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Author Topic: "Sauna Time Fun" Featuring Jennifer Love Hewitt  (Read 20586 times)


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"Sauna Time Fun" Featuring Jennifer Love Hewitt
« on: July 09, 2021, 05:49:13 PM »

Disclaimer: This FICTIONAL Story Contains Sexually Graphic Situations. If You're Under Age or Easily Offended STOP READING NOW!!

I glanced at the address a final time just making sure I had the right one before I stepped out from my van. I was sure between my memory and the gps, I had been right but sometimes it paid to be certain. It wasn't a regular client of ours, somewhere new so it was good to check.

We did a lot of work for people. hot tubs, saunas, pools. We installed them, maintained them checked and made repairs if there was ever a problem. In this case it was apparently an emergency. I had been close by luckily and diverted to go and take a look at the problem.

Stepping from the van I slipped my phone into my pocket and then headed up the path past the neatly tended garden and made my way to the door. I didn't have to wait. I knocked and the door was literally opened right up.

"The repair guy right? You're an absolute life saver. This is a disaster you know." The figure in front of me spoke quickly, flushed skin, pretty face. She was also wearing nothing more than a couple of towels so maybe this really had been an emergency. It was also very much a familiar face. Jennifer Love Hewitt. I had seen her in films and on tv for years. This close and in person she was older yes and the towels concealed her body somewhat but she was really pretty.

I blinked and then drew out my ID for her to check. "Yeah i'm here to check it out. Sauna right? I can see what we can do for you." I eventually stammered out. We dealt with several famous faces but I couldn't say I had met any myself. This was a first and a reminder that maybe I should have checked the name on the callout.

I followed her inside the spectacle of Jennifer stood on her doorstep in a couple of towels could hardly not be noticed I imagined. "So what exactly is the problem?" I asked her as she closed the door behind us and headed down the hallway.

"I don't know the stove started up and then just seemed to stop it wouldn't heat properly. Which is frustrating. This was me time." She shook her head, the frustration evident in her voice until she glanced at me and offered an apologetic smile. "I'm sorry it's just that today for the entire day the house was mine. My husband has taken the kids out and I'm free to relax and enjoy myself."

"Then don't worry i'll take a look and hopefully you can finish up what you started and get your day back on track." I tried to reassure her as I followed behind.

"That's good. That's really good. I hope you can. I really was looking forward to this time to myself." Jennifer murmured as she led me through the house.

I followed closely trying not to stare much. I had seen her in programmes and films over the years. Being this close to her wearing just a towel.......I suddenly remembered how good she had looked in some of those.

I shook the thought aside as fun as it was and followed behind her as she led the way into the sauna. Music played softly, there was a tray set out to one side discarded when she found it wasn't working properly I supposed.

She stepped aside and waved me forward towards the stove. Settling down I got started. She hovered close by behind one shoulder, a distraction if i'd ever needed one. A quick scan showed nothing obvious untoward. So I stood again.

"I'm going to grab my tools a moment and then take a better look." I assured her. By the time I had returned from van she had vanished and I went to work. It didn't take to long to see her heating element had burned out and needed replacing. Luckily for her I had a replacement on hand.

Another trip back to the van and I was soon back at work removing the broken one when Jennifer returned still snugly wrapped in her towel although the one from her head had disappeared now.

"How is it looking?" She checked cautiously.

"Well your heating element has gone on the stove and it's going to need replacing." I quickly replied as I worked.

"How long is it going to take then is that the end of my sauna hopes for the day?" She asked again.

I smiled a little, hesitating just a second drawing out the reply before I glanced back at her. "As it happens you're in luck. I have a replacement on hand so it shouldn't take to long and we'll have you ready to enjoy yourself."

She looked at me and slowly grinned. "You shouldn't tease me like that. Looking forward to me time today......that's been the highlight of my week." She smirked.

"In that case I wouldn't want to let you down and ruin your day especially if you've been looking forward to it. But we can make sure you still have your time alone just slightly delayed maybe." I assured her.

As I settled down to work Jennifer remained there watching on. It was a distraction in all honesty. Her shapely form, one I had long enjoyed on screen this close and only wrapped up in a towel.......it was almost a thing of dreams. She was also down to earth happy to pass the time making small talk.

I listened as I worked, replied occasionally and kept myself busy replacing the faulty element. "I bet these days to yourself are few and far between with your husband and kids." I asked a little later.

"Oh yeah definitely. With everything that needs to be done I don't think I have a chance to think half the time. It's all worth it. I wouldn't change a thing, but even so everyone needs a little time to themselves occasionally."

"That's fair enough. Everyone does I think. I've got to say though I'm happy that your sauna broke today though. As selfish as it might be that it's delayed your free time it's been a pleasure working for you. I've seen you on tv for years so this is definitely a good day for me and I get to help you out." I smiled a little as I spoke.

"Oh please don't. You'll make me feel old." She shook her head, positioned on the wooden bench to the side of me.

I smiled. "I don't think you need to worry about that. Honestly I remember how good you looked on tv and now i've first hand experience to compare it to.......i'd say you look even better now."

She was silent I was sure she was blushing but I didn't try to look continuing to work. "Well it's kind of you to say i'm flattered even if I still feel old." She replied half laughing.

I paused licked my lips and turned to take a look. Longer this time, lingering as I made my way up the length of her figure. Even wrapped up in the towel she looked great. If anything the towel just made me want to tug it free and see even more. She definitely blushed as she felt my gaze.

I just smiled and then turned back to continue the work. "You don't look old." I remarked. "You just look like you need some time to yourself even if it's a few hours. Rest and unwind and relax a little, enjoy a drink or just some time for yourself. Nothing wrong with that. A little bit longer and hopefully i'll have this working for you so you can get your day back on track."

"That's exactly what I'll get back to hopefully." She agreed still with the feint blush of colour in her cheeks.

"I expect you more than deserve it. Everyone needs to blow of steam from time to time if you'll pardon the terrible pun." I chuckled as I spoke.

"God that really was bad." She agreed shaking her head as she looked over.

"I know I know. I can't say that i'm famed for my whit. Luckily I can fix a sauna so you'll soon be free to blow of as much steam as you want."

She didn't reply immediately just watching me work. Honestly I could have drawn the work out. I'd have enjoyed nothing more than to spend more time with her. But I'd finished the job. Standing back I looked over it a final time making sure everything was in place and ready to go.

"There you should be all set." I turned smiling towards her as I put my tools away. She stood as well moving towards me taking a look.

"All ready to go?" She asked.

"Yep, we'll fire her up. I'll drop my stuff back in the van and then just check it's going properly then you'll be free to get back to enjoying yourself. Enjoying your time alone anyway, not yourself, unless you wanted to, but i'm just going to shut up now." I smiled and stepped back.

Without realising it though i'd stepped on her towel. As she turned with me I pulled her back and she toppled forwards into me. Luckily I stuck my arms out, all reflexes but it worked I caught her before she fell. But suddenly she was pressed against me hands resting on my chest looking back up at me the towel between us but even so I could feel her body, soft, warm oh so tempting.

Swallowing hard I let my hands slide slowly up her back running across her bare skin before i slowly straightened her up. "I'll be back in a second." I murmured slowly just making sure she was safely on her feet before I released her.

I headed back to my van and put the tools away taking a moment to check my phone and take a breather. I was attracted to Jennifer. A lingering sense of nostalgia  just the fact she'd felt so good in that brief moment we'd shared. But it was something I had to be careful of. She was a married woman and I didn't want to create trouble for herself or me.

Back inside I made my way back to the sauna. Jennifer was still there clutching the towel around herself. It made me want to tug it free, I could feel the tension now, maybe I'd stirred something made her remember things perhaps. I walked across to the sauna instead and knelt down to look.

It was working fine now, the heat building the first thin lines of steam seeping out into the room to surround us. I didn't need it, I already felt hot just knowing Jennifer was there that lush body just beneath the towel. Silently I cursed it.

I turned and rose slowly back to my feet. I wasn't sure why but looking at me made Jennifer take a step back. It made me want to follow, to chase, to hunt her down. Silly I knew but there it was. I was fascinated by her a dangerous combination. 

"Should be good to go now anyway." I murmured slowly making my way towards her slowly, deliberately. I watched her nod backing away as I moved closer but there was only so much room there and in a moment she was banging into the door.

"You can get back to your day. Back to enjoying your time alone if you like." I murmured softly just watching her. I didn't know her well enough to read those eyes, but they still made me ache. I knew what she was doing even before she moved.

I was already closing the distance between us as she turned and grabbed at the door handle to pull it open and escape. Get some distance between us, cooler air to think more clearly perhaps. I didn't give her the chance.

I pounced closing the distance and trapping her against the door one hand covering hers just over the handle, my body pressed firmly against her holding her in place against it's flat surface just enjoying the contact, the heat, the friction between us.

"Jennifer........." I murmured softly lowering my head so my nose brushed her skin as I drew in her scent. I heard her make a sound, just a noise as I arched into her hard and firm nestled against her curves.

It was a bad idea, I knew it, I shouldn't have allowed myself to end up in this situation. But it was to late now, i'd gone to far to stop not this close to her. I ran my fingers over hers and lowered my mouth close to hers.

"If i'd left you would you have thought of this when you were alone? Would you think about what might have happened if i'd stayed? I mean it would only be a fantasy right. Nothing wrong with that."

She didn't answer but I felt her body quiver and vibrate against me. "I want you exactly like this. I want to tug that towel away, just hold you there against the door and listen to you moan while I drive myself inside you." My voice almost turned into a growl as I spoke.  "But i'm not going to..........at least yet." I murmured taking a deep breath.

"I'm going to let you go, I'm going to turn you around and then i'm going to kiss you. So you have one last chance. If you want to stop, if you want me to go just tell me and I'll leave you to go back and enjoy your quiet time." I breathed out slowly.

I eased back a little stroking my fingers lightly across her wrist and then slowly released it. I let them slide down tracing the line of her body down to her waist and then slowly hardly daring to breath eased her around to face me.

I hadn't been sure what she'd do. Part of me wondered if she'd run there and then, a part of me I think knew she wasn't going to. Instead she was just looking at me lips parted eyes wide as I lowered my mouth down to meet hers.

I went slowly partly as I wanted to enjoy it, partly not wanting to scare her. But my mouth brushed hers lightly just a rub of lips as I felt her breath a sharp intake as I eased in and pressed more firmly the pleasure already rising. I caught her lip, bit gently and stroked my tongue over it and then I felt her move.

She made a sound in the back of her throat pure need and her hands were in my hair tugging me closer and then she kissed me hard, deep and moaned as the passion rose up.

I pressed her back again, my hands on her hips grinding against her body as we moved  and kissed and I feasted on her mouth as she held me. It hardly seemed real, Jennifer Love Hewitt with her mouth hungrily kissing me.

I eased back just a little just enough to draw in a breath and let my eyes run across her. Already her lips were swollen and I watched her dab at them with her tongue. I reached out and traced a finger across them.

Then they were slowly sliding down over her neck and then lower to follow the line of the towel that clung to her body. I leaned in and kissed her again slower now just enjoying her mouth as I stroked my hand across the towel along her sides down until I reached her thighs before I crept back up.

I reached between us until I gripped it and then pulled tugging it down. It resisted at first either just caught or else with her still holding it around herself but it didn't last long. I was hungry for her and tugged again until it tumbled away to fall between us.

I didn't even look immediately, I could almost sense her restlessness and moved in closer again just kissing her, exploring that soft mouth and feeling her vibrate close beside me. She was all to tempting and my hands circled her sliding across bare skin now exploring slowly as she shivered.

I broke from the kiss let my mouth drop a fraction to nuzzle at her throat and then just let my gaze slip down. I groaned then, her breasts just big, smooth as perfect as i'd ever imagined over long years were just there bare and exposed and hungrily I dipped to enjoy them.

I filled my hands with them, cupping and squeezing lightly, I heard her breathless moans as I did her head falling back just lifting them higher for my hands to enjoy even more of.

I captured her nipples pinched lightly and heard another moan spill from her lips. She wasn't doing nothing either, her hands were sliding across my back and chest, tracing over my muscles tugging at my t-shirt and I stopped long enough to let her lift it up over my head.

It fell to the floor even as I squeezed her breasts and kissed her again as her hands explored my bare skin now. I shivered under the touch of her nails sliding over my skin.  I kissed her and then let my mouth dip down catching her neck biting and nibbling lightly and drawing a fresh moan from her mouth.

I continued on lifting her breasts up to meet me as I let my lips trail across the smooth bare slopes hungrily exploring all that luscious soft creamy skin until I pressed between them just enjoying them big and soft pressed against my face.

I slipped aside caught a nipple as it brushed my lips and bit down gently stroking my tongue over the hard nub hearing a shocked gasp spill from her lips. I continued to nip and tease it just using my tongue to swirl around it as she clutched at my shoulders until I traced a path across to capture the other nipple and lavish more attention there.

I loved the way they felt, just big and soft, pliant and smooth as my mouth feasted and tasted, enjoying the abundant gift she offered. Even then it wasn't enough not nearly. I let my hands glide down her hips caressing them fingers stroking her thighs and then let my head dip as well.

I kissed and nuzzled my way down over her belly and delved lower still as I felt her tense above me. I nudged her legs a little further apart parting her leaving her open ready to be enjoyed and kissed over her sex.

I felt her shudder, the hands that had been clutching at me held my head and I felt her lean back against the door of the sauna for support as I buried my head between her thighs and went to work.

I stroked my tongue over her lips, teasing and sampling her already tasting her arousal which only made me want even more. My tongue flicked across her clit drawing another shudder from her and then I was pushing and parting and delving inside.

I tasted her then my tongue stroking inside her parted folds caressing the bare flesh. I gripped her hips holding her steady drew my tongue back and used it to slide up and down her entrance while I used a finger parting her and plunging inside her sex.

I glanced up and Jennifer was still leaning back her hands now covering her big bare breasts, squeezing them as she stood there biting at her lip to stifle her moans. It made me groan against her just seeing it.

Her body began to gleam with a light sheen of perspiration as the steam built, little trails of moisture sliding across her skin. I drank in the sight of her as I used a finger to stroke inside her caressing her folds and playing with her clit with my thumb.

I curled my finger inside her and began to rub and caress her inner walls and lowered my mouth back down to close over her clit and suck occasionally using my tongue to tease and play but just enjoying how she moaned and squirmed now enjoying the pleasure I gave her.

She ground herself on my mouth her hips bucking and sliding a little just pressing onto me so my finger pushed deeper and the pressure on her clit increased a little more. The taste of her filled me making me moan as I enjoyed her and only made that aching hunger for her grow more.

Pulling back I grasped her hips and then turned her around so she was facing the door. Grasping her I pulled her rear back so her body arched and she leaned into it while I buried my mouth back between her thighs and let my hands sprawl across her rear exploring.

I caressed it, stroked it used my palm to spank it watching the muscled flesh bounce and jiggle as I did. Then I let my fingers glide back pressing between her cheeks to tease her tightest opening hearing the shocked moans above me.

Then they slipped on down to her thighs until I spread her lips and buried one inside her again stroking, rubbing opening her up to slide a second and then a third alternating between stroking and rubbing while my mouth just ate her out licking and sucking hungrily.

Her moans grew louder and I felt her buck and writhe pushing back to meet my mouth as I teased her. My tongue lashed her bare sex and stroked across her clit and I closed my lips around it just sucking hungrily and fucked her with my fingers stroking them in and out rapidly.

I felt her shudder gasping clutching at the frame almost bouncing her rear on my face as I enjoyed her until I felt her rock her body shaking as pleasure washed  through her and she came over and over again.

I groaned with her, tasting her as she came, feeling it coat my fingers slick and wet as I drove them inside her parted flesh until finally I let her rest against the sauna door to catch her breath.

Slowly I pushed myself back to my feet and let my hand drop to waist. I unbuttoned my jeans tugged the zip down and slowly pulled them down taking my boxers with them. I kicked them away glad to be free of it as the heat in the sauna built. I was already hard already aching for even more.

I could see Jennifer looking at me again over one shoulder as I stepped in close and pressed my hips against her rear, grinding a little just feeling her delicious body sliding against my own as my mouth brushed her shoulder kissing lightly.

Reaching around I cupped her breasts kneading them in my hands feeling her nipples pressing into my palms as I did. Then I let one slide down between her thighs just pulling them apart a little more to give me room.

I pushed in close against her and guided the tip of my erection between her thighs slowly sliding and edging myself over her sex feeling the slick heat just rubbing against me warm and enticing.

"Are you ready?" I murmured slowly lips sliding over her ear. Watching I saw her nod her head slowly her lashes fluttering as she looked at me.

I ground against her sliding over the lips of her sex. "Tell me." I teased us both. "Tell me you want it. Tell me you want to me to take you right here, tell me you want me to fuck you." I continued on.

I felt her shiver, straining against me so soft, so tempting. She bit her lip and then spoke up. "Do it, take me, fuck me."

I growled even before she spoke and thrust forward. Her words broke of descending into a long moan muffled as I captured her mouth once again. I didn't hold back I took her deep and hard with that first stroke pushing inside her, the weight of my body meeting hers and driving her against the door.

My hips slapped against her rear the steady sound of flesh on flesh ringing out as I drove against her losing myself in the feel of her body warm and soft and so tempting. I couldn't get enough, I needed more, hunger and desire clawing at me.

I held her shoulder with one hand, had the other on her hip as I thrust and pushed her against the door watching as her breasts bounced and squashed against it. Her own hands rested on it anchoring herself in place until I slowed and pulled free.

I spun her around to face me and the cupping her firm ass boosted her up holding her against the door as I took her again slamming deep inside her and watching her eyes on me as I did enjoying her all over again.

I wanted to see her, I needed to see her as I enjoyed her. Just the look of stunned pleasure and sheer delight as I drove myself in and out hips bucking as I held her there and took what I wanted.

I plundered her body my cock working her, sex slick with her juices. Her hands gripped my shoulders, those luscious breasts rose up between us squashed against my chest as I pressed against her and then her mouth covered mine moaning greedily as I squeezed and fondled her ass.

I couldn't hold her there for ever and slowly lowered her to the floor my hands and hers roaming over one another exploring and touching sweat slicked bodies and glistening skin.

Moving together we shifted across to the bench and she sat down on the edge as I spread her legs once more lifting one up until it was resting on my shoulder and the other was balanced on the floor. We both watched as I ran the head of my shaft across her lips teasing up and down rubbing against her clit before I spread her apart and nudged back inside.

I went slower now taking my time sliding my way inside that slick heat as we both just watched. Reaching down with my free hand I teased and ran it over her clit stroking it slowly and watching as Jennifer herself clutched at her breasts.

She kneaded and squeezed them toying with her nipples moaning as I rocked in and out of her body and circled and rubbed her clit. It was a delicious sight and I thrust a little more firmly angling my hips to press against her so those gorgeous big breasts bounced a little even as she held them.

As big as they were they spilled around her hands, lush and tempting. It was a sight I could have stared at for hours one she was fully aware that I enjoyed, but I guessed it wasn't something she was unused to, given how much attention they gained.

Even as I pumped slowly in and out of her I couldn't take my eyes away. They'd been the subject of many fantasies over the years and now seeing them bare like that.......it was a cliche but it was a dream come true.

She rolled her eyes as she looked at me squeezing them again. "I know what you're thinking." She murmured softly moaning as I thrust a little more firmly against her.

"Is it that obvious?" I chuckled softly.

"Well i'm not exactly naive. Even being married and with a family I can still guess what people think, and looking at the way you stare at them i'm assuming there still a striking feature right?" She teased me a little hands sliding underneath to just bounce them a little.

"Something like that yes." I murmured almost in awe just watching her.

"So do you want to enjoy them even more then?"

"Is that a trick question or something?" I added again laughing.

She rolled her eyes again laughing and reached out placing a hand on my chest to nudge me back. I stepped away sliding free from her and she sat up and stood. I gathered her up and we stood there lazily fondling one another and trading heated kisses.

Tilting her back a little gave me more access and my head lowered and my mouth slipped across her bare skin over the slopes of her breasts and then covered her nipples, first one and then the other biting and sucking gently using my tongue to lash them making us both just moan at the pleasure.

Slowly we turned and and she tugged my head back up and kissed me again slow and deep and walked me back until I bumped against the sauna bench and she pushed me down until I was sat on it while she stood above me.

"So you wanted to enjoy them some more." She murmured softly reaching to the shelves above me and taking down a bottle. Then she knelt slowly and slipped between my legs until she was looking back up at me.

Those big eyes, the heaving cleavage it made me twitch and pulse as I looked at her, watching as she uncapped the bottle and the scent of lavender filled the air. Then she poured some over her breasts drizzling it across the slopes so it ran down them in slick little trails. She added more to her hand and then closed the bottle before placing it down.

I was almost moaning just watching her, even knowing, or at least guessing what was coming. Slowly she stroked her glossy fingers over her breasts trailing oil as she looked at me teasing now. Before she was tempting enough, like this.......she was mind blowing.

She smiled at me and reached out sliding a finger all the way up my shaft from the base to the head leaving it covered in oil as well glistening on my skin until she reached the head and circled it gently.

"Now this is what you have really been thinking about isn't it?" She teased softly her voice low and sultry as she spoke.

"Yes." I hissed out softly.

"Yes what?" She continued on teasing gently.

"Yes i've been thinking of your breasts, bare and glistening like that." I groaned softly.

"Did you want to see this?" She murmured sweetly smiling as her back arched a little lifting her breast so the hard tip of a nipple edged over the head of my shaft. I moaned and my hips bucked pushing against her.

"I mean yes, at least that makes a good start." I managed to stammer a reply.

"My, my, what else could you possibly want to see?" She fluttered her lashes at me grinning again.

"Do you want me to write you a list!?" I added smirking a little as a I looked back at her.

"I'm not sure we have enough time for a list, maybe we need to skip to the highlights." She added wryly.

"In that case......." I reached down and grasped my shaft let my fingers glide along the length to the head squeezing little beads of pre cum appearing at the head. "I really, really wanted to see this." I guided myself then brushed the sticky head over her nipple smearing it with the precious fluid and moaning as I looked at it smearing over her.

She was watching what I did eyes hot. "In that case I want this." She murmured softly and grasped my shaft again holding it up and lowered her mouth down. Her lips parted and came closer as her fingers squeezed more oozing pre cum out. Then they slipped over the head and we both moaned as she sucked lightly.

I held myself there a moment straining a little at the feel of her mouth before I pushed just never more than rocking really just sliding myself over her tongue enjoying the feel of her mouth letting her taste me. 

Her lips closed around me and she sucked lightly sliding and edging along my shaft in a delicious way. It made me throb and pulse against her tongue and I knew I'd be leaking out even more. So if she wanted a taste she'd be enjoying it.

I enjoyed it and I heard her hum with enjoyment the sensation rippling through her mouth and my shaft as she worked me sliding up and down my length. She knew what she was doing. It made me quiver just watching her let alone enjoying it. 

I half moaned as I finally popped free from her mouth another bead of pre cum trickling from the tip, threading it's way down my shaft only to watch her tongue flick out and lick it up the whole time just watching me. I groaned again and watched her flash a satisfied smile.

I sucked in a breath my cock twitching still and moved slightly sliding it over her breasts until it nestled between them. I caught her smile a roll of her eyes as she looked back at me. "So that's something else you wanted then?"

"Is it to obvious if I say absolutely." I groaned a little already rocking to slide myself against them.

"I think it's a little late for that now. Just think yourself lucky I don't really tease you and make you wait for it." She murmured reaching for the bottle beside her again. I looked on half amused, half curious what else she would have done considering what a perfect tease she was turning out to be.

Instead I watched her pour more oil across her breasts so it ran over them and my cock. Then she capped it and dropped it down once more. I was sure this wasn't her first time at this.

On her knees the busty temptress grasped her breasts in her hands squeezing them and squashing them against my cock as I began to slide and thrust. It was almost instinctive. I couldn't resist the sight or the feel of them so big and soft pressed against me as I thrust.

It almost made me explode right then just watching. My straining length pulsing as it slid between her breasts all that slick skin, the glistening sight of it, the leaking pre cum that smeared across her, the shining oil. It was all I could do to resist.

I thrust between them moaning helplessly hips surging pushing my cock over them. Occasionally it went high enough that Jennifer's mouth found the head of my shaft or else she tilted it back to look at me.

Occasionally I held myself still and let her work me sliding and rubbing her glorious lush boobs up and down my cock as she squeezed them tight or else just teased by pulling back and gripping me in her hand and running the head across her nipples.

It was the perfect sensation. Glistening trails of pre cum covered her soft cleavage mixing with the oil, the sound of flesh on flesh rang out as I pushed myself between her glorious boobs and just fucked them thrusting against them pumping over those luscious peaks.

"Jen......" I half groaned the words delirious with pleasure. "If you're not careful your going to make me explode doing that." I made sure she understood my point stroking myself over her so more pre cum spilled across her skin.

"Afterwards." She murmured and slipped back my cock sliding free suddenly.

"Afterwards?" I murmured wryly watching as she stood up.

"After I've ridden you. I want to cum all over your cock, and you can't cum inside me, so i'm going to bet you can find somewhere else you can cum easily enough." It was her turn to flash a wry smile as she kissed me hungrily gripping my shoulders and pushing me down.

I ended up sprawled on the floor now as Jen straddled my hips grinding and sliding herself over my erection still with her mouth hungrily nipping and biting at my lips playfully. I gripped her hips and squeezed her rear shuddering as she ground against me.

Then she rose up grasped my cock and stood it up enough to guide it back between her thighs. She wasn't holding back now, she took me inside deep and hard, bouncing on my body, quivering as she took the length of my cock in one easy motion.

I tried to thrust up a little but she was in control now taking what she wanted riding me hard and fast, her hips pumping as she bounced up and down on my cock her hands sprawled over my chest bracing herself as she moved. I had the picturesque view of Jennifer love Hewitt riding my cock those lush breasts bouncing up and down heaving with sweat slick skin as she enjoyed me.

She leaned forward pressed tight on my chest breasts squashed against me so the hard tips of her nipples edged over my skin. She kissed me again her lips and tongue crushed on my mouth her teeth nipping and tugging at mine.

I drew my legs up a little so her ass bounced against my thighs as she rode me. I could feel her tighten and squeeze my shaft, she slowed right now just rocking against me as her mouth explored my neck and I heard her moan and pant catching her breath.

"Hell this feels so good. I'd forgotten how good sex could be like this."

"LIke this?" I teased her.

"Random, impulsive, basic strangers. Just sex, no feelings involved more than enjoying yourself, just pure satisfaction and pleasure. Just feeling someone really really enjoy you."

"That's good because I really, really enjoy you Jennifer. I'll show you exactly how much right after your finished with me." I smirked at her playfully.

She half moaned, half laughed as she rode me back and forth the friction and heat between us exquisite. "I had a feeling you might." She agreed murmuring softly as she moved and I felt her squeeze my cock making me pulse inside her. "All I wanted today was to enjoy the sauna."

"Well I mean you still should be able to after. You just got to enjoy some really random, hot sex first." I chuckled softly.

"There is that." She agreed softly. "Which I'll probably do right after we're finished. I'm not certain I'll be able to move far after we're finished."

"Good thing you won't have to then. You can take what you want, cum all over my cock, and then once i'm finished you'll be able to catch your breath and enjoy the rest of your free time." I murmured softly before I gripped her rear. Holding her tight and squeezing I began to rhythmically drive my hips and pump my cock inside her.

I watched her eyes widen as I drove up inside her, a low moan escaped her lips and her eyes fluttered as she bounced against my hips starting to move again. Our bodies began to buck and move together her hips riding me grinding back and forth as I thrust up inside her.

I had to grit my teeth to fight back my own urges my cock ached as I felt her squeeze and move around me. I watched her lush curvy figure move, the heavy swells of her breasts every bit as good as I could ever have imagined bounce as she pushed back straddling me.

I grasped her hip with one hand and held her and the other I slipped between us to press my thumb against her clit and slowly start to rub and tease her even more wanting to push her over that edge so I could finally fully give in and explode.

The steam billowed around us now only adding to the heated atmosphere. I heard Jennifer give another shocked gasp as my thumb found her clit grinding and pushing back against me her muscles gripping and squeezing my cock as she rode me.

It was hot and intense and not something we could keep up for long. Her body strained as she ground into my hips as they surged to meet her pumping her lush folds with my throbbing length again and again.

"Oh god, oh shit, don't stop, don't stop, fuck me, just fuck me." Her words spilled out greedy, hot and eager. I gritted my teeth again biting back that urge to explode inside her and just fucked her driving up and rubbing and playing with her clit watching the glorious sight of her huge bare breasts bounce before I reared up and caught one with my mouth and sucked hard.

She reared back moaning her hands clinging to my head and shoulders as she bucked against me and I felt her orgasm explode through her, felt it as she tightened and rippled around my cock. I moaned with her desperately holding on distracting myself from the urge to cum with her.

She fell forward and teetering on the edge I lay back taking her with me holding myself still so we ended up sprawled over the floor with her on top of me still panting her body pressed tightly against my own. It gave me a change to calm a little just holding her and letting my hands explore her curves as a good distraction.

As her head eventually rose up I kissed her again hard and deep letting her feel my own urgent need as I heard the soft noises escape her lips. I rolled us over so she was beneath me now captured her hands holding her down as I drove myself inside again slow and deep.

I felt her shudder as I did still sensitive after her climax. "Jennifer" I moaned my hoarse voice straining now my control snapping as the need grew overwhelming. "I need to finish, I need to cum." I groaned out the words thrusting again.

I watched her eyes flutter and fix on mine that hazy mix of pleasure still colouring them as she looked at me. "Not in me remember." She reminded me, finding her voice. "Over me, cum on me." She continued on. Groaning I powered inside her again, and then again driving myself deep making her moan again savouring that sensation of being buried deep inside her.

Then I pulled out slipping free my cock glistening wet as I moved around her and positioned myself alongside her body. I was a throbbing mess at this point as Jen arched beneath me and I moved around and guided the swollen head of my cock back to her breasts. If I couldn't cum inside her, then I was definitely going to cum over those.

I pressed the head to her breast edging myself against them, over her nipple across the slopes. I thrust against them my hips bucking and surging wildly now once, twice and then I felt my body ripple and pulse rising through my swollen hard length.

The engorged head swelled up and then just exploded as I moaned with her. Shot, after shot of creamy fluid spurted out across her breasts, some went over her, some went on her but my orgasm rolled through me hot and intense and the sultry brunette moaned beneath me as I covered her heaving cleavage.

It was sheer ecstasy physically and visually. I watched a figure i'd always just dreamed about, naked and bare her magnificent breasts bouncing as she breathed get covered in my precious fluid, cum dripping across her. Even so it couldn't last forever, panting I  knelt beside her and just sucked in a breath.

I let the head of my shaft rest against her hard nipple and we both just stared glistening trails of cum splattered over her body, dripping across her cleavage, threading little trails down to her belly. It was smeared over her over me, the whole sauna smelling of sex.

"Oh, oh that's so bad." She finally spoke after a moment her head turning to look at me. "But i've got to do this anyway." She continued on and then she slipped down, half rolled and then captured my shaft between her lips. I groaned again then, this time feeling her lips and mouth engulf my sensitive shaft sucking and tasting me again.

Feeling her lips slide over me, the touch of her tongue sliding along my shaft and the warm wet heat of her mouth sliding around me drawing me inside made me ache. I couldn't resist rocking my hips a little just edging against her mouth groaning.

Finally I slipped free once more and she kissed the tip once before we both fell back catching our breath and looking at each other smiling a little as we surveyed the mess we had made.

Jennifer naked, sweaty all ruffled and covering in glistening trails of my cum looked even better now. If I wasn't careful I'd want to do it all again and I still had more work and Jennifer still had her own time coming.

My clothes were scattered around no doubt damp now it would be uncomfortable leaving. But scrambling around I retrieved a damp card and passed it across to her. "Anytime you have any more problems with the sauna just let me know and i'll make sure I stop by to give you a hand. This repair job was one of the easiest i've had." I chuckled softly and slowly stood up dragging on my clothes.

Jennifer smiled at me and slowly began to shift herself. "Thank you, despite the diversion I should be able to enjoy some quality time for myself, and then maybe a shower." She added laughing as her gaze dipped down to take in her glistening bare breasts.

I reached out a hand for her and helped her stand as she took it so we we're stood close once more. My gaze dipped regarding her breasts again bare and even better than you could imagine. I shook my head and grinned. "Honestly I will never not enjoy that sight, totally worth wearing damp clothes for the rest of the day."

She smirked a little and leaned in brushing my mouth with a kiss, soft, warm and teasing. "I should hope so given the mess you made here." She added playfully her fingers stroking across her breast drawing little trails of my cum with her. "It's been awhile since i've done anything like this but it was more fun and a perfect way to start a day of."

"Well I hope the rest of your day is equally as relaxing. I think you probably deserve it and I hope the sauna working again means you can get it all back on schedule. But take a seat relax and i'll leave you to it But it was an absolute pleasure, and remember you can always call if you need a hand." I grinned at her again and with a final kiss and a lingering look to memorise how good she looked I headed out.

I had more work to do and thanks to that diversion it might be a long day but after that fun I wouldn't be complaining at all.
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Re: "Sauna Time Fun" Featuring Jennifer Love Hewitt
« Reply #1 on: July 09, 2021, 06:11:35 PM »
Fantastic work!!!

I loved the whole sauna set up, as that's not something you see done often.

Romantic back and forth chit chatting added some atmosphere here. Really loved the build up to that titfuck and how subtle it was. You did a great job nailing her overall personality and demeanor.
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Re: "Sauna Time Fun" Featuring Jennifer Love Hewitt
« Reply #2 on: July 12, 2021, 06:42:50 AM »
This story was amazing. I love how teasing and seductive you made her. She knew how to play that man to stay  ^-^
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Re: "Sauna Time Fun" Featuring Jennifer Love Hewitt
« Reply #3 on: July 15, 2021, 02:33:39 AM »

Oh my god, what a hot story!  =P~

This was so detailed. I love the chemistry between your man and Jen. It feels passionately written and a sauna theme is great for steamy hot action.

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Re: "Sauna Time Fun" Featuring Jennifer Love Hewitt
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Thanks everyone! Glad you enjoyed it. No firm promises on when exactly but I enjoyed that story and i've still felt in the mood recently so there has been work of a kind on a sequel.
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Re: "Sauna Time Fun" Featuring Jennifer Love Hewitt
« Reply #5 on: July 16, 2021, 09:35:23 AM »
If you ever want to shoot ideas back and forth for a sequel, you know where to find me  ;)  :Y:
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Re: "Sauna Time Fun" Featuring Jennifer Love Hewitt
« Reply #6 on: July 21, 2021, 02:23:48 PM »
That was really great. I read your Kate Beckinsale story some time back and that was well written. Hope to see more from you over time, you have a special way with words.
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