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Christmas Khaleesi (Emilia Clarke)
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Codes: MF, Cons, Oral, Anal, Toys

Walking out of the London tube station, I tugged at the scarf around my neck and tightened it to fight off the cold. While being crammed inside the London underground was enough to heat me up ever so slightly, as soon as I walked out into the cold of the city it was a completely different beast. The cold bit against me and it was enough to make me want to just turn around and go right back down into the ground. Walking forward, I looked down at my wrist and I checked the time to make sure I was still on time for my hospital appointment. Living in England's capital often meant that my appointments would be changed around and having checked the listing before I left my flat, it was enough for me to know where I was going. Crossing the street and walking towards the hospital, I stifled a yawn and walked through the front door.

Crossing over a couple of the floors and moving up to the neurology department, I looked over my shoulder and then back to where I was going. Checking in to let my Doctor know that I was here, I climbed into one of the seats and made myself comfortable. Raking my fingers through my shaggy blonde hair, I combed some of the snow specks out of my hair and slumped back ever so slightly. Sighing softly and then locking my fingers together, I placed them in my lap and I was left staring at the wall opposite where I was sitting. Looking around the inside of the room, there were a couple of people who were already inside, the sounds of Polish or maybe Romanian filled the waiting room as the couple of women chatted with one another. Not understanding the language, my eyes continued to lamely inspect the other people when my eyes hovered over one final person. Sitting just next to the water cooler, I looked at her and tried to figure out where I recognised her from.

Doing my best to not just leer, I left my eyes focused on her as I tried to piece it together. Brown hair, blue eyes... It slowly came together as how I was used to seeing her with long blonde hair in a braid as opposed to her natural brown hair that was loose and just coming down to her shoulders. Looking over at her, I could almost feel the nerd in me coming out.

"Daenerys Targaryen..." Looking over at the Khaleesi and one of the Sarah Connor's, Emilia Clarke, her own eyes came up to meet mine and we had the briefest of eye contact. Looking across the waiting room and making eye contact with her, her face changed from a plain neutral expression to one of panic. Her eyes went wide and her lips parted as if she wanted to voice something but was afraid of what was going to come out. I looked around the inside of the waiting room, inspecting the other people before I looked back to Emilia Clarke and then, I simply shot her a smile and a slight wave of my hand as if to let her know that she had nothing to worry about. Her eyes softened and she nodded her head before mouthing out the word 'Thanks' and she went back to just looking around the inside of the hospital corridors and the waiting room we were both sharing as well.

"Mr Blake?" Looking up, I saw one of the nurses standing there, calling my name out. Standing up and smiling towards her, she smiled right back to me and took a step backwards as if to encourage me to follow her. Walking with her and towards the Doctor's office, I wanted to look back to where Emilia Clarke was sitting but I was now very focused on what was coming for me. Walking and taking a seat inside of the office, the nurse closed the door and I was left sitting opposite the Doctor.

"So Mr. Blake... How have you been feeling?"

"Ah, cold? It's very cold."

"It is! I was more curious as to why you've been coming to see me though. Have you had any more seizures since the last time we saw you?"

"I haven't. I have been taking the medicine like you advised, I've taken fifty grams of the Lamotrigine and it seems to be doing the trick."

"When do you take the Lamotrigine?"

"At night, normally when I get in through the door for the evening and just before I have my dinner."

The cold wasn't getting any better but as I set my guitar up in my licenced place on the streets of London, I opened my case up and extended the bar to keep it open and hopefully have enough room to provide some room for people to toss their loose change in. It wasn't a great way of making money but it gave me more than enough pocket change and would often get me a large coffee at the Starbucks on my way home. It also gave me enough time to practice the whole performance art and being able to steady my voice and just have a decent stage presence. Strumming my pick against the strings of my Les Paul, I was practising the simplest of notes when I saw there was a set of feet just opposite my guitar case. Looking up at the owner of the legs, I saw I was staring directly at Emilia Clarke. She offered me a warm smile with a gentle wave of her hand.

"I don't suppose you do the Rains of Castamere do you?" She asked, flashing me a wide grin.

Looking back to her, I flash her a smile before playing the opening notes of the now super famous Game of Thrones song. Losing my place after the first couple of chords, I offered the strings one last strum before looking back up to her.

"That's about it though I'm afraid." I said, laughing as she joined me.

"Well, that was pretty impressive considering I just asked." She admitted, nodding her head as she looked down at my guitar before looking back up to me. She was dressed in a thick pea coat and had on some dark blue jeans complete with some trendy boots that ran just over her knees. She also had a thick cream coloured scarf wrapped around her neck and a beret on top of her head. She definitely looked like she was ready for her time in a winter wonderland and as the snow started to fall, it just completed her look. "I'm Emilia by the way, but I figured you already knew that?"

"I did." I said with a smile, referencing my earlier recollection of her in the hospital waiting room with her. We smiled with each other for a brief moment before the silence between us threatened to become awkward.

"So, is this your job?" She asked, making a hand motion gesturing towards the floor and then up towards my guitar.

"Nah, this is what I do with my days off. I want to do more with my music but it's kind of difficult when you're not willing to go on those Simon Cowell crap shows you know?" I explained, thanking a random passerby as they tossed a pound coin into the open case. Stroking some of the strings casually, I looked over to Emilia as she was seemingly looking me over. Another moment passed before I found a voice again. "So, not that this isn't a personal fantasy of mine but can I help you with something or did you just want to shoot the breeze?"

"Well, I figured with the two of us both being in that hospital room this morning it probably means we have something in common?" Emilia said, fluffing her hair over the edge of her scarf. "I was wondering if you... I don't know, wanted to grab a coffee or something?" She asked, looking over to me as if she was asking me out on a date.

"I mean... Yeah, that sounds great!" I said, looking over to her as her face broke out in a wild smile.

"Fantastic! How long are you going to be doing this?" She asked, flicking her hand up and down towards my guitar and then the case. The same case that was slowly filling up with random loose change even without me playing anything on the instrument.

"Well, my permit only allows me to have an hour but I can definitely scrap it if you wanted to go now?"

"No no, an hour is great! I don't want to have to make you drop this just because I asked you to. I'll see you back here in an hour then..." Emilia trailed off as if wanting to find out my name.

"Eddie. Eddie Blake." I answered, extending my hand for her to shake. She smiled and shook it back.

""Daenerys Targaryen or Sarah Connor or Qi'ra or Emilia if you're being really boring." She teased, flashing me a wink. "I'll see you soon then Eddie!"

So, even with the cold biting into my body and the weather not looking to brighten up, I found myself beaming from ear to ear as I thought about what my evening would consist of. Strumming along at the songs and occasionally singing with the words, I smiled and thanked passer-bys who tossed change and the occasional note into the guitar case while they moved by. The case was definitely starting to fill up and it looked like it would be enough for me to grab a coffee or two on the way back and maybe even top up my Oyster card as well. As I finished up the admittedly rather small set list up, I noted that there was a brand new fifty pound note sitting at the top of the change in my case. Looking up to the giver of the note, I saw that Emilia was standing there.

"That was fantastic!" Emilia gushed, making me wonder just how long she had been standing there. She walked forward and clapped her hands together lightly as if to further cement the point as to how she felt about my performance.

"Thank you!" I responded before bending down to take the note out. "But I can't accept this, that is far too generous of you-" I started to try and refuse the note but Emilia simply shook her head and put her hands on mine as if to stop me from moving.

"Seriously, it's the least I should give you." She said, before smiling. "Besides, for what I'm going to have to put you through tonight? I think it's the least I owe you."

Now that made me pause and raise an eyebrow.

"So, here's the deal," Emilia continued. "I've been invited to do some extra press for Last Christmas and when I say invited, I of course mean, told to do it. It's not far! Just a couple of tube stops away and all I need to do is switch some lights on and then I can go home. It could be fun right?" She asked, looking over to me.

"I mean, sure? Sounds like fun at least." Then, the penny dropped and I realised what it was she was getting at. "And you want me to come along with you?"

"Yeah, pretty much." She paused for a moment before speaking again. "You in?"

There was another moment before I spoke.

"Yeah, I am."

Because why not right? Emilia clasped her hands together as if she was relieved that I had chosen that. She nodded her head and watched as I started to pack up my guitar and all the necessary equipment that I had needed for the performance. With my guitar snapped up and now in my hands, the two of us were on our way down into the tube station and towards the spot she was going to be working.

So, Emilia took the lead and I simply followed, my coins and donations for my busking were now in a small plastic coin bag and my guitar was safely encased and I was following the acting superstar. We made small talk and it was nice to hear the woman I had seen on the big screen and my TV for years now be so light-hearted and be able to just chit chat with me. Emilia was talking to me about her latest project and the movie she was going to be promoting. The idea of tagging along for someone so famous and important did seem like something out of a fever dream, here I was riding the tube along with her, following her to her location.

Sitting down on the side of the tube car, Emilia followed and as the doors rolled shut, Emilia turned to me. Raking her fingers through her hair, she sighed gently and looked to the floor and then back to me.

"So, I should probably come clean right?"

"I mean... I would like to know just what I'm walking into."

"Right... So, I have this Christmas movie coming out this year and I got asked to go and switch the lights on at Carnaby Street and I just really don't want to do this by myself. You recognised me in the hospital earlier and I figured that you didn't make a big deal, didn't pester me for an autograph or a selfie or whatever and... I don't know, I just sort of thought you had something with me." Emilia paused for a moment, closed her eyes and then rested her head in her hands. "That was a lot of words for not a lot of thought huh?" She said with a gentle laugh.

"Well, I certainly appreciate the kind words. I figured the hospital should be the worst place to be bothered by a fan." I said, shrugging my shoulders as the train came to a stop and the cart emptied slightly.

"I think that is probably true too." She said with a laugh. "So you're not going to leave?"

"Not at all! I have never been to something big like this. I definitely want to come and see it! You just need to buy the drinks." I said, playfully nudging her with my elbow as she smirked and then stuck her tongue out at me.

"Fair." Was her last comment before we broke into some more general conversation about what was coming and what we were expecting of the coming weeks. The rest of the tube ride was fairly average, or as average as it could be when I was sharing a tube car with one of the stars of Game of Thrones, but she was more than happy to just chat with me. I had to wonder if something like this was a release for someone who was obviously a Hollywood star talking to someone like me. Someone who had never even come close to first class on an plane, hell someone who had never even been on a plane in general. It must be a different world for Emilia and being able to talk to me about what my life was like in comparison to hers and just what the problems of a normal person must be like compared to hers. The train cart came to a stop for Carnaby Street and we both climbed off of our seats and ducked out onto the tube stop. Following Emilia's lead, we made our way up to the main streets of England's capital.

As we walked, Emilia slipped her arm around mine and almost as if she was holding onto me, we walked up towards the main street almost as if we were a couple. Gripping onto my guitar and stuffing my free hand into my coat's pocket, I tried to ignore the red coming to my cheeks as we walked towards our new destination. Following Emilia's lead and to where she was taking us, I looked around and towards the faces of several passerby's as if to judge whether they knew who I was walking with. Fortunately, no one seemed to notice as they were all busy with their phones and whatever they were doing. Emilia was fairly quiet but I didn't mind that. I was starting to get far too nervous to even humour a conversation with her. The rig of the Christmas lights came up in our view and I could see that there was a crowd growing for the lights being switched on as well.

"You'd get a lot more than that fifty if we got you playing there huh?" She teased, looking over to me and then back to the crowds. We stopped and Emilia pointed over to the back of the rig where a woman was standing, looking for someone. She made eye contact with Emilia and then waved towards the TV star, we darted across the road and I quickly found out that the woman was Emilia's agent. She looked over to me as Emilia introduced to me and quickly offered me a shake of her hand before looking over to her client.

"Are you ready?"

"I am! I'll be right back Eddie!" She said with a smile, turning to face me and then she almost leapt on me as she planted a kiss on my cheek. And with that, she had turned and was on her way up to the stage. Her agent sighed gently and then she laughed.

"She hasn't even practiced." Her agent shook her head and then turned to look at me. "Would you like a coffee?"

"Please." I said with a smile as she took my order down and then disappeared towards one of the craft tables so I was left standing at the side of the stage and watching the woman I had just spent the last forty five minutes with talk to a crowd of people and then throw the switch to flick the lights on that would be on for the next couple of months. It was inspiring to actually see the lights get switched on and see something huge like this happen right in front of me.

Seeing the lights come to life and hearing the crowd erupt in cheers was enough for me to grin from ear to ear, almost making me enjoy the time of the year. As Grinchy as I was, the lights coming on was that sort of time that would make even me smile. Looking up to the side of the stage, Emilia offered the crowd another series of waves and stayed around for the photographs before she was escorted off the stage by some of the staff. Emilia looked over to me and offered me a big smile before she looked over to her agent and then back to me. She shared another couple of words to her agent before walking over to me. She looked up at me and then over to her agent and then down towards the road.

"Come on Eddie, let's go." She said, taking my arm in hers again and leading me away from the stage. Walking towards the tube station on the other side of the street from where we had come from, we were soon on another tube train heading towards some other stop. Looking over to her, she seemed to be positively vibrating in her seat. I looked at her and it was then she seemed to understand just what was happening. "Sorry, I just get this total... High from doing stuff like that it's just... Intense you know?" She asked, looking over at me as her left leg bounced up and down. I shook my head, I didn't know, but I could tell it was a huge event for her and that was something I was happy to just listen to her. Spending time with her still seemed so surreal to me so I didn't want to do anything to upset her.

"So where are we going?" I asked, breaking the conversation Emilia was filling the tube cart with as she babbled about turning the lights on. Emilia looked at me and clapped her hands together as if to recall just why she was even with me.

"Oh! Right! So, I just wanted to really thank you for coming to give me a hand with this whole presentation thing. I imagine I probably took you away from your home and your evening so I kind of feel bad for it. I have a bottle of wine from Disney waiting for me at my flat so I figured that would be a good gift for you."

"Ah, Emilia you don't have to get me anything." I said, shaking my head lightly. "The whole experience was almost a payment in itself."

"Still, I'll feel bad and you don't want me to feel bad do you Eddie?" She asked, her big eyes looking over to me and then she fluttered her eyelids as if to encourage me to just go along with it.

"Well, that's awfully nice of you. I certainly won't say no to it." I say, smiling to her and accepting her suggestion. She smiled back to me and then turned to peer out of the same small window as I was while we moved from tube stop to tube stop.

Eventually coming to a stop and following Emilia out, I held onto my guitar in one hand and Emilia took hold of my other hand. Walking up and coming towards a very expensive looking block of flats, Emilia swiped her purse against the key lock and the door popped open with a soft, gentle, Star Trek esque hissing noise. The TV and movie star walked inside the building and the two of us headed towards the back of the lobby to where the lifts were. Emilia pressed the button and the small lift rolled down to the bottom of the elevator shaft and we stepped inside. Hitting her floor level, Emilia took a step back and waited as the lift doors closed and we started to climb. Looking at the floor levels display, I was actually surprised to see it was one of those old fashioned arrows that pointed to the floor number by slowly dragging the arrow across to the side and picking on the number.

"Huh. Only ever seen those in the movies." I said, nodding towards the number display.

"Yeah, it looks pretty cute huh?" She asked, looking back to me and then back to the floor levels. Her eyes focused on the arrow as it rolled past each of the floor levels before it came to a stop on the third floor. The doors rolled open and Emilia walked out, encouraging me to follow her. We walked down the small corridor before coming to the stop at the end. Moving to the left door at the end of the corridor, Emilia slipped her key into the door and opened it up. She looked back to me and pushed the door open to encourage me to go inside.

Walking inside Emilia's place, I was surprised to see it was almost an exact replica of Joey and Chandler's apartment from Friends, the place even had baby blue paint on the walls and while the film posters were of her own work and various other projects that looked like her sort of movies. She tossed her bag to the breakfast bar, her bag collided against a bowl of fruit she had on the bar, and came to a stop in its tracks. She walked inside and shrugged her coat off, throwing it over her arm and then hanging it up on the coat rack she had in the corner of the room. Following her in, I closed the door behind me and walked inside, moving past the mini football table and walking into the main bit of her flat. Looking around the flat and then back to Emilia.

"This is a nice place!" I complimented, smiling to her as she met my smile and walked inside to the main part of the room with me. She looked over her shoulder before turning back to me.

"I'll be right back, did you want to grab a seat?" She asked, gesturing towards the sofa she had tucked up against the wall. Looking over to it, I had to smile. It was even in the same sort of position as Joey and Chandler had theirs. I silently nodded my head and moved over to it as Emilia disappeared into one of the two doors to the left of where I was stood. Stripping myself of my scarf and dropping it on a separate hook as to Emilia's coat, I toyed with the idea of taking my coat off as well but I figured that that would just be inviting myself to stay with her and I thought that that wasn't what Emilia was expecting. She probably wanted to just gift me this bottle of wine and get me out of here.

Turning on my heel, I walked back into the main bit of the flat and headed over to where she had suggested I take a seat. I unbuttoned my coat and tugged the zipper down slightly before sitting down and clapping my hands together lightly. I sat back on the couch and looked towards the opposite side of the room, towards where the audience would have been sitting if this was the show. Smiling to myself, I looked over the wall where there was a selection of shelves that showed off the statues and models of the characters she had played were stood up. Climbing up off of the sofa and walking over, I looked over the collector items. There were finely detailed statues of Daenerys and her dragons, there were dragon eggs and there were some models of her Sarah Connor appearance. Some tickets to Euro Disney and Disneyworld were littered across some of the shelves, she had clearly been this year. It must have been a perk for being in Star Wars.

"Searching for a Christmas present?" A female voice broke my thoughtful studying, prompting me to turn and face Emilia.

With my turning, I saw her standing in front of me.

Emilia had her brown hair slightly covered by a lopsided Santa hat and what appeared to be a corset and garter belt combination, her middle section was covered with a bright red one piece attire that had a white trim and a black belt that ran around her middle section. She also had on a set of elbow length black gloves and a pair of jet black stockings attached to the bottom of her outfit. She wasn't wearing shoes so she had lost a couple of inches but what she had lost in height, she had more than made up for.

"Oh... Oh wow..." Was all I could manage to croak out as she fluffed her hair lightly. Before tossing the locks over her shoulder and walking towards me.

"Have you been a good boy this year Eddie?" She asked, her eyes, now accentuated by dark makeup and bright red lipstick. "Because I think you want to stuff my stockings." She came towards me and then she lifted her gloved arms up to lay them over my shoulders. My own hands came up and rested on her waist, holding onto her as she smiled and brought her lips up to mine. It appeared that I must have missed something somewhere but I was not going to tempt fate. Instead, I leaned my own face forward and we kissed. Our lips collided and almost as soon as we did that, I could feel my toes almost curling into my feet as I tasted her lips. She moaned into the kiss and we pulled each other just a little bit closer to one another.

Emilia's hands came down to the front of my coat and she gave it a sharp tug, moving me towards the sofa as we deepened the kiss. Our mouths parted and she slid her tongue in to meet mine and we hungrily kissed each other while we stepped over towards the couch. Running my tongue over hers and then slowly wrapping it around hers, sucking on it as we moved backwards and towards where I had been sat just moments ago. Turning around with her now in front of me, we broke the kiss briefly and Emilia planted her lips on mine before pushing me backwards with the flats of both of her hands. The brunette moved onto the sofa next to me and then dropped onto her hands and knees. I understood almost immediately understood what was happening. Leaning backwards, I unbuttoned my shirt to give myself some breathing room.

Emilia looked over to me and then down at my lap, she reached down and using her gloved fingers, she quickly undid the fly of my trousers and tugged my zipper down. She pulled the flap of my jeans apart and then, reached in to fish out my dick. Her hand worked on loosening up my boxers and then she fished out my hardening dick. The feel of the silk glove wrapped around my dick gave it a different feel compared to the usual feel of fingers on it and as she started to slowly stroke it, it was enough to make me groan in pleasure. Emilia smiled to herself as she stroked up and down my length, her body shifting around so she was just a little bit closer to me. Her head was hovering over my dick while her right hand continued to stroke me. Her left hand came up and held herself steady, resting on the inside of my left thigh while her hand pumped up and down.

I looked down at her, watching her stroke my cock it was like something out of a fantasy. She pumped her hand up and down, continuing to stroke at me before she bowed her head down and took my dick into her mouth. She pushed her mouth down and closed her lips around my prick, gently applying pressure as she started to move her head down, swallowing my cock into her warm, wet mouth. Emilia moaned around my length as she started to slide her face down my cock. The brunette swallowed my cock into her mouth and she opened her eyes, floating them up to make eye contact with her while she sucked on my dick. Watching her, suck my dick, my hands came up and took hold of her. Cupping her ass and gently squeezing on it, before smoothing over her rear. Emilia moaned at the touch, prompting me to squeeze it again while her tongue pushed up against the side of my cock.

Lightly smacking her rear, I squeezed the same cheek I had spanked while she sucked on me. My finger slipped under the fabric of the clothing, tugging it to the side so I could see the skin of her rear. I smacked the cheek, watching it shake and bounce briefly. Emilia slipped her mouth up and down, closing her lips around my cock and rubbing her tongue against the side of my prick and then sliding it around the underside and top of my cock. Bathing my dick in her warm, wet spit, Emilia continued to move her mouth up and down as she sucked on me.

While she sucked on my dick, applying pressure and quickly moving her lips up and down faster and faster, my own fingers moved towards her entrance, pushing my index finger inside of her slit as she sucked on me. I looked down at her and watched her face as she worked on me, sucking my dick into her mouth and her eyes flickered closed as she had my finger inside her. Sliding my digit in and out of her wet folds, I could feel Emilia's lips tighten around my dick as sucked on me. Her pussy seemed to be getting wetter and wetter as she sucked and with my dick in her mouth, her lips seemed to be twitching around my cock. Her tongue continued to brush up against the side of my cock, applying pressure to it as her hand came down from the inside of my legs and she cupped my balls softly.

Emilia slowly brought her lips up off of my cock and left it with a pop and a gasping noise. A strand of warm spit was left stuck to the head of my cock and her lips as she looked up at me and moaned softly. My hand continued to finger her gently, adding my middle finger to doubly probe her slit. Emilia moaned as I fingered her before she turned to look at me.

"I need your dick inside me." She managed to breathe out, letting me know just what she wanted. Emilia moved over so her back was on the couch and she reached down to tug the strap of her costume to the side so her pussy was exposed to me. Looking down at the wet slit, I moved up to climb on my knees in front of her. Undressing my coat completely and then tossing my shirt to the side, I undid my jeans and stepped out of them. Gripping Emilia's legs by the knees, I held her legs up in the air and then moved my length down towards her dripping wet slit. Pushing the head of my cock inside her, both me and Emilia shared a long, loud moan as I filled her. Pushing my cock inside of her and moving in, I looked up to Emilia who was making eye contact with me as she was filled with my dick. Sliding inside, I pushed my dick all the way inside of her until my balls were pressing against her. Grunting, I slowly pulled my hips backwards and then pushed them forward, moving my dick inside of her and hitting her inner spots.

Emilia panted in pleasure as I started to saw myself in and out of her, moving towards a hot, fast motion. Sliding myself inside of her and then pulling out again, I started to work myself into a rhythm of fucking her on the sofa. Standing up so I was off of the couch, I laid her legs flat against my chest as I pumped my dick backwards and forwards. Sawing my cock inside of her, I started to angle my dick at all different manners to see which would make her moan the loudest. My balls started to slap against her ass as I fucked her, sliding my cock inside of her as she closed her eyes and let her head fall back onto the couch. Her Santa hat threatened to fall off of her head as I pumped my dick inside of her. Her walls of her tight pussy were closing down on me and she was getting wetter and wetter as I pumped inside. Her pussy squeezed down on my length almost as if she was threatening to never let me leave.

My hands rubbed along the front of her stocking clad legs, stroking against the fabric of her legs while I pushed myself inside her. My hands brushed over her legs, holding onto her as I slid my length in and out. Emilia's head fell backwards and her Santa hat fell off of her head, she blindly grabbed for it and tossed it over the arm of the couch as I pumped my dick into her. Emilia's hands came up and she grabbed against her legs, moving off of my body. She reached up and grabbed hold of my body and pulled me down closer to her. Pushing my lips against hers, she wrapped her legs and arms around my body, clamping down on me and pulling me close as I pushed my dick inside her. Emilia grunted in my ear as she closed her teeth down on my right ear lobe and then her ankles seemed to cross over my rear. Keeping me close to her, I held onto her body, keeping her close to me as I fucked her.

Emilia then rolled me around so I was now on my back and she was on top. She moved herself up so she was now sitting on me. Her fingers came up and tugged at the straps of the outfit, tugging it to one side so that she could roll the fluffy white and Santa red costume down over her breasts. She wrapped her arms around the back of my head, pulling me right into her chest so I could wrap my lips around her breast's tip. Biting down on the hard nub, I sucked on it gently as she started to slide herself up and down on my dick. Moving my lips over to suck on her other breast, Emilia started to go to work, moving herself on my length. Sliding myself inside of her, Emilia was more than happy to control the pace of penetration and the sounds of her ass cheeks hitting against my thighs started to join the noise of her moaning. My hands came up off of her sides and took hold of her cheeks, squeezing on the fleshy buns and then swatting them as she started to ride me. My lips came off of her nipple and I reached my head up to her neck, kissing against it as she rode me.

Emilia slid up and down on my dick, riding me as her breasts bounced against my body. My hands cupped her ass and squeezed down on each of her cheeks before smacking them. I let ho of my lock on her neck and I started to kiss against her skin as she started to bounce on my dick faster and faster. Her walls hugged down tightly on me and as she pushed herself down on my cock and as soon as her wet walls pushed against my cock, her head was thrown backwards and she came over my dick. Holding onto her as she rode me, I pulled her close and wrapped my arms around her, hugging her as she came over my dick. Her walls exploded and her sex leaked onto my lap and all over my cock. Wrapping my arms around her, I started to lift my hips up to meet her, pushing my cock up to meet her drops down onto my lap. Bouncing her on my lap, pushing my cock in as her pussy dropped down onto me, I kissed against her neck before she managed to croak out a series of words.

"My arse... Fuck my arse!"

Hearing that, I was more than happy to agree. Sliding my length down and out of her entrance, I pulled myself out of her and looked up at her as she slowly, almost fell off of my lap. Looking over her shoulder to the corner of the room where a box, in different gift wrap to the others, was sitting. She wobbled over, her legs still recovering from the orgasm and she reached down, plucking the box up and off of the floor. She looked over her shoulder to me and shot me a wink, tugging on the string, the box fell open and she reached inside the package. Plucking a small purple vibrator out of her gift box, she touched a button on the vibrator and it came to life. Hooking her finger around a small string, she pushed the toy inside of her and as it went to work, Emilia found herself with a bright smile on her face. Equally enjoying the look on her face and how her body looked, I watched as she came over to me. I went to move up to meet her but was stopped when she brought her right foot up off of the floor and she pushed me down again.

"Buh... Fuck! Bad boy!" She managed to blurt out, the vibrator still humming away inside of her as the insides of her thighs shined with her arousal. She turned around and then moved herself backwards, climbing onto the sofa on top of me and then slowly lowering herself down to meet me. My dick was hard and poking upwards towards her, she reached down with her free hand and pried her ass cheeks apart. I gripped my dick and held it steady, the two of us working together in silent synchronicity as she lowered herself down onto me, I pushed my dick upwards. The head of my dick bumped against her asshole and slowly, we started to move together. My dick pushed inside of her as she dropped down onto me. Her head fell back and she let out a long series of moans as the vibrator worked on her and she was also being spread open by the head of my cock.

I let go of my dick as my head slipped inside of her tight back door with an almost comical popping noise. Placing my hands on her waist, I held onto her and watched as she pushed herself down. My dick slid inside of her ass and while it met some resistance, Emilia's head was rocked backwards and her long brown hair tickled against my chest as she placed both of her hands on my chest to steady herself. She started to slide herself down on my length, forcing her rear to swallow more of my cock as she took me inside her. My hands held onto her waist and helped her as she moved herself down all while I did my best to keep my body down on the sofa. Emilia moved down until her ass couldn't take any more and then, she came to a stop. Her body was twitching slightly and her nails were digging into my skin ever so softly as her pussy was exposed to the vibrator and then my dick was inside of her ass.

Her tight backdoor hugged on me and squeezed me tightly and as she moved her body down on my length, I could feel the vibrator inside her continuing to hum away. The feeling of the toy mixing with Emilia's ass was a completely different experience as to what I was used to and as she started to anally ride my dick, I could only lean my head back and enjoy the ride. Watching her body bounce on me, I closed my eyes and tried to think of literally anything other than the sexy Game of Thrones star that was riding her ass on my dick. Her tight back door squeezed down on my length and she pushed herself down on me. Her body started to tremble and as soon as she pushed her ass down, I could tell her orgasm was building. Keeping hold of her by the waist, I pushed my hips upwards to start to meet her drops, and when her body gave in and she started to cum again.

Her asshole clamped down around my dick and the vibrator kept going to work inside of her, I rolled her over so she was flat on her stomach. Moving up so that she was in more of a doggy style position, I started to fuck her ass from behind, sawing myself inside of her and working my dick backwards and forwards, my balls started to slap against her wet entrance. Pushing my length inside of her ass one more time, I hissed in pleasure and pushed my cock as deep inside of her as I could do and then, I started to cum. Firing my ropes inside of her ass, I held my dick buried inside of her and continued to empty my balls until I just couldn't cum any more. Shooting rope after rope inside of Emilia's ass, the brunette TV star panted in pleasure and collapsed down on the sofa. Pulling my dick backwards, my cock fell out from her rear as I fell back on the sofa to recover while Emilia just fell down on her chest on the sofa.

"So..." I started, reaching over and cupping her ass softly. "Why did this happen?" I asked, wanting an answer as to why we had just fucked seemingly so out of the blue. Emilia looked over her shoulder to me and laughed.

"Do you really care about that?" She asked, looking over to me as her stocking clad legs came down and laid over my lap. Stroking her leg and her ass cheek, I shrugged my shoulders and then answered.

"Not really."
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Re: Christmas Khaleesi (Emilia Clarke)
« Reply #1 on: March 04, 2020, 05:44:48 AM »
Nice work, really enjoyed this. Reading about Emilia is a treat, wonder what she'll do after GoT?


Re: Christmas Khaleesi (Emilia Clarke)
« Reply #2 on: March 05, 2020, 08:10:50 AM »
Thank you for posting a new story with us and it was on your birthday nevertheless! I read this the other day and forgot to leave you a comment, I thought it was really good!  :Y:


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