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Author Topic: Scarlett Johansson's Other Erotic Dream  (Read 3649 times)


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Scarlett Johansson's Other Erotic Dream
« on: January 27, 2020, 12:33:08 PM »

Note- My first idea for this story was as an adult movie parody from Vivid Studio's featuring Charles Dera as Hamilton, Scarlett Johansson as Elizabeth and Haley Atwell as Angelica.
I've modified it here as a Scarlett dream sequence.
All persons herein are fictional and these events are loosely based on historical fact.


It was while Scarlett was taking a break from filming her latest movie that she had a hankering to write a screenplay, or even direct.
She considered a movie version of the Broadway hit 'Hamilton' and fancied Hayley Atwell to feature as well as herself.
As she dozed off over her laptop on her bed she felt her eyelids begin to close and the next thing she knew was her dreams.


Alexander Hamilton took a sip of hot tea and reclined on the three seat couch. Beside him sat two lovely young ladies, sisters in fact, who hung on every word the distinguished gentleman said.

An American statesman and founding father of the United States of America, back in 1780 he was a twenty three year old aide to General Washington during the campaign with the British. The recent years had seen much conflict and the revolutionary war had seen the British on the back foot.

"Tea, my dears?" He asked as he bent over an expensive tea service on the ornate table.

Elizabeth and her older sister, Angelica Schuyler, smiled and nodded in assent and each took a porcelain cup from him.
The parlour room in the Morristown home was pleasantly furnished and comfortable, stationed there as he was for the winter with Washington.

He had dispensed with his military uniform and sat in just his white linen shirt, breeches and black boots. The women were quite taken by his violet blue eyes, fair complexion and auburn red hair.

"Ladies, I am most honoured by your presence this afternoon. 'Tis good timing to be sure as I have decided that at this time I will be wed, and I have chosen one of you fair maidens to be my betrothed."

Elizabeth, the shorter of the two, had a blue gown in a taffeta fabric with course lace at the V neckline and sleeves. Her fair hair was in the modern hedgehog style with the front cut short and the rest brushed back and up. Hamilton's eye line fell to her deep bosom, a substantial 36 inches of fullness.

Angelica was a tall and full figured brunette with a 36DD bust and tiny twenty six inch waist. Her pale green gown reflected her sisters as she sat demurely fluttering her long lashes and smiling adorably. Her chestnut locks were brushed back and up, loose strands falling in curls on either side of her face.

"Of all your sisters you Elizabeth and you Angelica are my favourites. Both of you are uncommon handsome, witty and blessed of bosom.

The sisters had elegant bearing coming from an aristocratic background, prosperous members of a Dutch family from New York and related to original founders of New Amsterdam. Their father was General Philip Schuyler and he and his wife had raised eight children, of which Elizabeth and Angelica were the eldest.

"Choosing between you both is exceedingly difficult and I have come up with an amusing solution. Let you both be aware that when either of you become my bride you must know that I have a healthy sex life and need intercourse every night of the week. I need a wife who can stand the pace. So, I would be most grateful if you were to both pleasure me this very day and whom ever makes me ejaculate first shall be the lucky lady. Are we agreed?"

The two sisters looked at each other, knowing that this man could very well one day be a prominent figure in either the military or even politics. Either way life would most certainly be desirable. And besides he had become a strapping young man with a honed body thanks to his rigorous life in the militia.


Without awaiting a response he stood up and lowered his breeches and let his impressive penis be revealed. The women gasped and then studied his cock which hung down between his thighs. It must have been all of six inches in its flaccid state and they wondered what size he might reach when fully erect.

"I think Sir, that my sister and I are in ready agreement of your proposal."

Elizabeth returned his gaze with twinkling green eyes and the blonde stood up and set about removing all of her clothing. Her darker haired sister nodded to Hamilton and she also began to strip.

As he looked from one to the other he started to jerk his prick which stiffened in his fist. He feasted on Elizabeth and her voluptuous naked body as she spread her legs and displayed her moist cunt just inches from his face.

Then he turned to Angelica as she flashed her big brown eyes and placed her hands on her ridiculously tiny waist, her dark thatch showing between her upper thighs. Both had kept their black stockings on and the veneer of the shiny hose gave their shapely pins a shiny finish.

"Ladies, let us play," he announced as he kissed first one and then the other.

Both were quite delicious to taste and he was in a quandary as to where to start. Before he could react he was pushed onto the seat as the ladies went onto their knees and lowered their faces to his crotch.

His cock, now fully erect, was very long and thickly veined. Elizabeth licked his magnificent member up one side, immediately savouring its heady aroma. Angelica, her own excitement growing did the same to the other side of the flagpole of a cock and dug her nails in his taut thighs.

"Gracious, 'tis a most beautiful organ to be sure, and decidedly tasty."

"I am in hearty agreement sister."

Angelica took a moment to watch her sibling suck most vigorously on the twitching cock, sinking down half way with loud yummy sounds on the way. Hamilton was delirious with joy as his plan seemed to be working splendidly.

Angelica switched places and planted her cherry lips on the wet glans and sucked on it as if enjoying a piece of ripe fruit. Her tongue curled around the bulbous head, her face one of rapt attention.

"What fun! Double fellatio!"

The two women went to town and slavered over his upright pole at the same time, spitting and licking with extreme enthusiasm. Hamilton was highly amused by the lewd slurping as his boner was devoured by the wanton hussies. Angelica kept brushing her hair away as her head bobbed up and down, voraciously sucking his dripping cock.

"Perfect." He moaned. Elizabeth slid her long tongue out like a snake constantly flicking his oversized organ.

They ceased their oral assault and Elizabeth pumped up her hair and Hamilton drooled over her large breasts as she breathed in air. Beside her Angelica did the same, her great melons heaving as she awaited instruction.

"Let me entertain you." She said as she pressed her large breasts together.

Elizabeth moved aside and let her sister hunch forward and push his erection between the two pillows. She shoved them together and his cock was engulfed in the huge valley of flesh.

Hamilton moved his pelvis to and fro and the stacked brunette met the end of his cock as it appeared at the top and sucked it for two seconds before it vanished. Each time she did this and as the grinning man moved up and down faster more of his cock meat entered her open mouth.

"What a pair of breasts!" He uttered as he looked at the amazing sight.

"I think it's high time we fucked." Declared Elizabeth unashamedly as she loomed over them.

"Come my lady, sit upon it."

Without pause Elizabeth acted, squatted over his twitching manhood and impaled herself on it, the warm suction of her hot furnace of a cunt taking every inch in a smooth thrust. With a slut grin she looked into his piercing eyes and gyrated on him with clockwise circular motions, mashing their pubic hair together.

"Fuck me." He told her in no uncertain terms.

She raised up with her right hand on his chest and bounced up and down as her big tits jiggled wildly. Her legs were bent, her black stockings slack as she pressed her knees into the couch on either side of him, all her weight on her rump.

Hamilton fondled her mountainous tits as she moaned constantly, her butt slapping on his groin as her voluptuous hips rammed down in a frenzy. His body bucked up from the seat and thrust up into her soaked cunt, penetrating her deeply with each stroke.

"You are an incredible fuck my good woman, damned incredible."

The blonde stunner just moaned as she used all her strength to fuck him, her wanton expression made him suspect that she had become possessed by the devil. Angelica watched intently as her sister humped the strapping young man and rubbed her aching pussy. Hamilton observed her and decided that he must have her.

"Bend over for me, there's a dear."

Angelica moved into a doggy style position and looked at her sister and then the raging bull of Hamilton who moved over to her. She wagged her hips excitedly and he spread her legs and then put his cock head to her damp slit.

"Fuck me until I bark, puppy." She laughed.

Angelica grabbed the back of the couch and screamed as his thick tool surged into her juicy pussy and a tingling shiver ran up her spine.

"Oh, fuck!"

He grabbed hold of her substantial boobs and banged into her soft rump and pulled her to him. She moaned and muttered, loving his hands on her tits, and his prick in her quim. His hands moved to the soft flesh of her bottom and he took great pleasure in watching her buttocks quiver as their hips collided. As he moved in then so she shoved back sending the pair of them into a sexual delirium.

"Oh my word! It's wonderful! I could fuck you all night."

This was music to his ears although he stole a look at the blonde whose fulsome lips pouted most sensually. He decided to be diplomatic in the affair and avoid any jealousy.

"Come together on the couch and we shall see which of you shall be victorious."

Side by side on the couch they laid and Hamilton fucked Elizabeth first as she wrapped her legs around his waist, screaming from his rapid ministrations. Her lush body twisted as her hips shoved up to meet his groin and his chest crushed her bountiful boobs.

"Fuck me, yes, yes, yes!"

Their naked bodies smacked together as they met and she raked his back with her nails as they jerked on the couch. He pounded her wet cunt and then paused before removing his shiny cock and plunging it into the patiently awaiting Angelica.

"My word!"

His rampant cock stretched her cunt as he began to grind in and out feeling her body writhe beneath him. Slowly grinding inside her she moaned with appreciation and her butt squirmed under him as he reached super speed and pinned her ass to the couch.

"Take it, take it, I'm yours."

He dug his toes in and his pelvis moved like a blur as he fucked the shit out of the moaning brunette. In great physical shape he slid in and out of her lathering cunt, his cock as hard as a rock.

Her back arched and she supported herself on her elbows and her hefty, round tits pushed apart in two symmetrical globes. Hamilton played with her thick locks of hair and it tumbled free and mussed as his hard weight slid along her body.

"To me Sir, to me." Cried Elizabeth who laid on her back, legs sprawled open.

The sex crazed man began to hump her once more and she trembled as her pussy spasm on his prick. He was surprised at how the pretty well mannered woman had transformed into a tigress, scratching and kicking under him as he slammed into her cunt.

His arms came under her shoulder blades to keep a firm hold on her. They came to a grinding halt as he perceived the tantalising open legs of the darker one, her doe like eyes on his.

"Forgive me dear Elizabeth."

Hamilton stood and inhaled deeply, his knob poking up to the ceiling coated with pussy juice. Angelica spread her legs out, her stockings now bunched around her ankles as he fell atop her again. She gasped in satisfaction as his stiff cock slid into her greedily devouring pussy. He fell forwards and trapped her big pillows with his chest as they began to fuck like two animals in heat.

"Fuck me!"

He ravished the luscious woman as his cock thrust in and out like a steam hammer. Her eyes remained closed with indescribable delight as her body approached climax. She let out a long squeal as she came and his long strokes grew shallow. Looking on with eyes ablaze her sister was taken by a serious jealousy.

"Fuck me now, damn it! My pussy is afire!" She demanded.

Hamilton shifted once more and drove his knob deep inside the hairy muff of Elizabeth Angelica was forgotten by her sister who felt that he was for her and only her. She reached up and put her arms around his neck and brought his lips to hers.

In and out he went as his muscular hips rolled and he fucked her with repeated hammer thrusts. He pushed her legs back to her bosom, ripping the stockings in the process and bent her double.

"Splendid fun to be sure."

Hamilton had enjoyed his share of women but none like the Schuyler sisters. Maybe he had been hasty in his little scheme in deciding between the two.

Could he woo them each for another year thereby having his cake and eat it?

Whoever he chose he would sorely miss the other. He needed time to regain his composure and left the couch to sit on a chair opposite.

"Amuse me my beauties." He chuckled.

Eager to please the busty blonde went to her sibling who cradled her curvaceous frame and they kissed for a full minute. Then Elizabeth kissed her way down Angelica's body and played with her huge tits as she licked around her navel. Hamilton casually stroked his hard on as Angelica squirmed with delight, her pussy flowing with her love juices.

"So lovely." She purred as her sister reached her slit and lapped at the moist entrance.

Soon Elizabeth had a dribbling mouth as she licked all around the quivering quim of her sister who bit her lower lip, spasms wracking her body. As she moved in teasing circles all around the hairy muff the blonde worked her pinkie finger inside and gave tiny but effective flicks just inside.

"I..I love it!"

Me too thought a mesmerised Hamilton as he focused on Elizabeth's round ass as it swayed from side to side. Her hips bucked as she came and squirted fluid onto the face of Elizabeth who continued to bury her face in her sister's cunt.

Angelica repaid her sister by rising up and letting Elizabeth place her fair pubes on her face who slowly lowered until her cunt lips met her sisters lips.

"Wonderful stuff." Said Hamilton, his fist a blur as he wanked his cock.

Angelica lashed up with her tongue to lick the hot box in her face and Elizabeth clamped her thighs to her the head of her sister groaning loudly. She orgasm twice in as many minutes as she rocked to and fro and both sisters exuded a warm glow as they freely perspired.

"Time to cum." Announced Hamilton.

Angelica looked on aghast as her sibling pushed her mouth down onto his length and wedged it at the back of her throat before she could react. His cock suddenly erupted and her cheeks puffed out as Elizabeth gladly swallowed his hot cum, thin trickles of which dribbled out of the corners of her mouth.

When she relinquished his tool her sister pulled the cum coated shaft to her mouth and licked him from top to base until he was squeaky clean. As they wallowed in the wake of their guilty pleasure Hamilton made an announcement.

"It has been exceedingly amusing this day and I will honour my word as a gentleman and offer the prospect of marriage to Elizabeth. I am quite smitten by the pair of you and am torn between you both. It is a close call and I have a sadness in my heart to spurn dear Angelica but I hope to remain friends."

Elizabeth smoothed down her straggling hair and spoke humbly.

"The honour has been ours I assure you Sir. Now let us celebrate and once more enjoy the fruits of our bodies."

"In other words fuck our brains out!" Chorused her sister!

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