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Title: Taylor's Big British Bash (Taylor Swift, Emma Watson and co) [Chapter 41 posted]
Post by: DarkSwordsman on March 22, 2019, 10:05:46 AM
Taylor's Big British Bash

Chapter 1

Starring: Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Ariel Winter, Emma Watson, Maisie Williams, Sophie Turner, Natalie Dormer, Felicity Jones, Hayley Atwell and Daisy Ridley


Selena Gomez’s brand new iPhone XS was clutched in her neatly manicured hand; the Latin popstar swiping at the crystal clear screen as she scrolled through the dozens upon dozens of apps stored on the expensive device. Finally, she found Whatsapp; the sexy singer opening the popular messaging software with a push of a lengthy nailed finger.

She began shooting a video, starting with a selfie shot of her cute face as she sipped from a can of PBR, before guiding the 12 megapixel camera around the interior of her friend Taylor Swift’s shiny black gas-guzzling SUV; the singer giving her viewers a tour of the plush interior as the luxury vehicle cruised down the floodlit California highway.

Ariel Winter was sat in the back; the dark-haired actress dumping the tobacco from a cigarillo and sprinkling the paper with a healthy dose of Purple Kush as she smiled at the passing camera. In the driver’s seat sat Taylor Swift; a can of Miller Lite rested in her retractable cup holder, a long, tightly rolled joint perched between her fingers as she clutched the walnut steering wheel.

The inside of the luxury car was lit up like the Eiffel Tower.  A series of powerful LED lights illuminated the plush interior, while all manner of brightly lit screens, from sat navs to built in iPads, mounted the wooden dash.  Taylor’s phone was connected to the state of the art stereo system; her pre-made Spotify playlist blaring out through the powerful surround speakers. The seats were a plush cream leather, while every surface was furnished with a lacquered walnut veneer. 

“Say ‘hi’, Taylor,” Selena prompted, smirking from behind her phone as she aimed the camera at her fair-haired pal.

“Hey, ladies,” said Taylor in a sultry, cat-like purr as she brought the burning joint to her mouth. “Hope you girls are ready for us,” she added, taking a puff on the jay and blowing the thick smoke into Selena’s camera lens.

Taylor handed the joint onto Selena; the Latin songstress clasping it between her expertly filed fingers as she turned the camera back on herself.

“See you soon, girls,” grinned Selena, blowing a kiss to the camera before stopping the recording.

She posted the video to the group ‘London, baby!’ and set down her phone as she took a hit on the joint.

“What time is our flight anyway?” asked Selena billowing a cloud of smoke into the already hazy, thoroughly hotboxed vehicle.

“4.15,” Taylor replied, draining the last of her beer.  She wound down the window, tossing the empty can out onto the LA highway.

Ariel Winter reached into the trunk, fetching two bottles of Budweiser from an ice-packed coolbox. She twisted off the caps and handed one to Taylor.

“I can’t believe we have to fly commercial,” Ariel declared; the raven-haired starlet turning up her perfectly formed nose at the last word, like it was some kind of disease.

“Yeah, what happened Taylor?” asked Selena, taking another puff on the long, thick joint before passing it to Ariel.  “Did you not get the cumstains out of the upholstery in time?”

She and Ariel laughed.

“No,” Taylor replied, “Paul and Ryan weren’t available.”

“What?!” barked Selena, nearly spraying a mouthful of PBR across the sparkling clean windshield.

“They said they were already booked,” said the blonde.

“Well, then they should have unbooked themselves,” Ariel declared, taking a swig from her Bud.

“That’s what I said,” Taylor replied. “They said it was a very important client and they couldn’t possibly cancel on them.”

“More important than you?!” Ariel uttered in dismay.

“Right?!” Taylor agreed.

“Well, I hope you fired them on the spot,” said Selena, finishing her beer and motioning to Ariel for another.

“Of course,” Taylor replied. “But not before I gave them both a very generous severance package,” she added, poking her tongue at the inside of her cheek and gripping an imaginary penis to simulate oral sex.

The car sped up; cruising to the speed limit and beyond, the girls laughing hysterically as they raced down the open freeway.


A loud ding from her cellphone woke Emma Watson with a start. Bleary eyed and hungover, she looked at the screen, a broad smile stretching across her cute face as she saw Selena Gomez’s post in their ‘London, baby!’ WhatsApp group. She watched the video, replying with a kiss emoji and locked her expensive phone.

Emma closed her eyes, rolling over in her luxurious king size bed. She groaned in a hungover stupor, her left hand coming to rest upon the rock hard pecs of a mystery stud lying supine in her bed. Curiously, the actress opened an eye; her pretty brown peeper focusing on the strange man’s handsome, chiselled face.

She propped herself up with an arm to get a better look. Her hazelnut eyes roamed past the young man’s pecs and down to the V-shaped realm of his heavily defined cobblestone abs, then bulged almost comically as they caught sight of the satin tepee he was pitching under her freshly washed bed sheets.  Emma grinned mischievously, her eyes feasting on the tall silken tent and picturing the sheer size of the long slab of man meat underneath.

“Good morning!” she said to herself.


Maisie Williams was sat at a polished oak table on the large balcony of her friend Sophie Turner’s penthouse apartment.  She wore little more than a pair of denim short shorts and a skimpy string bikini top. A pair of designer shades perched atop her pretty head as she basked in the morning sun.  Her phone buzzed and she picked it up, tapping the WhatsApp notification at the top of the screen. The brunette grinned from ear to ear as she saw Selena Gomez’s video and the emoji reply from Emma Watson.

The balcony door opened and Sophie Turner stepped through; the redhead every bit as scantily clad as her brown-faired friend in a floss-thin red bikini and matching sarong.  She carried two glasses of chilled fresh apple juice as she took a seat at the table. She set the glasses down and topped them up with a splash or two of Jack Daniels.

“The girls are on route,” said Maisie, passing her phone to her auburn friend.

“Hmm,” grinned Sophie, handing the phone back to Maisie and taking a sip of her drink.  “Let the fun begin!”

Maisie went to sit beside her girlfriend, taking a picture of their drinks alongside the half-empty whiskey bottle.  She posted the photo to the A-list WhatsApp group, then typed out a message;

Starting as we mean to go on!

She flipped the camera on themselves; kissing Sophie on the cheek as she shot a selfie of the pair and posted it after the message.


Natalie Dormer stuffed a big clump of Sour Diesel into the round bowl of her ice-blue bong and lit it with a silver Zippo.  The water in the large device bubbled like a jacuzzi and the blonde actress put her lips to the mouthpiece, inhaling the rich smoke as it filled the long glass chamber.  Her phone was buzzing like mad beside her as she hit the big blue bong and she picked it up, letting the thick smoke fill her lungs as she scrolled through the new posts in the all-star WhatsApp group.  She blew the marijuana smog into the lens of her camera, shooting a hazy selfie as she sat upright in her giant double bed. She posted it to the group, accompanied by the following messages;

Wake and bake, bitches! [followed by leaf and smoke emojis]

See you girls soon! [followed by two heart emojis]


Felicity Jones was laid out in her long porcelain bathtub, her shiny brown hair tied up in a loose bun behind her head.  A thick froth of foamy bubbles billowed up from the surface of the water, spilling over the sides of the bath and covering her breasts and shoulders.  Clutched in her soft, dainty hands was a champagne flute; the brunette actress sipping from a sparkling mimosa as she enjoyed her morning soak.

Her phone vibrated on the small wooden table at the side of the bath and Felicity dried her free hand on a white cotton towel before picking it up.  She read through the notifications on the WhatsApp group; the latest being a video from fellow actress Hayley Atwell. She pushed play.

Hayley was kitted out in figure hugging spandex workout gear, as she completed a set of jump ropes.  Her pink top was cropped just below her giant 32DD breasts, showcasing her midriff in all its taut, ab-lined glory, while her black pants clutched to her shapely, child bearing hips like a second skin, clinging tight to her crotch; her well-defined cameltoe damn near swallowing them whole as she completed her AM workout.

“Hey, girls,” said Hayley, panting slightly as she addressed the camera, her huge tits flopping rhythmically up and down as she did her exercises.  “Just doing my morning workout. Looking forward to seeing you ladies later. Safe trip,” she added, finally finishing her lengthy set of jump ropes.  She puckered her full, pouty lips, blowing a kiss to the camera with an exaggerated *MWAH* before the video cut out.

A loud buzz filled the expanse of Daisy Ridley’s large, lavishly decorated master bedroom.  The brown-haired actress was sprawled out atop her comfy king size bed; naked as the day she was born, the stem of a hot pink buttplug poking out from her tight, round asshole, a large vibrating wand held tightly to her throbbing pink clit.  All manner of mewling moans and groans escaped her pretty mouth as she frigged herself senseless with the big buzzing toy.

Daisy reached up to fondle her handful sized tits with her free paw; teasing her erect nipples as her legs started to shake in ecstasy.  She bit her lip; feeling the powerful surge of orgasm tearing through her hot nude body. The wand buzzed violently against her clit; her hands trembling, her lip quivering, moaning like a bitch in heat, until…



Emma Watson’s phone buzzed in her hand.  She opened the WhatsApp group and read the latest message.  It was a picture posted by Daisy Ridley; depicting her once pristine bed sheets soaked through with what looked to be a litre of her clear wet squirt juices.  The accompanying message read;

Whoops! I got a bit carried away! [followed by two water splash emojis]

Emma shot a photo of the stud beside her; a close up which captured the bottom of his rippling, ab-lined midriff and the tall white tepee he was pitching under her bed covers.  She posted the image with a message that read;

I think they call that morning glory! [followed by wink and eggplant emojis]

A flood of messages came streaming in; the Brit actress’ phone buzzing uncontrollably as her girlfriends replied to the tantalising pic.

Daisy: OMG!!!

Ariel: [Heart eyes emoji]

Sophie: Wow! What a stud!

Selena: Are all guys in England that big?!

Felicity: No, just the guys we know  ;)

And so on, and so forth.  There was no reply from Emma herself and before long the conversation lay dormant as the girls went about their days.  Then, 15 minutes later, a video was posted. It depicted Emma holding her phone in one hand, a girthy ten inch penis grasped in the other; her pretty pink lips roaming up and down the length of the shaft.  It was followed by a message which read;

Do you think he’ll like being woken up like this?

Another 15 minutes passed, when a selfie of Emma was posted; her pretty face lit up like the Fourth of July as she rode astride the big, fat cock.

He liked it!

After another quarter of an hour, Emma posted a second selfie; this time with her nose, cheeks and lips covered in streaks of thick, creamy spunk.

He liked it a lot!


Selena Gomez scrolled through the images and videos of Emma Watson sucking and fucking that oversized dick, hiking up her denim skirt to tease her moist pussy through the crotch of her scanty little thong.  Taylor looked across at her friend; lewdly playing with herself as she stared intently at her phone.

“What?” she asked.  “What did I miss?”

Selena showed Taylor the video of Emma deepthroating the ten inch cock; her bright blue eyes bulging at the sight of the gorthy schlong.

“Oh, wow!” she exclaimed as her eyes returned to the road ahead.

“God, that thing is enormous!” declared Ariel from the back; the buxom actress now laid back across the plush leather seats, her panties pooled around her ankles, a long black dildo sliding deep into her hot, wet pussy as she watched the clip over and over.

“Right?!” Selena agreed.  “Damn, girls,” she added, “we’re in for one hell of a weekend!”

End of Chapter 1
Title: Re: Taylor's Big British Bash (Taylor Swift, Emma Watson and co.)
Post by: DarkSwordsman on March 22, 2019, 10:10:59 AM
Chapter 2

Starring: Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez and Ariel Winter


Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez stood facing one another in the busy walkway of Los Angeles International Airport’s heaving Terminal 5; the two A-list singers turning more than a few heads, both male and female, as they waited beside their designer baggage.  The attention was brought on partly due to their fame, but mainly through their breathtaking beauty, gloriously toned bodies and skimpy attire; the celebrity duo showing more skin than a pair of seasoned nudists.

Taylor wore a light summer dress- so light in fact that her puffy pink nipples poked through the sheer material like they were plotting an escape, the hem of the scanty garment barely extending past the tanned, spherical globes of her ass.  Selena, meanwhile, had opted for a white cotton top and a pair of almost indecently skimpy frayed denim short shorts; the bottoms of her peachy round buttcheeks poking out for all to see, their scanty attire showing off damn near every inch of their long, freshly waxed legs and slender, muscle toned arms. 

Both wore designer stilettos and were adorned with all manner of costly golden trinkets.  Their pretty faces were heavily made up with an impressive array of top of the range beauty products, their shiny hair washed and re-washed with a cocktail of expensive shampoos and conditioners, then styled meticulously with their extensive range of hairdryers, flat irons and curling tongs. 

“Jeez! What is keeping Ariel?” pondered Selena Gomez, the latin songstress checking the time on her priceless gold-plated wristwatch.

“I know, right?!” Taylor responded.  “We were supposed to check in ten minutes ago.  How long does it take to take a friggin’ piss?!”


A strange buzzing noise emanated from the middle stall in the ladies’ airport bathroom; the droning hum occasionally interspersed a light, breathy coo and what sounded like a deep, impassioned gasp.  A host of confused females stared quizzically at the locked stall while they washed their hands, wondering what on earth was occurring beyond then thin wooden door.

Inside the bathroom stall, Ariel Winter was sat upon the sparkling clean toilet seat, legs akimbo; the soles of her expensive Nike high tops pressed against the door.  The hem of her belt-thin micro-mini skirt had ridden up to her waist; her scanty white cotton panties tugged to one side as she held a large vibrating wand to her throbbing pink clit.  Clutched in her other hand was her iPhone XS; the clip of Emma Watson chowing down on fat hunk of pulsing, veiny man beef playing repeatedly on the crystal clear screen.

Ariel couldn’t get enough of it; every second of the homemade porn clip making her nipples harden and her pussy leak its sticky, wet goo.  The length and girth of the thick, throbbing cock. The plumpness of Emma’s gorgeous glossed up dicksucker lips. Her expert cockslupring skills; the way she swallowed the girthy ten inch wang right down the base, stroked the spit-slicked dong while she sucked on his balls and tongued at his drooling prickhole like a vicious python.  Every second of the amateur smut clip made Miss Winter wetter than monsoon season in the Amazon, and as she held the buzzing wand to her pulsing red bud, the buxom starlet could feel the surge of a thunderous orgasm building within her.

Her nipples tingled, her lower lip quivered, her legs shook violently making the stall door rumble in its hinges.  At the very last second she pulled the vibrator away; just as an earth-shattering climax tore through her thick young body; the curvy actress screaming out in ecstasy as she sprayed a jet of clear, wet girlcum across the toilet door.

“Oh, fuck!” Ariel panted as she came down from her orgasm; her mess of sticky squirt juices sliding down the wooden door.

She returned the wand to her luggage, adjusted her panties and tugged her skirt back down over her shapely round ass.  She opened the door and stepped out into the bathroom. A pretty young Mexican cleaner girl stood at the adjacent basins; polishing the faucets until they shone like diamonds.  She’d heard the tumultuous squeals of Ariel’s intense orgasm and saw the clear fluids, that could only be one thing, trickling down the cubicle door as she opened it. She looked at Ariel as she left the stall, the busty brunette grinning back as she crossed the airport bathroom, wheeling her expensive baggage behind her as she went.

“Clean that up will you, sweetie?” she said as she passed, gesturing back to her stall, a river of squirt juices dripping down onto the bathroom floor.  “There’s a good girl.”


“There she is,” said Selena Gomez, the latina spotting Ariel Winter as she finally emerged from the ladies’ bathroom.

“‘Bout time,” Taylor Swift replied.  “Hurry up, bitch,” she called out, loud enough for Miss Winter, and everyone else in the airport walkway, to hear.  “We’re late for check-in.”

And you thought Taylor and Selena had elicited a reaction from those passing by.  If the popstar duo had turned heads in their skimpy attire, then crowns were damn near twisting off at the neck as Ariel Winter dashed across the airport terminal in her own scanty get up.  Jaws dropped nearly to the floor as she ran by; her enormous 34D tits jiggling uncontrollably in her low cut, skin tight spandex workout top, the hem of her black mini-skirt riding up to reveal the bottom curves of her thick, spherical ass as she went. 

And it didn’t stop there.  In fact, what happened next seemed to have been plucked straight from a teenage boy’s wet dream.  Ariel didn’t halt her brisk jog as she reconvened with her two A-list friends, who then proceeded to run alongside her; the celebrity trio weaving smoothly through passersby as they raced across the busy terminal.  It was like a scene from Baywatch, only with more skin on show.  Shiny, expensively styled hair bobbed majestically.  Perky breasts jiggled left, right and centre- the girls so graceful and elegant as they dashed through the airport walkway, it looked to many as though they were running in slow motion.  And to some, they actually were, as iPhones were brandished on masse. Passersby filmed the girls hurrying through Terminal 5, slowing down the clips to half speed and plastering them across social media; some even placing the Baywatch theme over the top for good measure.


Finally, and no fewer than 20 minutes late, the girls arrived for check-in; panting heavily, though without a hair out place as they convened at airport security.  Then came the next issue. Passing through security with some of the...items in their baggage would be nigh on impossible, and Ariel and Selena voiced their concerns as they gathered at the TSA checkpoint.

“So what are we going to do, Taylor?” Selena asked.

Taylor was already surveying the scene and seemed to have come up with a solution within a matter of moments.  She spotted a handsome young security agent, by the name of Tanner, stood by a conveyor. He had the look of a high school quarterback; his thick brown hair tucked carefully behind his ears, his TSA uniform doing little to obscure the broad, barrel chest and thick, bulging biceps hidden beneath. 

“Don’t worry, girls,” Taylor replied, ushering them in the young man’s direction.  “I’ve got this.”

Taylor and friends approached Tanner’s station; the dashing TSA man smiling warmly as they approached.  “Morning, ladies.”

“Hey there, handsome,” Taylor replied, grinning flirtatiously at the strapping young agent as she parked her designer luggage by the conveyor.

“Just pop your baggage up on the conveyor, Miss Swift,” Tanner instructed, “and I’ll do the rest.”

Taylor reached across the conveyor, taking the young man’s tie in a dainty manicured hand as she looked up at him coquettishly.  Tanner gulped nervously.

“Let me level with you, cutie,” Taylor began, “me and the girls have a pound each of Colombian coke tucked away in our cases and another gram or so in our hand luggage,” she added, gesturing to her expensive looking Louis Vuitton clutch bag.  “If you were to look the other way,” she grinned, stroking his muscled chest through his light blue dress shirt, “we’d make it well worth your while.”

Tanner looked down at Taylor; the fair-haired songstress gazing back at him like she wanted to tear off his TSA uniform and ride him like a bucking bronco right there and then.  Then he looked across at her two friends. Selena had a lengthy nailed finger placed teasingly between her twin rows of perfectly straight, freshly whitened teeth, while Ariel gave him a flirty wave; the curvy actress even reaching up to jiggle her enormous breasts as they fixed the young man in equally sultry, boner-inducing stares.  Tanner grinned; a whirlwind of possibilities running through his mind as he eyed the celebrity trio.

“Right you are, Miss Swift,” he replied, trying his utmost to remain professional.  “Just place your baggage on the conveyor and I’ll have you out of here in no time.”

Taylor lifted her designer suitcase; her feminine biceps popping as she heaved the expensive luggage onto the conveyor.  Tanner watched as Taylor’s case passed through the scanner; an x-rayed image of her costly baggage appearing on the screen.  Sure enough, there appeared to be a pound and change of Bogota's finest nestled amongst her expensive clothes, alongside a brick of exotic green herbs and countless blister packs and pill bottles filled to the brim with a host of colourful tablets and capsules.

And the illicit items didn’t end there.  No- the x-rayed image showed the outlines of a number of exotically shaped objects that, even to the untrained eye, couldn’t be mistaken for anything but a treasure trove of plastic sex toys. Vibrators, butt plugs, anal beads, double ended dildos, Taylor had it all; her designer suitcase filled with more marital aids than the shelves at Adam & Eve.

Tanner’s mind whirred imagining all the wild and wonderful things the trio of A-list beauties got up to with this array of brightly-coloured fuck toys.  He pictured them feeding neverending chains of girthy round anal beads up each others asses, their peachy, tanned butts clattering together as they shared a double headed dong and drilling each other for hours on end with a plethora of prosthetic cocks.  The mental images had his dick growing and stiffening in his pants and before long the handsome security man was sporting a lengthy, cylindrical bulge in the crotch of his TSA trousers.

“Wow!” he exclaimed, as Taylor’s bag passed through to the collection point.  “That’s some cargo you’re hauling in there, Miss Swift.”

“I could say the same about you,” Taylor grinned as she eyed the thick lump protruding from his crotch.

“Oh...errr…,” Tanner stuttered, making a lame attempt at covering his hardon with his jacket.

“Well, you’ve seen to our luggage,” said Taylor, stepping forward and running a hand across his swelling cock bulge.  “I think it’s time we saw to yours.”

End of Chapter 2
Title: Re: Taylor's Big British Bash (Taylor Swift, Emma Watson and co.)
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Fine work with these stories, appreciate you sharing them with us
Title: Re: Taylor's Big British Bash (Taylor Swift, Emma Watson and co.)
Post by: Slyguy on March 22, 2019, 05:00:17 PM
Haha yes!  Time to take this party abroad!  I'm very curious what will happen on the flight itself.   ;D
Title: Re: Taylor's Big British Bash (Taylor Swift, Emma Watson and co.)
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Love Natalie Dormer. Cheers for using her.
Title: Re: Taylor's Big British Bash (Taylor Swift, Emma Watson and co.) [Chapter 3 posted]
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Chapter 3

Starring: Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez and Ariel Winter


Tanner leant against a row of sinks in the men’s bathroom at LAX’s Terminal 5.  Squatted at his feet were the celebrity trio of Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez and Ariel Winter; the blonde in the middle, her dark-haired cohorts flanking her on either side.  The ladies were already on the young TSA man like a pack of hungry wolves. Taylor pawed excitedly at his crotch; her soft, dainty hands tracing the outline of his cock as she made out with Selena.  Ariel unbuckled his belt, Taylor turning to lock lips with her as she tugged down his navy blue pants.

Tanner could scarcely believe his eyes.  As a handsome, well muscled and well hung young man in his early 20’s, the security agent was no stranger in the ways of the woman.  In fact, he’d racked up a roster of conquests that most men twice his age would be proud of, but even for him this was something else.  Three gorgeous women were gathered at his feet; kissing and giggling amongst themselves as they grabbed at his crotch, cooing like ring doves as they felt his length and girth through his pants.

Selena and Ariel tugged down Tanner’s trousers, Taylor licking up and down his shaft through his boxer briefs as they did so.  His pants pooled around his brogues and the girls moved onto his underwear. Taylor and Selena got to work on his boxers while Ariel watched; the buxom brunette lightly grazing his muscular thighs with her long, manicured nails. 

The girls tugged down Tanner’s smalls; his thick, lengthy cock revealing itself inch by inch.  First came the base; the girthy root emerging from a neatly sheared bush of pubes like the trunk of a might oak, a pair of heavy, low hanging balls dangling beneath like big flesh pendulums.  The ladies carried on down the 11 inch shaft; a complex network of thick, pulsing veins running up and down his dong, protruding from his pole and criss crossing one another like train tracks.  Finally, the girls reached the well-defined boundary of Tanner’s large, swollen cockhead, and with one final tug his dick sprung out like a freshly cranked jack-in-the-box.

“Oh, wow!” Ariel gushed, the chesty actress gawking listlessly at the giant wang.

“My God, that’s a big dick,” Selena added.

“Mmhmm,” Taylor agreed.  “We’re gonna have some fun with this one, girls!”

Without further ado, the girls got to it.  Taylor grabbed the shaft; the randy blonde tonguing avidly at his leaking prickhole as her friends took care of the balls.  Tanner was on cloud nine; the TSA stud cooing and groaning as no fewer than three A-list beauties tag teamed his oversized genitals.  Taylor was licking ruthlessly at his dickslit; the horny singer lapping up the stream of precum that flowed from his tip like the River Nile.  Meanwhile, Selena and Ariel were sharing his balls; their twin sets of plump, glossy pink dicksucker lips wrapped around his swollen gonads as they drooled and slobbered over the spunk-filled pair. 

Taylor enveloped his bulging cockhead with her lips; the fair-haired beauty moving her hands down to his thighs as she started to bob her head pretty head back and forth on his dick.  Meanwhile, Selena moved from his balls to his shaft; the lusty latina wrapping her lips around the side of his dong. Before he knew it, Tanner had two pairs of pouty pink lips working his throbbing cock.  Taylor Swift was sucking hard at his swollen dickcrown; coaxing yet more watery, thin prespunk out through the gaping tip, while Selena Gomez handled the shaft; the Hispanic hottie lapping wildly at the veiny underside as she went.  And if that wasn’t enough, Tanner had a third set of lips working his balls; Ariel Winter sucking and gobbling at the oversized pair like they’d been dipped in honey.

Taylor’s lips were roaming up and down Tanner’s cock like a glass elevator; the randy blonde sucking down an additional inch of thick, girthy man meat with each pass she took.  Before long, Selena returned to the balls; leaving her galpal with a free rein of Tanner’s dong as her plump, bee stung lips edged ever closer to the base. One more pass was all it took.  Taylor’s lips wrapped around the base of Tanner’s wang. Her cute little nose nestled amongst his neatly trimmed batch of pubes as she held all 11 of his fat, veiny inches in her mouth; the randy singer drooling and slobbering over the long, thick cock like a dog with a bone.  Finally, and with much reluctance on her part, Taylor came up for air; her glossy pink lips leaving behind them thick trails of spit as she released the giant dick from her mouth.

“Damn, Taylor,” Selena gushed.  No matter how many times she’d witness them, her girlfriend’s cockslurping skills never ceased to amaze her.  “You sure know how to suck a dick!”

“Yup,” Taylor smirked in agreement, “I sure do.  Here, why don’t you share it with me?”

Taylor fed the cock to Selena; the blonde songstress allowing her Latin pal one solitary suck at the swollen prickhead before retrieving it and passing it onto Ariel.  This went on for some time. Taylor passed the oversized dong back and forth between herself and her two friends; the celebrity trio taking one quick pass each on the fat, lengthy wang before it was moved on elsewhere.  It went from Selena, to Ariel, to Taylor, back to Ariel, onto Selena, then back to Taylor; all three of the A-list hotties sucking hard at the bulging cockhead and releasing it with a loud *POP* sound and exaggerated pucker of their glossed up dicksucker lips.

Next, Selena took her turn on Tanner’s cock; the Hispanic gripping the oversized dong at the base as she guided her shiny pink lips up and down the thick, veiny shaft.  Taylor turned to Ariel and met her for a kiss; the pretty pair stealing teasing glances up at their ensnared stud as they locked their luscious lips before him.

“You know what I want to see?” asked Taylor, as they broke from their kiss.

“What’s that, Taylor?” Ariel replied, licking the excess gloss from her thick, beestung lips.

“I want to see,” Taylor began reaching down to cup Ariel’s huge, heaving tits, “these beautiful breasts wrapped around that big, fat cock!”

“Hmm,” Ariel grinned, “I like the way you think, baby!”

A loud, audible gulp escaped Tanner’s throat.  As if three sets of glossy pink dicksucker lips wrapped around his dong weren’t enough.  Add a pair of bulging, creamy white titties into the mix and he feared his dick may actually explode at the point of eruption.  The ladies, however, had no such concerns. Or if they did, they didn’t let them put a halt to their fun.

Ariel joined Selena on Tanner’s cock; the buxom starlet sucking the bulging head while her friend worked the shaft.  Taylor circled around behind Ariel; the randy blonde looking up naughtily at the trembling security hunk as she groped her friend’s breasts through her skimpy track top.  This alone was nearly too much for Tanner to take. The sight of Ariel’s cavernous young cleavage bulging as Taylor felt her up, the muffled feminine coos escaping her mouth as she sucked his swollen dickhead.  It almost had him blowing his wad right there and then, but he held strong; the TSA agent preparing himself as best as he could for a threeway team titfucking so wet and wild it would have even the most devout of homosexuals spewing their beans in a matter of seconds. 

Taylor pulled up Ariel’s spandex workout top; the singer having to use every ounce of feminine muscle tone in her fitness model arms to tug the skin tight garment past her girlfriend’s heaving D cup chest.  Finally, and with her biceps popping from the force exerted, Taylor tugged the top up to Ariel’s neck; her enormous, milky white titties spilling out like melons from a grocery bag. Ariel removed her top; her epic rack already under siege by a legion of male and female hands before she’d pulled the snug fitting garment over her head.   

Tanner had reached down and cupped an excited handful of her jiggling breast meat, while Taylor and Selena were similarly enthralled; the security stud’s long, thick cock almost entirely forgotten about as Ariel’s perky set of weighty milk jugs hung in perfect pertitude above the rest of her curvaceous frame.  Taylor swatted Tanner’s hand away so she could take her turn; the randy blonde feeding one of Ariel’s erect nipples between her glossy pink lips as Selena took the other; the A-list duo feasting on their galpal’s big, bulging breasts like a pair of hungry newborns. Ariel cooed and groaned; the busty actress stroking Tanner’s cock as her celebrity girlfriend’s sucked on her huge, lily white funbags like infants at feeding time. 

“I think we better get these titties nice and wet if they’re gonna take that big cock between ‘em,” Taylor declared, jiggling her designated breast up and down like she was weighing a sack of flour.

“Hmm, good idea,” Ariel agreed, smirking like a wily fox as she placed a hand at the back of Taylor’s head and, without a single word of warning, plunged her pretty face into the depths of her heaving chest.

“MMMPFFF!” Taylor exclaimed as she was smothered by two mounds of bulging, milky white titmeat.

But Taylor didn’t let little things like her limited breathing ability spoil her fun, and the horny blonde immersed herself in the epic rack; kissing and licking any stretch of moisturised, silky smooth titflesh her restricted movement would allow.  Finally, Ariel loosened her grip on Taylor’s head; the fair-haired songstress emerging from her cleavage for a mere fraction of a second before plunging into the depths once more.

Taylor was having the time of her life; the singer giving whole new meaning to the term ‘funbags’ as she played with Ariel’s big, bouncing breasts like a new set of toys.  She squeezed them, fondled them, jiggled them, poked them; thick bulges of smooth, creamy white titflesh spiling through the gaps in her lengthy nailed fingers as she worshipped the whopping great pair.  And Taylor didn’t stop there. In fact, she was just getting started. She licked and sucked on Ariel’s nipples, drooled, slobbered and spat between her cans, tongued, slurped and motorboated; the randy blonde readying her bulging bust, and then some, for the titfucking of a lifetime.

Selena fed Tanner’s cock between Ariel’s breasts and so it began.  Ariel clasped her big, jiggling juggies around the spit-slicked dong and guided them up and down the length of the shaft; the wet undersides slapping loudly against his pelvis with each pass she took.  While Ariel worked the shaft, Taylor and Selena took care of the head, the celebrity duo playing Whac-A-Mole with the swollen pink crown; taking turns to suck on it each time it emerged from the depths of their girlfriend’s bust.

Before long, Taylor had circled around behind Ariel; kissing her swan-like neck as she took control of her weighty funbags.  She bounced the big, milky mammaries up and down the length of the dong; Selena catching the head between her lips like a performing seal and taking every opportunity to spit and drool into Ariel’s already slippery, wet tit tunnel.  With her hands now free, Ariel reach down to fondle Tanner’s balls; the stacked starlet craning her neck to make out with Taylor as she rolled the spunk-filled gonads around her velvet smooth palms like big flesh marbles.

By this stage, Tanner was hanging onto his ejaculate for dear life; the TSA hunk’s usually handsome face contorted in all manner of unflattering ways as he fought to withhold the thick, creamy spunkwad churning in his oversized balls.  Selena had been drooling and slobbering over Ariel’s tits for the better part of ten minutes, and by now Taylor was utilising every sinew in her feminine muscle toned arms to keep Tanner’s cock between them; her hands slip-sliding across the epic fucktanks like Bambi on ice.  And still they kept at it. By now, Ariel and Selena were both tonguing at Tanner’s dickhead as Taylor worked the shaft with the brunette’s rack; their tongues flicking and brushing against each other as they leaked yet more warm, sticky drool over the fat, veiny cock and between Ariel’s tits. 

Tanner cooed and groaned like a wounded animal; every caress of his big, cum-churning balls, each lap against his pulsing, spunk-leaking dickhead, every pass of Ariel’s bulging milktanks up and down his long, throbbing wang bringing the chiselled young stud closer and closer to his impending orgasm.  He’d held strong amid a ruthless onslaught from three pretty pink mouths and one set of epic, lily white fuckjugs, but finally, after some 30 minutes of world class team sucking and titfucking, the ripped security stud was ready to blow his load.

“Fuck! I’m gonna cum!” he blurted out, prizing his dick from the depths of Ariel’s spit-slicked bust and pointing the winking tip at her colossal chest mounds as he beat his pulsing dong.

“Yeah, come on, big boy,” Taylor purred.  “Shoot that creamy load all over these big fucking titties!” she added, giving Ariel’s breasts a jiggle as she begged the young man for his cum.

Those last few lewd words of encouragement were all Tanner needed.  His dick erupted on the spot; a thick jet of creamy, off-white jism blasting from the tip and splattering across Ariel’s chest like spilled wall paint. 

“That’s it, baby,” Selena grinned.  “Drench these juggies with all that piping hot cum!”

“Uhh! Fuuuck!” Tanner bellowed, as yet more warm, virile seed shot from his dickhole and plastered across Ariel’s bust; the thick, gloopy spunk dripping over the curves of her breasts and down onto the floor.

Once Tanner’s eruption had finally ceased, Selena and Taylor took their mouths to Ariel’s rack; the randy duo lapping up the spilled cream like thirsty kittens as they licked the spunk-covered titties clean. 

“Mmm,” Selena murmured, licking her full pink lips as she swallowed a mouthful of cum.  “That was fun, huh, girls?”

“Mmhmm,” Ariel agreed.  “Maybe flying commercial ain’t so bad after all.”

“It’s certainly growing on me,” Taylor grinned, licking a final drop of spunk from Ariel’s erect nipple.  She squeezed the other breast with her hand, catching a glimpse of the time on her designer wrist watch as she did so.  “Oh, girls, we better get going,” she said, swallowing down the last of the cum. “We’ve got a flight to catch.”

End of Chapter 3
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Your threeway suckjobs are the best.  The titty-fucking was a nice touch.
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Chapter 4

Starring: Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Ariel Winter, Emma Watson, Maisie Williams, Sophie Turner, Natalie Dormer, Felicity Jones, Hayley Atwell and Daisy Ridley


Emma Watson was stood before a full length mirror in the master bedroom of her luxury West London home; taking final inventory of her look as she applied the finishing touches.  After a heavy night in London, and an even heavier morning with the lucky young stud she’d brought home, Miss Watson hit the local gym; working up a sweat in an effort to flush out the intoxicants of the previous evening.

After a gruelling two hour workout and an hour’s sweat in the nearby sauna, Emma was feeling right as rain and she returned home, hitting the shower before she readied herself for the day’s festivities.  She’d picked out an ultra skimpy outfit for the occasion; a tight fitting white top, so thin it barely concealed the piercing buds of her puffy pink nipples, a frayed denim mini-skirt that did little to hide the bottom curves of her peachy, beach bronzed ass and a pair of stilettos, so spindly and garish they wouldn’t have looked out of place on a Vegas stripper.

And she hadn’t finished there.  In fact, Emma had pulled out all the stops; the Brit actress ensuring she didn’t look but a penny short of a million pounds for her celebrity get together.  Her hair hung gracefully about her shoulder blades; the silky brown locks shinier than a model in a Pantene ad, while her pretty face had been dabbed, blotted and otherwise made up with a small suitcase worth of expensive beauty products.

A long time follower of US popstar Taylor Swift’s infamous online activities, Emma was buzzing with excitement as she imagined all the wild and wonderful things she and her transatlantic pals would get up to when their plane touched down at Heathrow later that evening.  In fact, Emma had been too excited to wait and she’d organised a little gathering for herself and her girlfriends at her plush London home before they headed off to the airport to meet Taylor and co.

Upon returning from the gym, Emma was greeted by the most expensive (and therefore best) catering team in London, waiting patiently between shiny sports cars in her large, lavishly landscaped driveway.  She invited them inside, and once she’d showered and spent the requisite hour getting ready in front of the mirror, Emma’s luxury living room had been kitted out for an afternoon gathering that would put the garden parties at Buckingham Palace to shame.

Two ceiling high speakers had been wheeled in, Emma’s chosen Spotify playlist already blaring by the time she’d made it downstairs.  Her bar had been stocked and re-stocked; bottles of whiskey, rum, vodka and everything in between lining the polished surface, while a cellar’s worth of vintage wines lined the shelves beneath.  And that was just the beginning.  Countless bottles of the finest French champagne lay in adjacent mini fridges, while more still chilled in ice buckets throughout the plush living space.

What’s more, her long, banquet-ready dining table had been draped with silken white cloths and stocked to near collapsing point with plates of prawn, smoked salmon and cucumber sandwiches, halved scones, tubs of clotted cream and bowls of fresh strawberries.  Not to mention carefully arranged displays of lemon drizzle cake, banana eclairs, cherry and almond bakes and every other sweet English dish known to man, all rounded off with countless jugs of freshly mixed Pimm’s.

In short, it was an afternoon tea fit for the Queen herself and as she surveyed the handiwork of her hired catering team, Emma got out her phone and opened WhatsApp.  She shot a video of the magnificent spread before turning the camera on herself and showing off her skimpy outfit for her lucky viewers.  She blew a kiss to the camera and posted it to the ‘London, baby!’ WhatsApp group with a message that read:

All ready for you, ladies! [followed by cake and champagne emojis]

Moments later her phone started to buzz uncontrollably as a barrage of messages came streaming in.

Maisie: [heart eyes emoji]

Hayley: Hottie! [flame emoji]

Daisy: Daaayum gurl! [tongue out emoji]

Natalie: Mmm! That looks good enough to eat. And the food doesn’t look bad either! [wink emoji]

This was followed 15 minutes later by a second flood of messages; pics and videos of Emma’s A-list chums riding in the backs of London cabs, showcasing their own scanty getups as they journeyed to her luxury home. 

En route, ladies! Read a message from Hayley Atwell, the post followed by a tantalizing selfie; the shot framed perfectly to include her phenomenal cleavage in the skimpy white vest top she wore.

Whoops! Followed a message from Felicity Jones.  I left in such a hurry, I appear to have forgotten something!  The post accompanied by an upskirt shot snapped by the actress herself, revealing that she had neglected to put on underwear for the afternoon’s festivities.

This was topped moments later by Sophie Turner, who posted the message; We may be a bit late.  We’re a little...busy!  The post followed by a POV video of Maisie Williams licking the redhead’s tight shaven twat between the covers on her luxury king size bed.

Finally, and a good hour behind schedule, the ladies arrived at Emma’s home; the brunette greeting them one by one with a warm embrace as they flooded through the front door.  The girls convened in the living room; sipping from Pimm’s cups and sinking glass after glass of expensive champagne, chatting amongst themselves as they grazed from the luxury spread.  They discussed a wide range of topics; everything from work to working out, but as they took to Emma’s five piece suite and the booze continued to flow, the conversation headed in one direction and one direction only. 

“Emma,” began Daisy Ridley as she sipped from a glass of champagne, “where did you find that stud from those videos?” she asked, the enquiry met by five additional murmuring voices; each one desperate to find out where their celebrity friend had picked up such an endowed young hunk.

“Somewhere in Mayfair,” Emma replied, taking a swig of her Pimm’s.  “I’m afraid I can’t be any more specific than that,” she added, this statement met by a chorus of groans from her encircled pals.  “To be honest, I didn’t remember bringing him home until I got a message from my local cab company,” she went on.  “Apparently it took them three hours to clean the cum off the backseat and I owe them £200.”

The girls fell about laughing.

Emma grinned, holding aloft a bottle of vintage Moet as she called above the hysterical cackling.  “More champagne, ladies?”


Taylor Swift sat in her plush leather seat in the first class cabin of United Airlines Flight 84, her iPhone clutched in her hand as she ran through the recent posts in the ‘London, baby!’ WhatsApp group. 

“Looks like the girls are having fun,” Taylor observed, her lengthy nailed index finger scrolling through the dozens upon dozens of pictures from Emma Watson’s all-star London bash.

The slideshow started off innocently enough; girls linking arms as they downed flutes of champagne, feeding each other strawberries and kissing one another on the cheek as they mingled at the five piece suite.  But as Taylor scrolled on, the images grew raunchier and raunchier.  Before long pictures and videos appeared of the girls making out, some sharing strawberries topped with cream and swapping pills back and forth from tongue to tongue as they did so.  Natalie Dormer and Felicity Jones.  Sophie Turner and Daisy Ridley.  Emma Watson and Maisie Williams.

Before long, the feed looked like it had plucked from a teenage boy’s wet dream; the all-star WhatsApp posts enough to have any red-blooded male beating himself into a coma in a matter of minutes, and it didn’t stop there.  Soon enough, Hayley Atwell had removed her top; her A-list pals seemingly clambering over one another to get at her magnificent 32DD tits.  Pictures began to emerge of a whole host of famous British beauties motorboating her epic rack, tonguing at her stiff pink nipples and snorting bumps of coke from the lilywhite tops of her bulging, canyon-esque cleavage.   

Taylor was insanely jealous.  Not of the cocaine of course, she’d hoovered up more than her fair share of that.  In fact, the fair-haired songstress had paid so many trips to the first class bathroom it looked as though the inflight meal had wreaked havoc on her bowels.  And the intoxicants hadn’t ended there.  Indeed, the plane had barely levelled out in the cloudy California sky, when Taylor had tossed back a medley of colourful pills, chugging them down with an entire vodka miniature to bemused looks from the surrounding passengers.

“She’s a nervous flyer,” Selena Gomez helpfully explained.     


“More champagne, Miss Swift,” came a voice to her right.

Taylor looked up from her phone as a pretty young flight attendant stood in the aisle; a half empty bottle of vintage fizz clutched in her manicured hands. 

“Please,” Taylor replied, holding out her empty champagne flute.

The air hostess had barely finished pouring before Taylor had downed the expensive champagne, the empty flute appearing before the astonished flight attendant once more in a matter of seconds.

“Fill her up will you, sweetie?” Taylor grinned
The flight attendant stared in disbelief at the empty flute for a few moments before pouring another glass. 

“Selena,” said Taylor.

“Mmm,” replied Selena, absentmindedly from the next seat over.

“I said ‘looks like the girls are having fun’.”

“Mmhmm,” Selena murmured in response.

“What’s distracting you?” asked Taylor.

She peered over the seats in front as a handsome young flight attendant poured champagne further down the aisle.  He had the chiseled features of a male model.  His sharp jawline was marked by a crop of neatly trimmed designer stubble.  His thick brown hair was tied back in a bun, while his tight fitting grey shirt and black waistcoat did precious nothing to hide the bulging biceps and broad, slab-like pectorals hidden away beneath. 

“Oooh!” Taylor exclaimed.  “Where’s he been hiding?”

“I think he’s the reason Ariel’s so worn out,” Selena declared.

Taylor looked over at Ariel; the busty actress fast asleep in her seat across the aisle.

“Oh yeah,” said Taylor, “I was wondering where’d she’d got to.”

Selena exchanged flirty glances with the flight attendant.  “Damn, we’ve lucked out today, girl.”

“Right?!” Taylor agreed.  “First a cute TSA guy, now a straight flight attendant.  This is a frickin’ gift from the Gods!”

“I’m gonna use the bathroom,” Selena declared, rising from her seat.  “Maybe Mr. Hot Flight Attendant can assist me.”

“Go on, girl,” Taylor replied.  “Don’t do anything I wouldn’t.”

“Pfft!” Selena razzed.  “Come on, slut.  As if there’s anything you wouldn’t do with that hot hunk of manmeat!”

“Bitch!” Taylor grinned, sipping from her glass of champagne as her girlfriend departed.

Just then, Taylor’s phone began to vibrate.  She looked down at the screen; seeing that she was receiving a FaceTime call from Emma Watson.  She held the device aloft, swiping to accept the call.

“Hey, bitches!” said Taylor, her phone display filled with the pretty faces of Miss Watson and her celebrity pals; the band of British babes gathered on her plush four seater sofa. 

“Hey, Taylor!” the girls shrieked in unison; champagne flutes and glasses of wine clutched in manicured hands, long, tightly rolled joints clasped between fingers.

“How’s it going over there?” Taylor asked.

“Yeah...good,” Emma replied; her naughty gang of A-list pals doing anything and everything to distract the brown-haired beauty from the ongoing call.

Natalie Dormer had circled around behind her; the mischievous blonde kissing her neck while she squeezed and fondled her perky B-cup tits.  Joints appeared from offscreen.  Bumps of coke were held up to her nostrils.  Pills were damn near forced between her lips, with shots of sambuca tipped down her throat to wash them down. 

“How’s the flight?” Emma asked between tugs on a long, thick joint.

“Oh, you know, boring,” said Taylor.  “I’ve done about a gram of blow since take off just to keep me from falling asleep!  There’s a hot flight attendant though,” she went on.  “I think Selena’s sucking his dick in the bathroom as we speak!”

A loud chorus of tuts went up from the nearby passengers, some looking back at the popstar with disgust as she carried on with her obscene phone call.

“Yeah, she is,” said Felicity Jones, the brunette pointing her phone at the lens and bringing up the latest post from the ‘London, baby!’ WhatsApp group; a video of Selena Gomez chowing down on the flight attendants fat, girthy cock.

“So, when…MMMPF!” Emma began, her question cut short by Sophie Turner sticking her tongue down her throat.  “So, when do you girls land?”

“10.45, your time,” Taylor replied.

“OK, we’ll meet you...MMMMMPFFF!” Emma’s reply once again cut short as Hayley Atwell grabbed the back of her head and buried her face in her cleavage; the buxom starlet damn near smothering the Harry Potter star with her giant DD cans.

“Sorry, Taylor,” said Hayley, angling the phone up to her pretty face and grinning into the lens. “She’s a little busy right now.”

When Hayley finally released her from the depths of her bosom, Emma drew in a sharp breath. Her face was red, her hair disheveled.

“We’ll meet you at the…uhhh,” she groaned, the actress interrupted once again as one of Daisy Ridley’s hands disappeared below the frame.

The brunette aimed the camera down at Emma’s crotch; revealing that one of her dainty mits was rubbing avidly between her legs, then pointed it back at her face. Emma’s cute features were lit up like a Christmas tree as Daisy rummaged between her thighs; the Star Wars actress grinning devilishly into the camera lens as she nibbled lightly on her pierced earlobe.

“Hey!” snapped Taylor Swift, her voice carrying the tone of an angry parent.  “You girls behave over there!” she warned, wagging a finger playfully at the camera.

“Or what, Taylor?” asked Daisy, standing up and thrusting her peachy round ass in the direction of the camera.

Emma turned the phone towards her fellow brunette, pointing the lens at her shapely apple bottom.

“What you gonna do? Spank us?” Daisy continued, looking back at the camera as she gave her ass a firm slap.

“Mmhmm,” Taylor replied. “I’ll fetch the paddle from my suitcase and give you each six of the best if you carry on.”

“Oh yeah! Spank us, Taylor,” said Maisie Williams, appearing from out of frame, her pretty face pressed against Daisy’s ass as she gave the round, muscle toned cheeks a hard smack.  “We’ve been bad!”

“You’re being very bad,” Taylor agreed. “I may even have to use my riding crop at this rate.”

“Oh yes, Taylor, we’re being so bad!” Maisie replied, her voice cooed and breathy as Daisy knelt beside her in front of the camera lens. “Look at all the things we’re doing without you,” she added, puckering her lips as she met Daisy for a kiss.

They locked lips; the British pair swapping tongues like vintage baseball cards as they made out for the camera.

“You like that, Taylor?” asked Maisie, grinning into the lens as she pulled up Daisy’s tight fitting vest top.

“Uh huh,” Taylor groaned.

“Are you playing with yourself?”

“Mmhmm,” Taylor replied, pointing the camera at her crotch to reveal that she did, indeed, have two fingers rubbing avidly between her beach bronzed thighs.

“Despicable!” came the voice of a woman from across the aisle.

“Yeah, that’s...that’s something alright,” said her husband weakly as she looked at him for conformation.

He waited until his wife had returned to her book before peering across the aisle at the phone screen and Taylor’s wandering fingers; the middle aged man stroking his own measly four inch pecker through the fabric of his corduroy slacks as he watched her strum herself in the middle of the cabin.


Meanwhile, back in London, things were hotting up.  Daisy Ridley had removed her top; baring her almost impossibly perky, handful sizes titties for the camera as Emma Watson aimed it at her gorgeous B cup chest.  Maisie Williams had mounted her supine friend, grinning naughtily into the camera lens as she kissed her neck and collarbone.

Emma took a quick pan of the room before returning to the action; revealing that many of her A-list guests were also playing with themselves as they watched, some even removing their clothing to better tease their sticky, wet vaginas.  By now, Maisie was licking one of Daisy’s breasts; the young starlet grinding her thigh gently between her legs as she tongued at her erect nipple.

“Oh, fuck!” Taylor groaned, her fingers rubbing mercilessly between her thighs as she watched the live sapphic action unfold.

Maisie kissed teasingly down Daisy’s flat, toned midriff, unbuttoning her jean shorts as she tongued slowly around her navel.  She tugged down her shorts as she continued down between her legs; the Game of Thrones star kissing past the waistline of her girlfriend’s skimpy cotton panties and down to the moist crotch.  She tongued at Daisy’s vagina through the fabric of her panties; the garments so fine and her pussy so wet, she could taste her though the thin material.

“Take those panties off, Maisie,” Taylor directed from aboard the soaring jet. “I wanna see that tight pink pussy.”

More tuts and disgruntled mutterings sounded out across the first class cabin, while long suffering husbands, whether in eyeshot of the steamy girl on girl action or not, stroked their cocks through the fabric of their pants; some even producing suspicious looking stains that would need to be explained to their better halves when they touched down in the UK.

Maisie did as instructed; the randy brunette tugging down Daisy’s underwear and holding them to her nose, closing her piercing grey eyes as she inhaled the sweet scent.

“Mmm, yeah,” Taylor groaned. “Eat that pussy, baby.  I wanna see you lick that sweet cunt!”

“Nuh uh,” said Maisie, grinning devilishly at the camera.  “Not ‘til you get here, Taylor,” she added, balling up Daisy’s panties and flinging then at Emma’s phone.

The skimpy undergarments covered the expensive device.  The screen went black and the call ended.

“Hey! What the fuck?!” Taylor growled, stabbing frantically at her phone with a manicured finger.

The outburst woke Ariel from her sleep and she groaned wearily from across the aisle.

“What’s up?” she asked with a yawn.

“Oh, nothing,” Taylor replied.  “How did you sleep?”

“Good,” said Ariel.  “Fuck, that flight attendant wore me out big time.  Where’s Selena?”

“Sucking your pussy juices off his dick by the looks of things,” Taylor quipped, showing her buxom friend the video of Selena blowing the lucky steward.

Just then, Selena emerged from the airplane bathroom, wiping her lips suggestively with her lengthy nailed fingers.

“Ooh, speaking of which,” Taylor went on, “looks like it’s my turn.”

Taylor crossed the aisle as Selena returned to her seat; the blonde reaching the restroom just as the flight attendant appeared from within.

“Hey!” she said, pushing him back into the bathroom and following him inside. “Where do you think you’re going?”

End of Chapter 4
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Chapter 5

Starring: Taylor Swift


Taylor Swift strolled into the small airplane bathroom; the blonde singer grinning like a sly fox as she locked the door behind her.  She approached Jesse, the handsome young flight attendant and pressed her hot, slender body against his.  She threw an arm over his broad shoulder blades, her spare hand caressing one of his thick, bulging biceps as she guided him down for a kiss.

The pair locked lips; their mouths meeting in a passionate exchange of tongues.  Jesse allowed his strong, manly hands to wander over Taylor’s alluring curves, while she in turn slid a dainty, velvet soft mit down his midriff; her expertly manicured fingers exploring every groove and contour of his barrel-like chest and ripped, well-defined six pack. 

Taylor reached down to Jesse’s crotch; the horny songstress avidly fondling the girthy, snake-like bulge protruding from within.  Breaking from their kiss, Taylor dropped to her knees; gazing up longingly at the burly young stud as she unbuckled his leather belt.  She licked teasingly up the outline of his cock; the fair-haired singer feeling the lengthy fleshpole twitch through the fabric of his suit pants as she did so.

She unzipped his pants, tonguing naughtily at the outline of his dickhead.  She slid two fingers under the waistline of his boxers; the randy blonde whipping both his skinny suit pants and tight fitting undergarments down to his ankles in a single motion.  His dick sprung free; the girthy, ten inch member hard as a rock, the leaking tip pointing at her pretty face like the barrel of a rifle.

“Oooh, wow!” Taylor exclaimed, her blue eyes bulging upon sight of the oversized wang.  “That is a pretty dick!”

She stuck out her tongue and lapped at the dripping slit; the singer licking up every centilitre of sticky, diluted precum that seeped from the open tip.  Then, she fed the swollen crown into her mouth; the popstar bobbing her pretty blonde head, guiding her pouty pink lips up and down the length of the oversized dong as she did so.  She slurped and sucked, drooled and slobbered; the fair-haired songstress slathering every inch of Jesse’s thick, veiny schlong in her slippery wet spittle as she worked him over with her mouth.

Taylor placed her hands on his thighs; the horny blonde digging her lengthy, brightly coloured nails into his tanned, muscular flesh as she pleasured him.  She worked her way down his shaft; the singer choking down his long, girthy cock like an expert sword swallower, accepting every thick, veiny inch with the skill and grace of a seasoned pro.  Before long, she’d made the entire thing disappear; her dainty little nose nestling in his neatly trimmed batch of pubes as she sucked his dick right down to the base. 

Taylor held the cock in her mouth; the randy songstress reaching up to cup his balls and pressing the bulging, cum-churning gonads against her chin as she lapped and tongued at his pulsing dong.  Jesse cooed and groaned; the handsome flight attendant clinging to the sparkling clean bathroom sink as he was sucked six ways from Sunday by the A-list slut. 

After some time, Taylor released the cock from her mouth; spitting a thick jet of slippery wet saliva over the already spit-slathered dick as she stroked it with her hand.  She angled the cock upwards; the horny singer dipping down to get at the balls while she jerked the drool-slicked dong.  She fed one of the swollen testes into her mouth; the blonde suckling on the smooth, hairless gonad like a large boiled candy, glazing it in saliva before moving onto the other one. 

Then, Taylor licked up the underside of Jesse’s cock; the girthy schlong twitching like an epileptic at a disco as she trailed her tongue across the veiny surface.  Before long, she’d reached the summit; the lusty singer tonguing once more at the oozing slit before returning the lengthy, thick prong between her lips.  She attacked the cock once more; the randy popstar showing her male counterpart little mercy she she lay siege to his pulsing wang with every trick and technique in her blowjob arsenal. 

She rubbed the head against her puckered, shell pink lips, slapped the swollen crown against her tongue and encircled it with the slick red flesh.  She lapped greedily at the underside; her tongue slapping against the girthy shaft like a dog with a bone; the blonde kneading his bulging head and caressing his oversized balls all the while.  Taylor sucked and slurped, stroked and jerked, drooled, slobbered and deepthroated.  She guided her soft, dainty hands and plump, overly glossed dicksucker lips up and down the length of Jesse’s dong in perfect unison; the big, thick wang throbbing in her palms and against her tongue as she did so.

“Oh, shit! I’m gonna blow!” Jesse panted; his eyes clamped shut as he did his best to withstand the pornstar-grade dickslurping skills from his A-list counterpart.

The flight was but five hours old and already the muscular young steward had been sucked to within an inch of his life by two world famous popstars, not to mention drilling Ariel Winter’s tight pink pussy into next week with his girthy 10 inch cock.  He’d already cum three times is an many hours and, by this stage, being set upon by half the women in the Victoria’s Secret catalogue wouldn’t have caused as much as a stir in most men’s tender, red raw nether regions.  Jesse, however, wasn’t like most men and after a mere 20 minutes of world class sucking from his opposite number, his dick was throbbing uncontrollably once again.

“Mmm!” groaned Taylor, the singer excited by the promise in his words and the ceaseless pulsing of his long, girthy cock.

She sucked like she’d never sucked before; one paw stroking his spit-slicked wang while the other fondled his balls; a thick, creamy spunkwad brewing in the giant testicles as she squeezed them lightly in her hand.  She felt his dick throb in her hand, his bulging crown swelling as she sucked him off.  His tip winked lewdly inside her skilled mouth; precum leaking profusely from the slit and streaming straight down her throat.  Taylor sucked harder and stroked faster, the randy singer clasping Jesse’s balls so tight it appeared as though she was trying to squeeze his spunk right out of the oversized pair. 

“Uh, fuck!” he groaned, the strain in his voice and throbbing in his cock letting Taylor know that a thick load of warm, rich jism was close at hand. 

One more stroke was all it took.  Jesse’s dick pumped like a fireman’s hose as he fired a torrent of creamy, verile spunk straight down her throat; the hot, gloopy man mess warming her from inside as it slid down into her belly. 

“Mmm,” Taylor murmured, the horny blonde licking her lips as she released Jesse’s cock from her mouth, “now that’s what I call an inflight meal!  And now it’s your turn,” she added, as she sat down on the toilet seat.

Taylor whipped her panties down, spreading her legs apart as she gazed across at the endowed young flight attendant. 

“Get over here and eat this pussy,” she ordered.  “Come on, I’m not finished with you yet!”

End of Chapter 5
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One on one with Taylor in an airplane bathroom.  Perfect.  Can't wait to see what she has in store for him next!
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Chapter 4

Starring: Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Ariel Winter, Emma Watson, Maisie Williams, Sophie Turner, Natalie Dormer, Felicity Jones, Hayley Atwell and Daisy Ridley


Emma Watson was stood before a full length mirror in the master bedroom of her luxury West London home; taking final inventory of her look as she applied the finishing touches.  After a heavy night in London, and an even heavier morning with the lucky young stud she’d brought home, Miss Watson hit the local gym; working up a sweat in an effort to flush out the intoxicants of the previous evening.
End of Chapter 4

Really enjoyed catching up on the story (and Emma back in London) can't wait for the next Chapter!
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Shout out to Slyguy for the ending idea!

Chapter 6

Starring: Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez


Taylor Swift was laid back on the toilet seat in the first class bathroom.  She clasped her toned, beach tanned thighs with her manicured hands as she prized her legs apart; the fair-haired singer cooing like a ring dove, her pretty face lit up like the Fourth of July as the handsome flight attendant Jesse busied himself between her thighs. 

“Mmm!  Yeah, baby!” Taylor groaned, reaching across to strum her pulsing clit.  “Eat that fucking pussy!”

Jesse, it turned out, needed little encouragement in this department.  In fact, he was feasting on her sodden gash like it was his last meal; the ripped young stud bobbing his head as he tonuefucked her tight pink hole.

“Ooh, fuck yeah!” Taylor purred.  “Come up here and lick this clit,” she instructed, splitting her glistening lips apart with her fingers, her stiff red bud throbbing like an athlete's ticker as she spread herself open.

Jesse did as directed; the muscle bound hunk lapping at her erect clit like a thirsty kitten.  Taylor was leaking like a sieve; her hot, sweet snatch oozing its sugary fluids across Jesse’s lips and chin as he ate her sopping twat.  Then, he fed two fingers into her pussy; the vice-like grip of her snug pink cooch clasping his digits like a Chinese finger trap as he guided them back and forth.

“Yes!  That’s it, baby!” Taylor cooed, placing a hand on Jesse’s head; the randy blonde holding the chiselled flight attendant between her thighs as he scoffed at her dripping gash.

Jesse worked his fingers to and fro; the tips of his dexterous digits probing her g-spot with each pass.  Taylor reached down with her spare hand and slid a finger up her butt; the volumes of slick juices leaking from her twat easing the entry as she slipped the lengthy-nailed digit inside.  She guided her finger back and forth; plunging the dexterous digit right down to the knuckle with each pass; the extra stimulation bringing the blonde beauty to the verge of orgasm in minutes.

She gripped a handful of Jesse’s hair; the horny singer clasping the thick brown locks so tightly she almost pulled them free at the roots as he munched on her dripping box.  He licked and sucked, lapped and slurped; the burly young stud fingerbanging her tight pink gash as he tongued at her clit. He worked her over like a seasoned pro; each lap of his skilled tongue and every plunge of his long fingers bringing her closer and closer to the point of no return.

“Fuck!  I’m gonna cum on your face, baby!” Taylor groaned, quivering from head to toe as she was eaten into ecstasy by the chiselled hunk.  “FUUUCCCKKK!!!” she screamed, her pretty face screwed in all manner of unsightly ways as a violent, earth shattering climax tore through her toned frame.

“Oh, wow!” Taylor panted, finally releasing her firm grip on Jesse’s hair as she came down from her orgasm.  “Fuck, you eat pussy good, baby!”

“Uh huh,” said Jesse, sucking in air as he emerged from between her thighs.  “I sure do, Miss Swift!”

“Hmm,” Taylor grinned, lightly strumming her aching clit as she looked on at the shredded young stud before her.  “How about showing me what that dick can do now?”

“Oh, yeah?” Jesse replied, gripping his dong at the base.  “You wanna try this dick do you, Miss Swift?”

“Yes!” she barked.  “Gimme that fucking cock!”

With that Jesse leaned over the supine singer, sliding his thick, bicep-laden arms under her fitness model back and scooping her up into the air; the handsome flight attendant hoisting her up like she weighed the mass of a box of pillows. 

“Oh my!” Taylor gasped, throwing her slender arms around his hulk-like shoulder blades as he lifted her up; the randy songstress unprepared to be handled in such a manner by her opposite number.

Jesse gripped her ass with one hand, the other finding his cock and aligning its bulging head with the entrance to her twat.  Then, without a single word of warning, he dropped her down; the chiseled hunk spearing the popstar on all 10 inches of his thick, veiny prong. 

“Uhh, fuck!” Taylor groaned; her bright blue eyes popping nearly clean from her skull as Jesse’s long, girthy cock disappeared inside her.

But the young hunk showed his A-list counterpart little in the way of mercy, and no sooner had he plunged her down to the base of his dong, had he lifted her back to the top once more, holding her in place for a fraction of a second before dropping her down yet again.   Before long, Jesse was tossing Taylor up and down like a ragdoll; every inch of his oversized wang vanishing into the depths of her twat with each motion.

“Yes! Yes! Fuck! Yes!” Taylor screamed, using every bounce on Jesse’s lengthy dong as a pace setter for each passionate cry.

Taylor brought her mouth to his; the pair kissing wildly as he slung her up and down on his prong, his thick, swollen dickhead hitting her g-spot with each pass. 

“Jesus!  I’m gonna cum on that fucking dick!” Taylor cried; the randy singer clinging onto Jesse’s neck for dear life as he slung her up and down on his junk.

One more pass was it all it took.  Jesse dropped Taylor down to the base of his dong once more, this time holding her in place; her hot pink twat squeezing his dick to near bursting point as she came a second time.  But if Taylor thought two thunderous orgasms in under 10 minutes would earn her a moment’s respite, she was very much mistaken. In fact, no sooner had the fair-haired songstress cum over Jesse’s cock, had chiseled stud gotten straight back down to business.  He cradled Taylor in his big strong arms; holding her aloft with two hands on her peachy, round ass cheeks as he drilled his dick up into her.

“Oh, shit!  Yes! Yes! Fuck me! YES!” Taylor shrieked, throwing her head back and staring up at the ceiling as Jesse drove every one of his fat, girthy inches into the depths of her sodden cunt.

Jesse was going at Taylor like a jackhammer.  His well-muscled ass little more than a beach tanned blur as he pounded away at her pussy; the handsome flight attendant pulling his dick back so only the head remained, before driving it down to the hilt once more.  Taylor was on cloud nine; the randy blonde screaming at the top of her lungs as the bulging head of Jesse’s mammoth 10 inch wang hit her g-spot repeatedly. 

“Yes! Fuck me, baby!” she squealed, lust burning in her ocean blue eyes.  “Pound my pussy with that fat fucking cock!”

Her orgasmic cries carried through the plane, from the cockpit to the hold; the high-pitched, potty mouthed screams waking sleeping passengers left, right and centre, not to mention drawing a chorus of tuts from a troop of middle aged women and a forest of withered hardons from their unfortunate husbands. 

Before long, Jesse had Taylor on the verge of orgasm once more; the horny singer trembling from head to toe as the chiseled stud drilled her balls deep with his giant prong.  Jesse, however, was holding strong; the shredded young hunk stoic and business-like as he went about his work, looking like he could plow away at her tight pink twat until the plane landed.

“Fuck!” Taylor screamed.  “I’m gonna cum again!”

And then she did just that; her pussy clenching his cock like nobody’s business as a third intense orgasm ripped through her body. 

“Oh, fuck!  Sweet Jesus!” Taylor panted, kissing Jesse once more before clambering down off his cock.

Taylor dropped to her knees and took Jesse’s dick straight into her mouth.  She sucked it right down to the balls; sucking and slurping, drooling and slobbering as she cleaned up the thick coat of girlcum that glazed the monstrous wang.  She bobbed and dipped at his oversized crotch for what seemed like an eternity; guiding her glossy pink lips from tip to base with each pass, groping and fondling his huge, spunk-filled balls as she went.  Finally, she came up for air; the popstar spitting a thick jet of clear, wet saliva across his shaft and jerking his dong as she gazed up at him longingly from her squatted stance.

“Get this cock back in me, big boy!” she growled.  “I wanna cum again on that thick motherfucker!”

Taylor rose to her feet; still gripping Jesse’s cock at mid-shaft as she turned toward the bathroom sink.  She looked at herself in the mirror; her gorgeous facial features twisted with animalistic lust as she rubbed the seeping tip of Jesse’s dong up and down her slick pussy slit, before feeding it inside. 

“Uhhh! Fuck, yeah!” Taylor hissed as the cock invaded her once more.

She placed her hands on the sink, Jesse holding her shapely hips as he quickly refound his rhythm.  He worked his dick back and forth; pulling it back to the well-defined boundary of his bulging, leaking head before thrusting forward once more, feeding his wang deeper into her hot, wet snatch with each pass.  Before long, he was going at her balls deep once more, wrapping his hands around her body; one fondling her perky B cup tits, while the other rested on her flat, toned midriff. 

Taylor threw her arms back in response; interlocking her hands behind Jesse’s head as he plowed her tight pussy.  Jesse moved his hand down to her clit; the burly young stud strumming her pulsing bud with his skilled hand as he went at her hot pink hole.  Indeed, the handsome flight attendant was humping away behind her like a man possessed; his broad, well-muscled body clattering against hers as he banged her out from behind. 

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! FUUUCK!” Taylor cried; each loud, foul-mouthed outburst interspersed with the sharp collisions of their toned, athletic frames.

Taylor turned to make out with Jesse; their tongues doing battle in their conjoined mouths as he plowed her pussy with his cock. 

“You gonna cum for me, big boy?” Taylor asked, staring into Jesse’s eyes as they fucked like mad in the airplane bathroom.  “I want all that hot, thick spunk on my face!”

Jesse pounded away at his popstar counterpart, feeling his balls swell and churn with a fresh load of piping hot seed as he went at her sodden gash.  Indeed, the shredded hunk had held strong amid a vicious onslaught from Taylor’s drooling, slobbering mouth and tight, gripping pussy alike but, after 30+ minutes of endless rutting, he was ready to shoot his wad. 

“Shit!  I’m gonna blow!” he blurted out, his voice strained as he kept from losing his load right in Taylor’s cooch.

Taylor took that as her cue.  She dropped down to her knees and placed her hands on Jesse’s thighs; tonguing lewdly at his wiking tip as he pulled his pulsing dong. 

“Come on,” said Taylor, reaching up to fondle his balls and feeling the warm, creamy jizzwad brewing therein, “paint my face with your cum!”

“Fuck, here it comes,” Jesse panted, jerking his dong like a madman as he pointed it at her pretty face.  “FUUUCCCKKK!!!”

His dick erupted like Mount Vesuvius; a thick jet of piping hot spunk blasting from the open tip and splattering across Taylor’s features like blood on a bludgeon.  It went everywhere; over her cheeks, her nose and across one of her eyelids, while more of the gloopy, off white seed dripped from her chin and streaked her blonde hair. 

“Wow!” Taylor gushed as she looked up at Jesse; her face drenched with his cum.  “That was quite a load. Well, I better get back to my seat,” she said, pulling her dress over her head and  fetching her discarded panties from the floor. “Thanks, hon,” she added, blowing the flight attendant a kiss as she turned the lock on the door. 

“Err...Miss Swift,” said Jesse, stopping the singer in the doorway, “aren’t you gonna clean up first?” he asked, gesturing to the bathroom sink.

“Oh, no, that’ll smear my makeup,” Taylor replied.  “I guess I’ll have to leave it.”

And with that she was gone.  Heads turned en masse as Taylor Swift emerged from the airplane bathroom.  And if her fellow passengers had been shocked by her earlier antics, they were positively aghast as the fair-haired songstress marched down the aisle; panties in hand, face splattered with semen as she returned nonchalantly to her seat. 

“Looks like you had a good time,” said Selena Gomez, grinning naughtily as her friend sat down beside her.

“Mmhmm,” Taylor replied, gathering her phone in her manicured hand.  “I think I could get used to flying commercial, you know.”

Taylor pointed the camera lens at her pretty, cum-streaked face; the other passengers watching on in disbelief as she shot a selfie-style video for her friends.

“Well, as you can see, girls, the flight certainly picked up!” she said, scooping up a dollop of spunk.  She slipped her finger into her mouth and sucked it clean. “Mmm! Yummy!”

Taylor blew a kiss to the camera, stopped the recording and posted it to the ‘London, baby!’ WhatsApp group.  By now her band of decrepit detractors had gone from tutting to gasps; some looking as though they were going to have a heart attack right there in the cabin as she suckled the glob of cum from her finger tip.  In fact, the gasps and murmuring drowned out a loud chorus of spurts as the sight of the spunk-streaked singer caused a number of their long-suffering husbands to blew their watery, middle-aged beans right in their boxer shorts.

“Hot towel, Miss Swift?” came a voice to her right.

Taylor turned to see the same cute blonde flight attendant who had poured the champagne earlier, this time brandishing a small, pristine white towel in her dainty hands.

“Ah, thank you, dear,” said Taylor, accepting the towel and using it to wipe the cum from her face.  “That’s just what I needed,” she added, handing the towel back to the air hostess.

The flight attendant took the towel from the popstar, immediately dropping it to the floor in a very badly staged ‘accident’.

“Whoops! Silly me!” she said.

She leaned down before the A-list songstress; the hem of her ultra short grey skirt riding up to reveal not only the bottom spheres of her peachy, beach bronzed butt, but also the crotch of the white cotton panties bisecting them.  She remained in her bent over position a good deal longer than necessary; ensuring Taylor got a good view before returning to her upright stance.

“Anything else I can help you with, Miss Swift?” she asked.

“Hmm,” Taylor grinned, leching at the pretty young flight attendant like a piece of meat, “why don’t you meet me in the bathroom in five?  I’ve had my inflight meal, now I could use a little dessert!”

End of Chapter 6
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HOT!  HOT!  HOT!  Wish I could have been on this flight!
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Chapter 7

Starring: Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Ariel Winter, Emma Watson, Maisie Williams, Sophie Turner, Natalie Dormer, Felicity Jones, Hayley Atwell, Daisy Ridley and ?


United Airlines Flight 84 touched down in London on time and on schedule.  Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez and Ariel Winter fetched their designer suitcases from baggage reclaim, bribed their way through airport security and headed for the pick up zone of Heathrow’s Terminal 2.  The girls waited at the terminal entrance; waving and blowing kisses at the procession of drivers honking at the A-list trio as their shiny vehicles crawled on past.

“They’re late,” said Taylor, glancing down at her expensive silver-plated wristwatch.

“Oh, come on, girl,” Selena replied.  “You saw what they were getting up to at Emma’s.  Are you really surprised?”

“No, but…,” Taylor paused.

“You’re horny?” Selena asked.


“Well there’s a surprise.”

“Ooh, girls,” Ariel chimed in.  “That looks like them up ahead.”

She pointed to a long gleaming white stretch limo as it pulled into the parking lot, music blaring through the tinted windows as it approached the terminal building.

“Oh, yeah,” Taylor grinned, “that’s them alright.”

Just then, the sun roof slid open and out popped Hayley Atwell, bottle of expensive champagne clutched in her hand, tight white top pulled up to her shoulders, exposing her huge DD tits to everyone in eyeshot.  Phones were brandished en masse; dozens of lucky passersby shooting videos and snapping pics of the buxom Brit as she bared her ample chest to the world. 

“Hey, bitches!” she shrieked, dousing her bosom in champagne as the car pulled up to the curb.

“Hey, girl!” Taylor and friends screeched in response, as the limo driver clambered out from the front seat and stacked their luggage in the trunk.

“Woah, woah!  Hold up there, buddy!” Taylor exclaimed, stopping the driver as he hauled her D&G suitcase into the trunk.  “I’m gonna grab a couple things from there first, if you don’t mind.”

“Certainly, Miss Swift,” said the driver, popping her case back on the ground.

Taylor unzipped her luggage and reached inside; the fair-haired singer removing a seemingly never ending chain of brightly coloured sex toys and handing them to everyone in her reach.  Soon, Selena was holding a string of anal beads in one hand and a huge purple strapon in the other, while Ariel had a Hitachi wand and a double ended dildo clutched in her manicured mits.

By now, some of the encircled crowd had moved to the back of the limo and trained their camera phones on Taylor Swift.  Even Hayley Atwell angling her large, booze-soaked fucktanks up to her lips and sucking them clean couldn’t regain their attention, as the voyeuristic spectators filmed the blonde songtress funneling an endless sequence of plastic marital aids from the depths of her designer suitcase.

“Hold this for me, will you?” said Taylor, as she took a long, girthy black dildo from her luggage and handed it to the driver.

He looked at it quizzically, then, when Taylor wasn’t looking, gave the round, bulbous head a sniff, inhaling the sweet scent of whichever A-list babe had had it inside them last. 

“Thanks, dude,” she grinned, flashing him a wink as she retrieved the dildo and joined her friends in the back of the limo. 

“Jesus!” the driver sighed, puffing his cheeks as he closed the door behind Taylor.  This could be quite a journey.

The driver returned to the front seat and the limo pulled away, Hayley Atwell waving goodbye to her new fans, still pointing their phones in her direction as she ducked back into the vehicle. 


The stretch limo crawled through the streets of suburban London; the girls winding down the dark tinted windows and flashing their bare ases and even barer breasts for passersby between sips of champagne, puffs on joints and lines of Colombian coke.  The ladies were sat across the plush leather seats; laughing and joking amongst themselves as they cruised through West London, discussing all things sex-related from toys to tribbing, oral to orgies. 

Before long, the ladies grabbed the nearest dildo and displayed their deepthroating technique for anyone in eyeshot; their surrounding friends whooping and hollering encouragement as they sucked the long, fat fucktoys right down to the base.  Sophie Turner went first; the redheaded beauty clasping a girthy black 12 inch dildo in her dainty hand and sucking it right down to its large plastic balls like it measured the length of a cocktail weenie. 

Ariel Winter and Natalie Dormer quickly followed suit.  They shared a think double ended dong; their twin sets of glossy pink lips pressing together as they lodged all 20 of its smooth plastic inches in their conjoined mouths.  And the lesbian lip locking didn’t end there. In fact, famous beauties, both English and American, were pulling tongue left, right and centre. Taylor Swift and Daisy Ridley.  Emma Watson and Felicity Jones. Selena Gomez and Maisie Williams were busying themselves with Haywell Atwell’s breasts; the A-list duo soaking each of the fantastic DD funbags in a glass worth of champagne before frantically sucking them clean. 

And that was just the beginning.  It didn’t take long for panties to be shed; the ladies tossing each other’s underwear out of the window like fabric missiles, the skimpy, girlcum-soaked smalls quickly scooped up by lucky civilians and taken home as mementos.  With their panties removed, an all-star oral extravaganza quickly ensued. Indeed, women were going down on one another throughout the luxury vehicle; pretty heads burrowing between thighs every which way as the limo crawled through the London streets.

Natalie Dormer was laid back atop her leather seat; her smoothly-waxed legs splayed wildly as Sophie Turner scoffed at her dripping twat.  Taylor Swift was laid out nearby; the blonde songtress reaching between her thighs and strumming her pulsing clit as Emma Watson perched on her pretty face.  Daisy Ridley and Maisie Williams were 69ing, while Selena Gomez and Felicity Jones scissored violently beside them. As the orgy kicked up a gear, some of the girls got out their phones; the naughty celebs shooting videos of their famous friends in all manner of exotic positions and plastering them across social media in their dozens. 

And it didn’t stop there.  Soon enough, the girls were ganging up on one another like schoolyard bullies; A-list beauties teaming up on their celebrity chums in their threes and fours as the all-star female fuckfest raged on.  At one stage, Sophie Turner was 69ing with Daisy Ridley; the redhead’s peacy, milky white ass thrust up in the air while Selena Gomez tongued at her tight pink butthole. At another point, Ariel Winter was sat back on her seat; Taylor Swift and Natalie Dormer flanking her on either side, the fair-haired duo sucking away on her big, jiggling juggies like babies at feeding time, while her fellow buxom babe Hayley Atwell munched wildly between her thighs. 

Orgasms were igniting like sticks of dynamite across the plush interior.  Girls were cumming in all directions; the randy celebs screaming like banshees as they licked and tongued, lapped and fingerbanged each other to a sequence of intense climaxes.  Before long, the orgasmic cries began to rise above the near deafening volume of their music, the high-pitched shrieks so loud they were picked up by the driver in the front seat. 

He wound down the tinted screen in double quick time; the limo driver keeping one eye on the multitude of sapphic sex acts reflected in his rear view mirror.  He nearly crashed numerous times as he weaved through the nighttime traffic; a whole host of girl-on-girl trysts distracting him from the job at hand. Selena Gomez went down on Emma Watson.  Maisie Williams tribbed with Felicity Jones. 

Sophie Turner was fingerbanging Ariel Winter; the redhead fucking her dark-haired friend’s snug, warm snatch until she sprayed like a water cannon over those on the adjacent seats.  And the squirting didn’t end there. In fact, it wasn’t long until the scene resembled some kind of X-rated water fight; the ladies jetting volumes and volumes of clear, wet girlspunk over one another as they were fingerfucked to ecstasy by their celebrity pals.   

Several minutes and countless jets of squirt juice later, the limo pulled into Emma Watson’s driveway and, after watching for a while and filming on his phone, the driver climbed out from the front seat and circled around to open the back door.  The ladies grabbed any articles of discarded clothing they could find to partially cover their modesty as they filed out the back of the limo. 

They lined up by Emma’s front door; some making out and rubbing each other down below as the brown-haired actress searched for her keys in the depths of her designer clutch bag.  The driver returned to the front seat; stroking his cock as he watched the girls fool around in the landscaped driveway. He remained there until he came; the limo driver spanking himself into a como as the ladies filed inside, his hand roaming up and down his dong at a frankly alarming rate as he pictured all the weird and wonderful things the band of celebrity beauties were getting up to inside the luxury home.


Across the Atlantic, a handsome, heavily muscled man named Cody was trawling through Instagram on his phone.  Dressed in nothing but a pair of tight white briefs, the crotch of the thin undergarments was being tested to its limits as his long, thick cock grew and stiffened inside them.  All of a sudden, he sprung up from his seat, the waistband of his undies sagging down to around mid-shaft due to the unfathomable length of his giant dong. 

Cody crossed the large, luxury room and opened the door; stepping out into a second chamber, even bigger and more lavishly decorated than the last.  He stepped over the bodies of famous women and 20-something men, with muscles and endowment even greater than his, as they fucked furiously on the carpeted floor. 

Across the room, a beautiful naked lady was sat on a black leather armchair, a glass of champagne clutched in one hand, a thick Philly blunt burning away in the other; the woman looking like a queen on her throne as she surveyed the scene around her.  Cody approached and stood before her, the chiseled young stud holding out his phone as he addressed the woman like one of her royal subjects. 

“She’s in London, ma’am.”

Cody scrolled through the pictures on his phone; each of the high-res images depicting world famous popstar Taylor Swift as she indulged in a number of wild, crazy sex acts.  In the first, the blonde singer was laid out in the back of a stretch limo; her pretty face lit up like the Eiffel Tower as Daisy Ridley tongued at her tight pink twat. In the next, her legs were splayed lewdly, Natalie Dormer pulling no fewer than four fingers from her pussy as she sprayed what looked like a litre of girlcum from her pulsing urethra.  And so on and so forth; the depicted sex acts growing filthier and filthier with each passing pic. 

“So she is,” said the woman, a wily grin stretching across her gorgeous face as Cody flicked through the images for her perusal.  “OK, book me on the next flight, will you?” she added, taking a sip of her champagne. “And pack me a suitcase. All the usual stuff.”

“Certainly, ma’am,” Cody replied, lowering the phone and turning on his heels.

“Hang on,” said the woman, stopping the young man in his tracks.  “Haven’t you forgotten something?”

“Oh, yes,” said Cody, dropping to his knees before her.  “Sorry, ma’am.”

She spread her legs, bringing a hand down to her crotch and spreading her pussy lips apart.  “Not gonna lick itself now, is it?”

End of Chapter 7
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Chapter 8

Starring: Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Ariel Winter, Emma Watson, Maisie Williams, Sophie Turner, Natalie Dormer, Felicity Jones, Hayley Atwell, Daisy Ridley and ?


Taylor Swift, Emma Watson and their celebrity pals reconvened in the plush living room of Miss Watson’s luxury West London home and quickly picked up from where they left off; the ladies breaking out a treasure trove of plastic sex toys and putting them to use as they gathered at her five piece suite.  Sophie Turner and Ariel Winter were sharing a double ended dildo; creamy white chests both perky and ample jiggling in unison as they bucked and writhed on the twin headed toy.  Felicity Jones was plowing Emma Watson with a long black strap on; the Rogue One star pulling her fellow brunette’s silky chestnut hair as she took her roughly from behind.

And that was the mere tip of the iceberg.  Indeed, additional sex toys were being brandished seemingly by the second, each of the plastic marital aids larger and more exotically shaped than the last.  Before long, Emma’s lounge resembled the set of an all-girl group sex fuck film as the Brit actress and A-list chums went at each other with a vast array of colourful prosthetic dongs.  Hayley Atwell was using a Rampant Rabbit on Selena Gomez, while Maisie Wiliams watched on from the sidelines; fingering her asshole as she held a large vibrating wand to her clit.  The all-star orgy continued to hot up and soon Miss Williams wasn’t the only one graduating to a spot of anal play as the wild celebrity bash cranked up to fifth gear.  Indeed, A-list sluts were slathering one another in lube and pushing sex toys of all shapes, sizes, types and colours into any tight pink rectum that took their fancy.

Taylor Swift was feeding a seemingly endless string of thick round anal beads into Natalie Dormer’s ass, while Daisy Ridley reamed Sophie Turner’s peach round butt with a long pink strap on.  And it didn’t stop there.  In fact, the rampant all-girl orgy appeared to have only just begun as the girls went at each other with a wide range of plastic fucktoys for hours on end, occasionally taking a break to browse the re-stocked buffet, neck a shot or two, hoover up a line of blow or snap a photo of their still fucking friends and post it to social media.

Indeed, exclusive images of the unbridled all-star bash were being uploaded in their droves and, before long, the folks at Twitter and Instagram were putting in double shifts as they attempted to delete them; the X-rated snaps being reuploaded to a multitude of parody accounts by the second.  One such picture was uploaded to the account @wellhayley.  The image depicted the Brit actress herself plunging a girthy black buttplug into fellow busty brunette Ariel Winter’s snug pink ass; the caption reading; ooh, that’s a tight fit! [teeth baring emoji] @arielwinter.

Another graced the feed of @emmawatson; the brunette caught mid-squirt as Selena Gomez went at her ass with a thick black strap on.  The wetter the better! [two water splash emojis] read the accompanying caption.  And Miss Watson wasn’t the only one jetting her ladyload after a furious bout of all-girl ass fucking.  In fact, the host and her celebrity cohorts were going off left, right and centre, and no sooner had one A-list beauty fired a jet of squirt fluids from her throbbing urethra, had another followed suit; the ladies soon drenched from head to foot in a cocktail of sizzling, wet girlspunk. 

Felicity Jones and Maisie Williams were sharing a double ended dildo; their shapely round asses clattering together rhythmically until they both came, the dark-haired duo shooting equally powerful jets of sticky clear squirt juice over one another in the process.  Taylor Swift and Sophie Turner were sprawled out opposite one another on the four seater couch; twin pink buttplugs embeded in their assholes as they held giant buzzing wands to their clits, the A-list pair hosing each other down with violent sprays of hot wet fuckjuice as they came in perfect unison.     

And on and on it went.  Eventually, after fucking non-stop for 4+ hours, acheiving countless intense, ground-shaking orgasms and spraying an Olympic swimming pool’s worth of sticky clear girlspunk, the girls started to tire.  Two by two and three by three, the ladies slinked off to Emma Watson’s many luxurious guest rooms; the A-list beauties falling asleep in each other’s arms and dreaming pussy-moistening dreams about all the X-rated shenanigans they’d get up to the following day.


A woman was sat in a comfy leather seat in the first class cabin of United Airlines Flight 69.  She wore a tight, figure hugging dress that scarcely contained the thick, voluptuous curves of her body, not to mention the bulging, jiggling mounds of her ample, beach bronzed bosom.  She sunk the final dregs of her double JD and coke, her state of the art iPhone clutched in a manicured hand as she scrolled through the multitude of X-rated images that had taken Instagram by storm over the past four or so hours.  The woman shook her glass; the clinking of half-melted ice cubes drawing the attention of a nearby flight attendant.

“Refill, ma’am?” offered the handsome flight attendant; a bottle of Jack Daniel’s already poised in his large, manly hand.

“Why, thank you…,” smiled the woman, pausing to encourage the young man to offer his name.

“Jesse,” he replied as he poured the strong drink.

“Nice to meet you, Jesse,” the woman grinned, practically tearing off his flight attendant uniform with her eyes.

“Nice to meet you too, ma’am.  Is there anything else I can get for you?”

“Hmm, you know, there was something else I had my eye on,” the woman purred, stroking the outline of Jesse’s girthy 10 inch cock through the fabric of his pants.  She downed her drink in a single go, wiping her full, pouty lips with the back of her hand.  “Bathroom in five?  All this talk’s making me hungry!”

End of Chapter 8
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Chapter 9

Starring: Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Ariel Winter, Emma Watson, Maisie Williams, Sophie Turner, Natalie Dormer, Felicity Jones, Hayley Atwell, Daisy Ridley and ?


While the girls slept, Emma Watson’s band of hired caterers had been about their business once more.  The actress’ housekeeper had let them in around 9am and the team had been hard at work; prepping Miss Watson’s living quarters for a traditional English breakfast banquet.  Indeed, Emma’s large, neatly varnished dinner table had been stocked to near collapsing point with breakfast foods of every type, style and variety.

There were piles of sausages, stacks of bacon, fried eggs, hard boiled eggs, poached and scrambled eggs.  Jars of jam, jelly and marmalade beside mountains of freshly browned toast. Bowls of fruit. Tubs of yoghurt.  You name it they had it; the luxury morning meal rounded off with jugs of apple and orange juice, pots of rich coffee and every style of tea on God’s green earth.  And it should come as no surprise that the breakfast came with more than its fair share of booze; every coffee Irished with a splash of Jim Beam and each jug of OJ topped up with a hearty dose of Smirnoff.

The ladies woke in dribs and drabs, some showing the effects of the night before as they filtered into Emma’s lounge in their PJs; the plush living room a veritable ocean of bleary eyes, smeared makeup and dishevelled hair.  Not to mention tight sleeveless tops, skimpy cotton underwear, stiff, protruding nipples and panty-chewing camel toes. The girls took seats at the table; pouring themselves a morning screwdriver and tucking into the lavish spread, as they discussed the events of the previous evening.

“Wow!  What a night!” exclaimed Sophie Turner, feeding a spoonful of yogurt and berries into her mouth.

“Uh huh,” agreed Selena Gomez, sipping from her freshly mixed Applejack.  “You girls over here sure know how to throw a welcoming party!”

The girls laughed.

“God, you girls in the back of the limo,” said Emma Watson, pointing at both Natalie Dormer and Daisy Ridley.  “You were all over Ariel’s titties before she even had a chance to sit down!”   

“Well, can you blame us, Emma?” asked Natalie, reaching across and giving one of Ariel’s breasts a cheeky squeeze.

“No,” Emma grinned in response.  “No, I guess not.”

More laughter.

“Jesus, that poor driver,” said Felicity Jones.  “How long do you think it will take him to clean the squirt juices from the back of his limo?”

“Poor driver!?” Maisie Williams remarked.  “He got to watch ten hot celebs fucking in the back of his ride.  He’s probably been spanking himself senseless ever since!”

The girls fell about in fits of raucous cackling; the A-list beauties cracking jokes and exchanging stories between mouthfuls of food and swigs of Irish coffee.  All, that was, except for a pair of significant absentees. Indeed, the girls had been so distracted by the early morning booze and mountains of delicious food that they hadn’t noticed that two of their celebrity pals were nowhere to be seen.

“Hey, where’s Taylor and Hayley?” asked Selena Gomez, as she poured herself another drink.

Just then, the ladies each received a notification on their phones telling them that Hayley Atwell was live on Periscope.  The girls swiped at their phones in double quick time; their jaws nearly hitting the breakfast table as the live video engulfed their screens.

“Oh my God!” exclaimed Daisy Ridley.

“I don’t believe it,” added Emma Watson.  “Those dirty bitches!”

The video was shot POV-style by Hayley Atwell herself; the buxom babe laying back in her king size bed, groaning softly as, beyond the rolling hills of her heaving DD bosom and vast plain of her flat, toned midriff, Taylor Swift’s pretty face was buried between her thighs.  Small digitised hearts were rising from the bottom right of the screen as Internet users from across the globe tuned into the streaming video in their millions. On the left hand side, comments scrolled across the screen so quickly that the astonished celebs could barely read them.

Fuck! Christmas has come early this year guys!!

God damn! I’m gonna beat it so hard to this!!!

Holy shit! This is making me so fucking wet!

Soon enough, the girls started throwing their own comments into the ring; the millions watching on their phone screens jerking and strumming themselves harder and faster as a multitude of A-list starlets interracted with the live lesbian video.

Maisie Williams:
Yes Taylor!  Eat that pussy baby!

Taylor waved at the camera lens as she read the comment, the girls cheering from the living room in response.

Felicity Jones:
Play with those big titties, Taylor!

Taylor did as instructed; the blonde singer reaching up to fondle one of Hayley’s large, bulging breast as she tongued her sopping pussy.

Sophie Turner:
Use that dildo, girls!

The thick round head of a large black dildo could be seen creeping into the edge of the frame and Taylor gathered it immediately.  She fed it into her mouth; the sexy songstress sucking the long prostheic dong right down to the base before slowly retrieving it, every inch of its girthy plastic shaft slathered in her slick wet spittle.  Then, she aligned the tip of the jet black wang with Hayley’s tight pink slit and slipped it inside. 

Hayley reached down to strum her clit with her free hand as Taylor guided the thick, long dildo back and forth inside her; the fat plastic tip venturing deeper into her hot, wet snatch with each pass.  And as the video heated up, the comments increased even further in volume; randy viewers from all corners of the globe punching out responses as they spanked themselves wildly with their other hand.

I’ma pretend that’s my black dick in her pussy!

Fuck, you’re a lucky bitch Taylor!!

I’ve jerked off three times to this already!!!

And the celebs were still getting in on the action too; the A-list beauties firing out replies every bit as quickly and excitedly as their average Joe counterparts. 

Ariel Winter:
Yes! Fuck that pussy Taylor!!

Natalie Dormer:
Come on baby, make her squirt!

Taylor drove the long black dildo into Hayley’s twat with renewed intensity; the horny blonde plunging the girthy plastic dong right down to the base with each pass.  In response, Hayley kneaded her clit at an even quicker pace; her hand little more than a colourful, manicured blur as she strummed herself wildly for the camera. Then, as the comments rained in from celebs and regular folk alike, Hayley squeeld, her phone shaking in her hand as a jet of clear, wet squirt fluids sprayed from her throbbing cunt; the copious, violent blast hosing Taylor down from head to chest as she pulled the dildo from her slit.

Selena Gomez:
Damn, girls!

Oh Jesus! Please spray me with your cum Hayley!

Taylor, you’re the luckiest cunt on the planet!!!

“Wow!” exclaimed Daisy Ridley, the girls still glued to their phones as Taylor tossed the dildo aside and burrowed back between Hayley’s thighs.

“You girls thinking what I’m thinking?” grinned Emma Watson.

There was a moment’s pause, then the ladies leapt from their seats, hurrying hand in hand up their lengthy stairwell and across the landing to Taylor and Hayley’s room.  Hayley was cooing softly as Taylor ate her sopping cunt; the busty actress quickly training her phone on the bedroom door as it flung open. Emma and her gang of A-list pals burst into the room; giggling, squealing and shedding their clothes.  They hopped up onto the bed, the Periscope comments now entirely unreadable as they scrolled across the screen at lightning quick pace; the video garnering so many views that it nearly crashed the social media platform entirely.

Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner knelt either side of Hayley Atwell; the GoT duo gazing into the camera lens as they sucked greedily at her tits.  Ariel Winter squatted on the floor behind Taylor Swift; the chesty starlet burying her face between the blonde’s peachy, beach tanned butt cheeks, as she in turn scoffed at Hayley’s dripping gash.  Elsewhere, some of the other girls were starting up live streams of their own; their respective videos accumulating as many viewers as Miss Atwell’s in a fraction of the time as word continued to spread across the globe.

Indeed, folks the world over were borrowing phones from parents, siblings and grandparents in an effort to follow as many of raunchy live streams as possible.  People were laid out on their beds surrounded by phones, computers, iPads and anything they could get their hands on; pulling themselves senseless as they watched the live lesbian orgy unfold.   

On the other side of the bed, Emma Watson and Ariel Winter were tribbing violently; the randy duo training their state of the art iPhones at one another as they ground and bucked their way to countless explosive orgasms.  Natalie Dormer was stood up against the bedroom wall; her phone pointed down at Felicity Jones as she tongued wildly at her swollen clit. Daisy Ridley had Selena Gomez bent over the edge of the bed; the Brit actress filming on her phone as she pounded her American friend with a long pink strapon.


To put it lightly, Taylor Swift and her Periscope streaming shenanigans had gained some considerable traction the world over, and nowhere more so than aboard United Airlines Flight 69.  Indeed, one of its passengers had been glued to the unopened toilet seat for the past hour; the beautiful, large chested woman frigging herself to countless orgasms as she watched the live feed play out.


After an hour of constant live streaming and countless orgasms from their stars and viewers alike, the X-rated Periscope feeds started to come to an end; leaving men and women across the globe with painful wrist injuries and third degree friction burns from excessive and rather overzealous masturbation.  The girls laid across Taylor Swift and Hayley Atwell’s comfy king size bed panting heavily as they recovered from their third rampant all-girl orgy in a little over 12 hours.

“Wow!” declared Maisie Williams; the brunette breathing heavily as she spooned with Ariel Winter.  “What a way to start the day!”

“Uh huh,” Natalie Dormer agreed, planting kisses on Taylor Swift’s neck as she held her in her arms.  “Better than breakfast, that’s for sure.”

“OK, girls,” said Emma Watson, leaping up from the bed with a renewed spring in her step, “who’s up for some sightseeing?”

End of Chapter 9
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Can't wait for the reveal of the mystery woman!  This story just gets better and better!
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Chapter 10

Starring: Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Ariel Winter, Emma Watson, Maisie Williams, Sophie Turner, Natalie Dormer, Felicity Jones, Hayley Atwell, Daisy Ridley and ?


Once they’d recovered from the latest bout of rampant group fucking, Taylor Swift, Emma Watson and their celebrity pals headed for Miss Watson’s numerous walk in showers.  The ladies clambered into the large cleaning units and rubbed one another down with a cocktail of sweet smelling soaps before returning to their luxury guest rooms to towel off and pick out their attire for a day of London sightseeing.

The girls reconvened in Emma’s living room; all ten of the A-list beauties kitted out in their finest summer gear, from paper thin dresses to skimpy denim short shorts, tight white vest tops to designer shades.  A limo pulled into Miss Watson’s lavishly landscaped driveway; the driver from the night before seeming to have recovered from his masturbation-induced coma as the girls funneled into the back of his car.

The ladies chatted, laughed and sipped champagne as the limo crawled through the streets of London.  First on the itinerary was Buckingham Palace and as the limo approached the iconic royal building, the girls were pleasantly surprised to see the famous black gates part like the Red Sea and the limo roll on inside.

“We’re going in?” asked a bemused Taylor Swift as she swigged from a glass of champagne.

“Not in the building,” Emma Watson replied, “but we’re allowed on the grounds.  I pulled some strings,” she added with a grin.

“Right, yeah…’strings’,” Taylor quipped, as the gate closed up behind them.

The limo parked up and the ladies climbed out; gazing in awe at the wondrous structure as they strolled across the forecourt.  But wherever the girls went, mischief seemed to follow, and it wasn’t long before the girls were up to no good on the grounds of the royal home.  Indeed, a row of guards were lined up at the East Front, and it didn’t take long for Taylor, Emma and their celebrity chums to single out a handsome young custodian named Liam, his iconic bright red coat doing little to obscure the broad, well-muscled body that lay beneath. 

It started off innocently enough; the girls snapping pics of one another beside the chiseled guardsman, kissing him on the cheek or lightly caressing his barrel-like chest.  But in no time at all, the ladies were on him like hungry lionesses; the band of A-list hotties using every one of their collective charms in an effort to break the guard’s famously impenetrable straight-faced facade. 

Soon, a new post appeared on the Instagram feed of @selenagomez; the image depicting the lucky young guardsman, stony faced as ever, as Daisy Ridley ground her ass against his crotch.  Wow! These guys really never smile, huh? [followed by peach, guard and castle emojis] read the accompanying caption.  However, if Liam’s face gave no hint of his growing enjoyment, other parts of his anatomy certainly did.  In fact, the guard’s dick was swelling to such an extent that it looked as though he had a Burmese python slithering down his trouser leg.

And it didn’t stop there.  Over the next hour or so, Instagram was bombarded with a whole host of X-rated posts as Taylor Swift and their celebrity cohorts had their wild way with the endowed young stud.  Next, a video was posted to the account @maisie_williams; the clip depicting the chiseled guardsman, fuzzy black bearskin cap removed, as his handsome face was buried in Ariel Winter’s bulging, canyon-esque cleavage.  After some time, the young man was let up for air; his face still expressionless as his oversized cock continued to grow and swell in his pants.

Before long, a crowd of spectators had gathered at the gates of Buckingham Palace, some clutching expensive cameras with lenses like long black traffic cones that took them right up to the heart of the action.  Soon enough, social media was awash with images from the baying crowd as Taylor, Emma and their A-list pals took things to the next level; the horny band of celebrity sluts determined to coax a smile out of the chiseled guardsman if it was the last thing they did.

By now, the girls were surrounding the custodian like schoolyard bullies.  Some were behind him; nibbling his earlobe or kissing his neck as a legion of manicured hands roamed up and down his shredded torso.  More still were squatted at his feet; cooing like ringdoves as they pawed at his throbbing crotch.  Before he knew it, his belt had been unbuckled, his trousers tugged down and his cock sprung free. 

The ladies were on his dick in a flash; the horny celebs sharing his girthy dong in their twos and threes as X-rated images continued to swarm social media from the girls, their spectators and even the man himself.  Indeed, Liam had opened Snapchat and shot a pic of Felicity Jones and Emma Watson sharing his swollen balls while Sophie Turner went to town on his shaft.  He punched out a caption; Just another day at the office [followed by an eggplant and three girl emojis] and hit send.

30+ minutes of sucking, deepthroating and dick sharing later, one final image was posted to the feed of @taylorswift.  Selena Gomez, Maisie Williams and Hayley Awell were gathered at Liam’s feet; the bulging head of his long, thick wang poking out from Hayley’s whopping, chasm of a cleavage, as thick ropes of creamy, off-white seed spurted into Selena’s waiting mouth.  It’s not a smile, but we’ll take it [wink emoji] read the accompanying caption; the young man’s usually handsome face contorted in all kinds of unsightly ways as the A-list trio coaxed every ounce of spunk from his swollen, low-hanging balls.  With the young guard thoroughly taken care of, the ladies returned to the limo; busting out the champagne once more as the driver set off for the next location.


A black stretch limo pulled up the curb outside a lavish 5-star hotel in central London.  The driver climbed out from the front seat and opened the rear door.  Shiny pairs of designer stiletto heels planted themselves on the sidewalk one by one as a procession of glamorous women filed out of the luxury vehicle.  They crossed the plush lobby; turning heads left, right and centre as they approached the reception desk.  The girls were directed to the penthouse suite on the top floor where their host was said to be waiting for them.  They piled into the elevator; men and women throughout the posh lobby finally picking their jaws up off the floor as the doors slid closed and it began its ascent. 


A woman was sat on the edge of the king size bed in the luxurious penthouse suite; a broad, devilish grin stretching across her pretty face as she scrowled through Taylor Swift’s Instagram profile and hit ‘like’ on the latest post.  Just then, there was a knock at the door.  The woman set down her phone and rose to her feet; her round, shapely ass swaying from side to side in her figure hugging dress as she crossed the penthouse floor.  She opened the door; a band of gorgeous British celebs gathered in the yawning portal.

“Hey there, ladies,” said the woman, grinning naughtily from ear to ear.  “You girls are right on time.”

End of Chapter 10
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Chapter 11


After a long day’s sightseeing with her celebrity chums in the nation’s capital, Emma Watson’s hired limo pulled into the driveway of her luxurious West London home a little after 7.30pm.  During their jaunt across the streets of London, Emma and friends took in no fewer than five of the city’s top tourist attractions.  A plethora of obscene images were posted to Instagram profiles and Twitter feeds alike as Miss Watson and her A-list cohorts got into all kinds of X-rated mischief on the streets of London town. 

One such post graced the feed of @arielwinter.  The picture was shot aboard a capsule on the London Eye; a breathtaking view of the city visible in the background as Taylor Swift whipped up the hem of her skimpy summer dress, flashing her bare ass for the camera.  What a view [heart eyes emoji] read the accompanying caption, the raunchy post receiving a host of comments from Miss Swift’s celebrity pals, back home in the US.

carrieunderwood And London doesn’t look bad either [wink emoji]

yelyahwilliams [three peach emojis]

haileesteinfeld Where was my invite, bitch!?! @taylorswift

Another picture was posted to the account @sophiet.  This particular image was shot in a selfie style by Miss Turner herself.  The redheaded starlet rolled her pretty green eyes at the camera lens; she and her girlfriends’ once civilised picnic completely abandoned behind her as her celebrity pals broke out into a rampant all-girl orgy in the middle of Hyde Park.  Can’t take these sluts anywhere! [eye-roll emoji] read the caption beneath, the image again drawing a number of comments from the girls’ A-list chums.

chloegmoretz Yes! You go, girls! [tongue emoji]

cassadeepope Now that’s what I call a picnic!

mileycyrus Stay right there, ladies. I’ll be on the next flight! [plane and Union Jack emojis]


The girls filed out of the limo and into Emma’s home; the A-list beauties hitting the showers once more as they readied themselves for a party so wild and untamed it would make their gathering of the evening before look like a night at the library.  Once cleaned and dried, the ladies re-applied their make up and re-did their hair, before squeezing themselves into a selection of the tightest, skimpiest dresses the world had ever seen.  It really was a sight to behold; the scene a rolling plain of carefully styled hair, shimmering pink lip gloss, designer dresses, spindly stilettos and expensive jewelry.  Not to mention beach-bronzed skin, chasm-esque cleavages, long, slender legs and peachy, round asses.

The ladies gathered in Emma Watson’s lounge, where her diligent band of caterers had been hard at work once more.  The lavish spread had been replenished; Emma’s dining table stacked with sumptuous foods of every type, variety and country of origin for as far as the eye could see.  And it didn’t stop there.  No- in fact, Miss Watson’s bar had been stocked and restocked with more gallons of booze than the local brewery.  There were fine wines from across the globe, bottles of vintage champagne and spirits from vodka to rum and whiskey to gin, while every brand of beer known to man cooled in ice buckets throughout the luxury abode.

And, of course, there were drugs.  Lots and lots of drugs.  As a matter of fact, illicit substances and their associated paraphernalia lined nigh on every surface across the plush living space.  There were weed grinders, rolling papers, bongs and Zippo lighters.  Bricks of every strand of marijuana on God’s green earth.  Pills so colourful and exotic looking, the most experienced pharmacists the world over couldn’t identify them and enough pounds of Colombia’s finest to make Pablo Escobar blush.

The ladies took to the plush leather sofas; passing around joints and swigging from their drinks as the final celebrity gathering of their wild London weekend got underway.  Music blared, liquor flowed and stories were swapped; the girls downing shots, popping pills and passing around heaps of Bolivian cocaine as they traded tales of marathon fuck sessions, 12 inch cocks and 20 person orgies like a nymphomaniacs’ support group. 

“So, there I am,” said Emma Watson, puffing away on a joint as she regaled her celebrity cums with a sordid tale from her past, “his 10 inch cock balls deep in my ass, about to cum for the  fifth time when the door swings open and his girlfriend’s stood in the open doorway.”

“Oh my God!” laughed Natalie Dormer.

“Was she mad?” asked Selena Gomez.

“Mad?” Emma replied, billowing a thick cloud of smoke from between her shiny pink lips.  “Bitch asked to join in!”

The girls laughed hysterically.

“A guy walked in on me blowing his dad once,” declared Daisy Ridley, the brunette grinning as she popped a pill in her mouth and swallowed it with a shot of sambuca.

“His dad?!” exclaimed Maisie Williams.

“Yep.  He was probably like 45, but could’ve passed for his brother.  Really muscular, really hot.  And they both had huge dicks so I couldn’t decide between them.”

“So,” said Ariel Winter, “which one did you choose?”

“Who says I picked just one of them?” Daisy replied.  “I’ve got two holes, haven’t I?”

The girls fell about in fits of laughter; so loud they could scarcely detect the sound of the doorbell over their bursts of raucous cackling.

“Ooh, you hear that, girls?” asked Emma Watson, leaping excitedly from her seat.  “Sounds like our guests are here!”

End of Chapter 11
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Chapter 12

Starring: Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Ariel Winter, Emma Watson, Maisie Williams, Sophie Turner, Natalie Dormer, Felicity Jones, Hayley Atwell and Daisy Ridley


Emma Watson hurried through the lounge, across the hallway and towards the front door as quickly as her spindly stiletto heels would carry her.  She opened the door, beaming with excitement as, waiting patiently on her driveway were a band of the biggest, burliest, best-looking British studs the city of London had to offer.  There were 12 of them, seven white and five black; the gang of chiseled hunks plucked from all four corners of the nation’s capital, from Hackney to Hammersmith, Lambeth to Islington

They wore skinny fit jeans, button down shirts and expensive sports wear.  Nike and Adidas high tops. Football jerseys from Arsenal, Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur.  They had neatly trimmed beards and designer stubble; their hair a mixture of freshly buzzed fades, careful styled partings and greased up slick backs.  And they were shredded. Shredded beyond belief; Emma’s driveway a vast sea of bulging biceps, rippling six packs and slab-like pectorals. Not forgetting stylized tattoos, beach bronzed skin and protruding trouser bulges.

“Hey, guys,” said Emma Watson, grinning coquettishly from the open doorway.  “Glad you could make it.”

She stepped aside and the men filed on in; each of ripped English hunks meeting the actress with a warm embrace and cheeky squeeze of her svelte little ass as they entered her luxury home.  Emma led them through to the vast open lounge where her friends had gathered; the A-list beauties on tenterhooks as they awaited their arrival. 

“Ladies,” Emma announced as her band of chiseled studs followed her into the plush living room, “say ‘hi’ to the boys.”

“Hi, boys,” said the girls in perfect unison; the horny celebs looking the young men up and down like a pack of wolves eyeing its prey.

Emma took the two nearest men; one white and one black, by the hands and led them across to the couch.  She parked her ass on the four seater sofa and the guys flanked her on either side. Their friends followed suit; all 12 of the ripped young hunks nestling between pairs of A-list babes, some of the ladies offering up their seat to a handsome British stud before hopping up onto his lap and wrapping an arm around his hulk-like shoulder blades.

With the male guests now in tow, the party could really begin.  Drinks were sipped, shots were necked, joints were passed and pills were popped.  Heaps of cocaine were circling the room like cars on a racetrack; the partygoers handing the mountains of white powder back and forth like Pass the Parcel.  They racked up lines with platinum credit cards, snorting them up through rolled up £50s; party guests, both male and female, hoovering up enough thin white trails to make Whitney Houston blush.

And it didn’t stop there.  One man dumped a vial of Bogota’s finest across Ariel Winter’s heaving, milky white cleavage and snorted it up; the chiseled stud burying his handsome face in the depths of her rack for good measure.  Natalie Dormer popped a pill on the tip of her tongue and passed it onto the guy beside her; the ripped young hunk swallowing it down with a shot of ouzo. And Miss Dormer and her chosen stud weren’t the only ones getting a feel for each others’ mouths.  Before long, party guests were locking lips throughout the luxury living space; girls and guys, girls and girls, you name it.

Daisy Ridley was straddling a handsome young black man; the brown-haired beauty grinding her crotch lightly against his swelling groin as they made out passionately on the sofa.  Elsewhere, Taylor Swift and Felicity Jones were flanking a lucky chap from either side; his hands grasping their twin sets of shapely round ass cheeks as they engaged in a threeway kiss. 

And that was just the beginning.  Soon enough, clothes were shed from male and female torsos alike.  Sophie Turner practically tore off a young man’s football jersey; the redhead grazing his chiseled torso with her well-kept nails as they swapped tongues like a pair of randy teens.  Two men, one white and one black, helped Hayley Atwell out of her enormously-cupped bra then sucked greedily at her rack; the buxom babe groaning softly as they feasted on her fantastic DD funbags. 

And on and on it went.  Before long, boxers were removed and panties whipped down; the all-star bash soon descending into little more than a booze-soaked, drug-fuelled celebrity slut suckfest as men and women alike devoured each other’s genitals like feeding time at the zoo.  Selena Gomez was on her knees, slurping away on a long black cock, while Miasie Williams squatted beside her jerking off a white dude while she guzzled hungrily at his balls.

But it didn’t end there, and soon enough partygoers, both male and female, were ganging up on those of the opposite gender like workplace bullies.  Emma Watson was laid back atop her comfy cream sofa; a black guy busying himself between her thighs as she sucked on a fat white dong. Natalie Dormer was knelt on the carpet; her pretty blonde head moving swiftly from side to side as she worked over two long, thick cocks, the randy starlet swallowing each of the oversized wangs right down to the balls before moving onto the next.

Elsewhere, Ariel Winter and Daisy Ridley were squatted before a tall black man; the dark-skinned stud sawing his dong between the American’s big, fat tits while her English counterpart caught the emerging head in her skilled, wet mouth like a game of Whac-A-Mole.  One man was laying back on a reclining armchair; Taylor Swift sucking his dick as Hayley Atwell sat on his face, while another had no fewer than three A-list beauties gathered at his feet; Felicity Jones and Maisie Wiliams gobbling on his balls while Selena Gomez took care of the shaft.

Back at the sofa, Sophie Turner was perched on the edge of a comfy, leather-bound cushion; a white guy called Aaron and a back man of Jamaican origin named Kemar stood before her, their equally large, uncut pricks clasped in her manicured hands.  She worked back and forth from one to the other; her vibrant red locks whipping violently from side to side as she moved from cock to cock, sucking heartily at each one before switching to the next. 

Sophie moved her hands to their muscular thighs; the guys gripping handfulls of her hair as they guided her pretty pink mouth up and down their dongs.  She went at both cocks with equal gusto; the horny actress sucking each of the girthy, hooded schlongs right down to the balls and back, slathering every inch of their thick, veiny shafts in her slick wet spittle as she went. 

The guys cooed and groaned like wounded animals; the burly young studs reaching down to grope her perky tits as they were sucked six ways from Sunday by the auburn starlet.  Sophie could feel their cocks throbbing and pulsing between her lips; both of the chiseled hunks threatening to lose their loads as she worked them over with her mouth. She released Aaron’s dick from her mouth; the redhead vigorously beating both of their fat, girthy prongs and licking her lips naughtily as she addressed the trembling studs. 

“You gonna cum for me, boys?” she asked, her hands roaming up and down both of the spit-slicked shafts in perfect synchronicity.

“Uh huh,” the guys groaned in unison.

“Come on then, guys,” said Sophie, tilting her head back and gaping her glossy plump lips as wide as they would go.  “Fill my mouth with that creamy, hot spunk!”

They didn’t have to be told twice.  Aaron and Kemar stroked their lubed up wangs like there was no tomorrow; their equally round, equally swollen dickheads throbbing and pounding as they prepared to shoot their goo.  Aaron went off first; his thick load of warm off-white seed blasting between Sophie’s lips, only to be joined a second later by another as Kemar shot his own wad of gloopy hot semen straight into her gaping maw.  She played with it with her tongue; the horny starlet sloshing the rich jizzy cocktail around her mouth before closing her lips and swallowing it down.

“Mmm!”  Sophie murmured, taking both pricks in her hands and lapping up the last drops of cum from the open tips.  “Thanks, boys. Now,” she added, sitting back and spreading her legs; the randy redhead splitting open her sticky wet pussy lips with her fingers, “who wants to go first?”

End of Chapter 12
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Chapter 13

Starring: Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Ariel Winter, Emma Watson, Maisie Williams, Sophie Turner, Natalie Dormer, Felicity Jones, Hayley Atwell and Daisy Ridley


Aaron and Kemar’s eruptions in Sophie Turner’s gaping, cum-thirsty mouth ignited what can only be described as a tsunami of thick, warm spunk across Emma Watson’s luxury living room.  Indeed, men were going off like rockets left, right and centre; the chiseled young studs blowing wads of creamy, off-white semen into any waiting mouth or over any pretty face or perky chest within spitting distance. 

Miss Watson herself took a load in the mouth; the brown-haired beauty swapping the cum back and forth with Felicity Jones before swallowing it down.  Daisy Ridley took one full in the face, while Hayley Atwell jerked a guy to completion with her whopping great breasts; the shredded hunk prizing his dick from her tight, wet tit tunnel before he blasted his load all over them. 

And so on and so forth.  But regardless of how hot and thick a load the ladies received, they were always hungry for more, and no sooner had a handsome young man shot his creamy wad, had he been pushed down onto the nearest surface and mounted like a thoroughbred.  Ariel Winter was hopping up and down on a white guy’s lap; her enormous D cup jugs nearly knocking the pair of them unconscious as she bucked and bounced atop his chiseled frame.  Meanwhile, Taylor Swift was laid out on her back; the randy blonde kneading her throbbing clit as a burly black stud drilled her balls deep with his long dark cock.

Elsewhere, Natalie Dormer was knelt on the edge of a large, white futon, in the face down, ass up position; the fair-haired starlet burying her pretty face between Maisie Williams’ thighs, while a man named Connor plowed her tight pink pussy from behind.  Connor had his hands on her shapely hips; the ripped young stud humping wildly as he drove all nine of his thick, girthy inches into the recesses of her twat, his round, swollen dickhead probing her g-spot with each pass.  At the other end, Maisie had a handful of Natalie’s hair; the brunette offering cooed words of encouragement as her GoT co-star licked her sopping gash. 

“Yes, that’s it, baby,” she groaned.  “Eat that fucking pussy!  Make me cum on that pretty face of yours!”

Natalie scoffed at Maisie’s snatch like she hadn’t eaten in days; the horny blonde tonguing at her pulsing clit with the skill and finesse of a girl-girl only pornstar, despite taking the pounding of a lifetime from the shredded hunk behind her.  Indeed, Connor was going at her pussy like there was no tomorrow; his pelvis clattering repeatedly with the actress’ peachy round ass cheeks as he drove his dick to the hilt with each thrust. 

And Connor wasn’t the only one finding himself with two A-list sluts at his disposal.  Indeed, Emma Watson and her celebrity pals were tag-teaming unsuspecting males like WWE starlets, and everywhere you looked famous beauties, both English and American, were swapping cocks back and forth like vintage baseball cards.  One man was laid back across the sofa; Sophie Turner’s tight pink pussy perched on his face while Selena Gomez rode his lengthy cock.  Emma Watson and Daisy Ridley were 69ing on the floor as a black man prized his cock from Emma’s sopping wet gash; the dark-skinned stud offering it up to Miss Ridley to suck clean, before returning the oversized dong from whence it came. 

Back at the futon, Natalie Dormer, Maisie Williams and their chosen stud had switched up formations.  Now, Connor had the GoT starlets stacked up like pancakes; their twin sets of shapely round ass globes thrust out invitingly, one on top of the other, for his delectation.  He plowed away at Natalie’s pussy; the chiseled hunk working two fingers back and forth in Maisie’s own tight, warm gash as he did so. 

Despite having shot his load not 15 minutes before, Connor could feel a fresh wad of thick, piping hot semen churning away in his low-hanging balls.  His fat, long cock twitched and throbbed as he fucked Natalie from behind and, before long, the burly Brit was clinging onto his load for dear life each time he thrust into the depths of her snug pink snatch. 

Therefore, in an effort to delay in orgasm, Connor prized his dong from the vice-like grip of Natalie’s hot wet pussy and plunged it straight into Maisie’s; the ripped young stud treating the brunette to a single pass of his long, girthy cock before returning it to Natalie’s box once more.  He rinsed and repeated this process for some time; the endowed young Englishman switching his cock back and forth from hole to hole until it had sufficiently settled. 

Then, the randy trio changed positions once more.  Maisie climbed down from atop Natalie’s toned frame and lay down on her back; the blonde straddling her girlfriend’s supine body and setting her dripping wet pussy down on her face as Connor aligned the tip of his dong with her slit.  He pushed forward and drove it in; Maisie releasing muffled groans from beneath Natalie’s crotch as his thick, veiny prong invaded her sodden gash.

Connor rocked back and forth, working his lengthy prick to and fro inside Maisie’s box; the chiseled hunk feeding an additional inch of his fat, uncut dong into her tight pink cooch with each pass.  Before long, he was going at her balls deep; the British stud leaning forward to make out Natalie as he banged her brown-haired friend.  Natalie sat back atop Maisie’s face and reached down to play with her perky tits and tease her erect nipples; the randy blonde dripping volumes of her sugary sweet girlcum into her friend’s mouth as she ate her out from below.

Connor grabbed his phone and opened Snapchat; the shredded hunk shooting a picture as Natalie writhed and ground on Maisie’s face, his long, thick cock half submerged in the brunette’s snug wet pussy.  He posted it with the caption; Game of Bones [followed by an eggplant and two maiden emojis] and tossed his phone aside.

And Connor wasn’t the only guest at the rampant all-star bash posting his exploits across social media.  Indeed, all across the luxury living room, phones were being brandished by men and women alike; the wild partygoers snapping themselves and their peers in a number of exotic poses and uploading them in their dozens.  A black guy shot a picture of himself and another dark-skinned stud double teaming Taylor Swift.  She looked into his camera lens with glazed over, cockdrunk eyes; the randy blonde sucking his long black cock while his friend drilled her out from behind.  The image was plastered across Instagram within seconds, with the caption; Temporary blackout at #TaylorsBigBritishBash [followed by two black man and one white woman emojis].

Another pictured appeared on the feed of @wellhayley; a POV image shot by a black man, his thick dark cock clamped between Miss Atwell’s big, jiggling juggies as a white guy plowed her balls deep from the other end.  Please can we hold #TaylorsBigBritishBash every year, @taylorswift? [followed by two eggplants and a praying emoji] read the accompanying caption.

Over at the futon, Natalie Dormer and Maisie Williams had formed a 69; Connor pounding away at the brunette’s gash while her fair-haired friend tongued at her swollen clit.  Natalie looked up at Connor; her pretty face screwed with lust as Maisie ate her pussy, the blonde beauty licking her glossy pink lips with desire as she eyed up the thick, glistening cock sliding in and out of her friend’s box.

“Mmm, yeah, gimme that dick, big boy,” she purred.  “I wanna taste her pussy off that cock!”

Connor did as requested; the ripped young stud prizing his dong from the depths of Maisie’s snatch and feeding it to Natalie.  She swallowed it down to the balls right off the bat; the fair-haired starlet sucking greedily at the oversized dong, her longing for the thick slab of man meat only heightened by the saccharine sweet coating of her girlfriend’s pussy juice. 

By the time Natalie released it from her mouth, Connor’s cock was literally dripping with saliva; the blonde actress polishing the giant wang with her greedy maw like she was cleaning it for inspection.  Connor returned it to Maisie’s pussy and got back to work; the chiseled hunk plowing away at her hot wet gash like his life depended on it, regularly yanking it free and plunging the long, thick dong between Natalie’s lips to keep from losing his load.  But, soon enough, even this method was rendered fruitless and as Natalie sucked his wang straight from her friend’s pussy for the upteenth time, Connor realised he could hold off no longer.

“Shit, I’m gonna...I’m gonna...UUUUHHH, FUUUCCCKKK!!!” he bellowed, the young man unable even to prize his dick from Natalie’s greedy mouth before it erupted between her lips; the copious blast filling her maw almost to the brim with his hot, gooey seed.

Natalie retrieved his tender schlong from her mouth and crawled to the opposite end of the futon to share the spunk with her friend.  Maisie opened her mouth in wait of gloopy cumwad and Natalie released it a long, thin trail straight between her lips.  The girls passed the cum back and forth several times, being careful not to spill a drop, until they both had equal portions pooling in their slutty mouths.  Then, at exactly the same time, they swallowed their shares of cum; the randy duo signing off with a hot open mouthed kiss as their chosen stud stood panting before them.

“Damn, girls!” Connor exclaimed.  “That was incredible.  Right,” he went on, gripping his still hard cock at the base, “who wants it in their arse?”

End of Chapter 13
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Digging the ramp up of this story!  Things are about get even crazier!  Love it.
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Chapter 14

Starring: Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Ariel Winter, Emma Watson, Maisie Williams, Sophie Turner, Natalie Dormer, Felicity Jones, Hayley Atwell and Daisy Ridley


After the latest wave of cumshots the partygoers took a short break; chiseled studs and A-list sluts alike grazing the buffet, downing a shot or taking a bump of coke as the wild celebrity bash moved into its third hour.  With their energy levels replenished, the guests got back down to business. Felicity Jones was perched on the edge of the sofa, sucking a thick black cock right down to the balls, while Ariel Winter was knelt beside her with her; her thick, round ass thrust up in the air as a white guy tongued her tight pink butthole.  And it didn’t end there. Indeed, there were heads bobbing at crotches and burrowing between butt cheeks throughout the plush living room as the horny partygoers lubed up dicks and assholes alike for the all-out anal extravaganza that was to come. 

Without further ado, they got to it; the party guests adopting a number of different sexual positions as the rampant all-star orgy raged on.  Hayley Atwell straddled a burly young black guy in the cowgirl stance; his handsome face buried in the depths of her bust as she bounced on his long dark cock.  Sophie Turner, meanwhile, had opted for the spoons position; the randy redhead laying on her side on the thick shag carpeting, a tall white stud sprawled out behind her, driving his fat, girthy cock into her rectum.

Kingsley, a young black man of Nigerian parentage, was sat back atop a comfy white armchair; his large dark hands grasping Selena Gomez’s shapely hips as the lusty Latina hopped and bucked atop his chiseled frame, her snug pink asshole roaming up and down his girthy dark schlong as she rode him in reverse cowgirl.  Selena skipped and bounced atop Kingsley’s shredded black body like a bucking bronco. She worked her tight, round anus right up to the head of his thick African cock, before dropping back down; the sexy songstress taking an additional inch of the jet black wang into her large intestine with each pass.

Before long, Selena was taking all 10 of his fat, veiny inches up her butt; the actress-singer’s svelte little ass clattering repeatedly with Kingsley’s dark cobblestone abs as she performed perfectly executed squats atop his bulky frame.  And she wasn’t the only one with a colon full of prime British beef. Indeed, celebrity partygoers were taking oversized dongs balls deep in their rectums all across the luxury living space. Emma Watson was bent over the arm of the sofa as a ripped white stud reamed her snug pink ass with his cock.  A black man had Natalie Dormer cradled in his strong dark arms; his thick, swollen crown venturing into the darkest recesses of her colon as he threw her up and down on his dick. 

Over at the armchair, Kingsley gripped Selena Gomez by her peachy round asscheeks as he drove his cock up into her; the thick, girthy schlong wreathing through her insides as he pounded her out from below. 

“Yes! Yes! Fuck my tight fucking ass with that fat black cock!” she screamed, the Latin starlet kneading her clit as he drilled her back door.

Selena strummed her pulsing pink bud like there was no tomorrow; her pretty face screwed with lust as Kingsley drove all ten of his veiny, dark inches into her rectum, his unfathomable girth stretching her asshole like it was made from elastic.  She quivered all over; every pass of his giant black dong into the depths of her intestine making the Hispanic beauty tremble from her expensively styled hair right down to her neatly pedicured toes. 

“Oh, fuck!  I’m gonna cum!” Selena mewled; the actress-singer rubbing her clit at a frankly alarming rate as Kingsley drilled her ass from beneath.

One more pass was all it took.  Kingsley buried his big black cock in her pipe; the British stud holding her in place as a torrent of clear, wet girlspunk blasted from her cunt, hosing down anything and anyone who got in its way.  And the squirting didn’t end there. In fact, A-list sluts were spraying like water features left, right and centre. A tall white dude held Taylor Swift aloft by her beach tanned thighs; the shredded hunk bouncing the blonde singer up and down his girthy, uncut cock until she blasted her effeminate fluids like a high velocity water cannon.  Elsewhere, Daisy Ridley was bucking and writhing atop a black man’s muscled frame; the randy brunette working her tight round butthole up and down his long dark wang until she sprayed violently across the luxury room.

Meanwhile, Selena and Kingsley had switched up positions.  Now, he was stood upright, cradling Selena in his big dark arms as he threw her up and down on his dick; the ripped young hunk guiding her snug pink asshole right up to the head, before dropping her back down to the base with each pass. 

“Ugh! FUCK!” she screamed; the actress-singer throwing her head back, her arms wrapped around his hulk-like shoulder blades as the chiseled black stud speared her on his massive dong. 

Then, he lifted her up; his bulging biceps straining as he suspended the Hispanic beauty in mid air and drove his dick up into her, his pelvis clattering against her asscheeks as he drilled her rectum with his cock.

“YES! YES! YES!” Selena squealed; the Latin songstress using the smacking together of their toned, athletic bodies as a pace setter for each orgasmic screech. 

They kissed passionately; the randy duo looking as though they were trying to eat each other alive as they rutted like animals in the plush living space.  Kingsley pummeled her with his cock; the long dark wang snaking through her colon like a black mamba as he threw all 10 of this thick, veiny inches deep into her insides.  Selena’s asshole squeezed his girthy schlong like a ligature; his balls swelling and churning as her tight pink anus threatened to wring every last drop of semen out of his cock.  Kingsley held out until he could no longer; the dark-skinned stud lifting Selena from his dong like she weighed next to nothing and setting her down on the floor. She dropped immediately to her knees; Kingsley’s large, winking tip pointing directly at her face as he stroked his pulsing wang.   

“Yes, come on, baby!” Selena purred, reaching up to fondle his big, spunk-churning balls as he jerked himself off.  “Shoot that fucking load all over my face!”

The Latina’s lewd dirty talk was the final incentive he needed; the ripped black hunk pulling his girthy prong at a furious pace until a jet of off-white semen shot from the open slit.

“UUUUHHHH!!!” he roared; his dick going off like a fire hose as he blasted a thick, copious load (his fourth of the evening) across Selena’s face.

It went everywhere; over her lips, across her nose and between her eyes, while more of the creamy, hot goo streaked her dark hair and dripped from her chin. 

“Wow!  That was quite a load!” Selena exclaimed, looking up at the dark-skinned stud as she caressed his swollen balls.  “Think you’ve got any more for me?”

End of Chapter 14
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Chapter 15

Starring: Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Ariel Winter, Emma Watson, Maisie Williams, Sophie Turner, Natalie Dormer, Felicity Jones, Hayley Atwell and Daisy Ridley


As clocks struck midnight across the city of London, Taylor Swift’s big british bash continued into a new day; partygoers both male and female still going strong as the wild all-star soiree rolled on into the early hours.  Maisie Williams was perched on the edge of an armchair; a tall black man stood before her, cooing like a wounded animal as she sucked his long dark cock right down to the balls. Ariel Winter was cradled in a white man’s strong, muscular arms as he bounced her up and down this thick, girthy schlong, her snug pink pussy lips venturing from the head right down to the base with each motion.

Meanwhile, Emma Watson was laid back on the plush leather couch; her long legs spread lewdly, her expensive stiletto heels pinned back almost to her ears as a ripped black stud named Leon worked his giant dong back and forth insider her rectum.  Beside her, Taylor Swift straddled a young white man named Craig; her tight, round asshole roaming up and down his dong as she rode his muscled frame. Emma reached down to rub her clit; the Brit actress staring a hole through her dark-skinned partner as he plowed away at her rear, the chiseled youth working all 10 of his fat, girthy inches into her intestine with each pass. 

“Yes! Fuck me!” she cried, the horny starlet growling like a hungry lioness as Leon’s giant cock drilled her back door.  “Pound my arse with that fat black dick!!”

By now, Craig was holding Taylor still atop his supine frame; the blonde singer screaming like a banshee as he drove his long, thick cock ballsdeep into her rear. 

“Oh, yes! YES!!!” she squealed as he plowed her from below.  “Fuck that tight fucking ass!!”

Taylor leant forward to make out with Emma; actress and singer alike locking lips as they took a combined 20 inches of uncut British meat up their rectums.  Leon was going at Emma’s peachy, round ass like a jackhammer; the dark-skinned hunk pulling his long black cock back so only the head remained before thrusting forward once more, driving his girthy schlong right down to the base each time.  Emma strummed her clit wildly as Leon probed her back door; his lengthy dong reaching the darkest recesses of her colon with each pass, her pussy pulsing like an athlete’s ticker until…

“AAAHHH!!! FUUUCCCKKK!!!” she screamed as a vicious blast of clear, wet juices sprayed from her snatch, hosing down Leon’s well muscled torso as he pounded her tight white ass.

In the meantime, Taylor and Craig had changed positions.  Now she was straddling him in the reverse cowgirl stance; the randy songstress squatting lewdly atop his bulky frame as he drove his giant cock into the depths of her colon. 

“Fuck! Yes!” she cried, looking back at Craig as he impaled her snug pink hole.  “Keep fucking that ass! You’re gonna make me cuuuuum!”

And then she did just that.  One more deep plunge of Craig’s long thick dong into her intestines was all it took to ignite a powerful orgasm from within her athletic frame.  A torrent of girlspunk, every bit as copious and violent as Emma’s moments before, jetted from Taylor’s cooch, spraying wildly across the room and over her fellow partygoers.

Leon pulled his cock from Emma’s butthole; the veiny black wang glistening with her ass juices and dripping with girlcum as he prized it from her rectum.

“Suck it clean, girl,” he said, stepping up in front of Taylor with his girthy prong grasped at the base.

Taylor licked her lips as she eyed the big black dick, the blonde singer leaning forward and wrapping her lips around the shaft.

“Yes, Taylor!” Emma exclaimed, rubbing her stiff clit as she watched her A-list friend suck the thick dark schlong straight out of her asshole.  “Clean that dick up, baby!”

Taylor needed little encouragement in that department.  Indeed, she was sucking at the long black pole like a woman possessed, the randy popstar polishing the girthy shaft like priceless silverware.  And the ass to mouth action didn’t end there. In fact, women across the plush living space were choking down long, thick cocks straight out of any asshole in a three foot radius. 

Felicity Jones clambered off the stud that was ballsdeep in her rectum; the brown-haired beauty dropping to her knees before him and sucking down his giant dong in the blink of an eye.  Selena Gomez prized a black dick from Sophie Turner’s asshole; the lusty Latina swallowing the long dark wang down to the hilt before returning it from whence it came. 

Back at the sofa, Leon pulled his dick from Taylor Swift’s drooling mouth; thick ropes of saliva dripping from the shaft as he did so.

“Wanna get filled up, baby?” he asked, holding his thick, wet cock menacingly at the base.   

“Yes!” Taylor barked in response.  “Get that big black cock in my tight white pussy!”

She sat back atop Craig’s shredded frame, her heels nearly piercing the leather couch cushions as she spread the thighs lewdly, beckoning the black stud to enter.  Leon was happy to oblige. He stepped up; aligning the tip of his wang with his wang with Taylor’s moist slit and guiding it inside.

“Uhh! Sweet Jesus!” Taylor gasped, the blonde singer cumming on the spot as a second thick, girthy prong thrust up inside her.

From here on out the guys showed her little mercy; the chiseled duo slamming their cocks ballsdeep inside her with each pass.  Taylor kneaded her clit wildly; the randy songstress climaxing over and over as 20 inches of veiny fuckmeat probed her snug pink holes.  And she wasn’t the only one getting a deep dual dicking from a pair of burly British studs. In fact, A-list sluts were getting DP’d left, right and centre; duo’s of black and white men alike drilling the tight orifices of any celebrity party guest that took their fancy.  Hayley Atwell was getting fucked in both holes by a pair of ripped black hunks, while Daisy Ridley was getting the same treatment from a couple of their light-skinned friends; the brown-haired duo cumming repeatedly as twin sets of girthy long fuckrods pummeled them into next week.

Over on the couch, Emma Watson was knelt beside Taylor Swift and her pair of studs; the brown-haired beauty strumming her throbbing clit while she made out with Leon, Taylor or anyone she could reach.  Taylor was on cloud nine as she was plowed in both holes; the perfectly synchronized thrusts of white and black dick alike hitting her g-spot and reaching the deepest recesses of her colon with each pass. 

But Craig and Leon weren’t done with her yet and, without a single word of warning, they rose to their feet, taking Taylor’s slender frame with them as they did so.  Taylor slung her her arms around each of their broad shoulder blades; the horny blonde making out with the chiseled duo one by one as they went at her orifices once more.  Emma squatted between their legs, sucking at their twin sets of bulging, spunk-filled balls as they threw her fair-haired friend up and down on their dongs.

“Yes!" Taylor screamed, throwing her head back as two large, girthy cocks probed her ass and pussy alike.  “Yes! Fuck my slutty holes! YES!!!”

She came again and again; the randy singer soon losing count of how many orgasms she’d achieved as she was bounced up and down on the pair of long, thick prongs.  Every so often, the guys would prize their cocks from her snug pink holes, offering them up to Emma to suck clean before feeding them straight back inside. This went on for some time; the pair of endowed young Englishmen going at Taylor’s equally tight fuckholes until their cocks started to twitch and their balls began to churn.

“You gonna cum for me, boys?” Taylor asked, the horny songstress feeling their dicks throb and pulse inside her.

“Uh huh,” the guys groaned in unison as they yanked their dicks free from her holes and lowered her to the ground.

Taylor dropped to her knees; Craig and Leon flanking her on either side as they stroked their giant cocks.  She tongued at their leaking dickholes one by one, the horny blonde reaching up to fondle their swollen balls as they pointed their dongs at her face.  Craig came first; the ripped young hunk blasting one side of Taylor’s face with a torrent of creamy man goo. But Leon wasn’t far behind, and no sooner had his light-skinned counterpart shot his wad, had the burly black stud followed suit.  Before long, nearly every inch of Taylor’s gorgeous features had been covered with streaks of off-white seed as Leon blew his piping hot load over her face. 

But it didn’t remain that way for long and within seconds of the chiseled duo emptying their balls, Emma was on her fair-haired friend like a flash.  She licked up thick streaks of cum from her face; some of which she spat into Taylor’s mouth, while others she gulped down her self. In no time at all, Taylor’s face was as clean as ever and the pair locked lips, swapping the last helpings of spunk back and forth before swallowing them down.

“Mmm! Yummy!” Emma exclaimed, licking her pouty pink lips as she savoured the last of the seed.  “Ok, boys,” she went on, gripping their quivering dicks in her soft, dainty hands, “now it’s my turn!”

End of Chapter 15
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Chapter 16

Starring: Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Ariel Winter, Emma Watson, Maisie Williams, Sophie Turner, Natalie Dormer, Felicity Jones, Hayley Atwell and Daisy Ridley


Taylor Swift trained the camera lens of her state of the art iPhone XS on Emma Watson’s pretty face; the brown-haired beauty scoffing away at Miss Swift’s hot, wet twat as she streamed the final leg of her all-star British orgy live on Periscope.  Underneath Emma’s squatting frame, Craig’s ripped, well muscled torso could be seen; his large, manly hands gripping the brunette’s svelte ass as he drove his cock up into her pussy. Millions around the world were tuning into the live video by the second; other celebs and regular folk alike typing out a litany of comments as they masturbated furiously with their other hand.

Elle Fanning:
Fuck! This is so hot, girls!

Taylor, PLEASE let me eat your pussy like that!!!

Maren Morris:
Goddamn, this is making me so wet!!

Then, as the viewer count continued to rise and the comments rained in, Leon stepped into frame; long black cock in hand as he knelt on the couch behind Emma. 

Jana Kramer:
Oh my God! That fucking COCK!!

Lucky motherfucker!!!

Oh shit! Watson ‘bout to get BLACKED!!!

Leon pressed the tip of his giant wang against Emma’s winking asshole.  He pushed forward slightly, guiding the swollen brown head inside; Emma’s anus splitting open and wrapping tightly around his girth as he entered.  Taylor aimed the camera up at Leon’s torso to reveal that he too was filming the rampant group fuck session; the chiseled black stud with his own expensive iPhone pointed down at Emma’s ass as he guided his thick dark cock back and forth inside it. 

Taylor punched out the link to Leon’s stream and posted it to her adoring followers.  In the blink of an eye, millions across the globe were hunting high and low for anything with a screen on which they could watch the second video.  Laptops, iPads, other people’s phones. Some people caught in traffic were even prodding desperately at their GPS in some vain hope of watching it on there.  Before long, Leon’s broadcast was garnering nearly as many viewers as Taylor’s, and people around the world were staring intently at both their assembled screens as they watched the live double angled fuck film play out.

Dude you are the KING!!!

Hayley Williams:
Fuck! This stud’s cock is ENORMOUS!

Leon gripped Emma’s ass with a strong black hand as he clasped his phone in the other.  He worked his dick back and forth inside her rectum; the ripped young hunk feeding an additional inch of fat dark fuckmeat into her colon with each pass.  Emma cooed and groaned; her pretty brown eyes rolling into the back of her head as she feasted on Taylor’s box, a combined 20 inches of girthy, vein-encrusted cock probing her tight twin holes.

“Yes, baby!” Taylor purred, placing a hand at the back of Emma’s head, and filming with the other, as she munched on her dripping twat.  “Eat that fucking pussy while you take those dicks!”

And Taylor and Leon weren’t the only ones sharing the wild group sex shennanigans with the world.  Indeed, live streams were starting up throughout the plush living room and soon enough there wasn’t a single sex act taking place in Emma Watson’s luxury London home that wasn’t being broadcast to millions of horny viewers across the globe.  One man was sat back in an armchair; the lens of his iPhone pointed down at his crotch as Natalie Dormer sucked his 10 inch wang. Sophie Turner and Selena Gomez were 69ing on the floor while two men; one white and one black, filmed from both ends as they ploughed away at their snug pink holes. 

Before long, office workers on the other side of the globe were risking a swift dismissal as they blew up the live celebrity fuck streams on their giant computer screens.  Some even pulling themselves off under their desks as they watched the remaining broadcasts on an array of ‘borrowed’ cellphones.   

I just got fired for frigging one out to this at work.  Totally worth it!!

I can hear my boss beating off to this as we speak.  Might go and join him!

Back at the couch, Craig and Leon were going at Emma’s holes like their lives depended on it; both of the burly British studs drilling their cocks ballsdeep into her tight pink orifices.  She came over and over as the swollen heads of their equally long, equally thick schlongs snaked through her colon and probed her g-spot with each pass; the brown-haired starlet, in turn, dishing out more than her fair share of orgasms as he tongued avidly at Taylor’s dripping gash. 
Taylor fixed Leon in a demanding stare, the blonde beauty pointing a lengthy-nailed finger at him from across the couch.

“Gimme that dick!” she instructed, the randy singer cooing softly as Emma licked her out.  “I wanna taste that big black cock right out of her ass!”

Leon didn’t have to be told twice.  He prized his dick from the vice-like grip of Emma’s rear and walked to the other end of the couch; plunging his long dark wang straight into Taylor’s mouth.  Taylor pointed her phone lens at her face as she sucked on the oversized dong like a child with a popsicle. She took it right down to the base, the Periscope comments continuing to flood her phone screen as she slurped every ounce of sweet, tasty assjuice straight from the shaft. 

Hailee Steinfeld:
That’s it, Taylor! Clean that dick good, baby!

Miley Cyrus:
God DAMN! That’s a big fucking cock!!

And that was just the beginning.  In fact, people were commenting on each of the X-rated live streams in their thousands, the obscene broadcasts generating enough traffic and discussion to crash not only Periscope, but every other social media platform along with it.  There was a POV style stream of a black man plowing Hayley Atwell in the ass. A video of Ariel Winter tittyfucking a long white cock while Daisy Ridley sucked at the bulging head. Another of Felicity Jones getting stuffed full of uncut British cock; each of the illicit broadcasts garnering more online traction than the Oscars, Grammys and Met Gala combined.

Back on the sofa, Emma and her pair of studs had changed up formations.  Now, she was laid on her side atop the comfy couch cushions; the brunette nearly in the fetal position as she wrapped her arms around her knees, her peachy round ass sticking out over the edge as the two British hunks positioned their swollen cockheads with her tight twin holes.  Leon and Craig pushed forward in unison; the ripped young duo feeding their bulging prickcrowns into her pussy and asshole respectively.

“Ahhh! FUCK!!” Emma cried, the brown-haired beauty cumming on the spot as the shredded pair split her holes open with their cocks.

From here on out they showed her little mercy; the burly Brits thrusting back and forth in perfect synchronicity, feeding an additional inch of their thick, girthy wangs into her shell-pink fuckholes with each pass they took.  Taylor knelt beside Emma and kissed her passionately; the actress cooing and groaning as a pair of chiseled studs drilled her twin holes with their dicks. By now, the guys were going at Emma like there was no tomorrow; both of the endowed young Englishman slamming their dicks down to the hilt, filling her vagina and rectum alike to capacity as they drilled her snug pink holes. 

“Oh, fuck! Yes!” she screamed.  “Fuck my tight little holes with those fat fucking cocks!!”

The guys were doing just that and more.  In fact, they were tag-teaming Emma like professional wrestlers; the muscled duo pulling their cocks back in their respective orifices until only the head remained, before thrusting forward in perfect unison and driving their dicks right down to the base with each motion.  Emma came over and over, with nigh on every thrust into the depths of her holes igniting a violent, earth-shattering orgasm from within her svelte frame. Before long, Craig and Leon’s cocks were twitching and throbbing like nobody’s business, their twin sets of bulging, low-hanging balls churning with fresh wads of warm, thick spunk (their seventh of the evening, no less). 

“Oh, shit!” Leon exclaimed; his usually chiseled features contorted in all kinds of unsightly ways as he tried in vain to retain his load.

“Gonna cum!” Craig added, both men pulling their dicks from Emma’s holes and rising to their feet, jerking themselves wildly as they prepared to shoot their goo.

And Craig and Leon weren’t the only ones losing their loads, as men across the luxury living space blew their beans over any pretty face or stretch of beach tanned skin that took their fancy.  Maisie Williams took one to the face, while Hayley Atwell received a thick, gooey blast right across her heaving chest. One guy shot his load between Sophie Turner’s lips, while another plastered the cheeks of Daisy Ridley’s supple, round ass with his gloopy man mess.

Emma and Taylor hopped down from the couch and squatted side by side before them; the randy pair fondling their oversized balls and making out with each other as they awaited their spunky reward.  Then, they got just that. Twin jets of creamy, off-white seed shot from their winking tips; Craig firing his load straight into Emma’s waiting mouth, while Leon went for Taylor’s. 

But the girls weren’t done yet, and no sooner had the guys blown their loads, had they started sharing it out; the A-list duo swapping the cocktail of hot, gooey spunk back and forth like some kind of precious fluid.  Emma tipped her head back and Taylor spat Leon’s load into her mouth; the combined wads of thick, gloopy semen filling her maw nearly to the brim as she held them between her lips.

They repeated this process several times; the girls swapping the cum to and fro like pass the parcel until they both had equal measures pooling in their gaping mouths.  They swallowed them down then met for a kiss; the girls swapping tongues like Christmas gifts as they savoured the last of the spunk. Men collapsed onto the nearest couch or armchair; some palming their stinging, red raw pricks after 6+ hours of endless, non-stop rutting.  The girls gathered in a circle; locking lips and licking cum off each other’s breasts as the mammoth group fuck session finally came to an end. 

“Wow, girls!” panted Taylor Swift.  “You Brit bitches throw one hell of a party!”

“Mmhmm,” Emma Watson agreed, “we sure do!  We’ll have to come to you next time, Taylor,” she suggested.

“Anytime you like, baby!” Taylor replied.  “And if you think these guys are well hung,” she grinned, “wait ‘til you see what we’ve got in the States!”

End of Chapter 16
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Chapter 17

Starring: Everyone!


A procession of black cabs pulled up to the curb outside Emma Watson’s plush West London home; the shiny vehicles poised to ferry the actress’ exhausted male guests to all four corners of the sleeping city.  With their male counterparts departed, the ladies paired up and headed for the showers; the A-list beauties washing the sweat, cum and squirt juice from each other’s bodies before retiring to Miss Watson’s numerous luxury guest rooms. 

But they weren’t done quite yet and no sooner had the naughty celebs climbed into Emma’s vast range of comfy king size beds, had the all-star X-rated mischief commenced once more.  Indeed, a variety of sapphic sex acts were taking place on every second floor room in Miss Watson’s swanky London pad. 

Ariel Winter went down on Natalie Dormer.  Daisy Ridley was tribbing with Felicity Jones.  Maisie Williams and Hayley Atwell were 69ing. Emma Watson was drilling Sophie Turner with a long black strapon, while Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift worked their way through every one of the large, exotically shaped sex toys in both of their designer suitcases; the randy duo using them on every erogenous zone and inserting them into every hole available until the sun came up.  Finally, and with Emma’s next door neighbours already leaving for work, the girls called it a night; the A-list babes passing out in each others arms after nearly 10 straight hours of rampant, ceaseless fucking. 


Taylor Swift’s alarm woke her with a start at noon the next day.  The bright midday sun crept through the expensive velvet drapes in Emma Watson’s lavish guest suite as the blonde singer prodded wearily at her phone to cease the obnoxious blare.  Miss Swift awoke that afternoon as she often did; hungover and horny, the pounding in her head only bested by the incessant, unremitting tingling between her thighs.

She turned over in her bed; the popstar’s shimmering blue eyes falling on a profile view of Selena Gomez’s pretty face as she lay on her back beside her.  Selena rubbed at her bleary eyes; the Latin songstress every bit as tired and hungover as her Caucasian counterpart as she woke from her deep sleep.

“Morning,” said Taylor, running a hand across Selena’s taut midriff and up to her perky chest, kissing across her cheek and towards her lips; the blonde singer seeking a spot of early morning (or, in this case, early afternoon) fun before joining the girls for breakfast.

“Uhhh,” Selena groaned, swatting Taylor’s hand away like a pesky fly as she turned onto her side and pulled the pristine white bed sheet over her head.

Taylor gasped, her mouth gaping in astonishment.  Had she just been...rejected? For sex? Her!?  She couldn’t believe it.  Well, if Selena wasn’t going to tend to her morning horn, then she’d have to do it herself.

“Hmmpf!” Taylor exclaimed, turning onto her side in a huff.

She reached for her phone and opened Twitter; the fair-haired songstress sure she would find some images for the previous evening to appease her raging libido.  She went straight to the list of worldwide trends, expecting to see, as it always was the day after one of her celebrity soirees, her name at the top of the heap.   

Taylor did an almost comical double take; the singer rubbing her ocean-blue eyes in astonishment as she scrolled desperately through the list of trends.  Her name was nowhere to be seen. And not just hers. Not one of Emma Watson, Hayley Atwell or any of her A-list chums were present on the roll of topics.  Instead, a host of other UK celebs dominated the lengthy list. Emilia Clarke. Nathalie Emmanuel. Saoirse Ronan. Hannah Murray.   

Taylor could scarcely comprehend what she was seeing.  The hashtag the ladies had been using throughout their all-star get together, #TaylorsBigBritishBash, was also nowhere in sight.  There was, however, a similarly titled topic at the top of the list; #TheBigLondonOrgy. Well, that had to be it. Taylor thought it odd that her adoring fans would use an alternative hashtag to live tweet one of her parties, but it really was the only explanation. 

She clicked on it; her facial expression morphing from shock to absolute horror when she realised that #TheBigLondonOrgy was the official hashtag of another wild A-list bash.  Her screen was filled with obscene, high-res images of a second band of British starlets engaging in a host of sex acts even crazier and more illicit than hers.  Kaya Scodelario was fisting Karen Gillan. Imogen Poots was feeding a thick black buttplug into Emelia Clarke’s ass, while Nathalie Emmanuel reamed Hannah Murray’s rectum with a long, thick strapon. 

And it wasn’t just the sex acts themselves that were widler and more extreme.  In fact, the whole vibe of the celebrity get together seemed fiercer; more beastial and untamed and, as Taylor scrolled through the seemingly endless sequence of obscene posts, videos started to appear of the girls choking each other, slapping each other, pulling one another’s hair. 

And that was just the beginning.  Soon enough, males started to make appearances in the X-rated snaps; men with even bigger muscles and longer, girthier cocks than Taylor’s band of studs.  And what this gang of A-list sluts were getting up to with these ultra-chiseled, horse-hung hunks made Taylor’s little celebrity gathering look like a church tea party.

There was a video of Saoirse Ronan on her knees, hands behind her back; a shredded young hunk gripping a handful of her golden hair as he guided his long, fat prick ferociously back and forth between her lips.   A second clip featured Karen Gillan; a tall black man pulling her vibrant red locks as he pounded her peachy round ass with his cock. And it didn’t stop there. There was rimming and tromboning. Sexual positions that even the most flexible of Olympic gymnasts would have struggled to pull off. 

Men came, not only on faces and chests, but inside vaginas and assholes too, sometimes both together.  Imogen Poots had a two dicks in her mouth at the same time. Kaya Scodelario took a pair of cocks balls deep in her pussy, while someone even had two in their ass!  It really was something else; a wild, no holds barred A-list fuckfest that made Taylor’s from the previous evening, and any that had gone before it, look like child’s play.   

Taylor was utterly despondent (though, she hated to admit, extremely horny).  She clicked back to the list of trends; the blonde beauty ready to set down her phone and frig one out before sleeping off her growing misery, when a second hashtag caught her eye.  At number two on the list of trends was #SlutX. Still dispirited, but more than a little intrigued, Taylor tapped on said hashtag and pulled up the related posts. At the top of the screen was a link to a verified profile; @slutx.  Taylor opened it.

At the top of the profile was a small, round avatar of a woman in a latex Catwoman-style face mask and a matching bodysuit unzipped down to her navel to showcase her bulging canyon of a cleavage.  Beneath that, the large, emboldened words Slut X with a light blue tick beside them.  Taylor couldn’t believe what she was seeing.  Slut X, whoever she was, had only joined the platform a week before and already had 75.6M followers; nearly as many as her. 

She scrolled through the profile.  There weren’t many original tweets from the mystery woman, but there were plenty of retweets.  Exclusive pictures of her orgy posted by Karen Gillan, Nathalie Emmanuel and its other attendees; the illicit images cropped at the neck or heavily pixelated to obscure her identity.  And it didn’t end there. There were links to articles, YouTube videos and Periscope broadcasts with viewing figures that put Taylor’s to shame.

Move aside Taylor Swift, read the headline to an online article, there’s a new slut in town!  The next post was a link to a YouTube video recorded by a handsome young black man, entitled My Encounter With Slut X.  Taylor pushed play.

What’s up, guys.  ‘Sh’ya boy, Jaheim.  So, I’ma tell y’all ‘bout my encounter a couple weeks back with the brand new Internet phenomenon that is Slut X.  I’m gettin’ my groove on in this club in downtown LA, right, when this fine ass white bitch comes up to me and starts grindin’ her thick ol’ booty against my dick.  So, I’m like, ‘Shit! This girl hotter than a muh’fucker!’ and my cock starts getting hard in my pants. 

Then, she takes me by the hand, leads me to the restroom and pushes me into one of the stalls.  She drops to her knees, pulls out my dick; all 11 inches of that shit, and it sucks it right down to the balls!  I’m thinkin’, ‘Fuck! No bitch has ever eaten my dick like that befo’!’, and she pulls her lips back, right to the head, then does it again.  Straight down to the base. I ain’t never seen nothin’ like it, y’all. That shit was crazy. 

Then, she gets her big fuckin’ titties out, wraps ‘em around my cock and sharts bouncin’ ‘em up and down my shaft.  And I’m clingin’ onto my shit fo’ dear life, right, but her titties is too big, too soft, too supple and my dick erupts like a fuckin’ volcano all over them muh’fuckers!  And you’ll never guess what, y’all; this bitch is famous. Like, real famous. Now, I’d love to tell you who she is, but she said she’d come back and bite my dick off if I did.  And you know what, y’all, I think she meant it!

The sound of the video woke Selena once more and she rolled over onto her right.

“What are you watching?” she asked.

“Have you seen this?” Taylor replied, holding out her phone so Selena could see and skimming through the posts from #TheBigLondonOrgy and the list of worldwide trends.

“Right.  So what?”

“So what?!” Taylor barked.  “We’ve just had a giant, no holds barred orgy, plastered it across social media, and it didn’t even make the top trends!  While this one,” she went on, scrolling irately through the never ending chain of posts, “is fucking everywhere!”

“And?” Selena replied.  “Look, Taylor, did you start throwing these parties for the orgasms or the fame?  ‘Cause I think you’ve got enough of that already.”

“That’s not the point.  I’m the queen of orgies around here.  Me!” said Taylor, pointing a thumb at herself.  “And this Slut X bitch is trying to take my crown away from me!”

“Exactly...trying,” said Selena.  “There’s always gonna be imitators, girl.  You’ve been famous long enough to know that.  What you’ve gotta do is beat this Slut X skank at her own game.  Your own game.  Now,” she went on, taking Taylor’s phone from her and placing it on the mattress, “let me take your mind off it.”

Selena pressed her full, pouty lips to Taylor’s and slipped her tongue into her mouth, the blonde meeting it with her own.  Selena moved a hand down to Taylor’s chest; the Hispanic beauty groping one of her perky B cup mounds as they made out. She moved down to her neck; the lusty Latina kissing along her soft, fragrant skin and down to her left breast.  Selena tongued at Taylor’s erect nipple and bit it lightly before wrapping her lips around it; the randy songstress suckling on the stiff pink teat like a child at feeding time.   

She straddled Taylor’s naked frame; the actress-singer kissing down her flat, toned midriff until she reached her crotch.  Selena nestled between her legs; the Latin beauty wrapping her arms around Taylor’s beach bronzed thighs as he buried her head between them.  She shot out her tongue; the Hispanic hottie lapping at her friend’s swollen clit like a thirsty kitten. Taylor did her best to get into it. Selena’s cunnilingual prowess was second to none; of that she was well aware.  But even as her celebrity girlfriend used some of her best and most practiced moves on her dripping cooch, Taylor couldn’t take her mind off the obscene images on her phone screen, the list of trending topics that had completely ignored her rampant all-star orgy like it had never happened.  Then, the bedroom door swung open; the sudden interruption yanking Taylor back to reality like a bolt from the blue. 

“Hey!” yelled Emma Watson from the open doorway, a hand tucked discreetly behind her back.  “Stop fucking in here! You girls gotta get packed,” she went on, a palpable sense of urgency evident in her voice.

Selena emerged from between Taylor’s thighs; her glossy pink lips shining even further with the glistening mess of her girlfriend’s pussy juice.  “Why? Our flight’s not for hours. What’s going on?”

Emma whipped her hand out from behind her back; a number of first class plane tickets fanned out in her manicured mit, a wide, devilish grin stretching across her pretty face.  “We’re going to France!”

End of Chapter 17
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And here I thought the party was winding down.  You are doing a fantastic job with this!  Might be your best Taylor orgy story yet!
Title: Re: Taylor's Big British Bash (Taylor Swift, Emma Watson and co) [Chapter 17 posted]
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Chapter 18

Starring: Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Ariel Winter, Emma Watson, Maisie Williams, Sophie Turner, Natalie Dormer, Felicity Jones, Hayley Atwell, Daisy Ridley and ?


Taylor Swift and her celebrity pals were gathered in a swanky bar at Heathrow Airport as they awaited the call for British Airways flight 303 to Paris.  Ariel Winter, Emma Watson and the rest of the Brits were busy at one end of the bar; the band of A-list beauties hoovering up lines of coke (yep, they got it through security again) and necking shots and downing cocktails quicker than the bar staff could pour them.  Selena Gomez was at the other end; the Hispanic beauty flirting with a handsome barman as she nursed a vodka martini. 

Taylor Swift was sat by herself at a table in the corner; her freshly mixed Tequila Sunrise untouched on the varnished surface as she stared forlornly at a wall-mounted TV screen, a MILF-y BBC newsreader reporting on the all-star London orgy that had taken the world by storm.  Exclusive pictures of the wild celebrity bash appeared on the screen; its attendees in all manner of compromising positions as they were broadcast across the nation, and though the images were heavily pixelated, the partygoers identities were clear for all to see. Emelia Clarke.  Imogen Poots. Saoirse Ronan. The finest and most beautiful actresses the country had to offer.

The director cut back to the studio; the sexy newsreader caught red handed with her expensive stiletto heels splayed wildly across the desk, her frilly French knickers dangling from her ankle.  Her eyes were closed, her pretty face screwed with orgasmic lust as she violently strummed her pulsing clit to the alluring images. She opened her eyes, realising she was back on the air and quickly adjusted herself in her seat.

“Oh, err…,” she stammered, blowing loose strands of dishevelled blonde hair from her face, shuffling papers at her desk as though nothing had happened.  “Also in the news today, former Mayor of London Boris Johnson has been named…”

A second glass was placed down on the table next to hers, and Taylor looked to her right as Selena Gomez took a seat beside her.

“What have I told you about watching these news reports?” said Selena, taking a sip of her drink.

“I know, but…,” Taylor protested.

“But nothing!” Selena exclaimed, cutting her friend off mid-sentence.  “Listen to me, dwelling on this shit is gonna get you nowhere. Remember what I said, you gotta beat her at her own game.  Now, I’m going around back to suck that hot guy’s dick,” she declared, gesturing to the handsome young man behind the bar, “and you’re gonna join me.”

Selena gripped Taylor’s wrist and hauled her up from her seat; the blonde singer stumbling along in her expensive high heels as she was dragged across the airport bar.  Selena headed straight for a swing door behind the bar, pointing assertively at the barman as she passed.

“You,” she said, “come with me.”

The door swung shut behind Selena and Taylor as they disappeared into the kitchen, the barman following in behind them.  Selena gripped him by his white shirt and pushed him up against the nearest worktop.

“What was your name again?” she asked, running a lengthy nailed finger over the well-defined grooves of his slab-like pectorals.

“Ross,” the young man gulped in response.  His dark hair was parted neatly to the left, his chiselled features marked by a neatly trimmed beard.

“Well, Ross, my friend here has been feeling a little down in the dumps this afternoon,” said Selena, gesturing to Taylor beside her.  “I hope you have something to help cheer her up.”

Selena ran a hand past his rippling six pack abs and down to his crotch; the sexy songstress quickly finding the thick, lengthy bulge protruding from within.   

“Ooh, yeah,” she grinned, as she stroked the swelling lump, “that oughta do it!”

Taylor and Selena dropped to their knees before him; the Latina doing so with a good deal more purpose and enthusiasm than her light-skinned counterpart.  Selena unbuckled Ross’ belt and unzipped his trousers. She slid her manicured fingers under the waistband of his boxers; the actress-singer whipping the checkered smalls and his skinny-fit suit pants down in a single motion, his uncut 10 inch cock springing out like a jack-in-the-box.  Veins travelled up and down his girthy shaft like thick strands of ivy, while his swollen, cum-filled nuts hung between this thighs like big flesh wrecking balls.

“Oh my goodness!” gasped Selena as he gripped the oversized dong at the base; her deep brown eyes nearly popping clean from their sockets as she took in the full extent of his unfathomable length and girth.  “If this doesn’t take your mind off that Slut X whore, then I don’t know what will!”

Taylor smirked, the sight of the giant cock seeming to have had the desired effect.  She rooted through her expensive clutch bag on the floor beside her and took out her phone.

“Hold this, will you, honey?” she said, tapping away at the screen then handing the device to Ross. 

He held the phone aloft, seeing that Taylor had began a new Periscope broadcast and aimed it down at his crotch; his mammoth schlong engulfing nigh on every pixel of the crystal clear screen.  Taylor looked across at Selena; the blonde songstress grinning from ear to ear.

“Let’s show this bitch who’s boss!”

Taylor fed his swollen dickcrown into her mouth and bobbed her pretty blonde head; her full, pouty lips roaming up and down the length of his shaft like a glass elevator.  Meanwhile, Selena was taking care of the balls; the lusty Latina feeding one of the oversized gonads between her glossy, plump lips and sucking on it like a big flesh gobstopper.  Comments scrolled across Taylor’s phone screen in their hundreds as the stream’s view count started to rise. 

Chloe Moretz:
Wow! Room for one more, ladies?

What a lucky bastard!!

I had a dream similar to this a couple of weeks back.  My mom still hasn’t got the stains out of my sheets!!!

Taylor sucked at Ross’ meaty prong like a woman possessed.  She worked her lips right up to the hooded crown, before guiding them back down the shaft once more; the shiny pink pair accommodating an additional inch of his oversized dong with each pass.  She looked up at the screen, the randy singer grinning to herself as she read the array of comments; each and every one commending her world class, porno-grade suckjob skills.

Goddam! Look at her go!!!

Fuck! Swift can suck a dick!!

Carrie Underwood:
All hail Queen Taylor! Champion of the cockslurpers!!!

Well, almost all of them.  In amongst the sea of praise and compliments, one particular comment stuck out like a sore thumb.

Slut X:
Still got a little bit to go there, Taylor, but a valiant effort.  8 inches is nothing to be ashamed of ;)

The comment had worked exactly as intended and Taylor took the bait like a hungry carp.  She glared into the camera lens. Her skin reddened, her nostrils flared. Then, without missing a beat, she sucked Ross’ cock right down to the balls; her cute little nose nestling in his pubes as she held his prong between her lips.

“Oh, shit!” Ross exclaimed, his legs nearly buckling as Taylor choked down his 10 inch wang like it was nothing.

And she wasn’t done yet.  Taylor dug her long nails into his thighs; the irate popstar clinging so forcefully to the muscled limbs that she nearly broke the skin.  She bobbed and dipped wildly at his crotch; her head little more than a carefully styled blonde blur as she went at his mammoth dong. Her lips roamed from the head to the hilt with each pass; the pouty pink pair leaving behind thick trails of slick, wet spittle in their wake. 

She sucked and slurped, drooled and slobbered; the blonde singer going at the oversized prong like a chick on a mission.  The message was clear; if Slut X wanted to take her crown as Queen Whore of Cyberspace, then she wasn’t going to give it up easy.  Finally, and with much reluctance on her part, Taylor retrieved Ross’ cock from her mouth, his girthy shaft dripping with saliva as she passed it onto Selena.

“Suck it!” she ordered, damn near forcing the lengthy prick down her friend’s throat as she handed it over.  “And give me your phone.”

Selena did as instructed; the Latin singer sucking heartily at Ross’ dick as she searched her designer clutch bag.  Taylor snatched the phone out of her hand and swiped desperately at the screen until she found Periscope. She opened it up; the horny songstress circling around behind Ross’ shredded frame as she started up a second broadcast.  She pointed the camera at herself as she prized Ross’ ass cheeks apart and buried her face inside. Comments rained in at a quicker pace than ever before; randy viewers from across the globe punching out replies like their lives depended on it.

TaylorNailer: Oh shit! Swift getting NASTY!

Cassadee Pope: Yes, Taylor! Eat that ass, girl!

SwiftMan69: Damn! Looks like Taylor been learning the trombone!!

“Oh, fuck!” Ross cooed; the chiseled young stud quivering from head to toe as he was worked over from both sides by a duo of horny popstars.

At one end, Selena was sucking greedily at his cock; the Hispanic beauty swallowing the thick, lengthy prong right down to the base with each pass and fondling his big, swollen balls with her hand for good measure.  At the other, Taylor had her cute face buried between his ass cheeks; the kinky blonde burrowing into his hairy crack like an ostrich in the sand as she lapped at his anus. People around the world spanked and strummed themselves senseless as they watched the double angled suck stream. Taylor positioned Selena’s phone as best she could to really get into the heart of the action; those watching at home treated to a perfectly framed close up as she tonguefucked Ross’ asshole.

LongDickNick: How has this guy not cum yet?!  I’d have nutted 5 times already if that was me!

GomezGuy#1: I HAVE nutted 5 times already!!!

It was true; Ross was more than holding his own amid a relentless onslaught from blonde and Latina alike, but with every minute of ferocious A-list tag teaming that passed, the handsome barman could feel his resistance start to wear.  Indeed, each slurping, drooling, deepthroating pass of Selena’s magnificent mouth up and down his schlong, each probing motion of Taylor’s tongue in his asshole was bringing him closer and closer to the point of eruption. 

“Fuck!  I’m gonna cum!” he blurted out suddenly, both women dropping what they were doing at once and kneeling side by side before him in anticipation of his load.

Ross spanked himself violently; the muscled hunk pointing Taylor’s phone down at she and Selena as they awaited his creamy goo.  Selena reached up to fondle his balls, the A-list beauties making out before him as he prepared to blow his beans.

“UHHH!!! FUCKKK!!!” he bellowed; a thick torrent of creamy, hot spunk blasting from his prickslit and splashing across Taylor and Selena’s faces in equal measure. 

It went everywhere; their cheeks, their noses, over their lips, across their eyes, even in their hair; the excited viewers continuing to fire out comments at a staggering rate as Ross emptied his swollen balls for their enjoyment. 

Elle Fanning:
Wow! What a blast!

God, I’d love to be hosed down by that big fat COCK!

Got any more spunk in those big fucking balls, baby??

Taylor and Selena licked each other clean; both celebrity sluts swallowing down their gathered spunk and locking lips once more for the camera before signing off.

“Beat that, Slut X!” said Taylor.  She blew a kiss to the camera and the stream ended.


To say that the staff aboard British Airways flight 303 had their work cut out for them would have been putting it mildly.  In fact, the small team of stewards and stewardesses had been harried to the ends of the earth by Taylor Swift, Emma Watson and their celebrity pals since take off.  They refilled glass after glass with complimentary champagne; the band of flight attendants pouring so much of the expensive booze that they’d nearly ran out before they passed the White Cliffs of Dover.

Taylor Swift had just seen away her sixth glass of the journey when her phone buzzed on the table before her.  She picked it up; the drunken smile quickly fading from her features when she read the notification on her screen informing her that her online nemesis Slut X was live on Periscope.  She clicked on the notification. The video was filmed POV style by a black man as he lay back on a king size hotel bed. The shot was cropped tightly to his crotch as Slut X’s shapely, beach tanned ass hopped and bucked atop his supine frame; her tight pink pussy roaming up and down every inch of his girthy, footlong wang.  The caption below read; Challenge accepted, @taylorswift13.  Comments scrolled up the screen so quickly that Taylor could barely read them; the stream racking up a view count that made her BJ broadcast from Heathrow Airport look like amateur hour.

DAMN! Look at that thick white ass!

Shit! She bouncin’ on that BBC like a buckin’ bronco!!

Indeed, Slut X was hopping and writhing atop the black stud’s chiseled young frame like there was no tomorrow.  Her peachy round ass clattered repeatedly with his pelvis; every inch of his long, girthy cock vanishing inside her with each pass.  A steady chorus of coos and groans escaped his mouth from behind the camera; his dick starting to twitch and throb every time it disappeared inside the mystery whore’s snug pink cooch.  Slut X, though, continued to show her dark-skinned partner little mercy and as his dick started to pulse uncontrollably in her hot, wet snatch, she sat atop his shredded frame like a mother bird; the mysterious woman not budging until the young black hunk blew his load inside her. 

Damn, homegirl gettin’ filled UP!

FUCK! You lucky bitch!!!

Slut X climbed down from atop his chiseled frame; a gloopy mess of thick, off-white spunk slopping from her pussy as she prized his swollen dickhead from within.

“Fuck!” cussed Taylor Swift; the fair-haired singer clasping her phone so tightly that she nearly crushed it in her hand.  “OK, bitch, if that’s how you wanna play it.”

She rose from her seat and pointed at the nearest male flight attendant.

“You!” she said, loud enough that every passenger in first class could hear.  “You got a big dick?”

“Ermm, yeah,” he replied nervously.  “It’s...it’s pretty large, Miss Swift.”

“Good!” said Taylor, grabbing him by the hem of his waistcoat and dragging him towards the bathroom; the handsome young flight attendant spilling champagne over sitting passengers as he stumbled down the aisle.  “You’re gonna need it!”

End of Chapter 18
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The competition angle really adds a great element to this story, but I think I know who will cum out on top in the end!  Or at least I hope so.
Title: Re: Taylor's Big British Bash (Taylor Swift, Emma Watson and co) [Chapter 18 posted]
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Chapter 19

Starring: Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Ariel Winter, Emma Watson, Maisie Williams, Sophie Turner, Natalie Dormer, Felicity Jones, Hayley Atwell, Daisy Ridley, Eva Green and Lea Seydoux


Taylor Swift, Emma Watson and their celebrity chums wheeled their expensive suitcases through Charles de Gaulle airport’s bustling Terminal 1.  Waiting for them in the busy terminal were their tour guides, actresses Eva Green and Lea Seydoux; the French beauties holding a sign with ‘SWIFT’ etched across it in marker pen, alongside crude drawings of a champagne glass and an ejaculating penis, as they awaited their guests’ arrival.   

“Bonjour, bitches!!” shrieked an excited Taylor Swift upon sight of the Euro starlets; pert breasts of every size from B to DD jiggling gloriously as she and her friends hurried through the heaving walkway.

Heads turned left, right and centre as a host of glamorous celebs embraced one another in the airport terminal; their perky chests squishing together as they exchanged cheek kisses like it was going out of style. 

“Bonjour, ladies,” Eva Green replied in her almost impossibly sexy French accent.  “Hope you girls had a nice flight.”

“Well, Taylor certainly did,” quipped Emma Watson; the brunette making the sex gesture with her fingers.

The girls laughed.

“Well, you know me, ladies,” said Taylor with a smirk.  “God, I haven’t been to Paris in years!” she exclaimed.  “What do you girls have planned for us, huh?”

“You’ll find out in good time,” replied Lea Seydoux, a devilish grin stretched across her gorgeous face.  “But first, ladies, your carriage awaits!”

The girls headed for the exit, every set of eyes trained in their direction as they marched through the busy terminal; the scene a veritable ocean of carefully styled hair, golden jewelry and expensive cosmetics.  Not to mention skinny stiletto heels, scanty designer tops, belt-thin micro mini skirts and frayed denim short shorts.

Waiting for them in the pick up zone was a shiny white limo; the driver waiting by the open rear door to usher them inside.  The driver piled their designer luggage into the large trunk and returned to the front seat; the girls popping bottles of champagne as the car crawled through the parking lot and out onto the streets of Paris.  The ladies chatted and joked amongst themselves; the A-list babes swigging glass after glass of expensive fizz as they cruised through the French capital.

Before long, Snapchat and Instagram were awash with selfies as the band of beauties posed alongside one another, smiling warmly and kissing each other on the cheek as they snapped enough pics to fill a wedding album.  And it didn’t stop there.  With the liquor flowing in the back of the limo like the waters of the River Seine, things continued to heat up, and as the girls dusted off bottle after bottle of expensive champagne, it wasn’t long before they put the empty vessels to use.

Indeed, someone had suggested a game of spin the bottle; a proposal that was met with rapturous applause throughout the luxury vehicle.  An empty bottle was placed on the limo floor and the game got underway.  As leader of the pack, Taylor Swift went first; the blonde beauty leaning over and giving the vessel a hardy spin.  The bottle spun on its axis, quickly at first before eventually slowing; the neck rotating for what felt like an eternity before pointing at the pretty face of...Eva Green.

“Hmm,” Taylor smirked, “well, isn’t this one for the books?”

Eva grinned, blushing slightly as a series of loud whoops sounded out across the plush limo. 

“Oui,” she replied, “I suppose it is.”

“Come here, you,” said Taylor, beckoning the Euro starlet with a manicured finger and a look so alluring and sultry no creature on God’s green earth could possibly resist it.

The girls leaned in to the centre of the vehicle; closing their eyes and puckering their lips as they pushed them together.  An almost deafening cheer went up from the surrounding parties as a hot, impassioned meeting out the mouths took place before their very eyes.  Twin sets of equally plump, equally glossy pink lips smacked together; the girls swapping spit and exchanging tongues like gifts on Christmas morn as made out before their entranced audience.  Finally, and with every watching party wetter than monsoon season in the Amazon, the girls broke from their kiss; cleaning the smeared excess gloss from each others lips before returning to their seats. 

“Well, now I know why they call it French kissing,” Taylor quipped.  “Damn, you make out good, girl!”

Eva’s face glowed red as a host of A-list babes cheered and laughed around her.  But the game had only just begun and once Eva had composed herself, the French actress took her turn; spinning the bottle and locking lips with Daisy Ridley as its slender neck pointed in her direction.  From here on out the game quickly descended into little more than all out, girls only celebrity smooch fest, as A-list babes from both sides of the Atlantic Ocean pulled tongue in the back of the plush limo.  Ariel Winter and Natalie Dormer.  Selena Gomez and Maisie Williams.  Felicity Jones and Lea Seydoux. 

And that was just the beginning.  Before long, phones were brandished en masse; girls from all four corners of the luxury vehicle, snapping pics and shooting videos as their celebrity friends locked their luscious lips before them.  Soon, an image appeared on the Instagram feed of @emmawatson; a self shot picture of the Brit actress making out with Eva Green.  Doing our bit for Anglo-French relations [followed by kiss, Union Jack and French flag emojis] read the caption beneath; the post met with a slew of comments from Miss Watson’s celebrity pals.

mileycyrus Damn! International relations have never looked so good! [heart eyes emoji]

haileesteinfeld Now that is one Anglo-French summit I’d like to see!! [tongue emoji]

Next, a video was posted to the account @maisie_williams of Sophie Turner burying her face in Hayley Atwell’s bugling, creamy white cleavage.  Spin the bottle, @sophiet style [girl and melon emojis] read the accompanying caption.  And soon enough, it wasn’t just the ladies in the limo that were getting in on the action.  Indeed, thanks to the wonders of technology, A-list hotties from across the globe were plastering their own pics and videos of luscious, all-girl lip locking across social media; the Instagram feeds of a multitude of famous women providing teenage boys the world over with enough spank material to last them an entire month. 

Hope you don’t mind, @taylorswift, but we thought we’d join in, read the caption to a post from @chloegmoretz; a self-shot picture of the blonde actress making out with Elle Fanning. Greetings from Nashville! came a post from @carrieunderwood; a video shot from above of the fair-haired songstress engaged in a threeway kiss with Maren Morris and Cassadee Pope. 

And so and so forth.  The girls continued to snap pics and lock lips until they reached their journey’s end, or so they thought.  In fact, the all-star smoochfest continued long after the limo had parked up outside its destination; the ladies far too engrossed in their celebrity tongue pulling session to even notice that the vehicle had stopped.  The game of spin the bottle actually finished once the chauffeur had shot his wad; the horny driver watching the final few minutes of the all-girl make out extravaganza in his rear view mirror as he pulled himself off.   Once he’d cleaned himself up, the driver circled around to the rear of the limo and opened the door; the gang of A-list beauties filing out the car and gathering outside a large glass building.  Lea Seydoux pulled back the heavy door and ushered her girlfriends through. 

“After you, ladies,” she grinned.

On the inside, the building was a perfect pristine white; from the vacant reception desk, to the floor, to the walls.  It looked like a gallery of some kind and, indeed, a number of pricey-looking artworks hung from the snow-white walls. 

“An art gallery?” asked Taylor Swift, looking around with bemusement.  “Really, girls?  I mean, it looks nice and all, but it’s not really what I had in mind.”

“Relax, Taylor,” Eva Green replied.  “Trust me, you girls are going to like this.  Now, as I’m sure you’re aware, ladies, France is well known for its exquisite wine.”  There were murmurings of agreement from the surrounding women.  “So, as you can imagine, wine tasting is a very popular pastime here in Paris.”

“But,” Lea took over, “today we have a different kind of tasting that we think you girls are going to enjoy even more.”

A small round wooden disc fell from the wall behind them, the girls turning en masse as a circular hole no more than three inches in diameter appeared in the pristine surface. Then, gasps of shock and excitement sounded out across the large room as a long, thick penis was thrust through the hole in the wall. 

“You like that, girls?” Eva grinned.  “Bon appetit!”

End of Chapter 19
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Chapter 20

Starring: Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Ariel Winter, Emma Watson, Maisie Williams, Sophie Turner, Natalie Dormer, Felicity Jones, Hayley Atwell, Daisy Ridley, Eva Green and Lea Seydoux


Taylor Swift and her A-list pals gawped listlessly at the wall of the Parisian gallery, their jaws dropping nearly to the floor as they stared in disbelief at the oversized dong; a thick, veiny behemoth that sprouted from the surface like a tree branch.

“What’s the matter, girls?” asked Eva Green.  “Never seen a gloryhole before?”

There was no response; the ladies still utterly transfixed by the lengthy prick protruding from the wall.

“Maybe you should show them how it’s done, Eva?” suggested Lea Seydoux, a naughty grin creeping across her face.

“Yes,” Eva agreed, “I think I better.”

She squatted before the wall, turning to address her friends as she gripped the cock around mid-shaft. 

“Wow!” she exclaimed.  “It’s a big one, huh, girls?  Looks to be about 11 inches to me.”

There was a brief paise.

“Well?” she asked.

“11.2,” came a muffled male voice with a panty-moisteningly thick French accent from behind the wall.

“Well, there you go.  Pretty close,” Eva grinned.  “And from the colour,” she went on, referencing the lengthy schlong’s milky coffee skin tone, “I’m guessing a North African country of origin.  Algeria?”

Another pause.

“Oui,” came the voice once more. 

“OK, so you American girls won’t be used to this, but this dick is uncircumcised,” she said, gesturing to the stretch of brown skin that hooded the swollen cockhead.  “Most in Europe are.”

“Oh, we know that,” Taylor Swift replied.

The other girls laughed.

“Of course,” said Eva.  “I should’ve known really.  Now, one of the key aspects of cock tasting is the aroma.  Nothing prepares you better for the taste than your nasal receptors, so its important to give it a good smell before you get started.”

She angled the dick upwards; pressing her face against the girthy shaft and giving it a hearty sniff.

“Mmm!” Eva murmured with pleasure.  “Nice and clean but with a rich, manly musk.  Just how I like ‘em! I’m also getting a hint of Calvin Klein.  I think our guy’s had a spruce up.” She sniffed again. “Escape?”


“OK, once you’ve taken in the full aroma, then it’s time to give it a taste.” 

She peeled back the foreskin; revealing the large, brown head in all it’s thick, bulbous glory.  A glob of precum pooled in the open slit and Eva shot out her tongue; the French starlet lapping at the tip like a deadly viper.

“Very rich,” she declared.  “Looks like we’ve got an extra verile one here, girls!”  She smacked her full lips as she savoured the taste of his pre-spunk.  “And also a little sweet. He must eat a lot of pineapple. Correct?”


“Right, well I’ve had my appetizer, ladies,” said Eva, “now I want the main course.  And just so you know, girls, swallowing during a wine tasting is very much frowned upon.  But with cock tasting,” she went on, “it’s actively encouraged!”

And with that she got down to business.  Eva wrapped her lips around the shaft and bobbed her head back and forth; the brunette guiding the pouty pink pair up and down the mystery man’s girthy brown shaft as she worked him over.  A steady chorus of muffled groans sounded out from behind the wall; the softened coos met with all manner of lewd sucking and slurping noises on the other side as Eva went to town on his dong. 

Her hands were rested on her thighs as she bobbed and dipped at the hole in the wall; the Euro actress chowing down on the length of Parisian pork like it was her last meal.  Eva’s lips roamed from the head to the hilt with each pass; her cute little nose pressing against the wall every time she swallowed the cock whole. Thick trails of saliva smeared across the shaft and dripped from the underside; the French beauty spitting and slathering, drooling and slobbering over the anonymous prong as she sucked it down to the base.

It wasn’t long before it started it started twitching and throbbing in her mouth, a refrain of loud, heavy breathing emanating from the other side of the wall as she worked the pulsing dong.  A few more passes was all it took; the breaths from behind the partition growing harsher and more rapid with by the second, the actress sucking, slurping, lapping, tonguing; the giant cock pumping against her tongue, until…

“UGH! MERDE!!!” came the voice from behind the wall as the dick went off; shooting a copious jet of rich, gloopy seed straight into Eva’s mouth.

She released the dick from between her lips; playing with the pool of spunk with her tongue before swallowing it down.

“Mmm! Magnifique!” she exclaimed, puckering her already full pink lips and kissing her thumb and forefinger in a display of appreciation.  “OK, girls, you’ve seen how it’s done,” she added, as several more holes appeared in the thin, white walls; cocks of every shape, size and colour thrust through on all four sides of the room.  “Now it’s your turn!”

The ladies dropped to their knees before the rows of anonymous pricks, Eva and Lea strolling across the room like exam invigilators; offering help and advice when required as their A-list chums got down to business.  Taylor Swift was knelt before a girthy black cock; the blonde singer smelling the long, thick wang as shown, when Lea Seydoux squatted down beside her.

“Wow!  That’s a dark one you’ve got there, Taylor!” she exclaimed.  “It looks West African to me. Care to guess at its country of origin?”

“Hmm, countries in Africa...” Taylor said, placing a manicured finger against her cheek as she pondered the posing question.  “Brazil?”

“Err...no,” Lea replied.  “It looks Senegalese to me.  Gosh, Taylor, you’re lucky you’re pretty!”

Taylor shrugged and parted her lips, feeding the big black dong into her mouth and sucking at it greedily.  Elsewhere, Selena Gomez was slurping heartily at a long white cock as Eva Green knelt down next to her. 

“You look like you’re enjoying that dick, Selena,” she observed; the French starlet watching on as her American counterpart went to town on the oversized wang.

“Mmhmm,” Selena murmured; the veiny, thick dong still lodged in her mouth as she replied.

“Why don’t you describe the taste for me.”

Selena released the dick from between her lips, the Latina stroking it wildly as she gave her verdict.

“Err...I dunno.  Just tastes like any other cock to me,” she declared, quickly returning the girthy schlong from whence it came.

And so and so forth.  But while Taylor and her celebrity pals may not have been the most refined cock tasters on the planet, as far as cock sucking went, they were up there with the best.  Indeed, pretty heads were bobbing back and forth left, right and centre as they sucked away at the lengths of Parisian prong protruding from the clean white walls.  Sophie Turner was tonguing at a thick black cock; the randy redhead lapping up every drop of precum in the wide open tip before feeding it into her mouth. Elsewhere, Felicity Jones was lapping at the underside of a veiny white cock, while Emma Watson deepthroated a long brown one beside her. 

And it didn’t end there.  Before long, the girls were sharing the oversized cocks like teens with a milkshake; the celebrity sluts handing the girthy French wangs back and forth as they tag-teamed them like WWE Divas.  Maisie Williams and Ariel Winter were sharing a big black cock; the dark-haired duo sucking it down to the base one by one as she passed it hither and yon. Meanwhile, Daisy Ridley and Lea Seydoux had their twin sets of pouty red lips wrapped around a thick white shaft while Natalie Dormer sucked ravenously at the bulging head.  Soon enough, the anonymous cocks started to erupt; A-list beauties from both sides of the pond taking load after load of gooey, thick seed into their waiting mouths, some passing them back and forth with a nearby friend, before swallowing them down. 

“Well that was fun, wasn’t it, ladies?” asked Eva Green as she addressed the room at large.

The girls shrieked in enthusiastic agreement, some stroking the cocks still projecting from the walls in preparation for phase two.

“Now, what do you say we bring these guys out so this party can really begin?”

A loud, almost ear-splitting scream went up from the squatted celebs; some of the dicks disappearing through the small, round holes as the men behind the walls recoiled at the deafening sound.

“OK, boys,” Eva went on, “out you come!”

End of Chapter 20
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Chapter 21

Starring: Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Ariel Winter, Emma Watson, Maisie Williams, Sophie Turner, Natalie Dormer, Felicity Jones, Hayley Atwell, Daisy Ridley, Eva Green and Lea Seydoux


A door in the centre of the far wall opened and a troupe of nude French studs filed into the room.  They lined up against the back wall; the white room a vast plain of light skin, dark skin, carefully styled hair and neatly trimmed designer stubble.  Not to mention chiseled jawlines, shredded pecs, throbbing biceps and thick hard cocks.  It really was something; a gang of hunks so ripped and handsome they would have even the most God-fearing of Catholic nuns shedding their robes and wading into the fray like a lamb to the slaughter.

As the studs took their positions, the holes in the wall were quickly occupied by a second band of Frenchman; this wave considerably slighter of muscle and endowment, but much thicker of wallet than those that preceded.  Men who had made significant contributions to charity to take up these positions and wouldn’t have vacated them for all the tea in China.  Some knelt at the peepholes, peering through them or recording on their phones while they beat themselves off, while others mounted expensive cameras on waist high tripods, watching through their viewfinders as they filmed the action for later.     

Tops were shed and panties were dropped as Taylor Swift and her celebrity chums approached the gang of studs.  Some gripped them by the cock and lead them over to the nearest white sofa or armchair, while others dropped to their knees and got straight back down to business on the gallery floor.  Eva Green was knelt before one man; cupping his balls in her soft, lotioned hand as she swallowed his dick right down to the base.  One guy was sat back on a comfy leather couch; Hayley Atwell kneeling between his thighs as she jerked him off with her tits, while another had Maisie Williams bent over the arm of the sofa; the ripped young hunk smacking her peachy, round ass as plowed her pussy from behind.

And that was just the beginning.  Soon enough partygoers both male and female were teaming up on their opposite numbers like schoolyard bullies as the all-star Parisian party continued to heat up.  Ariel Winter was tittyfucking a long black cock while Felicity Jones sucked at the swollen head.  Lea Seydoux was getting worked over from each side by a pair of young studs; the chiseled duo skewering the French starlet like a piece of meat as they took her from both ends. 

Meanwhile, the wealthy spectators were beating themselves senseless behind the wall.  Indeed, the orgy was only 20 minutes old and some members of the audience had cum twice already; the moneyed onlookers blowing their beans over the outside wall or through the peepholes and onto the gallery floor before quickly working on a third. 

And the spectators weren’t the only ones losing their loads.  Indeed, uncut European schlongs were going off like rockets throughout the large white room; the burly French studs shooting their wads of creamy, warm seed over any pretty face or inside any mouth or vagina within spitting distance.  Daisy Ridley took one full in the face, while Taylor Swift took a load to the chest.  A black guy erupted in Sophie Turner’s mouth, while a white man went off in Emma Watson’s pussy; Selena Gomez on hand to lick the gooey load straight out her creampied twat.

And it didn’t stop there.  In fact, no sooner had the young men blown their loads, were they back down to business once more; the randy celebs allowing their male counterparts not a moment’s respite before they swallowed their dongs and rode their chiselled frames anew.  Natalie Dormer was getting railed from both ends by a pair of big black cocks.  One man was laid out on a leather futon; Maisie Williams perched on his face while Eva Green hopped up and down on his dick, while another had Felicity Jones bouncing on his cock, Lea Seydoux sucking on his balls while Hayley Atwell smothered him half to death with her big, fat tits. 

And on and on it went.  The spectators were jerking off furiously behind the white walls; some of the wealthy onlookers stopping just short of spanking themselves into intensive care as they watched the all-star orgy unfold.  Some sent photos and video stills to their contacts at the tabloids, while others texted clips of the rampant A-list fuckfest to friends and work colleagues for vast sums of money. 

The party was supposed to be a social media-free affair.  After all, the voyeuristic viewers had spent too much money for their spot behind the walls only to share the event online for diddly-squat.  Though it appeared some of the attendees hadn’t gotten the memo.  Indeed, cell phones were brandished en masse across the vast white room as partygoers both male and female shot and snapped their X-rated exploits and plastered them across social media.  Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram alike were awash with exclusive posts as guests from either side of the Atlantic punched out captions in both French and English and funelled them online in their dozens.

One such image was uploaded to Snapchat by a young black man; a POV shot of Daisy Ridley sucking on his long dark cock while Ariel Winter and Sophie Turner shared his oversized balls.  Meanwhile, a video appeared on the Instagram feed of @emmawatson; a clip shot by the actress herself of Natalie Dormer squeezing a thick, gloopy creampie out of her tight pink pussy and straight into Taylor Swift’s waiting mouth.  Good catch! @taylorswift [followed by tongue and water splash emojis] read the accompanying caption. 

And the internal cumshots didn’t end there.  Indeed, many of the male guests were already shooting their second load of the evening (a feat bested by their spectating counterparts; some of whom were working on their fourth wad in little over an hour); the muscled Frenchman blasting their goo down any throat or into any unprotected A-list cooch that took their fancy.  Selena Gomez was deepthroating a long brown cock when it went off; the girthy dark rod firing ounces of rich, creamy spunk straight down her gullet.  Meanwhile, Eva Green was laid back on the plush leather sofa; strumming her clit was a thick white dong filled her snatch with a blast of virile seed. 

Over at the futon, Emma Watson was straddling Ousmane, a young black man of Malian descent; the dark-skinned stud gripping her supple, round asscheeks as he pumped her snug pink twat.

“Oh, yes!  Fuck me!” she screamed.  “Pound my fucking pussy with that fat black cock!”

Ousmane was doing just that and more; the ripped French hunk drilling his thick 10 inch dong into the depths of her snatch with each pass, the swollen head hitting her g-spot repeatedly as he worked her over.  Emma could feel his dick start to throb inside of her; the girthy black wang twitching and pulsing like it could go off at any second.  She pressed down on his torso; the slender brunette pinning him to the futon like a Roman wrestler as he hopped and bounced atop his chiseled frame.

“Cum in my pussy, baby!” Emma barked, gazing down at the dark-skinned stud with lust burning in her eyes.  “Pump me full of that gooey African spunk!”

Ousmane didn’t have to be told twice.  Emma sat down on his cock like a queen on her throne as it erupted inside her; the thick black dong firing what felt like a week’s worth of creamy, hot seed into the depths of her cunt.

“Enculer!” Ousmane exclaimed, the young Frenchman breathing heavily as Emma climbed down from atop his person; a mess of man goo seeping from her gash and trickling down her thigh in the process.

“Fuck!” she said, scooping up a dollop of spunk from her thigh.  She slipped her finger between her lips and sucked it clean.  “You really filled me up, huh?”

“Oui,” Ousmane replied, the tall black stud panting like he’d just swum the Channel as he lay back on the leather futon.

Emma bent over before him, thrusting out her shapely round ass as she reached back and prized the cheeks apart; more cum oozing from her snatch as she did so.  “Now,” she said, looking back over her shoulder as she spread herself open, “do the same to my arse!”

End of Chapter 21
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Chapter 22

Starring: Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Ariel Winter, Emma Watson, Maisie Williams, Sophie Turner, Natalie Dormer, Felicity Jones, Hayley Atwell, Daisy Ridley, Eva Green and Lea Seydoux


Once the guys had blown their second loads, the partygoers took a short break and hit the buffet that had been laid out in the corner of the room.  Celebrity sluts and ripped French studs alike picked at the lavish spread; chewing on escargots, slurping down oysters and feasting on soft cheese between lines of blow, shots of absinthe and swigs from French Kiss Martinis.  The spectators took this as an opportunity to rest their sore, reddening cocks; the wealthy onlookers changing memory cards and rejuicing cameras in preparation for the third act.

With batteries recharged (both literally and metaphorically), the party guests went back to the couches, their voyeuristic counterparts returning to their peepholes as the all-star orgy got back underway.  Felicity Jones was perched on the edge of an armchair; her manicured fingers clasping a tall black guy’s muscled ass cheeks as she swallowed his dick right down to the balls. Selena Gomez was sprawled out on the futon; a handsome white man scoffing at her twat while another fed his thick, girthy schlong between her lips.

Meanwhile, Daisy Ridley was knelt across the leather sofa; her pretty face buried between Lea Seydoux’s sunkissed thighs, her ass thrust up invitingly in the air as a chiseled young hunk named Antoine took up position behind her.  Daisy tongued away at Lea’s dripping gash as Antoine aligned the tip of his fat 10 inch cock with the puckered rim of her asshole; a muffled groan escaping her busy mouth as he pushed forward and fed the crown inside. 

Antoine began to rock to and fro; the ripped Frenchman guiding his cock back and forth in Diasy’s ass, feeding an additional inch of his thick, veiny shaft inside with each pass.  Before long, he was hitting it balls deep; his large, manly hands spreading the twin orbs of her deliciously round rump apart as he drove all ten of his fat, girthy inches into the depths of her ass.

And, soon enough, Daisy wasn’t the only one with a colonful of thick Parisian pipe.  Indeed, A-list sluts were taking dicks up their ass left, right and centre; a band of burly French studs plowing away at a lineup of shapely, beach bronzed butts like their lives depended on it.  Taylor Swift was getting fucked in the ass by a tall white guy, while Sophie Turner took a thick brown pipe balls deep in her rectum. Maisie Williams and Hayley Atwell were hopping up and down beside each other atop a pair of ripped black hunks; a combined 20 inches of girthy dark meat lodged in their colons as they bucked and bounced atop their chiseled frames. 

Back at the couch, Antoine had pulled his cock from Daisy Ridley’s ass; the handsome Frenchman stood over Lea Seydoux’s supine frame as he fed his long, thick dong into her mouth.  Lea sucked it right down to the base on the first pass; the blonde beauty enjoying the taste of Daisy’s assjuice as she cleaned the veiny shaft. With his dick thoroughly polished and dripping with saliva, Antoine prized it from Lea’s greedy mouth; the chiseled young hunk backing up to the end of the sofa and returning his cock from whence it came. 

Antoine got back down to business; the Euro stud quickly finding his rhythm once more as he pounded away at Daisy’s ass.  His pelvis clattered repeatedly with her supple buttcheeks, his big, heavy balls smacking against her cllt as he reamed her back door.  Lea noticed the muffled groans emanating from her crotch growing louder and more impassioned by the second. Sensing that Daisy was about to climax, the French actress gripped a handful of her hair and yanked her out from between her thighs; slapping her across the cheek as she tugged her curly brown locks. 

“Are you gonna cum for me, bitch?” she barked, striking Daisy across the face a second time as Antoine drilled her out from the other end. 

“Yes!” Daisy panted, her face screwed with orgasmic lust as he pounded away at her tight pink ass.

“I can’t hear you, slut!” Lea yelled, slapping the British starlet once more.  “Tell me you’re going to cum on that big fucking dick!”

“I’m gonna cum!” Daisy squealed.  “I’m gonna cum on that fat French COCK!!!”

And then she did just that.  Antoine pulled her up by her hair; the Parisian hunk reaching around to strum her throbbing clit, every inch of his long, girthy cock buried in her colon as a powerful, earth shattering orgasm tore through her athletic frame.  Lea knelt before her, squeezing her tits and tweaking her erect nipples; the blonde beauty making out with her dark-haired friend as she came down from her climax.

And the orgasms didn’t end there.  Indeed, people were cumming every which way; the randy partygoers shooting loads of both the male and female variety over any object or body in a three foot radius.  Ariel Winter was getting plowed in the ass; Eva Green squatted before her, thrumming her pulsing bud until she hosed her down with a spray of clear, wet girlcum. One guy blew his wad over Emma Watson’s face, while Natalie Dormer took a load to the chest. 

Sophie Turner was strumming her clit violently while a black guy fucked her in the ass; the dark-skinned stud firing a thick load of creamy African spunk right up her rectum just as a torrent of squirt juices blasted from her twat.  Meanwhile, the spectators were spanking themselves harder than ever; peering through peepholes and watching through viewfinders as they blew their sixth or seventh loads of the evening.

Over at the sofas, Lea Seydoux, Daisy Ridley and their chosen stud had switched up formations.  Now Antoine was laid back across the comfy surface, Daisy sat on his face, while Lea rode him in reverse cowgirl; her tight asshole roaming up and down the length of his dong as she bounced and writhed atop his supine frame.  His arms were wrapped around Daisy’s thighs, his skilled tongue lapping at her hot pink cooch; the actress’ sugary sweet fluids smearing across his lips and chin as he ate her out. 

Meanwhile, Lea was riding his chiseled form like a bucking bronco; the shapely round spheres of her ass smacking against his pelvis with each pass, the tip of his wang burrowing repeatedly into the darkest recesses of her colon.  Every so often, Daisy would lean forward and prize his dick from Lea’s asshole; the British starlet sucking the long, thick cock right down to the balls before feeding it back inside. Lea strummed her clit as she rode the lengthy prong; the blonde beauty spraying load after load her sizzling hot slut juice over anyone who got in her way as she rode the cock into oblivion.

And she wasn’t the only one.  Indeed, women were hopping up and down atop girthy uncut dongs throughout the snow-white room and, before long, men of every skin tone and ethnic background imaginable were stepping up to the plate, cocks in hand, ready to stuff a host of celebrity sluts full of thick Parisian prong.  Maisie Williams was sandwiched between two ripped white hunks, while Taylor Swift was drilled by two big black cocks beside her. 

Back at the couch, Daisy Ridley had circled around to the opposite end; the brown-haired actress now squatting between Lea Seydoux’s splayed thighs as Antoine drove his huge 10 inch cock deep into her bowels.     
“Cum for me, bitch!” Daisy ordered, as she strummed Lea’s throbbing pink clit.  “Cum on my pretty face! Hose me down with that sticky wet cunt juice!!!”

Lea didn’t have to be told twice.  One more pass into the depths of her rectum was all it took; her body shaking from blonde head to pedicured toe as a jet of shimmering clear girlspunk gushed from her pulsing twat.   

“Oh, fuck! MEEERRRDDDEEE!!!” she screamed as she came, the French starlet drenching her opposite number with the powerful blast of slick wet squirt juices shooting from her snatch. 

Antoine felt Lea’s asshole contract around his cock; the snug pink orifice now squeezing his girthy pole like a ligature as she drilled her out from beneath.  He could hold off no longer; the ultra-tight hole threatening to wring every last ounce of spunk from his balls as it gripped like a vice around his wang. 

“Uhh! ENCULEEERRR!!!” he bellowed; the Euro stud shooting a thick load of creamy hot fuck juice right up Lea’s rectum as he erupted inside her.

And that was just the beginning.  Before long, men were losing their loads left, right and centre; the burly French studs blowing their fifth and final wads of the evening over any stretch of skin or in any hole that took their fancy.  One guy came on Emma Watson’s face, while another went off in Hayley Atwell’s twat. Selena Gomez took one up her ass, while Eva Green went one further; the brown-haired actress getting both her anal cavity and her tight pink pussy filled up with twin blasts of verile seed.  Mouths gaped under spunk-filled vaginas and creampied assholes; the A-list sluts ready and waiting to catch a load of tasty French spunk as it slopped on out, while Felicity Jones circled the room with a champagne glass, the horny Brit filling it to the brim with a cocktail of jism and chugging it straight down. 

Daisy Ridley was laid out on the floor beside the leather couch; her lips gaping open as Lea Seydoux squeezed the thick mess of spunk from her asshole and into her waiting mouth.  The blonde joined her friend on the floor; the randy duo swapping the cum back and forth before swallowing it down.

With the final orgasm achieved and the last load blown, the men started to gather their clothes; spectators and participants alike wincing with pain as they fed their tender, red raw cocks back into their boxers.  Taylor Swift and Emma Watson were sprawled out on a comfy white armchair; the sweaty, cum-drenched bodies intertwined as they basked in the post-group fuck serenity. 

“Wow!  What a party!” Taylor exclaimed.

“Baby, that was nothing,” Emma grinned in response.  “Wait ‘til you see where we’re going next!”

End of Chapter 22
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Chapter 23

Starring: Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Ariel Winter, Emma Watson, Maisie Williams, Sophie Turner, Natalie Dormer, Felicity Jones, Hayley Atwell, Daisy Ridley, Eva Green and Lea Seydoux


The ladies filed out of the Paris art gallery and into the waiting limo; the luxury vehicle ferrying them across the nation’s capital and onto their five star hotel.  Eva Green and Lea Seydoux headed to their respective homes in the affluent suburbs as Taylor Swift, Emma Watson and their A-list pals checked into their lavish quarters.  Of course, the designated check in time had long since past but, unsurprisingly, the night shift staff were more than happy to accomodate them, and the glamorous band of celebrity babes were settling in for a quiet night in their luxury rooms in no time at all.

Yeah, right.  The ladies’ nights in were anything but quiet, and no sooner had the A-list beauties paired up and headed to their rooms, had the illicit fun and games started up once more.  Indeed, high-pitched, impassioned screams from all five of the plush suites continued long into the night as the gorgeous celebs got down and dirty with their chosen partners; the horny pack of all-star sluts working their way through every sex act in the sapphic handbook as they went. 

Cunilingus, analingus, 69ing, scissoring, fingering, fisting; you name it, they were doing it; the randy celebs inserting a host of exotically shaped plastic fucktoys into any hole they’d fit along the way.  Finally, and with the sun starting to rise over the city of Paris, the ladies called it a night; the A-list babes curling up in each other’s arms and drifting off to a deep, restful sleep.   


Emma Watson was sprawled out atop the king size bed in her luxury room in the five star Paris hotel; a neatly manicured hand caressing one of her perky B cup tittes, the other rested on the back of Sophie Turner’s head, the actress’ shiny red locks flowing through the gaps in her fingers as she busied herself between her thighs. 

“Oh fuck, baby!  Yeah, right there!” Emma cooed, her voice soft and breathy as Sophie worked her over; the auburn starlet working two fingers back and forth in her tight pink pussy as she tongued at her swollen clit.

A steady refrain of muffled groans escaped Sophie’s mouth as she went about her work; the randy redhead savouring her friend’s sweet taste as she scoffed at her sodden box. 

“Mmm!  Yes, baby!  Don’t stop! Fuck, you’re gonna make me cum!” Emma purred, as she pushed down harder on Sophie’s head; the brunette holding her tawny pal between her legs with such force that she couldn’t have escaped if she’d wanted to.

Sophie worked her fingers back and forth inside Emma’s pussy; the neatly painted tips bothering her g-spot with each pass as she probed her hot, wet cooch.  Emma could feel an orgasm begin to rise from within her; her toned, athletic body starting to tremble as Sophie licked her wet twat. Sticky effeminate fluids continued to drip from her pussy; the sugary secretions now smearing across Sophie’s mouth at a frankly alarming rate as she lapped at her throbbing clit.  Her nipples tingled, her toes curled; a chorus of light, impassioned coos passing through her soft pink lips as she was eaten into ecstasy by her celebrity friend.

“Oh, fuck!” Emma groaned.  “I’m gonna fucking cuuum!!!”

And cum she did.  One more pass of Sophie’s fingers into the depths of her snatch, and one more flick of her tongue across her pulsing clit were all it took.  A powerful, ground shaking orgasm tore through her slender frame, her usually stunning facial features screwed in all kinds of unflattering ways as she reached her ardent peak.

“Oh, sweet Jesus!” Emma cooed, her head slumping back against the pillows as she came down from her climax.

Finally, Sophie emerged from between her legs; her lips glistening with Emma’s pussy juices as she laid out beside her.  She met Emma for a kiss; the redhead giving her brown-haired friend a taste of her nether regions as they locked their luscious lips.

“Enjoy that, baby?” Sophie asked, tracing a finger across Emma’s midriff.

“Mmhmm,” Emma murmured in response.  “My God, that tongue of yours is incredible!”

“Oh, I know,” Sophie grinned, kissing her friend once more.  “And now you’ve gotta return the favour, right?” she added, taking Emma’s hand in hers and guiding it between her thighs.

“Girl, we don’t really have time,” Emma replied.  “It’s almost noon and we’ve gotta get some sightseeing in before we head to the airport.  I’ll lick it extra good when we get to Amsterdam,” she said. “Promise.”

“I’m gonna hold you to that.”

“Oh, I’m sure you will,” said Emma, jumping up from the bed and offering Sophie her hand.  “Shower?”

“Hmm,” Sophie pondered, “I’ll be in in a minute.  I’ve gotta take care of business first.”

Emma rolled her eyes.  “Of course. Well be quick about it.”

“Uh huh,” Sophie replied, reaching into the drawers of her nightstand and pulling out a battery operated wand. 

Emma stepped into the en suite bathroom and closed the door behind her.  Sophie flicked on the vibrator and turned it up to full power; the buzzing fucktoy humming like a swarm of bees as she held it to her clit.  A deep, impassioned coo passed between her lips as the toy pressed against her bud; clear, slick fluids oozing from her already wet gash as the purring vibrator worked its magic on her cooze.

Meanwhile, a gorgeous young hotel maid named Camille was doing her rounds; the blonde beauty wheeling a cart of cleaning products and freshly washed linens through the hallway as she moved from room to room.  Her maid’s outfit, such as it was, looked better suited to hanging in a sex store window than being paraded around the halls of a luxury hotel, but the guests certainly weren’t complaining. 

After all, the hem of her scantly getup barely extended past her supple ass and when she bent over to retrieve something from the bottom of her cart, the peachy, round spheres were thrust out for all to see.  She wore a lacy headpiece nestled in amongst her locks of lustrous, golden hair, while a pair of shiny black stilettos and sheer white knee high socks rounded off the ensemble. 

Back in the room, Sophie cupped her breast with her free hand; her nipples prickling, her body quivering from head to foot as unbridled pleasure coursed through her system.  Camille approached room 169; a loud, strange buzzing noise, like an extra powerful electric toothbrush, passing through the thick oak door as she stopped outside the room.

“Housekeeping,” she said, knocking on the door as announced her presence.   

The wand buzzed against Sophie’s clit like there was no tomorrow; the toy so noisy that it rose above the bang on the hotel room door. 

“Come in!” came the loud, shrill voice from inside the room.  Or at least that’s what Camille heard; the piercing din of the vibrating wand almost entirely blocking out the voice of the guest within. 

Camile scooped up an armful of fresh linens and a tray of cleaning products.  She pushed the door open and stepped inside, just as a violent, earth shattering orgasm ripped through Sophie Turner’s body on the comfy king size bed.

“I’m cumming!” Sophie cried a second time, as a jet of sticky, wet girlspunk blasted from her uretha and rained down over the once pristine white bed sheets.

“MERDE!!” Camille yelled, throwing her arms up in shock and sending a mass of linens and cleaning utensils into the air as she did so. 

“Oh, FUCK!!” Sophie screamed, looking across at the startled French maid in the middle of her room as a second spray of squirt fluids jetted from her sodden gash.

“Je suis desole!” said Camille, desperately gathering the spilled items from the floor.  “I’m sorry, Miss Turner,” she added in her sexy French accent as she ran for the door.

“Woah! Woah!” Sophie exclaimed, stopping Camille in her tracks as she hurried through the open doorway.  “Hang on there, honey. You’re a maid, right?”

“Oui,” Camille replied, turning to face Sophie; the auburn starlet laying out naked across her bed like she wasn’t even there.  “I mean…yes, Miss Turner.”

“Well, as you can see, I’ve made a bit of a mess here,” Sophie grinned, gesturing down to the mess of squirt fluids soaking into her bed sheets.  “How about you come clean it up for me?”

End of Chapter 23
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Chapter 24

Starring: Emma Watson and Sophie Turner


Sophie Turner was laid back on the plush king size bed in her Paris hotel room; the redheaded actress slowly rubbing her stiff, raspberry-pink clit as she watched the beautiful blonde maid Camille lap her squirt fluids from the bedsheets with her tongue. 

“How does it taste, baby?” Sophie asked.

“Magnifique, Miss Turner,” Camille replied, licking her glossy, plump lips as she savoured the sweet juice.

With the sheets cleaned, Camille climbed down from the bed; the French beauty returning to her tray of cleaning products when Sophie’s voice stopped her in her tracks.

“Hold on, girl,” she said; the actress grinning mischievously as she pointed down to her pussy, the tight pink snatch dripping with her clear, wet juices.  “Haven’t you missed a bit?”


Emma Watson stepped out of the shower; her wet chestnut locks hanging over one shoulder, whilst droplets of moisture trickled down her hot nude body.  She grabbed a towel from the rack; the brown-haired starlet heading for the bathroom door as she wrapped it around her naked form.  She opened the door; a devilish smirk stretching across her pretty face as she surveyed the scene before her.  Sophie Turner was sprawled out on the bed; the auburn beauty cooing softly as Camille buried her face between her thighs, the maid’s shapely, round butt stuck up invitingly in the air as she tongued at her dripping twat. 

“I can’t leave you alone for five seconds, can I?” said Emma, the brunette placing her hands on her hips as she addressed her red-haired friend.

“Nuh uh,” Sophie grinned, resting a hand at the back of Camillle’s head as she ate her out.

Emma whipped off her towel and tossed it across the room as she marched towards the bed.  She knelt on the mattress and pulled the hem of Camille’s maid’s outfit the short distance to her hips; revealing her ass in all it’s toned, sunkissed glory.  Emma slip her fingers under the waistline of Camille’s frilly French knickers and whipped them down.  She tossed the scanty garments aside and, without a moment’s pause, buried her face in her ass.  A muffled groan escaped Camille’s busy mouth as Emma stuck out her tongue and lapped at her sopping gash; the randy Brit licking up her cunt juices like a thirsty kitten as she burrowed into her butt. 

Sophie grabbed her phone from the nightstand and snapped a photo of the all girl threeway; Camille’s ocean blue eyes gazing into the lens as she tongued at Sophie’s twat, while Emma knelt behind and dug into her ass.  Sophie punched out a caption; the actress even tagging the hotel’s official account as she posted the image to Instagram; I can’t recommend @castilleparis enough.  Their staff are always willing to go the extra mile to ensure you’re satisfied with your stay [wink and tongue emojis].  Unsurprisingly, the post was a hit with her followers; the image receiving a number of comments from her celebrity pals as it did the rounds online.

chloegmoretz Damn! Now that’s what I call room service! [heart eyes emoji]

carrieunderwood OMG! I’m booking a room right now!! [woman at computer emoji]

By now, Emma was eating Camille’s ass; the horny brunette bobbing her head to and fro as she tonguefucked the tight hole.  A chorus of muffled groans escaped Camille’s mouth as she went down on Sophie; the redhead, in turn, cooing like a ringdove as she licked her slick gash. 

“Oh, fuck! Yes! Eat that pussy, baby!” Sophie moaned as Camille tongued at her clit.  “Put your fingers in me!”

Camille didn’t have to be told twice.  She slid her middle and index fingers into her mouth and sucked them lewdly.  Then, she fed them inside; Sophie’s ultra-tight twat gripping the spit-slicked digits like a Chinese finger trap as she plunged them into the depths.  She worked them back and forth, right down to the second knuckle; the manicured tips repeatedly probing her g-spot as she fucked the hot, wet hole. 

Meanwhile, at the other end, Emma was engaging in a little diddling of her own.  She was sat back on the carpeted floor, legs akimbo as she strummed her pulsing clit.  Her head was rested on the end of the mattress as Camille perched her slick pink pussy on her face; the brown-haired starlet fingering her asshole while she scoffed at her drooling twat. 

And on and on it went.  Over the course of the next two hours, the girls worked their way through every position in the Lesbian Kama Sutra; snapping pics, shooting videos and plasteting them across social media as they went.  One such post appeared on the feed of @emmawatson; a POV image of Camille and Sophie side by side between her thighs as their twin pink tongues lapped at her throbbing clit.  Two heads are better than one [two girl emojis] read the caption beneath.

A little after, a video was posted to the account @sophiet.  The clip was shot by the auburn starlet herself as she tribbed wildly against Camille’s dripping snatch, while Emma perched on her pretty face in the background; the post, as always, garnering a number of replies from her A-list chums.

cassadeepope Fuck, that’s hot, girls! [flame emoji]

ellefanning Yes, Sophie! Grind on that pussy, baby! [two scissor emojis]

And the illicit images showed no sign of letting up.  In fact, the X-rated posts were coming nearly as thick and fast as the ladies themselves; the randy trio achieving orgasms in all manner of wild sexual positions before moving onto another.  Camile sat on Sophie’s face while Emma went down on her.  Camille and Emma 69ed, as Sophie knelt behind and lapped at Emma’s asshole. 

And so on and so forth.  Countless sexual positions and even more intense climaxes later, Camille bid Emma and Sophie adieu; the gorgeous maid slipping back into her sexy outfit and blowing the girls a kiss as she left the room and returned to her duties. 

“That was...wow!” Sophie exclaimed.  “God damn, I love this country!”

“Me too, girl,” Emma replied.  “Me too.  Now get that cute little arse in the shower so we can go do some sightseeing.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Sophie grinned, giving Emma one final kiss before hopping down from the bed.

Emma slapped Sophie on the ass as she departed, her peachy, round butt wiggling from side to side as she crossed the luxury room.  Emma climbed down from the bed and unzipped her suitcase.  She took out a skimpy white summer dress and was about to pull it on when a large pink vibrator caught her attention at the top of her pile of clothes. 

Hmm, she thought as she retrieved it from her case, the toy buzzing to life as she switched it up to full power.  Well, I guess I’ve got a little time to kill!

End of Chapter 24
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Chapter 25

Starring: Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Ariel Winter, Emma Watson, Maisie Williams, Sophie Turner, Natalie Dormer, Felicity Jones, Hayley Atwell, Daisy Ridley, Eva Green, Lea Seydoux and ?


Taylor Swift, Emma Watson and their celebrity chums packed up their belongings and checked out of their hotel.  Their tour guides, Eva Green and Lea Seydoux, were waiting for them as they left, the same shiny white limo from the previous evening ready to ferry the ladies across the city on a sightseeing expedition, before carting them off to the airport in time for check in.   

First on the itinerary was a visit to the Louvre, and the ladies wandered around the historic museum for some time; taking in the exhibitions, snapping pics and sharing them online.  But, as with every other aspect of Taylor’s European Tour, the girls’ trip to the Louvre was far from an ordinary one and it wasn’t long before they were posing alongside all manner of priceless artworks; flashing their asses and baring the breasts to the delight of unsuspecting tourists. 

Before long, pics were plastering across Instagram left, right and centre; the illicit snaps drawing a number of comments from their A-list pals as they took social media by storm.  One such post appeared on the feed of @maisie_williams; an image of Ariel Winter baring her huge D cup tits beside the Mona Lisa.  A true work of art [two palette emojis] read the accompanying caption.

yelyahwilliams You can say that again! [heart eyes emoji]

mileycyrus da Vinci couldn’t have done better himself! [painter emoji]

Another image was posted to the account @taylorswift of Hayley Atwell smothering the bust of Alexander the Great with her own jiggling set of whopping, great milkjugs.  One hell of a bust, read the caption beneath, and the head’s pretty impressive too! [two melon emojis].  And on and on it went.  Indeed, the posts came thick and fast from one landmark to the next; people from all four corners of the globe enjoying the x-rated pics and clips as they spread across the ‘net like a virus. 

A video was posted to the Instagram account of @selenagomez; a selfie-style clip of the Latin songstress sucking on a long thick cock, the Eiffel Tower standing tall in the background.  Forget that Eiffel thingy, this is the only French tower I’m interested in [eggplant and French flag emojis] read the caption beneath.  And the girls didn’t stop there.  They bared their asses by the Arc de Triomphe, flashed passers by on Champs-Elysees and fucked in public in the Luxembourg Gardens.  Finally, and with dusk starting to fall over the French capital, Taylor and friends bid farewell to their gracious hosts and piled into their limo once more, the driver ferrying them across the city and onto Charles de Gualle airport. 


Taylor Swift was sat back in her seat in the first class cabin of Air France flight 1440 to Amsterdam; a manicured finger swiping at her phone screen as she scrolled through the list of trends on Twitter.  The roll of topics read very much the same as it had in the UK.  Once again, the singer’s designated hashtag, #TaylorsParisianParty, was nowhere to be seen, while a similar topic, #SlutXinParis, sat triumphantly at the top.  Taylor clicked on the hashtag and scrolled through the related posts.  There were pictures, videos and Periscope streams; all featuring the same celebs as back in Britain and garnering views, likes and retweets that put Taylor’s to shame. 

Taylor closed Twitter and scrolled along to Instagram; the blonde singer opening the feed of @slutx (134M followers and rising) and swiped through the posts therein.  What she saw made her blood boil (and, in spite of herself, her nipples tingle and pussy moisten).  Every one of the X-rated posts seemed to be goading the A-list songstress; bringing her sexual prowess into question, while simultaneously flaunting the mystery slut’s own seemingly unquenchable thirst for cock. 

One such image depicted Slut X herself wearing the same Catwoman-style disguise as in her avatar; the latex mask splattered with cum while more long, girthy cocks pointed at her covered face.  The undisputed queen of Internet sluts! [crown emoji] read the caption below.  Further down was a close up video of her taking two thick, veiny schlongs up her ass; Think you can beat this, @taylorswift? read the accompanying caption.  Taylor hit reply; steam practically billowing from her ears as she punched out her angry response. 

taylorswift You ain’t seen nothing yet, bitch!  Your ass is going down!

End of Chapter 25
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Chapter 26

Starring: Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Ariel Winter, Emma Watson, Maisie Williams, Sophie Turner, Natalie Dormer, Felicity Jones, Hayley Atwell, Daisy Ridley and Doutzen Kroes


Air France flight 1440 touched down at Schiphol Airport on time and on schedule.  Taylor Swift, Emma Watson and their A-list pals headed for the pick up zone of the airport’s heaving Terminal 1 where a procession of Uber cars were awaiting their arrival.  The ladies piled into the shiny vehicles in their twos and threes as the drivers packed their luggage into the trunks.  The cars crawled through the Amsterdam night; the girls treating their lucky drivers to one hell of a show as they locked lips and bared their breasts on the backseat. 

In one car, Daisy Ridley was making out with Felicity Jones.  In a second, Taylor Swift and Sophie Turner were sucking on Hayley Atwell’s tits, while Emma Watson and Natalie Dormer 69ed on the back seat of another.  The cars crept through the city streets, the drivers nearly rear ending one another on numerous occasions as they watched the sapphic shenanigans taking place on their back seats.

Somehow, Taylor and friends made it to their hotel in one piece, and the waiting night staff checked them into their suites without delay.  The girls paired up and headed for their rooms; the celebrity babes clambering into bed and finishing what they started on the journey there, before drifting off to sleep. 


Emma Watson was up bright and early the next day; the British starlet marching through the hallway of the luxury hotel and throwing open doors like a sexy prison warden. 

“Come on, ladies!  Up, up, up!” she barked from open doorways, her celebrity chums regarding her with contempt from the comfort of their hotel beds.

Some were still asleep, while others were in the midst of some morning fun with their chosen roommate.  But regardless of their situation, Emma hauled them out of bed with little concern; the brown-haired actress eager to get the Dutch leg of their European jaunt underway.  The girls hit the showers, got dressed and headed downstairs; stopping for a quick continental breakfast before heading out to meet their tour guide.

Their host, former Victoria’s Secret model Doutzen Kroes, was waiting for the ladies as they left their hotel.  The girls exchanged greetings and headed for the nearest tram stop; the A-list beauties laughing and chatting amongst themselves as they waited for the streetcar to arrive.  The tram pulled up to the station and the girls hopped on; every eye in the once quiet carriage trained on them in an instant as they climbed aboard. 

The tram rolled on and the girls, as always, found themselves up to no good in the blink of an eye; the celebrity babes flashing their asses and baring their chests to passersby as the streetcar weaved through the busy city.  But it wasn’t just the pedestrians who were getting an eyeful of celebrity flesh.  Indeed, the passengers on the tram were reaping their share of the rewards too as Taylor Swift and her famous chums parked their peachy, round butts on the lap of any handsome young Dutchman that took their fancy. 

But they didn’t stop there, and no sooner had the A-list babes perched their asses on a lucky guy’s lap, had they started grinding on their crotches, kissing them on the cheek and smothering them with their tits; tents pitching in jeans all across the carriage as the girls went about their business.  Soon, and to the despair of their fellow passengers, the girls reached their stop; the famous beauties leaving behind an army or hardons and more than a few stained pairs of pants as they climbed down from their chosen men. 

“Ooh, this is our stop, girls!” Doutzen announced as she hopped down off a young man’s stiffened crotch.  “Vaarwel, everyone!” she added, blowing a kiss to the carriage at large, some of her friends giving one final flash of their perky breasts as they passed through the tram doors.

With their destination reached, the girls headed for the nearest coffee shop; a thick haze of weed smoke hitting them like a brick wall as they stepped inside.  Half smoked joints hung from gaping mouths as the ladies entered; many of the patrons suspecting that they may be undergoing some kind of drug-fuelled hallucination as no fewer than 11 glamorous celebrities filed inside.     

The girls took to the wooden tables; Taylor and co ordering everything on the menu as they settled in for a smoke session that would put half the population of Crenshaw to shame.  Indeed, in no time at all, baggies filled with every type and strain of cannabis on the planet were piled up on their table; helpings of the exotic green herbs rolled into joints and blunts, stuffed into the bowls of multi colored bongs and baked into cookies, brownies, cakes and every other sweet treat known to man.

The ladies topped up their coffees with dashes of brandy or whiskey, sparked up and smoked out; a dense cloud of hazy spliff smoke hovering above their tables in a matter of minutes as the mammoth blaze session got underway.  The girls chatted amongst themselves; the famous beauties discussing everything from cars to cosmetics as they passed around joints and sucked at bongs like a pack of high school burnouts. 

Taylor Swift fetched her phone from the depths of her designer clutch bag and took a long pull on a Philly blunt.  She blew the smoke into the camera lens as she shot a hazy selfie, the blonde singer posting it to Instagram with a caption that read; when in Amsterdam [leaf, smoke and Dutch flag emojis]

And the social media fun didn’t end there.  In fact, it wasn’t long before Snapchat and Instagram were awash with images of the A-list gang; posing beside each other as they puffed away on joints, performing shotgun kisses and giving each other blowbacks.  Soon, a video appeared on the Instagram feed of @doutzen; a self-shot clip of the gorgeous model sharing a weed cookie with Emma Watson, their twin sets of glossy pink lips pressing together as they bit away their respective halves.  I think someone’s got the munchies, @emmawatson [laugh and cookie emojis] read the caption beneath.       

Numerous joints, bong hits and pot brownies later, and the girls were starting to run low.  Hayley Atwell graciously offered to buy the next stash; the busty actress rising from her seat and approaching the counter to make her order.  Already waiting at the counter was a handsome, dreadlocked black guy from the Dutch Antilles.  He wore shorts and white tank top; the tight fitting garment showcasing his broad chest, ab-lined midsection and thick arms corded with muscle and covered with numerous tattoos.  Hayley smiled at him flirtatiously as she approached; the muscular man’s soulful brown eyes bulging almost comically as he caught sight of her breathtaking cleavage jiggling magnificently as she walked.

“Well, hey there, beautiful,” he said as she stood beside him at the counter.

“Hey, yourself,” Hayley grinned back.

“You’re a sight for stoned eyes.”

Hayley giggled.  “I could say the same,” she replied, running a hand down his strong bicep.

“Darryl,” he said, offering her a large dark hand.

“Hayley,” she replied, placing her dainty paw in his.

“Ah, English,” he proclaimed as he clocked her accent.


“How are you finding Amsterdam?”

“It’s great!” Hayley exclaimed.  “I really like this little cafe.”

“Yeah,” Darryl agreed.  “Good weed.”  He took a lengthy hit on his blunt and handed it to Hayley.  “Speaking of which, you girls look like you can handle your herb over there.”

“Mmhmm,” Hayley grinned.  “Though I must say, it’s making me a little peckish.”  She placed a hand on his crotch; the chesty starlet stroking the long black cock tucked away within.  “What do you say, Darryl?  Do you have anything I can put in my mouth?”

End of Chapter 26
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Chapter 27

Starring: Hayley Atwell


Hayley Atwell was sat on the toilet seat in a cramped stall in the ladies’ bathroom.  Her skimpy summer dress was tugged down around her waist; her huge DD tits hanging free as she perched on the unopened seat.  Stood before her was Darryl; the bulge of his rock hard schlong stretching so far down the leg of his shorts that the tip almost poked out the bottom.  Hayley unbuckled his belt and unzipped his fly; the buxom Brit gazing up at him longingly as she unwrapped his girthy package. She gripped his shorts and boxers with her manicured fingers and whipped down both garments in a single motion; Darryl’s giant black cock shooting out as if spring loaded. 

“Ooh, wow!” Hayley cooed; the actress gripping the dick around mid-shaft as she took in its phenomenal size.

“That what you were looking for, girl?” asked Darryl, a cloud of smoke forming above his head as he puffed away on his blunt.

“Mmm, yeah,” Hayley replied, the chesty starlet utterly mesmerised by the long dark wang and its almost unfathomable girth.  “This’ll do nicely!”

It most certainly would.  In fact, Darryl’s cock was simply enormous; 11 inches long, with girth to make even the most hung of male pornstars blush.  Veins travelled up and down the shaft like electrical cables; from the base right up to the hood of dark skin that enveloped the swollen head.  A neatly trimmed bush of wiry, jet black pubes plumed at the base, while a set of balls dangled between his thighs; filled with spunk and bigger than Italian plums.

Hayley peeled back Darryl’s foreskin; a drop of precum glistening like a diamond in his wide open slit.  She shot out her tongue; the busty brunette lapping at the tip like a vicious python as she licked up the pool of spunk.  Then, she parted her lips and fed it inside; the stacked starlet placing her hands on his thick dark thighs she worked her mouth up and down his dong.  She bobbed her head back and forth; her pretty pink lips accomodating an additional inch of the coal dark wang with each pass she took.

Darryl tilted his head back; the dark-skinned stud billowing thick plumes of smoke into the air as he sucked at the tip of his blunt.  Hayley was working him over like a seasoned pro; her lips roaming repeatedly to the head of his dong, only to plunge down the length of his shaft once more.  She sucked and slurped, drooled and slobbered; the big-breasted beauty bathing every inch of his schlong in her slick, warm spittle as she went. Inch after inch of Darryl’s girthy black wang disappeared between Hayley’s lips; 8, 9, 10.  Then, with one final push, she reached the base; her pouty pink prickpillows wrapping around the hilt as his mammoth tar black schlong lodged in her tight, wet throat. 

“Ugh, fuck!” Darryl spluttered, the burly black hunk coughing half to death on a mouthful of weed smoke as Hayley swallowed his dick right down to the balls.

Hayley came up for air; thick trails of saliva connecting her lips to his shaft as she retrieved the dick from her mouth. 

“Wanna fuck these titties now, baby?” she asked, grinning up at the dark-skinned Dutchman as she stroked his spit-slicked dong. 

“Oh, fuck yeah!” Darryl replied gripping his cock excitedly in wait of her epic bust.

“Come on then, big boy!” said Hayley, jiggling her breasts invitingly.  “Slide that coal-dark wang between my tits!”

Darryl didn’t need a second invitation.  He slapped his girthy black cock between her cans; the weightly schlong smacking against her chest like a cut of beef on a butcher’s worktop.  Hayley wrapped her breasts around his dick; the lily white fucktanks sheathing the jet black dong like buns around a hot dog. 

Then, she got down to business; the busty actress hopping and bouncing on the toilet seat as she worked her titties up and down his dong.  Hayley could feel Darryl’s cock throbbing between her jugs; the girthy black prong twitching like crazy as she beat him off with her bust. Her breasts roamed from the base, right up to the head; her doughy, fat milk jugs caressing every nerve and fibre along the way. 

She wrapped her lips around the head; the chesty starlet sucking greedily at the swollen crown as she worked the shaft with her tits.  Spit trickled down Darryl’s dick in thick drips; the slick, wet goo smearing across the shaft and Hayley’s cans in equal measure as she jerked him off with her rack.  *SLAP* *SLAP* *SLAP* came the sounds of her bust as the wet undersides slapped against Darryl’s pelvis; his dick throbbing uncontrollably as she tittyfucked him into next week. 

Hayley’s hands began to slip and slide across her chest; her jugs slicker than a patch of black ice as thick, warm spittle continued to ooze over her epic bust.  Before long, the buxom star was using every ounce of strength she could muster to keep the thick black pipe in place; the spit-slicked dong slipping to and fro between her tits as she worked him over.  She kept his dick between her jugs until she could no longer; the big, wet dong slipping from her grasp like it had been smeared with butter.           

“Uhh, fuck!” Hayley groaned.  “Damn, you’ve got a big cock, baby!”

“Uh huh,” Darryl grinned in response.  “You know it, girl!”

“Come on, big boy!” Hayley purred.  “Get that dick back between my tits!”

Darryl flicked the roach of his blunt over the stall door; the dark-skinned hunk gripping his hefty black schlong at the base as he readied himself for phase two.  He fed his dick back between Hayley’s breasts; the ripped young Dutchman now handling the whopping great cans himself as he worked his cock between them. Stretches of soft, creamy white titflesh spilled through his dark fingers as he squeezed her boobs together; the thick, pillowy fucktanks engulfing his schlong as he drove it back and forth between them.

By now Darryl’s muscled ass was going like a jackhammer as he fucked Hayley’s rack; the burly black man sawing his dick between her tits like a master craftsman.  His biceps popped as he held her jugs together; the tip of his dong poking out from the depths of her bosom as he plowed her tight, wet tit tunnel. Hayley parted her lips and caught the head between them with each pass; the busty actress playing Whac-A-Mole with Darryl’s crown as he fucked her giant chest.   

Darryl’s dick twitched and pulsed between her tits; every pass of the girthy black schlong through the depths of her rack causing precum to trickle from his head and his balls to brew and churn with a thick wad of gooey, warm seed.  One more pass was it all it took. Hayley caught his head between her lips once more; the swollen crown pumping like it could blast a load down her throat at any second.

“Fuck!  I’m gonna cum!” Darryl blurted out as he prized his dick from her bosom.

“Ooh, yes!” Hayley cooed excitedly.  “Come on, baby! Blow that fucking load all over my tits!”

She held up her breasts and jiggled them in her hands; the buxom Brit offering up her epic bust as a milky canvas to paint with his gloopy jism.  Darryl spanked himself wildly; his oversized cock throbbing in his hands, his balls brewing and churning, stewing and stirring until…

“UUUGGGHHH! FUUUCCCKKK!!!” he cried as his dick went off; the ripped black hunk blasting a thick torrent of creamy, off-white seed across her mammoth chest.

“Mmm, yeah! That’s it!” Hayley purred as the warm spunky blast splattered across her tits.  “Hose me down with creamy hot fuck juice!!!”

Darryl pulled his pulsing prong like his life depended on it; the handsome black man expelling yet more of his thick, gooey seed over her rack until nigh on every inch of her bulging breasts were drenched with his steaming goop. 

“Wow!” Hayley exclaimed, the chesty starlet still holding up her lily white mounds as oodles of spunk dripped from them and onto the floor below.  “That was quite a blast!”

Hayley gripped his cock around midshaft; Darryl wincing as she took his twitching dong in her hands.  She sucked at the head, coaxing out the last few droplets of cum and swallowing them down.

“Mmm!” she purred.  “Got any more for me?”

End of Chapter 27
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Chapter 28

Starring: Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Ariel Winter, Emma Watson, Maisie Williams, Sophie Turner, Natalie Dormer, Felicity Jones, Hayley Atwell, Daisy Ridley and Doutzen Kroes


Hayley Atwell cleaned herself up and went back out to join her friends.  The girls blazed the rest of their stash and then headed out; the A-list beauties stopping for lunch and taking in some of the sights before returning to their hotel.  Once back at base, the ladies went up to their rooms; the celebrity babes jumping in the shower together and sprucing up for the evening ahead.  The girls toweled themselves off, re-applied their makeup and restyled their hair, before squeezing into a selection of skimpiest, flesh-baring designer dresses money could buy. 

They reconvened in the hotel lobby; the five star establishment a veritable ocean of shiny pink lip gloss, dark mascara, neatly painted nails and expensively styled hair.  Not to mention designer clutch bags, golden jewelry, indecently short dresses, spindly high heels and forgotten underwear.  A parade of Ubers were awaiting Taylor Swift and her A-list pals as they left their hotel.  The girls grouped up and climbed inside; the shiny cars ferrying them across the city and onto the red-light district.   


It was a busy night in Amsterdam’s red-light district.  Neon signs flickered above porno theatres and sex stores, strip clubs and brothels.  Euro dance blared out of open store fronts.  Lingerie clad women danced in glowing red, backlit windows, while people from all walks of life; men and women, black and white, rich and poor, negotiated with well-muscled, menacing-looking pimps.  Taylor Swift and friends walked arm in arm through the crowded streets; a legion of shapely, round asses swaying rhythmically from side to side in their short designer dresses.

“So, girls,” Doutzen Kroes announced as she and her A-list pals marched through the seedy neighbourhood, “this is the infamous red-light district.  A haven of sex theatres, strip joints and legal hookers.” 

The girls stopped outside a large, neon-lit sex shop; a number of exotic items displayed in the store front window. 

“This is my favourite sex store,” Doutzen added as she lingered in the open doorway.  “I’ve been coming her for years and the owner lets me try out some of his merchandise before I make a purchase.”

“I bet he does,” grinned Taylor Swift.

The girls laughed.

“Come on, ladies,” said Doutzen as she disappeared inside.  “Let’s go shopping!”

The ladies followed her in; their jaws dropping en masse as they took in their surroundings.  It was like nothing they’d ever witnessed before.  Displays of marital aids stretched on as far as the eye could see.  Rows upon rows of porno DVDs lined the shelves, above neatly arranged dildos of every size, shape and colour.  And it didn’t end there.  Sex toys of every type and variety lined every shelf, wall and cabinet; from buttplugs to vibrators, nipple clamps to anal beads.  Mannequins stood all in four corners of the store; their fibreglass frames clad from head to foot in leather fetish gear, while a wide array of restraints and handcuffs, crops and paddles hung from hooks between them. 

“Miss Kroes!” exclaimed the proprietor excitedly upon her arrival.  He was a man of about 50 with greying sick backed hair and a broomhead moustache.  “Good to have you back.”

“Hoi, Jens,” she replied, leaning across the counter and giving him a kiss on the cheek.  “It’s good to be back.”

“And you brought some friends with you,” said Jens; the middle-aged man grinning lasciviously at her celebrity chums as they gathered in his store. 

“Mmhmm.  You don’t mind if we have a look around, do you?”

“Please, be my guest.” 

“Dank je.  Come on, girls.”

Doutzen strolled through into the heart of the store, her celebrity friends following behind. 

“Ladies,” said Jens, stepping out from behind the counter and eyeing them lecherously as they passed.

The ladies began to browse the many displays; taking items off the shelves and snapping photos of one another as they put them to use right there in the store.  Before long, social media was awash with exclusive snaps of the girls’ night out; the images providing men across the globe with enough jerk off material to see out the year.  They started off innocently enough; images of the girls taking selfies in fetish masks, posing with whips and riding crops and trying on strap on dildos. 

One such image appeared on the Instagram feed of @taylorswift.  It featured the A-list singer herself wearing a pair of elbow-length black latex gloves; the fair-haired songstress looking menacingly into the camera lens as she tapped a large paddle against her palm.  Kneel before Mistress Swift [devil and ping pong paddle emojis] read the caption below.  Another was posted to the account @emmawatson; a picture of Selena Gomez with a pink ball gag lodged in her mouth.  I finally found a way of shutting her up! [laugh and zip mouth emojis] read the accompanying caption.

And so on and so forth.  But it wasn’t long before the images grew raunchier and more risque and, soon enough, shots of the girls trying out vibrators and deepthroating dildos were flooding social media in their dozens.  Maisie Williams had removed her designer dress; the brunette beauty leaning against a display of BDSM gear as she held a bullet vibrator to her clit.  Daisy Ridley and Felicity Jones were sharing a double ended dildo; their matching sets of shiny pink lips meeting in the middle as it disappeared between their conjoined mouths.

Unsurprisingly, Jens had little problem with the A-list beauties and their ‘try before you buy’ approach to his products.  In fact, the store owner was too busy beating himself off behind the counter and thanking the Lord above for the invention of CCTV to object to much of anything.  And as the store cameras captured the entire sordid affair, the girls’ X-rated shopping trip continued to heat up.

By this stage, many of the ladies had donned strap on dicks and were putting them to good use; celebrity beauties from both sides of the Atlantic ploughing away at their famous friends with all manner of exotically shaped items attached to their waists as a rampant all-girl orgy broke out in the Amsterdam smut store.  Doutzen Kroes had Ariel Winter up against the wall; the Dutchwoman’s ass little more than a shapely, well-muscled blur as she went at her from behind with a jet black strap on.  Elsewhere, Hayley Atwell was laid out on a glass-topped cabinet; her legs splayed lewdly as Taylor Swift drilled her twat with a long, anatomically correct dildo. 

And as the orgy raged on, the illicit social media activity continued along with it.  Soon enough, pictures and videos of the girls pounding one another with a plethora of plastic cocks were spreading across the Internet like wildfire and people from all four corners of the globe were beating themselves senseless to the x-rated images as they were funnelled online in their dozens. 

One such post appeared on the feed of @selenagomez; a video of Sophie Turner and Natalie Dormer dressed head to toe in fantasy fetish gear, the redhead bent over a display of vibrators as her fair-haired friend drove a bright green monster (in both size and design) of a dildo into her tight pink asshole.  Ever wondered what a Game of Thrones porno might look like? [dragon, eggplant and maiden emojis] read the caption beneath. 

Finally, and with half the products in the store sampled, the girls unstrapped their dildos, removed their fetish clothing and slipped their underwear back on; the A-list babes heading to the counter with baskets overflowing with exotic marital aids.  Jens put through sale after sale; Taylor Swift and her celebrity chums buying out damn near half his stock before before bidding him farewell, the famous beauties filing out of his store with toys of every shape, size and variety poking out the tops of large pink shopping bags.

With their retail therapy complete, the ladies continued on through the red-light district; skinny stiletto heels clicking en masse against the paved sidewalk as they marched through the busy streets.  A little deeper into the heart of the seedy quarter, Doutzen stopped the girls once more; this time outside a large brick building with a closed black door; a large neon sign reading ‘PEEP SHOW’ looming large above them. 

“OK, girls,” she said as she addressed her A-list pals, “we’ve done our shopping, now how about we take in a show?”

End of Chapter 28
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Chapter 29

Starring: Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Ariel Winter, Emma Watson, Maisie Williams, Sophie Turner, Natalie Dormer, Felicity Jones, Hayley Atwell, Daisy Ridley and Doutzen Kroes


Doutzen Kroes opened the door to the live sex theater and stepped inside, her celebrity chums trailing in behind her.  The lobby was long and narrow, with a red velvet curtain at the far end.  A counter stretched along one side, while numerous framed pictures of beautiful, large chested women hung from the opposing wall.  Doutzen approached the counter, where the proprietor, a 40-something man with a blonde ponytail, greeted her warmly.

“Hoi, Miss Kroes.”

“Hoi, Willem,” she said back.  The girls exchanged grins behind her.  It seemed to them that there wasn’t a single business owner in Amsterdam’s red-light district that their tour guide didn’t know.  “Got anything for me tonight?”

“Ja, Miss Kroes,” Willem replied.  “Lots of good stuff.  You and your friends will be very pleased.  And, of course, Miss Kroes,” he went on, “there’s no charge for you.”

“Aww.  Well aren’t you a doll?”  Doutzen blew Willem a kiss and turned on her high heels, her A-list pals following her as she continued through the narrow lobby.

“Oh, and Miss Kroes,” Willem called out, stopping the model and her friends in their tracks, “if you want to go on, just let me know.”

Doutzen grinned.  “Dank je.”

The girls passed through the velvet curtain and into the viewing area.  The first thing that hit them was the smell of semen.  It was like every teenage boys bedroom in Western Europe rolled into one.  There were eight booths in total.  Some were already empty, while others had their occupants turfed out upon the ladies’ arrival.  A team of muscled, sunglasses-wearing bouncers opened the doors to the viewing booths and ushered them inside.

The girls entered the booths; some on their own, some in pairs, and closed the doors behind them.  The cubicles were, to put it lightly, minimally furnished; each of the cubby holes fitted out with little more than a thin shelf stocked with tissues and lube.  They had been cleaned but not very well; the floor and walls of all eight booths stained with dried cum. 

The ladies slid back the viewports and were met with all manner of explicit acts taking place on double beds on the other side of the wall.  Indeed, gorgeous women and handsome, well-endowed men of every colour, race and background were engaging in every sexual practice imaginable for their delectation.  Masturbation, girl on girl, guy on girl.  Oral, anal, double penetration.  You name it, they were doing it.

The girls fingered themselves and each other inside the booths; some of the A-list beauties breaking out their brand new sex toys and putting them to use as they watch the live sex shows play out.  In no time at all the ladies started to cum; the celebrity babes strumming themselves to earth-shattering orgasms and hosing down the walls with ounces of squirt juice as they peered through the narrow viewports.  And soon enough, their professional counterparts were following suit.  Girls with bullet vibrators buzzing at their clits sprayed their ladyloads over freshly washed bed sheets, while well-hung men blow their beans over their partners’ faces and into their gaping mouths. 

30 minutes and several orgasms later, the bouncers knocked on the booth doors, signalling to the girls that their time was up.  Jaws dropped left, right and centre as the doors opened; a line of waiting customers gasping and muttering amongst themselves as a band of world famous babes stepped out from within.  But they hadn’t seen anything yet, and as the punters replaced them in the booths, Doutzen made a gesture to one of the bouncers.  He opened a door to the left of the first booth and ushered the ladies through.

If the customers had been surprised to see the girls emerge from the peep show booths, then their eyes were practically popping out of their skulls when they slid back the viewports to see the very same gang of A-list beauties readying themselves behind the walls.  They couldn’t believe what they were witnessing.  Beyond the narrow portals, no fewer than eleven celebrity babes were shedding their designer dresses and tossing aside their underwear as their live all-star fuckshows got underway.

The people in the booths could scarcely believe their luck.  Indeed, a host of horny A-listers were engaging in all manner of explicit acts in every one of the adjacent rooms, each one wilder and more untamed than the last.  In the first, Felicity Jones was laying back on the double bed; the bejewelled end of a silver buttplug poking out of her ass as she held a giant vibrating wand to her clit.  In the next, Daisy Ridley was on her knees; a long, girthy cock lodged in her throat as she sucked it down to the base.

And soon it wasn’t just the lucky customers who were getting a taste of the action.  Indeed, thanks to the wonders of social media, it wasn’t long before people the world over were witnessing the illicit goings on, as spectators and performers alike shared their exploits online.  One such post appeared on the Instagram feed of @maisie_williams; a POV image of the Brit actress equipped with a purple strap on dildo as Hayley Awell plowed Natalie Dormer with a prosthetic prick of her own in the background.  Ready for the show! [girl and eggplant emojis] read the caption beneath.

World travelled fast across the city of Amsterdam and soon enough people were converging on the adult theatre from throughout the red-light district and beyond; a line soon forming outside the black door and stretching halfway to Rotterdam as the celebrity sex show raged on.  Willem raised his prices ten fold; the proprietor allowing each of his customers a mere 15 minutes in the booths before they were asked to vacate.

But the spectators had no trouble making the most of their time; each of the voyeuristic viewers filming the live all-star fucking on their phones and beating off twice or even three times as they watched it unfold.  But, unsurprisingly, there were some who didn’t want to give up their posts, and several of the horny spectators were hauled out by the beefy bouncers when their time was up; the desperate punters still beating their reddening pricks as they were dragged towards the exit. 

And still the action showed no signs of slowing down.  A chiseled white man was laid back on the bed in room four; Sophie Turner sat on his face, as Ariel Winter jerked him off with her tits. Meanwhile Emma Watson was getting skewered by two black guys in the chamber next door; one balls deep in her mouth while the other pounded her pussy.

The theatre’s dilligent band of hired jizzmoppers were working over time; the tireless team doing their level best to deal with the dozens upon dozens of loads left on the booth floors and sprayed up the walls by each wave of spectators.  And it didn’t end there.  In fact, the blasts of spunk seemed to come thicker and faster with each minute; overexcited customers beating themselves almost into a coma and as the live all-star fucking reached its zenith. 

Selena Gomez was getting stuffed full of cock in room six; the Latin songstress with a thick black wang embedded in her ass while two white guys went to town on her mouth and cunt.  In room seven, Doutzen Kroes was squatting in the middle of a ring of seven men; the lingerie model sucking and jerking each of their oversized dongs as she worked her way around the circle.  But the star of the show, as she often was, was Taylor Swift, and in room eight the randy blonde was rutting furiously with no fewer than five horse-hung studs; huge veiny cocks in her ass, pussy, mouth and both her hands as she was taken from all sides by the band of Euro hunks. 

The guys passed her around like a homemade bong; all five of the endowed young Dutchman taking turns in each of her holes, stuffing her airtight and drilling her hard from all angles.  After an hour plus of endless fucking, the men were ready to blow.  Taylor dropped to her knees and the guys surrounded her.  They pointed their dicks at her face and stroked them vigorously until they erupted; the hung quintet blasting five equally thick, equally creamy, hot spunk wads across her gorgeous features.

And they weren’t the only ones losing their loads.  In fact, people were shooting their goo across all eight rooms; male and female performers alike hosing down their opposite numbers with an ungodly volume of steaming fuckjuice.  Felicity Jones was cumming over and over again in room one; the horny brunette blasting load after load of clear, wet girl spunk as she frigged herself off with her vibrating wand.  Meanwhile, Natalie Dormer was getting stuffed full of plastic cock in room three; the blonde beauty drenching both Hayley Atywell and Maisie Williams with an ungodly amount of sizzling slut juice as she squirted like a water cannon. 

One guy went off in Daisy Ridley’s snatch, while two more shot their loads over Emma Watson’s face.  Ariel Winter and Sophie Turner swapped a gloopy wad of rich, off white semen back and forth from mouth to mouth, while Selena Gomez took a thick, piping hot creampie in all three of her slutty young holes.  That just left Doutzen Kroes and as she sucked all seven of her chiseled co-stars to the point of eruption, every one of the muscled Dutchman blew a wad of gooey, warm stud juice straight into her gaping maw.  Her mouth was filled right to the brim by the time they were done, and the lingerie model closed her lips; swallowing the cocktail of gloopy seed straight down to her belly. 

Once the girls had cleaned themselves up and returned to the hallway, a troop of hopeful latecomers were being turned away, while more still were queued up outside the building.  A loud groan of disappointment went up from the baying mob as they watched the ladies depart; the A-list beauties waving goodbye and blowing kisses to the crowd as they headed off to the next venue. 

“Sorry, boys,” Doutzen announced, the model hiking up her dress and flashing her bare butt to the masses as scant consolation.  “Better luck next time!”

The girls continued through the red-light quarter; Doutzen directing them down an alley in the heart of the district.  This particular alley was in stark contrast to the rest of the area.  In fact, it had more in common with a quaint Paris sidestreet than it did with their previous surroundings.  Uneven pavement slabs, backlit windows and neon signs gave way to cobbled roads, old-fashioned street lamps and flowery hanging baskets.  The ladies chatted amongst themselves about the wild events that had just befallen them as they strolled down the charming side street.

“Damn!” exclaimed Emma Watson.  “That was crazy!”

“Yeah,” Taylor Swift agreed.  “I mean...wow, Doutzen!  This place is incredible!”

Doutzen chuckled.  “Girls, that was just a warm up,” she grinned, the model stopping outside a third building; this establishment, like the alley as a whole, looking to be of significantly higher class than their previous stop.  Steel bars blocked the sparkling clean windows.  An artistic, hand painted sign swung above the entrance.  She knocked on the door, taking a step back and turning to address her friends.  “Now for the main event!”

End of Chapter 29
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Enjoyed this chapter quite a bit. ;D
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Chapter 30

Starring: Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Ariel Winter, Emma Watson, Maisie Williams, Sophie Turner, Natalie Dormer, Felicity Jones, Hayley Atwell, Daisy Ridley and Doutzen Kroes


The heavy oak door opened with a creak.  A pretty blonde woman in her late 30s by the name of Lotte, stood in the doorway; the business owner regarding Doutzen Kroes with equal familiarity, but considerably less enthusiasm, than the previous two. 

“You’re back,” she said.

“I am,” Doutzen replied.

“And I trust you have enough money for your friends?” Lotte asked.

“Of course.”

“Then I guess you better come in.”

Lotte stood to the side and ushered them through.  Doutzen strolled through the open door, her A-list friends following in behind.  The foyer to this mystery establishment looked like the lobby of a fancy French hotel.  The desk was a fine varnished oak, the lacquered surface lined with all manner of expensive computers, tablets and furnishings.  Priceless artworks lined the walls. Chandeliers hung from the ceilings. Plush, vintage-style rugs lined the hardwood floor. It was about as far a cry from the peeling paint and dried jizz-stains of their previous setting as could possibly be imagined. 

Lotte stepped behind the counter and addressed her new customers.  “So, what can I do for you ladies?”

“We want everything,” Doutzen declared.  “Everything you have to offer.”

Lotte was taken aback.  “Excuse me?” she said.

“You heard me,” Doutzen replied, clasping a golden credit card between her manicured fingers and holding it aloft.  “Everything. We want the full experience.”

The two Dutchwomen completed the transaction in their native tongue and, once the payments had been made, Lotte emerged from behind her desk, strolled to the entrance and locked the door.

“Come with me,” she said.

Lotte approached a set of double doors at the back of the room and pushed them open.  The room that lay beyond was even plusher and more lavishly decorated than the one before.  A number of old-fashioned, Regency-style sofas, futons and footstools dotted the large room; the frames carved exquisitely from sturdy English oak and covered with cushions and throw pillows hand sewn from the finest Chinese silk.  Chandeliers twinkled above. Candles burned in costly metal holders. Classical music played softly from a vintage gramophone.

A bar stretched across the entire west wall; the varnished surface lined with bottles of brandy, whiskey, rum, gin, vodka and everything in between.  Bottles of priceless champagne cooled in ice buckets throughout the luxury room, while the opposing wall was bordered with the wooden shelving of an antique wine cellar; the stowed bottles outdating not only the celebrities themselves but their parents and possibly grandparents too.  And the intoxicants didn’t end there. Indeed, the surfaces of every worktop, cabinet and coffee table were lined with mountains of cocaine and bowls overfilled with all manner of colourful pills, tablets and capsules.

“Ladies, make yourselves at home,” Lotte announced.  “My team will be along soon.”

The girls entered, poured themselves drinks and took to the antique sofas.  They chatted amongst themselves; discussing all the illicit antics that had gone before and all that were to come.  They chopped up lines with razor blades and platinum credit cards, hoovering them up through rolled up 100 Euro bills, taking shots and popping pills as they waited for the entertainment to arrive. 

Then, without further wait or ado, a door at the back of the room eased open.  The girls looked up from half rolled joints and piles of blow as a seemingly never ending line of beautiful women filed into the room.  There were fourteen in total; the finest call girls, escorts and ladies of pleasure the city had to offer. Blondes, brunettes and redheads.  Black girls from Aruba and Surinam. Asian chicks from Indonesia. 

Every one of the gorgeous sex workers was kitted out in the finest French lingerie; the band of hoes armed to the teeth with an extensive arsenal of buttplugs, dildos and vibrators, the luxury room a rolling plain of long, flowing hair, carefully styled afros, glistening blue eyes and beach tanned skin.  Not forgetting peachy asses, perky breasts, long, slender legs and flat, toned midriffs. 

The pros marched into the centre of the room; loud whoops and hollers going up from their A-list counterparts as they entered.  The hookers took to the couches and slotted in between the celebs; helping themselves to cocktails and glasses of champagne as the all-girl Euro shindig got underway.  The girls mixed and mingled; sipping from their drinks and passing around joints as they swapped stories from the worlds of sex and showbiz.

But Doutzen didn’t cough up such a large sum of money for the conversation and, before long, the lingerie model and her famous chums had taken it upon themselves to turn up the heat on their female-only festivities.  Soon enough, the girls were dumping vials of coke over any full, voluptuous cleavage that took their fancy; the A-list babes snorting up the costly white powder from the tops of breasts and licking up the residue. 

Some popped pills on the tips of their tongues; the celebrity babes passing them back and forth with their call girl counterparts as they locked their luscious lips.  Soon enough, celebs and hookers were pulling tongue every which way across the luxury room. Sophie Turner was making out with a hot young blonde, while Felicity Jones locked lips with a beautiful black girl. 

But it didn’t end there.  Before long, women were shedding their clothes every which way; stars and streetwalkers alike flinging aside designer dresses and priceless lingerie like pieces of trash as the all-girl orgy kicked up into second gear.  Ariel Winter found herself flanked on either side by a brunette and an Asian chick; the gorgeous working girls pouring champagne over her bulging D cup tits and then licking them clean.         

And she wasn’t the only large-breasted lady getting some attention in the chest department.  Indeed, celebs and whores alike were groping tits and sucking on nipples across the luxury room.  A redhead had her face buried between Hayley Atwell’s tits, while Taylor Swift and Massie Williams feasted on a black girl’s whopping DD funbags.   

And on and on it went.  Before long, women were venturing between each other’s thighs every which way as the frantic, females-only fuckfest raged on.  Emma Watson was tonguefucking a blonde girl, while Natalie Dormer went down on a redhead. Selena Gomez licked an Asian whore’s ass, while Doutzen Kroes 69ed with a black chick. 

Orgasms ignited across the room left, right and centre; starlets and strumpets alike trembling from head to foot as they were licked, lapped and tongued into ecstasy.  And they weren’t the only ones. Back in the reception area, Lotte was watching the whole thing on her computer monitor; a four-way split screen filling her VDU as a number of security cameras recorded the action as it unfolded. 

Lotte sat back in her vintage leather chair; the horny Dutchwoman strumming herself to countless earth shattering orgasms as the rampant all-girl orgy continued.  But it didn’t end there. Indeed, since minute one Lotte had been streaming the lebian lickfest on her own private paysite; the brothel owner sharing the link on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and anywhere that would take it.

The site carried a considerable admission fee but, as can be imagined, it didn’t act as much of a deterrent.  In fact, people were tuning in in their thousands; men and women from all walks of life scraping together the requisite funds by any means necessary to gain access to the exclusive content.  Before long, viewers were pulling and frigging themselves senseless the world over; people of every age, nationality and ethnic background cumming repeatedly as the wild sapphic group sex raged on.

By now, the girls had broken out the sextoys; celebs and hookers alike putting all manner of plastic marital aids to good use as an army of spectators watched on from across the globe.  Daisy Ridley was going at a blonde girl with a long black strap on, while Sophie Turner and a gorgeous brunette bucked and writhed on a double-ended dildo. 

But that was just the beginning.  Soon enough, women from the worlds of fame and fucking were inserting every large, exotically shaped toy into any hole it would fit.  Ariel Winter was knelt on a couch; her thick, juicy ass thrust up in the air as a stunning redhead fed a huge pink buttplug into her anus.  An Asian whore was drilling Felicity Jones with a strap on, while Hayley Atwell fed a never ending chain of large, round anal beads into a black girl’s ass.

And on and on it went.  People were joining the lesbian live stream in their hundreds with every passing second.  Before long, Lotte had racked up enough in admission fees to rival her nation’s GDP; the Dutch madame climbing further up the country’s rich list by the minute as the view count continued to rise. 

And the orgy itself was showing now signs of slowing down either.  Soon enough, the combined orgasm tally had soared well into the hundreds; the girls cumming over and over as the all-female fuckfest moved into its third hour.   By this stage, half the women in the room had dildos fastened to their waists; the strapped-on sluts going at their opposite numbers like there was no tomorrow as the girls-only group sex reached its fiery zenith.

Taylor Swift was fucking a brunette, while a gorgeous redhead ploughed away at Emma Watson’s ass.  Natalie Dormer was reaming a black girl, while Maisie Williams found herself sandwiched between an Asian and a redhead; the pretty pair drilling their thick, strapped on cocks into both her holes in perfect unison.  The ladies came time and again; celebs and streetwalkers alike squirting jet after jet of sticky, clear girlcum over themselves and each other as they fucked furiously in the Amsterdam brothel.

After three plus hours of non-stop sapphic rutting, the orgy finally came to an end.  The last orgasm was achieved, the final load of girlcum sprayed. Lotte’s team of whores rose wearily to their feet; some of the celebs slipping them a generous tip as they gathered their discarded lingerie and headed for the rear door. 

“Wow!” exclaimed Taylor Swift, the popstar panting heavily.  Her body gleamed with sweat, her blonde hair slick with a mess of squirt juice.  “This place just gets better and better!”

“Mmhmm!” Doutzen Kroes agreed.  “But were not done yet, girls.” The door at the back of the room opened once more.  “That was just the beginning!”

End of Chapter 30
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Chapter 31

Starring: Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Ariel Winter, Emma Watson, Maisie Williams, Sophie Turner, Natalie Dormer, Felicity Jones, Hayley Atwell, Daisy Ridley and Doutzen Kroes


Taylor Swift and her celebrity friends watched on as a second troop of escorts strolled into the room.  This band of sex workers was every bit as attractive, athletic and endowed as the last, and came from an equally diverse range of ethnic backgrounds; white, black, brown, you name it.  But there was one distinct difference. This time they were men. Handsome, well groomed men clad in nothing more than matching sets of tight white boxer briefs. 

There were fifteen in total; every one of them boasting the looks of a Greek god, the body of an Armani model and the genitals of a prize bull, a plethora of giant, snake-like bulges tucked away in their underwear.  They had carefully sculpted partings, freshly barbed fades, neatly trimmed beards and stylized body ink. Not to mention rippling pecs, bulging biceps and cobblestone abs. 

The guys marched into the centre of the room; the horny celebs poised to meet them as they gathered around the vintage furniture.  Taylor and pals were still tingling from arousal from their previous orgy, and the A-list babes wasted no time in getting the next one under way.  Girls gripped the nearest cock and wrapped their lips around it, while guys burrowed between any pair of toned, beach bronzed thighs that took their fancy as an all out oral extravaganza ensued.

Daisy Ridley choken down a long black cock, while Selena Gomez and Doutzen Kroes shared a fat white dong beside her.  One guy went down on Sophie Turner, while another tonguefucked Felicity Jones. And that was just the beginning. Before long, members of both sex were ganging up on one another like playground bullies; packs of men and women alike teaming up on their opposite numbers as the wild celebrity suckfest raged on.  Taylor Swift sucked a guy’s cock while another ate her out. Natalie Dormer sucked away at a black man’s thick, swollen dickhead while Ariel Winter worked her whopping D cup jugs up and down his shaft.

The live stream on Lotte’s paysite ticked over into hour number four; the broadcast continuing to garner an unprecedented number of views in spite of the already extortionate admission fee which continued to rise by the hour.  By now, those watching were midway through their eight, ninth, even tenth plank spank of the evening. Cocks the world over were sore and stinging from overuse, while women were going through batteries like nobody’s business as an army of vibrators buzzed away at stiff, throbbing clits throughout the globe.

Emma Watson had two big black cocks clasped in her hands; the brunette switching back and forth swiftly from one to the other as she sucked them both right down to the base.  One guy was laid back on one of the sofas; Hayley Atwell blowing him as Selena Gomez sat on his face, while another had no fewer than three gorgeous women gathered at his feet; Daisy Ridley and Maisie Willaims sharing his cock as Doutzen Kroes tongued at his stripwaxed ass.   

It wasn’t long before the guys started to cum; Taylor and friends swallowing countless loads of cum and taking even more on their faces as the chiseled Dutchmen emptied their swollen balls.  Natalie Dormer took a load in the mouth, while Hayley Atwell got a blast to the chest. Two guys beat off into Taylor Swift’s mouth, while three more painted Emma Watson’s face with a mess of steaming cum.  And it didn’t end there. In fact, no sooner had the girls drained a load from a guy’s ballsack were they working on another; every one of the A-list sluts hopping up and down on an oversized dong within a matter of moments. 

In the meantime, Lotte’s live stream had claimed a few casualties.  Indeed, people were passing out the world over after blowing their eleventh or twelth loads in a little under five hours, while hospital staff across the globe were treating more patients for wrist sprains in one night than they had in the previous year. 

But if Taylor and chums knew of their spectators’ various health concerns they certainly didn’t let them spoil their fun.  In fact, the randy celebs were going at their opposite numbers harder and with greater vigour than ever before. Sophie Turner was getting fucked by a black guy, while Ariel Winter was spitroasted beside her.  One guy had Tayor Swift sitting on his face as Maisie Willaims bounced on his cock, while another was pounding Emma Watson from behind, Doutzen Kroes’ gaping mouth at hand to suck his girthy schlong right out of her twat.   

Meanwhile, a ripped white stud named Max was laid back on of the antique couches; his large, manly hands clasped around Felicity Jones’ flat, toned midriff as the brown-haired beauty hopped and bucked atop his chiseled frame.  A positively angelic look of lust and pleasure was etched across her face; the Brit actress cooing like a ringdove as she rode his cock. Her peachy, round ass clattered repeatedly with Max’s chiseled abs, all ten of his thick, veiny inches disappearing inside her as she squatted on his giant dong.

“Mmm! Fuck! Yes! FUCK ME!!” Felicity groaned; the randy brunette looking back at Max as she rode his shredded frame.

She bucked on his wang at a furious pace; her moist, raspberry-pink pussy lips roaming up and down his shaft as she rode his shredded frame.  And Felicity wasn’t the only one taking a ride on an oversized penis. Indeed, celebrity sluts were bouncing up and down on long, thick cocks throughout the high-class brothel.  Some were in cowgirl, others were in the reverse variation, while more still had been hoisted up into the air and thrown up and down on an array of veiny Dutch dongs. But regardless of the position, Taylor and friends rode the giant cocks into oblivion; the randy celebs cumming repeatedly over the girthy shafts, hopping down and sucking them clean, before returning them from whence they came.

Back at the couch, a second muscled young manwhore named Luuk had stepped up to the plate.

“Wanna get filled up, baby?” he asked; his long, veiny cock clasped in his hand as he aimed it at Felicity’s cooch.

“YES!” she barked in response.  “Get that fat fucking cock in my tight pink pussy!!”

Luuk didn’t have to be told twice.  Max held Felicity still as his friend knelt before her; the ripped Dutch stud pressing his dickhead up against her already full snatch and pushing it inside.

“UHH! FUCK!!” Felicity gasped; the brown-haired starlet cumming on the spot as a second girthy, fat prong thrust up inside her.

The guys began to buck their hips in unison; both of the chiseled escorts working their oversized dongs back and forth in her snug pink twat.  Felicity was in seventh heaven; her slick gash stretched to capacity as not one, but TWO thick, veiny prongs probed the tight, wet hole. Max and Luuk went to town on Felicity’s snatch; the chiseled duo drilling both of their oversized cocks into the depths of her pussy, the horny actress cumming over and over as a pair of swollen dickheads probed her aching g-spot. 

And the double vaginal didn’t end there and before long hot pink pussies were getting stuffed to the brim left, right and centre as the rampant all-star orgy kicked up into fifth gear.  Natalie Dormer was getting fucked by two white studs, while Selena Gomez had been held aloft by a pair of burly black man; their twin dark schlongs ballsdeep in her cooze.   

Back at the couch, Felicity and her two studs had changed up positions.  Now the English actress was straddling Max in the cowgirl position, Luuk knelt behind her as both men drove their meaty, fat cocks back and forth in her snatch. 

“Yes!  Come on, boys!  Fuck me!” she screamed.  “Stretch my fucking cunt with those big fucking DICKS!”

Luuk and Max were doing just that and more.  In fact, their giant cocks were stretching her tight pink snatch to its limits; her pussy lips wrapping around the thick twin dongs like knicker elastic as they drilled her slick, wet hole. 

Meanwhile, the view count on Lotte’s live stream continued to rise.  By now the admission prices amounted to a small fortune for most and yet folk continued to tune in in their thousands; people the world over pawning widescreen TVs, precious family heirlooms, wedding rings and anything they could get their hands on to raise the money required.  But whatever they’d sold and whatever the consequences for doing so, the viewers agreed on one thing; it was worth every penny. Indeed, some members of the audience had beaten off upwards of fifteen times; every one of the randy viewers working their way through a pharmacy’s worth of Vaseline, lubes and hand creams as they watched the action unfold. 

Back in the brothel, Luuk and Max were going at Felicity’s pussy like there was no tomorrow; both of the Dutch gigolos drilling their equally long, equally girthy cocks into the depths of her snatch with each pass.  Felicity had long since lost track of her orgasm; nigh on every pass of the veiny twin prongs igniting a fresh fiery climax from within. But she wasn’t the only one riding the waves of their umpteenth orgasm and, before long, both of the men pounding her pussy were fit to blow once more. 

“Shit!  I’m gonna cum!” yelled Max from underneath.

Luuk pulled out just in time; the chiseled stud allowing his friend sole occupancy of Felicity’s twat as he prepared to shoot his goo.  And then, he did just that. Max reached around to grip Felicity’s ass cheeks; the muscled manwhore holding her in place as he emptied his swollen balls.

“FUUUUCKKKK!!!” he bellowed, his usually handsome features contorting in all manner of unflattering ways as he blew his load inside her.

“Mmm!  Fuck yeah!” Felicity purred, her pretty face lit up like a Christmas tree as a tidal wave of thick, creamy spunk filled her unguarded snatch.

And Felicity wasn’t the only one receiving a piping hot creampie from a hunky male escort.  In fact, cocks were going off in snug showbiz twats every which way; each wad of spunk gloopier, hotter and more virile than the one before.  A black man blew his load in Hayley Atwell’s tight pink gash, while a white guy went off inside Daisy Ridley. 

But it didn’t stop there, and no sooner had a randy celeb taken a wad in her cooch, was another on hand to retrieve it.  Indeed, lips were gaping before spunk-filled vaginas through the luxury room; each and every one of the greedy A-list mouths ready to catch a load of cum from a tight, wet pussy as it oozed on out.  Ariel Winter squeezed out a load into Maisie Willaims mouth, while Taylor Swift caught a wad of seed between her lips as it slopped from Doutzen Kroes’ snatch.

Felicity Jones hopped down from the couch, a trail of Max’s cum trickling down her thigh as she knelt on the carpeted floor.  Luuk stepped up and jerked himself wildly, his slit winking lewdy as he beat his throbbing prick.

“Yes! Come on, big boy!” Felicity purred, reaching up to fondle Luuk’s balls as he pulled himself off.  “Gimme that fucking cum!”

And it give it to her he did.  Luuk’s dick erupted as if on command.  A jet of scolding, off-white fuck juice shooting from the tip and hitting her full in the face; the mess of spunk splattering across her features like spilled wall paint.

“Mmm!” Felicity purred, tonguing the last few drops of jizz from Luuk’s open slit.  “Thanks, boys,” she added, climbing back onto the couch and thrusting her supple, round rear in their direction.  “Now, who wants to fuck my arse?”

End of Chapter 31
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I enjoy the bit longer nature of these last couple of chapters.  It seems wherever these ladies go, hot shenanigans follow.  Keep up the great work!
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Chapter 32

Starring: Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Ariel Winter, Emma Watson, Maisie Williams, Sophie Turner, Natalie Dormer, Felicity Jones, Hayley Atwell, Daisy Ridley and Doutzen Kroes


After the latest wave of cumshots, the partygoers took a short break.  Pills were popped and lines were snorted. Drinks were sunk and shots were necked, expensive hors d'oeuvres consumed.  Then, with thirsts quenched and energy levels replenished, the A-list orgy was back under way. Daisy Ridley dropped to her knees and choked down a long black cock, while Hayley Atwell wrapped her tits around a white one beside her.

Once the cocks were nicely lubed up and stiff as a board once more, the fucking commenced, and, for this second act of wild all-star rutting, the anus was the hole of choice.  Indeed, nigh on every celebrity in the high class brothel had a dick up her butt in no time at all; the tireless band of chiseled male escorts ploughing away at a plethora of peachy, round asses as a rampant rectal reamfest ensued.  Sophie Turner was knelt on a futon, her supple rear thrust up in the air as a ripped white stud ploughed her backdoor. Elsewhere, a black guy was sat back on one of the couches; Emma Watson working her tight, pink asshole up and down his dong while Natalie Dormer sucked on his balls.

Lotte watched on from reception.  She flicked from one camera to the next, a bullet vibrator buzzing at her clit as she surveyed her illicit live stream.  Then, something caught her eye in the corner of the screen. The view counter, which since minute one had been scrolling so rapidly that she could scarcely keep track, was suddenly rising at a fraction of its previous pace.  In fact, over the last 60 minutes, the stream count had risen by a mere 36 viewers; a drop in the ocean when compared to the 600,000+ that had joined in the hour before. 

Lotte was perplexed.  She switched from camera to camera; the brothel owner searching desperately for the source of the problem.  After fifteen minutes of diligent scouring, Lotte was still none the wiser. As far as she could tell, everything was ticking along nicely.  Selena Gomez was being anally spitroasted by a pair of long, girthy cocks. Felicity Jones sucked a thick black dong right out of Maisie Williams’ asshole.  Nothing out of the ordinary.

Then, she spotted the culprit.  Lotte zoomed in on one of the camera angles and, sure enough, there they were.  One of the women, possibly Taylor Swift, appeared to be filming the orgy on her phone.  Well, that would explain the halt in the view count. After all, why would people pay her extortionate fees when they could witness the action for free? 

A visit to Miss Swift’s Twitter profile confirmed her suspicions.  At the top of the feed were numerous videos that had been retweeted by the singer herself; every one of the illicit clips shot by Taylor in the selfie style and depicting a great number of sex acts, each wider and more debauched than the last.  In one, Ariel Winter was deepthroating a long black cock while Taylor sucked on the balls. In a second, Taylor was giving a guy a rimjob while Doutzen Kroes sucked his dick, while in another, a man prized his dong from Daisy Ridley’s asshole and fed it straight into the popstar’s mouth.

Lotte scrolled down, and after countless retweeted clips with even lewder content, the Dutch madame found what she was looking for.  Some way down the feed, but posted less than two hours ago (and retweed over a million times) was a link to a Periscope stream entitled Orgy in the ‘Dam.  Lotte was incensed.  Her brothel was a social media-free zone.  There were signs everywhere stating that very fact.  And millions of Internet users across the globe knew exactly why. 

After all, Lotte had made a small fortune on the illicit live streams that she shared online almost every single night.  The girls’ tour guide, Doutzen Kroes, was a regular fixture of said broadcasts. In fact, numerous recordings of giant, all-girl orgies and seven, eight or ten on one gangbangs featuring the former Victoria’s Secret model had done the rounds in cyberspace in just the past month, each of the illicit streams netting Lotte a tidy sum along the way.  But with Miss Kroes’ celebrity friends in tow, this latest stream looked set to put the brothel owner amongst the pantheon of the richest people the country, the continent, heck- the world had to offer. 

But Taylor Swift’s online antics had put paid to that.  The view counter at the bottom of the screen was now entirely stationary.  In fact, it had been a good 20 minutes since it had ticked over as much as one solitary digit.  Upon clicking on the link it was clear to see why. Indeed, Taylor’s stream offered an up close and personal view of the action, something Lotte’s wall-mounted security cameras couldn’t provide. 

Taylor was circling the room from one celeb to the next; filming and joining in with their frantic, ceaseless rutting before moving onto the next.  By this point, women were getting stuffed full of dong left, right and centre. Some had two cocks in their vagina, while others had one in the pussy and one in their ass.  But regardless of the configuration, Taylor was close at hand to assist with their deep dual dicking in any way she could.

When Natalie Dormer was taking two long, veiny wangs up her snatch, Taylor added to the stimulation by sticking a thick glass buttplug up her ass.  As Ariel Winter was stuffed to the brim with giant black cocks, Taylor helped her get off by choking her and slapping her face. But the primary focus of her attention was clearly Doutzen Kroes, and no matter how many times Taylor encircled the room she always returned to the stunning Dutch model; regularly joining in with her two-pronged antics as she shared it with her online fans.

By this stage, two black men, Leroy and Marvin, had Miss Kroes hoisted up into the air; the blonde beauty sandwiched between their shredded dark bodies as drove their fat twin dongs into both her holes.  Taylor filmed from the sidelines; the popstar hollering encouragement from behind her camera phone as she streamed the action online. 

As she was with all things of a sexual nature, Taylor, it turned out, was a natural at recording people fuck.  In fact, she was operating her camera phone like an award-winning smut peddler; the fair-haired songstress perfectly framing the action and regularly moving in for close ups as the three Netherlands natives banged like wild animals before her.  By now, Leroy and Marvin were tossing Doutzen up and down between their chiseled frames; the dark-skinned duo piercing her time and again on their meaty black cocks, their swollen heads probing her g-spot and tunneling into her colon with each pass. 

“You like getting fucked like that, Doutzen?” Taylor asked from behind the camera, the wannabe director moving in for a close up of Miss Kroes’ sweaty, lust-screwed face as she was double dicked furiously from beneath.

“I love it!” Doutzen screamed back.  “I love getting fucked by these FAT BLACK COCKS!!!”

She certainly seemed to be enjoying herself.  But Taylor wasn’t going to let the randy catwalk model have all the fun, and as Doutzen came on the two dark schlongs a third time, Taylor crawled underneath her and prized them from her holes.  Taylor turned the camera on herself as she got in on the act; the blonde babe sucking each of the thick dark prongs right down to the base, cleaning Doutzen’s juices from the shafts, before returning them from whence they came.

But she wasn’t done yet and as Doutzen was slammed full of girthy black cock, Taylor regularly grew tired of merely filming the action and proceeded to join in as much as she could.  She made out with all three of them; the horny singer pointing the camera at herself as she exchanged kisses with fashion models and male prostitutes alike. She gobbled at Leroy and Marvin’s bulging, oversized balls, tongued at their assholes and sucked their dicks right out of Doutzen’s holes. 

Doutzen came time and again as Leroy and Marvin’s girthy twin prongs thrust up inside her; nigh on every pass of the coal-dark wangs igniting a bone-shaking climax from the depths of her toned frame.  And though she clearly needed little help in the achievement of her orgasms, Taylor was close at hand to assist and encourage her nonetheless. 

“Cum for me, slut!” Taylor barked at one stage, the amateur director choking her onscreen talent as Leroy and Marvin drilled their lengthy black cocks into the depths of her holes.  “Leak your cum all over those big black dicks!”

Doutzen was doing just that and more.  In fact, the runway model had been oozing girlspunk over both the twin dark schlongs from the get go; a detail of which Taylor was well aware, having slurped up most of the sweet ladygoo herself.  And, soon enough, it wasn’t just the female third of the trio that Taylor was encouraging to cum. Before long, Taylor was on her feet; nibbling on Leroy and Marvin’s earlobes and clasping handfuls of their firm, well-muscled ass cheeks as she enticed the black duo to blow their creamy wads.

“You gonna cum for me, boys?” she purred.  “You gonna empty those big black balls in her tight, twin fuckholes?”

“Uh-huh,” Leroy grunted, his handsome dark features screwed beyond belief as he fought to retain his load.

“I didn’t hear you, big boy.”

“JA!” he bellowed.  “I’m gonna fucking cum!!”

Taylor grinned.  “That’s what I wanted to hear.  Girls,” she said, pointing two manicured fingers at Emma Watson and Maisie Williams, “over here.”

Emma and Maisie did as instructed; the British starlets hurrying over to the wannabe director like army cadets reporting for duty.

“Get down and lick these asses,” Taylor ordered, pointing down at Leroy and Marvin’s chiseled black rears.  “I want these guys to blow like they’ve never blown before!”

Emma and Maisie squatted behind Leroy and Marvin respectively; the brown-haired beauties prizing apart their twin sets of sculpted dark ass cheeks and burying their faces inside. 

“UGH!  FUCK!” the guys grunted in unison as two equally wet, equally skilled tongues lapped at their stripwaxed butts.

They continued to throw Doutzen up and down their dongs; their thick black cocks throbbing like nobody’s business as they were rectally probed by a pair of slick red tongues.  Emma and Maisie bobbed their heads in perfect synchronicity; the English sluts tonguefucking the two black escorts like their lives depended on it. Taylor filmed the whole thing from closeby; the singer regularly moving in for close ups of Emma and Maisie rimming their chosen black stud, and of Doutzen’s pretty face as their girthy dark schlongs pulsed in both her holes. 

One final plunge of Emma and Maisie’s tongues into their assholes, and Leroy and Marvin could hold off no longer.  They blew their beans at precisely the same time; matching looks of strain and exertion stretching across their faces as they blew equally hot, equally thick wads of creamy black semen into Doutzen’s ass and pussy alike.

“Mmm! SHIT!” Doutzen purred, the blonde beauty cumming yet again as twin loads of virile seed flooded her vagina and rectum in equal measure. 

“Hold her there, guys,” Taylor instructed, the randy songstress dropping down between their thighs once more.  She held her phone aloft in the selfie style; framing the shot as best she could as she gaped her pouty pink lips.  “OK boys,” she said, “pull out those cocks!”

Leroy and Marvin prized their dicks from Doutzen’s spunk-filled holes; twin messes of gloopy, thick seed slopping out of both orifices and straight into Taylor’s waiting mouth.  But she wasn’t finished yet, and no sooner had Taylor caught both loads between her lips, had she crawled out from between the two black studs and beckoned over her celebrity girlfriends.  Leroy and Marvin lowered Doutzen to the ground, and she, Emma and Maisie joined Taylor for a fourway cumswap that even the most imaginative of porno writers couldn’t have dreamt up. 

Taylor pointed the camera at herself as Emma parted her lips beneath her.  She spat out the cum; her transatlantic pal catching the gloopy mess between her lips and passing it on once more.  The girls passed the seed back and forth, to and fro, from Emma to Doutzen, Doutzen to Maisie, Maisie back to Taylor; the A-list sluts regularly changing direction and altering the order along the way.  Several minutes and numerous spunkswaps later, the girls had equal measures of the creamy black seed pooling in their open mouths. They closed their lips in perfect synchronicity and swallowed their shares; the girls meeting for a fourway kiss to wrap up. 

Lotte was coming down from her tenth orgasm of the night as Taylor and pals locked lips on the unsanctioned live stream.  She looked up at her computer screen to see that, after seven fuck-filled hours, the all-star orgy had finally come to an end.  Lotte’s team of sculpted gigolos gathered their discarded boxers and headed for the rear door. Taylor and her A-list pals took to the couches; sipping from cocktails and sparking up blunts as day dawned in the city of Amsterdam.

But Taylor’s post-fuck relaxation was short lived.  She was taking a lengthy hit on a thick, tightly-rolled joint when the main doors flew open.  The girls looked up en masse as Lotte stormed into the room; a suggestive-looking satin teepee pitched in the crotch of her expensive black slip nightgown. 

“You!” she barked, pointing at Taylor Swift.  “I saw you! Can’t you fucking read?!” She pointed at the sign on the wall beside her.  “No. Social. Media. Do you have any idea how much money your little live stream cost me?!”

“What?” said Taylor, bemused.  “Wait, you were recording us?!”

“Damn right I was recording you!  And your stupid stream cost me millions of viewers!”

“Oh, well, I’m sorry.  I didn’t realise you were…” Taylor replied.  She reached for her clutch bag and took out her credit card.  “Can I pay you for…?”

“Oh, you’re going to pay, alright,” Lotte snapped, cutting her off.  She whipped up the hem of her nightie. A long jet black dildo was strapped to her waist; the plastic fucktoy sporting girth that made her band of escorts look like they had 2B pencils tucked away in their shorts.  She grinned devilishly, gripping the prosthetic cock at the base. “You’re gonna pay with that tight little ass!”

End of Chapter 32
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Chapter 33

Starring: Taylor Swift and ?


Taylor Swift’s bleary, mascara smeared eyes eased open as the afternoon Amsterdam sun crept into the strange bedroom in which she’d spent the night.  How she’d gotten there, she wasn’t quite sure.  What she’d done there, she had even less idea.   Her clothes were strewn across the floor (or, rather, some of them were- the rest were elsewhere in the apartment).  Shot glasses, cocktail glasses and half-empty bottles of champagne lined every surface.  The singed roaches of countless joints were piled up in ashtrays.  Platinum credit cards and rolled up 100 Euro bills lay on a bed of Colombian blow and crushed up mollies.  She turned over in the satin sheet-covered, heart-shaped bed to see Lotte dozing beside her; the impossibly girthy black strapon from back at the brothel still fastened to her waist. 

Taylor climbed out of bed as softly as her hungover frame and rather awkward walking stance would allow.  She fetched her credit card from the nightstand and blew off the drug residue.  Taylor gathered her clutch bag, tugged on her panties and picked up her high heels.  She eased the door open and slipped through; the blonde beauty continuing through the swanky apartment in search of her dress.  Taylor passed through into the lounge; the luxury room in equal disarray to that of the bedroom.  Four members of Lotte’s team, two men and two women, were passed out on the couch; their large breasts and oversized dicks exposed.  Taylor pulled on her dress and slipped out unnoticed.


Taylor Swift was sat in the back of an Uber; a manicured finger swiping at her phone screen as she was ferried back to her hotel.  She scrolled through her Instagram and Twitter feeds; the fair-haired songstress trawling through the dozens of posts that littered both accounts to remind herself of the events of the early morn.  They started off innocently enough; pictures of Taylor posing with Lotte and the other girls in the back of a cab; making out and squeezing each others’ tits. 

But as Taylor scrolled on, the content became steadily more illicit.  In fact, in seemingly no time at all, the popstar was up front blowing the driver; as clips of her deepthroating his long, thick cock and swallowing his cum appeared on both feeds.  And it didn’t end there.  Back at Lotte’s apartment, Taylor had clearly not wasted any time.  Indeed, it appeared that no sooner had she stepped through the door, was she eating pussy, manning double ended dildos and bouncing on cock. 

And then, the moment Taylor had been waiting for, and the reason for her gingerly gait, had arrived.  Sure enough, the giant black strapon had finally made an appearance.  At around 8am, a video was posted to Taylor’s Instagram account; the clip shot by Lotte as she attempted to fed the unfathomable girth of the black plastic prong into the singer’s ass. 

Taylor was, of course, well versed in all things anal- there was barely a human the world over who wasn’t aware of that- but the dildo’s thickness seemed too much even for her.  Indeed, even with a drugstore’s worth of lube at her disposal and some considerable exertion on her part, Lotte struggled to fit even the head of her giant dildo inside.  Taylor relaxed her glutes as much as she could.  She looked back at the camera, her teeth gritted as Lotte attempted to feed the oversized dong into her stubborn asshole.  But Taylor wasn’t alone in such a gruelling endeavour.  In fact, her Instagram followers were providing the singer with all types of support, and none more so than her celebrity friends back in the States.

haileesteinfeld That’s it, Taylor!  You can do it! [eggplant and peach emojis]

carrieunderwood Come on, bitch!  No pain, no gain!! [wink and teeth baring emojis]

But as the comments rained in, there was one particular reply that shoot out from the rest.  Like most everyone on earth with a phone and an Internet connection, Lotte had been following the well publicised online feud between Taylor and the mysterious figure known as Slut X, and as such knew exactly which comment to relay to the popstar in order to provide that extra incentive. 

slutx Just not going in is it, Taylor?  Don’t worry, it takes a real pro to fit a dildo like that up their ass, and I should know! [wink emoji]  Maybe stick to the pussy.  I think that’s more your speed!

Taylor clenched her fists until they turned white, the singer visibly shaking with rage as she looked up at her opposite number.

“Get that fucking dildo up my ass!!!”

Lotte pushed forward with all her might; the head of her strap on finally splitting open Taylor’s tight pink anus and beginning to slip inside.

“Oh, fuck!  Oh, fuck!” Taylor gasped, her asshole stretching like never before as she took the plastic wang inside.

It had taken a while to get there, but once it was in, Taylor didn’t look back.  Before long, she was taking the girthy man-made schlong right down to the base and that was just the beginning.  Soon enough images were appearing on her feed of the songstress herself; Lotte’s giant dong lodged in her rectum while all manner of phalli, both real and artificial, pounded her slick, wet pussy.   

A triumphant grin stretched across Taylor’s pretty face when she thought back to her accomplishment from earlier that morning and the countless earth shattering orgasms it had provided.  The cab took her back to her hotel to fetch her belongings and then to meet her friends at the airport.  Taylor exchanged glances with the handsome driver in his rear view mirror.  The man, it appeared, had seen her posts from the previous evening and, as such, knew full well of her penchant for sucking off taxi drivers.  He wondered if she’d be willing to repeat her earlier antics and Taylor didn’t disappoint.

30 minutes later she had returned to the back seat; the popstar shooting a selfie as the driver’s cum trickled down her pretty face.  She posted it to Instagram; Amsterdam, you’ve been a blast [wink and water splash emojis], read the caption beneath.  Stockholm, what you got for me?

End of Chapter 33
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Chapter 34

Starring: Maisie Williams, Natalie Dormer, Felicity Jones and Daisy Ridley


The girls made it through Stockholm Arlanda Airport’s busy Terminal 2 and out to the pickup zone, where a shiny stretch limo was waiting for them.  They piled inside and swigged from glasses of complimentary champagne as they were escorted into the heart of the city and onto their hotel. 

They arrived at the Lydmar Hotel, checked in and headed up to their rooms; the girls splitting into groups of three or four as they filed into the luxury quarters.  A traditional smorgasbord of fine Swedish foods- cured hams, freshly caught salmon and prawns, and piping hot meatballs, to name but a few- had been laid out in each room, with more than a few bottles of Absolut and Kopparberg on the side for good measure. 

Daisy Ridley, Maisie Williams, Natalie Dormer and Felicity Jones were tucking into the lavish spread in room 401, when there was a knock at the door.  Daisy went to answer it. A young bellboy named Axel was waiting behind the door, the girls numerous designer suitcases stacked up on a large chrome trolley behind him.  As with most people in Scandinavia, Axel was almost breath-takingly good looking. Everything about him- from his long blonde hair to his ocean-blue eyes, from his chiseled facial features to his shredded, muscle bound torso- looked as though it had been plucked from Norse mythology.

His hair was tied back neatly in a bun, his handsome face perfectly complimented by a light brown beard, so long and thick it wouldn’t have looked out of place on a Viking longship.  He wore a neatly pressed royal blue double breasted jacket; the muscles underneath so large and rippling that it clung to him like a needy girlfriend.

“Your luggage, madam.”

“Why, thank you,” Daisy replied, stepping to the side and ushering him through.

Axel wheeled the trolley into the room and started unloading the luggage; his biceps bulging under the arms of his jacket as he hauled the heavy suitcases from the pile. 

“Oooh!” said Maisie Williams upon sight of the chiseled young man.  “Now that’s what I call room service!”

The girls abandoned the spread like rats from a sinking ship and hurried to the centre of the room; the handsome blonde bellboy looking a much more satisfying mouthful than some slices of smoked salmon.  A few minutes and several impressive gun shows later, and Axel had finished the unloading; the girls suitcases neatly arranged on the carpeted floor.

“OK, ladies, you’re all unloaded,” he announced.

“Thank you...Axel,” Daisy replied, clocking the name on his tag.  “Does anyone have a tip for this young man?”

“Yeah,” replied Natalie Dormer.  “Wear tighter trousers next time!” she added with a wink.

The girls laughed.

“No, come on, girls,” said Daisy.  “Anyone got any money?” 

The girls popped open their expensive clutch bags and peered inside. 

“Uh-uh,” said Maisie.

“Nope,” said Natalie.

“Nada,” added Felicity Jones.

They all, of course, had lots of money tucked away in their designer handbags, but they all silently agreed that an alternative form of payment would be a lot more fun for all concerned.

“Hmm, looks like we’re fresh out of cash,” Daisy announced.  “Maybe there’s some other way we can reward you for your hard work.”

Axel looked back at the four gorgeous women; each of them fixing him with a look more sultry and alluring than the last.  A grin stretched across his handsome face; his mind whirring with the endless array of sexual shenanigans such a quartet of beauties were capable of. 

“I’m sure we can come to some kind of arrangement,” he agreed.

Daisy turned to her friends.  “Ready, girls? Looks like we’ve got work to do!”


Axel was stood in the centre of the room, no fewer than four stunning British starlets assembled at his feet; Daisy Ridley and Maisie Williams in the middle, Felicity Jones and Natalie Dormer flanking them on either side.  Four sets of eyes, from the most sparkling of blues to the deepest of browns, gazed up at him as the girls gathered around him. Daisy unbuckled his belt, while Maisie licked slowly up his long, protruding cock bulge through the material of his pants.  Felicity and Natalie ran their hands up and down his bulky thighs; the blonde even reaching up to squeeze his muscular ass as they teased him devilishly.

One thing was for sure, this was better than a 20 Euro bill.  Heck, it was better than a thousand 20 Euro bills. In fact, there wasn’t a monetary value Axel could conjure up that he would have traded for the position he was in right now.  By now, Natalie was stroking the outline of his dick, Maisie unzipping his pants with her teeth, while Daisy and Felicity made out beside them. Axel’s cock was throbbing in his pants; so much so that the giant dong nearly tore straight through the material like the Incredible Hulk. 

Finally, and much to the bellboy’s relief, Natalie and Felicity slid their twin sets of carefully manicured nails under the waistband of his boxers; the English babes whipping both them and his pants down in a single swift motion.  Gasps sounded out from all four women; their glossy sets of raspberry pink lips fell slack like trailer park dwellers. Axel’s dick sprung out from the waistband of his underwear like a freshly cranked jack-in-the-box; the oversized member flopping up and down before the horny starlets in all its thick, ultra-long glory. 

“Oh…” Felicity began.

“...my…” Daisy continued.

“...fucking…” Maisie added.

“...God!” Natalie ended.

“It’s freakin’ huge!” they all said together.

And they weren’t wrong.  Axel’s cock was simply enormous.  A foot long and girthy beyond belief.  A hood of skin cloaked the swollen, round cockhead.  A complex network of veins and capillaries journey up and down the thick shaft, while a pair of giant, shaven gonads swung beneath like spunk-filled wrecking balls.

Daisy gripped the cock around mid-shaft.  Maisie reached out to cup his swollen balls, while Natalie and Felicity continued to paw and lick at his muscular thighs.  Daisy used her free hand to peel back the foreskin. She shot out her tongue and lapped at the slit; the brown-haired beauty making light work of the puddle of prespunk pooling within. 

Maisie and Felicity dipped down to get at his balls; the randy duo feeding each of the large, cum-filled orbs between their lips and sucking them like boiled candies.  In the meantime, Natalie and Daisy wrapped their lips around the shaft; their twin sets of pouty pink prickpillows pressing together with Axel’s veiny dong sandwiched between. 

Axel could scarcely believe what he was seeing.  Here he was; a simple bellhop, stood in one of the swankiest rooms of his 5 star hotel, pants pooled around his ankles as FOUR gorgeous A-list mouths tended to his junk.  By now, Daisy had her lips wrapped around his dickhead as Natalie tongued avidly at the underside of his shaft, Maisie and Felicity gobbling away at his oversized balls all the while. 

Daisy bobbed her head; her soft, plump lips roaming up and down Axel’s prick, an additional inch of his thick, girthy shaft disappearing between them with each pass.  Natalie left her post and circled around behind him. She prized apart his sculpted, muscle bound ass cheeks and buried her face in his crack. 

“Oh, shit!” Axel exclaimed, the young stud unprepared to be devoured so zealously from both sides.

Indeed, the ladies were going at both his pleasure points like women possessed.  Daisy was sucking and slurping at his dick like there was no tomorrow; the randy brunette slathering nigh on every inch of his shaft in an ungodly amount of slippery, wet spittle as she went.  Meanwhile, Natalie was fucking his ass with her tongue; her pretty blonde head darting back and forth at a frankly alarming rate as she probed his anus with the slick red flesh. 

As Daisy’s lips edged ever closer to the base of Axel’s dong, Maisie and Felicity released his balls from their mouths; allowing their celebrity chum a clean run-in as she reached the home stretch.  Daisy took one final plunge and the last remaining inch disappeared. Her cute little nose nestled amongst his neatly trimmed bush of pubes, his large, spunk-filled balls pressing against her throat as she swallowed his wang right down to the hilt. 

“Oooh! Wow!” Maisie cooed from the sidelines, the brown-haired beauty clearly impressed by her girlfriend’s deepthroating skills.

“Damn, Daisy!” Felicity exclaimed.  “Leave some for the rest of us!”

The girls laughed.  Daisy passed the dick onto the Felicity.  She turned to make out with Maisie as Miss Jones swallowed the lengthy pole; the horny actress sucking it down to the balls with equal ease to that of her friend.  And it didn’t end there. In fact, no sooner had Felicity choked Axel’s dick right down to the base, had Maisie followed suit. Before long, the girls were passing the long, thick cock back and forth like a homemade bong.  Maisie to Felicity, Felicity to Daisy, and back again. Each and every one of the A-list Brits swallowing the oversized dong right down to the hilt before handing it on. 

Axel was on cloud nine; the chiseled bellboy trembling from head to toe amid a vicious onslaught from four celebrity babes.  He fetched his phone from his jacket pocket; the young stud considering it his duty to mankind that he share his exploits with the world.  He opened up Periscope and hit record. Word spread quickly through the highways and boulevards of cyberspace and, before long, people were tuning into the illicit live stream from all four corners of the globe.

Axel held his phone aloft in the POV-style as three of the A-list beauties shared his junk; Daisy and Maisie guiding their twin sets of pouty pink lips up and down his shaft while Felicity sucked avidly at the head.  He panned around behind himself so his viewers could see what was happening at the rear. By this stage, Natalie was burrowing between his butt cheeks like an ostrich in the sand; little more than her shiny golden hair visible as she feasted on his stripwaxed ass. 

Comments started to stream in from celebrities and regular folk alike; people the world over punching out messages with their free hand as they watched the events unfold. 

Emma Watson:
Yes! You go, girls!

Ariel Winter:
Send him this way when you’re done, ladies!

Where is this hotel and how do I get a job there?!?

By now, Daisy was working the shaft as Felicity took care of the balls.  Meanwhile, Maisie had circled around behind him to take a turn in his ass crack.  Axel aimed the camera at his rear as Natalie vacated, allowing her dark-haired friend to stick her face in his butt.  Soon enough, Axel found himself set upon by a rotating cast of UK sluts; the girls running a line from his dick, to his balls, to his butt; every one of the British beauties taking their turn to choke down his cock, gobble at his nuts or tongue at his hairless ass.

At one stage, Natalie was deepthroating his cock, Masie and Felicity making out beside her, while Daisy licked his ass.  At another, it was Felicity with her head in his crack, Maisie sucking his dick, while Natalie and Daisy shared his swollen balls.  But regardless of the configuration, the girls performed their designated roles to a tee; the ladies teaming up on the muscular young man with coordination and synergy that only the very best of girlfriends could possess. 

And as the girls continued to rotate and the roles continued to change, the comments kept on coming; the messages now scrolling across Axel’s screen at such a pace that he could barely keep up with them.

Doutzen Kroes:
Fuck! That’s a big cock!!

Eva Green:
Come back to France, girls! And bring that dick with you!!!

How has he not cum yet!? I’ve blown my beans four times already!

OK, make that five!!!

Indeed, Axel was showing an incredible degree of restraint amid such a ruthless assault from a gang of celebrity babes.  In fact, he’d been holding strong since minute one of the epic group blowjob; the Swedish hunk managing to cling to his load through 60 minutes of porno-grade, deepthroating, cock slurping, ball gobbling and ass licking, a four-way suckfest that would have seen most mere mortals shooting their wads in a matter of seconds.

But after an hour of four-on-one dick sharing, Axel’s resistance was starting to wear down.  His dick was throbbing and pulsing like crazy, his balls churning with what felt like a month’s buildup of creamy, warm spunk.  And as Daisy licked his ass, Maisie sucked on his balls and Natalie and Felicity shared his dick, the shredded young bellboy could hold off no longer.

“Fuck!  I’m gonna cum!” he exclaimed, his voice strained, his phone shaking in his hand as he clung to his load for dear life.

Heads emerged from his ass crack and balls fell from mouths as the girls lined up before him; the A-list babes clamouring over one another to get at his junk and take up a prime position for the shooting of his goo.  Axel aimed the camera down at his dick as he beat himself off. Maisie tongued at his winking tip, while Daisy fondled his balls. Felicity had even reached around and stuck a finger up his ass as he pulled his pulsing prong. 

“Come on, honey,” Natalie purred.  “Shoot that load!”

“Yes!  Do it, baby,” Maisie added.  “Hose us down with that piping hot stud juice!!”

One last tug on his throbbing cock and Axel did just that.  His dick went off like a rocket; the Nordic stud aiming his spewing pipe at any pretty face he could reach as a load of gloopy, off-white goo shot from his tip and plastered any A-list slut that got in its way.  Daisy took a blast to the lips, while Felicity got some in her hair. A thick glob covered one of Natalie’s eyes, while Maisie caught some in her mouth.

And as Axel emptied his balls, the Periscope comments continued to rain in; the messages coming nearly as thick and fast as the blasts from his dick.

Selena Gomez:
Fuck! What a blast!

Taylor Swift:
Hope you saved some for us, big boy!

Damn! I’m gonna need wrist surgery after that!

This dude is superhuman!  I came like that seven fucking times!!

The girls licked each other clean and swapped the cum back and forth, before swallowing it down.  Panting heavily, Axel ended his stream and pulled up his pants, tucking his still hard dick back inside.

“Wow!  I think I’m gonna like this country,” Felicity grinned.

“Thank you, baby,” said Daisy, as she looked up at Axel.  “If you want another ‘tip’, then feel free to stop by.”

“Now run along,” Natalie added.  “I think our friends are gonna want their luggage too.”

“And if you think we tip well,” Maisie concluded, “wait ‘til you see what they’ve got in store for you!” 

End of Chapter 34
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I'm repeating the mantra... Let me come back as Axel, Let me come back as Axel, Let me come back as Axel.
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Chapter 35

Starring: Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Ariel Winter, Emma Watson, Maisie Williams, Sophie Turner, Natalie Dormer, Felicity Jones, Hayley Atwell, Daisy Ridley, Alicia Vikander and Malin Akerman


Axel continued his rounds; the handsome bellboy moving from room to room, dropping off luggage to those inside and accepting whatever form of payment they offered in return.  Maisie Williams had been correct; every ‘tip’ the young man received from here on made the brunette and friend’s fourway suckjob look like child’s play. Indeed, the Swedish hunk was gifted with a more generous and illicit form of remuneration in every suite he visited; the randy celebs regularly selecting the wrong item of luggage so he’d have to go back to retrieve it. 

But, unsurprisingly, Axel had few complaints.  Indeed, the young man could have spent all night going back and forth from room to room and indulging in the heavenly delights that awaited him behind each door.  As a matter of fact, he pretty much did; the Nordic stud regularly sharing his exploits on social media as he went about his business. Before long, his Instagram account looked like a page from a porn site; the feed dominated by a number of X-rated posts, each one wilder and more obscene than the one that preceded it.

In one, Sophie Turner was sucking on his large, swollen cockhead, as Ariel Winter jerked him off with her rack.  In another, Ariel was bouncing up and down on his dick, while Hayley Atwell smothered him with her tits. And on and on it went; the handsome bellboy’s follower count rising from 300 to 300,000 inside an hour, people from all four corners of the globe liking, commenting and, of course, beating off to his posts as he funnelled them online.  In a third post, Selena Gomez as sitting on his face as Taylor Swift worked her tight, pink butthole up and down his cock. In another, he was fucking Emma Watson in the ass, Misses Swift and Gomez on hand to suck his girthy wang right out of her rear. 

Numerous posts and even more cumshots later, Axel was finally spent.  In fact, the young man was so exhausted he had to go home early, some four hours earlier than his shift was scheduled to end.  But not before Taylor Swift had given him final blowjob as a parting gift. With their luggage finally delivered, the ladies turned in for the night; the A-list beauties clambering into the luxury king-size beds in their threes and fours, and licking and fingering, scissoring and 69ing until the early hours.


The girls were up bright and early the next day; the celebrity babes hopping in the shower together and slipping into the tightest, skimpiest summer gear they could find, before heading down to the hotel lobby and into the restaurant for their morning meal.  The ladies ate a traditional Scandinavian breakfast then headed out to start their day. The same white stretch limo from the night before was waiting for them as they exited the hotel, though this time the luxury vehicle came equipped their with tour guides, Alicia Vikander and Malin Akerman, sat in the backseat.

The girls climbed into the back of the limo and exchanged hugs and cheek kisses with their Swedish pals as the plush white vehicle set off for their first destination.  The limo crawled through the city; the ladies gathered in the backseat, discussing everything from food to shopping, work to working out, before the conversation turned to their stay in Stockholm and just what they’d be getting up to during their time in the Swedish capital.   

“So, what do you girls have planned for us?” asked Taylor Swift, the blonde singer sipping from a glass of champagne as she addressed her Swedish chums.

“Well, ladies,” Alicia Vikander replied, “as you may or may not be aware, Sweden is famous for its saunas and massage parlours.  So a little later we’ll be heading to our favourite spa to sweat out some of those intoxicants I know you ladies have been partaking of on your little trip,” she added, tapping her cute little nose with the tip of a manicured finger.

“Us?  Never!” grinned Emma Watson, her A-list chums chuckling in response.

“But first, girls,” Malin Akerman took over, “we have a little tradition that all our celebrity girlfriends take part in when they come to visit us in Stockholm.”

“What is it?” asked Daisy Ridley.

Alicia and Malin looked at one another and grinned naughtily.

“Well, girls,” Alicia explained, “the tradition is for two of you to go into our nearest branch of Ikea and put on a little...show for the customers.”

The ladies gasped.

“Oh my God!” laughed Natalie Dormer.

“Wait, so Hailee and Chloe did it when they were here?” asked Selena Gomez.

“Yep,” Alicia replied.

“And Carrie and Cassadee?” Taylor added.

“Uh-huh,” said Malin.  “In fact, Carrie ended up getting double stuffed by two of the employees!”

The girls roared with laughter.

“So, ladies,” said Alicia, “who’s gonna give it a go?”

The girls, whatever their position in the back of the stretch limo, all looked in one direction and towards the same two women; Taylor Swift and Emma Watson.  Taylor and Emma looked at one another; the A-list pair exchanging nervous glances as they both uttered the same single word; “gulp!”

End of Chapter 35
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Chapter 36

Starring: Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Ariel Winter, Emma Watson, Maisie Williams, Sophie Turner, Natalie Dormer, Felicity Jones, Hayley Atwell, Daisy Ridley, Alicia Vikander and Malin Akerman


The shiny stretch limo pulled into the IKEA parking lot and parked up across two spaces.  Taylor Swift and Emma Watson clasped hands and opened the rear door; their celebrity girlfriends wishing them luck as they climbed out of the luxury vehicle.  They walked hand in hand toward the store entrance, the automatic doors sliding open as they approached. 

Every set of eyes in the store was on them in an instant as they strolled inside.  Women gave their gawking husbands a forceful elbow in the ribs and scolded them in Swedish.  Distracted men walked into displays of crystal vases, sending tiny shards of glass whizzing across the floor.  Opportunist shoplifters snuck past leering security guards with a living room’s worth of free goods stacked in their trolleys. 

The girls strolled into the centre of the store and turned to face each other.  A circle of spectators quickly gathered around them; men of every age, generation and ethnic background watching with bated breath as they wrapped their arms around one another.  Taylor and Emma looked out at the sea of spectators; jaws dropping every which way as they turned back to each other and leaned in for a kiss. A cheer went up from the surrounding menfolk as they locked their lips together; the celebrity duo swapping tongues like vintage baseball cards as they made out in the middle of the store.

The audience continued to grow; the randy males hollering encouragement and jostling with one another to obtain a better view.  Phones were brandished en masse; the excited onlookers filming and snapping pics as the A-list babes French kissed before their very eyes.  By now, the girls were running their hands all over one another; the A-list babes cupping each other’s asses and groping each other’s tits as they pulled their soft pink tongues.  They’d only been sucking face for a matter of seconds, but already every dick in the vicinity was hard as a rock; bulges of differing sizes growing in the crotches of their pants. Soon enough, a chant sounded out from the watching men; the horny spectators pointing to a nearby bed and enticing the girls to make use of it. 


Taylor and Emma broke from their kiss and grinned at one another.  Then, without further ado, they clasped their hands together once more and strolled towards the bed.  A second whoop rang out from the baying crowd; a cheer so loud it could have been heard in Denmark, Norway and Finland as the girls climbed up onto the bed and commenced their sapphic smooching. 

Strangers were high fiving and hugging each other with delight, while others literally wept with joy.  One man produced a bottle of champagne seemingly out of thin air and started pouring helpings of the expensive fizz into glasses pinched from the nearby shelves.  Women were tutting loudly and covering their children’s eyes as they ushered them towards the exit, while others left their trolleys marooned in the centre of the aisles as they ran screaming for the automatic doors.

By this point, Emma had removed Taylor’s summer dress and tossed it into the crowd; a gaggle of randy spectators throwing right hooks at anyone who got in their way as they sought to gain possession of the designer garment.  Men were yanking the dress from all directions like a tug of war, until it tore into countless pieces; leaving no fewer than ten lucky spectators with a memento to take home and cherish (or beat off with) for the rest of their lives.

Taylor laid back on the pristine white sheets and Emma mounted her; the brown-haired beauty slipping her own scanty dress over her head and throwing it into the crowd as well, the costly garment suffering the same fate as that of her celebrity pal moments before.  Emma kissed Taylor’s neck and down to her chest; the gorgeous Brit wrapping her lips around one of her friend’s stiff pink nipples and suckling on it like a newborn babe. 

More and more men were joining the baying crowd with every passing second; dozens upon dozens of randy males paying no heed to the divorce proceedings and lengthy custody battles that would ensue, as they abandoned their wives and kids and watched on with the others.  By now, some of the guys had taken their cocks out and started jerking; men of varying degrees of endowment stroking themselves off beside each other like they were back home in front of their computer screens. 

Emma kissed along Taylor’s flat toned midriff and down towards her crotch.  She slipped two manicured fingers under the waistband of her panites and peeled them down; the UK starlet holding them aloft and firing them into the crowd like a catapult.  One guy leapt into the air like Michael Jordan, catching the discarded panties and dropping to his knees; the lucky man guarding them with his life as his fellow spectators piled on top of him like a rugby scrum.

By now, Emma had delved between Taylor’s thighs; the randy brunette tonguing at her erect clit like a seasoned pro as the live sapphic show kicked up into second gear.  The audience continued to beat off from the sidelines; men of every height, weight and degree of attractiveness pulling themselves senseless as they watched the lesbian show unfold.  The panty catcher was jerking wildly at the centre of the mob; the horny Swede holding Taylor’s smalls to his nose with his free hand and inhaling them like laughing gas as he whacked off with the other.

It wasn’t long before the spectators started to cum, and as Emma worked two fingers back and forth inside Taylor’s twat, the horny viewers were spewing their loads left, right and centre.  Some were beating off onto the floor, others onto the surrounding display furniture; the randy males spoiling thousands of kronas worth of flat pack furnishings as they dumped their wads all over them.   

And it wasn’t just the customers who were getting in on the action.  Indeed, IKEA staff, from the shelf stackers to the branch manager, were jerking their dicks in various parts of the store as the lesbian lickfest raged on.  A security guy was holed up in his office, beating himself senseless as the feed from the CCTV cameras filled his computer screen. The manager, meanwhile, had barricaded himself in the staff bathroom, watching on his PDA as he pulled himself off.  Even two merchandisers, who had come along to disperse the crowd, found themselves dropping their drawers and jacking off with the customers in a matter of moments.

By this stage, Taylor and Emma had changed formations.  Now Emma was bent over, ass in the air, as Taylor burrowed between her supple round cheeks like she was hibernating for the winter.  The loads continued to come thick and fast and, before long, people were slipping left, right and centre in the dozens of spunkwads splattering across the floor with every passing minute. 

And on and on it went.  Taylor and Emma worked their way through every practice and position in the sapphic handbook; lapping and licking, frigging and fingering one another to countless intense, earth-shattering orgasms along the way.   At one point they formed a 69; Emma sticking a finger up Taylor’s ass as they tongued each other to climax. At another, they were scissoring wildly; their slick, warm pussies rubbing together as they ground and bucked one another to tumultuous ecstasy.  But regardless of the position, and whatever the sex act, the assembled crowd watched on attentively; pulling their pricks and blowing their beans like there was no tomorrow. 

But no matter how many sexual practices they worked through and how many times they came, it was never enough, and after two hours of licking and lapping, scissoring and 69ing, the girls were still hungry for more.

“Ughh!” Taylor groaned as Emma scoffed at her pussy.  “I want something inside me!”

Despite having cum up to five or six times already, that was a request the members of the audience were all too happy to fulfill.

“ME! ME! ME! ME!” they yelled excitedly; the horny spectators clamouring over one another to get to the front of the queue.

“Sorry, boys,” Taylor grinned, “but I don’t know where you’ve been.  Besides, most of you look a little small for my tastes,” she added, wagging her little finger to indicate the size of their manhoods.

“Is there anything on the shelves we can use?” asked Emma.

The guys searched desperately along the displays, picking up products and tossing them aside as they scoured diligently for that perfect item.  Then, one man found exactly what he’d been looking for. He fetched a rolling pin from the shelf and tore off the packaging as he handed it to Emma. 

“Ah! Perfect,” she said.  “Anyone got any lube?”

They did.  Nobody was quite sure where it had all come from but the randy spectators had been passing around bottles of the stuff like joints at a concert, and no fewer than ten tubes of the ultra-slick grease were tossed onto the bed within seconds of the request.  Emma picked up one of the bottles and squeezed a hearty dose onto one end of the rolling pin; the brown-haired beauty displaying a handjob technique that was second to none and as she smeared it across the surface with her mit. 

She aligned the girthy implement with Taylor’s moist slit and slipped inside; her pussy spreading around the makeshift dildo as she guided it in.  Before long, Emma was working the kitchen utensil back and forth inside Taylor’s snatch; the UK starlet feeding no less than half of its considerable length inside her with each pass.  Meanwhile, the audience were jerking it harder than ever before; their pricks red raw from overuse as they worked on their seventh or eight load of the afternoon.

But they weren’t done yet, and no sooner had Emma made Taylor cum, had the girls changed formations once more.  This time they were knelt with their backs to one another; the twin ends of the thick improvised dong probing their tight pink twats as they ground up and down the shaft.  Before long, they were bucking wildly against each other; equally round, equally toned sets of peach-like buttcheeks clattering against one another as they shared the makeshift wang.

Several minutes and many more orgasms later, and the girls slipped the rolling pin from their twin sets of tight pink pussy lips and left it on the bed; the girls grabbing two robes from a nearby rack and pulling them on as they bid their new fans adieu.  A number of the guys leapt onto the bed; the wooden legs buckling instantly as they landed on the mattress and fought each other for possession of the rolling pin. One man took hold of it and clasped it to his chest like a family heirloom; the victor stopping just short of clubbing his opponents to death with it as they attempted to prize it from his grasp.

Taylor and Emma marched off in the direction they came; the celebrity duo leaving the guys to duke it out amongst themselves as they headed for the exit.  They passed through the automatic doors and across the parking lot. Taylor opened the limo door and the girls climbed inside.

“Phew!” Emma whistled as she took her seat.  “That was fun!”

“We know,” Malin Akerman replied.  “We were watching,” she added, gesturing to the large flatscreen TV mounted on one of the windows.

“I’ll never look at a rolling pin in the same way again,” quipped Sophie Turner, her A-list pals laughing raucously in response.

“OK, girls, so that’s our tradition taken care of,” Alicia Vikander declared.  “Now, who’s for a rubdown?”

End of Chapter 36
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Equal parts hot and funny.  Sweden is shaping up very nicely.  :Y:
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Chapter 37

Starring: Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Ariel Winter, Emma Watson, Maisie Williams, Sophie Turner, Natalie Dormer, Felicity Jones, Hayley Atwell, Daisy Ridley, Alicia Vikander and Malin Akerman


The plush stretch limo pulled into the parking lot of the Grand Nordic Spa in central Stockholm.  A succession of expensive looking designer sandals and gleaming white high top sneakers planted themselves one by one on the tarmac floor as Taylor Swift and her celebrity pals climbed out of the luxury vehicle and headed for the entrance. 

Waiting in the pristine white lobby was the spa’s three person welcoming party.  A gorgeous platinum blonde girl with enormous DD tits was stood in the middle, a second woman with brown hair and possibly even larger breasts and a handsome young man with a neatly sculpted dirty blonde side parting and the arms of an Olympic weightlifter were stood on either side.  All three wore matching white tunics that hid little of their various endowments, the man and woman on either flank balancing numerous glasses of champagne on plastic trays.

“Hej, Miss Vikander, Miss Akerman,” said the woman in the centre.  “Good to have you back. And you’ve brought some friends with you this time.”

“Hej, Freja,” Alicia replied.  “Yes, and we’re looking to give these girls the full treatment today.  Hope that’s OK.”

“Absolutely!” Freja exclaimed.  “Anything for our best customers,” she added with a grin.  “Ladies, please help yourselves to a glass of complimentary champagne.”

“Tack, Freja,” said Malin, exchanging flirty glances with the dashing male employee as she took a glass of fizz from his tray.

The other ladies followed suit and soon all twelve had of flutes of expensive champagne clutched in their manicured mits.

“OK, ladies,” said Freja, “we’ll be starting with massages, so if you’d like to follow me, our luxury massage rooms are right this way.”  She strolled past the reception desk and through the waiting room, Alicia and her celebrity pals following behind. “Now, we take great pride in the experience we provide here, ladies, and we have some of the top masseuses and masseurs in all of Sweden among our ranks.  Isn’t that right, Miss Vikander?”

“Oh, yes,” Alicia replied, her voice carrying a distinct purr as she thought back to some of the past encounters she’d had with said employees.

“We’ve picked out twelve of our very best professionals for your visit today,” Freja went on, “so if you’d like to head into the rooms and get yourselves prepared, your massage therapist will be with you shortly.”

She turned and headed down to the end of the hallway, her thick, round ass swaying hypnotically as she went.  Twelve doors lined the far wall and Freja’s two assistants worked their way down the lengthy hallway; opening the doors two at a time and ushering their clients inside.  Freja hadn’t been wrong in her description of the rooms. They were, in fact, nothing short of heavenly. Relaxing New Age music played softly on brand new Sonos speakers.  The floors and walls were a pristine white. Long, leatherbound massage tables stood in the centre, with freshly washed white cotton towels folded neatly on top. Candles flickered every which way, while all manner of oils and massage implements lined every rack, shelf and tabletop throughout the luxury rooms. 

The girls undressed and perched on the comfy massage tables as they waited for their professional to arrive.  After several minutes, the doors to all twelve rooms were opened at nigh on the exact same time; a small army of almost obscenely good looking massage therapists strolling inside.  Six were women and six were men. Most were blonde, but the band of striking professionals boasted, between them, every hair colour, eye colour and skin tone imaginable. There were brunettes and redheads, black folk and brown folk, Asians, Africans and Middle Easterners. 

Of particular note were those assigned to Ariel Winter and Malin Akerman.  Malin’s professional was a woman named Stina; a stunning young masseuse with golden hair even fairer and more vibrant than her own, a delectable athletic body and an enormous rack of milky white EE tits.  Ariel’s, meanwhile, was a handsome young masseur named Viktor; a chieseld god of a man with neatly buzzed light brown hair, a week’s worth of designer stubble and a body that put most Calvin Klein models to shame.

Both wore matching white tunics; the garments so tight-fitting that they clung to their impressive physiques like a second skin.  Viktor’s tunic hugged his body to such a degree that every line and contour of his giant pecs and rippling abs were visible through the fabric, while Stina’s was so low cut that her huge, lily white cans were thrust up into a cleavage so deep and cavernous it could have made the nearby Kista Science Tower disappear. 

Both massage therapists greeted their clients warmly and instructed them to undress; turning away as the A-list babes slipped out of their clothing and climbed up onto the massage tables.  Ariel and Malin laid out on their backs atop the padded tables, naked as the day they were born; their own toned and curvy physiques drawing grins of approval from their respective professionals.   

Stina picked up a bottle of massage oil and squirted a hearty dose onto the palm of her hand.  “So, is there a particular area you’d like me to work on today, Miss Akerman?” she asked.

“Yes, I’m feeling a little...tension around this region,” Malin replied, running her hands over her taut midsection.

Stina grinned.  “OK, I think I can help you with that.”

Stina stood at the head of the table and started at Malin’s ribcage.  She ran her hands slowly down to her waist, her skilled mits roaming gently across her smooth, tanned skin as she went.  She worked her hands over Malin’s toned midriff; her already bulging cleavage becoming even fuller and more pronounced as she loomed over her supine frame.

“There?” she asked.

Malin stared up in disbelief at Stina’s bust; her giant chestmounds hanging in gravity defying pertitude mere inches from her face.

“Miss Akerman?”

“Oh, sorry,” said Malin.  “A little lower, please.”


Stina moved down to Malin’s hips, her huge tits dangling tantalisingly above her.

“Bit further.”

Stina continued down to Malin’s upper thighs, smothering the actress with her rack as she lent over her frame.

“Mmm!  Yuh, thasit!” Malin exclaimed, raising her hands and giving two thumbs up; her voice muffled by the whopping EE cans engulfing her pretty face.   

Stina grinned; the buxom masseuse leaning over her horny client and burying her under her bosom.  “Oh, yeah? Right there, huh?”

“Yuh!  Rih thuh!” Malin replied as best she could; Stina’s epic cans damn neat suffocating her as she smooshed them in her face. 

“You know, Miss Akerman, I think I detected some tension in your pelvic region earlier,” Stina declared.  “Would you mind if I concentrated on that area for a little while?”

“MMM!” Malin exclaimed in response; the randy starlet now licking and lapping any smooth stretch of creamy white titflish her somewhat restricted movement would allow.

“I’ll take that as a ‘yes’,” Stina grinned, grabbing the bottle of oil and squeezing it liberally over Malin’s crotch.

She ran her hands teasingly up and down Malin’s thighs; the chesty Swede stopping agonisingly short of her dripping snatch with every pass she took.  A chorus of muffled moans and groans escaped Malin’s lips; her desperate coos growing louder and more impassioned each time Stina’s skilled hands neared her drooling gash.  Finally, Stina gave her what she wanted. She ran her fingers up and down Malin’s slick opening; her clit throbbing in response as she rubbed her wet slit.

“Ooh, wow!” Stina exclaimed, the Nordic beauty amazed by the ease with which her hands slid up and down her client’s pussy.  “Don’t think you needed any oil down here after all!”

Stina moved up to her clit and kneaded it gently with her fingers.  Malin cooed in response; the busty masseuse still smothering her half to death with her tits as she loomed over her.  Stina started to rub harder; her fingertips little more than a neatly painted, manicured blur as she thrummed Malin’s bud.  By now, Malin was clinging onto the massage table for dear life; her well kept nails digging into the padded surface as Stina kneaded her throbbing clit.

“Mmm! ‘Uck!” Malin groaned; the horny blonde trembling from head to foot as Stina strummed her pulsing bud.

“Yes!  Come on, Miss Akerman!” Stina purred.  “Release that tension!”

Malin was releasing a lot more than that.  Indeed, a steady flow of girlspunk was oozing from her twat; the clear, wet fluid smearing across her crotch and Stina’s hand in equal measure as she rubbed her clit.  Then, after several minutes of expert clit strumming, a loud, muffled scream emanated from beneath Stina’s bosom as a violent, ground shaking orgasm tore through Malin’s body.  Stina stood up, Malin breathing heavily as she finally released her from the near asphyxiating clasp of her rack.

“Well, that certainly helped, Miss Akerman,” said Stina as she strolled across to the shelf on the far wall.  “But I think the use of an implement would really unleash the last of that built up tension.” She turned back to face the table, a battery operated Hitachi wand clasped in her hand.  “What do you say?”


Meanwhile, in the next room, Ariel Winter was laid on her back atop the padded table; her handsome masseur, Viktor, running his oily hands across her shoulder blades.  He moved down to her arms; the chiseled Swede delighting in the layers upon layers of effeminate muscle tone that made up her sculpted biceps. 

“Wow!” he exclaimed.  “That’s some serious bulk you’re packing there, Miss Winter.”  Ariel looked up at the bulge in his crotch as it hung tantalisingly above her head, and thought much the same thing.  “You must work out a lot!”

“Mmhmm, I try,” she murmured in response.  “They can make it a little difficult though at times,” she added, gesturing down to the large D cup mounds ballooning from her chest.

“I’ll bet,” Viktor replied.  “Must give you awful pain in the back and chest area, I’d imagine.”

“Yeah, they can do,” Ariel confirmed.  “I’m sure a skilled masseur like you could take care of that though.”

“I’m sure I could, Miss Winter,” Viktor grinned. 

Taking that as his cue, Viktor held the bottle above Ariel’s bust and gave it a squeeze; the clear, slick grease spilling over her chest like Niagra Falls.  Then, he got down to work. He set the bottle down and put his hands to use; the handsome masseur running his skilled mits over every square inch of her rack, slathering her giant cans in volumes upon volumes of oil.  Ariel cooed softly, her nipples pricking up as the Nordic stud greased up her weighty mounds until they shone like vintage silverware. 

And Ariel’s teets weren’t the only body part standing to attention.  Indeed, Viktor’s cock was getting harder and longer by the second; every pass of his smooth hands across her greased up tits causing his oversized dong to grow and stiffen under the fabric of his pants.  Before long, he was pitching a tent in his trousers large enough to house an entire circus; his long, thick wang looming above Ariel’s face like a Boeing 747 soaring overheard. 

“That thing looks awful cooped up in there,” she said, gazing up at Viktor as he mauled her mammoth chest.  “Aren’t you gonna let it out to play?”

That was all the invitation he needed.  Viktor’s pants were bunched around his ankles in the blink of an eye; his giant dong hanging above Ariel’s head in all its girthy, uncut majesty. 

“Oh my God!” she exclaimed, the busty actress reaching up to stroke the oversized wang as she fed one of his large, spunk-filled balls into her mouth. 

Ariel reached for the bottle of oil and, without releasing his nut from her mouth, ran it up and down the length of his dong, squeezing out a trail of the clear, slick lube from the head right down to the balls.  She set the bottle down and started stroking; the chesty starlet working her hand up and down the shaft at lightning quick pace as she sucked on his swollen gonad. She switched from one ball to the next; the randy brunette slathering both of Viktor’s plum-sized orbs in oodles of spittle as she jerked him off.

Then, with saliva dripping from Viktor’s balls and his dick pulsing in her hands, Ariel scooched to the edge of the table; her shiny raven locks dangling down nearly to the floor as she hung her head over the side.

“Fuck my mouth!” she said, gaping her pouty pink lips apart.

Viktor did as directed.  He fed his cock between her lips and began to thrust.  He worked his cock back and forth inside her mouth; the handsome masseur feeding an additional inch of his immense length between her lips with each pass.  Before long, he was driving it right down to the base, his big, wet balls slapping against Ariel’s face; the chesty actress accepting every inch with grace as he banged her pretty mouth. 

Then, Ariel reached up and clasped his ass cheeks as he thrust inside; the stacked starlet holding him in place with his long, throbbing cock lodged down her throat.  Viktor groped her greased up tits while she blew him; the randy brunette slurping at his oversized dong like a woman possessed, his heavy, cum-filled balls squishing against her face as she did so.  Ariel could feel his dick pulsing and twitching against her tongue as she sucked him; the giant wang feeling like it could blow at any second as she slurped at the girthy shaft.

“You gonna cum for me, big boy?” she asked, ropes of saliva dripping from his schlong as she prized it from her mouth.

“Uh huh,” Viktor groaned, the chiseled Swede wincing as Ariel jerked him off.

“Get up there and do it on my tits,” she instructed, giving her lubed up juggies an enticing jiggle.

“Yes, ma’am,” Viktor replied.

He climbed up onto the massage table and knelt over Ariel’s midriff; the shredder masseur slapping his thick slab of Nordic sausage between her cans and wrapping them around it.  He thrust back and forth; slicing his dick between the greased up melons like a saw through a 2x4. Ariel gaped her mouth as he fucked her chest; the busty starlet catching his swollen head between her glossy, thick lips every time it emerged from within. 

“Put some more oil on there,” she said, reaching down to take control of her tanks as Viktor reached for the bottle of lube.

He doused her bosom in the clear, slick grease; the Swedish hunk damn near draining the bottle dry as he oiled up her big, fat tits.  Ariel’s hands slipped and slid across her chest like Bambi on ice; the curvy brunette using every ounce of strength her toned arms could muster to keep Viktor’s dong inside.  Viktor was ploughing away at her greasy rack like there was no tomorrow; his dick throbbing and pulsing, his balls brewing and churning with every pass he took. 

He held off as long as he could, but soon the soft, warm feel of Ariel’s lubed up fucktanks wrapping around his dong was too much for the young masseur to take.  He retrieved his cock from the depths of her rack and jerked it wildly; the handsome Swede drenching her cans with an ungodly amount of gloopy, thick spunk as he emptied his swollen balls.

“Ooh, fuck yeah!” Ariel exclaimed, the busty starlet delighting in the feel of the warm, creamy spunk as it splattered across her chest.

“Damn, Miss Winer!” Viktor panted, carefully palming his still twitching cock.  “I thought it was the client who was supposed to get the happy ending!”

“Oh, I’ll get mine, baby.  Don’t you worry about that,” she grinned in response.  “Now get that dick in my pussy!”

End of Chapter 37
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Chapter 38

Starring: Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Ariel Winter, Emma Watson, Maisie Williams, Sophie Turner, Natalie Dormer, Felicity Jones, Hayley Atwell, Daisy Ridley, Alicia Vikander and Malin Akerman


Ariel Winter was laid back on the massage table, her shapely, round ass perched at the end as Viktor stood before her and positioned himself between her splayed thighs.  He pressed the tip of his cock up against the opening of her snatch and pushed it inside.

“Uhh, yeah!” Ariel groaned; her pussy sheathing his dong like a gilded scabbard as he entered her.

Viktor began to thrust to and fro, working his dick back and forth inside her cooch; the handsome masseur feeding an additional inch into the tight, wet hole with each motion.  He wrapped his muscled arms around her calves; the chiseled Swede holding her slender legs apart as he went at her hot pink twat. Before long, he was hitting it nuts deep; his large, swollen cockhead probing her g-spot each time he thrust inside her.

“Oh, yes!  That’s it,” Ariel cooed, reaching down to strum her clit as he plowed away at her pussy.  “Fuck me just like that!”

Viktor could feel Ariel’s vaginal muscles tense and contract as she rubbed her bud; her already tight snatch gripping his cock like a soft pink vice as he ventured into her depths.  But he didn’t let it break his stride. In fact, Viktor was going at Ariel’s slick, wet gash harder than ever; his cobblestone abs clattering repeatedly with the tops of her thighs as he drilled her with his dong.
Ariel’s deep brown eyes rolled back into her head; her D cup tits jiggling delightfully as he pumped her tight pink pussy. 

“Fuck, you’re gonna make me cum on that big fucking dick!” she purred; the busty actress strumming her clit ever harder as Viktor’s bulging crown probed the deepest parts of her snatch. 

One more pass was all it took; the latest g-spot bothering thrust of Viktor’s girthy Nordic dong sparking an intense, violent orgasm that tore through Ariel’s curvy frame like an earthquake.

“FUUUCCCKKK!!!” she screamed; her usually gorgeous facial features screwed in all manner of unsightly ways as she came over Viktor’s cock.

And Ariel wasn’t the only celeb receiving a happy ending from their designated professional.  Indeed, high-pitched screams were ringing out from every one of the lavish massage rooms as no fewer than twelve A-list babes were brought to climax by a host of gorgeous massage therapists.  In one room, a beautiful, large-breasted blonde was fingerbanging Maisie Williams. In another, Hayley Aywell was bucking and bouncing on a black man’s dick. Daisy Ridley scissored with an Asian girl, while Taylor Swift was getting fucked in the ass.  But regardless of the configuration and whatever the sex act, the girls rutted wildly with their assigned Swede; cumming time and again as they fucked like animals in the luxury rooms.


Meanwhile, in room one, Malin Akerman was sprawled out on her back as Stina ran a large buzzing wand across her shoulders and down to her chest.  Malin cooed softly as her massage therapist guided the humming tool over the curve of her right breast and up to her nipples; the pink teats going hard like bullets as the vibrating wand circled her areola.  Stina continued down her client’s midriff; the buzzing tool soothing her aching muscles as she worked it past her navel. 

Malin’s clit started to stiffen once more as the wand edged nearer to her crotch; her pussy beginning to seep its sticky fluid as Stina ran the tool teasingly across her pelvis.  Stina moved the wand down to her womanhood; the large, round head buzzing at Malin’s clit as the buxom masseuse held it between her thighs. 

“Oooh, Jesus!” Malin purred; her eyes clamped shut, a steady chorus of soft, breathy coos escaping her soft pink lips as the vibrating wand worked its magic on her cooch.

By now, the blonde starlet was leaking like a sieve; an ungodly volume of her clear wet juices oozing from her snatch and smearing across her crotch, thighs and the head of the wand in equal measure as it buzzed at her pulsing clit.  Malin gripped the edges of the massage table; the Nordic beauty clinging so tightly to the padded surface that her well kept nails nearly snapped off at the quick.

“Wow!  That’s really doing the trick, huh?” Stina grinned, gazing down at the river of girlcum trickling from Malin’s cooch as she held the humming wand to her clit.

It really was.  In fact, by this stage Malin couldn’t feel but one ounce of tension anywhere in her toned MILF body.  Truth be told, she couldn’t feel much of anything, save for the vibrating wand buzzing at her clit. She started to quiver from head to foot; her toes curling, her nipples so erect and stiff they could slice through a pane of glass.  She chewed on her lower lip; a series of shrill, mewling squeaks passing through her clenched teeth, the actress cooing, purring, moaning like a bitch in heat, until…

“AAAHHH!!!” she screamed, as a forceful blast of clear, wet girlspunk shot from her urethra; the sizzling ladyload squirting across the room like a fireman’s hose, coating any piece of electronics, priceless wall art or expensive massage implement that got in its way.

And the cumshots didn’t end there.  In fact, people were losing their loads across every one of the luxury rooms; men and women, clients and professional alike spraying their goo as a series of intense, bone-rattling orgasms tore through their athletic bodies.  Natalie Dormer squirted like a water cannon as a gorgeous black girl fingerfucked her to climax. One man blew his wad over Natalie Dormer’s face, while another went off in Alicia Vikander’s snatch. A clear jet of searing girlspunk shot from Selena Gomez’s cooch as a shredded masseur pounded her tight pink ass. 


Back in room two, Ariel Winter was knelt on the surface of the massage table; the buxom starlet adopting the face down, ass up position as Viktor squatted at her rear.  A bottle of massage oil was clutched in his hands; the handsome Swede squeezing an ungodly amount of the clear, slick grease over her thick, round rump he took up position behind her.  The oil trickled down her ass cheeks in long drips; the chiseled masseur using his large, manly hands to smear it across her rear until every inch of her muscled booty shone like polished brassware. 

Then, Viktor aligned the tip of his dong with the puckered ring of her anus and fed it inside; the thick, swollen head splitting her second hole open with minimal fuss thanks to the volumes of lube coating the pink rim. 

“Ahhh!” Ariel gasped as he entered her; the chesty brunette looking back at the ripped young hunk as he fed his long, thick cock into her ass.

Viktor began to rock back and forth; his fingers digging into her sculpted ass cheeks as he worked his dick deeper into her rectum.  He quickly found his rhythm as he worked her over from the back; the Nordic stud pulling his dick back so only the head remained, before thrusting forward once more, feeding an extra inch of his thick, veiny shaft inside with each pass.  Before long, he was driving his dick down to the hilt; the clattering of his pelvis against her big, wet ass making the cheeks ripple as he reamed her backdoor.   

“Yeah, come on, baby!” Ariel purred, reaching back to strum her clit as Viktor pumped her from behind.  “Fuck that fucking ass!”

Viktor, it turned out, needed little encouragement in that department.  In fact, he was already going at her rear like his life depended on it; the bulky masseur driving every inch of his fat, lengthy dong into the depths of rectum with each pass.  The massage table shook in its moorings; the legs creaking like they could buckle at any moment as the randy duo fucked furiously on the padded surface.   

It wasn’t long before Ariel was on the verge of orgasm once more; the buxom starlet thrumming her pulsing clit like there was no tomorrow, her face lit up like a Christmas tree as the shredded masseur pounded her thick, round ass.  Viktor pulled his cock from her rear, Ariel kneading her clit wildly until a torrent of girlspunk gushed from her snatch; the curvy actress hosing down the surface of the table and her partner’s chiseled torso in equal measure as she squirted like a fountain.

“Mmm, fuck!” Ariel purred, sticking two fingers into her twat as the final few spurts of cum sprayed from her urethra. 

Then, she was back up in a flash; the busty brunette spinning around and kneeling before her masseur as she wrapped her lips around his dripping wet prong.  She sucked greedily at the shaft, slurping up a cocktail of oil, squirt fluid and ass juice as she choked down his dick. She swallowed it right down to the base, drooling and slobbering over the already sodden wang as she held it between her lips.  Then, she came up for air; the chesty actress jerking Viktor’s sopping dong as she gazed up at him.

“Lay down,” she said, hopping down from the table so Viktor could assume the position.

He lay on his back atop the padded surface, his giant wang standing tall like a flesh skyscraper as he positioned himself on the table.  Ariel climbed back up and knelt between his thighs. She reached for the bottle of oil and squirted a hearty dose over Viktor’s cock; the clear slick grease trickling down his shaft like raindrops on a window.  Ariel stroked his dick as she continued to pour; the stacked starlet coating every inch of his girthy prong in the sticky oil before tossing the bottle aside.

She turned around and thrust out her ass; the buxom beauty giving her opposite number a breathtaking view of her shapely behind as she backed it up toward him.  She slid her legs under Viktor’s thighs and squatted over his crotch; the Nordic stud gripping his wet cock around mid-shaft and aiming his crown at her asshole.  He pushed it inside; the brunette purring like a satisfied kitten as the bulging head invaded her anal cavity. 

Ariel began to hop and buck from her knelt position; the horny actress performing perfectly formed squats between Viktor’s splayed thighs as she rode his mammoth dong.  Viktor watched on with delight; the hypnotic rise and fall of her voluptuous ass nearly sending him into a trance as she bounced on his girthy cock.   

Ariel reached back to grip her ass cheeks as she bucked and writhed on his dong; the chesty starlet venturing her tight pink rim further down his lengthy shaft with each pass she took.  Every so often, she guided her ring up past the tip of his crown; the curvy brunette gaping her asshole open like it was made from elastic, as Viktor returned his dick from whence it came.   

Before long, she was bouncing on his dick like a bucking bronco; her shapely rear clattering repeatedly with his muscled abs as she rode his giant cock.  Viktor grabbed a bottle of oil and sprayed yet more of the slippery lube over her big, thick ass; the Swedish hunk greasing up her butt to such a degree that he could see his reflection in the juicy, round cheeks as they worked up and down his dong. 

“Come on.  Fuck me, stud!” Ariel cooed, glancing back at the masseur over her sculpted shoulder blade as she rode his massive dong.  “Pound my ass with that big fucking cock!”

Viktor didn’t have to be told twice.  He gripped Ariel’s peachy, greased up ass cheeks as he held her in place; the chiseled Swede digging his fingers into the muscled orbs as he began to buck his hips.  He worked his cock back and forth in her asshole; the Nordic stud feeding an additional inch of his veiny, thick shaft into her rectum with each motion. Before long, he was going at her balls deep, his meaty thighs clapping repeatedly against her rump as he drilled her backdoor. 

“Fuck! Fuck! Yes! FUCK MY ASS!” Ariel screamed, her huge tits jiggling and bouncing each time Viktor thrust up into her, her pretty face screwed with orgasmic lust as he probed her rectum with his dong.

Viktor could feel his dick throb and pulse; Ariel’s snug pink anus threatening to wring every last ounce of spunk from his heavy, churning balls every time he thrust into its depths. 

“Shit, I’m gonna blow!” he bellowed; the burly masseur guiding Ariel’s asshole up and over the head of his cock and to safety before he shot his load inside it.

Ariel stuck her ass up in the air as high as it would go as Viktor knelt behind her; stroking his dick vigorously as he prepared to paint her buttcheeks with his seed.  Viktor beat his meat like an excited teenager until it erupted like Krakatoa; a semen tsunami blasting from his tip and splattering across Ariel’s plump, round rear and up her back like blood on a bludgeon.

“Phew!” Ariel exclaimed, reaching up to rub her clit as Viktor’s piping hot seed boiled and sizzled on her ass and back.  “Now that’s what I call a happy ending!”

End of Chapter 38
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Chapter 39

Starring: Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Ariel Winter, Emma Watson, Maisie Williams, Sophie Turner, Natalie Dormer, Felicity Jones, Hayley Atwell, Daisy Ridley, Alicia Vikander and Malin Akerman


Taylor Swift and her celebrity friends emerged from the luxury massage rooms in matching white cotton robes.  Freja and her two assistants were waiting in the hallway to greet them.

“Hej, girls,” she said, “I trust you enjoyed your rubdowns.”

“Absolutely,” Ariel Winter replied, her A-list companions murmuring in agreement.

“I thought as much,” Freja grinned.  “Hopefully you’re feeling nice and relaxed now, but if not then never fear, because this next activity is guaranteed to sweat out any last morsel of tension from those sexy bodies of yours.  That’s right girls,” she added, pushing open a door at the far end of the hallway, “it’s time for a sauna.”

Beyond the door frame lay a large wooden room; the walls and benches decked out in boards of the finest English oak and varnished to a gleam with all manner of expensive lacquers.  A wooden trough filled with piping hot stones sat to the left of the door with numerous water-filled buckets at its side. 

The girls cooed excitedly and shed their robes; the A-list beauties clasping hands and hurrying through the open doorway.  They gathered on the wooden benches as Freja’s assistants followed them inside. The two employees fetched the wooden buckets and poured them out across the hot stones; offering a fantastic view of their various endowments as they did so.  The stones hissed and sizzled, a haze of steam rising from the trough like smoke from a campfire. Before long, the room looked like the set of an 80’s metal video; the lavish sauna thick with steam like the jungles of the Amazon. Freja’s assistants watched on from the doorway as the celebrity babes lolled in the seering steam.

“Enjoy, ladies,” they said in unison, the gorgeous pair exiting the room and closing the door behind them.

The girls lounged in the misty lodge, exchanging stories and swapping tales from their time in the massage rooms.

“...then he reached into his pants and pulled out the biggest, blackest cock I’ve ever seen.”

“Oooh, wow!”

“I know, right.  Talk about a massage tool!”

“...and, my God, ladies- I thought she was gonna smother me to death with her tits!”

“...I nearly dehydrated from squirting so much!  What a huge dong!”

And on and on.  Beads of sweat started to form on their smooth, lotioned skin as the heat in the sauna continued to rise.  Before long, their naked bodies were gleaming with perspiration, their expensively styled hair damp with sweat as they lazed in the steaming room.  Moisture pooled between their breasts, trickled down their arms and shone on their midriffs. 

The ladies were, as a matter of fact, clammy all over, but nowhere more so than between their thighs.  Indeed, it appeared that watching the sweat glisten on one another’s body parts had had an effect on their nether regions.  In fact, the girls were positively burning up down below; every one of the A-list babes seeping from their private parts like there was no tomorrow, the insides of their thighs moistened to such a degree that they made the rest of their sweat-soaked bodies look bone dry by comparison. 

In short, the girls were hornier than a herd of rhinos.  They started to caress one another, the randy celebs allowing their soft, silken hands to roam over one another’s glowing, wet skin.  Then, the kissing started. Slow, passionate all-girl lip locking, so hot and alluring it would see even the most devout of homosexuals shooting into their shorts.  Taylor Swift and Alicia Vikander went first, and their friends followed suit. Before long, singers and actresses alike were pulling tongue every which way; the scene growing steamier by the second (in more ways than one) as a mass sapphic smoothfest swept across the sticky sauna.

Sophie Turner made out with Ariel Winter.  Felicity Jones locked lips with Daisy Ridley, while Emma Watson, Maisie Williams and Malin Akerman engaged in a threeway kiss beside them.  And that was just the beginning. It wasn’t long before the girls had moved onto chests; a band of clammy celebrity babes licking the sweat from each others racks and sucking away on their stiff pink nipples like infants at feeding time.  Selena Gomez tongued at Natalie Dormer’s tits, while Alicia Vikander motorboated Hayley Atwell.

And on and on it went; the scene in the Stockholm sweat lodge getting hotter by the second as the all-star orgy kicked into second gear.  Heads disappeared between toned thighs and peachy ass cheeks across the steaming sauna and before long A-list beauties from both sides of the Atlantic were licking one another to ecstasy as an all out oral extravaganza ensued.  Taylor Swift went down on Ariel Winter. Sophie Turner munched on Felicity Jones, while Malin Akerman ate Daisy Ridley’s ass.           

But it didn’t end there, and before long the girls had grouped up into clusters of three or more and gotten down to business; a mass of shiny, sweat-slicked bodies interweaving, interlocking and intertwining across the sweltering steam room as the giant lesbian lickfest moved into its second hour.  Emma Watson and Selena Gomez were tribbing wildly while Hayley Atwell sat on Emma’s face. Maisie Williams and Natalie Dormer had formed a 69; the GoT stars scoffing at each other’s twats while Alicia Vikander knelt behind and tongued at Maisie’s asshole.

And so on and so forth.  Taylor Swift, Sophie Turner and Malin Akerman formed a Bermuda Triangle, while a pussy train some four carriages deep chugged along beside them; Ariel Winter in front, Felicity Jones and Daisy Ridley in the middle, with Emma Watson bringing up the rear.  The girls came over and over; the A-list babes leaking their girlspunk into mouths and over fingers alike as the rampant, females-only fuckfest finally reached its zenith. 

The ladies collapsed into a heap on the floor; sweat dripping from their athletic bodies as they lay in each others arms.  The room started to cool and the steam began to dissipate. The girls rose to their feet and filed back out into the hallway, gathering their discarded robes as Freja and her two assistants came to greet them.

“Ladies!” Freja exclaimed.  “How was your sauna?”

“Fantastic,” replied Taylor Swift, her celebrity pals exchanging suggestive smirks behind her.

“It certainly sounded good from out here,” Freja grinned.  “But we’re not done yet girls. Follow me.”

She led the girls across the hallway to a door at the opposite end.  Yet another room, even more sparkling and pristine than those that came before, lay beyond the snow white door; the luxury chamber kitted out with a number of padded tables and large reclinable chairs, a wide range of expensive looking beauty products lining every shelf, cabinet and surface.  Ten handsome, well muscled men in matching white tunics stood cross armed in the centre of the room.

“I hope you girls conserved some energy,” Freja continued, “‘cause now it’s time for some facials!” 

End of Chapter 39
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Chapter 40

Starring: Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Ariel Winter, Emma Watson, Maisie Williams, Sophie Turner, Natalie Dormer, Felicity Jones, Hayley Atwell, Daisy Ridley, Alicia Vikander and Malin Akerman


“In you come, ladies,” said Freja, ushering Taylor Swift and her A-list chums into the room. 

The girls filed in and Freja closed the door behind them.

“Now, as you have probably deduced, this particular beauty treatment is going to be rather different than any you’ve had before,” Freja explained.  “Here at the Grand Nordic Spa we don’t like to rely on cosmetic products to perform beauty treatments that an all natural method can achieve just as well, if not better.  Of course, we have all manner of creams, oils and face masks available if that’s your preference, but we believe the all natural skin care techniques to be more effective and a lot more fun. 

“I’m talking, of course, about the male ejaculate.  That’s right, ladies, a load or two of piping hot cum on your face cleanses the skin far better than any lotion ever will.  I’ve been using this method for years and, as you can see, my skin is nothing short of flawless.” The guys looked at one another and grinned, thinking back to the ‘skin treatment’ they’d given their boss that very morning.  “Miss Vikander and Miss Akerman are also proponents of this technique and speak of it very highly. Isn’t that right, ladies?”

“Mmhmm,” Alicia Vikander agreed.

“Oh, yes,” added Malin Akerman.

“So, ladies, this is our team of skilled technicians who will be performing your treatments today,” said Freja, gesturing to the ten men lined up in the centre of the room.  “And as this particular treatment is new to you, why don’t we have an experienced practitioner show you how it’s done? Miss Vikander, would you like to do the honours?”

“Happy to,” Alicia replied.

The girls watched on as their friend shed her robe and marched into the centre of the room; the band of studs encircling her as she made her approach.  In no time at all, Alicia found herself ringed by a troop of muscled technicians; the Nordic hunks surrounding her from all angles as the alternative, and very hands on beauty treatment got underway.  There was light skin, dark skin, brown eyes, blue eyes, long hair, short hair. But regardless of their personal style or ethnic background; the gang of studs shared a number of common features. They were almost unspeakably, panty moistening good looking, chiseled beyond belief and packing one heck of a tool below the waistbands of their pants. 

Hands slapped at her ass and pawed at her chest as the men surrounded her.  Alicia reciprocated; the Swedish starlet reaching down and stroking two of the oversized cocks stretching down their pant legs.  Some pulled off their tunics and tossed them aside, while others tugged down their pants. Alicia dropped to a squat as the guys removed their clothing.  Before long, the Scandinavian beauty was surrounded by cocks from all angles; the oversized wangs pointing at her pretty face like long flesh arrows. Some were veiny, some were smooth.  Some hooded, others uncut. Some hairy, some waxed. Some white, some black, some brown. But regardless of the colour and whatever it looked like, each of the Nordic dongs had one thing in common; they were all huge.  Massive, even. Eight inches or longer, with girth to match, balls dangling between their thighs and globs or precum pooling in the tips. 

Without further ado, Alicia got started; her A-list friends watching on from the sidelines as she got down to business.  A tall white guy named Erik was stood before her, and Alicia wrapped her mouth around his dick, her hands quickly finding two others as she worked her lips up and down the shaft.  She sucked and slurped, stroked and jerked; the horny actress beating off both of the long, thick dongs at a furious pace as she blew the third. Alicia sucked greedily at Erik’s dong; the brunette drooling and slobbering over the giant wang as she choked it right down to the balls.

But she wasn’t done yet.  In fact, she’d only just gotten started, and no sooner had she sucked Erik’s dick down to the base, had he gripped the back of her head, the Nordic stud holding her in place as he drilled his dick between her lips.  *UCK* *URK* *UCK* came the sounds from Alicia’s mouth as her fellow Swede fucked her pretty face. Saliva dripped from his veiny underside as he drove his dong between her lips; the chiseled young hunk plunging it right down to the balls with each pass.     

Alicia moved onto the next man; a ripped black stud named Anton, the randy starlet jerking his long dark cock as she dipped down to get at his balls.  She fed one of the large, spunk-filled gonads between her lips, sucking on it like a big flesh gobstopper before moving onto the next. Then, she licked up the underside of his pole; the brown-haired beauty trailing a thick, juicy vein with the tip of her tongue as she worked her way up to the head.  Alicia wrapped her lips around the crown; the horny Swede bobbing her head as she worked them up and down the shaft. Before long, she’d choked his dick right down to the balls; the large brown gonads pressing against her throat as she deepthroated the massive wang. 

And on and on it went.  Alicia worked her way around the ring of studs; the Nordic babe moving from one man to the next.  Some stood still and let her do the work, while others gripped her glossy chestnut hair and thrusted between her lips like their lives depended on it; the Swedish starlet swallowing their oversized cocks right down to the hilt anyway they came.  But it didn’t end there, and as she sucked and slurped on a plethora of juicy wangs, Alicia used her skilled hands to stroke and jerk any remaining dongs that her arm span would allow. Hands continued to grope and paw at her tits. Some of the men slapped their cocks against the top of her head.  Others jerked off with strands of her hair. A cocktail of spit and precum smeared across her face, wetting her hair and stickling great clumps of it to her skin.

Alicia had just finished choking a lengthy black prong all the way to the base, when a white man behind her yanked on her messy brown locks, pulling her head back so it was almost horizontal.  He fed his dick between her lips and thrusted; the chiseled Swede guiding his long, thick pipe down her throat as he worked it back and forth, his hefty, spit-slicked balls dangling in her face as she choked down his wang.  Alicia remained in this position for some time; the Nordic beauty feasting eagerly on any part of intimate male anatomy that came her way. Some fucked her mouth, others dipped their balls between her lips, while some backed up towards her, pulling themselves off as she tongued at their assholes. 

Once the first six men had taken a turn, the remaining four surrounded Alicia from all angles.  They gripped their cocks at the root and slapped them against her face; her gorgeous features lit up like a Christmas tree as the quartet of heavy skin batons smacked against her flesh.  A big white cock smacked against her chin, while another hit her left cheek. A long brown one whacked against her other cheek, while a thick jet black wang struck repeatedly against her forehead and between her eyes. 

A good fifteen minutes of face fucking, ball sucking, ass licking and cock stroking later, and the guys were fit to burst; all ten of their meaty, thick prongs pointed at her face as they prepared to shoot their loads.  Soon enough, cocks were blasting every which way like long flesh cannons. A tall, bearded white guy named Lars went off first; the Scandinavian stud shooting a thick wad of creamy, hot seed straight across the starboard bow.  Two more followed suit, then three; the guys jetting their spunk over any span of soft, tanned flesh that took their fancy. 

Before long, Alicia’s face had been drenched with nut; the gooey, off-white splooge coating her cheeks, nose, lips and forehead in equal measure.  Not to mention, sealing her gorgeous brown eyes shut and dripping from her chin. Some, it appeared, had disregarded the concept of a ‘facial’ altogether; the Nordic hunks blowing their beans across her chest, in her hair or dumping a thick load on the top of her head.  By the time they were done, there was barely a stretch of skin or strand of hair that hadn’t been painted with a sticky rope of piping hot man mess. One by one, the guys stepped away, gradually revealing Alicia’s cum-drenched body to her surrounding friends.
“And that’s how it’s done, ladies,” Freja grinned.  “Obviously the longer you leave it on, the better it is for the face.  Alicia here usually goes for a sauna while she waits for it to dry. Isn’t that right, Miss Vikander?”

“Mmhmm,” Alicia replied.  “And then once I’ve washed it off, I usually go back in for another.  But not today. Not until you girls have had your turn anyway!”

Just then, the door opened; ten more men, every bit as muscled, handsome and well-endowed as the first, strolling through the open portal. 

“Yes, ladies,” said Freja, “now it’s your turn.  Who wants to go first?”

The girls were literally clambering over one another to take the next turn.  So much so that Freja had to handpick the first three herself. The trio she chose were Selena Gomez, Maisie Williams and Hayley Atwell, and the selected starlets squatted back to back to back in the centre of the room where they were set upon by no fewer than 20 muscled Nordic studs.  Cocks were stroked and jerked in every direction; the girls parting their lips in wait of any big Euro dong that came their way.

Selena had one in her mouth.  Another rested against Maisie’s face as she sucked on the large Swedish meatballs that hung underneath.  Hayley was taking one between the tits and another in her maw. Hands groped at breasts and gripped pawfuls of hair as the Scandinavian studs thrusted back and forth between their lips.  The girls worked their way around the seemingly never ending circle of studs; their hands crisscrossing like a game of Twister as they sought to pull and jerk any length of Nordic meat they could reach. 

Tongues licked at slits and delved into assholes.  Lips wrapped around big, swollen balls and plunged to the base of wangs with consummate ease.  Soon enough, Selena had her head tilted back, a dick in each hand as a burly black hunk dipped his heavy, spunk filled gonads into her mouth.  Maisie had two bisecting cocks between her lips, while Hayley was tonguing at a man’s stripwaxed asshole, while another sawed his girthy, uncut dong between her breasts. 

It wasn’t long before the guys were ready to cum and the ladies formed a tight, three girl perimeter as long, veiny cocks were stroked and tugged all round them.  Gloopy ropes of nut flew at them from all directions, with as many as five of the chiseled Swedish studs going off at the same time; shooting their wad at any A-list face within spitting distance.  The cum splattered everywhere; across lips, onto cheeks, over eyes. Some of the loads even shot straight over their intended targets, hitting the girls behind on the top of the head, and leaving thick globs of spunk in their carefully styled hair. 

When they were done, the three women were every bit as cum-soaked as Alicia before hem; all 20 of the shredded Nordic studs having blasted them with what seemed to be a fortnight’s buildup of gooey, warm seed.  But it wasn’t over yet, and no sooner had the guys shot their wads, had the next four women marched into the fray, taking the place of the first three as the second celebrity group suckfest got underway.

Emma Watson sucked the last few drops of cum out of a long black rod, while Ariel Winter had a thick white cock clamped between her tits and a second in her mouth.  Taylor Swift and Natalie Dormer lined up ten of the guys and worked their way down the row; the Brit blowing each of the chiseled hunks in turn, while her US counterpart buried her face in their cracks.  Asses were licked, balls were sucked, cocks were deepthroated and faces were fucked. 

Ariel Winter climbed up onto one of the reclining chairs and hung her head over the edge.  Two lines some five men deep formed at her head and chest; the randy Swedes taking turns to plow her pretty mouth and saw their cocks between her heaving jugs.  Meanwhile, the other women handled the remaining ten; the celebrity babes sucking and slurping, stroking and jerking any mammoth Euro cock that came their way. The loads came thick and fast; the muscled men blowing their beans over faces and racks alike, and it didn’t end there.     

By the time the last A-list quartet had taken their turn, some of the guys had cum four times; their latest wad of spunk somehow every bit as thick and gooey as the first as they shot them over any face, chest or expensively styled hairdo that took their fancy.  With the last load shot and the final pair of balls drained, all 12 of the famous beauties were simply soaked in cum. It was everywhere; in their hair, on their faces and dripping from their tits. In fact, there was scarcely a stretch of celebrity skin in the room that wasn’t soaked with a cocktail of creamy Swedish nut. 

“Wow!” said Taylor Swift, the blonde-haired beauty utterly caked in splooge from the chest up.  “Now that’s what I call a facial!”

Her friends murmured in agreement.  Freja, who stuck out like a sore thumb amongst her cum-drenched clients, wandered into the centre of the room.

“Glad you enjoyed it, ladies,” she announced.  “But I suggest you get yourselves cleaned up. Scoop up those loads, lick each other clean, whatever.  ‘Cause there’s plenty more where they came from!”

End of Chapter 40
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Facials are probably my favorite sex act to read (and write) so this chapter was just fucking awesome. 
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Chapter 41

Starring: Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Ariel Winter, Emma Watson, Maisie Williams, Sophie Turner, Natalie Dormer, Felicity Jones, Hayley Atwell, Daisy Ridley, Alicia Vikander and Malin Akerman


Nils had been stuck in traffic for hours.  The E4 into central Stockholm had been bumper bumper for much of the evening.  Like most massage parlors of, shall we say, somewhat ill repute, the Grand Nordic Spa stayed open long into the night and Nils was currently two hours late for the evening shift.  He loved his job (not surprising considering the average day consisted of rubbing down hot rich women and blowing a load on their faces for the good of their complexion) and hated missing out on a single second of one of his shifts.  So, understandably, he was pretty incensed by his current predicament, a frustration not helped by the vast amount of Snapchat messages his work colleagues had been sending him for the past hour and a half. 

The first was from his buddy Sven; a POV shot of Alicia Vikander sucking his dick and stroking two others, the accompanying caption reading; What’s keeping you man?  You’re missing all the fun!  Then he received one from his friend Martin; a short clip of Hayley Atwell and Maisie Williams sharing his long black rod.  Bro, did you pick you wrong day to turn up late! read the caption beneath.  And so on and so forth. Before long, he was getting a new message with every passing minute; each one lewder and more obscene than the one that preceded it.

Finally, and some two and a half hours late, Nils showed up for his shift; the handsome Swede eager to make up for lost time.  And, as luck would have it, the spa’s celebrity patrons were more than happy to assist him. In fact, he had barely stepped through the door when Selena Gomez, Ariel Winter and Natalie Dormer squatted at his feet and welcomed the Nordic stud with a threeway suckjob.  Nils looked around the room as the girls tugged down his trousers and underwear, to see that the usually quiet and peaceful Stockholm health spa (well, that wasn’t strictly true- but it was usually quieter and more peaceful than this!) had been transformed into the setting of the most wild, untamed all-star orgy the country had ever seen. 

Indeed, famous women were sucking and fucking a plethora of Swedish dongs throughout the luxury clinic; Nils’ friends and colleagues ballsdeep in an A-list mouth or vagina for as far as his eyes could see.  The men now outnumbered their female counterparts 21-12 (a disparity not helped by the chiseled latecomer hoarding three of the celebrity babes for himself), so many of the Scandinavian hunks had been forced to share.  But, as far as Nils could tell, they didn’t seem to mind much. 

In fact, the girls could have taken on the entire male population of Sweden by this point, and muscled studs still would have plowed away at their tight A-list pussies like their lives depended on it.  One guy was going down on Sophie Turner, while another dipped his balls in her mouth. Felicity Jones was getting spitroasted by a pair of burly black studs; the dark-skinned duo thrusting their long, thick cocks down to the base at both ends of her frame. 

By the time Nils had taken a scan of the room, his designated trio already had their pretty mouths wrapped around his junk.  Selena Gomez’ glossy pink lips roamed up and down the length of his shaft, while Natalie Dormer and Ariel Winter shared his balls; the randy celebs sucking on the large, cum-filled orbs like boiled candies.  And it didn’t end there. In fact, that was only the beginning and, soon enough, the girls were handing his dick back and forth like a game of pass the parcel; all three of the A-list babes taking turns to choke the girthy wang right down to the hilt. 

Once the girls had deepthroated his cock several times each, Natalie and Ariel wrapped their lips around the now spit-slathered shaft; the twin sets of pouty, plump prickpleasers pressing together as they worked them along his pole.  Selena, not wanting to feel left out, circled around behind the handsome Swede, parted his ass cheeks with her manicured hands and stuck her face in his crack. Before long, Nils’ rod was throbbing away between Natalie and Ariel’s lips like nobody’s business; their soft, wet mouths dousing his wang in yet more sticky saliva as their celebrity pal tongued at his stripwaxed ass.     

And on and on it went.  From here on out, the celebrity trio ringed around Nils’ muscled form; every one of the horny celebs taking turns to blow him, suck on his balls or lick his ass as the epic threeway gobjob raged on.  At one point, Natalie was sucking his dick, Selena gobbling on his balls while Ariel tonguefucked his asshole. At another, it was Natalie with her face in his crack, Selena sucking at his head, while Ariel worked her whopping, great DD fuckjugs up and down his wang.  But whatever the formation, the girls sucked, slurped and tongued him to within an inch of his life; the Nordic hunk clinging to his load by a thread as he was ruthlessly set upon by a trio of horny A-list sluts.

Some 30 minutes and numerous configurations later, and Nils could hold off no longer.  The girls lined up before him as he prepared to shoot his load; every one of the celebrity babes aching to coax a creamy wad right out of his balls.  Ariel wrapped her mouth around his dick, her two friends sucking on his bulging nuts as she slurped greedily at his veiny shaft. She could feel his cock throb and pulse against her tongue as she sucked him; the lengthy pole beating like an athlete’s ticker as it prepared to shoot its goo. 

And then, he did just that.  An almighty roar bellowed from between his lips as a thick wad of gloopy, hot seed blasted from the tip and pooled in Ariel’s mouth like a murky lagoon.  The girls swapped the cum back and forth from mouth to mouth. Ariel passed it to Selena. Selena passed it onto Natalie. Then back to Ariel. Then Natalie.  Then Selena. Then back to Natalie. And so on and so forth, until all three of the celebrity babes had equal measures of the creamy, thick goo gathered in their pretty mouths.  They closed their lips in perfect synchronicity and swallowed down the cum; the A-list trio meeting for a threeway kiss to wrap up. 

Nils, however, didn’t see any of this.  In fact, the final drop of cum had scarcely dripped from the tip of his wang, when Malin Akerman gripped him by the arm and dragged him across to a nearby reclining chair.  She lay back across the padded surface; the blonde beauty using two manicured fingers to split apart her sticky pink pussy lips while beckoning him between her thighs with another. 

“Come on, baby,” she purred, fixing him with a look so sultry and alluring that no soul on God’s green Earth, male or female, could possibly say ‘no’ to it.  “Get down there and eat that pussy!”

No further invitation was required.  Nils knelt on the edge of the chair and buried his head between her bronzed MILF thighs like he an ostrich in the sand.  Malin reached down and placed a hand at the back of his head as he ate her out; the young stud scoffing at her slick, wet twat like he hadn’t eaten in days. 

“Over here,” she groaned, ushering Nils’ friend Elias and, more specifically, his big black cock, over as the Nordic hunk busied himself between her thighs.  “Gimme that dick!”

Malin tilted her head to the side as Elias approached; the Swedish actress feeding his coal-dark wang between her lips and sucking at the swollen head.  She reached down to fondle his balls; the randy starlet rolling the large black gonads around her palm as she worked her lips up and down his dong. A steady chorus of muffled, impassioned coos escaped her glossy pink lips as she sucked Elias’ wang; his friend and co-worker munching away at her sodden box like a man possessed, her sugary-sweet fluids smearing across his mouth as he went to town between her thighs.

In no time at all, he’d made her cum; the actress cooing around the long black cock engorged in her mouth as he tongued her to climax.  But Nils wasn’t done yet, and no sooner had the fair-haired starlet cum on his handsome face, was the young man up on his knees; the head of his dong pressed up against her dripping snatch as he prepared to feed it inside.  Without further delay, he did just that; Malin’s sticky, wet cooch damn near swallowing his girthy cock whole as he guided it in.

He worked his cock back and forth inside her; the chiseled Swede pulling it back so only the head remained, only to drive it forward once more, an additional linch of his veiny pole vanishing into her depths with each pass.  Meanwhile, at the other end, Malin was sucking away on Elias’ heavy black balls; the Nordic beauty stroking his cock while he dipped his nuts into her mouth like a teabag into water. By now, Nils had ahold of her ankles; the shredded hunk holding her long, waxed legs apart as he pounded her hot pink pussy, his bulging cockhead reaching and carressing the deepest parts of her cooch with each pass he took. 

Malin reached down to strum her clit, her other hand roaming up and down Elias’ wang as she sucked at the head.  The extra stimulation to her nether regions made the actress’ pussy clench extra tightly around Nils’ cock; her ultra-snug cooch threatening to wring every last drop of spunk from his balls every time he thrust into its sticky depths.  And it wasn’t long until it did just that. One final base-deep plunge into the recesses of her cunt was all it took. 

“Ugh! FUCK!” Nils bellowed, as a tidal wave of gloopy, warm seed shot from the hole in his dick, flooding Malin’s tight pink cooch like the Mississippi. 

Malin groaned around the dick in her mouth as he pumped her full of nut.  Nils pulled out of her pussy, thick globs of gooey, off-white seed slopping out as he did so.  But again, he was given little time to recover, and despite having just blown two verile loads of piping hot jism in less than 30 minutes, the shredded young hunk had scarcely retrieved his dick from Malin’s spunk-filled cooze when he was set upon by another set of horny A-list babes. 

This time it was the celebrity trio of Taylor Swift, Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner who were gripping him by the arms and dragging him to the next vacant chair.  Nils laid back on the reclining chair and the girls mounted him. Taylor knelt over his head, setting her slick pink pussy down on his face, while Sophie squatted over his crotch in the reverse cowgirl position, guiding his still rock hard dong straight into her ass as she straddled his chiselled frame.  But that wasn’t all and, in case two A-list beauties mounting his muscled body wasn’t enough, Maisie crawled between his splayed thighs and started gobbling at his balls! 

Nils was on cloud nine; the handsome Swede almost buried alive under a pile of celebrity sluts as they went to town on his shredded form.  Taylor was perched on his face like a mother bird; her peachy, round ass smothering the Nordic stud to the point that he could barely breathe.  Meanwhile, Sophie was riding him like a bitch from hell; her tight pink anus venturing up and down his dong from the tip to the base, her ass clattering repeatedly against his pelvis as she hopped and bucked atop his muscled frame.  Maisie sucked on his balls one by one; the Brit actress slathering each of the swollen gonads in spittle as she switched back and forth from one to the next.

Nils moved his hands from Taylor’s back to Sophie’s ass; the chiseled hunk gripping her supple cheeks and holding her in place as drove his cock up into her rear.  Maisie moved up to Sophie’s clit; the brunette beauty tonguing at her friend’s swollen bud as Nils pounded her out from below, the Scandinavian hunk still scoffing at Taylor’s box and performing both actions with considerable aplomb.  He drilled Sophie’s ass like a jackhammer; every inch of his veiny, thick cock tunnelling into her rectum with each pass. Meanwhile, he lapped away at Taylor’s clit; her sticky, wet girlcum coating his lips and chin as he ate her out.

Before long, all three of the celebrity babes, and their chosen stud, were trembling all over.  Even Maisie, who was strumming her own stiff pink clit while tonguing at Sophie’s, was quivering from head to toe.  Sophie’s ass gripped around Nils’ dong. Taylor’s pussy juices smeared across his face. Nils made both women cum at the same time before letting loose himself; the burly young stud blasting a wad of spunk, every bit as potent and warm as the previous two, straight up Sophie’s rectum. 

Sophie climbed down from Nils’ body; the redheaded babe squeezing his load of gloopy Nordic seed out of her asshole and straight into Maisie’s mouth.  The three girls then gathered on their knees, swapping the cum to and fro before gulping it down. But it didn’t stop there and over the course of the next hour and a half, Nils reamed the A-list trio in every position, formation and configuration he could think of, the muscled hunk shooting his load up every one of the snug pink holes at every change over. 

At one stage, Maisie and Taylor were 69ing on the surface of the chair; the Swedish hunk knelt behind, plowing the brunette in the ass, while she and Sophie tongued at Taylor’s pussy.  At another, he had Taylor hoisted up in the standing position, his cock buried in her rear as he threw her up and down on his dong, Sophie burying her face in his crack, while Maisie was at hand to suck his meaty prong right out of Taylor’s ass.

To wrap up, Nils stacked the three women up one on top of the other and worked his way up and down the pile of sluts, fucking each one in turn before moving onto the next.  Once he’d travelled up and down the stack of starlets several times, the randy trio climbed down from the chair and gathered at his feet. Nils pulled his prong, now red raw from overuse, until yet another wad of seed shot from his tip and splattered across all three of their pretty, A-list faces in equal measure.   

Having just blown his sixth load in under three hours, Nils was headed to the side of the room for a much needed breather when a breathy, feminine voice stopped him in his tracks.

“You,” it said, “over here.” 

The voice came from a nearby chair that was ringed by his muscled colleagues and turned out to belong to Hayley Atwell.  Nils could barely see her through the gaps in the surrounding torsos, but she did appear to be in there somewhere; the buxom brunette currently accommodating a number of oversized cocks with various parts of her anatomy.  There was one in her pussy, one in her ass, one in her mouth and two more in her hands. But for a woman of such a shapely build, there was always room for one more and as Nils fought his way through the surrounding studs, Hayley released the cock from her mouth, informing the newest addition to her gangbang exactly where she wanted him to go.

“Get that cock between my tits!” she said.

And that’s exactly what he did.  Nils climbed up onto the chair and threw his leg over her midriff, slapping his cock between her cans as he straddled her curvy frame.  He squeezed her breasts together, thick bulges of the smooth, creamy white titflesh spilling through the gaps in his fingers as he wrapped them around his dong.  He sawed his dick between her juggies; funbags already nicely moistoned from the scores of titfucks she’d already given during the course of the orgy. 

From here on out, the guys rotated around Hayley’s body like planets in orbit; the Nordic studs moving from orifice to orifice, pleasure point to pleasure point as they ringed her voluptuous frame.  Nils’ friend Martin retrieved his long black cock from the depths of her pussy and another man entered. Nils himself prized his dick from between her tits and hopped down from the chair, standing at Hayley’s side so she could jerk him off, while another man took his place. 

The guys switched up position regularly, trying out a different part of Hayley’s anatomy in turn as they looped her buxom form.  Many rotations and formation changes later, and Nils finally found himself between her thighs; a large cock already ballsdeep in her rear as he stuffed her to the brim once more.  Nils and his buddy Sven humped and bucked in perfect unison; the chiseled pair driving their girthy twin dongs into the depths of her ass and pussy alike with each pass they took. Martin dipped his heavy black balls in her mouth; his big dark rod laying across her face while she jerked two others, a sixth meaty, thick prong plowing her huge rack. 

“Boys, I’ve got an idea,” Nils announced, the Swedish hunk lifting Hayley up off the chair, dick still embedded in her pussy as he hoisted her into mid air.

The guys gathered around her once more and vied for her second orifice.  A young black man named Joakim was quickest on the draw; the dark-skinned stud stepping up behind the stacked beauty and burying his dick in her ass.  Hayley held onto the two men for dear life as they wedged her between their bodies. They tossed her up and down between their chiseled frames; her huge cans flopping around uncontrollably as they speared her with their wangs. 

And Hayley wasn’t the only one being treated to a dose of hard dual dicking.  In fact, horny celebs were getting stuffed between pairs of muscled hunks every which way as the wild, all-star orgy reached its ardent peak.  Alicia Vikander. Selena Gomez. Daisy Ridley had a long, thick cock embedded in all three holes, while Emma Watson was taking two ballsdeep in her snatch.

“Yes!  Yes! Fuck me!” screamed Hayley Atwell as Nils and Joakim bounced her up and down on their dongs; their bulging, round cockheads tunnelling deep into both her tight pink holes with each pass.

The remaining four men pulled their throbbing pricks at the sidelines as they waited for their turn.  Nils was first to vacate; Joakim holding Hayley aloft as a second man took his place. The guys kept Hayley in this position for some time; the chiseled hunks taking turns on her both her holes until everyone had had at least one go in each.  Hayley was in seventh heaven; the chesty actress passed around like a homemade bong as she was sandwiched between a rotating cast of burly Nordic studs. Cocks of every shape, size and colour thrust up into her in pairs; colour combinations of white/white, white/black and black/black probing her snug pink holes, pounding her hard and making her cum over and over.

Numerous line changes and several minutes of deep double dicking later and the guys were ready to blow.  Hayley was lowered to the ground and the guys ringed her; their long, thick cocks pointed at her from all directions as they stroked them vigorously.  Martin and Sven stepped up first; the white stud clamping his dong between Hayley’s jugs and humping away, while his dark-skinned counterpart aimed his dick at her face and jerked it wildly.  Both men shot their wads at almost the exact same time; equally thick, equally creamy loads of boiling seed splattering across her face and raining down over the tops of her cans as they blasted her with their goo.

Three more men went next; two drenching her pretty face in further loads of the nut, while the other left gloopy blobs of spunk on the top of her head.  Nils was last and as he stepped up to the plate, Hayley was already coated in nut from her dome to her chest. Thick ropes of seed criss crossed across her face and over her rack, while long trails of the stuff dripped down from her chin, down her hair and along her breasts in equal measure. 

“Come on, baby.  Gimme that cum!” she purred, reaching up to fondle his balls as he beat himself off.  “Hose me down with that piping seed!”

Nils’ ejaculate came in three separate blasts.  The first splattered across Hayley’s bosom; coating the already cum-soaked tanks in yet more steaming, off-white goop.  The second struck her full in the face; leaving a thin spunky trail from her lips, across her nose, between her eyes and right up to her brow.  While the third and final shot past her face and chest entirely; the gooey blast leaving a streak of piping hot seed across the top of her head.     

With the final load shot and the last pair of balls drained, the girls gathered in the centre of the room; their bodies once more drenched in semen, while still more sloshed about in their filled up tummies and oozed from both their holes. 

“So, how did you like your stay in Stockholm, ladies?” asked Alicia Vikander.

“Oh my God!  Incredible!” exclaimed Felicity Jones.  “You girls sure do things differently up here in the North.  I’m not complaining though!”

The girls laughed.

“Yeah, I gotta find me a spa like this back in LA,” added Taylor Swift.  “This is a beauty treatment I can see myself getting on a regular basis!”  More laughter. “Matter of fact, I could do for another right now. How about it, boys?” she grinned, looking out across the sea of panting men.  “You ready for more?”

End of Chapter 41