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Hailee's Escape from Lockdown (Hailee Steinfeld)
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Disclaimer: This story is entirely fictional and any similarities to real events are purely coincidental. Please do not share or repost this story anywhere without my permission.

Hailee's Escape from Lockdown
by NathanFromTumwaterWA

As she stepped onto the beach and finally felt the warmth of the sand between her toes, Hailee Steinfeld felt truly free for the first time in a long time. With the COVID pandemic continuing to rage on across the world, the past year of her life had been turned upside down. Although she had been lucky enough to keep working throughout, the shoots had been nothing but isolation bubbles, non-stop safety checks, and enough swab tests being shoved up her nose that it felt sorer than after a night of her doing coke.

When she got the call from her agent about the chance to do a film on a remote Caribbean island, she immediately leapt at the chance. The Caribbean was obviously a beautiful place to escape to in any circumstance, but even more than usual it felt like a true paradise. COVID cases were so low on the island she was headed to that there were essentially no restrictions at all, and more than anything Hailee was excited just to feel like things were back to normal again for a couple of months.

Part of the reason for the island’s success at managing the virus though was their strict isolation process upon arrival. Once her plane touched down, she was immediately escorted to her hotel suite and wasn’t able to leave for two weeks. For 14 days it was just her and those four walls and anything she needed would be delivered to her door with no chance of contact with anyone.

Luckily for Hailee, the suite she was given one of several gorgeous private bungalows that lined the edge of the water, with the larger main building behind them further inland. With its stunning views of the ocean, her room was anything but claustrophobic. It had a large glass door that opened out onto a dock that extended out over the water, but unfortunately, that would have to remain closed off for now.

The inside of the bungalow was very well stocked with other things for her to do though and she spent her days in isolation exercising and doing yoga, sipping wine and reading in the bathtub, watching Netflix, and when things really hit a lull she could always count on the company of her vibrator to make the hours go by.

It had grown to become quite the faithful companion for her over the last year, as working during the quarantine made it basically impossible to date anyone with all the actors being sequestered into small bubbles that could only be close with each other.

While she was filming Dickinson, a few hot and heavy love scenes with her co-star Ella Hunt got both of them so worked up that they spent some nights together relieving each other’s sexual frustrations when they could, but for the most part sex had been hard to come by over the past year, especially with men, and Hailee would be lying if she said she wasn’t more than a bit horny.

Despite her luxurious accommodations, cabin fever was inevitable after two weeks inside and Hailee was ecstatic when her two weeks were finally up. As a member of the film crew came to test her one last time and confirm she tested negative, she was finally free to do as she pleased and still had a few days to lounge around before she had to start working.

Hailee planned a day of total relaxation beginning with room service delivering some brunch and mimosas that she ate on her bungalow’s dock. She found herself so excited by the lack of restrictions, and probably motivated a little by her light drunkenness, that she gave the room service girl a big hug with her tip as she cleaned away the dishes.

As she went back into the bungalow to get dressed for the beach, she decided she didn’t want even a moment away from the fresh air and sunshine and left the large door wide open to the ocean as she stripped out of her pyjamas. One of the other benefits of the island being so restricting of who was coming in and out was that there were no paparazzi around to spy on her, and she relished not having to worry about anyone snapping a picture of her as she lounged around naked as she could usually only do in her own home.

She stood there for a moment, just feeling the ocean breeze against her nude body, drinking in the feeling of liberation as the air seemed almost to kiss her toned abs and legs, perky breasts, and neatly trimmed pussy. She closed her eyes and smiled, taking in a deep breath as she felt more content than she had in ages.

After enjoying her moment of peace, Hailee went to prepping for the beach: lotioning up her body, packing her bag, rolling a few joints to bring, and slipping into a pink string bikini that was cut just short enough to show off an ample but tasteful amount of her tight ass. Grabbing her sunglasses as she headed for the door, she set off down the beach, happy once again to feel the sand beneath her bare feet.

Although not empty, the beach certainly had plenty of room without the usual crop of tourists that would have filled it in earlier times, and it seemed to mostly be filled with locals who were pretty widely spread out. As Hailee scanned across the beach, looking for a good spot to sit, she was taken aback by the sight of a young topless woman walking along the edge of the water, and, judging from her lack of tan-lines, this seemed to be standard practice for her. Surprised, Hailee quickly scanned further around the beach, finally spotting a sign that said “Clothing Optional.”

Hailee didn’t remember hearing anything about a nude beach when she was told about her accommodations, but she wasn’t opposed to the idea. Although she had been to nude beaches before, she never stripped off herself, fearful that someone might snap a picture of her. She was proud of her body and incredibly comfortable (to the surprise of some of her acquaintances and co-stars) being naked around people she knew in safe environments, but it was too much of a career risk for her to strip off in public. She was never going to complain about seeing other beautiful naked bodies though and took a second to covertly admire the woman’s ample breasts before spotting a few unclaimed lounge chairs under some trees.

As she approached, she realized the spot was perfect with the trees and a few bushes providing some shade and cover that gave her a bit of seclusion from the rest of the beach. She sat and leaned back into the lounge chair, breathing in the ocean air and enjoying the way the slight breeze was hitting her skin. She reached into her bag and pulled out one of the joints she had rolled earlier, sparking it up and taking a long, deep drag on it, holding the smoke in for a few seconds before blowing it out, feeling the high start to wash over her. She had really missed feeling this relaxed.

After she finished smoking, she laid back and closed her eyes, just enjoying the warmth and listening to the calm sounds of the water for a while. She laid there long enough that she could almost feel herself starting to drift off, but she was startled back awake as she heard a shrill scream, quickly followed by laughter.

As she opened her eyes and looked over, she saw the topless woman from earlier again, now out in the water with a man who was playfully splashing her. Hailee watched the scene unfold, struggling not to notice the way the woman’s breasts bounced and jiggled as she recoiled and jumped back. As the man hit her again with water, her chest almost seemed to glisten as the sunlight hit it. Hailee could feel jealousy growing inside her.

She looked away from the pair, now scanning around her immediate surroundings, looking for any other signs of people. She saw no one besides some other beachgoers far back closer to the hotel, mostly obscured from her by the trees and bushes. Hailee suddenly felt bold, with jealousy and the high from her weed flowing through her. “Fuck it,” she said to herself as she undid the strings on her bikini top and dropped it to the ground.

Although not the largest breasts anyone had ever seen on a young Hollywood starlet, Hailee was quite fond of her perky assets and had never had any complaints about them, and she loved the feeling of having them out in the open. Her nipples in particular were very sensitive and she felt a small twinge of pleasure feeling the breeze against them. She laid back again for a while, both relaxed and invigorated by her public nudity, feeling like it was exactly what she needed after a year of being hidden behind masks, barriers, and all other manners of safety implementations.

After a while longer lounging, the heat finally began to get to her and she decided to take her first dip in the ocean. As she went to get up, she scanned around again for other people. She realized that if she left her hiding spot by the trees, her boobs would be on full display for everyone else, but at this moment she felt too content and stoned to care.

As she approached the water, Hailee noticed the woman who was getting splashed was now exiting the water about 30 feet down the beach. As they both got to the edge of the water, the woman looked over at Hailee and gave a nod and a smile. Although the interaction was incredibly brief and innocuous, Hailee was both excited and relieved to know that someone had now seen her topless and not made a big deal of it. It felt like a band-aid being ripped off all at once that left her feeling like it made no difference now if anyone saw her.

As she dipped her toes in the water to test it, it was colder than she was expecting, but that’s just what she needed after laying in the sun for a while. She waded in slowly, getting out deep enough before plunging her whole body underwater, swimming a few feet and then returning to the surface. As she burst back up out of the water, she flipped her hair back and ran her hands through it as the sun radiated off of her wet skin, her nipples growing hard from the coolness of the water. The breeze felt good against her skin that was above water now, and it was just the relief she needed from the heat. She swam to some deeper water and just let herself lean back and float on her back for a while, her bare breasts pointing up towards the sky.

After floating for a while, Hailee waded back to some more shallow water that she could stand up in. As she made her way forward, finding her footing below, she noticed the same man that was splashing the woman earlier was also standing in the water not too far away. She stopped at around the same level he was, the water now coming up just a little below her chest, and looked over at him. Although she could only see him from an indirect angle, he was clearly incredibly well built, tall and muscular with light brown skin that she assumed meant he was a local, although he looked to be mixed race. She stood admiring the musculature of his back for a moment when he turned around and noticed her.

Hailee was embarrassed to be caught staring at him, but the feeling quickly subsided as he smiled and nodded at her, clearly taking no issue with it. She also felt that rush of excitement hit her again, knowing that he could see her breasts plain as day. As he continued to smile at her she decided to smile back and wave at him, thrilled by the idea of presenting herself so confidently to a complete stranger. He seemed to take it as a good sign though as he started wading towards her.

Hailee was caught off guard, not expecting to have to talk to anyone while she was in this state, but she had little time to worry as he quickly approached her.

“Beautiful day, isn’t it?” he asked gleefully.

“Uh, yeah, it is,” she answered, a little flustered.

“I was a bit worried it might rain from the clouds this morning, but it’s really turned out perfectly,” he said as he looked up at the sky before returning his gaze to Hailee.

“Oh, uh, yeah. I just got here from New York so any weather is better than that right now,” she tried to respond as casually as possible but still clearly a bit surprised by his nonchalance.

“Ah, you must be here for the movie shoot!” he said excitedly.

“Yeah, I just got out of my quarantine for it.”

“Well, I’m sure this day must be heaven then after being stuck inside.”

She was taken aback by just how mundane the conversation was, with him not even seeming to notice her tits on full display. His eye contact was impeccable too, never glancing down for even a moment. She knew from watching him with the other woman that this was likely an everyday occurrence for him, but she still couldn’t help but feel a bit surprised by it. She was so used to being ogled by everyone, even when fully clothed, that it felt like a strange dream to be almost totally naked and have someone not even seem to notice. She wondered if he even knew who she was.

“So you’ve heard about the movie shoot then?” she asked, trying to gauge his familiarity.

“Yes, it’s been the big talk of the town recently. We didn’t use to get many movies around here, but it seems like the pandemic is benefiting us in one way at least.”

“Have you seen any of the other stuff that’s been filming here?”

“No, I don’t really pay attention to the movies that much. Too busy working here,” he said as he pointed back towards the main building of the hotel. “It’s my day off today,” he added. “We’ve had a lot of guests here working on them so I hear about it from them, but I’m usually busy enough with other things.” She figured this meant he didn’t know who she was.

“So what do you usually like to do around here?” she asked, started to feel slightly more relaxed.

“Well, I usually like to spend more of my time out and about. Here at the beach, hiking, going out dancing. I guess I like things that are a bit more physical,” he said with a chuckle. She could clearly tell. Although he seemed to be an expert at eye contact, she couldn’t help but admire how well-chiselled his body was, admiring his broad shoulders and pecks and the little she could see of his abs sticking out of the water. She was turned on by his body, but also weirdly turned on by his seeming indifference to hers.

“Are you okay?” he asked with some slight amusement.

“Oh,” she said startled, looking back at him. “Yeah, yeah, I’m fine. Why?”

“You just seem a bit nervous and keep looking away. You don’t have to worry, I don’t bite. Not hard at least,” he answered with a wink.

“Oh, well, uh, the sun was just getting in my eyes,” she lied, trying and failing to think of a better excuse. After a moment of pause, she looked him back in the eyes and said, “Honestly, I’m also just very high right now and I think that and the sun are making me a bit dazed.”

“Oh!” he responded, letting out an amused laugh. “That will certainly do it to you.”

“I’m sorry, clearly I’m not handling it well.”

“No no, you’re fine. I could certainly go for some of that myself right now.”

Hailee was still a bit overwhelmed by the moment. The exhilaration of her toplessness, the sudden appearance of this handsome stranger, her lockdown-fueled horniness, and her stoned brain all mixed together at once was a lot to take, but she was attracted to this man and his confidence and felt like she could seize the opportunity.

“Well I have some more over there in my bag,” she said as she pointed to her spot under the trees. “We could share it if you want.”

“Oh please,” he replied with a shrug, “you are our guest here. We’re supposed to be the ones offering things to you.”

“No, no, it’s totally fine. Come on,” she responded with a smile.

“Well if you insist,” he said with a toothy smile.

“I’m Hailee by the way,” she said, smiling back.

“I’m David. Lead the way, Hailee.” He gestured towards the shore.

Hailee started wading out ahead of him back towards the beach, her mind racing after feeling the first sparks of romantic connection with a stranger for the first time in a very long time. She walked up onto the beach, glad again to feel the hot sand and sun after being in the water for a while. As she reached down into her bag to grab another joint, she heard David coming up out of the water behind her. When she turned around and saw him though her jaw almost hit the floor.

It suddenly occurred to her that in their entire conversation up until this point, they had been chest-deep in water, unable to see anything below that. As David walked towards her now though Hailee realized he had been completely nude the entire time, and he had the most beautiful penis she had ever seen.

As he walked towards her, it dangled between his legs and Hailee couldn’t help but stare at it. She quickly took in every detail of it, from its impressive length and girth, long and thick but not cartoonishly so like a pornstar, to how soft it looked, the skin smooth and not too veiny, to the perfectly trimmed pubic hair, short and neat but not fully bald, to the way she could just barely see the lighter skin of the head poking out of the foreskin. She was mesmerized by it. Once again though, David seemed to think nothing of it, striding towards her as it flopped between his legs with the casualness one would have walking down a crowded street.

As he got close, Hailee locked into a death stare with his eyes, putting all her willpower into not staring at his cock. She was so intensely focused on it that she forgot what they were even there for, standing perfectly still with the unlit joint held awkwardly in her hand. As David got up close to her he laughed, noting her strange body language.

“Wow,” he said with a chuckle, “This must be some good shit, it seems to have really done a number on you.” She took in his words for a second and then snapped out of it, remembering the weed, and bent back down to get a lighter out of her bag, trying desperately to look at anything that wasn’t his cock as she got down low. She felt like she could just burst at any second and address the elephant in the room, but if he was going to keep it cool and not be put off by her nudity, she was going to try to match him.

He sat down on the chair next to hers and took the joint and lighter from Hailee, sparking it up and taking a drag. “Oh wow, that is good,” he said as he exhaled and passed it back to her. She took a deep drag, hoping it might calm her nerves a bit but then she considered the phallic imagery of her sucking on a joint and quickly exhaled, passing it back to him.

They passed it back and forth for a while as David started telling her about life on the islands and his job at the hotel, but Hailee struggled to pay attention with him now laying back on the lounge chair, legs splayed out in a way that only made his penis all the more prominent. She bit her lip as she eyed up and down his body, all of the horniness she had built up over the past year now rushing to her head all at once. She desperately just wanted to jump his bones right there and then, but there wasn’t any indication from David that there was any sexual attraction at all. So far he’d talked to her in much the same way she could imagine him shooting the shit with his buddies after work, but as she started to feel a bit wet down below she was getting increasingly desperate for a sign.

“...but anyway,” he said as he finished off his story, “is there any more of that left?” Hailee passed the joint over but it was burned down quite small now which made it awkward to hold. As David tried to grab it out of her strained grip, their hands rubbed against each other. As she felt him grazing against her soft skin for a moment, she thought she noticed out of the corner of her eye a momentary twitch of his cock. She glanced over to it for a second, trying to stealthily see if her eyes had misled her.

“You really love staring at my dick, don’t you?” he asked with genuine amusement. She instantly froze as embarrassment washed over her. She looked back at him but her mouth just hung open, unable to think of what to say.

“Just the sun getting in your eyes again?” he asked, laughing now.

“Oh, no, no, it’s not-”

“Oh, don’t play coy with me, I’ve seen you staring since I got out of the water.” She sat up on her chair, trying to collect herself and play it cool.

“Well, well, well,” she stammered, trying to find her words. “What do you expect from me when you have it hanging out like that? It’s not every day that I see a stranger lounging with their dick out!”

“Ah, a stranger! And here I thought we were becoming friends.” He sat up on the chair as well now, staring back at her, clearly only finding her defensiveness more amusing. “Need I remind you that you aren’t exactly clothed yourself?” he said, pointing to her boobs, the first time she had seen him staring directly at them.

In her flustered state since first seeing him naked, Hailee had nearly forgotten that she was topless, but as he pointed she looked down, noticing that her nipples were visibly erect. She looked back at David and saw a devilish grin on his face. Clearly he had noticed.

“Well so was that other girl I saw you with earlier,” she responded, trying to stay deflect.

“Oh, so you’ve been spying on me, have you?” he replied with a raised eyebrow.

“And at least I still have my bottoms on,” she added, hoping to avoid giving an answer.

“Ah, of course, I wouldn’t expect anything less from a prudish American.” He was just trying to get under her skin now, and he was succeeding.

“Hey! I’m not prudish! I’m cool, I’m comfortable, I’m a liberated woman,” she said with a relaxed affectation in her voice, waving her arms gently.

“Oh, well I’m glad because I’m very comfortable with this.” He leaned back slightly, holding himself up with his arms, and spread his legs. He lifted one up a little with his foot balanced on the side of the chair, clearly now just teasing her with his cock sticking out as much as possible.

Although she was determined now to not let him get the best of her, she did notice his penis was now sporting a semi-erection, and much to her surprise he was a bit of a grower despite his already impressive size. She may have been losing the debate, but she liked where this was going. But still, she didn’t want to let him win.

“Well great,” she replied, “because I couldn’t be more comfortable. This is fine. I’m free as a bird.”

“Oh, sure,” he added, laughing.


“Oh, nothing,” he responded, still laughing.

“No, tell me.”

“I’ve just never seen a bird wearing shorts before,” he replied with a smile, pointing to her bikini bottoms. “If you want to be free,” he said as he teasingly wiggled his crotch, drawing attention to his increasingly upright penis, “why don’t you really be free?”

She was equal parts turned on and frustrated now. He wasn’t going to back down, but she didn’t want to let him have the satisfaction. “Fine,” she said, her voice rising in pitch. “I can be free. Let’s be free,” she said with unconvincing confidence that amused him.

She made a point of maintaining perfect eye contact with him, trying to feign an intimidating stare as she stood up and undid the ties on her bikini bottoms. Instead of just letting them drop to the ground, she pulled them off quickly and threw them to the ground in victory as if she’d just gotten a touchdown.

With her pussy now on full display, she expected to feel like she’d beaten him, but he didn’t budge for a second, keeping his eyes on her face the entire time. She realized that he wasn’t going to give her the satisfaction so she was going to need to take it a step further.

She sat down on her chair and mockingly copied his position, her legs spread apart giving a perfect view of her pussy, visibly glistening as she grew wetter.

“See,” she said, “totally comfortable.” Although his eyes remained on her, she could see that his erection was continuing to grow, clearly turned on just from the situation.

“Well if you’re totally comfortable then I’m sure you’ll be fine with this too,” he said as he got up and shifted over to her chair, sitting right next to her, still maintaining his perfect eye contact. As the bare skin of their legs now just barely touched, she could see another twitch of his cock in the corner of her eye, now clearly fully erect.

“Oh yeah, this is an average afternoon for me. Like I said, I’m a liberated woman,” she said, their faces now only a foot apart.

His devilish grin came back. “Why don’t you show me just how liberated you can be then.”

As a year’s plus worth of sexual frustration soared through Hailee’s head, her brain went into overdrive, quickly assessing every possible outcome of this situation. She remembered the people she had seen down the beach earlier and the angles that the bushes hid them from, with her earlier observations almost feeling like recon for this moment.

As she assessed the risk she realized there was a very definite possibility someone might see them if they came down to the water, but then her horniness started chiming in like a little devil on her shoulder. After all this time feeling cooped up, with every human interaction she had being monitored by someone in some way, she just wanted to feel reckless again. She also just really, really wanted someone else to make her cum.

“Fuck it,” she thought again to herself as she reached over and grabbed his cock. She let out a huge smile and bit down on her lip, and for a moment they just sat still with her hand gripped hard around him, giving each other a look that said “Yeah, we’re doing this.”

As the moment passed, he leaned in and started kissing her and she immediately started stroking his cock, feeling like all the barriers had just been broken down at once. Hailee was overwhelmed both by what a great kisser he was, not wasting any time before sticking his tongue in her mouth, and also how incredible his cock felt in her hand. The skin was soft but he was rock hard and it seemed to almost pulse in her hand, like it was trying to bulge out and grow even harder than it was physically capable of.

As Hailee’s breath grew short, their ravenous kissing barely giving her a chance to get some air in, she broke off the kiss. “Stand up,” she demanded in a hushed voice as she tried to catch her breath. He obliged her, rising out of the chair so that now his cock was closer to her eye level. She continued to stroke it with both hands now, just basking in the sight of it and ecstatic just to be holding one again after so long. She didn’t even bother to look back up at David; at this moment, she just wanted to use his body for everything it had to offer her.

After she caught her breath, she leaned down and slid her mouth around the head without warning, pulling the foreskin back with her hands in one swift motion. “Oh shit,” he said, almost stumbling back as the sudden intensity of the sensation caught him off guard. She didn’t pay attention though, instead just getting to work on servicing his cock.

Hailee had developed quite the reputation among the young stars of Hollywood as an expert cocksucker, with only Chloë Moretz giving her a run for her money (the two had a friendly rivalry and often liked to try and one-up each other.) Although her gag reflex stopped her from being able to totally deep throat, her unique technique more than made up for it and she loved getting to show it off. Hailee genuinely loved sucking cock and was on cloud nine feeling one in her mouth again after so long, especially one as perfect as David’s.

She was determined to give him an A+ demonstration of her techniques and went to work bobbing her head up down as both her hands stroked his shaft, twisting in opposite directions as her soft mouth enveloped the head, her tongue outstretched and working the underside. Although part of her still wanted their activities to remain as covert as possible, she couldn’t help but make some slight slurping sounds as some of her salivae started to leak out of her mouth.

David was flabbergasted by the oral assault he was getting by this girl who just a few minutes ago seemed so nervous and guarded, but he wasn’t going to complain about the development. He took in a deep breath, trying to compose himself before looking back down only to see her chestnut hair bobbing up and down, with Hailee clearly having given up trying to keep eye contact with him.

She had been almost completely possessed by her blowjob, thinking about little else other than the cock in her mouth and how much she’d love to see it cumming. After another minute she finally let go of it with a loud pop, needing to give her mouth a quick break. She continued to stroke it in the same manner, finally looking back up at David and delighting in his expression of anguished pleasure.

“Who’s the cocky one now?” she asked with a grin as she went back down, changing up her technique now. She wrapped her arms around him, grabbing onto his butt as she now let her mouth do all the work, bobbing her head up and down in a twisting motion so that his cock would hit every part of her mouth, her tongue still licking along the bottom of his shaft.

He’d given up even trying to talk now, letting out just moans of pleasure that told Hailee he was getting close. She continued for a bit before she started to notice his balance getting a bit unsteady and she brought her hands back to his cock. She let it slide out of her mouth and looked up at him as she started stroking it aggressively with her hands.

“Cum for me, big boy,” she said in a husky tone that seemed like a different person entirely, with all of the dirty thoughts she’d had over the past her coming out at once. As she continued stroking, she opened her mouth wide and started gently licking the underside of the head, and that move was clearly the last straw for him. As his legs began to shake and he let out a moan, she slowed down the pace of her stroking but tightened her grip, milking his cock as he proceeded to start blowing the massive load he had been building up.

Although she had left her mouth open to catch it, he exploded with a force greater than she was expecting and only a little of his cum landed in her mouth, with the rest shooting up across her cheeks, nose and forehead. The intensity of his orgasm caused him to stumble back down onto the other chair, but Hailee crawled down to the ground to follow him, now gently sucking the remaining cum out of the head and swallowing it down. Once he had finally finished, she continued to lick up and down his cock, cleaning up the mess she’d made but finally he had to grab her face and push her off, clearly too sensitive for any more.

Hailee felt euphoric looking at him slumped back in the chair and feeling his hot cum all over her face, remembering this unique sort of satisfaction from a job well done that she hadn’t felt in ages.

“Hoooooo-lyyyyyyy shit,” he let out in a long exhale, “I think you just sucked my soul out of me.” He glanced over at her and laughed.

“I guess that’s a thank you?” she said coyly, pleased that the tables had now turned in their conversation.

“Oh yes, it’s a big thank you,” he said with another laugh, leaning back again and closing his eyes.

“So you’ve never seen a bird wearing shorts before, but have you ever seen one with cum on its face?”

He laughed again, harder this time. “No, no, I don’t think I have.”

“Well, I guess I better go clean this off then.”

She got up and walked over to the water, and when she reached the water’s edge she realized she hadn’t even considered that she was in plain view again after walking out from under the trees. She thought about it for a moment but quickly realized she didn’t care. In fact, after the excitement she felt sucking off David with the breeze blowing against her, she actually quite liked the idea of being out in the open like this.

She turned around for a moment and looked back towards the rest of the beach where the other people were lounging. She couldn’t tell if anyone was looking at her, but she was content just hoping that someone had noticed the Hollywood superstar standing there, totally naked with a stranger’s cum on her face.

She turned back to the ocean and used some of the cold water to wash David’s cum off and then returned to their chairs where he looked half asleep with one arm resting over his eyes, blocking out the sum.

“Come on now,” she said as she tapped on his arm.

“Come on where? You wore me out. I’m going to need to hibernate for the winter after that.”

“Oh no, don’t give me that! It’s my turn now.” She grabbed his arm now and was trying to pull him up. He smiled up at her.

“Well, I guess that’s only fair.” Hailee picked up her bikini and stuffed it into her bag as he slowly climbed up out of the chair, still clearly a little shaken from the blowjob of a lifetime. Once she had everything she walked up and gave him another kiss, saying simply, “Follow,” as it broke off.

They started heading back across the beach towards her bungalow on the other side, but as David started lagging behind Hailee got a wicked idea. She reached back and grabbed him by his cock, pulling him along by it like a leash. He let out a laugh but she gave him a faux-deadly serious look back, saying, “I said it was my turn to have some fun.”

He shrugged in reservation and let her drag him along down the beach. Hailee could only hope that someone had been staring at her before, but the sight of her dragging David along by his penis was unmissable this time and the thought of people staring made her sent tingles through her pussy.

As they arrived back at the bungalow, Hailee let go of his cock as she pulled the key card from her purse and unlocked the door, but the second she was distracted he seized the opportunity. He grabbed the bag off her shoulder and set it down, pushing her against the outside wall and kneeling. He grabbed both her legs and spread them apart slightly and started kissing up the insides of her thighs. Hailee immediately started squirming and he could feel the warmth radiating from her pussy as he got further up her legs.

“Is the kind of fun that you had in mind?” he asked, looking up at her.

“Mhhhmmmm,” she mumbled out in a pleased manner, her eyes closed as she focused on the feeling. With that, David took the plunge in, starting from the bottom of her vulva and licking upwards a few times slowly as Hailee let out a few whimpers. He spread her legs a bit further, letting her pussy open up a bit more and was pleased to see how wet it was already.

He buried his tongue in out now, shaking his head back and forth in a rapid manner as Hailee continued to moan. He grabbed both her legs and began lifting her as Hailee let out a sharp yelp. He put them over his shoulders and balanced her against the wall, beginning to circle his tongue around her clit as he did so. Hailee’s moans turned to short, sharp breaths now as he sucked and licked at her clit.

“Wait, wait, wait. Stop- stop-” she tried to muster out between breaths.

“What’s wrong?” he asked looking back up at her.

“I want my first orgasm to be from that cock,” she said in a frank manner that turned him on even more. Hailee shifted herself down as he began to stand up, wrapping her arms around his neck and her legs around his torso. They kissed each other deeply as he carried her over to the door. She could feel the tip of his cock just barely touching her vulva as he carried her, and the feeling drove her wild. She couldn’t wait any longer.

He carried her inside and went to close the door, but she stopped him. “Leave it,” she said, momentarily breaking off their kiss. He obliged and left the large sliding door wide open and began carrying her towards the bed, their tongues back to being intertwined, before unwrapping her legs and pushing her down into the sheets. As she laid back, he crawled up and prowled over top of her like an animal on all fours. Hailee leaned up to continue kissing him but after another brief moment, he pushed her back down to the bed.

He grabbed her legs and lifted them high, this time licking his way up them from the bottom before getting to the top and kissing the soles of her feet, Hailee giggling at the ticklish feeling. He knew how bad she wanted it and was just teasing her now, but after a few more kisses he finally decided to relent. He spread her legs apart and pushed them back, letting them wrap around his waist. He leaned forward over her and looked deep into her eyes as he began to line up his cock with her pussy.

Hailee tried her best to meet his gaze but she also couldn’t help but once again to be drawn to the sight of his cock, so tantalizingly close to penetrating her. She was mesmerized by it, wanting to see the moment it finally entered her, desperate to know how it would look and feel inside her.

“Eyes up here,” he said jokingly. “I thought we’d been over this.” Hailee, caught off guard by his comment, quickly looked back into his eyes. He let out a big smile and winked at her and then pushed his cock inside her. Her pussy was wet enough that it slid in deep with ease, and Hailee let out a long, deep moan as she finally felt him inside her.

She immediately fell in love with the feeling of his cock inside her and felt an overwhelming wave of emotion and sexual energy as she was penetrated by a man for the first time in far too long, thinking back to all her lonely nights with her vibrator where she waited patiently for this moment.

Although he started off thrusting slowly, trying to build up a rhythm, Hailee’s soaking wet pussy and her intense moaning told him that she was already ready for everything that he had to give her. He grabbed her legs and spread them further as he re-angled himself slightly atop her so he could get in even deeper. As he leaned down to share another kiss with her, he started thrusting again and held nothing back now, ramming his cock in and out of her as fast as he could, their kiss breaking off as Hailee began letting out a series of sharp exhales followed by a long, loud moan.

He grabbed onto the sides of her waist so that he could get a firm grip on her and immediately started pulling her into him as his thrusting picked up even greater speed, her tits now bouncing as much as they could with each thrust. He leaned down and gave each of her nipples a quick suck before focusing back on his thrusting. Hailee began to cry out even louder, unable to get any words out as she felt a wave of ecstasy wash over her quite unlike anything else she’d ever experienced.

At first, she assumed that it was just her long dry spell that was heightening her pleasure, but as David continued to pound away at her pussy, Hailee began to realize that there was more to it than that. There was something truly special about this, from the way the two had met only earlier that afternoon, to the possibility that anyone walking by could see or hear them through the open door, to the way that David was holding nothing back on her. There was nothing sensual about the way he was fucking her, nothing romantic or gentlemanly. It was pure and primal, with the bed aggressively shaking and creaking underneath, the room being filled with the sounds of her moans and the hard slaps of his balls hitting her ass with each thrust. This was the best fuck of her life and she could feel her orgasm building fast.

Hailee reached down and started rubbing her clit, feeling the tip of his cock rubbing against her fingers as it rapidly slid in and out. She began to let out a long yell that started low but rose in pitch as David mustered all the strength he had to fuck her just a little bit harder, sensing that she was close.

Suddenly she began to feel the waves of pleasure shooting through her body. All at once her pussy started contracting, her abs began to tighten up, her toes curled, and her legs squeezed hard around his ass as an earth-shaking orgasm took over her body, leaving her face contorted in pleasure as she let out a deep, animalistic scream. David continued to fuck her through it, but as her moaning stopped and her breathing grew deep and tired, he slowed down his pace, knowing that he wouldn’t be able to hold back much longer too if he felt her pussy tighten around his cock any longer.

He slowly pulled out, his legs and core strained from going so hard with little warm-up, and rolled over next to her, laying back on the bed. They both just laid there silently for a few minutes, catching their breath, almost in a daze.

After Hailee finally caught her breath, she looked over at David. He glanced back and she immediately started giggling.

“What?” he asked. She continued laughing. “What?” he repeated with a smile.

“You’re just really, really good at using that,” she said, gesturing to his penis and struggling to get the words out between her laughter.

“Are you drunk on dick right now?” he asked, beginning to laugh himself, and the question only got her laughing harder. Hailee was suddenly feeling a lot of joyful emotions running through her, the sex doing a number on her hormones.

As her laughter finally died down, she got up and walked over to the kitchen and got them both glasses of water. “Round two?” she asked expectantly as she handed him the glass.

“Good lord, you really hate giving a guy a breather, don’t you?”

“Well I can’t have you going soft on me, can I?” she asked as she lifted a leg onto the bed and teased his penis with her foot.

“Well, why don’t we compromise? I sit back and relax and you can make sure I don’t go soft?”

“Wow, such a diplomatic approach,” she said with a smile as she crawled onto the bottom of the bed, positioning herself up between his legs. He relaxed himself, putting his arms behind his head and spreading her legs a bit to give her better access.

She leaned down and grabbed his cock. “I feel like I owe it a thank you,” she said before planting a few kisses on the head.

“I think it’s very welcome,” he answered with a smile.

She wrapped her mouth around it and began to suck it again, stroking it with one hand and letting her lips do more of the work than last time (part of her pride in her blowjob skills came from her ability to change it up.)  Although David appeared to be enjoying it at first, as she began to pick up speed he blurted out, “Woah, woah, woah, you’re going to finish me off too quickly if you do that. Be gentle.”

She also wanted to stretch this out as long as possible so she obliged him and moved to a different approach, softly licking the underside of his cock. Again he seemed pleased for a little while but as she pulled down his foreskin and began to tongue at the area right below his head, he again had to tell her to slow down.

“Maybe there are some other areas you can give your thanks to while he gets a rest,” he said, shifting his position slightly so that his torso was raised a little higher. Hailee took the hint and began to softly fondle his balls, admiring the tight, wrinkly skin that he kept shaved despite leaving some public hair elsewhere, just how she liked it. She leaned down and gave each of them a kiss before taking one in her mouth.

She softly sucked on it while her hand remained on his cock, not exactly stroking it but holding onto it just enough to keep it stimulated. Despite his above-average penis size, his balls were quite manageable and she liked the way they felt filling up her mouth. She switched back and forth, sucking each one as he let out some approving moans.

After a while, he began to look a little very relaxed again, but Hailee wanted to keep him on the edge of his toes for the next round and a naughty idea popped into her head. Although it wasn’t something she normally did with someone she’d just met, she considered every other personal boundary she’d broken today and decided that it was fair to drop all her inhibitions and let her freak flag fly.

As she let go of one of his balls with a pop, she buried her head down lower and began to lick his asshole, his entire body shuddering as she first touched it. “Oh, fuck!” he let out, clearly in genuine shock. Based on his reaction, she wasn’t sure if anyone had ever done it to him.

“Still think Americans are prudes?” she asked with a cocksure tone before going back to licking. Although he wasn’t saying anything in response, he leaned his body back so his ass was sticking out more which she took as a sign that he was enjoying it.

After circling her tongue around and licking across it a few times, she grabbed his cheeks and spread them a bit further, penetrating his ass with her tongue a few times and wiggling it around. She reached up and grabbed his cock, beginning to stroke it gently but immediately feeling that it was getting rock hard again. Satisfied that he was sufficiently woken up for round two, she crawled out from between his legs and off the bed and headed towards the door.

David, confused, asked, “Wait, aren’t we-”

“Fuck me on the dock,” she ordered without letting him finished. He watched her walk out the door, getting a perfect view of her toned ass that seemed to practically be calling out to him.

As she stepped outside, she once again enjoyed the feeling of the hot sun against her body, completely forgetting her hesitance to strip down just a little earlier. She stood at the edge of the dock, looking out towards the ocean when David came up behind her, wrapping his arms around her and kissing along her neck and shoulders. He let his hands wander around her body some more, reaching around and squeezing her tits, caressing down her abs, but he eventually made his way back to her ass and started rubbing the soft skin and squeezing her cheeks firmly.

“Someone’s found a new toy, huh?” she asked as she spread her legs a bit wider, letting him slide one hand from her ass down to her pussy and feel them both at the same time.

“What can I say? I like the view,” he answered as he stared down at it. With his one hand on her pussy, she started grinding against it, shaking her ass a little in the process.

“Oh, fuck meeeee,” he let out.

“No, I think you’re supposed to fuck me,” she said as she bent over a little, giving him an even better view of it. Loving the sight of her ass popping out, he quickly bent down and grabbed both cheeks in his hands, giving them a firm squeeze and spreading them apart before burying his tongue in her asshole.

“Oh wow, fun trick!” she responded in surprised glee.

“Thanks, I learned it from this prude I met on the beach,” he said before going back to eating her ass. He started shaking his head, practically motorboating her buttcheeks, and Hailee, loving the feeling, started shaking her ass slightly to add to the effect.

“Get down here,” he said after a minute more of licking, and start pulling her down by her hips. She bent over in front of him, getting down on her hands and knees and popping out her ass even more, teasing him with it. He leaned in and kissed both her cheeks before giving one a hard spank, Hailee letting out a surprised yelp but enjoying the feeling.

“Get inside me already,” she said as she looked back at him.

“Well, I wouldn’t want to keep a lady waiting.”

With that, he lined his cock back up with her pussy. Once it was in, he grabbed her hips and started thrusting into her from behind, again building up speed quickly, the position letting him penetrate her deeply. With both of them already having orgasmed once, a lot of the sexual tension they’d built up had been eliminated so he decided not to fuck her quite as hard this time, taking his time instead to enjoy the feeling of her pussy gripping onto his cock.

Although Hailee’s body was incredibly tight and fit, her ass still had a bit of fat on it jiggle as his body slapped against it with each thrust, and he was loving the sight. She gyrated her hips slowly and started leaning back into him to meet each thrust, determined now to give him an orgasm as explosive as hers a few minutes before.

As Hailee took each thrust with rapture, enjoying the way he was able to really fill her up in this position, she looked back out towards the beach. Although it was long and the dock was secluded to one end of it, she still knew that anyone that looked over would have been able to clearly see them fucking. At this point though, she was feeling cocky, loving the idea of everyone seeing how much she was enjoying herself, and how much she could make David enjoy her.

“Don’t go- fuck- getting distracted on me now,” he tried to joke between strained breath, catching her looking over. He gave her other buttcheek a harder spank and tightened his grip on her. He started picking up the pace now, ramming into her with an intensity that forced Hailee back to focusing on both of their pleasure.

“Oh- oh- oh- oh- oh,” she wailed out, her voice being cut off each time be thrust into her. David was giving it to her good now and the feeling of her pussy sliding around him was intoxicating, but he wasn’t content. He wanted to get her screaming like he had earlier.

He reached up to her back and pushed it down so that her head was angled down towards the floor of the dock and her ass propped up higher. He lifted his legs and scooted himself forward atop her, now angled himself down into her pussy with bended knees, looking like he was about to play a game of leapfrog.

He started thrusting again down into her and he somehow, impossibly, was hitting her pussy even harder and deeper than before. Intense bursts of pleasure started to hit Hailee with each thrust.

“Fuck- fuck- fuck- fuck- fuck,” she cried out as he pounded into her. The feeling of pleasure was so intense now that even David found himself unable to hold back moans and groans, and he started to feel like he was getting close. He was determined to make her cum again before he did though, setting a challenge for himself.

He grabbed her ass now, digging his fingers deep into the cheeks and not stopping or slowing down his thrusting for even a moment despite the muscles in his legs and ass now burning from the awkward position. It felt too good on his cock for him to care, and he could tell she was close.

As Hailee continued to be in awe with each new thrust, she felt another orgasm building inside of her. She started pushing her ass back into him, determined that if she was going down then he was coming with her, with her pussy gripped tightly around his cock.

As she looked out across the clear blue sky and shimmering ocean, feeling the breeze blowing against her as his cock filled her up, her muscles starting to contract with another orgasm, Hailee felt like this might actually be in heaven. The thought was quickly broken though as her legs gave out under her, toes curling as she let out another scream while he continued to thrust hard into her. This time though David let out a groan along with her, the contractions of her pussy doing a number on him.

“I’m- fuck- I’m gonna cum,” he tried his best to blurt out between heavy breaths.

“Cum- uh-  cum inside...” she responded in little more than a whisper, struggling to speak herself.


“Cum inside me,” she yelled more clearly and as her voice started to come back. “Cum inside me! Fucking cum inside me!”

“Okay- okay- okay,” he repeated, each one cut off by his short breath.

As he closed his eyes and let out one last long, guttural groan, Hailee could feel his cock erupting as waves of cum began to shoot inside her. He slowed down but kept pulling in and out, the slight motion coaxing the rest out of him.

Once he had finally emptied his load, he slumped down and laid on top of her, not removing his penis from her pussy. The two just laid there for a while, breathing in and basking in the afterglow, with Hailee enjoying the cozy feeling of his weight atop her and the warm sensation of their fluids mixed together inside of her.

After finally working up the energy to get up and take a make-out filled shower together, David had to get going, but it was far from the last time that Hailee saw him. For the duration of her film shoot, they would often meet at her bungalow after they both finished work and would fuck each other’s brains out long into the night.

On their days off he would show her around the island, taking her on hikes to plenty of gorgeous secluded spots that were perfect for her newfound love of outdoor sex. There was a waterfall he showed her that fast become a favourite spot of theirs.

At night he would take her dancing to clubs where a few hours of grinding against each other usually led to them having some fun in the bathrooms. One night at a bar she even met the topless woman she had seen him splashing that first day and learned that they were friends with benefits, and a couple of times they brought her over to Hailee’s bungalow for some three-way fun.

One night as Hailee and David were lying in bed after sex, looking for something to watch on TV, they came across one of Hailee’s movies. Although they had talked about her acting in the movie, he hadn’t realized just how famous she actually was and he spent the next few days flexing about like a king, teasingly bragging to her about how he was fucking a movie star.

As she watched him nakedly strut around her room, flirtatiously teasing her, Hailee remembered that she had come here looking to feel like things were back to normal, but quickly realized this was better than normal. The island was more beautiful than any place she’d ever been, and David was a lover of unparalleled skill. Although her time there was wrapping up and she had to get back home, she knew that she had to make a return trip as soon as she could.

On her last day on the island, she couldn’t resist one last go with him. Even though he was working that day, she called the lobby and asked that he be sent over to assist her. Although they weren’t used to someone asking for a staff member by name, they obliged and David came over to give her one last still-clothed quickie as her driver waited outside to take her to the airport. Although they had each other’s contact info and she was sure they’d get up to some naughty activities over the fun, the moment was still bittersweet. As she let him go with a final kiss, she promised she’d come back when she could.

As she got in the car, David waving as it pulled away, she started rummaging through her bag looking for her earbuds to listen to some music on the ride. As she struggled to find them, digging through and pulling out different items, she found her vibrator and giggled as she looked at it.

“Well, it looks like it’s just you and me again for a while,” she thought with a hint of melancholy.

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Re: Hailee's Escape from Lockdown (Hailee Steinfeld)
« Reply #1 on: April 22, 2021, 07:54:43 AM »
Great story! Always into celebrities rimming lucky guys, especially if it's someone like Hailee!  ;D



Re: Hailee's Escape from Lockdown (Hailee Steinfeld)
« Reply #2 on: April 23, 2021, 04:40:17 PM »
Not sure if this is your first story (seems to be on the site) but wow!  This is awesome!  Detailed, descriptive and well-written.  Hope to see more from you in the future!

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Re: Hailee's Escape from Lockdown (Hailee Steinfeld)
« Reply #3 on: April 23, 2021, 07:41:21 PM »
Thanks for the kind words. This was my first attempt at a story, but people on here and on Literotica seem to be liking it so hopefully I'll try to write another one soon. I have a few ideas for more that I'm still brainstorming.
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Re: Hailee's Escape from Lockdown (Hailee Steinfeld)
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Excellent work. Always great tp see more Haillee.


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Re: Hailee's Escape from Lockdown (Hailee Steinfeld)
« Reply #5 on: May 07, 2021, 12:33:44 AM »
No idea who the celeb is but the story is remsrkable. I love description and this gave plenty. Plus I lke a good beach fuck. Well done.


Re: Hailee's Escape from Lockdown (Hailee Steinfeld)
« Reply #6 on: July 21, 2021, 10:17:46 AM »
This is indeed a great first story. Loved the setting, the dialogue was both witty and realistic, the sex hot, passionate, and with just the right amount of different positions to mix it up. The ending was bittersweet indeed, but leaving at least some room to hope Hailee and David find each other again. Great work and I can't wait to read more from you.
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