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Kathys Lab (Kathy Lloyd)
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Starring: Kathy Lloyd
 Codes: MF, MMF, Oral, Anal
 Disclaimer:  This story is purely fiction, it has never happened. Please keep this story to this site only, if you want to share elsewhere DM me and ask for permission.

 Note I wrote this story many years ago, and its a pre cursor to loads I wrote afterwards, so you will probably want to read this before any of my other older stories.  I never got around to finishing it, but think its ok as it stands.
 Kathy’s Lab
 Kathy opened the door to the office, she was wearing a dark suit, white shirt and striped tie.  A glimpse of white stocking covered thigh was visible under her short pencil skirt.
 “Come in, come in” she said, leading me in “sit down please”
 Sitting down at the desk, my eyes followed Kathy as she walked around the desk to the chair opposite.
 “Coffee” she said pouring me a cup.  “I think you are going to enjoy what I have planned for the next few days”
 Drinking my coffee I sat back admiring Kathy as she spoke, her full bosom heaving under her jacket, dark hair flowing down her shoulders.
 “Why don’t you sit here and watch a video, I filmed the other day, it might help you see what I have planned” she said.
 Kathy turned on the wide screen TV she kept in her office, and started the tape.  The picture showed Kathy sitting on a long reclining sofa, she wore a flimsy pink silk summer dress, fastened across her cleavage with 2 ties.
 “Progress is good” she said to camera “Stamina is incredible, recovery time almost instantaneous, volume increased tenfold, no apparent side effects”.  She grinned and winked at the camera “I thought a demonstration would help show how the finished product works”
 The camera panned back to show a wide shot of the room, 6 men were seen standing around the sofa, each stroking their hard cock, smiling at Kathy.
 “For an example I shall demonstrate volume” she said, nodding to the first man he walked over to Kathy, she sat up and took hold of his cock, slowly she stroked it back and forth in her hands.
 “Cummon Tom show the folks at home how my new project works,” Kathy purred “ I will let you fuck me later, think about burying your cock in my wet hot pussy, that will get you off”.
 The man groaned as his cock twitched in Kathy’s hand.  She reached back and took a pint glass, from beside the sofa.  She thrust the guys cock into the glass and vigorously yanked on it until he grunted, a huge stream of white semen gushing into the glass.
 “Yes honey, that’s it, show them what you’ve got” Kathy said excitedly, furiously milking the mans cum into the glass. Again and again he came, unbelievably he nearly filled the glass, a pint of warm semen had come out of his balls.
 “There you have it, solid proof my new treatment works” Kathy said, pushing the guy back to leave a clear view of her holding the glass.        “I know some of you may think that Tom here is some kind of one off well, allow me to put that to rest.” She said “ Simon, Dan why don’t you fill these up” she asked another 2 of the men, holding up 2 more pint glasses.
 The 2 men stepped forwards and took the glasses from Kathy, but neither one looked to eager “You know what Dan” Simon said, “I’ve been filled up with drugs, prodded probed and tested, I think if Kathy wants us to show everyone what she has done, she should have to work for it”
 “Yeah, I think she should have to pay the price for her work” Dan replied, smiling.
 “And what exactly would that be?” Kathy asked.
 “Well I for one would like to see you drink that pint of cum Tom here has just produced” Simon said.
 “Yeah drink it down” Dan said.
 Kathy Smiled at the 2 men “Ok I need you to show off my product” she said.
 Kathy smiled at the camera as it zoomed in to a close up of her face, wetting her lips she raised the glass to her mouth.  She flicked her tongue into the thick white spooge, tasting it.  Slowly she raised the glass and poured the contents of the class into her mouth. Viscous white semen glugged into her mouth, Kathy swallowed hard and filled her mouth again from the pint glass. Kathy’s breathing quickened as she swallowed more and more of the cum, until at the end she poured the last mouthful of cum down between her lips from about 6 inches up.
 Turning to the camera she opened her mouth showing the think milky layer of cum swirling within.  Closing her lips she swallowed, gulping down the warm semen with gustow.
 “Mmm Fresh and thick, Now boys how about that demo for my customers.” She said.
 “Sorry Kathy we want much more than that in return” Dan replied.
 Kathy switched off the tape at this point  “No need to see any more”       she purred “You can have a first hand show of what my stuff can do, I slipped some in your coffee”.
 “It’s had time to work through your system, so you should be about ready now”  She said walking around to perch on the desk in front of me.
 “So how about it are you ready?” she asked, slowly unbuttoning her jacket.
 “Lets start you off slowly, a trial run shall we say” she said finishing taking off her jacket.
 She walked towards me unbuttoning the top of her blouse, revealing a teasing hint of cleavage.  She knelt down on the floor, smiling up at me she unfastened my trousers, sliding them down off of me, she stroked her hand over my hardening cock.
 “C’mon honey lets see if this stuff has worked, shall we?” she purred. Lifting my legs up I rested them on the desk, as Kathy leant forwards pulling my pulsing dick from my pants.
 She pumped my shaft in her hand, slowly and then harder as my dick throbbed in her clutches.  Her hot breath tickled my balls as she leant forwards to engulf my cock with her mouth.
 “Oh baby I want to make you come, see how much you can shoot” Kathy gasped, looking up at me, my dick grasped in her vice like grip.
 Her tongue ran down my shaft, her lips caressing my balls, and then softly sucking on them.  I could feel my balls getting heavier and heavier as Kathy sucked on them, filling with semen swelling in her mouth.  Kathy ran her tongue back up my shaft roaming it around my head before looking up at me and furiously jacking my prick.
 “Baby, come on, do it, do it” She gasped, dropping her head and sucking furiously on my cock.
 Kathy madly sucked my dick in and out of her hot tight mouth, again and again bobbing up and down, swirling her well-practiced tongue over my head.  I was close and Kathy felt it too, so she moved back a touch and clamped her lips over my head.  Grasping my cock in both hands she stroked me hard into her hot mouth.
 My huge balls drew up and I felt the first jet of cum pulse into Kathy’s mouth, her eyes widened and sparkled as my second and third shot splattered into the roof of Kathy’s mouth.  She whipped her head up off of my cock, leant back and continued to jerk my shaft.  Arc after arc of thick heavy cum jetted out of my dick, flying up and then splattering down the front of Kathy’s blouse. Again and again I came, 15, 20 shots of heavy semen plastering Kathy’s blouse, as she wanked my cock with her right hand, whilst squeezing my balls with her left.  She milked every last drop of cum out of my balls with her hand as they shrank, my fluids deposited over her blouse.
 Kathy leant forwards slipping my shrinking cock back into her mouth, sucking the last few drops from my shaft.  Taking my legs from the desk, I sat back exhausted, as Kathy stood, then sat on the desk facing me.  She opened her mouth, showing her tongue drowning in a pool of thick white cum, and then closed it swallowed and smiled at me.
 “Well it seems to have taken effect, wouldn’t you say?” she said, grinning.  Her fine white cotton blouse was drenched in my cum, it clang to her body, and had gone see through with the wetness of my seed.  I could see her full breasts held in a lacy bra, nipples hard and erect aching for attention.
 She ran her finger up her blouse scooping up a few drops of my semen, she brought it to her lips, and then held it under her nose inhaled and tasted it.
 “God, I love the smell, and the taste, it drives me wild with lust.” She said. “I look and smell like a cum whore, and well I guess I am!” Kathy grinned as she finished that sentence, “After what those men did to me, I am a new woman, more how shall we say? Liberated,”
 “Tell you what why don’t we watch a bit more, they insisted I keep filming what happened, so that I wouldn’t back out on the deal” She suggested picking up the remote and pressing play.
 “You have made us do everything you wanted since we started this, so we think you should do 1 thing for each of us” Dan said.
 “Look as long as I get you cumming on tape, I’ll do anything you want” Kathy snapped back.
 “Hey fellas she said anything, so think up something good.” Dan said, “ I have something perfect in mind, but I want Kathy to change into something more to my liking”. Dan added.
 “Well babe what would you like stockings and sussies, a nice Basque?” Kathy asked.
 “Undies definitely, something that enhances your already ample breasts would be good” Dan replied.
 “I think I have just the thing, meet me in the bedroom, I about 10 minutes, I will be ready” she said.
 “Ok, and don’t forget to set up the cameras” Dan added.
 The screen went black for a second, and then returned now in the bedroom, the action picked up with Dan sitting on the bed waiting for Kathy.
 “On my way” came a voice from the adjoining bathroom, “Just checking my make up”
 She walked into the bedroom, wearing a matching bra and panties set, black with maroon floral pattern, it looked fabulous.  Her fabulous breasts were squeezed tightly together, she smiled shyly and asked
 “Will I do?”
 “Perfect,” Dan said, standing “No you sit on the bed and we’ll get started”       
 Kathy moved over and sat in front of Dan, his cock was hardening and it sprang up invitingly in front of Kathy’s face.  She grasped it gently and stroked it a couple of times, Dan gasped as she swirled her tongue over his glistening purple head.
 “Ohh bitch,” he gasped “I have been longing to do this ever since I set eyes on you”
 “Mmmmn what is your demand then” Kathy purred, running her tongue along the underside of Dan’s prick.
 “Ever since I’ve seen those monumental tits of yours I’ve wanted to take my dick and slide it back and forth between them.” Dan said
 “Oh I think that I can manage that one” Kath said, kneeling up on the bed so Dan’s cock was level with her cleavage.
 She took his cock gently in one hand brought it to her lips, taking his head into her mouth she made it very wet. Then she took him out and dragged his tip down her face over her chin, down her neck until the head of his hard dick rested on the top of her cleavage.
 “Are you ready babe, ready for me to give you the tit-wank of your life.” She whispered
 Kathy pushed Dan’s cock down into her cleavage raising herself up to let her tits swallow his shaft.  She flattened her face onto Dan’s stomach as she slid he chest up into his crotch, until his balls were pressed hard into her tits.  Dan’s cockhead had burst free from the bottom of Kathy’s boobs, and pushed its way out underneath her bra. Kathy took one hand and brought the palm up to her mouth, slavering her tongue all over it, she grinned as she reached down underneath her tits and rubbed her glistening palm over Dan’s purple head.
 “C’mon you bastard, let me show you how good my tits are” Kathy growled.
 She humped her chest into Dan’s groin, grasping his arse and pulling him close.  Kathy then eased up slightly tossed her long dark hair and smiled when she looked up and saw Dan eyes wide pure pleasure on his face.
 “Lets change things round a bit babe, try another angle” Kathy said sting back and pulling Dan’s cock from her tits. 
 She lifted the thin strip of material that held the cups of her bra together, and slid Dan’s prick under it.  She slowly lowered her breasts down until his cockhead appeared from between her tits.  She spat a long line of dribble down onto his head and slowly rubbed it in with her fingers.  Steadily Kathy began moving her tits up and down Dan’s shaft, pausing at the top before dropping her tits down to encase his prick.
 “Now no hands” Kathy said.
 She grasped her breasts and hiked them up around Dan’s shaft, letting the tight bra hold them in place.  She looked up at Dan and began energetically bouncing her breasts up and down his cock.  Kathy grasped his thighs as she pulled her cleavage up and down on his dick, her dark hair was tossing around as Kathy kept her eyes fixed on Dan’s face.
 After several hot sweaty minutes Kathy stopped and looked up at Dan, “It’s about time you did some work” she gasped, easing her tits up off of Dan’s cock.
 Kathy knelt up on the bed and once again popped his dick down into the shadows of her tits.  Leaning back slightly she allowed Dan to thrust his cock down into the depths of her tits pushing hard to her breastbone.
 “Fuck my tits until you come baby” Kathy panted, leaning back giving him full access to her bosom.
 Dan began thrusting his dick vigorously in and out of Kathy’s tits, balls banging on her soft titties with every pump.  Kathy gripped her ankles and pushed her tits out even more, straining the fabric of her bra to its limit. 
 “Cum for me baby, cum over my soft sweaty tits, oh yes baby do it do it” Kathy snarled, egging Dan on.
 Dan was banging her tits like a madman now growling as he pushed his hard shaft deep into her cleavage.  Then he came roaring in delight as he spurted hard, cum filling Kathy’s tits.         
 “Yesss, cover me, I want it I want it all” Kathy cried.
 Dan shot load after load of cum down into her boobs, filling her cleavage, until it spilled out the top, running down her front. Amazingly he must have filled what little space was left in her bra, because cum was leaking from the bottom of it.  Dan growled and thrust his still spurting cock down through her tits and out under her bra, he sprayed her stomach and thighs with 6 or 7 massive gushes of cum.  He eased up out of her tits and rested his twitching member in the top of Kathy’s cleavage as his semen deluge continued. Shot after shot of cum flowed and splashed over the top of her tits, spraying her neck and throat.
 Finally Dan took his shaft and smacked it on Kathy’s cheek, and as she opened her mouth, shot his final seed into it.  Kathy sucked softly on his shrinking shaft, cleaning him, until he stepped back spent.
 “Shit bitch, you earned all the proof you want from me” He said, walking over and sitting in a nearby chair.
 “1 down 5 to go” Kathy said quietly to herself.  Slowly she knelt up and then stood up to face the nearest camera.
 “Well I think this shows the volume definitely wasn’t a fluke.” She said, gesturing down her body.
 Thick white cum trickled down her stomach, large globs clang to her knickers and thick white streaks criss-crossed her muscular thighs.  A white sheet covered the tops of her breasts and her neck was splattered with semen.
 A huge white lake of cum filled her cleavage, and as she leant forwards it spilled out from the middle of her bra.  Kathy took her index finger and dipped it all the way down into her boobs.  Withdrawing it, covered in white sticky cum, she brought it to her lips and devoured it savouring the taste.
 “God I swear it even tastes better” she said.
 “Well in that case I have 1 last demand” Dan said, “I’ll be back in 2 seconds stay there” he walked out and returned quickly.
 “Drink up baby” he said handing Kathy a straw.
 Raising one eyebrow, she dipped the straw down into her cleavage and began to suck on it.  She leant towards the camera just enough to show the semen level dropping as she sucked it all up. Her cheeks drawn in Kathy siphoned as much semen as she could from between her tits, and withdrew the straw. Opening her mouth to the camera, she revealed the large pool of cum she had just sucked up, then closed her mouth and swallowed.  Opening her mouth to show it was empty she turned and walked back past Dan towards the bathroom.
 “And look the recovery period is incredibly short” she said, looking at Dan a huge erection in his hand.
 “Shit bitch, you would have got anyone hard with that show” Dan replied.
 “We’ll see, we’ll see” she said going to the bathroom to clean up.
 “Simon is next” Dan shouted after her “ He’ll be in, in a moment to tell you what he wants.”
 Kathy stopped the tape at this point and turned to look at me,
 “Ready to go again?” she said. “Looks like it,” she looked down at my throbbing erection, “Now I am sooo wet I need to be shagged senseless”
 She unclasped her grey pencil skirt peeling it down she stepped out of it to reveal a matching pair of white panties, with suspender belt to hold up her stockings.  She slipped off her knickers and hopped back to sit on the desk.
 “Fuck me here you dirty bastard, fuck me on my desk, I want it right here”” she purred.
 Unbuttoning her blouse she revealed her breasts, glistening with cum, which had seeped through from my earlier blasting.  Her dark nipples pert and showing through her white bra, hard eager for attention.
 “C’mon stick your cock in me your horny cunt” She gasped.
 I walked towards her stroking my hard shaft and ran the head of my dick over the soft flesh of her thighs, just above her stocking tops.  They were so soft I could have come right there and then, I pushed my dick into her wet ready pussy, it sucked my shaft in until I was embedded up to the hilt.
 “Ohhhh yes baby, now fuck me like the slut I am” Kathy purred.
 Kathy wrapped her soft supple legs around my waist, as I gripped her hips, and began slow deep thrusts into her silken pussy.  Kathy was resting up on her arms looking straight at me snarling as I fucked her.
 “Do it baby, pound me pound me till I cum” She gasped.
 Her Swollen breasts bounced back and forth in her lacy bra and I reached up to free them.
 “No, No you get to play with them after I cum” She groaned.
 My Hips went into overtime driving again and again into Kathy, pounding relentlessly.  She bucked to meet my thrusts her body urging me to go harder than ever.
 “Yes, yes, oh, oh here I come, oh, oh, ooohh, Yesssss” She shrieked, her pussy churning, spasming, she locked her legs around my waist and held me deep inside of her as she came.
 Her pussy was on fire wave after wave of pleasure shuddering through her body.  This set me of and I could feel my balls filling ready to explode.
 “Obhh, no way baby not inside me what waste that would be” Kathy panted, unwrapping her legs from around me.
 I rapidly pulled out of her pussy and started jerking my dick in her direction, just about to explode.  Kathy Jumped down off of the desk and knelt sucking my heavy balls, as I wanked my erupting cock. 
 “Cum on the desk baby, I promise It’ll be worth it” She panted.
 My cock pulsed in my hand and jet after jet of white thick semen arced up and splattered on the black leather desk, Kathy flicked my balls with her tongue and watched intently as I came all over the desk. Eventually my load was spent and Kathy stood admiring the many pools of semen that glistened on the table.
 “Sit down honey and watch the TV, you will see exactly why I wanted you to do that.” Kathy said starting the Video again.
 Kathy showered and cleaned herself up before returning to the bedroom to find Simon sitting on the bed.
 “Well then Simon what would you like me to do?” she asked
 “First put on that lovely pink dress of yours” he said “and the meet me in the lounge, I am really going to make you work for your money”
 Kathy changed and walked into the lounge, she found Simon sitting on one of the chairs, watching the video of Dan fucking her tits.
 “Shit bitch you are one horny mother” Simon said, rubbing his hard cock in his left hand.  “Lie back on the sofa Kathy, and relax, I am going to do all the work here.”
 Kathy sat back onto the sofa, kicking off her pink high heeled shoes, she relaxed back resting her head on the arm. 
 Simon walked across to her and knelt across her body straddling her breasts.  Taking his cock in his hand he began slowly wanking it, Kathy looked up at him smiling licking her lips.
 “You gonna wank all over my face, Simon? You want to give me a facial?” She teased.
 “Wait and see babe, wait and see” He replied, rubbing his cockhead over Kathy’s forehead, drumming it there a couple of times.
 “C’mon Simon do it, cum all over my face, cover me with your seed, let this little slut really have it” Kathy purred spurring him on.
 Simon gripped hold of Kathy’s head with one hand, holding her still, whilst furiously whacking his dick with the other pointing it down towards Kathy’s face.
 “Yes baby, do it, cum on my face now!” Kathy snapped, eyes wide open staring at Simon.
 Simon’s cock began to jerk as he started to cum, quickly he pressed his spurting head to Kathy’s nose!  “Yeasss!” he roared, as long thick ropes of cum flooded up Kathy’s nasal passage.
 Kathy coughed and began to choke, the shocked of such an unexpected action catching her by surprise.  She screwed up her eyes as Simon switched to her other nostril, pinching the full one closed with his free hand.
 “Ughh, fuck you bastard, oh my god oh oh” Kathy gasped coughing and spluttering.
 Simon continued pumping his cum up Kathy’s nose, as she gagged and coughed it down, until she eventually started snorting it back in time with Simons shots, filling her mouth through her nose.
 Simon gasped as he finished cumming, pinching her nose together, Simon climbed off of Kathy.
 “I’d keep hold here if I were you Kathy, shit that was sooo good.” Simon panted, guiding Kathy’s right hand to her nose.
 Kathy sat up shaking her head, eyes watering, looking straight down the camera.  Her mouth was wide open a pool of cum glistening, covering her tongue brimming up to her teeth. She closed her mouth and swallowed the lot.
 “Holy shit you depraved bastard, that was plain sick” She gasped, looking at Simon “That was fucking disgusting”.
 Simon smiled “Yeah and you sure have earned it, you slave driver hope this new drug is worth it”.
 Kathy took her hand away from her nose, and 2 thick white drops of cum began oozing out, Kathy let them get about an inch long, before snorting loudly, sucking the semen back up, the swallowing the whole lot.
 “Yeah it’s worth it, worth billions!” Kathy replied curtly, standing up she turned to look at Simon “Who’s next then?” she asked.
 Kathy stopped the tape at this point, and stood on the opposite side of the desk, I sat in the chair admiring her.
 “That bastard shot his wad up my nose, I have never felt anything like that it was so freaky.” She said. “I could smell cum for the rest of the week, wherever I was it reeked of semen.”
 Kathy winked at me, leaning forwards over the desk she pushed her nose into one of the large pools of cum, and snorted it up.
 “But now I am hooked, it makes me feel absolutely filthy” Kathy added grinning, “and sooo horny”
 She continued snorting the cum until the table top was clean, her breasts held firm in that tight white bra, as the gently rocked back and forth.
 “Oh baby, I feel so dirty, I want to do something really filthy now” she purred. “but first I’ll put my panties on, I want you to earn the right to fuck me again”
 Kathy opened the desk draw, and took out a pair of matching white lacy panties, she stepped into them and pulled them up, and after adjusting her suspenders around them she turned and looked at me.
 “Have you ever skull fucked a woman before?” She asked,  “Well you are about to now.” Kathy lay down on her back on top of the desk, she hung her head back off of the edge and looked up at me.
 “Come over here and stick your cock in my mouth, I want you to fuck my head as if it was the tightest pussy you have ever known.  Or maybe you prefer to imagine you are fucking my ass? Would that turn you on?” She growled.
 “Keep going until you come, ignore me just fuck my mouth as hard as you can, if I gag or even puke, you keep going understood?  I am in a dirty mood, and want you to fill my mouth with your cum, I want to be so full it spills up out of my nose”
 “If you are really good, I will let you get your hands on these, Kathy said, “They are soo nice to play with” She gripped her breasts squeezing them gently.
 I walked over to Kathy and stood in front of her, she reached up and gripped my shaft, slowly wanking me. Pulling me forwards she slowly sucked my balls for a few seconds, before guiding my head down to her full red lips.
 I grazed my head back along her lower jaw teeth, until her curved tongue urged me down towards her throat.  Resting my hands on either side of her body, Kathy gripped my buttocks as I drove my cock down her throat until my balls bounced on her nose.
 I began sliding back and forth, building up a steady rhythm, fucking Kathy’s head with my hard prick.  Kathy was urging me to go faster her long nails digging into my ass-cheeks pulling me harder and deeper down into her throat.
 I held the top of her head between my knees and furiously fucked the head of my cock back and forth in her throat.  Looking down Kathy’s body I saw her coughing up streams of spit, gagging as I rammed my cock down her throat.
 Releasing her head I continued fucking her throat harder and harder deeper and deeper, thick ropes of spit dripping down her face, mixing in her hair.  She groaned louder and louder as my force increased literally fucking the shit out of Kathy’s throat. I could feel myself about to blow a load down her throat, and rammed my shaft deep into Kathy’s head.
 Grinding my crotch into Kathy’s face, I blasted her throat with my jizz, Jet after jet of cum rocketed into Kathy, she bucked and writhed below me, as my cum bubbled up around my shaft, having filled her throat.  I jerked and rammed my shaft into her tight wet throat for a final few times before sliding out, and stepping back, to admire my handiwork.
 True to Kathy’s request I had absolutely rammed her throat and mouth, thick streams of mucus and cum ran down her face, I bashed my cock on to her chin splashing the final few drops of semen over her. She groaned and rolled over onto her stomach, slowly standing.
 “Oh God babe, that was fantastic” she said hoarsely.  She wiped the layer of spit and cum away from her bloodshot eyes, and tried to neaten her straggly matted hair.
 “Bloody brilliant, I feel like a complete cock whore, so horny and dying to be shagged senseless,” she said “ but first I have to clean up”.  Kathy turned the video on and started to walk out into her private bathroom.  “Take a look at what those dirty bastards did next.”
 “Tom is next” Simon said, “He will be here in a second, stay sitting here and he will be here in a second”
 Kathy continued sniffing, trying to clear her sinuses of Simon’s cum and. After about a minute Tom walked in.
 “Was she good?” he asked Simon, “Brilliant” was the reply.
 “Now then Kathy I have been an admirer of yours for many years, but, I have to say that black dress you wore on your Talking Dirty show was fucking amazing, so why don’t you put that on and meet me in the Guest bedroom. I see that you have the lips sofa from that show there”
 “Ok, about 20 minutes and I will be there, baby” Kathy said leaving.
 The next scene opened with the camera close up on Kathy’s face, her sleek dark hair cascading down the sides of her face, full lips coated in dark red lipstick.
 “Hello and welcome to Kathy Lloyds, Being dirty” she said, her head was lurching forwards every second or so, “tonight you will see me Kathy Lloyd getting buggered by 6, yes 6 men”. Rolling her eyes the camera panned out to a slightly wider shot.
 Kathy was leaning over the back of her red lips sofa, her breasts resting in the V at the top her arms reaching down the sides. Her full cleavage would bounce forwards as she bucked, and writhed.
 “This dirty little slut is gonna let 6 guys line up and gang fuck my asshole, I want to be buggered senseless until I beg them to stop.” Kathy groaned as the camera panned back to show Kathy bent over, Simon behind her slamming his cock hard into her ass.
 “Oh baby, do me do me, fuck this dirty little slut” Kathy purred.  Simon had hold of her waist and was going hell for leather. He was banging furiously at Kathy’s butt, slapping hard against her buttocks.
 “Gonna cum!” he yelled rapidly pulling out of Kathy, and running around to kneel in front of her on the sofa. “Yeassss” he growled as the camera panned back further, to show him wanking his twitching cock into a big punch bowl that was placed on the sofa below Kathy.
 Dan had taken Simons place behind Kathy and rammed his hardon right up into her arse. Kathy was looking straight down the camera at the precise moment Dan had rammed his cockhead into her anus, and her eyes widened as she shrieked.
 “Shiiittt, you bastard, oh oh my ass, oh God its sooo full, Oh, Oh fuck my ass, fuck it, fuck it hard” 
 “Oh this is one dirty whore” Simon said flicking the last few drops of his cum into the bowl. “Am I pleased Tom wished for this”.
 Dan was humping away at Kathy’s backdoor, his hard cock pounding her ass, she was looking at the camera biting her lip mewing with pleasure.
 “OH YESSSS!!! YESSS!!! YESSSS!!! YEASSSS!!!!” Kathy screamed, her cleavage juddering forwards over the sofa back.  She bucked below Dan as he continued his assault.
 “AHHHGGHHH YESSSS OH FUUCCKKERRR YESSSS!!” she cried. Waves of orgasm passing through her.
 “OHH too muchhh” Dan groaned, pulling out.  He quickly moved to the front of the sofa as his cock exploded into the bowl.  Dan sighed contentedly as he emptied his balls into the punch bowl.
 The next guy stepped up to the plate, and held Kathy’s still shuddering ass still whilst he pushed his dick in.
 “Go Rodney, give the bitch what she deserves” Dan panted, stepping back out of shot.
 Rodney held Kathy’s shoulders bending her backwards lifting her breasts up from the sofa.  Her eyes were rolling back in her skull, she was almost in another world of pleasure.  Rodney was blasting her butt, deep hard strokes his balls bouncing on her arse.  He couldn’t keep up this rhythm for long and soon he to pulled out and finished off in the bowl.
 My cock was banging hard watching this and I began a slow wank, as I watched Kathy getting her anal gangbang. Stroking my shaft in my hand, I could hear Kathy using her hairdryer next door.
 The next man had taken over from Rodney, he held onto her hips as he pushed his cock into Kathy.  He then set about an extremely rapid but shallow fucking of her ass.
 “Oh, oh do it OH! OH! OH MY GODDD!” she shrieked, her body twitching again, as she came for a second time.
 “YES! YES! YES! OH!!!! OHHHH!!!!! YEASSSSSS!!!!!!!!!! YEASSSSSSS!!!!” she howled. As this guy pumped the head of his cock in and out of her butt hole.  Kathy was tossing her hair and screaming wildly her body wracked with shudders of pleasure.
 “Ohh  shit!!” the guy said, quickly jumping over the sofa back and spurting into the bowl. “That was close” he gasped as jets of semen sprayed into the bowl. Another guy stepped up behind Kathy, but the camera was still focused on the man spurting into the bowl.
 “Was she good Frank?” the guy behind Kathy asked.
 “Fucking amazing Bill” he replied stepping out of shot.
 The camera panned back to show Bill stroking his shaft making it hard and ready.  He was huge, 12 inches long and extremely wide.
 “Ready Bitch?” he asked pressing his cock to her anus, nudging it in.
 “Ohhh motherfucker!!” Kathy squealed, looking back over her shoulder as Bill pushed his monster cock into her ass.  The camera zoomed in on Kathy’s face, as she gritted her teeth whining in pain. Her eyes were wide and jaw clenched, as bill urged his cock deeper.
 Kathy wailed in pain as he pushed deeper into her butt, tears running down her cheeks as she sobbed in agony. Bill grunted with effort and then leant down kissing Kathy on the cheek.
 “Ohh baby you took my whole cock in your ass, shit no bitch has ever done that before, I only normally get about half way in before they are screaming in pain, begging me to stop.” Bill said.
 Kathy was snorting hard, teeth gritted, her eyes staring hard at the camera.  Bill leant into Kathy, pinning her down, his enormous cock in her ass.
 “Gnaahhhh, you fucking bastarrrrddd” Kathy groaned. “That thing is tearing my ass, Ohhh shit its soo tight”
 Bill reached one hand around to Kathy’s face, and slipped his middle finger between her pouting lips. She sucked hard on it, as he ground his shaft down into her.
 “Ohh baby, I can feel you relaxing, stretching around me” Bill said, “I am gonna ass fuck you now, relax it will hurt less”
 Bill eased back a couple of inches, and then slid back in again, slowly edging his massive member in and out of Kathy.  She began to shriek and wail again, as his huge cock moved in her ass.  She was shuddering, her breasts jiggling as they were pinned to the sofa back, her body spasming involuntarily. Bill began to fuck her more vigorously now, his strokes getting longer, and harder, until he was driving his full shaft in and out of Kathy.
 Kathy’s eyes were rolling back in her head, as she mewed away, her body had a mind of its own and the pain was turning to pleasure as she adjusted to the anal pounding she was receiving.
 “OHHHH!!! YESSSS!!!! IM COMING!!!! OH! OH SHITTT!!!! SHITTTT!!! YEASSSS!!!!!” she wailed, orgasm shuddering through her. “You BIG DICKED BASTARD YESSSS!!!!!” she shouted, as wave after wave of ecstasy hit her.
 Bill ceased banging away from her as he to moved around and jetted his fluids into the bowl.
 “Oh my, oh, oh Bill, that, that was incredible.  I have never been fucked like that before, Oh my God that was amazing” Kathy panted.
 Tom was the last of the guys to get his turn with Kathy, and he stepped up behind her.
 “You filthy slut Kathy, I hope you have enjoyed my little request, now for me to finish you off I am gonna assfuck you and then shoot my load right up your shitter” He said.
 Nudging his cock up into Kathy’s stretched ass he plunged it deep inside with his first thrust. Pinning each arm to the sofa back, he held Kathy down her breasts squashed upwards enhancing her cleavage, in the top V of the lips.
 “Oh yes, yes you sick bastard, fuck my butthole, slam this dirty slut like you mean it” Kathy cried.
 “Don’t move your arms” Tom grunted “Hold her steady guys” he added.  Simon and Dan stepped up and held Kathy down. Tom gripped her hips and began blasting her ass with vicious deep strokes.
 “Uh, Uh, Uh, Uh hu, Yes, Yes, Do it, Do it” she panted as he assaulted her backdoor.
 My cock throbbed in my hand as I stroked myself off, I heard the door open again, and jumped slightly as Kathy returned.
 “YEASSSSSSS” Kathy screamed, back on tape, as she came for the third time. “Cum, CUMMMMMMMM!!!!! CUMMM IN MEEEE” she whined.
 Tom slammed harder and harder, groaning louder, until he jerked, and twitched shooting his spunk deep into Kathy’s bowels.  Again and again he stabbed his dick deep into her spurting his thick cum inside of her.
 Kathy grinned at the camera as her cleavage lurched with each jolt of Tom’s cock, until he was fully sated.
 “Ohhh honey, are you happy now are you happy with my performance?” she asked.
 Tom rested on Kathy’s back, panting, his cock still in her ass, as he replied “Well babe, nearly, but we have the small problem of what to do with this bowl of jizz.  I think you should help us with that.”
 “You depraved shit, not only have I been assfucked to hell and back, now you want me to drink 5 pints of your spunk, if this drug wasn’t worth billions I would tell you where to go.” Kathy replied.
 “Oh you’re not drinking it” Tom said, easing out of Kathy’s ass coming to crouch down by her head.
 “Your gonna wear it!”  Tom took the bowl in one hand and held the back of Kathy’s head with the other.  Simon and Dan kept hold of her arms, as Tom pressed Kathy’s face down into the deep bowl of cum.
 She struggled slightly and then Tom pulled her head back up out of the thick white liquid.  Her face was plastered and long drips ran down into the bowl.
 “Plugh!” Kathy spluttered trying to blink her glued eyes open, “You filthy git, shit that stuff stings my eyes” Tom gestured to Simon and Dan and the led a near blind Kathy around and guided her so she could sit on the sofa.
 “Oh you look like such a whore all plastered in our jizz,” Tom said. “Now then why don’t you sit there and try to look like you have some dignity whilst Rodney tells us what he has planned for you” he added laughing as he emptied the entire bowl over Kathy’s head.
 Semen gushed down over Kathy as she sat here, thick white gloops, contrasting with her sleek dark now somewhat bedraggled hair, dribbling down onto her shoulders and chest.
 “Yeah now rub it into your hair bitch” Rodney said, grinning.
 Kathy smiled at me watching the scene finish, my rock hard dick in my hand. 
 “Ready for some more fun then babe?” she asked.


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Re: Kathys Lab (Kathy Lloyd)
« Reply #1 on: October 27, 2018, 05:17:23 PM »
Interesting story. Kathy is an unnusual choice of a model, quite underrated today. What do you think of Samantha Fox?


Re: Kathys Lab (Kathy Lloyd)
« Reply #2 on: October 30, 2018, 10:56:49 AM »
Was never a big Sam Fox fan,  Kathy was one of my fav, this was the first story I wrote on a PC, before that I was on pen and paper.  Got a great one with Kirsten Imrie and Tracy Elvik, I could transcribe at some point.  Back Then Rachel Garley, Ruth Gordon and Sarah Jaffer were my Page 3 Favs


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Re: Kathys Lab (Kathy Lloyd)
« Reply #3 on: November 02, 2018, 04:52:22 AM »
Was never a big Sam Fox fan,  Kathy was one of my fav, this was the first story I wrote on a PC, before that I was on pen and paper.  Got a great one with Kirsten Imrie and Tracy Elvik, I could transcribe at some point.  Back Then Rachel Garley, Ruth Gordon and Sarah Jaffer were my Page 3 Favs

That's definitely the old way of writing stories, pre-internet.  ;D

I like your work here with using the drug idea. Don't see that used often.


Re: Kathys Lab (Kathy Lloyd)
« Reply #4 on: December 01, 2018, 05:10:44 PM »
Was never a big Sam Fox fan,  Kathy was one of my fav, this was the first story I wrote on a PC, before that I was on pen and paper.  Got a great one with Kirsten Imrie and Tracy Elvik, I could transcribe at some point.  Back Then Rachel Garley, Ruth Gordon and Sarah Jaffer were my Page 3 Favs

Love to see the classic Page 3 girls on here in stories. Kirsten, Rachel Garley, Gail McKenna and Debee Ashby were my faves, but my all time fave, and someone I met a few months ago, was Donna Ewin. I've written a 2 part story about her, but it doesn't have much sex in it, more domination. I might put it up and see what people think. Would love some feedback on how to make it better :-)


Re: Kathys Lab (Kathy Lloyd)
« Reply #5 on: December 01, 2018, 05:24:28 PM »
Was never a big Sam Fox fan,  Kathy was one of my fav, this was the first story I wrote on a PC, before that I was on pen and paper.  Got a great one with Kirsten Imrie and Tracy Elvik, I could transcribe at some point.  Back Then Rachel Garley, Ruth Gordon and Sarah Jaffer were my Page 3 Favs

Love to see the classic Page 3 girls on here in stories. Kirsten, Rachel Garley, Gail McKenna and Debee Ashby were my faves, but my all time fave, and someone I met a few months ago, was Donna Ewin. I've written a 2 part story about her, but it doesn't have much sex in it, more domination. I might put it up and see what people think. Would love some feedback on how to make it better :-)

I will definitely be looking forward to your story and will leave you feedback too  ;)


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