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A Man of the World (multiple celebrities)
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I would like to thank Emily Thayer. Emily wrote and edited the first chapter of A Man of the World based on my outline, feedback and notes.

A Man of the World is inspired by MiamiLyfe’s Lucky Bastard story.

All the characters are 18 years old, and all celebrities are fictional version of themselves.

Chapter One

Studio Office – Visual Effects Department
9/18/2017, 05:30PM

Arthur Umberdragon is pretty sure his eyes have glazed over by now, as the minutes tick away and he is still stuck looking over the same three minutes of footage he had started the day with. The movie that he has been assigned to, the first project he was put on after being hired over a month ago, has a notoriously strict director. Post-production was going to be a crawl, and that meant the whole thing was likely going to run up against its holiday deadline later in the year, even though that was still three months away. But Arthur is glad, not because he was ‘finally’ in Hollywood, he did not believe in that particular brand of nonsense, but that he has landed a job just after getting his degree. With this and his comfortable inheritance, the home that he lived in, Arthur was looking forward to keeping his life on the up and up.

Shaking himself out of his daze, Arthur checks the time, going through the program on his system to clock out for the day, which flashed a reminder of the hours that he had worked this week, a perfect eight hours after his extended lunch. None of this fully matters as he had been brought on as a salaried employee, but he knows this type of job was always going to require him to be right here at this desk for an extended length of time. He can at least think about sprucing it up with a decoration or two, though family pictures remain out of the question.

Grabbing his jacket and slipping it over his shoulders, Arthur steps out to bear the cool spring air of Hollywood again, remembering when he was still a child, still young enough, he could have believed in the gilded perception of this place, like it could do no wrong. It was never an idea that he held as a teenager, not after what his father taught him, but how anyone who had been here could still believe in it was beyond him. Now, Arthur was convinced that he was the last bastion of sensibility, the last person in the city who would not let the corruption of Hollywood burrow its way into him.

   “Oh, you have got to be kidding me. Not today…” Arthur’s peaceful walk back to his vehicle is interrupted as he comes across a young-looking woman staring at her phone, though with that sort of description here he knows the woman could be anywhere from eighteen to thirty-five. She has long, straight black hair, and deep brown eyes with a soft, elongated jaw that does catch Arthur’s attention for a moment before he straightens himself out and stops, seeing that there is almost no one else around to help on the sidewalk.

   “What’s going on, can I help you?” Arthur asks, stepping to the side of the path.

   “No,” She starts, reflexively answering without considering it, until she stops for a second, picking her head up while still facing forward, still not looking at him, “Maybe you can. I just need a ride quick, over to Sunset.”

Arthur cannot quite place if she was talking about the street or a specific place that he did not know about, but he knows he is headed in that direction. He initially thinks better than to try to invite her into his car with a stranger, but at the same time, she could always decline, and he would be on his way, no harm done.

   "I could call an Uber for you?" he offers, casually seeing the app open on her phone.

   "Tried that, they are saying it will be thirty minutes. I am so tempted to just cancel it."

   "Well, I could give you a ride," Arthur points a thumb toward the parking garage around the corner, the one he always went to as it was so close to the office.

   "Perfect," she replies, grinning and tucking her phone away in a purse held underneath her arm with a light jacket wedged in there as well. After stepping onto the sidewalk again, Arthur takes in the short black cocktail dress that she was in. It was classy, hiding the straps of her bra if the one she was in had them. He did not let his eyes linger, turning away from the street as they started moving.

   “It is nice to meet you. I’m Victoria,” she says, picking up her chin as they walk toward the parking garage, turning the corner just then.

   “I am Arthur, it nice to meet you too.”
        “Justice, Victoria Justice?” she clarifies, taking the chance to look over Arthur, who was dressed in a typical business casual type of suit, with khakis, a button-down shirt, and a dark belt. Arthur brushes off the comment as he focuses on checking into the parking garage, finding his car in the first few rows. He always arrived early as he could to make sure he got a convenient spot for getting out later, though today, the rest of the lot was nearly empty. Victoria held her tongue, but her face was twisted with confusion over Arthur's seemingly dismissive attitude.

After they get on the road, with Victoria tapping away at her phone, likely keeping someone else in the loop as to where she was with her now being late to whatever event she was attending, Victoria looks up and notices Arthur's focus on the road ahead of them.

   "I am an actress," she says.

   "I am sorry."

That earns a careful laugh from her, though she can appreciate the humor involved.

   "Zoey 101?"

   "Nope," Arthur holds a straight face, and while it could be seen as him holding himself together through a lie, he is telling the truth, as always.

   "Victorious, iCarly, Fun Size, Robot Chicken?"

   "I do not remember, sorry," Arthur shrugs, with Victoria huffing, as if it were impossible that he had never seen anything she was in.

   "That is annoying," she sighed again, her eyes on him. They were lower than he expected, looking down, though he could not place whereas he kept his eyes on the road. Once they arrived at the destination, she had pointed him to, Victoria takes a handful of bills out of her purse, extending them across toward him, "Here."

Arthur holds up a hand and shakes his head, leaning forward slightly with his arms resting on the steering wheel. She tilts the cash down, looking baffled that he was refusing her a second time.

   "Uh, to repay you. For the ride?" She was clearly offended by his lack of knowledge surrounding her, though Arthur feels he cannot do much more than apologizing, as he had.

   "Pay it forward," Arthur says with a smile, the sound of the car engine filling the space that they shared as she fell silent and tucked the money back into her purse.

   "Sure. But, come on. Let me make it up to you somehow. Later," Victoria says as she finds the door's latch, opening it and stepping out to the sidewalk, her heels finding the concrete easily. She winks to him before slipping away and closing the door, leaving Arthur stunned at the entire interaction.

The Umberdragon Estate
9/28/2017 – 06:00PM

Arthur arrives home after work, checking the mailbox on his way in before the winding drive into the large garage that awaited him. The house that he lives in is massive, tens of thousands of square feet and undoubtedly worth millions of dollars to the right buyer, which Arthur has precisely zero interest in doing. To Arthur, it is the family home, and its placement relatively close to one of the most expensive cities on Earth means almost nothing.

Because he was only one man, and the only one who was still on the premises, wings of the house now sat unused, including the security room. He had disconnected the gate intercom a while ago, his logic being that while it could be useful, it was not going to be worth the trouble. There was no longer any trace from the outside of the premises that you could contact the owner of the house, and he found that highly effective in turning away the endless sea of solicitors.

That did not stop someone that Arthur did not know was coming to ‘make right’ her promise of paying him back for an earlier favor. It was only twenty minutes of peace before he hears a knock on the door, looking out the front window to see Victoria waiting in the front, a car leaving down the private stretch of road in front of the estate. Arthur’s shocked that she has found his home, and partly bothered that she would show up unannounced, though it was even worse considering she had no way to announce it to him, they had not exactly traded numbers. Since she was so offended that he did not know her, what was she doing here? Arthur decides to at least give her the opportunity to explain, waiting for her to knock on the door again before he opened it, feigning surprise but keeping himself in the door frame.

   “Victoria? How do you know where I live?” Arthur blurts out, realizing that comes off stronger than he meant it, but still ultimately wanting to address the central question.

Victoria has a grin on her face, her hands on her hips. This time, she is wearing a black dress that is somehow smaller than her other one, this one showing off even more, including the straps of her bra this time. It is a wonder to Arthur, but in taking in the look, he cannot help seeing how little the dress covers her chest, even showing the cups of her bra plainly.

     “Oh, well I was doing more work at the studio you work at, asked around a little bit. Had someone do a little digging, and here I am. Bad time?” she ends off, leaning forward to the closer side of the door, not trying to push the limits of his privacy. Beyond what she had already done.

Arthur raises an eyebrow, nodding shortly, “Sort of a bad time, I didn’t expect company. Did you need something? Oh, did you end up paying it forward?” Arthur blinks, suspecting that perhaps she has come to tell him the story of her good deed. Instead, Victoria ends up just as confused as Arthur was, exasperated as she shakes her head.

   “What? No, I did not, yet,” she says, with all the sincerity of someone who certainly planned to get around to that eventually, “I showed up because I wanted to see you again. Can I come in? Thought we could have ourselves a good time.”

Victoria had always been up for a challenge, and Arthur’s dismissive attitude proved he was just that. Arthur shakes his head, shooting the idea down, getting the idea of what she has really come around for.

     “Well, I was not expecting company, sorry, I really should not. Now, I did not have any plans tonight, but do you want to…grab a bite to eat?” Arthur asks, putting a hand on his own hip and looking her over. He is only starting to get the picture, seeing what she had expected of him. And he is hopeful that she was starting to see that he was not quite like that. She responds in kind, accepting the offer and giving Arthur some time to clean up from having been at work, waiting outside, before they head out to a restaurant of Victoria’s choosing. It is not one of the finest places in L.A., considering the limited amount of time they were working on, but Arthur was satisfied nonetheless, wanting to give Victoria a chance to explain herself.

On the other hand, Victoria latches on to the idea that Arthur is happy to give her what she wants, he just wants to delay it by making her go on a date first. Maybe he is a classical type, would not sleep with a woman if he did not know her name. Suddenly, she was looking forward to learning a lot more about a type of guy she had never really come across in Hollywood.

It was not long before they were settled into their seats at the high-class restaurant, hosting cuisine from all over the world. Victoria’s name had served them well in getting a seat. Arthur starts up the conversation, taking it in a direction he knows could prove controversial, but still, his curiosity is piqued.

        “What made you decide on a dress like that?” he asks.

   “Like what?” Victoria replies, forcing the issue.

   “The dress, it is so open.”

   “Oh, well. After the whole thing where my nudes were leaked, does not really matter anymore, right?” Victoria shrugs off the topic, while Arthur shows his confusion.

   “I have never seen them,” he says, and Victoria giggles, nodding along before she decides on another topic.

   “So, you live in that massive house all by yourself?” Victoria asks, remembering the estate well for only seeing it once, the main house along with the detached buildings which, near L.A., could easily be rented out as apartments of their own. Arthur was, obviously, not so inclined. Plenty had shown interest in the property over the decades of family ownership, and no offer was tempting enough to move. The fact that it had a private cove, a private boat entrance which Arthur did use, and a mostly private road was not something Arthur wanted to sacrifice all for a bit of rental income.

   “Yeah. I do not really want to get into why that is, but it is a nice place. Maybe a little large, I cannot see myself leaving it behind though,” Victoria hesitates at the answer, confused at his apparent desire to keep secrets.

   “It must get lonely, though?” She asks, her eyes drawn to him, showing that she was giving him all of her attention. Not so subtly, though, Arthur could see her phone in her lap, from the beam of light illuminating her face. He felt comfortable playing along, knowing that at the end of the night he could go home with a clear conscience.

   “That is not so bad in the grand scheme of things. It is not like I spend all my time there, with working and everything else,” Arthur smiles, shrugging off the idea that he was lonely, even though he was alone at the estate.

   “I am sure you could always find yourself some company,” Victoria assures him, though Arthur is troubled by the assertion.

Instead of having to answer to the remark, Arthur is glad when they are interrupted with the arrival of their orders. While he eats, Arthur mulls over how he recognizes that he is not changing Victoria’s mind, in fact, she seems to steadily believe there is something else to him that he is not showing her. As if he is another of the millionaire playboy types that must be everywhere in this city. Arthur wants her to know he is nothing of the sort, but at the same time, he knows coming out and saying that will do little to convince her. Actions speak louder than words anyway, he figures, letting it go while they enjoy their meals until they find themselves at the front of Victoria’s home.

Arthur turns off the car and walks around, prepared to open the door for Victoria, though she is already stepped out when he arrives. He settles for walking her to the front door, where she waits with him, her keys in the door.

Arthur leans into her, and she responds by leaning into him, putting a hand up against his chest as the two share a kiss, with Victoria smiling as she pulls back, and Arthur stands back up. She reaches forward and pushes her door open, while Arthur has already turned to leave in his car after wishing her a good night.

   “Going somewhere?” She says, tilting her head at him as he descends her front steps.
        “Home?” he questions, turning around from the sidewalk. She pauses, her smile fading as she looks Arthur up and down. Without another word, she steps inside and slowly closes the door. Satisfied with how the evening has gone, Arthur slips into his car and heads home.

Umberdragon Estate
10/17/2017 – 07:00PM

Despite the rocky end to their outing a few weeks ago, Victoria and Arthur had gone on a date every week since. They had even grabbed reservations, with Victoria’s name able to topmost guestlists in the city. Arthur does not want to risk attracting media attention, but he knew that going anywhere with Victoria runs some level of risk, and he would just have to accept it.

Victoria’s presence usually did a number to distract them, with the way that they were spending time together indicative of a date more than anything else, like a business dealing. Weekly outings, during weeknights only, no less, and a variety of restaurants as well as one walk along the beach, the week after their first outing. The tabloids did not have a chance to get an interview with either one of them, but all they really managed were a few snaps of the couple walking about. Neither were bothered about it and for now, Arthur appreciates that he does not have the media hanging off his back.

The pair arrive back at Arthur’s estate, as Arthur has appreciated the growth he has seen from Victoria over the last few weeks, and he wants to give her a chance to show her true colors, whatever those may be. Arthur parks his car in the garage, turning it off and walking around, opening the door for his date with a smile on his face. She steps out slowly, this time wearing a more modest teal sleeveless dress that goes to her mid-thigh. In fact, Arthur remembers that her choice of dress has been getting slowly more and more conservative, though he could not really place why that was, he had not made a negative comment about any dress since his questioning of the first one. But in a similar way, he is not bringing himself to be upset about whatever she chooses to wear.

They walk together inside the house, with Victoria closely following Arthur, her eyes on his back. She is pleased, mostly as she has come so close to getting with him after a whole month. She has surprised herself with how long she was willing to put up with his whole act just to get where she is now, but it is only right that she enjoys the fruits of her labor now. And enjoy she would, based on what she had seen so far. His broad frame, his muscle. She looks forward to getting lost in it.

Before long, and beyond Arthur’s hesitation, Victoria drags him off to his bedroom, stepping backward along the way, softly finding the bed, and taking a seat, keeping Arthur just in front of her with one of her hands left in his. She uses the other to pull apart the button of his pants, separating it with a push of a thumb and a slide of his zipper, her eyes going from his face to his chest, still covered with his shirt, all the way down to his now exposed bulge. She takes no time in taking away the second covering, his underwear, tossing them down around his knees, and pulling his large length out. Her eyes widen at it, and a smooth, “Holy fuck…” leaves her plump lips, as she drops her other hand and uses both to jerk him.

Victoria was eager in the moment, and she was happy to show just how eager she has become by taking in the head of his cock without a second thought, opening her mouth just wide enough for its entry, but smoothing her lips down around it on all sides, keeping her chin tilted upward to lock in eye contact while she sucks away at Arthur’s cock. Her long hair draped around her head, falling over each of her shoulders and also spreading out across the back of her dress.

It turns out that it also is not long for this world, as she spends seconds blowing him before her hands fall to the bottom of her dress at the top of her thighs, pulling upward with a ferocity that says she wants it gone right now. Even still, as she struggles with its Arthur cannot help but enjoy the show going on, of Victoria having kicked herself out of her shoes, now tossing her dress over her shoulder as only her black lace bra remained. The bra does a solid job of keeping her chest contained, but it is exactly the opposite of what he wants, a fact he quickly works to solve by reaching around her and taking apart her bra in one quick snap. Arthur lets her stunning breasts out for him to take a fuller look over them, all while Victoria is bobbing her head between his legs.

Arthur is taken aback by the speed at which Victoria is handling herself, already working on taking in inches of his cock, but he remains in control by planting one free hand on the top of her head, not pushing her or changing her rhythm, just enough to remind her that he is still there, and he is much more than just a cock. That seems to be something she is forgotten about, even as each of her hands has become planted on his thighs, her attention and her love are all entirely focused on Arthur’s shaft and his balls, her mouth trading between taking as much of him as she could and letting it rest against her face while she sucks in one ball at a time. As she does, she briefly stops to think about how this time is suddenly different for her. She is actually enjoying both parts of the blowjob, and she slowly realizes that Arthur’s sack actually tastes nice on her tongue, and she’s loving it more than she ever knew she could. Usually, she would spend this time figuring out what flaws this man had, what justification she could seek for leaving later on in the night.

Arthur is more than content to let her keep going, moving so that he could rest on the edge of his bed with a gentle hand keeping Victoria in line, on her knees between his legs. Her plump lips make a warm, wet entrance to the tunnel her mouth served as, perfectly working around every bit of Arthur’s shaft. Victoria pulls him out, two hands smoothly sweeping upward to stroke his cock while she speaks, blinking upward at him.

        “It’s so fucking big, it is perfect. I just love it…” Seeing little reaction out of Arthur outside a smile, Victoria goes back to blowing him, making it clear that she had some experience with how easily she could fit his massive cock head, and how she could actually manage to take some inches of his dick. Plenty of others had failed to make that much progress at all, let alone in such a short amount of time. Still, Arthur cannot help being conflicted about how to feel over the comments. He had heard it all when it came to his size, but how did she really feel? She was dutifully working on his cock, using her mouth while her hands were lying aside in case, she wants to add the additional assistance. Arthur feels comfortable just enjoying himself, for now.

It was good enough that after a little while, Arthur realized, he was starting to feel every familiar sign of his impending climax. Not an immediate one, but one that was building nonetheless, being stirred up by Victoria’s fingertips playing with the skin of his balls. Not to mention her careful tongue poking against his cock, drawing long licks against him and leaving plenty of evidence behind. She decides to get her hands more involved soon after, wrapping one around the base of his cock and stroking him while continuing to take the inches that she could in her throat. She is blown away by now, though she is careful not to show it. Arthur is lasting so much longer than anyone she has ever been with, and especially longer than anyone she had ever given a blowjob to.

Eventually, Arthur has had enough, pulling his hand back to the bed and letting himself go, feeling his climax burst forward as he cums, his thick cock pulsing while he shoots his load against the walls of Victoria’s welcoming throat, her head tilted up toward him with wonder in her eyes and his heavy balls still in her palm, cupped neatly and firmly.

It was only the beginning, and now Arthur knows that by his own standard, he is far behind, owing it to Victoria to grant her multiple orgasms before he would seek out his own again. As a rule, he enjoys the ratio to be somewhere in the range of five to one.

Victoria is puzzled when Arthur reaches down for her and pulls her into his lap, turning her head up and planting kisses on her neck while he spreads her legs out against him. He lets his cock bounce against her stomach, but for now he has no interest in using it, instead happy to prepare her for that with his fingers, though his cock remains plenty wet enough considering how well Victoria had done with her mouth.

Victoria moves her arms now, holding onto him with curiosity over what exactly he had in mind. She was not a complete stranger to being fingered, but typically, it was its own event, a one-off for someone who was not inclined to do more with her. Arthur had not yet shown any signs of being like that, and so the proceedings thoroughly confuse her, though she must admit, Arthur turning his fingers up into her had a graceful touch that she could see herself coming to appreciate. An all too familiar shudder came back to her, threatening that her orgasm was not too far away.

        “You are so sweet, Arthur…and so damn big, too,” Her voice trails off in his ear, though in her own head, she is jealously feeling the tapping of his cock against her stomach and wanting it more than anything. She cannot help but feel actively denied, considering she had already happily taken it into her mouth. She did not want to seem ungrateful, though, considering…but before she knew it, Victoria had climbed to her first orgasm, only that she did not know it would be her first of many. Arthur has no verbal response as he knows he needs to steady himself to keep her in his lap while she goes through her orgasm. He does just that, holding her in his lap, happy with how thoroughly satisfied she clearly was, though Arthur was not done yet. On the contrary, he now laid down, letting his back fall on his bed, and carrying Victoria forward, her legs making their way around his head naturally as he rests his face between her spread thighs. Arthur ends up right where he wants with his nose finding her clitoris. He does not spend too much time poking at it, instead of doing far more work with his tongue on her lips, his fingers spreading them out for his tongue to be that much more effective.

It works wonders, with Victoria sent on a blissful rollercoaster, her eyes rolling back into her head as she clutches tightly to what she can reach of the man in between her legs. For a split second, she thinks that there might be more to this whole ordeal, that it could be worth exploring more of what Arthur really was as a man. She thinks better of it because now she was looking forward to a full night of fun before she slipped away into the night as she had always planned to do from the start.

Arthur knows nothing of it, only intending on showing her the time of her life before they rest up, while he watches the pure bliss float inside her as Victoria sinks onto him, her graceful body taking him bit by bit, but not without resistance. She had come back strong from her second orgasm, and she was ready to ride him. Despite her body’s best efforts, Victoria is too eager to let Arthur slip away even the slightest bit before he is pressing against her, at which point she finally relents, letting him lift her again. Arthur is careful to get the best angle possible for her, as he knows that entry is going to be an ordeal all its own. Taking his cock is not as simple as placing it inside her, and besides, he knows that there are ways to push it into her that will make it feel even better for her, with only a bit of extra thought on his part. Arthur is more than willing to go the distance for any of his partners and Victoria is no exception. While he is pacing himself, only pushing in his cock head now, she was looking down at him eagerly.

   “Arthur…please fuck me, I want it so bad…” she tries her best not to let her needy edge slip in too much, to not reveal her true emotion to Arthur, but she imagines that ship has sailed.

Arthur is not bothered at all, always appreciating the enthusiasm, this time taking it as his cue to ease further into her. With how comfortable she is in his arms, and the increasing chemistry between them, it is only a moment later when Victoria sinks onto him, getting about halfway before she withdraws, allowing Arthur to lift her back up again to restart the process.

Victoria’s mouth hangs open now, the concept of speech which she had embraced just a short time ago escaping her as she communicates instead through loose, easy moans, her hands resting on Arthur’s shoulders as she is surrendered all control of the momentum over to him, letting the man be in the driver’s seat, a phenomenon she was not too familiar with. Then again, what Arthur had started with now was more pleasurable to her than any other time she could think of with a man, so she felt she was without a doubt in the right hands, as those hands slipped, one around her waist and one taking her chest up again, getting his first squeeze of it. He could not lie, his eyes could fall to a woman’s legs, they could be tempted by a woman’s ass, but Arthur would always have his true desires on their chests. There was just a missing piece of the puzzle of attraction contained solely in there, just for him.

He thinks for a moment about just easing her further up in his lap, angling her upward so that he might just be able to spend some time with his face between her breasts. But at the same time, there is a unique charm to this position they are in now, with their faces so close while Arthur thrusts upward into her. Victoria remains lost for words, but something has changed, as she is clutching tightly to Arthur now, her arms wrapping around him as she gasps for breath. Arthur figures out what is overtaking her just as she lets out her first gasp for yet another in her series of orgasms, her legs closing in on each of Arthur’s sides as she shudders and holds him.

        “Oh, you’re fucking incredible…I love your massive cock, Arthur,” Victoria blurts out, though Arthur pays little attention, too focused on showing her just how much more there was where that came from. In the interest of changing, it up at least slightly, Arthur lifts her away and spins her around, this time welcoming her back against his chest and easing her into his lap yet again. He still sat on the edge of the bed, with his hands on her hips to keep her stabilized. All Arthur could think of, in relation to her, is how much she had changed over the few weeks they have been seeing each other. He imagined that after he had shut down her idea of sleeping with her the first time they had gone out, he would not hear from her. Instead, since then she has shown a different, softer side of herself, one that has made Arthur much more comfortable, even though her comments were to this point not alleviating his fears of being seen for more than his cock.

Seeing as she has taken such an interest in his shaft, Arthur sees it only fair play that he gets a bit more involved in what he likes from her at the same time, pulling her in and taking her nipple into his mouth, sucking on her breast with his entire mouth. If she was going to focus so much on his cock, as she bounces on it and he watches her slide up and down effortlessly, Arthur figures it is only fair to even the playing field, one of his hands coming from around her waist to clasp her other breast, massaging it, his thumb idly flicking against her small, perky nipple.

All of the attention was just driving her wild, at this point Victoria cannot stop the orgasms that strike her, but she still does what she can to make sure she isn’t overstimulated by taking some control of the situation, planting her hands on Arthur’s shoulders and pushing him down to the bed, shifting her legs to his sides to lock in a cowgirl position while her hands attended to her breasts, which already miss the attention Arthur was giving them. He does slip one hand back up to cover one of her breasts again, which she aids by clasping the back of his hand tightly so that he cannot take it away, not that he did before. It is just another measure of insurance she uses to make sure he keeps pleasuring her. While Arthur did not really notice the purpose of her actions, he has been more than happy to play along so far.

One thing Arthur realizes after some time, of Victoria vigorously riding him with brief pauses whenever an orgasm took her over the edge, at which point she would grip whatever she was holding tightly and ride it out slowly before returning to the heavier pace, was that Arthur did not know how many total orgasms the woman had had at this point. Five was what he wanted to give her before he would allow himself another, but at the rate, this was going, he would certainly want to cum again, and that meant granting her another five, which he had already done, by his count.

He cannot just ask, considering the state Victoria’s in, biting her lip, and sweating slightly, with some hair matted to her head as she drives herself upward and downward on her favorite part of Arthur’s body. He provides some extra momentum from the bottom, a happy and quite a loud smacking sound popping up whenever the two make contact, Victoria forced upward by it just as she wanted to be. It brought Arthur no closer to his answer on the math, but as Victoria huffs and puffs, craning over as her body is rocked by yet another, Arthur knows he does not have much to worry about. With Victoria’s energy-draining, Arthur knows just what he wants, too.

He tests the waters by lifting her gently yet again, slipping out to one side and getting to his feet, keeping her in her bent-over position while his cock keeps itself steady and extended. Seeing the mess that has already been made between her legs, Arthur reaches in with one hand and collects some of it, using a single pointer finger and prodding at her ass. It clearly is not ready for his cock, but that was not Arthur’s intention anyway. At the first signal of an entrance, Victoria moans out yet again, nodding, trying, and failing to look over her shoulder to catch a glimpse of Arthur pushing his finger into her. Arthur used his other hand to support her body, making sure she could still stand even after her torrent of orgasms had come through.

From this position, once he withdraws his finger, Arthur eases his cock back inside her. It is a slow process to get her reacquainted with his size from this angle instead-but judging from her mouth hanging open and the tired exasperation slipping out of it, Arthur judges that he is doing fairly well. It is only when she huffs, gathering her breath and speaking that he knows.

        “More…fuck me, Arthur…” Victoria trails off then, mumbling something else while Arthur goes on to follow that lead, giving her even more of what he’s got and filling her up with his perfect length, his balls slapping against her lips with each of his thrusts, the rhythm music to Victoria’s ears as her dreams are coming true before her very eyes, which are now glued shut as she concentrates on keeping her balance and making Arthur do what she wants, her leftover energy in use to buck her hips back into the man.

Arthur is more than satisfied, the view of her back a special one as he pounds away, holding her in her bent-over position as he builds toward his climax, getting himself ready to cum. Victoria falters every once in a while, whenever another orgasm overpowers her, but she focuses on keeping herself standing as well before she has waited a bit too long for her liking, and she starts making demands while she’s short of breath.
        “Arthur…Arthur, cum for me, I want you to cum again. Please, cum inside me,” she had gone beyond saying please, but in the moment, Arthur was not bothered by it, and he was even inclined to follow her lead, though he still kept to his own pace. That did lead him right where she wanted him, on the edge of an orgasm before he pulled her in, holding her tightly in both of his hands, one underneath and one at her hip, as he cums with all of his force pushing it deep inside her. Victoria exclaimed out at that exact moment, nodding her head again and pushing herself back against him.

Once he has finally done cumming, Arthur pulls out his dripping cock and before long, Victoria is passed out on the far side of Arthur’s bed, with Arthur tucking himself into bed beside her as she lays against him and he holds her by the side, staring at the ceiling, idly dreaming about the days and weeks to come. Now that this had happened, when would they see each other again? What would their next date be? He did not have any answers for himself, but plenty of questions as he drifted off to sleep.

Hours later, in the middle of the night, Victoria awakens as if from a nap. Realizing where she is, Victoria gets up to leave as she had planned to, her legs initially not cooperating, feeling like jello before she steadies herself against Arthur’s bed, slowly walking her way around the edge of the room. She starts to collect her clothes, before taking a peek at Arthur, peacefully sleeping. Somewhere along the way, the covers had slipped off of him toward her side of the bed, and she saw his cock exposed, still huge even while it was soft. She had to wonder if he could go again if she would just wake him up. Then again, the loads he had already pushed out were so much larger than anyone she had been with, double, or triple. If he could do that all the time, the question remains. She does not want to throw it all away by leaving, but she had never stayed for anyone else. Despite the last month, Victoria gets herself back into the clothes she had on, including the heels, gathering her strength, and walking out, leaving quietly.

In the morning, Arthur wakes up, stretching his reinvigorated body and turning over to face Victoria, the now empty side of the bed. Stunned by the discovery, Arthur sits up, swinging his legs out from the bed and getting dressed before wandering around the active wing of the estate searching for her, before realizing that she must have left sometime earlier without telling him or leaving anything behind to let him know. He was disappointed, and Arthur could not understand why she had done this. He looks out the window of his kitchen, onto the balcony, over the cove that the estate overlooks, wondering what he had done to deserve this. If that was how she was going to act, though, Arthur had no desire to sleep with her again.

Umberdragon Estate
10/27/2017 – 06:00PM

It had been almost a week and a half since Victoria had dashed out on Arthur in the middle of the night, and he has not exactly forgotten about it, even after another week of hard work. He is not angry, but he cannot ignore that he is disappointed, after feeling a real connection and at least feeling that he was worth sticking around for the morning after. He is not the type to kick a lady out after the sex, that was not what he wanted. He had only just arrived home a little while before hearing a car pull up in the driveway, all too obvious who it was as she stepped out and walked to the front door. Arthur met her there, fully opening the door and standing inside the doorway.
        “Arthur,” she says.

This time, she was in a dress that reminded Arthur of the one she was wearing the first time he met her. This one was relatively short, near her mid-thigh, but with black and white slanted stripes on its bottom half. Those stripes extended all the way up to her chest, the dress from there to the shoulders is a simple solid black, still showing off the cups of her breasts with an open oval-shaped cut in the center of the chest.

   “Victoria, why are you here?”

   “I am sorry,” she starts, clasping her hands together and keeping eye contact with him, wanting him to know that she is serious, “You, well, you really are unlike anyone else I have ever met, especially anyone from L.A. So, I did not know how to handle it.”

   “So, you chose to leave in the middle of the night?” Arthur asks, confused about how that process worked out.

   “Yes, it is what I’m used to. It is safe, it is easy. If you never called or texted or reached out, I would have understood that you did not want to see me anymore.”

   “You changed your mind, then?”

   “Yes. I wanted to see you,” Victoria bites her lip gently, though out of an anxiety over how her actions will be interpreted, rather than any sexual desire, “Can you forgive me?”

   “Well, why should I?”

Now that it was out there, it seems the obvious question to Victoria, but she does have an answer.

    “I made a mistake. I treated you the way that everyone else here would have treated me. I got what I wanted, and I was gone, no strings attached. I am so used to it now, well…with everything in my career going south, I just wanted to feel better about it. I wanted to get back at someone, but I should not have. I should have done better. So, I wanted to come here and ask if you would forgive me. If we can be friends?”

    “We can be friends,” Arthur says, feeling the weight of the earlier disappointment already washing away from him, “Do you want to come in for a while?”

Arthur looked over his shoulder, having prepared for company ever since the first time she had appeared here.

        “I would love to,” Victoria says, stepping up as she’s welcomed into the estate again.
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I would like to thank Emily Thayer. Emily wrote and edited the second chapter of A Man of the World based on my online, feedback and notes.

Chapter Two

North Hollywood

While Arthur never typically makes elaborate plans for Halloween, this year he had received an invite from Victoria. Considering that they had made up recently, even if it was still fresh from a few days ago, he decided to go along with it. As it was a costume party, Arthur knew just what he would be wearing, because it was something Victoria had approached him about before, to which he had reluctantly agreed. It is a Batman costume, a smooth fit in the arms and chest, with a detailed, accurate cowl and cape. Victoria knows his tastes pretty well, remembering that Arthur said he likes Batman, while Arthur thinks of it more as doing a favor for his friend by attending the party.

He met Victoria at his place as they planned to take his car together. After discussing their costumes, she had come in the perfect one. A tight-fitting option for her, too. Catwoman’s, but with an even more daringly open chest, no sleeves, and only the slightest mask to cover her identity. For anyone who knew her, it would be pretty obvious it was Victoria behind it.

That was made even more clear when they arrived at the party, and Victoria was recognized as soon as she stepped out of the car. It was a friend of hers, Vanessa Hudgens. She was standing with two guys who were both in costumes, one a white tux with a red bird mask, and the other a gold and black jumpsuit. Arthur could not place what the costumes were supposed to be, let alone who the three of them were. He certainly had a long way to go toward learning about everyone in Victoria’s circle, but that was a task for another time as he did not fancy interrupting her conversation.

After Victoria rejoined him, she was quick to point out the identities of the three, Vanessa, Ross Butler, and Pierson Fode. Arthur says nothing, amusing Victoria.

   “You can tell me you have no idea who they are now,” she teases, but Arthur only smiles back.

   “You know, I am not just saying that. I have just never been involved with this crowd.”

Victoria shrugs off the subject, instead of walking with Arthur closer to the center of the party, sure to make her introductions along the way, stopping every once in a while. Arthur was happy to wait along the perimeter of the conversation, never stepping in, and notably never being welcomed into it either. If anything, Arthur figured he would come off as polite.

Soon enough, they step inside the actual house on the property, hearing some rap music pounding through what must be an elaborate sound system, for a house of this size.

   “So, whose house is this, actually?” Arthur asks, before they are approached, two young women looking up to Victoria.

   “Hey,” they trail off excitedly, introducing themselves as Kelli Berglund and Olivia Holt. Victoria knew both of them, congratulating Kelli over the completion of a recent project before Arthur interjected over Olivia.

   “I heard you are getting involved in an upcoming series for Marvel, right?” he asks, Olivia switching her gaze and peering up at him.

   “Oh, uh, yeah. Did not really think that news was out there yet,” she says, looking between her two peers, “Who even knows about that except like, total nerds?”

The group laughs together, but Arthur is far from ashamed of a status like that. Separately, Victoria giggles, amused that Olivia is in for a surprise if she hooks up with Arthur. The stereotypical ‘nerd’ label would not stick then, not in the way that she thought.

   “That sounds about right,” he says, looking around the house. While he does, he notices that Kelli, standing just before him, has her eyes right on him. Staring through him, before Victoria says something and she snaps out of it.

The grounds were beautiful, like most places in the city, there is an expansive open-air area, an almost sickly modern twist to everything. Twisted metal sculptures included, in this case, though the fountain in the wading pool, which he could see from here over everyone was still intriguing to him. What got to him the most was how flat the whole house seemed, outside of the fact that it had an upper-level everything seems to be visible from anywhere you stood. If anything, it was just a strange way to build a house.

Before another moment passed, Arthur notices that Kelli is grabbing his attention again, looking at him. He does not say anything when she links her arm with his, separating him and Victoria. Arthur looks back, seeing Victoria and Olivia standing together, cheerfully waving to him. For now, Arthur is happy to go along with this and see just where he ends up, even if he is not sure what is going on.

Walking through the party, it was easy for Arthur to cast glances around to the other partygoers. None seemed to be looking at him, and he did not recognize many, not that any of them recognized him. If he had asked, Kelli could have listed plenty of them off. Pop stars, like Hailee Steinfeld or Demi Lovato. Actors and actresses, like Sophie Turner, Timothee Chalamet, and Ariel Winter. None that Arthur knew personally, but none that knew Arthur, just plenty that ended up staring as Kelli mounted the stairs, leading Arthur along with her, side by side.

Arthur could not easily say what the added attention was for, as they disappeared to the second level, left alone by the crowd of people. The music dulled further, still pumping through the halls but only in murmurs, faint whispers of what it was before. Arthur’s attention is more easily drawn to Kelli now, and she seems to be a woman on a mission.

Now that they had a moment alone, Arthur took the time to look over the costume that Kelli was in, his own Batman costume still holding up through the awkward walk up the stairs. Hers had as well, without much trouble, a tight black sexy nurse costume, with red trim all around, and fishnet leggings with white crosses inside red circles. The sides were open, as well as the arms, the garment half-sleeved with black gloves ending at the elbows.

Before another moment passed, he is in the door, and it is closed behind him, leaving just himself and Kelli in the well-lit, overly modern bedroom. It was clearly a spare, there was little decorating the walls except for some strange, paneled art, an analog clock made of short metal bars that denoted the hours, with two dark wooden hands, one for the minutes, the other for the hours.

Arthur finds it hard to focus too much, until Kelli squeezes his hand, her other hand bracing against his chest, but quickly falling and cupping his crotch. There, she takes a full palm of his package, though it is not so easily contained it is still not obvious inside the costume, as Arthur wouldn’t wear anything so brazen.

   “So…I know all about you. I want this, big boy.”

   “What?” Arthur asks, looking down at her through the cowl. After all, that could mean any manner of things.

   “You know what I’m talking about. What you are working with, here. Victoria told me all about you.”

   “Well, what are you looking for?”

Kelli lit up at the response, her smirk breaking into an outright smile.

   “I figure, we can start with anal. What do you think?”

Arthur is still stunned, reeling after the bombshell of Victoria apparently telling her friends about their sexual relationship, without any warning to Arthur. How many people knew about them, now? Despite that, he was at least intrigued by the offer Kelli was putting on the table. And walking back to the party now was going to be an awkward affair. He was hardly out anything, even if anal was far from his preference.

   “Sure,” he declares, confidence oozing from him, while Kelli shivers with excitement.

   “Lovely,” she says, squatting in front of him and leveling her head with his crotch, easily pulling his cock out through the folds of his underwear and pants, which Arthur previously had not noticed could be so easily creased to achieve just this end. Kelli was shocked, her lips forming a circle while she expressed her surprise, “Oh my god, it is so big,” she blurts out at the next second, “I thought Victoria was kidding, at least a little.”

   “Anal. You are sure?”

   “Yes, please? I prepared for this after Victoria told me all about the two of you…I want it. You know, no chance of pregnancy, plus, guys love it anyway. Right?”

Whether or not that was true, relatively, it was clear to Arthur that Kelli’s and Victoria’s image of a ‘regular guy’ was quite far off from his own.

Arthur nods hesitantly, lowering his hands to her shoulders while she works her soft hands on his cock. It is only a minute or so later when she has Arthur fully lubed with spit and prepared, and she rises back to her feet before spinning and bending over the bed, presenting herself toward Arthur.

“God, it looks so incredible from down here…” It seemed like only a minute had passed since he had walked through the bedroom door, and in reality, it couldn’t have been over longer than a few. It was all happening so fast. But this was one of Victoria’s friends. And he had made it this far without any issues. What would go wrong going just that little bit further?

Kelli is impatient, stacking her hands together and swinging her hips from side to side gently, “Come on, Arthur…don’t you want this? I want you to take me.”

Arthur’s hands land on her again, one on each of her lovely soft hips just at the gap in the sides of her costume. He let his cock, sticking out like it was, tap between her plump cheeks. The breather is more to steady himself than anything else.

After that, Arthur takes the opportunity granted to him. He slides into her, his hands squeezing more tightly as he brings his body forward, each inch only going when Kelli’s body allowed. But it was a movement he followed along the instant it was available until she was nearly full, Arthur’s length, wet, thick, and tightly held. Kelli was pulling in air, her hands both grabbing the bed’s comforter tightly in balled fists, elbow-length black gloves on each of them.

Arthur leans over her, standing proudly and powerfully. Despite his form, despite everything, Arthur could not help reminding himself that to him, this was always just going to be okay. Never the greatest sensation he would ever experience, or the proudest moment of his life of pleasing women. It was hard to brush that aside though Kelli had made it clear that anal was topping the list of her priorities, to start with. It did not help that, if he were to really ask himself, he was not much of an ass man at all. He could admire one, same as plenty of other attractive body parts, but it would not stick out in his mind. That belonged to breasts.

As he slipped away into his own thoughts, Kelli picked up the pace, working hard with her knees propped up on the bed, letting her carry her full momentum back and forth. It begins a wet slapping sound, produced each time that Kelli slams her hips backward. Arthur looks up to her eyes, watching her give a slow nod before her eyes roll back, and she drops herself into her first orgasm, almost from anal only, aside from the fingers Arthur uses to play with her clit, with Kelli having abandoned using her arms to keep her head off the bed. Kelli seems perfectly content to use her full strength to keep her knees up and work her hips backward, with Arthur, in turn, providing ample forward momentum for her leverage.

For Arthur, despite the warm sensation of their bodies close, he was still distracted, letting it stick in his mind that anal was clearly near the top of Kelli’s list. He had never met a woman like that before.

With Arthur distracted, he does not notice as Kelli’s volume picks up, a constant, droning moan leaving her open mouth. Her face, if anyone could have seen it, looked stuck with her jaw lowered, the immense waves of pleasure of being indulged in her favorite act too much to bear, sending her into a repeating pattern of orgasms every minute or so, with only the barest time to recover between. Kelli recognizes, somewhere between the fourth and fifth, that she is in no state to complain, even if she could fabricate one off-hand.

It is just then that the two are interrupted by a door opening behind them, a crowd huddling around the door. Sex at the party was not exactly unexpected, and the partygoers were eager to drop in on the first two to break that barrier. But it was clear that most were surprised to see Arthur there, instead of some traditional star. Victoria was there, too, and she looked, oddly, proud.

Arthur is himself shocked at the revelation, frozen in place with a glance to his side. He could not move, with how far he was buried inside Kelli, but with how far that was, it was clear just how large Arthur’s cock was to all of the new spectators. So far, indeed, that Kelli did not notice the events transpiring in the room. Olivia included, and she even stepped forward to get the door.

Just like that, they were left alone again, while the group made their way back down to the larger party. Almost as if this had not been a total breach of privacy, but all in all, Kelli seemed even less bothered than some of the men had been. Refocusing, Arthur fixed Kelli’s position and slid his hands along her smooth costume. As Arthur got back up to his own pace, it did not take very long for the orgasms to strike Kelli again.

It is after the seventh or eighth, each a full, constricting, rocking explosion of orgasms for her, that Arthur slows down, recognizing that he is not quite ready to reach his own climax. He can see that it is wearing Kelli out faster than he expected as well.

Through the whole ordeal, it has become, Kelli loses her breath for just a moment, on the edge of consciousness, and driven further as Arthur begins the process of taking himself out. Her head is cocked to the side, her eyes peering over her shoulder when Arthur lowers his tip against her lower lips, his shaft still covered in the lube. Arthur keeps himself there, using his hand to guide his tip and stroke it along her lips, top to bottom. Kelli moans out, just before the two lock eyes and Arthur proceeds forward, burying himself in her second hole of the night. Kelli recoils slightly, her head shaking upward.

         “Oh, fuck that is good…you have got me so…full…” she exclaims, her voice weak after the first word slips out.

Kelli reaches out and clasps her hand over his, squeezing it tightly, only a minute later continuing the movement that she had so quickly jumped to when Arthur was in her ass. This was not her favorite, and if Arthur were honest, he would have to concur. He had just met Kelli, and he had more history with Victoria at this point, which made the night he had spent with her, awkward as the events afterward were, more special to him in his mind.

Still, the act itself was solidly Arthur’s second favorite type, with having his dick sucked topping the list, by a margin. There was still something tangibly better about pussy for him, compared to an ass. Even playing with her tits would be ahead of anal, in the end. But this was where he would have his real fun and get a chance to climax, and so he continues, gladly taking his chance and pounding her into the bed, eventually easing her legs down and using his own hands to hold her up instead, to put her in the perfect position for him.

          “Arthur…” she repeats his name, a few times, loose ramblings escaping her lips just after. Kelli still held the comforter in balled, gloved fists, the sounds she produced more than overwhelming, at least if Arthur focused on them at all. He is listening, in case she wanted to stop, but his attention is certainly much lower on her body.

Before much longer, in Arthur’s head, though he cannot place how much time has passed, he feels himself stirring, a tightness in his lower torso, the all too familiar churning of being ready for his climax. This one was properly placed if he would say so himself. He looks up, watching Kelli as she shivers through another orgasm, still rocking her hips as she does.

Arthur figures this is a perfect time to join her and picks up his speed to do just that. Locking himself into her and cumming again, keeping her close in just the position he wants from her. He locks in with his hands firmly planted on each side of her, feeling his power pump his cum into Kelli, rope by rope. A step up from his previous inside her ass, but still, not quite reaching the heights of his time with Victoria, as he felt the fishnet leggings of Kelli’s nurse costume rubbing against his own legs before the movement settled.

After settling down, Arthur leaves Kelli behind in the bedroom, where she shifts up to the pillows and takes a nap. He is more than ready to rejoin the party, but on descending the stairs, it is clear that the rest of the party is not looking to welcome him back. In a complete reversal of the reaction when he had ascended the stairs with Kelli beside him, returning alone, it becomes clear that everyone knows just what is going on.

Arthur knows just what to do, finding Victoria while he still feels far too many pairs of eyes on his back. Victoria has a smile on her face, but it feels…different.

   “What is this about?” Arthur asks, spinning a finger around. Victoria gets the signal, loud and clear.

   “They are not too happy with you. You are the ‘outsider’ here,” Victoria shrugs, shaking her head. She takes a final sip off a drink she is holding, leaving the empty glass on a nearby tray. For everything, she is not really worried about Arthur, knowing that he can handle himself. If she did not think he could, she would not have made…the bets that she had made.

   “They are not going to try anything,” Arthur says, looking around. He is not sure how safe he is in that knowledge.

   “They are going to try,” Victoria says, looking over her shoulder toward the front door, “I was going to get out of here, actually. You should stay, mingle, have some fun. It will clear your name.”

She smiles again, something off about it, just like before.

   “You are leaving so early?” Arthur inquires, with Victoria smirking.

   “Have your fun, Arthur, really. I brought you because I wanted you to have a good time. I already have, so I was going to get out of here, you know?”

It is not the most convincing argument Arthur’s ever heard, but he sees little reason to prod her.

When they leave, Arthur notices a bit of a crowd huddling behind them, each trying to get a view of the action. Despite their clear and apparent interest in seeing Arthur leave with Victoria to hook up, the, action, is just Arthur walking beside Victoria to her car, which had been brought by one of her assistants.

   “I will see you soon though, right?” Arthur says.

   “Of course. Do not do anything I would not do,” Victoria teases as Arthur opens her passenger side door, catching her lips when they lean in for a kiss. She steps down into the car, and Arthur neatly closes the door behind her.

   “Sure. Have a good night,” Arthur says, giving a short wave before turning back to the house to melt himself into the fold. He had not planned on leaving even after the harsh reception. He had been having a good time meeting other celebrities before he went upstairs, with his introduction to Kelli and Olivia being a positive experience. And now that he is back, he is being approached by plenty more.

For a little while, it is only the women who are approaching him. Most rush to get in a sentence or so, before Arthur faces them with his full attention and shares a conversation with plenty of women, in a variety of costumes, almost all of them obscuring identities just enough for Arthur to not know who they are, even if he would know the woman under the mask.

It does not stop him from enjoying the conversations, getting a chance to mingle and present himself. He is already known around the party as the one in the Batman costume, and the memory of what happened upstairs is still quite fresh in everyone’s mind as well. On his way to find a new resting place away from any potential confrontation, Arthur is interrupted by a female celebrity, her phone illuminating her face as she already has her contacts menu up for his number.

   “Hey, how is the party?” he asks, turning to face her and taking in her costume. She is in long tan pants and a cut-off, thick black sleeved sweater, with added gloves. She has long, straight red hair, hanging in front of and behind her.

   “It is…great, thanks,” she smiles briefly, pulling one hand up and twirling a strand of her hair around her finger, gently rocking her frame, seemingly focused on letting her chest bounce from side to side.

   “So, what made you decide on the Kim Possible costume?” Arthur asks, not dazed by her presentation, while she slides her phone into his hands. She is far from the first who has tried the upfront approach tonight, but he has not quite tired of it yet. He goes ahead and gives her his number.

   “Well, the whole secret agent thing is cool. And, you know. This is Kim’s place, so,” Kim Kardashian, she clarifies. Arthur had not been aware of that when he was invited, but it is some information to keep in his back pocket. Arthur passes back her phone, nodding.

   “Right. Good choice. I am headed that way, but I will catch you around, yeah?” Arthur gestures behind him, as she nods.

   “Yeah. Definitely,” she winks to him and slips into the party.

He has made it deeper into the house when he is tapped on the shoulder, turning to be face-to-face with a guy with a tightened face and a tightened fist.

   “Keep your hands off my girl,” he starts, giving Arthur pause.

   “What are you talking about? Who are you talking about?”

   “Olivia, Holt. I am with her. You are not. Clear?”

Arthur is not about to back down without reason, and just then, Olivia makes it to the front row of the growing crowd.

   “After you cheated on me?! No, you are not, Ray,” she says, staring daggers at the guy.

   “Then I do not think we have a problem here, do we?” Arthur says, already over the situation. Ray could make threats if he wanted to. Arthur had a better one up his sleeve.

   “You…we have a fucking problem. That is for sure,” Ray steps up before an arm is wrapped around his chest and he’s pulled back. Arthur shakes his head.

   “Take a swing, the story will be on TMZ within the hour,” Arthur laughs, knowing that a tabloid cannot touch him, while the issue could easily balloon into a big problem for Ray.

         “Cannot imagine a video would take much longer,” Arthur says, an open gesture to the crowd around them. Someone would happily bust out a video just for the proof that it happened. While Arthur would win a fight against Ray, he did not want one, so he is glad when Ray is pulled away by his friends.

Soon after Ray’s departure, Arthur is approached by Kelli, with Olivia at her side. Kelli fawns over him a bit, considering their time spent upstairs, and gives him her number, with Olivia following suit, “just in case.” It is the same story latched onto for plenty of other women in the crowd, with Arthur making a handful of additions to his phone book after the confrontation.

Wanting to find some space from the issue, Arthur decides to wander away from both the front door and the scene of the incident, finding himself in the furthest wing of the house.

Unfortunately, that is not far enough to slip him out of every scrap of trouble, as he is approached by a guy stumbling around in a loose costume, a cowboy hat tipped back on his head, a scrappy tan police uniform on him. Arthur cannot tell who he is supposed to be dressed up as, but he can tell the guy is far too drunk to be running around this party.

          “Hey, hey. You are the one, uh, everyone is talking about, right?” he asks, with Arthur disappointed that he now has to engage at all with the drunk guy in front of him.

   “What is your problem?” Arthur says, tired of the attitude he has been faced with.

   “Oh, got a talker, do not we?” the guy fires back, slamming his latest, and hopefully last, bottle flat into the table he is standing near, using it to keep himself standing. “Tough guy…”

He trails off, looking like he is half asleep.

   “I never said anything like that,” voices Arthur, thinking about using the TMZ line again, but anyone who did not have someone to pull them to safety when they were this drunk probably did not care too much what their private or public reputation was. Thankfully, it does not become Arthur’s problem to solve.

   “Oh my god, I am so sorry. We need to get you the hell out of here,” a woman steps in from behind the drunk man, taking him by the arm and shaking her head as the two left the room. Arthur looks around, another room of the house party being dragged down by bad memories.

Finally, Arthur slips away from the party entirely. It is disappointing that everywhere he seems to turn. It is either some new woman begging for his number – although he doubts that they are just interested in ‘talking’ – or a new guy looking to throw hands. Could not he just have some peace? He finds himself around the outdoor pool, which had been cordoned off because of the mix between drunk people and water. Having a lifeguard at a costume party did not seem like the best idea for them to be taken seriously.

Arthur settles into a long lounge chair, padded and spacious, though he cannot imagine who could occupy one of these things by themselves. Even with his broad frame, in the bulk of the Batman costume, there is easily a gap on each side for some company. It does not take long for the idea to strike him – that is the point.

It does not take long for his hiding spot to be discovered, either, as he hears the rattling of the sliding glass door. Out steps a woman in a bright pink jumpsuit with white trim, a diamond piece of white in the center of the chest, with pink diamonds all around the top of her white boots, which extend to her mid-calf.

   “Hey, are you not breaking the party rules there, mister?” the woman scolds, with Arthur nodding back, intrigued by the choice of costume. She steps forward and puts her hands on her helmet but does not remove it yet.

   “I might be. But now that you are out here, are you not breaking the rules too?” On the other hand, Arthur could not hear the music anymore, either. It seems as though most of the others have left.

   “How dare you raise a good point?” she jokes, lifting her helmet away. It is Olivia, who must have changed at some point. She laughs as she sidles over, leaving her helmet by the foot of the lounge chair and taking a seat next to Arthur.

   “I saw you out here and thought you could use some company, is that such a crime?” she says, already her back nuzzled up to Arthur’s side. He is surprised by the close contact, but with his attraction to her and her costume, he is more than willing to let the little invasion of personal space slide.

   “I do not think so. So, what did you have in mind for keeping me company?” Arthur asks. Olivia is taken aback by the questioning, pulling a gloved hand up and fixing her hair behind her ear.

   “Well, I came out to see if…”

   “Did Kelli put you up to something?” Arthur questions, but Olivia quickly shakes her head. For some reason, his inquiry inspires her to start moving, stripping herself. The gloves go first, and then her hands dart behind her, opening the pink jumpsuit and letting it fall off each of her shoulders. Her chest is opened, and she shows it off, but quickly uncovers it further by taking apart the fastener on her bra and letting that fall away as well. Her chest pops free of its confines, and happily.

   “If anything, it was Ray making such an ass of himself earlier. He will eventually realize I do not need him around,” Olivia says, setting her hand low on Arthur’s crotch and gripping it before her fingertips trace the outline of his bulge in the costume, which becomes much more clear with touch as opposed to trying to spot it from a distance.

Arthur is content to let Olivia work out her relationship problems by giving him some sexual attention, especially when it comes to Olivia pulling his cock out of his costume, letting it stand tall. Her first instinct is to put her mouth on it, her lips falling early and her tongue padding against the brunt of his girth. She knows just as well that she is not going to get this far down when she takes it in properly. She can tell that much by just looking at the huge cock standing up in front of her.

At the same time, it is not about taking it all. It is more about sticking it to Ray than anything else. He is an average all-rounder, at his absolute best, and he hit that peak so rarely that she could confidently say he had never given her an orgasm.

For now, she is not concerned about getting one from Arthur, either. While one of her hands idly strips away at the jumpsuit, pulling it off of her wherever she can, she can’t get her mouth away from him for even a moment, his cock compels her to blow him.

       “It is, just perfect, is not it?” Olivia says, lowering her head again. For the next minute, she just enjoys stroking her tongue along Arthur’s cock, each stroke taking significantly longer than it would on her ex’s length.

Eventually, with strands of saliva connecting her lips and Arthur’s dick, Olivia opens her mouth to say something, but before she can speak again, she is interrupted by another sliding of the glass door from down the long end of the pool, the same way she had come from a moment before.

   “You started without me, you slut?” It is Kelli, stepping quickly to join them, her sexy nurse costume reclaimed and fixed up from the state it was in the last time Arthur had seen it.

   “You two had something planned?” Arthur asks, feeling like even if the information is on a need-to-know basis, he must qualify as need-to-know by now, with Olivia already committed to giving him head.

   “Oh, it is nothing, major…she did not take the whole thing, did she?” Kelli asks in a raised voice, noticing the saliva on the base, sliding onto the lounge chair right next to Olivia, and quickly placing a hand on Arthur’s stomach. She strokes up his chest with her other hand soon on his thigh, stroking upward in exactly the same manner, her smooth fingers guiding her toward cupping his thigh over his thick pants.

   “No, of course not,” Arthur settles down in the chair, excited for the continuation of another part of the night that did not involve anyone pestering him. If anything, he can get used to the way these two are working with him now.

On the other hand, Olivia does not seem so confident in her ability to handle working on Arthur alone. While she is happy to be messing around with someone so much larger than Ray, it is an effort that she cannot take on her own. Kelli is happy to make up the difference, still dressed for the moment, lowering her head to take over working on Arthur’s tip, adding both of her hands in to work on his shaft as well. Olivia dives in much lower, again licking at what she would never be able to deepthroat. Finally, with Arthur’s abdomen rumbling with his signs of climax on the horizon, where he cums. Kelli takes over due to her experience, happy to take the heavy load from his huge cock right into her throat.

While the action is nice, Arthur did not feel it right to let the two of them make all of the moves for him, especially as he had now cum, and the two women had not had their first orgasms. Laying further back in the lounge chair, Arthur gently takes Olivia’s hand and brings her hips up to the top of the chair, her legs surrounding his face as she settles her nude body onto him.

   “Oh my god…sorry this is just new to me. Ray never ate me out…” Olivia says, her eyes looking forward instead of peering down at Arthur.

With his face between Olivia’s legs, he can see over her thigh to watch Kelli strip away the jacket of her costume. Kelli is shaking her clothes away, including her bra, tossing it to the ground by the chair before she turns around toward Arthur.

Arthur’s eyes are caught on Kelli’s chest for a time, while his fingers explore Olivia’s lips, with Olivia leaning over him along the top of the chair. They are a sight, and he marks himself down as a fan of Kelli’s breasts, for sure. Arthur reaches out with his other hand, grasping at Kelli’s chest. She slides closer so that he can, smirking, pleased with herself at his gesture.

   “You look so hot, letting me ride your face…ugh, you are so much better than Ray,” Olivia says, her voice picking up toward the end.

Olivia, lowering herself on Arthur’s face, is turned around before too long, as Arthur guides Kelli toward riding him. She knows just what she is doing in that respect, holding his hand to steady herself and stroking Arthur’s cock to get him ready.

It does not take Kelli long to work Arthur’s tip into her, and Arthur’s face is stuffed between Olivia’s legs so far that his only answer is pushing his hips upward, even further into Kelli.

   “God, yes, that is so good…” Kelli gasps out, her hands falling to reach out for Arthur’s hips, guiding herself up and down.

   “Mm…Mm, lovely…” Olivia says, keeping up the conversation as much as she can, but leaving Arthur unable to respond, with his lips busy on Olivia’s. As much as she is loving it, watching Kelli ride Arthur’s huge cock, seeing Arthur’s tongue working diligently on her clit and dancing across her, Olivia still has her mind on Ray. It would serve him right to witness how Arthur could do everything for her that Ray could never manage, and all while Arthur is busy pleasuring another woman.

Before long, Olivia has swapped back again, leaning on the high back of the lounge chair, and bending over it. Keeping herself up with it to keep herself on top of Arthur’s face. It is a blur of bodies as they shift, and stumble, and work to keep themselves on top to keep riding Arthur.

After some time, the two ladies have swapped spots, with Kelli on Arthur’s face, and Olivia preparing to mount him, the two women facing each other.

   “It’s too bad you will never be able to take the whole thing,” Kelli says, with Arthur throbbing in response. He notices now that both of them are talking a lot more than they were before than they had when he met them at the beginning of the party with Victoria, though he cannot put his finger on why.

It does not stop or even slow his pace, eagerly easing himself inside Olivia, and hungrily working his tongue against Kelli at the same time, his hands stroking her thighs and keeping her pressed tight against his face. Olivia at the same time opens her legs wide, her hands planted on Arthur’s abs, on the thick fabric of his costume while she takes his meaty cock.

   “Oh, my god, that is so good…” she exclaims, tilting her head back as she sinks down on it, only taking the head inside of her just now. Arthur is more than happy to provide, pumping his hips in rhythm, but keeping the movements quelled to make sure she can stay on top. He is careful not to buck her off.

It is a task to balance the women on top of him, especially with neither being able to fully sink his hot length into themselves, no matter how covered it gets in their spit beforehand. There is just too much of it for anyone to handle, and Olivia is still only at the tip of the iceberg as far as figuring out how true that is. In her mind, any comparison to Ray had become entirely pointless. He had never fucked her like this, she could not ride him like this, he had never paid attention to whether or not she was having the time of her life or not, as she was now with Arthur. And all while Arthur had his attention split by Kelli, too.

   “Arthur! Oh!” Kelli flexes her legs to keep them from sharply bending in together around Arthur’s head, but the pleasure that he can give her with his tongue and his fingers is an expression of skill all its own.

On his topside, Kelli is bent over the top of the lounge chair, having turned around a minute ago requiring some additional support to keep herself upright. If she was still facing Olivia, she can see herself as threatening to collapse on top of her friend already, but she knows better than to let that happen. Somewhere in the mix, she loses count of how many orgasms she has had, as they are fierce and powerful, but also overwhelmingly comfortable. Kelli is losing her head, floating in bliss.

Olivia is constantly working on claiming more, though she is still not even close to the length that Kelli is able to take. Kelli’s practice coming in handy with Arthur’s impressive length giving her an extra challenge to surmount. Olivia knows better than to assume she will be able to take the whole thing, ever. Just her first look at it told her that much.

   “I feel so…full,” Olivia says, giggling to herself. She bounces for effect, her ass jiggling playfully, but it is clear from the way she moves her hips that she is not trying to challenge herself to take more of it than she already has, which is not even half of Arthur’s stiff cock.

        “I’m going to…” Olivia moans out, and without Kelli’s careful foresight, allows her knees to buckle, sending her forward and forcing her to lean on her friend for some physical support to prevent her from falling over. When that happens, Arthur sets a hand on her hip to keep her upright, his other hand between Kelli’s legs, two fingers probing her while his tongue darts along her lips and lashes out at her clit.

Kelli and Olivia are both spent on top of him, with Olivia breathlessly pleading until she takes a deep breath and raises her voice.

        “Arthur…Arthur, cum inside me. Please! I want it so bad,” she gasps out and sets to work on riding him with all of her might.

After a few long moments, his hands move to help squeeze Olivia into place, his hips working equally with hers to push her up when she thrusts herself onto him, and Arthur does just that, cumming with Olivia getting yet another orgasm for herself on top of it. All while being filled up with Arthur’s third load of the night, each one with just as much cum as the last.

   “Yes! Ugh, that was so, fucking, hot,” Olivia nearly yells out, finally easing Arthur’s stiff cock out of her while Kelli slides down to Arthur’s side. Olivia joins her, on the other side, with Arthur putting one arm around each of the women.

   “I would have to agree, Arthur…that was just so great. And twice for me in one night. You know how to make a woman feel special, huh?” she teases with a laugh, laying her head on his shoulders.

   “You two will be really impressed when I am on my A-game, then,” Arthur admits, knowing that with the distractions and the frustration of the night, he can accomplish much better on almost any other given night. The two are shocked, for a second, their eyes meeting, but they silently come to the conclusion that they cannot be too surprised that a man like Arthur has another gear above the performance he had just given, and plenty of fuel in his tank. They settle in on his sides, falling asleep on top of him, with Arthur drifting off not long after.
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Amazing, can´t wait to read more.
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Amazing, can´t wait to read more.

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