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Action Babes: Series One (The Conclusion)
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Action Babes
Fighting Crime and Busting Balls All Around The World

Starring Brie Larson & Hayley Atwell

W/ A Special Appearance by Vanessa Kirby

Description: This series is heavily influenced by B-level action movies from the mid 80's to late 90's and features action, adventure, hot babes and tons of raunchy sex.

Disclaimer: This story is pure fiction and everyone is over the age of 18.

Codes: (MF,MFF,cons,inter,oral,titfuck,cunnilingus)

Series I: Trouble in Paradise: Part One

The Boss John Sacs sat behind his large wooden desk with his eyes closed in a relaxing meditating state when he heard a knock on his office door.

“Come in,” he calmly invited, not budging an inch from his serenity.

In walked two very gorgeous women. One stood 5’7 blonde with light brown eyes, a slim figure and perky breasts with nipples showing prominently through her thin white t-shirt showing signs she wasn’t wearing a bra. The other stood the same height with dark brown hair, brown eyes with a curvaceous physique complete with very large breasts and cleavage overflowing her seamless v-neck tank top.

“You summoned us, John?” spoke the blonde, crossing her arms over her braless tits.

“Ah, yes. Two of my favorite crime-fighting beauties; Special Agent Brie Larson and Special Agent Hayley Atwell,” praised and greeted the 56-year-old Pierce Brosnan look alike with a 70’s porn star mustache. “I have a very dangerous assignment that requires your talented skills and special assets,” emphasizing assets while eyeing Hayley’s mountainous heaving breasts.

John Sacs, known as The Boss, was the head of an off the books division of special agents task with eliminating some of the world’s most dangerous and evil criminals that Washington wants to keep their hands clean of.

 “So whose bollocks we need to cut off?” said the chesty brunette Special Agent Atwell.

“That is for you two to find out. He goes by The Leader,” John proclaimed, nodding his head towards a yellow file on his desk with The Leader written in large bold red lettering and a large question mark.

“Well this is a very flattering photograph,” jokingly said Special Agent Larson.

“No one knows or has seen his identity. What we do know is that he’s into biochemical weapons and in a few days, there will be an auction to sell biochemical weapons to some of the most powerful crime figures in the world,” John informed his two special agents. “I can’t stress to the two of you the importance of this mission and why you must take down The Leader.”

The two special agents gave each other stern looks and then looked back at The Boss.

“This sounds quite dire, indeed. So where is this mysterious Leader hiding?” Hayley asked.

“Our stealth satellite has gathered that The Leader’s base of operations is somewhere in Maui, Hawaii. A fully gassed charter plane is waiting in the hangar, but before you two go, head to the lab to meet with our weapons guy, QT. He has a couple of new toys that I think might be very useful on your trip. And remember ladies, this is not a vacation. Safe travels,” John informed, sending the ladies off with a smile.

Before Brie and Hayley exited The Boss’s office, “Hey Vanessa! Keep up the good job,” insinuated Hayley.

The office door closed and John’s secretary, Vanessa Kirby poked her blonde locks up from John’s naked lap.

“Those girls are quite something,” Vanessa said, stroking her hand up and down the 9-inches of throbbing hard steel she had wedged between her smooth lips for several minutes during the entire meeting.

“They sure are. Let’s finish this on the bed,” John told Vanessa.

*Sex music cues*

John pulled out a large folding bed from his couch and an already naked Vanessa Kirby hoped on. John stripped all his clothes off and soon joined the ravishing leggy blonde. He climbed on top of her, locking lips in a passionate kiss while rubbing his immensely hard cock up against the soaked and wet velvety flesh of her cunt. He trailed kisses down her neck to her small budding bosoms. He cupped both breasts in his hands, tonguing around her medium-sized taut areolas and sucked each little thickly nipple in turns, causing the leggy blonde to gasp and moan with delight.

John continued his tour of Vanessa’s slender body, moving down her to flat stomach, tonguing her belly button before reaching his final destination at her clean-shaven twat.

“Ohhhh, godddd!” Vanessa cried out in rapture as The Boss skillfully tongued her hot drenched snatch, drilling his tongue deep inside her gooey pinkness. His 70’s porn star mustache tickled against the wet meaty flaps of her cunt lips.

John used his hands to spread her dripping wet outer labia as he inhaled her aroma and munched on her sweet spot. He frantically wiggled his tongue back and forth deep inside Vanessa’s horny wet pouch and then targeted her throbbing clitoris. He sucked the tiny knob into his mouth while the tip of his tongue lashed over it repeatedly, causing Vanessa’s back to arch and toes to curl.

“Oooohhhhh, J-J-JOHN!” she cried in agonizing passion.

John lapped and sucked her succulent moist cunt for a few extra seconds and then straightened up between Vanessa’s long legs, rubbing the large swollen helmet of his dick up and down the sopping entrance of her velvety pussy.

“Fuck me! Fuck me now!” she cried, pushing her aching snatch against The Boss’s throbbing man meat.

John didn’t have to be told twice as he pushed the head of his tool between her slick soft vaginal walls and slowly thrust inch by inch his amazingly stiff member until the entire length was buried in the depths of her pinkness. No matter how many times the two of them fucked, Vanessa couldn’t get used to having such an enormous hard penis stretching and penetrating her small pussy. It also didn’t help that her husband started to notice how deeply hollow her pussy has become.

“Ahhhh fuck!” she moaned in discomfort.

John collapsed his hairy fit chest on top of Vanessa’s small-breasted chest and started rapidly thrusting his elongated organ inside her soaked pink love hole. Her constant moaning and crying were like a sympathy orchestra to his ears. He swiftly pumped his hips, pushing the full length of his excited prick between her velvety pussy flaps with his large heavy ball sack pounding the outside her glutinous pussy.

“Damn, baby! I love fucking your pussy. I love hearing your screams,” he moaned longingly into Vanessa’s neck, power fucking the leggy blonde with unyielding brute force.

Vanessa felt her insides turning into mush as her pussy wildly spasmed over John’s thrusting hard cock and started spewing out her creamy juices.

“OOHHHHHHHH JOHHHNNN!! OOHHHHH MYYYY GODDDDD!!” she screamed, shuddering and immersing in the orgasmic quack that rocked her entire body.

John continued thrusting and stewing his big organ in the soggy mess that was Vanessa’s cunt for a few extra minutes. He then pulled out while she was on cloud-nine and lied down on his back. His throbbing boner jutted towards the ceiling and was completely drenched in her cunt juices as he hinted for his secretary to sit on him in reserve cowgirl.

Vanessa stood on wobbly legs and eased her slippery cunt onto his large veiny appendage, swallowing the entire 9-inches of hard steel between her vaginal lips, yelping and gasping along each hard pulsing inch that impaled her.

John lifted and divided her long legs and then proceeded to go on a thrusting rampage with his raging turgid member plowing balls-deep inside Vanessa’s creamy snatch. His enormous ball sack slammed against the outside of her pissed soaked twat with each furious thrust.


John’s unbridled assault for several minutes made Vanessa cum harder than a runaway freight train. Soon he felt the familiar tingle in his enlarge swinging scrotum and his large cock convulsed deep inside the velvety swampy pinkness of Vanessa’s pussy.

“Arghhhh, bitch! You’re about to get this creampie,” John grunted as his trembling body became overwhelmed by a tidal wave of rapture and released large ropes of milky hot cum inside his secretary expanded womb. “Aaaahhh fuuuuuuck!”

The Boss emptied his entire sticky load inside Vanessa’s streaming hot cunt and because it was such a big load, much of his jism spilled out of her yielding snatch and trailed down to his thick inflamed scrotum.

*Sex music ends*

Vanessa collapsed onto the bed next to John, exhausted and gasping for breath.

“Our lunch break is over. I got a 3 ‘O’ clock meeting with President Hendricks,” John announced.

“I still can’t believe we have a woman for President,” replied Vanessa.

“She has humongous knockers. That’s why I voted for her,” blatantly admitted John. “And with any luck, my cock will be between those lovely knockers by 3:10.”

Special Agents Larson and Atwell arrived at the weapons lab housed at the bottom of their headquarters.

“What you got for us, QT?” asked Brie.

Dressed in a long white lab trench coat and bifocals emerged a 6’4 gangly black man holding a metal briefcase as he approached the two agents.

“Hey ladies. Boy do I have some nice gadgets for you today,” he said in his soft, pipsqueak voice, as she sat the metal briefcase down on his lab table. He flipped the latches and opened the briefcase revealing a sleek black crossbow, one long sleek black arrow, and a pair of dorky looking glasses.

“Not exactly the weapon I was expecting, sweetheart. I was hoping for a bazooka,” the British agent said with a disappointing tone.

“It kind of is. Don’t let the looks of this weapon, fool you. That’s why I only produced one arrow. This one arrow can do the same amount of damage as three bazooka missiles,” QT informed them.

“Holy shit, that’s fucking rad!” exclaimed Brie with wide eyes.

“Astonishing! That’s a lot of firepower in that skinny thing. You never cease to amaze us, QT,” Hayley responded.

“What are those goof looking glasses for?” Brie asked.

“These glasses are used to lock onto your target or targets for the arrow’s coordinates. Release the arrow from the crossbow and let it soar through the air and once it lands at its destination, blows it to smithereens,” he explained, making a boom sound with his mouth and hands providing emphasis. “The glasses can also be used to decode cryptic locks, computers, security panels, etc,” he added.

“I can think of something else long, sleek, and black that I would like to play with right now,” Brie flirted. “As a thank you for all the hard work you do down here.”

“We’re kind of on the clock, Brie Brie,” Hayley reminded her horny partner.

“C’mon, Hayley. We’re going to be stuck on a small ass, hot and stuffy plane for several hours with no men. Just a quick blowjob and you whip out those massive titties and fuck his cock until he explodes! It’ll be a proper thankful,” Brie continued to insist.

“Fine. Lord knows this will probably be the biggest pay raise QT will receive working for The Boss,” Hayley finally agreed. 

“I’m down for a little fun, but not too much. I’m going to need my strength for tonight for a very special lady,” he replied.

“Oh, got a hot piece of ass lined up?” The British special agent asked curiously. “I bet the skag won’t come close to rocking your world the way Brie and I are about to do.”

“The skag in question is my mother and I’m helping her move furniture.”

The lab became awkwardly quiet for a few seconds and Hayley’s face became red from embarrassment.

“Oh... My dearest apologizes, QT. Tell mums I said, hello.”

“Alright you two, enough chitchat. We got a long flight ahead of us Hayley, so let’s have a little fun before we go,” Brie said with a wide grin.

*Sex music cues*

QT was sat down by the women in his lab chair. Both of them began unbuckling and unzipping his jeans. Once they were finished, they pulled down their respective side of his jeans and tidy-whites exposing his long thick flaccid cock. Brie’s eyes nearly leaped out their sockets.

“Holy Moly! Someone is hung,” Brie commented, starlet by the nerd boy’s enormous black cock.

“You take the cock, yeah? I’ll start on these huge fat juicy big black bollocks,” a keenly Hayley described.

With a plan in place, both women descended their famish mouths onto QT’s freakishly large private parts. His cock was still in the soft stage as one of Brie’s hands failed to wrap completely around the bulky root. She slithered her tongue all over the large knob and then concentrated solely on the slit in his dickhead for a few minutes before wrapping her out-stretched lips over it.

As she sucked, Brie felt his dick pulsing and stretching in length in her caressing hands. She bobbed her head up and down, taking more of his meaty dark shaft inside her wet oral cavity with each stroke of her mouth. The massive black cock soon expanded into full-blown hardness between her hands and soft lips. He was stiffer than wood while Brie’s jaw muscles worked tirelessly with 6-inches of QT’s 11-inch monster stuffed down her esophagus.

Hayley’s head was below Brie’s with her face buried in QT’s tremendously large dark scrotum. She observed the abundance of saliva that spilled out of Brie’s cock-crammed mouth that ran down the lower half of his turgid swollen dick to the heavy ball sack her tongue was licking. Hayley’s tongue dragged over the smooth surfaces of the 25-year-old lab geek’s ball sack, giving each one a thorough tongue bath.

After a few minutes of tonguing each heavy black nut, Hayley scooped one in her mouth and slurped hard as if she was trying to suck the chocolate skin off his fat testicle. She stretched the enormous ball from its sack and then released it with a nice audible wet pop. She repeated the same oral treatment to his other cue-ball sized orb.

“Uuuuggghhhh!” QT groaned. His breathing was heavy as if he was hyperventilating.

It was hard for an awkwardly shy bachelor like himself to find one woman brave enough to suck his overly large dick, but as he looked down through his foggy bifocals, two gorgeous women were wetly and noisily devouring his cock and balls simultaneously like fat women at an all you can eat buffet. It was the most incredible sensation he ever felt and if he was to die at this moment, he would be perfectly happy.

“Oh shit, he’s so fucking huge,” gasped Brie, adjusting her sore jaw while her hands stroked up and down his giant slab of wet meat.

“My turn,” Hayley grinned with slobber dribbling down both ends of her mouth. She reached inside her v-neck tank top and after a bit of a struggle, pulled out both of her mammoth white breasts with big peach-colored areolas and taut rosy nipples. “Ready to fuck these massive titties, stud?”

QT moaned in response with his eyelids half shut behind his streamed up glasses as Hayley slapped both of her giant jugs across his thighs. She enclosed the gap, smothering his colossal rock-hard black member between the soft mountains of her tit flesh, getting several gratifying moans out of the lab geek.

Hayley massaged the biggest cock she ever seen between her enormous mounds, oscillating the heavy orbs of flesh up and down the entire length of his sensitive rock hard flesh. The bulbous pink head of his dick poked through the top of her cleavage each time she smashed her boobs into his hairless crotch and thighs. Occasionally Hayley leaned down and licked his pink helmet while keeping her gargantuan breasts wrapped around his ridge fuck stick.

Brie watched in admiration at her busty partner pumped her 32DD’s all over the immense black cock. The muscles in her jaw were still aching from the strenuous blowjob, but she loved the feeling of his enormous dick in her mouth.

“Uuuuuggghhhhhh fuuuuuuck!” QT desperately cried out, as his violently twitching cock erupted hard and fast between the British agent’s huge heavy knockers.

The first geyser of thick milky spunk landed in the center of Hayley’s face. The second large rope landed on her chin and the third and fourth landed on the tops of her heaving funbags. The rest of his man cream oozed out between her overworked hot and sweaty cleavage.

The British agent continued to mercilessly milk his oversized rampant prick between her tit pussy until every drop of his creamy thick jism flooded between her undulating whopping jugs.

*Sex music ends*

“Damn. That’s a lot of cum,” Brie smiled. She wiped a strand of cum off Hayley’s epic chest and sucked it off her finger. “Mmmm. Thick and creamy.”

Hayley stood up with her very large breasts parting on her chest and revealed the milky mess of QT’s thick cum dripping down in between them and down her midsection.

“Wow. He creamed you real good,” Brie said with an obvious observation.

“Wow indeed. That was smashing!” Hayley exclaimed, using her v-neck black tank top to clean off her cum-stained face and breasts. “That must have been a week’s worth in his poor sack.”

“Man, wish I could have gotten a nice huge load of that cum, but we got an important mission to accomplish and several hours of airtime ahead of us,” stated Brie.

“I need a quick shower before we go,” Hayley announced.

“I’ll join you,” Brie cheerfully invited herself. “I creamed my panties watching you tit-handle his huge dick.”

The two special agents left the lab with the metal briefcase and chatted about what transpired while poor QT had blacked out in his lab chair with his cock still out and pants around his ankles from his mighty orgasm.

After a quick shower and feeling refresh, Hayley and Brie made their way to the plane hangar dressed as fighter pilots. They boarded the charter plane with their equipment and strapped themselves in.

“I hope you can fly this plane better than the last one,” acknowledged Hayley taking a cheap shot at Brie’s flying experience.

“I told you to buckle up for a hard landing and this plane is much smaller.”

After pulling and pressing the right levers and buttons, the plane made its way out of the hangar, down the airstrip and took off into the cloudless blue skies.

“Maui Hawaii, here we come!” the agents shouted in unison.

To Be Continued…
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Re: Action Babes: Series One (Part One)
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Really enjoyed the start of this TL, look forward to it progressing
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Re: Action Babes: Series One (Part One)
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Yeah, this is the stuff I love. Spy parodies with celebs in the lead roles.
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Re: Action Babes: Series One (Part One)
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That was a fine start, can't wait to see who else is going to come up in this series. Great work as usual, your stories are always fun to read.
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Re: Action Babes: Series One (Part One)
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I fucking love this.  Unique.  Funny.  Interesting.  I especially like the inclusion of the sex music cues.  Can't wait to see more!

Image Made By MaxwellLord
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Re: Action Babes: Series One (Part One)
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Fantastic! I see I'm not the only one familiar with the filmography of Andy Sidaris...
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Re: Action Babes: Series One (Part Two)
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Action Babes
Fighting Crime and Busting Balls All Around The World

Starring Hayley Atwell and Brie Larson

Description: This series is heavily influenced by B-level action movies from the mid 80's to late 90's and features action, adventure, hot babes and tons of raunchy sex.

Disclaimer: This story is pure fiction and everyone is over the age of 18.

Codes: (MF,cons,inter,oral,titfuck)

Series I: Trouble in Paradise: Part Two

After flying in the air for several hours, the charter plane carrying Special Agents Brie Larson and Hayley Atwell finally landed on a private airstrip in beautiful Maui Hawaii. The landing was bumpy as usual when Brie flies, but she managed to stir the charter plane into the hangar in one piece.

“Beautiful ground,” Hayley praised immediately exiting the plane and kissing the concrete ground.

Brie looked at her strangely. “Don’t you think you’re being a little melodramatic?”

Hayley scoffs. “I thought we were going to die in that storm.”

Brie chuckled. “Calm your tits. We’re alive, aren’t we?”

The phone inside the charter plane started ringing and Brie answered.

“Safe travels?” spoke John Sacs on the other end.

“Yeah, we made it. Well, one of us is being a drama queen at the moment,” Brie snickered, making mention of Hayley’s dramatic behavior.

“Good, good. Our liaison will be arriving at the hangar shortly to brief you on what’s happening with The Leader so far. He also made accommodations for the two of you to stay in his village. Please keep me updated periodically with whatever findings you have,” Sacs instructed. “And when this is all over, spend a few days in Maui and that’s an order. Over and out.”

Just as Brie hung up with The Boss, an all-black Humvee with no roof and doors pulled up into the hangar. Hayley and Brie looked on with stars in their eyes as a gorgeous 6’4 muscle bounded Samoan man exited the Humvee. He had dark brown dreadlocks about shoulder-length and neatly trimmed thick beard of the same color. He also had a sleeve of tribal tattoos on both of his muscular arms that were exposed from the white tank top tucked inside a pair of windbreakers.

He approached the women flashing his pearly whites. “Special Agents Brie Larson and Hayley Atwell, I presume?” asking in his rugged voice.

Brie snapped out of her trance. “Y-y-yes, that’s us. That would be us,” she fumbled a bit. “Wake up Hayley.”

The Samoan heartthrob chuckled. “My name is Samson Anoa’i and I am a member of the Department of Public Services Task Force. I will be working with you to take down The Leader. I’ve been assigned to this case for over 2 1/2 years and he always seem to be two-steps ahead of the department. Our Intel confirmed he finally finished work on his biochemical weapons and will be selling them to some very powerful and dangerous people. I was glad when my boss informed me that he was calling in outside help. A fresh pair of eyes never hurt.”

“Speaking of fresh, we’ve been on a stuffy plane for hours and I wouldn’t mind a hot shower right about now,” Hayley suggested.

“And some food. I'm starving,” a cheerful Brie chimed in.

Samson chuckled. “Of course, please come with me. My great uncle was gracious to open our village for your stay.”

The special agents grabbed their gear from the plane and entered the Humvee with the Samoan hunk. He drove through rough terrain which had their breasts, especially Hayley’s much larger ones bouncing all over the place underneath their fighter pilot suit before finally arriving at his village community.

“Quite a bloody bumpy ride,” Hayley commented on Samson’s driving.

The two special agents were taken aback by the many traditional Huts made of bamboo sticks, but it was a beautiful sight in the nice clean village. Samson pointed out that since they were guests, they would be staying at one of the big fancy Huts that were equivalent to a 5-star hotel.

As Brie grabbed her gear, she noticed Hayley beginning to walk off. “Where are you going?”

“To have a look around,” she replied. “Just grab my stuff and I’ll be back in a bit.”

Across the way from a larger Hut, an old man with a heavily wrinkled face and a mean mug watched the two special agents have a small conversation before going their separate ways.

Inside the big fancy Hut, Samson gave Brie a small tour of the living quarters that included one king-sized bed, a bathroom, and a living room.

“The dining hall is where all the food is stored. If you’re hungry, I can whip you up something very special,” a smiling Samson suggested.

Brie, sprawled out on the king-sized bed in a seductive manner. “Does that very special something includes a big Samoan sausage?”

Samson smiled shyly. “It does now,” and commence taking off his tank top revealing his bulging muscles and other tribal tattoos shattered on his beefy chest.

*Sex music cues*

Samson stood by the edge of the bed as Special Agent Larson was on her knees and leaned forward to pull down Samson’s windbreakers. They feel to his feet with a big special waiting for Brie.

“Oh, my,” Brie gasped, as his big floppy Samoan cock and thick hanging ball sack were revealed.

She reached over, gripping his dick at the substantial root with her small hand and guided the plump mushroom head into her mouth. 

“Bon Appétit,” Samson commented, looking down at Brie bobbing her head up and down his brown schlong.

Brie’s tongue toyed with his cockhead before her soft lips steadily descended his erecting shaft. She brought her other hand up and began jerking his elongated dick as it grew to full mast in her clutches.

“Oh yeah, suck it,” the hunky Samoan moaned, closing his eyes and enjoying the superb sensation of Special Agent Larson’s wet warm mouth sucking his cock.

*Sex music pauses*

Elsewhere, Special Agent Atwell wandered around the village community, being greeted by some of the nice friendly locals.

During her exploration, Hayley came across a pathway through a small hidden area behind the rural community. She looked around to see if anyone was paying attention to her and proceeded to enter. The special agent was unaware that she had walked over a warning sign that reads: No Trespassing. She ventured further into the eerie tropical forest oblivious to the eyes that were following her.

After a 20 minute hike through the murky tropical forest, Special Agent Atwell reached the edge of a grassy cliff and several miles ahead, she spotted a group of armed men unloading a truck of mysterious crates and storing them inside an old military base.

Before heading down the grassy hill to investigate, she was starlet by four Samoan men wearing face paint and grass skirts. Two of them were wielding machetes while the other two had long spears pointed at her.

“Bloody hell!” Hayley gasped from being jumped. “Are you lots the entertainment on this tour guide or something?”

One of the guys stepped forward. “You are trespassing. The Leader doesn’t like trespassers. You must be dealt with,” he spoke solemnly.

Hayley started to act innocent and helpless. “Oh, dear. I think I may have taken a wrong turn. Could you nice fellas help a girl out?” flirting and flashing her beautiful smile.

She started unzipping the front of her fighter pilot suit and a generous amount of soft cleavage formed. The angry scowls on the Samoan men’s painted faces turned to curiosity and happiness. Blood gushed out of one of the Samoan guy’s nose as Hayley gave all of them an eyeful of her exceptional cleavage.

*Sex music resumes*

Meanwhile, Samson had his large hands on either side of a fully naked Special Agent Brie Larson’s head as he hastily drove his big Samoan sausage down her throat in seesaw movements.

Brie coughed, moaned, gagged and spit up large quantities of saliva while her Samoan hunk fucked her face. With her eyes filled with tears, the muscles around her mouth were aching as her lips were stretched wide over his beefy cock. She felt the bulbous knob of his tool invading and touching the back of her throat each time he pushed forward.

“Arghhh, fuck!” Samson cried, pushing his large manhood as far down into her warm esophagus as her skull would allow. His fat balls slapped against her saliva slick chin each time.

After a few more seconds of face pounding the special agent, Samson pulled his huge cock out of her mouth, dripping in strands of saliva.

Brie swooped down and attacked his hanging thick fruit, excitedly sucking each large orb in turns. Her sucking his tender scrotum made the strong hunky Samoan weak in the knees.

“Let me pound that pussy.”

“Climb aboard,” she teased, relinquishing his balls from her mouth with an audible wet pop.

Brie lied back on the bed with her legs spread eagle and her bald dripping-wet cunt ready for the arrival of Samson’s cock. He climbed between her silky fair-colored legs and teasingly rubbed the tip of his meaty dong up and down the opening soggy slit of her cunt.

“Put that motherfucker in me.”

On her command, Samson thrust forward, pushing the full length and thickness of his enormous dick between her soaking wet vaginal walls.

“OH SHIT! Your cock is so fucking big!” Brie gasped in amazement as her pussy swallowed his entire throbbing member. “But it feels so fucking great!” she cheerfully added as Samson began jackhammering his dick inside her.

*Sex music pauses*

Surrounded by four pervy natives with weapons, Special Agent Hayley Atwell tempted them with her bountiful cleavage. She approached the Samoan who spoke to her while farther pulling apart the front of her fighter pilot suit.

The apparent leader of the foursome had his lust-filled eyes were zeroed in on her big soft British titties and before he knew it, his balls were punted by a swift kick from Hayley’s boot. His lecherous eyeballs went cross-eyed as he fell to his bare knees in agonizing pain.

“KILL her, kill her, kill her!” frantically yelled one of the remaining standing Samoan goons.

Hayley quickly grabbed their leader’s spear and hurled it with a perfect spiral into the screaming fool’s gut, killing him instantly. Her massive breasts flopped out of her open fighter pilot suit as a result of her throwing. The two remaining Samoan goons had her surrounded wielding their machetes.

“Going to chop-chop those titties off!” spouted one of them.

Hayley reached behind her back and pulled a Smith and Wesson Magnum that was strapped to her back by masking tape.

“Bloody hell! That stung like an obese bitch.”

Her remaining Samoan attackers decided not to stick around, dropping their machetes and made a beeline in the opposite direction. She fired off a couple of rounds and nailed one of them in the back. The last Samoan thug left his associate to bleed out.

Hayley tucked her breasts back into her fighter pilot suit and ran over to the fallen Samoan. The wound in his back was fatal, but she flipped him on his back anyway hoping to get some answers before he dies.

She pointed her Magnum in his face. “What’s in those crates at the military base? Where’s The Leader?”

The Samoan goon coughed up an excessive amount of blood before he died, leaving the special agent with no answers.

“Fuck! I should have aimed for a limb.” She sighed. “I better head back to the village and inform Brie that I might have located The Leader’s base of operations and where the auction will be taking place.”

*Sex music continues*

“Ooohhh yeeeeeeeah! Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuuuck!” Hayley’s partner cried out obscenities as the Samoan hunk Samson had the special agent on her hands and knees and repeatedly rammed his huge turgid member inside her drenching wet pussy. Her small supple breasts jiggled wildly beneath her.

“Oh shit, your pussy feels amazing on my cock,” Samson moaned, digging his fingers into Brie’s jiggling ass cheeks as he fucked her hard.

“Oooooooooooh godddddddd!”

Brie’s quivering body slumped forward with her sweaty face landing on a pillow. Her cunt squeezed and convulsed around Samson’s hard throbbing cock as she came. Her long-winded moans were muffled by the pillow.

Samson continued to savagely ram his swollen member inside Brie’s cum-gushing twat, stretching it beyond its limitations until he felt his junk twitching inside her gooey pink hole and balls expanding largely. 

“Aaaahhh shit!”

The Samoan hunk quickly pulled out and blasted the special agent’s back and ass with several thick ropes of his creamy jism. “Aaagggghhhhh!”

*Sex music ends*

After he finished cumming, Samson collapsed next to the worn-out special agent.

“I need a shower. Care to join me?” he charmingly asked.

“Maybe later. I’m too weak, so I’m going to take a small nap,” she replied before snoozing off to sleep.

Minutes later, Hayley returned to the hut to find her partner fast asleep naked in a bed. The smell of hot sex still lingered in the air and she noticed two different sets of clothing on the floor including man-size boots. The special agent immediately connected the dots and then her ears picked up the shower running in the bathroom and she cracked a smirk.

Big Samson was shampooing his hair in the shower when he felt a pair of really large breasts and hard nipples pressing against his muscular back and a pair of feminine hands caressing his soapy chisel chest.

“Special Agent Atwell, I presume?”

“Was it my enormous breasts that gave it away?”

*Sex music cues*

Samson turned around and embraced Hayley with a hot passionate lip-lock that steamed up the bathroom more than the hot water pouring down from the showerhead over both of them. His hands cupped her unbelievable set of huge mammaries, but even their soft flesh was too much for one of his large hands to hold. He wildly groped her breasts and rubbed his thumbs repeatedly over her erected nipples. His big dick rose to rock-hard status and pressed against Hayley’s flat stomach.

The special agent felt how hot and heavy the Samoan’s large hard member was as she shot her head back, moaning in contentment as she felt his lips on her prize possessions. One pointed nipple after another disappeared between the Samoan hunk’s hungry lips along with a good portion of boob meat as he sucked on her titties like a newborn baby.

“Mmmm. These breasts are gorgeous. Mmmm, they’re so soft and tasty.”

Just like his mouth was full of fatty tit flesh, Hayley had her hands full of solid hard cock and stroked it up and down between their wet bodies.

“I wanna suck your big cock,” Hayley whimpered.

Samson sat down in the corner of the shower away from the pouring showerhead and Hayley got down on her knees and seized his mammoth throbbing hard-on with both hands.

“Gosh dang, you’re so bloody fucking big!”

Hayley teasingly tapped the enormous knob of his dick on the flat of her tongue with a wide smile. She then licked around the sides and underside of his pulsing shaft while her hands jerked it up and down. She swirled her tongue around the swollen dickhead before sucking it between her pouty lips.

She aggressively bobbed her head up and down, taking inch by inch of his lengthy tool between her smooth lips. She had removed her hands off his shaft and placed on his thighs so her mouth could consume nearly the entire length of his hard member. She felt the hot tip of his appendage touching the back of her throat each time she moved her mouth down.

“Oooh fuck,” Samson groaned in rapture.

After gobbling the Samoan hunk’s prick for a few minutes, Hayley dislodged it from her mouth, soaked in her saliva and slapped her massive heavy tits on his thighs. She enclosed his throbbing slab of hard brown meat in her tit pussy and began bouncing her jugs up and down the full length. The only thing louder than the water hitting the shower floor was the bottoms of Hayley’s gigantic breasts slapping Samson’s thighs and his excessive moaning and cursing.

“Fuck, Hayley! Oh, fuck.”

The special agent took great pleasure in seeing the pure ecstasy facial expression on Samson as she smothered his large rampant organ between the softness of her very large breasts.

“My huge boobs are my real lethal weapons. They’ve gotten me out of a lot of sticky jams and caused quite a lot of sticky jams too,” Hayley teased, oscillating her monster knockers all over his hard dick. The throbbing deep pink helmet of his shaft poked through the top of her wet cleavage and she frequently licked it with her tongue.

The buff Samoan had “I’m about to cum” written all over his blissful face and the special agent pulled her heavy massive weapons off his pre-cumming cock.

“Stand up and fuck me.”

Hayley turned her back to Samson and pressed her hands against the shower wall. Samson stood up and positioned behind her holding his massive member. As the hot water cascaded over their sexually charged bodies, he teasingly rubbed the swollen tip against the juicy opening of her light-haired pussy before slipping it between her vaginal walls.

“OOOHH, GOD! Ooohhh, fill me up with that huge thing!” Hayley cried as inch by inch of Samson’s meaty pole filled up her cunt.

“Your pussy feels just as amazing as your breasts,” he moaned in rapture.

With a couple of inches of his throbbing prick left on the outside her pussy, Samson began fucking the busty special agent with relenting force causing her huge breasts to leap forward and backward and slap into each other. He held onto her curvy hips and watched the full flesh on her ass jiggle from the hard pounding.

“Ooohhhhhhh, oooooohhhh god!” Hayley cried out loudly, as she straightened her body up and leaned her back and ass against Samson’s muscular torso.

The hunky Samoan’s hands reached up and cupped her pendulous jugs, squeezing and manipulating the flesh of her hefty funbags between his fingers as fed her soggy snatch the nearly the entire length of his swollen shaft with each thrust.

“FUCK ME!!,” Hayley screamed out in horny lust. “Fuck me hard! Fuck me like a whore! I’m your BLOODY FUCKING WHOOOOORE!!”

Samson bent the special agent back over, pulled back her arms and started rapidly pumping her pink hole with relentless force. He felt a sudden rush of cum bathing his thrusting cock and flopping balls as the special agent cried out.


The combination of her tight cunt and the warmth of her womanly juices were too much for the Samoan hunk. His big hard dick started twitching inside the special agent’s gooey fuck tunnel.

“I wanna cum on your big titties,” he moaned, pulling his throbbing cock from her cum-drenching snatch.

Special Agent Atwell dropped to her knees, cradling her mammoth jugs over her arms just as Samson howled and released immense torrents of thick jism all over her lethal weapons.

“Aaaaaahhhh, god!” he cried from relief.

*Sex music ends*

After having sex in the shower, Hayley and Samson took an actual shower together, cleaned off and returned to the bedroom where Special Agent Brie Larson was wide awake.

“Sounds like you two had a blast without me?”

“You shagged him first you little naughty minx while I was attacked by some derange natives.”

Brie sat up in bed very concern. “You were attacked? What happen?”

Suddenly, the door to the hut kicked wide open and a bunch of gunmen stormed inside pointing their guns at the trio. Walking in behind the gunmen was a much older man with a mean wrinkly mug, wearing a black shirt underneath a dark blue denim apron and holding a machete.

“I’ll tell you what happened. You two bitches decided to come here and fuck up my operations is what the fuck is happening,” said the old grumpy man.

Samson had a confused look on his face. “Great Uncle Elias. What’s the meaning of this? What’s going on?”

“I think your dear old great uncle is the man we’re been looking for, or should I say, the leader we’re been looking for,” replied Hayley.

Samson’s Great Uncle Elias scoffed “Besides having big tits, the bitch has a big brain too. It’s too bad I'm going to have it blown out of your pretty little head. The three of you get dress. We’re going on a little field trip and it’s not to Disneyland.”

To Be Continued…
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Re: Action Babes: Series One (Part Two)
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Loved this, you're doing a great job especially the comedy elements. Danny Trejo is a real surprise! Love him!
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Re: Action Babes: Series One (Part Three/Conclusion)
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Action Babes
Fighting Crime and Busting Balls All Around The World

Starring Hayley Atwell and Brie Larson

Description: This series is heavily influenced by B-level action movies from the mid 80's to late 90's and features action, adventure, hot babes and tons of raunchy sex.

Disclaimer: This story is pure fictional and everyone is over the age of 18.

Codes: (MFF,cons,inter,oral,tit-fuck,mild violence)

Series I: Trouble In Paradise: The Final Chapter

“Hayley… Wake up. Wake up Hayley,” her ears perked to the slight-sound of a familiar female voice. “Wake up, you big tittied bitch. We need to get out of here and stop the auction from happening.”

“Oh fuck off, tiny tots,” Hayley insulted back, still a bit cloudy in the head as she steadily began to wake up from her long nap. “Where the bloody fucks are we?”Her eyes soon regained their focus and began wandering around the cold dim-lighted room. She tried moving then realized her arms and torso were bounded by ropes. She also realized the back of the chair she was in was up against Brie’s as the two were bounded by the same rope.

“I think we’re in the back of the old military hangar where the auction is taking place. I can hear multiple voices which mean auction is either about to start or started already. We can’t let Samson’s uncle get away with this,” said Brie.

“Speaking of which, where is that big hunk? I hope they didn’t kill him. I want another round with the big fat Samoan cock,” fantasized the American-British agent, feeling her nipples begin to percolate.

“Who can think of sex at a time like this? Although, I wouldn’t mind feeling that meaty dong back in my cooch,” Agent Larson’s dirty mind contemplated.

“We’re balls deep in shit and all you can do is think about fucking at a time like this?” scolded Hayley in a serious tone.

Brie rolled her eyes as she heard footsteps.

“Shhhh. I hear someone coming,” she whispered.

Approaching the two agents was one of The Leader’s henchmen dressed in all black combat gear and wearing a black ski-mask. Unless he was a prideful man, no amount of black could hide the jutting bulge in his black slacks.

“Too bad you can’t see this, Brie. This strapping lad has a massive cock,” an enamored Agent Atwell described.

“Great! We can use that to our advantage. Distract him while I loosen us free,” Brie instructed.

The henchmen stood guard six feet away from the bounded agents and his eyes couldn’t help but wander towards Hayley frequently, primarily her massive bosoms.

Hayley took her cue and thrust her bodacious tits outwards as they were bounded between ropes. It was clear there was no bra underneath the fabric of the black tank top Hayley had on. Her nipples were jutting like bullets.

“Like what you see? You enjoy seeing a defenseless girl tied up, huh? That gets your bloody cock rock hard, yeah? The huge bulge in your pants is quite telling. I think he wants to say hello to my giant fucking tits,” Hayley teased.

“Damn, you’re such a slut,” Brie mumbled under her breath as she was close to loosening the ropes.

The stupid henchmen saw nothing but a pair of gigantic juggs staring him in the face as the bulge in his pants got bigger.

“Don’t be shy. Let big willy out. Let me see that big gorgeous hard cock up close,” Hayley continued taunting and teasing. “I want cum all over my face and tits.”

The head of his cock took over for the head on his shoulders as the horny henchmen walked in front of Hayley and unzipped his slacks. With no warning, his big cock flung out directly in Hayley’s face.

“Lord Jesus! You’re hung like a bloody goddamn horse! Brie! Brie! Look at the size of his meat!” an elated Agent Atwell when into an outburst.

Suddenly, the big-dicked Henchmen got clobbered over the head by a rusty old pipe from a freed Agent Larson and hit the ground with a thud.

“What the fucking hell, Brie?! You could have at least let me suck his big wanker for a bit,” Hayley complained, pushing the ropes off her body and stood up.

“Screw him,” said Brie.

“Alright. I’ll try and make this quick. Since he’s unconscious, his Johnson won’t stay that big for long,” Hayley replied while undoing her jeans. “Would this be considered rape even though he totally wanted to shag me?”

“I meant screw him metaphorically speaking,” Brie let out a long sigh. “Plus how would Samson feel if he knew you screwed another dude? Speaking of which, we’ll have to look for him later. Right now, we gotta shut this auction down before dear Uncle Elias sells his biochemical weapons.”

Brie grabbed the henchmen’s AK-47 assault rifle and Hayley took his 9mm out of his gun holster. The two agents pulled hair ties out of their Khakis and tied their hair back into ponytails. They touched guns and give each other a nod as they made their way to the front of the old military hangar.

In the front of the hangar was a slew of limousines that brought some of the world’s worst crimes from Columbia, Russia, Mexico, Iraq, China, Japan and even America to the auction. They were allowed to bring two henchmen of their own as they sat in front of a large stage waiting for the auction to start.

Samson’s Uncle Elias, now revealed to be the one called The Leader, stood on a stage deck in all black with a large brown crate labeled deadly in bold red lettering displayed on a table.

“My fellow bad motherfuckers. I hope you all had an enjoyable flight here as I bring to all of you revolutionary bio-weapons that will strike fear in your governments and bring down them down giving you in a position of even more power,” spoke Elias and nodded for one of his goons to remove the lid from the crate. Elias reached inside and pulled out a banana. Half the audience snickered while the other half looked on in confusion.

“What are we going to do with a banana? Hope our governments slip on the banana peel and die,” mocked the crime boss from America as he got some chuckles out of his criminal peers. His name was Joey Fat Fingers on account he was fat. He worked out of New York and controlled most of the shipping docks on the East coast. He specialized in moving and selling coke and heroin.

“Naw. I figured we could all use a healthy snack before I unveil the weapons,” said Elias, handing the banana over to one of his henchmen. “Be so kind and give Joey that banana. Might be the healthiest thing this fat fuck ever ate.”

Elias’s goon got off stage, approached the American crime boss, and handed him the banana.

“Enjoy,” said a wide-grinning Elias.

“Can I get some vanilla ice cream, some whipped cream, maybe some sprinkles and a cherry on top so I can have a sundae?” the Joey Fat Fingers joked, as he peeled the skin off the banana and took a bite. The other crime lords watched the fat slob as he began to eat the banana.

Agents Larson and Atwell arrived upfront and hid behind some crates. They scouted around the area for more henchmen before observing the large man chowing down a banana.

“Good huh?” Elias taunted the fat American criminal.

The Drug Kingpin shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly and suddenly started choking. Blood started gushing from his eyeball sockets and nose. He then puked up blood and whatever he had for dinner. His skin started boiling and melting off his bones. The other crime lords watched in shock and awe, disgust, and confusion.

“Bloody fucking hell. What the fuck is happening?” Hayley turned to look at her partner.

Brie turned away from the disgusting display and noticed the words "deadly" on the crates she and Hayley hid behind.

“Fuck me. I couldn’t see very well, but I think these are the exact crates I saw The Leader’s men unloading earlier,” informed Hayley, somewhat recognizing the crates.

“Well then let’s have a look inside,” Brie suggested.

Seeing a lever that just happened to be nearby, Brie used the lever to open up the crate and inside was a variety of vegetables and fruit. 

“That fat fucking wanker ate a banana and melted into a puddle of nasty fucking goo,” Hayley noted holding her hand up towards her mouth and making puking jesters and sounds.

“Looks like we found our biochemical weapons. That sick fuck managed to create healthy foods with some kind of toxic chemicals that will melt you down to the bone,” stated Brie. “We need to shut this auction down and inform John.”

Before either one of the special agents could make a move, they were startled by the sounds of guns being cocked and loaded.

“Drop the weapons and move it blondie and cow tits,” said one of the henchmen.

“Did you just call me a cow you fucking shit stain wanker,” Hayley angrily spouted back, surrendering the 9mm while Brie dropped the Ak47.

With guns in their backs, the special agents were moved out of hiding and into plain view for Elias and the other criminal masterminds.

“And we have some very special guests it appears ladies and gents,” Elias announced. “And they both look famish. How about some tasty delicious fruit? Do you girls want an apple? Maybe an orange? What about a nice ripe tomato? Or how about some pineapple or banana, like my dearly departed friend whose now is a giant puddle on this shit stain floor?”

“I did not miss your wrinkled old face. It looks like a pair of dried up bollocks,” a smiling Hayley insulted getting a small chuckle from a few criminals.

“I rather have a big fat juicy double cheeseburger if you don’t mind,” sarcastically replied Brie.

“I thought you were vegan?” Hayley asked.

“After what I just happen, the hell with being a vegan. Give me a nice hotdog with the works or a thick juicy steak, medium-rare.”

“Ah, you’re making me hungry, Brie Brie. Haven’t eaten all day except for that delicious Samoan sausage.”

“ENOUGH! Both of you. Bring those bitches up here to me,” ordered an irritated Elias.

Elias’s goons escorted the special agents onto the stage where they stood in front of some of the world’s worst criminals.

“You can die two ways; you can eat some fucking delicious fruit or I’ll slice you up into little pieces and feed you to my pet Hyenas and you only get ten seconds to decide. One… Two… Three…”

“We’re balls-up now,” Hayley commented. “Got any bloody ideas?”

“Four… Five… Six…”

“Nope and I’m pissed I didn’t get to eat that double cheeseburger or a fat juicy steak,” Brie nonchalantly responded with severe disappointment in her voice.

“Seven… Eight… Nine…”

Out of sheer desperation, Hayley lifted her tank top and revealed her massive melon-sized jugs to everyone with eyeballs. Her humongous flesh globes were the perfect distraction for Brie to elbow one of The Leader’s thugs and steal his Uzi.

Agent Atwell ducked down as Brie used the Uzi to light-up two henchmen. Hayley took one of the fallen thugs M16 and open fired on the goons that were approaching from the other side of the stage, killing them. Elias had ducked down and made his escape.

The crime lords and their henchmen pulled out their guns and began firing at the two special agents. Brie and Hayley leaped behind the stage to avoid the hail of bullets coming at them.

“FUCKING TWATS!” yelled Hayley returning gunfire.

“We can’t let that asshole Elias escape,” Brie informed Hayley.

Out of nowhere, Samson rode into the military hangar on a white stallion shirtless with some minor scratches and bruises on his perfectly chiseled chest and abs holding an M4 carbine with a grenade launcher attached to the bottom.

“Hasta La Vista, baby,” Samson quoted as the fired off a few grenade rounds at the group of baddies.

“Wait? Is that Samson?” Brie questioned, as the two agents lifted their heads above the nearly destroyed stage and saw their big-dicked Samoan knight had arrived.

The criminals started to scramble and flee around the smoke and fire infected chaos like chickens with their heads cut off. Samson, Brie, and Hayley began mowing them all down one by one in a pool of their blood. The hulking Samoan rode the white stallion up to the stage through the fire, smoke, and dead bodies and tossed the special agents their duffle bags of weapons.

“Thought you ladies could use these,” he said, as he put another round of bullets into a goon trying to sneak up behind him.

“Perfect timing. Oh no! What happens to your beautiful pecs and washboard abs?” Brie shrieked in horror as she and Hayley climbed onto the stage.

“Long story short. My uncle locked me in a room back at the village with a few of my former lovers. It was wild and crazy. They started ripping my clothes and the next thing I know, hands, lips, breasts, and feet were all over me,” he explained.

Brie’s eyes went dreamy as she listened to Samson describe what turned into a wild orgy.

“Oh bollocks! Your uncle!” Hayley noted, realizing that Elias had gone missing since the gunfire started. “Oh crap! There is he!”

Samson stopped talking and Brie snapped out of her trance for the two of them to join Hayley in watching his wicked uncle make a getaway.

Hayley dug into her duffle bag and pulled out the black sleek crossbow with the black sleek arrow and dorky looking bifocals. She then jumped onto the white stallion behind Samson slamming her well-endowed knockers against his muscular back.

“After him! Let’s go fuck this motherfucker up!” Hayley declared.

“YEE-HAW!” and off Samson and Hayley rode on the white stallion chasing after his uncle.

As the white stallion galloped across the runway to catch the charter plane, so did Hayley’s giant tits against Samson’s back. The enormous raging hard bulge in his windbreakers was pressed uncomfortably against the horse saddle.

“My large fat tatas distracting you, love?” Hayley spoke softly in his ear. “When this is all over, I can put them in your face or wrap them around your big hard cock. Now let’s catch that old wrinkly bastard you call an uncle and get this over with.”


Elias was halfway down the runway with a huge grin on his face, but then it turned into a frown when he looked into the rearview mirror and saw his nephew and Special Agent Atwell riding a white stallion on his tail.

“50 feet is all I need,” Hayley informed Samson as she put on the dorky glasses. A bunch of numbers, lines, and shapes appeared on the lens before it locked onto the plane revealing its distance from the arrow. Hayley put the arrow onto the crossbow and aimed it towards the charter plane as it lifted off the ground.

“Yippie Ki Yay, you ugly wanker.” Hayley shot the sleek black arrow and the glasses took over guiding the arrow into the tail end of the charter plane causing a big explosion that engulfed the back half of the plane on fire.

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!” Elias yelled towards his fiery death as the charter plane crashed into the ground and exploded again.

Agent Larson stood outside the hangar and watched the fireworks. Samson and Hayley returned to the hangar to greet her.

“So as it turns out your dearly departed uncle was putting toxic chemicals into fruits and vegetables. It makes it easier for criminals to sneak dangerous bio-weapons through the airports,” Brie informed Samson.

“Yeah, I know. After I called my task force to tell them what was going on, they raided a huge farm with lots of crops and chemicals. They are on their way here to clean up and dispose of whatever is left of the deadly fruit and veggies.”

“This calls for a massive celebration and I do mean massive,” busty agent Atwell hinted at the noticeable enormous bulge in Samson’s windbreakers which put a smile on all three of their faces.

The cavalry soon arrived at the battlefield which included Samson’s special task force and the local police. After giving a summary of the events that when down to the authorities, the trio started a new adventure at the closest and sleaziest motel in town.

*Sex Music Cues*

“OH SAMSON! OHHH YES! OHHH GOD, YESSSSS! HARDER! OHHH YESSS! HARDER BABY! OH GODDD!!” Brie cried loudly from the huge chunk of meaty brown cock throbbing immensely between her swollen cuntlips. Despite the earlier insult Hayley made about Agent Larson breasts, Brie had quite a lovely pair of perky D cup hangers that were swinging wildly beneath her from the hard pounding she was receiving. “Imma about to cum… I’m gonna cum… Oh YESSS! I'm cumming! OH YES! OH YES! OHHHH GOD! OHHHHH GOD!!”

Samson slammed hard into the petite agent doggy-style as she succumbed to her most intense orgasm yet. The Samoan hunk had her arms pulled back towards him, ramming his pelvic into her small well-rounded booty while rapidly feeding her cum-gushing twat the entire length of his thick rampant cock. His primal growls were muffled one of Agent Atwell’s tremendously large breasts in his mouth. He sucked on her soft white-lily fat titty with enough force from his jaw muscles hoping milk would spray from her erected nipple.

“Mmmmm, yes! Suck my fucking tits. Eat them up. Their all yours tonight, baby,” moaned Hayley as she presented her huge boobs in her hands like they were on a silver platter. Both of her nipples were lewdly erected as Samson alternated back and forth between her massive melons, sucking and licking every pillowy soft inch of the brunette agent’s mammoth knockers as he relentlessly fucked her partner silly.

After fucking Brie through her orgasm to exhaustion, Samson pulled his gigantic thick dick from the piss soaked mess that was Agent Larson’s cunt and lied down on his back. His favorite position to fuck any large breasted female was cowgirl style and Agent Atwell more than fit the description.

Before Hayley hoped onto Samson’s swollen hard prick, she kneeled between his beefy legs and engulfed his raging member between her massive soft funbags.

“Oh fuck!” he groaned, as the super busty special agent galloped her more than a handful thick rack up and down his stiff veiny rod. The cum juices from Brie’s soggy cunt made for perfect lubrication for Hayley’s giant melons to swallow his big fat dick in their blissful softness and flawless up and down squirming movements. The bulbous tip of his spear poked up from her wet cleavage and Hayley captured it between her lips while fucking his shaft with her amazing titty cans.

“Ughhhhh, god Hayley. I love your big boobies. They are so big. And your mouth feels amazing as well,” the hunky Samoan cried.

Hayley cooed with her mouthful of cockhead of his appraisal. She leaned her face further down into her cleavage to suck more of his rampant shaft between her lips while oscillating her enormous tits all over the rest of his big hulking prick.

After several minutes of a tit-fuck and blowjob combination, Hayley was ready to feel his mammoth pole inside her pussy. She stood up and impaled her creamy wet twat down onto his thick manly cock until her curvy round ass sat on his large ball sack and thighs.

“Bloody hell! Your cock feels so big inside me. Been waiting all day for this and I'm going to milk your nuts dry,” Hayley announced, embracing herself for a wild fuck.

Without hesitation, Samson started thrusting his lumbering fuck stick inside Hayley's smooth pussy, bouncing the big boobed agent and filling the space between her slick vaginal walls balls-deep with his rock-hard meat. For a few blissful minutes, he gawked dumbly at Hayley’s ample chest melons as they flopped up and down her chest. He then scooped her oversized torpedoes in his hands and massaged them. His large Samoan fingers sunk into the soft tissue of the agent’s voluptuous knockers as they overflowed and bounced his sweaty palms. He scissors her jutting hard nipples between his fingers, tweaking, pinching and tugging on them for added stimulus to her already throbbing pussy.

“Oh fuck! Oh, fuck! Ohhh, Samson! Oh, fuck! FUCK! OHHHH FUCK!” a slew of F-bombs paraded out of Hayley’s foul mouth as the biggest cock she ever rode was hitting deep the depths of her pleasure zone and all she could do was hold on for the hard pounding ride.

Agent Larson was slowly recovering from being savagely pounded and watched as her partner was receiving the same big dick treatment.

Samson rolled Agent Atwell over on her back, feeling her legs wrap around his waist and with all his hulking strength, plunged all of his pulsating raw meat inside her cavernous drenched beaver and gave her the hardest fucking she ever received in her life.


As Hayley’s throbbing cunt squeezed and swallowed his thick cock meat, Samson felt his heavy swollen scrotum contracting and his urge to cum rising.

“I wanna cum between both of your tits,” he grunted, giving one final thrust inside Hayley’s cum-filled pink pie.

Samson withdrew from Hayley’s cum-soaked snatch and lied down on his back. The special agents got on opposite sides of the hunky Samoan’s crotch, scooping up their big tits and pressing them against his raging hard cock, trapping it between their comfy softness. The glistening sweat in their cleavage made for great lubrication as they bounced and jiggled their funbags all over his hot groin area, frequently rubbing their hard nipples into each other’s. All three horny participants in this lust-filled fuck fest were moaning in ecstasy as they reached their orgasmic peaks.

After the brief double tit-fuck, Samson surrendered into his orgasmic rapture and released his unyielding filthy desires between two sets of water-mouthing titties.

“Fuck yeah! Drown our big tits in all that tasty yummy cum from your big fat cock,” Brie encouraged, as Samson’s large protruding veiny rod blasted several big gooey wads of white milky jism between their tits, drenching their necks and chest.

“Ugggghhhhhhhhh!!” Samson cried out from much-needed relief.

*Sex Music Ends*

After the hunky Samoan finished ejaculating, both Agent Larson’s and Agent Atwell’s boobs resembled glazed donuts from the abundance of thick semen.

“Wow. He fired more rounds of out his cock than all the guns at the hangar,” Brie joked and the trio burst out into laughter as the sunset on their wild and crazy adventure.
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Re: Action Babes: Series One (The Conclusion)
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Hilarious and sexy once again!  There were some particularly good one-liners in the conclusion.  Hope to see another adventure with these fabulous agents!

Image Made By MaxwellLord
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Re: Action Babes: Series One (The Conclusion)
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Hilarious and sexy once again!  There were some particularly good one-liners in the conclusion.  Hope to see another adventure with these fabulous agents!

Big praise coming from you, my friend. Thank you.
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Re: Action Babes: Series One (The Conclusion)
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You have a really solid formula with this. Are these same agents returning for the next series or new ladies?

Hit me up later, Id like to discuss some stuff.
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Re: Action Babes: Series One (The Conclusion)
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You're a genius at comedy! Brie and Hayley, what could possibly go wrong with that pairing? Fantastic work as usual!
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Re: Action Babes: Series One (The Conclusion)
« Reply #13 on: July 30, 2020, 09:44:50 PM »
You're a genius at comedy! Brie and Hayley, what could possibly go wrong with that pairing? Fantastic work as usual!

Much appreciated! I try  ;D


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