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Author Topic: Four way fun (Malene Espensen, Sophie Howard, Tara o'connor, Lucy Pinder)  (Read 8314 times)


Chapter 1

Starring: Malene Espensen, Sophie Howard, Tara o'connor

Codes: MF, Tittyfuck, Anal, DP, Throatfuck, Spit

Disclaimer:  This story is purely fiction, it has never happened.  Please keep this story to this site only, if you want to share elsewhere DM me and ask for permission.

Tara had arranged for me to meet her, Malene and Sophie at the weekend.  She said that I was to expect something ‘out there’.  I buzzed the door at 3.00 pm sharp, and Tara answered telling me to go into the living room.

    I heard moaning as I walked down the hallway, and as I entered the room, I found Sophie, sitting on the sofa, Malene straddling her, riding a strap on hard, hands in her hair tossing it from side to side as she came hard.

    “YEASSSSS!!! YEEEAAASSSSS!! YEEAAASSSS!!!!” Malene cried body shuddering.  Sophie held her hips tight and pulled her down so that she ground their crotches together.

    Malene looked up and saw me, she grinned, and shook her head tossing her hair. “Hello babe,” she gasped “ you caught us warming up”.

    Sophie stroked her hand up over Malene’s flat stomach “Take a seat Tara is on her way down” she said.

    Malene slowly span around on the strap on, until she was sitting on it, hands resting on Sophie’s thighs.  She had a striped pink and yellow hammock style bikini top on.  Her big breasts swaying as she slowly rocked on top of Sophie.  Her matching bikini bottoms were pulled to 1 side as the thick black strap on penetrated her pussy, she also wore long yellow and pink striped stockings to complete her outfit.  Sophie was wearing a tight matching white silk bra and panties, along with the strap on that she had just fucked Malene with.

    “Good morning” Tara said as she came in, she had on that tight red dress that she had worn the last time I had fucked her, the diamond shape cut out of the centre again showing off her glistening firm breasts.

    “Slight change of plan, I have to work for a couple of hours, but will be free this evening to join in.  I am sure Sophie and Malene will keep you occupied until then”

    “Oh yeah” Malene added smiling as she adjusted her seat on top of Sophie.

    “Basically” Tara said “Sophie and I are pretty extreme, and thought we had tried and imagined most things it was possible to do, but when we met Malene, well let’s just say she is one sick girl”

    “I like to push myself” Malene replied.

    “Anyway” Tara continued “Today is all about us trying out some of Malene’s little ideas.  So I will leave you to it” Tara left the room, walking off to her study.

    Malene leant back as Sophie gripped her breasts, squeezing them tight, Sophie leant up and softly kissed Malene on the neck, before Malene stood up.  She eased up off of the strap on, which was enormous, probably 14 inches long and very thick.

    “My twisted mind has lots of things that we are gonna do baby” she said, before pushing me back to sit on the sofa.

    Malene unfastened her bikini bottoms, and straddled my waist before easing her wet pussy down onto my cock.  She groaned as her lips ate up my shaft until her crotch nestled against mine.

    “Go on Sophie bugger me with that monster” Malene gasped, settling herself.

    “Bitch” Sophie cried slapping Malene’s ass hard, “Filthy BITCH!”

    She pushed the tip of the strap on to Malene’s asshole, and pushed hard, thrusting it deep into Malene.  She shrieked and gasped, in shock or pain, as Sophie rammed her crotch hard against her buttocks.  All 14 inches had just been slammed up into Malene’s bowels as Sophie collapsed on top of us both.

    I could feel the huge shaft ramming up Malene’s ass as Sophie set about her task with relish.  She held Malene’s hips down pinning my cock deep inside of her, whilst she rammed the monster home with all of her strength.

    Sophie had on a super tight white bra, and matching panties, over which she was wearing the strap on.  Malene was hissing and gasping as Sophie buggered her senseless, hard, deep, brutal strokes of that monster ramming deep into her anus.

    “Fuckkk” Malene cried as Sophie banged her crotch against her ass cheeks, a loud smack of skin on skin echoing through the room.

    Sophie held Malene down and drew about 2 inches out of her ass, then rammed it back again, vigorously over and over she stabbed the monster strap-on into her fuck buddy.

    “Yess” Malene yelped biting her bottom lip looking down at me, her eyes wide, body on fire. “YES! YES!!! YES!!!!”

    I could feel her pussy spasming, body trembling as she came hard.  Jolts of orgasm hitting her, sending her wild.  Sophie drove the shaft deep into Malene, standing above her dragging her nails down her back.


    Sophie slowly drew out the shaft from Malene’s ass, she groaned and the gasped as it eased out with a loud pop.

    “Oh yes Malene, did you like that?” Sophie said spanking Malene's firm ass “ That was sooo naughty”.

    “And I am just getting started” Malene replied grinning.

    She eased up off of me, and as she did so there was a loud crash from the hallway.

    “Sorry” Tara shouted, before walking in.”Please don’t tell the boss I broke her lamp”

    She had on a tight white blouse, and long black pencil skirt, her fine figure shown off perfectly as she perched on the end of the sofa.

    “This is the maid” Sophie said grinning, “Tara’s ‘job’”.

    It was obvious that the girls had planned this little bit of roleplay, and I went along with it.

    “Ohh that is huge” Tara said eyeing the strap-on. “Could I touch it?”

    “No, but you could suck it if you want” Malene said.

    Tara knelt in front of Sophie and gingerly flicked her tongue over the tip of the shaft.

  “How does my ass taste” Malene teased.

    “Goood” Tara purred sucking more and more of the strap-on between her lips.

    “Sounds like this one’s a slut” Sophie said holding the back of Tara’s head as she worked her lips up and down.

    “Yeah” Malene replied “Let's see how slutty she is”.

    She helped Tara up onto her feet, and made her lie on her back on the coffee table.  She pulled Tara backwards until her head fell over the edge of the table, her hair falling back towards the floor.

    “Can you take all of it?” Malene teased, before Sophie walked up and nudged the strap on to Tara’s lips.

    Malene knelt down by Tara’s head and softly kissed her cheek as Sophie eased the dildo in.  Tara snorted as the tip hit her throat, but she skilfully swallowed the length.  As her throat bulged Malene softly kissed her neck, following the shaft down on the outside.    Sophie pushed the strap on hard, until she was balls deep into Tara’s throat, Malene softly kissing the base of her neck where the tip of the dildo bulged.

    “Bitch took the whole thing” Sophie exclaimed, as Tara gasped and snorted through her nose.

    “Wow impressive” Malene replied.

    Sophie eased the Strap on out of Tara’s throat, and she gasped for air.  Malene helped her to sit up gripped the back of her head and kissed her hard, before breaking away.

“Bet you’ve sucked some cock haven’t you” she asked Tara.

    “A bit,” Tara replied “but nothing that large”.

    “You know you will get fired if she finds out you broke the lamp” Malene said

    “please don’t tell on me” Tara replied “I will do anything”

    “Anything...” Malene answered with a grin, “Lay down on here”.

    Tara lay on her front on the table, as Malene moved around behind her and knelt over Tara’s legs.  Sophie stood above Tara, stroking the slick strap on slowly with her hand, grinning.

    Malene ran her hands up Tara Thighs easing her skirt up whist bending down and softly licking and kissing her thighs. 

As Tara’s skirt was pushed up Malene realised she had no knickers on. “Dirty bitch” Malene said, “No knickers, you are a slut”.

    Sophie lifted Tara up onto her elbows and offered the dildo back to her lips.  Tara eagerly flicked the bulbous head with her tongue, before sucking wantonly on it, whilst Malene kissed her way up to Tara’s ass.  Parting her buttocks Malene drilled her tongue up Tara’s asshole making her squeal with delight.

    “Do you like that” Sophie teased, well let’s see how you like it when he buggers your pretty little backside off.

    Malene eased up off of Tara, and I knelt above her, pressing my cock to her wet asshole, she growled on the shaft as I pushed hard against her butthole.

    “Do it, stick your hard cock deep into her asshole” Malene urged, before moving around to Lay on the floor below Tara. 

Malene took a large brandy glass and lay on her back looking up at Tara’s face.  Sophie slowly started to ease the dildo deeper, and when Tara groaned as my cock slipped up her ass, Sophie took the opportunity to ram the dildo up Tara’s throat.

“Yeahhh, a cock up your ass, and one down your throat” Sophie snarled taking hold of the back of Tara’s head and pulling her down onto the shaft.  Deeper and deeper until her nose rested against Sophie’s belly.

Tara was croaking and gasping, spit dribbling from her mouth, dripping down onto Malene.  She was below Tara, mouth open catching each splat of spit.

“I can’t believe you’re doing that Malene” Sophie gasped , rutting the dildo deep down Tara’s throat. “You really are warped”.

My cock was buried to the hilt into Tara’s tight ass, she was choking and squealing as I started to bugger her.  I was Banging away at her butt, while Sophie had hold of her hair, rutting about 2 inches in and out deep down Tara’s throat.

Sophie drew the length of the strap on out, Tara heaved and spat out a thick stream of mucus, it splattered down over Malene’s face, into her mouth, filling her right eye socket and stringing down her right cheek.  “Woah” Tara croaked before Sophie drove the shaft back down her throat.

“Fuckk” Malene gargled before scooping up the spit and dropping it into the brandy glass.  She spat out half a mouthful of spit and topped the glass up to halfway.

“Dammmn that’s nasty” Malene growled, before opening her mouth and taking the next drool of spit in.

I was pounding Tara’s ass hard, slamming my cock into her backside, making her jerk forwards to meet Sophie’s assault on her throat.  Tara was whining and gasping her arms gripping the table top tight.

“Oh fuck yeah Tara’s coming” Sophie gasped, gripping Tara’s hair working the dildo down until her nose rubbed Sophie’s belly.  Tara’s legs were kicking and she was squealing like a pig, while I rammed my cock up her ass, Sophie face fucked her and Malene caught her long stringy spit globs as the fell down from her chin.

Sophie grabbed hold of Tara’s hair for one final assault, before stepping back the huge dildo bouncing from her crotch.

“Malene looks full” she said, her busty blondes mouth was overflowing with spit, whilst the glass was full.

I eased my hard cock from Tara’s asshole, and helped her to stand.   “Ohhh fuck that was good” she gasped.

Sophie lead her back to the sofa and made her sit down, gripping her head and tilting it back she forced her mouth open wide.

“Spit it back into her mouth Malene I want to see her swallow it” Sophie instructed.

Malene straddled Tara’s waist kneeling up on the sofa, she held her head an inch away from Tara’s and slowly dribbled the mouthful of lumpy spit down into her open mouth.  She struggled but Sophie held her still, until her mouth was brimming with spit. 

“Don’t swallow yet” Malene said, taking the glass and passing it to Sophie.

Sophie drank half of the glass filling her mouth, before handing it to Malene, “We all swallow together” Malene said, filling her mouth with the rest of the glass’s contents.

All 3 Ladies sat on the sofa, looking at each other cheeks bulging, before swallowing at the same time. “oh wow” Malene said, “that was soo gross”.  Sophie half gagging added “Hell you are one dirty minded bitch”

“Have you done with me now, can I go” Tara asked “ I don’t know how much more I can take”

“ohh there is more for you yet Tara” Malene said.

“Yeah, he needs to cum and your gonna get him off” Sophie said.

Sophie reached across and unbuttoned Tara’s white blouse.  She had a tight black and pink lace push up bra on.  “Let him fuck your tits and spunk on your face” she said as I straddled Tara.

“Titty fuck her and spunk all over her” Malene said.

Sophie was swapping the strap on over to Malene while I fucked Tara’s tits.  They were soft and sweaty and my cock was bursting after ass fucking her.

“C’mon babe do it, empty your balls” she urged.

Thick hot spunk burst from my cock, splattering all over Tara’s face.  Thick streams of cum clang to her cheeks, running down her nose and hitting her eye. She gasped, clutching her tits tighter around my shaft as I pulsed jets of cum over her face.

“Fucking yes” Malene said looking across, “Blast the slut”

As my orgasm subsided, I watched Malene finish strapping on her dildo, and take another from the cupboard nearby.  Tossing it to Tara, “Put it on” she said.

“Sophie is gonna try to get ‘air tight’ as she hasn’t done it before, have you Sophie” Malene explained.

“Never” Sophie replied.

Tara had finished strapping the 14 incher to her crotch, after removing her skirt. And Sophie eased herself down ontop of it.  She leant forwards taking a long lick across Tara’s semen splattered face, before resting snugly the whole length buried in her pussy.

“Ok you put your cock in her mouth, once I have got this monster up her ass” Malene told me, “Sit up on the back of the sofa above Tara”

Positioning myself above Tara, my cock grew hard at the thought of Sophie getting a DP from those huge dildos. 

Plus the fact she was happily sucking my cum from Tara’s face helped as well.

“Ohhh fuckkkkk” Sophie yelped as Malene gripped her hips and eased the dildo up her ass. 

She howled as each inch slid in, her eyes rolling back in their sockets as Malene got the last few inches deep inside.

“Lets loose the bra” Malene said unfastening it, Sophie tossed it aside.

Sophie grasped my cock and pulled it to her lips, eagerly sucking it in, I gripped her head and pushed down her throat, she willingly let me drive down until her nose touched my stomach.

“Air fucking tight Sophie” Malene said with glee.  Before I reached down and pinched Sophie’s nose.

“now she is” I said laughing.

Sophie gagged and choked, and I released her nose, spit dripping down and a huge wad splattering Tara’s face.

“fuuuckk” Sophie gasped.

    “Shit”  Tara said, shaking her head trying to get the wad from her cheek.

    “Fucking swallow it whore” Malene said, “Swallow everything she spits up”

    I grasped Sophie’s hair in my hands and fucked her face, Malene Held her hips and bounced a few inches in and out of her ass, whilst she rode Tara.  Malene was getting faster, ramming the dildo home, and I decided to test her throat out.

    Holding her head tight I slid my dick in as far as was possible, then started slamming an inch or so back and forth deep in her throat.   I watched her eyes tearing running down her cheeks, thick slobber dripping into Tara’s waiting mouth.  She jerked forwards every time Malene fucked her ass, so I tried to time my strokes to match her.

    Sophie was crushing her tits with her hands, snorting and choking as I destroyed her throat, Malene slamming her asshole, busting it hard.  Tara was struggling to swallow all of the spit dribbling down from Sophie.

“Oh yeah Sophie, you’re a whore now” Malene panted, her crotch slamming hard on Sophie ass.

Sophie came, her body bucking and shaking, I held my cock deep in her throat as she came, the choked cries sending me wild.  Tara held her thighs tight, whilst Malene really set the hammer down, deep long brutal strokes blasting their way up her ass.

“NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!” Sophie cried as I eased my cock out of her throat, “FUUUUCKKKKKKK!!!!!” she screamed.

Holding her hair I copied Malene, driving my dick down her throat, my balls slapping hard on her chin.  I held her hair tight in my fingers as I throat fucked a bleary eyed Sophie hard.

Malene was biting her lip working hard on Sophie’s butt, her hands clawed at Sophie’s hips as she rode her harder and harder. Sophie was screaming as I reamed her throat, wailing loudly at her ass and throat destruction.

“Scream for me bitch, that’s it scream for me” Malene cried.

Sophie howled at Malene, my cock deep in her throat, she screamed and screamed.  I rammed my cock hard and deep down her throat, injecting pulses of hot cum right into her belly.  Sophie coughed and choked, as I came, grinding her face into my crotch.

“Fuck yeahhh” Malene cried as Sophie’s body shook, coming hard.

She clawed as Sophie’s ass, her crotch pushed tight against her quivering backside.  Tara was pulling Malene in, spit raining down onto her face from Sophie’s mouth.  Eventually I ceased my orgasm, and slipped from Sophie’s mouth, she gasped and croaked as her airway was clear.  Malene eased from her ass and watched as she collapsed on top of Tara gasping and wheezing.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck” Sophie was gasping, as Tara swallowed the last of her spit.

“Shit you destroyed her” Tara exclaimed, stroking Sophie’s hair and softly kissing her.

    Malene walked around in front of Sophie roughly grasping her hair and lifting her head, “taste your ass bitch” she said, pushing her strap on into Sophie’s mouth.  Sophie groaned as she sucked on the shaft, before Malene pulled it out.

“Ohh fuck you bitch, that was incredible” Sophie croaked, easing herself up from Tara.

“Now it’s my turn” Malene said grinning.

Malene unfastened her strap on and handed it to Sophie, who fastened it in place.  Malene sat astride Tara, facing away from her, riding the huge shaft.  Tara held her hips as she started to bounce up and down.

“Fuckk, yeah, ohhh fuckkkk” Malene groaned as her hips rolled up and down.

Sophie offered the end of her shaft to Malene, who sucked it with relish.  Malene rode Tara hard while she sucked on Sophie’s strap on.
“Ohh fuck meee toooo” she groaned at Sophie.

Leaning back Malene rested her hands either side of Tara arching her back.  Sophie pushed the tip of her shaft next to Tara, and eased as second Strap on into Malene.

“OhhhhhH” Malene cried as Sophie pushed in,”FUUUCKKKKK”

Malene wrapped her hands around Sophie’s neck as she ground her crotch tightly against Malene’s.  Malene rocked below her as she pounded her pussy along with Tara.

“FUCKKKKKK!!!!” Malene screamed coming hard “FUUUCKKKKKKKK”

Malene growled up at Sophie, as she had her pussy slammed by both dildo’s, Sophie’s crotch slamming against hers as she came ferociously.


    Sophie bent forwards as Malene lay gasping ontop of Tara, softly she kissed her.

    “Ohh was that good Malene” she asked.

    “Amazing” Malene gasped in reply.

    “Shall we go move on to your next little plan Malene” Tara said.

    “Ohh yeah, I am gonna enjoy this” Malene replied.

    Easing out of Malene, Sophie helped her up off of Tara, who stood up next to them both.

    “OK babe, why don’t you meet us in the study, we just need a quick change and a chance to freshen up a bit.” Malene said.

    All 3 gals left me to make my way down the corridor to the study.
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Re: Four way fun (Malene Espensen, Sophie Howard, Tara o'connor, Lucy Pinder)
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Chapter 2

Starring: Malene Espensen, Sophie Howard, Tara o'connor

Codes: MF, Tittyfuck, Anal,Throatfuck, Spit, Domination, Humnilation

Disclaimer:  This story is purely fiction, it has never happened.  Please keep this story to this site only, if you want to share elsewhere DM me and ask for permission.

I sat in the large leather chair, as Malene, Sophie and Tara arrived in the study.  Malene and Tara were naked, whilst Sophie wore a pencil tight black skirt and white scalloped top.

“Well, here is the deal” Malene said, “Sophie has agreed to be our slave for the next few hours. Anything and I mean anything we ask her to do and she has to do it.”

“Yep,” said a grinning Sophie, “I am in your hands”

“Get down on your knees and blow him” Tara said, sternly.

“Yes mistress” Sophie replied.

Sophie walked over and knelt on front of me, taking my cock in her hand she slowly stroked it.

“No hands slut” Malene said.

Sophie wrapped her big full lips around the tip and slowly moved me into her mouth.  Running her tongue over my head, my cock twitched. 
Sophie sucked on my shaft, slowly bobbing her head up and down, her tongue working my shaft.

“Faster get him off quickly” Tara ordered.

Sophie bobbed her head faster and faster, getting me deeper down her throat, her lips clamped around my shaft.  She gripped the side of the chair as her head worked up and down.

“Look at him, look up at him” Malene said.

Sophie’s eye’s gazed up at me as her lips wanked my cock, the vice like grip working up and down my shaft, her tongue going wild as I pushed into her throat.  Hot breath on my crotch as Sophie panted working hard.

“Don’t swallow it all, I want to see some of his cum in your mouth” Tara said.

My hips bucked as Sophie groaned, hot cum exploding in her mouth, she swallowed hard, as my cock gushed into her.  Semen splashed down her throat as she struggled to swallow, my huge volume overwhelming her.  Eventually my orgasm stopped and Sophie rested back on her heels, grinning.

“Open” Tara said gripping Sophie’s chin.

Sophie opened her mouth, a large pool of spunk still in there, her tongue twirling in the thick white spunk.

“Good bitch” Tara praised.

 Malene helped Sophie up and led her to the desk, bending her over she pushed Sophie’s skirt up around her waist.

“Look at this lovely ass” Malene teased me, then spanked Sophie hard.

“Would you like to fuck this little whore up her dry ass?” She said.

My limp cock was hard as she finished the last word of her question, and I stepped up behind Sophie.  She squealed as I pushed my head against her asshole, and squealed even louder as I broke her sphincter easing into her ass.

“Fuck the dirty bitch up the ass, and cum for me” Malene said.

Sophies ass was super tight, but from the last time I had dry ass fucked her, I also knew she would be cumming pretty fast as well.  As I shoved my shaft up her back passage Sophie growled and groaned, trying to look back over her shoulder at me.

“Fuckkk yeahh baby, doo it” She gasped.

I was balls deep my crotch tight on her buttocks, she gripped the far edge of the desk, as I held her hips.  Easing back out, I rammed home up her ass hard.  She screamed, and bucked as my cock drove in again.

“FUCK!” Sophie yelled, as I pulled out and rammed home, “FUCK ! FUCK! FUCK!” every time my thick cock rammed up her dry ass.

Her legs started to tremble, and ass spasm, as she came, barely a couple of minutes into my assfuck.

“YESSS!!!! FUUUCKKKKK!!! YESSSSSS!!!!” Sophie wailed.

I held her hips and fucked her ass harder, faster and deep as I could.  Sophie screaming and coming fiercely.


My balls bashed on her pussy, and her thighs trembled hard, as I drilled my cock up her dry asshole, until unable to hold off I came, shooting deep up her back passage.  Hot sticky spunk flooded her bowels, as I unloaded my balls up Sophie’s asshole.

“FUUUCKKK YEASSSSS!S YEASSSSS!!!!” Sophie howled as I came.

I clamped her waist between my crotch and the desk, as I stood on my toes pumping squirt after massive squirt deep up her ass.  Sophie was tossing her head gasping as she felt my scalding hot spunk fill her ass.

“Ohhhh fuckkkk yeah” She gasped, as finally I finished and collapsed ontop of her.

“Good whore, you took it well” Malene said, watching as I eased my cock from Sophie’s ass.

Helping Sophie to stand, Malene and Tara stripped her.  She stood, body glistening with sweat massive breasts dangling, nipple hard as bullets.

“Good now do it Malene” Tara said.

Bending Sophie back over the desk, Malene had her rest on her arms, holding her big breasts up in the air.  She walked around to the front of Sophie, and pushed one finger into her mouth.  “suck” Malene said.

Sophie sucked on one, then 2 then 3 fingers, Malene made them go deep into Sophie’s mouth, gagging her.  Sophie squealed and fought as Malene crammed her fingers down into Sophie’s mouth.

“make them nice and wet bitch” Malene said, as she took her hand from Sophies lips, she walked around behind Sophie again.

“Now hold still, you may not scream, I want you to be quiet, understand?” Malene said.

“Yes” Sophie replied.

Tara stood around in front of Sophie with me, “Look at me” Tara said, “Do not take your eyes off of me”

Malene eased a finger into Sophies ass, then followed it with another, “Fucking whore” Malene said, “I am gonna fist your ass you dirty little tramp”

Sophie’s eyes went wide in panic as she realised what was about to happen, but she kept watching Tara, “Yeah look worried slut, Malene is gonna fist your ass!”

Malene had four fingers and was just working her thumb into Sophie’s asshole, Sophie’s had a look of stunned terror in her eyes, as she braced herself, her thighs trembling and fear.

Malene pushed hard, her fingers and thumb stretching Sophie’s ass wide, bursting her sphincter. Sophie amazingly didn’t cry out, but tears ran down her cheeks, as her ass was broken open. 

Malene pushed hard until she had her wrist inside of Sophie, allowing her asshole to contract a bit.  Sophie was sniffing as she cried, tears running fast down her cheeks, Tara got up and walked over to her.  Holding Sophie by the chin she looked deep into her tear filled eyes.

“You filthy little whore” Tara snapped,

Softly Tara kissed Sophie, before spitting hard in her face.  Shocked Sophie spluttered and blinked.

“You dirty slut” Tara continued “fucking piece of shit”

She gripped the sobbing Sophie by the hair and yanked her head back, spitting in her face again. “You are a worthless little fuckwhore, and I am gonna fuck you up good”

Tara grinned as Malene worked her fist in and out of Sophie’s ass.  Sophie grimaced and flinched with each thrust, tears still rolling down her cheeks.  Malene moved a wand style vibrator up to Sophie’s pussy, making her jerk and writhe.

“You may now scream slut” Malene said, “Scream as much as you like until you cum”

Sophie let out a primal scream, before breaking down and crying uncontrollably, she blubbered and wailed “you nasty bitch” at Malene “Tara you fucker” at Tara, plus all sorts of obscenities as well.

 Malene held the wand tight to Sophie’s clit making her move her hips and ass on her fist.  Sophie had her head held up as she screamed and cried, Tara clutching her hair tight.

“FUCK NOOOOO! TOOOO BIGGG!” Sophie howled as Malene jammed her fist back and forth.

Sophie’s hips started to buck, as the constant strumming brought her to a climax, her whole body quaking and shuddering.


Malene released the wand and started vigorously fisting Sophie, slamming her hand hard up Sophie’s ass, as she howled and screamed orgasming.
Tara tugged her hair, as Malene fisted her hard, Sophie screaming herself horse with a mixture of pleasure and pain. As Sophie calmed from her orgasm, Tara released her hair, allowing her to collapse sobbing to the desk.

“Fuck yeah whore” Tara purred.

Malene ripped her hand from Sophie’s ass, she screamed as her sphincter was burst open, Malene slapping her hand on Sophie’s buttocks, after freeing it.

“Yes slut, fucking gape for me” Malene said.

Bending down she licked Sophie’s gaping ass, as Sophie sniffed trying to compose herself.

“On your knees slut” Tara said, helping Sophie down onto the floor.

“Hold this” Malene said, giving Sophie a big bowl.

Sophie looked up at her mascara streaks down the sides of her face, just in time to get a large wad of spit right in her left eye.  Shaking her head she looked up shocked at Malene.

“Fucking spit bukkake, you whore” Malene said, as Tara spat on Sophie, “Look at us bitch, you worthless whore”

Malene spat again and again, on Sophie’s face, thick wads of phlegm glistening as they landed.  Tara slowly dribbled a long glob of spit onto Sophie’s forehead.

“you’re a little piece of shit Sophie. Only good for spit plate, for me and Malene” Tara snapped at her.
    “I need some extra spit” Malene said pulling me over next to Sophie, bending down she deep throated my hard cock, until she gagged. She lifted her head form my shaft and spat the large spitball onto Sophie’s face.

    “Beg for us to spit on you Sophie” Tara said, as she worked my shaft deep, and added another large drool of spit to Sophie’s face.

    “Please spit on me” Sophie spluttered as Malene gobbed another huge stringy spit wad onto her face.

    “Hold the bowl up bitch, catch anything you can” Malene gasped

    “cover me in spit, I am a fucking useless piece of meat, please spit on me” Sophie continued to beg.

    Tara lifted her head up and retched a thick lumpy white ball of mucus straight into the bowl, before spitting smaller stingier traces over Sophie.

    “thank you Tara” Sophie said “please spit on me next time”

    “Open your mouth” Malene said, before going down deep on my cock, ramming her head vigorously up and down.

    Sophie tipped her head back, mouth wide open as Malene gagged up an even thicker wad, before slowly spitting the stringy lump into Sophie’s mouth.  Sophie flinched and gagged the thick glob of spit triggering her gag reflex. Shuddering she managed to keep it in her mouth.  Tara quickly followed it with another large wad, Sophie’s mouth overflowing with spit.

    Sophie’s eyes were wide, panic filled as her stomach churned and urged, the vile lumpy spitwads in her mouth making her want to puke.

     “Weak bitch, spit it out before you puke” Malene said.

    Sophie eagerly spat the mouthful into the bowl, which was getting pretty full.  Malene again went down onto my cock, as Tara worked her fingers down into her throat.

My balls were aching and I grabbed Malene’s hair, ramming my shaft hard down her throat, balls bouncing on her chin as I came.  Hot cum spurting down her throat, spit and snot bubbling from her nose, she struggled and caught it in her hands. As I released her hair Malene gasped and coughed.

“Woah baby, thanks I loved that” she panted.

Malene dripped each large spit filled handful over Sophie’s face, before wiping her own and flicking the long strands into the bowl.
Malene gripped Sophie’s face in her hands and spat straight into it hard, Tara took the bowl from Sophie’s hands as Malene continued to lick her face, swallowing the spit as she did so.  Malene continued to lick and suck every drop of spit from Sophie’s face and body, while Tara fastened  a huge 14” strap on to her waist.

“you dirty spit plate” Malene gasped as she sucked every drop up “I’m so gonna destroy you whore”

Malene squeezed Sophie’s nipples has as she sucked the thick slimy strands from Sophie’s breasts.  Standing up she walked over and picked up the bowl, looking at Sophie she raised it to her lips.

“you useless whore, watch and learn” Malene said, before swallowing gulp after gulp from the bowl.

Tara passed another strap on over to Sophie, telling her to put it on.  Malene finished the contents of the bowl, scraping her fingers round getting every drop.

“Strap it on whore, strap it on good, I want some of that now” Malene said to Sophie

Tara got up onto the desk, the huge shaft standing tall, Malene climbed up ontop of her straddling the shaft.  Slowly she pressed it to her ass and began easing The end into her ass, she growled loudly as she sat down, the thick length penetrating her back passage.
“Fuuuckkkkkk” Malene growled as she finally had the whole thing up her ass.

Sophie moved over towards Malene, who was riding Tara, her ass reaming on the shaft as she rocked up and down.

“Fucking stick it up my ass as well you bitch” Malene snarled, easing down onto the whole dildo, snorting and puffing.

Sophie pushed her shaft in next to Tara’s, Malene reached up and wrapped her arms around Sophie’s neck.  Pulling her head down until they touched foreheads, and noses, Malene gasped “Fuck me in the ass you pathetic little whore!”

Sophie slammed the whole length right up Malene’s backside, splitting open her sphincter, her crotch slapping hard on Malene’s buttocks. 
Malene whined loudly as her hips bucked almost uncontrollably, but she held Sophie’s head tight to hers as her eyes rolled back.

“FUUUCKKKK!!!!” she gasped, “FUCKKK!!!” Sophie held Malene’s hips and rutted as hard as she could into her ass.

Tara had hold of Malene’s nipples and was squeezing them tight, as she joined Sophie in double fucking Malene’s butt.

“Fucking tell Malene what you think of her efforts so far” Tara said to Sophie, “Fuck her asshole and tell her”

Sophie set about buggering Malene, ramming as much of the shaft as hard as she could deep up her back passage.  Malene held her tightly around the neck, staring into her eyes as she destroyed her ass.

“Sick bitch” Sophie snarled, “Spitting all over my face, I felt so cheap and nasty”

 “YEASSSSS!!!” Malene howled coming hard “YESSSSS!!S YESSSSSS!!!”

“Fucking cum then, yeah fucking cum, then degrade me some more, I fucking love it, I am sooo horny now”

Malene let go of Sophie’s neck and arched her back, howling in orgasm, slamming her hands down on the desktop she screamed ferociously.

“YEASSSS!S!!!!! OH!! OH!! OOOOOOHHH!! YEASSSSSS!!!!” Malene cried tossing her head back.

Sophie held her legs by the ankles and spread them wide, Tara gripped her hips and drove deep up her ass.  Malene’s legs trembled and shook, as Sophie pounded away at her ass, slamming her crotch over and over against Malene’s soft buttocks.

“Yessss, ohhh fuck yessss” Malene gasped as Sophie fucked her.

“Keep going whore, don’t slack off” Tara snapped as Sophie tired.

I walked up behind Sophie spanked her ass, as she rutted into her ‘mistress’. I held her still for a moment and pushed my cock into her ass.  Malene tossed her head yelling loudly as I slammed deep up Sophie’s ass, rutting her tight against Malene.

      “FUUUUCKKKKKKK!!!” Malene screamed her body spasming, legs kicking wildly.

    Sophie was gritting her teeth, as i held her ass tight to my crotch, cock deep up her backside. We were driving forwards together, slamming up Malene’s ass, Tara pumping hard beside us.  Malene was going crazy her orgasm lasting longer and longer.

I was mauling Sophie’s huge breasts squeezing the nipples as I pounded her forwards  into Malene.  Her legs began to shudder, as she came as well, I had to half hold her up as she collapsed onto Malene.

“Fucking whore!” Malene Snarled, as Sophie shuddered against her.

She gripped Sophie by the hair, pulled her head up, she roughly twisted Sophie’s hair and snapped at her “did I say you could cum?”

Sophie tried to shake her head and whined “nooo”

“Take your dick out of her ass, I want to taste it” Malene said to me.

I got up onto the desk and knelt over her head, feeding my shaft to her lips, “lick his ass, slut, lick his ass until he cums in my throat” Malene instructed Sophie.

I leant forwards over Malene and Tara, Sophie spread my ass cheeks and flicked my asshole with her tongue.  My cock was all the way down Malene’s throat, I could feel her snorting and gagging as I pushed my cock hard into her face.  Sophie delved deeper, Clamping her lips to my ass, her tongue deep in my crack.

“Suck his ass your dirty whore slut” Tara gasped as she rammed the strap on up Malene’s ass.

Malene was choking on my cock, but luckily for her, Sophie’s tongue was hitting all the right spots, and I came hard. I rammed forwards driving my cock, and crotch into Malene’s face.  Sophie followed wiggling her face between my asscheeks trying to get her tongue as far up my ass as possible.

“yeahhhhh” Tara gasped at the sight.

I exploded deep in Malene’s gullet, jerking hard as my cum shot into her stomach.  Sophie gripped my ass her tongue deep up in me, each flick causing another bolt of spunk to shoot from my cock.

“Fuck yeah bitch, he is drowning Malene” Tara purred as she watched Sophie go to work.

Eventually every drop of spunk in my balls was gone, and I eased out of Malene’s mouth, rolling over onto the desk completely spent.  Malene gasped for air, as Sophie gripped her boobs biting her nipples hard.

“oh fuck yeah” Malene croaked contentedly.

“Get on your knees whore” Tara said to Sophie, squeezing Malene’s breasts.

Sophie eased from Malene’s ass and stepped back, Malene looking up at her as she did so. “Take off that monster and get down on your knees you filthy bitch” Malene gasped.

Sophie knelt down in front of the desk as Malene sat up looking at her, “you dirty little slut, did you enjoy that?” Malene asked.

Sophie nodded, as Malene eased up from Tara’s strap on, getting up onto her shaky legs.  She walked over to the large bowl and placed it in front of Sophie, she scraped the thick strands of spit from her cheeks and flicked them over Sophie’s face, causing her to flinch.

“Worried whore?” Malene asked, holding Sophie gently by the chin and lifting her head up to look into her eyes.

Malene slapped Sophie hard across the face, she squealed, before snapping back to stare at Malene. “useless piece of shit” Malene snapped, spitting at Sophie’s face again.

Malene licked the trail of spit from Sophie’s right cheek, before gobbing it back at her again. “Fucking little slut, loot at me, my belly is full of spunk and spit,” she said rubbing her stomach “I feel a bit too full, I think I need to puke”. Sophie’s eyes widened in horror, as Malene leant over her, 2 fingers down her throat gagging.

“Puke over the waster” Tara said lying on the desk watching Malene.

Thin dribbles of spit ran onto Sophie’s face, as Malene worked her fingers back and forth in her throat.  She grimaced as Malene retched and gagged, several times, before the first small spluttering of puke splashed over Sophie. Sophie clenched her eyes shut and shied away as Malene urged and puked over her. The thick white spray of spit and cum splashed all down Sophie’s face and tits, dripping into the bowl.

“Yeahhh” Tara said watching avidly.

Sophie was gaping “Nooo, no, no Malene, no” as she turned away.

Malene grabbed a handful of hair and pulled Sophie back, ”Yes whore, you will do whatever I tell you, you useless little piece of shit”

Malene threw up again, a huge eruption all over the top of Sophies head.  The white puke flooding down over Sophies hair and body.  Sophie knelt, sobbing, as Malene towered over her, bent forwards retching.

“Look up at Malene bitch” Tara told her, as Malene rammed her fingers again down her throat.

Sophie turned her face up to Malene, just as she blasted another batch of puke from her mouth.  Sophie’s face was splattered with the hot liquid, she shuddered and sobbed as Malene gasped for air.

“how do you feel you little whore?” Malene snarled, “Dripping with my puke, like some dumb little fucker”

“Fuck Malene, this is too much” Sophie sobbed.

“Oh there is worse yet for you I promise” Malene replied grinning.

    Malene reached down and gripped Sophie’s chin, “open wide” she said.

    Sophie opened her mouth, and Malene slowly and carefully pushed 2 fingers to the back of her throat, over and over until finally she threw up over Sophies face, and into her wide open mouth.

    “Swallow it” Tara said firmly, as Sophie struggled and shook.

    Sophie gulped down the puke, but only for a moment, before she herself threw up into the half full bowl in front of her.

    “Ohhh, Sophie you shouldn’t have done that” Malene gasped wiping her face. “you will regret that later”.

    Malene choked on her fingers one last time, before throwing up the final contents of her stomach. Sophie blinked her eyes clearing them, staring up at a gasping Malene.

    “Ohh Sophie, that was good, do you feel dirty now, do you feel like the little whore you are” Malene croaked.

    Sophie nodded, as Malene walked back to me and Tara. 

    “Sophie, wank for us, wank your pussy, until you cum” Tara said.

    “Yeah slut, I wanna see you covered in puke, wanking and cumming” Malene added, “and while you’re doing it, tell us what you get up to in your sordid little sex life”

    Sophies hands moved down to her pussy, and she delved her fingers in.  She looked straight at us as she began fingering her tight wet slit.  Rubbing her hand back and forth her thumb working her clit.

    “Ohh fuckk I am horny,” she gasped.  “ohh Malene you nasty bitch, ohh fuck”

    Malene, Tara and I sat watching Sophie as she strummed away at her cunt, body glistening with puke.  My cock twitched and throbbed as I got hard watching and listening to Sophie.

    “Fuck I am thinking about the other day, when I fucked this guy, ohhh I begged him to fuck me up the ass with his huge cock” Sophie gasped her body shaking, “ Then made him wank all over my face, I loved every second”

    Sophie shook and cried, her body orgasming.  Large droplets of sweaty puke dripping from her quivering face. “FUUUUCKKKKKKK!!!!” she growled, her body convulsing.

    “Feel good?” Malene asked.

    Sophie nodded, panting unable to speak.  Tara got up and walked over to Sophie, while Malene led me over to the desk.

    “Hmm, baby, why don’t you fuck my big titties and make me all messy, then the whore can clean me up” Malene said, laying back on the desk.

    Tara sat down on the floor, “Sit on my shaft” she said to Sophie, stroking the 14 inch strap on.  I knelt across Malene’s chest, pushing my cock between her breasts, Sophie was gasping as she eased herself down onto the shaft, the whole length disappearing up her ass.

    “Watch it bitch, watch as he fucks Malene’s big tits” Tara said.

    Malene was staring up at me as my hard cock worked back and forth between her breasts, she squeezed them tightly around my shaft, as I fucked them.

    “Ohh, yes baby, fuck my big tits” Malene urged, glancing over at Sophie.

    Tara was groping Sophies puke covered breasts with one hand, rubbing her pussy and clit with the other.  Sophie was gasping and groaning as she watched us.

    “C’mon baby, shoot your cum all over me, I wanna be plastered, so the little whore has to do some work” Malene said.  She was crushing her nipples between her fingers as she squashed her big boobs around my dick.

    “FUUUUCKKKKKKK!!!!” Sophie wailed shuddering as Tara got her off, “YEASSSSSS!!!!” she cried, kicking her legs.

    “Yes baby, do it, cum all over me” Malene gasped as I quickened my pace, Sophie’s orgasm turning me on even more.

    Ramming furiously between Malene’s boobs, my balls shot a huge jet of spunk up over her face, splattering her right eye and cheek, Malene was watching me intently, a look of almost madness in her eyes.

    “Yes, fucking yes” she gasped as rope after rope of thick white spunk splattered her face.

    Sophie was still shuddering as Tara finally stopped rubbing her pussy, and grabbed a boob in each hand massaging them firmly.

    My legs were trembling as my cock stopped shooting, I knelt above her, watching as she panted excitedly, thick cum covering her face and neck.  Her eyes were wide open, but thick drops of cum clang to them, as Malene stared up at me.

    “Fucking brilliant baby” she said, “Now where’s my slut?” she asked.

    “Go on, don’t keep her waiting” Tara said as Sophie stood up easing her ass off of Tara’s strap on.  On somewhat shaky legs Sophie made her way over to Malene, who lay on the desk.

    “Whore, I want you to suck every drop of spunk from my face, and spit it into my mouth” Malene demanded, as I eased up from her chest and stood watching her.

    “and” Tara added standing up and moving over to join them, “I am gonna fuck you up the ass while you do it”

    “Ohh you dirty bitch Tara, I love it” Malene said grinning.

    Sophie bent over and sucked on Malene’s nipples, slowly working her way up Malene’s breasts sucking up the cum as she went.  When Sophie got a god mouthful of my cum, she moved her head above Malene’s, who opened her mouth wide, wiggling her tongue, as Sophie spat a large glob of spunk into her mouth.

    “You’re a filthy little piece of shit Sophie” Tara said, slapping the shaft of her strap on her asscheeks, before prising them open and pushing the end up Sophies ass.

Sophie gasped as Tara rammed her asshole, but quickly returned to sucking the spunk from Malene’s face.  She hoovered it up expertly, despite being jolted forwards by Tara’s thrusts.

    “You filthy whore Sophie, sucking up all that spunk, how does it taste” Tara gasped as she buggered her.

    Sophie slurped up the last mouthful, and dribbled it slowly into Malene’s open mouth.  Malene gripped her by the hair and held her head still over her own, and spat the contents all up over Sophie’s face.

“Dirty girl” Malene snarled as some dripped from Sophie’s chin back down onto her.

Kissing Sophie hard she moved out from under her, and stood, bent over the desk looking straight at Sophie.

“Ohh that looks good, I am missing out” Malene purred, “Fuck my tight asshole” she said to me.

I eagerly stepped behind Malene, spitting on her asshole, before pressing my cock in, she groaned in pleasure as my shaft popped her sphincter, and eased deep into her ass.

“ohh fuck yeah,” Malene cried, as I gripped her hips, balls deep up her ass.

Sophie and Malene were face to face, noses almost touching, Malene gripped Sophies face in both hands and kissed her hard, Sophie did the same to Malene. Both girls were furiously kissing whilst Sophie and I rammed them up the ass.

“Kiss her whore, kiss her hard” Tara panted buggering Sophie.

Sophie began to shake, and shudder, coming hard, Malene continued to kiss her through her loud cries, and moans.

“YEASSSSS!!!! YEASSSSSS!!! YEEEASSS!!!” Sophie screamed.

I had Malene pinned to the desk with my hands, her thighs pushed tight against the edge, ass up and taking every thrust.

“Fuck me” Malene gasped, breaking her kiss.

Sophie collapsed to the desk, shaking and shuddering her orgasm continuing, while Malene rested on her arms as I continued to ram her ass.
“Fucking yeah, do it, ram my shitter” Malene cried, my balls bouncing on her ass as I pumped her. 

Tara had stopped thrusting and was gently dragging her fingernails down Sophies back, causing her to arch and lift her body from the desk.
“Don’t you dare rest whore” Tara said, gripping Sophie roughly by the hair and twisting her around to look in her eyes.

“YES!” Malene cried “FUUUCKKKKKKK YEASSSSSS!!” as she came hard.

Her body was shaking and convulsing, her asshole spasming, as I rammed her as hard as I could, her big beasts were shaking and slapping together as she came.

“YEASSSSS!!!!!!! YEASSSSSSS!!!! YEASSSSSS!!!” she shrieked.

My balls chose this moment to unload, hot thick spurts of spunk deep into Malene’s bowels, as she screamed and cried in orgasm.

“YES! YES!!! YESS!!! CUMMMMMMMMMM!!!” she cried as I filled her ass with my spunk.

Tara pulled out of Sophie and led her around to my side of the desk, and made her kneel next to Malene.

“Ohhh fuck” Malene gasped collapsing to the desk, as I rested, my spent cock still inside her ass.

“hmm slut, I suggest you suck his cock until it gets hard again, Malene here needs more than that.

I eased my cock from Malene’s ass, and fed it to Sophie, who sucked on it hard.  I slapped my soft shaft on her tongue and plunged back between her lips as Sophie looked up at me.

“Suck that cock bitch” Tara gasped watching her.

Sophie was working her magic and my cock was growing hard again, I pulled out from between her lips and nudged back against Malene’s ass.
“Fuck yes, drill my shitter” Malene shrieked as I pushed in.

I ground my crotch to Malene’s ass rutting deep, she growled as I started to pump her.  Tara left Sophie and moved around to in front of Malene, placing the bowl below her head, she slapped the end of her strap op against Malene’s snarling face.

“Open up slut” she said.

Malene let Tara push the strap on into her mouth, accepting every inch.  Tara grasped her hair and stabbed it in, making Malene cough and gag.  Sophie sat beside us, one hand stroking Malene’s leg as I hammered her ass.

“Take if, take it you slag” Tara gasped

Malene had the full 14 inches sawing in and out of her gullet, she was screaming and gasping, thick streams of spit and mucus splattering down into the bowl.

“Cum in her ass, please” Sophie begged watching my cock hammer home, “Shoot your hot spunk in her ass”

I held Malene’s hips and banged ferociously up her tight ass, her sphincter spasming as she came squealing very loudly.  Tara continued her oral decimation of Malene, holding her hair tight and slamming the shaft home, rutting it deep in Malene’s gullet.

“Oh fuck he’s cumming again Malene” Tara gasped, as I gripped Malene’s ass tight.

Jerking spurt after spurt of hot cum from my cock, I filled her ass for the second time.  Malene was quivering as she came as well, her body taught from the punishment.

I eased my cock from Malene and moved to Sophie, who slipped my limp shaft back between her lips, flicking her tongue over the soft shaft.
Tara rammed the whole length into Malene’s mouth Pinching her nose Tara laughed sadistically.

“bend him over and lick his asshole until he gets hard Sophie” Tara said.

I eased from Sophie’s mouth and turned around bending over, Sophe gripped my ass in her hands and flicked my asshole with her tongue.  Delving deeper she drilled my ass trying to make my cock hard again.

“Filthy ass eating whore” Tara gasped, as Sophie buried her face in my ass.

Tara continued to skullfuck a flailing Malene, holding the back of her head whilst ramming up into her throat, thick dollops of spit splashing down into the bowl.

Sophie’s tongue was doing its job, as stood up my cock erect, “Ohh fuck” Sophie gasped coming up for air.

Tara released Malene, just as I thrust into her ass for the third time, she screamed as I pushed my whole dick into her.

“Yeassssssssss!!!!,” Malene gasped, my crotch tight to her asscheeks.

I gripped her hair pulling it hard, bending her backwards, as she spluttered and gasped her throat free, “Fucking horny, sooo fucking horny” she growled.

Tara bent down and picked up the bowl, swirling the thick gloopy contents around, “Come over here slave” she said to Sophie.

Sophie moved around to the front of the desk, I had Malene held by the hair, slamming my cock hard into her cum filled ass. She snarled, and cried as I pounded away, watching Tara and Sophie.

“Get on your knees” Tara said pushing Sophie down to the floor, “Now drink it all down”

Sophie took the bowl from Tara, and held it up to her lips she gingerly swallowed it down, her belly retching and trying to throw up. 
“Swallow it you slut, swallow every last drop”

“FUUUUCKKKK!!!” Malene screamed, her hands gripping the edges of the desk.

Sophie was gagging and trying to swallow the thick stringy contents, Tara had hold of her hair pushing her face into the bowl, “Drink it you little whore, fucking swallow it down”

“YEAASSSS!!!!! YEASSSSS!S!!!!” Malene screamed her body shaking as another orgasm hit her.  I was tugging her hair as I drove my cock hard up her shuddering ass, harder and harder until finally my balls pumped their load deep into her.

Malene slumped to the desk, as I finished cumming up her ass, she watched Sophie finally finishing the contents of the bowl, panting and gasping hard. I eased from her ass and walked over to join Tara on the sofa.

“Ohh fuck yeah, you little piece of crap, Sophie” Malene gasped as Sophie set the empty bowl down.

Malene dragged herself up and moved around to Sophie, “lay down” she snapped pushing Sophie onto her back.

“You dirty whore,” Malene said Squatting over Sophies face “Suck it out, every last drop from my ass bitch”

Sophie flicked her ass with her tongue, delving into her tight sphincter. Malene was strumming her pussy and clit with one hand as Sophie began to eat her ass.

“Fucking do it bitch, fucking eat my freshly fucked asshole” She snarled.

Malene reached forwards and pulled Sophie’s legs up into the air, “Tara fuck her ass while she eats mine” She said.

Tara knelt behind Sophie, gripping her ankles.  She pushed the head of her strap on to her ass, and pushed it in.  Sophie squealed and twitched as the whole length got rammed up her ass.

“Ohhhh fuckkk yeah whore, suck that spunk right from my ass bitch” Malene gasped as Sophie feasted on her ass.

I stepped up and straddled Sophie, gripping Malene’s head by the hair, bouncing my hard cock on her face. She grinned opening her mouth, hoovering my shaft in.

Slipping along her tongue I pushed down her throat until my balls banged on her chin.  I ground Malene’s face into my crotch, before slipping back and ramming deep again.  She was growling and gasping as Sophie ate her ass, while I thrust deep into her gullet.

I held Malene’s head and slammed my cock deep down her throat, thick spitwads dripped down her neck and over her boobs, splashing onto Sophie’s body and tits.  Malene had hold of my asscheeks and was pulling me deeper and deeper, whilst balancing above Sophie, who sucked on her asshole hard.

“take it whore” Tara snarled ramming the strap on furiously up Sophie’s ass, pulling her legs out wide by the ankles.

My fingers were wrapped around Malene’s hair, as I trust as deep as I could into her open gagging throat, She gripped me tightly trying to ram her face closer than ever to my crotch. I came hard, thick hot spurts filling her belly, my cock twitching and hips bucking as she took me deep.

“FUUUUUUCKKKKKKK!” Sophie wailed, as she came, Tara fucking her butt, struggling to hold onto Sophie’s kicking legs.

 I stepped back pulling my soft cock from Malene’s mouth, she gasped for air, and spit splattered all over Sophie’s quivering breasts.

“YEEEAAASSSS!!!!!” Sophie cried as she let go of Malene, every drop of spunk sucked from her ass.

Malene staggered backwards and sat above Sophie, a grin on her face, “Oh baby, that was sooo nasty” she panted.

“YEASSSS!!!! YEASSSSS!!! YEASSSSSS!!” Sophie howled as Tara continued to fuck her asshole.

“Ohh fuck Sophie, you little whore, are you enjoying being fucked up the ass” Malene purred, moving above Sophie’s head bending down to kiss her. She moved down to suck on her breasts, slurping up the large thick spit wads that covered her boobs and belly.  Moving back she squeezed Sophie’s face, forcing her mouth open before spitting it into Sophie’s mouth, “Swallow that too you slut” she gasped.

“Spit it all in Malene” Tara said watching still fucking Sophie’s ass.

Malene sucked the largest wads from Sophie’s breasts, delivering them back to her open mouth, before making her swallow them.

“Filthy piece of shit, swallow it all down” Malene teased, as Sophie force the last mouthful down.

She moved up above Sophie, lifting her head so it rested in her lap, before reaching down and stroking Sophie’s massive breasts.  She gripped her nipples hard, pinching them tight. “FUCK!” Sophie screamed in shock.

“Look at the whore,” Malene said to me, squeezing her nipples tightly, causing Sophie to squirm. “Massive tits that she has let hundreds of men fuck, what a dirty little slut”.

Sophie was gasping and snorting as Malene dragged her tits up high by the nipples, before bouncing them up and down. Tara had moved up so her crotch was tight against Sophie’s ass, her hands now worked on her pussy, roughly playing with her clit.

“Whore, I want you to tit fuck him, whilst talking filth, understand” Malene said..

“Yes Malene” Sophie replied.

“Please baby, sit here and put your hard cock between my big juicy tits” Sophie said, clasping them in her hands and squeezing them together.
 “I love it when my tits get fucked”

I moved over and sat down kneeling over Sophie, my hard cock slapping on her big boobs, before nudging on the underside of her cleavage, ready to thrust in.

“Oh baby stick it in there” Sophie gasped as I slid my hard shaft between her slick breast, “Fuck these big whore titties”

Her slick soft breasts engulfed my cock as I thrust back and forth between them, Sophie grinned and snorted as Tara furiously rubbed her clit with the huge dildo embedded deep up her ass.

“Yeeeaaassssss” Sophie whined, as Tara rubbed away.

Malene held Sophie’s head as she stared up at my cock, pounding away at her tits. “Fucking do it, My huge tits feel good don’t they” Sophie teased.

“Oh yeah baby fuck my slut tits, cover me in spunk I want it” Sophie gasped licking her lips, as her body started to tremble.

Sophie was hissing and wriggling below me as she came, staring up at me as her whole body shook.  I continued to ram her tits as she clasped them even tighter over my shaft, watching as Sophie’s eyes rolled back up into her head.

“YEAASSSSSSSSSS!!” She squealed through gritted teeth, spit spraying over her tits as they crushed my cock.

Tara gripped hold of Sophie’s thighs and started fucking her in the ass whilst she was still coming, Sophie’s nostrils were flaring as she cried and came hard

“FUCK! FUCK! FUUUCKKKKKKK!!!” she screamed.

Malene held her head still and forced her to look up at my cock as it burst free from her cleavage, “Ohhh fuck baby, do it, fuck my tits” Sophie gasped, “I am a worthless whore, please use my tits to wank with”

I was near to bursting and increased my pace, Sophie clasping her tits tightly around my cock.  A few seconds later the first jet of spunk blasted out from between her tits and splattered all over her face, a second third and forth followed.  Thick white spunk drenched Sophie’s face, coating her forehead and cheeks, and eyes.

“Thank you baby” Sophie gasped as more and more spunk splattered her face, “Ohh thank you soooo much”.

“Open your eyes slut, watch him cum over you” Malene told her.

Sophie forced her eyes open, letting the tick spurts of semen run down into them.  “Ohh yes honey, I love it when you cum in my eyes” she snarled shuddering and forcing herself to keep her eyes open.

I sat astride her, my cock softening between her tits, as Tara fucked her hard up the ass, behind me.

“Fithy whore” Malene teased, tugging her head back to look up, she spat a thick wad over Sophies already covered forehead. “Worthless piece of shit” she snapped, spitting on Sophie again.

I got up from Sophie and went to sit and watch, Malene had hold of her tits and was squeezing her nipples hard, making Sophie squirm and squeal.

Tara grabbed Sophies hands and pulled her up, whilst laying back, so Sophie was astride her, Malene, got up and grabbed a nearby strap on, and began fastening it to her crotch.

“Fucking dirty whore, I am going to have to punish you” Malene said grinning,  stepping up behind Sophie.

Tara wrapped her arms around Sophies waist holding her close, as Malene gripped her hair pulling her head back hard.  She slapped her strap on against Sophies big soft asscheeks.

“Now we are gonna destroy your asshole, you filthy little WHORE!” Malene snarled.

She pushed the head next to Tara’s forcing it into Sophies ass.  Sophie shrieked and shook, Tara fighting to keep her grip around Sophies waist.

“Fucking take IT!” Malene snarled as she jerked Sophies head back one more time before releasing her hair and gripping both her buttocks.  She spread them wide as she pushed her shaft up Sophies ass.

    “NO! NOOOOOOOO!!” Sophie howled, “FUCK NO!”

    Malene had her crotch tight against Sophies ass now, the whole length deep up her back passage. She slapped Sophies asscheek hard, before gripping her hips and easing out, then slamming hard back in.

    “FUUUUCKKKKKKKKK!!!” Sophie roared, tears were running down her cum covered cheeks, and she was sobbing loudly while Malene fucked her ass viciously.

    “Take it whore, take it deep up your ass!” Malene cried as she pounded it into Sophie.  She screamed and screamed as her asshole was pummelled.

    Tara was chewing hard on Sophies nipples as her huge swollen breasts dangled in her face, Malene had hold of Sophies hips and was rutting wildy into her, fiercely driving the shaft home.

     “FUUUUCCKKK! NOOOOO!! NOOO MOREEEE!!!” Sophie wailed as Malene slammed home again,

    “Take it you little piece of shit” Malene snapped as she slapped Sophies asscheek hard.

    “SIIIITTTTTTT!!” Sophie shrieked, her body shuddering in orgasm, her hips and abdomen twitching wildly.

    Malene and Tara spurred on by Sophie’s orgasm pounded her stretched asshole harder, driving deep in at the same time, both massive shafts delving deep into Sophie. She was cumming hard, screeching and wailing eyes wide, nostrils flared, a mix of cum and sweat dripping down her face.

    “FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! FUUUUUCKKKK!!” Sophie howled, as her ass was destroyed.

    My cock was rock hard again, and I stepped up in front of Sophie, gripping her hair I yanked her head back, with one hand, slapping her face with my shaft, I rubbed my head over her lips.

    “Shut the little bitch up” Malene said grinning.

    Sophie opened her mouth and I rammed myself in, holding her head in both hands I was soon balls deep in her gullet.  Sophie choked and spluttered as I rammed my hard cock deep down her throat, eager to unload my balls.

    “Yeah, that’s it choke fuck the whore while we pound her shit hole” Malene gasped, as she continued to rut hard into Sophie.

Sophie was urging and gagging, thick wads of spit running down her chest, splattering down onto Tara, her nipples glistened as large wads of spit dripped from them.

My balls bounced off of her chin with every thrust, as I clasped her head hard and pulled it down to meet me.  I ground her nose to my belly and held her there for several seconds, before releasing her so she could breathe.

Sophie coughed and choked as I slid my cock back, before ramming it back in again. I gripped her hair and rammed my whole length harder and harder down her gullet. Malene was pummelling her ass, holding her hips, Tara was getting splattered with long oozing lumps of spit, dripping from Sophie’s mouth. I couldn’t hold out for long, and came, clasping Sophies head to my crotch, grinding as hard as I could into her face as I twitched cumming over and over again.

“YEAAAAHHH”  Malene growled, rutting hard up Sophie, making her lurch forwards onto my pulsing shaft.

I let go of Sophie’s head and she collapsed down onto Tara, choking and gasping for air.  “Fucking, dirty, Whore!”, Malene panted “Fucking, dirty whore!” over and over in time with her thrusts.

“FUUUUUUCKKKKKK!!!” Sophie wailed her legs kicking involuntarily, as she tossed her head from side to side.
“FUUUCKKKK!!! FUUUUCKKKK! FUUUCKKKKKKK!!” she screamed as she came again.

Malene growled with delight, before driving her shaft home and sitting there embedded to the hilt in Sophie’s ass.
Sophie was whining and mewing as she calmed down from her orgasm, Tara stroking her waist softly. Malene gripped Sophie’s head by the hair and roughly turned her to look back over her shoulder.

“Did you cum, slut?” she asked

“uh hu” Sophie groaned in reply.

“Nearly done with you now, my little whore” Malene said, “I want something nasty to remember this session”
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Re: Four way fun (Malene Espensen, Sophie Howard, Tara o'connor, Lucy Pinder)
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Chapter 3

Starring: Malene Espensen, Sophie Howard, Tara o'connor

Codes: MF, Tittyfuck, Anal, Facial

Disclaimer:  This story is purely fiction, it has never happened.  Please keep this story to this site only, if you want to share elsewhere DM me and ask for permission.

She slipped out of Sophie’s ass, and helped her up off of Tara, so she could roll over onto her back.  Malene removed her strap on, as did

Tara, walking around Sophie as she lay there panting looking up at them.

“Look at the filthy little whore” Malene said.

“All worn out, ass pounded open” Tara said.

“Open your mouth you worthless piece of shit” Malene told her.

Malene stood above her head before hacking up a spitball and dripping it down into Sophie’s open mouth.  “Swallow” she said.

Sophie grimaced as she forced it down, “Open” Tara said, sucking up one of the stringy spitwads from her breasts, and spitting it down again.

Sophie swallows again, as Malene moved around next to me, “Come over here” she said. “Stand over her head”

I stood above Sophie’s shoulders, as Tara knelt down pinning her hair to the floor, so she couldn’t move.

Malene moved behind me, kneeling down across Sophie’s body, she reached around to my cock, slowly wanking it. “Now whore, let’s hear some of

your dirtiest filthiest fantasies” she said.

“Wank that cock mistress, wank it all over my face.” Sophie gasped, as Malene stroked my shaft.

Malene reached down and scooped up some of the spit that was covering Sophie’s boobs, smearing it over my shaft she slowly wanked me.

“Mistress please, can I get a bukkake next time, I want a whole room full of men shooting their hot sticky spunk over my face” Sophie purred,

staring intently at my cock.

Malene adjusted her grip, moving her hands between my legs double stroking my shaft, and pressing her lips to my ass crack. My legs began to

tremble as Malene worked her tongue up my ass, her hands wanking my cock.

“Ohh yess, drill it up his ass please, make him shoot all that wonderful cum all over my face” Sophie gasped.

Malene held my cock tight, bell end glistening, as Tara leant down and started suckling the knob end.  Malene had her tongue right up my ass,

Tara rubbing her tongue vigorously over the tip of my cock.

“Ohh fucking yes, splatter my whore face pleaseeee!” Sophie begged.

My legs were quivering as the girls worked hard, making my balls churn, I was moments away from cumming

“Fucking do it baby, shoot that thick hot spunk all over my dirty whore face” Sophie snarled, licking her lips.

Tara was swiping her tongue over the tip of my throbbing cock, as Malene drilled her tongue deep up my ass. My legs were quivering, and I let

out a huge roar as a thick spurt of semen, rocketed from my cock.

“Yeessssss” Sophie squealed as it splattered over her face.

Malene held my cock firm, rubbing the pulsing head with her thumbs, Tara knelt above Sophie watching as I plastered her face with cum.  My

cock twitched in Malene’s grasp as bolt after bolt of hot spunk shot out and splattered down over Sophie’s face.

“Oh fuck, fuck yes” she gasped, thick laces of semen covering her face, and filling her eye sockets.

My legs twitched as finally Malene milked me dry, Sophie plastered in thick white spunk. “Ohh yeah well done honey” Malene said sitting back,

admiring my work.

Tara got up off of Sophie’s hair, and stood above her, Malene moved to join her.

“Dirty whore” Tara said.

“Filthy worthless piece of shit” Malene said laughing, She spat on Sophie’s face, and Tara did likewise.

“She is all yours, we are gonna get changed and go to the poolroom, when you have used her, meet us there.  Make sure she cleans up before she

joins us” Malene said leaving with Tara.

“Thank you mistress” Sophie whined as they left.

Sophie struggled to open her eyes, and look up at me, “Use me, please, use all my holes” she gasped.

My cock was raging hard again, and I knelt down between her legs, lifting her hips I nudged my cock to her ass, it gave easily after her

recent battering.

“Fuck my whore ass, fuck it good” she growled as I started to bugger her, Sophie was covered in my spunk, as I rammed hard up her ass.
I gripped her thighs and slammed hard up her ass, my balls bashing her buttocks as I reamed her. Sophie’s was snarling spunk dripping from her

face as she stared at me.

“FUCK!! FUCKKKKK! FUUUUCCCCKKKKK!!” she screamed, coming hard.

I rutted ferociously into her, my cock pounding her ass, as she shuddered and came. “YEASSSS!!!! YEAAAAAASSSS!!! YEAAAAAASSSS!” she screamed.

Slamming my cock home, my balls erupted sending hot spunk deep into Sophie’s bowels, “YESSSSS FILL MY ASS WITH YOUR SPUNK!” Sophie cried as I

jammed deep up her back passage.

I shuddered the last of my cum up into Sophie as she shook from the endings of her orgasm. 

“Fuck yeah, my ass is full of spunk, thank you master, thank you” Sophie gasped.

I eased from her ass and got up, my legs shaking after the vigorous anal fucking I had just given Sophie. She lay back panting, thick white

streaks of cum still covering her face.

“Please use me some more, I want to be used, I am sooo worthless, please, please” she begged.

I dragged Sophie up by the hair and lay her on the desk, dragging her head back over the edge.  I slapped my now hard cock on her face and

pushed it between her lips, down into her throat.

Sophie gagged and croaked on my shaft as I rammed it deep down her gullet, her hands clawed at my ass as she struggled to swallow my shaft.  I

fucked her face hard, my balls banging on her nose as I rutted my hard cock into her throat.

Spit and slobber ran down Sophies face as I throat fucked her, I started slapping her huge swollen breasts as I fucked her face, she squealed

as each thwack echoed around the room.

Sophie was now urging and puking on my cock as it invaded her neck, large blasts of puke splattered over my crotch and splattered onto the

floor.  Her arms were flailing wildly as I continued my oral annihilation.

I gripped the sides of the table and pushed hard down her throat bending her head back even further until the back of her head was touching

the side of the desk.  I pushed as deeply as I could into Sophies throat and bounced there furiously. 

Her neck was bulging as my cock drilled deep, Sophie was flailing her arms now as I choked her with my cock, puking and gagging on my hard

shaft.  I crushed her head against the side of the desk and I rammed as furiously as I could down her throat, until eventually my balls


Pumping deep in her throat my cock pulsed, hot big jets of spunk down into Sophies gullet and belly.  I could see her stomach twitching and

urging as my cock delivered its cargo into her, spit bubbling from her mouth and splattering on the floor.

I eased my empty cock from her throat and stepped back, Sophie gasped in relief as I did so.  Her face was awash with spit and puke, as she

lay there gasping for breath.

I grabbed her by the hair and she screamed as I dragged her up off the desk, pushing her down onto her knees before rubbing her face into the

large poll of puke on the floor.

“FUCK!” she gasped as I ground her face into the large puddle, groping her big breasts hard with my other hand.

I pushed her head down into the pool, her hips raised, and I eased my now hard cock into her pussy.  Sophie gasped as my balls reached her

pussy and I was deep inside of her.

“Fuck me, fuck me like a piece of shit whore!” she groaned.

“Suck up your puke” it told her as I let go of her head and gripped her hips with both hands.

I rutted her wet tight pussy hard, as Sophie slurped and gagged on her puke, I slammed hard against her soft ass cheeks, thrusting my full

length inside her.

“Fuck, fuck me, fuck me like a whore!” Sophie screamed.

Her huge tits swayed as I thrust into her cunt, harder and hard as I fucked her.  Sophie was gagging up as much as she could swallow,

struggling to get it down into her stomach.

“Fuck, oh fuck yes, yes, yeassss” She cried as I pounded her pussy, My hands groping her ass cheeks and hips.

“Ram it up my worthless cunt hole” she snarled going back to slurping up her puke.

I held her hips tight and rutted furiously into her pussy, my crotch slapping hard on her ass.  Sophie was starting to orgasm her body shaking

and quivering.

“FUCK!!! FUCKK FUUUUCCKKKK!!!” Sophie screamed, as I rammed her tight cunt.

Her body shook, as I slammed deep up her pussy, which clenched tight on my cock as she came. “YEASS!!!!!!! YEASSSSS!!! YEASSSSSS!!” Sophie


I gripped her hair with one hand pulling her head back, then began rubbing her screaming face into the puke puddle. Spanking her arse hard

with my free hand I bounced her asscheeks against my crotch as I rutted her.

“YES! YES! FUCK YESSSSS!!!!” She cried as I slapped her ass.

She struggled as I held her face down, slurping and sucking up the cold thick liquid.  She gasped and gagged trying to keep it down.  I let go

of her hair clasping her hips tight to me, as my balls exploded.

“Ohhh fuckkk” Sophie gasped as I flooded her pussy, with hot thick spunk.

“Fuck yes” she gasped slurping. “Ohhhh fuck yessss”

I held her close stroking her back as I finished shooting my full load into her. Sophie had swallowed most of the puddle now and as I slid

from her pussy, she collapsed onto her back.

“Fuck yeah, you filled my dirty whore pussy with your cum” she gasped panting.

“FUCK! I’m horny, seriously fucking horny” she snarled.

I moved over and lifted her legs up, bending her backwards until her feet touched the ground behind her head. Sophie gasped as I lifted her

hips up into the air, spreading her ass cheeks with my hands.

“Fuck my dirty asshole again, pound me like the whore I am” She snarled.

I pushed against her sphincter, which gave way, my cock burrowing up her back passage.  She growled as I rammed in and out hard.
“OH YES” she hissed as I began to pound her ass.

I slammed repeatedly into her quivering backside, as Sophie screamed and screamed loving every thrust.  Her face was red and flushed, hair all

matted together sticking to her forehead.

“HARDER! HARDER!” She screamed as her body shook, waves of orgasm spasming through her.

“YEASSSSSSSS!!!!! YEASSSSSSSSS!!!! YEAAAAASSSSS!!!!” she howled in ecstasy

My balls were slapping on her ass cheeks as I drove deep down inside her, legs shaking violently as she came.


She lay there panting watching as I continued to rut into her ass, grinning from ear to ear.  “Fucking use me baby, use my whore ass to make

your balls explode” she gasped.

My cock was twitching as I thrust deep into her, and just as I was about to cum I pulled out and stood over her wanking my shaft.  Sophie’s

eyes lit up as I aimed at her face, my cockhead bulging in my hand as I stroked it.

“Fucking dump that load all over my nasty slut face honey” She teased opening her mouth and wiggling her tongue, “I want be drowned by your


Thick white jets of cum splattered down over Sophie’s face, painting it white.  Her eyes were drenched and a huge pool filled her open mouth

as I stroked spurt after spurt from my cock.

“Fuck yes, ohhh fuck yes” Sophie gasped as my semen splattered over her face.

My balls stopped pumping and I flicked the last few drops down over a panting Sophie.  Stepping back she unfolded herself and lay there

gasping for breath, her face plastered in my spunk.

“Ohh yeahh” she gasped swallowing a mouthful of my cum, “Fucking yeah”

Sophie reached down and started to play with her pussy, shaking and whimpering as she came almost immediately.

“FUUUUUUUCCKKKKKK!” She groaned, kicking her legs abdomen twitching and shaking.

I knelt down astride the shaking Sophie, slapping my hardening cock on her tits.  I reach down and grabbed her nipples pinching them tight,

Sophie squealed and squirmed below me.

“UHHHHHHGGGHH!” she gasped as I twisted them roughly, “Fuck my big swollen tits you bastard” she snapped.

I pressed her boobs together and pushed my hard shaft between her soft orbs, crushing her nipples between my fingers I started to fuck them,

slow and steady.  Sophie lifted her head up to watch as my cock poked through the top of her cleavage on every thrust.  Thick cum clang to her

face, dripping from her nose, and running from her eye sockets, her eyes were red and bleary as Sophie watched me fuck her tits.

“Squeeze those tits together whore” I told her gripping her hair and twisting her head to look up at me.

“Fuuuuckkk” she gasped as I pulled her hair hard.

    I spat in her face hard, “Useless whore” I snarled.

    “I am,” Sophie whimpered, “I am I dirty little tart”

    Letting go of her hair I placed my hands on hers crushing her massive tits around my pumping cock, as I drove between them harder. 

Sophie looked up at me, eyes open begging me to keep going. I spat on her again, and then again, she opened her mouth and I spat into that.

    “Spit on my worthless face, I deserve it” Sophie gasped, as I did so again.

    My cock was thumping away at her cleavage, as I fucked her massive hooters hard, Sophie jerking back and forth below me as I did so.

    “Please cum between my whore breasts” She said, as I spat into her open mouth again, “thank you” she gasped swallowing.

    My cock exploded between Sophie’s tits, a huge arc of spunk flying up and splattering across her already messy face, another and

another followed, as well as a generous hosing of her neck and the top of her tits.  I eased back pumping a huge wash of spunk between her

breasts, before finishing off by pulling Sophie’s hands from her tits and coating her huge hard nipples with several squirts of semen.

“Thank you, thank you” Sophie cried as my cum covered her tits, “Thank sooo much”

I eased up from Sophie, and told her it was time to go and see Malene and Tara, in the poolroom.

“Oh nooo, please use me some more master, I am soooooo horny right now” Sophie begged.

I told her she had better get cleaned up and changed then, and meet us as soon as she could if she wanted more.

I left Sophie sitting on the floor licking my cum from her huge tits, playing avidly with her big nipples as she did so.

“I will be there soon” she gasped as I left her to it.
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Re: Four way fun (Malene Espensen, Sophie Howard, Tara o'connor, Lucy Pinder)
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Chapter 4

Starring: Malene Espensen, Sophie Howard, Lucy Pinder

Codes: MFF, Tittyfuck, Anal, Facial, DP, DAP, TAP, Throatfuck

Disclaimer:  This story is purely fiction, it has never happened.  Please keep this story to this site only, if you want to share elsewhere DM me and ask for permission.

Malene was waiting for me in the poolroom, she was relaxing on the lounger, in a white bra and knickers set.

“Hello babe,” she said, “Tara has really gotten called away, so I have made a phone call and her replacement will be here soon”

She sat up on the lounger and beckoned me over, “Mmmm are you ready for some filthy fun?” she asked grinning, “Why don’t we start before Sophie arrives”

I walked over to Malene and she positioned herself sitting on the lounger in front of me, “mmm lets have a little taste shall we” she purred, stroking my hardening cock with one hand whilst flicking her tongue over my throbbing head.

Malene wantonly rubbed my cock back and forth over her slithering tongue, sucking occasionally on my head, but mostly letting her snake like organ do all the work.

“I want  a nice thick load to swallow” she gasped as my cock began to pulse, cum erupting from the top.

Malene was in luck, thick white jets of spunk filled her open mouth, she swallowed frantically as my balls pumped their load out.  Malene was half choking as she managed to swallow most of my cum, a few spurts dripping down her chin into her cleavage.

“Ohhh fabulous” Malene gasped as my cock finally finished spurting.

She flicked her tongue over my sensitive head, making me shudder, and her giggle “Hmmmm good was it baby?” she asked.

Sophie arrived at this point, wearing a tight black corset and g-string, with black high heels “I see your enjoying yourself Malene” she said, “Where’s Tara”

Malene explained that Tara had really had to leave this time, but that she had made a call and someone else would be here soon, “I hope it’s some really randy bitch, cos I am the HORNIEST I have ever been right now” Sophie added. “All that slave stuff really got me going, never done it before, but seriously that was amazing, I just feel like I want to be fucked for hours in every hole”

“Well lay down” Malene said, “and let’s see what we can do!”

Sophie lay back on the lounger, as Malene knelt between her legs, slowly she peeled of Sophie’s g-string and grinned up at her, “I’ve just had a nice taste of him, now let’s follow that up with you Sophie” she said.

Sophie gripped the lounger above her head as Malene delved into her pussy, sucking hard on her clit Sophie squealed and shook almost instantly.  Her hips bucked as Malene worked her magic on Sophie’s clit and pussy lips, she shuddered up and down on the lounger

“FUCK! FUCK YES!!! OOOHHH FUCK YEASSSSSSS!!!” Sophie screamed as she came.

Sophie’s legs thrashed as she shook and writhed her body convulsing in pleasure.  “YES! YEASSSSS!!! YEASSSSS!!!!” She cried.

Her huge boobs were wobbling immensely in her top as she came, my cock was now rock hard, so I straddled her body and slapped it on her tits.

“Ohhh fuck my boobs honey, ram your hard dick in there.” Sophie gasped squirming below me.

“Dirty fucking bitch” Malene said, delving back down, ramming a couple of fingers up into Sophie as well.

“Ohhhh shit!” Sophie squealed as Malene rubbed her clit furiously.

I pushed my cock down between her amazing breasts, thrusting back and forth between them.  Sophie raised her head and started licking my ass as I fucked her tits, gripping my hips and delving her tongue deep.

“Oh you whore Sophie” Malene gasped, sucking hard on Sophie’s clit whilst she rammed her fingers in and out.

“Ohhhhhh FUUUUCKKKKK!” Sophie cried tossing her head back.

I was watching Malene as Sophie’s body shook, jets of girlcum started spraying from Sophie’s pussy. Malene eagerly snapped it up swallowing as much as she could, whilst still furiously rubbing Sophie’s clit making her squirt more and more.

“YEASSSS!!! FUCKKKEEERRR!!!!!! YEAAASSSSSS!!! Sophie howled, Malene guzzling down her juices.

I rutted down between Sophie’s juddering breasts as she calmed from her orgasm, Malene looking up at me as my cock exploded deep down in her cleavage.  Sophie drilled her tongue back up my ass, as hot jets of cum filled her corset.

“Suck that ass you dirty whore!” Malene gasped wiping her face clean of Sophie’s juices.

My cock stopped pumping and Sophie lay back gasping, as I eased from between her tits.  Stepping up off of her I watched Malene kiss her way up Sophie’s body.

    “Mmm, you taste so good Sophie, how horny are you squirting like that” Malene said, reaching up and unfastening her corset.

    She peeled the corset open to reveal Sophie’s mammoth breasts, covered in a thick layer of cum.  Large rivulets clang to her belly, and pooled between her breasts. Malene sucked on the strands hovering them up as she worked her way up Sophie’s body, Sophie watched her shivering in excitement as Malene reached her nipples

    “looks like I arrived just at the right moment” Said a voice from the doorway.

    We all looked over to see Lucy Pinder Standing there, Naked, glistening in oil, a huge 14 inch strap on fastened to her cock.

    “Oh fuck Lucy” Sophie squealed, as Malene grinned “Good choice as a replacement then?” she said to Sophie.

    “Fuck yes, you ready Pinder?” She asked.

    “Looks like I have some catching up to do” Lucy replied.

    Malene Sucked up the rest of my cum as Sophie watched Lucy move to sit on a nearby Lounger, “You better be ready to use that beast Lucy, I am sooooo horny now” Sophie gasped as Malene finished cleaning her body.

    “Well get over here and Ride this then” Lucy replied.

    Malene Looked up at Sophie, and grasped her hair, pulling her up, tugging her head back she spat a huge wad of spunk all over Sophie’s face.

    “Fuck you, you horny bitch!” Malene snarled letting go of Sophie who spluttered Spunk running down her face.

    “Malene, you are really nasty!” Lucy said Laying back on the lounger.

    “Ohh fuck Lucy that’s nothing, her and Tara used me as a slave for 2 hours, fuck I am buzzing, never been this horny, just turned me on soo much.” Sophie gasped, as she moved to straddle Lucy.

    “Fucking bitch loved it Lucy” Malene said walking over to watch as Sophie eased herself onto the end of Lucy’s strap on, her hungry pussy easting up the shaft until she sat on top of Lucy the whole length buried in her pussy.

    “They gave me a spit bukkake, Malene Puked on me, made me swallow it, she fisted my ass, and then double fucked it” Sophie said grinning.

    “You fucking want it then Sophie, do you?” Lucy asked as she held her hips and began to thrust up and down.

    “Everything you have got Lucy, I fucking want it soooo bad” Sophie replied.

“Ohhhh Fuck” Sophie gasped as Lucy gripped her hips and rutted hard up into her, stabbing furiously into Sophie’s pussy.

    Sophie’s big breasts juddered as Lucy fucked her hard, bouncing furiously up and down.  Malene, watched as Sophie shook in pleasure at Lucy’s rough fucking.

    “Hmm honey lets use my bad boys for a while” Malene said unfastening her bra, to reveal her huge tits.

    Malene lay back on the lounger, as I straddled her body, pushing my hard cock between her tits.  I watched her grin and then looked up to see Sophie shaking violently as she came, her hands on Lucy’s tits squeezing them tight.

    “YEAAASSS!!!! YEEEASSSS!!!! YEASSSSSS!!!” Sophie howled.

    “Cum you bitch” Lucy snapped driving her hips upwards faster.

    Sophie was Shuddering and shaking as her body spasmed, a hard orgasm hitting her, “FUUUUCKKKKK!!!! YEAASSSSS!!!! YEASSSSSS!!!” She howled.

    Malene was panting as my cock rutted between her tits, she squeezed the massive melons around my shaft and tweaked her nipples.

    “Cum for me baby” She panted, “Cover my tits in spunk”

    Sophie had her head tossed back, squealing as she thrashed her legs from side to side, her body shaking.

    “FUUUUUUUUCCCCKKKKKKK!!!!” she cried coming.

    My cock was near to exploding and Malene released her breasts, “Wank over them baby, cover them in cum” she gasped, Easing into a more upright position, propping herself up on her elbows, holding her breasts up.

    “Dirty girl Sophie, you’re a dirty, dirty girl” Lucy panted fucking her.

    Hot thick spunk spurted over Malene, white stringy jets clinging to her massive boobs.  Malene’s eyes sparkled as she watched my cumming, “Ohh yes babe, do it, cover my tits in cum” she said, encouraging me.

    Her boobs were getting plastered, as Sophie sat back riding Lucy as she calmed from her orgasm, “ohhh look at her getting a spunk bath” Lucy gasped.

    “Fuuuuuckk yeahhhhh” Sophie groaned in reply.

    I stepped away from Malene, cock spent, and she sat up.  Her boobs were layered in spunk, thick white trails clang to her body and dripped from her nipples down her belly.

    “Ohh get over here Malene, let me motorboat those tits” Sophie gasped.

    “You are really randy aren’t you Sophie” Malene said as she moved over to sit astride Lucy’s face.

    “Take off your knickers Malene, I wanna taste you” Lucy gasped.

    Malene took off her pants and straddled Lucy’s face, Lucy held her hips to steady her.  Sophie grinned as she leant forwards burying her face between Malene’s breasts.

    “ohh yeah Lucy” Malene gasped as she sucked on her pussy.

    Sophie was shaking her head from side to side vigorously, Malene’s big tits wobbling furiously. Cum splashed around, covering Sophie’s face, and clinging to her hair.

    “Dirty girl” Malene gasped as Lucy expertly sucked on her cunt.

    Sophie surfaced from maleness tits, cum splattered over her face, streaking down her cheeks, and clinging to her forehead.  She sucked softly on Malene’s nipples licking the spunk off.

    “OHHH FUCKKK LUCY!” Malene groaned, her body trembling, nipples quivering in Sophie’s mouth.

    I moved up behind Sophie, and slapped my hard cock onto her back, rubbing it slowly down until I nudged her asshole.

    “Put it in baby” she purred, turning her head to grin at me.

    “FUUUCKKKKKK!!!” Malene shrieked her hips bouncing on Lucy’s face as she came.

    I held Sophie’s hips as they rolled on top of Lucy, My hard cock pushed into her ass, making Sophie gasp as her sphincter stretched.  Malene eased up off of Lucy’s face, her legs still shaking a bit, bending down she softly kissed Lucy.

    “Thank you “ she said.

    “Fuck my ass, fuck my whore asshole hard” Sophie growled, as I started to slide back and forth.  Malene reached down and groped Sophie’s breasts, as Lucy and I fucked both her holes.
    “Ohhhhhhh fuccckkk yessssss” she growled as Malene kneaded her massive mammaries.

    Lucy was watching Sophie intently, concentrating on ramming her shaft hard into Sophie’s wet pussy, Malene pulled Sophie’s head back kissing her passionately, “Goood” she gasped.  Sophie grinned and nodded as I fucked her ass hard.

    I hooked Sophie’s arms behind her back and rutted ferociously into her, she snarled and gasped “More, harder baby” as I slammed into her.

    Malene knelt down above Lucy’s head and they both looked up watching Sophie’s mammoth breasts bouncing furiously as she was pounded. Lucy was breathing hard as her hips rose to meet me, sandwiching Sophie between us.

    “OHHH FUCKKKKKK YEASSSSSS!!!” Sophie wailed as her body tensed, her head thrown back.

    All the muscles in Sophie’s abdomen went taught as she came, but I kept pounding along with Lucy, Sophie screamed and screamed as she was stimulated relentlessly.

    “YES! YEASSSSS!! YEASSSS!!! YES!!! YEEEEEESSSSSS!!!!” she cried.

    “Look at her Lucy, she is loving it, both her holes getting rammed, the horny little bitch” Malene said watching Sophie shake and shudder.

    “Fucking cum in my ass” Sophie gasped as I buggered her, “Shoot your hot spunk up my ass”.

    Sophie bounced back against me, dropping down to meet Lucy’s upward thrusts.  She was loving her DP and ground herself down as I thrust into her.  Malene was loving every second of Sophie’s pounding, as she went and found another strap on from nearby and started to put it on.

    “Fucking get ready Malene, when my ass is full of cum, I want you and Lucy to double anal me” Sophie groaned as I continued to pound her.

    “Now that sounds like fun” Lucy gasped, her hips driving upward.

    I rutted harder and harder until finally I came, just as Sophie had another fierce orgasm.

    “YEASSS!!!! YEASSSSS!!! YEASSSSS!!!!” she screamed.

    I bent her back as far as I could whilst shooting hot jets of semen up her ass, she shook and trembled as she came.


    I released her arms and she fell forwards onto Lucy, groaning and kissing her as I finished filling her ass with spunk.

    “Ohh yeassssss” Sophie purred.

    “You ready Sophie” Malene asked, standing beside her smearing her shaft with lube.

    “Fucking need it!” Sophie gasped.

    Malene helped her up so she could turn around, before squatting down over Lucy.  Lucy held her hips and guided her asshole to the tip of her cock, then steadied her as she sat down on it.

    “FUCK YEAH! OHHHHH FUUUCKK YEAH!” Sophie squealed as her ass ate up the whole shaft.  She sat embedded up to the hilt, Lucy helping her lay back so Malene could get in as well.

    “Ready then Sophie?” Malene teased, as she pushed her head next to Lucy’s shaft.

    “Ram it up my ass Malene, I neeeed it sooo bad” Sophie whined.

    Malene pushed her big fake cock into Sophie’s ass, gripping her hips and driving it home, Sophie shuddered and screamed, fists clenched as her ass was stretched.


    Lucy wrapped her arms around Sophie’s belly, holding her down, as Malene held her ankles and kicking legs.  She started thrusting in and out of Sophie, as she cried and screamed coming hard.

    “YEAHHHHH!!! YESSSSSS!!! YEEEEEAAAASSSSS!!!!” she screamed.

    “you horny bitch” Lucy gasped rutting up and matching Malene’s strokes, 2 huge cocks driving in and out of Sophie.

    My cock was rock hard watching Sophie buck and scream while her ass was destroyed, so I decided to join in.  Walking over to them I straddled Sophie’s body, drumming my cock on her tits.

    “Oh fuck my tits baby, while my ass is pounded” Sophie gasped.

    Lucy Squeezed Sophie’s big tits together locking her fingers over the top, as I eased between the soft sweaty orbs, Sophie was biting her lip watching intently as my cock pooped from the top of her cleavage with every thrust.

    “Do it baby, she wants it, she wants it sooo bad” Lucy gasped.

    “Oh God it feels good” Sophie gasped, “Soooo GOOOODDD!!”

    Her nostrils were flaring as she snorted for air, Malene rutting behind me, making her big boobs jiggle around my hard cock.

    “FUCK! FUCK YEASSSSS!!!” Sophie cried her body shaking below me, her massive boobs shuddering over my shaft.

    “OH FUCKKK OHHH FUCKKK YEASSSSS!!! YEASSSSSS!” Sophie wailed, as I continued to fuck her breasts.

    “Do it baby, cum for her” Lucy urged as I reached my climax, Sophie grinning watching as hot jets of spunk blasted from my cock.

    Sophie opened her mouth as I came hard, my cock shooting its thick white seed up over her face and into her mouth, streams of spunk splattered her forehead and roped her eyes, a large pool filling her open mouth.

    “Take it Sophie, take it you whore” Malene growled continuing to rut into Sophie’s quivering asshole.

    Lucy let go of Sophie’s breast and I eased my cock out, sitting admiring my handiwork.  Sophie’s face was a mask of white streaks as she blinked her eyelashes open, thick globs of spunk clinging to them.

    “Ohhhh thank you baby” Sophie purred as Lucy and Malene slammed her ass harder.

I reached back and held Sophie’s legs wide, as Malene reached around my chest kissing my neck taking a well earned breather.   

Sophie was stroking my limp cock as Lucy played with her hard sperm covered nipples. “Ohh baby, please put it in as well!” Sophie gasped, as my cock hardened in her grasp.

“triple fucking anal, you filth bag!” Lucy gasped.

“Ram it in and make her pay for asking” Malene said.

Malene and I manoeuvred ourselves so I could push my cock next to Lucy and Malene’s shafts.

“Uh Hu, Uh Hu,” was all Sophie could gasp, as Lucy squeezed her breasts tight and I held her hips.

Sophies whole body shuddered and she squealed loudly as I tried to push my cock in, Her ass was so tight I struggled to do it.  “Ram it in!” Malene cried as finally my head burst through.

“NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!” Sophie screamed, as my cock forced its way up her ass.

“Fucking YES!” Lucy snarled rutting into Sophie, Malene starting to thrust as well.

Sophie was shaking and screaming as her ass was torn up, Lucy clinging to her huge breasts, as she rammed up with Malene, while I drilled deep.  Her shaking body arched taught, as she quivered screaming.


Malene had her hands on Sophie’s pussy, rubbing her swollen clit furiously as she drilled 3 fingers up her pussy.

“YES! YES! YEASSSS!!! YEASSSSSSSSSS!!” Sophie screamed.

I was fucking her ass hard, alongside Lucy and Malene, as Sophie shook and struggled her body tight with pleasure.


Malene had 3 fingers in Sophie’s pussy, and was stroking her clit furiously, as we all buggered her stretched ass.  Sophie was crying and wailing her body shuddering constantly, one long never ending orgasm pulsating through her.

“keep going” Lucy panted “She is gonna never forget this!”

Malene was revelling in watching Sophie cum, grinning as she kept stimulating her pussy whilst all 3 of us fucked her up the ass. Sophie was still in an almost trance like state, groaning and shaking violently.


Lucy had Sophie’s breasts clasped tightly by the nipples, holding them up stretching them.  Her huge boobs shook and wobbled as we all drove into backside.  I could feel Malene’s massive tits crushed against my back, the hard nipples digging in.

“Fucking dirty bitch” Malene hissed in my ear, her hips driving hard into Sophie.

“YEASSSSSSS!!!!!!!” Sophie howled, “YEASSSSS!!!!!!!!”

Her massive breasts slapped together as and she shook and bucked, her legs were flying in all directions, uncontrolled thrashing and screaming.


Her shaking seemed to ease and her body relaxed, as her orgasm finally subsided.  Malene eased from her ass, moving around to stand beside Sophie, bending down she kissed her passionately.

“Ohh Sophie that was incredible” Malene said.

“Finish it off, pleaseee!” Sophie gasped.

“How about we have a little skullfucking while Lucy and I keep pounding that asshole!” Malene replied grinning.

I pulled out from her ass, and moved around to Sophie’s head, Malene stepped back behind Sophie spreading her legs again. She pushed the tip of her shaft next to Lucy’s and thrust it in.

“Ohhh FUCKKKKKK” she cried, her legs shaking violently again.

Lucy restrained Sophie’s arms, as I gripped her hair pulling her head backwards over Lucy’s shoulder and the lounger top. Slapping my cock on her forehead I held her in position as I pushed my dick into her mouth.

“Ohh yeah babe,“ Lucy panted “ Fuck her up”

Sophie was moaning and crying as my cock pushed into her tight throat, Malene and Lucy fucking her ass, while she almost constantly orgasmed.

I could see her abdomen clenching and shaking as wave after wave of pleasure pulsed through her body.  Her throat was wet, spit running down her face as she coughed and choked on my cock.

“Fucking never seen anyone this horny” Malene gasped as she bent forwards to suck on Sophie’s swollen breasts.

“Ohhh this is absolute filth!” Lucy gasped holding a struggling Sophie on top of her.

Spit was spraying from her mouth as my balls bashed into her nose, I could hear and feel her screaming in pleasure on my cock as I rutted her throat.  Malene suckled on Sophie’s nipples and jammed her hips forwards thrusting into Sophie’s ass.

“Do it babe, do it!” Lucy urged watching me about to cum.

My balls erupted hot think spunk flooding Sophie’s gullet, my balls were stuffed against her nostrils, hot air blasting them as I came.

Malene was chewing on Sophie’s nipple as I pumped my seed deep down her throat, Sophie was still shaking and squirming as she came hard.

“OH FUCK!” Sophie gasped as I slid my soft cock from her mouth. “FUUUUUCKKKKKKKK!!!” she croaked.

Lifting her head looking up she growled clenching her teeth her body shaking and shuddering, “YEAAAASSSSSSSSS!!! YEASSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!” she howled.

Sophie’s hair was caked in spit, thick globs ran down her face as she screamed and screamed.  Lucy released her arms and she grabbed her breasts mauling them fiercely.


Malene stood up, holding Sophie’s thighs she rutted hard, her big breasts bouncing with very stroke.  Lucy rutted ferociously up into Sophie at the same time, the 2 huge shafts pounding Sophie’s ass.

“Pleeasse Malene, make it stop” Sophie begged “Tooo much, it’s too much” she cried.

“You can never be too horny Soph!” Malene replied grinning.

“Take it Sophie, enjoy every moment” Lucy said kissing her neck.

“Pass me those” Malene said to me gesturing to 2 vibrators on the floor nearby.

There was a 14 inch normal type vibrator and a big wand one, Malene took them from me, setting the wand down and switching on the normal one.  She held the buzzing tip to Sophie’s throbbing clit causing her to squirm and shake even more.


“Let’s really penetrate you” Malene said, easing the huge vibrator into Sophie’s pussy.

Her mouth was open as she panted and gasped her eyes rolling back in her head her pussy stretched by the entire 14 inches, buzzing away inside her.

“MOTHERFUUUCKKKEEERRR!!!!” Sophie howled sitting up a bit her hands clenching her tits tight.

Lucy had hold of Sophie’s hips now, fucking her asshole hard, Malene spread her legs wide holding her ankles grinning watching Sophie’s plight.

“OH FUCK! OH FUCK! FUCK!!! FUCKKKK!!” Sophie cried.

My cock was rock hard again, and Malene beckoned me over, “let’s get 3 in her ass again” she said smiling.

“YEASSSSSSSSS!! YEAAAAASSSSSSS!” Sophie roared at the suggestion her face snarling and spitting as she still kept cumming.

Malene released Sophie’s ankles so I could straddle Sophie in front of her, pressing my head to her ass again Sophie resisted me.

“FUCKING DO IT!” she screamed at me “FUCKING PUT IT IN MY ASSS!!”

Her sphincter gave against the pressure and I pushed all the way to the hilt up her butt.  Sophie let out a primal scream, her body shaking vigorously.  Her face was contorted as she howled and shook, one hand strumming her clit, the other squeezing her massive tits.


Malene reached down to pick up the wand, and reached around in front of me, “Hold her down Lucy” she said.

Lucy hooked Sophie’s arms again, and struggled to hold her twitching, shaking body down.  I held her legs wide, as Malene held the buzzing toy to Sophie’s engorged clit.

Sophie’s eyes were wide, her mouth open, a high pitched whine coming out, her body shuddered, every inch trembling, her legs fighting against my grip.  She couldn’t speak as all 3 of us assaulted her ass, while Malene held the buzzing wand on her clit, a 14 inch vibrator purring in her pussy.

“Holy fuck Malene!” Lucy cried, as she rutted into Sophie’s ass beside us.

Malene was watching Sophie’s face as she gasped for air, barely able to breath as her body reacted to the stimulation, “Ohh you filthy, slutty whore” she said to Sophie.

“Ohhhh Nooooo, nooooo” Sophie sobbed finally able to draw breath, her whole body stick taught and alive in orgasm.

Sophie was blubbering, sobbing as her body uncontrollably chook, her pleasure senses overloaded, “Ohhh ooooh God, oh God” she sobbed.

“lets give her something to cry about then” Malene said, increasing her pace, ramming hard up Sophie’s ass.

I could feel Malene’s hard nipples pressing into my back as she reached around to hold the wand tight to Sophie’s wet pussy, Lucy had Sophie’s arms hooked tight, and was working up a sweat rutting vigorously into Sophie’s back passage.

Sophies crying turned into a growl, and she snarled and grunted, accepting her torment and starting to revel in it.  I had hold of her massive tits now, and was pinching her nipples hard, lifting them up and slapping them together.

“Yeah” Sophie snarled “Fucking slap my tits together, pinch those nipple baby” she snapped as I swang her huge chebs around by the teats.

“Let me go Lucy pleaaaaase” Sophie begged, “Let me goooooo”

Lucy released Sophie’s arms, and she immediately moved them to her pussy, gripping Malene’s wrist and holding the wand in place with one hand.

“Soooo much, fucking sooooo much” Sophie whined, her other hand strumming her pussy with the wand.

We were all fucking Sophie’s ass as her pussy melted under the stimulation of the dildo and the wand.  Sophie was clenched tight her teeth gritted, snarling as she came intensely.

“FUCK! FUCK! FUCKKKKKK!” Sophie screamed.

Sophie’s whole body was literally one tight spasm, as she screamed and screamed in ecstasy. Her face was contorted as she looked up at Malene and me, literally sobbing in pleasure.  Her body jerked spasmodically I saw her eyes rolling up in her head, and with one final scream Sophie passed out.

“FUCK Malene!” Lucy said gasping “We buggered her unconscious”

Malene eased out and moved to check on Sophie, as I stood back as well. Malene bent down, “She’s fine, give her a chance and she’ll come around” Malene said.
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Re: Four way fun (Malene Espensen, Sophie Howard, Tara o'connor, Lucy Pinder)
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Chapter 5

Starring: Malene Espensen, Sophie Howard, Lucy Pinder

Codes: MFF, Tittyfuck, Anal, Facial, DP, DAP, Throatfuck, Spit, Lesbian, Strapon

Disclaimer:  This story is purely fiction, it has never happened.  Please keep this story to this site only, if you want to share elsewhere DM me and ask for permission.

Malene eased out and moved to check on Sophie, as I stood back as well. Malene bent down, “She’s fine, give her a chance and she’ll come around” Malene said.

Malene and I eased Sophie up from Lucy, and laid her down on a nearby lounger.  Malene kissed her softly “Well done whore” she said.

Turning both Lucy and Malene looked at my throbbing hard on, “Think we need to do something about that eh Lucy?” Malene said.

Malene unstrapped her shaft and bent over onto the lounger, “Spit roast me please” she said,

“Ass or throat?” Lucy asked, I moved around to Malene’s ass, after being so close with Sophie I wanted to empty my balls.

“open wide” Lucy said grinning as she slapped Malene’s face with the shaft.

I pressed my cock into Malenes ass, gripping her hips and driving in hard, “fuuuuuckkkkk” she gasped, before Lucy drove her shaft in as well.

I held Malene’s hips and rammed hard up her ass, she bounced back against my crotch, loving it.  Lucy held her hair, rutting into her gullet, spit dripping from Malene’s mouth onto the tiles.

“YEASSSS!!! YEAAAAASSS YEAAASSSSS!” Malene howled onto the shaft as it drove into her neck.

Clawing at her asscheeks I slammed hard into Malene, my balls bursting and boiling, I rammed ferociously inside, hot torrents of spunk flooding into Malene’s asshole, holding her hips grinding closer and closer.

“ohh yeah shoot it up her ass baby” Lucy gasped.

Malene was cumming as I filled her butt with spunk, spit spraying around the shaft of Lucy’s strap on, thick lumps splattering on the floor. My cock shot its final bolt into Malene, and I collapsed onto her, reaching around groping her breasts.

“All spent hun,” Lucy said, “Let me take over”.

She eased from Malene’s mouth, who gasped for air, and moved to where I was now.  She rammed her shaft hard up inside Malene, her cum filled ass easily accepting the girth.

“Fuck Lucy you know me too well” Malene croaked, “Fucking pummel my asshole”

Lucy held Malene’s hips whilst rutting hard into her, crotch slapping on her ass cheeks with every thrust.  Malene was tossing her hair, relishing Lucy’s work, her huge breasts swaying below her body.


“Cum for me, cum for me you dirty Danish whore!” Lucy panted as Malene shook.

“YEASSSSSSS!!!!!! YEASSSSSSS!!!! YEAAASSSSS!!!!!!” she cried.

“MORE! MORE! MORE!” Malene howled as Lucy pounded her asshole, the blonde was looking back over her shoulder grinning at her.

Lucy took hold of Malene’s hair with one hand, gathering it up into a pigtail, and tugged her head back. Malene squealed as her hair was pulled, but she was grinning as well clearly enjoying the pain.

“Fucking take it bitch” Lucy gasped as she slammed her crotch hard against Malene’s ass, rutting deeply into her bowels.

“YES! YES! YES!” Malene snarled, as Lucy slapped her ass hard every time she thrust into Malene.

I moved around in front of her, my cock now hard, Malene was revelling in her spanking as her backside was pounded hard.  “Wank for me!” she cried, “I want it all over my face”

Lucy gripped her hair with both hands and bent her head further up, as I straddled the lounger, stroking my cock in front of Malene’s face.  She gripped either side of the lounger and stared up at me eyes begging me to cum.

“FUCK! FUCK! FUUUUCKKK!!!!!” Malene screamed her body shaking as she came, her eyes never left me though watching my cock intently.

“Fucking cover the whore” Lucy gasped ramming her hips harder and harder.

Malene opened her mouth wiggling her tongue, “Feed me your spunk baby” she gasped.

I looked down and spat into her open mouth “Ohhh nasty” she gasped grinning.

Again I spat on her face, this time over her forehead, “Ohh baby thats soo nasty” Malene gasped.

Lucy tugged her hair again, and she cried out, “FUCK!” just as my cock erupted.

Thick white spunk splattered over her nose and into her right eye, Malene never flinched as the hot cum roped her face.  My white jizz coated her face as she was buggered by Lucy, jerking forwards to accept each hot fountain.

“Ohhh yess baby thank you” She gasped, her eyes still open thick pools of semen swimming in spunk.

My cock finally finished, and I flicked the last few drops from the tip over Malene.  She was plastered, her face awash with cum, Lucy let go of her hair, slapping her ass hard.

“turn around whore, let me see you” Lucy said.

Malene looked back over her shoulder, Lucy smiled as she saw what a mess Malene was in. “Ohh look at you” she said.

Lucy eased the shaft from Malene’s ass, “Oh” she sighed disappointed.

“Oh don;t worry” Lucy said, “I just want to see your spunk drenched face while I pound your ass some more.  Turnover and lay down”

Malene lay back on the lounger, as Lucy approached her, spreading her legs.  Without warning Lucy thrust her huge shaft back into Malene’s asshole, she gasped as her sphincter was burst open.

“OHHHHH FUCKKK!!” she cried, as Lucy held her legs apart and started to fuck her butt.

“FUCK ME! FUCK ME! FUCK MY WHORE ASSS!!!!” Malene shrieked.

Lucy was thrusting vigorously into Malene, her own huge boobs bouncing as she got a good rhythm going.  I could see Malene’s stomach twitching as a powerful orgasm pulsed through her.


Malene had her arms up above her head clutching the top of the lounger, as Lucy fucked her ass.  She was screaming and crying as she came hard.

“FUCK! FUCK! FUCKKKKKKKK!!” she cried, her big titties jiggling up and down.

Lucy bent over until she was above Malene’s face, her hips hammering home as Malene shuddered and bucked orgasming hard.

“Fucking dirty whore, you spat all over Sophie, how do you fucking like it!” Lucy gasped, spitting a large gob of thick white spit onto Malene’s face.

Malene snarled as she came, Lucy spitting a second and third wad onto her face. “FUUUCKKKKKKKKKK!!!! YEASSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!” Malene cried.

“Fucking more, spit on me, in my mouth!” Malene snarled opening her mouth wide and waggling her tongue at Lucy.

Lucy coughed up another dose and spat it over Malene’s face, she was sneering and looking up at Lucy with fire in her eyes.  My cock was rock hard again, and Malene had spotted it, “Wank off all over Sophie’s face” she gasped, as Lucy eased up and stood, Malene wrapping her legs around Lucy’s waist.

“Oh yeah, when the slut wakes up she should be plastered in it” Lucy added.

I stood above Sophie wanking my cock, watching Lucy and Malene.  Lucy had hold of Malene’s nipples pinching each nipple and lifting her big juicy breasts up.  Malene gasped as Lucy bounced them furiously together, watching Malene as she cried in pleasure and pain.

“You fucking love it Malene, you love it hard and rough don’t you?” Lucy teased, letting go of Malene’s nipples and spanking her right boob hard.

“FUCK! YES!” Malene cried as Lucy spanked her breasts hard, loud thwacks as she whacked each one.

My cock exploded over Sophie’s face, thick spunk splattering her, coating her eyes, and clinging to her hair.  Lucy was once again swinging Malene’s tits around by the nipples she screwed up her face squealing and snorting.

“Fucking do it honey, cover her!” Lucy said as I spunked all over Sophie.  Malene was gasping as Lucy bounced her balloon tits together, whilst spitting on them.

I left Sophie on the lounger walking over to Lucy and Malene, eager to join them.  Lucy let go of Malene’s tits and stood up, “look at the filthy whore, laying here a huge fake cock in her ass” she said prodding her crotch against Malene.

“Fuck yeah Lucy, I love it!” Malene said grinning.

“I think you should shut the fuck up and lick his asshole while I suck him off” Lucy snapped.

I straddled the lounger, Malene lifting her head up driving her tongue up into my ass, Lucy bent down and hovered my limp shaft between her lips.   I was almost instantly hard, Lucy gagging on my cock as it expanded into her throat.

Malene was avidly licking my asshole as Lucy gagged on my shaft, spit was running over my balls dripping onto Malene’s tits.  Lifting her head Lucy croaked, “enough” before pulling me to one side.

She gripped Malene’s thighs again, and started fucking her ass hard, leaning she coughed up a huge spitwad, which she spat hard over Malene’s face.  The thick glob splattered on her forehead, and clang to her hair, wide eyed, slightly shocked she grinned as it dripped down her face.

“Fucking ream my asshole Lucy, treat me like the filthy bitch you know I am” she said.

“Spit on her as well babe” Lucy said to me.

I spat down a large wad all over her smiling face, she spluttered and gasped as Lucy rutted into her ass.  She held Malene’s thighs and pounded her hard, i spat on her face again, “Oh fuck you dirty bastard” Malene gasped looking up, my fresh spit ball gluing her left eye shut.

“FUCK!” Malene cried, her body starting to twitch as she came again.

 “Go on you filthbag, cum for me!” Lucy gasped.

Malene held her own thighs as well, fingers clenched as she shook, a ferocious orgasm hitting her.  “YEASSSSSS!!!!! YEASSSSSSS!!!! YEAAAAAASSS!!!!” she screamed.

I spat on her face as she screwed it up in ecstasy, before slapping my hard cock on her juddering tits. Lucy spat on her again, as she kept pumping away into Malene’s asshole.


Lucy straightened up and kept thrusting, but slowly and steadily into Malene, who collapsed back onto the lounger panting hard.  Reaching up she stroked my hard cock, “need some help baby” she gasped.

“Fucking noisy bitch” Sophie said, we turned to see her sitting on the lounger, trying to blink her cum drenched eyes open. “Shit you came on my face while I was out!” she snapped.

“My idea” Malene replied laughing.

“You will pay Malene, you will pay” Sophie replied.

“you back in the game Soph?” Lucy asked jabbing her crotch against Malene’s ass.

“Hell yeah” Sophie replied, getting up and fastening a nearby strap on to her crotch.  Sitting back down she beckoned Malene, “Come and sit here bitch,” she said stroking her 14 inch shaft “

Lucy eased out from Malene, and helped her up, she walked over to Sophie and turned around.  Sophie guided her hips as until her asshole pressed onto the shaft, sitting down she gasped as the whole length eased into her back passage.

“Oh fuck its big” Malene panted as she finally sat on Sophie’s lap.

I walked over and presented my throbbing cock to Malene, who reached up slowly stroking it, before pulling it to her lips.  She sucked avidly on my cock as Sophie reached around to play with her big boobs.

“Ohh suck him off Malene, gobble his spunk” Lucy teased sitting next to Sophie.

Lucy leant over and kissed Sophie, softly licking my spunk from her face, Sophie returned the kiss and let Lucy clean her up.

Malene had my whole shaft in her throat now, nose pressed to my stomach, she gagged and gagged, her throat swallowing over and over.  Sophie was pinching her nipples ferociously as Lucy and her kissed.

My balls were bursting, and I gripped Malene’s hair roughly, pulling her head down, thrusting hard into her throat, I fucked her face viciously, as she flailed her arms, clutching at my abdomen and hips.  Fighting her off I drove harder and harder down her throat, until I exploded.

“Fucking do it” Sophie urged.

I held her hair tight and pulled her face to my crotch, hot spurt of semen flooding down her throat into her belly.  Her fists bashed on my hips as she struggled to take the hot thick spunk.

Hot breath blasted my belly as finally I emptied my balls into her gullet, Sophie and Lucy looking on.

“Ohh yeah that was nasty” Sophie said grinning.

I held her head to my cock after I had finished, not letting her go, Malene tried to pull away, snorting and gasping as I gagged her some more.

“ohh nice, make the whore struggle” Lucy said.

I made Malene fight and struggle on my cock for a couple of minutes before releasing her, she gasped and choked for breath. All the time Sophie was banging her hard up the ass, Lucy pinching her nipples, shaking her tits vigorously.

“FUCK!” she screamed as she got her breath back, “FUUUUUCKKKK!!”

Her body was shaking as she came, I could see a look of anger and lust in her eyes. “YEASSSSSSSS!!!!! YEASSSSSSS YEAAAAASSSS!!!” Malene screamed.

“Cum the you slut” Lucy purred swinging Malene’s massive tits around by the nipples, slapping them together hard.

“FUUUUUUCCCCCKKKKKKKKK!!!!” Malene cried, her body taught and quivering.

Lucy leant down and gently sucked Malene’s nipples, kissing and sucking on them, Malene sat on Sophie’s shaft, panting and gasping as she calmed from her orgasm.

“Ohh yeah, ohh sooo good, I wanna be nasty now, really nasty” Malene panted, easing up off the shaft.

She tossed a cushion from the lounger down onto the tiles and knelt down onto it, looking up at us she said “ I want a spit bukkake” grinning she continued, “As much spit, and maybe spunk, as you can in the next 15 minutes”

“Ohh you filth bag” Sophie said standing up and walking over to her, “you are gonna enjoy this as well!”

Lucy gripped Malene’s hair tugging her head back roughly, she spat in her face “Oh you fucking want it whore!” she snarled.

 Sophie Dribbled a thick spit wad down onto Malene’s forehead, she stared up at it as it slowly dripped down.  Lucy fastened another strapon to her crotch, and Sophie bent over to suck on it.

“yeah Sophie suck it deep get a nice mouthful of spit for Malene” Lucy gasped, spitting on Malene at the same time.

I stroked my cock, bending down and adding another thick wad of spit to Malene’s face, she opened her mouth waggling her tongue, “in my mouth baby, let me taste your nasty spit” she gasped.

Obliging her I dribbled another wad down between her eager lips.

Sophie moved from Lucy’s crotch to Malene, a huge spitball splattering her face, clinging to her nose, and right eye. Malene blinked her eye open the strand stretched across her eyelash, looking up at a grinning Sophie.

“ohhh nasty” Lucy said, squatting in front of me.

Sophie had 2 fingers in her throat, dribbling down over Malene’s face, as she bent backwards revelling in the deluge.  Lucy was deep throating my cock, grinding her neck onto my shaft, as she tried to generate as much spit as she could.

“Oh drown me girls, drown me in your spit” Malene spluttered, as Lucy lifted her head from my shaft and spat a thick glob up over Malene’s face and tits.

Lucy stroked my throbbing shaft hard, “you ready to cum honey?” She asked.

I nodded, and she led me by my cock around to behind Malene.  Lucy gripped my shaft and rubbed the tip on Malene’s forehead, as she bent backwards to look up at me.

“Like that” Lucy said softly, as she and Sophie stood facing me.

They bent down and took turns gobbing thick spitballs onto Malene’s face, I stroked my cock until hot cum blasted out, streaking down over Malene’s forehead, and eyes.

Malene somehow kept her eyes wide open staring up at me as her sockets were flooded with spunk, “Fucking drown me” she gasped, as Lucy and Sophie kept spitting over her face and tits.

“Nasty Whore!” Sophie snapped gobbing over her tits, “Nasty, Nasty WHORE!”

Lucy coughed up a large flemmy wad and spat it over Malene’s face, clinging to her semen coated forehead and cheek.

My cock stopped its eruptions and I bent over spitting on her face like Lucy and Sophie were, “Ohh fuck yeah” Malene growled, revelling in her deluge.

“Fucking do it Sophie, DO IT!” she snarled as Sophie coughed up another wad.

Lucy had a huge dildo and was ramming it down her throat, bringing up floods of sticky mucus and spitting them onto Malene, who knelt there, fingers rubbing her pussy.

“Fucking enjoying it Soph?” She gasped, spluttering, “Getting your revenge”

“What fucking revenge, you love it you warped bitch” Sophie replied spitting in her hair.

“FUCK YESSSSSS!” Malene squealed, shuddering.  Her fingers were drilling into her cunt, thumb working her clit.

Her eyes rolled back into their sockets, through the pools of spit and spunk that filled them.  Lucy stood above her dribbling thick strands all over her face, as she screamed coming hard.


She coughed and choked as some of Lucy’s spit fell into her open mouth, catching her throat.

“Ohh yeah choke on it bitch” Sophie gasped.

My cock was throbbing hard again, Sophie spotted it, “look Lucy something to suck on” she said.

I stood above Malene for a second time, Sophie leant over and started to suck my cock, trusting it rapidly down her throat.  Quickly spit started to dribble down over Malene, getting faster and faster.

Lucy was spitting between my legs coating Malene’s back, making her long blonde hair cling to her back.

“yes, yes baby fuck her throat” Malene gasped, watching me ram my cock in and out through her bleary eyes.

I held Sophie’s hair and rutted fiercely into her, spit was drooling down over Malene like a river, as Sophie urged and croaked on my shaft.  Brutally I fucked Sophie’s throat, balls banging against her chin on every thrust.

“hold still babe” Lucy gasped, spreading my ass cheeks, licking my ass.

Sophie continued to deep throat herself, while I stood there, Lucy sucking on my ass, dribbling onto Malene.

“Fucking cum again baby” Malene begged “Cover me in more spunk!”

Lucy spat on her forehead again, while Sophie’s thick mucus splattered over her face and chin.  Sophie was grinding her throat onto my shaft, nose pressed tight to my belly, hot breath blasting from her nostrils.

“Pleeeeaaaaaasssse” Malene begged.

My hands gripped Sophie’s hair, and I slammed ferociously deep down her throat, Lucy sat behind us, spitting down Malene’s face, as I throat fucked Sophie.  My balls bashed her chin, as my head rutted over and over down her neck, long string spit strands oozing over Malene.

“Spunk for me baby, blow all that lovely spunk over me” Malene spluttered.

My balls were churning as I let go of Sophie, and pulled my cock from her throat, wanking my slick shaft, thick pulse of semen erupted, splattering down Malene’s face.  Clinging to her spit covered forehead, and nose, pooling in her already full eye sockets.

“YES, YES BABY YEASSSS!!” Malene cried, her body shaking coming hard.

Her eyes were wide open in the deep pools of spit and cum, I doubted she could actually see much, but the fact she could keep them open was impressive.

“FUCK!! FUCK!!! FUCKKKK!!!” she screamed, as the last few drops of semen, splattered on her face.

“You are filth” Sophie gasped spitting down her tits, “utter filth”

Lucy and Sophie sat on the lounger, spitting over Malene, who knelt panting as gasping, her face, tits, hair were all caked in a thick layer of spit/cum, glistening all over.

“Oh fuck brilliant girls, Sophie can you get the camera please, I want a record of how I looked.”

Sophie quickly went and got the camera returning and snapping off several shots.

“You really are filth Malene, how the fuck can you keep your eyes open, they must sting like fuck” Lucy said.

“Fucking love it!” she snarled back, “makes me feel so dirty, and horny”

“Now girls, please clean me up and spit it all into some glasses, I am gonna drink the lot down in a bit” Malene said.

“True Slut” Sophie said in awe.

Lucy and Sophie set about sucking every drop of spit and spunk from Malene’s body, spitting it into several pint glasses they had gathered.   Malene trembled, her fingers still working her clit, obviously highly aroused by this.

“Every drop pleaasseeee” she whined, “I want you to get every single drop”

Her nipples were rock hard, as Lucy sucked on them, before biting one, causing Malene to squeal.

“FUUUUCKKKK!!” she yelped, the pain setting off another orgasm.

Her belly trembled and then she shook, spasming under the force of her orgasm.


Lucy and Sophie did an amazing job of sucking Malene clean, they filled 4 pint glasses with the tick concoction of spit an spunk, setting them down nearby.

“ohh thank you so much girls, you deserve a reward.

Malene set 2 pint glasses down on the floor, standing up over them she bent down and rested on the lounger with her hands, “Ohhhh stick that cock up my ass baby, bugger me hard” she purred.

“fill my ass with spunk, then you take over Lucy” she said, “Keep on banging my shitter whilst I squirt, I am gonna give you 2 pints of my girlcum to drink!

“You are a sick woman Malene!” Lucy replied.

“Warped, fucking warped” Sophie added.

I moved behind Malene, gripping her hips positioning my cock at her asshole. Holding her ass with one hand I stroked my cock with the other, guiding it to her starfish.  She gasped as I thrust into her ass, my crotch grinding on her buttocks when I was balls deep.

“Ohhhh fuckkkkk! She groaned, as I started pumping.

Lucy and Sophie moved to either side of Malene, couching down they sucked on her tits.  Malene moved one hand to her pussy and strummed her clit, gasping and groaning.

“Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me” she gasped, her legs starting to quiver.

    I rutted ferociously into her ass as it spasmed and shook, and as she came a huge jet of girlcum sprayed down into the glasses.  Sophie and Lucy had a teat each in their mouths, as Malene squirted hard.

    YEASSSS!!! YEAAAAASSS!!! YEAAAAAAASSSS!!!” she screamed.

She shook and trembled as she came, her aim was remarkably good, and each glass was filled to about a third.

    “FUCK! FUCK FUUUUUCKKKKKK!” Malene cried.

    I kept pumping her ass, as she eased down from her climax, Lucy and Sophie suckling on her plump breasts as they swang from her body.  Malene was gasping and panting as her orgasm subsided, “Ohh fuck baby, spunk up my ass” she groaned.

    Sophie stopped suckling maleness nipple, and stood up, “Want some spunk up your ass do you” she said, “Well then Lucy let’s make sure she earns it”.

    “Oh fuck, yes, yes, yes” Malene gasped.

    Lucy and Sophie stood each side of Malene, tweaking her nipples, as she rocked backwards against my thrusts.  Her fingers worked her clit, as I drove up her ass.

    “Dirty fucking BITCH!” Sophie cried, slapping the side of maleness breast hard, Lucy slapped the other breast at exactly the same moment, causing them to bash together and then bounce back.

    Malene screamed, “FUCK!” and then screamed again as Sophie and Lucy slapped her tits, even harder this time.

    “Fucking take it slut, we’re gonna slap your tits red until he shoots up your dirty asshole” Sophie said grinning.

    I kept rutting hard, Lucy and Sophie wailing away on maleness tits, she screamed and shrieked as they slapped them ferociously.  She twitched and her asshole clenched with every slap, which set me off in no time.

    “YEASSSSSSSS!!!!!” Malene screamed, another gush of juice shooting from her pussy, just as I exploded up her ass.

    Her body shook, as I filled her ass with my hot spunk, Lucy and Sophie grinning at each other slapping Malene’s tits furiously over and over as she screamed.

    “FUCK! FUUUUCKKKK!!! FUUUUCKKK YESSSSSSS!!!” Malene howled, as I filled her asshole with semen.

    “Ohh yeah, you slut” Sophie said, stoking Malene’s back as she eased form her second orgasm.

    “FUCKING BITCH!” Malene snapped back as Lucy and her finished their destruction of her tits.

    The 2 glasses were about 2/3 full as I eased from Malene’s ass, Lucy moving quickly to take my place.

    “OHHHHHH FUCKKKKK!!!” Malene gasped as the huge shaft was unceremoniously rammed up her ass by Lucy.

    “ohh yeah whore, take it like a tramp” Lucy teased, spanking Malene’s ass.

Sophie and I sat in front of Malene, watching as Lucy pounded her ass, my cock was throbbing hard again after only a minute or so.

“Yesss, ohhh fuck Lucy, fuck me, fuck my ASSS!!” Malene cried.

“Stand up babe” Sophie saisaid, and I stood up my hard cock bouncing in front of her face.

“Pull the bitches hair Lucy, make her watch” Sophie said to Lucy.

Lucy gripped Malene’s long blonde hair and wrenched back her head, Malene was gasping and groaning as Lucy rutted her asshole.  Sophie grinned grasping my cock and slowly, deliberately wanking it.

“ohh you dirty whore, I bet you wish you were here, in front of his cock, waiting for all that thick white spunk to splatter your face.” Sophie teased.

“FUCK!” Malene screamed, as Lucy slammed particularly hard up her shitter.

Sophie teased the end of my hard cock with her tongue, before stroking me back and forth again.  Malene was shuddering summing hard for a third time, spraying her pussy juice down into the glasses.

“YES!! YEAAAAAASSSSS!!!! YEAAAAAAASSS!!!” Malene howled, as Lucy pulled her hair hard, ramming her crotch against her buttocks.

“Look at her baby, look at the slut getting fucked and squirting” Sophie panted at me, as she started to suck my balls whilst wanking my shaft.  First one, then the other into her mouth as her hand swirled my spit slick head,

“FUUUCCCKKK!!! FUUUUCKKKK!!! FUUUUCCCKKKKK!!!” Malene screamed, her squirts filling the glasses to overflowing.

“Look at me bitch, don’t take your slut eyes off of me” Sophie snapped at her, holding my cock in one hand, an inch from her forehead, stroking the head over and over again with the other.
“FUUUUCKKKKKKK!! FUUUHHHHCCKKKK!!” Malene whimpered, as her orgasm ceased.

“Shoot that hot sticky spunk all over my face baby” Sophie purred, keeping her eyes on Malene, “Cover me in your thick jizz”

Her left hand clasped my shaft, the right swirled my head, as it twitched and pulsed, cum blasting out over Sophie.  Malene watched her closely as spunk poured down her face, clinging to her eyelashes, dripping from her nose.

“Yes baby, that’s soooo nice, you hot spunk all over my face” Sophie gasped, “Puh,” she spat as spunk flooded her mouth as she spoke “Jealous whore?” she teased.

Sophie kept stroking my head, as spurts of spunk lashed her face, running down it like a river. Lucy had Malene by the hair, holding her up so she had to watch me plaster Sophie’s face.

Eventually my balls were empty, and Sophie stopped stroking my cock, flicking the last few drops over her face, she let me go.  Stepping back I watched as Lucy eased out from Malene, and all 3 sat on the loungers.

“oh you dirty whore Sophie, that looked so nice” Malene said.

“fucking loved it” Sophie replied.

“Now then drink up” Malene said passing the 2 glasses to Sophie and Lucy, whilst picking up 1 of the 4 pint glasses the girls had filled earlier.

Sophie face covered in spunk, eyes barely open, lifted the glass of pussy juice to her lips, Lucy did the same.

“Cheers!” they said drinking down there pints.

All 3 downed their drinks, Lucy and Sophie easily, Malene had a slight urge as she swallowed the last few gulps.

“Fuuuuuuuckkkkkk” Malene gasped as she finished her concoction.

“You have some powerful pussy juice Malene” Lucy said setting down her glass, Before standing up and making sure her strap on was in place.

“Fucking bet I do bitches, now I want one final pounding before we let loose on Pinder” Malene replied.

She stood up and moved over to the lounger near Lucy, “Lay down Lucy, I am gonna sit on that monster, and Sophie is gonna ram my pussy”

Malene, straddled Lucy and eased her ass over the huge shaft, slowly she lowered herself down, rubbing her clit furiously as she did so.

“Oh fuck, Oh fuck, Oh fuck, Oh fuck” she gasped until she was right down sitting on Lucy’s crotch.

“Now you’re gonna get it bitch” Sophie said stepping up, she grasped Malene’s thighs and spread her legs wide.

“I fucking want it” Malene replied.

Malene lay back on top of Lucy as Sophie slid the shaft deep into her pussy, Malene still rubbing her clit vigorously.  Lucy wrapped her arms around Malene’s waist holding her tight, while Sophie held her hips and drove back and forth into her wet cunt.

“Fuck, fuck, oh fuuuuuuccckkk” Malene gasped.

Sophie was grinning, her face still covered in spunk, as she watched Malene, lips pursed, furiously strumming her clit, legs flailing as she came.

“FUCK ME! FUCK ME! FUCK MEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!” She screamed, body shaking.

Sophie kept pounding her, Lucy kept drilling her ass, as she shook and cried climaxing hard.


Sophie pummelled her pussy, crotch banging on Malene’s as she drilled her hard.  Lucy was buggering her asshole hard as well, the Danish blonde shuddering and quaking.


I had a throbbing hard cock, watching this happen, and stepped over Malene, pulling her hands from her pussy.  I drummed my cockhead on her massive tits, they were covered in red marks where Lucy and Sophie had battered them.

“Oh fucking do it baby, fuck my tits hard” Malene gasped.

“Fuck yeah, batter her funbags” Lucy encouraged.

Pushing between the enormous mounds, Malene clasped them tightly together, peering up as my head pooped from the top of her cleavage.

“Do it, fucking slam her tits hard” Sophie said, fucking Malene’s pussy.

I held her nipples and tweaked them as I rammed between the huge sweaty orbs, driving my crotch against them hard.  Malene was biting her lip, snorting as I pummelled her breasts, eyes sparkling with pleasure.

“Yeah, oh fuck baby, yes, shoot that hot salty spunk between my tits, all up over my face” Malene gasped.

Sophie held her ankles, spreading her legs wide, as Lucy held her hips driving upwards.  Malene was gasping and panting, her holes getting fucked hard and fast.

“Oh fuck yes, do it girls, fucking pummel my slut body” Malene cried.

I tweaked her nipples ferociously as I rutted her full cleavage, my cock popping from the top with every thrust, her soft tits gripping me tight.

“FUCK YES!” she cried, orgasming again, Sophie and Lucy working hard, “OHHHH FUCKKKK YEASSSSSSS!!!”

Thrust after thrust between those mammoth tits, Malene snarling up at me as she was pounded by Lucy and Sophie.

“FCUK YES! FUCK YES!!!! YEASSSSSS!!!” she hissed, gritting her teeth as she came.

Her throbbing breasts rubbed my cock to a frenzy, they were swollen and red, bruised a bit where Lucy and Sophie had utterly devastated them.

“Shoot your filthy spunk all over me” Malene snapped, as I squeezed her nipples hard.

Lucy was rutting her asshole furiously, making her bounce and rock, whilst Sophie drove the whole length in and out of her wet pussy.  My cock was throbbing and twitching, Malene clasping her tits tightly around it, until finally a torrent of spunk burst from her cock, as I pinched her nipples twisting them hard.

“FUUUUUUCKKKKKK!” She screamed in pain.

A huge streak of spunk blasted her face, cutting short her next cry, as her mouth was deluged with semen.  Sophie laughed as Malene choked on my spunk, coughing and spluttering as she squirmed in pain.

“NOOOOOOO, OOOOH FUCKKKKKKK!!!” she sobbed as my cum drenched her face, and neck.

I was twisting her nipples, really turning them 180 degrees and I pinched them hard.  Malene was shaking as she came again, tears running down her cheeks mixing with my spunk.

“Fuck yeah Lucy, the bitch is crying, fucking made the dirty Danish bitch cry!” Sophie said with glee.

My cock was spent, Malene plastered in cum, as she looked up at me, thick strands in her red eyes, all over her forehead, and pooling in her neck.

“Ohh fuckkkkk, fuck, fuck, FUCK!” she cried as a I gave her nips a final tweak.

I got up off of Malene, Sophie looked down at her friend, covered in spunk, Lucy rutting her ass still.  Sophie was still dripping with spunk and sweat as she leant forwards to kiss her.

“Ohh you filth bag” she purred softly kissing Malene, before sucking a large trail of semen from her forehead.

“Give it to me” Lucy gasped, opening her mouth wiggling her tongue.

“FUCK! FUCK FUCK!”  Malene gasped as Sophie sucked my spunk from her face, spitting long stringy drops down into Lucy’s mouth.

Sophie stood back up grinning, Malene had her legs wrapped around Sophie’s waist, her hands now went to her hair, drawing her fingers through it, she looked up at Sophie.

“2 in my ass baby” she gasped.

Sophie reached back and uncoupled Malene’s legs, gripping her ankles and spreading them wide.  She eased the whole shaft out of Malene’s pussy, and pressed it next to Lucy, who paused balls deep in Malene’s ass.

“You want it whore, you want it sooo bad!” Sophie teased, rubbing the head around her ass.

“Pleaaase, pleaaase destroy my ass, I need to be pounded” Malene begged.

Sophie pushed next to Lucy, driving home as hard as she could, Malene yelped as her sphincter burst open.

“YEAAAAASSSSSSSSS!!” she cried, her body twitching.

“Oh yeah, lets fuck her up!” Lucy said as Sophie buried herself deep up Malene’s ass next to her.

Sophie and Lucy started pounding Malene, hard brutal rapid thrusts, rutting her ass as hard as they could, Malene was screaming and crying as her body convulsed in orgasm

“YEASSSS!!!! YEAAAAAASSSS!!! YES! YES! YES!” she howled as they pounded her asshole.

Sophie big tits bounced furiously as she rutted in and out alongside Lucy, they had alternated their thrust so were continually sawing back and forth in Malene’s ass.

“FUCK! FUUUCKKKK!! FUUUUUCKKKKKK!!!” she screamed as her body shook and twitched.

Sophie had hold of the sides of the lounger her hips pumping furiously slamming the whole thing in and out, Lucy had hold of Malene’s big tits dragging them up by the nipples and letting them flop back down.

“Take it, take it, take it” Sophie panted sweat dripping from her nose down onto Malene.

Malene’s head was back, she was sobbing with pleasure as the two huge shafts destroyed her ass, legs kicking wildly as she came over and over again.


Sophie was loving every second of pounding Malene, grinning as she fucked her up the ass with the massive strap on.

“Ohhh fucking take it like a whore” Lucy gasped, holding Malene by the hips and ramming furiously up her back passage.

“OH! OH! OH! OOOH GOD!!! FUCK MEEEEEE!!!” Malene cried as her asshole was ripped open by the 2 enormous shafts.

Sophie was buggering Malene hard, her crotch slamming violently against Malene’s, who clutched the lounger tight as her whole body shook


Lucy had her head buried in Malene’s neck as she rammed up into her ass, she was hissing and gasping into her ear.

“Filthy fucking slut, take it right up your ass, take it deep you nasty fucking slut” Lucy purred.

Sophie was gasping for breath, utterly exhausted she collapsed on top of Malene, grinding her crotch against her ass.

“FUUUUUCCKKKKKKK!!!” Malene squeal in a final climax, as Lucy and Sophie lay there all three panting hard.

“Oh, ohh fuck” Sophie gasped, kissing Malene’s neck and throat, as the blonde lay there gasping for breath.

“Ohh nicely done Sophie, we battered her ass!” Lucy panted.

“Fucking amazing,” Malene said, stirring from her exhausted state, “that was amazing thank you sooo much”

Sophie eased herself up and out of Malene’s ass, she sighed as her sphincter contracted around the single shaft.  Sitting up a grinning contented Malene, looked at me

“I am gonna go get a few bits ready for Lucy, maybe she could entertain you along with Sophie” Malene said, easing up off of the shaft she walked out on rather shaky legs.

“Looks like someone could do with a hand” Lucy said looking at my hard cock, smiling.

“or a mouth!” Sophie replied laughing

Both chucked cushions on the floor and knelt down in front of me, Lucy stroking my hard shaft, Sophie grinning.

“she is soooo gorgeous” Sophie said turning Lucy to look at her kissing her softly.  “Want to fuck her so bad, she is the queen of the glamour babes”

“Ohh Sophie I want you to fuck me too, I have heard you were a dirty bitch, but now I have found out in person” Lucy replied.

She softly sucked on my shaft, looking up at me as she slid her lips up and down the length.  Sophie moved to my balls and started to suck them gently.

Lucy had my cock in the back of her throat gagging and spluttering, thick streams of spit running down my cock, and dripping from my balls into Sophie’s mouth.

“Ohhhhh fucckk” Lucy croaked coming up for air, dribbling a thick wad of mucus down into Sophie’s open mouth.

Sophie tipped her head back gargling as Lucy bent down and softly kissed her.  Sophie swallowed her mouthful of spit and kissed Lucy back.

“ohh spunk all over us baby, your hot white spunk over both our faces” Lucy gasped.

Sophie pressed her face next to Lucy’s, looking up at me, “ohh please baby, cover us in your spunk”

Lucy slowly wanked my cock, holing me a few inches from their faces, her hand swirling my head, whilst Sophie fondled my balls.

“Do it, do it now,” Lucy urged, “I want both of us plastered in cum when Sophie fucks me”.

Sophie turned her head to kiss Lucy, just as my first blast erupted from the tip of my cock.  They were engrossed in a passionate kiss ignoring the deluge of semen on their faces.

“Thank you” Sophie gasped turning to face me.

I drenched their faces, thick rivers of spunk all over them.  Lucy watched avidly as my spurting cock pulsed in her grasp.  Sophie was loving every hot bolt that hit her face.

“Oh yes, yes baby, thank you sooo much” Lucy spluttered as my deluge subsided.

She turned to look at Sophie, “fuck me Sophie” she said.

Standing up she unfastened her strap on and lay back onto a lounger.

Sophie mounted her, easing the shaft all the way deep into Lucy’s pussy, inducing a loud groan as she did so.

Lucy wrapped her legs around Sophie’s waist, and pulled her tight. Sophie stroked her stomach and fondled her tits as she looked down at a semen drenched Lucy.

“Make me cum Sophie, please make me cum I am so horny” Lucy begged as Sophie started to fuck her.

Slowly Sophie pushed in and out of Lucy’s pussy, Lucy had one hand down rubbing her clit the other fondling her breasts.

Her eyes were pasted with semen, thick streaks on her lashes.  Sophie was smiling as she increased her pace, now getting good rhythm going.

Lucy was rocking back and forth on top of the lounger her big breasts swaying as she was fucked by Sophie.

“OHH FUCKKKK!!! FUCKKK YEASSSSSS!!!” she cried coming, Sophie increasing her pace, slamming hard into Lucy.


“C’mon” Sophie growled fucking Lucy hard, “Cum for me”


Lucy’s body shook, as her orgasm spasmed through her. Big tits shaking and bouncing back and forth as Sophie rammed the shaft into her wet pussy.

    “Oh yes Pinder, yes baby, yes” Sophie gasped rutting hard.

    “FUUUCKKKK!!! FUUUUCKKKKKK!!! FUUUCCCCCKKKK!!!” Lucy screamed as she came.

    Sophie leant forwards kissing Lucy, as she calmed from her climax, a contented grin on her face.

    “Ohhh Sophie, that was gooood” Lucy purred, “you and I are gonna have to have a little fuck session of our own soon”

    “Mmmm yes please” Sophie relied kissing Lucy.

    “now take that hard fake cock out of my pussy, and ram it up my ass!” Lucy said grinning.

    Sophie moved back upright, and eased the huge shaft out of Lucy, pressing the slick head to Lucy’s asshole, she thrust it hard inside.

    Lucy arched her back, shuddering as Sophie pushed all 14 inches up her ass, squealing and hissing.  Lucy was loving every ass stretching inch as Sophie ground her crotch against her buttocks.

    “Yeah bitch, take it” Sophie gasped, as Lucy snarled at her.

    “Pound my ass Sophie, give it to me” Lucy hissed.

    Sophie once again held her hips as Lucy wrapped her legs around her.  She began slamming the shaft hard up Lucy’s ass, Lucy had both hands on her pussy, furiously playing with herself.

    I had a raging hardon, and Lucy;s fabulous breasts bouncing back and forth were in my sights.  I moved her hands and sat across her chest, slapping my cock between them.

    “YES baby, fuck my tits while Sophie fucks my asshole” Lucy said gleefully.

    She squeezed her breast around my cock, the soft sweaty flesh gripping it tightly.  Lucy face was still coated in cum, as she looked up intensely at me, as Sophie battered her ass.

    “Fucking do it to me baby, fuck my tits and spunk all over me” Lucy gasped.

    Sophie was thrusting vigorously into Lucy, bashing her pussy on Lucy’s ass,  My cock was rutting between her marvellous tits as she kept talking filth at me.

    “Shoot that hot spunk all over my face, oh FUCK Sophie is fucking my asshole sooo good” Lucy gasped.

    “Splatter the bitch” Sophie gasped behind me.

    “Do it, DO IT” Lucy cried, her body shaking as she came.

    I kept pounding away as Lucy shrieked and wailed through her orgasm, my hard cock bashing between her big breasts.

    “YEASSSS! OHHH FUCKING YEAH! DO IT!  CUM ON MY FACE!” she cried, staring straight up at me.

    Lucy opened her mouth wiggling her tongue as she shuddered and shook, Sophie blasting her sphincter with the huge dildo.

    “SHOOT IT FUCKING NOW!” Lucy screamed.

    Hot thick spunk spurted out of my dick, splattering down over Lucy’s face, thick jets covering her raining down all over her head and tits.  Lucy coughed and spluttered as I painted her flushed face with cum, white hot jets pulsing from my cock and painting her.

    “Fuck yeah Lucy” Sophie cried watching the whole thing over my shoulder.

My soft cock finally ceased spurting as I sat astride her chest, a covered Lucy grinning and looking up at Sophie and me.

    “”fucking awesome” Lucy spluttered, her mouth half full of spunk.

    Sophie eased out from Lucy’s ass, as I got up off of her.  Sophie took Lucy by the hand and helped her up “Malene should be ready by now” she said, leading her out.
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Re: Four way fun (Malene Espensen, Sophie Howard, Tara o'connor, Lucy Pinder)
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Chapter 6

Starring: Malene Espensen, Sophie Howard, Lucy Pinder

Codes: MFFF, Tittyfuck, Anal, Facial, DP, DAP, TAP, QAP, Throatfuck, Spit, Lesbian, Strapon

Disclaimer:  This story is purely fiction, it has never happened.  Please keep this story to this site only, if you want to share elsewhere DM me and ask for permission.

We moved into the lounge, and found Malene waiting for us.  Sophie positioned Lucy in the middle of the room. “Fuck Lucy, you’re covered in spunk” Malene said smiling.

“And?” Lucy replied.

“Nothing” Malene answered, walking over to kiss Lucy.  She softly kissed her lips before slurping away up her face, tasting the spunk.  She kissed Lucy again spitting it back to her.

    “Let’s get you started shall we” Malene said, “we have already had a triple anal today, but you are gonna take 3 of these” Malene stroked the strap on fixed to Sophie’s crotch.  “Up your dirty little asshole” she said grinning.

    “oh fuck yeah” Sophie growled.

    “now Michelle told me about your last encounter with one of these, so let’s try it again, this time up your butt”  Malene said, leading Lucy to towards a sybian she had set up on the floor.

    Malene lubed up the huge 14 inch shaft jutting up from it, as Sophie helped Lucy lower herself down.

    “FUUUUUCKKKK!!” Lucy cried as her ass was swallowing up the huge length.

    As Lucy settled on the whole thing, Malene and Sophie strapped her legs down, just below the knee and at the ankle.  She could still rise up off the shaft a bit but most of it stayed inside her asshole.

    “Wouldn’t want you to escape!” Malene purred as Lucy was fixed in place.

    Lucy was shaking as she came, the big fake cock vibrating in her ass, Sophie standing stroking her strap on in front of Lucy.

    “YEASSSS!!!!!  FUUUCKKK!!! YEASAASSSS!!!!” Lucy screamed.

    “You want it Lucy? You want me up your ass as well?” Sophie asked.

    “YES!!! OHH YEAAAASSS!!” Lucy cried shaking her head vigorously as she came.

    Lucy leant back onto her arms, and Sophie Knelt down in front of the machine, watching a quivering Lucy she waited for her to settle from her orgasm before pressing the slick head of her shaft against Lucy’s stretched asshole.

    “Give it to me Soph, fucking drive it up my dirty ass!” Lucy gasped.

    Sophie moved astride Lucy, Gripping her waist before ramming the strap on violently up her ass.  Lucy’s sphincter burst open as Sophie drilled deep, her crotch slapping on Lucy’s as the thrust ended.

    Lucy screamed, a loud primal roar as her ass was filled by a second shaft, Sophie gripping her back and supporting her weight.


    “Look at the whore, getting double fucked in her ass” Malene said kneeling in front of me.

    “Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck” Lucy gasped as Sophie started to drive in and out.

    Malene wrapped her massive tits around my hard cock, spitting on the shaft to make it slick. “Fuck my boobs baby, while we watch Lucy getting pounded” she said.

    Lucy was struggling and fighting as Sophie continued to fuck her ass, the other shaft buzzing in Lucy’s backside.

    “Take it Pinder, take it up your slutty ass, you filthy whore” Sophie growled as she rammed hard

    Malene was furiously wanking my cock with her huge breasts, up and down hot sweaty flesh wrapped around my throbbing shaft.

    “fucking shoot that hot spunk all over my tits babe” Malene panted, “I want to be covered in hot cum when I fuck her asshole”

    “Mooorrree, moooore pleaaase” Lucy gasped, as Sophie rutted hard up her ass, holding Lucy’s thighs for extra grip.

    My cock exploded between Malene’s tits, hot spunk spraying up and over her face, she gasped with glee as torrents of hot white jizz blasted her face and poured down her tits.

    “Yeaah baby, yeah” Malene panted as she stroked my bubbling cock with her tits, milking every drop from my balls.

    Lucy was twitching cumming hard, as Sophie drove the whole 14 inches in and out of her asshole.

    “FUCK! FUCK! FUUUUCCCKKKK!!!! YEAAAAAASSS!!!!” She screamed as she came.

    Malene was plastered in hot spunk as she let my cock go, blinking her eyes wide open, she stood up and started to fasten her 14 inch shaft to her crotch.

    “OH FUCK! OH FUCKKKKK YEAAASS!! YEAAAAASSS!!” Lucy cried as she came.

    Malene, poured a ton of lube over her shaft, before Sophie moved back from Lucy a bit to allow her to straddle between them.  She emptied more lube over Sophies shaft as she eased it slowly in and out.

    “Ohhh fuck Malene, Stretch my dirty asshole wide” Lucy panted.

    Malene poured more lube down over Lucy’s Pussy, letting it dribble into her ass and around the Sybian shaft.

    “You ready Lucy, ready for me, this is gonna get really rough” Malene asked.

    “ohh yeah babe, I sooo want it, do whatever the fuck you like, I am your dirty little slut” Lucy gasped in reply.

    Malene pressed the head of her big fake cock to Lucy’s ass, grinning as she tried to force it in. “Fucking let me in you whore, let me destroy your ass” she sneered.

    Lucy whimpered as the head popped it, and screamed as Malene pushed it hard and deep up her ass. “NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!” Lucy howled, as Malene bottomed out the whole length driven up her as in one single thrust.

    Lucy collapsed back, sobbing her head hitting the floor as she clutched her hair. “Noo, oooh please Malene, pleaaase nooooo” she wailed, as the blonde nympho started to fuck her ass.

    Sophie had hold of her thighs, Malene her hips as they started to pound her ass, the Sybian buzzed away, all 3 huge shafts deep in her bowels.  Lucy was sobbing, banging her head back onto the carpet as her back passage was ravaged.

    “Stop fucking crying you slag” Malene snapped, reaching down and grabbing Lucy’s hair.  She pulled her back up onto her arms, her nose less than an inch above Lucy’s. “Beg for it, beg for us to fuck you in your dirty ass” she snarled

    Lucy sniffed and stopped her blubbering, looking up at Malene’s cum streaked face she gasped, “Pleaaase fuck my ass Malene, triple fuck my dirty little ass” she gasped.

    Malene let go of her hair and gripped her hips again, rutting away into her ass, “Fucking yeah Lucy, take it you tramp” she panted.

    Lucy’s legs started to shake and quiver as she came, her thighs violently shuddering in Sophie’s grasp.


    Malene drove her hips furiously back and forth as she rutted Lucy hard.  Lucy collapsed back again, arching her back, head on the floor, arms slamming down. She screamed and screamed as her body shook uncontrollably.


Malene had hold of her waist and kept driving into her ass, Sophie reached around and groped Malene’s spunk covered tits, as she rutted in next to her.

    “Ohhhh motherfucker, mother fuuuucker” Lucy wailed, writhing on her head and arms.

    “look at me Lucy, fucking sit up and look at me” Malene panted.

    Lucy raised herself up onto her arms again, face red and flushed as she blubbered quietly.  Malene wiped a big splodge of spunk from her sweaty face and flicked it over Lucy, “Fucking take every inch” she gasped slamming into her.

    “Fuuuuuckkkkk” Lucy gasped.

    Malene reached out and brushed Lucy’s hair from her face, before slapping her hard.  Lucy squeal and turned back to face Malene, “FUCK!” she screamed.

    “You filthy whore!” Malene snapped “3 fucking cocks up your ASS!” as she slapped Lucy again.

    Lucy’s eyes were burning with rage as Malene continued to insult her “You want it don’t you, all those dirty big dicks up your asshole” she spat on Lucy’s face.

    “Fuck you!” Lucy snapped back, spitting back at Malene.

    “I am gonna destroy that asshole, and you want me to don’t you, you slut” Malene replied, reaching down and groping Lucy’s left breast hard.

    “Pound me Malene” Lucy sneered.

    Malene slapped her breast hard, Lucy shrieked, the Malene slapped the other, before tweaking her nipples, bouncing her tits with them. She pushed Lucy backwards, until once again she was arched, the split her hair into 2 bits and grabbed a bunch in each hand.

    “Hold her down Sophie” she said passing Lucy’s hair to her friend.

    Lucy was bent backwards, resting on the top of her head, Sophie tugging her hair, her body fixed in position.

    “FUCK MY ASSSSS!” Lucy screamed as her body started to twitch again.

    My cock was like a rod of iron again, and I knelt down over Lucy’s arms pinning them down.  Poking my cock to her open mouth I pushed in.  Malene had hold of Lucy’s tits, groping and rubbing them hard, as she fucked her up the ass.

    “Ohhh yeah baby, fuck that throat like I am fucking her asshole” Malene gasped at me.

    I drilled my cock deep down Lucy’s urging gullet, her body quivering she howled onto my shaft as she came.  Garbled cries of pleasure muffled by spit and my cock, as I throat fucked her.

    “Lift her tits up babe” Malene told me.

    I gripped her nipples and tweaked them hard, Lucy screaming around my shaft, lifting her big breasts up high I dangled them by her nips.  Malene grinned at me as she slapped them hard, over and over as she drove her crotch tight to Lucy, the whole 14 inches deep inside.

Lucy tried to fight and move, but Sophie clutched her hair tight and I knelt over her arms pinning them down.

    “FUCK YOU!” Malene shouted, slapping Lucy’s tits “FUCK YOU WHORE!”

    Lucy’s whole body was shaking, I could feel her screaming on my shaft, as I pounded it deep into her throat, spit spurting down her face.  I groped her tits ferociously, Malene watching intently.
    “Ohh yeah do her, slam that throat, just like her ass” She groaned.

    You could see my cock poking up through her throat as it bulged with every thrust, I clutched at those famous breasts, squeezing the nipples hard. Faster and faster as the cum boiled in my balls, ready to explode.

    “Cum baby, cum in her throat” Malene panted watching us.

    I slammed my cock deep up into her gullet as hot spunk erupted from the tip, bolt after bolt filling her choking throat, down into her stomach.  Malene grinned and increased her speed, Sophie clinging to her tits as she rutted Lucy hard.

    “Yeah baby, do it, cum in the whores throat” Sophie purred.

    Lucy urged, and urged on my shaft as ever last drop filled her belly, I could feel the thick drool globs running down my balls, as she heaved on my cock.

    “Ohh that was awesome” Malene gasped as I released Lucy’s breasts and pulled from her mouth.

    Lucy coughed gasped for air and coughed, as her throat was free, she spluttered and choked screaming as she came.

    “YEAAASSSSSSSSSSS!!!!! YEAAAASSSSSS!!!!! YEAAAAASS!!” she screamed, slamming her now free arms down.

    Malene held her stomach down as she pounded the orgasming Lucy hard, watching her abdomen twitch and shake.

    “FUUUCKKK!!! FUUUUCKKKKK!!! FUUUCKKK!!!!” Lucy cried.

    Sophie released her hair and Lucy fell back resting on her arms more than her head, she gasped spluttering, clearing her throat she sat up.  Her hair was plastered in spit, thick streaks of white mucus coated her long brown locks, glistening on her head and cheeks.

    “You filthy WHORE!” Malene snapped, she spat on Lucy again.

    “Oh Fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck” Lucy gasped, still trying to catch her breath.

    Sophie groped Malene’s tits, and looked around her body at Lucy, “Think she is ready now?” She asked Malene.

    “Yeah” Malene replied.

    “OK whore, look at me” Malene said, “Sophie is gonna turn the Sybian up to 100%”

    Sophie picked up the remote.

    “Yeah you only had half power so far” Malene said as Lucy looked slightly worried.  “You may NOT cum, until I say you can”

    Lucy gasped as Sophie slowly turned the dial, the throbbing shaft in her ass vibrating faster and faster.

    “Feel it in your stretched asshole bitch? Making you want to explode” Malene teased.

    “Wipe your face, I want to see you properly” Sophie added.

    Lucy scooped up the thick strands of spit from her face, smearing them over her massive tits, soothing them after the abuse they had received.  Malene grinned as Lucy did this watching her play with her own breasts.

    “Dirty slut” She gasped, as Sophie reached 100% on the dial.

Lucy squealed, her body shaking ad twitching as she came, the vibrations sending her over the top again.


Malene was grinning as she stabbed deep up Lucy’s ass, watching her abdomen churn and quake in pleasure.


“Fucking cum on then you slut, take it, take it all” Malene snarled, gripping Lucy’s thighs and starting to pound her hard.

Lucy was still cumming as Malene rutted furiously, hard deep strokes driving up her ass.

“FUCK! FUCK! FUUUUUCCCKKKK!!” Lucy howled every time Malene’s crotch slammed against her ass.

She was destroying Lucy’s asshole, furious deep strokes, Sophie behind her doing the same.  Lucy was thrashing about, arms slamming the floor as she screamed and screamed her body wrack with pleasure.


Malene grinned as she wrapped her arms around Lucy’s thighs, getting maximum leverage.   Sophie had a tight hold of Malene’s tits groping them as she pumped Lucy as well.

Lucy was almost delirious with this treatment, her body had a mind of its own, arms flailing, shaking and shuddering, I could see her abdomen muscles twitch and churn.

“FUCK! FUCK! FUUUUCKKKK!!!” She screamed.

“look at me” Malene said, “Stay still and focus on me”

Lucy was still thrashing around, as Malene slapped her hard across the face “LOOK AT ME!” she snarled.

Lucy retained some balance, snapping her head up and resting on her arms, as she looked up at Malene, who reached out brushing Lucy’s bedraggled hair from her face.

“Dirty little WHORE! Malene snapped spitting on Lucy’s face, “You are fucking loving it aren’t you, 3 huge shafts pounding your shithole”

“ohh its sooo good” Lucy panted back at her.

Malene spat on her face again, a thick stream clinging to her nose and upper lip, “You dirty, dirty girl” she sneered.

Lucy started ferociously rubbing her clit, as Malene, and then Sophie spat over her. “Fucking tramp!” Sophie said, a large wad of spit hitting Lucy’s boobs.

“OH FUCK! Fucking spit on me pleeeeeaassseeeee” Lucy whined her body shaking, “I’m so bad, soo baaadd”

Malene was grinding her crotch to Lucy’s clutching a single leg, as Sophie pounded her hard.  “Ohhh you slag!” she squealed with delight.

“Lucy fucking Pinder, covered in Spit and spunk, begging for 3 cocks up her ass!” Sophie said, “the papers would pay for pictures of this”

“OHH FUUUCKKKKKK!K!!!!!” Lucy screamed, coming hard, her fingers furiously rubbing her clit as her pussy exploded.  Lucy squirted all over Malene, juice spraying out and up her body splashing her tits.

“LUCY!” Malene shrieked, as the quivering brunette gushed all over her.

“FUCK! FUCK! FUCKKKKKKK!” Lucy screamed.

Malene held her tightly as Sophie rutted her spasming asshole furiously, Lucy orgasming hard.

“MORE! MOREEE!!” Lucy sobbed “Please don’t stop” as Malene and Sophie continued to pound her ass.

Malene pushed 2 fingers up into her pussy, gripping Lucy’s leg with her other arm.  She watched as Lucy screamed, her boy twitching spasming out of control as she came ferociously.


Sophie was sticking the whole shaft deep into Lucy, her tits squashed against Malene’s back as she got as close as possible to her.

Lucy moved her hands to her breasts, groping them hard as she arched her back, crotch furiously spasming.  Malene had 3 fingers in her pussy now and was working her thumb over Lucy’s clit.

“FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!” Lucy screamed.

My cock was raging hard as I stood next to her stroking my shaft by her face, she managed to turn her shaking head to look up at me, eyes locking on my bellend as I rubbed it.

“Cum on me PLLLEEEEAAAASSEEEE!!!!” she sobbed, her face contorted in pleasure.

I spat a thick wad on her quivering forehead, she wailed as it trickled down over her nose.  “FUUUUCKKKKKKK!!!!!” she cried coming still.

“Oh wank on her, spit on her, degrade the whore bag!” Malene panted.

“Yeah, mess up the little tramp” Sophie added.

Lucy looked up at me, opening her mouth wiggling her tongue, her eyes begging me she groaned “Spit in my mouth”.

I spat down another thick spitwad, this time into Lucy’s mouth, it splattered onto her tongue and dribble in.  She eagerly swallowed it.

“Cum on my face, cum all over this whores face!” she snarled as Malene rammed her ass, Sophie now groping her tits, as Lucy tweaked her nipples.

“YEASSS!! NOOOWWWW! NOOOOWWWWW!!!” Lucy screamed as thick jets of spunk drenched her face.

My cock was exploding all over her screaming face.  Hot streaks of semen lashing her forehead, clinging to her eyelashes.  Spurts blasted her cheeks, filling her open mouth as she shuddered, orgasming hard.

“Yeah, oh fuck yeah” Sophie gasped, watching me drown Lucy in cum

Jizz rained down over Lucy’s screaming face, splattering all over her lips and into her mouth as she shrieked and cried loudly.

“FUCKKK!! YEAAASS!! OH FUCK! OH FUCK!!!!!” she screamed.

My balls emptied all over Lucy’s face, I flicked the last few drops onto her, before stepping back. Lucy had one hand behind her head holding it up, the other clasping her breasts as she came.  Spluttering and blinking her eyes trying to clear them


Malene continued ramming her ass and fingering her pussy, as Sophie clasped herself tight behind her.  Sophie was staring at Lucy, totally amazed at her whore like behaviour.

“Fucking filth Pinder, you dirty slut!” she gasped

“Oh pleaaassseee, pleaaaseee keep going” Lucy whined.

Malene grinned, looking at me, “get me a vibrator” she said.

I went across to pick up a large vibrator from the side cupboard, passing it to Malene, she switched it on.  Grinning she pushed it to Lucy’s pussy lips, trying to force it inside.

“YEAHHHHHHHHHH!” Lucy roared as Malene pushed it in, her legs quivering an involuntarily kicking.

Sophie now had her hands on Lucy’s clit, frigging it hard, as Malene turned on the vibrator to full power.  Lucy was a trembling mass of orgasm, her head thrown back, body arched and quivering.

“YESSS!! YESSSSS!!! YEAAAAASSSSS!!!!!” she screamed.

Malene clasped her big breasts tight and held on as she furiously pounded Lucy’s ass, Sophie behind her doing the same 3 huge shafts stretching her wide.

“FUCK! FUCK! FUUUUCKKKK!!!” she howled, her body in a state of total stimulation.

I knelt over her head again, stroking my cock for a second time, spitting hard in her face, before erupting all over her once more.  Hot salty spunk splattered over her screaming face, she hardly seemed to notice the pleasure of her continuing orgasm too much.

“FUUUCKKKK!!! FUUUUCKKKKK!” she continued to wail.

Malene and Sophie kept up their furious drilling, Lucy’s asshole being absolutely destroyed by the 3 huge shafts.  Her cries were incoherent now, as her body was in a state of continual orgasm, trembling fiercely as she screamed and screamed.

Malene was crushing her slick breasts, as she drove her crotch hard against Lucy, “Fucking BITCH!” she cried.

Lucy was gasping and wheezing, her throat a roar of unstoppable pleasure, Sophie held her kicking ankles as she ground herself tight against Malene’s back, stabbing her huge shaft in alongside the other 2.

“Ohh you filth bag Pinder” Sophie gasped, jabbing her dildo deep.

Malene was pumping away, grinning at me as my cock started to get hard again. “Think you can manage one more load over her baby” she asked.

“Yeah cover her in a third load while she is out of it” Sophie added.

Lucy was whining, her body bent backwards, shaking, Malene gripping both her tits, groping them hard.  She was resting on her head, arms slamming the floor, mouth wide open roaring in pleasure.

Standing over her, I spat down into her open mouth, causing her to splutter slightly.  Malene added another large spit wad over her neck and chin, “yeah spit on the whore!” she sneered.

Stroking my cock I spat all over Lucy’s screaming face, she was totally in another zone, her body continually in orgasm, muscles taught spasming, you could see her abdomen twitching and churning.

“Hold back as long as you can baby” Sophie panted, “We want to pound her ass some more” she said grinning.

“FUCKKKK!!! FUUUUCCCKKKK FUUUUCCCCKKKKK!” Lucy screamed, and Sophie and Malene took nearly their whole lengths out, before slamming them simultaneously back in.

Malene was concentrating on furiously slamming deep into Lucy, Sophie clinging to her back as the double pounded her ass, ripping her sphincter wide with their total pounding.

Lucy was completely taught, every muscle in her body clenching over and over again.

Her eyes were focused on my cock, as I stroked it above her head, thick with streaks still covered most of her body, pooling with sweat in her neck, and navel.

Malene and Sophie were absolutely destroying her ass, Lucy was just coming and coming, her body not letting her get a seconds peace.  She was shaking her head screaming” “NO! NO! NOOOOOOOOO!!!” as it was overwhelming her.

Malene frigged her clit, as her as was buggered, the huge dildo still buzzing away in her pussy.  Watching a slick glistening Lucy shudder and cum over and over was too much for me, and my balls exploded for a third time, hot salty spunk drenching her body, splattering down onto her face.

“Ohh babe!” Malene gasped, as she and Sophie eased down their stroke, “were we too much for you?”

“I guess so” Sophie panted reaching around to stroke Malene’s massive tits.

Lucy’s face was still contorted as she gasped “More”.

“What’s that Pinder?” Malene asked.

“I want 4!” she snarled.

“You want a cock as well!” Sophie gasped.

“true anal slut, and that will be a first even for me” Malene added.

I moved up from above Lucy, who was still cumming, Malene and Sophie had started to thrust again, slower steady stroke to keep her stimulated while my cock got hard.

“ohh come here babe” Sophie said, “we’ll get you hard”

I stood in front of their heads, as Malene stroked my shaft, Sophie suckling on my balls.  Malene flicked her tongue over my head, coaxing it back to life. “turn around” she said.

She spread my ass cheeks, while Sophie wanked me, spitting on my asshole before tonguing it.  I was watching Lucy her teeth clenched jaw tight as shuddering waves continually assaulted her body.

My cock twitched as Malene licked my butt, delving her tongue up my ass, she made me hard in no time.  She eased her middle finger up my asshole, my cock springing up like a rod of iron.

“Think he’s ready” Sophie gasped.

They moved back allowing me to straddle Lucy, looking down at her grimacing face.  I rubbed my cock over her pussy lips, before moving it down next to Malene’s shaft.

Lucy was biting her lip squealing as she nodded, when I looked at her checking she wanted this.  Her ass was so tight, she was orgasming over and over the muscles spasming, I pushed hard but failed to get in, waiting for her to relax for a second I tried again.

Lucy screamed, as loud as I had ever heard her, my cock bursting through her sphincter, stretching it wider still.  Her back was arched, she screamed over and over.  Shrill loud howls of pain, her ass maybe pushed beyond it’s limits.

“Fuck the whore!” Malene said, as we began to thrust.  I had my crotch tight to hers, deep strokes of my whole cock, Malene and Sophie rutting 5 or 6 inches in beside me.

Sophie had hold of her kicking ankles, whilst Malene gripped her thighs. She screamed and screamed as her ass was torn apart by the 4 hard shafts.  Looking up at me, tears were pouring down her cheeks as she nodded again, “Do it” she whimpered.

“such a filthy bitch” Malene gasped, continuing to fuck her ass.

Lucy was still coming even with us brutally violating her ass, her belly trembled uncontrollably.  Sophie and Malene were fucking her hard and fast, whilst I drilled her deep.

“FUUUUUUUCKKKKKKKKKKK!!!” she howled, slamming her arms down writhing and shaking.

“Harder! Harder!” Malene shouted urging us on.

We pounded Lucy, her ass battered ferociously, she was shaking her head, body twitching out of control as her orgasms continued unabated. Malene had hold of my shoulders her big breasts pushed into my back as we all got into rhythm, Lucy was shrieking and screaming as we relentlessly buggered her.

“Ohh fuck, when you cum now babe, that’s it she’s taken it well” Sophie groaned

“Yeah, cum in her ass” Malene added.

“pleeeassse” Lucy begged, “Pleeeasssse cum in me” she whined.

I had been holding back already, and seconds after that my cock erupted, My crotch grinding Lucy’s as I injected it deep into her stretched ass.

“YEEEAAASSSSSS!!!!” Lucy screamed, feeling the hot spunk flooding her bowels.

She shook as every drop drained from my balls, deep inside her ass.  Lucy kept coming even as we stopped thrusting.  She looked up at me, sniffing, “thank you” she whimpered nodding again.

“Holy Fuck!” Malene panted, “That was beyond incredible”

“She’s still cumming!” Sophie said, Lucy’s body twitching furiously.

I eased from her ass, Lucy audibly relieved, gasping as her sphincter contracted.  Malene the Sophie eased out, leaving just the symbian in her ass, and dildo in her pussy.

“Easy, easy” Malene said stroking Lucy’s twitching stomach, switching off the vibrator and easing it from her cunt.

Lucy sat up, her face contorted in pleasure, spit and cum dripping from her chin, hair a matted sodden mess. She vigorously frigged her pussy as the shaft was removed, 3 fingers inside herself, thumb on her clit.  Tossing her head back, squirt after squirt of pussy juice blasted from her, spraying the floor drenching it.


“This is amazing” Malene said, “she just can’t stop”

Sophie released her legs, and Lucy scuttled backwards off the symbian.  Laying on her back she kicked her legs violently trying to stop her orgasms.

“Oh fuck it won’t stop, oh fuck, oh fuck” she gasped.

“you want more?” Malene asked.

“Ohhh please Malene, make it stop, do anything you like, just make it stop!” Lucy begged.

“You heard her Sophie, she said anything” Malene replied grinning.

“Ride the beast then Pinder” Sophie said.

“take it deep in your pussy” Malene added.

Lucy dragged herself over the symbian, before straddling it, pushing the long thick shaft down into her pussy, until it was as deep as it could be.  She sat astride it shaking, leaning forwards clasping the saddle.

Sophie moved behind her, spreading her ass cheeks, tonguing her ass.  Malene started at her coccyx before licking her way up Lucy’s spine, Lucy arching back quivering as she did so.

“FUUUUUUCCCCCCKKKKKKK!!!!” Lucy wailed as she came again.

Sophie delved her tongue into Lucy’s spasming ass, while Malene softly stroked her slick breasts, whilst kissing her neck.  Her breast quivered as her body continued to shake and shudder.

“Ohh Lucy you are unstoppable!” Sophie gasped, watching her cum again.

“YEASSSSS!!!!!!!” Lucy wailed, crotch slapping up and down on the Sybian.

Sophie pushed her hand to Lucy’s ass, easing her fingers in, Lucy was gasping Malene now sitting in front of her holding her head.  Sophie eased her whole fist inside, up to the wrist, her other hand pushing on Lucy’s back holding her down, forcing her to bend to stay upright.

“Ohh baby, baby,” Malene said kissing Lucy.

Sophie was fisting Lucy’s ass, her whole hand pounding in and out.  She had Lucy totally pinned down, her other arm pushing her tight to the symbian, whilst Malene kissed her softly.

 “FUUUUUCCCCKKKKKKKK!!!” Lucy groaned, her eyes were rolling back up into her head, body shaking.

Malene started suckling on her tits, stroking her back, “Easy Lucy, Easy” she said, kissing her way back up Lucy’s neck.


“Deeper, ohh deeper Sophie!” she gasped.

Sophie looked at Malene, who nodded.  She pushed her arm further and further up into Lucy, as she came over and over again.  Eventually Sophie was nearly elbow deep in her ass.

“FUCKKKKK!!!!!! FUUUUUCKKKKKK!!! YEASSSSSSS!!!!!!!!” Lucy screamed.

Malene sucked on her tits hard, groping them roughly trying to stimulate Lucy as much as she could.  Sophie was pulling her arm out, past her wrist then plunging it deep back again, “Holy Fuck Pinder!” she gasped amazed at what Lucy was taking.


Sophie wrenched her hand out, Lucy sat there, symbian buzzing away, her asshole spasming wide open then clenched shut.  Sophie spread her cheeks and moved down flicking the open closed hole with her tongue.

“Dirty, dirty whore” she gasped before driving her tongue deep into Lucy’s ass.

Malene was suckling on Lucy’s breasts still as I moved around by Sophie, my cock throbbing hard once more.  Sophie had sucked Lucy’s ass clean, and was now just licking her spasming sphincter over and over.

“Oh put it in her baby” Sophie gasped, moving up and softly sucking my head, leaving it coated in spit.

I straddled Lucy and pushed my cock into her gaping ass, all the way to my hilt, meeting almost zero resistance.  I gripped her waist, stroking her hips as I ground myself ontop of her.  Lucy’s ass spasmed every few seconds, clenching tight on my cock, the releasing again.

“OHHHH SWEEET JESUS!!” She cried, Sophie moving around to join Malene, each suckling on a boob.

I hooked her arms behind her back, bending her uncomfortably up, her massive tits presented to Malene and Sophie, who worked on them wantonly.

“Ohh please baby, please fuck my ass, it feels sooo gooood” Lucy whined.

Malene and Sophie clutched a breast each in both hands, squeezing them tight forcing the massive nipples to become even more engorged.

Pushing my cock back and forth in her spasming ass, I fucked her hard.  Malene and Sophie suckled her teats, vigorously working on each hard nipple.

“Oh FUCK! FUUUUCKKKK!!! FUUUUCKKKK!!!” Lucy wailed, as I buggered her hard.

She was shaking and shuddering as my cock drove up her ass, Malene and Sophie avidly sucking on her hard nipples, biting them, before sucking once more.  Her sphincter was clenching and unclenching over and over as she kept orgasming, her muscles completely out of control.

    “OH GOD! OH GOD! OH GOD!” She cried, my thrusts building to a finish.

    I slammed deep into her asshole, bending her as far back as her body would allow, hot spunk burst from my cock filling her ass.  She screamed loudly as I pulsed hot semen deep into her bowels.


    I released her arms sliding my hands down her back groping her arse.  She clutched Malene and Sophie to her breasts, sobbing as she came.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you” she wept, as finally her ass stopped spasming, her massive orgasm stopping. “Ohh sweet Jesus, ohhhhh fuck, ohh fuck” She gasped, as I eased from her ass.

She released Malene and Sophie from her arms, and they sat back grinning as Lucy lifted herself up from the Sybian and squirmed up onto a chair.  Malene and Sophie were grinning watching her, sitting and wriggling as she attempted to overcome her final orgasm.

“You dirty whore Pinder” Sophie said standing up, “think she deserves one final orgasm”

“Yeah,” Malene added getting up. Sophie spread Lucy’s legs and Malene pushed her fingers up inside Lucy’s sopping wet pussy.  She furiously fingered her cunt whilst rubbing her clit with her other hand.

“Do it Lucy, cum for me one last time!” Malene urged.

Sophie kept Lucy’s legs spread as Malene wanked her furiously, Lucy was tossing her head hissing and squealing, her legs shook and hot pussy juice sprayed from her lips.  Lucy screamed ferociously as her girlcum sprayed Malene and Sophie.

“FUUUUCKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!” she wailed and Malene kept frigging her pussy hot juices fountaining over her.

The jet ceased and Malene pulled her fingers out, Lucy gasping for breath, collapsed back in the chair.  The other 2 moved to sit on the sofa, grinning as their punishment of Lucy was complete.

“Fucking awesome Pinder” Malene said.

“Fuck queen of Nuts, she’s the queen of SLUTS!” Sophie added.

“Oh my God, oh my god!” Lucy murmured recovering from her amazing ordeal.

Malene grinned as she got up and took the 3 pint glasses full of spit and cum and passed them to Lucy and Sophie.

“Only one way to finish the day ladies, a toast”

“To whores!” she said,

“to Whores!” they replied all clinking their glasses together.

Each chugged back the cold lumpy concoction, each urged and gagged several times before they finally finished the contents.

“Don’t waste a drop!” Malene said scraping her finger around the inside.

“Filthy bitch!” Sophie said copying Malene.

“You are so dirty Malene” Lucy added.
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