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Author Topic: An Open Letter to Anja Josefsen, Penthouse Pet of the Month December 1992  (Read 2901 times)


Anja Josefsen is my all time favorite Penthouse Pet. In the past I have emailed the folks at Penthouse asking how I could write to her and was told that they had lost touch with her and don't know of a way to contact her.

Since Penthouse hasn't kept in touch with her, I'd like to present this open letter to Anja Josefsen in hopes that she is out there, Googles herself and finds this.

An Open Letter to Anja Josefsen, Penthouse Pet of the Month December 1992

Dear Anja,

It has been years since you appeared in the pages of Penthouse magazine, but you have left a lasting impression on this reader. I remember the day I bought your magazine. As a subscriber to Playboy, I always had my monthly exposure to beautiful women posing in the nude and as a man had my supply of erotic imagery to stimulate my sexual fantasies and my masturbation sessions. This particular month was different. Although the beautiful Barbara Moore graced the pages of Playboy as Playmate of the Month that same month, I was looking for more erotic stimulation.

I walked into the newsstand and saw Penthouse on the shelf. Gennifer Flowers was on the cover, with an pictoral and interview where she talked about her affair with Bill Clinton. I already had the desire to buy the magazine, and Gennifer's cover story was an added incentive to buy it. I took it to the counter to purchase and I was so nervous. What was the cashier going to think of my purchase? Would he judge me as a pervert who was going to be using this periodical for masturbatory purposes? Nothing happened, I made my purchase and took the magazine home.

When I got home I began going through the pages of the magazine, reading Gennifer's tell all about Bill Clinton and admiring her pictures. Then I got to the Pet of the Month section and was taken by your beauty. My god, you are so sexy. My first impression was that you were a hotter, sexier version of Paulina Porizkova.

My first instinct was to get my pants down to my ankles. At that time of my life, I would masturbate with my clothes on. My shirt would be on and my pants would be just above my knees or at my ankles while I humped my pillow or stroked off in the bathroom. It was always a safeguard against being interrupted or caught. I would have access to my clothes and be able to quickly get dressed if needed. This particular day that wasn't going to happen. I stripped down naked for you and neatly put my clothes in a pile next to me. I wasn't going to hump my pillow or jerk off in the bathroom either. I got comfortable in the room just inside the door of my apartment, positioning myself on the floor, leaning against the wall and opening my legs spread eagle exactly like one of your photos in the spread.

I positioned the magazine to my left outside of my legs to avoid hitting it. You see, speaking of Paulina Porizkova, I had made the mistake of positioning a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue looking at the picture of Paulina and Kim Alexis between my legs and the strength of my ejaculation landed in the magazine, giving Kim a facial and Paulina a pearl necklace. I had to dispose of that magazine and didn't want to have that happen again.

I wrapped my hand around my very erect and throbbing penis and started softly and slowly stroking myself. I was rock hard long before I got my clothes off from looking at you. It felt so good. I would look into your eyes and not be able to take mine off you. I took my sweet time masturbating to your pictures, spending extending periods of 10, 15, 20 minutes gazing at one page. My excitement would build up and I would slow down and back off just so I could enjoy that sensation in my penis without climaxing. The precum arrived pretty quickly and I massaged it in creating a lubricant for my penis. When I'm lubricated, I have the courage to explore closer to the head. You see Anja, I never touch the head of my penis since it is so sensitive. But when I'm lubed, I can touch that one spot just underneath the head and it is a heavenly situation. Having you look at me while I'm experiencing such pleasure was fantastic. I don't mean to brag. Maybe I do. But I can self confidently tell you that I spent two hours masturbating to your magazine that day and when I finally decided to let go and orgasm, it was one of the most intense and incredible feelings I had during self love at that point of my life.

It was amazing and created a special place in my fantasy life for you. I have masturbated to your magazine countless times, wondering what you would think if you knew and how you might react if you did or if you saw me.

You also played a role in one of the more embarrassing masturbatory experiences I have had. Years later, during one of my sessions looking at you and fantasizing about doing the most wonderful things to your body, I had the rather awkward and embarrassing experience of being caught in the act. I remember that day well too. It was MLK Day and I had the day off from work. I felt horny that particular morning and since I didn't have to go into work, I decided to satisfy my morning erection with some self pleasure. I took your magazine out and put on Shania Twain's "Come On Over" CD to set the mood. I once again assumed the spread eagled position for you and began my session. About 10 minutes into my session, Janice, my apartment manager walked into my bedroom and saw me on the bed in this very private moment and let out a startled yelp. Janice said "Oh my God. I'm so sorry." and ran out of my apartment. She had called later to apologize for what happened and explained to me that a message she got for a maintenance request was wrong. Whoever took the message wrote the wrong unit down. The request came from apartment 240, not my apartment, 214. The interruption killed the mood and the embarrassment brought my arousal down. After Janice called to apologize, you once again got me in the mood and I was able to stroke to orgasm.

Anja, I've wanted to tell you for years that I think you are without a doubt the most beautiful and sexiest woman to ever grace the pages of Penthouse magazine. I've also wanted to tell you for years that your magazine and your beautiful image has aroused and brought me to orgasm so many times. Society's norms have always made it inappropriate and socially unacceptable to openly express one's sexual desires and masturbatory fantasies, but this blog has provided me with a safe and anonymous way of expressing those feelings.

I hope that you find this letter, and that it finds you well. I also hope that should you find this and read, that you'd be so kind as to respond to tell me how you are, what you've been up to, if you ever married and/or had kids and how your life has been since you posed for Penthouse. I've always wondered and would love to hear from you to find out.

Yours always,

Brad Hamilton

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Wow, this was an awesome retro story. I love the early 90's theme and your selection of a woman I've never seen used before. Wonderful work!
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Great story, wish I hadn't overlooked it before. These throwback stories make me feel young again, damn I kinda miss the 90s now.


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