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Banging in the New Year (Multiple celebs)
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Originally published January 2015

Instead of doing a story on one, two or three stars, this is a series of different 1000-1500 word short sex stories featuring various celebrities banging their way into the New Year on New Year's Eve, in a kind of year-end tribute. Kate Upton, Katy Perry, Scarlett Johansson, Jennifer Lawrence, and Emma Stone and Watson were mentioned in the summary, but that's not the entire list.


Kate Upton

This had to be the last time. And the last time had to be at the very end of the year, so that she could start as fresh as the new year. That's how Kate Upton framed it, anyway.

I knew this was on borrowed time as it was. Kate mainly reached out to me during her long stretches away from Cy Young boyfriend Justin Verlander. If there was a window of opportunity for it to be anything more, it closed after those leaked pictures of her and him came out. It certainly wasn't the ideal time to let an affair leak out too.

Once the madness over that died down, Kate decided she had to put this year behind her - and that included me. I had no illusions it would end any other way, and I'd already done enough with her to not get greedy for more.

My only condition was to do everything else on New Year's Eve for a farewell.

After she made sure Justin wouldn't make it back for the big night, Kate made the arrangements. It was up to me to fill in the rest of the blanks, on this final night of so many things.

And if this was the end, I wanted to fill in everything. That way there'd be no loose ends, no lingering regrets, no wondering what else could have happened if we held out a while longer - and no need to go back to find out. That's how I framed it, anyway.

So early on New Years Eve, we both got our final wishes of the year.

Once we got into our hotel room, Kate wasted no time getting in her robe. Whether it was because she was too impatient to start, or too impatient to just get it over with, I didn't dare to dwell on. There were other more pressing things to take care of.

It started with me bringing Kate to the bed, bending her over, and rolling her robe up to show her bare, full ass and pussy. Deciding to show these underappreciated parts of her some appreciation one last time, I put my face right behind her and ate away.

Since this was the last time, I figured I could get away with licking a little bit above her pussy. Kate didn't stop me either way, so I went back and forth between licking and eating out both her hole. Her ass bounced back on my face and I made it jiggle further with a few slaps, until I practically motorboated her ample cheeks while fingering her pussy.

I kept it up until she came right on my hand, all while I tongue fucked her backdoor. From the sound of it, she was as out of breath from that move as ever before. And as ever before, her sexual energy was nowhere near spent yet.

Now that I gave her a big opening orgasm in the best way possible, it was her turn to do the same. She quickly untied her robe and threw it off, then laid on her back waiting for me to straddle her. Straddle her with my cock right in range of the hottest tits Sports Illustrated had ever photographed and published - legally.

Kate took my cock and jammed it between her tits, more than familiar with the procedure. She held her breasts and moved them up and down on me, then let me help out after a minute. I doubted I had many minutes left in this position, so I tried to make them count.

I put my palms on her tits and rubbed her nipples on them, while pumping my hips faster. "Tell me when you're ready...you know where I wanna eat that cum off of," Kate warned me.

"Then get ready," I quickly answered, before getting off her and sitting on my knees.

Kate laid beside me and leaned in to quickly suck and lick me all over. She barely got off and pushed her tits up, right on time for me to unload all over them. Fortunately, none of it got on the sheets, as the top of her tits caught every drop.

As she wanted, Kate leaned down and licked as much of my cum off herself as she could. The strands that she couldn't reach, I rubbed with my own fingers so she could lick them off. I pushed the rest of my juices up so she could lick them, and when she finished, I put my tongue against hers while they were on her breast.

Despite such draining orgasms, this made us hot enough to kiss hungrily and roll around on the bed. When she ended up on top of me, I shoved my head between her tits and devoured them, even if I couldn't get to every massive inch.

Kate indulged me, shaking her breasts against my face and trying to tit-fuck it briefly. After several minutes, she took her breast away and went down for a longer last taste on my massive organ.

My cock wasn't quite hard again yet, but Kate would take care of that, as always - well, as always up to now. She sucked deep, hard and wet, now that she had more time to do it before I came. But that became debatable the more she sucked, nibbled and licked up and down, and that was even before she got to my balls.

I was throbbing again by the time her tongue went below my balls. When her tongue went between the bottom of my cheeks, I was ready to obey her once she said, "Fuck me. Hard. Right there."

Kate gave me room to get up and get behind her while she laid doggy style again. This time, instead of putting my mouth on her ass, my cock went right in there, wet with Kate's saliva. I tried to fuck her there as hard as possible without going off, but it was a struggle.

I had to retreat into her pussy, fucking her there while teasing her asshole with my finger. Kate cried and cursed until she told me to stop - at least long enough to get on her back.

I went right back in, as she could now watch my cock thrust in and out of her, and I could watch her tits bounce out of control. I laid my hands on them and held her nipples, pinching them up as she rubbed the sides of her breasts.

"Don't cum yet..." Kate pleaded. "I don't want it to..."

"It doesn't have to," I suggested.

"No...no it doesn't..." Kate agreed. Whether she'd keep agreeing after we came was probably another matter.

Still, no matter how damaging, dangerous and addicting some things were...they were addicting for a reason. If they were hard to quit, they wouldn't be addictive. And Kate Upton was as dangerous as heroin in that regard.

The thought I could be that addicting to her after all...well, it made me go even harder and faster to prove it further.

Going hard and fast risked ending this much faster, and risked her coming to her senses and ending things much faster too. But the way she screamed and arched her tits and ass...it made me think it was a risk worth taking.

I thought it was, anyway.

When she took herself off me and fingered herself until she came - just so I'd stay hard while she rubbed her cum on my cock and tasted it on me until I came deep down her throat - I suspected she'd decided she felt the same.

Emma Stone

Emma Stone had put up with her boyfriend's massive new movie beard for weeks and months now. It really wasn't bad when Andrew Garfield kissed her with it - and she had her fun with tugging and playing with it during intimate sessions.

But having all that hair scratch her when he kissed her lower lips was just too much. As such, Andrew really couldn't do much down there until the beard came off, no matter the inventive ways he came up with to get it out of the way.

So when he got an early New Years present - permission to shave the beard now that the shoot was over - he made sure to give Emma her early gift as well.

That's why almost as soon as he got back to New York for New Years Eve, he made sure Emma stayed at her hotel instead of greeting her. He kept her waiting just enough to annoy her by the time he knocked on the door - but not enough that she wouldn't be amazed when she saw him.

And although she missed playing with it when Andrew immediately made out with her, she missed it far less when he quickly sunk to his knees.

Once Andrew got her out of her jeans and underpants, his face buried itself between Emma's legs like never before. Certainly like it hadn't in months. Without any fears of chaffing or rubbing her the wrong way with his large facial hair, he rubbed his cheeks, chin and mouth against her pussy like it was life or death.

He practically covered the rest of his lower face with her juices before he even used his mouth. By then, Emma needed to lie down before she fell to the floor and broke her skull. Once she used those exact words, Andrew got up and let her take him to the bed.

However, Emma was now ready to try something else they hadn't done for a while.

Andrew loved it when Emma sat on his face. He loved it when Emma sucked his cock. He loved it doubly when they could do both at the same time. And for the first time in weeks, they did just that.

Andrew really loved Emma sucking his cock these days, now that her voice and throat were extra strong after all her Cabaret work. He loved seeing her face and her eyes while she did it - but she also loved seeing her perfect ass hovering over his face and teasing it with her perfect pussy. After going without it for weeks, he realized just how much he loved it.

Emma had a slightly more awkward view in this position, of course. But now that she could freely push her ass and pussy against her boyfriend's face, without rubbing any beards the wrong way, she would put up with it. In fact, she was ready to soak his bare mouth and chin.

She pictured how he would have looked soaked in her juices with the beard - and pictured the beard soaked with them. It made her laugh right on his cock, and keep laughing over it even when she came off.

"Fuck, Emma, fuck!" she barely heard Andrew say into her. Knowing what that meant, she got her mouth back on him right as he shot off. Before long, Andrew's groans and vibrations on her made her start cumming on his mouth too.

When their lips and faces were full and wet enough, Emma rolled off Andrew. He sat up and Emma soon joined him right into his lap. "I knew a sense of humor did it for me, but..." Andrew didn't have to finish.

"Yep, you know the way to my heart. Or down my throat first, I guess," Emma joked. Andrew shook his head until Emma cupped it, feeling his smoother face with her hands now.

She slowly brushed her lips against his, then started trailing them up and down his cheeks and chin. Andrew now saw how much he missed this as well, as the feeling of hair all over his face was nothing compared to the feel of Emma's lips and mouth.

She kept kissing and enjoying him on his neck, collar bone and throat, going slow enough to savor every inch of bare skin, and rubbing it deep enough to make both of them start boiling again. If Emma was being particularly sentimental, she missed kissing him all over his face like this, as much as she missed Andrew kissing her down below all over.

Andrew loved and missed this even more, though. Feeling her smiles and kisses and how sweet, warm, goofy and sexy as all hell each of them felt - just like the woman who owned them. When her lips finally got back to his, their eyes stayed open just a bit, as they loved watching the other's darken and turn seductive and wanton while their mouths got faster and hungrier.

Now there was nothing scratchy in the way of distracting them from that. At least until Andrew's next movie about someone with an Oscar friendly beard. But he could go his next two or three movies without that, surely.

"Well, hello again," Emma said as she felt Andrew becoming fully grown under her. "Okay...I guess you're ready to fuck me one last time," she said right against his lips.

When she realized how that could have sounded, she was much less seductive when she corrected, "I meant this year! Not ever! You know that! Of course, why wouldn't you, not that I...ugh, these lips were so much better today when they weren't talking!" she groaned.

"Normally I'd disagree. But we'll save that for 2015," Andrew tried not to laugh. But Emma let out an embarrassed chuckle as they both sank onto the bed. She stayed on top of him and kept her trembling, laughing lips on his neck, along with her face.

"I really missed doing this," Emma said, hiding her red face in his neck a while longer.

"Me too," Andrew stated into her still redder hair, his hands sliding down to her ass. Once Emma felt that, he had to clarify, "Oh, I didn't just mean...this!" he said with an extra squeeze of her hips. "You know that! If I made you think I didn't..."

"Okay, we can work on that next year, too," Emma shut him up, putting her face back against his and positioning herself over his hips.

"Next year, then," Andrew agreed, pushing himself into her for the last time in 2014.

As he started pumping inside her and she went back to kissing and nuzzling his face, he hoped he'd say that again, in this exact same context and exact same time next year. And a few more after that.

Alexandra Daddario

I was already driven to distraction by Alexandra Daddario once when we were getting ready to go out for New Years. Well, the first time was more a case of timing than anything.

I just happened to get to her place and go upstairs, right as she was getting ready to shower and clean up. That gave her enough time to reason that we could help each other clean up and save on time. Then again, the minute she turned on the shower and took off her robe, I knew we would be wasting a good bit of time and water.

Alexandra's insanely sexy, busty, curvy, blue eyed and supple lipped body was the most popular Internet sensation of 2014 - at least among intentionally leaked nude images. No matter how much I'd gotten to enjoy it myself, without HBO or the Web as a barrier, there was no resisting that body and that young woman covered in cascading water - and soap if we had time.

I finally scrubbed her, but not before getting every bombshell part of her wet - some more thoroughly than others. After eating those parts, I stayed composed long enough to fuck them against the shower wall.

With her soaked tits crushed against my much less ample chest, and her face looking even more breathtaking as it came apart, I barely managed to pull out before cumming - defeating the whole purpose of showering. Still, I soaped up a sponge and made sure her midsection was clean in the end.

I figured that was enough to drain our system, at least until after midnight. As such, we could actually get dressed and focus on the party. In my case, I could get redressed while Alexandra finally got to try her outfit on.

It took everything I had not to take it off once she did. Instead of being naked and getting ready to soak her glorious body, she had it crammed into a green dress with an unescapable amount of cleavage peeking out. She usually shied away from such dresses if she could avoid it, at least since January 2014, yet it seemed she wanted to end the year on a less conservative note - just as she began it.

Well, not quite how she began it. At least not in front of a million cable viewers. Well, maybe in front of one would be okay.

I had to stop myself, since I already had my pre-party fun and we didn't have time for more. I'd just have to keep under control tonight, avoid getting too handy when we danced and kissed at midnight, then let it all out when we got back here. Maybe we'd let some of it out in the car first, if we parked it far enough away.

"You're hard already," Alexandra burst my bubble, if not other inflated things.

"What? I...I can't be showing, right?" I asked, not bothering to deny it.

"No, but you were clearly getting ready just in case," she stated. She had me there. "If you're like this now, after what we did, you'll never make it through the party. And I shouldn't have to change just because of you. Or anyone else who stares, for that matter."

I could tell it wouldn't do any good to ask why she'd wear one of her...stare worthy dresses anyway. Instead, I promised, "I'll be okay. I'll keep it hidden if I have to, and make sure to only look you in the eye."

"If only that made it easier for you," she responded. She was right - it usually didn't. "And if your...imagination is that active, mine will be too. So...we'd better drain them both, then."

Alexandra went over to the towel rack, felt around until she grabbed a dry one, then folded it and placed it on the floor in front of me. She then rolled up the bottom of her dress until it was above her knees - then dropped them onto the towel to make them more comfortable.

"You don't have to...reward me for being too horny," I had to say for the record, no matter how much the rest of my body said otherwise.

"This is the last time I'll get to do this in 2014, anyway. So who says it's a reward just for you?" Alexandra questioned, as her hands went to my zipper.

She gave me no room to question that, so I stood still as she took out my cock and balls. I froze in every possible way once Alexandra wrapped her supple mouth around my head, slid her lush lips down my shaft and gazed up with what remained the most stunningly gorgeous big blue eyes I'd ever seen.

My hand finally moved to cup the cheek of the most stunning face I'd ever seen, as it filled itself up with my cock. I didn't want to put it in her hair and give her more to fix when she was done, and I didn't want to fuck her gorgeous mouth and finish way too soon without her permission. In short, it was an effort to just move my hand over her face and move nothing else.

But Alexandra's hands were busier, as she put them at the front of her dress and pulled it down, revealing the most stunningly jaw dropping tits anyone had ever seen on screen in 2014, if not ever.

Although I'd felt them up and made them so wet over an hour ago, I still had to feel them when they were dry. I bent down as best I could to fondle them while staying upright, and she helped by pushing them up while still sucking my cock. She helped even more when she popped off it and brought her tits up higher.

Once they covered my cock, I barely managed not to topple over. When I succeeded, I reached back down to tweak her nipples as Alexandra moved her tits up and down my shaft. We both fondled her tits while she fucked me with them, and also let her tongue down to lick my head as it poked out.

"You want it?" Alexandra asked quietly. "If I had time and if this dress wasn't on...I'd let you cum right on my tits. But that'll have to be the first thing off our bucket list next year. For now..."

Alexandra took her tits off me, rubbed my head against them for a while, then sunk her mouth back down on me. Her face and eyes hypnotized me as her mouth slowly sucked deeper and deeper. But I did notice her hands leaving her tits, and her legs starting to squeeze together - like mine did when I was trying to hide my boner.

I reached down to try and cup her breasts, keeping her hands free as they started to go down her body. She then shoved her right hand between her legs, moaning on me as it disappeared.

My knees and my cock weakened as Alexandra's head bobbed faster and her fingers worked harder on herself. Finally, it was my cock that gave out.

Alexandra kept sucking and swallowing as she finger-fucked herself, going faster even as she finished taking my cum. She popped off and hummed on me while licking me clean, and as a result, I didn't completely turn to jelly.

In fact, I took her wrist and got her on her feet, leading us to the bedroom with her tits and my cock hanging out. Once she plopped on the bed, I rolled her dress up again, took her underpants and lowered them, then buried my face between her legs in place of my fingers.

After some intense tongue lashings and heavy tit fondling, I gazed up - albeit not as wonderfully as Alexandra could - and watched her come undone, then felt it on my mouth. It was my turn to swallow her up while my hands kept working on her, squeezing as much of her tits as possible until she was dry.

I didn't leave my mouth free for long, as I climbed onto her and quickly covered my lips with hers. She tasted me, then kept kissing me and playing around with my tongue and mouth for good measure.

By now, I knew we should get going, and I assumed she did too. Yet I figured I should at least kiss her breasts first, if I couldn't cum on them. I went down to kiss and nuzzle against them, but as usual, it took quite a bit of time to get to every inch.

By then, time was really of the essence. But by then, too much of it had gone by to matter.

By then, we were about set on saying to hell with the party. When Alexandra lowered the back of my pants to fondle my ass as I lay between her breasts, I knew she was admitting to hell with it.

We never did make the party. In fact, the first item off our 2015 bucket list was eventually crossed off ahead of schedule after all.

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence got it into her head that she needed to fuck in a public place. It was the only way this year could end on the right note, she claimed.

After her exhibitionist side was revealed to the Internet without her permission, she wanted to be daring and sexual on her own terms again, and be sure it wouldn't leak. As such, we would fuck in this private room at this New Years party, despite how hundreds of people were right outside.

But this time, although they were so close to seeing and hearing her be sexy, they wouldn't get to watch. Only I would, and she knew I wouldn't blab or record it - especially when she took away my phone while searching/stripping me.

She would get the pleasure of pushing the sexual envelope for a private audience again, and finally feel safe again that it would be kept private. If that was what she needed to get past the hacking and feel all right with pushing her sexual boundaries again, I couldn't well stop her. It'd be downright anti-feminist, probably.

"I want you to jack off," Jennifer told me as she removed her clothes. "I want to see it. This time I want someone jacking off to this," she said as her top and panties came off.

She took the cups of her pink bra down, causing me to instantly grab my cock at the sight of her firm, perfect tits. She stood up and showed off her jaw dropping figure, stuck out her lusciously long leg and showed the side of her gorgeously round ass. In the meantime, she put her hand on her pussy just as I went faster on my cock.

"This is what it's all about. Jacking and stroking off while thinking about shit like this. I sure learned that this year," Jennifer stated. "Well, now I get to enjoy it again. Now I get to get off to a hot piece of ass. And I'm actually gonna get to taste it..."

I stayed on my feet as Jennifer went down on all fours, sticking out her thick ass before reaching over to finger her pussy from behind. Seeing where this was going, I found the nearest place I could sit down, then waited for Jennifer to slowly crawl over.

She took her fingers out of herself long enough to come over, then stuck them right back between her legs as her face went between mine. Jennifer furiously finger fucked herself while sucking and tasting my cock, then came off to lick me up and down.

"There we go," Jennifer mumbled against my head, then got right up. She then turned around and sat reverse cowgirl on my lap, settling her juicy behind on it and wiggling around while sliding her pussy onto my cock.

When it sat all the way down, I grabbed her hips and held on as they went up and down. I watched her ass rise, fall and jiggle, then remembered to move my hands and put them around her. They held onto her tits, giving them a good squeeze although I couldn't see them, as I watched her ass ripple although I couldn't squeeze it.

"Fuck me...I want to be fucked," Jennifer urged. I fucked her some more by putting my hand down onto her filled, hairless pussy, rubbing it along further as my free hand bounced her tits around.

"That's it...that's what I wanted...that's why I did it..." Jennifer got lost in herself. Maybe she didn't even register I was here - maybe that was the point. Still, I wanted to play some kind of additional part.

"Stand up," I told her. I took my hands off her and stopped moving my hips, just to prove I was serious. Before it got too hard to hold out on her, Jennifer sighed and stood on her feet - then I kneeled down behind her.

Putting my head under her fantastic ass, I licked the back of her pussy and reached around to rub the front. Jennifer gasped as my tongue and finger rubbed and fucked her, before pushing herself down on both.

I was lost in the taste of her and the feel of her ass on my face. But when she groaned, "Fuck, you're gonna make me cum..." I snapped out of it. This wasn't quite how I wanted it to happen yet.

So I stood back up, surprising Jennifer again. Yet when I lined myself up with her from behind, wrapped my arms around her and laid my hands on her tits, and pushed myself in, she was given a much hotter surprise.

It took just a few thrusts and nipple squeezes before she came right on my cock, turning into jelly in my arms. She still stayed on her own two feet, and somehow I did as well - without even cumming in the process.

I groaned against her and stood perfectly still, letting her cum wash my cock. If I moved an inch, I was afraid I'd cum inside her and really get her in trouble. Fortunately, she took herself off me first.

"Good," Jennifer said as she turned around and saw I was still erect. "I'm glad you held out. All that cum spilled because of me this year...well, now I want residuals."

To that end, Jennifer went onto her knees this time, placing her hand on my wet cock. Using her own juices as lube, she stroked me just as hard as everyone else stroked to her these last several months - and probably longer than that.

But this time around, her hand was the one jacking a man off while he was watching her naked. This time, she got to make him cum and it wasn't borderline criminal. And this time, he didn't have to cum into his hand.

This time, Jennifer got to see someone cum over her naked body - and feel it right on her face and inside her mouth.

Once I finished painting her face and filling her mouth with cum, I knew for sure that there were some things - illegally leaked or not - and some naked people, that the Internet just didn't do justice to.

Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson knew what her husband liked. And since her husband had helped make 2014 such a banner year, what with the marriage and baby and all, she wanted to end it with something he'd like.

Romain loved so much about her, and loved so much of what she did to and with him. Yet she knew this was a real favorite. She felt his cock twitch and his lips tremble as further proof.

Currently, Romain was standing against their bedroom wall, as naked as she was - completely. Her hand was slowly but intently pumping his cock, all while her body and tits were brushing his own chest, and her lips were just lightly brushing his without kissing them. She had to nearly stand on her tip toes as she did it, but she had gotten it down pat by now.

Romain loved feeling that strong hand stroking him, especially coupled with the light brushes of her wondrous breasts and sumptuous lips. Then there was the sight of her mesmerizing eyes filling up his entire vision, and the noises and low words of her luscious voice practically vibrating on his lips.

"That feels good," Scarlett whispered enticingly against her husband's mouth. "It felt so good all year...but what about me?" she asked. To that, Romain put his hands onto her breasts, massaging them while Scarlett massaged his cock.

"Still feel good?" she asked. "Even after everything they went through? They're too good to stay down, huh?"

"Too good..." Romain agreed.

"Why don't you tell me if you can say the same about my ass?" Scarlett whispered as her lower lip went up and brushed between Romain's, and her hand rubbed the underside of his cock. To that, Romain shoved her tits up and let them drop and bounce while he reached over to hold her ass.

"It's been up and down for a while, but it's getting back up there. Isn't it?" Scarlett dared him to answer.

"You know it is...it never left," Romaine flattered her.

"That's sweet to say...you're always so sweet," Scarlett praised. "You can afford it with this nice, big fucking cock...mmm, I'm gonna taste this fucking cock so much more next year..."

With that, Scarlett went down to her knees and slurped Romaine's cock up, holding it in her mouth for about five seconds. After a deep suck and slowing sliding her lips up to his head, he came off and went right back on her feet, then put those lips on his without kissing them.

"That felt nice...I'm sure you can tell," Scarlett said. Before Romaine went off too early, or just went off period, he found the strength to turn the tables.

Romaine took Scarlett by the waist and spun her around, putting her back to the wall now. Once she was there, he was the one who put his hand between her legs and started working her over. His fingers slid into her and pumped up and down, while he teased his lips over hers.

"Now that feels nice," Romaine confirmed. "I like turning things around like this...it's probably what made our baby happen in the first place..."

"That would be a hell of a bedtime story, wouldn't it?" Scarlett teased.

"Here's a story. If the baby wasn't sleeping, you'd be much less quiet, wouldn't you?" Romaine dared. "You know I love you talking like that. If you didn't have to, you'd be screaming," he figured as he got two of his fingers all the way in.

"Fuck..." Scarlett gritted. "You like rubbing it in, don't you? Not just the way we both want it..."

"Don't get me wrong, you don't have to get louder," Romaine assured. "Just knowing you could if you could...that'll do. Not quite as much as this though."

This being Romaine getting on his knees this time, to all too briefly lick and suckle on Scarlett's pussy. She barely kept herself quiet before he got back up, brushed his now juicy lips on hers and then palmed her opening.

"Well, that didn't help, did it?" Romaine questioned. "Maybe if you turned around..."

Scarlett did just that, giving Romaine the chance to press his shaft up against her ass. He rubbed it against her crack, then reached around to finger her pussy while grinding behind her.

"Fuck me..." Scarlett groaned out, turning her head as Romaine's rested on top of hers.

"I think it's close enough," Romaine answered. "If you don't want to risk waking her...you should probably cum quick and get it over with," he proposed as his fingers curled into her and her cock pressed harder between her cheeks.

"Let me know that you want to cum," Romaine ran with it. "Cum for your husband. Your baby daddy," he risked being particularly cheesy/sleazy.

"Yes...d-dad..." Scarlett got cut off from adding the dy by her own heavy orgasm.

Romaine went down on his knees just in time, putting his mouth on Scarlett's flooding lower lips. He pulled his wet fingers out and finished licking and swallowing her cum from behind, as Scarlett put her palms on the wall and arched herself higher.

When Romaine was finished eating her clean, he placed his wet fingers on her ass and rubbed her own cum onto her thick, still supple cheeks. Even with all the changes her body went through this year, her ass was still good enough to eat from - which he did.

Scarlett finally turned around, looking down to see that Romaine was still erect. "Get up," she said clearly, and when he did, Scarlett stood on her tip toes again and wrapped her arms around his neck - pressing her groin and pussy lightly against his throbbing cock.

"Thank you...for everything," Scarlett said quietly as her lips hovered an inch away from his again. "You want me to really thank you?" she asked even quieter.

"I might..." Romaine played along.

"You want me to use my mouth? I mean, really use it?" Scarlett seduced his further, her lips briefly touching his as her hips pressed right on his. "You want to really feel what it can do? And you wanna make sure it stays really, really quiet?"

"If...if you can," Romaine tried to stay cool.

"I can fill it up so much, there's no way I could wake your baby. Your other baby..." Scarlett added, her lower lip sliding between his. "And you can really fill it up too...fill it nice and hot and so, so wet...you ready?"

He was almost too ready when Scarlett finally pushed her lips onto his. After finally giving him a slow, deep kiss and letting him kiss back, Scarlett broke just in time and dropped back to her knees.

Putting her face right against his barely contained cock, Scarlett kissed the head, slid her lips down, then finally bobbed and sucked and filled her mouth right up. It was filled to the brim with something else just moments later.

Romaine was the one who barely kept himself quiet, letting out a strangled gasp so he wouldn't wake the baby. But when Scarlett popped her lips off and finished swallowing, his mouth was the next part of him to come undone.

When it did, he knew he'd have to be the one to get dressed and try and rock the baby back to sleep first. After everything Scarlett did for him this year - from beginning to the very end - this was the very least to give back.

Abigail Spencer

I memorized this routine when she sent me the video of it long ago. The rest of the Internet memorized it when it was placed online months ago. Now at the end of this difficult year, she wanted to close the books on it by doing it again - only without recording it and with an audience she actually approved of.

There were more than a few tapes out there of Abigail Spencer masturbating, thanks to 'The Fappening' But they were only meant for me - the "baby" that she wanted to fuck her.

Although we'd actually drifted apart before The Fappening happened, she'd brought me back to reenact the longest leaked clip she made for me. Only this time, I would be there in person to give her better memories of doing this - and thus put everything behind her as she headed into a fresh 2015. At least that's how she sold me on it.

She didn't really need any added saleswomenship to this, though. The basic premise was quite enough.

The two minute, 41 second clip that stole The Fappening from the likes of Jennifer Lawrence, Victoria Justice, Kate Upton and other bigger stars had started with Abigail bending down in her room. Her lovely round breasts were on camera right, as she cupped them, teased her nipples and groaned erotically while she was clearly fucking herself off camera.

In our unfilmed version, she was bent in front of me and I could see her right hand buried between her legs. But while her left finger was rubbing her left nipple, I was bending down to suckle her right. I cupped and suckled each breast she wasn't playing with at the time, all while watching her fuck herself and listening to her enjoy it.

The next part was perhaps the most graphic one in the video, and of the Fappening in general. In the clip, Abigail showed the rest of her naked body on camera and turned around, exposing her entire asshole as she played with her pussy.

Our version went further, as Abigail turned and bent over to show me her asshole and pussy, instead of a camera. A camera couldn't get on its knees behind her and lick her ass out while she flicked and fucked her pussy, like I proved I could do.

I placed my hands on her ass and rubbed my face against it and her hole, devouring it while Abigail rubbed herself on my face and her finger. Her moans were certainly louder now than they were in the video, and I'd like to think she was certainly more reluctant to turn around now.

But we followed the script she originally made herself, as I got back on my feet and she turned back to me. Now like in the video, she was standing straight and fingering herself with her right fingers, while teasing her nipples with one left finger.

This time around, I got back on my knees and settled between Abigail's legs, licking her pussy and trying to make room for her finger to rub it as well. My tongue and her finger went back and forth inside of her, while my hand went up to cup whatever free breast and nipple was available.

Abigail did back away from me, however, so that she could put both hands on herself and take over again. She bent down briefly and I could only watch, as enraptured as I was when I first saw the video on my Cloud.

The difference between past me and all those who drooled over the video online, was that present me was mere inches from her naked, sexy, sultry, seductive masturbation show now. I had the taste of her already well fucked pussy and ass on my tongue, with her soft moans ringing clearly in my ears without any camera filter, and a clear shot of her gorgeous figure, lush breasts and breathtaking face without the need for HD.

They could never say that much, no matter what they saw without permission. Abigail was choosing to put on this show for me, unlike everyone else who'd seen it. And she was choosing to choose me again, live and in person, regardless of the reasons.

And now it was time for the very best part. A special request I could actually fulfill this time.

As in the video, Abigail raised her right leg up and fucked herself with her right hand, while circling her left finger on her breast. Then she rode her own finger for a few seconds, bent right down to me and whispered the magic words.

"Baby...I want you to fuck me right now," she said quietly and seductively, her pretty mouth open and her deep brown eyes half-lidded with intoxicating lust. She then teased her left tit and repeated, "Baby...baby, come on, fuck me right now..."

This time, I could give her exactly what she wanted.

What's more, when I brought her to the bed, bent her over and put myself into her, she could be even louder than she was in the video. Right down to her moans, her pants, and her pleas to be fucked.

As well as she was filled up with her fingers on and off screen, there still had to be something said for seeing her filled to the brim with cock. And seeing her pretty round ass press back and bounce against my hips as well.

Taking a chance, I put my finger against her asshole, figuring rubbing it would be fine after licking it out earlier. "Baby...put it in..." Abigail confirmed, so I pressed my finger deeper against her. It wasn't lubed, however - but something else was.

I took my cock out, lining it up with her ass and waiting for her to give the go-ahead. "Get it in..." she agreed, so I started sinking myself into her ass. Once I eventually got in all the way, I savored fucking her doggy style and just listening to her moan and bounce.

But I wanted to see more. As if there was anything left to be seen.

Still, I went ahead and pulled out, wanting her to get onto my lap. Once she did, Abigail dropped her ass right back on my cock, wrapping her legs around me and providing room for me to finger her pussy while I filled her ass.

It didn't take long for me to fuck her pussy and ass, and use my mouth on her tits, before she came right on my hand. When she finished, I put that hand and her cum on her tits, rubbed them and then licked them clean.

"Baby...fuck yeah..." She gasped out, clenching tight and hard on my cock as I ate her cum off her bouncing breasts. It was impossible to keep my cum from entering her ass after that.

After such an intense orgasm, I fell onto the bed as Abigail rested on top of me. My cock finally came out of her ass, but I kept my hands on there. I brushed my fingers against her pussy, if only to distract me from closing my eyes.

Abigail's eyes rested on mine, turning soft and relaxed again as she kissed me. When she finished, she told me, "That's one down..."

As those videos proved, and as I knew before seeing them months before everyone else did, Abigail was not easily sated. Now she was ready to reenact another video - the one where she lay in bed, fingering herself with the camera zeroed in on her pussy.

But my face would get much closer to it than the camera ever did. And do everything else the camera couldn't do the rest of the night.

2014 gave Abigail Spencer the biggest audience she ever had, albeit not in the best way. But as I helped her remind herself, these things were still best with an up close audience of one. Even off camera.

On camera...was a discussion for 2015.

Emma Watson

Me and Emma Watson were supposed to have our last tryst of 2014 a few hours earlier, to get it out of our system. But when we dozed off instead of getting up, we didn't wake up until 11:15 p.m. Paris time - too late to rush out and head to any New Years parties.

As such, we were resigned to just watching the ceremonies. Yet Emma came up with a way to have some of our own.

She reasoned that since sex kept us from heading out to celebrate New Years, it should be used to help celebrate it instead. And to her, there'd be no better way than for us to cum right at the stroke of midnight - she said as she started stroking my cock.

She figured it would be something to start cumming in the final seconds of 2014, and finish cumming in the first seconds of 2015. I could never resist her ideas even when they weren't this good, so I certainly wouldn't come up with anything better now - if that was possible.

By the time we hashed this out, it was about 11:40 p.m. This gave us 20 minutes to work each other up to the finish, and make sure we didn't do too good a job. Emma decided to test where I was first, as I laid on the bed and she laid between my legs to start sucking my cock.

She went slowly, although that only made me more at risk to cum early. Nevertheless, her perfect mouth closed around me and licked and hummed on my shaft, for the last time in 2014 for real this time. Her brilliant, bottomless eyes gazed up at me with my cock in her mouth and looked oh so pleased, for the last time in 2014.

It was 11:43 when I had to make her stop looking and sounding so pleased. By 11:45, I was testing how pleased she was when she sat on my face, her perfect ass grinding on my head while her perfect pussy rode my mouth. Her back was turned, so I reached around to fondle her pert breasts and listen to her wonderful voice groan in erotic pleasure.

It was 11:50 when she got off my face and laid down on my lap. I sat up and helped her lower herself on my cock, laying my face on her breasts. I had to go slow, so I lazily tongued her nipples and merely held her hips as mine rocked below her.

"Come here," I heard her say above me. I raised my head and she immediately captured my lips with hers, taking my breath away and literally sucking it out of me. Enjoying that got us up to about 11:53, when Emma broke off and I just watched her deep brown eyes darken and turn into a sultry gaze right in front of mine.

"You're fucking me so well," Emma said, oh so properly and seductively. "I want you to literally fuck me into next year," she added, as if that'd help me last to next year.

It was 11:55 when I laid her down onto her back, lying on top of her and resting my face right onto hers. The view and the friction from her breasts underneath my chest made me pump harder, while her legs wrapped around me.

We both groaned against our lips, losing track of the time and anything else beyond our pleasure. Ultimately, Emma did reach for the phone on the bed, seeing it was 11:57. "Are you close?" she asked.

"Maybe," I answered honestly. "I think I can make it..."

"If you make it too long, you won't cum right on time. Neither will I," she reasoned. Another moment passed before she ordered, "Get up. We'll have to hurry with this."

I rolled off her and she immediately got on all fours, presenting her fantastic ass. I grit my teeth and got into position behind her, ready to go into my pussy. Yet she stopped and said, "No...not there."

If she meant...up there...

We'd just crossed that milestone off a few days ago. I didn't think I should bring it up again until 2015 - but she left me no time to debate it now. "Lube it, quick!" Emma demanded.

I quickly fingered her pussy and rubbed what I collected onto her asshole, before bringing my head over. "I won't last..." I trailed off.

"Not for a minute. That's exactly what we need," Emma confirmed, taking the phone and setting it to show 11:58 and 50 seconds on the clock. "Fuck me in both holes. Make me cum on your fingers while you cum in my ass. Just do it now..."

I obeyed by pushing my head into her ass, while pushing my fingers into her pussy much faster. They got all the way in and wiggled around fast, while my cock took its time settling into her ass. But at 11:59 and 15 seconds, there was no time to settle.

In a flash, my cock pounded away at Emma's luscious round ass, while my fingers pounded at her luscious wet pussy. Emma pushed both holes back on me and yelled out, urging me to fuck her and make her cum. The commands and the tightness all around me just made me go faster.

With 15 seconds left, I put three fingers into Emma and teased her with a fourth. With 12 seconds left, I spanked her gorgeous cheeks and watched them ripple even more. And with eight seconds left, Emma called out, "Fuck, take that fucking hot cum...fuck!!"

Emma unleashed herself with about four seconds to spare. I fucked her so fast, I couldn't focus on the clock and see if I started coming right at the stroke of midnight. But I went so hard regardless, I didn't know if I'd come down before 2016.

I finally took my fingers out of Emma, licked some of her cum off them and then rubbed the rest on her ass. After a quick spank and jiggle, Emma took it away from me and I promptly fell onto my back.

Once Emma turned back to me, she teased herself and got the last bit of cum off her, then put her hand on my deflating, dirty cock. Surprising me, she then rubbed her cum on my cock and licked it off, regardless of where it had been.

She then laid herself on top of me and rubbed her lips onto mine, regardless of where they'd been - making it one heck of a unique kiss at midnight.

"The year can only go up from here," Emma said against my lips. With that kind of bar set already, I wasn't as sure.

But I sure wanted to help her find out. After spending the next few opening minutes of 2015 shutting my eyes.
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Salma Hayek

It was New Years night in the oceans at St. Barts. In the far off distance, there was a single yacht in the middle of the ocean, with two people on the deck awaiting the fireworks. Of course, they weren't ordinary people - not just because ordinary ones couldn't afford yachts, trips to St. Barts and the luck to be out on their own in private.

But these unordinary people were Salma Hayek and her billionaire husband, Francois-Henri Pinault. With several minutes to spare until the New Year came, they were standing on the deck together, anticipating the fireworks that would light up the sky above the island.

The mood, skylight and light from the yacht were perfect, making them all the more ready to celebrate more than they already had. In fact, Salma was set on getting a head start.

Having settled in her husband's arms, Salma turned her head to kiss him long and deep. Francois got to kiss back for a few seconds before she broke. "Figured I'd practice for midnight," she reasoned.

"Do you think it made perfect?" he asked curiously and a bit eagerly.

"Well...maybe not quite," she decided before kissing him again. "Almost..." She broke off before getting her tongue in the mix. "Getting there..." She stopped to say before Francois took over.

His hands went on Salma's sun dress, knowing full well that her sexy black two piece was underneath. It teased him throughout this entire getaway, to say nothing of the sultry, seductive, curvy, ample and incredibly well aged parts it barely covered, or didn't at all. It took everything he had not to take her here and now on this deck so many times, and to wait until they got into port.

Even at 52, his sex drive around his wife was still raging - how could it not? Even at 48, she could make anyone feel 20 or slightly older again, to say nothing of her husband. And he'd be lying if he didn't hope/suspect that they were concealed enough to...feel that way further.

"There's no way anyone can see us out here," Salma said when she stopped kissing him. "That's what you were hoping for, right?" Damn, he had a perceptive wife.

"No one can hear us, either. Unless we're really loud. But that won't be a problem when the fireworks out there start. Maybe..." Damn, he had the best wife.

Salma stepped back and threw off her little dress, showing the most luscious 48-year-old body in entertainment. Francois entertained himself by removing his shirt, leading her to the railing and turning her around.

He kissed the back of her neck and laid his hands on her bikini, and the breast begging to be spilled out. He pulled the cups down and held her glorious tits, then kneeled down behind her and pressed his face against her heart shaped ass, and the bikini bottoms barely covering enough of it.

Salma was as close to being in the Leonardo DiCaprio 'Titanic' position as possible. But she did wind up holding the railing instead of throwing her arms out, which would be too dangerous while her husband was eating her from behind.

Francois took his hands off her chest to pull her bottoms down, then go right back to munching on her bare pussy and lie his head on her bare ass. Finally, Salma had to gasp out, "Stop, stop...this'll be safer over there..."

Having to reluctantly agree, Francois stood up and backed away, as Salma turned around and finished removing her bikini. Now that she was fully naked and glowing in the stars above, in the light from the yacht and in her own seductive glow, Francois backed up further as Salma strutted towards him.

She backed him up towards the nearest deck chair, then bent down to unzip and drop his pants. He laid down on the chair, in position for Salma to kneel down, with the top of her tits hanging delectably. She then smothered them between his cock, going down to lick his head while the rest of his cock laid comfortably in her legendary chest.

Francois didn't get to enjoy it long, as Salma quickly tit-fucked his cock, then just as quickly took them off to take him completely in her mouth. Her lush lips closed around him and her silky tongue worked slow and wet on his shaft, before she popped off with a hum.

Salma thoroughly made him wet with her tongue and lips, then just as suddenly straddled him and smothered his cock with her pussy. If Francois was younger, he might have gone off then and there. But now this was one of the rare cases to thank God for being over 50.

Being old enough to last, yet not quite old enough to lose their boiling desire, certainly had its benefits right now.

It helped Salma whisper, "Happy early New Year" against her husband's lips before kissing him slowly and sensually while riding him. It helped Francois relax enough to enjoy it without cumming like a teenager, and put his arm around Salma's sweet hips while making out with her and fucking her.

They lost track of time as they fucked, kissed and rubbed Salma's tits onto Francois's face and mouth. At least until the first fireworks went off.

"Oh!" Salma yelled out, either from the friction or the noise, or perhaps both. Either way, it wasn't like anyone other than Francois could hear. If anyone was actually within 1,000 feet of them, this was a rare case where they could plausibly be distracted from seeing Salma Hayek's naked body.

Her husband, however, wasn't as distractible from his angle.

When the next firework went off, Salma said, "Now we can fuck as loud as we want. Ring the year in right..." It was probably easier than just taking a minute to go inside.

With the faint light of the far away fireworks above them, and the sounds only barely drowning out their moans, Salma and Francois fucked fast and deep to the soundtrack of the new year. They each babbled in their native language at times, calling out louder as the fireworks got louder as well, both for show and their own pleasure.

Francois held on tight to his wife's ass and helped it bounce up and down on his lap, while Salma hissed right into his ear and suckled it, cursing and encouraging him as well. She then went back to his face and hotly kissed him, getting every part of her lush lips on his.

"Cum inside me," Salma said into his mouth. "Pump that first load of the year in me...fuck me into next year..." It was too late for that, if she meant the year 2015.

Nevertheless, Francois rubbed her pussy in front and bounced her ass in back while his cock was brought to the brink. It would have made sense if they both came just as the fireworks show reached its fast, loud, symbolic climax.

But in this case, endurance wasn't on their side. They both unloaded their first batches of cum in 2015 onto each other's groins, with about a few minutes left in the fireworks show in the sky.

The one in the yacht settled down just in time for the couple to actually watch the final fireworks go off. It was just one more reason why the next 364 days and 23 1/2 hours of 2015 already had too high a bar to go over.

Katy Perry

While everyone in the hotel I stayed at was likely at a New Years party inside, or at a party somewhere else in town, I decided to spend my last hour of 2014 in the hotel's indoor swimming pool. It was left open for the special night, but I doubted anyone else would be there.

Imagine my surprise when I came up from an underwater swim and saw someone coming in. A woman in a black two piece, no less. A rather sexy woman in a black two piece, no less.

A rather sexy famous woman, to go even further less. A rather sexy famous woman named Katy Perry, I eventually figured out.

She insisted I didn't have to leave, however. She said she came here to clear her head and have a quiet end to 2014, in contrast to everything loud about the past 364 days. But she claimed it would be okay with just one person there.

I tried to make it as okay as possible, as we swam together, made small talk and then bigger talk together, and showed off while swimming laps together. By then, I wouldn't have been surprised if it was a few hours past midnight.

Yet Katy volunteered to get out and check her phone for the time. Then she seemed to walk out of the pool in slow motion, her back to me - along with her black bottom covered backside, dripping wet and swinging side to side. Just like the rest of her voluptuous figure and body parts.

Seeing Katy Perry so wet, in such skimpy black wet pieces, covering her ample wet chest and ass and not covering the rest of her curvaceous body, made me grateful to still be in the water. I swam to the deep end, hoping it was deep enough to hide what was below the water even better.

Of course it would be no matter what. But you can't think that logically when a bikini clad and dripping Katy Perry is mere feet away.

She got closer when she went to the edge of the pool and said there were 10 minutes to midnight. She offered for us to go to the hotel party together, but I said I was comfortable in here. It seemed like a good enough excuse to not come out with...a full trunk showing.

I said she could leave if she wanted, and I figured she would, making it easier to calm down before finally leaving. Instead, she backed up and then did a cannonball back into the pool - right near me.

The splash landed right on my face and I couldn't well swim away. Katy's head popped out right in front of me moments later. It took me a few more moments to realize how long she'd been underwater, close to me - and how easily she could have spotted certain things underneath.

"Tag!" Katy broke the soon to be uncomfortable silence, tagging me on the shoulder and swimming away.

Snapping out of it, I went back underwater and swam after her, trying not to look at her ass - and not just because the water was getting in my eyes. I came out once we got back in the shallow end, then saw her standing against the wall.

I went over and quickly tapped her shoulder, calling out "Tag!" Before I knew it, she slapped my chest and said it back. It was all kind of childish, I supposed - some sort of cutesy, flirty set up as an excuse to make us laugh, get us closer and closer and then too close to not do anything about it.

And it worked like a charm.

Once Katy's body brushed mine, we laughed a while longer until our lips suddenly collided. My hands went onto her waist under the water, as our lips and tongue stroked each other fast and deep, until we felt each other slow down.

When we pulled apart, our eyes briefly opened, and the sight of hers that close up and filled with lust made me kiss her again. After doing so a few more times, she backed away and began to loosen her bikini.

I slid out of my shorts and threw my wet shirt off, and soon our damp clothes were thrown out of the pool - leaving us free to swim naked. Katy's bare, bountiful chest rose above the water, then she dipped the back of her head underwater and practically floated out to the shallow end, her tits and pussy all but exposed.

Not to be outdone, I made myself float and had my cock stick out of the water. Katy swam back over to me as it sunk back underwater, and I rose my hips back up to expose it again. At that point, Katy went and sucked it until I couldn't keep it above water any longer.

I backed up towards the steps, with Katy following me out. After I got on the steps and backed out of the pool, Katy rose up like a pornographic little mermaid and walked out as well, her entire naked, wet, curvaceous, busty, dripping body showing itself to me.

Unable to resist, I went over and put my hands on her, rubbing her smooth glistening skin and curves and dropping my head down towards her full, glistening breasts. I tried to lick all the water I could off of them and suckle it out, until I wound up sinking to my knees to try and do the same with her pussy.

"Oh...that can't be comfortable," Katy said. She brought my attention to an actual longue chair nearby, saying, "We both might have better luck there."

I got up and soon laid myself down on the chair, with Katy getting herself on top of me. She straddled my chest and I got right back to feasting on her, agreeing that this was much more comfortable.

Before long, she reached over and started stroking my cock, causing me to groan right into her. "I love getting off after getting out of the water...feels so good..." I admitted to her.

"That's good to know," Katy teased, leading to her coming off my chest. She hovered her mouth over my erection, suckled it briefly and asked, "Then maybe it'd be for the best if you went back in. Just for a moment."

Taking her word for it, if only because she was probably withholding her mouth until I did, I went back up and into the pool, swimming around for about five seconds until Katy told me to get out. She watched me and clearly ogled as I was the one dripping wet all over while walking back onto dry land.

"Don't you dare dry yourself off," Katy made clear. She went over to me and ran her hands down my wet chest, ogling and rubbing it while leading me back to the chair. She then went down and lovingly sunk her mouth onto my cock, hardly helping how sensitive it was now.

Katy's big, beautiful baby blues and big, beautiful wet mouth brought out the longest, hottest - and hopefully not silliest - groan I'd ever uttered, while her hands rubbed my wet chest at that.

"Mmmm...Katy, I'm gonna cum..." I moaned. Which may have been either the wrong or right thing to say, given that she came right off me.

"In that case, we'd better get back in there to finish," she figured.

"Won't we...won't we...contaminate it? Going off in there?" I somehow strung along together.

"Not if we do it in my pussy. Or at least it wouldn't be as bad," Katy somehow told me. She then slowly walked back into the pool, swam briefly and sat back on the steps.

Feeling safe enough to move again, I went back in and promptly had Katy get on my lap. But instead of having her sit on my cock, I kept it away from her pussy and put my fingers in there instead.

"I might not be the only one who's sensitive in water," I ventured to guess.

"No...fucking kidding," Katy confirmed, groaning and tightening herself on my digits as they wiggled and pumped in her.

"Tell me right when you're gonna cum," I instructed.

"Be with you in a minute," she said, so I kept going and fucking and rubbing and ignoring my own throbbing need to cum.

Finally, she called out, "There, I'm gonna...fuck, make me..."

"Sit up, now," I said quickly. Getting the idea, Katy lifted her hips up and at last sat on my cock - cumming right away on it.

Some of it probably leaked out into the water, but we were both too distracted to check. I kept perfectly still, not moving the extra inch it would take to cum right into her. For her past, she rested against me and slowly started coming down.

Before long, I moved my head down and placed it on her tits, as I put my wet hands below them. I pushed them up and made them glisten with pool water and my own oral work, yet I kept my hips completely still. She did as well, although she couldn't help squeezing me down below as I kept sucking her up top.

However, Katy did come off me right as I felt ready to lose it. Maybe she sensed that, or maybe she just wanted to swim out into the water once more. Regardless, I followed her and kept from cumming right in the pool.

When I caught up with her, we were standing on the edge of the deep end - yet deep enough for Katy to wrap herself around me and lift up. I stayed on my feet as Katy's legs covered my waist and her hips dropped onto my cock.

My hands went on her ass and my mouth dropped to her tits again, tonguing them as I watched her deceptively doe like face watch with joy. Her damp hair went down to her shoulders, and for some reason, I was reminded of how I always thought it was so much more beautiful in black, instead of her various other colors.

That gave me a precious few more seconds before I couldn't stop my orgasm any longer.

By the time I finished shooting deep down Katy Perry's insides, my knees were ready to give out. The second she came off, I found myself sinking underwater. I did reach out and feel her pussy, however, which I had technically left hanging.

At this point, the New Year was here and the fireworks outside were probably over. The firework inside, on the other hand...

Well, it went "Oh, oh, oh" once already, at the least, even when wet. Maybe it and me had some potency left while dry too.

But we both felt like floating naked and leisurely in the water a bit more before we tested it.

Hayley Atwell

The first thing I saw when I opened my eyes on New Years morning was Hayley Atwell's cleavage. Not the worst way to kick things off.

Then I remembered how we got there. How I got her down to her bra and panties, started to fuck her, but wasn't really...up for the challenge for long. Fortunately, we were too tired and probably a bit too drunk to stay awake after that.

Once she woke up, she'd remember, and then we could both share in the embarrassment. Sighing right onto her bursting boobs, still barely trapped in a pink bra, I wondered if I could sleep through that too.

But it might be more worthwhile to take in this angle of her breasts, while I had the chance. If she wasn't asleep, I might do more than gaze. Then again, gazing and gawking like this was probably why I was so brief the first time.

I really wanted to have taken my time, and would have if I wasn't so pent up and eager from our New Years kissing and touching. If I was in my right mind, I would have rested my head on her cleavage and slowly tasted all of it, put my hand on her equally curvy rear and made my way towards her less curvy but still luscious pussy.

Like I felt myself doing now.

We were both laying on our sides, with my head right in front of her breasts, which were rising ever closer to my face. I just kept my face there, watching her flesh get closer, but too cautious to close the gap myself. It would involve waking her, which might -

Then I felt a hand on the back of my head. A hand that seemed to be pushing me the rest of the way forward.

Not daring to question it, or raise my head up to ask questions, I let my left hand go onto her wonderful ass while my face rested into her wondrous boobs. As I wanted all along, I kissed up and down her flesh and savored how it smothered my face, while my fingers slid down her ass to her pussy lips.

I heard Hayley's lips as they lightly groaned, which was immediately the sweetest sound I would hear in 2015. Well, after the next soft one she made when my finger tips went in her.

My lips went onto her bra cup, kissing it in lue of actually trying to remove it. I really couldn't do it and keep fingering her, or unhook her bra with just my left hand. I'd have to move from this position, and I really didn't want to - but Hayley was another matter.

She rolled me over, keeping her chest hovering over my face. I didn't look away as my head went back up into her cleavage, and both my hands were now free to go on her back and unhook her bra. Unlike last night, I had the time and patience to get it off.

When it slipped off, I tried not to gawk enough at her hanging, round, perfect, mouth watering tits to completely lose it. With a somewhat clearer mind and greater will, I rose up to go back and forth on her plump flesh and nipples, while my hands slid down to cup the plump flesh of her ass.

Hayley made those sweet noises again as my fingers went back onto her pussy, all while I suckled as much of her boobs as possible. I felt my cock getting rock hard below her, but I didn't feel ready to really test it yet.

Yet Hayley once again proved braver than me.

Now she rolled onto her back again and left me on top. Before I could look at her face for the first time today, she got a hold of my cock and positioned herself to line up with it. I laid my face on her neck, enduring the sensations as my head went against her lower lips.

As I brought myself to push in, Hayley brought my head up to put her upper lips on mine. She started kissing me right as I sunk into her pussy, with her groans vibrating on my lips. I closed my eyes and kissed back, and we wound up kissing in time with each thrust in and out of her.

Morning breath actually wasn't an issue, or not too much of one. Her lips still felt warm and supple enough to balance it out, engulfing mine just as her pussy lips engulfed my cock.

At last, I opened my eyes to see her deep brown ones, which still looked lovely and hungry despite the morning, and despite the previous night. They only darkened when her hands went right onto my ass while it thrust - and I imagine mine did as well.

I kept quiet, save for the obvious grunts, as I kept filling and hopefully pleasuring her. With the atmosphere less frantic and hurried, with the setting slightly less heated and with an actual rest behind us, this stood a much better chance of lasting longer and living up to it.

I put my right elbow beside Hayley and leaned on it, giving me room and position to hold onto her breast with my left hand. I teased her left nipple and fit as much of her flesh as I could in my hand, stroking the sides until I was ready to let my hand leave and go between our legs.

Hayley's groans got louder, with the odd, proper sounding "Fuck" slipping past her lips. She still squeezed my ass and helped push my hips deeper against her.

Ultimately, I did sit up to enjoy a clearer sight of her body and breasts writhing on the bed, and to get a clearer opening to rub her pussy further along. As I felt it working too well, however, I took her by the wrist and had her sit up to meet me.

She put her arms around my shoulders and wrapped herself around me, riding her hips up and down and closer to oblivion. Her breasts bounced right in front of me and I could hold the sides of both of them, all as I went in to kiss her once more.

"Oh yes...now I want you to cum inside me," Hayley moaned when we broke off.

This time I did it exactly when we both wanted to. After I furiously put my fingers onto her pussy, held onto her ass with my right hand and pushed my chest right against hers, of course.

Once we both came and groaned our approval against each other, it didn't take long for Hayley to fall on her back again and take me down with her. She then capped it off with one more kiss and deviously pleased twinkle in her eyes.

"Well...that's one way to kick a year off," Hayley commented, which otherwise went without saying.

We should all be so lucky for such an opening statement today.

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