if she were a loyal obedient pet to him. Kate's eyes looked back at him only for a moment as she began to find a rhythm in sucking his cock.

'Mmmmmm', Kate moaned with her mouth full with his hard shaft. The muffled sounds could be heard, but more than anything John felt the vibration moving through his throbbing pole. Streams of saliva quickly began to drip down to the base of his cock as Kate was devouring inch after inch with precision in her oral talents. 'Mmm, mmmm, mmmmm' Once again she moaned over his cock, forcing more vibrations to flow into his skin. John took a heavy breath just before he moaned. He still did not break his silence with words, something that alerted Kate right away. Usually, a man couldn't shut his mouth for five minutes when she was giving them pleasure like this. Since he had yet to speak, Kate planned to destroy the silence with her own naughty words. She knew just the words to tease him with as she slid her mouth up and came off his cock with a loud pop noise. A thick string of saliva dripped from her lower lip back to his slobber-coated pole. Kate looked into his eyes and teased him in her words.

"Mmmmmm, this cock is so fucking big, god I love it."

Flicking her tongue back, she spit on the head. John still refused to utter a single word, allowing Kate the moment to tease him about the other woman who had a history of doing this with him.

"I suck it better than Heidi, don't I?"

"You what?"

John didn't quite catch all of her words, so he asked Kate to repeat the sentence for him. she glanced back at him somewhat annoyed, just before using her tongue to lick the underside of his cock and twirl it around the head. Kate spit on it again and began to pump her right hand up and down to stroke him while she replied back in a smart-ass tone.

"Heidi! I can suck this big fucking cock better than her, right? I know I'm younger and she's past her prime, admit it!"

Her words caused him to smirk before chuckling a slight laugh. Not once did it cross through John's mind that Kate was here to compete and try to out-do the woman who she knew of as his favorite. It was even funnier to him that Kate had called her 'past her prime', seeming to be a reference to Heidi being in her forties now. With a smirk, he gave her an honest reply.

"Baby, Heidi has been putting that cock in her mouth for a long time. She sucks on it better than any other woman I've ever had in my life, even still. It don't matter how much older she gets, that woman ages like fine wine. Come on, Kate. Show me what you got, since you think you can surpass her!"

If this was to become  a challenge, Kate was all set to blow his mind. She knew that if she couldn't do it with her mouth, her large tits were the secret weapon to driving a man crazy with some titty fucking action. This time, she moved her right hand away while pushing her lips back over the head. Kate pushed his cock back between her jaws, this time aggressively bobbing her head up and down as she began to take inch after inch of his long rod. John didn't moan yet. He stood there in complete silence, witnessing as the buxom model was now pushing her limits to try and impress him. Kate was quickly beginning to deep-throat his cock with all her strength. Her mouth began to make various sucking and slobbering sounds.


Still, John didn't say a word as he listened to the nasty sounds her lips were generating. She nearly choked herself by slamming his cock down her throat. He was impressed when he seen her slide it all the way down into her mouth, burying her lips in the bush of hair around the base of his rod. Heidi used to pull these kind of tricks with him, demonstrating skills with taking his entire length. Kate had done a hell of a job so far in a short of amount of time. The way she was aggressively sucking his cock, John knew she was working to force him into an orgasm rather early.

"Damn, baby! You know what you're doing, I'm impressed!"

There was still another card that Kate wanted to play. Strings of drool were dripping from the underside of his shaft, falling to the floor in small droplets. This time when Kate pulled her lips off his cock, the pop sound was even louder as various strings of saliva were dripping. Kate smirked, flashing her teeth as she moved her hands to cup her large breasts. Before John had a chance to realize what she was about to do, she wrapped her boobs around his cock. His eyes became enlarged, taken back by the surprise of her using her tits for the one thing he believed they were made for, titty fucking. Kate's hands folded at the center of her breasts. John reached with his right hand to tap one of her tits while his left hand moved behind her shoulder to hold her into place. Kate was still grinning as she looked up into his face with her big blue eyes.

"Come on, I know you can't get enough of my tits! Fuck 'em, John! Fuck 'em good!!"

By now, Kate wasn't expecting him to say much as she realized John was a man of few words. He made the first initial thrust, driving his cock between her natural tits and then he let out a load moan. Kate was still grinning, looking back into his eyes as she giggled.

"Mmmm, that's it! Come on, fuck these titties! I want you to titty fuck me! Come on, do it John! Fuck my tits!!"

She refused to break eye contact him, never taking her gorgeous shiny blue eyes from him while John was starring down at her cleavage. Kate's tits were epic and he already had caught himself starring at them in the photos he had taken of her in the last few days. She had stopped herself from teasing him about Heidi, but Kate made a mental note to speak up very soon. So far, she was enjoying the look on his face as his breath had been compeltely taken away while experiencing her heavenly breasts.

"Fuck those titties, mmmmm!"

Kate finally broke eye contact to glance down, watching as his cock was driving back and forth between her large boobs. Over and over, John continued to pound his cock between her breasts. She leaned her head down, sticking her tongue out to graze the head each time it poked up. By now, John was gripped both of her shoulders to hold her into place while he was busy bucking his hips, pushing that fat cock between her lovely tits. With such amazing pleasure like this, he couldn't stop himself though he knew that he was going to have to eventually. Kate looked back into his eyes and teased him again, now finally speaking her nasty words about his significant other.

"Mmmmm, Heidi can't use her tits on you like this, can she?"

John grunted, ignoring her words as he was still thrusting his cock back and forth between her tits.

"Come on, tell me John! I know that bitch don't have tits like me! Tell me!!"

Finally, she had forced him to say something in reference to Heidi.

"No, she don't! Your tits are the best I've ever fucked!"

Such a statement was enough to make Kate smile like a smug winner. Her clit was dripping wet, waiting for him to finally make the move to fuck her. She continued to push her breasts together, allowing him to enjoy this moment even longer as his cock was still pumping between her tits. John began to slow down and Kate knew just the reason why, some men had a bit of self control and knew when to stop before they were about to blow their loads. She glanced back up into his face before letting go of her tits to free his cock.

"I want you to fuck me, John. I'm so fucking wet right now, I hope I don't have to beg for it."

He smirked back at her, taking his cock into his hand and stroking it. John walked over to the couch, sitting down in what would make for a perfect position for Kate to get on top. He wanted those big epic breasts bouncing and shaking in his face more than anything. As he sat down, John motioned with his hand for Kate to come closer. She knew exactly what to do. He was a dirty old man, even if he tried to hide the fact behind the hair dye shielding whatever grey could be hidden there. As she got up from her knees, Kate moved to him and wasted no time straddling his lap as she began to climb atop of him. She didn't even ask how he wanted it, she was taking what she wanted from this dirty man.

"I want those big titties pressed up against my face, Kate."

She smirked while sinking her knees down into the couch. Kate looked into his eyes while her right hand found his cock from underneath, pushing it up so her wet pussy was hovering just above it. John glanced down, witnessing a drop of her wetness drip down over his cock. The pink lips of her entrance were so beautiful, not a single hair could be seen above her pussy whatsoever. Kate awaited for the moment when he was distracted, offering just the perfect time for her to tease him about the other woman.

"My tits can bounce all over the place, unlike Heidi. You found a better girl, didn't you?"

John didn't reply in words, instead he took in a deep breath in the moment that Kate impaled herself down to insert his cock forward into her pussy. She slammed herself down hard on him, letting out a loud moan as her hands ran up his hairy stomach. he had a moment to feel the inner tightness of her clit, taking a deep breath as his cock was pushed inside of her. As she began to slowly bounce herself up and grind her hips, Kate felt John's strong hands move over her breasts. John called out to her as he began to thrust his hips forward, driving his cock into her tight pussy.

"Bring those big titties into my face, Kate! I want to feel them up close!"

Kate was in control now, moaning as she was on top of him and feeling his cock pumping into her pussy. She ran her hands up to his shoulders, leaning up so her large breasts could bounce forward and batter his face in her firm skin. John groaned when he felt her right nipple smack up against his eye. He began to buck his hips harder and faster, pumping his long shaft into her clit. His hands ran down to grip her hips, holding her in place while his face was getting beat with her large breasts. When Kate felt him pick up in pace, she gasped before calling out to him.

"Mmmmm, fuck me! Come on, fuck me John! FUCK ME!!"

All it took was for her to yell at him, elevating her voice to echo through out the white room. John began to buck his hips even harder and faster, his balls slapping up against the underside of her firm ass with each full thrust he sent into her pussy. Kate was in control just to the point where she could force him to fuck her the way she wanted, all while her giant breasts were beating up against his face. He began to slobber all over them, licking her nipples before pushing his mouth up against her right boob to begin sucking on it. His mouth never stayed planted over her tits long enough to fully suck them, as his lips would come flying off and generating various sucking noises.


Her hair was waving all over the place, moving towards her face as John continued to thrust his hips and drive his cock forward into her pussy. Kate was lost in the ecstasy of this pleasure, closing her eyes and letting out loud moans repeatedly. By now, John had planted his lips firmly over her left nipple, sucking on it and gently biting with his front teeth.


Closer, her orgasm was already approaching as he was pounding his fat cock forward and back into her pussy. John had other ideas in his mind, as he was ready to take control now with a new position. Kate's teasing over Heidi had made him want to truly fuck her the way he always did the older woman he called a goddess. Kate was something else and her big tits were enough to truly distract him from everything else going about in his mind. He moved his lips away from her tit, just in time for both of them to come crashing down and battering his face. With one final hard thrust into her pussy, he called out to her.

"Get up, right now! I want you to move for me!"

Kate caught her breath, looking down into his face before she began to quickly get up from his lap. It only took a second for his cock to come out of her pussy and flop freely down to his chest. John pointed his left hand to the other side of the couch as he commanded her in what he desired for the next position.

"Hands up against the couch, baby! I'm gonna fuck you from behind."

While she moved, Kate glanced over her left shoulder to see John had already got up from the couch and was moving behind her. She wanted to tease him so bad about Heidi and when she felt his hand touching the left cheek of her ass, she couldn't help herself.

"Please tell me that you fuck Heidi from behind like this! I want you to fuck me like you always do her."

John couldn't help but laugh as he heard Kate's words. It was almost as if she could read his mind, as it was exactly what he had been thinking about. His right hand was gripping his cock, ready to guide it back into her pussy, but not before his left hand was raised up. He laid a quick spank down on the left cheek of her ass before answering her back.

"Yep! This is how I like to fuck Heidi."

Glancing behind her shoulder, Kate smirked and bit her lower lip. She let out a moan before teasing him again with her dirty words.

"You spank her ass too, don't you?"

"Fuck yes, I do!"

After replying, he raised his left hand again and laid down a harder smack over Kate's bare bum. She let out a soft moan while feeling his cock push back into her pussy. Kate raised her neck, pushing the palms of her hands down harder into the couch while she closed her eyes. In this moment, she felt that she truly was replacing Heidi as his main woman. It was a funny thought, as she hoped more come from both of them apart from this picture book they were in the process of making. John took a deep breath after thrusting his cock into her pussy, finding a steady rhythm before Kate began to yell at him.

"Come on, fuck me John! Fuck me, harder! Fuck me like you do Heidi, you know I'm better than her! Give it to me, John!!"

Her words were enough to force him to raise his left hand again and begin spanking her as he was thrusting his cock harder into her juicy clit. Over and over, John pounded her pussy with his cock after the initial spank, but Kate wanted more.


Following with her request, he raised his left hand back up and sent a hard smack down over her left cheek. John grunted, still bucking his hips while pumping his cock into her pussy. Kate's giant breasts began to bounce, shaking all around from under her as they pushed up against the couch. Her hair was moving all over the place as John was now fucking her harder in this position of doggy style. She was getting closer to her orgasm, almost to the point that she needed him to force her into a climatic release.


This time, John didn't remember to spank her since she had not said it. A small red mark formed over her left ass cheek while his palm was stinging from the few spanks he had given her. Memories faded in his mind of when he used to do this to Heidi. He would fuck her, and then spank her just before taking her ass. He took a deep breath, grunting as he gritted his teeth and tried not to think about his own orgasm building up. John wanted to cover Kate's beautiful firm skin with his hot seed, rather than waste it by blowing his load inside of her. The sound of his balls slapping over the underside of her ass could be heard again, but it was Kate's loud moaning that drowned out any noise in the room.


Kate dug the sharp edges of her fingernails over the front of the couch, trying to hold off the moment. She opened her eyes, glancing down into the white textures of the couch while knowing that she didn't have much time before the incoming explosion from within was going to release. Biting her lower lip, she couldn't hold back after he continued to make hard thrust after hard thrust. Kate couldn't take it anymore crying out as she finally reached her climax at last.


With her climax reached, John knew he had to pull his cock out of her pussy before his own orgasm commenced. Kate was slowly trying to catch her breath while John moved out from around her and had a seat on the couch. It was evident to her that he was going on his second round of trying to hold off his orgasm. If not for maintaining his self control, she could've drained his balls and exhausted him by now. Kate reached over with her left hand, grabbing his cock as she began to move off the couch and crawled her way between his legs. John smiled down at her loving face, as she appeared hungry for his cock again. By the time she was firmly positioned between his legs, Kate had moved both her hands to the base of his cock and was hovering her lips above it.

"I can't believe I haven't made you cum yet. Not even after you fucked me like that, I would've imagined you would've cum by now."

Kate began to lick the head of his cock, teasing him while John's eyes were completely focused on her beautiful face. John took his right hand and gently grazed over the left cheek of her face with his finger tips.

She was so beautiful, he could get lost gazing back into her eyes for a lifetime. As she still teased him with her tongue, he was ready to move on to the final hole of her lovely voluptuous body. If she wanted him to truly fuck her the way he always did Heidi, then it would come with taking all three holes before drenching her face in cum. He moved his hand away, ready to ask the question.

"Kate, baby?"

"Yes, John?"

She kissed the head of his cock upon replying. He smiled at her as he spoke back.

"Do you like to take it up the ass, baby?"

Giggling at him, Kate answered back with her own question that John could've guessed at this point.

"Well, do you usually fuck Heidi in her ass?"

He nodded his head, still grinning. Kate was bound and determined to out-do the older woman going any distance she had to overcome to surpass her. Kissing the head of his cock again, she smiled before replying back.

"Good, I want you to ram me with it. I imagine that's how you usually take her ass."

John shook his head.

"No way, baby. I want those big tits shaking in my face again, so you can get on top of me and use your ass."

This was something new and Kate couldn't help but smile. The man was simply obsessed with her large breasts at this point. She began to think to herself that when it came time for the nude photographs in their book, John was bound to fill up various pages of nothing but glorious shots of her bare breasts. She let go of his cock, watching as he moved across the couch to lay down and create the new position. Kate found it funny that he wanted her to get on top of him and use her ass. Normally, men liked to pound her from behind when it came to anal, so she expected him to be like the rest, but John had truly surprised her. With his back laying down across the couch, Kate climbed up, straddling him like before. Only this time, she could witness him laying down from under her. She reached back with her right hand, wrapping her fingers tightly around his thick pole as she pushed it upward and into the crack of her ass cheeks.

"There you go baby, push it on in there."

John used his left hand to reach around her and grip one of her ass cheeks while Kate was shoving the head of his cock to her dark little hole. Once she pushed it inside, she let out a soft moan while leaning down and allowing her large tits to brush up against his head. John tried to bury his head forward between her busty cleavage. Kate yelled out to him, as she wanted him to do the work like before.

"Come on, fuck my ass! Fuck me ass, John! Do it, do it!! GIVE IT TO ME!!"

Like before when she had screamed to him, John began to buck his hips forward and drive his cock into her ass. Kate let out a string of soft moans, raising her voice a bit as his cock began to pump through her back hole at a fast pace. She was tight, but it was nothing for John. All the while, her large breasts pounded over his face, beating up against him. John closed his eyes, taking in every moment of experiencing the pleasure that her firm natural tits offered.


Just as Kate had screamed out to him, John used his left hand to grip her ass cheek from behind. His finger tips dug into her skin before sliding off, all while his cock was thrusting hard and fast into her ass.

He sent inch after inch into her, pounding away while his balls began to slap against the underside of her ass and generate a bit of noises. The slapping sounds were drowned out as Kate couldn't prevent herself from yelling further.


A moment like this was enough to remind John of how he and Heidi had been behind closed doors. She always begged for more, only her voice sounded much different with a higher pitch when she screamed. John found Kate's ass to be what called, underrated. He felt that way earlier in the day when he recorded her from behind as she danced with the hula hoop. Now he was thrusting his fat dick into her ass, not wanting to stop but he knew he had to soon enough. When he began to slow down, Kate caught her breath and bit her lower lip. She pushed her hands over her tits, squeezing them over his face as he began to suck and slobber over them. A string of drool dripped off her right nipple, falling down to the couch. He made one final thrust into her ass before raising his head from between her tits and ordering her.

"Get up, Kate! I want you to lay down on the couch this time!"

His words offered an interesting idea, as Kate didn't know what to expect from him. She got up, just as he had ordered her to. His cock slipped out of her ass when she climbed up. John got up from the couch, quickly before Kate laid down, taking the same place he had with her back laying against the white couch now. The back of her head was firmly placed over the right side arm rest.

"What do you wanna do, John? I know you've gotta be close to blowing that load for me."

"I want to fuck your tits one last time!"

Kate gasped before grinning big. This is just what she wanted out of a man who couldn't get enough of her tits. She just had to tease him with a reference to Heidi while he climbed up and sat down on her chest.

"Mmmmm, yeah! Come on and fuck these tits again, John! Tell me how much you love them better than Heidi's small chest!"

So many times Kate had mentioned Heidi to the point that John could've questioned her in arrogance and jealousy, but what was it worth? She was Kate Upton and she was displaying a level of confidence unlike many other models in the world. She held up her tits, watching as he slid his cock right between them. Kate's amazing breasts were so large that even a big dick like John had could disappear when she squeezed her tits over it. Her fingers folded together under her tits as she leaned her head back and began to moan as he pumped his cock between her tits.

"Ohhhhhh, yeah! Ohhhhhhhh, god! That's it, John! Fuck my titties, just like that! Ohhhh yeah!!"

Her eyes remained closed, enjoying every second of his fat cock pumping between her tits. This was a pleasure Kate enjoyed immensely with men. She was built for titty fucking and took great pride in it. She could tease John about how her tits were bigger and better than Heidi's, as she knew he only had a limited amount of time to go before he was finally ready to blow his load at last. Kate listened to him breathing heavily, gasping and grunting as it was the various signs that told her how close he was. John didn't want to stop, but he knew he only had seconds to spare.

"Ohhhhh, god! FUCK!!"

It was one of the few times Kate had heard the man scream out, unable to control the pleasure he was receiving. He was losing control of himself, still pumping that hard rod between her lovely breasts. John came to a halt, reaching his hand down to snatch up her long blonde hair as he called out to her.

"Get up Kate, get down on your fucking knees!"

His words called out to her impatiently as John was afraid he would blow his load a few seconds too soon. She didn't have much time to react as he had climbed off her stomach and was pulling her hair. As John stood up, he tugged her hair as Kate was moving down to her knees. She looked up into his eyes, managing to tease him one last time as she saw his right hand stroking his fat cock.

"Are you gonna cum all over my face, John? Is that how you like to make Heidi all messy?"


His words made her grin. Kate closed her eyes, raising her head up. When she felt his hand move out of her hair, she began to tease him with dirty sayings.

"Cum on me, John! Cum on my face! Give it to me!! Drench my face like a fucking whore, you naughty old man!!"

"Oh, god!!"

Kate wanted to open her eyes and look at him, but she knew better not to. He was grunting and breathing in heavily, the one thing that told her she didn't have long to wait until her face was a dripping mess.

"Cum on my face, yes! Paint me down into your fucking whore, John!!"


Just when he yelled out in response to her, John's cock throbbed and shook within his grip. The initial burst of cum shot directly over Kate's forehead, splashing a bit into her hair and running down her left temple. She gasped, feeling the blast over her face and gasped. Kate licked her lips and called out to him, just as a thick string of cum went flying over the right side of her nose.

"Mmmmmm, that's it! Give me that hot load, mmmmmm. So yummy!"

Another string went flying, striking under Kate's left eye and leaving what looked like two streams of tear drops dripping down. She kept her eyes closed while more cum went over her upper lip, coating all over the little brown beauty mark on the left side above her lip.

A strand of cum dripped down her chin as John was still grunting. He couldn't help but call out to her.

"God, I've always wanted to blast this face in my fucking cum. You look so beautiful right now, Kate."

For a dirty old man, at least he was willing to admit to such pleasure, Kate thought to herself. The final spurts of his cum splashed against her right cheek, creating streams that dripped down to her neck. Kate was aware that he was finished once she heard him attempting to catch his breath and when she no longer felt any new warm drops of cum splashing over her face. She slowly opened her eyes, smirking at him as she grabbed his cock. By now, John wasn't touching it whatsoever. Kate brought the head into her mouth, sucking on it for a moment before releasing it with a loud pop noise. She softly kissed it and then spoke up to him.

"That was a lot of fucking cum, mmmmmm. I can feel it all over my face, you got me good."

John smiled down at her, giving her that smug grin of his. He had a feeling she was about to mention Heidi, but he wanted to beat her to the remark himself.

"You took it better than Heidi, I've gotta tell you that."

"I'm sure I did. There will be more to come later, John."

She winked at him after replying. John wasn't sure what to think of her reply at first, but how could he complain about anything? He had just spent the last hour fucking Kate Upton and now she was promising that they would be doing it again. This was no longer a working partnership to author a picture book. Things had quickly crossed into a steamy affair. Weather Kate was truly intending to steal him away from Heidi, none of that mattered down the road as his mind certainly was fixated solely on her at this point. If Kate wanted to push him into an obsession of lust for her body, her plan had come with an ultimate success.



Following the steamy evening that had occurred between John and Kate, their work had moved together rather quickly. John managed to get the video footage edited for a teaser sample. It didn't matter that they still had a lot of ground to cover with filling the pages of the book, hoping to break around 120 pages at the least. Their work moved by at a fast pace, shooting almost exclusively at John's mansion. Kate had a friend close by in Miami who was a DJ for Hip Hop produced tracks. She wanted his music on the teaser video, which was easily done by John offering a hefty sum of money. There was something about dancing along to an instrumental Rap track that Kate found to be sexy and fit the video perfectly. In a matter of days, the video was edited with music and ready to be released onto the internet to create promotional hype. John was waiting until the next Friday for when the video would be be uploaded online.

When it came time for the true nude photographs, Kate had her own ideas in mind. She had toyed with the idea of stripping down for Playboy 'when the time was right', she used to say. With John, she felt more comfortable as she had been inspired by his work with Heidi. They began the nude photographs just last week, beginning with various photographs that would be edited on the pages detailing what appeared to be a strip tease. The moment that everyone was waiting for would feature Kate revealing her bare breasts after pulling off a little shirt and 'daisy dukes' style jean shorts. John planned for some nude shoots along a swimming pool, as well as one exposing full frontal nudity up against a brick wall.

For four days a week, they worked together detailing various photo shoots. Since the book deal was a joined authorship between John and Kate both, he listened to whatever ideas she had in place for themes with a photo shoot. Kate made sure that one of her nude shoots was simply behind a white wall, detailing to the viewer every fine detail of her naked breasts and exposed pussy. True to her assumption, John did tell her that he wanted to do a few full spreads of just her breasts alone. Such things made Kate tease him before they had gotten naked together again behind closed doors. By now, Kate felt that she had the man wrapped around her finger when it came to their affairs.

They had been naked together now five total times, counting the first time Kate tempted him. It wasn't every time, but when Kate had the chance, she would tease him about his long time affairs with Heidi Klum. The stories about his affairs with Heidi were whispered through out social circles of people in Hollywood and the modelling industry who had 'heard of such things'. There was one specific rumor that had went on for years, going back to when Heidi was still married to Seal. The story went that John and Heidi were caught having sex in a dressing room while she was still married. Kate never asked him if the story was true, but most people who had heard it rarely did question the authenticity of such a tale. John and Heidi were guilty of having affairs while she was still married and only the two of them knew every detail of their times together.

A hot Wednesday afternoon was proceeding back at John's mansion. Outside, he had a swimming pool set up. The wind was blowing slightly, blowing through the waters of the pool. Kate could be found out there, wearing a tight purple bikini over her voluptuous body and relaxing. He wasn't shooting any photographs today, but she decided to come over and hang out with him. John knew that was simply excuse for her to get fucked by him again. By now, they had been spending a lot together between the sheets lusting for one another. John had just undressed, putting on a purple speedo that matched Kate's bikini. A white robe covered his body while he was searching for a decent pair of sunglasses in his bedroom. The phone began to ring near the bed, catching him at a moment of surprise. John was somewhat annoyed instantly, as he didn't want to be bothered by anyone today. Stepping around the bed, he grabbed the phone and answered it.


"Mr. Varga, sorry to bother you but you have a visitor who would like to see you back at your home."

The voice on the other end of the line was Larry. No matter how irritated John may have been, he couldn't force himself to be angry with Larry. The young man was always a hard worker and never did him anything wrong. He changed his tone immediately as he replied back to his assistant.

"Who would that be, Larry? I've got today off, but I'm pretty busy with a guest who is already over."

"Right, I understand that, Mr. Varga. It's your good friend Miss. Klum, sir."

John almost dropped the phone when he listened to Larry's words. 'Holy shit, I'll be damned'. John couldn't believe it, he had to ask again.

"Heid Klum, seriously?"

"Yes, sir. She wants to see you today, if you are not busy right now."

He had to stand there and think to himself for a few seconds. Kate was outside by the pool and now John couldn't help but wonder what magic could happen having both women there with him today. He remembered that he and Heidi had yet to celebrate after the release of their book together and perhaps that was the reason Heidi had come today. After a moment, he replied back to Larry over the phone.

"Tell her to come right away. I'll be waiting for her."

"Alright, will do Mr. Varga. I'll tell her right now."

Hanging up the phone, John took a deep breath before making a smug grin across his lips. It was almost funny to him, as Kate had desperately tried to out-do Heidi so dearly and now both women would be in his house together. The man raced downstairs of the mansion, going outside into the broad daylight, entirely forgetting about the search for his sunglasses as he went to find Kate. She was seated in a lawn chair, facing the swimming pool as she had been waiting for him to come out. John waved his hand and called out to her.

"Kate, baby! I've gotta tell you about something, you aren't gonna believe who's about to be here."



"I can't believe she's coming to see you today. Are you sure you didn't tell her about what we've been doing?"

"Of course I'm sure! I haven't spoken to Heidi in a few months, this is quite a surprise to me."

Kate seemed rather guilty in her replies, almost as if she had felt bad for all the remarks she made towards Heidi when the heat was turned up between them. The buxom blonde girl was blushing, trying to hide her guilty conscious though the smirks on her face told a completely different story. Kate put on a purple robe, hiding her bikini clad body as they both awaited Heidi's arrival. She had noticed that John did not take off the purple speedo or robe, simply buttoning it up to hide his almost nude body. That was enough to make Kate guess that Heidi wasn't just here for visiting. They would probably all be naked together in a short amount of time.

"That's gotta be her pulling in now."

John spoke as he glanced out the front window, watching as the big gates came open and a silver Lexus car pulled into his driveway. Kate bit her lower lip, gathering her thoughts as she was soon to be face to face with Heidi Klum herself. John turned to look at her offering a smile as they stood behind the front door.

"Why are you so nervous, baby? Don't feel bad about anything you've said. She isn't going to know."

She smirked back at him. Kate raised her eyebrows before replying.

"You didn't get dressed up, so I take it that you're expecting her to get naked later and join us."


His one word reply made Kate bit her lower lip, almost as if she were trying to tempt the man. Soon, they heard a knock at the door and John opened it, the sunlight from outside came in as he was greeted to the face of Heidi Klum smiling brightly. Her blonde hair was pinned up in a pony tail as she wore a one piece silver dress, exposing a bit of cleavage and matching silver heels.

"Hi there, John! Long time no see!"

"Hey babe, it's good to see you!"

Heidi's heels clacked loudly over the floor as she stepped through the front door and greeted John with a big hug. Her German voice sounded so beautiful in the high pitch she always had when speaking in English. The silver skirt she wore was silky, looking much more shiny when she was outside in the view of sunlight. Kate was forced to stand there, watching the two embrace in their hug for a moment. After she pulled herself away from the hug, Heidi looked to her left and noticed Kate standing there. She looked at her surprised before smiling and stepping away from John.

"Oh my gosh! Kate, is that you?"

"Yes, it's really me!"

Now it was John's turn to stand aside and see the two ladies share a hug together. Kate's tall height made her almost tower over Heidi, regardless of the heels that were fitted over the older woman's feet.

"What are you doing here today, Kate? I didn't know you had company recently, John."

Heidi teased with her reply as she looked back at Kate. She answered the woman's question before he had the opportunity to explain.

"We've been doing photo sessions for a new book. Let's just say that I got inspired to work with John after the book release you did with him."

Kate's words made Heidi raise her eyebrow, interested in the details of this latest book.

"Oh, really?"

John placed his hand over Heidi's shoulder, turning to face her and offer a smile as he spoke up.

"Yes, Kate speaks the truth. She wanted to make a book like you and I did. So far, it's coming along quite nicely. We've already done a couple really good photo shoots together and we edited a teaser video that is going to be released later this week."

"Sounds fun, when do you plan to have the release?"

Heidi's big brown eyes looked over Kate before glancing back to John.

"Hopefully around December. It could make a great Christmas gift for all the horny men that can't wait to see what Kate Upton looks like with all her clothes off."

"That's right, I'm going completely nude in this book!"

Kate replied after John had spoke. The revelation made Heidi's jaw drop before she busted up giggling in her famous accent. Heidi replied to John, still grinning back at the man she had shared so many affairs with.

"That sounds quite fabulous, John."

Turning to look back at Kate, Heidi now spoke directly to her.

"Congratulations, Kate. You're working with one of the best photographers you'll ever find. I can't wait to see the pictures you two have done together. I am sure they will look marvelous."

She looked back at Kate, giving her a sultry grin to go with her accent. It was a look that Kate knew all too well from experiences. John turned his head, gazing around the room before he called out.

"Well, how about we go for some wine, ladies? You're my guests, I would like to treat you both."

"That would be great! I haven't set foot in this house all year, so I'm not sure if I remember where you keep the wine."

John playfully rolled her eyes before answering her back.

"Oh, come on, baby. You know I keep it in the kitchen, right where we always open a bottle for a drink."

"That sounds about right, but this is your house. Lead the way, John. We will be right behind you."

Heidi replied before giving Kate an inviting smirk and turning her back to the younger blonde. There was something about the look in her face that made Kate wonder about things. Was this the first time that John had two models in his home together? Heidi seemed to be ready for whatever surprises would await her, already giving silent signals to Kate from the looks over her face. The three of them hurried off into the kitchen downstairs. John wasted no time going through the bottles of wine he kept around close. Since Heidi was his surprise guest, he allowed her the choice to decide which one they were to open. She went for an expensive bottle, dated back to 1985 of red cherry flavor. After unscrewing the cork, John poured a glass for all three of them.

The next hour was spent with various conversations as Heidi wanted to know all the details about the book between John and Kate. From hearing the title of 'Surface Seduction', she found an immediate interest among the theme that they had decided on. They shared a few glasses of water between wine, all while the intricate details of John and Kate's hard work had been laid out in front of Heidi all from their voices telling her of such things. When they left the kitchen, they went upstairs to the private room that John had set up for the photographs. Kate wanted Heidi to see just what they had been working on together, knowing that he had that one room with all the various photos pinned to two separate boards. It was the same room that John and Kate had first fucked each other in.

"Wow, these are great photos. Looks like you two have been working well together, I like them."

Heidi spoke while standing near the boards, scanning over the various photos pinned there. John and Kate both stood behind her as she glanced back to John, trying to silently speak to him with her eyes. A goofy grin ran across Kate's face before she turned her eyes to look at Heidi and raised her eyebrows. Whatever it was that Kate was trying to tell him, John took it as if she were trying to get Heidi to join them for what would be a threesome. Given his years of experience with Heidi, John knew just what to expect from the dirty sides of her mind. This was not the first time she had come to his home and he had another model over. It was only the first time that there was another woman who could potentially beat out Heidi when it came to lust and desire. John spoke up now, speaking directly to Heidi who's back was facing him.

"So, you like those pictures, baby?"

"Yes, I do. They remind me of our own photo shoots together."

A giggle escaped Heidi's lips, just before she turned around to face him. She had looked over Kate's nude shots enough to the point that she knew something had been going on between her and John. The smiles and laughing faces were enough to tell her they had been having quite a fun time together. She looked at Kate, placing her hands over her hips as she spoke to the other woman.

"Have you been having as much fun with John as I did when we were doing photo shoots for my book?"

Kate froze, blushing as her cheeks flushed into a red color. John could clearly see that Kate was embarrassed standing face to face with Heidi. It was amazing, given the level of confidence Kate had displayed in the following weeks at saying this woman's name in the bedroom, now to not saying anything at all. Instead, he spoke up for her.

"Yes, of course. I've gotta say, Kate can play one hell of a smoldering temptress in the bedroom."

Heidi laughed, stepping around Kate as she gazed over the purple robe she was wearing.

"I'm sure I can guess you both were doing something together before I got here."

Turning to face John, she smirked.

"Neither of you bothered getting dressed, apparently."

"That's because we were about to get into the pool together."

John spoke up while unbuttoning his robe and revealing his hairy chest. He looked over at Kate and nodded, signaling for her to untie her robe.

"Go ahead and show her your bikini-clad body, Kate. Show her why they call you the best."

Such strong words made Kate grin. It was coming back in her mind now, how she believed she could best Heidi in terms of competition over this man. She untied her robe and completely threw it off, revealing her busty body in a bikini top that was almost too small to contain her powerful large breasts, and a thong bikini bottom. Heidi's jaw dropped, as she had yet to experience Kate face to face in a bikini.

"Oh my god, you are so beautiful darling. Well, I hate to disappoint you both, but I am not wearing a swimsuit under this dress."

Heidi glanced back to John, offering a soft smile to him. It was the kind of devious smirk he knew all too well, as he had seen over the years. She was standing face to face with both of their eyes looking at her dress. Heidi wanted their complete attention before she was ready to strip down. First, she gazed back at Kate and then John, just before running her hands around her back to find the zipper to her dress and began to slide it down.

"So, what are you wearing under that dress, baby? Or should I ask, are you wearing anything underneath at all?"

She rolled her eyes and let out a sigh at John's remark.

"Have some patience, honey! You're about to see, it's not a swimsuit but I'm sure you both will be impressed, nevertheless."

Once the zipper was pushed all the way down, Heidi tugged the dress down to reveal a pink lingerie push-up bra containing her breasts. The lace was a white color around the pink fabric, soon exposed to their eyes when she stepped out, wearing nothing but the high heels over her feet. The German model stood, almost as if she were modelling her tight fit body to them. John smirked at her while Kate spoke up.

"Wow, you wear that so well. You make it look better than it probably looks in a store."

It was a smug grin that Kate gave the other woman. Heidi couldn't help but think that Kate had learned such a smile from John himself. The man spoke up, answering back to Kate.

"I think we all look better wearing nothing at all though, wouldn't you say so, Heidi baby?"

John approached her after speaking. She pushed the robe off his body and then glanced down to the speedo he was wearing. His hardening cock was clearly visible through the purple fabric, teasing at her sight. He leaned his head down, moving towards her lips before he felt Heidi's left hand grabbed at his crotch while their lips met. Kate was forced to stand there, watching as they kissed each other. The kiss ignited into a passionate one while Heidi slipped her hand through his speedo underwear and wrapped her fingers around his growing shaft. Kate stepped around them, just when they broke the kiss. Heidi refused to remove her hand from stroking John's cock. The two women looked back at each other while the older man couldn't help but grin.

"Are we gonna have a party together? Heidi? Kate?"

They both looked back at him, grinning together as their heads began to nod simultaneously.

"Yes we are."

"Mmmmm, yes we're gonna party together!"

Heidi spoke after Kate, her high pitch voice resonating through his ears. She let go of his cock, allowing John the chance to step backwards. The same white couch was behind him from the day that Kate had seduced him. This room seemed perfect for all three of them, as it was not the first time Heidi had been here. To his right stood Heidi Klum, in all her glory wearing the pink lingerie outfit just waiting to take it off. She was still an international sensation at the age of forty-four, nothing slowing her down after all these years. To his left stood an American model, one who had the potential to outshine the older, more experienced model who was an international name. Kate Upton had the potential to do it, as she already was the most famous model in all of the U.S. John pushed his purple underwear down, allowing it to fall down to his ankles before stepping out of it.

Silence filled the room, apart from Heidi's loud heels that stomped over the floor as both women drew closer towards him. John sat down on the couch, watching as both of them came to him. Kate was the first to take off her undergarments, pulling the strings holding her bikini top together so it could fall to the floor and her large tits came spilling out. Heidi went down to her knees while Kate was pushing her bikini bottom piece down to reveal her shaved pussy while it dripped. It wasn't until they both were firmly sitting up on their knees did Heidi finally undo her bra and throw it to the floor. She slipped her thong off while Kate's hands grabbed at John's cock and began to stroke it. Kate grinned as she looked into John's eyes while stroking his cock. Not until she had pulled her thong past her feet and undid her pony tail to release those long locks of blonde hair, Heidi was finally ready as now all three of them were naked.

"I would like to suck on his big dick first, if you don't mind."

Heidi spoke to Kate in a polite voice. John glanced over at Kate, offering her a wink. If there was a time where Kate could truly attempt to out-do this woman, this was her golden opportunity right before her, but she would witness Heidi's experienced skills beforehand. Kate moved her hands away from his cock, scouting back a bit so Heidi could position herself between John's legs. The spotlight was on her now, as it had been so many times before with their affairs over the years. Heidi's hands moved down to the base of his cock as she looked up into his face with those big beautiful brown eyes. Kate sat on the left side, watching as the older blonde placed her pink lips at the head of his cock and began to slowly suck on it. John brought his hand hand and patted her head, just as he had done to Kate a few weeks ago when she first tasted his cock.

He proved to remain a man of few words, even when he had two of the most beautiful famous women on their knees before him. Heidi slid the first few inches of his cock into her jaws and began to slowly bob her head up and down. She moved slow, bobbing her head up and down as she sucked and slobbered over inch after inch of his swollen rod. All Kate could do was watch, taking mental notes between the differences with how they both sucked cock. If there was one thing going back and forth in Kate's mind, it was that she felt that she already could do better than Heidi. Even as the older blonde was devouring an inch further each time she bobbed her head down, Kate still was confident in herself. Heidi eventually came up, releasing his cock with a loud pop sound and a few saliva strings dangling down. The tip of her tongue licked over the head while John looked back at her and spoke.

"Heidi, baby. I want you to show Kate how far you can take it. Show her how you take my cock."

"Mmmmm, I would love to demonstrate."

Glancing back towards Kate, Heidi offered her a soft grin. Both of her hands were pushed down at the base of his cock with her thumbs twirling around his balls down below. Heidi positioned her lips right over the head of his long shaft, gazing up into John's eyes as she pushed her mouth down and broke eye contact. She moaned against his shaft as she began to bob her lips up and down for a moment. 'Mmmmmm', Kate clearly heard the soft moan that Heidi made before she pushed her lips all the way down, proving that she could take every inch of his large cock. Her eyes gazed back at John, looking into his eyes while she slobbered. Heidi moved her fingers away and then pushed his shaft even further into her mouth, taking every bit of it as her lips were buried into his ball hair. Kate washed, listening to the slobbering sounds as Heidi didn't choke or gag not once.

When she came up and released his cock, a pop sound was heard as a few saliva strings broke off and dangled down Heidi's chin. She brought his cock up to the side of her lips before kissing it.

"Wow, that was pretty fucking hot."

Kate spoke up in a voice that almost made her sound as if she were challenged. All that could be heard was a slurping sound as Heidi was slobbering all over his dick before pushing her tongue over the underside. Kate bit her lower lip, eager to show off her own sucking talents soon enough. John soon realized how impatient Kate was becoming and began to stand up from his position in the middle of the couch.

"Heidi baby, I know you love my cock, but Kate needs to have her turn now."

She laughed in her heavy German accent, just before smiling back at Kate. Heidi moved her hands away and shook her head.

"Sorry, I get carried away sometimes."

"I do the same thing all the time, it's not a big deal."

After replying back, Kate glanced up into John's eyes while Heidi moved away offering Kate to take his full attention. As John was standing there looking down at Kate, Heidi stood behind her and glanced up at him making seductive faces. Kate pushed her hands up against his legs, lowering her lips down to the head of his cock. She began to by twirling her tongue around it slowly. Now was her moment to try and completely out-do Heidi in front of the man who had spent so many years having affairs with her. Kate slid her lips down his shaft and began to quickly bob her head up and down, sucking on him aggressively. It didn't take long before John moaned and then made a rare groan before calling out in pleasure.

"Ohhhhhhhh, fuck yeah..."

Heidi raised her eyebrow, impressed with Kate's aggressive skills and the fact she could make him groan. The underside of his cock dripped with strings of saliva from the working mouths of both ladies. Kate came up, making a loud pop noise like Heidi did, only she flicked her tongue and spit over his cock. When John planted his right hand down over her shoulder, that was the sign for her that it was time to push it to the limit and prove to him that she could out-do the woman he had lived through so many affairs with. Kate brought his cock back between her lips, this time pushing her mouth all the way down. Unlike Heidi, she didn't go slow. Kate was quick to push her lips all the way down, forcing the head of his long pole to slam to the back of her throat while her lips buried into his ball hair. Heidi gasped in amazement at what she was witnessing.

"Oh my god, wow..."

Kate had closed her eyes, but re-opened them as she moved her lips back up and released his cock from her mouth. A long string of saliva dangled from her top lip back to his dripping pole.

Kate smiled and finally took this moment to return the wink to John, knowing that Heidi was watching her every movement.

"That was amazing, Kate. Wow, you are pretty good with those lips."

Laughing at Heidi's words, she wasn't quite done yet stealing the spotlight from John's old flame in front of her. Kate reached her hands down, holding her heavy large breasts up as she was prepared for the next phase.

"Ohhhh, you haven't seen nothing yet. Wait until you watch me do this!"

All Heidi could do was gasp when she watched Kate bring those large tits up and trap John's cock between them. He let out a soft moan, watching as his cock was engulfed between those fantastic large breasts. Kate's rack put many women to shame as Heidi knew she couldn't match her in the busty tits department.

"There you go, work it Kate!"

John moved his right hand away from her shoulder as Kate began to pump her large breasts up and down over his fat cock. All Heidi could do was sit there and watch as the busty girl used her giant tits for what she was equipped for doing. Slowly, Kate began to move her tits up and down, all while Heidi watched and John moaned aloud.

"That is so sexy, oh my god."

Heidi's words were in complete shock as she watched Kate titty fuck him. It didn't bother her at all that Kate had completely snatched the spotlight into her own grasp, taking up all of John's attention. Over and over, she slowly moved her large breasts up and down to pump his cock back and forth. Each time the head poked up, Heidi was tempted to at least spit on it. She eventually got the idea to lean her head down, pushing  her face between Kate's tits to lick over the head of his cock each time it poked up. He could feel every bit of Kate's tits wrapped around his shaft and now the tip of Heidi's tongue striking over the head. Kate couldn't help but giggle before John took a deep breath and called out to them.

"I guess you both have to take turns, unable to work together."

Kate stopped, letting go of her tits to allow John's rod to spring free. Heidi leaned back over Kate's right shoulder  before using her right hand to reach out and wrap her fingers around his pole. Instead of taking turns, she had an idea for both of them. Heidi placed her hand down over the back of Kate's head, playfully pushing her forward.

"While I suck on this dick, you can lick over his balls."

"Mmmmm, that's a good idea."

The younger blonde eagerly replied, not bothered by Heidi assuming a bit of control over her. Kate leaned under her head and used her tongue to graze over his hairy balls. At the same time, Heidi planted her lips to the head and was gripping his shaft with her right hand. Those big brown eyes gazed back into John's face as she slowly began to bob her head up and down, all while he listened to Kate's hungry mouth slurping and sucking over his nuts. This was heaven on earth between two gorgeous blonde models, one a generation older than the other. The most smug grin ran through John's lips as he stood there, feeling like a champion. Heidi moaned, pumping her lips and down his cock, simultaneously sucking at the same time Kate was slurping over his left nut tucked past her lips. It took much effort to get John to throw his head back and close his eyes before roaring out in pleasure, but their work had paid off when they heard him call out to him.

"Ohhhhhhh, man. Fuck, this is amazing! Ohhhhhhh, god!!"

After both of them had heard John's groans and cries, it was time to alternate. Heidi pulled her lips from his saliva coated shaft, making a loud pop noise as some of the saliva dripped down to Kate's face. She moved her hand from the back of the girl's head, alerting her to move. Kate pulled her lips off his left nut as a flood of saliva fell to the floor. Instead of sucking on his balls, Heidi moved to his left hand side and shoved her tongue up against the left side of his cock near the base. Kate began to kiss the head from the right side, allowing him the moment to see both of their faces as they slobbered over his cock together. Their lips were almost touching as they slurped their own spit off the sides of his dick. John placed his hands down over the back of their heads, soon pulling them away from his cock as he was ready to move on and truly fuck them.

"Come on, ladies! We need to get some real fucking going on in here now."

"Ohhhh, what's that, John? You ready to fuck one of us?"

It was Heidi speaking to him while biting her lower lip. Kate didn't even bother looking at him, the other woman had her complete attention.

"I'm gonna fuck both of you, it's just a matter of who I want first."

When Heidi looked away from him, she found Kate's big blue eyes starring back at her. Kate made her move, wrapping her arms around Heidi to push their breasts up against one another. The older model looked down, watching as Kate's huge tits came pushing up against hers. Their hard nipples poked up against one another as they both moaned together.

"Oh my god, your tits are so fucking huge..."

Heidi spoke while still glancing down at their cleavage pushed together. This was Kate's moment to tell the other woman, at least in some way who was the superior one.

"Mine are better than yours."

Kate looked into her eyes, offering a smug smile like she had done repeatedly so far today. Heidi couldn't disagree with the busty girl's statement, she had a point. Instead of creating an argument, she leaned her lips forward and invited Kate to kiss her. John had been standing in front of them, stroking his cock until now. When the two blonde models locked lips, he couldn't help but moan but he said nothing. All he could do was stand there and watch them share a passionate kiss, giving him a new idea among his dirty thoughts. When their lips pulled apart, Kate moved her arms from around Heidi's back and then John offered with both of his hands to pull them up.

"That was a beautiful kiss, ladies."

Heidi looked back at Kate as they both took hold of John's hands. As they came rising up from their knees, Heidi spoke to the other model.

"You know how to kiss, I like that. I bet you can use your lips for something else."

Kate nodded to her before replying.

"Yeah, I'm sure you can do it too. But just so you know, I can do it better than you."

Such a reply made Heidi raise her eyebrow at Kate. She didn't know what to think of Kate's comments, but John knew what was going on. They all stepped towards the couch before Heidi spoke up in her lovely voice, ready to call for the position that she wanted.

"How about you lay down, Kate? I want to get on top of you and then you can really prove to me that you can eat pussy better than me."

With a smirk across her lips, Kate nodded before she glanced back at John and replied.

"That's fine, but he's the man. I think our position depends on who he wants to fuck first."

"You, Heidi. I want to fuck you in the ass first. As for you Kate, I'll be taking you after."

"Mmmmm, I would love that. It's been a while since a man truly fucked my ass. In fact, I believe you were the last one to do it, if memory serves me correct."

Heidi winked at John after she spoke. The best would be saved for last, that's at least how Kate thought of it. She went to lay down over the couch, moving her head just under the left side arm rest as Heidi then came climbing over her to form a perfect 69 position over the couch. John realized the couch was long enough to fit the three of them, but he would have to bend a knee to properly move into position behind them. Once Heidi was laying atop of Kate, she moved her face down to that lovely wet mound, just begging for attention. At the same time, she shoved her clit towards Kate's face, feeling the younger blonde model sink her tongue forward and into her. John heard Heidi gasp in her voice, moaning out just before she planted her lips down to Kate's pussy. Soon, she felt John's hands pushing over her firm ass cheeks as he came behind her.

"God, this is amazing to watch. Both of you beautiful ladies loving each other, all while I fuck Heidi in her wonderful ass."

John couldn't help but brag for a moment. It was rare of him to say such things aloud, as he usually tried to keep things within his mind, but he couldn't help himself. Muffled moans were heard between both ladies as they were busy eating each other's clits. He pushed Heidi's ass cheeks apart, slipping his cock between them and poking up until he found her dark little hole. Heidi's ass was always tight upon the first time thrusting into it. John bit his lower lip, feeling her inner tightness, just as he listened to the sound of their lips working together in unison as they orally pleasured one another.

"Damn, you two look busy right now."

Yet again, he bragged aloud, unable to control himself before letting out a slight chuckle. With a chuckle, John began to slowly pump his cock forward into Heidi's ass while listening to their tongues work into one another's clit. Kate was determined to push Heidi over the edge, thrusting her tongue forward into the other blonde model's pussy and shaking it around before repeating the process over and over. Heidi had proven to truly show quite a bit of experience when it came to licking pussy, as her tongue was easily snaking it's way in and out of Kate's clit. Over and over, the two worked repeatedly while Heidi was the one experiencing a world of pleasure with John fucking her ass simultaneously with Kate's oral skills. John was too busy watching his cock completely disappear with each thrust he sent into Heidi's lovely ass. It was difficult to truly give her ass the pounding he preferred to give her, but he had to speak up again for something new that had crossed his mind.

"I don't want either of you to cum yet, hear me? I want to be the one that makes you cum instead."

His words were enough to relieve Kate, as she had been afraid before that Heidi could push her into an orgasm before he had the opportunity to. After a few more slow thrusts, he couldn't deal with this tough position any longer. John pulled his rod free from her ass and then leaned up from the couch while snapping his fingers.

"Get up, both of you! I want you both to get up and lean down over the couch for me."

Heidi knew what he wanted to do, as this wasn't the first time she had shared a threesome with John and another lucky woman. She only hated that she would have to stop orally pleasuring Kate, as she wanted to drive the girl nuts after listening to her remarks about being the better one of the two. Both of them got up from the couch and moved into position. Heidi's heels stomped loudly over the floor as she spread her legs and pushed her hands down into the couch on the right side. Kate was to the left, sinking the palms of her hands down into the white couch while her legs spread and exposed her pussy. John moved to the left side, figuring that he was going to fuck Kate first and properly switch turns between the two of them. The buxom blonde model moaned softly when she felt the head of his cock pushing into her pussy.

"Mmmmm, that's it. Come on and fuck me, John! Mmmmm, I want it so bad!"

Seeing as he was intending to fuck Kate first, Heidi brought her right hand down to play with her clit. She used her index and middle finger to dip into her wet fold as she began to finger herself while John's hands found an easy spot on the small of Kate's back while he began to thrust his cock into her. Heidi moaned from the touch of her hand, but it was Kate's voice that was calling out in a loud command.

"Ohhhhhh, god. Yeah, that's it! Fuck me, just like that! Just like that, YESSSS!!"

As Kate's voice had elevated into screaming, John picked up steam and began to buck his faster. His cock was thrusting harder, pumping into her sweet pussy back and forth. Heidi was busy twirling her fingers around inside her clit, all while she had to listen to the busty girl moaning and calling out to him.


John bit his lower lip, groaning while the sound of his balls slapping up against the underside of her ass could be heard. Kate had already felt her climax beginning to build, all thanks to Heidi's lovely lips and tongue. Her large tits were bouncing from under her, shaking all around but never touching the front of the couch seats. Kate closed her eyes before re-opening them only for a moment as she yelled again.


All Heidi could do was smirk as she dipped her fingers further into her pussy and moaned. John was too focused on fucking Kate to pay any attention to the other woman. Apart from Kate's loud moans, it was evident that she wasn't going to last much longer before he forced her to cum. Over and over, his cock continued to thrust into her pussy. Kate couldn't stop herself from screaming.


Closer and closer, her orgasm was drawing near in the dawning seconds. Kate couldn't take much more, as she felt every inch of his meat pole sliding into her wet pussy over and over. Heidi had to sit there and await her turn, watching as the younger and bustier model was going to reach her climax before she did. Kate spread her fingers out over the front of the couch before she began to scream louder.


John raised his left hand up and spanked it over Kate's bum when he felt her orgasm commence. She didn't feel a thing while lost in the pleasure. Next to her, Heidi was bent over in the same position and had eagerly awaited her turn for him to deliver her to the promise land of pleasure. She moved her hands away from her entrance while John was sliding his shaft out from Kate's clit. A bit of her warm juices dropped to the floor as he moved over to Heidi and began to slide the head of his cock into her waiting pussy. The German model gasped, smiling big as she raised her head up and called out to him.

"Mmmmmmmm, I've been waiting so long for this. Fuck me, John! Fuck me like you always do!"

Kate now had the opportunity to witness how John and Heidi were together in the bedroom. All the snide comments she had made about the other woman the past few weeks, and now she was right next to her to watch it unfold. While catching her breath, Kate witnessed the happiness over Heidi's face as he began to buck his hips and thrust his fat rod back and forth into her wonderful pussy. Heidi didn't scream like Kate, instead she closed her eyes and let out a soft moan. The sound of John's balls slapping up against the underside of her ass could be heard fully, each time his cock pushed into her and back. Eventually, Heidi did call out to him in a low sensual voice.

"That's it, that's it. Mmmmmmm, fuck me John. Ohhhhhhh, yes!"

Smack. Smack. Smack. The noises created from his balls beating up against her ass cheeks could be heard loud and clear. Kate didn't know what to think at first. She looked over her shoulder, noticing the look over John's face while he was pumping his cock thoroughly in and out of Heidi's pussy. If there was a reason why he called her a 'goddess' in text through their picture book together, it was acts like this between the two of them together. Kate could see clearly with both of them, there was some sweet tenderness between their affairs.

"Ohhhhh, yes! Mmmmm, fuck me! Fuck me, John!!"

Heidi still didn't elevate her voice to completely yelling like Kate did. The sound of her breathing and John's balls beating up against her ass created an erotic rhythm of noises filling the room. He soon raised his left hand and laid down a hard spank over Heidi's ass, just as he had done to Kate.

"Ohhhhhh, yes!"

Spank! A second smack came down over her cheek as Heidi moaned in excitement. Her orgasm was approaching faster at this point, mostly thanks to the fingering she had given herself while John was busy pushing Kate to the brink of her climax. He soon looked over to his left, directing at his attention towards Kate while he was still fucking Heidi.

"Kate, baby! Get down on your knees for me on the floor!"

The younger blonde model may not have knew what trick he had in his mind, but Heidi was well aware what was about to happen. The last time they had a threesome like this, he blew his load all over both girls' faces while they were seated on the floor. Kate did as she was told, climbing down to the floor and situating herself down to her knees. She closed her eyes, her tits bouncing from under her as John was pushing her closer to the point of her release. If he were not in control like this with a doggy style position, John knew in the back of his mind that one of them would've already forced him to bust a nut and blow his load too soon. When Heidi began to scream in her higher pitched voice, Kate and John both knew that she only had seconds remaining.


He made one final thrust into her, holding his position while experiencing Heidi's orgasm. The older model gritted her teeth, letting out a growl while she tried to dig her fingernails into the fabric of the couch seats. Kate sat on the floor, glancing towards them as she watched. Heidi wasn't really a screamer like her, something that made both of them quite different. When Kate witnessed John pull his dripping come from Heidi's pussy, she watched him step back and now they both knew what was about to happen. Heidi didn't have to be told to get down on the floor, as experience through the years with John had taught her all the tricks he used. His cock was dripping from the juices of both of their used clits exploding all over him, but now it was time for him to give them his own hot seed.

"Mmmmmm, I'm ready for you to cum for me, love! I know that's what you're about to do, John!"

It was Heidi speaking up to tease him as she sat next to Kate. Like before, Kate was to the left hand side and Heidi was to the right. John stood perfectly in position right in the middle of them as he stroked his cock, ready to blow his load all over their gorgeous faces. Kate closed her eyes and called out to him.

"Cum for me, I want it! Paint my face like a fucking whore, John!"

Heidi glanced over at Kate for a moment, just before raising her head and closing her eyes. His hand guided easily over his shaft, since it was coated in a double layer of their love nectar. For John, this was a tough moment as he knew he was going to cum hard, but he would never have enough of a load to coat both their faces equally. He had to make a decision over who he preferred. Kate or Heidi? The new younger model or his long time lover? Maybe he could get them even, he thought to himself. It was a tough choice to make, but the moment he felt his cock beginning to shoot, John made the choice and aimed to his left.


The initial burst shot a thick rope of cum, flying directly over the middle of Kate's face. It drenched her forehead, streaking into her hair and finally ended at the right side of her nose. He shot another wad towards Kate's face, landing on her left cheek and dripping down. Another one went into her closed right eyelid, splattering into her eyebrow before running down like a semen filled tear drop. He shot one more wad over Kate's face, splashing against her right eyebrow and then he finally turned his cock to point in Heidi's direction. A few thick droplets went flying over her face as she licked her lips and called out to him.

"Mmmmmm, I love it when you cum all over my face..."

His cum flew into Heidi's hair before a nice string landed up the left cheek of her face. Kate licked her lips feeling his hot cum dripping down past her neck and falling to her large tits. Once John was completely done, all they could hear was his breathing apart from their own moans.

"Ohhhhhh, man. That was fucking amazing, you two ladies are something else."

From hearing his voice, they both opened their eyes. Kate's face was covered, dripping in his hot seed while Heidi got the short end of his quantity of the warm sticky substance. The girls looked back at each other and grinned before glancing upward at John with smiles on their faces. Who had the most cum on their face was obviously John's pick of a favorite. It was the first time after a threesome that Heidi didn't have her face caked in his seed, instead it was the other girl. Since Kate had become his new favorite, John moved his cock to the left side towards her lips and let go of it. The buxom blonde brought the head past her lips and kissed it. He then moved it back towards Heidi, giving her a turn to kiss it.

"I'm so glad you came over today, baby. It's been a long time since we had any fun together."

Heidi's lips kissed the head of his spent cock and then she winked at him.

"I had a lot of fun too, but I think you made a bigger mess out of Kate."

"I earned it."

Kate replied back to Heidi and gave her that same smug grin from earlier. She didn't have to tell her, as it was already obvious given who he chose to blow the bigger load over. Kate felt even more confident now that she was replacing this woman as his new preferred 'goddess'. She knew deep down in her mind, she wasn't going to have to hint at John to put that text somewhere in the book.



Los Angeles, California

Time faded by as the finished product of their photography sessions were coming about. After a whole month of shooting, John was busy with his editing team preparing for the picture book he and Kate had now completed. Apart from their steamy affairs, they had a product sitting in their hands that was sure to create a frenzy once it was released to the public. Much hype had already begun for the release of Surface Seduction all thanks to the teaser video edit that was released online for a whole four months in advance. The video of Kate dancing with the hula hoop and various close up shots of her busty front had instantly received millions of views in the first forty-eight hours alone. Now four months later, that video had reached hundreds of millions of views and had made the buzz term 'Kate Upton and Varga' become popular through social media for months.

Tonight was a special night as they initial release for Surface Seduction was underway in a sold out auditorium in Los Angeles. The book went on pre-order a week in advance, instantly rising to the top of best sellers' lists on various websites. Similar to the initial release of his book with Heidi, John had planned a big press conference and book signing with Kate for the first hard cover prints. The cover featured Kate in a green bikini, surfacing in the water with the sun beaming down over her voluptuous body. It was her choice for the cover and she picked the insert picture to be another one from that same shoot. Staying true to her assumption, Kate watched one day as John put in big bold letters on one page with the nude photos, calling her a 'sex goddess'. Such an act made her grin, as it was one step above what he did for the other woman before her.

"I hope this don't take too long, I'm ready to get back to the hotel and have some fun."

Kate turned and offered him a grin as they stood backstage together, waiting to come out in front of the media. He was wearing a black suit while she had a blue dress on. They had been fixed up in fancy wardrobes for this event, all to make good appearances in front of the cameras. At that moment, John realized that Kate wasn't going to put him off on having fun like Heidi had done on their release night earlier this year. He gave Kate a nod before answering her back.

"Don't worry, this won't go on for long. We're only signing around two-hundred copies, anyway. First come, first served. It will all be over faster than we expect."

"Good, cause I'm thinking about you and not them out there. Once we're done here, I want you all to myself."

She gave him more last grin before it was time to head out on the stage. John smiled to himself, as this was another moment where he truly felt that he was on top of the world. A dream had come true in his life and career, as now was time to embrace another big moment with another famous model. This time around, his name was going in the history books as the first photographer to have produced the visual appearance of Kate Upton in the nude. Whatever happened in the future, he would always have the memories of working with her and knowing they had a working relationship now that came with the benefits of lusty affairs. Life was great when you felt that you were truly on top.


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Re: Surface Seduction (Kate Upton, Heidi Klum)
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Sequel is coming soon, after the next Mr. Disco. Kelly Brook will be the next model for Varga.
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Re: Surface Seduction (Kate Upton, Heidi Klum)
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Oh la la ... Incredible Cade! The fantasy in this story is so beautiful. Kate's big bitch tits are so made to be fucked !! The duet with Heidi was very well brought up, sacred history friend!
I really loved the sex in it .. Thank you!
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Re: Surface Seduction (Kate Upton, Heidi Klum)
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Oh la la ... Incredible Cade! The fantasy in this story is so beautiful. Kate's big bitch tits are so made to be fucked !! The duet with Heidi was very well brought up, sacred history friend!
I really loved the sex in it .. Thank you!

I will have to use that phrase in a story in the future! Thank you again for the comment. I always wanted to write a sequel to this.


Re: Surface Seduction (Kate Upton, Heidi Klum)
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Good idea! This story is so sexy and gripping from start to finish, excellent. Sacred duo, Kate is so well used, I love it!


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