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Hayley Atwell - Christmas Cheer
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Hayley Atwell – Christmas Cheer

This story is entirely fictional and is in no way connected with the subject. This story contains adult material and is only suitable for people over the age of 18. If you are under 18 please stop reading now. All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living, dead, or undead, is purely coincidental. All characters portrayed in this story are over 18. Do not use this without my permission. (c) Copyright Viper_Noj 2002 onwards. Now, on with the story!

* * * * *

Hayley Atwell looked at herself in the mirror pouting and pushing her fantastic DD breasts together to make sure she looked like the fuckable treat she was aiming for.

She was making up to her new boyfriend, a 25 year old model who was full of energy and loved her gorgeous womanly curves. Hayley had just flown back into London, a day later than planned after having been pulled into a night out to party at the wrap of her latest filming project before Christmas and as a result she’d missed her flight home and opted to catch one the following day. She’d woken up hungover to a somewhat angry voicemail from her new boyfriend wanting to know what happened to her and why she’d never arrived when he expected. She hadn’t let him know, being too to caught up in going to a last minute party, and as a result wasn’t aware that he had actually arranged for them to have a surprise dinner with his parents. He was rather understandably upset when she didn’t turn up or return his calls, only to call with a weak apology the following day.

But now she was here, in his fancy flat in London, standing before the mirror in just red leather boots, ripped trashy fishnet tights and a Santa hat. She wanted to be his slutty Christmas treat and had dressed accordingly, her neat strip of pubic hair visible through the weave of the tights. She’d done her make-up hot and sexy for him, she knew what he liked and had make her eyes particularly dark and overdone with bright red lips. As a treat under her tights she’d also inserted a buttplug, knowing his desire to have anal sex with her though she’d so far refused him and only allowed some play with toys, not ready to take his pretty impressive cock up her ass. She couldn’t deny how it had made her shudder when she’d inserted the cool glass plug however, the sudden stretch and cold sensations tingling through her to make her pussy tingle and body shudder as she did.

She gave a final check to her magnificent double-Ds in the mirror, knowing he’d love them as he always did before she picked up her Santa robe and slid into it, concealing her magnificent curves as she pulled it around herself and tied the cord at her waist, accentuating her gorgeous figure. Sure she was ready and willing to give herself to him, necking a couple of shots of tequila quickly to steel her nerves, she sat down and waited for him. The characteristic sound of his key in the locks cut the air like a knife, jolting her from her quiet contemplation and sending her heart beating like mad.

* * *

Getting home from a final shoot before the Christmas break, he was frustrated but relieved after a long slow day taking photos from every angle. Hayley had been on his mind, her failure to arrive the previous night and pathetic apology for it grating on him, knowing he had to have it out with her whenever they got together. He knew his plan had been a surprise so she hadn’t known to be home for it but she was usually so punctual and kept her commitments. Aside from the night out she’d promised to fly home to him to start their Christmas and had flaked on that commitment if nothing else. It was frustrating as at the very least he’d hoped to fuck her hard and carnally enjoy their time together even if they got into a screaming row about her failure to show up the previous night. He sighed at the whole situation – hardly a cheerful way to start a Christmas break.

Turning his keys, he opened his apartment and went in, shutting the door and dropping his bag down, hanging his coat up with a stretch before noticing the lights were on already. He hadn’t been expected Hayley to get there before him, anticipating her arrival later on followed by a frustrating evening. Walking slowly to his front room, he was confronted by his curvy girlfriend sat waiting for him in her sexy Santa outfit, legs neatly together as she looked up at him with a smile.

“Hayley, hey,” he said a little taken aback, eyes drinking her in, the fishnets catching his eye as he let his gaze roam over her curves.

“Hey baby, you doing ok?” she asked, heart pumping as she put her plan into action.

“Yeah I’m alright, hope you are too,” he said, a little edge to it, suggesting perhaps he meant her hangover.

“I’m doing good, now I’m here,” she said.

“Finally yes, are we gonna talk about that?” he asked, since he really didn’t want an argument but wanted to get it all out the way before they went any further.

“No, we’re not going to talk about that,” she said a little hotly, taking the lead.

“No?” he asked, raising an eyebrow.

“No, I’m going to apologise,” she said, standing up from the sofa and stepping forwards, setting her feet apart in a power stance. Biting her lip, she looked him in the eye and reached down for her Santa robe, untying it and pulling it wide open to expose her gorgeous body. He stared and took in her beauty, Hayley smiling as she arched her back and tilted her head, long brown hair flowing over her shoulders as she shrugged the robe back off her and straightened her arms to let it slide down towards the floor, catching at her hands as she pushed her huge tits out for him. She just gave him a moment to absorb it all, her lovely womanly body presented for him, the Santa hat and outfit, the trashy fishnets that covered nothing at all and her boots. It was just the fact she was offering herself up to him to use as he wanted as her way of saying sorry – she was sure it would do as an apology.

“What do you wanna do?” she asked, dropping the robe around her feet.

“What’s my choices?” he asked, smile crossing his lips.

“Absolutely anything you want,” she purred, flicking her tongue out to him. He contemplated things for a moment, working out what he would do with her. Anything meant a lot, and he decided he was going to use this opportunity to take everything he wanted from the submissive brunette bombshell in front of him.

“Come here,” he said, encouraging her towards him. Hayley stepped towards him, pulled into his arms where he embraced her for a deep, hungry kiss that told her the apology would do the trick if she saw it through. Their tongues twisted and battled as they kissed, his hands sliding down her body to squeeze her fishnet-clad ass hard before reaching back up to aggressively squeeze her tits, making her mumble then squeak at the slight pain as he groped her forcefully.

“Anything?” he asked, pushing her away and looking into her eyes as he held her shoulders.

“Anything,” she whispered and she meant it.

“So apologise,” he said with a smile, pushing down on her shoulders to direct her down to her knees, which she immediately complied with as she knew exactly what he wanted. He loved a good blowjob and she enjoyed giving them, sinking slowly down to her knees before him as her hands went for his belt, wasting no time in yanking it undone and pulling his trousers open to unleash his rapidly stiffening cock for her attention. Shoving them down a little, one hand went to his hip as she took hold with the other, feeling him pulse and stiffen in her hand, giving a little mumble whilst her hand went to work with slow, tight strokes. She smiled as she watched and felt him swell rock hard in her grip, letting her thumb push up under the head to make him twitch and push towards her instinctively. Just making him wait a few moments more, not that she was really in a position to, she stroked his rock hard cock to make sure he was absolutely ready for her apology.

“Baby,” she whispered huskily, looking up to him and catching his gaze, “I’m sorry.”
With that she closed her eyes and leaned forward to engulf his manhood in the velvet heat of her mouth, feeling him shiver and give a groan of pleasure as she started sucking his cock. His hand slid round her head, holding her to him through her playful Santa hat as she wasted no time in getting going, bracing herself on his hip and bobbing her head quite quickly on him as she got to work. She massaged at the base of his shaft with her other hand as she worked her mouth back and forth over his bulging purple head, lips sliding perfectly over him, her tongue working in rhythm with her motion to flick and stimulate the delicate spot just under the tip, her suction firm and intent as she got on with her trademark blowjob. He’d experienced this plenty of times before, including on their first date, but he was still impressed by her fantastic oral skills.

“Yeah, just like that,” he murmured as he relaxed into it, letting the voluptuous actress get started on his cock, just the beginning of her apology however as she sucked him off. He watched the gorgeous brunette suck at his cock, eyes closed, focused on her task as she rocked back and forward intently, lips sealed tightly around his cock as they slid up and down wetly with little murmurs of attention from her. The bobble of her hat bounced in harmony with her efforts and he let his other hand slide onto it, holding her head dominantly now as she obediently sucked his cock, pushing a bit deeper and sucking harder as she got into it now, tongue applied firmly to him as she let it work more energetically to cover and stimulate more of his aching cock. She let her hand slide from him to his other hip and pushed deeper, aiming to take more of his cock into her throat, stretching herself as she felt him strain in her mouth, loving the sensation and suspense if her pushing herself onto his cock as she tried to deep throat.

“Mm fuck, yeah like that,” he grunted, hands tightening on her head as she pushed down deeper before pulling back with a slight cough, swallowing and then resuming her task, getting on sucking him again. She couldn’t deep throat him fully, he was too big and she’d never managed it, but he loved what she could do and always wanted more. Hayley was happy to give it to him right now, loving his hands holding her as she pushed deep again, loving how hard he was in her mouth, making sure to keep her tongue involved as she stretched her throat and pulled back before doing it again, giving him what she knew he loved. Only she didn’t know that he intended something much more from her now, that he was going to use her blank cheque opportunity to get what he wanted from her, which was to see the beautiful brunette swallow every inch of his manhood, right down to the balls. He didn’t care how she took it, he wanted to see her pay him back properly as his hands slid into her hair much tighter, fingers underneath her hat as he gripped her head and then pulled her down hard into him to drive his rock hard cock into her throat.

Hayley gagged hard at the unexpected push and immediately pulled back off him, pushing off with her hands on his legs as she coughed and composed herself, figuring he’d just gone a little deep by mistake. That was until he hauled her down again when she’d barely caught her breath, able to slide deeper into her throat as he caught her off guard, making her whole body surge as she gagged again, throat constricting around the head of his thick cock as she pushed him out with another coughing fit, eyes watering, saliva abundant as she struggled, dribbling down her chin and smearing her red lipstick as she pulled back and gasped heavily for air. She got clearly what he wanted, that he intended to finally get a proper deep throat from her, which she had no idea if she could really manage but she was sure he was going to show her. She’d never succeeded before but didn’t protest, knowing she’d promised him anything and if this was that anything well...it was his to enjoy.

She braced herself as he pulled her down again, hands on her head controlling her tightly as she tried to relax and just let it happen, willing her body helplessly to just let it happen though she still instinctively fought it, body heaving again as she retched in response again, hearing him groan with pleasure as he felt the tingle of her struggling around him. Her hands gripped his thighs now as he started picking up the pace a bit and thrusting into her throat, tightly holding her head, fingers twisting in her brown hair as he held her in place and started to thrust into her mouth, changing from moving her onto him to shoving his cock into her mouth, holding the British actress so he could fuck her face. Bracing herself against him, she kept her legs tight to resist him as he dominated her, grunting firmly as he pumped himself into her.

Hayley tried to take it but struggled, gagging with most thrusts, his cock tripping her gag reflex uncontrollably each time though he didn’t care, just jamming himself into her repeatedly despite it. Her eyes watered relentlessly, pricking every time she choked, unable to see as her eyes squeezed shut and leaked, tears streaming down her face. Her hot black make-up streaked her face, drooling helplessly as he shoved into her, realising she’d unleashed him to do what he really wanted with her as he noisily fucked her face, loving how she choked and gagged loudly with every thrust. She went along with it until she couldn’t handle any more, needing a break from him and pushing away on his thighs, panicking as he only went faster and harder, making her whine and protest under the choking sounds, tapping him desperately until he suddenly let her go, Hayley yanking off his cock with a huge choke and draw of breath, sagging to rest on her hands as she gasped for oxygen, a huge string of thick saliva drooling onto the floor in front of her at his feet.

“You ok?” he asked, dismissive, as if it were just a formality; he didn’t really care. Breathing deeply, calming herself a little, she looked up to him, streaked with make-up and drool.

“Yeah,” she breathed huskily, throat already aching, red lipstick smeared sluttily across her face.

“Good. Now hands down this time,” he ordered, reaching out to pull her back up to him as she obediently resumed the position, keeping her hands down as she was told. She had a moment to steel herself as he pulled her hair apart into two thick bunches, gathering her hand into his hands before pushing himself into her mouth, letting her take just a moment to suck him as she liked before he shoved into her throat again, still unable to get full depth as she choked. She managed to hold her gag reflex back somewhat this time, getting used to it though not fully as she pumped into her throat, pulling himself towards her using her hair like handles to fuck her face. She shuffled her knees away from him so her head tipped back, straightening her neck and throat to give herself a better chance to take him since he wasn’t going to stop until he got what he wanted. He loved the way she was letting him do this, not fighting him or making fuss as he slammed in pretty hard now, hauling on her hair to drive his cock down. Pulling out, he let her gasp for breath, releasing her hair momentarily.

“Come on Hayley,” he chastised, demanding more of her right now. She’d never let him, or anyone else, treat her quite like this and she didn’t know how she felt about it; feeling a little ashamed at enjoying it, knowing she shouldn’t really, but her pussy was so wet she knew he could slide straight in if he flipped her over for a fuck. Grabbing her again, he didn’t go for her hair, pulling one hand round the back of her head whilst his other reached over under her jaw, pulling her head up seriously for him to fuck. Guiding his throbbing erection into her mouth, Hayley tongued him as he shoved into her throat roughly, pushing harder with a few testing thrusts, her body still resisting as her gag reflex kicked in again to refuse him. Pulling back a little and settling his hands on her, he pushed forwards intently into her throat, feeling her gag and waiting it out for a blink before he shoved hard, holding her head up and into him as he drove forwards with inexorable force. In a moment that seemed to stretch time she resisted and then crumbled before him, his shaft sliding all the way into her mouth so her nose pressed into his body, Hayley immediately stiffening up as she tried to handle it with a tremendous, guttural retching sound before she suddenly reached up to push off him, which he allowed.

“Fuck that’s it,” he groaned as she hauled off him wetly and coughed deeply, body heaving as she righted herself having just swallowed his whole length. He didn’t give her more than a few moments to recover however and pulled her back to him, shoving his cock into her mouth and back into her throat, holding her hard again and forcing himself into her throat, wasting no time now in getting what he wanted as he pushed her all the way. He didn’t give her a break and she didn’t ask for one, obediently taking his cock even as her eyes streamed, her face a mess from enduring the roughest blowjob of her life, sweaty and overwhelmed. She couldn’t completely stop her gag reflex but it seemed now he’d broken her resistance down he forced her all the way down easier, restraining her intensely as he slowly drove all the way so her chin was against his balls. She drooled copiously, eyes closed tightly as he used her, making her deep throat him all the way, the way he’d always wanted her to, and then slowly pulling back out into her mouth before driving back into her throat with delightful wet struggling sounds from her.

“Much better,” he groaned as she got into the rhythm of it, gagging less and working out how to control herself, keeping the gag mostly down as he worked back and forth in her throat. Holding her in place for a few more thrusts, he enjoyed the sweet sensations as she obediently took it, feeling how hard and happy he was, only adding to her arousal that now she was his perfect little fucktoy, doing everything he wanted of her. Pushing into her throat he held her, catching her a little off guard once more and making her gag, not that she could pull off him, riding it out before he moved his hands again and went back to her hair, gathering it into bunches once more. Hayley just knew this was end game, that he was going to really get what he wanted from her now and she wasn’t wrong as he yanked her hair, making her squeak in pain as he thrust himself into her again, driving right down her throat once again. She gagged slightly but had no time to contemplate it as he started pumping quickly into her mouth, balls deep every time to feel his bulging head slide all the way into the pretty actress.

“Yeah that’s it,” he mumbled through a growled groan, stimulation incredible as he held her bunches and thrust hard into her throat, using her as a fuckdoll now as he pumped hard into her throat, the tingling already beginning around his head as his aggressive hold knocked the hat from her head. He’d taken his time to get to this point and it was so hot the way she took it, just wanting to make him happy, letting him be as rough as required with her and it had led to this moment, where he could beautifully slam his cock into her throat as he yanked aggressively at her long hair. Hayley knew the behaviour, feeling him getting faster and harder as her throat ached, having never been pounded like this but she knew it wouldn’t take much longer as she felt him stiffen in her mouth, rock hard now as he felt the climax bubbling up inside him, ready to empty his balls. She had no doubt he was going to do that in her throat, the thought crossing her mind as she braced herself and took it, her massive tits jiggling with the energy he was putting into her as her saliva dripped onto her fishnet covered legs.

“Fuck, Hayley,” he grunted as he gave a few final thrusts into her mouth, bouncing her nose off him as he gave the last, deep pumps into her mouth, holding it till the last moment before he yanked hard on her hair to make her squeal as her chin pressed hard against his balls and his cock bucked in her mouth to empty the first huge spurt of his load down her throat. She held on and swallowed quickly, feeling the hot, thick jets of him down her throat as he unloaded into her, unable to taste it he was so deep. Her body heaved as she swallowed his load, him pulling her bunches and holding her full depth on him so she didn’t miss a thing as he emptied his balls before giving a final strain and relaxing. He still held her in place for a moment, both of them just taking a second in the wake of it all before he pulled his cock slowly from her mouth, Hayley gagging a little as he slid out, pausing to let her suck him a bit more and take every last bit of his load before he withdrew and released her, the exhausted actress sagging back onto her heels and resting on her hands.

Absolutely washed out, she gasped deeply for breath, needing them to restore her soul practically as the tiredness hit her after their incredible session. She’d never been abused like that before but deep down she loved it, loved that he’d had the guts to take her to task and really get what he wanted and she was frankly proud she’d deep throated like she had. Her pussy was practically dripping on the floor to go with her streaming eyes and drooling mouth, just trying to recover as her heart rate returned to normal and breathing settled down. She found some tissue and wiped her eyes, the dark make-up going with it as she blinked in the light, finally able to see as she smeared it across her face trashily, something she knew he kinda loved as she looked up to him with a smile, wiping her chin. Sitting back on her heels was a relief as it took pressure off her knees which hurt from the position he’d put her in, the respite welcome. She was hot and tired now but knew it wasn’t remotely over, her aching throat just the start of things as she looked down to his cock, already recovering, twitching with his pulse as it stiffened as he looked at her hungrily.

“Had enough?” she goaded playfully, huskily, pained throat effecting her voice before she reached down and grabbed her callously discarded Santa hat, pulling it back onto her head with attitude. He just smiled, almost malevolently, having so many more plans for her.

“You’re not sorry enough yet,” he whispered, making her shiver as he abruptly reached out to grab her hair again, making her cry out as he stepped round her to twirl her to the sofa, hauling her forwards and throwing her down roughly over her to leave her prone for him, her lovely round ass displayed for his pleasure. She didn’t bother being coy and slid her legs wider, fishnet-clad knees sliding on the floor as she spread her thighs to expose her gorgeous pussy through the trashy torn tights, absolutely ready for him now. Dropping down behind her, wasting no time on getting undressed, her ran his hands over her round ass and squeezed hard, making her murmur and then yell out as he laid a hard smack on her, repeating it on the other cheek, loving how it made her jiggle as he took in her buttplug. Red hand prints appeared immediately from the force, the sting making Hayley shudder in pleasure and pain as he ran his hands over her tights again.

Grabbing them, he bunched them aggressively in his hands and yanked them hard apart, the loud ripping sound tearing the air suddenly as he made her jolt back, the tights cutting into her as he made another huge rip in the fishnets where it counted, exposing her pussy completely for him to fuck as she gasped in surprise and arousal. He drew another loud moan when he brought his hands down on both her buttocks, digging his fingers deep into her firm flesh before pulling them apart to give himself a clear view of Hayley’s petite sphincter clinging around the buttplug. In perfect tune with her outfit, the small toy had a ruby red crystal embedded in its base, gleaming in the dim light of the room.

“Anything, huh?” he grinned, understanding how she had meant what she said and was ready to pay him back. He took a moment to admire how her tight asshole stretched to accommodate the inserted plug. It looked to be a tight fit and his cock was much bigger, but it was good preparation to ensure a pleasurable experience for the both of them. For now, however, he had something else in mind and his gaze lingered downwards to take in Hayley’s pussy. Apart from the neatly trimmed strip of dark hair above her clit she was completely smooth, just how he liked it and, following his instinct, he leaned in and ran the flat of his tongue all the way across her pink lips, causing Hayley to let out a purring moan and push her ass back at him.

“Little Santa slut!” he hissed, straightening and once more grabbing a firm handful of brunette hair, sharply pulling her head back. His other hand grasped his cock around the base and he proceeded to smack it heavily against the submissive woman’s hot, soaked slit.

“I’ll make you pay properly now!”
Hayley responded by pushing her ample ass back at him, arching her back to increase the needy display she was giving. Her heart pounded in her chest, and she could hardly wait as she felt him swipe the smooth bellend of his cock along her labia, positioning it right at her entrance. Her breath hitched and she shuffled her knees apart a little further in eager anticipation. They both let out a guttural groan in unison when he pushed in; he wasn’t gentle, far rougher than he had ever been with her as he forcefully thrust his cock into her, but Hayley was so utterly soaked that he could slam more than half of his length into her and her velvety folds parted. She squeezed her eyes shut while her mouth hung wide open as she moaned out loud, letting him hear how incredible it felt to be fucked by him. He wasted no time himself, not taking it slow at all as he let go of his manhood and grabbed her hip instead to drive his next thrust in balls-deep, his crotch slapping loudly against Hayley’s thick ass.

“Oh god!” the buxom brunette gasped, pushing herself up on her elbows. Her slutty red leather boots slid across the floor as she searched for leverage when he began to fuck her in earnest, still taking his frustrations out on her. She had never been so full before, both her pussy and asshole stretched wide, which proved to be a heady combination that was only increased by the fast pace he exhibited.

“Little slut!” she heard him growl from behind her, words he’d never used to her previously, before he laid a harsh spank on her ass that made her cry out, “Tell me how sorry you are!”

“I am so sorry! Please! So… so sorry!” she cried out, each phrase rewarded with another hearty smack to her reddening bottom while he used her luxurious hair to yank her back against him to fuck her deep. Both of them had completely lost themselves in the act, the emotion and the time spent apart making it all just sweeter. He fucked her like a man possessed and she loved every second. He gritted his teeth, drinking up every second of the experience. Their sex had always been great and they had experimented with a couple of things, but he had never been able to fuck her quite like this, just treat her like a piece of meat and now he was taking full advantage. Looking down, he admired the way Hayley’s firm, toned ass rippled delectably from every impact with his crotch, red hand-shaped imprints already blemishing both alabaster cheeks.

“Fuck, I missed this hot cunt!” he grunted, placing one leg on the couch to gain more leverage and slightly change up the angle. Letting go of her hair, he reached below and captured one of Hayley’s huge, swinging tits in his hand. His fingers sank deep into the soft flesh as he used it as leverage to fuck her harder. Hayley whined loudly, her head dropping to let her hair cover her face for a moment as she adapted to the new angle, overwhelmed by the sensitive spots he was now hitting with every thrust. His hand disappeared from her hip and a moment later her other tit was grabbed and squeezed roughly, causing her to whimper as the sharp pain mixed with the pleasure of the sex. He was really letting her have it, cashing in the cheque she had given him.

“Oh… my… goodness!” she whimpered, her teeth rattling from the power of his thrusts. She was definitely going to be sore tomorrow, but for now she was enjoying the pounding she received. She opened her eyes, turning her head to spur her lover on when she caught something shocking. It seemed that during her preparation she had forgotten one important thing: she had not closed the blinds. And now, while getting pounded from behind like a bitch, dressed in nothing but slutty red leather boots, ripped fishnets and a Santa hat, she was able to look out of the window where, from the house across the street, she could see a woman standing there and watching her! She was looking right at her, quite obviously enjoying the show of her getting fucked by her man, even grinning when they made eye contact!

“Oh my God!” she cried out, feeling a surge of panic soar through her body. She needed to close those blinds! However, before she could get any words out to communicate to her lover, that firm hand was back in her hair and all that came out was a yelp when she was roughly yanked back. She moaned loudly when his lips met hers and he pressed a kiss full of hunger and passion onto her. For a second she wanted to stop him, just briefly to close the blinds, but his tongue was insistent, dominantly pushing into her mouth and chasing hers. Every remnant of trying to get a break was then swept away when his other hand dropped down below to toy with her clit while his shaft pounded into her. All she was reduced to was a helpless, pleasure-filled moan.

“Oh god!” Hayley gasped when he finally broke the kiss by pulling her back by her hair. The look he gave her was one of intense lust, staring deep into her eyes while continuing to pummel her pussy, “Fuck me!”

She cried out when he surprised her by suddenly pushing her head down, mashing the side of her face into the cushions of the couch and pinning her there with his hand still firmly entangled in her hair. Hayley mewled, stuck in a face-down-ass-up position.

“Spread your ass!” his voice was a dark growl and he underlined his demand with another hard slap to her red posterior, “Show me how sorry you are, you big-titted bitch!”

“I’m so sorry!” the actress gasped and reached back with both hands. Obediently pulling her cheeks wide apart she showed off how her tight, pink asshole wrapped snugly around the buttplug, making a lewd show of herself for his benefit. Her shameless display earned her an increased force of his thrusts. She could feel his cock so deep inside her it made her eyes water.

“Not sorry enough yet!” the young man hissed. He clenched his jaw, leaning down onto her head while his cock punished the submissive woman, her slutty cries and the slapping sounds of flesh on flesh filling the room. He could feel her pussy clench around his shaft, hot and dripping wet as she eagerly pushed back against him and he could see her eyes roll in their sockets and he didn’t know who of them enjoyed themselves more. Then suddenly, he pulled out; Hayley’s eyes widened, shocked at the sudden, utterly unexpected emptiness inside her hole that made her cry out. However, before she could protest, her lover’s strong hands grabbed her by her hips and she was flipped over. The buxom woman gasped as she landed on her back, her legs flailing in the air. He caught them by the ankles and pulled them over his shoulders, almost bending her in half as he leaned over her, both hands roughly grabbing her tits.

“You’re just made to be fucked like this!” he growled as he pushed his hips forward. The head of his cock found her opening and at this point Hayley was loosened enough for him to slam himself inside, making the brunette cry out as his heavy balls smacked against the plug that was embedded in her ass. She bit her lip, looking up at him with big eyes as he picked up right where he had left off, using her as his sex toy and pounding her for all her worth. Her feet, still inside the slutty red boots, bobbed back and forth as he used her famous breasts as mere handles to pull her back against him, to fuck her harder. His fingers dug so deep into the soft, malleable tissue that she was certain he’d leave marks, but nothing was further away from her mind than complaining. Mouth and eyes wide open, she took the pounding she deserved, feeling it rile her up more and more.

“You love this, don’t you?!” her younger lover hissed, “Tell me you love getting fucked like this!”

“Yes! I love it!” Hayley cried out in response, the pitch of her voice rising as she felt the rough sex get to her. This was the hardest she had ever been fucked, she was basically getting used for his pleasure and she couldn’t help but bask in it. The fact that it was wrong, that it felt like something she should not enjoy so much only made it better.

“Hot little slut!” he hissed, spurred on by her obvious pleasure. He loved seeing her like this; his beautiful, smart, classy girlfriend reduced to being his personal fuck puppet. Mascara smeared in streaks down her cheeks, lipstick smudged around her lips with saliva, she really looked like a completely different person. Growling he let go of one of her tits and once again grabbed her hair, roughly forcing her to look down to where their bodies joined.

“Look at it!” he demanded intensely, “Look at your cunt getting fucked, look at you being my little fuck toy!”

Hayley couldn’t help but stare, feeling a naughty fascination as she watched her boyfriend’s fat, vein-marbled shaft pound in and out of her pussy, stretching her so impossibly wide. He was utterly coated with her pussy juices, which served as lubrication to allow him to fuck her like this, like a slut!

“Oh God!” Hayley gasped, feeling herself getting close. She was about to come and come hard! Without thinking she stuck the ring and middle finger of her right hand into her mouth and thoroughly coated them in saliva before she reached down between her legs and used them to rub her clit to add to the intense stimulation.

“How sorry are you?” he growled, watching with fascination as Hayley played with herself. Sitting up, he wrapped his left arm around her thighs, getting a good hold of her legs. His hips collided with her ass with loud, fleshy smacks.

“I’m so sorry!” Hayley moaned, her voice vibrant with pleasure.

“Again!” he demanded, letting her hair go and delivering a harsh, open-handed slap to Hayley’s huge tit, making it jiggle wildly despite its firmness, causing her to cry out in shock and pain.

“I am so, so sorry!” the actress cried. Her head dropped back and again she inadvertently made eye contact with the woman watching from the other side of the street. She saw her! She grinned at her! She would see her come hard on her boyfriends cock! Somehow, the thought made it all only better and she let out a cry of anguished pleasure as she succumbed to her orgasm.

“Fuck!” she let out an anguished scream as her body started shaking with pleasure, flashes of blinding light going off behind her eyes. He continued to fuck her, showing little consideration for the enormous release she was experiencing as his thick shaft pounded her spasming pussy hard. Instead, he delivered another hard slap to her phenomenal tits to make them bounce as Hayley shivered and rode out the high of coming all over his cock.

“Oh Christ!” she whined as she was mercilessly fucked through her orgasm, her pussy suddenly feeling incredibly sensitive. Instinctively, she tried to buck him off, but was left too weak and all she got for her efforts was another slap to her tits.

“M-mercy, please! I can’t take any more!” she begged, desperate for relief. Her plea finally seemed to get her somewhere and she shuddered as he pulled his thick cock out of her spent pussy, then pulled back to let her limp legs crash to the floor. Hayley gasped with relief, staring at the ceiling and blinking, still overwhelmed with the experience she just had. However, her respite was short-lived as her hair was once again grabbed and her head was pulled up. Hayley moaned as she found herself face to face with his cock, which was utterly coated in her glistening essence.

“Suck!” he simply demanded, pushing it up against her lips. Hayley glanced up, but his expression left no space for a discussion so she simply gave in, opening her mouth and allowing him to push his slick cock into her mouth. He immediately took advantage, forcing it deep and triggering her gag reflex, then held her there, giving her no choice but to suck his cock submissively and clean it of her juices. Once she had cleaned the shaft he pulled back and instead offered his balls, wordlessly demanding similar treatment, throbbing cock towering over her face.

“So,” Hayley said when he finally stepped back, a coy smile on her make-up-smeared face, “how much more sorry do I have to be?”

He regarded Hayley carefully for a moment, then sharply reached out and smacked her across the face, making her tumble onto one hand and gasp harshly, as much at the shock of it as any kind of pain. He’d never struck her like that before, so dominant and in charge, Hayley looking slowly back up to him through her tangled hair, breathing hard as she regarded him in turn – just waiting for his move.

“You’ll know when I’m done,” he said quietly, determinedly – menacingly. Hayley tingled in excitement and trepidation even before he grabbed her hair again and pulled her up on her knees, making her stagger helplessly to the sofa where he threw her down again, same as he had earlier, to use. Tumbling down, she winced a little as she landed on her large, abused breasts, her sweet DDs tingling with red marks he’d left on them as they were crushed beneath her, feeling his hands immediately at her hips again, fingers twisting into the fishnets. They slid slowly across her ass, almost carefully, before he gave another hard double handed slap to make her cry out, spreading her ass apart to gape her stretched pussy and show off her sexy jewelled buttplug. Releasing her, he grabbed the torn fishnets and yanked the rip wider, splitting it all the way up the back to her waistband now, exposing every treasure she had.

“This is how you’re gonna show you’re sorry,” he whispered huskily, heart thumping now as he knew he could have his prize. His hand trailed down and grasped the base of her buttplug, Hayley’s heart rate spiking in turn now as she knew exactly how she was going to repay her mistake; it was her one moment to back out, to refuse, to beg him no...but she didn’t. She was his obedient little fuck doll tonight, she’d proved that already and it was far too late, and pointless, to back out now. Taking a deep breath and relaxing herself as best she could, she held the position and arched her back, pushing her ass out to him and spreading her legs a bit more in acceptance and invitation.

“Make me apologise,” she said in a soft, sultry but utterly meaningful manner. Without a word he took the initiative and pressed on, fingers hooking into the base of her sexy gem plug, the red glinting in the low light as he took hold and pulled at it firmly, just building up into a steady pressure, not too hard or fast. Hayley gave a little glance sideways to catch a glimpse of the woman still watching, deciding she didn’t care now. She instinctively clenched a little at first, body fighting it as her sphincter tightened up for a moment, resisting him totally as he pulled at the smooth metal plug before she pushed out and relaxed, her body unwinding again as she let it happen and felt the smooth shape of the toy stretch her and slide out of her ass. He was slow and deliberate with it, not letting it happen too quickly, loving the sight of her tight asshole stretching over the polished metal as it slid out of her to leave her just open a little, ready and waiting.

He discarded it and moved closely behind her, his achingly hard cock bouncing with his pulse as he spat thickly into his hand and rubbed it over the tip, wiping the last of it over her tightest hole as she breathed quickly, waiting for the crucial moment. She didn’t have to wait at all as he grabbed her hip with his other hand and directed himself down, pushing his bulging head forward against her asshole and bracing himself. Not giving her any time to change her mind or get too worried about it all, he settled his knees and shoved forwards, thrusting his thick cock straight up her ass, making her cry out out loudly in pain as he stretched her ass wide open, burying his cock inside her with a growl as he felt her ever so tightly pull over his sensitive head. Hayley cried out and yanked forwards but was stopped by the sofa and his hand tightly at her hip as he drove hard into her, the pain sudden and catching her off guard. She’d been relaxed and kind of ready but not for this kind of hard, fast, barely-lubed fuck.

“Jesus Christ,” she winced, head buried in the cushions of the couch as he pulled back through her spasming sphincter and thrust himself forward again, powerful, dominant, undeniable as he sank his cock almost entirely into her naughtiest hole. He didn’t say a word as he held himself inside her for a moment before pulling back and starting to thrust, his other hand joined his first at her hips to control and hold her tightly, just taking her now and getting what he wanted. He’d waited to get Hayley’s ass, the curvy British beauty having teased him with it over their short time together, hinting that she’d let him have it and now was that moment. Holding her her hot body, her harsh, sharp breaths breaking the air every time he thrust inside her, her muscles squeezing at his cock as Hayley got into it and started doing her utmost to please him, wanting to give him the most enjoyable sensations as he fucked her in the ass for the first time, as she apologised.

He pumped on her hard, his thrusts short and rapid from the get go as he chased his pleasure, not wanting to drag it out and already so hard and ready from fucking her delectable pussy. He’d held himself back but not any more, now he was just going for his pleasure and he showed her he meant business by slamming himself against her. Burying every last inch of his cock into her booty, he groaned deeply at feeling so full as he fucked her, picking up speed now as he jammed himself into her, the short strokes rocking her on the sofa as he held her tightly, fingers pressing into her skin as his cock stretched her asshole open. He was wasting nothing, no time or energy, his thrusts intent and precise as he ploughed her, loving how tight she was around him, body clinging to his cock perfectly, Hayley moaning and mumbling beneath him in a mix of sensations. She’d not been fucked in the ass for quite a while and this was certainly a big welcome back to it, the pain having passed now, just left with the full sensation of him as his sizeable cock slammed into her.

He reached up with one hand and grabbed her hair again, pulling back on her tortured scalp as she hissed in discomfort, being peeled up from the sofa as he fucked her, continuing just as hard and fast, hips slapping noisily against her fishnet covered ass, the ripped tights still holding on as she bounced intently from the fucking. He pulled back against her waist, hand sliding into the taper of her body to crank her back, wanting to bury every last millimetre of himself into her with every thrust and make sure she felt it. He pulled back on her hair to arch her backwards, his other hand now abandoning her hip to reach up and roughly grab at her chest, squeezing her tits hard as she let out an overwhelmed and submissive groan. Guttural and willing, she just wanted him to fuck her as hard as he wanted, her clit throbbing in arousal as he smashed her ass, hands all over her and just making her feel like a fuck doll, but his fuck doll.

His hips slapped her ass hard and fast, pumping his tingling, aching cock into her with as much pace as he could manage, Hayley still squeezing at him tightly as best she could to bring him maximum pleasure which was definitely working. The tingling was characteristic and inexorable now, knowing the feeling as his cock went rock hard inside her, stepping up to his hardest and fastest fucking as Hayley gasped, struggling to take it as he ploughed her ass hard, the most intense anal session she’d ever endured. Holding onto his load for a few more moments, he fucked her in a blur, pounding her ass intently as she shook, both of them breathing hard, sweat prickling all over them and everything else fading out besides each other.

Hayley let out a surprised shout as he suddenly pulled out of her, suddenly so empty without his big cock inside her as he withdrew and stood up, grabbing his cock with one hand as he yanked her hair again with the other. Yanking her up from the sofa, he pulled her round onto her knees as he jerked his cock fast, Hayley seeing exactly what the deal was as she tumbled round into place and sank down on her knees, sitting on her heels. Lunging forwards, she closed her lips around the bulging head of his cock, making him gasp at the intensity of it, overwhelmed as he shuddered at the sensation of her soft, pouting lips wrapped around his cock, tongue immediately assaulting him once more beneath his tip in a fashion that made him almost double over. His fingers tightened in her hair as he enjoyed and endured it for a few more seconds before he pulled her off him, back in front of him where she’d been before. She wasn’t going to complain and closed her eyes, opening her mouth and sticking her tongue out obediently for him, sending another surge of excitement through him to just watch her perform so perfectly in the moment.

Jerking his cock for the last couple of seconds, he held her hair tight and unloaded hard over her pretty face, the first thick jet of his come spurting up her cheek and over her eye, the second similarly over her nose and other eyelid as well as her hair, followed by several more across her cheeks, lips and chin, with it coating her tongue in the process. He worked every last bit out with a final squeeze, wiping his head into her waiting mouth before she swallowed, rolling her tongue back in without a care and swallowing his salty load as he released her hair, both of them breathing hard in the aftermath. He needed to sit down, the exertion catching up with him suddenly as he surveyed the beautiful actress; sweat on her skin, black make-up streamed down her cheeks and red lipstick smeared around her mouth and chin, with a thick load coating her to top it off.

“Apology accepted, Miss Atwell,” he said, the deliberate politeness just adding to it all as she let herself go limp and sagged back against the sofa. They were square, her wrongs righted, but damn she’d earned it.

The End

Big thanks to Ghost for helping create, plan, check and edit this story.

This was a collaboration between Viper_Noj and SammyColt, our second one ever, and we both really hope you enjoyed it!

Please send us Feedback if you have any thoughts or ideas. We love your feedback so please let us know what you thought of this story or anything you'd like us to write in the future.
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Re: Hayley Atwell - Christmas Cheer
« Reply #1 on: November 11, 2020, 07:17:07 PM »
That was HOT.

LOVE reading rough sex with the man in full control. Stuff like this really turns me on and is a good reminder why I love your stories so much. Nice work with a girl that ends up on the naughty list.
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Re: Hayley Atwell - Christmas Cheer
« Reply #2 on: November 12, 2020, 09:04:50 AM »
Fantastic work my friend. This one really feels like your Christina Hendricks' Cockpuppet series which I enjoyed greatly.
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Re: Hayley Atwell - Christmas Cheer
« Reply #3 on: November 13, 2020, 06:54:59 PM »
Nice job, that was a great story.
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Re: Hayley Atwell - Christmas Cheer
« Reply #4 on: November 27, 2020, 04:09:13 AM »
A little tired at the moment, so I'll keep the praise I usually shower you with short, but this was another great story of yours Noj and I enjoyed reading immensely. As I have probably written before, you have a real talent at making your stories believable and the celebs featured come across as if they could be like this in real life.

As for the story, I am glad to see another one with Hayley Atwell, who despite being featured in a few stories here and there, still feel criminally underused. So I am happy to see you rectify that.

Another great one from you Noj and as always, I hope you will continue writing more in the future as you have talent.
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Re: Hayley Atwell - Christmas Cheer
« Reply #5 on: November 28, 2020, 09:49:28 PM »
Great wor. Nothing says I'm sorry like anal sex, and it's good to see Hayley practicing good manners like that.
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Re: Hayley Atwell - Christmas Cheer
« Reply #6 on: November 30, 2020, 08:07:58 PM »
Great story and written really well, very very enjoyable, really got into reading her in this scenario and the imagery was intense, thank you for this
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