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You guys are killin’ it.

Great submissions.  8)
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Loving these short stories, keep up the great work!  Gonna write another I think

RT Minotaur

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Carpenter Quickee - Sandra Bullock

Graham looked at the note to ensure he was at the right place. Calico Hotel, Beijing. Room 164. He had no idea who it was from but the note appeared at his bench earlier that day. The hotel was very fancy and he felt out of place in his jeans and plaid shirt.

He stood outside the door to compose himself before knocking. Nothing happened for a moment and he considered turning back and heading to his own hotel when the lock was undone. His breath was taken away as the door drew back to reveal Sandra Bullock dressed in a black bra, thong and stockings combo. The brunette smiled as she saw Graham at her door.

“Well I’m glad you decided to come and not chicken out.” she said as her hand reached out and started to undo the buttons on his shirt.

“You’re Sandra Bullock!” he said dumbfounded.

“I am.” The actress said as she stopped after the third button. “And this is Sandra Bullock’s ass.”

With the end of her sentence, Sandra spun around and walked back into the room. The thong displayed her ass perfectly and she gave it a playful slap before disappearing around the corner. Graham could feel a stirring in his jeans and he quickly entered the room. With the door closed, he removed his shirt and went around the same corner that Sandra had.

“Nice to see you’re joining in.” Sandra said as she looked at his exposed torso.

“Why am I here?”

“Well I haven’t had sex in quite a while and I saw you on set. You’re good looking and you’ve got some lovely muscles” Sandra said as she reached out and ran her fingers along his biceps.

It was true, Graham had quite noticeable biceps. The good part of his job was it kept him fit so he didn’t need to go to the gym. The only thing missing was a six pac but he put that down to enjoying nights out on his off days. He kept his eyes on Sandra as she leaned in and kissed the side of his neck. Her lips were soft and she smelt beautiful, the scent of her perfume hitting his nose as she came so close.

"Take your clothes off!" Sandra whispered.

Graham stood there confused before watching Sandra walk off to the bedroom; exposing her thong clad ass again. The soft skin was very tanned and he couldn’t see any obvious tan lines. She disappeared into the room and Graham took a big gulp, it wasn’t a position he was used to. He knew enough not to disappoint a woman as beautiful and famous as Sandra so took off his shirt and followed her path.

The sight that greeted him as he turned the corner was shocking; Sandra was now naked and on all fours on the bed. Her body was completely hair free and her pussy lips were already enlarged, she was turned on and completely ready for him. Her ass was toned and he was sure he could see her asshole slightly exposed. As he walked closer to the girl though, he could see it was actually a butt plug.

He reached the edge of the bed as Sandra turned her head around and looked him up and down. She licked her lips at the exposed muscles of his upper body. She nodded her head at his jeans and he removed them on her non-verbal command. He was already getting hard at the sight of the naked brunette and he got fully hard by the delighted look on Sandra’s face.

“Take them off and come fuck me, I’m so ready for some cock!” Sandra said as her eyes zeroed in on Graham’s cock.

Graham lost his boxers as he lined up with the rear end of the older woman. She let out a moan as he slid his length into her pussy, the pitch of her moan increasing as more of the length went inside. After settling his full length into her pussy; Graham put his hands on her hips and started to thrust inside her. Her pussy juices started to quickly coat his cock as she started to get comfortable with the feel of him inside.

“Oh that is the fucking spot!” Sandra screamed as Graham moved his length between her sensitive pussy lips. “Make me cum big boy!”

As the speed increased, Graham leaned over and pushed her head down into the bed sheet to make the angle more acute so he could hit her G spot. The screams of Sandra were muffled by the bedding but the juices of her pussy exposed how turned on she was and the speed increase only helped that more. Graham held her body hard as she started to cum and her juices started to leak out of her pussy onto the bed.

As he felt Sandra start to settle, he let go of her head and pulled out of her pussy. Sandra spun around onto her back and looked at the carpenter with a smile. He looked down to see her shaven pussy soaked with juices and her fit body. He was surprised to see how pert her breasts were considering her age.

“Give me your cock, I want to taste my juices.”

He kneeled forward to get within touching distance of Sandra and her mouth dived down onto his cock. She sucked down on his appendage as she licked her juices off of him. She giggled as her lips moved down his skin to be able to get all of his cock into her mouth. Sandra started to gulp so she could deep throat his cock causing Graham to moan with pleasure. She knew he would be close but didn’t want to waste it with her mouth.

Sandra released the cock and pushed him down onto his back. The actress reached behind and slid the butt plug out of her ass as she looked down on the carpenter. Sandra flipped her leg over his lap and slid backwards to ensure his cock slid into her gaping asshole. With ruthless abandon, Sandra started to bounce on his cock as more of the length went in. Graham could feel the tightness of her ass surround his cock as she bounced up and he could feel his balls start to tighten. His hands reached up to hold her breasts as he got ready to shoot his load inside the actress. As his fingers slipped to pull on her nipples, he thrust his crotch forward and shot his load into Sandra’s asshole.

Sandra bounced some more to milk his cock before jumping off and landing on her stomach next to him with a laugh. She smiled at him as his cock started to lose hardness and his cum leaking out between her thighs.

“Thanks for that quickee darling, I’ll see you on set tomorrow. Close the door on your way out.”

Sandra leaned in to kiss Graham before jumping up. She gave him a treat by slapping his ass before disappearing into the shower.


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I am floored by the quality of each and every one of these stories.  You all are amazing writers and we are lucky to have you here on this site.  Special thanks to @thenewcomer for coming up with this idea, and props to everyone else for doing such a remarkable job with it.  Keep 'em coming!
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Image Made By MaxwellLord
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Alexandra Daddario: A Quickie in the Morning

“Well, ain’t that a sight to wake up to…” Tom Black thought as he opened his eyes, finding himself lying in bed next to a still sleeping, buxom brunette. Rubbing his eyes, a smile spread across his face as he took in the sight and the memories of the last evening coming back to him. Alex coming over from her place across the street to hang out, wearing yoga pants and a thin white tank top, the lack of bra obvious as her big, famous tits pushed against the fabric with her nipples providing a tempting pair of twin bumps. The Netflix flick had soon been forgotten as he had quickly made his way between the brunette’s thighs, kissing and licking her smooth pussy to a first orgasm…

Alex was lying on her side, her back towards him. Her luxurious auburn hair was spread out across the pillow and he could make out the slightest, cutest snoring sounds. Letting his eyes linger down, he smirked at the flimsy top that she still wore, which had partially ridden up to expose a good portion of her lower back. Further down, he had to stifle a groan as he took in the sheer beauty of Alexandra’s round, pale ass, completely naked.

Unable to resist, the man reached out with one hand and let it wander across the smooth skin of the woman’s behind, relishing the warm, supple touch. Then, without even thinking, he dug his fingers into her cheek and pulled her cheeks apart, giving himself a clear view of Alexandra’s pink, wrinkled asshole.

“Little slut!” he whispered at the sleeping brunette, “One day I am going to fuck that thick booty of yours! You’re going to love it!”

For now, Tom limited himself to playing with her butt for a minute, admiring her perfection and the soft yield of her buttocks before he moved closer, pushing up to Alexandra with his naked front against her back, his already stiffened cock easily pushing in between the cheeks of her ass, lining up with her crack.

“Good morning, Miss Daddario!” the young man whispered into her ear, his hand sneaking around her hip to find that pretty pink cunt between her legs. She must have had a nice little dream as he immediately detected a hint of wetness as his finger found her nether lips, “Time to get fucked, you little whore!”

Alex let out a soft moan as she felt her fuckbuddy’s hand on her snatch, his hot breath against the side of her ear. She did not open her eyes as she slowly came awake, but basked in the skillful touch of his fingertips against her clit, rubbing in small circles.

“Time to earn your breakfast, bitch!” Tom hissed, feeling her spread her thighs to give him more space, allowing him to slip a finger into her hot, wet core. His free hand came around to grab one of her big tits, giving the flesh a rough squeeze.

“Mmmnnooohgoood!” Alex let out a pleasurable moan, her gorgeous blue eyes still closed as her lips parted, “Fuckmeee…”

This caused a chuckle on Tom’s part. “I will,” he promised, giving Alex’ earlobe a quick nibble before he pushed her over, making the brunette bombshell roll onto her front in a prone position.

“Mmmh, fuckyesss!” Alex gasped with a smile as Tom climbed atop, straddling her legs. Instinctively she pushed her ass up towards him, which caused her full cheeks to splay to expose both pink holes in a lewd show. “Take me!” she growled, finally opening her eyes to give him a smoldering look over her shoulder, “Take me like a little slut!”

Tom’s cock surged at her kinky words, his heartrate surging, but he led back another moment. “Show me then, bitch! Spread that ass for me! Show me those holes!”

Moaning with need, the actress did not hesitate for a second. Both hands reached back, each grabbing a thick, creamy cheek and pulled them apart, shamelessly showing off her slick, pink pussy as well as the small iris of her puckered asshole. “C’mon!” she implored urgently, “Use me!”

They both moaned in unison when Tom granted her wish, placing the smooth, rounded head of his cock against Alex’ pink entrance before wasting little more time and pushed in.

“Fuck, that’s good pussy!” Tom groaned as Alex’ snug sex opened up for his cock, allowing him to slide into her hot, wet cunt.

“Ooooh!” was all Alex managed to reply as she felt the man’s thick shaft stretch her open so delectably. Her eyes fluttered shut and a euphoric grin spread her lips. “Fuck, that is good dick…”

Smirking, Tom immediately began to fuck her with short slow thrusts, but with both of them excited he quickly gained pace, fucking her both harder and faster.

“Fuck yeah!” he hissed, his sturdy bed shaking and creaking from their actions, “Take it, you big-titted whore! Whose cunt is this?!”

He emphasized his question by grabbing a firm hold of a handful of Alex’ brunette hair, roughly cocking her head back and eliciting a sharp yelp.

“OOH! YOURS! IT’S YOURS! AAH!” Alex yelped as she received what she had yearned for, and roughly!

“Damn right!” Tom growled, using his grip on her hair to pull Alex’ head back further, arching her spine and lifting her breasts off the mattress in the process, causing the big tits to swing wildly with his powerful thrusts. Her flimsy tank-top stood little chance and soon both of Alex’ huge boobs jumped free of their confines. Reaching around, Tom grabbed a handful of tit-meat and dug his fingers into her flesh.

“OOOOH!” the woman moaned gutturally, absolutely loving the rough treatment. Her pussy gushed with juices as her neighbor roughly took her. She had to let go of her ass to brace against the bed’s headboard so she would not get smashed face first against it. Her ass, showing the marks where her fingers had dug into the supple flesh, jiggled wildly as Tom’s groin smacked against it with every thrust. “GAAH! OOH! FUCKME! YEAH!”

Alex spurred him on. Her toes dug into the mattress to gain some leverage to push her ass back into his thrusts as she felt her orgasm rise quickly!

“OHFUCK! BABY OH!” she gasped, her stunning face contorting with pleasure as she felt herself cum hard around his cock, her hot pussy clenching on the thrusting shaft. “GAAAAH!” she cried out as she covered his shaft with her cream.

“Fucking hot SLUT!” Tom roared as he, also unable to take any more, urgently pulled his cock from Alex’ spasming pussy and jumped to his feet on the bed. With little concern for her, he roughly yanked her to her knees, facing him, by her hair.

“FUUUUUUUUCK!” he groaned as he came with three quick tugs, shooting rope after rope of cum at Alex’ big tits. The brunette, conditioned by men’s urges her entire adult life, instinctively cupped her tits to give him a proper aim, allowing him to paint her tits with his seed.

“Goddamn...” Tom gasped as his orgasm subsided, his hand still entangled in Alex’ hair. “Sooo… you want scrambled eggs for breakfast?”
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Amazing work Sammy and Tevok! Great to see Jessica Henwick getting some love!
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Nice job man


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Re: The Brevity Series(Site Collab)
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The stark sound of a clock chiming resounded about the small cabin, a high pitched, repeated ding piercing through the noisome fury of the train. The sometimes gentle, sometimes jagged juddering of the vehicle made the afternoon light play in ever changing dances across the rustic affectations of the room. Antique collections rattled; their pristine condition evident as the sun reflected brightly from the porcelain surface. Great patience and consideration had been taken into the creation of these pieces.

The cart juddered again, this time more violently, drawing a soft, deliberate gasp and a delicious smile from the woman who now worked her own craft. Her hands were gloved in long, deep purple velvet that ran just up and over her elbow. The dress she wore exuded elegance and command, a darkened wine red that, whilst subtle, was just too small for her figure. Her ample chest heaved and drew the dress up, and down in slow motions as she enjoyed every second of her art. Her heels sought to keep the perfect angle for her efforts, her things taught and moist. Cascading around her, brushed and styled over to one side of her head fell her brunette locks that framed a stunning, beautiful face. Whoever had added to her features was a master of their art, as her wide eyes were framed perfectly beneath gentle mascara whilst her red lips could only be described as a dream.

She bit those lips now, softly, her tongue now and again flicking out in a wicked display of control. Between her hands that she worked up slowly from the base of a muscle hardened navel, was a considerable cock. Rigid and upright, it pulsed irregularly as she worked her magic, fingers reaching the sensitive underside of the head. Delicately running a thumb up and round where the bead of precum was beginning to form, she laughed cruelly and held her hands perfectly still, with enough tightness to keep the sensation running through the turgid member. The man who was receiving such specific attentions was doused in sweat, his navy blue suit jacket flung away and his pressed business shirt opened, revealing a chiselled frame. There were scars and burns that criss-crossed his body, signs of a life hard lived. His hips and upper thighs were unblemished, save for the marks of sharp nails that had scratched playfully before his torture had begun. Strain marked his features as he desperately attempted to follow the command of his employer, Ms. Atwell. This was, he understood, how she liked to enjoy the services of all her security personnel and anyone who worked for her, temporarily or otherwise.

Groaning in a mixture of delight and frustration, the man, whose name was, according to his sweat stained shirt, Mr.Rydges, found himself in desperate need of release. Their journey was only two hours long, but within half an hour, Ms.Atwell had coerced him into her personal cabin and began to work on him in a way that he had never experienced .He hadn’t even realised he was hard, that was how much sexual power she radiated. Being near her and not being distracted was impossible. She spoke about mundane things like their destination and their schedule and then coyly widened her eyes and looked down in false shock as she pointed out the impressive bulge that shifted in his trousers. Within moments she had fallen to her knees, her perfect breasts pressed together by her dress and pose, and she let his cock spring out, slapping her gently on the cheek. He had gone to apologise but she had pushed him back so he was forced to sit on the long bench seat, licked her lips, and got to work.

An hour had passed now, and whilst in his long thirty seven years Mr.Rydges had experienced some rather memorable sexual encounters, this was fast becoming the best of them. Every breath was long and deep as he tried to stop himself from erupting. Recognising his increased efforts, Ms.Atwell let out a light laugh and smiled in satisfaction as she admired his cock.
“You are doing very, well” she said, with deliberate condescension in her voice, her hands plunging down to the base of his cock, teasingly brushing across his full sack and then rising up quickly to smother the head. She kept her hands there for what seemed like an eternity to Mr.Rydges, but there was no pause in the sensation as her velvet gloves were agonising perfection against his sensitive member no matter where she pressed her attentions. Precum flowed thickly from him now, and so she removed one hand from his cock to draw a long, flowing string up to her lips, then playfully with a false pout let it fall onto the line of her bust. Mr.Rydges watched and moaned as it ran down over her perfect curves and felt himself begin to break until she spoke again.

“Ah-ah-ah Mr.Rydges, I gave you a very specific instruction sir.” She said, pumping his cock with both hands again and leaning forward so her full cleavage was in view.

“You are only to cum when I tell you, and not before. Or do I have to stop this, most, important, training session?” she asked in the manner of a scolding librarian or teacher, matching each word with a quick sudden stroke of his cock that was followed by utter stillness of her hands.

“N-n-no, plea-“ he tried to stammer out but was cut short as she shot forward on her legs and pressed his precum slathered cock in between the top of her cleavage, grinding gently on it as she opened her mouth and kept her eyes wide.
“No? Well then, do as I say, just a little bit longer…” she crooned, resting back and then removing her hands entirely. Bringing her shoulders up, his excitement increased as she deftly unclasped her bindings and let her dress fall from about her shoulders, her incredible breasts falling out…almost. She raised her arms to take his cock in hand again and jerked him suddenly, her dress falling a little lower until the barest tease of her nipple could be seen.

Then without warning, she stroked, hard, long and fast, the friction on his cock driving him mad as his legs began to shake and his hips bucked.


Her left breast fell out, completely exposed.


Mr.Rydges growl built with his force of cum as his orgasm reached the point of no return and he mindlessly raised his hips up and pumped in between her hands.

“Face!” Ms Atwell shouted as she looked down with a devilish smile, leaning closer to her body guards spasming cock, her breasts now completely exposed, her creamy white skin sliding against his engorged member. His cum launched up, the first spurt splattering across her mouth, leaving his warm release dripping from her chin. The second, third and fourth spurts made a mess of her lipstick entirely, and she greedily consumed his cum, whilst any strands she missed flowed down her breasts and pooled in between her jiggling cleavage.

“Thank you Mr.Rydges” she said in a steady, official tone.

“That will be all.”
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That was awesome. Love how you write your descriptive narrative, epic facial at the end was wonderful too.


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Re: The Brevity Series(Site Collab)
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That was awesome. Love how you write your descriptive narrative, epic facial at the end was wonderful too.

Thank you kindly!
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WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the actresses, people, places, etc depicted or referenced within. Fantasy is legal. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence. I do not own any of the record labels, trademarks, musicians etc referenced in this story. I am making no money as the result of writing this story.

Starring: Emma Watson

The Brevity Series: Emma Catches A Pervert

An erotic celebrity fan-fiction short story.
Written as part of a challenge/collab series for the Celebrity Story Site forum.

by DaxG2001 ([email protected])

Codes: Cons, MF, Oral.

* * *

“Pervert!” Emma Watson said, grabbing the man by the shirt to push him against the door. “I saw you staring at my arse!” She said, before promptly dropping down to her knees. Hands already reaching for his zipper.
“I… I wasn’t!” The stunned, but handsome male said, Watching as the gorgeous actress clad in a form-fitting dress fished out his impressively sized cock, already hardening from her touch.
“Liar!” She said. Sounding angry but her cheeky smirk telling a different story. “I’m going to teach a sexist like you a lesson!”

She leaned in, taking that rod past her lips. Making them both groan as she started to slurp with already a hunger. Staring up as she started to bob back and forth along his meat. Only a round of sucks needed to get him fully hard so she could grip the base. Already double teaming him with slurps and strokes as she groaned around him.

“I… Mmmmm! Really wasn’t, you know!” He said, but wasn’t stopping the gorgeous Brit from dishing out a blowjob. Saliva starting to coat his inches as her soft lips glided back and forth along his prick. The free hand used to brush her hair back so she could still glare up with ‘anger’ and clear desire. Her tongue slapping into the underside to further make him moan out.

Emma, ignoring him, continued on sucking off this stranger’s dick deeper into her clearly experienced oral hole. The spit starting to seep past her lips as she bobbed back and forth. Groaning herself around that big piece of man-meat as her hand still stroked off the lower part. Turning her head slightly so she could make the crowd poke into her cheek for an extra sinful sensation for them both.

“Ahhhhh… Fuck!! Where’d Hermione learn to suck dick like that??” He questioned between moans. Clearly knowing the Harry Potter actress as she handled a very different kind of ‘wand’. Slurping away smoothly and steadily on this big cock like it was second nature to her. Effortlessly sucking on that top half while her palm pumped over the base for a motion that would finish off most men in seconds.

Hearing that, Watson lifted off with a smirk. “See? You are a pervert...” She claimed as she shifted to stand up. Once more grabbing the man by his tie and actually catching him off guard by pushing him to the ground.
“What?? What did I…?” He tried to plead his case, but faded off when she dropped down and mounted his lap. “Never mind...” He wisely said as she blindly reached down under her dress. Lining up his cock with her snatch after pulling her panties to the side.

“I’ll… MMMMM… Teach you a lesson, Mister!” She said with a sexy grin as she played out this game. Moaning as she shifted her hips back, taking his dick into her tight, but already wet snatch. Starting to rock back and forth on top to work that member into her love tunnel as she made herself groan. “MMMMM… Teach you real bloody good...” Emma almost purred as she stared down. Hands on his still clothed chest to keep him in place while she worked that twat onto him.

“I… Oh fuck!! MMMMM… Ye-yeah! Teach me!” He agreed, as any hunk would with a horny actress mounting their cock. Moaning as he felt her walls snugly move along his rod. The action covered up by her dress, but the sensations around his dick undeniable. His hips bucking out of reflex once in a while from her grinding. Moving his hands up in an attempt to hold onto her.

“No! Pervert!” She told him off, grabbing his wrists and pinning them down either side of his head. Leaning down with a lust smile as she looked at him with just an inch between their noses. “Dirty boy… Trying to… MMMMM… Grope a grown woman like me...” She claimed with moans of her own. Raising her hips up and down now in the position so her ass bounced in her dress as she fucked his big cock.

“I was just… AHHHHHH… Trying to… MMMMM!!” His words cut off by moans as Watson easily dominated his cock with her wet snatch. Taking him deeply in and out of her snatch that stayed nice and tight around his thickness. Confused, but still going on with this sexy game she was acting out with her sudden lover.

“You talk too much, pervert...” She teased, before pressing her lips onto his. Soon moans exchanged between the two as her tongue forcefully pressed into his mouth to start wrestling. A muffled slap of bodies connecting just about heard from under her dress each time she dropped down to fill her snatch up with his cock.

He just groaned and obeyed, not trying to fight back as she lashed her tongue around against his to swap spit with closed eyes. Loving the snug feeling of her snatch all around his pole as her shifting up and down started to quicken. The leaning position leaving hard, poking nipples pressing into his chest as she rode that big cock.

Her eyes flicked, showing a glimpse of rolling upward as the aroused actress drove herself swiftly into a quick orgasm. Perhaps using the smooch as a way to silence her moans as she came. Leaving a noticeable wave of juices down covering his cock and dripping down her gorgeous legs. Still bouncing away to ensure she got every moment of this sexual peak. Not even knowing the name of the hunk she’s been bossing around as her newest fuck toy.

“MMMMM… Oh shit!!” He gasped when Watson finally shifted back upwards to proudly be perched on his lap.
“Yeah, this will teach you to undress women with your eyes, you sick fuck...” Emma said with a porn-worthy tone. Moving to between his legs with her ass raised and head lowered. Not holding back as she took his pulsing cock back into her mouth.

“MMMMMPHHH!! Mmmmm...” She moaned as she tasted her own fluids from off his cock. Slurping loudly and without shame as she drank down herself. Strands of hair falling over her gorgeous face as she sucked and kept those pouty lips wrapped around his member in a clearly experienced manner.

“G-Gonna!” He tried to warn, but could only grunt when he started to unload. Feeling his spunk splatter up into her oral hole as she briskly bobbed away. Clearly wanting to drain him instead of leaving his balls blue. The muffled sound of gulping down spunk heard as her throat flexed to drink down his sizeable load without missing a drop.

“MMMMM...” Emma lifted her head off from the now softening cock with a sultry ‘pop’ before licking her lips. “Not bad pervert…” She said, still playing her part. “Let that be a… Wait...” Her voice changed, looking at his tie. “That’s a green tie?”
“Uhhhh… Yeah?” The grinning, satisfied, but still confused by this all man said back.
“Shit! The guy had a teal tie on!” Watson shocked said, standing up in a hurry. “Although… Wanna work in Hollywood?” She offered with a wide grin.

[Words: 1,199 - cut it close :P ]
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Erotica Writer from Scotland, focusing mostly on fictional stories with famous videogame etc characters, with the odd but of celeb smut.
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Re: The Brevity Series(Site Collab)
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Britney Spears - Chasin' That Big D

"Oh my god, I can't believe it's really you!"

Enthusiasm was flowing from the twangy, southern accent of Britney Spears' voice. She stood before him in one-piece pink dress, the top cut low to reveal her busty cleavage inviting his eyes. Those perfect white teeth were visible with a radiant smile beyond her parted lips. Her signature, golden blonde hair was parted down the middle with a hint of silver hoop ear rings dangling from both sides of her beautiful face. Her chestnut brown eyes gazed back with her signature look of black mascara eyeliner. Winston Burbank smiled back at her, just before Britney spoke once again.

"But do I know it's really you or someone else? I mean, no one has ever seen your face from watching the videos."

She giggled as he smiled, letting out a blush.

"Yeah, it's really me. Hard to see someone's face when they're always behind a POV camera."

"I guess that's true."

"I'll be ready real soon. Just wanna record a short little video first."

Such excitement was flowing through Britney's voice. Winston couldn't deny that he too was thrilled for this meeting. It wasn't every day that a famed name of her status was seeking him. It surprised the man to learn that Britney Spears actually watched his porno films and was a fan of him.. Now she held her smart phone within her right hand as he walked past her. Britney set to record a short video.

"So I just met Winston Burbank, I got to see his face! I think you know what we're about to do together."


The room was set as Britney sat on her knees. Her dress discarded, only the black thong and high heels remained over her body. She had teased Winston with her tits, but he refused a tit-fucking scene between them. This wasn't a scene for POV Juggfuckers, Britney wanted to slobber on his cock and she was going to get it. Her eyes glanced up at him with a look of hunger and lust, parting her lower lip to show him her gritted teeth. Winston stepped forward, holding his erect cock in his left hand as he presented his gift to Britney.

Her eyes gazed down at his thick, uncircumcised pole. Britney licked her lips before using both hands to stroke it, forcing the head of his dick to pop out. Britney's eyes looked at him while she shoved his cock into her mouth and began to bob her lips up and down the first few inches. She went slow, sensually tasting his rod before pulling her lips off it with a popping sound. Winston just stood there, allowing Britney to worship his cock. She shoved her right hand down to the base and began to suck him once more, bobbing her head up and down. Britney remained at a slow pace, bobbing her head up and down while looking up into his eyes. It wasn't until she began to stroke him, simultaneously moving her hand in sync with her lips did Winston let out a heavy moan.

"Yes, jerk it baby."

Britney stopped, only the head still between her lips. She began to pump her right hand up and down, wanking Winston's thick, veiny shaft. Winston took a deep breath before moving a hand into her hair. Britney knew what was about to happen. Before he could make a move, she shoved his cock deep into her mouth. Still looking up at him, she gagged before he pulled her hair to release his rod from her mouth.

Gasping for air, saliva strings dangled from her mouth back to his shiny, saliva coated shaft. Britney offered her open, waiting mouth ready for him to slide that cock back between her lips. Winston felt frisky after her little trick. Placing both hands over her head, he thrust his hips and his cock re-entered her mouth and her lips squeezed around it. Britney knew he was about to fuck her mouth so she moved her hand away from his cock. She closed her eyes and listened to his heavy breathing as he began to buck his hips, driving his cock between her lips. She re-opened her eyes to look up at him as she began to gag, slightly choking and her eyes watering. When Britney opened her mouth, the slobbering and sucking noises were now audible. Gawk. Gwak. Gah. Gwak. Gah.


Winston came to a stop, pushing his rod as far as it would go down her throat. Britney choked again before he withdrew his thick shaft making an audible pop noise and moved his hands from her head. A flood of saliva dripped from her lower lip, flowing down her neck with drops of drool landing on her tits below. Britney caught her breath, while Winston stepped back, looking at the dangling saliva strings dripping from his pole. He watched her wrap her right hand back around that cock and resume stroking it.

"Such an amazing fuckin' cock."

Her low slutty voice called out. Winston stood there, watching Britney worship his beautiful thick cock as she kissed the head lovingly. She licked the underside of the shaft and the slid it back into her mouth. He gripped the back of her head again and thrust forward once more. Britney closed her eyes, feeling his cock pump between her lips like before. She didn't choke this time, accepting inch after inch of his dick with each thrust. When Britney re-opened her eyes to gaze up at him, Winston knew to stop and pull his cock from her lips with a pop sound. Licking her lips, Britney spit on his dick and smirked at him. Their eyes met as she wrapped both hands around his thick pole and began to wank it.

"You wanna cum for me, baby? Cum all over my face?"


His reply was in a low voice. Britney's tongue flicked her upper lip as she moaned, still jerking his cock.

"Mmmmmmm, I've always wanted you to blow your load all over my face. Cum on my face."

Winston reached down and Britney let go of his cock. Gripping it, he watched her close her eyes and hold her head up. He stroked his cock while groaning.

"Oh, fuck!"

As he called out, a thick string of cum shot from his rod over her left temple. Britney moaned as she soon felt a heavy wad of cum hit her right eye lid. Winston laughed between moaning as another string of cum went flying over her forehead and into her hair. Britney flashed her teeth and began to laugh, feeling yet another wad of cum strike her skin.

"Oh my god, yes! Cum on me!"

She giggled as he seemed to be depleted of cum. Britney opened her eyes, blinking as the cum in her right eye lid dripped down. Winston offered her the head of his rod, which she kissed lovingly. Her face was a sticky mess in his cum, worthy of a money shot for Facial Overload or Suck It Dry. Britney couldn't believe she had met Winston Burbank and sucked him off.


Re: The Brevity Series(Site Collab)
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I've done this as a thought experiment. I've never written first person before, so I'm trying it here. I've had the prompt lying around for awhile, but now there's content!


One for the Road featuring Rita Ora


“Fuck you.” It would have been insulting if it didn't come in an English accent.

“Rita, out of bed now.” I was demanding a lot from her, especially at this hour.

Rita grumbled and rolled over. Even in the shape she was in, Rita Ora was still one of the most beautiful people in the world. Those big soft brown eyes opened and batted at me. “5 minutes?”

“5 minutes.” I held up one hand. “Any more and I'm coming in after you.”

Rita had already rolled over. “Not bad either way.”

I shrugged and left the bedroom for the kitchen. How we ended up together is complete happenstance. Bumping into someone at a bar when they had a bad day. I mused on that while cracking eggs and putting bacon on to cook  I never would have expected this.

By the time I was taking the bacon off the pan Rita had emerged; no doubt lured by the smell of bacon and coffee brewing. She had managed to put on a shirt, (mine) but was otherwise naked. Her hair was a mess, like a hurricane had passed through. Given last night's liaison, one probably did.

“What's cooking?” She said as I placed a cup of tea before her.

“Bacon and omelettes.” I drank in her figure. “That looks better on you than me.”

“Everything does.” Rita replied while stirring in sugar and cream. Now, I have to say that we have an interesting relationship Rita and I. I’m not a singer, songwriter, or even an interest in music. Yet I have a skiIl she cannot find or replicate: Cooking. I have no doubt I'd get kicked out it I made her eat an Italian beef or deep dish pizza. Coming out of my thoughts, I flipped the omelette off the pan and plated it.

“What's this?” Rita eyed the egg dish suspiciously.

“Pimento and cheese.”

“Bloody Americans.” She mumbled.

“Just eat it.”

With a resigned sigh she picked up her fork and starting eating. “You win this round.” She managed between mouthfuls. “So what’s today’s hell?”

She was referring of course to my next assignment. I worked as a field engineer and my job took me all over. “Not sure. I haven't checked my email yet.”

“I'll get it!’ In a flash Rita was out of the chair and back with my laptop. Typing in my password she pulled up my email.

“You're not supposed to know that.” I commented while sipping my tea.

“RO35C2435 is not much of a password, especially since I know what it means.” Rita started reading. “Oh…..”

“What?” I got my own food off the pan and started eating.

“You’re off to Germany!”

“Great.” The German’s were fine. I even knew enough German to not butcher the entire language. It was Munich that bothered me. The entire airport was one giant smoking lounge.

“Aww, brighten up big guy.” Rita started pulling buttons on her (my) shirt. “One for the road?”

How could I say no to her; one eyebrow cocked while she massaged her breasts. Making sure the stove was off, I advanced on her, sweeping her up in arms and kissing her on the lips. Before long, our tongues dueled between us and her hands wrapped around my neck while her legs did the same on my waist. I scooted her around until her butt rested on the marble counter top. She broke the kiss in a yelp. “That’s cold!”

“The price for borrowing my shirt.” I growled back.

Her voice took on a seductive tone. “What’s the price for keeping it?”

I didn’t say anything but instead spread her legs apart; an act she willingly complied with. Reaching into my pants, I fished out my cock; already half hard and getting harder with every passing second. With little hesitation I scooted her butt to edge and pushed forward.

Rita threw her head back as I entered her. All the exercise and her performances left her pretty tight and my cock slipped inside with some resistance. With little effort on my part, her hungry pussy sucked on my member and soon I was buried up to the hilt. Pausing for a brief second, I slowly began to rock in and out.

Moans erupted from her ruby red lips and she steadily pushed back against me. Her legs wrapped around my waist and started pumping as well. In and out my cock drove into her sex. For several minutes we carried on, her breasts bouncing merrily. As much as I loved this position, it wasn’t her favorite. Rita needed more of a  going away present than the cum bubbling in my loins. I pulled her up into my arms, never withdrawing my cock from her. She blinked once, the brown staring at me. “You’re not gonna…”
“I am.” I hooked her legs and lifted until they were parallel to me.

“You bastard.”

Rita spun, her entire body rotating on my cock until she faced the floor. The singer cried out as an orgasm overtook her; her pussy milking my cock as she came. I pushed against the counter again; her large breasts heaved against the cold stone, oversized nipples dragging across the material as I took her from behind. Without mercy I began to fuck her again.

Her ass quaked with every thrust, and her cries of pleasure filled the room. Brown hair flowing in every direction, arms gripping the counter edge for support, she shouted back at me. “Give it to me baby! Give me that seed!”

I wasn’t going to argue with her. My balls felt ready to burst and the tightness inside her sex was driving me crazy. I felt pleasure from my toes all the way to my head. With several strong pushed I finally slammed my cock in one last time and came. The world spun slightly as muscles spasmed and balls released their potent payload. Rita came again my hot seed splashed her innards; her back arched and her voice went hoarse. When I finished she went limp and nothing but the sounds of our breathing was heard.

Finally, Rita came up panting; releasing my cock from her love box. Turning to face me, her lips met mine once again as her hand tugged on my member. “When’s your flight again?”

“I haven’t booked it yet.”



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Awesome fucking stories, you guys rock. Loving every single one of these.
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Mr. Heigl

Re: The Brevity Series(Site Collab)
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Katherine Heigl - First Sin

‘’Do I have to do this?’’

At the age of 21, Katherine was talking to the man she had just met. She was a pretty young woman. She was 21 and she wasn't famous or rich yet. She came to this town to become a famous actress, but she wasn't as lucky as she thought. She lived in this town for about a month. Some people helped her while others ignored her. But it was necessary to be very lucky to meet a good person in this city. And now she was out of money. She was broke, desperate for help. She thought she was lucky to meet Jonas. Jonas was a producer. Most beautiful women who came to this city knew Jonas. It was no coincidence that Katherine met him and was now in his studio.She had agreed to a "special" type of private film that he was willing to pay her some big money for. It was her first self sacrifice, the first sin that would hopefully create a long road to making her into a woman of status and wealth in Hollywood.

Katherine sat on the soft bed. The room has good lighting. The camera in front of the bed was smaller than Katherine had expected. Jonas sat next to Katherine, nodding his head.

‘’Yeah, you have to do this. Don't worry, this movie will never be published. I'm just gonna sell it to my rich clients. And if they like you, they can help you.’’

Katherine looked a little nervous. She didn't know she would have to do this when she came into town. But what choice did she have now? The money was worth it and Jonas had connections all through Hollywood. She planned to remind him of this, after the fact, knowing he promised her some great reward beyond the money.

‘’Okay, that's fine with me. Let's do it.’’

Jonas went behind the camera. He called to Flynn. The door opened and Flynn entered the room. He was a handsome man, tall and muscular with short brown hair and a clean shaved face. Katherine's glad the guy she's having sex with is at least handsome, giving her the impression he could've been a model. Flynn locked his eyes on Katherine's big boobs, something she didn't find disappointment in. Most men naturally glanced their eyes downward from her face to see the cleavage she offered in view.

‘’I can't wait to fuck those, baby. I'm glad to meet you.’’

Flynn pointed at her breasts, not hesitating to get right down to business with his words. Katherine smiled slightly. ‘’I don't want to wait any longer. Let's do it.’’

Flynn took off his pants and sat down on the bed. Katherine took off her white blouse and knelt down in front of Flynn.

‘’You're beautiful, baby. Today's my glorious day.’’

Katherine didn't say anything. She grabbed Flynn's dick and started stroking it fast, pumping her fingers up and down. When his cock hardened, Katherine took his cock into her mouth. Flynn moaned strongly.

‘’Jonas, man, this girl is really good. She knows how to handle herself.’’

Katherine was sucking Flynn's big dick. She wasn't nervous anymore. She was enjoying it. Flynn put his hands on Katherine's head and pressed it against his dick. His cock went deep into Katherine's throat. Flynn saw a tear drop from Katherine's left eye. But he didn't care. He began to fuck her mouth hard, listening to the slurping and slobbering noises she made. Those big natural tits, sway and shook from below. He couldn't look away from Katherine's big boobs. He wanted to fuck her big natural tits. He held her hair and raised Katherine's head. Katherine was looking into Flynn's eyes and smiling.

‘’Take off your bra, now. I want to fuck your big tits.’’

‘’Oh, you want to fuck my big tits?’’

‘’Yeah, take off your bra now.’’

Katherine took off her bra and released her big boobs, allowing them to sway forward in the air. Flynn leaned forward. He put his hands on Katherine's big tits and kissed her lips. Katherine gave him a hot response. Flynn grabbed Katherine's neck and placed his big dick between her big tits and started to fuck her big boobs.

‘’Damn, these tits are great. Absolutely marvelous.’’

Katherine always heard those words about her boobs. Every man who met her said he wanted to fuck her big boobs. Katherine knew men liked big tits. So she didn't hesitate to use them. Feeling his fingers around her neck, she smirked, giving him a dirty look.

‘’All the guys who fuck my big boobs say the same thing. Harder Flynn, show them the respect those deserve!’’

Flynn was close to blowing his load now. That's why he wanted Katherine to stand up. He moved his hand away from her neck and patted her hair.

"Get up, baby and take your pants off. I wanna fuck you now."

Katherine stood up and took off her pants and panties. She moved towards the bed and positioned her knees onto the bed.

‘’You have a sweet ass, but today I'm gonna fuck your pussy.’’

Katherine smiled.

‘’Maybe we'll meet again some other day. You never know, honey.’’

Flynn put in his hard cock in Katherine's pussy and he heard Katherine's moan.

‘’Ohhhhhh, that feels so good, Flynn. If you want me again, you gotta be harder.’’’

Flynn could see Katherine's tits sway. He wanted to touch them, stretched out his hands and squeezed them violently. Katherine saw Jonas moving forward. Jonas wants to shooting her swinging boobs closely. Jonas lifted the camera up and recorded Katherine's beautiful face. Katherine smiled at the camera, she seemed quite pleased. Flynn released Katherine's tits. Now he wanted to look at her face.

‘’Oh harder Flynn. Harder! Fuck those tits harder!’’

‘’I'm about to cum, baby!"

‘’Cum Flynn, Cum on my boobs! Cum on them, NOW!!’’ 

Flynn's cum shot onto Katherine's tits, soaking them in his sticky white seed.

Katherine and Flynn made a good movie for Jonas.
‘’You were wonderful. Customers will love this movie, they won't know your name though, so don't worry.’’

Katherine stood up, the cum dripping from her tits. Now she had to be cleaned.

‘’I hope they liked it. Because I needed this and I ain't gonna lie, you were pretty fucking good.’’

‘’Don't worry, you were great.’’

Flynn was going after her as Katherine made her way to the bathroom. He smacked Katherine's sweet ass hard, causing her to giggle as her attention was now caught.

‘’You wanna take a shower together?’’

Katherine smiled. "Sure, why not?"

In time, Jonas lived up to his promises. Her first sin was worth it, for her name would soon appear on the top of a movie poster for a big budget film directly out of Hollywood. It was a long way to the top, but Katherine would get there some day. The price of fame was not cheap, but a self sacrifice was necessary to move up in the game.

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