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Lust On the Set (Jennifer Lopez)
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Everyone Is shuffling around, getting errands done on time, making sure there would be no complication for the next cut. It ws a beautiful night on set, well at least not for Jennifer who’s been  biting her nails nervously. It was obvious that she’s anxious sitting there alone by herself.

“You’ve done this many times before, there’s no point in getting anxious about it. Just relax.”

It's the lie she kept repeating herself, trying to relieve some nerve from her tense body.She was dressed in a sleek thick coat with her favorite stilettos. Tiana,her assistant handed her a bottle of water that took her a few seconds to notice.

“Oh, thanks baby.”

She mutters, drinking in Large gulps. Now its quite evident that she’s freaking out.

“Your lawyer already had an agreement with your director. Everything’s fine Jen,take a minute to calm yourself. You've got this.”

Tiana said, grabbing the almost empty bottled water from Jennifer’s grip before heading outside to throw it. She bit her lip,thinking what Tiana had said.

Looking over her shoulder, she heard a familiar voice. A voice she's been dreading to hear. It's Ryan Guzman who'll play the male lead in the movie. He's wearing a white colored thin shirt, you can almost see his finely six pack abs and muscular arms through the fabric. Jennifer bit her lip unconsciously, a wave of hotness invaded her body. She shook her head, snapping from her little daze. They had a history together and she had not gotten over an old crush she had for the younger man.

"We'll start in 5!"

The director shouted, loud enough for everyone to hear it. She mentally prepared herself for the lines-- well, not really. She doesn't really have much dialogue to say, more like moans and physical touches. This was a sex scene and she had to prepare herself for something she wanted, if not only for all the cameras focused on them. Her body tensed up as the closer the time goes, she's totally freaking out. She didn't know what to expect with this one.

Sure, she had done some wild racy scenes before. But this one's different. She has to be naked, it's the main scene in the movie that will complete the remaining puzzle. The thought of herself, naked in front of a man he's talked for just a few times in her life, a room full of people, not a lot but it makes her feel uncomfortable.

"Miss. Lopez.."

 a voice snapped her again from her trance. She turned around, surprisingly Ryan is already in front of her. Almost framing her body against the wall, their faces are inches away. Jennifer stare at his luscious lips, fighting the urge to move back a little.


she smiled, trying to hide her uneasiness. His mouth started to form a little smile, but turning into smirk as seconds goes by.

 "Ready for today?"

He asked, waiting for her to answer which she struggled to make up words to. She didn't know how to respond to that simple question, everything about him intoxicate her in a way she never thought a person could, she felt vulnerable around him. It makes a lot harder for her to speak without glancing down his lips and body. Ryan is a fine man, every girl would wish to be with him. She herself had a history with him, one that she wished only didn't end in heart break.

After a few seconds she finally responded

"Uh yeah, Let's get this over with.”

She sighed, forcing a smile, looking down to step away from him.


Ryan reaches out, touching her arm making her jump a little from the feeling of his strong big hands against her skin. She wondered what would happen today, them, filming a sex scene together. It wasn't every day she worked with a former lover.

"I can see you're a bit tense. It's okay, I'll take the lead later."

he winks before the director yelling again, cutting their conversation leaving Jennifer speechless.

After a few minutes, a few people left the room as one of the agreement between Jennifer's team and directors. The only one's left in the room is her assistant,camera men, director, her and Ryan.

In the middle of the scene, the camera is already rolling. They started where Noah would pin Claire against the wall, pretty much what happened earlier.

"Noah... Come on, let's do it..."

Jennifer mutter breathlessly before she finally feel Ryan's lips against her. Oh god, it's so soft. She thought to herself. His lips are addicting, unconsciously loving it. Little did she know, she's enjoying the scene. It's easier, the spark of chemistry is evident between them, it looked natural in the camera. They looked like real couples making out. Ryan started untying her robe, looking into Jennifer's eyes. Her clothing fell on the floor, leaving her in a black thin lingerie. Her breast are popping with the garment. Ryan can already sense that Jennifer is nervous, she has goosies all over. But deep down, Ryan knew..she's enjoying every minute of it. His strong big hands finds it way to cup them, Jennifer let out a soft moan.

"Come on Noah, fuck me."

she mutters her next line and completely changes it, to hell with the director and script.

The thought of her breast in Ryan's hands, squeezing softly sent a familiar sensation down there. She hasn't felt this in months in real life. Jennifer knew what's happening to her and she tried so hard to stop herself but too late, she felt a gush down her thong. She's wet, aroused and vulnerable.That made Jennifer feel so guilty, this is supposed to be a scene and she definitely not supposed to be enjoying this. But she carried on acting.

"Mhmm, soft and nice!"

Ryan is now placing soft kisses on her jaw, down to her neck, collarbone, stopping in between her breast to lick. She released a moan once again but this time, she wasn't acting anymore.Her body is reacting to his touches with the heat growing.

"No judgements..no rules..just us."

Ryan said his lines and now he's down on her knees, placing wet kisses on her tummy, inching closer to her damp panties, she pulled him back up.

"We can't do this. It's wrong."

Jennifer said between kisses, Ryan's tongue made its way to find her and finally she stopped resisting and attacked him by fighting with dominance. And then she remembered what the next scene would be. She can't let him know that she actually get sexually aroused by him. But there's no room for freaking out, if they ever messed up this scene, they would surely go back to scratch and do this all over again. Really uncomfortable with these cameras around you.

Ryan's hand cupped her big ass, she wrapped her legs around his waist as he carried her onto the couch.Ryan puts her down and Jennifer tenses up even more of his next move. He began blindingly unclipping her bra, with a pop it fell right off her shoulders revealing her naked breasts. If Jennifer freaked out before it even started, imagine how much nerve she's holding onto right now. She badly wanted to cover them but she can't mess this up.

Ryan pushed her down, she laid on her back inhaling the scent of lust and anticipation in the room. Her eyes were closed, she was waiting for him to lead her on. Jennifer practiced what she would do as the director oriented on how they supposed to reenact the given script. But this time, she couldn't move, she kept forgetting what to do next and what to say. The only thing that was saving her was her moans that made it look like she wasn't distracted.

Ryan's lips pressed against Jennifer. He did what he said he would. He takes the lead which made it easier for Jennifer. His tongue invaded her mouth, his kisses went down on her neck, sucking her soft skin in between small bites and licks. It made Jennifer even  more wet. Her legs couldn't stop squirming, her toes curled up. As if they were doing this seriously but it's all an act although it doesn't seem to.

Ryan's hands travelled down her sides, caressing her porcelain tan skin rubbing up and down before touching her stomach. It made her shiver, his touch was magical. And then his hands, finally, played with the waist band of her thin thong. Ryan knew Jennifer made boundaries on how they would do the scene together, carefully respecting them. There were certain things he wasn't allow to do. But Ryan, he knew how much Jennifer is enjoying and reacting to his every touch. He got bolder and didn't care to cross those lines.

His hands inching inside her tongue as Jennifer's breathing started getting even more shallow. He finds it sexy whether she was just acting or not. Ryan's fingertips met her shaved pussy, although he wasn't supposed to put a direct contact to her sex, he did. His hands went further, he felt a warm damp wetness against his fingertips, he smirked. She was definitely loving every second of this, he thought.

Jennifer was embarrassed, she wanted to push off Ryan and demand against the director but she was loving it. She almost forgot about the terms made with her team. She was indeed aroused, aching for his touch. Ryan loved the feeling of the dampness down there, he continued his work and began rubbing her pussy, his index finger trying to find her clit and when he did, he didn't waste time giving it a much needed attention. Jennifer arched her back, reacting to his sexual touch. She let out soft moans, struggling to stop squirming around. He wasn't supposed to touch me this way, she thought to herself.

Jennifer has the power to stop this any moment but she didn't instead, her hips buck up against his hand. She looked up and meet his eyes, filled with lust. He has this evil smirk on his face. He always wanted Jennifer and now's the opportunity, he took it for granted. She kept moaning, wanting more of him.

"You're so perfect."

Ryan said his line, eyes locked with hers. "In every way" he breathed, kissing her lips, biting her lower lip. His other hand cupped her breast, the feeling of her hard nipples poking his palms made him hard.

His erection was visible and he made sure she could feel it by grinding it against her and her thighs. He kept squeezing it using his other hand. Jennifer was struggling to keep her eyes open. It doesn't seem like she was doing this for the sake of acting anymore. Well her options are quite limited, the only thing that she needed to do on this part is to moan and she's doing it successfully.

Ryan kept rubbing her, squeezing her clit. She wishes this to be over, she knew that if he keeps going, she would reach the peak. She still couldn't believe she's letting him do this to her, in front of some people, little did they know there's something going down there. The crew had no idea.

A few more seconds, Jennifer's breathing was short and heavy, her toes curled up and her nails are digging on his broad shoulders. Ryan leaned down to kiss her, she was already shaking. He bit her neck while grinding and that pushes Jennifer over the edge. With a loud moan, she crawled his back as his fingers are soaked with her wetness, a few seconds later Ryan felt a gush on his fingers, he smirked as he already knew she had orgasm unintentionally, well..that's what he secretly aiming for.

"Mhmm, ahhhhh yeah!"

Jennifer breathed, shutting her eyes closed from the deep pleasure, trying to revive herself from the first orgasm she had in months. She couldn't believe she literally did that. Jennifer was panicking inside but she was hoping he didn't notice it. He made her orgasm in front of everyone, Ryan got even more hard at that thought.

He pulled her hands from her thong, soaked and wet with her arousal. She felt embarrassed, vulnerable but wanted it. Ryan made the last move by going down on her, inching closer from her wet spot he made a mess of that he only knew. Placing her right leg on his shoulder, her eyes still closed and her hands clenching his hair before the director shouting


"Marvelous! Bravo, what a great acting!"

The director shouted, seemingly impressed by the 'act'. Jennifer still breathing heavily, immediately got up, with shaking hands she reaches out the robe that her assistant handed her, wearing it. Hugging herself, still not recovering for what just happened. She was afraid to look at him, but when she does, he did something that shoot chills over her spine. Ryan put his finger in his mouth, sucking it before giving her a smirk.
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Re: Lust on Set (Jennifer Lopez)
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Excellent, thanks for giving me the honor to edit for you.  ;D


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Not a problem Cad


Re: Lust On the Set (Jennifer Lopez)
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Pretty good story. Not enough J-Lo action around here. Can never get enough of that big ole booty.


Re: Lust On the Set (Jennifer Lopez)
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I can only imagine J-Lo would dominate Ryan with him being younger and she put that young man in his place.


Re: Lust On the Set (Jennifer Lopez)
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Interesting story. There aren't many stories with J-Lo out there, besides the ones written by Cadeauxxx.


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