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The New Adventures of Scarlett Holmes
« on: October 27, 2020, 12:54:31 PM »
Note- This is meant to be a humorous spoof on the wonderful characters created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and any resemblance to those celebs described herein is not meant to offend in any way.


Chapter One. In which Holmes is transported from the year 1891 to 2019.


Additional- There have been numerous attempts to update Sherlock Holmes into the modern age and so I have decided to place my personal imagined version from 1891 to the present day.
As usual, Scarlett Johansson is my chosen heroine with Emma Watson by her side.


1891, London.

It is with a heavy heart that I take up my pen to write these last words in which I shall ever record the singular gifts by which my friend and lover, Miss Scarlett Holmes, was known and distinguished.

I, Doctor Emma Watson, will be forever indebted to the superlative consulting detective pertaining to our outstanding adventures. Not to mention our mutually explored sexuality.

The striking thirty five year old blonde had been blessed with a large brain and a large bosom, and although she and I enjoyed our private romance and love affair, Scarlett had been free from social conventions and traditional ideas of the late Victorian era and had slept with both men and women alike.

We had shared several wonderful years living in our rented rooms in 221B Baker Street before that woeful day in May this year when my beloved Holmes perished, together with Professor Moriarty, at the bottom of the Reichenbach Falls.

My life, and those of the entire British Isles, whether they are aware or not, will never be the same. She saved the Empire on countless occasions, and the majority of us were able to sleep soundly at night thanks to her endeavors and accomplishments in tackling the most evil of criminals.
My life goes on, hoping that dear Scarlett had found peace, wherever her soul may rest.


Scarlett Holmes felt the spray of the Falls in her face as she lost her footing and dropped like a stone. Beside her, Professor Moriarty fell with her, both flying through the air in a bundle of flailing arms and legs.
The so called Napoleon of crime, and the celebrated consulting detective, had been locked in a final conflict that had resulted in a fight to the death.
Locked in combat they had both lost their footing and had been hurled into the raging water.

The animated Holmes experienced an unsettling myriad of lurid colours as she tumbled over and over into a seemingly endless abyss.
As the sensation continued, she felt as if she were falling in slow motion, with no resistance nor friction.
Streaks of bright light flashed in her eyes and she became more and more woozy until there was only inky blackness.

Was this death then?


2019, London.

"Heavens! The noise! The smell! The lights!"

Scarlett Holmes reeled as all of her senses were assaulted.
The vein in her temple pulsated as she awoke from the nightmare that was her untimely death.
As she tried to grasp what had occurred she found herself on the hard pavement of a busy thoroughfare.

"How odd."

The night had fallen, yet the roads and pavements remained lit by countless street lights that highlighted numerous pedestrians as they went about their business.

Young females walked in pairs and by themselves, and some wore their dresses high up on their leg revealing lots of bared flesh!
Men strolled the side walks, several with hair down past their shoulders, and one man in particular seemed to be talking loudly into what appeared to resemble a packet of cigarettes in his hand!

"What infernal place is this?"

She was still dressed in her Victorian finest. That is, a floor length dress, high buttoned and lace up white shoes, and tightly fitted upper corset that served to cover her overlarge breasts.
Over this she wore a heavy coat in plum velvet, and a little pill box shaped hat sat atop of her pinned up hair.

The golden blonde accosted the nearest person as the smell of motor oil made her wrinkle her pretty nose.

"Sir! I beg of you. Where is this? Why is it so loud? Is this hell?"

Scarlett held her ears to shield out the roar of automobiles that flashed past and a passing aircraft overhead screamed with it's three large engines.

"Why, it's the City of London. Where else? You been on the sauce, lady?"

The man brushed past the distraught Holmes who spun around in a confused whirl. Everywhere was lit brightly. Shop windows, houses, and passing motor cars. And metal, huge structures made of metal and glass abounded and seemed to puncture the very sky.

Here, there, and everywhere were sprawled people. Hundreds of people, dressed in such outrageous clothing she had never seen the like of.
Echoes of Indignant laughter and loud conversation filled her ears as she struggled to make some sense of it all.
A middle aged woman with a kindly face approached and looked into the pleading eyes of Scarlett.

"Are you feeling alright?"

"Madam. I feel as if I am going insane! Has the world gone mad! Are we at war?"

"No, silly. It's just a regular Saturday night. Can't stop, I'm off to see the latest Marvel movie."

"Movie? What?"

Scarlett took two paces forward and tumbled into the road disoriented, only to brought back to earth by the loud horn of a Ford Fiesta that almost ran her over.

"Get out of the road, you stupid bitch" Cried the driver as he wound down his window.

"I feel...feel faint."

A light rain fell and dappled her somewhat crumpled dress, and as Scarlett tried to find a purchase or risk falling to the paving stones, a helping hand reached out to catch her.

"Careful, you very nearly fell over."

Scarlett looked up into an angelic face that beamed broadly at her, and a chill chill overcame her, not from the cold but from the notion that she might very well be staring at a ghost.

"Watson! Dear Watson. It's you!"

Emma Watson smiled and spread her hands.

"Yes, it's me. What would you like? A selfie or an autograph?"

"A selfie? What?" Scarlett gave Emma a curious look.

"Who shall I make it out to?"

Emma turned to her female friend who handed her a scrap of paper and a ballpoint pen.


"Your name? Who shall I sign it to?"

"My dear Doctor. It's me."

"Doctor? No, I'm no Doctor."

"Emma. It is I. Scarlett Holmes. I'm alive."

"I can see that. Are you a Harry Potter fan, or is it Beauty and the Beast you like best."

"Potter? The only Potter family I know of is that loathsome family of rapscallions from Rotherhithe, the patriarch of which is currently serving fifteen to twenty for burglary in Brixton Prison at the pleasure of Her Majesty Queen Victoria."

"Victoria? Hold on. Scarlett Holmes? My grandmother used to tell me stories of Scarlett Holmes with my great-grandmother."

"Tell me? Who is your great-grandmother?"

"Doctor Emma Watson. She died in 1928."

"1928? 1928? Prey, what year might this be?"

Scarlett looked perplexed and she wrung her hands and looked wide eyed.

"Why 2019, of course."

"Absurd! This cannot be. My mind simply cannot entertain the notion. Have I been asleep for nearly 130 years! Alas! My mind fails me."

Scarlett took a huge lungful of air and coughed and heaved as she inhaled the polluted air. The next thing she knew was utter darkness.


Scarlett opened her eyes and blinked in the harsh electric light of the airy room. She inhaled deeply through her nostrils and felt a calmness, almost a tranquil feeling.
At the foot of the three seat sofa she was lying on stood Emma, looking rather fetching in a white bathrobe and with her lustrous hair loose about her shoulders.

The sweet curve of Emma's pert breasts could be readily seen and the sight was instantly alluring to the rapt Holmes. In fact the once famed consulting detective wanted nothing more than to see more of the adorable creature.

"Where, where am I?"

"You're in my flat in Canary Wharf. A cab driver brought us here."

"A Hansom cab? But where is Canary Wharf?"

"Close to Commercial Road, by the river."

"Ah, Limehouse. I know of it only too well."

Scarlett sat up and looked out of the window and screwed up her eyes. It seemed as if they were quite high above the ground.

"Is the building tall?"

"We're on the twenty fifth floor. Are you really Scarlett Holmes. Because she died in 1891."

"Twenty fifth floor? Is this some kind of a joke? Buildings in the sky? The fall at the Reichenbach seems to have been some work of the devil himself. Is The dear Doctor really dead?"

"Natural causes. She raised a family after you, disappeared. I'm named after her. I act in the movies."

That word again.

"What are these movies you speak of?"

"Films. Motion pictures. You never saw one before?"

"I couldn't possibly imagine what one could conceivably be like. This is insanity! I must get back to Baker Street. My abode, 221B Baker Street."

Scarlett sat up and felt dizzy as a result and Emma supported her as she fell back into the push seat.

"You must rest. You're not well. Anyway, 221B is no longer there. It's a bank now."

"A bank? I must find Mister Hudson, my sister. I must..."

"Don't you see? If you really are Holmes. Every one you knew is dead. And you are over 160 years old!"

Scarlett felt a pang of anxiety in the pit of her stomach.


Scarlett stood up slowly and realised that she had been stripped of her dress and stiff undergarments, and put into the skimpiest of night attire.
She focused on the pretty face of Emma and pouted at the astonishing likeness of her friend and lover, Doctor Watson. Scarlett ran a hand through her soft hair and raised her right shoulder seductively, feeling a lot more like her bodacious self.

"160! Do I look it?"


"Did you undress me last night?"

Scarlett shot Emma a look and felt a warm glow in her loins at the mere thought. How she resembled her dear Doctor was astounding. It were as if she had been reincarnated in the form of her youthful ancestor.

'Yes, I did. That outfit looked a little cumbersome. How did you ever live in that all that time ago? So, you really think that time travel is possible?"

Emma's voice came from the adjoining bathroom as she presumably attended to her ablutions.

"I suppose." Answered Scarlett, who tried to peer furtively around the corner of the room. "I'm a firm believer in science, there are many wondrous things in our universe. And indeed, here I am. It is said by the Swiss locals however that the Reichenbach Falls have a unique history of strange phenomena and mystical occurrences."

"What would you like for breakfast?"

"Oh, just some Lapsang Souchong tea and some Kedgeree if you have it. If not, a smoked kipper will suffice."

"Some what? I have some Coco Pops and instant coffee."

"Coco...what? INSTANT coffee!"

The sound of running water could be heard and Scarlett crept on bare feet as close as she dared to the bathroom.

"Did you have a close relationship with my great-grandmother?"

"Indeed. We were exceptionally close in fact. We would have given our lives for the other."

"That's nice."

"She was a most loyal companion, and a rare beauty."

"Funny she married so late in life. You must have had lot of adventures together."

Holmes felt her heart flutter at the sight of the bared Emma under what appeared to be a personal waterfall.

The blonde's eyes played over the splendour that was Emma in all her naked glory. Her exquisite neck, the arch of her back and the subtle curve of her perfect bottom. The freckles on perky breasts that still had the pink nipples that always seemed to be hard and erect.

How many times had she held the gorgeous creature in her arms, what was the number of occasions the pair of them had kissed, relishing the erotic play of tongues in each others mouths.

"I shan't be too long. I've had a long day."

But this was not her Emma, but another, born of a different time, of a modern world that she did not belong to.
Scarlett's hand went automatically to her mound under the shirt nightgown as she watched Emma in a cloud of steam and cascading hot water.
Rivulets ran down the front of her body and as she lifted her face to the head of the shower the spray matted her light brown hair to her shoulders.
Then Scarlett gasped as Emma turned her back to the shower and the famed detective saw her neat triangle of pubic hair above her mouth watering and damp labia.

"Mercy me!"

Emma began to unwind under the cascade of hot water and she explored her sweet body, caressing her breasts, down to the subtle roundness of her bottom, and gently over the tops of her slim thighs.

Scarlett found her own moist pussy and delved inside with her middle digit. Emma had a bar of soap in her hands and once she had created a reasonable lather, then proceeded to wash her body from neck to cunt.
Her head tilted back as her right hand made tiny circular motions on her snatch, rubbing carefully in order to make her muff squeaky clean.

"Oh, darling Emma."

Scarlett stroked her own weeping slit, sliding up and down as she stood on tiptoe, bent slightly at the knees.
A tiny moan emanated from her parted lips as she eyed an abandoned solid wood hairbrush by her feet.
Twirling it in her hand turned it backwards and used the handle to pleasure her throbbing cunt.
Happy memories of her making love to Doctor Watson came flooding back as she fucked herself.

How she loved to grip Emma's fine hair as she licked both of her medium sized tits and nibbled lightly on both of the pink nipples.
The smell of the dear Doctor was always intoxicating as she buried her face between her splayed thighs and breathed in the heady scent of her soft pussy folds and probed her wetness for hours.
Holmes recalled Emma's smooth pins that always wrapped around her hips as they ground their dripping loins into each other and mashed their cunts together in a glorious union.

"Doctor, dear Doctor."

Scarlett compared the sighs and moans of this adorable young filly to her beloved Emma as they rubbed their aroused clits together, legs entwined and panting hard.
In the shower cubicle Emma had moved in such a way that the jet of water was directed at her muff. The natural beauty wiggled her backside to and fro, welcoming the fine spray splashing her most sensitive spot.
Now, Scarlett cried out as she slid the handle in and out of her pussy as her eyes widened at the erotic sight.
Her buttocks clenched as her orgasm raged through her and she shook on the balls of her bare feet as her ecstasy took hold.

"Hope you don't mind a single bed, I wasn't expecting company this weekend."

Scarlett opened her eyes and retreated back to the main room as Emma stepped out of the cubicle and dried off her bare bod with a fluffy white towel.

"That will be splendid," replied Scarlett with a croak in her voice.

Emma unashamedly held each end of the towel and used it to saw back and forth on her crotch to dry it off, trapping the towel between her clamped thighs for maximum friction.
Scarlett gulped back her emotions as Emma shook out her hair and fluffed it up with curled fingers.
Then she hopped into the room in her robe again and sat on the edge of the sofa beside the exasperated Scarlett.

"You can stay here for a while, until you get yourself together. I have to go to New York tomorrow for a shoot."

"A shoot? Who or what will you be shooting?"

"No, a photoshoot. I'll be back in four days. Then we can have a nice chat."

"Four days? Surely it takes three days out of Southampton just to sail there?"

"I'm not sailing. I'm flying."

"Preposterous! We shall never take flight like the birds. At least not in my..."

Holmes left the sentence uncompleted. Indeed, this was NOT her lifetime.

"You have food in the refrigerator and you can use the micro to heat the meals up. Okay?"

"Your words are clear, yet the meaning quite elusive."

Emma bent and kissed Scarlett on the head and the blonde felt a frisson of a thrill from this merest touch.

"Goodnight, Scarlett Holmes."

Emma left the room and turned out the light.

Goodnight, my one true love.


Over the next few days, Holmes mastered the workings of the telephone, microwave oven, and television set. Having been given a hefty book on the history of the twentieth century, she brooded for hours until the return of the delectable Emma.
As Scarlett opened the micro door she contemplated the dish of defrosted fish fingers and tossed them into the waste basket.

"Since when did fish have fingers anyway?"

The front door opened and the effervescent Emma bounded in.

"Hello? How have you been?"

"Much better, thank you. Your selection of cereal is most fortifying."

Scarlett pointed to the several boxes of Frosties, Rice Krispies, Fruit Loops, and Coco Pops.

"You've been living on cereal?"

"The contents of you refrigerator leaves a lot to be desired. Come, we shall dine out at the Care Royal, where they once served the finest Roast Rib of Scottish Beef and Yorkshire Pudding. Alas, I have no funds to pay for the feast."

"This will be on me, it's the least I can do."

"Many thanks. I plan to get back on my feet, as it were, and resume my unique expertise in solving the unsolvable. I have devoured the astonishing history of the recent century, and digested much of the state of the world my dear Watson, I believe that there is much for me to do in this modern age of yours."

to be continued...
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Re: The New Adventures of Scarlett Holmes
« Reply #1 on: October 27, 2020, 12:58:33 PM »
Consider this a prologue to my mooted new series with Scarlett and Emma in a Sherlock Holmes spoof. Longer chapters to come.     


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Re: The New Adventures of Scarlett Holmes
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Chapter Two. In which Holmes meets Mister Hudson.


"And that is how Doctor Watson and I retrieved the jewel encrusted dildo belonging to Princess Louise, fourth daughter of Queen Victoria herself."

"What a fantastic tale." Gushed a rapt Emma Watson. "A stolen Royal sex toy."

(See chapter one of the series published here of The  Adventures of Scarlet Holmes)

"It wasn't very practical, I can tell you that much. Yet that tale is not as fantastic as the unique adventure involving the three students who lived and studied at St. Luke's College in Cambridge. In order to establish the identity of that person responsible for impregnating the young Governess, who was so inebriated on this occasion that she was unable to recall which of her three lovers had gotten her with child. Her only solid memory of he who was accountable for the deed was the singular fact that he ejaculated excessive amounts of sperm when he climaxed. Your grandmother and I took it upon ourselves to have intercourse with the named and shamed three gentlemen in a marked attempt to discover the guilty party."

(See chapter four of the above mentioned series for the story)

"You slept with each of the students in order to solve a case?"

"Quite so. And the results were most gratifying I can tell you. The culprit was a proverbial pistol. Despite the stuffy and hypocritical morality in the reign of Her Majesty, Queen Victoria, even the most respectable men and women surrendered to their wildest sexual needs and desires. Doctor Watson was a relative sex kitten."

Scarlett Holmes looked at herself this way and that in the full length mirror as she spoke. She was modelling an ultra soft sleeveless print dress with a hem that came up to her mid thigh. Her feet were slipped into an elegant pair of gold and silver Jimmy Choo heels.

"Do modern women really dress like this in public? I feel half naked."

"Of course. You look great. That particular little number cost me a bundle at Harvey Nichols. It's a Balenciaga."

"Indeed? A 'bundle' of what precisely?"

"Money. About a grand in fact."

"You spent a thousand? In pounds sterling? Why, you could buy an affordable house for the same sum!"

"Shush! There."

Emma put the finishing touch to Scarlett's hair and both examined the results in the mirror.
The blonde had her hair swept back in a voluminous up-do that framed her forehead in a classic fashion. A touch of high shine eyeshadow brightened her green eyes, and the carmine lip gloss highlighted her signature pout.

"This is acceptable?"

"Perfect. Now you look like you fit in with the rest of us."

Scarlett's face expressed doubts as she took a long drag of her Dunhill menthol cigarette and blew out the blue smoke.

"Must you smoke those awful things? The room reeks."

Emma wrinkled her pretty nose and waved her hand in front of her face.
Scarlett scoffed and shrugged Emma off with a cursory dismissal.

"When I'm not working, I get restless and bored."

She sat in an armchair, crossed her bare legs and looked out of the window at the blue sky. The smoke gave her already gravelly voice an even deeper tone.

"It is a matter of opinion whether I am considered blessed or cursed. I am one of, if not the worlds best, consulting private detective and I relish the most difficult and most outlandish of cases put my way. My mind is quick and alert to the tiniest of clues, and my brain can figure out quite impossible cases that leave most dumbfounded. I lack interest in the in usual way of life, and detest the boring and the mundane. I admit I am in need of stimulants such as these cigarettes."

She exhaled a stream of smoke and grinned as Emma poked her tongue out in protest. It had bee one week since Holmes had emerged from the strange phenomena that had seen her transported from her time of 1891 to the present day.
At a loss to explain the science behind it all, nevertheless the blonde beauty was utterly grateful to still be alive.

"I was born with good looks and a fulsome figure, so my only other vice is an acute craving for sexual satisfaction, whenever and wherever possible. I find both males and females attractive, although I consider men to be unreliable and conniving for the most part. Although having intercourse with a man I must say that I do favour the gentle touch. Do I shock you?"

"On the contrary, I think you will fit in quite nicely in the year of 2019. Women have been liberated for decades. We have the vote, equal rights, and have defeated sexism at work and in politics."

"And sexually?"

"Big improvements since your days. Women can enjoy free sex. Outside of marriage, with whom they please, and with no romantic ties if she so chooses."

"What about same gender sex?"

"Totally fine. Women can even marry each other."

"Is that so?"

"Speaking for myself, I'm quite happy sharing my bed with a man for my own needs and pleasure."

"Never with other women?"

"Just guys. Can we change the subject for once?"

"It's alright for you, Emma. I haven't had the slightest hint of intimacy for 130 years!"

Scarlett re-crossed her pins and raised an arched brow at Emma as her dress rode up her pale thighs. What she wouldn't give for the young actress to hop over and stick her head between her legs and bury her face in her snatch.
Fact was, that Scarlett Holmes had blurred the truth a tad as what she said about not having sex for 130 years was only true up to an hour previous.

"Oh, did the maintenance man call about the loose bathroom tiles?"

"He did pop in, yes."

And pop he most certainly did!


"I've come about the bathroom tiles. Miss Watson left a message. May I come in?"

Scarlett looked at the square jawed man with closely cropped fair hair and felt her pussy twitch.

"Please. Pardon my appearance. I was taking a bath."

Scarlett dripped onto the carpet beneath her bare feet and stood demurely with a bath towel discreetly knotted at her ample bosom.
The twenty something handyman tried in vain to avoid staring at Scarlett's deep cleavage but failed miserably.
Result, thought she as she smiled back.

"I can come back later if it's inconvenient, Miss?"

"Holmes. Don't dither man, come in, come in. I shall be rooming with Miss Watson for the foreseeable future."

That'll be a sight for sore eyes he thought.

"Right. I'm the handyman, repairman, whatever, for the building. Names Hudson, Martin Hudson."

"HAH!" Holmes clapped her hands together which caused the man to flinch slightly. "The universe and it's mysteries never cease to astound. Through there, Hudson."

As they both entered the en-suite bathroom of Scarlett's personal bedroom she recalled about the treasure that had been her landlady, Mrs. Hudson, when she roomed at 221B Baker Street so very long ago.

"I see the problem."

As Hudson opened his dark brown bag of tools, Scarlett took the time to scrutinise the fair haired man's impressive physique. Broad shouldered, muscled torso, and tight ass, he obviously stayed very fit. The image of a desirable male in her midst stirred the sex starved female.

"Sportsman are you, Hudson?" Asked the very aroused Miss Holmes. He shall be a sight for sore eyes.

"Rugby. I'm a three-quarter. Played for the army in Afghanistan."

"Right. I can't believe the British are still engaged in that country after all this time. One of my closest colleagues, my dearest Doctor, served there in seventy-nine."

"Oh, nineteen seventy-nine."

"EIGHTEEN seventy-nine, actually."

Hudson shot her a bemused look and at the same time realised that the woman was unwrapping her white towel in front of him.

"Do you mind if I continue bathing?

"Er, no."

Hudson's mouth gaped as Scarlett nonchalantly undid the knot at her bust and let the towel drop to her feet.
Scarlett looked stunning in the buff. Her golden blonde hair was tied loosely on top of her head and his eyes focused on her remarkable bared breasts. Full and rounded they appeared to defy gravity, even though she was now in her mid thirties.

Proud of her body she ran her hands up her hips, over her stomach and cupped her magnificent globes.
She was the epitome of a curvy and voluptuous female. She radiated sex appeal and she knew it.
Scarlet turned to the oval shaped stub that stood in the middle of the room on four brass legs and let Hudson get a good look at her superb backside. Two half moons of pale flesh perfectly bisected by her newly shaven pussy that protruded enticingly dead center.

"Good, still hot."

Scarlett removed the clip holding her fair locks and let them down as she dipped her foot into the water to test the temperature.
She hopped back into the tub and knelt on her knees.

The water was still full of suds and she retrieved the big sponge that floated on the surface and soaped up her big tits with it.
All the while she drizzled the bubbles on her rack she cooed and sighed in such a sensuous manner that Hudson could barely make a fist as he attempted to repair some of the misaligned tiles above the hand basin.

"Hudson? Could you be a dear and wash my back? I always have difficulty reaching behind because of, well, you know."

Scarlett inhaled deeply and perfectly displayed her boobs, the water level just at the bottom of her bosom.
The hot steamy water felt much more soothing than a shower preferred by Emma.

"Yes, Miss Holmes. Alright."

I can do this, he thought to himself as the soaped up babe held out the sopping sponge.

"And take off your shirt. No sense in getting it all wet, is there?"

"My shirt?"

Hudson crossed his arms and tore his tee off over his head and revealed his ripped upper body to an admiring Holmes.
He came behind the tub and squeezed the sponge over Scarlett's back and watched the suds run down her spine.

"That tickles. Now rub the water in firmly."

Hudson cleared his throat and began to massage her shoulders and flanks.
The feel of the sponge against her skin was incredibly arousing, especially as it was held in the fellow's hands.
Scarlett giggled as she deliberately turned to her left so that Hudson got a good handful of her right breast.

"Sorry about that."

"Nonsense. In fact."

Scarlett swiveled on her knees and faced the young beefcake, taking the sponge from him.
His hairless chest was dappled with bath water and her nipples were as hard as bullets.
Her eyes wandered to his parted lips and a full body shiver went through her as she imagined kissing his beautiful mouth.
As her desire took a hold she felt her pussy moisten dramatically.

"Could you do my front?" She asked in her husky voice.

"If you like."

Scarlett held up the sponge, and as he reached for the soapy ball she dropped it into the tub.

"Oops, silly me. Can you see it?"

As Hudson tentatively put his hand in the water Scarlett lunged up so that her loins came into contact with his searching fingers.
Before he could react the sex starved blonde ground against his hand and simulated the sexual act.
It was clear to see that his burgeoning erection was straining in front of his trousers.

"I'm so wet down there. Get in the tub."


"No words, Hudson. I need you to fuck me. Now."

Realising he had passed that point of no return himself he duly obliged with her wishes and drew down his pants.
His impressive erect cock sprang from it's confines and bobbed up and down as he took of his shoes and socks.

"Isn't that better?"

Scarlett raised up and held his ram rod straight dick in her fist and jerked it several times to gauge it's thickness. He had a nice a nice scrotum too, and his groin area had very fine pubes that were so light as to be veritably transparent.
Slowly, and with loving care, she swirled her darting tongue around the half stretched foreskin and murmured as it peeled back to unveil the large tapered glans beneath.

She pursed her lips and drooled saliva to make him wet enough to slide her mouth down to the halfway mark on his rock hard shaft. Throaty groans from her tightly clamped lips vibrated on his shaft and he gasped at the incredible ache in his balls.


Hudson groaned as she took him in deeper, dribbling and gagging audibly as she went.
She started a hands free blowjob and rubbed and pinched her aching nipples as she moved her head up and down on his knob.
In his increasing ardour he rocked his hips back and forth and thereby pushed his length further and further into the warm depths of her mouth.
Despite her preference for the feminine touch this was something Scarlett had missed in a long time. The sublime pleasure of a pulsing cock sliding in and out of her clamped lips and jamming down her throat.


The all too familiar tingling in her pussy was too much to ignore and the cock hungry detective released his saliva coated dick and gasped for air.
Taking his large hands in hers Scarlett invited him into the tub with her and pulled him in close, wallowing in the touch of his taut muscles.
His solid wall of a chest was pleasing to hold and she arched her back and hugged him tightly.
Hudson took her left breast, lightly covered with collected soap bubbles, in his hand and her stiff nipple pressed into his wet palm.

"Kiss me."

Hudson grunted an affirmative and started to softly kiss her neck, cheeks, and ears which made Scarlett bunch her toes in the soapy water they stood in.
Her right hand snaked in between their wet bodies where she dug her nails in his groin and jerked his erection.
The turned on hunk grabbed both her boobs and found them to be quite large in proportion to her frame.
Scarlett moaned into his mouth as they locked lips and let her lover explore every inch of her curvy rack.

"Mmm, yes. She likes that."

As Hudson met her mouth he made out the intriguing shape of Scarlett's lips, the upper meeting the exact dimensions of her lower. Gradually Scarlett shifted in the tub and her bottom found the rounded edge.

She drew Hudson toward her and curled her left leg, bent at the knee, around his right hip.
Her heel bumped him urgently and purred as his rigid pole grazed the inside of her smooth thigh.
He bucked up and the flared tip of his dick parted her sopping entrance and Scarlett welcomed her first man in 130 years!

"Oh, fuck!"

Her hands held onto the tub so hard that her knuckles turned white.
She bared her teeth as he slowly, almost agonisingly so, pushed in further.

"Please, please, more. Give me more."

Scarlett's nails dragged across his broad back as she moved her hips up in encouragement.
She whimpered as her pussy was rudely penetrated by a healthy length of stiff manhood.
Once he was totally buried in her cunt they remained still as Scarlett enjoyed the splendour of that fullness of a cock inside her.
Hudson pulled back, almost entirely, and then stared a languid screw with
long and steady strokes that drove the woman insane with pleasure.

"Do it. Do me."

He caressed her body all over, skimming the palms of his hands on her wet and supple skin, as they dipped tongues into each others mouths.
Hudson lifted her up by her rump and Scarlett encircled his body with both legs.
Impaled on his rigid spike, Scarlett moaned and wrapped her arms around his neck.
She thrilled at the tight sensation of him filling her to the very depths of her womanhood.

"You're so big inside me."

They spilled water which splashed out of the tub and onto the cool floor tiles as Scarlett was bounced on his rod of iron.
She was his plaything as he cupped her buttocks and guided her up and down effortlessly.
Then he let her down and Scarlett turned her back to Hudson.

As he balanced on the inside edge of the tub he brought her wet body down onto his lap until she fit perfectly between his meaty thighs.
With a sideways glance she eased her backside up a tad and sighed as she met his upright pole, hot and wet for her pleasure.

"Merciful heavens!"

Scarlett touched her brow with the back of her hand in a shock of delight and gratitude as she sank down all the way onto his desirable log.
She gripped his thighs and drew a grimace from the ripped handyman as her nails dug in.
The water swirled and her entire lower body rocked as she rotated on his dick and she held his paws in her hands and guided them to her jiggling boobs.
The rabid blonde moved at her own pace, not wishing the sex to end just yet.
She could feel every bump and ridge on his shaft and she milked him as was her want.


In this erotic but awkward position Hudson slipped out of her twice and he fucked air until she fed him into her gaping quim.
He held onto her hips and ensured he would not pop out again and drove up into her, drawing yelps of undiluted passion from the bouncing blonde.

In his eagerness to pound the shit out of her they tumbled forwards into a standing doggy stance.
With the steamy water up to their knees Hudson banged into her from behind, smacking her fleshy buttocks in his heated frenzy.


Scarlett's body was shoved three inches forwards by Hudson's rhythmic strokes and he buried his cock in her to the hilt.
Her tits wobbled under her as she was slammed into even harder than before.
He grabbed her hips for leverage and went for broke.

"Are you going to ejaculate?"

"Ejaculate? Yes!"

Scarlett turned quickly in the tub and squeezed her massive boobs together to trap his cock between them.
Her body was forcefully rocked as Hudson rammed his pulsating dick in her ample cleavage.
He pumped and pumped and then shot cum all over her big globes and neck.
With a squeal of delight, Scarlett arched her back and watched with glee as the sticky goo flowed down her home made channel between her boobs onto her front.


Scarlett took his bell end into her mouth and sucked up what was left of his cum.
As she sank back into the foaming water she looked up at the speechless handyman.

"Thank you, Hudson. That will be all. I shall keep you in mind, however."

"Miss Holmes."

He gathered up his discarded clothing and left her to relax in her bath.
This may very well be the start of something, she mused.
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Re: The New Adventures of Scarlett Holmes
« Reply #3 on: November 05, 2020, 06:18:19 AM »
Chapter Three. The Singular Case Of The Screaming Orgasm.

Inspired, (very loosely) on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's 'Man with the Twisted Lip' and 'The Three Garidebs.'


"You are quite right, Em-Em. Beau does have the propensity to use his sharp teeth at the moment of climax. Quite remarkable."

"Don't I know it."

Emma Watson yawned and then smiled knowingly as she continued to rub the nape of her neck unconsciously.

"Wait a minute!" She sat bolt upright in her chair with her jaw dropped. "You, you just read my mind!"

Emma looked incredulously at the smug looking Scarlett Holmes, who took a long drag on a black cigarette.

"Nonsense. I just used my brain and pure reasoning. It was surprisingly easy."

The two women were relaxing in Emma's riverside apartment on a stuffy and humid morning in July. Were it not for the air conditioning the room would most likely have resembled an oven.

Emma gazed out of the window at the Thames twenty five floors below through the glare of harsh sunlight.

She had returned late after spending a hot night with her current boyfriend, an American businessman named Leo. Things had gotten serious of late between the two thirty year old's, and Emma was on cloud nine.

"Explain, or I shall go mad."

The attractive English rose sat up in her chair and put her hands in her lap and waited patiently.

It had been one month since she had met the astonishing Scarlett Holmes, once hailed as the greatest private detective in history.
By some strange quirk, the golden haired beauty had been transported from the year of 1891 to the present day.

Confused and bereft of help, the two had stumbled upon each other on the streets of London, and the successful actress had graciously offered
whatever the lost soul needed. That was food, shelter, and the chance to get her head straight.

"It's true that I am well known for being proficient with observation, deduction, and logical reasoning. I have known to befuddle people to such a point that they think that I have fantastic powers. But once I explain myself you will just laugh and scoff."

"I will not. You just crept into my head and told me exactly what I was thinking. How did you do it?"

"Very well. Firstly, when you endeavour to return late from a night out and attempt to pass my room without disturbing me, it seems pointless to remove your shoes yet giggle inanely outside my door."

Scarlett lit another smoke and paused a moment.

"I heard you return here at three this morning after you presumably left the home of your boyfriend. As I partook of a light breakfast upon waking, you emerged from your room and sat down where you sit now. You had a wry smile on your pretty face and I watched you look out of the window and then stare at the vase filled with a dozen red roses. Naturally a gift from a serious admirer with obvious romantic overtones."

"Right, that makes sense."

"Indeed. So you spent the night with your man. Your eyes sparkled and your lips quivered as you recalled the lovers tryst. Your left hand went up to your neck where you swept aside your hair and rubbed what appears to be a very recent, and very well defined love bite. Your lover is the owner of some sharp teeth. As you reminisced about this act of foreplay you buried your other hand between your legs and crossed them, probably in an attempt to relive the sensation of him there. As you rubbed your sore neck more urgently, so you clamped your thighs tight shut, as if imagining your sexual climax once more in your minds eye."

Emma cleared her throat and uncrossed her bare legs and smiled weakly.

"All that is true. Leo does like to nibble on my neck while we make love. But? Hang on! How is it possible that you know he calls me Em-Em? And that I call him Beau? This IS mind reading!"

"My dear girl. If I reveal all my expertise you will think it were mere child's play. Very well. Regard your beautiful bouquet of flowers, presumably from Leo. Attached to the stems is a personal note. It reads, to my dearest, darling Em-Em from your loving Beau."

"You are joking! That WAS child's play. And I thought you were doing some sort of Harry Potter magic and getting inside my head. How obvious!"

"Alas. It is as I said. When I explain all it is brushed off as being simple."

"Sorry, Holmes."

"Anyway. All that aside, look! I have my first case."

Scarlett held up her Nokia mobile phone and clapped her hands.
Anxious in this modern age to resume her passion for solving the unsolvable, Holmes, with the help of Emma, had mastered the use of a personal phone and had placed an advertisement on social media offering her unique services.

"This world never ceases to amaze. My very own communication device. In the palm of my hand no less."

"I'm sure it's a bit of a leap, but everybody has one these days. Good news then?"

"In precisely thirty minutes we can expect a visit from a Mister Doyle who has the most unusual case. You will stay and observe, won't you?"

"If I can help in any way just ask."

"Splendid! This is it, my girl. I'm back in business."


There came a knock on Emma's front door and she let in the building handyman, Martin Hudson.

"There is a visitor for Miss Holmes."

"Thank you for your time, Hudson."

Scarlett gave the robust young man a wink as a pallid figure of a man shuffle in and took the offered seat opposite Scarlett and Emma.

'Please, Mister Doyle? You won't mind the presence of Emma, do you? She's just here to observe."

"Not, not at all."

Doyle nodded at Emma who was unable to hide a look of some discomfort at the sight of the poor fellow. Doyle had the reddest hair she had ever seen on a man, and his pale visage was sadly disfigured by a terrible scar. This had the unfortunate effect of turning up the outer edge of his upper lip.

"Yes. I am the unfortunate and desperate soul named Alex Doyle, and I need your expert advice. And help. I am at my wits end. I saw your advert and was reminded of that noted detective from the past, also named Scarlett Holmes. Are you related?"

"In a manner of speaking." Scarlett shot a sideways glance at Emma and suppressed a giggle. "Indeed, I pride myself in being able to deduce and process data from observation. For instance, I see that you are a man in his thirties who, after a life of just getting along fine, has had the good fortune to come into money. The lottery?"

"Precisely so. Fifty million."

"A tidy sum to be sure. You are not accustomed to the change in fortune as of yet as you dress still in tee shirt and blue jeans. And yet have a handsome pair of Christian Louboutin velvet loafers with crystal toe caps. A striking contrast if I may be so bold."

"Go on."

"Despite the presence of the delectable Emma here, you have virtually ignored her, and in the last ten minutes have mentally undressed me. To such an extent that you had attempted to hide your burgeoning erection by crossing and uncrossing your legs."

Doyle lowered his head when he realised he was indeed staring blatantly down the vivacious Scarlett's half unbuttoned blouse.
She scrutinised the odd man with her big green eyes as he and Emma hung on the blonde's every word.

"I deduce that your sexual partiality is for bodacious blondes with big tits. You are quite well endowed and dress to the left. The outline of your appendage is quite visible. Do you see, Emma?"

Emma smiled through thin lips and smoothed back her well groomed brows in slight embarrassment.

"Furthermore, and presumably as a consequence of your facial disfigurement, you are bereft of female companionship. Therefore, as a right hander, you have a more pronounced fist than your left. Due no doubt to excessive masturbation. Note the huge veins on back of his hand and forearm. Nothing to be ashamed of, by the by."

"Bloody hell, Holmes!" Cried an impressed Doyle.

"Bloody hell, Holmes!" Cried an unbelieving Emma. "How do you know all these things?"

"Elementary my dears. Am I right, Doyle?" Asked Scarlett as she lit up a cigarette.

"Right on the nose. I do have a, you know down there, and I love sex. Of course, women shun me, and I have to resort to self gratification.
It's a shame as I am well hung and I know how to use it. If I had good looks then there would be a line outside my bedroom door, believe me.
And on top of that I have a very rare blood type, so most plastic surgeons will not operate on my mouth. Since my big win, I have indulged in booking high class prostitutes, and I have enjoyed myself no end. I pay big, and I expect the best. And there lies my problem."

"Do tell."

"In Mayfair is my favourite female escort agency, 'Blondes Do It Better' and I have fallen head over heels for one of the girls. Trouble is, she is one of identical triplets, all of whom are on the agency books. I have slept with all three and they are worth every penny I spend. I get off best when I see and hear a female climax. In particular when we achieve a mutual orgasm. Heaven itself. I pay the girls a big bonus if they get off with me. My favourite trlplet is a screamer. She literally screams the house down when she comes, and with such an endearing high pitched squeal you ever heard. Really brings me off. I cum in buckets."

"I can only imagine." Replied an aloof Holmes as she eyed up the demure Emma. What she would give to hear the young actress climax in her arms.

"The girls are from America. They are blonde, leggy and stacked. Impossible to tell apart, and all equally fantastic in bed. Now they all know me and my intentions, they would all love to be the next Mrs. Doyle and enjoy my millions. But I am only ready to commit to my screamer. Is it Nicole, Erica, or Jacklyn. I slept with who I was told was Erica, but she screamed on only two occasions. So the other must have been Nicole or Jacklyn. The two conniving girls of the three have affected a no sleep arrangement with me, together with my treasure, so that I am now unable to sleep with my beloved and propose marriage."

Doyle dipped his head and worried his orange hair with his fingers.

"Have you ever heard of a more disagreeable and frustrating situation?"

"Well, since you ask, yes. But that is neither here nor there."

"Surely you could find out where each girl lives and ascertain the one you like best?"

Emma broke her silence with a straight forward query.

"Well done, Emma. Good question." Said a proud Holmes.

"The manager of the agency decrees a strict privacy rule. No home visits or personal numbers. Only hotels are used and only cash is acceptable. I have no knowledge of where they live, either separately or together. That is why I've come to you for help."

"I will take you on as a client, Mister Doyle. Come back in a week and l shall have the identity of your desired one."

"Really? I shall pay you well, I can assure you. How will you discover my screamer?"

"Why simplicity itself. Emma and I will fuck all three blonde's."

Emma perked up and did a double take.

"Say what now? Sod off! I'm not doing that."

"Why, Emma. You did offer to help in any way, did you not?"

"Did I? Oh, fluff!"

"We shall be discreet and use false names and identities. Truth is, I simply cannot fulfil the task in hand alone. We shall be in and out before you know it."


Emma brooded as she wondered what she was just about to agree to.


Two days later the pair began to come up with a plan of action.
Scarlett determined that they should strike in a single evening when all three sisters were on active service. That way they would not be tricked in any way by any deception.

"Here it is."

Emma found the aforementioned agency on her Apple iPad Pro tablet.

"Blonde's Do It Better, a 24/7 London network with the fairest and bustiest
of fun ladies. Book one of our highly sophisticated and elegant blonde's for a relaxed and entertaining time. Rest assured that all of the gorgeous females are all exclusive models and genuine escorts. All pictures depicted here show their real looks."

Emma scrolled down dozens of scantily clad models and noted all sorts of choice women. European, Russian, Asian, Turkish, and American.

"Here's our triplets."

"How are they described?"

"As aged thirty. A Plus. 600 an hour. Offer all services. Busty. Bisexual. Duo or Group. Spanking. Striptease, Roleplay, and Uniforms. There are lots of reviews by satisfied clients. This fellow says, this girl was super sexy and I can't wait to visit her again. Another mentions a threesome. The two identical women were a perfect duo, he says. Both very naughty and inventive behind closed doors."

Emma looked up at Scarlett who sat back and folded her arms.

"I propose that we book all three in the space of three hours. We shall use false names to book all three engagements and attempt to uncover Doyle's desired one. I fancy we may include Hudson with one of us in order to participate in a threesome to deflect suspicion on behalf of those two girls who would swindle Doyle of his millions."

"You can be with him then. I can't pretend that I'm not happy about all this and I shall stick with girl on girl. I owe it to Beau, er, Leo."

"Agreed. Hah! Ready yourself, girl. The game is assuredly afoot."


Number 145 Park Lane is exactly that. A luxury hotel in the middle of classical London, known by the title '145, Park Lane.' Formerly The Playboy Club, a fashionable 60's hangout for the rich and famous, the building was now home to a modern and luxurious hotel with 45 guest rooms, all overlooking the royal Hyde Park.

"Here we are, Hudson. Room 023."

At precisely eight pm, Holmes and Martin Hudson arrived to be confronted by a simply stunning blonde bombshell.
She must have been around six feet tall in her high heels, thought Scarlett.
Her honey blonde hair was swept over one shoulder and her strapless black dress with the low cut neckline showed off her deep cleavage.

"Mister and Mrs. Smith? Come on in."

"Thank you."

Scarlett and Hudson followed the blonde escort into a low lit room which was spacious and big. One side of the room had six uncovered dual aspect windows that looked out onto the view of Hyde Park.

"I am Johanna, and this is my husband, Rex."


The blonde American shook their hands and then looked Hudson up and down and was highly impressed with his ripped physique.

"Rex? Woof, woof! I think we're all gonna get along. You two fancy dabbling in a threesome, right?"

The woman claiming to be Erica spoke in a southern American twang that Holmes surmised might be Texan.

"Quite so. We feel that we want to swing a bit after several years of marriage."

"Swell. You both need to take a shower and then I need the cash upfront. Place the envelope on that table. The clock is ticking folks. You got one hour or it's another six hundred. Bathroom's through there."

Scarlett and Hudson trotted off to the en-suite bathroom which boasted sleek white marble floors and warm lighting.
The pair quickly stripped off and got under a hot shower.

"Remember, Hudson." Said Holmes loudly above the outpouring of white water. "The idea is to bring this female to orgasm to observe her reactions at the moment of climax."

"Understood, Miss Holmes."

"Time is of the essence, so we can't afford to dawdle. Let me get you warmed up."

As they stood side by side under the cascading water Scarlett leaned on Hudson's shoulder and wrapped her fingers around his semi hard dick.
He shuddered when she slid down his muscled body and flicked out her tongue to lick the underside of his throbbing shaft. His foreskin drew back as he reached full erection and he let out a cry as hot lips closed tightly on his tapered cock head.

The famed private detective sucked in air as she pushed her head down to take half of his knob inside her watering mouth.
As they stood under the stream of hot water, Scarlett feverishly slurped and slobbered on the stud until she felt him ready enough.
They emerged side by side, she in a toweling robe, and he stark naked and sporting a mighty stiff.

"We're ready," announced Scarlett as she removed her robe.

Erica, if indeed it were she, had draped her now naked body across the red satin sheets. The only thing she wore was a pair of gossamer sheer black hold ups that sheathed her exquisite legs.

She lifted her head and saw her clients, both staring at her with wide eyed anticipation. Her eyes affixed to Hudson's broad chest and smooth torso. He's fucking gorgeous, thought Erica as she ogled his fully erect cock with the magnificent swollen tip.

"Well, well. Look here. What a nice couple. Let's get started, shall we?"

Holmes read the time in the clock on the bedside table. 8.15. Tick tock, time to fuck.


Approximately fifteen minutes after Scarlett and Hudson had joined the first sister, so Emma timidly knocked on door number 031.
She did not know it but the blonde knockout who opened the door was the spitting image of the sister with Holmes and Hudson.

"Hi, sweetie. You're J.K. right?"

"Hi. Yes."

Emma stood demurely on the threshold of the luxury suite in a short trench coat over a plain white top and black mini skirt. She wore dark glasses in order to cut a discreet figure.

"Don't stand on ceremony, come on in. Time is money."

The blonde southern belle had a broad Texan accent and a big grin as she ushered Emma inside.

"Say, you remind me of that movie star, what's her name?"

"Yeah, I get that a lot. She's more attractive. Nice room."

"Honey, I earned it. The hard way. Just put the cash on the table and go shower. And make that muff squeaky clean, you hear? I hear you have an outfit you want to wear."

"I have it here."

Emma held up her small bag.

"You like to be dominated, that so?"

Emma nodded and cursed Scarlett for giving her a certain role. The fragrant and charming actress had no prior experience in sexual roleplay, and wondered how things were going to play out.

A successful actress, model, and UN Women Goodwill ambassador, Emma thought she had seen pretty much everything until the unique and intriguing Scarlett Holmes had popped into her busy life. The stylish and intelligent young female, who always her schedule pretty much organised now had no idea what to expect next.

"You scrub up well, honey. You're a knockout."

Once showered and dried, Emma, appeared in the bedroom of the hired suite and drew a whistle from the stripped off blonde escort sitting on the edge of the large bed.


Emma had transformed into an alluring vision of seduction in a topless all white satin waspie that settled on her hips, and a pair of see through lacy panties. Her finely trimmed pubic hair was clearly visible through the sheer material. She wore a pair of opaque silk stockings with two garters with cute red ribbons atop each of her slender pins. On her feet were a pair of white satin pumps with four inch heels and enticing thin ankle straps.

"You have a nice taste in lingerie."

Not my choosing actually, but another's not too far from this very room. Emma did feel good though and the sweet caress of the waspie on her soft flesh gave her goose bumps. She was acutely aware of her modest sized tits that were exposed at the top of the waspie, and her nipples became erect and jutted out invitingly.

"I think we have the very thing for our little game tonight."

The American blonde held up black strap on harness with an eight inch dildo fitted in the special attachment.
Emma gulped and approached the bed nervously, and as she walked the rustling of the silk stockings could be heard as her upper thighs rubbed.

Erica put the strap on aside for the moment and drew Emma closer and cupped her tight ass. Emma's entire body quivered as the blonde's fingers stroked the warm flesh of the bare part of her upper thighs.

"You're so cute." Said Erica admiringly as she slid the flimsy panties down over Emma's slim hips and silkened pins.

Emma bit her lip as Erica traced out a line on her moist labia with just her fingertips. The actress went on the tips of her heels and spread her legs wider for the blonde who blew a gentle flow of warm air on her muff.

"That feels, odd."

Then Emma shrieked as she tossed onto the bed in a blur of flailing legs.
Erica buried her face in Emma's snatch and eased her tongue into her sopping pussy of the lightweight.

As she was driven mad by the languid drag of a tongue along her juicy slit, Emma shuddered and groaned, then wriggled and whimpered.
Erica was an expert as she painted Emma's pussy with tantalising circles around her tiny nub.

"Ooooh! Yes...oh...yes!"

Emma was breathing hard as she hammered the mattress with her balled up fists. Erica now made incredible figures of eight with her tongue around her clit, up and down her plump pussy lips, and from side to side on that sensitive strip of flesh known as the perineum.

What could only be described as a delicious ache in her muff, Emma felt her seeping juices greedily lapped up. Her legs wilted and laid out flat on the bed as Erica raised her head and grinned.

"We have time still to play with our toy."

Erica looked down on the nubile vision in white and realised that she was enjoying herself more than usual. This filly was a dream with her pert tits and succulent pussy. The soft light of the exclusive hotel suite made her bared skin positively glow. The blonde escort found herself highly aroused and raring to go.

"Alright," agreed Emma with a dry throat.

Her flawless face was a picture of submissive apprehension as Erica wiggled her hips into the black harness and smeared lubricant along the ominous eight inch lifelike dildo.

Emma gulped as a pillow was shoved under her bottom and the big dildo was prodded at her wet entrance. The bulbous head of the fake cock slid inside Emma and parted her pink inner folds with ease.

"Oh! Mmm! Gosh!"

Erica shifted on her knees and pushed forwards with her hips. As more of the dildo slid in Emma cupped her breasts, rolling the bullet hard tips in her fingertips. Her legs bent at the knees as Erica bucked up into her with heaving tits and pelvic thrusts. Emma's tight cunt was filled and her nether lips were drawn out on the back stroke and then pushed in as she was penetrated once more.

"You're so fucking cute."

Breathed Erica as she lightly kissed the tips of Emma's perky tits.
The slick toy bathed Emma's rear end and her rounded cheeks glistened with the lube and her own fluids.

In a sex crazed haze, Erica set a faster pace and slammed into Emma's tight pussy. The submissive Emma gasped and jerked as the strap on dildo sank up inside her.

In a blur of relentless fucking the pair rocked and wailed and Emma came, not once, but twice in a short space of time.
With one final thrust, Erica let the false cock remain embedded in Emma's sodden pussy and then unbuckled the straps.

"Holy shit!"

As Emma reeled from a third convulsion she looked down her panting form to see the obscene sight of the eight inch dildo half sticking out of her exposed pussy. She raised herself up on her elbows as Erica extracted the toy and placed it back in the attachment.

"I want you to fuck in me in the ass." Hissed Erica and helped Emma out of her waspie and into the strap on harness.

"I've never done this before." Said Emma wide eyed. "How long before our hour is up?"

"Fifteen minutes," replied the blonde as she lubed up her asshole.

She went on all fours and wiggled her backside as Emma crept up behind her.
To Emma's amazement the dildo sank into Erica's anus with pretty much zero effort. She held onto the escort's hips as she attempted to fuck the blonde like a man would. It felt distinctly odd to shunt to and fro as if she had an erection poking out in front of her, but within minutes the actress had a rhythm going that seemed to please Erica.

"Faster, can you manage that, sweetie?"

Emma shifted on her knees and stroked home as best she could.
This woman was loving it, and Emma saw that her asshole was nicely stretched out by the slick tool. Erica had reached beneath her and was flicking at her clit with frantic strumming of her fingers. Emma concentrated and fucked her even faster, banging hard into her reddening back passage.

"Gonna...gonna...gonna, cum!"

This was it, and Emma awaited the conclusion of a very kinky hour.

"Oh, oh, oh, urgh!"

Erica climaxed in a peculiar tweeting noise that resembled nothing like a scream. This was not Doyle's girl.

Over her shoulder, Erica grinned at Emma and then promptly collapsed on the bed. Emma quickly made her excuses and left the suite to join up with Holmes.


Scarlett cut just as fine a figure as the American escort, thought Hudson as his eyes locked on the creamy full curves of her 34DD breasts.
Erica followed his gaze down her voluptuous body to the full hips that framed the erotic V of her plump pussy mound.

"Wow, we are gonna rock the house tonight. Let's entertain Rex some."

"Alright," agreed Scarlett willingly.

The curvy blonde rolled onto the bed beside Erica and laid on her front with her rump sticking high in the air.
She flashed her green eyes at Erica who sidled up and gently ran her fingers along the smooth back and waist down to the round curves of her cheeks.
With a quick motion, Erica had Scarlett up on her knees by her hips and her nose nestled in the superb space that separated Scarlett's nates.

"Oh, yes!" Moaned the detective as Erica extended her tongue and tasted the sweet wetness of her quim.

Scarlett jerked as the tongue action became a firm and assured licking that saw Erica burrow deeper inside Scarlett's pussy.
With her eyes screwed up, Scarlett moved her bottom back into Erica's face and mumbled obscenities as she thrilled to the well executed torment of length swipes.

"Yes, yes, yes!"

Hudson wanked his knob as he looked on open mouthed.
Erica had her lips pursed now and she kissed Scarlett's pussy opening until her juices dripped and dripped.

Close to her climax, Scarlett grabbed bunches of sheet as Erica ran her tongue up her slit as close to her clitoris as possible without actually touching it.

As Erica flicked out her darting tongue she would pull back on occasion and Scarlett growled in frustration as she flexed her pelvis in search of the woman's elusive mouth.

"I think we need to bring Rex in on the action."

Scarlett laid out flat on her belly, her left leg trembled as she savoured the sublime spasm in her pussy.
Hudson flopped onto the bed and Erica immediately curled her tongue around his bell end and took him eagerly into her mouth. As she moved her head back and forth on his considerable length she massaged his balls.
Scarlett rose up and moved her bodacious body atop of him and placed her cunt directly over his open mouth.

"Mmm, that's it. You're really getting the hang of this swinging stuff."

"Thanks," muttered Scarlett as Hudson pressed his lips to her lips and started to kiss her muff.

The blonde American drew his throbbing organ deeper and deeper into her mouth and her saliva drooled down his hairless scrotum.
His dick expanded between her lips and she held him still in her mouth before slowly pulling back and scraping her teeth along his thick shaft.
Scarlett moaned loudly from the insistent lapping from Hudson's flattened tongue, and she bent forwards as Hudson probed her juiced up quim with his questing tongue.

"Heavens! What fun!"

She noted the time on the clock. 8.40.

"I would like to watch you fuck my husband."

Erica popped off Hudson's knob and saw no reason to argue as his dick shone from her spit and dribble.

"Fine. Put a sock on that, would you honey?"

Hudson took one condom out of the packet of twelve laid on the table and broke open the wrapper.
He rolled the latex sheath over his glans and along his rigid column.

"Now, sit there and let's see what you're made of."

Hudson planted his bottom on the edge of the bed as Erica turned her back to him and crouched over his upright pole in a reverse cowgirl position.
She lowered herself slowly onto his lap until her shaven muff met his sheathed cock head.
Scarlett got up out of the chair and walked briskly to the king sized bed, her hips swaying, and her big tits bouncing.

"Can you see, Johanna?"

"Quite so," answered Scarlett who bent forward to closely observe the American escort's bald pussy sink down his generous length.

Erica didn't stop until her moist cunt was fully impaled.

"That feels so good. He's pretty big, isn't he?"

Her blue eyes became half closed as she started to rock back and forth with her toes dug into the lush carpet beneath her feet.
Her naked frame writhed and squirmed as she drove up and down, her hot pussy pushing ever deeper onto his slick shaft.

Hudson saw Scarlett nod perceptively at him and he put his hands on Erica's shoulders and thrust up with his hips.
Her abundant rack bounced wildly as she smashed down on his rod of steel, and her head dipped as her aching cunt was plundered.

"Are you going to cum?"

Erica looked into Scarlett's deep green eyes and smiled blissfully as she rubbed her pelvis on Hudson's groin. The grinding motion caused her clit to tingle like mad and her juices wetted his balls.

"Only a big cock gets me off, and your husband might just do it. But enough of me."

Erica hopped off of Hudson who fucked air for a few seconds.
She took Scarlett by the hand and both fell onto the bed.
Two pairs of ample breasts mashed together and Erica brushed Scarlett's thighs with hers.
They writhed in each others arms as their warm bodies pressed firmly together.

Scarlett was highly impressed as Erica rotated her hips and lunged down at just the right angle to bump pussies.
Both gyrated and groaned as their clits strained against the other.
Hudson looked on in awe as their trimmed pubes mingled in a damp union of sexual stimulation.
Scarlett's deep cleavage was dappled with fine beads of perspiration and her nipples were rock hard.

She started to cum as Erica massaged her clit and pussy lips with frantic rubs. Scarlett turned to face Hudson and she made urgent nodding to him
in order to urge him to step up.
Her head tilted back as Erica was roughly pulled up by the rabid Hudson who moved her into a doggy stance and mounted her.

"Yes! Fuck me, Rex! Fuck me with that big bone, puppy!"

Erica grabbed a soft pillow for support as Hudson drove up into her at a rate of knots.
As he fucked her hard and fast she dipped her head and panted into the pillow.

The ripped former soldier worked in and out of her sodden pussy with powerful pumps of his taut ass.
He felt her pussy contract around his turgid cock and he signaled with a thumbs up to the expectant Scarlett.


Hudson bellowed himself as he flooded the condom and he pulled Erica firmly back onto his entire length.
Scarlett strained her ears as Erica looked up with a look of shock on her face, and her mouth gawped like a goldfish out of water as she came.

She fell onto her back as Hudson withdrew and her large tits glistened with moisture and her stomach undulated in what could only be described as a silent orgasm. Her throat made barely audible cries of satisfaction, and before she could even look up, Holmes and Hudson had already left.

This was not Doyle's girl.


"Are all your cases going to be like this?" Asked Emma as she attempted to fix her hair.

"One can only hope, dear girl." Replied Scarlett who was grinning like a cat who had the cream.

Scarlett and Emma had just left room 042 where they had seen Doyle and his intended of the three triplets happily reconcile. The two exhausted women took a taxi and returned to Emma's apartment where they took to their respective rooms and slept the whole next day.


Two days later.

"Scarlett! What the..."

"Emma! There you are. Doyle here is just thanking me for a job well done. Erica and he are to be happily married at the end of the month."

Scarlett Holmes looked over the man's back at the unexpected intrusion of Emma as he lay nestled between her splayed legs in the missionary position.
Both naked, the pair were fucking each other like dogs on heat, and Doyle's backside rose and fell as he rammed into the stacked blonde.
Scarlett's body was dappled with a light sheen of perspiration as Emma watched Doyle's considerable length thrust in and out of her moist pussy.

"Doyle spoke the truth. He has one of the thickest cocks I have ever encountered. Oh, my word!"

Doyle went into overdrive and slammed Scarlett into the mattress.
Her legs flailed in the air as she shuddered from an earth shattering orgasm.

"Bloody hell, Holmes! I don't believe it!" Cried Emma in exasperation.

"Bloody hell, Doyle! I don't believe it!" Cried Scarlett in ecstasy.

Doyle promptly erupted and his lower body convulsed over and over as he ejaculated.
Copious amounts of his cum trickled out of Scarlett's overstuffed pussy and leaked out, down her crack, and onto the crisp white sheets.

"Emma. Remind Hudson that we need our linen changed as soon as possible."

End of part three.


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Re: The New Adventures of Scarlett Holmes
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Note- Inspired by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. The Sherlock Holmes stories are now in the public domain. Featuring Adele Stephens as Lester.


Chapter Four, part one. Scarlett, Emma, and the Devil Worshippers!


Emma Watson sighed with relief as she opened the front door of her fashionable apartment overlooking the Thames.
She kicked her shoes off and slumped into one of three comfortable armchairs, rubbing her toes in both hands.
The wall clock read seven and the morning sunshine was already streaming the large window which faced East.
Her plane from Paris had arrived at City Airport thirty minutes early and a taxi cab had taken mere minutes to drop her off.
The last four days had been hectic as the stylish fashion icon had modeled a new range of raincoats for Burberry.

"Good morning, Emma. I trust you had a pleasant time in France?"

'Holmes. You're up. Not like your usual self."

Scarlett Holmes extinguished a Dunhill Menthol cigarette in an ashtray, but not before lighting up another with the remains of the spent smoke. The ravishing golden blonde looked rather prim and proper in a royal blue midi skirt and matching blazer, with a somber white blouse beneath.

It had been three months since Emma had taken on the woman out of time as a non paying guest, and it appeared that she was not going anywhere soon.

"You look very chic in that outfit. Is something amiss? You normally lie in until noon."

"Indeed, my dear Watson. Something is amiss."

"Is it another crime? A murder? A brain teasing mystery?"

Emma sat on the edge of her seat and awaited the answer.

"I say, here's fun. We've known each other for a while now, and you are aware of my intelligence quotient and perception. See if you can use your powers of deduction on me."

"Alright, um...okay. You're up early and well dressed. Either you have a client or you're going out."

"Good start."

"I do believe that you are going out, as I see in your open purse on the table that you have an extra pair of panties tucked away. You may be away from the apartment for some time and you want to be prepared for anything untoward. I think perhaps you have a case, a particularly hard nut to crack in fact, and furthermore the man's name is Phillips."

"Bravo! How could you possibly think that?"

"When I looked up when you first spoke you were holding a letter and frowning at the contents. You discarded the envelope the letter had been in and I saw the name of the sender, Phillips, on the back."

"Excellent work, Emma." Scarlett clapped her hands at the admirable efforts of the charming young actress. "What a pity you are wrong on all counts."

"I am? Balls!"

"I AM going out and I have a very early meeting with my gynecologist. A Doctor Elizabeth Phillips. I thought I might be in need of some extra underwear after the examination. I don't relish the visit and was in two minds whether or not to cancel. One good thing though is that I DO have the option of another case, and a exceedingly nasty one to be sure."

"How so?"

"Do you believe in the Devil, Emma? Satanism, witches and the like?"

"Are you trying to wind me up? You know my filmography. I was Hermione, remember?"

"Wind you up? Like a toy doll? What an odd expression. Another modernism no doubt. Anyhow, I did not refer to your fictional alter-ego, a thrilling role as it was, but in real life?"

"No, not really. Why?"

"I have been contacted by an Inspector Lester from New Scotland Yard, who wishes to meet me, accompanied by a Lord Buckley. Apparently His Lordship is in a spot of bother. Blackmail, naturally. He's been inducted into a Satanic Brotherhood known as the Church of Lucifer, an absurd name if ever I heard one."

"I thought all that superstition had died out, even before your time."

"There have always been evil worshippers, my dear. And there always will be. There is a thread of Satanism in every other aristocratic family in this fair isle. Including Lord Buckley's. I actually knew his...grandfather I presume, back in '85. How strange it is that the current Lord Buckley is now older than I. I haven't been to Buckley Hall in 135 years. He's been fleeced of 30,000, and now his blackmailers demand more. Government secrets no doubt."

"Here they are now then."

Emma answered the buzz of the entrance intercom and inside of five minutes there stood a tall female with loose fair locks and dressed in a light tan trench coat. Over her shoulder was a sad looking fellow in a blue suit.
As Emma welcomed them in, Scarlett immediately went to the male and shook his hand.

"Good day to you, Inspector."

"Sorry to disappoint, but he's not Lester. I am. Miss Adele Lester, at your service."

"A female Inspector. Whatever next."

Holmes nodded in apology, having never known the like, and stepped back as Adele shed her coat.

Standing at a height of almost six feet in her knee high black boots, the blue eyed blonde easily towered over the rest. Beneath her coat she wore a formal dark suit consisting of a two button jacket and a daringly short skirt.

The top of her jacket, although done up, was open from just below her magnificent 34DD cup breasts to display acres of bared boob.
Her hips rode from side to side as she entered and planted her curvy backside into a chair and crossed her shapely pins.

"So, you are the famous Scarlett Holmes. I was expecting a more mousey type."

"So we are both surprised then. Let us cut to the chase. Your Lordship?"

"I have been a fool, Miss Holmes. And my sorry and debauched nature has become my abject misery."

"Tell all."

"I first discovered the brotherhood through a colleague in the House of Lords. They go by the Church of Lucifer."

"The aristocratic House of Lords. Naturally."

Scarlett gave Emma a sideways glance and winked.

"Please, do go on."

"I was told that the brotherhood engaged in regular orgies to appease the Dark One, and that the sex was hotter than any he had ever had before. At first I was reluctant to join, although all the members had a liberal view in politics. After all they were a devil worshipping cult. But the average age of the willing females was apparently between the ages of 20 to 35, and as I am a widower of 50 the the urge of free sex was pulling me in."

"And then came the hook and line."

"Quite. I was informed that my initiation orgy had been filmed and that unless I handed over the sum of 10,000, the film would be delivered to every newspaper in the country. Even in these current relaxed times there would be scandal. I readily agreed to the blackmailers and was instructed to attend the very next orgy. I knew full well that there would be no end to their demands, and sure enough I was again coerced into handing over 20,000."

Buckley took a gulp from a glass of water as Lester took up the story.

"Now things have escalated. The chapter are demanding that His Lordship pass over state secrets, secrets that he is in possession of in his role of making and shaping the laws of government. At a loss as to what to do next, he made the wise choice of contacting the police."

"What do you suggest then? Arrest the entire chapter?"

"Without any evidence whatsoever, and only Lord Buckley's word against theirs, no. I propose that we catch them all in the act as it were. The next orgy is planned on the ancient Wiccan festival of Beltane on May 1st. It's understood that a big sexual ritual is traditional with this date, as well as blood sacrifices."

"How are you planning to catch them in the act, as you say?"

Scarlett and Adele looked at Emma who asked the question.

"By going undercover. Myself included. His Lordship has the task of providing the location this time around and has to provide five women willing to take part in the group sex. There will be thirteen members of the chapter, including the High Priest and his mate present. Through an escort agency, Lord Buckley has booked two former glamour models, so we just need two more females."

"Then look no further. Young Emma and I shall be only too happy to assist."

"Precisely the reason we came here today." Said a relieved Inspector Lester.

Emma did a double take and stood up with eyes blazing.

"Bloody hell, Holmes! You could at least ask first."

"Does that mean you won't do it? Your country needs you."

Emma scuffed her foot and huffed.


end of part one. In part two, the big orgy.

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Re: The New Adventures of Scarlett Holmes
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Chapter Four, part two. Scarlett, Emma and the Devil Worshippers!

Alongside Scarlett and Emma are, Adele Stephens, Lucy Pinder, and Rhian Sugden.


The modern world still enthralled Scarlett Holmes, who had been wrenched from the year 1891 to 2019. This world was a considerable mishmash of high rise buildings made of concrete and steel. The use of petrol, natural gas and electricity powered such things as aircraft, motor cars and extremely fast railway trains. But despite all the seemingly magical achievements, the greatest and most welcome wonderment of all was the sexual liberation for all. For Scarlett, a self confessed woman with excessive, and almost uncontrollable sexual desires, this was heaven on earth.

"Here we are, Buckley Hall."

Emma, not one of the best drivers admittedly, did an exaggerated sweep of the gravel drive and then slammed on the breaks of her fire truck red mini hatch. She turned off the ignition and windscreen wipers and heard a soft sort of whimpering to her left.

"Holmes! What ARE you doing?"

Scarlett was cowering under the front passenger seat wide eyed and ashen faced.

"I have never been driven so fast in all my life!"

"I was only doing seventy. I was cruising. Oh, look there are the others."

Buckley Hall. A centuries old stately home in Hertfordshire was a listed building with a chequered past. Rumours of the 3rd Earl being brutally murdered during a Satanic ritual gone wrong had hung over the generations of the Buckley family ever since.
Standing by the front entrance were a small group consisting of Lord Buckley, Inspector Lester, and two astonishingly attractive females. One brunette and one blonde. Emma hopped out of the car under an umbrella, followed by a groggy looking Scarlett.
The weather had turned inclement during the drive up from London, and the evening sky rumbled from the rolling thunder.

"Lord Buckley, Inspector."

"Ladies. Let's get inside quickly."

His Lordship herded all the ladies inside where they shook off the rain in the hallway.

"Our illustrious guests not here yet?" Asked Holmes as she gathered her wits from the manic drive on the M25 motorway.

"Soon enough, Holmes. Let me introduce you to my female escorts. I hired them from Lady Sonia's Glamour Girl Services. Lucy Pinder, and Rhian Sugden."

Both models were curvy and incredibly attractive. They had dressed alike in mid length evening dresses with such low cut necklines that their ample bosoms threatened to spill out at any given moment.

"Evening. Nice weather for ducks."

Rhian seemed a bubbly sort with big brown eyes and side swept blonde locks, and with a smooth white dress.

"So you're the famous detective. Do you really believe in all this hocus-pocus then?"

In contrast, Lucy spoke in more of a classier accent than her blonde counterpart. The top heavy brunette had a full and lush mane of chestnut tresses, and a equally impressive 32GG sized bust.

"I take it all with a huge grain of salt." Answered Scarlett in a forthright manner. "These underground Sabbat meetings tend to be all about sex."

"Suits me and Lucy. We fuck for money."

"You never know, Scarlett." Piped Emma.

"Ever the romantic, eh Watson."

"Are you really Emma Watson? You're all grown up now."

"Well. I AM thirty. And you never saw me here, right?"

"Come on, ladies. I'll show where you can change."

Lord Buckley led them all to a back room which had a long dressing table, wall length mirror, and modest bathroom.

"You will all have to wear these cloaks with the hood up until told otherwise by the High Priest. And nothing is to be worn under it. Show them Inspector."

Adele Lester had already stripped off and the astonishingly slim blonde with the gravity defying 34DD boobs stood naked and proud.
Buckley helped her adorn a heavy worsted green cloak that met the floor.
The inside had a comfortable velvet lining, and the hood had two tassles.

"Come on then. Get naked. And lube up. It night be a long night."

The Inspector pointed to an array of lubrication tubes and a wall clock which showed eleven. Sixty minutes to go until witching hour.
Lucy and Rhian were no strangers to nudity and were naked in a trice.
Emma was acutely aware of Scarlett staring at her as she got out of her top and skirt.
Holmes had admitted to her that her great-grandmother, Doctor Emma Watson, and she had been lovers, and that the two Emma's could have passed for identical twins.
She wondered if the famed detective had designs on her this night.

"You are a delight for the eyes, dear Emma."

"Thanks, I think."

Emma was attractive in an understated way, petite and slim, with perky breasts and a pert bottom. The gentle swell of her abdomen led the eye to her trim V of pubic hair that failed to conceal the soft pink folds of her delectable pussy.
Scarlett was of a more bodacious type, wide of hip, round and full buttocks, and huge and spectacular boobs.

"We go down."

His Lordship was followed by the cloaked team down ancient steps to what appeared to be a defunct wine cellar. Buckley had attempted to restore the subterranean chamber into a relatively tolerable state and keeping the original brick work.
Scarlett noted the inverted pentagram on the wall behind the raised platform at one end of the candle lit room. Black candles to be more precise.

"So, the idea is to let proceedings play out until His Lordship is compelled to cough up the documents. That is when I give my officers the signal to break up the orgy and arrest the accused."

Adele outlined her plan to the others as they huddled together.

"Just how far into 'proceedings' do you think we will need to wait?" Asked a nervous Emma.

"Until I say is necessary. Now, we wait."


By fifteen minutes to midnight, the rest of the chapter had gathered in the cellar, making an unholy thirteen all told.
The general hubbub of voices signaled their arrival to the cloaked females who waited in a line patiently.
Lord Buckley mingled with the brotherhood and welcomed them all one by one.

"Drink this, Lord Buckley."

Sister Sek sidled up beside him and handed His Lordship a glass of amber liquid.

"I really don't think I should."

"You must if you wish to keep pace with the young nubiles. This special blend will keep you hard for hours."

Buckley downed the glass and instantly felt a certain tingling.

"I must say that I do feel, feel."



"Good. We are all here to share those things so many of us yearn to share, and yet dare not."

Buckley wondered if Sek referred to the sex orgy or the expected hand over of state secrets by himself.

"Relax, my Lord. When convention is rejected, all that is desired is pleasure. Pleasure of the flesh. Is that not what you wanted when you joined the brotherhood?"


"And have we not provided?"

"It's all been terribly stimulating."

"Tonight is your night, my Lord. Even the weather is in your favour."

A flash of lightning lit the candle lit chamber and as Buckley turned back to Sek, she was gone.

"Welcome to the High Priest!"

All eyes went to the raised platform where the ominous figure of a bulky man wearing an ornate golden mask with seven horns stood with a long staff in his fist.

"I, Mephisto, am the all hearing eye of the Great One Himself. Tonight, on this hallowed night, we are gathered together for the furtherance of His will."

"All bow to Mephisto." Sister Sek held up her hands and the congregation all bowed deeply.

"We thirteen are gathered to celebrate the induction of His Lordship to the next level. In accordance with our tradition, we shall partake of the traditional orgy. Are we in agreement?"

"All bow to Mephisto." Demanded Sek once more.

"Come forward."

Buckley meekly approached the platform and looked up at the High Priest.

"State your name."

"Lord Henry..."

"Your brotherhood name."

"Right. I am brother Ram."

"Brother Ram, I bid you welcome. We are heartily glad that you have chosen the dark way to the furtherance of His wishes and cause. I shall indoctrinate you to the second level once we have offered our bodies and indulged in carnal knowledge. Who have you seen fit to bring to us this evening?"

"I have brought these five women tonight."

Sek clapped her hands and Scarlett's little troop all shook off their heavy robes to reveal their naked bodies beneath.

"We have Sister Scarlett, Sister Emma, Sister Lucy, Sister Rhian, and Sister Adele."

Mephisto and the other males looked on at the five bared ladies directly in front of the platform with approval.

"You have chosen well, brother Ram. Most agreeable. Sex magic is the source of succour in our earthly existences. Let us start with the sisters performing for the brothers. Lucifer, Prince of Darkness! Accept this humble gathering of unrestrained indulgence as a token of our loyalty to thee. Begin the ceremonial rite of orgy!"

Lucy, Rhian and Adele reacted immediately, with the stacked brunette finding herself as the filling in a sexy blonde sandwich.
With Rhian behind her, and Adele at her front they writhed and gyrated together, rubbing their voluptuous bodies against each other.

Emma stood in the buff, aware of the six male onlookers who had all discarded their hooded cloaks.
Despite her misgivings the brown haired beauty was absolutely captivated by the sight of three naked and heaving females glued together in abject lust.

"We must engage, dear Emma, lest we draw attention to ourselves."

"Right. Oh!"

Scarlett faced Emma and pulled her lithe body to her own. Emma gasped at the buxom contours of the golden blonde as she rubbed up against her. Scarlett's darting tongue snaked inside Emma's mouth as they engaged in a lingering French kiss.
Searching hands ran all over her back and bottom and she felt her nether cheeks pulled apart for a lewd display for the rapt audience.

"Splendid fun!" Announced Mephisto and his mate as they tore off their own robes.

Rhian was on her back on a specially placed Moroccan woven rug which had ornate demonic motifs and other alike intricate patterns. Lucy knelt between her spread out legs and was eagerly licking all around her shaven muff.
Behind her was Adele, who had her cute nose buried in Lucy's backside and was pushing her tongue deep inside her pussy.

Emma stood there in a mixture of awe and heightened excitement and felt her own pussy nicely moist and warm.
Her nipples stood out like tiny buds and Scarlett flicked out at the erect peaks with great enthusiasm.
Used to a man sucking on her nipples, Emma did enjoy how Scarlett teased and nibbled on her very sensitive buds.

"Touch me, Watson." Said Holmes in her soft and husky voice.

Emma gulped hard and fondled Scarlett's tits, surprised at how full and firm they were.
Their mouths met again and their tongues mingled with each other.
Emma's body felt wonderful in Scarlett's arms as they pressed together tightly. Her medium but firm breasts rubbed on hers and the nipples felt pleasantly stiff against her skin.
Scarlett moved her fingers down to between Emma's legs and lightly caressed her damp quim.
The lightweight actress went up on top toe as Scarlett used two fingers to probe inside her aching cunt.

"My word. You're so juicy down there. Does it feel nice?"

"Ummm! Ohhh!"

Emma gripped Scarlett by her shoulders for balance as she was frigged hard and fast. She bit her lower lip as she rode the expert finger fuck from her great-grandmother's lover!
From her point of view, Emma was indeed enjoying her very first exposure to another female.
Following her natural instincts Emma humped her hips and gyrated on the ever frantic thrusting fingers, while Scarlett used the heel of her hand to knead her erect clit.


Scarlett had dropped to her knees so that her face was level with Emma's mound.
Emma covered her mouth to stifle a scream as Adele came up behind her and parted her soft labia to allow easy access for Scarlett to lick her most sensitive area.
Adele also dipped down so that both bountiful blonde's now slathered at Emma simultaneously.
Near to fainting Emma struggled to stand up as two tongues slipped and slid in and out of her hot snatch.


Adele's fingernails dug into Emma's pert bum as she furiously licked her pussy from anus to clit. Scarlett meanwhile had her pointed tongue buried inside Emma's twat as far as she was able to.
Warm tingles of ecstasy spread through Emma's loins quicker than one could say 'the game was afoot.'
Emma came on the spot and with her hair disheveled and a huge grin on her face she plopped down onto the rug and sat there with her thighs clamped shut.

"Your turn, Scarlett. Let's show 'em what you're made of."

"Delighted, ladies."

Eager to taste the the others, Scarlett laid on the ornate rug and splayed her legs.
Adele grabbed hold of her thighs and started to lick and suck on her delicious pussy.
Lucy joined in and now two wet tongues slid up and down and across her damp slit.

Scarlett felt a welcome pair of hands on her heaving bosom and out of the corner of her eye saw the top heavy Rhian lean over her. Instantly turned on, Scarlett pushed her lower body up to meet the exciting oral assault from the others.
The transfixed men wanked their erections furiously as they looked on at the flaying mass of bared limbs, hair and hot bodies.

"She's so wet." Noted Lucy with her chin coated with Scarlett's pussy juice.

Before she could respond Rhian had placed her bald cunt directly over her face and without hesitation, Scarlett pushed her tongue up as deep inside the offered muff as she was able to. Rhian shunted her pelvis back and forth, smearing Scarlett's lips and nose with her increasing wetness.

As Lucy and Adele were totally absorbed in pleasuring the famed detective, it came as a pleasant surprise when Emma Watson began to blow hot air on their raised backsides.
One by one, beginning with Lucy, Emma licked out both of them with noisy relish.
Having savoured the female touch, the charming English rose slathered on Lucy's outer folds with a lustful impulse.

"Oh, crikey!"

Lucy mumbled into Scarlett's soaked bush as Emma delved inside her cunt, pushing the tip of her tongue as far in as she possibly could.
Then Emma again turned to Inspector Lester whose knees started to buckle as her quim was fingered by the enthusiastic Emma.

"Feel free to partake whenever you so wish. my brothers."

High Priest Mephisto announced the next stage of the big orgy and in a trice Scarlett had a thick cock pushed between her red lips. The swiftness of the intrusion saw her left cheek bulge out as she endeavoured to take it all in. She could taste the saltiness of him as his rod scraped the length of her tongue.

"Bend, blondie."

Adele was bent over onto her front and her buttocks parted so that her swollen labia were openly revealed.
A stiff dick was thrust up inside her and her hips were pulled up as she was ruthlessly impaled on the man's iron hard tool.


Emma's head was spinning as she was positioned on her hands and knees and mounted from behind.

"Oh my days!"

Her waist was held in a firm grip as she was stuffed full by a hot cock. His strokes were fast and true as she was fucked silly.
The squelching noise of him pushing in and out was clearly audible as Emma fought to stay concentrated.

Then her mouth was forced open and a rigid dick inserted between her drooling lips.
Emma was astounded as both men matched each other thrust for thrust, making the slender actress gag and groan from the two pronged attack.


Emma had tears in her eyes as the knob in her mouth throbbed at the back of her throat.
Her mouth gaped as he pulled out and left a string of saliva connecting to his bell end, only breaking when he shifted to her rear.
The two switched and the cock that was in her cunt was pressed to her lips.
She sucked him in and bobbed her head up and down on the purple head that shot up to the roof of her mouth.
Behind her was an unseen male who dragged his erection along her dripping slit before entering her with a single lunge in.

"Darling Emma, oh my!"

Scarlett's heart raced as she watched her beloved on all fours with her almost innocent face buried in a man's crotch and with his stuffed down her throat.
From her vantage point the blonde detective looked on as another thrust in and out of her from behind. His big balls swung to and fro as he pounded the petite girl with rippling buttocks.
With each rough push in Emma was slammed forwards, so that the cock in her drooling mouth bumped the back of her throat.

"You're not fucking." Said a member of the chapter. Another stood next to him and both sported a raging hard on.

"Then lets get to it."


"You're a big boy, aren't you?"

Lucy and Rhian were having a ball, oblivious of any ominous undue unpleasantness, and had teamed up to take on a black skinned brother whose ebony pole poked up straight to the ceiling.
He looked younger than the rest and stood at a healthy six feet two.
The two models looked at each other as they pawed at his thick cock which must have been all of eight inches long and more.

"Go for it," he said in a deep voice.

The two babes both knelt down and took turns massaging his sturdy rod. Licking up the heavily veined shaft as he groaned wordlessly. Lucy especially, inhaled deeply of his manly scent and her pussy leaked down her thigh as a direct result of running her tongue up his entire length.
Rhian took his glans into her mouth as Lucy nibbled and sucked on his balls.
At opposite sides they giggled as they pressed their open mouths on either side of his upright pole and sandwiched it between their fervid lips and tongues.

"Get down."

Lucy was directed onto the rug and she yelped as her legs were pulled back and up.
The black bull spat on her pussy and ran his cock head all over her pink labia.
She shot a look at Rhian. A look that said I can't believe his massive nine incher is going to fit.
He bent over the hot brunette and kissed her huge globes of flesh.
Lucy squirmed and gasped as he took her.

"Oh, baby."

Rhian was enthralled as he eased his long organ deeper inside her best friends weeping cunt. First the enormous head, then inch by inch of black meat.
Lucy let out a moan of pleasure as he drove into her with the entire length of his ebony monster.
She hooked her ankles around his back and sobbed in pure bliss as she received a series of steady, hard thrusts.
His pelvis drew back with every pull out before he slammed back into the stacked model full pelt.

"So big, so big, so big!"

Lucy was further teased as the muscled hunk slowed up, slowly drawing back until he was almost out, and then plunging back home and pausing with his whole shaft buried in her stretched pussy.
Her juices soaked his dark and wiry pubes as he drove her nuts.
Lucy's mouth gaped in a silent scream as he churned and rotated his hips as he fed her his length.
His skin was so dark compared to hers as he smothered her curvy body and surged forward.

"Making me...making me...cummmm!"

The smoking hot model thrust up into his superb pumping body and her pussy made rippling spasms that saw a moist sheen bloom on her entire body.

"Me now, me, me, me!"

Rhian tapped the African on the shoulder and he turned to the brown eyed blonde and looked at her amazing natural breasts with heavy lidded eyes.
Next thing she knew was being hoisted into the air as of she weighed nothing and twisted around so that she faced away from him with her backside in his groin.
Rhian stretched her arms back and held on to him for fear of falling, and hooked her feet back onto his taut buttocks.
His big black cock felt like a bar of steel against her cheeks as he eased her into position.

"You ready?"

"Uh, huh!"

His swollen crown prodded her pussy opening and parted her damp folds without any resistance.


He held her up in his strong grip and jiggled her pale frame on his bell end.

"Please!" Begged the top heavy blonde, desperate to be impaled.

With an almost savage thrust he drew her back onto half of his shining log, just for a moment, and slid out again.

"Please! You bastard! Please?"

A sublime tremor ran through Rhian as she was again pulled back onto his rock hard erection.
The feeling of weightlessness was indescribable as Rhian was fucked in a flying angel position.
Her massive tits swung wildly as she was slid up and down on the man's rigid dick.
She screamed as she was pumped with astonishing speed over and over.
The intense exertion of being manhandled in this way wracked her body with a pleasure she had not known.

"Oh, shit!"

Rhian came and her face flushed as she hung limp in his grip.
He slowed up and then stopped with his throbbing organ still stuffed inside her pussy.

"I nearly came that time," he said with a sardonic grin as he lifted her up and off of his twitching erection.


Scarlett was hunched over a brother who was beneath her and thrusting up into her asshole.
His thick cock had opened up her tightly closed anus and then had slipped up inside her rear hole with surprising ease.
Her head was tilted up so that another fed her his turgid cock. His balls tapped her chin as he slid in and out. Copious amounts of saliva dribbled out of her mouth and down her deep cleavage.

Still another rampant Satanic follower shoved his hard dick into her cunt so that she was now effectively air tight. One cock for each of her holes. Mouth, pussy and asshole.
And Scarlett loved it.

"What a slut!"

The combined friction in her cunt and ass was almost too much. Mini orgasms pulsed through her pussy walls as they moved simultaneously. Three pairs of hands groped her heavy tits while they continued to fuck her senseless, and her nipples stuck straight out like two bullets.

The man in her pussy thrust up into her soaked cunt and his stomach slapped against hers with a resounding smack.
The one in her back passage gripped her hard as he throbbed inside and came with a shrill exhalation of air.
He remained buried inside her until he was spent, and as he pulled out his cum trickled out in a hot line down her ass cleavage.
Pussy man erupted inside her and he too continued to keep fucking her until his balls had emptied.

"Oh, he left."

The cock in her mouth had vanished, only to re-emerge between the titanic pillows of Adele's bosom. He was joined by another lucky guy who pushed his dick up beside the other for a unique double tit job.
As one moved up, so the other slid down in an obscene toing and froing in her deep homemade furrow.

Adele deftly moved her pouting lips from left to right and back again to kiss their constantly darting cock heads.
The sound of heavy slapping of her voluptuous boobs on their rigid poles echoed in the candle lit cellar.


Several streams of white cum flew out and hit Adele in her slick cleavage and on her nipples. Even before the first had stopped ejaculating she was rubbing the sticky stuff into the ample flesh of her huge tits slowly and sensually.
The other sighed as he too exploded and bathed the long haired blonde's jumbo sized tits in a river of white cum.


Three hours had passed and Emma found herself in front of the biggest and most endowed black man she had ever seen in the buff.
Before she could gather her wits she was made to tumble back onto the Moroccan woven rug onto her butt.
The rabid African settled on top of the diminutive actress and his full lips was on her left breast in a shot.


He seemed to literally suck her stiff nipple out of her tit and into his mouth where his tongue swirled around it with sloppy and warm suction,
His midnight hued skin felt hot on her naked frame, and she hooked her slim legs around his taut calves as she hugged him to her.
His long shaft pulsated in her belly and Emma jerked her hips, coaxing him to enter her.
The orgy had been an eye opener for the usually demure female, and she had transformed into a cock crazed witch.

"Fuck me." She asked in hushed tones, still not believing she actually spoke the words to her first black lover.

His hands moved under her and he lifted her to the desired angle for penetration.
The weight of him and position of her beneath him saw his cock meet her wet slit perfectly.
He arched into her and he speared her pussy with a push and a snarl.

"Too...too much!"

Emma could scarcely breathe as he settled on his elbows with his dick fully embedded in her tight cunt.
He slid back and his thick black knob bobbed and swerved above her gaping muff.

"Alright, again." Said she as she braced herself.

Emma looked into his large eyes with an almost decadent gleam as he flexed his legs and slid into her halfway.
He kissed both of her tits and she inhaled his musky scent. A smell of primal and unprincipled sex.

His entire body was straining with the exertion of his breathtaking and fluid strokes
Emma had her pins bent in half at the knees and raised up so that her feet bumped her ears.

"Hu, hu, hu, hu, hu!"

She let out tiny noises on each thrust up into her as her swollen pussy was plundered with a merciless authority.
Emma raked his broad back from shoulders to his hips as he held her under him. Unable to move an inch, Emma was totally possessed, fucked with fast and powerful thrusts that dragged her inner folds out along the stiff shaft of his ebony cock.

"Yes, yes, yes!"

After five minutes of this the petite beauty had cum twice, and her juiced up muff, along with her well earned sweat, leaked down the upturned crack of her pert bottom.
Africa pulled out his swollen black rod and erupted in Emma's pretty face, leaving a cascade of sperm on her from forehead to neck.

"He's still fucking hard!" Thought Emma as he took his leave.

Around her the orgy continued and Emma wondered how much time had passed.


"No, no, no. For the last time no. You shall not hold me to ransom a minute longer."

The naked and flabby Sister Sek stopped riding Lord Buckley's dick and reluctantly climbed off.

"You will regret this, Buckley."

She stood up and looked at the watching Mephisto and made a slashing motion at her throat.

"Enough, my brothers of darkness. The dawn approaches with a fierce haste. We have been spurned by brother Ram on this most hallow of all occasions, thus must we prepare for the sacrifice."

The orgy, which had been gradually petering out ground to a halt, and Emma and Scarlett huddled together, their exhausted bodies glistening in the light of the candles.

"Holmes? Sacrifice?"

"Yes. It seems our little group of Satanic perverts mean business."

"And the brotherhood find this normal?"

"In order to maintain our sexual vitality, and to admonish our latest failed inductee, we must sacrifice one of the female sinners in our midst."

"Take the mousey one, High Priest," urged Sister Sek pointing at Emma."

"Take her, take her, take her."

An eerie chant began to rise from a low rumble to a full and loud hollering as Emma was unceremoniously lifted up by four of the males and raised up high in the air.


"Inspector, now is the time for back up."

"Agreed." Said Adele as she pressed on her right ear and spoke into her two way radio earpiece.

As Mephisto brandished a six inch knife with a serrated edge, Emma struggled in vain.
Adele and Scarlett began to lay into the naked throng of crazed men, kicking them in the balls and throwing punches the full impact.

"Stay where you are! This is the police!"

Six armed officers of the law burst into the chamber and the entire chapter of devil worshippers surrendered without fuss.

"Holmes! It was horrible! I could see the knife and everything."

Scarlett hugged the trembling Emma and calmed her.

"Everything is fine now. We can go home."

As the women threw on their cloaks again, Adele addressed the arresting officers.

"Sergeant. Where is the one known as the High Priest?"

"Looks like he took advantage of the panic and got away."

"The bastard!"

As everyone took the stairs up from the ancient cellar a distant but distinct cackling was fancied to be heard by Scarlett and Emma as the thunder also receded into the distance.

end of part four. Next, the Five Orange Lips.


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Re: The New Adventures of Scarlett Holmes
« Reply #6 on: November 18, 2020, 12:40:38 PM »
Chapter Five. The Five Orange Lips. With Lucy Pinder, Ana Foxxx, and Susy Gala.

Note- Loosely based on Conan Doyle's 'Five Orange Pips.'


Chapter Five, part one of The Five Orange Lips.


The wind howled around the tall apartment block that was Harbour Way, and as the night drew in rapidly, the storm grew wilder and louder and the rain lashed the windows with a savage ferocity.

Emma Watson's stylish flat was on the twenty fifth floor of the serviced building by the River Thames, and it was her pride and joy.
The main room had a contemporary look with hardwood floors, underfloor heating, air conditioning. There was a fully equipped kitchen, and three large bedrooms.

Having lived by herself since moving here, Emma had of late given up one of her bedrooms to that unique of females, Scarlett Holmes. By some odd peculiarity, or maybe a curious abnormality in the universe, the famed private detective of the 19th century had been transported to the year of 2019.

Scarlett's good fortune was to run into Emma, the great grand-daughter of her once closest confidante and lover, Doctor Watson.
Emma looked up from reading a newly delivered film script and saw Scarlett sitting by herself in a mood. It had been a quiet week for both, and boredom inevitably set in.

Both started at the buzz of the intercom, which indicated a visitor.

"A visitor? On a night such as this? Could it be a case?"

Emma looked out of the window which ran in streams of water.

"If so, then it must be a serious one for someone to come out on a night like this."


Emma spoke into the speaker phone at the sound of a woman's voice downstairs.

"Hi, Emma? It's Lucy. Lucy Pinder."

"Open the door when I buzz."

Emma pushed on the entry button for three seconds to let the brunette glamour model in. After five minutes she knocked on the front door and Emma ushered her in.

"Scarlett. Emma."

"My dear, Lucy. Why you're soaked through. Take off that coat so we can dry you off."

Scarlett helped her off with her floor length raincoat and shook it in both hands. Lucy wore a figure hugging dress with such a small neckline as to be virtually nonexistent. The vivacious brunette exuded sex appeal as she took a seat and fluffed her dark hair.

"How are you, my dear Lucy. quite a jolly romp we had at Buckley Hall, wasn't it?"

Scarlett made reference to the recent sex orgy they had all taken part in.

"It was certainly memorable. Rhian is still having wet dreams about it."

"Emma, some tea."


As Emma raced off to the kitchen, Lucy looked into Scarlett's big green eyes and stifled a sob.

"Miss Holmes. I don't know if you can help me, but I am sure that if you can't, then no one can."

Scarlett turned an electric fire towards Lucy's chair and sat on the arm to comfort the smoking hot model.

"Here, have some tea and tell us why you have come out on this horrendous night."

Emma passed a cup to Lucy and took a seat equidistant from hers.
Once the hot liquid had warmed Lucy's throat she began to relax.

"It's my great-aunt Prudence, on my mother's side. I've hardly ever met her, but it seems she was proud of my charity work with 'Animal Rescue.' She's now died, and her solicitor has told me she has left me a very nice sum of money. To help out the poor dogs and cats. She loved animals. It's six figures."

'Result!" Said Emma cheerily.

"Yeah, nice. Trouble is, her step-son has a jealous side and thinks it should be he who gets to inherit the money and not me. Rather than leave her legacy in a bank or property where it could be easily gotten, she has hidden the endowment. In diamonds by the way, in a secret location. Prudence was quite the fan of you Scarlett, and she has set me a challenge. A challenge, that if solved, will lead me to the money. Nobody else has the clues, so this way she would have been sure it was I that found the diamonds."

Holmes patted Lucy on the shoulder and the lecherous golden blonde unashamedly leered down her low cut neck at her substantial cleavage.

"This is capital! I love a challenge such as this."

"This is what she left."

Lucy handed over a hand written note to Scarlett who held it up to the light.

"Basildon Bond writing paper in pale blue with the watermark that states established in 1911. Despite the smooth paper and line guide to ensure uniform writing, your great-aunt's hand veers to the right sharply. A left hander most like, and written in a hurry to boot. The message is cryptic, to be sure."

"What does it say,' asked an excited Emma. "Read it out aloud."

Scarlett stood up and spoke slowly for dramatic effect.

"Whose was it?

She who has gone,

Who shall have it?

She who will come.

Where was the sum?

In five orange lips.

How shall we give it?


Scarlett rubbed her chin in deep thought.

"A perplexing message to state the obvious. Have you any idea of what it means, Lucy?"

"As a matter of fact I do. There was another letter in the same envelope. It contained five names and a tiny symbol underneath. A picture of a tattoo template. A pair of pursed female orange lips."

"Curious. And the names?"

"Three women. Two men. Susy is from Barcelona and earns a living as a stripper. Grace teaches a yoga class in the City every Monday and Wednesday evening. Ana is an insurance saleswoman. The men are identical twins. Aged twenty they play rugby for the University of Cambridge."

"An intriguing collection to be sure. All known to your great-aunt no doubt?"

Lucy nodded and warmed her feet by the fire as Scarlett ruminated the facts.

"Have you figured it out, Holmes?"

"Well. She who had it is no doubt great-aunt Prudence. And she who shall have it is obviously Lucy. The clue to the location of the hidden diamonds seem likely to be secreted in these five lips. Body tattoo's? 1x1x1x1x1, or the five individual lip tattoo's, plausibly conceal the solution to the placement of the said diamonds. In order to discover the whereabouts we must endeavour to root out the five tattoo's and put all pieces of the puzzle together."

"Do you think the five will be willing to let us scrutinise their tattoo's?"

Emma looked at Scarlett and then back to Lucy.

"Hopefully willing. If not, we must do whatever is needed to study them closely."

"Anything? But they might have their ink, well, you know. In private places."

"I agree totally."

"So how do you propose to do that then?"

"Why, isn't it obvious? We shall seduce them all and fuck them."

Scarlett spread her hands in a matter of fact manner.

"You must help us out if it is convenient. If it is inconvenient, help us anyway."

"Oh, balls! Here we go again!"


"So, we are all agreed? I will deal with the yoga instructor, while Lucy and myself visit the tempting stripper later in the evening. You, my dear Emma shall pose as an actress seeking a more lucrative insurance policy with Miss Fox."

"And the twins?"

"Ah, the twins. A sporting set of robust fellows if I'm not much mistaken, and more than likely an all nighter. Yes, I think we three best team up on that score. Hah! Cambridge. I haven't been there for 140 years."

Lucy raised a quizzical brow and looked at Emma who just shrugged and looked to the ceiling.

"To work then, ladies. How exciting!"


At precisely 10 am. Emma exited Bank Underground Station and walked the short distance to Number 20, Fenchurch Street. Recently built, the 38 story office building was famously known as the 'Walkie Talkie' due to its unique resemblance to the two way radio device.
After showing one of the security guards at the front entrance her mobile phone entry code, the petite actress took the lift to the 21st floor.

"One, two, three, ah. This is it."

Emma read the name of the occupiers of door number four on the frosted window. Ana Fox, Personal Accident Insurance. This was it. According to Scarlett, this woman had one of the vital clues to the whereabouts of the hidden diamonds. Secreted in a personal tattoo no less.
She knocked on the door and went straight in.

"Miss Fox?"

Emma spoke to an ebony female standing at the window and watering a flower pot. The tall woman turned and adjusted her eye glasses to look at Emma. The actress wore a medium length coat and short skirt beneath it, and cut a rather refined figure.

"That's Mrs. Mrs. Fox."

Ana Fox was close to six feet tall in her high heels. She looked every bit the professional business woman in her plain white blouse and pin stripe mini skirt. The black haired beauty had a slim, athletic figure with perky C cup breasts and long legs.

"I do apologise."

"No need. Take a seat, Miss Watson?"

"Right. I'm here about getting some extra accident and injury coverage."

"Yeah, Miss Emma Watson. The film star."

Emma smiled demurely and picked up an American accent.

"Correct. I'm to be in the new Batman movie next year, and have been insured by the producers up to eight million. It's going to be a very physical shoot and I would like a quote on broken bones and hospitalisation protection."

"Batman, how exciting. I hear the new Catwoman is to be Zoe Kravitz. She has a nice ass."

"Oh, yes. I suppose."

"Well, I have to tell you that it won't come cheap. But our experts promise you peace of mind and complete trust. It's my job to maximise profitability and ensure our customers a satisfied consultation. Coffee?"

"No thanks. So, you're an American?"

"Born in Rialto, California. Came here with my husband five, no six, years ago now."

Emma looked around the office. Nothing to write home about, simply a functional room with one big window and minimal furniture.

Despite her recent adventures with Scarlett Holmes, Emma did not consider herself to have any lesbian tendencies, although her latest experiences with other women led her to believe that she may very well be bi-sexual.

Her natural inclination was always towards men, but since encountering the incomparable private detective her life had changed in several ways.

As Ana continued with her pitch, Emma found herself looking directly into the dark skinned woman's sly looking brown eyes.

"I said, are you married?"

"Oh! No. No I'm not." This was it. "In fact I get a bit tired of men."

"Sister. I'm with you on that. I like nothing more than a girls night out once in a while. You feel me?"


"I adore my husband, Rick. But he's more interested in hanging out with his friends than he is spending time with me. I'd never cheat on him though."

Ana leaned in and whispered.

"He's hung like a stallion. The great white hope I call it."


"His dick!"

Ana got up and walked around the back of Emma's chair, and Emma felt her presence close to her right shoulder.

"Yeah. I'd never been seen dead with another man. But, a woman?"

"By the way, I forgot to mention that I was recommended to you by Lucy Pinder."

"Lucy Pinder?"

"That's right. Her great-aunt Prudence passed recently."

"Sorry to hear that. She did a lot for the sick pets. She came here when I first got started for special life insurance policy. Such a shame. You like cats?"

Go for it, girl. Remember Scarlett's coaching. She took a deep breath and spoke in a firm voice.

"Why, there's nothing I love more than a nice pussy."

Emma crossed her legs and her skirt hiked up to show considerable bare thigh. Ana squeezed her shoulder and then sat on the edge of her desk.

"Is that so? You know Lucy then?"

"Only recently. She's very nice."

Their eyes met and Emma found herself hypnotised by Ana's almost feline looking big eyes.

"Can I tell you a secret?"

Ana leaned in so that her chin actually rested on Emma's shoulder.

'What is it?"

Slightly distracted by the taller woman's creeping fingers on the back of her neck, Emma closed her eyes and strained her ears.

"I got some ink done as a thank you to Prudence Pinder. To her design in fact."

"That so?"

As Ana stroked her hair, Emma squirmed on her seat, thrilling to the other woman's touch.
Her panties felt moist under her skirt and she fancied there was a definite dampness on her downy pubic hair.

"It's in a place you wouldn't normally expect."

"Right. I never had the desire to get one myself. I hate needles."

"Listen," Ana said as she returned to sit at her desk, giving Emma the chance to open her clamped together thighs in blessed relief. "I'd like to invite you back to my place for a drink. I never meet celebrities all that much. I like to keep an informal way of working."

"Yes, I'd like that."

Emma accepted without question. This would provide the chance to study the sought after tattoo.

"Terrific. Here's my address. See you about eight?"


Emma had dressed carefully in a loose top and a very short and tight black skirt and wore four inch black stilettos.

Although Ana might be hooked in, it was essential that Emma now reel her in by appearing to be a common whore. Her nails were painted in a striking shade of crimson, and her hung loose about her shoulders. With a smoldering dark eye shadow, the cutie pie had been transformed far more severely than she dared.

"Well, don't you scrub up well!"

Ana opened the front door of her semi-detached house in South London and looked Emma up and down with admiration.
Likewise Ana looked breathtaking in an elegant and racy evening dress with a plunging neckline.

"Don't stand on ceremony. Get your ass inside."

Emma smiled and tottered in on trembling legs into what was a modern looking living room. Her high heels cracked noisily on the hard wood floor as she took a seat on the large three seater sofa.

"White wine?"


Ana poured a glass of Chardonnay from a half empty bottle and handed it to Emma. Even her movements had a cat like quality as their hands brushed and the actress felt her nipples stiffen beneath the soft fabric of her top. Ana exuded an air of confidence that came with her gorgeous looks.

"I like you, Emma. A lot." Said Ana as she sat knee to knee next to her.

"I like you too."

The wine tasted good and had the effect of loosening Emma from any apprehensions of what was to come.
She was conscious of Ana's perfume as they got closer, and the delicate scent relaxed her even more.

"What is that?"

"Yves Saint Laurent. Black Opium, what else?"

Emma took a big gulp of wine and felt her heart hammer in her chest as the deep ebony skinned female ran her fingernails leisurely up her right thigh.
A rush of blood went in two different and distinct places as the predatory Ana slowly lifted the hem of Emma's skirt. First to her cheeks, and secondly to her loins. They kissed and Emma opened her legs quite instinctively as Ana moved her right hand between her splayed thighs.

"Mmm!" Moaned Ana into Emma's mouth. "You're not wearing panties, you little minx!"

Emma groaned an affirmative as her bared pussy was cupped and stroked lightly.

"No sense wasting precious time, is there? Oh!"

Ana breathed on Emma's neck as she purposefully fingered Emma's bald muff, especially shaved for this purpose.
With her skirt hiked up to her navel, Emma slipped the flimsy top from her shoulders and exposed her pert boobs.

Both purred as Ana trailed her long nails across Emma's breasts and flicked at the hard nipples. Emma felt an acute tingling as she reacted to the gossamer touch on her sensitive tits, and rubbed her thighs together to savour the lovely warmth down there. Ana then clamped her fulsome lips on her left nipple and sucked it into her mouth with an audible slurp.

"Oh, my!"

Emma's back stiffened as her half naked form reacted to the cool air of the air conditioning, and her silky smooth snatch glistened with her love juices.

Ana lifted her own gown and straddled the pocket sized beauty and proceeded to drag her twat along Emma's mound.
They both moaned in tandem as Ana expertly gyrated on the other whilst nibbling on Emma's stark and very erect nubs.

"Fuck! You're so fucking cute! I must have you. Let's go to the bedroom."

Emma was dragged up by both hands and in the process her top fell away and she wriggled out of her tight skirt.
At five four in bare feet, the heels gave her a little extra in height.
The charming doll had medium sized breasts, a flat stomach, and a cute ass.


Ana slipped her dress from her right shoulder and the expensive gown slithered down her exquisite body to the white carpet.
In a state of total nudity, Ana was extremely slender and willowy. A tall, all natural fox with exotic curves and bubble butt.

Her cunt had been severely trimmed back. So much that her pubes appeared to be transparent. And she had that enviable erotic hollow cavity just below her mound, and between her inner thighs.

Above all this was her flawless skin. A rich chocolate brown, free of blemishes. And tattoos. Where were the orange lips? Was this really the person they were interested in?

"In there."

It was an untidy room with a double bed, a bedside table, and one wardrobe. Ana picked up a few discarded pants and socks and threw them in a heap, as Emma scrutinised her naked form. No ink anywhere.

"Men! SO messy!"

Ana flopped onto the bed and flung her arms open in invitation for Emma to join her.
Emma fell on top of her and their hot bodies writhed in each others arms.
Both pushed at the other with their lower bodies, Emma pressing her mound down on Ana who pumped right back at her.

Their mouths met and their tongues intermingled as they dry humped each other. Ana grabbed onto Emma's cheeks and used her to bang into her moistening muff.


Ana spun the pair of them so that it was she on top of Emma.
The ebony goddess slithered down Emma's front, leaving a vertical smear of saliva all the way to her mons.

"I've wanted to do this since I first laid eyes on you."

Emma sighed and spread her legs out wide as Ana played with the soft curls of her pubes. Her clitoris peeped out from it's tiny cover and Ana flicked out her tongue at it.

Two fingers parted her outer lips and delved inside her ever increasing wetness. As she was soundly frigged a darting tongue brushed her clit from side to side. Emma cooed and wrapped her slim pins around Ana's upper back and rotated her hips as her pussy was eaten out.


Her bud was teased beyond her wildest dreams and intense pulses rushed through her nether regions.
In a haze of lust, Emma tried to focus on the task at hand. Where was this elusive tattoo?

"Can you do 69?"

"Yes," replied Emma with a certain confusion. Could she?

Emma took a long and lingering look at Ana's bubble butt. No tattoo could be seen on the perfectly rounded buttocks.
Ana then straddled her and Emma stared up at the pink lined cunt of the black beauty.

As her own pussy was enthusiastically lapped on, she began to lick Ana's smooth labia, making clockwise circular motions all around.
Emma hummed blissfully as her pussy was probed and sucked with relish by the quivering Ana.

"Yeah, keep doing that, honey. Lick that fucking pussy!"

Emma buried her face in Ana's cunt and used her pointed tongue to thrust up inside the juiced up slit. She moved her head back and forth and gripped the firm ass cheeks in her trembling fingers.

Close to orgasm, Emma blinked away tears as she suddenly focused on a curious thing. Just between her anus and vaginal opening, on the tiny strip of flesh known as the perineum, was the tattoo.

A tiny pair of Mick Jagger type lips with a letter inked in the parted mouth.

"The letter K."

"Is that the door?"

Emma looked past Ana's bobbing backside as suddenly, and without prior knowledge, Ana's husband entered the bedroom.

"Shit! Rick! You're back early." Cried Ana looking up with a frosted chin.

Standing in the open doorway was a surprisingly good looking man in casual attire. He looked to be about forty with short hair and with a lean body.

"Who the fuck is this? This is the third time in as many months you've brought a woman back here!"

"Are you fucking complaining? Don't you get to fuck them too?"

"Maybe I should get going."

Rick stared at Emma with blue piercing eyes that seemed to look right through her. She saw Ana wink at her husband and realised this had been set up beforehand.

Well, one thing was certain. Emma was too far gone to turn off.

"You're going nowhere, lady."

She watched Rick strip off and reveal his imposing tight muscles and fat free upper body. He exuded a raw masculinity and it came as no shock as to why Ana never cheated on him with other men. There was simply no need. His erect cock looked to be eight inches in length, incredibly thick, and with a flared glans that already shone with his pre-cum.

"I'm going to show you two sluts what a man is for."

"Please do, why don't you. Man!"

Rick responded by ramming his dick down Ana's throat who gagged loudly as she engulfed his entire big shaft.
Emma looked on wide eyed as Ana gripped his hips and nodded her head back and forth on his rigid log.
His dick pulsed in her mouth and her saliva ran out and down her chin in a slow moving trickle.

"You getting an eyeful? Take notes because you're next."

Emma shrank back on the bed as Rick left Ana coughing and bent over her.
His blue eyes drilled into hers as he slapped his dick on her cheek a few times before sliding it into her willing mouth.

With his knees pressed into the bed on either side of her trim body he pushed forward with his pelvis so that his bulbous cock head hit the back of her throat.


Emma resisted the urge to gag as Rick moved in and out at a steady pace.
Her lips pursed and his shaft dragged past them, wetting them until they shone in the bright light of the room.
Ana moved closer to watch as Emma was aware of her own spit dripping from the corners of her air tight mouth.


Rick pulled out and handed his sopping cock to Ana who sucked him dry.
She let go and his erect knob swayed in Emma's pretty face.
He shifted his weight and drove his hips forwards and face fucked the famed actress with swift motions.
Beneath them, Ana ran her tongue in teasing swirls from his balls to his asshole, and he growled in response.

"Now, together, you fucking dykes!"

Ana looked at Emma as they began to lick his upright pole at the same time.
Emma's pussy leaked down her left thigh as both willing vixen's made long strokes from his balls on up. sometimes in sync, sometimes alternating in opposite directions.

The wanton young actress felt dirty and depraved. And loved it! The good girl was elsewhere for the time being.
Emma moved onto her belly and took Rick's left nut into her mouth and hummed on it, sending sweet vibrations through his scrotum.
Then she inched her way up his thick hose until her lips met Ana's. They both kissed with his massive bell end trapped between their wet mouths.

"I think he's ready for a fucking now, my darling."

Ana's mouth curled into a wry smile as Rick took quickly took Emma by the waist and pulled her on top of him. She took a deep breath as she felt his stiff dick throb between her upper thighs.

The massive tip was all pushy at her entrance and her juices wetted it as she pushed down. Seeing as her pussy was slick with her aching arousal he entered her with ease.


Emma shrieked as Rick slammed up into her to the hilt.
She lurched forward into the arms of the statuesque Ana who had rammed her muff onto her husband's face.

As they both fought for balance, Emma rose up on her knees and started to ride on his hot member.
Her hips ground on him as he filled her completely, and her cunt muscles contracted in sublime spasms of pleasure as she rocked in bliss.
Ana sighed into Emma's mouth as Rick clawed at her taut ass and thrust his tongue into her hot box.

"You like his dick?"

"Uhm, uh huh!"

Despite Rick's generous girth, Emma was so turned on that she repeatedly slammed down on him so that his balls loudly smacked against her rippling ass cheeks. Her stomach undulated as her body glowed with well earned perspiration.
Rick mumbled into his wife and began to fuck Emma by lifting his butt off the bed and meeting her down strokes.

"Let's switch. I need a cock in me right now."

Emma was thrown aside like a used Kleenex as Ana sank eagerly on Rick's twitching boner. Emma watched her bounce up and down with a big grin on her face and then wriggled up and planted her snatch on his open mouth. The sensation of his tongue probing her glossy muff was sheer heaven.

She shunted to and fro, dragging her loins across his tongue which remained rigid and stiff.
In front of her, Ana fucked her man with a manic hammering that caused her clit to scrape his pubic bone over and over. Her lovers balls slapped up into her ass crack and she screamed with joy.

"Get the fuck off, slut!"

Rick shot up and shifted both naked women side by side and on all fours,
He moved up behind Emma first and gave her a resounding smack on her raised bottom. She winced and then let out a soft gasp as he plunged right into her cunt.

"You wanna fuck my wife? Do you?"

Emma stole a sideways glance at Ana as Rick pounded in and out of her.
His hips bucked over and over as he buried his rod of steel in her soaking pussy. He pulled out with an audible pop and moved to his right and mounted Ana.

"How does it look back there? Isn't he a scream?"

Rick growled and picked up speed, fucking the dusky babe like a sex starved maniac.
Hunched over her back his hips bounced of her bunched up ass and Emma could hear her pussy make that wet sound of his cock scraping her inner walls.

"You know the difference between black pussy and white pussy?" Asked a sweat soaked Rick as he spanked Ana once and plundered Emma's cunt again.

She bit her lower lip and planted her hands flat on the bed for purchase.

"N...no. I don't. don't know."

Emma croaked an answer as his firm hands stroked her flanks as he thrust back and forth.


She opened her mouth in a shape of a big O as Rick held her steady and gave her powerful strokes that took her breath away.

In. Pause. Out and in hard. Pause. He did this several times until her body shuddered in a strong orgasm.

He pushed her trembling figure aside and began to wank his shining dick over his wife's plump posterior.
Each of his earthy grunts brought forth an almighty spurt that painted her black bod white.

Ana fell flat on her front and looked up at a panting Emma.
Rick got up and presumably hit the shower.
Emma made her excuses and left, eager to give Scarlett the good news.


Of all known tattoos thought Scarlett Holmes, there were none that conveyed hidden messages quite like the simple pair of lips. In her life, the golden blonde has seen the lips express love, desire, passion, sexuality, and fear. Their meaning had different meanings simply by where they were placed. On the neck, maybe a need for attention. On the breast, meant love. On the wrist? devotion. On the buttocks? boldness and complete self confidence.

When Scarlett and Lucy Pinder watched Susy move on the stage her orange lip tattoo was clearly evident on the stripper's cheek. Lower right to be specific.

"Are you keen, Lucy?"

"Sure am. You ever been to a strip club?"

"I visited the Folies Bergere in Paris back in '86."

"1986. Right."

"Actually, it was in 18...never mind. Let's go in."

An hour earlier, at ten pm. Scarlett had joined Lucy outside what was a new strip club in Holborn. West London.
Sister Secrets was the name and was run by a female manager which surprised Scarlett.
At over 14,000 square feet the club boasted 20 VIP booths and 20 private booths. As well as 100 stunning girls at any one time.

She had reserved a side stage booth for the princely sum of ten pounds, plus a minimum requirement of a bar spend.
The entrance door was small but well lit with glaring blue and yellow piped lighting.
Inside was dark yet vibrant with the mood lightning. A well stocked cocktail bar was on one side and a low flat dance stage on the other, with a DJ booth set to the side.

Long tassles hung over it and right in the middle was a vertical dancers pole. Although it was Friday the place was only half full.
Scarlett grimaced at the RnB music that insulted her ears. She would never get used to modern music if she lived another 130 years.

"What do you want to drink?" Asked Lucy as she approached by a waiter.

No stranger to a good drink Scarlett ordered a whisky and soda.

"So this is where Susy works?"

"Yeah. Most evenings. Prudence met her when she came over from Barcelona and did some Au Pair work. Seems they both hit it off. A mutual love of all things feline."

"I see."

"This might be her now."

Settled in their booth they looked over at the stage which had mirrored floors and ceiling.
As Susy emerged from stage left several strip lights flashed alternatively in blue, red, and pink.
The tall Spanish stripper had chosen to wear a French Maid costume complete with starched white apron, always a hit with her male admirers. Her dark hair was pulled back into a braid which accentuated her exotic looking brown eyes.
Her black mini skirt matched her sleeveless black top which was already half undone to show off her deep cleavage, and her long legs were sheathed in a pair of black nylons with suspenders.

"Nice touch."

Lucy pointed out the feather duster she twirled around on its long wooden stick.
Susy had a big grin on her face as she pranced around with exaggerated high steps in her six inch heels.
She pointed to the front of the stage and blew a kiss to someone she recognised. One of her regulars?

"It's Beyonce." Said Lucy.

"A bouncy what?"

"The song, it's by Beyonce."

Scarlett shrugged and watched the routine as the sultry vixen gyrated and ground her backside against the stripper pole.
Her hefty tits were literally bulging, as if they were trying to force their way out of her tight top.
She thrashed her head and squealed as she wiggled her bottom to the audience, bending to touch her toes and revealing her skimpy underwear.
As she faced the tables at the front she pushed her big boobs together and dipped forwards at the same time to display her ample cleavage.

"I must say that she's well developed." Observed Holmes.

"Well, they're obviously fake."

"How so?"


"Good lord! Enhanced mammaries! This modern world never ceases to amaze."

Scarlett was completely unprepared and the fluid moves and dry humping of Susy had her becoming moist between the legs.
Susy dropped to her knees and then kicked back and wound her heels around the pole.
The flexible stripper spun around the pole with one leg and one arm clinging to it whilst kicking high in the air with the other.

The music changed to the pulsing of Britney Spears' Work Bitch and Susy swayed her hips and discarded her top with a flourish. Her bountiful breasts popped out and jiggled wildly as she shook from side to side to the beat of the music.
She twirled and swiveled as her apron came off next and then she whipped off her short skirt leaving her in see through panties, suspender belt and her stockings.
Using the feather duster she knelt at the edge of the stage and pretended to fuck the stick with deliberate pelvic thrusts.

"Most inventive." Said Scarlett enthralled as she crossed her legs tightly.

Susy turned her back, thrust out her butt and slid her hand slowly up the backs of her legs and drew the panties down to her ankles.
She kicked them off and cupped her pussy mound and grinned broadly.
The glamourous tease hid her muff, then showed a tantalising peek before cupping herself again. She repeated the hide and seek game while the audience brayed for a full frontal.

With her duster between her gritted teeth, Susy sashayed to the vertical pole and wrapped her thighs around it and thrust her hips to and fro as she banged it.
Lying down horizontally on the mirrored stage the olive skinned Latina Chica lifted her butt and pumped her pelvis up and down as if fucking an invisible man.

Then she flipped over and slammed her lower body against the floor in a simulation of a doggy style sex act.
Her shimmering tits bounced under her as she humped up and down before she laid on her left side and scissored her leg back and forth to reveal glimpses of her glistening pussy.
By the time she left the stage to a smattering of applause Susy had reduced all the male onlookers to shivering wrecks.

"Did you get a good look at her tattoo?"

"Not really, Lucy. We need to get up close and personal."


Scarlett and Lucy silently made their way backstage and found Susy's dressing room.
Lucy knocked and Susy answered in her honey soft Spanish accent.

"Miss Gala?" Asked Holmes.


Susy was sitting in front of a big mirror with white lightbulbs all around the border. The Spanish stripper only wore a white robe, under which she was in the buff.

"Your show is most thrilling, very erotic."

"Gracias. I no get many Senoritas enjoying my act."

"You should. You are very attractive. I notice that you have many tattoos."

"Si, I love them." Susy ran her right hand down her side.

"Allow me to introduce ourselves. I am Scarlett, and this is Lucy. We represent the new magazine 'Tattooists and Illustrators Trading Services' and we would be honoured if you would be our very first cover girl."

"T.I.T.S.?" Quoted Susy with a raised brow.

"Quite an unfortunate acronym isn't it? Still, can't be helped. Lucy here would like to take a few pictures of you. Naked of course."


"These modern cameras are really something."

Susy stood up and put her hands on her hips as Lucy used her Sony Cybershot compact digital camera. Her five feet nine frame was perfection with a light olive complexion and a dancer's muscle tone. Her 36D cup breasts were two stunning globes that sat high on her chest, and the nipples stuck out hard and erect. Her narrow waist flared out to generous hips, and her magnificent buttocks were rounded and firm, Her mons was shaven and exposed her elongated and fleshy labia in relation to her plump pussy mound.

"You are breathtaking." Remarked Scarlett.

"Muchas gracias."

Susy had a mane of lustrous black hair that tumbled over her back.
Her big brown eyes gleamed under the harsh light of the dressing room, and her full lips pouted sexily.

"'Can you turn?" Asked Lucy as she attempted to focus on Susy's behind.

Ink wise, the Senorita had a Playboy bunny on her left hip, a garland of red roses that snaked down from her shoulder blade to her left hip. Then in again to the alluring apex of her inner thighs. At upper thigh level, Susy flaunted a fake garter belt, and on the outside of her calf was a twisting row of flowers that ended at her toes. And of course, at the top of her lower right cheek, the pair of parted orange lips.
Scarlett looked at Lucy who scanned her pictures and then shook her head at the lack of a clear image of the lip tattoo. This problem required the physical touch.

"Could you be enticed into posing naked with a naked man?"

Susy threw poses and pouted for the camera, proud of her spectacular body. Through the walls the muffles beat of the music filtered in.

"Of course. Not a problem."

"What about women?"


"Lucy, for instance?"

Susy looked the English glamour model up and down and nodded.

"That would work."

"Lucy? Strip off and let me see how you two look side by side."

Lucy wriggled out of her dress and came thigh to thigh with Susy, both as naked as the day they were born.

"Well, don't you two look ravishing! Snuggle up."

The pair of dark haired babes squeezed together and each gripped the others outer thigh.
Lucy made eye contact and Susy gave her a knowing look right back at her. Their naked proximity was just too irresistible and Susy's hand went around Lucy's neck to draw her in for a kiss.
Scarlett stripped off as she quaked on the spot. No sense in looking a gift horse in the mouth she thought at the sight of the quivering babes.

"Any room in there?"

Scarlett's tongue flicked out over Susy's right boob as Lucy opened her mouth to engulf her left nipple. Both reached behind the Spanish dancer and fondled her tight buns.
Scarlett moved behind her and nuzzled Susy's neck as the detective used her voluptuous body to grind into her back. Lucy thrust her own ample bosom into Susy's front and all three wriggled against each other in a knot of arms, legs and tits.
Scarlett lost control of her bared body as she bucked her thighs into Susy.


The blonde was the first to break, as she released herself and sat down in the only chair.
She slid down in the seat and parted her legs. Lucy ran her hands up her soft thighs all the way up to her hips.
Scarlett gasped as two other hands lifted her legs and a wriggling tongue kissed her on the insides of her thighs.


Framed by her long hair, the stripper traced the wetness she herself had made, and drove her tongue into Scarlett's moist pussy.
She shrieked and jerked her bottom on the seat as Susy dipped into Scarlett with moans of lust.
Lucy kissed Scarlett hard on the mouth, whose lips parted hungrily and embraced the brunette's tongue.
Scarlett ground her heels into the carpet as Susy tasted her sweet nectar within.


Then she shuddered as TWO tongues began to slather and slobber on her twat at the same time.
As Lucy swiped up and down so Susy poked her pointed tongue up into Scarlett's asshole. They both made rapid motions to give the golden blonde superb sensations through her nether holes.
Copious amounts of spit ran down the delicate region of Scarlett's ass crevice onto the seat.

"Bother. We're going to ruin your chair. Get down on the carpet, I have an idea."

All three buxom beauties got down and formed a daisy chain.
Lucy came behind Scarlett, gripped her cheeks and pushed her nose into her ass.
The famed detective purred as she caressed and licked Susy's buttocks which rippled in front of her face.
The Latina in turn sucked on Lucy's pussy from behind and gave the glamour model small spanks on her rump which made the bodacious brunette giggle into Scarlett's quim.

At last, after thirty minutes of racy girl on girl fun, all three of them collapsed in a heap of limbs and boobs. Satisfied and saturated. Scarlett was now close enough to scrutinise Susy's orange lip tattoo. There, in the parted Jagger type design, she could make out a tiny letter.

"It's a Y."

Now the team had two clues out of five. Not yet enough to form a solution.

"Onwards and upwards," declared Scarlett Holmes as she and the others took a well earned dinner at the Simpson's in the Strand.

more to cum...
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Nice use of Lucy Pinder!  :Y:
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Re: The New Adventures of Scarlett Holmes
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Part Two of the Five Orange Lips. With Scarlett and Emma is Lucy Pinder. 


To say that Scarlett Holmes was bored to tears was an understatement. The private detective from yesteryear had spent a tedious morning researching the ancient Indian practice of yoga. To her the renowned physical exercise basically involved a series of postures accompanied by various breathing sequences.
She closed her book and sat it on her lap and looked over at her room mate.

"How unbelievably boring. I can certainly think of a few physical activities that would be a lot more beneficial."

"Sex, sex, sex. You have a one track mind! I thought the Victorians were uptight about all that?"

"My dear Emma. I've seen and done things in the bedroom that you wouldn't believe. We just kept things to ourselves in those days. I did give up sex once in order to concentrate on other things in life. It was the worst twenty minutes of my life!"

"Is that a joke?"

Emma scowled and shot her unpaying lodger a sideways glance.

"Anyway, yoga is perfect for increasing muscle tone, improving respiration, reducing weight, and providing basic general health."

Emma Watson huffed as she returned to reading her latest messages on her iPad.
The morning had been overcast for the most part but now the sun moved from behind a cloud and the light shone into the room. Scarlett sighed as the sunshine illuminated Emma's loveable face.

"As I understand it," scoffed Holmes. "Any of the above can be quite easily achieved by lying on one's back for ten minutes with a virile man between your legs."

The golden blonde took a drag on a Dunhil menthol cigarette and sat back in her favourite seat. It was a Wednesday afternoon and they were seated in Emma's high rise flat in Canary Wharf.

"You have to get out more, Holmes. Really."

"My brain is a machine, Emma. I cannot exist without brain work. Give me problems, puzzles, enigmas. What else is there to do besides except to have a good fuck?"

"What time is Grace arriving, anyway?"

"In precisely two hours time. She teaches women excIusively so I think I should be able to use my womanly wiles to good effect. Somewhere on her person is the third tattoo of orange lips, and if the last two disclosures are anything to go by, she should be concealing another letter in the tattoo."

Scarlett was currently engrossed in aiding glamour model and animal welfare volunteer, Lucy Pinder, in seeking her hidden inheritance. The clues being concealed in five orange lips tattooed on five individuals.

"Do you have some workout clothes?"

"Oh, I have a little something." Said Scarlett with a wry smile. "I gave her a yarn of myself being unable to leave the flat for the yoga school due to a sprained ankle. I hope to be done inside of an hour, then dear Lucy and ourselves shall take the train to Cambridge. There we shall track down the Timpson twins and have this unique case wrapped up by supper time."

"I could drive."

Scarlett jabbed a finger at the charming thirty year old actress.

"Under no circumstance will I ever get into a motor car with you again. You drive like the devil. I'm still having nightmares of the time we drove down to Buckley Hall."

"Well." Said Emma as she stood up to leave. "I shall leave you to it. I need to go out shopping for a few hours."

"Right. And could you bring me the evening newspapers? I like to keep up with the latest crimes. Just the Evening News, Evening Standard, Star, The Globe, Chronicle, and any others you can think of."

"Holmes. This is 2019, not 1891. Those publications are ancient. There's only the Standard these days. Turn on the television."

"Dear me. Do people not read anymore?"

"See you around five then?" Said Emma as she scooted out of the door.


Scarlett had indeed enjoyed plenty of sex in her life, with both men and women, despite the prudish and puritan views of the late Victorian era she had left behind in some space-time vortex.

For two hours she been had been in a blissful daze thinking of Grace when she heard the intercom buzz. She quickly slipped into her beige singlet and black panties. Since she was banking on getting naked there was little sense in overdressing. She waited by the front door and moments later she let in a dark eyed female.

"Miss Holmes?"

The attractive woman in the long coat had a definite European accent. Czech or Hungarian?

"The same. Please come in. And let me take your coat."

Grace introduced herself as hailing from the Czech Republic as she shed her coat. A slim brunette with an astonishing figure and 30DD sized tits. Beneath her coat she wore a leotard in blue and white. She eyed Scarlett up and down in a manner less than casual and was slightly surprised by her choice of workout gear. Scarlett was thrilled. This task would not be without some benefits, she thought as she mentally undressed the busty babe.

"Well, I'm all yours. Sorry about my appearance. I have no leotard or leggings. I'm a complete novice I'm afraid."

"That's...fine. Very fetching."

"Well, it's not like we're going out."

"Shall we get started? We shall limber up and warm our muscles. Like so."

Grace demonstrated a series of beginners balancing poses on one of two mats provided by Scarlett.
The brunette had the toned body and limbs that only came with a dedicated and strict fitness regime.
Just in front and facing Grace, Scarlett watched her and then dipped dramatically several times and made sure her deep cleavage did not go unnoticed.

"Through yoga we find that our minds find rest and peace," explained Grace. "We become one with our inner self and discover an effortless and natural state of transformation."

"Yes, I feel so much more relaxed already. So, you only teach women, is that right?"

"I find the female attitude to yoga to be much more rewarding. Although I'm not butch if that's what you think."

"Far from it," thought Scarlett as she leered at the heaving breasts of the woman in front of her.

Grace moved across her mat and Scarlett could not take her eyes off her gorgeous bottom. Each firm cheek moved against the other, and her his swayed divinely.
Scarlett turned to face the opposite direction and bent forward so that her own backside stuck out in full view of Grace.
The panties she had chosen to wear belonged to Emma and on her were about two sizes too small. The result of which caused them to ride up drastically, cut into her butt crack and tighten around Scarlett's prominent mons.

Grace was transfixed by the audacious blonde and her usual professional air began to wilt.
After fifteen minutes of stretching and exercising the heat began to rise, as earlier Scarlett had deliberately turned on the thermostat to the highest level.
Both women assumed the classic lotus position on their individual mats as they faced each other in silent meditation.
All the time Scarlett held the brunette's gaze, licking her lips suggestively and fluttering her lashes.

"Sorry to break the mood, but would you mind if I took my top off? It's quite hot in here."

"Nudity is accepted in yoga."

In a trice, Scarlett had whipped off her top to unveil her substantial bosom.
Her bountiful breasts were showing the first signs of perspiration as she sat up straight and thrust out her chest.
Grace lowered her eyes to Scarlett's chest level and inhaled deeply through flared nostrils, which did not go unnoticed by Scarlett.
The brunette's breathing had started to quicken and she appeared to be having trouble concentrating on her meditation.
So far, so good.

"It is a bit uncomfortable in here." Agreed Grace who blew a stream of air on her cheek.

"Feel free to take your leotard off. We're all adults here after all. I'll fetch some water."

Scarlett saw a glimmer of daring register on the Czech woman's face as she stood in contemplation.

"You know what? I think I will."

As Grace wound her shoulder straps down her arms, Scarlett noticed her upper right arm had some ink. She held up her hand and then padded out to the kitchen for some water.
When she returned the top heavy brunette had stripped down to the buff.

She simply had to be seen to be believed. About five six, curvy, stacked, and glowing with moistness due to the hot air.

Her pubic region had been shaven back to just a dark strip that started at the top of her pussy, and her upper thighs had that erotic gap that invited the eye to linger.

"Here you are. Oops!"

Scarlett, accidentally on purpose, spilled the glass over Grace's boobs and front.

"I'm frightfully sorry! I do apologise. Let me."

With a knowing look, the private detective produced a towel and used it to dab at the massive tits of the yoga instructor. Grace let her willingly and moved closer to Scarlett with her own selfish purpose. Holmes had been correct in surmising the woman favoured the gentle sex in her love life.

"Thank you, so nice."

"You're welcome, I'm sure."

The air had become heavy with expectancy and Scarlett motioned closer and closer until her pouting lips were but two inches from Grace.

"I want you." She hissed breathlessly.

"I know," replied the instructor matter of factly as her mouth opened to reveal perfect white teeth. "I wanted you from the minute I set foot inside."

A jolt of excitement surged through Scarlett as they embraced and pressed their soft naked bodies against each other.
She was in!
As they exchanged saliva in a hot French kiss Scarlett touched Grace between her legs and ran her fingertips lightly over her bald labia.
Shockwaves were sent through her as she groaned in exquisite delight, and Grace thrust her hips energetically as she forced her pussy onto two probing fingers.

"That feels nice."

Grace closed her eyes and luxuriated in the feeling of Scarlett's fingers juicing her up. The blonde pressed the advantage and nuzzled the other's neck where it just met the shoulder.
As Grace thumbed Scarlett's stiffening nipples she cocked her head to let her lover kiss her down her right arm before closing in on her boob.
Scarlett clamped her mouth on the creamy tit flesh as she studied the tiny tattoo just above the elbow.
A tattoo of a pair of parted orange lips, the center of which had a capital letter.

"An 'I.' That's an odd tattoo you have."

Grace was dimly aware that Scarlett was speaking to her as now she had three fingers in her sticky cunt.

"Oh. That? Just a thank you from a grateful client. An older lady who kept cats."

The women became more impassioned and Scarlett wasn't going to let this opportunity of hot sex with a stunning female pass, despite her achieving her objective.

"Why don't we continue this in my bedroom?"

They hurried together, hand in hand, and then crashed onto the big bed.
As Grace caught her breath Scarlett pounced on her and had her legs thrown out wide in a second.
With her face just inches from her snatch she parted the gleaming pussy lips and looked down in the mouthwatering pink inside.

"My, my."

Scarlett blew gently on Grace's wet labia and licked up her thighs until she came to her target.
Grace shook from the force of her increasing arousal as Scarlett tongue fucked her. She held onto the woman's nodding head as her tongue darted deep inside her slippery hole.
Her juices ran out and trickled down the insides of her thighs as her clit was occasionally flicked deliciously on the very tip, which left her panting and trembling.


Scarlett moved up to kiss Grace who eagerly licked up her own sweet taste on the blonde's mouth.
Both moaned and Grace purred as soft hands slid down her front back to her cunt.
Her ass was gripped as Scarlett lavished swipe after swipe on her plump pussy lips until the blonde detective's chin was coated.
Flat on her stomach, Scarlett pushed her backside up and down as she dry humped the bed.

"Fuck my leg."

Scarlett moved up halfway and put her right knee between the toned legs of Grace who willingly locked them around it.
She bumped up and attempted to rub her dripping muff on the offered limb.
Scarlett pressed down hard and did the same.
They became a mass of entwined limbs as they massaged each other's cunt, and their groans grew ever more urgent and impassioned as their grinding wet pussies painted the other with a feast of cunt fluids.

"Fuck me. I've needed this for ages."

"Yes. Oh, fuck!"

Both lust addled women grabbed at the bed sheets on each side of their gyrating forms as they banged hips.
Their generous breasts bounced wildly as their pussies slid firmly together.

"Oh, god! Oh, god!"

Grace came first and her hips shot up as she squirted on Scarlett's wet loins. Scarlett reciprocated and her entire body went rigid as her own orgasm took over her. They twisted and writhed and Grace babbled in her own language, which although Scarlett did not know, pretty much understood the gist. The frazzled women relaxed on the bed with the pair of them glistening in sheens of sweat that dappled their impressive boobs with tiny droplets.

"That was amazing," said Scarlett as she traced a fingertip over Grace's erect nipples.

"It was."

"Have you any energy left at all?"

"What do you have in mind?"

Grace moved to the edge of the crumpled bed sheets as Scarlett vanished, only to return with some sort of sex toy.

"Have you ever heard of the Ann Summers chain of sex shops?"

"Yes, I know it."

"I find it fascinating. Such an exciting range of lingerie and toys. I was there for hours. What do you think of this?"

Scarlett held up a flexible twelve inch phallic double ended dildo, with lifelike ribs along the shaft and realistic shaped tips.

"I've never seen anything like it in my life."

"Want to try it?"


Grace opened her legs as Scarlett took one end and pushed the tapered head inside the brunette's still slick pussy and inched forwards.
Scarlett was totally engrossed as Grace's folds stretched wide as the false cock head popped in.
She gasped loudly as the thick dildo was pulled and pushed into her drenched muff and her head snapped back as she was happily fucked.

"Now the both of us."

Scarlett laid on the bed with her body so positioned that they looked across at each other over their undulating frames.
Each of them propped themselves up on their elbows as Scarlett placed the double dong between their splayed legs.
Grace put one end to her gaping cunt hole and watched the golden blonde do likewise.

"My goodness!"

Scarlett ran the head up and down her damp slit and then used her pelvis to push on it.
With their eyes locked on each other they eased towards the other, gradually eating up the flexible dick.
The sheet rucked up their ass cracks as they slowly but inexorably got closer and closer until the dildo was effectively buried in the pair of them.
Scarlett gripped Grace by her thighs, and Grace did the same as they jerked to and fro.

"No, like this." Suggested Scarlett, and as she drew back so her voluptuous lover pushed in, and vice versa.


Scarlett changed tack and Grace followed her lead by scissoring their legs with the double ended toy still well crammed inside their overflowing pussies.
The famed private investigator hooked her left leg over the right of Grace and the swaying females creamed themselves as they fucked each other to climax.

"Most enjoyable. Would you be free any time next week for a rematch?"

"You can count on it," replied an exhausted but exhilarated Grace.


The University of Cambridge was founded in the 13th century and granted a Royal Charter by King Henry III. The second biggest in the country, at it's busiest time it is home to 19,000 students.
Each year the Uni rugby team, the Light Blues play rivals Oxford University in the annual Varsity match. Those players who take part are selected on merit, fitness, and strength. Two of the current ever presents were the Timpson twins. At twenty years of age, Nigel and Nick were identical in every way. Robust, athletic, and muscular they were dedicated to the sport.

"Four thirty. We shall arrive in approximately ten minutes."

Scarlett put away her watch and looked across the table of their train compartment at Emma Watson and Lucy Pinder.
They had all taken the 15.28 railway train from Platform 6 at Liverpool Street Station bound for Cambridge.
Lucy's benefactor, her great-aunt, had left her a substantial inheritance, the location of which was hidden for safety. The only way of discovering the whereabouts of the cluster of diamonds was to solve the meaning of the clues hidden in five tattoos.
So far they had three of the five answers. Letters of the alphabet, K,Y, and I.

"But why choose pairs of lips?" Wondered Emma who was sitting by the window.

Scarlett spoke over the rattle of the wheels of the train clattering on the tracks.

"In this particular circumstance I believe the image of lips to be one of platonic friendships by Prudence Pinder, rather than a sexual representation. The Timpsons for instance once lodged with Prudence before they left for Uni. They appear to have made some impression on her for them to be chosen to conceal two of the tattoos."

"I seem to remember the boys when I visited Prudence some time ago. They loved playing with all of her cats." Said Lucy.

"Have you any idea of what the letters mean yet?"

"I'm fairly sure of the meaning despite there being two more clues to gather."

Emma narrowed her eyes as Scarlett gave her a smug grin.

"Really? You think you know the answer to the puzzle?"

"Quite sure, my dear. Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable must be the truth. It's possible to draw a logical conclusion from the data we already have. Three letters that will eventually make up a five letter word. That single word or name will surely lead us to the diamonds. Ah, here we are."

The rugby training pitch was in West Cambridge, close by to the St. Catherine building.
On arrival at the station all the three women took the short stroll to the grounds.
It was a warm yet blustery evening as they took the winding lanes to the rugby club house. The sound of men could be heard as the players ran laps around the pitch.

"So, my ruse is when the men return to clean up, we direct them to the alternate changing room because of a plumbing problem that requires a hour to repair. We separate the twins and lure them to us where we shall ascertain where on their bodies they have the tattoos. More than likely in a most secretive and personal placement. We must do whatever is necessary to find those orange lips."

All three went through the double doors of the club house that led to the changing rooms of the football teams.
Only the one team had taken the field this afternoon as it was only a training session.
One closed door had a sign that read 'light blues room, players only.'
Scarlett tested the door handle and sure enough the room was open.
The smell inside could only be described as being masculine, as the reek of sweat, socks and testosterone assailed their nostrils.

"What a pong!" Uttered Emma as she wrinkled he cute nose.

"Lucy. I would like you to wait outside and steer the players to the south side entrance. But make sure to divert the twins this way."

"I'll do my best."

"Are we really going to have sex with these guys?" Pondered Emma.

"Unless they have obvious places for their tattoos, such as on the arm or leg, I very much believe so. We shall use all of our sexual magnetism and unbridled charm to fuck their brains out."

"Oh, bollocks!" Declared the exasperated young actress.


Within minutes, Lucy returned the two lookalike brothers, still in their football boots and kit. She closed the door behind them and locked it.

"Gentlemen. Allow me to introduce ourselves. I am Scarlett, and this is Lucy and Emma. Lucy Pinder, that is. If you permit me I shall cut to the chase. We know that you are both in possession of a singular irregularity of the skin. That being, a tattoo of a pair of orange lips. We three are willing to do a trace for the a close examination of each. If you would be so kind."

"And what do you have to trade?" Asked Nigel as he looked at all three women in a line shoulder to shoulder.

"Simply ourselves. For one hour."

The room brimmed with erotic tension as Scarlett nodded to her companions and they each slipped out of their clothes.
The striking blonde was only five feet three in bare feet but her figure was gorgeous. Her thirty six inch breasts sat firmly on her chest and her rounded ass jutted behind her superbly.

In contrast to the voluptuous woman beside her, Emma was petite yet extremely attractive. Her medium sized tits were firm and sported very stiff points. Her legs were slender and rounded into a tight little backside that had two scrumptious dimples on each side of her pert buttocks.

Lucy however was undoubtedly a glamour model. She was the epitome of the classic Sun newspaper Page Three topless girls, with long and silky hair, an hourglass and massive boobs.
Nigel and Nick gawped at the sight of the three naked lovelies and then whispered to each other.

"So, you say you're Lucy Pinder?"

"I am she. Don't you remember me when you were at my aunt's?"

Nick looked at Lucy intently and then spoke in a more serious tone.

"Prudence Pinder was a kindly old lady whose last wish was for us to get a tattoo to her special design. We'll agree, on the condition that you just have the one hour. We're not going to make things easy for you."

Scarlett looked at Emma who gave her a look of resignation and nodded her head.
The sight of two sculpted and well hung brothers was certainly an intimidating one.

"We agree to your terms also. So, get naked."

The twins both stripped off as Scarlett looked at the clock on the wall. 5.15. They should be able to make the 18.45 back to Liverpool Street.
Both brothers looked to be at the peak of their physical prowess. Not unduly tall, Scarlett took an educated guess at six feet at best. They had broad chests, well defined muscles, and short brown hair.

"Even their cocks look exactly the same," noted Lucy as she elbowed Emma jokingly.

"They are all a bit, big." Gulped Emma.

Both already had twitching erections. The twins were undoubtedly virile specimens of masculinity, possessing eight inch long dicks and tight butts. The only difference between the pair of them was Nigel's array of tattooed roses on his upper chest, and Nick's of a Magnum 45 revolver on his right calf. Scarlett padded over on bare feet to within touching distance and gripped each men at the base of their white columns.

"They do look identical, and feel the same besides."

The blonde jerked each in her fists and smiled at both of them. How quaint that they had the same sized dicks with the same shaped helmets and identical big vein pulsing up the right side of their poles.
She scrutinised both milky white shafts and pulled back foreskins for any obvious ink. Nothing doing there. Their pubes had been trimmed back and she noted nothing untoward in their groins.

She chose to seduce Nigel first. The smell of fresh sweat and mud was strong in her nostrils as she caressed the glistening skin of his taut biceps.
Nigel looped his arm around her waist and pulled her to him so that her bouncy boobs were crushed against his sturdy chest.
Her head tilted up and his mouth covered her perfect lips in a long kiss.
With her curvy body pinned to his, Scarlett's senses reeled as he probed her mouth with his tongue.
His provocative erection was all pushy at her left upper thigh and she pushed her knee forwards in order to brush at him more firmly.

"Allow me."

She sank down, stuck out her tongue and gave his cock one long lick up to the moist head. Giving him a few forceful pumps with her fist she sucked on his bell end and Nigel's whole body shook on the balls of his feet.
Aware of the clock ticking she angled his prick upwards and began to swallow his entire length, swirling her tongue around the bloated tip at the same time.

"Fucking amazing!"

Emma and Lucy flanked the other twin and both of them had their flicking tongues all over his upright pole.
As they overlapped their lips met and they shared saliva, most of which trickled down Nick's dick to his balls.
When Emma resurfaced for air, so Lucy took control and rammed her mouth up and down with aplomb.
Emma took over once more and immediately gagged as Nick humped up into her mouth, sending his bell end down her throat.
She drew back, dribbling down her chin and slapped his stiff rod sharply.

"Hey now!" She said glaring at him.

Nick turned to Lucy and leered at her bountiful breasts, hanging on her chest so naturally.

"Wanna fuck 'em?"

The twin held the underside of her full soft boobs. parted them and shoved his fat prick up between them. She grinned as she mashed them together and trapped his rod there.
Nick moved his hips back and then pushed forward to see his glans poke out of the top of her homemade channel.

"Fuck, yeah!" He grunted as his breath became laboured.

He thrust up and back as he fucked her mammoth tits and Emma looked on with amusement as his big cock head emerged each time his up stroke peaked. Lucy bent her head and let some spit dribble down the deep crevice of her great globes.

"Move over there." He told Emma as he continued to glide in and out of Lucy's tit tunnel.

He pulled back out with an audible slurping sound and eyed up the petite Emma. His cock bobbed madly in front of him as he gave her a devilish grin.

In the middle of the room was a makeshift fold out couch on retractable legs and Emma was made to tumble onto it with Nick rolling on top of her.
He rubbed her tits and circled her erect nipples which were as hard as two bullets.
Lucy came to her left side and she and Nick took a nipple apiece into their mouths.

"Oh, fuck!"

Emma felt her pussy gush with her arousal as two pairs of slippery lips teased and nibbled her hard nubs.
Hands went here and there on her heaving body, over her flat belly, up her silky inner thighs, and inevitably her snatch.
Emma widened her legs and let them hang over the sides of the skinny couch.
Both Nick and Lucy slithered down between Emma's thighs and slathered their flattened tongues on her dripping wet pussy.


Lucy giggled and joined Nick in lapping up and down Emma's engorged labia.
The glamour model snaked her tongue inside her honeypot and eagerly probed within. Then Lucy made way for the twin who delved into Emma's aching cunt.
He shook his head from side to side rapidly like some rabid dog and Emma opened her mouth wide in a silent scream.

"I have to fuck her."

The three shifted so that Emma was on all fours lengthwise on the couch with Nick directly behind her. Lucy got up on her haunches in front of Emma and presented her with her wet pussy.
Emma shrieked as Nick spread her pert cheeks and spat on her nether holes.
He pushed in and the petite actress moaned as he gave her his full eight inches.
Despite his young years, the twenty year old quickly built up a steady rhythm, hitting Emma's sweet spots with every inward pump.

"Holy fuck!"

"Is he good, babe?"

"Mm, hmm!" Moaned Emma into Lucy's twat as she ate the brunette's pussy.

Lucy's words were silenced as Emma probed and pushed at her wet slit faster. Her lower body shunted back and forth as she pressed down for an even firmer contact.
Nick was now in Emma right up to the hilt so much in fact that his balls were squashed between her quivering thighs.
Emma was no match for his strength as Nick bucked into her with rapid strokes of his slim hips, sending her deeper into Lucy's muff, the model turned her head to look at Scarlett and Nigel.

"Ride that thing, blondie. Ride!"

Scarlett was astride the twin who was sat on the wooden bench that was placed along the wall.
Her toes pointed into the dusty floor as she thrust on his solid log repeatedly. Her huge boobs jiggled in his face and he laughed as he attempted to bury his mouth in her deep cleavage.
Her head was dipped down and the palms of her hands pressed onto his chest.
His cock was exquisite inside her as she sped up her downward strokes.
Although embroiled in fucking his brains out she had the awareness to study his ink. Nothing close to orange lips anywhere on his torso, limbs, or groin.
Nigel's dribble coursed down the vast valley of her rack as they wrestled on the bench.


Scarlett yelped as she was dragged up and lifted into the air, still sliding up and down on his full length.
Her arms linked behind his strong neck and her legs flailed in the air as she was jacked back and forth with surprising ease. Her tits mashed to his chest as their bodies, slippery from sweat, started to show the results of their vigorous shagging.

"Go girl, go."

Lucy had been pulled onto Nick's lap in a reverse cowgirl and without pause she was impaled on his big boner. The stacked model bounced up and down as her boobs were played with by the brawny twin.

Emma crouched over his upturned face and groaned loudly as his tongue thrust up into her wet twat.
He moved both his hands from Lucy's tits and held Emma's buttocks open as he lapped at her dripping muff.
She shrieked as he worked his index finger into her puckered starfish and finger fucked her asshole.


Emma tried to gather her wits and smoothed her hands along Nick's body and arms. No tattoo in sight, worse luck.
Oblivious to this, Lucy was bucking wildly on his dick and shaking her head violently from side to side.
Her curvy body leaned back and her massive tits heaved as she ground her pussy along Nick's throbbing organ.
She loved how he filled her so, and relished the way she was stretched out around him.

"I want some of that."

Nigel deposited a panting Scarlett onto the bench without another thought as he and his identical other half switched partners.
Lucy looked at Nigel's wagging dick which was all wet and gleaming from Scarlett's pussy and licked it from base to the tip. She smacked her lips to savour the taste of the blonde on his knob and then sucked on him with rapid motions of her head.
Emma bit her lower lip as he looked into her doe like eyes with a burning passion.
He bent Lucy at the waist and moved her against one end of the retractable couch.
With her arms outstretched and her backside jutting out he pulled Emma up by her armpits and made her lay on top of Lucy.
Their butts were now so aligned that their mouth watering vertical gashes were barely inches apart.

"Double bubble!"

He contemplated for a split second and slipped his cock head between Emma's ass cheeks. He took hold of each of her buns and pushed into her hot box.
She slid along Lucy as Nigel followed through and started to fuck the trembling actress.
He merrily smacked against her bum as he slammed in and out of the whimpering girl.
Then she felt air on her bottom as he withdrew and dropped a few inches and entered Lucy.


Nigel stroked in and out at a fair rate as he buried his cock to the hilt in the sopping cunt of the glamour model.
He arched his back as he gripped her by her waist and pulled her back roughly onto his rod.
After two minutes he moved back to Emma and slid inside her drenched pussy. This time she pushed her hips back at him, trying to match his driving thrusts as he pounded her cunt to mush. She didn't hold out too long before her climax washed over her.
He looked at his brother who jerked a thumb to the clock. 6.10.

"Alright you lot. Time's almost up, and we need to get off."

As the twins loomed over the naked threesome with ominous dripping
boners Holmes let out a frustrated sigh.

"Any luck?" Asked Scarlett of Emma and Lucy, as they lined up together.

"None. They see to be clean." Said Emma cupping her gaping pussy.

"This is most troublesome. The hour is upon us."

All three women knelt up on their haunches as both twins jerked their cocks in their direction with clenched fists.

"You DID look everywhere?" Insisted the blonde with her face tilted up in bitter acceptance.

"Holmes. Admit it. We lost."

At that moment Lucy's eyes widened as Nick's balls rose up and his tattoo of orange lips appeared under his scrotum.

"Hey! There it is! There's a letter T in the lips."

The hot brunette spluttered as he ejaculated in her face with a series of spurts that made the ripped stud grunt and shudder on his toes.
Alert to the welcome discovery, Scarlett quickly grabbed Nigel's twitching hose straight up as Emma raised his ball sack and saw his similar tattoo.

"Another T, Holmes. Fuck!"

Nigel erupted in her face in a high arc of thick sperm that made her flinch.
He turned 45 degrees and painted Scarlett's boobs with huge blobs of his cum.
Both twins continued to dribble from their wilting cocks as the women stood up in triumph.

"Could I trouble you for a towel?" Said Holmes as her tits dripped down her front.


"Well, Holmes? Explain."

Scarlett sat back in her seat with the smuggest grin she could muster.

"Isn't it obvious? It's so simple."

"Maybe to you, but?"

"The first clue was the letter Y, found by your dear self in an excellent effort if I may say so. Then we found a K, and an I. Lastly of course our twins provided us with two T's."

"So the letters represent a word or a name then."

"Precisely so. Any idea what?"

"KITTY" Screamed Lucy clapping her hands.

"Bravo! There you have it."

Emma frowned, still unclear about things.

"Right. We have the word. But we're no nearer to finding the diamonds."

"Wait. Before she passed, my great-aunt sent me a resin orange statue of a cat. It's on my mantlepiece right now."

"HA! I deduce that if you shatter the very same statue you will find a pretty jackpot within."

Scarlett sat back and looked out of the window of the 18.45 to London.

"This has all been a splendid little case. Most satisfying."

She looked at Emma and winked.

"In more ways than one, am I right? Or am I right?"


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Re: The New Adventures of Scarlett Holmes
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Your Lucy Pinder stories are always charming and quite hilarious.

I feel so bad I haven't read much of this series. You really nail the tone of Sherlock Holmes consistently and I can see Scarlett playing this. Great job  :Y:

Someone should petition Scarlett in a gender-swapped Holmes movie and pay you royalties for the idea  ;D
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Re: The New Adventures of Scarlett Holmes
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And with this latest story, both Doctor Watson and Lucy Pinder are sitting at 99 stories total on the site. Woooo!
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Re: The New Adventures of Scarlett Holmes
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Your Lucy Pinder stories are always charming and quite hilarious.

I feel so bad I haven't read much of this series. You really nail the tone of Sherlock Holmes consistently and I can see Scarlett playing this. Great job  :Y:

Someone should petition Scarlett in a gender-swapped Holmes movie and pay you royalties for the idea  ;D

Thanks to the both of you,  but  this series and my others in this sub boardhave been severely neglected, yet they remain some of my best work. If this series for instance were under, say, actresses, would probably get a few thousand views from Johansson followers rather than  the poor few hundred I have. It's been better received, as most of my recent stories have, at Literotica.   


Re: The New Adventures of Scarlett Holmes
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Nice Chapter ft Lucy, snuck in here and I missed it.  Keep up the good work
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Re: The New Adventures of Scarlett Holmes
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Chapter Seven. The Adventure of the Naked Sussex Vampire. Loosely based on Conan Doyle's Case of the Sussex Vampire.


It was a rare day indeed when famous consulting private eye, Scarlett Holmes, was proven wrong. With a brain that was purely analytical, it was totally unexpected. This story tells of that rare occasion when she was wide of the mark.


The day had started when Scarlett returned on a wet afternoon to the flat belonging to Emma Watson in Canary Wharf. She heard what seemed to be heavy moaning and loud curses coming from Emma's room. At first the golden blonde detective feared the worst. That some ruffian had broken in and was molesting her best friend. She rushed down the narrow passage, past her own room to the one Emma slept in.

"Fuck! Fuck! Oh, fuck!"

The shrill cries of the famous movie actress grew louder the closer she got. Scarlett cautiously opened the door a crack just in case of somebody else in the vicinity.

What she discovered was Emma, naked on her back, with her current boyfriend on top of her.
With her gaze riveted to the big bed, Scarlett put her hand over her mouth as she watched Emma's lover pushing his stiff cock into her in an erotic slow gliding motion.

The petite actress had her legs fully clamped to Leo's lower back, and his taut legs brushed her soft inner thighs every time he surged inside her.
They moved together in a perfect rhythm, and Scarlett was mesmerised at how the young stud's muscles rippled as his body met Emma's.

"You're so big inside me. Feels so...good."

Emma sighed and dragged her nails across his back, leaving reddened marks on his white flesh.
Her words spurred him on and he pumped even deeper, rotating his hips and lifting her bottom up off of the bed.

"You're...you're going to make me cum!"

Scarlett's hand instinctively went between her own legs as she leaned against the door for fear of fainting right there on the spot. Seeing the young filly getting a good seeing to was an incredible turn on.
The bed creaked as Leo's tempo increased beyond belief with hips churning and butt tightening as he fucked Emma with relentless strokes of his shiny rod.
Emma cried out as her pussy spasmed around his formidable cock and her legs fell away as they turned to jelly.

"Oh, Beau!"


Leo threw his head back as he climaxed and he fell atop of Emma as his cum spurted inside her. Emma yelped as he bit hard on the nape of her neck at the moment of truth, leaving a clear red mark on her pale skin.
His spine glistened with sweat as he finally pulled out, letting a stream of white semen trickle out of Emma's cunt and down her ass crack.

As they laid in each others arms, Scarlett rubbed her thighs together and smoothed out her dress.
She beat a quick retreat before the couple became aware of her presence. Once in her own room she whipped off her clothes and grabbed her vibrator from the bedside cabinet. She laid flat on her back on her own bed and fucked herself as she recalled recent events.


"No, no, no, a thousand times no, my dear Emma. Vampire's do not exist, have never existed, nor will they ever. They are entirely in the imagination of that Irish writer, Stoker. He published that horrid book after I ended up in the future. A weighty tome and no mistake. By the way, remind me to tell you of a wonderful weekend your great-grandmother and I spent with Oscar Wilde's niece. It involved a leather dildo and a family sized jar of petroleum jelly."

Scarlett sat back in her favourite chair and took a long drag on a black cigarette.

"Yuk!" Exclaimed a disgusted Emma Watson.


"Gross! Indecent."

"Yes, it was rather." Holmes gave Emma a wry smile.

"Anyway, maybe this vampire isn't a dead ghoul, but a living person with a sick habit of drinking blood."

"You are right, Emma. Read that last part of the e-mail once more."

Holmes referred to the recent message from none other than Inspector Adele Lester of New Scotland Yard. She had forwarded what could only be described as
a distinct cry for help from a worried Robert Ferguson from Horsham in the county of Sussex.

"Dear Miss Holmes. I am writing on behalf of Robert Ferguson, a renowned banker and family friend, who insists his Spanish wife of five years watches over his sleeping form night after night as if she were in some form of trance. He would wake on occasion with her literally nibbling on his neck. The last straw was just three days ago when he awoke at two in the morning to discover his own blood on his wife's lips. He held his hand to his neck to find two tiny puncture wounds, still wet from bleeding."

"It's pure lunacy."

Emma paused at the interruption from Holmes and then continued.

"The wife is now confined to a room in their house, awaiting his action in dealing with the odd affair. He knows little of vampirism and wonders if you could use your great powers of deduction in aiding the distraught fellow. Yours, Inspector Lester."

Holmes shook her head and looked at Emma thoughtfully.

"Ah, dear Adele. Haven't heard from her since that ghastly occurrence involving that satanic cult known as the Church of Lucifer. The High Priest, Mephisto, is still at large I gather."

(See Chapter Four)

"Are you going to investigate?"

Scarlett stubbed out her smoke and got up to stand by the window to look down on the River Thames which was at high tide.

"The case has some intrigue, but not much. There is an unfortunate lull at present, and I do have fond memories of the bodacious Adele."

The blonde detective remembered the hot orgy they had all taken part in at Lord Buckley's manor.

"Tell the Inspector I shall give the case my undivided attention. You'll come of course."

"I don't think so. Leo and I were planning a romantic weekend together."

"Then bring Beau, er, Leo also. We shall find a welcome bed and breakfast accommodation and make it an entertaining getaway. Sussex has a certain charm as I recall."

"Hmm. Maybe. But you must promise not to tell him what I...you...we've got up to lately. I'm still loyal to him despite all the...sex that always seems to come about in all your cases."

"Agreed. I shall take the train from Victoria Station, and you and he can drive down. Yes?"

Emma narrowed her eyes and gave her a look of mistrust, then relented.



Emma's Point of View.

"Keep you eye on the road, can you?"

"Yes, yes!"

I regained control of the mini hatch, just missing the petrified squirrel that leapt in front of me. I admit I'm not the best driver in the world, but I've never had a crash in my life. I've SEEN dozens in my rear view mirror but never stopped to linger.
Leo and I were close to Horsham now where we were to meet Scarlett the very next day. That meant Beau and myself could have a nice supper together, followed by an even nicer lie in.
I stole a sideways glance at my latest boyfriend and then hit the brakes as I accidently mounted the pavement.


"Sorry, sorry. It's just that you look so rugged in that suit, I lost concentration."

Leo was undoubtedly the most handsome of all the guys I had dated so far. Black hair, blue eyes, and a scrummy body I had constantly molested every chance I had. He was like an animal in bed, and had a wanton and sensual habit of biting me as we fucked. That always had the effect of getting me off, although it meant I had taken to wearing high collars to hide the resulting love bites.
I looked at his intense gaze and swallowed hard as he flashed his adorable long lashes. Why do guys always have long lashes?

"There it is. Brambles Cottage."

I took a hard left, sending Leo crashing into the passenger door window as I drove up the gravel entrance to the delightful place. I slammed on the brakes and Leo's face almost met the windscreen.

"Here," Scarlett had declared. "Brambles Cottage. A perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Comfortable beds, sleeps six, and has a surrounding silence that will guarantee a good nights sleep. I shall book two rooms."

"Just who is this Holmes woman, anyway?"

"Scarlett is probably the finest private detective ever"

"She seems to have crept into your life in more ways than one."

"What do you mean?"

"I'm sure she mentally undresses us whenever we're in the same room. She's a voyeur."

"You're just imagining things."

"Oh, yeah? Just last week when you closed the drapes she was definitely checking out your backside."

"Really? My bum?"

I patted myself on the back. Those gym classes were really paying off as my midriff and bottom toned up nicely.
He took our overnight bags from the car and we met the charming owner, Mrs. Smith. The detached single storey place was said to have once been a poacher's cottage, and had an old wood burning stove in the main room.
The sixty year old led us to our room upstairs which had an en-suite shower room and toilet.
We deposited our luggage and thought about our meal.

"Let's eat."

Mrs. Smith directed us to a nearby pub, the Duke of Sussex, where we had a fortifying meal of battered haddock with triple cooked chips and crushed minted peas. Leo constantly played footsie under the table and I wanted nothing more than to tear off his clothes and have my way with him. I squeezed my thighs together and wished he had his fingers down there, deep inside my throbbing pussy.

"Hello, dears. Have a nice dinner?"

"Thanks, Mrs. Smith." I gushed.

"Good night, Mrs. Smith." Waved Leo.

Back at the cottage we raced up the stairs and shut the door behind us.
The air in the room was particularly cool and the bed lined smelled delightfully fresh as we quickly undressed and threw our clothes onto the carpet.

I drank in the superb form of the lean man before me with his lengthy dick gradually becoming erect and rock hard.
I raked my fingers in his thick hair as Leo bent forward and took my stiff left nipple between his hard teeth and bit down on it softly. I moaned and thrust my body to his and my hair fell back as I held him in both arms.
He used his warm palms to shape out my tits as he bit firmly on my other nipple.

"I love your tits."

"Thanks." I muttered as his flitting tongue painted my flesh with increasing pressure.

His naked body felt hot and solid and in a trice I was a quivering mess.
We tumbled onto the double bed as he devoured my slender frame with dozens and dozens of butterfly kisses.
His hands dragged across my upper thighs with teasing and languid strokes that soon had my pussy tingling with my arousal.
Leo widened my legs as he gyrated on top of me and he kissed me passionately on the mouth for so long I had to tap him on the head to indicate I needed air.

"You're so fucking gorgeous."

"Thanks again. You're not so bad yourself. Yikes!"

Leo went on his knees and hooked my legs up on his shoulders and licked up both of my inner thighs in turn. With my hips off of the bed I was slightly dizzy as he moved closer and closer to my moistness.
The sweet contact of his lips vibrated through my loins and my legs felt weak as he slid his middle digit inside me.

"Oh, Beau!"

My body rolled into him as my juices wetted the palm of his hand as he finger fucked me. His rhythm plus my restless hunger for sex took a firm hold and countless pleasure spikes rushed through me.
Then his face lowered and I thrilled to that touch of his tongue on my mound. He licked me all around and my hips beat a tattoo on the bed as I thrust up into his drooling mouth.

"Like that, yes, yes!"

Leo had a way orally that I loved. Softening his tongue and lapping at my pussy, and then pointing just the tip over my clit, taking me to the heights of ecstasy.
His thumbs dug into that soft area where my thighs met my loins as he licked up and down my weeping slit until my fluids trickled out and down the crevice between my buttocks.

"So wet. I need it. I need it."

"I want it, I want it." I croaked back as he buried his face in the crook of my neck and surged in with his tightening thighs.

He filled me with that single push and I eagerly moved beneath him, urging him to fuck me.
His hips drew back as he started to move in and out of my sizzling hot cunt. His cock felt wonderful as it shunted through me with his entire length. I welcomed every inward lunge and my fingers curled up in the sheets as we bounced on the fresh scented bed.
My initial whimpers soon changed into deep moans as he drove deep inside my muff. His thrusts were as if in slow motion as he pulled back almost all of the way out only to hammer home again hard.


He arched back then and pulled out all the way and slapped my loins with his shining club of a cock.
I went up on my elbows and gawped at his generous length in awe. Did that thing really go inside me all the way?

"That, is by far the biggest cock I've ever seen." I said as his long organ sat on my belly and wetted it.

"And your pussy is the tightest, hottest thing I ever fucked."

He slid back in me and put my feet next to my head and drove into me with a renewed vigour.
He took the air from my lungs and moisture broke out all over me as his balls smashed against my upturned ass.
I loved every second as he pounded me into the bed, and my breath came in short gasps as he fucked me deeper and deeper.

"Beau. How?"

How did he have the stamina to power fuck me to the bed was my unasked question as I held onto him as if my life depended on it.
He made that fantastic thrust up where he made his shaft scrape on the upper walls of my cunt, making me scream out in delight.
His hot breath on my tits made my pulse race as he fucked me with the intensity of a frenzied, animal I guess.

"Fuck me, hard"

My hands slid up his heated flanks as I hugged him close.
He lifted my right leg and wrapped it around his hip as we arched into each other.
Then he surprised me again by turning us over so that I was now on top of him.

"You, fuck me."

I brushed my lank hair back as I shifted on his cock and dug my knees in on either side of his body.
I felt my lids flutter as I moved on his masculine body, my pussy dripping on him in my heated state.
I pushed down, squirmed on his log, and then lifted up with a pelvic thrust.
I jerked and writhed as I humped him quickly.
My entire naked body shook in my frenzied lust for him as my pussy coated him with my flowing juices.


Leo held onto my slim waist as he took control and moved me up and down on his rigid pole. I rode him with relish, grinding my lower body on his groin so as to rub my clit on him. I savoured every pulse, every throb of his cock inside me as my climax built and built. I fell across his damp torso as he literally fucked himself with my lightweight frame.
My hips rocked from side to side to increase that perfect friction that only riding a hard man provides.

"Fucking brilliant!"

Engulfed in my own longing I bucked to and fro as my lover used his fingertips to circle my sensitive nipples.
Leo was inside me balls deep and I must admit I lost all my composure when he pushed on my clit with his thumb.

"Fuck me! Fuck me! Oh, I'm fucking coming!"

My strokes slowed up as I clawed at his chest and came all over his pulsating cock.
My cum moistened his thighs and in my climactic throes of pleasure my nails bit into the flesh of his abdomen.
We both remained still as we kissed long and hard, my inflamed body melting into his. His cock was still buried inside me, and I sighed as I inched along his length and squeezed him with my cunt.

"Suck it."

"What?" I murmured as I slid off him like a limp rag.

"Finish me off."

Still shaking, I looked at Leo as he laid back and held his cock straight up to the ceiling.
I relaxed my jaw and took his fat knob past my lips and clamped them shut. I salivated on the taste of myself on his bell end and I smiled on his dick as I slowly sank down his thick veined shaft.
I cupped his big balls as I suckled on his flared crown for several moments before gliding down again to his root.

"Fuck. Em-Em! You're killing me!"

I repeated this, knowing it would drive him crazy enough to cum any second.
He began to hump up and face fuck me, plunging his shaft halfway down my throat. I made loud gagging and strangled coughs just as he liked to hear.
I angled my head to see him looking down at me with those eyes as blue as the ocean and I felt another sweet spasm in my pussy.
He fingered my hair as he lifted his hips and powered upward as he sought his blessed release.
I hollowed out my cheeks and applied a certain suction that made Leo's body tense.


Leo ejaculated and I nearly swooned as his wonderful throbbing organ spurted in my mouth several times. A volley of thick cum drenched the back of my throat, and I lovingly guzzled it all down.
He panted heavily and then pulled out of my mouth, leaving a milky mess on my lips and chin.

"You came a lot this time, Beau."

"Must be the country air or something."

We laid back in the bed and rested for a while before I took a welcome shower. Leo did his usual gargling routine with a glass of water from the bathroom sink.
We drifted off into sleep until I was rudely awakened by Leo biting me on the neck.

"Beau! Beau! Stop! I'm bleeding!"

I slapped him across the face twice as he looked at me as if in some sort of trance.

"Blood. We need your blood!"

"What? My neck hurts!"

I felt two definite marks with my fingers and felt wet blood on them.
Leo looked at me with unbelieving eyes as he saw what he had done.

"Emma, my darling. I don't know what came over me."

"Just. Just forget it."

I turned over in bed and laid awake until at least five when my eyes finally closed.


Scarlett's Point of View.

I woke up in the pretty bedroom of the Brambles Cottage and cursed the countryside. Give me smoke, grime, noise, and the teeming streets of London any day. I stretched and got out of the bed and padded naked to look out of the window. I always sleep in the altogether and made no concession to this borrowed accommodation. There came a timid knock on the door and I bade good morning to Mrs. Smith. The elderly lady baulked at the sight of my unabashed nudity but I made no attempt tp cover my modesty.

"Ah, Mrs. Smith. You may take my order for breakfast. Two kippers, whole wheat toast with orange marmalade, and lapsang souchong tea. That will be all."

"I shall see what I can rustle up."

After she had left I showered and dressed for the day. My pitiful attempt at sleep had also been marred by another dream of myself hurtling into the Reichenbach Falls after my skirmish with Professor Moriarty, the result of which I miraculously found myself in the year 2019. I recalled the free falling tumble over and over into the misty waters below the Falls. I had managed to reorient myself and had found myself in some hellish future that reeked of motor oil and litter. Dear Emma had soothed my perplexed mind and I was staggered to find out she was the spitting image of her great-grandmother, Doctor Watson.

"How I miss you, Doctor."

I went down to the dining room and saw that Emma and Leo were already up and eating.

"Good morning to you both."

"Holmes! I expected you to arrive today."

I sat and curled my lip as Smith plonked a plate of dried up fish in front of me and a cup with a tea bag soaking in lukewarm water.

"Forego the toast. I shudder to think what it may look like."

"As you wish."

I sat back and wished that I could light up. Emma seemed a tad subdued as I used my perceptive devices.
Emma had again put on a high neck sweater to hide her love marks but this time I perceived two tiny wounds on the right side of her neck close to the collarbone. A little too much passion I think, Mister Leo. He, in turn, toyed with his breakfast of devilled kidneys in an unattached way which indicated a domestic squabble of some sort. I took a mental note of his healthy white teeth and pronounced incisors.

"So, what have you been up to?"

'Well, for a start, I can't wait to get back to the city. This deafening silence is playing on my nerves. By the way, my room is next to yours. Such thin walls, don't you think?"

Emma, bless her, blushed as I cheekily made the assumption that I had overheard their love making.

"See?" Whispered Leo to his lover.

"I arrived in Horsham yesterday at three and immediately made my way to the home of Ferguson. I interviewed him and ascertained that his household consists of his wife, now sickly, a cook, a servant girl, a general repairman, and a stable hand. Ferguson keeps two horses. Ferguson is at his wits end and is at a total loss to explain his wife's odd behaviour. From his evidence it does appear to be some sort of blood frenzy on her part, only evident in this past week."

I got up from the breakfast table and indicated for them to go outside so that I could light up.

"As I spoke to Ferguson I saw that the family dog, a King Charles Spaniel, was looking distinctly fearsome as he drank from his water bowl. His mournful eyes passed from one of us to the other in a manner that was not friendly. Before he could pounce, Conan, the handyman came and took the pet outside to be put in a cage. The fellow did give me an unneeded glare as he heard my name announced. As if in recognition."

"You think there may be a link between the wife and the dog?"

"I have the need for more data, but yes I do think so. Having spoken to the cook and the others in the house I drew attention to Ferguson of the curious incident of the said dog in the night time of his wife's attack. But, said Ferguson, the dog did nothing in the night. That, I replied was the curious incident."

"Is there any point to all this bollocks?" Asked Leo.

"Yes, my dear fellow. By the way, did you drink the water in the bathroom?"

"I did."

"And did you enjoy your bloody kidneys?"

"What is all this about?"

"I shall explain all later. I fancied that the chap who looks after the horses may know a thing or two about the inhabitants of the house and so I attempted to have a discreet word with him in the stables. Porky Johnson is his name."

"Porky?" Wondered Emma. "Is he fat?"

"No. Anyway, he was most reluctant to talk, even turning down a monetary bribe. So, naturally I gave him a blowjob instead."

"Oh, naturally!" Scoffed dear Emma.

"His name is more than apt by the way, as his cock was rather big and fat. AND he came like a pistol. It was all I could do to swallow it all up."

"Oh, for fuck sake!" Moaned Leo, and I spread my hands apologetically.

"Needs must, my dear fellow. I have some reservations about the one called Conan. Porky tells me he is recently arrived in the house and is ex-military. Some position in the medical section. I have arranged for everybody there to have their blood taken. You, Emma, I would like to collect the results this afternoon. And have your own blood taken as well."

'Where are you going?"

"I plan to disguise myself and follow Conan as he goes about his daily chores. Catch you later."


I went back to my room and donned my latest purchase. A red wig with the hair in loose curls that fell the shoulder. I dressed in a jacket and slacks and ventured out by the Ferguson abode. Sure enough, Conan emerged soon after lunch and I followed him at a certain distance, confident that my wig would suffice in keeping my true identity secret. It's astonishing that such a simple device always works a charm.

"Men are so gullible."

He headed out to the outskirts of the small village and I congratulated myself when he stopped at a dug well, as I suspected he might. It had a small diameter pipe sitting in a small expanse of gravel. Conan bent down and fiddled with the detachable top and administered some contents of an envelope he produced from his pocket. Presumably some toxin that that he had brought.

This had been my suspicion all along. The reason the dog did not react when Mrs. Ferguson had her brain fever was because Conan was known to it. I had surmised from the dog's reaction after drinking water, not to mention Leo's odd behaviour, that the drinking water was tainted. This was not vampirism, but a more sinister and human misdeed. The why and how was soon to be unveiled.

"Afternoon, Sister."

"Conan. Is it done?"


From my hidden spot by a small hedge I could see and hear everything.
It was none other than Sister Sek, wife of the satanic leader of the Church of Lucifer. Things began to be crystal clear.

"Good. The plan is working." She said to her co-conspirator. "Once we contaminate the entire town's supply of fresh water with our special synthetic venom, those more unfortunate wretches will be consumed by a blood lust that shall know no bounds."

An imposed blood lust? How fiendish. No doubt meant to cause death and mayhem all in the name of the Prince of Darkness. Now I needed the results of the blood tests from Emma, and then I planned another visit to the well after dark for physical evidence. The game was afoot!


Emma's Point of View.

Scarlett had been correct in her presumed assumption that the key to the problem was in the types of blood groups. Leo was the rarer type AB. As was Mrs. Ferguson. Their weaker type must mean they were susceptible to whatever was causing the strange neck biting. I was worried about Beau as we drove back from the nearby clinic. He seemed troubled, or pissed off, or both. What Scarlett had said about pleasuring the stable hand stayed with me as I had an idea.

"What are you doing?"

I grinned wickedly as I took a turn onto a secluded and quiet side road and turned off the engine. The sun was low in the sky and the light flickered through the branches of the trees and played exciting shadows on Beau's face. I put my hair back in a ponytail and undid my blouse all the way.

"Come here, handsome."

We kissed as I leaned across to the passenger seat and at the same time I tried to tug down the fly of his trousers.
It was pretty cramped in the front and so he slid his seat back with the handle and lifted his hips up off of his seat.
I eagerly opened his belt and we both pulled his pants down to his knees.
His dick was already at half mast and stiffening all the time as I jerked his thick shaft rapidly.

"So very hard." I observed as per usual.

It felt warm outside the car but the interior was even hotter!
I licked all the way down the underside of his huge shaft and then back up the swollen helmet, which I carefully avoided in order to make him even more agitated.
I used my tongue to swirl all around that strip of skin just below the glans, and Beau squirmed on his seat.

"You drive me crazy."


As his cock throbbed and twitched all by itself I rubbed his scrotum and pushed my feet back into the well of the passenger seat. I took his left nut into my mouth and salivated on it with audible humming noises. It was the perfect fit and I rolled it as I grabbed his other ball. I switched and repeated the same thing as his erection kept bouncing off of my left cheek. I playfully smacked it and giggled as it swayed from right to left.


"Em, you're nuts!"

"No," I replied. "YOUR nuts!"

I caressed his ball sack and finally sucked in his bell end and tightened my lips around that huge head.
As he moaned and snapped his head back I took in more of his hot cock, letting it slide up to the roof of my mouth. I loved that wicked sensation and my nipples hardened as Beau dragged my top down from my shoulders so that I was effectively topless.


I felt for him and little by little I slid down his solid shaft, inhaling deeply and sending delicious vibrations down to his root. I ran my tongue along that blissful blue vein that pulsed down one side and he swelled even more. I bobbed my head back and forth as I gripped the base of his formidable hose and sucked on the top five inches of his adorable manhood. My spit spluttered from my overworked lips and the result was a lewd slurping sound that had Beau anxiously fingering my hair.
As he moved in and out he poked out my cheek making it balloon obscenely.


He crammed my head downwards as he thrust up in urgent lunges that sent his knob to the back of my throat. I dug my nails into his thighs and relaxed my throat in order to take in his entire length. I slowly devoured his spike and held him deep inside before gradually lifting up until I just had his head between my wet lips. My nostrils snorted most unladylike as I sank down again, gurgling as I reached his pubes with my nose. Beau gritted his teeth as mine scraped his rigid pole as I retreated.

"OOF!" I coughed and my slobber ran down my chin.

A string of saliva kept my lips still connected to Beau's glistening tip and the rays of the sinking sun shone on it in the most erotic fashion. I desperately wanted to touch myself there but this was all about Beau.

"Cum on my tits, lover."

He grunted and wanked himself to a climax, erupting all the way from my chest to my neck. I pushed my tits together as he spewed out in several spurts and in a trice my boobs were covered in the white goo. I looked at his face as I rubbed the warm and wet cum into my lily white skin. He finished off by tit slapping me until every last drop had been transferred from his dick to my heaving chest.


We both started as Scarlett tapped on the windscreen with a big wave hello.

"It's the Holmes bitch!" Yelled Beau as he frantically tried to draw up his pants over his semi hard cock. With not much success I might add. "I told you, she's a fucking pervert!"

"I was just wondering if you had the results of the blood tests?"

I buttoned up my blouse, unfortunately dampening the front.

"Yes, yes. We'll meet up at the cottage. Go, go!"

An hour later, after we had eaten dinner, Holmes and myself met in her room.

"It seems that pathetic brotherhood have reconvened for more mischief."

"The blood group, AB, is the rarest type and has both A and B antigens but no antibodies."

"Right. And Mrs. Ferguson, Conan, and Leo are AB?"

"Yes. You and I are O."

"This is indeed an ungodly affair. We shall help the Inspector by supplying evidence this very night. I shall go back to the well and see what I can find."


"I think it's for the best. There may be danger."

to be continued. Next time, enter Vampirella.



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Re: The New Adventures of Scarlett Holmes
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Chapter Seven, part two of The Adventure of the Naked Sussex Vampire.

Featuring Megan Fox as Vampirella. I'm using the original Warren years version of Vampi. I do not claim to own the copyright to comic book characters, Vampirella and Lady Death. This is just a parody of those for no profit.

Scarlett Holmes waited until the hour of eleven before deciding to visit the well again. In order to blend in with the darkness of the night, the blonde detective had once again donned her red wig. The stylish hairpiece had long sides and was swept back from the forehead.

Thanks to yet another shopping spree at her current favourite store, Ann Summers Sex Shop, she had purchased a full body jumpsuit in black with built in elbow and knee pads. The made for comfort, yet durable costume, was skintight with one big zipper closure in front that ran from collarbone to midriff. She wore two belts, one round her waist, the other was slung low about her hips and had several pouches. On her hands she had slipped on stretch to fit gloves in 100% polyester. Her rugged combat boots fit snugly and had a workable one inch heel and textured lug soles.

The feel of the excitement and the thrill of the chase heightened to a palpable thump in her chest. They were feelings she had become used to after so many like cases in the past. Her bright green eyes flitted over the secluded area and she focused on the well she had seen earlier. In a half crouch she inched towards it, keeping her eyes peeled for others.

"Softly, softly."

Without so much as a hint of a footstep she took care to keep to any shadows made by the light of distant houses. Satisfied she was alone she retrieved a small packet from the pouch on her belt and opened the cap of the well pump. With a clear head and total concentration she used a specimen tube to collect a sample of the suspected contaminated drinking water.

Her inductive reasoning had given her sufficient justification to believe that the sacrilegious devil worshippers of the Church of Lucifer had administered a toxin designed to give those of a certain blood group a powerless hunger for drinking the blood of others. An induced vampirism in fact, not that Holmes believed in such nonsense herself.


The night air was reasonably mild and she unzipped the front of her costume a bit more, allowing her hefty bosom to thrust out from the confines.
Despite the moonless night sky her keen eye was able to make out the hard brown trees and green leaves that blew softly in the light breeze. Scarlett stood perfectly still and suppressed her breathing as she fancied she heard a faint rustling in the nearby woods.


She crouched low as she heard a definite sound in the darkness.
Every fibre of her curvaceous body was alert as she strained her ears.
Frozen to the spot, Scarlett was confronted by the sight of a man, silhouetted against the biggest tree. His back was to her and his pants were by his ankles. His hips rocked back and forth and shallow breaths escaped his lips.

Scarlett crept as close as she dared, and from a new angle saw the bent figure of a naked woman in front of the half naked man and with her head down low.
It was none other than Sister Sek, wife of brotherhood's High Priest, giving the Ferguson house handyman Conan a blowjob.

"Good lord!"

The athletic Conan was perhaps twenty years younger than the more mature female but this did not deter him from thrusting up into the roof of her mouth with his fat cock.
The sight of his taut ass cheeks making two gorgeous dimples and the light sheen of perspiration that ran down his butt crack moved Scarlett to visibly lust over the ex-soldier.
Her right glove pressed the front of her jumpsuit as she became lost in the heat of the moment.


Conan grabbed onto Sek's head with both hands and vigorously face fucked the moaning woman. She tapped on his left thigh and he paused to let her suck in much needed air.

The horny Scarlett took a good look at Conan's dick which was oversized and sporting a big round head. Sek resumed blowing him until he erupted with a howl.
The middle aged female gulped loudly as he came in her mouth, and thick drops ran out of her pursed lips as she gurgled and dribbled on his bell end.
Scarlett would have liked nothing more than to drag the front of her jumpsuit down so that she could rub her moist pussy, but knew that this was not the time nor place.

"Move, and you're dead."

Scarlett felt a hard object press into her spine and guessed it to be the business end of a loaded pistol.
Without turning the cool detective spoke in a confidant and self assured manner.

"High Priest Mephisto. It has been a while hasn't it? Still in the Satan worshipping game I perceive."

The gun in her back pressed even harder in her back and her breasts thrust the top of her outfit to near bursting.

"Turn around, slowly."

She did as asked and put her hands up at the sight of the Glock 9mm. pistol aimed at her belly.
Behind her, the half naked Conan ripped her auburn wig off and handed it to High Priest Mephisto.

"Scarlett Holmes. We meet again, under awkward circumstances I might add."

The middle aged Satanist let his eyes linger on Scarlett whose costume hugged her tightly, accentuating her full bosom, trim waist, and rounded buttocks.

"Quite. The games up, you pathetic fool. Whatever ludicrous plot you have in your tiny mind has been discovered."

Mephisto tossed her wig on the ground and put his hand around Scarlett's pale throat and squeezed imperceptibly as she looked down her nose at him.

"You're making a big mistake, my dear fellow." Said Holmes with a mix of unease and bravado in her honey hued voice.

"Is that so? Not from where I'm standing." Mephisto replied in a menacing voice.

"Yes, you've figured out that I've tampered with the local drinking water in order to create rudimentary blood fiends. Now the experiment has been a success we aim to infect the entire country. And once again our brotherhood will rise, seeking to appease the Prince of Darkness."

Scarlett looked at the other two, Sek and Conan, and scoffed.

"So. Just two at the moment, hmm? Are the entry fees to large?"

Mephisto growled in anger, and then gave a low chuckle.

"I like your style, Holmes. Now, be sensible and do exactly what we ask. First of all would you be so kind as to put your hands behind your back."

Scarlett made one bold move before it was too late but she was surrounded by all three of them. Conan gave her a wide open stare and granted him his much more powerful physique.

"Very well."

As Scarlett acquiesced and crossed her wrists, Conan grabbed her jumpsuit at the shoulders and tugged the entire top half down to her waist belt which pinioned her arms in a stiff position at her back.
Her big boobs sprang out and bounced on her chest as Conan placed her hands palm to palm and quickly wound a piece of thin cord twice around her wrists.
Thus tied, the famed detective was effectively robbed of any immediate reprisal against her captors.

"Back to the house."

Scarlett was frog marched to the Ferguson residence where it had all started with Robert Ferguson's wife reacting to the toxin which corrupted her AB type blood group.
The blonde detective was thankful for her gloves which gave some respite against the tight binds around her wrists.
They took a side swerve to the adjoining garage which housed farm equipment and the like and entered. The only light came from two halogen lamps on either side.

"Secure her to that." Said Mephisto pointing a large object in the corner.

Holmes saw a particularly large agricultural tractor tyre with a height of fifty inches, and a rim diameter of 30 inches.
With strong hands, Conan ripped the skintight jumpsuit from Scarlett's voluptuous form until it hung in ruined tatters at her boots.

She was naked beneath the costume and her beguiling body was thus exposed for all to see.
Her boots and gloves were yanked off by a grinning Sister Sek as Conan tied Scarlett's wrists and ankles to the rim of the thick synthetic rubber tyre.

"Are you serious?"

She was made to lean back against the hard tread so that her spine sloped down on the rubber at a back straining thirty degree angle. Her legs were so secured that they were tied three feet apart.
Due to this undignified position her bared mons was made to push out and up, displaying the enticing pink interior of her vulva.
The cords bit into her ankles as she fought for some semblance of comfort.

"I fail to see what can be achieved by all this."

The three protagonists looked over her struggling naked form but she had to admit that she was helpless.
The very air of the garage radiated with a noticeable menace as she craned her head to look at the three Satanists strip off. Despite having just cum a bucket down Sek's throat, Conan had a raging hard on, and made no attempt to hide his lust for her body. There was little doubt in her mind of what he was capable of as she sized him up, and she felt the heat from her own loins.

"You have an undoubtedly desirable body, Holmes. We intend to have our way with you, and as the witching hour is almost upon us, we shall extinguish you as we would snuff out a candle. A suitable sacrifice to the unholy one."

Scarlett fidgeted on the tyre and her vulnerable naked form glistened from a mix of moisture and perspiration. From the corner of her eye she saw Conan jerk his boner in his fist as his eager eyes devoured her tasty curves. Mephisto may have been in his fifties, but his erection was as hard and thick like a younger man. Sister Sek was all wobbling boobs and ass, with more than one belly fold of skin.

And yet it was the loathsome Sek who touched her body first, her hands moving up her sides until they reached her breasts. Her palms encircled each of her bountiful boobs and thumbed the erect nipples that resembled two pebbles. With her hands firmly bound, Scarlett endured the fondling and teasing with a certain patience. Sek pouted and then sucked in the blonde's left nipple and used her tongue to slobber all over her areola.

"Mn, mn, mn, mn!" Garbled Sek as she drew in the nipple into her dribbling mouth.

"Yuk!" Proclaimed Scarlett, remembering her close companion, Emma Watson's use of the term.

Scarlett felt the moisture on the pubic hair on her pussy increase as her tits were wetted and smeared with spit. Then Sek bit hard into the fleshy part of her left globe and drew blood from two tiny punctures.

"You sick bitch!" Cried Holmes as Sek stepped back and spread her hands.

Scarlett remained resolute in the face of her enemy, but was surprised at the perceptible increase of her arousal. Mephisto acted next and slid his hand across her undulating belly down to her mound of Venus. A muted sob came from her lips his hand sawed back and forth along her dampening pussy. Her large boobs heaved up and down, the nipples still displaying Sek's spit, and the bite mark from the woman's sharp teeth.

"Good heavens!"

Scarlett reacted to the breath of air Mephisto blew on her snatch and shuddered even more as he blew up and down her unguarded muff. He brought his hands under her buttocks and clamped his mouth onto her hot box. The bound blonde gasped as he began to swipe up her slit from anus to clit with disgusting groans of sordid lust.


"Correct." He grinned proudly as he nibbled on the fleshy folds of her outer labia.

Scarlett tried to look down her own body, but was hampered by the cords that held her body in such an awkward posture. There was eating pussy, and EATING pussy, but this was ridiculous. The High Priest dragged his teeth along her sensitive folds and Scarlett flitted from pleasure to pain and back again. Then he flattened his tongue and licked firmly on her clitoris that peeked out of the tiny hood. Her juices flowed as he devoured her slippery sex, coating his chin in the process. He alternated between biting her mound harshly, then tongue fucking her with persistent stabs as if it were a small cock.

"Keep a cool head, keep a cool head," she told herself, lest succumb to the acute stimulation that threatened to send her into a humiliating orgasm.

"She liked that, the whore. You next, Conan."

The muscular Conan stepped into Scarlett's view and she got a good look at his erection which was long, circumcised, and pulsed with thick veins. She was suddenly aware of the chill of the night air as the hour neared midnight. Conan gripped her upper thighs and squeezed.


Again, surprise seized her as the bastard pussy slapped her a number of times. Her head snapped back into the rubber tread of the tyre as sharp slaps rained down fully on her mons. Panic set in as Conan stepped between her splayed legs and rubbed the bloated head of his fat dick back and forth across her plump pussy lips. As his glans swiped her opening, her juiced up cunt bathed it until it shone in the light of the garage.

"So fucking wet. Brace yourself, slut. This will be your last ever fuck."

Scarlett stared him down as her pussy was obscenely parted by his monstrous helmet and the huge tip pressed in. Her hips were gripped in his strong mitts as he made ready to penetrate her fully. She felt, rather than saw, his throbbing member slide up inside her. Slow. Agonisingly slow. Inch by fat inch.

Scarlett breathed in though her mouth as Conan raised himself up on his toes and pushed all the way in. In that moment everyone in the garage suddenly felt another personality present.

Scarlett looked at the entrance to the garage as the door opened to let in the starlit night lighten the dim interior. There was someone there in the doorway. A tall, raven haired female moved silently across the dust and leaves on the floor and stood with hands in hips and chin tilted up. Instead of fear, the blonde beauty felt a genuine relief.

"That will be enough. Move no further."

Conan turned his head and left his dick remain buried in her moistened slit.

"Fear not, blondie. I am here to help you." Scarlett thought her voice almost resembled a purr as she nodded back.

At first the slender female seemed to be naked, lest for her shiny black boots, but as Scarlett focused her eyes in the eerie glow, she saw that the woman was actually dressed. Well, for want of a better word that is, as, in a red full body thong with a high white collar.

"Who the fucking hell are you?" Yelled Mephisto at the unexpected intrusion.

"I am known as Vampirella, you repellent little worm."

Scarlett's eyes went wide at the sight of the unearthly raven haired creature who flung her black cape back with a flourish. On closer examination her costume consisted of a barely there red sling with the front virtually non existent, showing off her midriff and navel. Her proud bosom thrust out from the top of the outfit where two extremely thin straps were met by a gold collar attached to her white collar. The red sides of the body thong tapered inward where it ended by just covering her crotch. Her bare legs were slim and long and she wore a pair of black spike heeled boots with a severe pointed toe.

"Vampirella?" Declared Scarlett, somewhat puzzled.

The five foot eight temptress had center parted midnight black hair that tumbled down her back to her tailbone. The dark tresses framed her oval pale face and highlighted her deeply sensual eyes. But the eye was inexorably drawn to the full lips of crimson with the protruding incisors on either side.

"Conan. Get the skinny naked witch!"

Conan had withdrawn from Scarlett as he approached the new intruder.

"Don't even think about it, cocky."

Vampirella threw out her right arm at the ripped man's bobbing organ that had drooped to half mast.

"And what are you going to do about it, tittie?"

Conan's dismissive sneer infuriated the raven haired one who charged straight at him, immediately rolling his beefy arms behind his back in a firm hammerlock.

"I'm more than a match for you, spawn of the devil!"

Sister Sek moved in and was sent flying by a well aimed kick to the crotch.


Vampi forced Conan's arm higher and pushed at the same time with her left boot in the small of his back.

"Damn...you!" Swore the former soldier as he thrashed and struggled and hit the ground face forwards.

"Too late, you no good excuse for a man. I'm already damned."

Despite all his strength, Conan faded quickly as Vampi fell on top of him and wrapped her lithe legs around his lower torso.
More and more the tall female ground down on his weakening body as he vainly tried to twist free, and she salivated and dribbled down her cleavage as she moved in for the kill.
Conan gagged in painful agony as his breath slowly but surely grew shallow. Vampi's pale figure radiated power as she pinned him beneath her.

"Oh my word! I was so wrong. So wrong. Vampire's DO exist!"

Scarlett wrenched her head up just as Conan screamed from a deep wound to his neck. A wound made by the near naked vampire's razor sharp fangs ripping the open the jugular vein. Blood flowed and stained her bared tits as Conan gurgled and expired on the spot.

"Is he dead?" Wondered Holmes.

"I sincerely hope so. Pity, he died in vein."

"Can you cut me loose?"

"One moment."

Vampirella stood over the prostate Sek and dug the heel of her right boot into her throat and pushed down, crushing her windpipe to bits.

"Here, allow me."

Holmes slowly rose up from the tyre as Vampi cut her binds with savage bites of her fangs. The impression of the rubber tread was evident along her bared spine as she rubbed her aching joints and flexed the muscles in her cramped limbs.

"Come, let us return to your room."

Holmes looked at the wracked body of Sister Sek, hunched over and lifeless, and saw that Mephisto had fled. She shuddered as Vampi threw her cape over her shoulders and realised she was freezing.

"Just who are you? Where do you come from?"

As they made their way through the darkness the two huddled together and stepped up their pace.

"I am known as Vampirella, and I am from the planet called Drakulon. My world has two suns, unlike this, and our rivers flow with blood. This is our sustenance, just as water is to you. Due to the scorching heat from the two suns our rivers are drying. Another race of beings came to Drakulon in order to rape our planet and take whatever essential elements they desired. My people were slaughtered by these other worlders, and to save myself I overpowered one of the crews of a spaceship and crash landed here.

"How extraordinary. You need blood to live?"

As Scarlett spoke, Vampi could smell the dried blood on her left boob and did her best to ignore it.

"I have found a source of plasma which keeps my thirst under control. This world is alien to me. I cannot venture out in daylight. I can never return to Drakulon now others have ravaged it and so I have decided to dedicate my time here to vanquishing those who would practice vampirism."

"Where is this vessel? Where do you live?"

Scarlett found all of this too incredible to digest as they arrived at Brambles Cottage, where she, Emma Watson and her boyfriend had rooms.

"Hush. No more questions. You in there! Open up!"

Three minutes later the owner of the house, Mrs. Smith turned on the porch light and opened the front door. She did a double take at the sight of the two near naked women.

"Bless me!"

"Step aside, old woman. This one needs care."

'It's up the stairs and on the left." Said Holmes.

Once inside the modest room Scarlett fell naked onto the bed as Vampi went to the bathroom to fetch a bowl of hot water.

"Let me clean you."

Vampirella was a creature of the flesh in every sense. Not only had she discovered on Earth that human beings veins flowed with rich red blood, but she had also welcomed the revelation that she actually had a healthy appetite for sex. Be it with a male or female.

When she appeared from the bathroom she had shed her skimpy costume and boots. Scarlett's gaze fell upon the tall woman's statuesque form with the big breasts and hard nipples that were rosy red against he alabaster skin. Scarlett lifted her weary body and swung her legs up but the black haired enchantress restrained her with a firm hand.


Scarlett laid back again and Vampi scrutinised her voluptuous figure with its luscious curves and full breasts. She laid a pale hand on the blonde's cheek which Scarlett covered with hers.

"Hold me."

Vampi laid on the bed and the two remarkable females looked at each other with a lingering stare before falling into a kiss.
The alien caressed Scarlett's body with amorous urgency, running her cool hands over her boobs and stomach.
Scarlett moaned in response as her tits were kissed and fondled in turn. Vampi lingered on the tiny wounds made by Sister Sek and she lapped up any of the dried blood that remained. As the fingers glided over her skin they left goosebumps due to that odd coolness of the woman's touch. She circled each areola one by one and then returned to take each erect pebble between her hard white teeth and teased them with muted hisses of pleasure.

"More," insisted Scarlett as her pussy dampened from the exquisite attention.

A darting tongue flicked out over her nipples and left trails of spit where her lips lingered.
As Scarlett writhed on her back, Vampi began to kiss down her front, all the while slender fingers massaged her hefty globes.
She kicked out her legs as a flattened tongue eventually arrived at her wet pussy.
Those same chill fingers now ran gently up her sensitive inner thighs and then in towards her nether holes.


Scarlett gasped as Vampi fanned her mound rapidly, parting the damp labia and uncovering the now erect clit.
Two digits found their way inside her slippery seam and moved in and out of her lubricated cunt. As she probed Scarlett, Vampi dived down and buried her face in the blonde detective's muff.
Giddy with excitement, Scarlett loved the intense delight of the lapping and licking that permeated through her loins.
Scarlett had her left leg hoisted up to give her lover easier access to her cunt which Vampi drooled over with copious amounts of saliva.
With her right leg quivering involuntarily, the curvy blonde was driven wild by the firm pressure of Vampi's hot red lips on her clit.

"Oh, yes!"

Vampirella doubled her efforts and nibbled on the swollen nub with extreme enthusiasm, spending a full minute on the full frontal attention, then pausing to observe Scarlett hump up from the bed in a desperate search for that tormenting mouth. Again and again Scarlett begged for more as her fists made bunches in the crumpled sheets and her backside slid back and forth in sheer ecstasy.

"So close, so...close."

Busy fingers fucked in and out of her sopping pussy with unbounded vigour at the same time her entire slit was swiped at.
Incredible bolts of carnal pleasure shot through her as busy fingers delved inside of her and Scarlett's hips shot up to meet those icy digits that pushed in ever deeper.


Vampirella's thumb somehow joined her tongue to double the the attention on her unhooded clit. Up and down, round and round, and even from side to side, her hypersensitive little bud was teased and rubbed until she screamed from an explosive orgasm.

Scarlett's body quaked from the sweet torment until she arched up off of the bed and he cunt squirted her cum juices into Vampi's face.
A sticky trail trickled down Scarlett's ass crack and puddled beneath her on the sheet.

"Not so tasty as blood, but a close second."

Scarlett's hair fell across her face, damp and tousled, and her flesh glowed from the relief of all the pent up anticipation of making love to the strange female.

"You are so bad!" Exclaimed the panting Holmes as she clamped her trembling thighs together in her post climactic bliss.

"Care to reciprocate?

Vampi used her wet fingers to sensuously rub up and down her moist beaver with the midnight black pubic hair.

"I should say so. Come here. Wait!

The air in the room suddenly chilled dramatically and the lights flickered and snuffed out.
The door opened and an astonishing vision in a scanty black costume floated in. Her wavy hair and skin were so pale as to seem a ghostly white.

"Where in hell did she come from?" Declared Scarlett as she leapt up from the bed.

"Your words are apt, Holmes. This vile and evil spectre does indeed reside in the realm of evil and suffering. Meet Lady Death. From the eternal regions of Hades no less."

"Vampirella." The wraith said in a voice that seemed not to be of this world. "We meet once more. And this time you shall breathe your last."

At an imposing five feet ten the silky haired apparition had long tresses that tumbled down to the tops of her stupendous breasts. Her 30GG boobs looked even bigger in proportion to her slender form. Her waist was almost non existent, and her stomach flat. Her outfit merely consisted of a black breast covering with thin straps that led down to her thong that had a high cut at upper thigh level. This was met by her thigh high wet look black boots.

"The Prince of Darkness has sent me from the very depths of hell to seek revenge. He is not best pleased to see you meddle in the affairs of his minions."

"Whenever you're ready, blasphemous witch!"

The imperturbable Vampi virtually spat out the challenge as she crouched in an attack stance.
Lady Death cooly slipped the shoulder straps down her ghostly pale body and stood naked and proud in just her high boots. Her huge rack rose and fell as she inhaled deeply through her nostrils, and her lips drew back as she hissed at the dark haired one.

"I like to fight in the raw. Bring it, you blood sucking cunt!"

Scarlett watched awestruck as the pair of unearthly, not to mention extremely alluring, females sized each other up. Both displayed every curve and feminine asset without shame. The fair haired one's over proportioned  boobs jiggled up and down as they circled the small room, each waiting for the other to make the first move. Vampi charged and the flaxen haired one side stepped the other and counter attacked Vampi from behind.
The being from Drakulon snarled as her arms were pulled up and a boot was shoved into her tailbone.


With all her strength Vampirella bent forward and Lady Death rose up and then spilled onto the carpet. She laid on her back and caught her breath, but Vampi was on her in a second, her long pins wrapped around her head. She wriggled up into a firm face sit, thereby choking the air from the evil one. Lady Death clawed and scratched in vain and her eyes rolled back in her head.
Scarlett wondered if the hell born creature could actually die, but Vampi seemed to know what she was doing.


Lady Death summoned all her strength, made a sudden jerk of her lower body and Vampi was tossed off with ease.
They both stood and Vampi shrieked as her tits were repeatedly smacked with two open palms.
She did the same back and the pair of rabid animals traded tit slaps with low throaty growls.
Then, they ran at each other with hands slapping and tits mashing together. The smack of big tit on big tit was quite loud as they rocked this way and that.
Vampi put her left leg behind the evil one's right and pushed in with her knee.
Lady Death hit the floor again but was back up in a blink of an eye.   
"You will die!"

"You first."

Both thrust out their racks, each heavy globe of flesh sporting rigid erect nipples, and threw themselves at the other.
They pressed back at each other and gripped the other by the arms, preventing any chance to swing punches. Instead they tit wrestled, lunging into each other at chest level as they dug their feet into the carpet.
Scarlett stood up and hovered closely as their hips undulated and their bared pussies bumped together.
The dark haired one pushed hard and managed to put the pale one back on her heels. Their nipples brushed together and unwelcome tingles assailed their loins.

"Your mammaries are no match for mine."

Lady Death ground her right heel in behind her and gained two inches on Vampi, her boobs squashing the others so much that their four tits appeared like two gigantic globes of oily flesh.     


As the unearthly ones fought, belly to belly, tit to tit, cunt to cunt, Holmes joined in and leapt onto the back of Lady Death.


The blonde was shrugged off with relative ease and the brave and determined detective nursed a cut lip.
Vampirella tried to ignore the sight and smell of the fresh blood that trickled from Scarlett's lip, but her concentration was lost.
They separated and Vamps came to Scarlett's aid and examined her face.

"Nothing broken. Go get the witch!"

Vampirella kissed Scarlett and licked the blood from her lip.

"For luck."

She held out her fingers as if they were claws and she and Lady Death collided and rolled over with their legs wrapped together. They fought ferociously, intertwined and covered in dirt and sweat.

Vampi's teeth gleamed as she bared her fangs and bit down hard on the pale skinned spectre. The muscles stood out on her white neck as her skin was ripped and torn in a blood curdling frenzy.
Lady Death screamed for a full minute as Vampi kept her fangs sunk in her neck without a break.
Then there came a terrible silence as Vampirella stood up, her captivating naked body half covered in blood and perspiration.

The apparition that was Lady Death shimmered and then vanished. Back to hell.
Flushed by her victory, Vampi looked over at Scarlett who seemed to have slumped against the bed.

"Holmes? Holmes! Holmes!"


"Holmes! Holmes!"

"Emma? Where am I?"

"Back in my flat. You were having some sort of nightmare."

"Back in London? How?"

Scarlett nursed her sore head and sat up in her chair.

"You hit the Scotch last night, celebrating winning your case."


"The vampire case. You were right about the tainted drinking water making certain people craving blood. Thanks to you, Inspector Lester has arrested those responsible for poisoning the well."     

"But, what about?"


"No matter."

Scarlett lit up a black cigarette and inhaled deeply as the dream of alien vixens and temptresses faded quickly.

ps, guest star, Rhian Sugden as Lady Death.

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