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Author Topic: Malene's 7 Tasks (Malene Espensen plus other guest stars)  (Read 3533 times)


Malene's 7 Tasks (Malene Espensen plus other guest stars)
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Malene's 7 Tasks

Chapter 1

Starring: , Malene Espensen, Lucy Pinder, Michelle Marsh, Sammy Braddy, Casey Batchelor, Gemma Merna, Sophie Howard, Sophie Reade, Sarah Randall, Christina Hendricks

Codes: MF, FF, Anal, Facial, Bukkake,

Disclaimer:  This story is purely fiction, it has never happened.  Please keep this story to this site only, if you want to share elsewhere DM me and ask for permission.

This story fits in with several of my Lucy and Michelle stories please check them out.

This first scene was inspired by watching this Alexis Ford Scene

I arrived at the mansion, ready and eager to see what Malene had planned.  She opened the door grinning after I had rung the bell.

“Perfect timing we are just about ready to start” Malene said.

Malene was wearing a tight pink bikini set, as she led me down into the basement.  Having never been down there before I was intrigued as to what I would find.

“Welcome to where all the really nasty shit happens!” she said as we walked down a corridor and opened a door.

Inside were 9 girls, Michelle, Lucy, Casey, Sammy, Sophie, Gemma Merna, Sophie Reade, Sarah and Christina Hendricks.

 “Girls why don’t you explain what is happening, whilst I go and get myself started” Malene said.

Inside the room was a sofa, several chairs and a desk.  One wall was covered in a large windows, which looked on into the room next door.

“They can’t see us” Casey explained, gesturing to the 20 or so men in the room next door.

“Sooo,” Lucy said, “Malene gave us each a task for her to complete, 7 in total”

“We’re a team” Sammy and Gemma said.

“So are we” Said Sarah and Christina.

“They are her usual warped shit” Casey continued grinning.

“Task number 1 was mine” Michelle said, “Malene wanted a bukkake, so I arranged for the cocks”

“So sit down and enjoy the show” Sophie said.

“Also I had to get you to fill up these” Michelle added, moving a collection of pint glasses over to by the sofa. “and film the whole thing” Michelle added taking the video camera from the desk and leaving  the room.

 Christina and Sophie R, helped me to remove my clothes, as we all sat around watching what Malene would do.

The door opened and she walked in, followed by Michelle, all the men turned to look at her.

“Boys, I hope those cocks are hard, and full of spunk, I want you to plaster my face with your cum!” she said.

She walked around and sat down in front of the sofa, resting her head back onto the cushions.

“Cum on, don’t be shy, who has the first load for me” she teased.

I was wanking my shaft hard at the sight of Malene begging for spunk, Casey sat 1 side of me, Christina the other.

Malene, unfastened her bikini top, tossing it to one side she started to fondle her breasts.  Bouncing them in her hands, looking up and around licking her lips as a circle of cocks formed around her.

“Go on boys, wank those cocks, I want your hot semen all over my face.  All in my eyes, up my nose, everywhere!” Malene gasped.

The first splatter of spunk covered Malene’s right eye, a long strand across her cheek and up to her forehead.  Second and third splatters on her lips and nose.

“YES!” She squealed in delight.

A second and third man came, thick streams now washing her face, Malene revelled in the attention and aura of the semen.

“Thank you baby, thank you honey” she gasped.

The deluge continued, 3 or 4 men blasting her face with spunk, the thick streaks clinging to her forehead and eyelashes.  She spluttered as it coated her tongue and hit her throat.

“Oh yeah, oh fuck yeah, this is so horny, ohhh fucking shoot that spunk” She panted.

The next man to start stroking his cock made Malene gasp, he has at least 12 inch cock, think and hard, as her rubbed it slowly.

“Holy fucking shit!” Malene said excitedly, “I want your number when this is over!”

“You can have it babe, this is awesome!” he replied

Thick pulses of spunk erupted over Malene’s face as he grunted, his balls shooting their load.

“Ohh yeah babe” Christina gasped as my cock did likewise, fully turned on by Malene getting bukkaked in front of me.  I easily filled the glass she was holding catching my spurts.

The next guy up had a tiny cock, maybe 4 or 5 inches, Malene blinked her eyes and waited, as he grunted cum bursting out.  Over and over again he came, a flood of semen splattering her face, she spluttered and gasped as she was drowned in cum.

“Holy fucking shit!” she choked, “I need your number too”

Thick layers of cum now covered her face, dripped from her chin onto her breasts, The men lined up to shoot their jizz all over Malene, each exploding and adding to the mixture.

“Hmmm looks like you are ready to go again baby” Christina said, stroking my shaft.

Lucy and Casey moved the table over in front of the window, Christina stood up, peeling of her tight black corset she bent over so she was looking straight at Malene through the glass.

I moved up behind Christina, gripping her hips, pushing my cock into her wet pussy, she gasped as my crotch pushed against her big soft ass.  Holding her hips I started to fuck her, the others watching us and Malene in the other room.

“Fuck my pussy until you are gonna cum again baby” Christina groaned, clutching the table tight as she rocked on it.

Malene was glazed over, her face soaked in spunk, eyelashes glued together her eyes barely open.  Most of the men had cum, there were 3 left stood around her wanking furiously.

“Yes guys, fucking awesome, now if anyone can cum again I will arrange to meet you in a hotel and suck you off!” Malene teased.

Cocks exploded over her face again as the remaining men were pushed over the edge by this statement.  I was slamming Christina hard, my cock pounding her wet pussy, hands gripping her full hips.


Back with Malene, at least half the men were hard again, wanking their cocks, she sat leaning back against the sofa, licking her lips.  She had managed to get her eyes open, although thick lumps of semen clang to her lashes.

“Do it boys, cum for me again, image your hard cock in my mouth” Malene teased.

Semen blasted her face as 2 then 3 of them came for the second time, she unflinchingly took every shot on her face, white sticky spunk dripping down it.

I pulled my cock from a gasping Christina, Casey quickly grabbing it and stroking me off into a glass. “That’s it baby, give me your load” she said as my cock exploded for a second time.

The guy with the monster dick hosed Malene’s face again, she stared up at him eyes wide, begging for his spunk.  “Ohh you and I are sooo gonna have some fun” she gasped.

            The man with the tiny cock stepped up again, unleashing an even bigger gush of spunk onto Malene, her already soaked face getting another layer added.
“Fuck!” Malene spluttered, “you’re a damn freak!”

2 more managed a second cumshot over Malene, her face now a mask of slimy glistening spunk.  My cock began to twitch again, growing hard a the sight of her.  Casey scooted down onto her knees in front of me, engulfing my shaft with her talented mouth.

Malene had managed to blink her eyes open, they were now red and bloodshot, from all the spunk.  She looked around, grinning, licking her lips tasting the loads.

“You dirty bastards, did you enjoy that?” Malene teased, “well if you can manage a third load you can fuck me up the arse as well!”

The men were frantically tugging their cocks, trying to get off for a second or in some cases third time.  Casey had her throat all the way over my shaft, gagging it deep, She held a pint glass under her chin, catching the thick drips of spit that trickled down from the corners of her mouth.

Malene was cupping her breasts, bouncing them.  Thick strands of spunk were slowly oozing down the massive melons, as she looked around the room to see if anyone had more to give.

“Ohh second time baby, I am gonna let you throat fuck me so hard!” she teased as another of the group blasted her face.  Hot slimy spunk dribbled from his cock splatting on her forehead and running down into her eyes.

Casey eased up from my shaft gasping, “Fuck my face baby” she croaked.

The back of her head rested against the table, I gripped the sides and started slamming ferociously into Casey’s eager mouth.  The girls were watching intently, whether it be me rutting Casey’s throat, or Malene begging for more semen.

Michelle moved in close to Malene, getting a very tight shot of her face.  Malene held her tits up, posing for the camera, “I am such a filthy slut” she purred “All this spunk over my face!”.  She picked up a long strand of semen, dripping it from her fingers into her mouth, before swallowing it.

The guy with the tiny cock stepped up and drenched Malene just as she swallowed the large lump, Michelle was still zoomed in as the thick jets of spunk blasted her face. One particularly long strand clang to her eyelash, and trailed down her cheek.

“Holy shit!” Malene gasped, “You fucking love it don’t you!”

Another of the guys stepped up and unleashed a third blast of spunk, Malene turned to face him and receive a maximum drenching.  The guy with the huge cock was stroking it hard, trying for a third attempt.

Casey was pinned to the table edge, my cock deep in her gullet as she urged gagging over and over.  Thick eruptions of spit were flowing down her body, which she attempted to collect it in the glass.

“If you’ve finished, go back next door and get dressed” Michelle said, seeing a couple of the men were spent.

“Do it for me, wank those cocks, imagine my lips wrapped around your shaft, sucking it sooooo hard” Malene teased, “or even me bent over, as you fuck my oh so tight ass.  Screaming your name begging for you to pound me harder.”

The guy with the massive cock exploded for a third time, spunk spraying over Malene’s glistening face, thick ropes pasting her from forehead to chin.  Malene was loving this her eyes alight with joy at her shower.

“Yes! Oh fuck yes!” she squealed.

I was bursting, my cock ramming Casey’s face ferociously, her head banging back on the table over and over as I fucked her throat. Pulling out I stroked my cock fast right in front of Casey’s face.  She quickly grabbed another glass and caught the eruption as it sprayed from my cockhead.

“Naughty boy!” Casey scolded. At my antics.

The final 2 guys blasted Malene for a third time, she gasped as the final few pulses splattered her.  I milked the last few drop from my cock, as Casey held the glass below me.

“You dirty man” Casey teased, “hope you enjoyed that”

“Thank you boys” Malene said as the remaining men moved out of the room.

She stared up at the camera as Michelle moved in close, filming Malene as she showed off her impressive facial.

“Ohh thank you Michelle this was wonderful” Malene purred, as she started scraping every drop of cum from her face into her mouth.  She filled her mouth with the spunk, thick lumpy globs brimming her teeth as she tilted her head back.

Casey stood up and finished collecting about ¾ of her pint glass of spit, she turned just as Malene guzzled down her sperm cocktail.  Gasping she shook her head, ”WOW!” she gasped.

Michelle helped her back to her feet and out of the room.  She walked back into the viewing area, where we all applauded her.

Lucy moved over to kiss her, softly sucking her neck, and slurping up some cum strands.  Casey held out her glass so Lucy could spit the remnants into it.

“was that good Malene?” Sophie R asked, “it looked soooo filthy”

“I am on fire I am so horny now” Malene gasped, in reply as Lucy sucked on her hard nipples.

Malene gasped and clutched her to her bosom, Casey grinning, as she watched Lucy suckle on her breasts. “We filled up your glasses babe” she said.

“Thanks, now I need to be fucked, no, I need to be ass fucked” she panted, moving over to the table she bent over, “Please stick your hard cock in my ass” she gasped, looking at my hard shaft.

Stepping up behind her I gripped her hips, pressing my throbbing head to her dry asshole, “Stick it up my ass baby, make me scream” she gasped.

I held her hips tight to the table, she gripped the edge, in one hard powerful thrust I slammed my shaft deep up her ass, until my crotch touched her ass cheeks and pinned her to the top.

I ground my hips into her ass, prodding deeply as she hissed and squealed her ass getting used to my length.  I started slamming hard, pulling back out until just my tip was in her asshole, then ramming it back home again.  Malene screamed and screamed as I destroyed her tight ass.

“FUCK!! FUUUCKKK!!!! OH FUUUCKKK!!!!” she howled as she came.

Malene was clutching the table tightly as I pounded her tight asshole, slamming over and over into her, my hands roughly holding her hips down as she bucked and fought.

“YEASSS!!!! YESSSSS!!!! FUCK YEASSSSSSS!!!” she screamed.

All the girls were sitting around playing with themselves while I buggered Malene hard, reaching out I grabbed her hair yanking her screaming head back.  She howled loudly as I tugged on her blonde locks, really twisting it hard.


I was rutting furiously up her ass, she was wailing and shrieking as she came hard, head resting on the table, hips bucking and shuddering below me.

“Fuck the Whore!” Casey shouted, as I kept pounding her ass.

“Fuck the Whore! Fuck the Whore!” they all chanted as I held her hips tight, pulled all the way out and then blasted my whole length back up her ass.

Malene wailed as I drove over and over into her dry asshole, the girls chanting as she took my cock.  She was tossing her head from side to side, as I battered her back passage, spanking her ass hard.

The girls changed their chant “Cum in her ass! Cum in her ass!” they cried in unison.

Malene was roaring as I slammed deep up her butt, ass cheeks slapping on my thighs, my cock deep in her bowels. Closer and closer I was so near to exploding, and with one final thrust I came.  Hot thick spunk burst from my cock flooding her ass.

There was a loud cheer as I came, all the ladies applauding, Malene squealing.  I clawed at her soft ass cheeks, jerking my crotch against her, pumping my seed deep inside her.

“So good, so goooood” Malene gasped, as my cock unloaded inside her.

My balls were empty, drained into her back passage, and I eased from her tight hole.  Casey was attaching a huge strap on to her crotch, grinning she moved up behind me.  Malene grinned as she pressed it to her ass, nudging the huge head against her asshole.

“Take it you filthy whore” Casey sneered, pushing the whole thing slowly and steadily up Malene’s cum filled ass.  She hissed and squirmed as the huge shaft filled her ass, and stretched her bowels.

 “Ohhhh FUCK!” Malene yelped as the whole length filled her up.

Casey gripped Malene’s hips and started to ream her ass, hard deep strokes, her crotch slamming against Malene’s bum as she rammed it home.  Malene gripped the table tightly as Casey rutted her hard.

“oh FUUUUCKKKK!!! FUUUUCKKKK!!!” She whined.

Casey was grinning loving pounding her friend, “take it you filthy whore!” she snarled, increasing her ferocity.

“YES! YESSS!!! YESSS!!!!!!” Malene howled, her hips bucking and shuddering.

“look at the slut, she fucking loves it!” Lucy said.

Her ass cheeks were shaking, hips shuddering as she roared, orgasm racking her body.  Casey kept stabbing her strap on up Malene’s ass as she screamed coming hard.

“YYYEEEAAAAASSS!!!! FUCK! FUCK! YEAAAASSSS!!!!!!!!” Malene howled.

Casey rested herself deep up Malene as she gasped and calmed from her climax, softly rubbing her back before spanking her ass.

“Mmmm, you enjoyed that didn’t you Malene?” Casey purred.

“Fucking loved it!” she panted in reply.

Casey eased the thick shaft out of Malene’s ass, she sighed and stood up, before sitting up on the table, “mmm I am soo thirsty now” she said.

Picking up one of the pint glasses, she started eagerly swallowing it down.  Lucy was on her knees with Sophie, both of them sucking on Casey’s strap on, licking Malene’s ass juices from it. 
“Wow, so who is up next?” Malene said quizzically, “I think it is Sophie R”

“Oh yeah Malene, I can’t wait to see if you can complete my task” Sophie replied grinning.

Malene finished her glass, putting it down on the desk, “Oh I will complete it, have no fear baby” She said.

Sophie left, “meet me next door after you have changed” she said to Malene.

“good luck Malene” Lucy said standing up and kissing her friend.

She hopped down from the table, and Lucy spanked her on the ass, as she left to get ready.  The other girls started leaving as well.

“Go join Sophie down the hallway, it’s the second door on the left” Michelle told me.

“We will all see you a bit later on” Sophie added as I left.
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