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Author Topic: Lucy, Sophie, Malene Reunited (Lucy Pinder, Michelle Marsh, Malene Espensen)  (Read 7171 times)


Chapter 1

Starring: Malene Espensen, Sophie Howard, Lucy Pinder

Codes: MF, Facial, Anal, DAP, Throatfuck, Spit, swallow

Disclaimer:  This story is purely fiction, it has never happened.  Please keep this story to this site only, if you want to share elsewhere DM me and ask for permission.

After our amazing time, and seeing the filth that they had all dreamt up, in their individual challenges.  Lucy, Sophie and Malene invited me over for round 2.

  Malene greeted me at the door and showed me into the lounge.  Sophie and Lucy were seated on the sofa, both wore tight black corsets, Malene removed her robe to reveal she was wearing one as well.

“Hello” Lucy said, “hope you are ready for some more fun”

“Yeah we are really ramping it up again today” Sophie said grinning.

Malene tossed a cushion onto the floor, Lucy and Sophie doing likewise, kneeling in front of me a 3 started  to kiss each other, before Malene turned and looked up.

“Shoot that hot spunk over us babe, we want to coated in it first, we want a taste to get us going”

I soon had my clothes off and stood above the 3 ladies, stroking my throbbing hard cock. Blonde Malene was sandwiched between the 2 brunettes, faces pressed together as I wanked furiously over them.

            “Cum for us baby” Lucy purred, kissing Malene, who then kissed Sophie.

            “Yeah cum all over us, I want to taste that thick salty spunk” Sophie teased.

            “we have some totally fucked up shit, to try today” Malene added grinning.

            All 3 stuck out their tongues, waggling them, encouraging me to explode. All 3 pairs of eyes were sparkling at me, as the beautiful ladies knelt below me.

            “Do it, do it now!” Lucy snarled.

            My dick was twitching in anticipation, Malene kissed Lucy, then turned to Sophie, before both brunettes shared a long tongue filled kiss.  Pressing their faces back together again they knelt waiting for my spunk.

            “Please baby, please cum” Sophie begged.

            My dick exploded, hot thick streams blasting out.  Malene was first to get hit, 2 huge streaks down her forehead and right eye, I turned to Lucy and splattered her left cheek, before whipping a horizontal streak back across Malene onto Sophie.  I blasted her a few times then returned to the grinning Danish beauty and covered the other side of her face.

            “Mee, cum on meee” Lucy whined, so I spurted over her now.

            I finished the last few drips over Malene who opened her mouth and swallowed them down.  Stepping back I sat on the sofa as all 3 Ladies knelt, a contented look on their faces.

            “Thank you baby” Malene purred.

            She reached up scooping a thick wad of semen, and pulling it into her waiting mouth.  Sophie and Lucy copied her, and soon all 3 had mouths full of spunk.  They opened them wide showing me every drop before swallowing it down in a large gulp.

            “Mmmmm tasty!” Lucy gasped as she swallowed the lot.

            All three stood up, Malene moving over to straddle me on the couch, Lucy and Sophie off to the side. Malene pushed her hands onto my chest holding me back before reaching down and starting to unfasten her corset.  She grinned as each button unhooked, revealing more and more of her amazing body.

            “We are going to totally whore it up today baby,” She said, “Total filth from the start”

            She tossed her corset aside, her huge breasts wobbling free, I reached up and squeezed them both in my hands before sucking on her nipples.  She gasped and arched her back as I feasted on her tits.

            “Hope you are ready Malene” Sophie said as both brunettes moved to stand beside of Malene.  Each sported a huge 14 inch dildo strapped to their crotch.

            “Stand up babe” Malene said to me, “I wanna blow you”

            She got up from my lap and knelt back down, reaching up for my now hard cock as I stood.

            “Blow us all like a dirty little tramp” Lucy said, circling her.

            Malene pushed her lips over my dick, sucking down and up slowly then faster and faster.  She paused briefly before pushing down until my head was in her throat, then swallowed me deep, until her nose was touching my belly.

            “Good girl” Sophie said, “Now me”

            Malene turned her head to the right and started to suck on Sophie’s shaft.  She gasped, and I realised these were the special strap ons I had seen the girls use before.  Malene sucked ravenously on the head, before taking it deeper, then popping it down her throat.  She kept her eyes on Sophie as the shaft disappeared down her gullet, inch by inch until the whole length was gone.

            “Now me” Lucy said slapping her shaft on Malene’s forehead.

            Malene raised her head and gasped, thick strands of spit running down her chin onto her breasts.  She stroked my cock as she turned her head to Lucy’s, looking up she kept eye contact with Lucy the whole time she sucked her shaft down.  Deeper and deeper the entire length into her neck first swallow, until she was balls deep again.

            “ohh sweet Jesus you filthy whore!” Lucy gasped looking down at Malene’s wide eyes.  She spat down onto her forehead, the thick globule splattering as it landed, “ Nasty Slut” she gasped.

            Malene held her head there for what seemed an age before releasing Lucy and gasping for air.

            “Fuck my throat baby, give me your semen” Malene gasped at me.

            I held her head back, gripping her hair, slapping my head on her tongue, before pushing it roughly into her mouth.  Gripping her hair I slammed my cock violently into her throat, over and over.  She gagged and coughed as I fucked her throat deep and hard.  She held Lucy and Sophie’s cock in each had stroking them as I pounded her face.

            “Ohh fuck” Sophie gasped.

            Spit was dribbling down Malene’s face, all over her tits and pooling in her lap. I held my cock tight to her face, grinding it deep.  Malene shook and bucked as her breathing was forced to stop for several seconds, my cock jammed in her throat.  I eventually released her head and pulled my cock free, she gasped for air as a huge gush of spit ran down her tits.

            “Lean back” Lucy told her.

            Malene rested backwards onto her arms arching her back.  I stepped over her head, tugging it backwards with the hair.  Pushing my cock into her mouth I pressed it down her throat.  Her neck bulged as I slid into it, Malene trembled as my balls pressed into her nose.

            “ohh yeah Malene” Lucy said getting down to her left, suckling on her left breast.

            Sophie moved to work on the right, as I drilled her throat.  I held the back of her head, balls bashing her face as I fucked it hard.  Lucy and Sophie slurped and sucked all of the thick spit strands from maleness body, Lucy gargled hers before spitting it over a shocked Sophie’s face.  Sophie swallowed every thick drop, then scooped the strands Lucy had just spat on her into her mouth.

            “Ohh Soph that was nasty” Lucy gasped, as Sophie spat them back over her.

            I was pounding into Malene’s throat, spit, snot was running down her face into her hair.  She was coughing and gagging as I thrust hard and deep into her gullet, My hands holding the back of her neck tight.

            “do it baby, shoot a thick load in her belly!” Sophie urged rubbing Malene’s sweaty spit covered abs.  Lucy started licking and kissing her neck where my cockhead poked up every thrust.

            It wasn’t long before I came, flooding Malene’s stomach with my spunk.  I clutched her head tight and pumped bolt after bolt of steaming hot semen into her throat.  Her body was tense as she choked on my load, each hot spurt pulsing deep into her.

            Sophie and Lucy held a breast each in their hands chewing on a nipple as Malene trembled.  Eventually my balls were empty and a pulled free from her throat.  She let out a mighty gasp as my cock was free of her throat.

            Spitting a huge wad of phlegm out she blinked her eyes to see “Oh fuck!” she croaked.

            “Hmm let’s pound her Lucy” Sophie said grinning.

            Tossing some cushions onto the table Sophie lay back, huge dick in the air.  Malene straddled it and lowered herself down, gasping as her pussy was stretched by the thick shaft.  Lucy moved the head of her shaft in front of Malene, who scooped up several thick spit strands and smeared them all over it.

            “Oh god that’s good, do me Lucy, do me hard and nasty” Malene gasped, rocking back and forth on Sophie’s huge shaft.

            Lucy moved around behind her and spread her ass cheeks.  Malene held still as Lucy pushed the head of her shaft through her sphincter, bursting it with a single hard thrust. Malene lurched upright, her body tightening as Lucy drove her hips down.  The thick shaft rammed deep inside, until Lucy’s crotch was tight against Malene’s ass cheeks.

            “FUUUUUUCKKK!!!!!!” Malene screamed as Lucy’s crotch slapped loudly against her.

            Lucy gripped her hips and started thrusting, Sophie below her reaching up to squeeze her spit slick tits as she did likewise.  Malene gasped as her holes were fucked, Lucy slamming her ass, Sophie her pussy.

            “Yes, oh fuck yeah, do it, do it” She panted.

            Lucy was giving her ass a proper battering now, long hard strokes faster and faster, Sophie had her arms around Malene’s back holding her down as she squirmed and shook.  It wasn’t long until she was cumming, her body quivering as she orgasmed.

            “FUCK! FUCK! FUCCCKKK!!!!” Malene screamed.

            Lucy Slapped paused for a second and slapped her as hard, Malene lost in her orgasm squealed, as the thrusting started again.  Malene was screaming Sophie holding her tight, Lucy’s thick shaft drawing in and out of her pulsing ass.

            “YEAAASSS!!!! YEEEAAASSS!!! YESSSSSSS!!!” Malene howled.

            Lucy kept pumping Malene gasping and shaking through her climax, growling as her body finished its release.  Lucy clawed at her ass cheeks, slowly pushing shallowly into her, Malene looked back over her shoulder beaming.

            “Ohh yeah Pinder, that’s the stuff” she purred.

            My hard cock bounced above Malene and Sophie, as I moved to stand by them, Sophie looked up “Put it in my mouth baby, I was a belly full of spunk now” she panted.

            “Ohh let me lick your ass, like a nasty whore” Malene added.

            I stepped over Sophie’s face, pushing my cock between her lips, easing it down her throat.  She swallowed effortlessly, a true deep throat queen.  Bending over Malene spread my ass cheeks before licking my hole.

            “You are such a filth bag Malene” Lucy gasped, having paused her thrusts for a minute whilst Malene and Sophie worked on me.

            Malene was driving her tongue deep up my ass, I collapsed down, all my weight on Sophie’s face, dick throbbing with each flick of Malene’s tongue.  Sophie gagged, her throat tightening on my cock, spit oozed down her face, as Malene never relented in her feast.

            “Fuck yeah, eat that ass!” Lucy snarled starting to fuck Malene up the ass again.

            Sophie swallowed, over and over, her tight throat milking my hard dick.  Malene had her tongue deep up my ass, I didn’t have to thrust, my balls were about to empty just from this.

            “Drown her honey, drown Sophie with your hot seed” Lucy gasped as she dragged her nails down Malene’s back.

            Malene slurped my ass, her spit pouring down my balls into Sophie’s mouth.  She held it open , tongue flicking my ballsack, gurgling and gagging on the hard member.  Lucy was slowly drawing her full shaft in and out of Malene’s asshole, root to tip, inch by inch.

            “We are really gonna do some nasty fucking shit today whores” Lucy said.

            My balls exploded, hot semen gushing into Sophie’s belly.  Spit and snot bubbled from her nose down her face as she struggled and choked.  Malene sucked on my asshole, driving her tongue deep inside as my cock unloaded into Sophie.

            I roared as my cock pulsed over and over, the thick cum pouring into Sophie’s belly.  Malene ravaged my asshole as I clenched, emptying every drop.  Lucy clawed and kneaded Malene’s ass as she watched us.

            Finally I was done, and Malene let up from my butt hole.  Easing out of Sophie’s mouth she gasped for air, her throat finally free.  Thick mucus streams dripped from her face, pooling on the table. “Fuuuuckk” she croaked.

            Malene bent down and slurped up the thick puddles, filling her mouth before swallowing it down.  She scraped the stringy strands from Sophie’s face and dripped them down into her mouth.  Lucy had started pounding her again now, as she played with Sophie’s spit.

            “YESSS!! FUCK YESSS!!!” Malene howled.

            Lucy was destroying her ass once again, her crotch slamming violently against her asscheeks, whilst Sophie thrust upwards into her pussy.  Her body was trembling again, her thighs twitching as she came hard.

            “YEASSS!!! YEAAAASSSS YEAAAASSSS!!!!!” She screamed.

            Lucy flicked her hair back and churned her hips, fake cock driving deep with every thrust.  Malene shook and howled her body spasming in orgasm, as her ass and Pussy were pounded.

            “YES! YEAAASSS!!! YEAAAASSS!!!!!” She screamed.

            Lucy eased up as Malene’s orgasm lessened.  She leant forwards kissing her neck, Malene twisted her head back so they could kiss properly.       

            “Ohhh fuck I am sooo horny!” Malene gasped breaking her kiss, “Fuck me up big time girls”

            Lucy eased from her ass, and moved to the sofa, she sat stroking the fat dildo on her crotch.  “Sit on this then Malene” she purred.

            Malene got up from Sophie and moved on her shaky legs to Lucy, straddling her she eased down, Lucy holding her hips.  She growled as inch after inch eased up her ass,  Sophie stood up, hair wet with spit clinging to her forehead.  She unfastened her corset freeing her massive tits.

            “Ohh yeah Lene, get ready for me baby” She gasped moving up to Lucy.

            Malene leant back, Lucy holding her waist, Sophie her legs.  Pressing her shaft next to Lucy’s, Sophie pushed against Malene’s sphincter.  Her legs quivered as Sophie burst her ring, she whimpered, gasping as her ass was stretched.

            “Fuck, fuck, fuck yessss Sophie, do me, do me nasty” Malene whined.

            Sophie pressed the full length into Malene until she could go no deeper, her crotch tight to Malene.  Hands under her knees she started to fuck her, slowly to begin with, and then Lucy joined in.

            “Harder, harder” she gasped as her ass was wrecked.

            My dick was throbbing hard again, watching this.  I started stroking it slowly.  Malene saw me and grinned “Get a glass babe, fill it up for us” she said laughing.

            I took a huge brandy glass from the cabinet and set it on the floor below me as I sat in a chair opposite them.  Sophie was driving the whole shaft in and out, Lucy stabbing deeply.  Lucy had hold of Malene’s enormous tits as she lay back against her.

            “Fuck me like a nasty whore” Malene snarled as sweat dripped from Sophie’s face onto her body.

            Sophie held her legs by the backs of her knees, pumping furiously her hips churning and driving into Malene.  She was snarling and grinning loving every single thrust up her ass, bodies rubbing together sweat all over them.

            “OH FUCK! FUCK! FUCK FUUUUUCCKKKKK!!!” Malene squealed.

            Her body started to tremble as she came, her backside being relentlessly pounded by the 2 thick shafts.

            “YES! YES! YEEEAAASSS!!!” She screamed.

            My cock exploded watching Malene fighting and bucking in orgasm, her body twitching, legs kicking in Sophie’s grasp.  She was screaming, crying, revelling in every sensation as Sophie and Lucy continued to destroy her backside.

            “FUUUCKKKK!!! FUCCCCKKKK FUUCCKKKKK!!!” Malene howled.

            Lucy clasped her tits tightly as Sophie pounded away, my cock splashing spurt after spurt into the large glass, filling it up.  Malene held her own legs now, Sophie pulling herself deeper by gripping her thighs.

            “Don’t fucking stop!” Malene gasped “Keep going please” she begged.

            I Set the glass down by on a table and sat back watching the action, Sophie was drilling Malene as hard as she could, while Lucy mauled her big tits.  Malene stared up at Sophie, teeth gritted, gasping and hissing.

            “that’s it, fuck me, fuck my ass harder!” she snapped.

            Sophie leant forwards, so her nose was almost touching Malene’s, sweat beading on the end of it.  She then spat contemptuously on Malene’s face, before pulling back upright and absolutely pummelling her asshole.

            Malene squealed in delight, the thick wad dripping down her forehead, clinging to her right eyebrow.  Sophie was fucking her so hard, Lucy driving her hips up to match,, Her body was taught shaking as she came again and again.

            “FUCK! FUCKKKK!!! FUUUCKKKERRR!!!” She wailed as her abdomen twitched.

            Lucy was talking in her ear as she came, taunting her as she climaxed so hard.  Sophie gripped her thighs tight, continuing her assault, fingers digging in as Malene’s muscles tightened.
            “YES! YES! YEEEAAASSS!!!!” Malene wailed as she came.

            Sophie kept driving home, Malene wailing and screaming.  Lucy crushed her huge tits tightly in her hands as Malene’s body arched and trembled.
            “FUUCKKK!!! FUUUUCCCKKK!! FUCK! YES!” She howled.

            Sophie let go of her legs, easing down, as Malene finished coming.  Lucy released her tits letting her sit up.  She shuddered calming down from her climax, then as Sophie pulled out she sat up.  She was grinning, loving every second of this, obviously wanting more.

            “Fuck me baby” she gasped standing up, pushing me back into the chair, she straddled me.

            “ohh she’s on one now, better get really nasty with her” Lucy said, watching Malene sink her pussy down over my cock.

            Malene began to ride my hard dick, her hands gripping mine, fingers entwined.  Sophie and Lucy were standing in front of us, hard fake dicks bouncing from their crotches, they moved over to stand either side of us.

            Malene groaned as she rode me, “Ohh fuck I’m a greedy little whore right now, please girls fuck me up gooood” she gasped looking either side.  Her fingers locked tightly to mine as she bounced faster and faster until finally she came again.

            “YES! YESSSS!!! YESSSSS!!!!” She screamed.

            She leant forwards staring straight at me her eyes wide pleasure coursing through her body, big tits juddering as she shook.  Lucy and Sophie moved closer, as Malene wailed finally finishing her orgasm.

            “FUCK! FUCK! FUUUUUCCCKKKKKK!!!” She screamed.

            Lucy gripped her hair, and pulled her head back, grinning she spat on Malene’s face, “Oh I think we can get nasty for you Malene” she snarled.

            Pulling her up off of me and dragging her to the sofa, where she pushed her down, “Let do a Casey special to her” she said.

            “Oh yeah double fuck that throat, let’s see if she can do it!” Sophie replied.

            “Fucking do IT!” Malene growled gritting her teeth.

            She shuffled back, using some cushions to prop herself up, before placing her hands behind her back, and lying prone on the sofa, head hanging over the arm, hair falling to the floor.

            Lucy emptied a fruit bowl and placed it under Malene’s head, “Let’s see how much we can get out of her” Lucy said grinning.

            Moving up, Sophie pressed her fake cock to Malene’s lips, she opened wide and Sophie pushed in, her shaft easing down into Malene’s throat.  The thick tip pushed deeper and deeper until Sophie’s crotch was nestled tight against her face.  Malene choked and coughed, spit dripping from the corners of her mouth.

            “Fuck yeah 1 down, 1 to go!” Sophie purred.

            Sophie drew back, allowing Lucy to step over Malene, in front of her. Lucy stroked her neck feeling the bulge of Sophie’s cockhead, before forcing her shaft against a gagging Malene’s lips.

            Lucy pushed in, but Malene’s throat wouldn’t give, she tweaked and twisted her nipples, forcing her to cry out.  Using this moment she pushed the cockhead forcefully down her esophagus.

            “Yeah bitch!” Lucy cried, revelling in her success.

            Sophie and Lucy slowly started thrusting, alternately in and out, Malene shook and retched.  Thick mucus sprayed from her lips and flowed down her face.  Her body lurched and she struggled to take the 2 huge shafts down her throat at the same time.  Lucy clutched her big tits tight mauling them, holding her down.

            “Oh fuck she’s tight!” Sophie growled hips driving forwards, stomach tight to Lucy’s back.

            Malene, was howling, her throat stretched, Sophie had her hands on her neck, feeling every thrust of both shafts.  Malene retching puking, huge thick rivers over her face and into her hair.  It splattered down into the bowl, which was nearly half full already.

            “Fuck her, fuck her, fuck her” Lucy panted, ramming harder and harder.

            Both girls were now ramming in unison, the double tip stretching her neck to a massive bulge, Malene was convulsing, spit, snot, swallowed cum draining down her face, the bowl nearly full.

            Sophie clutched Lucy’s breasts, pulling herself tightly to Lucy, as both eased their brutal skullfucking. Kissing her neck, she eased from Malene.  Lucy then released her grasp, before stepping back as well.

            Malene was caked in spit, her hair matted and soaked, thick globules clang to her face, and dripped onto her swollen breasts.  Sophie and Lucy picked up the fruit bowl and sat back into an armchair.  “Ohh fuck I’m literally buzzing now” Malene gasped, “let’s go into the bedroom and really up the level” she gasped.

            “Already?” Sophie quizzed, “Fuck why not!”

            Standing up she led me out, followed by Lucy and Sophie.  We made our way upstairs to the bedroom.
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