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Chapter 1

Starring: Lucy Pinder and Michelle Marsh, Maria Kanellis

Codes: MF, Tittyfuck, Anal, DP, DAP, Lesibian, Throatfuck

Disclaimer:  This story is purely fiction, it has never happened.  Please keep this story to this site only, if you want to share elsewhere DM me and ask for permission.

This is the sequel to Michelle and Lucy  you should read that story first

My third voucher for the girls was something quite out of the ordinary.  I had given them a list of my 10 fantasy fucks.  All kinds of celebs, etc who I wanted to fuck.  Michelle and Lucy had the task of persuading them to join me!

    “Well she is here, Michelle said, as she sat in the living room with me.  Lucy was seeing the guest in and showing her the house.

    “This one cost us big bucks, but I think it will be worth it” Michelle said.

    She relaxed on the sofa in her tight black swimsuit, as Lucy led the newcomer in, Lucy in her matching red and black bra and panties, smiled as she walked in to sit by me.

    “Come on in” she said.

    I was happy to see that the first person from my list they had found was none other than WWE diva Maria.  Her long legs and full breasts were on show in a refs outfit that left little to the imagination.

    “Hi there” she said grinning at me, “I hear you really want to fuck me!”

    Nodding, I watched as she slowly walked over until she stood in front of me, Maria turned around and reached down to touch her toes.   Her arse was perfect and her legs went on forever, she slowly stood up and turned back to me.

    “I think that I can make all of your fantasies come true” she said.

    Lucy and Michelle quickly undressed me, my cock was already hard as Maria peeled off her tiny shorts to reveal her pussy.  “ohhh you are eager” Maria gasped as she straddled my waist and gripped my dick.

    Her tight wet pussy ate up my shaft until she sat astride me flicking her long hair.  Slowly she started to ride my cock, her hands on my shoulders, she kissed me.  Lucy and Michelle retreated to the other sofa to watch us.

    “ohhh does my pussy feel good” Maria teased, bouncing faster and faster.

    She reached down and stroked her clit with one hand, whilst running the other through her shiny red hair.  I watched her full, but not huge breasts jiggle in her black bra top, as she rose and fell on my shaft.
    “FUCKKKK!!!” She snapped, her body shuddering “FUCKKKKKKKK!!!!”

    Her hips bucked furiously on my dick, as Maria screamed loudly, orgasming quite hard.  Lucy and Michelle paused in their kiss, to watch Maria cum.

    “YYEEAAAASSS!!! FUCCCKKK YEASSSSS!!!! YEASSSSS!!!” she wailed, her abdomen twitching and pulsing on my cock.

    “Ohhh fuck yeah baby, you just made me cum with your cock” Maria purred, sitting astride me, my hard shaft deep in her now wet pussy.

    “Now why don’t you cum for me, eh?” She said, easing up from my shaft and getting down onto her knees in front of me. “Stand up, and jerk off all over my face baby, get some in my mouth too I love to swallow!” she teased.

     I stroked my cock, right in front of her nose, her furious fuck had gotten very close, and a minute or so of this gorgeous babe on her knees begging me to jerk off on her face as more than enough.

    “Come on baby, maybe I will fuck you again in half an hour or so when your dick gets hard” Maria teased.

    I looked over at Lucy, who grinned and nodded, Maria didn’t know about Kathy’s drug.  This bit of info spurred me on, and I held back for as long as possible, cum building all the way up my shaft.

    “Do it!” Maria gasped, opening her mouth, wiggling her tongue.

    A HUGE blast of semen splattered down Marias face, causing her to shriek in shock.  She gasped and panted as blast after blast of cum splattered her face and filled her mouth, she swallowed over and over as my spunk filled her mouth.

    “Fuckkk” she spluttered as my cum deluge subsided, the final few spurts over her forehead and cheek.

    Maria was a mess, face criss crossed with spunk, white streaks gluing her eyes shut, she sat in front of me gasping.

    “ohh did we forget to tell you” Lucy said sarcastically, moving to kneel next to Maria

    “Sorry” Michele said, kissing Maria, as Lucy licked my cum from one eye.

    “Fucking hell he is some sort of freak” Maria gasped as Lucy and Michelle licked her clean.

    “no” Lucy explained telling Maria about Kathy’s drug.

    Blinking her un glued eyes open Maria stared at me, stunned. “Fuck he’s hard again!” she gasped.

    “Oh yeah, and you need to take care of that!” Michelle told her as she moved back to the sofa with Lucy.

    Maria looked up at me her big blue eyes staring straight towards my cock. “Well then baby, shall we?” She said standing.

    I gripped her by the waist and pulled her over to the sofa, she squealed as  threw her down over the arm, “Fuck me baby, nice and hard” she gasped.

    Holding her down with one hand I spread her ass cheeks with the other, pushing my cock to her asshole.  She screamed “Noooo” as I pushed against it, kicking her legs struggling.

    Her dry sphincter gave, as I jammed my cock inside her, Maria roared as I buried myself up to the hilt in her ass.  Lying ontop of her I pinned her to the sofa, she lay below me, gasping and whining as her ass coped with my invasion.

    “FUCKER!” She snarled, “You had better make me cum now, or I am gonna kick your ass”.

    I held her hips and stood behind her, rutting my dick deep in her bowels.  Maria reached back playing with her pussy, snorting and gasping. Lucy and Michelle were writhing together on the sofa as I buggered Maria.

    “Ohhhhhh” Maria groaned, as I started to built up pace.

    Holding her hips I slammed my shaft hard up her dry ass, she lurched forwards with every stroke.  Her fingers worked hard on her clit as I pounded her as.

    “FUCKKKK!!!! FUUUCKKKKKK!!!!!!” she wailed, her hips bucking, ass spasming on my shaft.

    Maria came very hard, her body shaking legs kicking, ass tightening on me.  I could barely move my cock as she screamed and screamed.

    “YEASSSS!!!!! YEASSSSSS!!! YEASSSSS!!!” she wailed.

    Her ass was dry and my cock exploded instantly after it released me, flooding my spunk deep into her ass.  I collapsed ontop of Maria as my hot seed filled her bowels, lurching forwards onto her.

    “Ohh yeah baby, I love getting my ass fucked” Maria panted, “I always cum soo hard, guess that was something I forgot to tell you!”

    I spanked her toned firm ass, and pulled her tight to my crotch, as my cock swelled in her backside.  Her ass was slippery and full of cum, and I was soon ramming hard up there once again.
    “Fuck yeah, fuck my ass baby, fuck it harder” Maria cried, looking back over her shoulder at me.

    I had her hips pinned to the sofa arm as I buggered her ass hard, she bounced forwards with every slap of my crotch on those firm buttocks.  She screamed loudly another orgasm obviously arriving.

    “FUCKKKKK!!!! YEASSSSS!!!!! YEASSSSSS YEASSSSS!!!” she howled, her body bucking and trembling.

    She spurred me on with her writhing, I pounded her as hard and fast as I could.  Maria clutched a cushion to her face, roaring and screaming into it, her hips bucking as I fucked her backside.
    “YEASSSSSS!!!!!” she cried, “FUCKKKEERRR YEASSSSSSS!!!!”

    I was absolutely destroying her butt, dropping my weight as hard and deep as I could into her Maria willingly and wantonly taking it.  Lucy and Michelle once again stopped their activities to watch Maria take a brutal ass fuck, and love every second of it.

    “YEASSSSSSS!!!!!! YEASSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!” she screamed as her orgasm ended.

    I felt my balls bursting for a second time, and driving deep I injected her bowels with another dose of hot semen.  Maria gasped as I flooded her back passage with hot cum, contently sighing as I finally finished cumming.

    “ohh that is soo good, my ass is full of cum now” she purred.

    I lay on top of Maria, panting from my efforts, as she grinned and played with her hair.  We watched Michelle and Lucy kissing and groping each other on the sofa.  I eased out of Maria and helped her to stand.  She walked on very shaky legs around until we sat on the sofa together.

    “ohh that was sooo nasty, my ass is bursting full of spunk, you filthy bastard” Maria gasped.

    Grinning I stroked her toned stomach before running my hands up to her breasts, they were reasonably big, but very pert and firm.  Her bra made them look massive, and gave her a great cleavage.

    “Well only you mouth or tits left” Michelle said.  They had stopped their session and now walked over towards us.

    “Sorry” Maria said.

    “Only your mouth or your tits left, and then he will have done the full set.” Lucy replied.

    “Pussy, ass, face, tits and Mouth, the five best ways to get a guy off.” Michelle explained.

    “You two are some very horny bitches” Maria replied smiling, “I think I like you”

    “Well which next” Lucy asked me

    “Mouth” I replied.

    “Ohh c’mon then babe let me suck you off” Maria said.

    “Oh no, that’s too easy” Michele explained. “He’s got to fuck your mouth properly”

    Lucy and Michelle got up off the sofa and helped me spin Maria around, we propped her up so as her head hung back over the edge of the sofa, her hair cascading to the floor.  Lucy positioned herself between Marias legs and started to lick her pussy.
I straddled Maria’s head, bouncing my hard cock on her forehead, as she grinned up at me.  Michelle lay below her on the floor, Maria’s hair dangling above her face.  I eased my cock between her lips and down her tongue.

“Fuck her up baby” Michelle gasped.

I held Marias neck and pushed my shaft deep, her throat bulged as my balls pressed tight to her nose.  Holding her like this I began fucking her throat, hot breath blasting my bollocks as she struggled to breathe.

“make her gag, lots of thick spit please!” Michelle begged, I could see her looking up, her eyes urging me to skullfuck Maria.

My hard dick was rutting down her gullet, spit was running down her cheeks into her hair, thick droplets splattering into Michelle’s mouth.  Maria was gripping the couch tightly as I thrust in and out.

 Maria was struggling below me as I slammed hard into her mouth, my balls were now bouncing off her nose, spit was pouring down her face as she choked and coughed.  Lucy had her face buried in Maria’s pussy, working hard on her lips and clit.

I could see Maria’s body tremble, as she screamed on my cock, Lucy obviously having made her cum.  I let go of her neck and she threw her head back, crying as my cock thrust in hard.  I pinned her shoulder to the sofa arm, and pounded away at her throat, thick wads of mucus splattering down into Michelle’s waiting mouth.

“Ohh you liked that!” Lucy gasped coming up for air.

I now thrust ferociously into Maria’s mouth, bending her neck back until the back of her head touched the sofa. Spit was now raining down onto Michelle who was reveling in the deluge.

“Shoot it babe, spunk in her belly” Lucy urged looking up Marias body at me.

My balls were boiling and ramming deep I came, hot spurts of cum right into Maria’s gullet, she struggled below me as the hot scalding liquid pulsed down her neck.  Thick streams of spit and spunk dropped down onto Michelle, as I held my cock balls deep in Maria’s throat.

“Fucking deep throat him bitch” Lucy purred as Maria bucked and writhed.

Easing my cock out Maria coughed and choked, gasping for breath, “oh fuck” she gasped.

Easing upright she sat up on the sofa, her face and hair were plastered in spit, thick rivers coated her hair, and were running down her face, blinking open her red eyes she sat there panting.

“Holy Shit!” gasped, “ that was intense”.

Michelle got up and sat next to her, wiping a few remnants of spit from her own face.

Moving over she started sucking Maria’s face and slurping her clean, licking the long streaks of spit from her cheeks and hair.

“You are one sick bitch” Maria said, letting Michelle lick her face.

Lucy moved to sit the other side of Maria, rubbing her firm thigh whilst leaning over to kiss her.  “Mmmm yeah, wonder how filthy you are”  Lucy purred.

She took Michelle by the hand and moved over to me, they knelt down in front of me, stroking my cock. “get over here bitch, we want to see you lick his asshole”  Lucy said.

Maria did as she was told kneeling down behind me and pulling my ass cheeks apart, “You 2 are fucking warped” she said.

Maria started tonguing my ass, as Lucy sucked on my cockhead.  Michelle moved down to my balls sucking them softly.  My hard shaft was throbbing as Lucy furiously worked on my head, while Maria delved her tongue up my ass.  My cock was hard within minutes, as she drilled that snake like tongue deep into my ring.  Lucy wanked my shaft, Michelle sucked on my head, as it throbbed fully erect again.

“titfuck him” Lucy told Maria.

Maria pushed me back down onto the sofa, kneeling between my legs,  She peeled of her top to reveal her full and perky breasts.  Grinning she spat on my shaft, before wrapping both breasts around it, jerking me slowly.

“Go on baby, shoot your jizz all over me” She teased.

My hard dick throbbed between her tits as she wanked me, the soft titty flesh stroking me good.  Maria was moving faster now, building up a steady rhythm.  I looked over her shoulder to see Lucy and Michelle both strapping on some monster dildo’s, out of Marias sight.  Lucy pressed a finger to her lips making a ‘shhhh’ gesture.

My cock was twitching, Maria knew I was close to exploding and frantically stroked my head.  Her hard nipples pressed to my thighs as she stroke my shaft to climax.  Lucy and michelel stood there fake dicks bouncing as I came all over Maria.

“Yes! Fucking cum baby!” she gasped as my cock exploded.

Thick shots of spunk blast up from her tits, coating her face, clinging to her eyes, roping her hair.  She gasps as my deluge continues, hot spunk still flying from my cock.  Finally my cum spray subsides, and Maria sits back on her heels, plastered in semen.

“Ohh fuck yeah, wow ladies that was awesome” She gasps.

She turned around to see the girls, grinning, then shocked to see what they were doing.  Releasing my shaft from between her tits, she kneels in front of them, admiring both huge shafts.

“What the fuck!” she gasps

“Initiation Maria” Michelle replies, “If you can take both of these then you can join our fuck club”

“ohh I like a challenge, but fuck those are huge!” Maria replied.

Michelle moved over to the sofa and sat down. Stroking her huge 14” dildo, it was slick with lube.  Maria eased her asshole so it touched the tip and then lowered herself down.  She gasped as it pushed into her, at about half way she paused.

“FUCK its huge” she panted.

  Michelle held her hips and eased her down, until the full length was inside, Maria leant back, Michelle grasping her tits, holding her tight, “fucking do it Lucy, fill my pussy now.”

Lucy grinned, her lubed shaft wiping over Marias pussy lips, she moved it down next to Michelle’s thick fake cock.

“Whatever made you think I was going in there!” she said grinning, pushing her head in.

Maria howled, legs kicking, Lucy grabbed them and Pressed harder, inch by inch forcing her way in.  Maria bit her lip hissing, as Lucy stretched her ass to the max, her thighs trembling uncontrollably as the thick shafts finally filled her.

“FUUUCKKKKKKK!” Maria roared as they started to pump in and out.

Lucy held her legs wide, thick shaft stabbing deep, while Michelle pumped upwards faster and faster. Her eyes were wide, gasping as she felt her ass being stretched like never before, Lucy started thrusting hard as well now, both thick shafts driving in and out.

“FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!” Maria screamed her ass being destroyed.

Her abdomen twitched, I could see the muscles spasming as Lucy and Michelle rammed deep up her ass.  Her nipples were like bullets as she howled, her cum covered face a mask of pain and pleasure.

“FUCK! FUCK!” FUUUUUUCCCKKKK!” she continued to roar.

My dick was hard, and I moved to stand on the sofa next to them, wanking my cock furiously over all 3.  Michelle grinned holding Maria tight, as Lucy really pounded her asshole.

“jerk that cock babe,” Michelle said grinning, “shoot that spunk all over this ginger whore”

Maria was snarling, teeth gritted as she took it like a champ, “Fucking spunk on my face!” she snapped, looking me in the eyes, “fucking blast me, oh fuck I feel so dirty”

Wanking my shaft, I was so close to exploding, just before I came, Maria exploded in orgasm herself.  Her body shaking, eyes rolling back in her head, a wail of pleasure filling the room.

My cock blasted her face, thick cum drenching her, she howled in pleasure as I drowned her with my semen.  Michelle held her tits tightly twisting her nipples as she came, she screamed loudly, my cum going into her open mouth.  Maria was oblivious, lost in her pleasure filled world.


My dick shot the final drops over her face as she calmed from her climax.  Lucy easing her shaft out, Maria sighing contently, a single shaft now balls deep in her asshole.  Cum layered her face, her right eye swimming in my cum, long strands dripping down her forehead.

“holy fuck!” Maria gasped, “That was incredible”

Her legs were still twitching, muscles moving involuntarily, as she sat up.  Lucy bent forwards and licked the cum from her eye, cleaning her face and swallowing my spunk.  She shared a cum filled kiss with Maria, before helping her up off of the shaft.

“Ohh fuck, that, that was soo much” She panted.

“You passed babe, in fact you looked like you enjoyed it” Michelle said,

“Fuck it felt like it was tearing me in two, but then when I came, it was soooo intense” Maria replied.

“Wanna join us in the shower? We have another vistor here soon, maybe you’d even like to play with her?” Lucy said.

“Ohhh maybe I would” Maria replied, a cheeky grin spreading over her lips.
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Re: Lucy and Michelle - Voucher Number 3 (Lucy Pinder and Michelle Marsh)
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Chapter 2

Starring: Lucy Pinder and Michelle Marsh, MAria Kanellis, Christina Hendricks

Codes: MF,MFF, FF,FFF Tittyfuck, Anal, DP, DAP, spit, Lesibian, Throatfuck, swallowing, spit

Disclaimer:  This story is purely fiction, it has never happened.  Please keep this story to this site only, if you want to share elsewhere DM me and ask for permission.

I waited in the lounge as Michelle had told me, while Maria cleaned up.  My second wish list would be here soon, so I was quite excited to see who it was.

Michelle returned, leading a busty redhead behind her, “I can see why you picked her” Michelle said with a wink.

It was the mammoth breasted Christina Hendricks, wearing a lilac dress, showing off her massive tits to the world.

    “Hello baby, I see you’re all ready for me” Christina purred, admiring my hard cock.

    “I’ll leave you too it, I am just gonna see how Lucy and Maria are doing” Michelle said leaving.

    Christina came and sat next to me on the large leather sofa, “Mmm baby, I really want to see if what Lucy and Michelle told me is true” she purred reaching down and slowly stroking my hard cock.

    “Why don’t you stand up and wank that hard cock all over me baby, I want to be covered in your spunk”

    I stood in front of Christina, stroking my cock, as she looked up at me, eyes begging for my cum.  She licked her full red lips, grinning as I stroked faster and faster, “Go on baby, shoot your hot sticky spunk all over me,” Christina teased, opening her mouth and waggling her tongue.

    “over my massive soft tits, I bet you are just dying to fuck them eh babe” she said holding her arms under her breasts and jiggling them up and down.

    “Do it baby, do it, wank all over me now”

    My cock erupted in my hand, spraying thick white jets all over Christinas face and tits, long strings of cum roped over her face, and clang to the tops of her breasts, as my balls pumped a huge load over her.

    “FUCK!” Christina yelped, as I drowned her in hot spunk, “Oh fuck yeah!”

    My legs shook as the last few drop splattered over her tits, and I sat back into a nearby armchair.  Christina blinked her eyes open, grinning madly as she looked down at her spunk covered tits. “sweet Jesus baby, that was a LOT of cum” she gasped.

    She lifted her huge breasts to her face and began sucking and licking all my spunk off, “Ohh it tastes amazing” she gasped as she scooped all the large globules and streaks from her face into her mouth, swallowing them avidly down.

    “Wanna fuck my big tits?” She asked, spinning around so her legs were up in the air over the sofa back and her head was hanging off the front of the sofa.  My cock was hard again after watching her eat all my spunk, and I walked over kneeling on the sofa above her head.

    Cristina pushed her huge tits together as I nudged the head of my cock to her cleavage, Pushing in between her warm soft breasts.  She gasped as my cock pushed down into the valley of her tits, until my balls rested on her neck.

    “Pound my big tits baby, just like you have fantasized about” She gasped.

    I rutted into her soft tits, my cock slipping back and forth in the tight warm depths of her cleavage, Christina moved her tits back and forth as I fucked them, the double motion was incredible.

    “You want it baby, you want all I have” Christina hissed, as she lifted her head up, and started to lick my ass. “fuck my tits you bastard” she growled as she delved her tongue further up my butt.

    My cock was throbbing as soon as she started and I knew I couldn’t last long with Christina working on my ass. My cock erupted shooting a huge spurt of spunk deep into her cleavage.

    “Yesss baby, shoot that cum for me” She gasped, her nose buried deep up my asscrack.

    My balls were emptying a huge load right down inside her cleavage, as I slammed hard against her monster tits. “FUCK YEAH” she cried as I rammed my crotch tight to her breasts.

    My legs shuddered as I finished cumming, Christina sucking on my empty balls.  I stepped back letting her breathe, as she spun around to sit on the sofa. The front of her dress was soaked in spunk,. A large wet patch over her tits and belly.

    “Ohh yeah baby, that was another huge load” she gasped, standing up.  Peeling down the straps of her dress, Christina revealed those mammoth breasts.  Spectacular breasts that wobbled as she swayed, thick white spunk covering her nipples and belly.  She grinned as she scooped up a strand of spunk bringing it to her lips and swallowing it.

    “Now then baby lay back and enjoy the ride” She said, straddling my hard again dick.

    The busty redhead eased her tight pussy down onto my cock, and began to rock up and down, suckling her big breasts cleaning every drop of spunk from them. “Ohh yeah baby, fuck me good pleaseee” she gasped.

    Her massive tits were bouncing up and down as she rode my cock, I held her hips and helped her up and down on my shaft.  Christina was gasping and groaning as I pounded her pussy, ramming deep up into her.

“Yes, yes, oh fuck yes” she gasped

    She began to shake and shudder an orgasm hitting her body, she tossed her head back roaring in pleasure

    YES! YEASSSSS!!! YEASSSSSSSS!!! FUCKKKKKK!!!” Christina cried, as she came.

    I gripped her hips tighter and rutted furiously into her contracting cunt, her body shaking in pleasure.  Christina’s massive tits were quivering as she came, big hard nipples shaking furiously.
    She slowly calmed down from her climax, staring down at me as I fucked her. “Yes baby, do it, do it fuck me hard” she gasped.

    My cock was pounding her tight wet hole, as she rocked up and down ontop of me grasping her big breasts.  She squeezed and groped her tits as I fucked her hard, She kneaded her nipples, pinching them tight.

    “FUCK! FUCK! FUCKKKKKKKK!!!!” she screamed, coming again.

    I hammered home, deep into her cunt, as she writhed and shook screaming loudly.


    Her huge tits were bouncing furiously as she came, her pussy clamping tight on my cock.


    She eased down onto me, rocking slowly as her shudders lessened. Grinning broadly Christina gripped her breasts tweaking the nipples.

    “Ohh wow! That was amazing” she gasped, “I bet your balls are full to bursting, let’s see if I can do something about that” she teased.

    Easing up off of me, she worked her way down my body, grasping my cock, and softly sucking it.  Christina worked up and down my throbbing shaft, eye contact on me the whole time, until finally she pushed the lot down her throat.  Holding me there for an eternity she gagged and choked on my shaft.  Tears ran down her cheeks as she stared at me, spit running down all over my balls.

    “Ohhhh fuck yeah” she gasped finally coming up for a breath, “Fell good baby?” she asked.

    Before I could answer she was back on my shaft, her throat milking my pulsing head as she watched me.  My hips bucked up, but she never flinched as I thrust balls deep into her throat.  Hot spunk exploded down her neck, into her gullet she coughed and gagged but kept most of it down.

    Her tongue was flicking my balls as the tightened and pumped, hot sticky jizz down Christina’s throat.  Her hot breath flowed over the root of my shaft as finally I finished, my balls empty.
    “ohhh Fuckkkkk” she gasped spit still dripping from her mouth.

    Christina sat back onto her knees, grinning, “Did you enjoy that baby” she purred, “I love to suck cock”

    She started bouncing her big tits in her hands, “Wanna fuck these again, before I let you use my asshole!” she teased.

    My cock sprang into life at this thought, as Christina stripped off her dress, and lay back on the coffee table, propping her head up with a cushion she grinned as I straddled her chest.

    “Stick you cock between these bad boys” she gasped crushing her huge boobs together, forming a cavernous cleavage.  I pressed my head to the base of her tits, and eased up between them.  Her soft breasts clang to my shaft as I burrowed upwards, until my crotch rested on her underboob.

    “Yeah baby, fuck my big juicy tits” Christina gasped as I fucked her tits hard.

    I tweaked her nipples as she crushed her tits around my cock, rutting furiously I pounded into her boobs.  Christina was snarling looking up at me as she reveled in my pounding.

    “Yeah baby, bang my big melons, then I am gonna let you ram it up my tight dirty asshole” she hissed.

    My balls began to boil again, and thick white jets of spunk flew out from between her tits, splattering her face, and lacing her forehead.  I sat across her chest, cock exploding between her massive breasts, hot cum splattering her eager face.

    “ohh yeah baby, drown me in your cum” Christina gasped and hot semen splattered her face, “More, I want more” she spluttered.

    Eventually my spurts stopped, and a few last dribbles ran down her neck.  She looked up at me gasping, her face a mask of white spunk, thick long rivers of semen all over her face.  “Oh yeah baby, that was amazing, thank you soooo much” she said.

    She sat up and moved to kneel in front of me, “let’s get you nice and hard, ready to fuck my ass” she said.

    She sucked on my limp shaft coaxing it back in to life, and after no time I was rock hard again.

    “Oh you want to stick that up my ass don’t you” She said, grinning up at me. “Let’s make it nice and wet”

    She lowered her throat onto my shaft, gagging down onto it, thick spit soon covered my shaft.  She got up and walked around behind the sofa, bending over she rested on the back.
    “Do it baby, stick it into me” she said.

    Moving around behind her I nudged my slippery head to her ass, pushing in it gave Christina gasping as I entered her back passage.  Gripping her full hips I eased deeper until my crotch rested on her big soft buttocks.

    “Do it, bugger me hard baby” Christina gasped.

Slamming my cock hard up her ass, I held her hips as she bucked on my shaft, Christina was loving me rutting up her back passage, harder and harder.

“Oh yeas, yes baby, fuck me up my ass” she gasped.

I reached around and groped her big tits, mauling them as I continued to pound her butthole, she was resting on her arms, tossing her head from side to side.

“YES! OHHH YEASSSS!! YESSSSS!!! YEAAAASSSS!!!” she cried, her as spasming as she came.
This spurred me on to fuck her harder, as she shook and shuddered below me.


My hands moved up from her breasts as she slowly calmed from her orgasm, and I gripped her long red hair in my hands, pulling hard I bent her backwards, lifting her head up.

“Fuck you, yes, fucking do me nasty, do me sooo nasty” she gasped as my cock continued to violate her ass.

Her arms were flailing as I held her up by her hair, she screamed as my dick plunged in and out of her tight ass, crotch lamming on those soft buttocks every stroke.

“Well it sounded like you were having fun” Michelle said as she Lucy and Maria returned.

“Look at the spunk on her face, the filthy whore” Lucy added.

“Don’t stop!” Christina snarled as I slowed when the girls had arrived “Keep pounding my ass, harder, bugger me harder!”

    The audience plus Christina’s demands helped me to new depths, tweaking her hair a little more pulling her head back a touch further, I re doubled my efforts pounding Christina’s asshole.
    “Up the ass as well, fuck look at her, those titties are huuuge” Maria said enthusiastically.

“I was gonna head off, but no way, I wanna get me a go with those”

    “FUCK! FUCK! FUUUUCCCKKKKK!” Christina screamed coming again, my cock clamped tight by her vice like ass.

    Her huge tits were juddering, as she came, my cock sawing in and out of her spasming sphincter, Christina was hissing and spitting as she snarled and shook.  Lucy, Michelle and Maria watched intently as I pounded the redhead hard.

    “FUCKKKK YEAASSSS!!! YEASSSS!!!! OH! OH! OH YEEAAAASS!!!!” she howled.

    My balls were bursting and I could hold back no longer, hot scalding spunk flooding into her bowels, I jerked and jerked into her trembling, spasming ass.

    “FUCK YES! SPUNK IN MY ASS!! CUMMMMMMM!! YEASSSSS!!!” Christina groaned, as my hot seed filled her back passage.

    “Oh look at her, getting her asshole filled up with spunk” Michelle said grinning, “think we need to get in on this”

    I let go of Christina’s hair, and she collapsed forwards onto the sofa, bent over the back, gasping as my cock grew soft in her ass.  Easing out I let Lucy, Michelle and Maria replace me.

    Michelle got down onto her knees, spreading Christina’s ass she flicked her hole with her tongue.  Lucy and Maria stood either side of Christina, who shot up to see who was tonguing he ass.
    “Fuck bitch,” she said looking at Michelle, that’s filthy!”

    Lucy leant around and started to suck her right breast, and Maria copied doing the same to the left, Christina gasped standing there obviously enjoying the stimulation.

“Mmmm, look at these funbags Lucy, I could die a happy girl buried between these” Maria gasped, suckling on Christina’s nipple.

    “FUCK!” Christina gasped as Michelle sucked on her asshole draining my fresh load of cum.

    “Let’s play shall we” Lucy said moving over to the cupboard by the wall.

    “Ohh yesssss” Christina murmured in reply.

    Maria worked on both of Christina’s tits, while Lucy fetched a collection of toys over to them.  Grinning Maria snatched up the 14 inch strap on and waved it in Christina’s face, “ohhh I am soo gonna use this on you” she said.

    “Fuck it’s huge!” Christina gasped.

    “Let’s watch them then” Lucy suggested as Michelle finished feasting on Christina’s ass.

    Maria fastened the shaft to her crotch, peeling off the tiny ref shorts she had put back on first, and went to sit on the chair nearby.

    “ride me baby” Maria said to Christina.

    Christina moved over and straddled Maria, easing the tip of the shaft into her pussy, Maria gripped her hips as she moved down onto it.  “Oh FUCK!”  Christina cried as her crotch nestled tightly to Marias, the whole shaft deep up inside her.

    “Feels good eh baby” Maria purred, as she began thrusting up into Christina.

    “Oh! OH! OHHH FUCK!” Christina cried as she began to bounce up and down.

    Maria was loving it as she let Christina ride her, mauling her big breasts as she rutted upwards hard.  Lucy was bent over sucking my cock as I watched Christina’s big round asscheeks judder every time Maria fucked her.  Trails of sweat rolled down her back as she arched and shook orgasming.

    “YEASSSS!!! YEAAAAAASSSS!!! YEAAAAASSSSSS!!!” She howled, body quivering.

    Michelle was licking my balls whilst Lucy sucked on my throbbing head, Christina shuddering and bucking.  Maria continued to fondle her breasts, tweaking the nipple hard as she shook.


    Easing up from my shaft Lucy gasped “DP time I think” helping me stand up and leading me over to Christina.

    She walked around to the side of her, while Michelle stood the other.  Each softly kissed her as she calmed from her orgasm.  “time to fill you up” Michelle said grinning, as I stepped up behind her, and held her hips down, pushing my cock against her asshole.

    “Ohh fuck, stick it in my ass honey” Christina gasped, as her sphincter gave way and I pushed my cock hard up into her.

    Christina and Maria locked hands as she was pummeled between us, Michelle and Lucy now suckling her breasts, feasting on her teats.

    “FUCK! FUCK FUCK!” Christina cried as I pounded her asshole, and Maria fucked her pussy with her huge fake cock.

    Christina was gasping and crying out as she came for a second time, her asshole spasming on my shaft as I buggered her hard.


    “Fucking cum for me whore, cum for me you dirty whore” Maria cried as she watched Christina shuddering in ecstasy.


    I held her hips pushing her down onto Maria, who clasped her arms around Christina’s body holding her tight.  I drove my cock in and out of her ass, as she shook and screamed, orgasming hard

    “YEASSS!!! YEASSSSS!! YEEEAASSSSS!!!” she cried.

    “Fill her ass with spunk” Lucy gasped, kissing Michelle hard, as they watched us pound Christina.

    My balls exploded pumping thick hot cum into her ass, I drove down clasping at her buttocks as her sphincter milked more and more jizz from my cock. She was gasping and snorting looking down at Maria, their noses almost touching.

    “Ass full of cum again eh?” Maria said smiling.

    I eased from her ass, giving her a hard spank as I pulled out.

    “FUCK!” she squealed.

    Lucy added a 14 inch cock to her crotch, strapping it in place.  Christina sat up, gasping watching Lucy, as Maria played with her huge breasts.  Lucy poured lube all over the huge length, “Get ready bitch, I am so gonna destroy your cum filled ass” she said smiling.

    “Oh fuck no, that is never gonna fit up my ass!” Cristina said panicking.

    “Oh yes it is!” Michelle replied, tweaking her nipples hard, making Christina shudder and squirm.

    Lucy pushed her down towards Maria, who again clasped her arms around Christina, holding her tightly.  Gripping her hips she pressed the end of her strap on against Christina’s ass hole.

    “OH FUCK! OH FUCK! FUCK! FUCK ! FUCK!” Christina hissed as Lucy eased the first few inches in.  Her hips trembled as 6 then 8 inches invaded her ass.  Eyes wide she was breathless as Lucy held her hips and plunged the last 12 then all 14 inches up her ass.

    “Take that whore!” Lucy gasped slapping her buttocks hard.

    Lucy held her hips and started to fuck Christina’s ass, slow steady strokes in and out of her back passage. Christina was screaming and shaking, her body fighting against the invasion of such a huge shaft.

    “SHIT! SHIT! OHHH SHIT NOOOOO!” she screamed.

    Maria started fucking her pussy, distracting her from Lucy’s buggery, kissing a squealing Christina hard, she silenced her, as Lucy sped up, really rutting her ass now. Michelle had knelt in front of me and was sucking on my now hard cock, in front of all 3 girls.

    “oh look at her Christina, sucking that cock, she loves it” Lucy panted.

    “OH FUUCKKK OH FUUUUCKKK! I’M CUMMMIINNNG” Christina cried, her body trembling.

    Lucy and Maria kept pounding her as she came, eyes rolling up in her head, big tits jangling as Maria let go of her and she held herself up.

    “YEASSSSS!!!! OHHH FUCK YEASSSSSS!!!” she screamed.

    Lucy’s crotch was slamming hard against her big soft bum cheeks, as she rammed furiously into Christina.  Lucy had discarded her top and her boobs bounced and jiggled as she fucked Christina hard in the ass.

    “FUCK YESSSS!!! YESSSSS!!! YESSSSSS!!!” Christina cried still coming.

    Michelle was sucking my shaft in and out of her throat, repeatedly going deep onto my head, I held her hair and started fucking her throat, as Christina watched us, her body calming from its climax

    “Like what you see” Maria said.

    “Oh fuck, what are you bitches, filthy fucking sluts” Christina panted.

    I had hold of Michelle’s head and was drilling her throat, as Lucy and Maria started to fuck Christina hard again.  Lucy was thrusting into her ass, Maria ramming her pussy, Christina was
looking at me and gasping, her eyes wide.

    “Fuck, ohhh  fuckk, fuck, fuck ,fuck” she gasped.

    Michelle gasped and eased my cock from her throat, thick spit stringing down over her tits.  She started wanking me hard with one hand and reached over for a pint glass with her other.

    “Ohhh fuuuuck” Michelle croaked, “fill this up baby”

    Maria had hold of Christina’s hips and Lucy reached around to grope her massive boobs, she was rutting deep up Christina’s ass, as Maria pounded her cunt.

    “FUCK! FUCKKKK!!! YEAAAAASSSSSSS!!!” Christina cried, cumming hard again

    Lucy pinched her nipples, twisting them, casing Christina to scream as she came.

    “YEAAASSSSSSSS!!!” She howled, her body twitching and writhing

    Hot jizz rocketed from my cock filling the glass, as I watched Christina climax, jet after jet of spunk blasted into it, the level rising rapidly.  Michelle stroked and coaxed every drop from my balls until the glass was full.

    “FUCKKKK! FUUUUCCKKKKK!!! FUCCCCKKKKKK!!!” Christina screamed, and both her holes were rutted furiously.

    Michelle got up off of her knees and sat on the sofa, I sat next to her watching Lucy and Maria DP Christina.

    “YEASSSS!!! OH FUUUCKK YEASSSSS!!!!!” She wailed, body shaking.

    Lucy eased down, stroking Christina’s shoulders as she calmed from her 2nd orgasm.  Maria stroked her breasts, softly squeezing them.

    `”Ohh Christina, that was good I think” Lucy said, easing her shaft from Christina’s ass.

    Christina gasped, as her ass contracted, free from the massive shaft “Sooo good” she purred.

    Lucy helped her stand, her legs wobbly, as Maria eased up from below her.  Christina sat back down in the chair, face flushed, hair clinging to her sweaty cheeks, nipples rock hard.
    “Ohh fuck, that was immense” she gasped, running her fingers through her hair.

    “Thirsty?” Lucy asked

    “very” Christina relpied.

    “Good, we are gonna watch you drink this down” Michelle said passing her the pint glass full of my spunk.

    “Fuck NO!” Christina replied.

    “Oh yes” I told her.

    She took the glass from Michelle, and dipped her finger in tasting it, not completely disgusted she lifted the glass to her lips and drank.  Gulp after gulp of Semen until the whole lot was gone.
    “ooohhh fuck” she gasped, “that’s a LOT of cum”

    “Goood girl” Lucy said, “now get up and bend over the back of the chair again, we need some more spunk in your ass”

    “Mmmm, please fuck me in the ass again baby” Christina said to me, “Stick your hard cock up my tight asshole and flood it with your cum”

    She rested her huge boobs on the back of the chair as she bent over ready for me, watching Lucy, Michelle and Maria, sitting side by side on the sofa.

    “Fucking bugger her hard” Maria said.

Holding her ass cheeks apart I pushed my throbbing hard shaft deep up her backside, she yelped slightly as I slammed as far as I could inside her.  I held her hips and started pumping away, my cock rutting up her bum as she gasped and groaned in with pleasure.

“Do it baby, do it harder” Christina gasped, as I pummeled her backside.

Michelle and Lucy both had 14 inch shafts strapped to their crotches and the sat beside Maria watching us.  Maria was wanking one in each had, as she stared intently at Christina.

“Fucking take it bitch, take that cock up your dirty ass!” Maria gasped.

Christina gripped her massive tits and groped them hard, as I rammed again and again up her ass.

    “FUCK! OHH FUCK!” she screamed.

    Maria was slowly wanking each of Michelle and Lucy’s shafts, they poured a ton of lube over them making them slick and glistening.  “Imagine if these were real cocks, ready to explode all over you pretty face Christina!” Maria teased.

    My hands held her hips down against the back of the chair as I rogered her ferociously, her body bucking and shaking as she came. Her ass spasms set my cock off, hot spunk flooding her bowels, pulsing huge wads up her back passage.

    “YEEEAASSSS!! YYYEEEEAAASSSSS!!! YEEEAAAASSS!!!!!!!” She howled, tossing her head from side to side.

    “Yeah, cum up her ass” Lucy gasped, as Maria stroked her fake cock furiously, likewise stroking Michelle shaft.

    “FUCKKK!!! FUUUCCKKK YEAASSSSSS!!!!” She screamed as the last of my cum spurted out.

    “Ohhh that looked like fun” Lucy said grinning, as Christina calmed from her orgasm.

    I eased my cock from her asshole, Christina sighed as her sphincter clasped shut.  Lucy and Michelle grinned and stood up, “Oh do it to her girls” Maria said.

    “Oh fuck, that was good,” Christina gasped.

    Michelle tossed some cushions onto the coffee table and lay back on it, stroking her huge shaft covering it in lube. “Sit on this monster Christina” she said.

    I lead her around to Michelle, and made her straddle the desk, “Oh fuck that bastard is big” She gasped looking down.

    I held her steady as she eased down onto the shaft, Lucy and Maria watching her face as she took the monster up her backside, “OH FUCK!” she yelped as it reached halfway, “FUCK THAT’S BIG!”

    She was gasping and snorting as finally all 14 inches were up her ass. Michelle reached up guiding her hips into position, holding her tightly down.

    “Lean back” Lucy said, stepping up and holding her legs at her knees.

    Michelle gripped her breasts, squeezing the huge orbs tightly as she rested back on her arms, looking up at Lucy.

    “ohh fuck my tight pussy Lucy, I am sooo wet and horny now” Christina gasped.

    “Ha!” Lucy cackled, “this ain’t going in your pussy whore!”

    “FUCK NO!” Christina screamed as Lucy pushed the head next to Michelle’s shaft, trying to force into her.

    “Do it fuck her up like you did to me!” Maria snarled moving around to kneel beside Christina.  “Fucking whore they are gonna destroy your ass, they pounded me until I was screaming”
    “FUUUUUCCKKKKKKK!!!” Christina howled as Lucy broken her sphincter open and popped the head of her shaft in.

    “Yeaaaahhh” she sneered pushing it in deeper.

    Christina’s eyes were wide her mouth open, shocked into silence, her thighs shook as Lucy pushed her shaft in, inch after inch deeper up her ass.  Michelle was groping her breasts fiercely, Maria intently watching her reaction.

    “Balls fucking deep!” Lucy said, grinning sadistically as her crotch touched Christina’s.

    Maria bent over softly kissing Christina, before leaning back and spitting in her face, the shock of that snapped Christina from her trance.  She shook her head squealing loudly, her teeth clenched.

    “FUCK YOU BITCH” she snarled at Maria, “Fucking pound my shit pipe Lucy” she snapped.

    Lucy and Michelle responded by starting to slide hard in and out of her ass, about half the shaft pistoning alternately side by side.

    “You want it whore?” Lucy snapped “ Fucking tell me you want it”

    “FUCKKKKKK!!!” Christina screamed in reply “FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!”

    She was coming already, her body shaking things shuddering in Lucys grasp.  Maria suckled her nipples as Michelle clasped her huge breasts tight, holding her down.


    Maria grinned as Christina exploded in orgasm, her eyes rolling back as she came hard.

    “OH FUCK! OH FUCK! OH FUCK!” she cried.

    “I said tell ME!!” Lucy snarled increasing the ferocity of her strokes, slamming harder and deeper into Christina’s back passage.

    Christina whined “Pleaaase fuck my asshole, please, please harder Lucy, harder” as she moved her hands down to stroke her pussy.

    “You Slut” Lucy sneered as she totally ravaged Christina’s ass, her crotch slamming violently against her.

    “Oh look at this hard cock” Maria said stroking my shaft, “Use  these big tits for me, and cover this whore in your jizz”

    “Oh yes, yes, baby fuck my tits, fuck them for me” Christina panted.

    I straddled her and Michelle, slapping my cock between her tits, Michelle pushed them together holding them tightly around my shaft as I started to probe between them.

    “Cover her babe, shoot that thick hot spunk all over her” Michelle panted, Lucy and her fucking Christina’s ass hard.

    She jiggled below me as Lucy buggered her, I could feel Lucy’s tits slapping on my back as she ferociously pushed her strap on in and out.  She was looking up at me Eyes wide, staring at my cock as it popped from between her massive tits.

    “SHIT! OHHH SHIIITTT!” she cried her body spasming again, her nipples were hard as nails, poking out from between Michelle’s fingers.

    Maria bent down and started flicking my bellend as it popped free, slurping her tongue over it every time it emerged.  Christina was shaking her big soft tits shaking over my shaft as it drove back and forth between them.


    Maria stood back up, “Shoot it soon baby, I want her covered in spunk!” she said.

    “FUCCCCKKKK!!!! FUCKKKKKK!!! FUUUUUCCCKKK!” Christina screamed.

My hard cock sawed back and forth, entrenched between Christina’s mammoth tits.  Lucy and Michelle were pounding her ass hard.  She cried and gasped as she came hard.


Maria was watching me, as my throbbing head burst free every time I fucked Christina’s huge breasts. “Shoot it, cover her babe” she urged.

Hot scalding ropes of semen flew from my shaft, splattering down onto Christmas face as I came.  Rutting ferociously against her tits, stream after stream of spunk pulsed from my cockhead.

“Ohh fuck yesss, yessss” Christina gasped spluttering when my cum flew into her mouth.

Maria stroked my chest, kissing me hard, as the final few drops of spunk dribbled from my dick over Christina’s neck and into her cleavage.

“Ohh well done honey, she is plastered” Maria said.

Her face was a layer of cum, thick pools in her eye sockets, clinging to her lashes.  Her eyes were wide still, moving in the pools looking up at Maria and me.  “Ohhhh FUUUUCKK!!” she sobbed as she came again, Lucy and Michelle continually double fucking her ass.

I eased up from her chest, stepping back with Maria, who moved down to lick my cum from Christina’s breasts.  Christina shrieked as she came hard, her body quivering.


Maria grinned as she suckled Christina’s breasts, chewing on her nipples as she came, she groped and squeezed them roughly as Christina arched her back shaking.

“YEAAASSSS!!! YEAAAASSS!!! YEAAAASSSSS!!!!!” she screamed.

Maria stood up grinning, face covered in thick spunk trails and lumps, “Ohh you dirty, dirty girl” she purred walking over to me, she stroked my cock as it sprang back to life.

“She’s loving it Chelle” Lucy gasped rutting hard, sweat running off her face and tits.

“Ohh yeah, this ones proper dirty” Michelle gasped in reply,

Maria turned around to watch Christina, eyes red, spunk still covering them, she bent over pushing her amazingly toned ass towards me.  “Destroy my ass baby, I want you to make me cum with Christina” She teased.

I stood in line with Lucy, Maria bent over in front of me, spreading her ass cheeks I slid my shaft into her dry ass, she gasped and tried to pull away as I pushed my length inside her, but I gripped her hips holding her tight.

“OH Fucccck!” she yelped as finally I was balls deep up her ass.

“Watch her Christina, watch her cum” Lucy said, holding her thighs tight and ramming hard.

I hooked both of Maria’s arms behind her back and set about slamming her ass with all my strength, she bounced furiously on my cock as I pounded her asshole.  Lucy was matching my rhythm with Christina, trying to get them to cum together.

Marias face was contorted with pleasure and pain as I forced my cock up her dry ass, over and over again, harder and harder, my crotch slapping against her tight buttocks.  She bucked and writhed in my grasp as I buggered her ferociously.

“Shit, shit, SHIT!” She wailed, as I continued to drive relentlessly into her.

I wasn’t going to last much longer, so really needed to get Maria off fast, I increased my pace to as fast and hard as I could go hoping to drive her over the edge before I came.

“FUCK!” Christina cried her body starting to climax again “CUM WITH MEEEEE!” she squealed looking at Maria.

“YEAAAAAASSSSSSSSS!!!” Maria howled as she came.

Christina was snarling and gasping as her abdomen twitched, watching as Maris fought in my grip. “CUMMINNGGG!!!” She cried her body hit by another powerful orgasm

“FUCKKKK!!! FUUUUCKKKK!!!!” Maria screamed her orgasm timed to match Christinas.

“Ohh yeah baby” Lucy panted, “awesome”

“SOOOO GOOOOOD, SOOOOOO GOOOODDD!” Christina hissed, her legs kicking in Lucy’s grasp.

My cock exploded inside Maria, her asshole spasming on my shaft as I came.  I kept trusting as the thick hot spurts burst from my bellend, coating her asshole as I slammed in and out my cock slid so easily on the slippery jizz.

“YES!! YESSSS!! YEAAAAASSSS!!!” Maria howled, writhing and bucking like a spitfire as I absolutely owned her ass.

“FUUUUCCCCKKK YEAAAASSSSSS!!!” Christina screamed, her body taught with orgasm, she stared intently at Maria as she finally calmed from her exertions.

I let go of her arms and Maria straightened, tossing her hair and gasping as my cock slid from her ass.  “Ohhh fuck thank you baby” she purred.

“You dirty, dirty girl” Christina gasped, “Your ass is full of his spunk isn’t it!”

“Oh yeah, but not for long” Maria replied straddling her pal, and sitting on her face, “Suck it out you slut, every dirty drop”.

Christina buried her face Between Maria’s toned ass cheeks, driving her tongue into her hole, sucking furiously.  Maria rolled her eyes back, gasping at the anal probing.  Lucy leant forwards kissing her hard, a proper porno kiss.

“Ohh do it Christina, empty her ass” Michelle told her.

“let me taste her ass while she eats mine Lucy” Maria pleaded.

Lucy eased the strap on from Christina who groaned as the pressure in her ass eased, Lucy moving her hips up, to meet Maria’s lips as she bent forwards to suck on the shaft.  Maria avidly licked every taste of ass juice from Lucy’s strap on, before Lucy pressed it against Christina’s asshole and rammed it deep inside again.

“NOOOOOOOOOOO!” she screamed, her face still between Maria’s ass cheeks.

Lucy was balls deep again, and both girls were working up a hard pace, double pounding Christina’s asshole.

“Fucking ram it in her” Maria gasped.

She ran her fingers down to Christinas pussy and began playing with her clit, Christina gasped and whined at the attention, but kept to her task, drilling her tongue up inside Maria’s tight asshole, sucking every drop o f my spunk out.

“Let’s make her messy!” Lucy said easing her shaft out again, Christina gasped thankful of the second release in a few minutes.

She wasn’t safe for long though as I replaced Lucy and pushed my now throbbing hard dick next to Michelle in her asshole.

Lucy straddled Christians hips, and waved her long shaft in front of Maria, who grasped it tight pulling it to her lips again.

“We want lots of spit!” Lucy told her before gripping her head tight and slowly pushing her thick shaft down to the back of Maria’s throat.  Her eyes teared up as Lucy broke her open, and drilled down into her gullet.

“Do it Lucy!” Michelle urged, watching her push deeper and deeper into Maria’s throat.

Finally Marias nose touched Lucy’s stomach, her hot breath panting down over Lucy’s crotch.

I pumped furiously alongside of Michelle, Christina’s ass was so tight and it clenched violently over and over as she came again. I held her legs up in the air, as Lucy stood over her massive tits, throat fucking Maria, making her gag up thick streams of spit.

“YEASSSS!!! YEAAAAAAASSSS!!! YEEEEEEAAAAAASSSSS!!” Christina screamed as she came.

Lucy had Marias head held tightly to her crotch, she slammed the shaft deep into her throat over, and over again.  Maria spluttered and choked, her arms gripping Lucy’s thighs.

“FUCK!! FUUUCKKKK!!! FUUUUCKKKK!!!” Christina screamed.

I pounded her ass, Lucy was ramming the whole length in and out of Maria now, she coughed up thick mucus streams every time Lucy withdrew.  Then gagged hard as the whole strap on rammed back down her throat.

“YEAAASS!!! YEAAAAASSSS!!! YEEEAAASSSS!!!” Christina howled as Michelle and I kept drilling her ass.

Christina’s boobs were thick with spit, big thick lumpy trails, pooling between the massive melons as she groaned and gasped, her ass being fucked hard.

“FUUUCKKKK!!!! FUUUCKKK FUUUUCKKKK!!!!” she cried coming again.

Lucy had hold of the back of Marias head and was vigorously jamming her crotch tight to her face, spit was dribbling in a nonstop stream from the corners of her mouth down over Christina.

“OH! OHHH FUCK!!! OHHH GOD! OH GOD!” Christina shrieked, her body tight with orgasm.  Her ass clenched on our shafts, as she shuddered and twitched.

Lucy withdrew her shaft all the way out to the tip, a huge gush of spit splattering down over Christina.  Then she thrust back in, the whole length and held it deep for about 10 seconds, before pulling out once more.

“OHHHH!!! OHHHHH!!! NOOOOO! NOOO MOREEE!!!” Christina groaned her body still shaking.

Lucy released Maria, satisfied with her work, she helped her up off of Christina, whilst Michelle and I kept going.  Looking down Christina was covered in a thick layer of spit, it glistened over her tits and belly.  Thick pools formed between her breasts, and her neck was coated in a deep milky puddle
Maria was gasping for breath, trying to recover from her brutal skullfucking, Lucy was grinning watching Christina.

“Cum in her ass baby!” she told me “Fill it full of spunk”

I gripped her legs tight and set about thrusting harder and harder into her ass, my cock was throbbing and I knew it wouldn’t take long to cum.  Michelle matched my rhythm pounding alongside me, giving Christina’s asshole one final battering.

“FUCK!!!! FUUUUCKKKKK!!!! FUUUUCKKKKK!!!” She screamed.

Michelle hooked her arms tight so she couldn’t move, our 2 shafts drilling her tight clenching sphincter, driving deep inside of her as hard and as fast as we could.

“OH!! OOOHHHH YEASSSS!!!!! YEAAAAAAASSS!!!” she wailed as my cock exploded, hot semen flooding her bowels, spurting deep inside her.

“Well done baby” Lucy purred watching as I injected every single drop deep into Christina’s asshole.


Easing my soft cock from her ass, she gasped relieved as the pressure was lessened.  She whined as her orgasm finally ended, Michelle still clutching her tight.

“What a dirty whore” Lucy said, “I think you need to clean yourself up”

“Whaaaa?” Christina murmured, coming out of her ass orgasm induced state.

“Scoop up all that nasty spit from all over your body, and swallow it down!” Lucy replied.

“Why don’t we put it in here!” Maria Suggested, getting the pint glass from the floor, “That would be total filth!”

“Fuck! What sort of a whore are you turning me into?” Christina replied, “just fucking get on with it”

Lucy reached down and scooped up a thick strand of spit, dripping it down into the glass it glooped into the bottom.  Maria used both hands to scrape along and over Christina’s belly filling her hands and letting it drip into the glass.

Lucy bent down and sucked up a mouthful of Maria’s spit from Christina’s belly button, she spat it down into the now half full glass.  Maria continued to scrape the thick lumpy spit from Christina, as Lucy hoovered it up and spat it out.

Michelle reached around squeezing Christina’s breasts she shuddered as her nipples were tweaked. “ohhh fuck you bitches are filthy” she gasped.

Her body was glistening, all the spit now in the glass, filing it nearly to the brim.  Maria pulled her upright so she now sat on Michelle’s shaft, her face was flushed, breasts huge and swollen, nipples engorged.

“holy shit that was intense!” she gasped.

Lucy picked up the glass, and helped Christina to her feet, her legs were wobbly and shaking.  “Stand over there and drink it all down” she told her.

Christina took the glass, and looked at it revolted, she stood in the centre of the room, us all watching her.  Lifting it to her lips she chugged back the contents, swallowing quickly to overcome her gagging.

“Do it whore, guzzle it down” Michelle teased.

“Motherfucker!” Maria gasped, amazed Christina was doing it.

Christina gasped as she swallowed the last drop, shaking her head hard.  Gagging slightly she composed herself, to stand there naked in front of us.

“all gone” she gasped.

Michelle and Lucy stood up and moved over, each of them kissing her softly, “well done Christina” Lucy said.

“You have performed amazingly” Michelle added.

“You were unbelievable” Maria added moving to kiss her passionately

“We are sooo gonna get it on” Christina said to Maria, “I want to spend a day ravishing your tight body”

“We might even invite you to play too babe” Maria said to me, “thanks for the day ladies, it was so worth it!” she said to Lucy and Michelle.

Michelle and Lucy high fived, “2 down 8 to go!” Lucy said.

“Good job” Michelle replied.

The ladies all left getting ready to change, while I got myself showered and dressed, awaiting my next request to be fulfilled.
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Re: Lucy and Michelle - Voucher Number 3 (Lucy Pinder and Michelle Marsh)
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Chapter 3

Starring: Lucy Pinder and Michelle Marsh, Demi Rose Mawby

Codes: MF,FF, Tittyfuck, Anal, DAP, Lesibian, Cum Bong, Cum Puke, swallow

Disclaimer:  This story is purely fiction, it has never happened.  Please keep this story to this site only, if you want to share elsewhere DM me and ask for permission.

The following weekend Lucy and Michelle arranged for guest number 3 to arrive, I was eager to see which of my list they had persuaded to visit.  Waiting in the lounge the door opened and a stunning brunette walked in.  She wore a figure hugging tan sequin dress, which clang to her hourglass figure.

“Hello” Demi said.

Demi Rose Mawby, the new girl on the glamour block in the UK was standing in front of me.  Lucy and Michelle followed her into the room, each wore a long black robe.  I couldn’t take my eyes off her amazing figure as she slowly walked towards me.

“We are going to have some fun today” she said grinning.

“So after you added Demi to your list, Lucy and I started to reach out” Michelle said.

Demi stood in front of me as I sat on the sofa, she slowly turned around, showing off her body, bending over her huge delicious ass on full display.  She ran both hands over her hips and ass cheeks before turning back to face me.

“turns out this horny minx is a total whore!” Lucy added, “Didn’t even have to pay her”

“As long as I get to fuck you 2 legends” Demi replied grinning.

“We’ll see if you’re as filthy as you tell us you are” Michelle said.

My cock was raging hard watching her, and she had spotted it, unfastening my trousers she pulled them off, hand down my boxers gripping my cock.  “Let play then” Demi purred.

She got down on her knees in front of me, lips finding my throbbing head.  She sucked her way up and down my cock deeper and deeper until I hit the back of her throat.  Eyes wide looking at me she pushed me down her neck, balls deep, nose to my belly.

“Good girl” Lucy said.

Demi deep throated me, her neck eagerly accepting my shaft, tears ran slowly down her cheek as she help me deep for at least 30 seconds, spit bubbling at the corners of her mouth, hot breath on my chest.

“Do it, drain those balls!” Michelle encouraged her.

She gagged on my dick over and over, before finally as I was about to cum pulling up gasping.  She rested my head on her tongue and stroked my shaft furiously.

“Cum baby, fucking fill up my mouth, I want to taste your spunk” she gasped.

My cock twitched in her hand, cum blasting out into her mouth, she eager accepted it, swallowing fast.  Eyes wide she wantonly swallowed every spurt I gave, the occasional bolt blasting up her face as she closed her mouth to swallow.  She saved a huge mouthful of my cum as my spurts finally finished, proudly showing it off before swallowing.

“Fuck! Fuck yes!” she cried turning to look at Lucy “You weren’t lying that was soo much cum”

She sucked on my balls, stroking my shaft as I got hard almost immediately.  Grinning she stood up, turning to Michelle and Lucy.  They had peeled off their robes and now stood in matching black underwear sets.

“Hmm, I need some of that cock now” Demi said laughing, she bent over the arm of a chair, her ass calling to me.

Standing up I moved behind her, hands groping that amazing ass.  I pushed her dress up over her hips, she wasn’t wearing knickers.  My fingers dug into the soft flesh of her ass cheeks, kneading them hard.  She gasped, as I squeezed them, then slapped my hard cock on them

“Ohh fuck please stick your cock up my ass” she said, turning to look at me, “Fuck my tight dry ass, make me fucking scream”

I spread those glorious cheeks, my head touching her ring, as Lucy and Michelle sat watching us.  Lucy was wanking Michelle, while she returned the favour.  My cock now pushed against her sphincter, hands spreading her cheeks wide, she gasped as I pushed into her ass.  Switching my hands to her back I pinned her down to the chair, as I thrust my cock all the way in, balls bashing her pussy lips at the final thrust.

“SHIT!” she screamed, my dick all the way in.

I started thrusting, hard full strokes, tip to balls, she screamed loudly, as my cock pounded her ass.  Demi was biting her lip, my cock thrusting hard, my crotch bouncing off of her huge soft bum.

“Fucking do it, don’t fucking stop, ruin my ass” She gasped, turning back to look at me.

I held her hips now, really pumping, she clutched the arm of the chair as my cock savaged her ass. She was whining and gasping as my cock thrust hard, into her.

“Ohh fuck, fuck my ass, fuck it, make me scream” she begged, “Fucking want it to hurt good”

Lucy and Michelle had moved from the sofa, out of Demis view, I could see them strapping on 2 huge shafts, grinning knowing what was next.  I twisted my hand in her hair, pulling her head back as I fucked harder and harder, my dick reaming her backside.

“Fuuuckkk! Fuuuckkk yeah, ooh fucking ruin me” she squealed.

Lucy placed her hand on my shoulder, tagging in.  I held my cock deep for a second before easing out, Demi turned her head to see why I had stopped.  “Noo keep going” she gasped before seeing Lucy standing there, a huge 14” fat black fake cock strapped to her crotch.

“Motherfucker! Stick that up me NOW!” she said, eyes wide.

Lucy gripped her cheeks, thick bulbous head pushing into her ring, driving deep, nails digging into flesh. Demi howled as her back passage was violated, the thick shaft burying deep into her bone dry ass.

“FUCK! FUCK! FUUUUCKKK!” she screamed.

Lucy held her trembling hips, her crotch rutting hard and deep, the thick ass meat bulging at her crotch as she compressed it with each thrust.  Demi was crying, sobbing as each thrust burned her ass, her ring stretched over the girth of Lucy’s fake cock.  Tears ran down her face as she wailed, Lucy pumping faster and faster.

“Fuck me up!” Demi cried, “Fucking harder, fucking break that ass”

Lucy twisted her hair, pulling back on the dark sleek locks, Demi sobbed as Lucy battered her hard.  My dick was throbbing as Demi begged to be abused, Michelle saw me wanking, and handed me a large bowl, “lets fill this up shall we” she said stroking me to orgasm.

“FUCK! FUCK! FUUUUCCKKKKK!!!” Demi cried, climaxing

Her big ass wobbled as Lucy drove deep, her hands clutching the chair arms tightly.  Sweat ran down her back and soaked her dress, as she came hard.

“FUUCKKKK!! FUUUCKKKK!!! HARDERRR!!!” She howled, still crying in pain, but now it was mixed with the pleasure of orgasm.

Lucy hammered her shaft deep, tugging hard on Demi’s hair, she sniffed and stopped her wailing, her ass possibly getting used to the shaft.  Lucy was sweating, breathing hard from her efforts, so Michelle stepped up to tag in.

“My turn” she said, as Lucy pulled out

“Do it Michelle, please, please fuck my ass hard” Demi begged.

Michelle slapped her ass hard and then buried her shaft balls deep, Demi growled as the thick bulbous head dug all the way up inside her.  Michelle pressed her head down into the chair, slamming ferociously in.  Michelle fucked her wildly, Demi howling as her ass was broken open, Lucy grinning watching.

“Dirty young whore thinks she can hang with us?  She’s gonna have to prove she’s got it” Lucy said

Michelle twisted her hair roughly, slapping her ass hard, Demi squealed as the crack on Michelle’s hand left a large red print on her ass cheek.  Tugging hard on those dark locks, Michelle rutted deep, driving the whole length deep into Demi.

“FUCK! FUUUUCKKKKK!!” She wailed cumming hard.

Lucy was on her knees wanking my cock with her big juicy tits, as I neared my second climax.  Demi was screaming as Michelle ravaged her hard. Lucy looked up at me, mouthing ‘cum, cum for me’ as I exploded into the bowl for my second load.

“YESSS!!! FUCK MY AASSSSSSS!!” Demi screamed as Michelle kept pounding, her thick cheeks jiggling madly as Michelle’s crotch hit them.

Lucy led me around to the sofa, placing the bowl on the floor, ready for my next load of cum.  Michelle released a panting Demi, and eased up from her ass.  Grinning she moved to sit back in the chair, as Lucy helped to peel Demi up onto her feet.

“Sit on my cock, you dirty little slag” Michelle said.

Demi peeled off her sweat soaked dress, to reveal her naked body, her breasts were full and tight, holding their own as she stood glistening with sweat.  Eyes locked on me wanking my cock she backed up to Michelle, easing her ass down over the shaft, gasping as her back passage stretched around it.

“Ohh fuck, fuck, fuck” she panted, “Ohh fucking wank that cock as I show you what a nasty whore I am.”

Once she was sitting balls deep ontop of Michelle, Lucy stepped up, slapping her bulbous fake cockhead on Demi’s thighs.  She grinned as Demi looked at her, licking her lips in anticipation.
“Fucking do it Lucy, stick that cock in my pussy and DP me hard” she groaned.

Lucy moved the tip of her cock over Demi’s lips before running down ontop of Michelle’s shaft.  Her thumbs dug into Demi’s thighs as Michelle held her down, arms around her belly.

“wanna play with the big girls, whore!” Lucy said looking straight at her, she pushed the head of her cock in next to Michelle, eyes fixed on Demi, “Let’s see how you do!”

“FUUUUCKKKKKKKKK!!!” Demi Screamed.

Her ass was torn open, 2 huge shafts stretching her sphincter, Lucy driving deep her back passage invaded, full.  She roared in pain, as her ring was burning, no lube and 2 vast shafts utterly destroying that huge juicy ass.

My dick exploded for a third time, the bowl ¾ full now as I watched Lucy and Michelle taking Demi to new limits.  She was screaming incoherently, her legs trying to kick Lucy off, but Lucy held them tightly.  Michelle held her down, arms locked in place.  Her fists thumped the chair arms as both huge strap on shafts started pumping.


Demi was now in the angry but horny stage of her anal adventure, ass on fire, but her pussy getting wet as she snarled at Lucy.  Lucy was staring at her intently as she slammed harder and harder, Demi roaring with each thrust of her hips.


Lucy now started properly going for it, hips moving fast, driving like a piston.  Michelle released her grip and moved her hands to Demi’s hips as she stopped fighting and started to enjoy it.
“FUCK YEAH! FUCK MY ASS! FUCK MY ASSS!!!!” she screamed.

Lucy reached down and twisted her nipples, Demi yelped and grinned, loving this.  She looked up at Lucy and spat on her, aiming for her face but hitting her tits instead with a thick spitwad.  Lucy spat back hitting Demi squarely on the forehead.

“Good shot!” she gasped, her body about to explode in orgasm.

Her fingers now rubbed her clit, as she felt the explosion welling up her ass and into her abdomen.  She tossed her head back screaming, pussy juice spraying up and over Lucy.  She drenched Lucy’s tits as she came, girlcum going everywhere.


Lucy grinned as she was soaked in Demi’s juices, her hands collecting it and savouring the taste.  Thick droplets ran down her tits as she kept pumping, Demi howling in orgasm.


Lucy pushed her fingers to Demi’s mouth, she eagerly accepted them sucking her juices off, before Lucy pushed them deep in her throat.  She gagged up a thick mouthful of spit, which she then spat viciously over Lucy’s face.

“Take that you evil whore!” Demi shouted, as the thick wad splattered Lucy’s face.  It clang to her hairline and ripped in a massive globule down over her nose.

Lucy grinned, snaking her tongue out before sucking in the huge wad,  she swirled it in her mouth, added to it with her own spit, then blasted Demi’s face in return.  Her face was splattered with thick spit, all over her forehead and eyebrows, she gasped as Lucy and Michelle upped their pace, totally slamming her asshole.

“FUCK! FUCK DO IT! FUCKING DESTROY MY ASS!!” Demi snarled, gritting her teeth.

My dick was hard watching all the spit play, and I stroked it fast watching Demi take both fake cocks up her ass.  Eyes wide Demi watched Lucy her huge breasts wobbling as she rutted hard and deep. Michelle had her hands on Demi’s tits mauling them, squeezing them hard.

“Ohhh sweet lord,” Demi gasped, her body bucking another orgasm about to flood her.

Lucy held her legs as the trembled, her body pulsating with pleasure now.  All pain was gone just the feeling of 2 huge cocks in her ass driving her over the edge.  Demi howled as her climax hit, warm waves of ecstasy making her buck and twitch.

“FUCKKK! FUCKKKK!!! FUUUCKKKK!!!” she screamed her body in constant tension.

Lucy and Michelle were unrelenting, every thrust into her clenched asshole driving her further and further into her orgasm.  He eyes rolled back as she howled having the most intense orgasm she’d ever experienced.


Her body shook ferociously, pinned between Lucy and Michelle she came, spit was spraying from her mouth as she gritted her teeth whining in pleasure.  My dick was raging hard again, as Demi screamed her climax reaching its peak.


Lucy eased back and held herself deep, grinning as Demi panted, sweat beading her face.  Pulling her shaft out Lucy stepped back, Demi gasped as her ring contracted slightly.  Lucy hauled her up on to her feet before bending her over, spreading her cheeks.  Her asshole gaped wide, Lucy bent over and pushed her tongue deep, then Michelle did the same.  Demi groaned as the tongue fucked her gaping asshole.

“hmm looks like we need to take care of that!” Lucy said looking at my hard cock, “Need to fill up that bowl”

Demi spun around, grinning at my hard shaft, I stood up over the bowl wanking hard, as she got down in front of me.  She grabbed my cock and kept up the pace, staring straight at me, licking her lips

.           “Fill this motherfucking bowl up baby, I want it brimming with your cum for me” she teased.

            Her hand stroked me faster and faster until hot cum splattered into the already full bowl.  Blast after blast of hot cum filling it higher and higher until it was full of spunk.  Lucy and Michelle removed their strap ons and moved over to us.

            “You ready the whore?” Michelle asked.

            “Ohh this is what I have been waiting for” Demi replied.

            Michelle held up a huge cum bong, and passed it to Demi, she knelt on the floor us watching.  Lucy lifted the bowl and poured the thick lumpy semen into the bong, about half the bowl filled it.

            “Ohh fuck, this is my fetish, fucking cum addicted slut, can’t get enough” Demi gasped putting the tube to her lips.

            Demi held the full funnel high, twisted the tap and the cum flooded her mouth, she guzzled eagerly, swallowing mouthful after mouthful of spunk.  I watched her throat moved as she swallowed hard, then again and again.  Not one drop of cum was escaping her lips as she whoreishly drank every drop.

            “good girl!” Lucy exclaimed, impressed with Demi’s talent.

            The bong was drained and Demi opened her mouth, sucking the last few drop out.  She grinned like the cat who got the cream, licking her lips.  Lucy and Michelle were suitably impressed so far, with all that Demi had done.

            “Wanna see my party trick?” Demi purred, looking at us.

            She opened her mouth, took a couple of short breaths before her stomach urged, cum came up her throat from her belly, filling her mouth, the level rising further and further until it brimmed her lips.  You could see her tongue twisting and twirling in the thick white goop.

            “SHIT!” Michelle exclaimed.

            Demi swallowed it all back down, “Mmmm cum is my thing!” she gasped.

            “Oh we are going to get on famously!!”

            Demi moved over to the coffee table, tossing a couple of cushions onto it, she lay back, grinning, “Come over here and fuck my tits baby” she gasped.

            I moved over to straddle her body, my now hard shaft slapping between those tits, she wrapped them around it, and I started to pump.  Demi looked up at me, my dick thrusting between her firm, soft, young breasts.  She grinned, her cum fetish sated momentarily.

            “Ohh yeah, fuck those tits, spunk on her face” Lucy teased.

            Both her and Michelle had the bowl in their hands, guzzling back and forth, until it was empty.

My cock was twitching, I thrust harder and harder, as Demi licked her lips in anticipation.  Cum exploded from the tip of my cock head, arching up and splattering her face, again and again it jetted forth.  Demi’s face was laced with semen, thick white ropes clinging to it and oozing down her cheeks.

“Ohh fuck yeah baby!” she gasped, eyes open, not caring when I came in them

Michelle scraped her fingers around the bowl collecting every drop, before they moved over to Demi.  I was sated momentarily so stepped away, leaving Lucy and Michelle to play.

“Ohh fuck you greedy girls, you swallowed all that cum!” Demi said, scraping her face, collecting my fresh load into her mouth “Luckily I have more”

“ohh my pretty little whore,” Lucy purred, “ You are gonna get that all back soon”

Michelle gripped her face holding her mouth open, Lucy bent over fingers down her throat, long drips of spit pouring into Demi’s mouth.  Demi eagerly took the spit tongue out begging for more.  Lucy rammed her fingers deep, a huge gush of cum puked up and into Demi’s mouth, splattering her cheeks and chin.

“Ohh yeah, you nasty little wannabe, swallow that all down and then maybe you’ll get to join our gang” Michelle teased.

Demi was swallowing fast, eagerly licking her lips, Michelle let go, no need to hold her down, the little whore was loving this.  She swapped with Lucy, fingers in her throat, hot white lumpy cum gushing over her hand into Demi’s mouth.

“YEahhh you nasty bitch, you fucking love this!” Lucy gasped.

Michelle emptied her stomach into Demi’s mouth and over her face, she wantonly swallowed as much as she could, scooping up stray cum and guzzling it down.  Michelle stood up, grining.
“Well Lucy, do you think she has what It takes?”  Michelle asked

“I think so” Lucy replied.

“I think we need a second session to be sure” I said.

Lucy laughed, “Well then Demi? You up for that”

“Ohh fuck, after that I will literally do ANYTHING, to get in your fuck club Lucy!” Demi replied.

She sat up, hair matted with puke, eyes red.  Her tits were red and marked from here Lucy had spanked them earlier.  Standing up she gathered her clothing, as Lucy Michelle and I watched her dress.

“Thank you so much,” Demi said before leaving “I really can’t wait for my final audition”

 “so who’s next?” I asked Lucy.

“You’ll have to wait and see, in 2 weeks time be back here at the house, we’ve arranged for your next ‘star’” Michelle added.
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Re: Lucy and Michelle - Voucher Number 3 (Lucy Pinder and Michelle Marsh)
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Chapter 4

Starring: Lucy Pinder and Michelle Marsh, Britney Spears

Codes: MF,FF, M+F Tittyfuck, Anal, DAP, Lesibian, gangbang, facial,swallow

Disclaimer:  This story is purely fiction, it has never happened.  Please keep this story to this site only, if you want to share elsewhere DM me and ask for permission.

2 weeks later I was waiting in the voyeur room, Lucy sitting beside me.  She was wearing black bra and knickers combo, black stockings and suspenders topping off her outfit.

“This is by far our most expensive guest yet” she said, “I hope you appreciate it.  Not just cash, Michelle and I had to fuck a ton of guys, and a couple of girls, to get her here.”

She looked over grinning at me “I had to to let a few fat ugly fuckers bang me up the ass for this one!”

Michelle opened the door and led in our guest, the gorgeous Britney Spears! She wore a black catsuit, and corset, her big breasts squeezed into a formidable cleavage.  Michelle followed in a white bra/briefs/stocking combo.

“What you gonna do Britney?” she asked.

“I’m gonna get gangbanged” she replied looking straight at the mirror and at me.

“Come in boys” Michelle said.

6 men walked through the door, 4 white guys and 2 black dudes.  Britney turned to see them, each was naked already sporting a hard cock.  3 were in the 8 inch range, but one white guy had an impressive 11 inch cock, and both black guys were at least 12”.

“Fuck!” Britney said, looking at them.

“She’s all yours boys” Michelle said leaving the room to join Lucy and I.

Britney looked around, before getting down on her knees, ”Let’s suck those cocks boys, it’s been years since I’ve had a gang bang, fucking used to do it loads when I first started touring.”

She grabbed 2 of the white men by the cock and started sucking them, the rest of the guys all circled her, stroking their shafts.  Britney worked on each dick alternately, sucking them into her mouth.  Familiar feeling came back to her as she looked up at the circle of cocks surrounding her.

“Ohh fuck yeah boys, I want those cocks” she gasped.

She got up and moved over to the bed, unzipping her top and peeling it down, she revealed those impressive tits.  Laying back she grinned as each man lined up as she squeezed them together.  “Titfuck me boys, I wanna be pumped good” she gasped.

The first man straddled her, hard cock enveloped by her tits, she looked up at him, grinning as he started to thrust between them.

“Fuck, fuck I’ve missed this” she gasped.

She took a cock in each hand as the men all took their turn, dicks squashed between her tits, pumping away.  Her catsuit was soon pulled off, and her pussy being eaten.  Britney gasping as they took turns devouring her cunt.

“FUUUCKK!” she gasped, body tensing, cumming fast.

Her head pushed back into the bed, back arching as she came, her legs kicking and twitching.  She gritted her teeth as she gasped for breath.

“OHHH FUCK YEESSSSSS!” she cried, her pleasure released.

Lucy and Michelle were stroking their clits, fingers in their knickers, as we watched Britney getting banged, Lucy grinned as I stroked my cock, “Make sure you fill that up” she said gesturing to a pint glass, “we want Britney to have a little drink when she is done”

Britney was now naked, her toned body writhing as she rode a cock, on the bed.  She was sucking dicks as they were presented to her, going from side to side.  She gasped her body loving the feeling of the dick in her pussy, building towards her second climax.

“Ohh fuck” she gasped, her hips moving faster as she rode the shaft.

Her tits were shaking as she started to cum again, her body climaxing hard for the second time in a few minutes.

“FUUUCKKKK!!!” She screamed, slamming down on the cock inside her.

“Bitch was horny” Michelle said watching her.

The men had dragged Britney onto her back, head hanging from the edge, she was taking every one of them deep in her throat, while another fucked her pussy.  She gagged and coughed, the long thick cocks pushing balls deep into her, Britney wantonly let them throat fuck her.

“Impressive” Lucy said as she took the biggest cock , balls deep.

Spit was bubbling down her face, long sticky strands collecting in her wavy blonde hair.  A large bubble blew from her nose as he held deep in her throat for several seconds.  Britney choked hard as he taunted her.

My cock exploded, cum filling the glass as I watched Britney choking and retching, Lucy and Michelle grinned as the pint glass filled with cum.  Britney was getting wrecked by the group of men.  Her face was dripping with spit, it matted her hair and dripped onto the floor.

“Ohh fuck, she is taking it hard” Lucy purred.

Britney gasped as she was dragged upright, her face a total mess, she spluttered, then groaned as she rode a hard cock, sinking down onto her knees she took the member inside her pussy.  Gasping as she churned her hips, Britney grinned as one of the men moved up behind her, spreading her cheeks and pushing his head to her asshole.

“ohh fuck baby yeah, fill me up” Britney groaned as he pushed in.

She bucked and screamed as bother holes were drilled, surrounded by cocks as then onlookers stroked.  Britney was rocking up and down back and forth, her big breasts bouncing furiously as she was double penetrated.

“Fuck! Fuck yes!” ohhh don’t stop, ooohh FUCK!” She gasped as her body climaxed.

The man behind her was kneading her ass cheeks hard, his shaft driving deep as she quivered, asshole clenching on his shaft.   Below he was letting her slam down hard and grind her pussy onto his cock as she came, juices flooding his balls.


Lucy moved over and sat between my thighs, grinning she wrapped her soft full tits around my cock as it twitched. She slowly stroked me as I watched Britney shaking and howling in pleasure.

“FUUUCKKKK!!!!” she screamed.

Easing out from her ass, she grinned as the shaft was replaced by another.  Tossing her hair and running her fingers through it, she gasped as again she was ridden hard.  The next 2 guys swapped in and out until only the 2 black men were left.  Britney was on the verge of cumming when the guy in her ass pulled out, on the verge of cumming.

“Fuck that was close” he gasped.

“bastard!” she snarled, her orgasm so close.

She grinned though as 1 of the Black men beckoned her over, sitting on a nearby chair.  Easing up her pussy soaked she moved over.  “Turn around” he said, grabbing her hips.

Britney span around, her full curved ass lowering down onto his crotch.  He gripped both cheeks spreading them wide as his thick head pushed against her ass.  She gasped as her ring expanded, the full girth of his dick pushing in.  Eyes wide she panted, body accepting his full length,  her sexual desire overriding the pain of such a huge member up her back passage.

“Holy Fuck!” one man gasped watching as Britney sat, cock now balls deep in her ass.

He legs were soon high as the second black man had them in his grasp, cock pushed deep inside her pussy, both holes stretched and full.   She was unable to speak, Britney just made loud mewing sounds as her body took a mind of its own.

“Man she is something” Michelle said watching, “Straight into DP’s, no messing around with her!”

My hips thrust up to match Lucy’s strokes, her soft tits wanking me expertly.  She grinned at me as I couldn’t keep my eyes off of Britney.  “Fuck she must be good to distract him from my tits!” Lucy said laughing.

Britney was howling, her legs kicking as her body twitched, waves of orgasm flooded her abdomen as she came hard.  She was shrieking and wailing her body quivering as the 2 huge shafts pounded her.


My cock exploded, blasting Lucy’s face, thick cum splattered up her cheeks, as I twitched and came.  Slightly shocked Lucy soon composed herself, loving every blast of hot thick jizz.  Creamy droplets clang to her fringe, dripped down her face onto her massive tits,  she knelt panting as my cock finally finished, Lucy covered in my semen.

“Phhhlgh” she gasped spitting cum onto her tits “Damn, didn’t see that coming”

Michelle laughed as Lucy looked up at her face smothered in thick white cum,  her eyes blinked open, strands of semen clinging to her eyelashes.  Bending down Michelle kissed her, as Lucy released my cock from between her breasts.

“YEAAASS!!! YEAAASSS!!! MOTHERFUCKER! YESSSSS!!!” Britney was howling.

Her body shook with pleasure, every spot alight with sensations as both her holes were filled with hard black cock.  She shook and trembled uncontrollably, hands holding her hips down, and squeezing her breasts hard.

“MORE! MORE! MOOOOOORRREEEE!!” she cried, wanting the sensations to never end.

Britney was loving every second, but it had to finish, as all the guys were so close to cumming,  she looked around as her DP took a moment to pause, licking her lips she knew exactly what she wanted to bring this to an end.

“You boys all wanna cum on my face” she said in that sexy southern drawl.

“Fuck, I am gonna blast Britney fucking Spears in the face!” one guy said.

Michelle and Lucy were kneeling on the floor, kissing hard, Michelle was devouring all of my cum from Lucy’s face and tits, sharing each salty mouthful with her fuckbuddy.  Britney was back on her knees, surrounded by dicks, this time each ready to explode all over her.

“Give it to me boys” she said enthusiastically, “I want you all to cum over my face”

Britney looked up at the stroking shafts, one twitched and exploded straight into her right eye.  She squealed and on reflex closed her eye, before forcing herself to open it and accept the thick hot load. 

“Ohh fuck yeah, fucking do it, drown this trailer trash whore” she gasped.

Another cock erupted, she now had cum on her forehead and both cheeks, thick strands clang to her eyelashes, and dripped down.  Britney was trembling in anticipation, her breathing fast and shallow.  Each bolt of cum made her more and more excited, she had missed this so much from her early touring days.

“Fuck you Spears!” The next guy gasped as his cock spurted over her face

Britney loved every hot sticky blast as her face was covered, cum drenched her.  It clang to her hair oozed down her face and dripped to her breasts.  Her eyes burned as the thick white fluid pooled in them, she didn’t care, the sexual energy of the moment overtaking any pain she felt.

“ohh she got blasted good” Michelle gasped as both her and Lucy turned to look at Britney.

The final 2 cocks finished, Britney knelt, cum oozed down her face, thick white ropes covering her eyes and nose.  It glistened on her tits, as she sat there panting. The men stepped back admiring their work.

“Damn, the bitch is loving it” one said, watching Britney grinning.

“Fuck! Fuck that was sooo good” Britney said “Thank you, fuck thank you soo much”

Michelle and Lucy got up and went into the room, the men all left at their request.   They knelt down beside Britney, she turned from side to side, looking at them through cum filled eyes.

“You still horny?” Lucy asked softly kissing her.

“Sooo horny” Britney gasped as she broke her kiss.

Michelle licked her face, sucking up a large mouthful of semen before swallowing it.  Britney turned to her “Hey! That’s mine” she said.

“Britney baby, if you want cum, have we got a treat for you!” Lucy replied beaming, before kissing her hard.

Michelle and Lucy shared several cum filled kisses with Britney and each other. Britney gasped as they sucked her breasts, grazing her hard nipples with their teeth.  Britney held their heads as they worshiped her tits, sucking and biting them as she reveled in the attention.

“Ohhh fuck, oh that’s sooo good” She gasped.

Lucy and Michelle moved up and kissed each other, a deep tongue swirling kiss, then Michelle kissed Britney, followed by Lucy.  Fingers moved to Britney’s pussy as they continued kissing, thumbs rubbing her clit hard.

“Ohhh fuck!” Britney gasped, her legs trembling. 

Lucy grinned as Britney started to climax.  Her fingers probed faster and deeper, Michelel sharing a hard deep kiss with Britney as her pussy exploded.  Hot juices flooded down Lucy’s arm as Britney bucked and twitched.

“SHIIITTT!!!! FUCKKKK ME!!! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!” Britney screamed, breaking her kiss.

Michelle had her thumb pressed tight to Britney’s clit, furiously rubbing it in a circular motion.  Britney’s hips pulled back the sensations too much, but Michele followed her unrelenting in her simulation.

“FUUUCKKKKKKK!!!” She wailed, her climax peaking.

Lucy dropped to her knees mouth wide, savoring every spray of Britney’s girlcum.  She let her mouth fill as Britney finally calmed from her orgasm, the final few streams dripping into Lucy’s open mouth.

“Ohhhh fuck, fuck that was sooo good” Britney gasped.

Looking down she saw Lucy on the floor below her, face covered in her cum, mouth open full of her juices.  Lucy swirled her tongue in the liquid, putting on a slut show for Britney, before closing her lips and swallowing the lot.

“Ohh Fuck you Brit chicks are hot” Britney gasped.

Lucy stood up, taking Britney by the hand she led her out, ”We’ve got more in store for you yet Miss Spears” she said.

Michelle moved up to the voyeur room window, she winked at me “meet us in the lounge” she said.

I arrived in the lounge, Britney was not there yet, but I could hear the girls walking down the corridor.  Placing the glass on the table I sat in the chair waiting.  Lucy led Britney in, followed by Michelle.

“Britney,  this is the dirty bastard who asked to arrange this, so you know the deal we struck” Lucy Said.

“Fuck, even if I wasn’t getting paid, I am so horny now I’d fuck him for free!” Britney replied.

“Have a drink Britney” Michelle said passing her the pint of semen.

“Holy fuck! Is this cum?” Britney asked, eyes wide.

“oh yeah, and there’s more to follow, so drink up”. Michelle answered.

Britney nervously lifted the glass up, examining the thick white liquid.  She had never swallowed anywhere near this amount of cum before.  Even back in the day when she was a whore on tour, she had maybe done 8 guys.  Lifting it to her lips she swallowed a large mouthful, then another and another.  Britney felt the thick cum ooze down her throat,  savoring the flavor she kept drinking.  The glass emptied, as the final mouthful of cum filled her belly.

“Ohh man, that was a rush!” she gasped, then turned to look at me, “Well then?” she asked, “What we gonna do?”

I stood up, cock hard, “Give me your ass Britney” I said.

She grinned, “Every guy wants that babe,” bending over the arm of the sofa, she looked back at me, “well, I’m all yours”.

I moved up behind her, my hands gripping those still pert ass cheeks. She gripped a cushion to her chest and looked back at me, a slut grin spreading across her face.  My hard dick pushed against her ring, she groaned as my head broke it and pushed in..  My hands slid down her waist, holding it tight as my cock pushed up her tight ass.  Despite taking all that cock just minutes earlier it was still vice like in its grip on me.

“Do it, fuck this southern whore up her asshole” she drawled, teasing me.

I started to fuck her ass, hard slamming strokes, nearly head to tip.  My weight drove deep into her, Britney lurching forwards with every thrust.  She gasped and whined as my cock drove up her back door, balls slapping hard on her cheeks with every deep thrust.

“Fuck her, fuck the bitch!” Lucy said watching.

Michelle was stripping off, and fastening one of her large 12 inch strap on cocks to her waist.  Britney was gasping as I pumped her ass, one hand on her back one on her head pinning her down.  My dick was now driving fast and hard into her clenching asshole.

“ohhh fuck that’s good, do it, harder, fuck my ass harder!” she gasped.

I twisted my hand in her hair, tugging her face up from the cushion.  My other hand pinning her down, so she was bent, back arched. My dick rutted her ass hard, she was fighting my grasp now, her climax near.  My cock felt her ring clench, hips bucking as she howled in pleasure.

“YEEEAAAASSSSSSS!!!!” Britney screamed.

Her body shook and bucked, as she came hard, dick pounding her ass, face now pushed into the sofa cushion.  My hips were in overdrive as I came as well, cum flooding her spasming asshole.   

“Cum in me! CUM in me!” she screamed as thick bolts of spunk blasted up into her bowels.

I ground my hips down, she lifted her up and my cock was as deep as I could possibly get as it unloaded into Britney fucking Spears ass.  I had waited for this moment for so long and finally the wank whore of my late teens was taking my cum up her ass.

“OHH YES! YEAAASSS!! YEAAAAASSS!!” Britney wailed as her climax eased, finally she and I were spent.

I let go of her hair and eased from her ass, she sighed contentedly as I sat back and watched her.  Turning her head she looked at Michelle, who sat in a chair stroking the thick fake shaft of her strap on.

“Come on Spears, we need to initiate you now” Michelle said.

Britney slowly stood, her legs still slightly shaky and moved over to Michelle, “What are you gonna do?” she asked hesitantly

“ohh you’ll find out, all of his requests have to do this” Michelle replied, “now sit on this, all that cum up your ass should lube you up nicely”

Britney looked at the thick fake shaft, biting her bottom lip she slowly lowered herself down onto Michelle’s cock.  Holding her hips Britney gasped and hissed as her ass was filled with the huge shaft.  Michelle held her waist as finally Britney was balls deep on the monster.

“ohh Britney” Lucy purred, fixing another huge shaft to her own crotch.  “Hope you are ready for us”

Britney looked up slightly nervously as Lucy approached,  Lucy bent down and lifted her chin kissing her gently.   She gripped Britney’s legs under the knees and lifted them high.  Pushing the head of her strap on to Britney’s pussy, she eased in.  Britney gasped as the length stretched her cunt, until finally both her holes were full of fake cock.

“Ohhh fuck Lucy, ooooohhhh motherfucker yeah, fuck both my whore holes” Britney gasped.

“Ohhh Britney” Lucy said grinning before easing out, “just teasing!”

Lucy pulled her shaft out and pressed the head next to Michelle, Britney’s eyes went wide in terror, “NOOOOO!!!” she screamed as Lucy pushed.

Lucy snarled as she pushed harder, Britney fighting legs trying to kick.  Michelle held her down, hands clasped tightly to her tits, as finally Britney’s sphincter yielded and Lucy was in.

“FUUUCKKKKKKK!!” Britney howled.

“Fucking take it, you fucking take it Britney.” Lucy gasped.

“Oh! Oh! OH!” Britney gasped, breathless as her ass was stretched like never before.

“you dirty Southern trash” Lucy gasped, “We fucking paid, now you fucking take it”

Britney tossed her head back, she had never felt anything like it.  She felt so used, so dirty.  But also her pussy burned and ached for another orgasm.  The initial pain of the 2 shafts was gone and now she felt that familiar feeling when her ass was getting fucked, only this time it was increased, the 2 fake shafts were really starting to work on her.

“Ohhh fuck, do it then, double fuck my whore ass!” she snapped.

“ohh yeah Michelle, another one converted” Lucy said grinning.

Lucy hooked both of Britney’s legs high and started pounding her, Michelle thrusting upwards to match.  Britney felt Michelle’s hands going down to her pussy, fingers rubbing her clit as her ass was destroyed.

“Close, soooo close” she gasped, her body starting to tense.

Lucy and Michelle felt Brittney’s orgasm nearing, and upped their pace, until finally she came, legs kicking, trembling.  Britney howled incoherently as her orgasm burned deep and hard.  Lucy grinned and stopped thrusting as Britney calmed down.

“Like it Britney?  You’re in the gang now!” Michelle said.

Britney was breathless, her body adjusting to her ass being stretched.  Lucy eased out and moved to lay back on the coffee table.  Britney stood and Michelle got her to straddle Lucy, who eased the head of her shaft back up Britney’s ass.  Michelle pulled Britney’s arms behind her back, before joining Lucy back in her ass, for the continuation of her double anal.

“Ohh fuck me, fuck my dirty ass off pleassse” Britney begged.

Michelle was now in the driving seat, Brittney’s arms restrained she set about pounding her deep.  Hand wrapped in her hair pulling her head back.  My cock was so hard I stepped up, straddling Lucy’s head I wanked my cock over Britney’s face.

“ohhh fuck yes, cum on her!” Lucy gasped looking up, “beg for it Britney!”

“Do it, cum on my face baby, I want your cum sooo bad” Britney begged.

My dick throbbed watching her take both cocks up her ass, head twitching in my hand as it exploded.  Hot thick cum roped her face, clinging to her hair dripping down her forehead.  White streaks lashed her face, long strands falling down onto Lucy.

“Fuck!” Britney gasped not expecting the deluge, “Holy FUCK!”

My cock sprayed her, relentless bolts of jizz, splattering her face and oozing down.  She spluttered as several blasts went into her mouth, before she could swallow them.  Lucy lay below her, the drips of cum covering her face as well.  My deluge finally finished and I stepped back, admiring my work.

“Fuck that’s incredible!” Britney squealed, blinking her eyes open.

Michelle tugged her hair harder, really picking up her pace now I was finished.  Britney was writhing and bucking as she came hard, another orgasm hitting her.  Lucy had her hands on Britney’s tits pinching the nipples as she cried cumming so hard.


Michelle kept pounding her crotch slamming tight as Britney came, body trembling in pleasure.  Lucy released her tits as her orgasm finished, she sat there panting, Michelle freeing her arms.

“Oooh fuck, you dirty Brit bitches” Britney panted.

Michelle eased out, and Britney go up, her face still shining with cum.  Lucy moved over and they shared a semen filed kiss, before Michelle joined in and they cleaned each other up.  All 3 guzzled down the lumps of cum avidly, until finally it was gone.

“Holy fuck Britney that was amazing” Lucy gasped.

“Man, I have missed the sex, fuck I used to be such a whore on tour” Britney replied.

“Well one last task whore” I said grinning, “I want those world famous tits”

Britney smiled back, moving to lay on the coffee table, “Mount up baby, let me fulfill that fantasy”

I moved to straddle Britney, my cock slapping between her breasts.  She squeezed them around my cock as I started thrusting, the sweaty clammy skin rubbing my hard shaft.  Her flushed face looked up at me, as she licked her lips, Britney was in a position she was very accustomed to being.

“Fuck these tits, that’s it baby, remember every time you jerked off over me” She gasped.

My hips moved faster as she encouraged me further, head poking between them with each stroke. Lucy and Michelle were sat watching as I fucked her tits,  both impressed with her skills.

“Shot that cum for me baby, Britney fucking Spears!  Your personal cum dumpster.” She teased

 I pulled back standing up, Britney followed, wrapping her tits around my shaft as I stood in front of her.  She stroked me fast, until finally I exploded, cum bursting free from her cleavage.

“Yeah baby, do it, cum for me!” she gasped.

Holding her big tits up I wanked my pumping cock all over them.  Thick white streaks blasted her sweaty tits, oozing down the sides and clinging to her nipples.  Britney squealed in delight as I coated her tits with my thick creamy cum.

“Ohh baby that’s it, use me, use my tits, just like you always dreamed” she said.

My balls were empty as I looked down at Britney, hair matted, clinging to her face.  Cheeks red flushed, tits dripping with my cum as she held them up.  She slowly stood, as Michelle and Lucy moved up to suck on her tits.

“Feel good baby, feel good to blast me with your cum?” she purred, as again Lucy and Michelle suckled on her tits.

I sat back, sated, watching as Britney was cleaned by the girls.  They ravaged her tits, sucking every drop of spunk from them, until finally Britney was clean.

“ohhh fuck that was amazing” Britney said.

“Enjoy yourself?” Michelle asked

“Oh fuck yeah, I missed that so much, and you 2 are fucking filth! Double freaking anal, man that’s hardcore” Britney replied.

“Soo gonna see you again?” Lucy asked.

“oh fuck yeah, we will meet up again for sure” said Britney

“Another Name ticked off your list” Lucy said to me as they led Britney out, “Will see you in  a couple of weeks with the next one”.
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Re: Lucy and Michelle - Voucher Number 3 (Lucy Pinder and Michelle Marsh)
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Great job!


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Re: Lucy and Michelle - Voucher Number 3 (Lucy Pinder and Michelle Marsh)
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Nice work including Britney there.


Re: Lucy and Michelle - Voucher Number 3 (Lucy Pinder and Michelle Marsh)
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Michelle and Lucy are the dynamic duo.  :Y:
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