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Author Topic: Kinky Casey (Casey Batchelor)  (Read 2579 times)


Kinky Casey (Casey Batchelor)
« on: September 24, 2018, 04:20:01 AM »
Starring: Casey Batchelor

Codes: MF, anal, throatfuck

Disclaimer:  This story is purely fiction, it has never happened.  Please keep this story to this site only, if you want to share elsewhere DM me and ask for permission

Malene had asked me to come over for a meeting, and when I arrived I found her and a sultry brunette in the lounge.  She wore a tan bra and brief set, huge breasts forced in to a mammoth cleavage.

”Come in hun, this is Casey” she said. “She is my latest playmate”

“Hello” Casey said.

“I am gonna leave you with Casey for a bit, to get acquainted, but I will be back I promise” Malene continued, “A few of the others are around as well”.

She left, Casey alone with me “Well hun, I’m Casey, and I am a super slut.  The dirtiest things you, Malene or the gals can think of and I have done them”  she scooted down onto the floor resting her back against the sofa, “Throat fuck me, stick your hard cock in as deep as you can” she teased.

I straddled her body, and knelt over her face, staring down her cavernous cleavage. She took my hard cock into her mouth with down her throat with ease. I began thrusting, ramming my shaft down her gullet.  Her eyes teared up and began to water, as she snorted in air while I throat fucked her.

She twisted her head up to meet my shaft as I pushed in and out of her tight throat, coughing up spit and drooling it down her body. I gripped her hair and pulled her head back, she squealed more in excitement than pain.  Pinning her in place I drove my cock into her mouth, balls bashing hard on her chin as I destroyed her throat.

Spit was blasting from her mouth, streaking down her neck in thick rivulets, as she stared up at me, tears running from her eyes.  Releasing her hair I leant forwards, driving harder and harder into her throat, brutally, violently slamming into her tight throat, as Casey gagged and urged.

I paused, grinding my crotch against Casey’s face, she was snorting and spitting, struggling for breath. Even with that she started swallowing, over and over, her tight throat wanking my cock as I held it deep in her neck.

My balls were churning as I started slamming ferociously in and out again, harder and harder, deeper and deeper, until eventually a hot gush of spunk flooded Casey’s gullet.  Again and again I came, deep in her throat, straight into her belly.

She clutched my ass holding me tight to her face, grinding her throat up to meet the pulses of semen. She was wantonly driving her gagging throat over the head of my cock, draining every last drop of spunk.

Easing my cock from her mouth, she gagged and gasped for breath, spluttering spitting long strands of mucus down her front.

“Oh yeah baby, did you like that?” She gasped grinning up at me.

Her face was plastered in spit, long strands dripping from her chin, and cheeks pooling down over her tits, and belly.  She sat there panting grinning up at me, an evil glint in her eye as she regained her breath.

“Fucking amazing” she croaked, slurping the spit from between her breasts, before gargling with it and swallowing the lumpy strands.

“Oh I am sooo wet now, that turned me on, I need your hard cock inside me baby” she said, scooting up onto the sofa.  Casey unfastened her bra, freeing her mammoth tits, letting them bounce free.

“Fuck me baby, fuck me sooo hard” Casey gasped, spreading her legs wide.

Her spit soaked face begged me to fuck her, and I pushed my hard cock into her wet pussy.  Casey gripped her knees pulling her legs apart as I pumped fast and hard into her.  Resting my hands either side of her head on the sofa back I watched her as she screamed and moaned.

“Fuck me, oh fuck me dirty baby, fuck me hard and dirty” Casey gasped as I slammed my cock up into her pussy.

She was so wet and her cunt sucked up my shaft with every stroke.  She looked up at me eyes wide, reveling in every single thrust of my cock, gasping and groaning as she came.

“FUCK! FUCK!YEASSSSSS!!! YEAAAAASSSSS!!!!” she cried, her pussy spasming around my rutting shaft.

Her heels dug into my ass, trying to pull me deeper as she shook and bucked, her body quaking.  She was snarling as she came, her eyes on fire with pleasure.


I kept fucking her as her pussy spasmed, body quivering she howled coming very hard. “YEAASSSSS!!!!! YEAASSSS!!!! YEAAASSSSS!!!!” she cried.

Her arms were holding the sofa back as she arched her back squirming, Casey’s tits were enormous, shaking as she came.  She calmed down after her climax and looked up at me, my cock still slamming in and out of her wet hole.

“only one place left to put it babe!” She grinned, “Stick that hard dick up my asshole please”

I eased out of her pussy and Casey moved to bend over the Sofa arm.  She scooped up her thick spit from her body and smeared it over the asshole, bending down to present it to me.

“Do it baby, fuck my tight ass” she gasped.

I pushed my cock to her ass and nudged it in, her tight ring stretching around the head, she squealed as my cock buried itself in her back passage, until I was full length to the hilt in her.  Gripping her hips I slowly started thrusting, she gripped the cushions and turned her head to me.

“Don’t hold back baby, give it to me hard” she groaned.

Slamming my cock up her ass, I gave Casey a real good buggering.  She squealed and shrieked as my dick blasted back and forth in her tight bum hole.  Her sphincter clasping hard around my shaft, as I slammed my hips to her backside.


I slammed harder and harder up her ass, gripping her hair now, pulling her head back.  She howled loudly her body tensing as she came, waves of pleasure hitting her abdomen, my cock forcing itself in and out of her spasming asshole.

“YES! YES! YEEEEEESSSSS!!!” she wailed

My balls were bursting and I slammed harder and harder into a screaming Casey until finally they exploded.  Flooding her ass with hot spunk, I collapsed ontop of her.


My cock drove deep into her bowels, hot salty spunk flooding them as I came hard, Casey collapsed below me her orgasm finished.

“Ohh baby that was amazing” she gasped.

Easing from her ass I stood up, Casey span over laying on her back grinning,

“Ohh baby that was awesome, hope you enjoyed it!” she purred.  “I am gonna get changed and meet you in the bedroom, Malene should be there as well”

I helped her up from the Sofa and followed her out, heading for the bedroom.


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